Newspaper of Evening Star, December 13, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 13, 1856 Page 3
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KVKNTNG STAR. Job Pbi*ti*? ?0?r patrons and the public are reminded that we are prepared to have their orders for Job Printing of every descrip tion executed at the shortest notice, for the lowest prices and in the best and most satis factory manner. All wanting such work done eannot do better than to apply directly at the ceanter of the Star office. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. 6r*DAT at tii Pshitsstubt ?We were present on Sunday last, at a religious servioe of much interest, being nothing less than that held on each Sabbath at the chapel of the penitentiary for the benefltof the convicts. On entering the ehapel shortly before 10 o'clock, a. m , we found the male prisoner? gathered at the penitentiary library for the purpose of exchanging the books taken oat the previous Sabbath for others. These books, we learn from Mr. Thornley, are sought for with great eagerce&a by the convicts, and indeed the worn and thumbed condition of the volumes show . that they have been in constant use. Wo trust that the recommendation of the Warden (in bis report) for the expenditure of a few hun dred dollars for the purchase of additional books will be earned out. As the convicts re ceived their books they retired to their seats, and each was soon busy with his volume ; the guard mounted upon a raised seat, meantime keeping supervision over them with a watch ful eye The male prisoners, black and white, were separated right and left, and the female pris oners were hidden from view by a cloth screen. TMs screen seems of doubtful utility, serving it would appear only to pique feminine cu riosity, as it has been pierced with holes in numerable by fair fingernails, to enable their owters to solace themselves with an occasional peep at the lords of creation. The services were commenced with prayer by the chaplain of the institution, Rev. R R. Richards, whhh was followed by a hymn sung?and well sung by the convict choir. The singing was led and mainly sustained by colored convicts, who entered upon the ser vices with the same zealous unction which usually characterises the religious exercises of colorad congregations. The white convicts on the other side of the aisle preserved external decorum, but exhib ited at the same time a callous apathy. A portion of scripture was next read which was followed by another hymn The sermon was delivered by Rev. J. E. Parker, of the Michigan (Methodist) Confer ference, and was a plain practical teaohing; well adapted to the comprehension of the au dien-e The text was from the parable of tha rich man? 12th chapter of Lake, 16th verse. The three points commented upon by the preachcr were?1st. Mags discontentment with his position in life ; 21 The folly of t ie rceans adopted by him to better his condition ; 3d The disappointments resulting therefrom. A more attentive congregation we never saw. To be sure there were no distractions in the shape of late comers, operatic singers or new bonnets ; almost perfect silence reigned, and the gTim uniformity of the parti-colored pris on dress afforded nothing for the eye to dwell upon. After the sermon the convicts spent some time in sieging, and were then drawn into line and marched to their dinner. The meal on this occasion consisted of bread, boiled beets, corned beef, and black tea. The beets wore grown upjQ the grounds of the penitentiary, And are substituted occasionally as a change of diet from the usual allowance of potatoes Dinner over, the prisoners were drawn up into line again ; after which the guards passed down the ranks, passing their hand.: rapidly over the person of each convict to ascertain if any weapons were concealed upon them. This done, the prisoners were marohed to their cells and locked in for the day. A tremendous roaring, jarring and banging stunned the looker-on, for a season, while the convicts were tramping along the wooden gal leries. followed by the guards locking and barring the cell doors with a crash Then again all was silent; and on peering into the dusky recesses ot the cells the prisoners were *een reclining on their cots, examining the books procured from the library One convict alone was confined to bis bed through irdifposition, and the physician seemed ioubttul if be were aot aharaming ill ness C <nsidering the locality of the peni tentiary the good health of the convicts for the year past is remarkable. Oar visit confirmed us in the opinion ex pressed cn another occasion, that the prisoners are attended to by the officers with all care and humanity consistent with security and the requirements of the law. Hotel Robbbribs ?The recent robbery of one or two guests in a Washington hotel re minds uj of the duty of cautioning hotel boarders everywhere of the necessity of com plying with the now invariable rule of all sacli establishments, as well as the law, which makes their proprietors responsible for no valuables stolsa, unless the regulation of the hoase in that connection has been strictly complied with. That regulation notifies