Newspaper of Evening Star, December 12, 1856, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 12, 1856 Page 4
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EVENING STAR fTT" From 6er??d Mimt'i new volume, "Cralgcrook Castle." The following Is a dell o4oo? little ditty Lady of the forest I* the Silver Birk ; Shimmering la the sunshine , Shivering at the mirk ; Rocking in her rapture, A dancing psaltreas allm , fler hair a shower of beauty, Her motion a glory-swim, Or when dewy twilight Fours Itschrlsmscf balm* And her tremulous bosom Fills with a tender calm, 'Mid the dance of colors, And s jmitones of green, Gleais this daintier spirit That In leafdom is tne quern Of all the trees o' the orest, He loves the Silver Blrk, Shimmering in the sunshine, Shivering at the mirk. Ho like the Lady Laura la her purity and grace; Dr?araidg in its shadow, Often rose b?r fhcej And as when a sunburst O oldens the green isles. The woodland water smileth, 80 his heart within him smiles. ?I -L. ARRIVALS ATTHE PRINCIPAL HOTELS Nsiisaal Ileiel.?our k b&iqgs. Mr Bet:.*, Md J Jamison. Md Mr Allen, do 1) Cloud, do j B Stuart. Ky J L Cochran, Va J Tause, Del J H ft'per, Va K Bloome, NY T Jameson, 3C J H Fltts. NJ C M 6alloway, Va CU McPherson A 1?, W C Root, Fa E Thompson, NY J F Wilson, do N Finney, UdC8 H Allen, Wis CM Mason, SC J F Wilson, Fa L >1 Batch, do O Bradford A ly, 1) Mtddleton, Md 8 8 Rector, Pa H Middleton, do T Beerley, Mo B Green, do Dr Lesose, La FA Brawner, do 8 8 Uickox. N Y Mrs Hall, do J H Latrobe, Va Miss Carter, do M Brown, Fa J Wheelwright, do A A Marshall, Vi J B Pickens, Mo J D Carson, Md H Pennies, do A Crook, Md J H Barman. Pa C Carter, do ? J Grinneli, NY T Z Bridges, do 8 Splergelburg, NY F Burgees, Md Miss H SpHrgeiburgdo Mrs Bregman, Ga Mi^s8 Spiergelburg do Miss Taft, Vt M Baths, Mass Miss Pratt. Ga C B Thurston, Md Mr A Mrs Ward, NY J C Lewis, Iowa Mrs Llndslev, do J J Powell, Md W A Halt, 1U W Worthlngton, do H i) Craw A ly, NY G Conover, ao Willards* Hotel?J. C.a H . a.willabd. 8 Kennedy, Va W Heine, NY W W Rider, do A T Nlcolay, do J Fargo, Md J G Nichols, do W E Griswold, DC D H Chauney, J 8 Parker A ly, N Y Hon 6 Baylor, N Y H 8 Parker, do J H McHenry, Kv W C Dennison, di Mrs Cammaeu, N Y J Reimer, Va F Wheaton, USA W Oulon, NY D H Treller, Md J Mott, Va J Strong, Fla W Hasbrouch, Fla O Sprigs, Md J C Stoddard, NY E A Benedict A ly,NY Miss Stoddard, do H Maynard A son, Ten Miss Winters, do A B You mens A ly,N Y H W Concha*. Va R <j Alaxnndsr, Md M B Eaton, Mass i? W Brlgulv. Cal W Talt, B T Cole. Md 8 Sweet, NY SJessup, do A C Darts, do Gen Hamilton, SC Mi's C Lawrence. R1 I> K Belton, N Y J Lawrence A * servts, J u Bolton, Ills R1 W B Lawrence*. iy,Kl H H Sparks. Mlss Lawrence, do D Lowbsr, USN Browns' Hotel.?T. P. A 1. IB-5 WW. Hon J M Elliott, Ky H Boggs, Md T Biamlre, Va 8 S Henry, N Y 8 Goddard, Mas* M Jones do J Hutihin-'on, Fa S H Hilllaro, do R HnWUupn, do J H <?rav A ly, Fa J H Leitoa, NY PA Stevens & fam, C Christinas, Pa E F Drayton, Pa 6 B Sluat,do J 8uydam A ly, N Y A H Sherman, NY MA Snow, Del J W Farlsb. Va T L Tucker, do J E Turton, Md A L Johnson, do Dr R Jones, d^ C 8 Blgelow Va A Waner. Va F, fi Lents, Mo H Laws, do J W Go;gm, Va J T Long, 6a Miss J Goggln, d<* J L Calhoun, d? Miss L Gog^ln, Ky Kirkw snd f1ou?r. ?J i A. 0. riBKWOOD W A Wharton, Va 8 W Mlchl. Va W L Powell, do T W Axford, Mich J Whisney, Md W M Axford A dan.d* 8 Ri't'r, do Mias Camming*, do J P Hieskeli. Pa 8 Harard. Ps T W Ward, J Hutchinson, d* C B 8mvtb. E Hutchinson, do A B 6 Iffjrd, Va R L Cooper, Va J Winston, do AH Bailey, NY TSteirs, Pa MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. llSKTIIIHlfll STATES. Nmmi Lfmt 1 Fir Day Arago New York Havre Dec. 18 Aiab'a Boston Liverpool.... Uea. 17 Atlantic New York....Liverpool...Dea 'A) Africa ... New York....Liverpool...Dec. !M Anglo Saxon..Portland Liverpool...Dec-27 Hermann New York....Wrfisen ....Dec 27 Vigo..........New Y'ork.... Havre Jan. If >roh imiri Atlantic Liverpool....New York...Not. ?6 Anglosaxoo..Liverpool....Portland Nov. Mi Africa Liverpool....New York...Nov, 29 Hermann Southampt'n.New York...Dec. 3 TheCalifornlasteamrrs leave New York oathe ft* and 4<nh of each month. B dentistry. JW. McGEE, DOCTOR OF DENTAL ? SURGERY, has located himself permantly in this city. Dr McGeels, a graduate of the Baltimore College of Dental Margery, and has had over twelve vears prae'lee. Olfice removed to the residence of his father, Rsv T. McGee, (for the present.) 3th street, be rwsn 1 and K streets. dec 2-lm MR1. ?. M. SMITH, 42fi I) strMf north. 6<rw??*6r/k and 7(A, KGS LEAVE TO INFORM THE LADIES 1 of Washington, Georgetown, and vicinity that she is prepared to give Inst-uetlon. in claases and private lemons, in the art sf MAKING WAX FLOWERS and VASES. Also, Wai Fruit and Ornamental Leather wore Ladles wishing to avail themselves of this op ?>rtunlty of acquiring a moat beautiful accom lshment will pleas? call as early a* possible, as rs. S. does not contemplate remaining Ions in the city. YBBKS: Wax Flowers In Clashes, per term of L8 letu ?ens Wai Fruit la Classes, per term of 1*2 lessons..85 Leather VN ork la Classes, per term of 6 lessons83 Private lessons 11 each?Vasen f!0. BooueUand Vases, Wraths, Sln-le FloweTS, Ae , for sale, or made to order. an ift ftm SILK 1'1DER04RME1TS.-1N ADDI tion to *nr very full and complete assortment of heavy woollen and merino Undershirts and Drawers, we eff-r the largest and most varied as sortment of SILK UNDEkSHlRTSaad DRAW ERS ever offered In this market Bating exciusively for cash, we offe/ the beat goods, in the largest variety, at the lowest and uniform prices, at STEVENS'S Ssles Rorm, 4fc 4-W Browns' OAS F ITlKtS H MILLER, SON A4CO , ALEXAN dria, Va , ke?p constantly on hand a fcand of CHANDELIERS, PENDANTS. J* ,, 1 *c ? from the celebrated factory of ^ornellus ^ Baker, whlcli they will guarantee to sea at the *sm?