the guest that to fix such responsibility on the proprietor, he must deposit in the office all viluables which, left unguarded, will be likely to tempt hotel thieves to commit bur glaries or larcenies. Experienced hotel thieves will enter a locked room, open a locked trunk and be off in safety, in two minutes at most. Not one in twenty suoh robbers are caught, and not once in a hundred times are valuables apirited away by them recovered So long as hotel guests will leave valuables in trunks, in defiance to proprietors' printed notices to the contrary, just so long will the former be heavy losers by their want of due caution The fault by no means lies with the hotels, but alone with their careless >>t obstinate guests. A Peari'MBD Bbrath ?Who would hive a disagreeable breath, when, bv using J)e La Cuur't ti Jm of the IVaite Wuter Lilly as a dentifrice, it can be rendered sweet, and leave the teeth white as alabaster? Put a drop on your tooth-brush and wash the teeth night and morning A Btantxfnl Complexion may easily be ac quired by u.?ing De L-i Cour's Halm of the White Waler Lilly It will remove tan, pimples, and freckles from the tkin. leaving it soft and rosy. Wet a towel, pour on two or three dropa, and wash the face night and morning. .^4 iving Made Easy ?Wet your brush and pour on two or three drops of De La Cour't Balm of the White Water Lilly, rub the beard well, and it will make a beautiful soft lather. Price fiuy cents For sale by Charles Stott, Washington, and by uruggieb> generally. Rbbibtixg OrricBRR ?Last night. Officers May and Deggea undertook to arrest a gaog of persons for disorderly conduct in the First Ward. The officers had to contend against the crowd, and, in order to secure the prison ers, called on " all good eituens" to assist them- Tbe bystanders seemed to appreciate that such u *it!e did not apply to them, and not only refused to aid the officers in the dis charge of their duties, but used language tending t? excite the prisoners Officer May bad his coat torn off, but succeeded in arrest ing D'jck D rsett, and Officer Degges secured Coarles Garcia. They gave security for a further hoaring. The refusal of the citizens will be laid before the Grand Jury. Pbkpar4Tio?s.?Yeatarday, workmen were employed in preparing the ground in Centre Market Space for the erection of the wooden pavilion in whieh Shawn's Equestrian Troupe are to perform during the winter The prepa rations are of a s^rt t > insure the safety of tbe structure. The privilege of using the maraet sp?*ce was granted by aa act of tho City Coun cils, and for which tbe proprietor pays a rent to the Corporation. Cbimival Cocbt ?Yesterday, the Court and Jury disposed of the following cate*: Harriet Pagan, lareeny acquitted Sandy Laeey, Jobn Robinaon, Samuel Kicks and Andrew Wood, (colored,) riot; guilty?sen tenced each to tbree months in the oounty jul. The Pbtsiciabb are all prescribing Dr. Reily's Squill Lotenges, for Coughs, Colds. Craup. H>>ir*en*!?*. An. Give them a trial Foraaie by every Druggist in the city, George town and Alexandria. ? >1 National Theatbe?Mr. Booth'i "Lui Imc nigbt draw a fine bouse, and his rendition of it, taken in conjunction with his late per formance of" Richelieu," was suoh aa to give a high idea of his capabilities in old men s pirtt. To night?tha last of hia engagement?he appears in what we consider his oest part? that of Richard III. Glenn, that 44 Persecuted Dutchman," will make his bow in the afterpiece For Monday night Mr. and Mrs. Plunkett are announced. ??? A Diakt for the Yea* 1857 ?For register ing events, past, preaeut and future; a valu able pocket companion, with almanac and calenaer; distances from New York to all im portant plaoes in the oountrj; Wank leaves for keeping a diary of every day in the year; cash accounts and bills payable, with neatly printed headings. Don t be without one of theaa useful little souvenirs. Shillington has them. ? * Centre Market.?The supply in the mar ket. this morning, was plentiful, and prices were about the same as on last Saturday. A Urge quantity of pork was offered for sale at the scale house. The capture of persons who were in the habit of pilfering from wagons and carts at the market space has prevented the robbery of dealers this week ; at least, there has been no complaint at the Station-house. Saral Prrcival, Ob The Bride or the House or Gold,?For the continuation of this highly interesting tale, the first part of which has appeared in our paper, and also in the Daily Union of this city, wc refer our readers to the New York Cedger, which can bo found at Shillington's book, newspaper, and maga line establishment, Odeon Building, corner of Four-and-a-half street and Pennsylvania ave nue. ??? Larr the Citt.?We were informed, this morning, that many persons who havu been arrested for riots and other offences, and gave bail for their appearanoe at the Criminal Court for trial, have " left for parts unknown." This compels their securities to pay the amounts for which they are bound. In some cases, we learn, the securities have also left in search of the fugitives. ?? Look to the Jdveeiles !?See tBem well bestowed with books for the coming holidays? to be had of the favorite literary caterer, Jo. Shillington. He has plenty of them at the '?Odeon'"?go and make your selections tor Christmas and New Year Go! yes, go now, and stand not upon the order of your going, but go at once ! A better selection can be made, and tha crowd of the holidays avoided (trace Chi rch Fair has added to its at. tractions the performances of a first rate band of music The Fair will, we learn, be con tinued next week. Circs it Court ?Tha Court is still engaged with the trial of the Lathrop case. Watcii Returns ?Hester Johnson, (color ed.) taken out of a gutter dead drunk; work house 30 days. lO-Atk j?ur Jiliy*ician'? Opinion ?( . a E I 1. y ? s celebrated PASTILLES OK HCILI.E, OB syl'ILL LoZKNGES, which are n*ed ar.1 recoratneti I ?,1 by them, as the moat cv> Vf winner, h.huht, nr? and errirai-toi s remedy now In nee. for the varlons aff-ctl "lie of tfce THROAT AND LIN<;9, such .a CULGB>. COLDS, CROl'P, HOARSENED, SOKE THHOAT. ASTHMA. BRONCHITIS, WHOOPING COUGH, Ac For sale by evety Dru^g:Uln the cltj, Georgetown ?n<l A1 exand ria. de< 13 1 w ? Stimulating Liniment will ?peedily rnr* chronic end ecnte Khenjnatmii, a* can be proven by hundreds who have need it la tlita city. Il will aiao cure sprains, lameness, strains, brnlses, sa idle gal a, Ac . In bora-*, (or which purpoae tt w aa origlna.Iy prepared; ifl renU per bottle. Z D. GILUAN, Proprietor. <lecl2-lw \Lf A Sheriff Cared in One Nifht bjr De OR ATH'S ELECTRIC OIL.? Letter from Or. Keyaer?re erf th's: Philadki^hia, May 39, I, aontli ath street, Philadelphia: 1 here a remarkable cure. Deputy Sher.ff Kerr, of Pittsburg, had a very swollen and painful band; I applied tbe oil personally, which gave instant relief. He ha* recommenced the O 1 to others afflicted with rheumatism, In which the reanlt* were moat satisfactory. Truly yours. GEO. H. KKYSER. Great Cnrea?CitlMns Read. Rheumatism.?Mr Joseph T). Bart e, No. 9 Myrtle street, aa ye the Klectilc Oil cured bits Immediately. I 8ex;- n, Esq.. Ex Mayor of Camden, says | six applications cared him, al*? cored his rheumatism. Nbi ?Mr. David Mann, 499, Vine street, says he wae a great "offerer, but the Oil cured hlni So say* K. Grant, E*|., ilT, n> rth Edith street. For sale Id Washington by CHAS. STOTT. dec 11-1 w Watches, Jewelry and hllver Ware. I have now ou hand a .nil stock ef the in->st faehlotiable styles of rich (Old Jewelry; aleo, a l?r;e aaeortment of very superior gold and silver Wat-nee. I am also roaunfa'tnr iug (In my own ebc^j every variety of H.lver Ware, sncli ?? Spoon*, Forks, Ladle*; cake and pie Knives: salt, nmstard and olive Spoone; Napkin, Pitchers, Tea Sett*, Ac., from solid sterling silver, which 1 will otter for sale at lo.ver rate* than good* of '.lie same quality have ever been aoll for In this City, at No. 234 Pennsylvania evenne, near 9tk street, Sir" of tbe large spread eagle. H. 0. HOUD. oc M?tr JX7"Brnndreth'? Pill*.?The Weak, the Consumptive, Rheumatic, Costive, Billons and Delicate, alter some day's use will find renewed strength and life pervade every organ tt their frames. Every dose make* the blood purer. The nerve* commence In the arteries and terminate In tbe vein*. These pills, aa a first efle't, act upon the ar terial blood, increasing the circulation, by which trniiurltlee are deposited In the Telns. and they throw off such co'.leo tlone lute the bowels, which organ, by the euergy derived from Brandrrth's Pills, expels them from the sys em. When llrst used, the pills may o"-aalon griping, and even make the patient feel worae ; this muat be borne with for the good to rime afterwards No great good Is often aeh cved withont some trouble in It* attainment, and this rnle applies to the recovery of health. These symptoms only occur where the body bat long struggled nnder a load of Impure, tensclona humors. A consecutive use for a few day* will aatlafy the most nnbellevlng of the great good tha pill* are doing. The directions should be carefully studied. If nndarfttnod and followed, health and vigor will. In a majority of cases, be se cured by the use of RKaNDREI'H'.S Pills. Sold at It cents per box at 43 Canal street, lirandreth Building. New York; by T. W. Uyott A Sons, 111 north Second street, Philadelphia, and by rnadlclue dea'ers gener ally. uov 2S?tf IZFAstonishing Care with loly ene Bet TLB.-Joe B Hal! A Oo., says: Pbuqub IsLf, A r ostook Co , Me , April 14, 14C4. "We herewith teud you a certificate of a cure performed by the use of only one bottle ol the German Bitters; we think Mr. Clark to be a man of veracity, and have no doubt of the truth of his story." , Messrs. Joa. B. Hall A Co.?Gentlemen?In anawerto your luqalrlea, I will state tl at m; daughter, aged about 16 } ears, baa been cvruplalulng of a pain in her side for six or seven years, and about tbe first of January last, waa taken d?wn and confined to her bed. The paia In her tide w** very aa vere. beeldeebelug troubled with pains between her shoulder* and In her breast. Prom readiug a number of curee per formed by "HootUud's Gerrutn Bitters," I waa Induced to try it In htri aea, and aent to yuur store and purchased one bottle. She bad taken Itbnla few days