> prices charg<sd to private pnr ehasers at the s?lMoom? on Cues'n j' stre*t. I'hil adelphla A so, Brop-UghU, Cut Mas* aud decorated Pap*r Shades, In great var'ety Call and >?xan.lne fof yogrselves. dec 1 WYAOFF'S MliW BuoiL.-THE AD ventures tf a Roving Dlplomaust,by Henry Wykoff, aether of '? Mv Courtship m<l its Cos sequences " Prlr?? *i 25 Just published ?nd for sale at TAYLOR A MAUR'^s' ?le-? 5- Bookstore, near 9th street. VKW YUKK DAILY I1EHALD TRU is b-rje, Tlmrs, News, Express, and Phtladet. phia I^-lger ?All persons entering their names on rov subscription book will be served at their dwellings at 7 o'clock p m decs rEI6WWII,HI1?<K. frHK AUVK1TI HKS O F A KOVINW I Henrv WlStoffJanthorof "My Courtship," one volume: New York, 1*56: fi^5 Embassies and Foreign Courts, by the Roving Englishman; on? volume- London. IStf.fl. J*** FRANCK TAYLOR. FSR?RCH HOOKS ? FINE EDITIONS OF mnst of the standard French Authors, many ri 'hem twsutifullv illustrated, other* richly bound, recently Imported direct from Paris, by dec 0 FRANCK TAYLOY. (??KIUHATION *TUCK.??s700o CorasT J ratios <^f *?> eshlagtoa Stock fbr sale at fes i?-^t? CIVBB raoVBEU. vrriou. Tavisaur DnitniurT, Wo?. 1886. Nr>tic? is hereby given to hahHrs of swek of the loam of the United Sire*, tin this d*|jr-im (fit will purclvc the tmi until the 31 of Ma*- h next, unie*s the kuoi of $1,500 000 ?r>?H be previoarty utanned, Md will jay,?" addition to the iotereat accrued from the date of the last sen it annual divi dend of intareat thereon, together with one day's additional interest for the money to rta hthe v.n dor, th* following ratea of pr. micm on ?d stocks: For the stock of I *49, a pr- mittm of 10 per cent. Fit tbe flock of !Rl7 and 1848, ? pctniura of 16 par ?ent; and fbr the atock of I860, commonly called Texas Indemnity Btoak, a ptftivi-.m of 6 per ccnt. Certificate of atock U an* milted to the depart ment, under tills notice, must ba assigned to the United Spates, by the party duly entitled to receive the proceed*. II p?ot between < *te hereof and tha 1st day of Jan liar y next, the corrent half yar'sin tfnvt ui'.Ht be assigned by the present stockholder, or It will Us {ayableas heretofore, and a oorree. ponding deduction bs ma !e from the amount jay ab'e fir the stock. Fay-uvtni fur the stocks so assigned and l a tn t ted will b* made by drafts on the Assistant Trrasiv rersat Boston, New York, or Philadelphia. at the option of the r?rue? entitled to receive the money, which should be eipresaed in the letters accom;>a> nying the certiflca?w. JAMBS QUTHRIF, Secretary of Uie Tr<?*my. d'e 1 ? 1 tiki March; OFF 1CIA L ? Tat&scav Uipartmbjit, August 90, 1896. Whereas the following joint reaolution of Congress has become a law: Joimt Kssolctiwm extending the time for the eredi tomoi'Texa* to present their claims. fleidi-ed fa/ the Senate and Home of Rtpreien'a tii'-ei oj IKe United Statmt of .America tn Con^rest a? i#mbltd, Thar a*. agreeably to the provision of the fourth section or the aat of the 28th of February, IK53,,l to provide for the payment of such creditm-t of the late republic of Texas as are comprehended in the act uf rengress of .September 9th, 1850," no tice, by pub ic advertisement, was duly given for the space of ninety day* by the Secretary of the Tre.a-ury, of the limn at which payment of the a mount appropriated by the tilth section of said aet would be made,pro rata, on auy b >nd, certificate, or evidence of debt of sail <*ta e, which should bs preg?nted at the Treasury Department thirty davs preceding the 1.1th day ol June, I8.V! the limit ol ??aid notice; and as it is represented by the said Secretary of tne Treasury, that of -aid bonds, ctr Udca'es, and evidences of debt, which have been recognized bv the dtate of Texas, the same, equal to the sum of tliree hundred and eighty nine thous and six hundred aud ninety-three dollart and seven cenuwtre nut presented to iheTrca-ury Department prior to the said Uth of Jun?-, therefore, in order to do full justice to the holders of -aid debt, the Seen - ;ary ol the Treasury is hereby au horixed to pay to the holders of any of the said bonds, certificates, or evidences, of debt, not presented before the 13th Jay of June last, who may present and prove the same at the Treasury De|*rtment, between the 13th day of June la.n and the 1st day of January neat, and execute the proper releases to tbe United Htates and the dtaie of Teia*, their yro rata share of the said seven million seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars; anJ after payment thereof, tha said Secre lary of tha Treasury is authorised and required to distribute and pay the residue of the said seven mil lions seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars, then remaining in the treasury, pro rata, amongst all the mid bolders who may have proved their claims, and executed the proper releases on or before the 1st dav of January next. Approved August 18th, 1856. Nonciia aiaiBT sivv to the holder of bonds, certificates, and evidences of debt of tbe late repnb lie of Texas, which were not presented at tbiede partment on or before the lSiii day of June last,that the *amn wil be settled and the pro rata aaioont hereou will be paid to the lawful holders thereof if [Heaoutad before the first day of January n?