when she began to improve, and now, after taking only one bottle, she Is eujoy In; better health than she haa for years. She feels uo pain In her side or In any part of her body, and attribute* her cure ent rely to tbe Germaa Bitters. Saltaou Brook, Arooetook Uo., tie. WM. CLAKK. Set advsrtlNaaut. bepl-toir JET" The most valuable family Medicine*, for all complaluta, are tboae made by the distinguished Dr. Uoee of Philadelphia, a regular graduate from 1'ie Pennsyl vania t'nlverdty. and a physician of forty year's practice in Philadelphia. All bis medicines are freefroin aeercury, and cau be taken at any time without regard to exposure. Read kdvertlMmenti. dec 10?St (I^The Bead Samaritan I ntdeae.?Mrs. M N. Gardner, whnae biography Ilea open before n?, has certainly been a Good Samir'.tan on earth, and the Indian maiden, Nahmeonltah, can never be forgottcu >s the com E>uaderof the celebrated Indian Balsam of L'vrwort and oarbound which I* saving thousands In our, d.eimed victims of Consumption or sufierers from *<-eere Colds and C<>aghe, Asthma, Croup and Crouchitis. This pleasant medi cine has great and sovereign virtues, aid abou'd be early employed lu all caaee of Lung complaint*. It Is for ?a.e everywhere ? Meesra. Week- A Potter, No. 1^4 Washington street, Hos ton, (?eneral Agent*. For sal* l.y W. R. Sllman, Charles fitett, Nairn A Palmer, Z. D. Oilman, and by Droggiata gen ?rally. dec 9?lw. irr Haatetter't JUlttert.?The celebrity that this excellent preparation haa gained in the laat f?w year*, I* beyond belief. Tbe beet physician* in tbe United State* endorse it, and recomineud it to their patient* in all >e* of dUp?p*i*, IndigeeUon and loea nf appeiiie. It !s used aa a atcmach tonir by nearly every tajutly in the Lulled Sutee, and no family should l>e without It. It requirea no addition of spirits. Sold In full <jua: t bott'es by nil Dru( gists, Groc?rle* and Ilo ela thron^iout tbe I'nttad '?tates and ('anada. der 9-lw |[Tllr?WB'i Brearhial Trarhee.??? We have found them "I great service In allaying liron<hlal Irr it* lion, and In sebdniac Hoaraeneee produced by Onlds, and do our clerical brethren a real favor in calling their atten'.ior. tv them "?Zlon's Herald. "We commend them to tbe at tentlou of public speakers, aingera, and other* who are troubled with affection* of the Tnroat."?Chrtallan Watch man. *' Per Ctmgijs, Asthma, A* , we cheerfully bear (eeti ?ouy from pereeaal knowledge to thrlr eltcacy."? Ballon's Pictorial. They are a simple aad elegant form for adm'.ti isterlng. In coablnatlosi, severe, medicinal subetanco* held lu geueral evieem among Phyalelan* in th* treatment ot Brou?fatal affectiona."?Dr. G. F. Bigelow. Containing ao opium or deleterious druga, theea I^neuges can be nsed ""?ly by public epeax>-re and v,x allsla for clearing and giving streugUi to the voice. Sold by all Druggist*. ?"lMf JaMM N. CaLLaN, Agent. JtT '"Mrtaat te the Lailsil-Or. Da PONCtPB female PILLS ?Tbe combination of Inrredl eate iu the Ptlia are perfectly harmless Their efflcacy and Mrtu bactd apon m uttoitT* |>rictlc? of otw thirty ? Jta w'-tp* ^lr?ctlcu? U?vt b?#n ttriclly fol low?ivih?7 hy |# corrtct til frrtgmlJrUtoi, .A" menstruation, (particularly,) at the <jbangeif life. Tbsy will car* the Whits*, and remove fr?m cold, exposure or any oanaae; and maybe used *uc _eaafnlly aa a Preventive. Call upon the ageat, and ge4. aClrcntar for partlcnlars frM wholteale aad fanneylvaula avenne, SAM' KL B. WAITS, SM Seventh street, Waahln*U>n D C ? and a. 8. T. 01 US EL. G^rgatowa, to whom all ha sent, aad tha Pllla will be seat couBdentUlly, by mall to Udlea who eaeloae theau one dollar. 7 M. B -?ee slgaature an the hog; tosannlerfslilt Is for te t-tl MARRIED, On the llth Instant, by the Kev. Mr. Cla'ks.ia, Mr. RICHARD KVASH and Mias bAHHAKA C. 8M1THLIIY. all of this city ? For Sale and Rent. ROOMS'TO RENT?WITH OR WITHOUT or thre* Furnished Rooms, ,n ^J ' betw<*|i D and E streets. llfC lo-oi? A BKDROOM?A LARGE. , X comfortable front Room, at No J5 8ih street, a nelgeborhood at once very central, very quiet, ana v^ry convenient to the Poet and Patent Offl GSH. dec 13- H* TWO HOUSES TO RENT?ON SOUTH D * street, near 14th RentflOO Apply to WM. M L CRIPPS, 190 nth street, Furniture Ware rooms. FOR SALE?Walnut and Mahogany hand railing newell post Balesters .ready turned, nt Philadelphia prices. Coffin Board?, and other Mahogany for sale. decl3-3t? WM. M. L. CR1PPS. OFFICE AND DWELLING, OPPOSITE the Treasury, aud next to Penn. avenue, for Rent, with Immediate possession. Alto, the Dwelling over Blackford's Jewelry Store, George town Apply to A. HYDE, at the offlce of Rlggs * Co- (Intel) dec lTffT Dwelling house in Georgetown FOR RENT OR SALE.?The house Is on Montgomery street, near Gay. contains 10 Rooms and Pantry. Has a large garden and flower yard, smoke-house, and brick dairy: and has been newly painted, whitewashed and papered Inside out. Apply next door, to ANTHONY SMITH. Possession lmmedlateiy. dec 13-ec3t (Intel) LIGIBLE AND WELL FURNISHED apartments for Rent at ?01 Penn. avenue, dec II 3t E House for rent?on 2oth street, opposite the?West Market, containing 4 com fortable Rooms, with parage. There be ne an excellent Cellar, with a side gate, is well adapted for a Huckster or Nutter Merchan*. Inquire of G. W. FLOOD, Winder's Buildings. dee ll-3f * POR SALE ?A TRACT OF LAND CON x talnlng about one hundred acres. In Fairfax county, Vs., about nine miles from Washington and Alexandria, and six from Georgetown. It adjainf the Farms of Charles Kirby and Colonel ttaorse Minor, and lays convenient to Turnpikes leading to the three above named cities It has on it much wood?Pine and Chestnut, and the soil Is capable of rapid and profitable improve ?u(Vu D0r information apply to Colonel ?w? , ^ Fairfax C H , Va ,or to W. D. WALLACH, at the Star Offlce. dec ll-ia:? f?