-Tt, ac companied with the necessary evidence of theirgeu* aineness, with assignmcntsto the United ijairci to give this department the custody ofsucta bonds, certificates, and evidences of dobt, am! with rqleasesto the United States and Taxas, lu accord, usee with the provisions.of the act of Congressof 2fth February, 1856. This department wllin^t require evidence ufgrn tur.egeM to be presented with the certiflcatesistmcd by t*ie auditorand comptroller of Teres under the laws oftbe i*?ate. Hut it pos*essesno meansofver. fym; the certlfl-N?t?s,bonds and promissory notes isued by the republic of Texas, and not presented to, nor audited by, tbe officers of the State. The eeeeasarv and prop?rpreof of the genmnenebsof the'iu^ristliecertlflsataoftbe cemptrollcr oltbe 8teteol Texas, who h?? the official charge of the unginalira uvea relating tothe debt oflhe late re publioofTexas. Tha asd^nment and reJeas'M may beexecacxl an J a^knowlc^gpd In the presenoe of tha Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, or the ohlaf clerk thereof In i he rj'esonceof a notary public, and be witnewed by the A vusuitit d-ioretar j^ur uiilef clock and nota ij, aad be certified by the notary under his nota rial seal; but when iha holders desire to tnake the alignment and execute the rolcases out of the eity of vVaju;ngton, it m*iy be done iu the presence ef an assistant treasurer, or oolleator, or surveyor of the customs, in the praaenoe of a notary public,and ba wimessed by the collector or surveyor and the no tary public, and be certified bjr the notary under his notarial seal; and if there be no collector orsurvey* or of the customs at the place where the party re sides, t-h*assignment and releases may be executed before anysourt of record, in the presence oflhe judge and cl?rk thereof, and be witnessed by them* and certified by the clerk under his seal of office; aud if the holder b? out of the United States, tbe as signment an 1 releases may be executed before any | United Statesconsul.and be witnessed and certified by him under his consular seal. All personsexe cuting such assignment? and release* rnnstai60 de> dare, under. ?ath, before the notary, clerk, or con sul, as the case may be, that tbay are the r?a1 own. ers oflhe certificates or other evidences of debt, cr that the seine have been assigned to them, bona fide, fir collection ; and the notary, clerk,or oonsnl must iunluJ?thefa<u of thatd?*cL*ration in theircer? tifiate n {acknowledgment. If as^ned lor collection, or in pledge, tha nama of the party holding the beneficial or rt-iduary in in the nlaim mus- be .rated ;u Ui? afti lavlt and a rtJ-ase to tlie United dtates and release to Tsxa-must be duly execute by such party, to gether with the assignment and releases from the pers<5n in whose favor settlement and payment is requested. One or more audited ccrtiflcati:*, or one or more evidence ol the same character of debt, may be in cluded iu the same assignment, releases, and Bifida vu of ownership, if each certificate is correctly de scribed by number, date, amount, and name of tbe original payee. It should also appear whether the certificates were issued by the authorities of the State of Texas, on account of the debt of the repub lic, or were i^urd by the republic of Texas, accord ing to the tacts of each case. The assign in *rit to Um Uni;ed may be made in common form ; r?|, aaes should be drawn ac cording to tbe forms subjoined?A and B. JAMKfl GUTI1HIB. Secretary of the Treasury. Form Jl. Know all persons by these presents that iu? rri^^l.aud li>'rebr relraj?? rh? 8?a-es of America from all further liability or clann for the i>ayni4at of cerufica.e or ev oenee of debt nernber -, for the sum of % iseu?,l hv Ihe T"a,,l(Uf ^ ,l,e "uihorities .5 the fite of Texas, as the case mty bit.) aod r.. deeme,! 0y the !7nited Pra-ee inaccrinea with the wov.l.Tt?r"h*' acl 01 ( ?,.l|Trw en,?<?ed "An act to prove e ter 'he payment of such creditors of the laf republic of TeMs as are comprehended in the B-tof ti Tt*^nh^r hundred and h?iy, approved the 2^th day <?| Kedruarv Ihs' a.,i o: ?r A- wrtne>s my hand and seal. Form B Know all persons by these presents lha, has released, and hereby releases ih? Texas from all farther liability ,>r riaim'fot th?,U m,nt ^7?^^/^nce of debt nnmbJr ?. for Ih# sum of $ ?, imucq by the Hu,? rfv public of Texas,(or by the authorities ?f the of Texas, a< the . ase may be,) and red-ie-nef br the United Atato* in accordance with the provtsto .s of an aet of ronffre?s. entitled " An aet to provide for the pavin nt of such creditors of the la<e rej,oblico< Teia* as are comprehended in the act of Congress ot rteptember nine, eighteen hundred and fifrv ?? app?w?dthe98thof rtkrmn,, iBMSnd an a?K'of the State of Texas, approved the 1st of February, 1866. A? witness my hand and sea!. The following l? a lint of the audited certiIU?tes still outstanding: No. T*$uodto. 8 T D Tomvkina 18 Bukinan Canfield 31 Joha A Clifton WHK Muae 53 H Q llobbi &4 J I)e Cordov* No. ImxttA to. 1639 Oscar Engle4uw 1975 Tinsel tf Austin College Itei G H Moosarrat k. Co WM John Karnec 1704 DanM Cail, 92 John Burningham 1731) .. ? 135 Phineas De Cordova 1733 j ^ Watcott 1746 John W Portia 176 E Baldwin 191 JaiU'M TUt'imao 102 Mathias Clark ^ | Ethai Earl* 3tf8 O Blineau 844 J E Wade 368 Peters & Booth 395 Lott Hasted 404 8 Kingsley 487 J Park?-r, for Eliza- 1842 belh Parker,ex'x 437 Benedict Bayley 445 Leander Beason 466 WmOdlin 467 John W King 509 T B Webb 510 A 8 Thurmond 546 Tilos W Marshall flgj David 8 Kaufman 643 George W Parker 1770 J K Elliott 1HC7 Harriet George 1816 Miles 8 Bennett 1829 Nathaniel Rudder 1831 f Levi Tyler, adm^r 1833 \ of W H Kelly l*M Samuel VVildey 1839 George Sutherland 1841 J P Henninga 1843} ' c Eccle* 1844 Edmund BaHtager 185-2 J l> Logan 1856 C P Green 1865 David Ayroa 1868 T homes F James 1878 C Sehiedlemantd 1880 J F Jewett 1897 P Emma 1899 Pariila Lee' 644 Crutcher&McRavenl920 V W Growmeyer J?JJ Wm Flower 653 J A Si mason 659 Wm 11 Belcher 677 H U William* 701 Felix Rieder ijy j Robert Dale 773 Wm J one .^ 779 Wm Walker 793 Dyer Pearl 8:2 Isaac L HUl 863 Herinoran Brown 874 John W Bower 879 Jim-ii Mc Maxtor 914 Dyer Peail 1922 Gilbert Johnsoo 1928 Robert Luek 1929 E W Cawthern 1930 Wm Cochran 1932 Francii Bloore Jr 2071 Andrew Daley 2072 Isaac Stewart 8068 C W Vickery 1504 2088 1749 2106 1610 2108 293 2135 915 Mary EiJeu Hedmi-1858 berg U30 J Ellis Mrs Maty B?iville 1010 An won Crandon 1012 R M Forb'U 1025 James X Hogau 1043 Tliumad Lindsay 1045 James L Grceu 1047 Jes?e Daniel 1048 J B Daniel 1050 Charles VincchI Paul Brcmond David G Bnrnet R P McMaster F P Gentry 8 W Fisher Louisiana Davis 1056 > 1057 \ 8 D Gervaise 1058 Willis Millican 1059 J D Millican IOOU John Davis 1065 Wm Barton 1079 W A Lock hart 1080 B Morton 1125 Jamep Kiliam 1196 C H Taylor 1241 Youngs Coleman 1248 Robert McNutt 1249 John W Cloud, per 2390 Wm Kimbro atfyj H Raymond 2400 H F| Haynie 2145 62.1 210-1 I5Qi 23U3-E Frost tJ30fi Thomas Reed 2316 Harrison C Bryant 2330 J 8 McDonald 2340 Arthur Gamer 23tl J F Martchett 2341 Andrews At Grover 2345* P G Merrit: 2349 W Pinkney 2350 J D Giddings ?'54 J Crawford jr 2358 A P Edgerton 2359 Thomas Warner jr 2363 George K Sistare 2361 Francis Brichta 2382 Elizabeth Carter 238.1 v\'m Davis 2187 Joseph TomJinaon 2390 Sneed k Turner 12M E De Pontois 1269 C P Green 1275 G W Sinks k J Shaw 1097 John Kendrick 1298 Samuel Hidlcn 1300 John Johnson 1301 Susan Massiex 2401 R W Milhank 2402 Catherine Allen B 2405 Henry Kring 2413 J W Lawrence 2418 Stephen Smffli 2434 A C Horton 9438 Elaplialet Easton 2442 Lemuel RDickenson 1362 Thomas H Forrester 2450 Wm H Thompson .out o ,, 24S2 7 Wm E<ld 2471 J E Herron 2471 A B Hemphill 2477 Aaron Hauehton 2479 Heirs of John Jones 3480 " Joel Hiil 2481 " Warren Aburn 24*2 ?' John L Monks 24*3 " Peter AldriOto 2490 M A Dooly 2500 George C Daycaahier 2501 F Kennett k Co 2503 John W Schrimpf 250t W C Blair 2512 M Porbcrttaillc 2513 Henry 11 Brooks 2514 Cabr.< I Tnimwclt 2528 IT S Morgan 2529 Fi:rbur h. Bean 1385 B R Warner 1423 William Prels 1421 G W Osborne 1125 John A Rutherford 1127 Cornelius Vannoy 142e Joseph Bales 1473 Ann B Reese l-*>15 Lumbnrd M:ms 1521 J C Moore 1523 John James 1554 K H Douglas 1570 F M Fish 1572 Wm Kerr 1580 James A Moody 1?H1 P Bickford 1612 John Lamer 1615 John Cameron IC83 John I) Taylor 1624 Levi Mcreer 1H25 F.Ji Mercer 2534 Sarah X^wrnan The outstanding evidences of other classes of th? drbt oftne republic of Vexes cannot be specified by this Department. au 22?dtlstJanl THK FRIMH OF WOMAN. " Th?r? sliall no ?*!l h?f?H \?'ter ?h*ll pl?1{,i? ome u(*li " DR BROTHERS' PREVENTITIVE FOR ninrrled lsdles, whose c?rcTim?tnnr??s do not warrant too rapid an lne.reaap of family, will find this Vreventltive most valuable; who* health, or other circumstances do not permit th"no to In crease the number of their family, without $reat tnoonvenlenre, suffering, or perhaps risk of life. Females, either marred or single,suffering from obstructions, arising from any cause, can be >e movrd without medicine, by calling at 179 south B street, formerly Drs Brothers ft 6rav?s AU letters must contain a stamp to twe on the reply.' flic i-9W 1 HATS AS IS HATS! 1HAVE THIS DAY INTRODDCED THE new style of Winter or Session HAT, which Is entirely new In atyie. llnlsh and beauty. Gentlemen now in want of really a beautiful new style will find it greatly to their advantage to try the cheap Hat, Cap, Fur and Furnishing Bazaar. Getting in that good old way of purchasing for cash. 1 shall give my customers all the ad van tages . slga of the Dr Kane's W h'.te Bear, corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, de/ 4-*w HOPKINS. 8RKAT RKIHJCTION IN 1 HE PRICE OF BOOTS AHD OAITKRI I HAVE ON COMMISSION , FOil A PHIL adelphia manu- ? fccturer, a first rale Sowed or Pegged Calf-Shin COOT at ?3.62, full as good as those usually sold at $5 or $6: aod a French C^lf Patent Leather Q A ITER at 83 SO, as good as any at95; afirstrateCalf ftuiterat 82.50, these are the best goods that Is (or ever were) sold In the District for the price; for the

f?roof, come and ses or yourself. Terms positively cash. No extrt profit charged to offset bad debts. CaU at the NEW YORK HAT STORK. Seventh street, near Pennsylvania avenue. *"24-tf ANTHONY. Agent. ARTHOMT BUCHLT, Uff DERTAEEB, ?hep and Hecidencs No. 303 Penn'a avanm, tenth tide, between 0th and 10th eti. Having provided himself with sn ELEGANT HEARSE, and all necessary conveniences fori properly conducting hie business, would respectfully Inform the public that he Is fully prepared to fill all orders entrusted to him. at the shortest notice, and In the best manner. A large supply of READ Y-MADE COFFINS of all sizes, always on hand, which will be fnr alstedoa the most reasonable terms. As heretof(#e, no pains will be spared !? rive en tire satisfaction on all occasions. N . H.? on the premises, trden will he promptly attended to at all hours leb 7-ly HATS1 HATSI (constantly ON HAND A phi r ^ "upply of It EE HE'S ? FULL new York styles, together with TA Y LOR ?8 HATS, of BALTI . MORE. The best black , dress HATb got up in ; the latest style for 83 50 as good as those usually sold "J*5; *nd a good fashion ,w.e at Sa, worth ?4; and a first-rate Hat, 82 50 unsw 41,11 tfce beBt w?rkir anahip la W W 7 We /or^.aCtl#5,Hat' Whlch ?? K Si hnt f bualnw,B' mMt with no loa ?Wl, Dllt 6ach CU8tOTT167 fall Yn)tiA fA. vu Felt Halt unusiiallvlow. "" N. H Agent for DrlscoU's Baliaof a ThonmnJ *ric* 25 P?r bottle i?3S?9HSE2SS i Miscellaneous. .. ~ PERUVIAN SYRUP, For ?kt (*r* *f Py?jNpji?a, L?