^R RENT ?ONE LARGE PARLOR AND * large Chamber attached, handsomely furnish ed for rent Also, a large front Room with good sized rooms attached, suitable'or single gentle men, or iu salts for families Board, if desired, on the most reasonable terms. Apply at No. 468 10th street, between D and E. dec 10 lw DOR RENT.-THE FRAME COTTAGE x and Grounds on E street, between 11th and 12th streets, (Island) square 3*. Rent ?175 per annum. Inquire of A R. SHEPHERD, 440 9th street, between G and H. dec 9-6t POR RENT-A BRICK DWELLING, ON i Virginia avenue, between 10th and 11th street, (Island) No. 351, containing 7 Rooms Kent J?10 per month Inquire at J. W. THOMPSON A BRO.'S, 269 Penn avenue,between 10th and 11th streets de ? 9-fit pOR RENT?THE LARGE THREE Story A brlch House, situated on the corner of 12th and H slreets, containing 10 Rooms, with Coal Cellar and Bath Room, lnqule of JAMES W BARKER, n^t door to the Lutheran Church, nov 2-tf Rooms for rent?two large, finely furnished Parlors and Bedrooms for rent, with or without Board, at FLINT'S Hotel, near Union Office. dec 2 A FIRST-CLASS RESIDENCE IN -Tli- GEORGETOWN, I). C , FOR RENT ? The subscriber offers for rent her late residence at the corner of Fayette and Fourth streets, Georgetown, immediately opposite the Convent of the Visitation. This Is one of the largest and best finished house* in the District of Columbia, having all the modern improvements contained in the first-class houses of the Northern cities. There Is attached a large cistern In the yard, carriage-house, and stable for several horses A nump of the purest water in the Immediate vicinity. The locality Is high and salubrious, and in a quiet and highly respectable neighborhood. Possefslon given Immediately. For further particulars inquire next door to the prernlse?, of Mrs. ANNE R. O'NEAL. VALUABLE TIMBER LAND AT PRIVATE ? SVLE.?100 acres of heavily Oak and Hick cry WOODED LAND, convenient to the Canal, and within 1 miles of Georgetown, for sa'* 100 acres in I'ln-. thickly set and of growth, within 3 miles of Georgetown. The above will be sold on the most accammo d iting terms; or the privilege of cubing the Wf>odat a reasonable price wllfbe given on appll ca'lon to BARNARD A BUCKEY, Georgetown dec 2 eo'2w 6 large TO LET -THE DESIRABLE THREE story Brick House on thesouth side of Bridge street, Georgetown, and now occupied by l>r Lansdale, U. S N. Tfce house is large 8nd con. veaient, and has a large garden attached to it. Possession can be given on or about the )8th inst. Apply to M. A DLER, Agent. dec4-eo'2w For sale or rent ?that desirjT b)e residence on F street, between 20th and 21st, for the last eight years occupied by the late J M. Chubb, Esq. Possession given immedi ate^ Inquire of RIGGS A CO au 12-eotf For rent ?a parlor and chamber handsomely furnished, In one cf the most de sirable locations in tbe city; being very conveni ent to the National, Browns' and Dexter's Hotel The house is new, with all the modern improve ments, water, gas, Ac. Also, several very pleas ant Chambers, at 46 Louisiana avenue, south side, near Ctb street dec 2 FOR RENT-FURNISHED PARLOR and Chamber, on 7th street, nearG,and siiuited near tbe Patent Office. Apply at this office, dec 1-tf FOR RENT ?THAT LARGE AND AIRY House on Penn avenue, betwen flth and 7th streets, over A. Hoover A Son'.* Shoe Store, suita ble for a first-cla*s Boarding-House. It is now undergoing a complete repair Possession given immediately. Inquire of A. HOOVER A SON, south side of Penn avenue, between 6th and 7th street*. oc 30 tf POR RENT ?THE SECOND AND THIRD A stories cf the House over the Leather Store of Mr. J C. SH AFER. opposite the National Thea tre. Inquire on tbe premises. declO-eotf 1VEW YOKK LEUOKK FOK 20TI1 ! N December; containing Orion the Gold Beati-r, and Mrs. Ingrahim's new story, called Sarah Perclval. Be eure you gtt this unrlvalied paper at dee 1? FERGUSON 4?rt Seventh street. BONNET!?BONNETS? BONNET*. WE HAVE RECEIVED, AND ARE NOW opening, a very large assortment of n - ladles rich W Inter HATS, which we have^S^I selected with great care and taste from the New ^ ork market, aud to which we are constantly making additions. HUTCHINSON A MUNRO, dy I 310 Pa. avenue, bet 9th and Kith sts. Fink editions, fiiikly bouno, of nearly every English and American au thor of celebrity, may be found at the Bookstore of the undersigned, including miniature editions for the pocket, as well as octavo volumes for the library shelves, ino?tly imported by himself di rect from London, many of them richly Illustra ted (dec 18) FRANCE TAYLOR _ THE GREAT CUHE FOR GONORRHEA, GLEET, Ac. PERSONS SUFFERING WITH THEabove _ compt ' ^ " * using 'JR. per bottle P com np'aiots will be cured In a few days by R. ROSE'S FRENCH SPECIFIC, 31 For Kidney ard Bladder Affections use DR. ROSE'S BUCHU COMPOUND, 30 cents a bot tle. It gives immediate relief. Sold by all Drug gists in Washington, Georgetown and Aluxan ?rta. dec l(Mm AUCTIOW SALES. MARSHAL'S SALE?IN VIBTUK OP of fieri facias, l?sued from the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of the District of Co lumbia. for the county of Washington, and to me directed, 1 shall expose to public sals, for cash, In front of the Court-house door of said oonnty, at 11 o'clock m ,on WEDNESDAY, toe 7th day of January, 1837, all defendant's rieht. title, claim, and Interest In and to Lot No. 10, in square

No. *4-, together with all and singular the im provements thereon, selied and levied upon as the property of Allison Nallor, and will be s<>;d to satisfy Judicial, Na. 170, to March term, 18*6, Bank of Metropolis ti. Allison Nallor J. D. HOOVER, Marshal d??c J3-t? for the District of Columbia. By WALL. BARNARD A CO., Auctioneers. rrRHTKb'S SALE OF BRICK HOI SK X aad Lai in the First Ward at Pablic Aactian On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, January 13th, at 3# o'clock. In front of the prem ise*, by virtue of a deed of trust dated May 11, 1853,and duly recorded in Liber J. A. 8 , No. 104, folios 134, 135, and 136, one of the land re cords for Washington county, we will sell, the Northern part of lot No. It, in square 116, front ing 16 feet on *0th street west, between M and N streets, and running back 74 feet to an alley. The Lot contains 1184 feet, more or less, with the Improvements, consisting of a comfortable Brick llouse. 1 frrni: One-third cash; the remalndar In six and twelve months, bearing Interest, and secured by e deed of trust on the property. B W REED, Truster. WALL, BARNARD A CO , dec 12 Auctioneers. ByC. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. VALUABLE COLLECTION OF Imparted Oil Fainting* at Anctlsn ?On WED NESDAY EVENING, December 17th, com mencing at 6 o'clock, 1 shall sell, at my spacious auction rcotn, (Iron Hall,) an extensive collec tion of rare ana valuable oil Paintings by the following eminent artists, viz : Guido, Muriilo, Salvarto, Rosa, Carlo, Dolci, Maninaro, Gains borough. Etty, Ruysdael, Lancjet, Sir Martin Archer M?ee. tbe late President of the Royal Aeademy, Jackson, Herring, Sen , the celebrated English ajilmal painter, Meadows, of London, Brooks, Wovermans, Doughty, of New Ycrk, Enalc, of New York, now In Europe, and numer ous other celebrated artists, altogether forming decid^diy the best collection of Paintings ever offered for sale in Washington 'I he Paintings will l>e arrayed for exhibition on Monday, December 15th Terms : 850 and under cash ; over $50, 60 and 90 days credit, for approved endorsed notes, bear ing Interest. Purchasers can have th*lr pictures carefully packed to go any dUtanc* with safety. The auction room will be cornfortaby warmed. The Ladles are particularly invited to attend the sale. C. W. BOTELER, dec 10-ts Auctioneer. BLACK TEA. CHESTS STANDARD BLACK TEA, t/O this day received Wei again call the attention of the| lovers of good Tea to the superior! quality of this article, which we are confident cannot be surpass - ed. Price 5i? cents per pound, at our new store, corner of 15th and i streets. dec 11 KING A BURCHELL. I JO ST OFFICE OIK ECTOR Y, OK DL5I x ness Man's Guide to the Post Office* in the United States, containing the names of the Post Offices and Post Matters In the United States on tbe 1st July, 1856, wiih a variety ol valuable in formation on Postal Affairs; also, a comprehen sive codification of the existlnz Postal Laws. Price * I. J ust published, and for sale, at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore, dec 11- near 0th street. LOOK Oil FOR THE ENGINE: YOUXG AMERICA AHEAD. JUST RE'JEIVED FROM THE MANU fa turer, a supply of thou- running LOCO- RT MOTIVES, a new and beautiful Toy. Theflfv same that was spoken of so highly by the Even ing Star, ;ss being exhibited at a New York Hotel. LAMMOND, 7th street, dec 11 -3t Krlss Krlngle's Agent. THE LAKES BEG TO CALL THE ATTEN-, lion of the ladles and the publici>en-' erally, to their choice assortment of useful and ornamental articles, alike rare and unique, and wrought with most artistic skill In materials of the most costly description, such as JEWELHY diamonds, Gold, Sliver, Pearl, and Prccious Stone*. FANCY GOODS Tortolseshell, Ivory, Ebony, Bchevlan, Glass, Parian, Alabaster, Marble, Papier Mache, and Blsquet, Ac , Ac. BRUSHES Hair, Nail, Toflth, and Shaving. COMBS Tortoise?hell, India Rubber, Buffalo,Ac Porte Monales, Pocket Bocks, Cabas, Swiss Goods, and Cuttery a; ranged in every style of elegance,at their FANCY BAZAAR, 504 Penna avenue. PS Millinery Department, MAIM ME DE VOS. dec 11-31 TO-DAY WILL BE RECEIVED AT STIN EM ETZ'S, Penn avenue, near the corner cf 13th street, fifth let of Ladles' F UR9, embracing Mink, sa ble, Russian, Fkb, .Siberian, Squirrel, French