*?' C<M?pla?n4, D*optf, AV?faJfM, Imciyntut Lmnrt and trMrlHl P?n<fti, B*Im% ?rml ft. rpHIS EXCELLENT MEDICINE. WHICH x baa attained a high reputation ana been ex tensively nsM In Boston and other cities at the East, has been received and Is now offered for sale by Z D OILMAN. special agent, 3SB Penn sylvania avenue, as also by the general agent, cor ner of L and 3d streets, Navy Yard Th* proofs of its efficacy are so numerous, so well authenticated, and-of such peculiar charac ter, that sufferers cannot reasonably hesitate to re ceive tbf proffered aid. ? The Peruvlsn Syrup does not peofees to be a ewu-oJ/, but lis range Is extensive, because many diseases, appanmly unlike, are Intimately re lated. and, proceeding from one cause*, may be cured by one remedy. The class of diseases for which tho Syrup pro vides a cure, Is precisely that which has so often baffled the highest order of medical skill. The facts are tangible, the witnes>es accessible, and the safety and efficacy of the Syrup incontrovert ible. IIIW II I have analvied the medical preparation called the Peruvian Syrup, with reference to the number and kind of active substances contained in It, and the durability of tbe compound as a pbarmaceutl cal article. The metallic compounds of arsenic, antimony, mercury and zinc are not oresent, nor is It possible to detect in It the slightest Indica tion of any metallic and mineral poison Its or ganic constituents do not include opium, or any of the drugs yielding poisonous principles. The constituents, when separated, are not even acrid to tbe taste. It is a preparation scientifically and skilfully compounded, possessing all the durabil ity of a splrituocs tincture, without Its objection able qualities and the activity of Its leading con stituent Ik preserved through the j'idlclou* adap tation of Ith solvent. The point here attained has been frequently and unsuccessfully sought after by pharmaceutists. Respectfully, A. A. HAYfcS, M D. Assayer to State of Massachusetts No. K Hoylston street, Boston. 3d Nov , IS66. wfS4a PILES-PILES-PILES. WE CALL ATTENTION TO ALL WHO are afflicted with this dreadful complaint to the following sworn certificate from one of our inost respectable citizens, the father-in-law of the proprietor of the *'Courier des Etas Unla," and formerly gunmaker in Philadelphia: Nhw York, Aug. '.46th, 1S60 Da Ocprif?Dear Sir:?1 hereby certify that I have been afflir ed with the Piles for nearly si sty Iears, that 1 hive used eighteenbottles of Barnes' 'He Lotion, and everything else I could here of, but all to no effect, for they did me little or no good. About two months since, I commenced using vonr remedies for the Plies, a-d have the happiness to say that they have had the desired effect, having cored me 1 consider this almost a miracle, for I am eighty years of age. I sincere ly recommend them to al! afflicted with the above complaint. P. VALLEE, 73 Franklin st State of New York, > New York City and County. 1 I.Joseph C. Lawrence, do hereby certify that on the day of the date hereof, before me personal ly came P. Vallee, to me well known, who, be ing by me duly sworn, did depose and say that the contents cf the foregoing certificate signed by him aye true. In witness whereof I have subscribed my name, as Commissioner of Deeds and as a Notary Public of the State of New York, and have af fixed my Notarial Seal at my offlce. in New York, this 2fith day cf August, 1850 JOSEPH C. LAWRENCE, Commissioner of Deeds and Notary Public of the State of New York. <17 Wall street. New York We challenge the Medical Faculty of the Uni ted States to produce a certificate equal to the above. Dr. Duprie's Remedies are tte only ef fectual cure for Internal Piles. Only 5^ cents per box. Office?76 Nassau street, New York. Will be sen*by mall to ar.y part of the United States For sale by FORD A BRO., corner of 11th street and Pa ave, Washington, D. C. oc 23 DOCTOH. HOOFLAND's" CELEBRATED GERMAN BITTERS PREPARED BV Dr. C. X. JACKSON,Philadelphia, P?., WILL *PFBCTCAI.LT cvkm LIVER COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, JAUNDICE,CHRONIC OR NERVOUS DE ?' biiPv. Dl?ea*es of the Kldnep, an?t all Dls eases arising from * Disordered Liver or Stomach. The proprietor, In calling the attention of the public to this preparation, dots so with a feeling of the utmost confidence in lis virtues and adtnta t!on to the diseases for which it Is rccommenaed. It is no new and untried article, hut one that has stood the test of a ten years' trial before the American people, and I's reputa'lon and sale Is unrivalled by any similar preparations extaat. Thetestimony In it* favor given by themost prom inent and well known pliysleiansand individuals in all parts cf the country is immense, and a cart ful perusal of the Almanac, published annually by the proprietor, and to be had gratis of any of his agents, cannct bu' satisfy the most skeptical that tnls remedy is really deserving the great cel ebrity it has obtained. Principal offlce and manufactory No. W Arch street, Philadelphia, Pa. READ THE FOLLOWING: MoK6AKtowjt, Va., August 4,1865. Di C. M. Jackson?Dear sir:?The sales ?I the Bitters are Increasing, and what speaks vol umes in their favor Is th*tall who have used them speak highly of their effects No medicine that I sell gives such general satisfaction, and the de mand for it exceeds all precedent; and I assure von it affords me pleasure to sell such a remedy. Our physlcims no longer scowl at it, butarecom pelled to acknowledge Its intrinsic value, and the freater pi't of them have had magnanimity snf clent to lay aside their prejudlciesand prescribe it in their practice. Respectfully yours, F. M. CHALFAN*. Vor sale by storekeepers and druggists In every town and village in the United States. Price 73 cents per bottle. Z. D. GILMAN, Washington, and