Sable, Ac Having purchased these Furs under the nmst favorable circumstances, I am enabled to offer them cheaper than any heretofore sold SUNEMETZ, dec 12-3t Penn avenue* near 13th street. LAMPS-LAMPS. STAK. FELLOWS A CO ' PATENT K EGULATOR LAMP STANDS unrivalled as being the cleanest, safest, and gives the best light of any Lamp of the kind ever invented ? We have now a very handsome, asso tment of the above, as well as a 1 other kinds of Lamps on hand,which we will sell at verv low prices. HOWELL A MORSbLL, dec 12-Hw No. 323 C a'., bet. 6:b and 7th. STOP THAT COUGH rpilE GREAT REMEDY FOR COUGHS, A Colds, Cbocp 8nd Whooping Cough DR. ROSE'S COUGH SYRUP Cures Coughs of the worst kind. It also cures hoarseness, sore throat, weakress of the cheat, pain In the breast and lung affections Where ever there Is pain mix with the Cough Syrup 10 drops of Pain Curer, and you will find Immediate relief Dr. Rose's Cough Syrnp relieves and frequently cures a consumptive cough, and forti fies tbe system against further at'a'ks. In bottles at 50 cents and ?i. TO CURE CROUP Tbe lives of thousand of children have been saved, by utlng Dr. HOSE'S Croup Syrup. It gives Irstant relief 25 cents a bottJe TO CURE WHOOPING COUGH Dr ROSE'S Whooping Cough Syrup Is the only ceitaic cure for Whooping Ocugh. itcures in a short time, and allays all Irritation of the Lungs 50 cents a bottle The above valuable meditlnes are reccmmer.d ed by Phy>icians who ha >e tried them In their practice To be had of all Druggists In Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria. dec 10-lra D'lVERNOIS HOTEL. MR. G D'lVERNOIS BEGS TO INFORM his friends and tbe public in general, that he has now opened cU new Hotel on r... Pennsylvania avenue, between 17th and* 18th streets. This Establishment Is newly and elegantly furn ished on the most modern and Improved principle with Caloois and Private Apartments The Bar Is supplltd wltn tho choicest Wines and Liquors, Cigars, Ac. Game and other delicacies in season Private Dinner and Supper Parties promptly supplied and attended to In aay p*rt of the city.' Table d'hote at 3X o'clock, on Sundays at 'i. nov 25-eo3m MORE CLOAKS AND SHAWLS. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED A BEAUTI ful assortment of rich Cloth and Velvet Cloaks and Shawls, which we shall run off at great reduced prices. Just opened, from the Importers, a large jgjort ment of rich and beautiful Embroidered Collars, Pocket Handkerchiefs, Sleeves and Collars in sets PT We Invite all In want of useful Christmas and New Year Presents, to call and examine our stock, as we shall ofl'er gre?t bargains COLLEY A SEARS, No. 523 7th st., 3 dewrs north Pa ave. dec 12 fit JUST RECEIVED TO-DAY ? FOURTH lot of LADIES' FURS, fresh mad->, of well dressed skins. Ladles In want should call early, as we find tbe system of making quick sales and small profits for cash working extremely well. Call at STINEMKTZ'S, d o-eotf 236 Pa . av , bet 12th and 13th sts. TABLE CUTLERY. SUCH AS IVORY WOOD AND HORN handle table and dessert, Knives only, and Knives with Forks. Also, meat and vame Car vers, Steels, fee. Those goods are manufactured expresslv formy sales, and I do not hesitate to re commend them as being equal If not superior to any goods In tbe market. C. W. BOTELER, oc W-eo _lroa Hall. POCKET TOOTH BRUSHES.?A LARGE assortmen of these new and useful articles now opening at the great Bniah Emporium. dec I THE LAKJSdVBft PMn. avenue* AUCTIOn BALES THIS AFTEHHOOS AKD TO-MOBROW BV A. GREKN, Auctioneer. EXTENSIVE SALE Or LONOUll AND American Standard Beaks.?1 shall sell on FRIDAY and SATURDAY KVENINW, 12th and 13:h Inst , at ft* o'clock, a large Invoice of flneBook*. amor.n uuich are Encyclopedias, Histories, Biographic*, Ac. Also, the works of Sbakipeare. Byron. Moore, B'tms, Scott, B^n Johnscn, Irving, Goldsmith, Addison, Sfeicar. Lamb, and other*. Also, a splendid lot of Faxnliy Bibles. J raver Books, with a food selection of scientific works. dec 11 -3t A 6REEN. Aoefr. Bv A GREEN. Auctioneer TRBsTEr.s J?\LE or JiKtCS, MKUI 1. dsn, Isds Afpiratss, Man rinrn, Oas Kixtnr**, fcr., at Aartisn.-Un MON DAY, December 15, 185fl. J shall tell, at 10 c'clk a. tn , by virtue of a d?d of tni?t to the snbvri ber, bearing date the lltfa day of December, 1855. and recorded in Liber J. A. S . No 102, folios 42$ to 428, one of the land recoidsfor Wash ington conntv. In the District of Columbia, all the Stock and Fixtures in the apothecary store of Win T. Evans, at the corner oi north H and 7th streets west; all Drug*. Medicines, Scda Foua tain and Pipe?, Store and 6m Pixtnr** in the store. The stock will !