JOHN 8. KIDWELL. Weoigetown, Agents. Je7-?m PURE SILVER WAR E. SOLID SILVER TEA SET$, SILVER FORKS AND SPOONS, SOLID SILVER WAlThRS, PITCHERS, GOBLETS, f CVP8 A I.SO. FANC Y SLL VER WARE, suitable for WEDDING PRESENTS. The above are all of our own manufacture, and warkantrd pc*k. M. W GALT A BtO., nov la-tr 324 Penn'a avenue. MANTELS. NEW AND BEAUTIFUL STYLE. Mnnafactnrad frstn Slate Stsne, bf its West Castleton Slate t'enpany, Vt. These mantels are enamelled in Imitation of the richest and most expensive EGYPTIAN. LISBON, VERD ANTIQUE, PORPHYRY, PYRENEES, LROCATELLA, AGATE, SPANISH GALWAY, and other rare and desirable MARBLES. The imitations are so perfect that they chalcngethe closest scrutiny. They are so highly polished that they retain their beauty much longer than marble; are not injured by smoke, coal gas, or acids, and can be sold much cheaper than any others in market. Price ranging from S125 to 512. Architects, Builders, and others are invited to call and examine samoles at No. 512 Seventh street, 3 doors below Odd FcIIowb' Hall, up stairs T. M HANSON, sel2-ly AgenJ. W. 6. METZEKOTT, (ScrcKssoa to Giorsk'c.) Agent of Raven Ar Hactn's and William Miller's CELEBRATED PIANOS, HAS ALWAYS ON HAND THE LARGES1 stock of PIANOS from *175 np to #1,090 M ELODEONS from ?45 to GUITARS, VIOLINS, BRASS INSTRU MENTS, FLUTES. BANJOES, ACCORD EONS, and SHEET MUSIC, cheaper thsn li any honse south of New Yor*. Music published and received every day Pianos for rent nov 4-tr MAUDS OR GENTLEMEN'S SHAWLS, WE H AVE JUST RECEIVED OURTHIRI and largest supply of gentlemen's Shawls embracing every varie y, weight, and sire. N B ?Also, a large lot of Bay State Shawls which we are prepared to sell at thelow price a S5 apiece. Call at GEO H B WHITE & OO'S , Hat. Cap and Gent's Fun'shlnjr Store, nov 11-tf 332 Pa av., bet 9th andl Oth stg. French flowers.?ladies, yol can find at our store a most elegant assortmen of French Flowers,and at very low prices. G. H. CASS1DY A CO., Successors to A. Tate, dec 3 314 Ps. av., bet. **b and ltth sts. Informatlm fox Trtyilui. The steamer george washing TON win dey*rt at the follow taf hour*: , Love Alexandria 7 w, ?, n t*.< Leave Washington bfc,, i|U R gov 11?<1 JOB C OR SUNfc Captain. CHANGE Or MOtJKI.?THE STEAMER GEORGE PAGF? Will l?ev?? Alexandria at4? Aandfltt o'cteck Waahlngton ** l*7 ?*, ?od7 o'clock nov 11 ELLIS L PRICE, Citato. ALEXANDRIA * WASHINGTON R. ft /VN AND AFTER THURSDAY, THR tttfc I " of November, nntll further notice, a train of > cars will leave the Depot In Alexandria, at the corner of t*t Asaph and Prinoeas streets, for Washington city, at S o'clock, a m , and at 3 o'clock, p m Omnibus** will be in readk?e?s at the Potomac Bridge to convey passengers to the Intersection of 7th street and Pennsylvania avenue, at Baxter's "ote1* From this point at the same hoars (9 a m , and 3 d. m .) omnlbuaaes will leave for the South - ern end of the Bridge where the oara will be la readiness to proceed to Alexandria Passengers will flnd comfortable sitting rooms at Dexteni Hotel. JAMES 8. FRENX'H, nov y-dtf President ?OR MOUNT VERNON. ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS.? FARK, ROUND TftlP, SI: FROM _ ? ALEXANDRIA76 CENTS.?The steamer THOMA8 COLL YER leave* loa at 9 and Alexandria atDg o'clock. Coachee leave the Capitol for the boat at BR o'clock. Coach fare 10 cents Persons wishing the ooaches will leave their residence with George A Thonuu Parker Refresh menu on the boat. M*-tf SAM'L GEDNEY, Cap tale. OEA^t ft ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD ?r#at Southern Mail Lint I T WICE DAILY tl (Bvndat niohts exceptsy i Between Washington Ciljr and lie Soaft! VIA: ALEXANDRIA, ?ORDON8VILLE, RICHMOND, DAN VILLE GKEEN8BOROUGH, N C. ARB DA It. V TO TEI VIRGINIA SPRINGS Leave Waahlngton at 0 o'ciodk, A u. Lenve Washington at....,.......7 ?? P.M. Leave Alexandria at 7 ?? A M Leave Alexandria at 8 ?. p M. Travellers will flnd the Morning Line la con nection with the Virginia Central Railroad, the Cheapest.most Pleasant and Expeditious R note to THE VIRGINIA SPRINGS, Greenbrier White Sulphur and Fauquier White Sulphur, Warm, Hot, Alum and Capon Springs, Weir's Cave. Natural Bridge, Lexington, Jtc OMN1B0SE8 and BAGGAGE WAGONS will be at the Washington R allroad Depot to cot ?ev PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE, Ft?? 9; CUrgg, to STEAMER GEORGE _ WT"*"fc P/ G E. for A LEX AN D RIA, a dls - ASSEE.*' aase of six miles,allowing ample tlm^oHIRi" rare from Washington to Richmond 85 50 {* " DanvlUe 11 00 w- *' Greensborongh...l2 00 Tickets procured on the beat. Expedition and Comfort are secured by thl? Route,as it is a liuxoi^vibst class xailxoas FaoM ALEXANDRIA TO DANVILLE. THROUGH PASSENGERSand BAGGAGE tarried without cost to the Depot o/ the Petembtiri Railroad. JAMES A. EVANS. ** 1 Agent, Alexandria, Va. FO R H A R F E R'V fIe R R V , ?CS?--2f-rrrT-A Vta CkttaptHkt f ? tm| jam oktoctn?i THROUGH IN TWELVE HOURS! THr,^.1>fliW AND SPLENDID PACKET A BOAT ARGO, Capt. Chas. H. MaaatLL, 7H,.'!?II"nence making Ktgnlir 7Vi?i between GEORGETOWN andthe above Point, on Mon day. March 87th, 1950 The Boat will leave the wharf of W . H AH I Hitter, Georgetown, D. C , every Monday. Wed ae*d*v, snd Friday morning, at? o'clock Returning, she will leave Harper's Ferry ever* Thursday and Saturaey oidrilty at O 'doc*. Tbrenjrh Tickets, f J.9?. T? lti*b%rg SI tnrlmdtHf tkt Stag* /rem Ertwardt* Fir 'jr. j Fam!l|?* Intending to visit the VJ-?Jnla Springs | lh?eomlng senfon will And this by far thr mo*i rtfe, pir^ant, and cheapest route to RorkeW Capon, Shanondale, White Bnlphurard Warren Meals carved on boaM at moderate rates A coach will always be in r-vidiness |n G*onr.. town t^crnv-y passengers to and from the Boat. \*/ u Iho P?rMri!:ir* at thestOTe rl JOHV V a vis , !T.TEH ? ?nd marie?tf riarp^ ? P?ny, Va. ? ?? a e PROTECTION AND INDEMNITY FROM LOSS BY FIRE! FICE, MARINE, AND ISLAND INSURANCE. JiUKorUe/! Captiat and Sur^u* . .Si,3AS,l#i IS. FARMERS AVD KXCHANIGS' INSUR ANCE CO, OF PHILADELPHIA. narU->/-est comer Fern*yico*iui at ertue ami 17tA rtrerf, lVathincton City, D. C. ? WRECTOBS. Hon. Thus. B. Florence, Charles IHneea. ^r?*ron?? Thoman Mandwfiald. Charle? A Rubieam, Edward R. HelmboiT George Helmbold, F. Carroll Brev sicx, James E. Neall, !>aac L^^ch, Jr. ? n> FLORENCE, PresWem. EDWARD R. HELMBOLD,Secretary. LOCAL SURVEYORS. Walter, No. 397 D street, opposite Oitf Jno. M. Tltorntoo,corner First s tree land Virnnla avenue, Island. Jame? Williams, No.22 Four^aAahatf dmg John Ripeles, No. 501 Thirteenth street, btfow Pennsylvania avenue. MARINE SURVEYOR. Capt. J. P. Levy. No. 397 Pennsylvania avenne. opposite National Hotel. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT. John Tltomaeion. Th?; biuin*-?< of this Cumpany will comoare fa vorably with ihf mo?t s:tecesriful of similar institu Uons in thf I inited States From the 1st rtay of August, 18.VJ, in liv. months, up tj 1st January, 18.V>, t':? premiums received amouniHd to the large sura of one hundred and eight thousand, one huudn-d and fsiiy-on- dollars, witb only forty-six liuutlreU and Bixiy-six dollajs Iomcs reported. With these evidences of kucc^sb and good mau ag? ment, tne directors feel justi3ed iu soliciting a share of public patronage, b^lievin,: that the seeu rity ofltr? d is ample aud that all feir claim* will be adjusted more according to equity ibun leucl techru caiiiteti. . The company is prepared to issue policies against loss or damage by tire on DWELLING'S, FURNI TURE, MILLS, MANUPACT0RIR8, WARE SOTJrtEs, ail damriptions of BUILDINGS, and eircontent*, or all kuid? of MXRCHANDIHE. transported by VK8SKLS. STKAMBOATS, CA VAL BOATd, RAILHOAi'H, and the nunal oon veyanres to or from any porti??i of EUROPE and AMERICA, and on the hulls of STEAMBOATS the western wat?rs The rates of premium will b* a? low as twher companies, and In f ring them every improvement in construction and arrangement will be taken into consideration. All losses speedily adjusted and promptly paid Office northwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and Seventeenth street, Washington city, D.C. I^uraner may a!?o be efjerfcl at the Horn* Office, Aorlhtreti corner TValnvt ami Serond Strerii, Plila Mplua. and in other principal clues of the' United State# by autboriied officers of the company. Je 14-lyt COAL?COAL?COAL. A LVVAYS ON HAND. WHITE ASH. RED ASH, LEHIGH, and CUMBERLAND COAL. Also, PINS, OAK, and HICKOR Y WOOD. Coal kept under oover. 2.JHl) lbs to the ton. T J. A W. M. GALT, N. W. cor. 19th and C st? , No 5tT, one nov <fi-tf sqnare aorrth of Penn ave. DENTAL RIRUCOW. DR.B F. COSBY, PHNN AVENUE, BE. tween Sixth and Seventh rtreets, at the place fbrmerly occupied by Dr | Van Patten, baa just received a very large supply of frtlcles pertain! ijr to dentiatry and respectfully Invites the public to give him a call. Having devoted his whole time to the pro feasion, he is perfectly aefe in declaring that he wiil give entire aaUsfaotlon in every caae Tb? beat professional reference* can be seen at his of. nov ia-tMareh*>* BEST RID GLOVES at S7x cents.?JVS1 received per Express from the impor _ _ ter, an additional aupply of dark color b'?t KID GLOVES, making my aWr^ m7wtwPlete?0f Darka- Medium, Blaek.V - and White (all number* ) Also, Mla*e* dart colore of the same Quality. the^market** mito fuUy WJUaI t0 Glo??? i* ^ Alao recelvln^aa assortment of Ladles', Gen men s. and Chi'dren's fancv lined, napped .^lotv'buek tnd ?ther wnich will be sold cheap. ^ JOHN H SMOOT, my 119 Bridge St., Georyetown. npHE M08T BEAUTIFUL AND EXTEN A sive stock of Fancy Goods la at ? Mhu^mut ? aV^IUIv ? M+dlclnoi KTWS CHERRY PECTORAL, For the rapid Curt of tOCGHS. < OLDS. HOARSENESS, BROW HITIS.W HOOPINt-fOn.II. (ROI P. ASTHJIJ. t*D (0\SIMPTI0\. Among the nrnnrn up llrowtw Mmw hii made In this generation to facilitate the huaineaa of life?Increase it* enjoyment, aad even ptoloog the term of human < ilrenoe. none can be named ??f more real value to mankind than thl? contribution of Ch*miatr? to the Healing Art A *ast trial of its vlrtoea throughout thla broad country, ht? proven beyond a doubt, that to m< d'.clne crcom bination of mediclaoa ret known, can ao surely oontrol sndcurr the numerous varletleao# pulmc nary dlat**c which bav? hitherto awept f.ocr. our mldstthouaar.d ? and thousands everr year Ind?rd there la now abuud&nt reason to believe a Reme dy haa at length bee* found which ran bo railed on, to cur* the most dangerous aflVctlees o4 the lungs Our apace hare will not penult ua to pub lish any proportion of tbe cures <lected by lis bm but arc would present the following :?and refer further enquiry to my American Almanac, which ttkc agent beiow named, will alwaya be peaard to furnished free, wherein are full partlcnlara, and Indisputable proof of these t-tatemenu Otpicb or TBasaeoBTaTio*. j La^rena. K R ., S C . Aug t, 1HM ) 1>? i.C. Aran. Dear Sir?Myltt?leson.f<Hir \>*ar* old. Laa Juat recovered from a wTere attack of loagllgn-ni fearlet Psver. bla threat waa rot ten. and every person that vlalted blm, proaouac ed him a dead child Having uwd rot r Cnaaar PavtoHAL, la California, In the winter of IW, for a severe attark of Hroncbltia. with entire sue cew?, I waa induced to try it on my little bay 1 gave talma tea-apo n fullev?rv threelour*,aoir. monc.Ing In the morning, and by ten < clock at nlirht. I found a decided change for tbe bettor, and after three daya uae, fce vraa able to eat or drink without pain. Its In the above r.armd dl**ase wl.I save many a cbild from a jtrrmatuie grave, and relieve the anxiety ?f rrany a fond parent For all af fection* of the Throat ard I.tinea, I believe it the best ir.edlrL e extant. A feeling of the deepest fgratitude, pron pta me i. iddre-M?mg vou these Ines,?but for your lmf ? r'a:.- discovery. my little boy would now have b*?.?;n another world* I am vour* w'.th greet ?e?^rec\ J.D. POWKLL. buyt. Trars , L.R. R. Rccst H ill, >r-m?-r?et Co .NJ , ) July 2!, l-^? I Da J. C. ATaa,?Since your medicine haa W c< me knovn here It baa a greater demand than any other eoueh remedy we have ever sold It In | apoken of In terrr.s of unmeasured praise by thof * wh" have used It, ard 1 knowcf somecaaes'where tbe best they can say of It la not too moch far the pood It has done I take rle;?nre ia relllng It, because 1 know that i am giving my customer* tho worth of tfce'r mon^v. and ? fecigrallied in I ae? ing the ben* fit It coLft is. | Plcate s? nd me a further supply, and beMevt mi Yours, w!th re*r*ct. JOHN C WHITLOCfc P.S. Almost any number of certificates can be e?o< If you wiah It. Winoso*, C \V., Jur.e a*. IrtSi DB.J C.Araa Sir ?Thia may certify that I have need your t hikit Psctokal for upwards of one yeer; acd it ia my *lncere belief that 1 sbcxld have been In my g ave ere this time If I ha?1 not It haa cured me of a dangerous affer Hon of the lure*, and I do not overstate my ?on victlona when 1 tell you It Is a priceless remedy \ ot:rs very r-spectfully, D. A.McCLURE, Attorney at Law iVaiiiitu. Pa , September I%0" Da J.C.Atii My dear fir ?Your medicine 1* mJch anprored of by thoi* who have ua?4 it here, and Ua composition is such a? to 'natire and maintain Its reputation I invariably reconi mcud it for pulmonary affbctior>, as do many c f om principal phyr1<-lara I am your friend. CHAS 3TREATER.M D Praparrd bv DR. J C. AYER, Chemist, Low ell. Maw told brZ D OILMAN, Washington, and all respectable druggists do: Mm OR Til FKILOSOFHIOAL VHW 07 MABRIA6X BV ? a LA CROIX, M. V?i ALDANY. If. Nf|tf? a?4 1M Am. f #siena bi*k ogropAi aad PI tel. Fatsa ovlt *w?wtt-Fiv? Cirri Baai Frea of Postage to all parto of ik? V alsa. (^HKAPESTr BOOK EVL'E F0BL15HEP?? J and coata:ning nearly docble the quantity cf reed lac matter in that of the FIFTY CIS NT OR COL LAll PODL1CATION3 It txetta on the PH YZIOL O0Y OF MARRIAGE, and the Bsc ret I&Srmittes aad Diaor^er of Yonth ar d Maturity, rrenltlag froraex oes&ca, which destroy the^>, phyeical ?..d meatal pew.*" era. with ObwntlMi on Menlage, Its dutirr tn< dlscaal'.Scatlomf^ ait their rejaed Jet; with LlthogTapiia.lllustTartag tb? Aaatomyasd Diseases of the Re* protf ueiire Orpana of both sext*. their atrvotare. a?c?. aad functloet. A popular and comprehea fivc TreaUt ? on the Duties and Causal tics of ria |!e rAdrarrricdltfo? heppy andau!tful aillaacoa, uti r cf st-cuiBL tham?uabllPlt? aad laftrtila eaes?the'r o^viarlo* and removal ?Important hl>'? to those coaieapU'inr mr.triaoay, thatwlll ? verc*>me sbjectloaa to It; aoae. however, ahoald take thli latportast ater without trst cons* Itlag its nagrs?ceian?eitUrl?*OB the dlsea&ea aad raedlor. treat meat of females froaa lafaacy to oid age, each ally illustrated by beauUftiHithofra , Be':vcnsdebUltT,lu causes aid anrs. by a process at oace so simple, asfe. and cTectntl that fiiUtre la impoaaible?rales for dallv maar re ? it ?as essay on Spormatorrhsa. wltn praeucal eboefvatloas ca the safer aad mores ocwtaful mod ? sf treataaent? ^recauticaary hia .s on the evils re aaitltgfroia tmplrlcal practice-aa essay oa all diseases arlaiag frcm laolscretlea, with pLala aed simple raiea by which all person? caa cure the*. ? eelse? without mercunr?ierrMle? for those self laftlcted miseries and dlaappointel hopes so un fortunately prevalent la the young. It is a truth ful adviser to the raarnedand thoKrcontemplating marriage: lu perusal is particularly recommend ed to person* entertaining secret donbts of their physical condition, ir.d vr i o are conscious of has. lag hazarded the health, happiness, and privileges to which every human being la entitled. Price TWENTY-FIVE CENTS per copy, er Five Copies for One Dollar. Mailed, free of post age, to all parts of the United States N . H ?Those who prefer raav consult Dr LA CROIX upon any of the diseases upon which th'.s book treats, ekher persc^ally or by mall. Medi cine sett to any p^rt af the (Jnlonaocordlagto di rection a, safely packed and carefully secured from all observation. Address Dr. M. D LA CROIX, No. Si Maldsa Lane, or Poet omce Box S79 Albaay, N. Y. ITT OBce open dally,from 0 a m to t p ? aid oa Sunday from 3 unilfSn. m. srr Oftce REMOVED from No 3d Boavar at. to 11 Maidiu Lssi, Alboajr, JVsw Tsrk. ??it IJHUiUUUf? BUT AND SELL VORVIQS AHD DOMESTIC EZCEAK61; FURXISH DRAFTS Ob bU PBrtt of Ubit?d 8tat? and COLLECT DRAFTS Ob Bil }Brta of UBitod StatM asd Imw; DRAW BILLS ON lEEkAND FOR XI OR WPWAX^li BUY AND SELL BONDS, 8TOCK9. A OTHkK t*EC?RIVIKSi NEGOTIATE TIME PAFEK. 1bvestment paying 10 V and eror, Isr aals. LAID WiREiRTI. Wt are al all times Purchasing, cad k?ve f*t Bale.LAND WARRANTS of all dencmlnatlesa Lar.d Warrants located ia Iowa, Wlaco>aia,or Minnesota. CHUBB BROTHER*, Jan <3-if Bankers. oppo?lts ike Trewsr? VM> OOO PKIL'H TREES. ATTEN DOLLARS PER HUNDRED?FOR sale at my Nuraerv, mar WeahlngtoaMA The above trees are all of fine growth, and^^ of the beat select fruit ? " Alao, a general asaortment of ORN AM ENTA L, EVER 6 KEEN, SHADE, and FHL'IT TRKeS ocatf JOSHUA PEIRCE. \KW TORE LEIMIKR fsr 13th Pecs inker *' Orion, the Gold Beatrr," S?fs??d r?e*t week. CoiM>icte aeti of the Ltdger enn L? ktd ?I FEEtft SON'S, dec tM 7th i