>e sold in lots to suit purchasers. Terms: All sums under *25, ca?b, over Ibat amount a credit of IK) and 90 davs, for notes sails facto'iiv endorsed, bearing interest. The Druggists aud dealers infancy goods arc respectfully invited to the sn'e, as the stock is large and good. They will find it to their ad vantage to attend. JOHN T EVANS,Trustee. d?c 9 d A GREEN, Auctioneer. By WALL. BARNARD A CO., Auctioneers SALE ut CATALOOIEOI A very large assortment af fiaa Uald Watches mtd Jewelry; oltt, a splendid assortment *>f Oiainsnd Kings, tice Oold Fob Chains, Ac., at auction, cn account cf irhem it may concern.?On MONDAY MOHNl.NG next, the 15th instant, at 10 o'clock, at our auction rooms. No 317 l'e:ins}ivania avenue. we willscllby cata logue, a large assortment of Watches, Jiwe. ry, fcc , consisting 5n part of? English and Krench Hold Hunting and Open faced Watches Fine 6old Fob and Guard Chains, Ladies' do Do Breastpins, Cameos and Mosaic Splendid Diamor'd Rings, Plain do Fine Gold Htuds, jet and plain Do Earrings, set, plain, and cluster Do do Mosaic, Coral, and Cameo Do Pencil?: and Pens Do lockets and bracelets, a $?e article With other articles in th? Jewelry line, in all about 5t'0 pieces, ail of which must be clo?ed out Terms: All sum* of and under S30 cash; over that amount a ere dlt of 60 and 9" days, for notes sat isfactorily endr.r-ed bearing inter,st. Catalogues will be ready on Friday morning. WALL, BARNARD A CO , dec 10 d Auctioneers By J. C. McQUlK E, Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S SALE OF \ > QIA R F OF Oroaiid --On THURSDAYAF TERNOON. December 11th at 4 o'clcc.k. on the premises, hy virtue of a deed of trust from Finely Mallet to the subscriber, dated Octoner I8th, 1*54. ard ?uly re corded In Liber J. A ?, No 85. ft llos 4<5. <??, 407, and I0t, one of the land records fcr Wa h lngton countv, 1 shall sell tbe whole ?t squ-r? No 125, fronting respectively 133 feet one inch on Nineteenth sir?et west. 19? fet-teiaht inches cn north D rtroet.and 24# feet eleven inches on Vir ginia avenue, and containing ? yqnare f.?et. 'Ierms One-third cash; the residue in six and twelve months with Interest, satisfactorily secured. HENRY N AYI?OR, Tru?tee nov20-v'awAds JAS. C McGUIRE, Auct. IIP The above sale is postponed in rartr. ?qu?:;ice cf ihe rain until 'iIJKsDa Y AFTER NOON i December Id, same hour and place H KN H V N A YLOR, TrusUe. dec 12 d JAS.C. McGUIRE, Acct. Bv JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. rpKl STEt'S SALE OF FRAME Honse I. and Lot in the First Ward On THURS DAY AFTERNOON, December 11, at 4 o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust dated April 8th, 1??56, and recorded in Liber J. A. 8, No. 115, folios324,325, 328, 327, and 3.P, one of ? he lar.d rxoTds fcr Washington cr-unty, 1 shall sell the west half of Lot No. ?. in square No 110, fronting 25 feet on north L street, between igth and 19th streets west, running back 110 f?et to a 30 feet alley, with the improvements consist ing of a two-storv Frame Dwelling House, Sta ble, and other outbuildings. Terms cash." DAVID A HALL* Trustee dee. 5-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Anct !n~ The above ?aie I* postponed in con science of ihe rain until MONDAY AFTER NOON, 15th December, sauic hour and place. D. A. HALL. Trustee dea 12-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct r By WALL, BARNARD A Co., Auctioneers. LAR ? AMi I'EKOrVOKV 8AL? OV ftew and Second-baud Furniture, < ar P*ts, Chamber Farnitnre, Feather Beds, and a general I'sonm-nt of House frarn tsiiius Requisites at Auction?On TUES DAY, December Ifi. at 10 o'clock a. m., we will sell, at our large and spacious sales r^m, on 0m? stieet corner of C and Louieia&a avenue, an ex cellent assortment of Furniture, Ac , coashtL:? in part of? Mahogany and walnut Sofas and Chairs Do do Wardrobes and Side Ta bles "laLoganv ard walnut rraib'e-top Bureaus Wa'nut Jenny Lind and Cottage Bedsteads 8 sets Cnlrage I urnlture, diHerent styles Car>e a: d wcod-seat Chairs and Rockers I'edsteads. Feather Beds, Pillows, and BoDt^rs Hair snd <-huck Matt?^ses, Blankets, and Com forts Brussels, three ply, and ingrain Carpets Handsomecarved-top gilt frame Mirrors Large and small Walters; Girandoles Chins and Ulasx Ware, large assortment With many other articles in the Housekeeping line we de.-m unnecossav to enumerate. Terms : All sums of ard under ?}o cash ; over that amcua a credit of 00 and ?o days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bc irirg inte'est WALL, BARNARD A CO. dec 12-d Auctioneers. By JAS. C. McGUIItE, Auctioneer i 1000 KKAME HOlflE ANU LCT IN VJ the first Ward at Auction.?Oa TUES DAY , December the lfith, I shall seii, in f.ont cf the premises, at 4 o'clock p m , part of Lot .No 5, in rquare No. 84, tsavln? a front on New Yoik avenue of :*0 feet, running back 136 f?et, with the liuprovemerts which i? a good iw?.-story Frame House containing ii?e rvoms and a wide passage. The above pro'j erty is situated on New York avenue, between 21st and 22d street* wefi The House has been u?ed until the last 12 months aa a Grocery Store, and will make a lirst rate piace for the atove business. Title indisputable. Termscjsh. JAS. C. McGUIRE, dec v Auctioneer. Bv JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE Building Lots.?By virtue of a deed of Dust bearing date the 2ath dav of March, 1855 and recorded In Liber J A S , No 95. folios 3?i3 et seq , the subscriber will sell, at public sale, on FRIDAY, the 19th day cf DeccinWr, 1S5#. at 4 o'clcck p m , at the Auction fetore of Jas.C McGuire, on the corner cf 10th street west and Pennsylvania avenue, Lots Nos 29 and 30, In square No 552, and Lots Nos 10 and 11, in square No 553, fronting Lots No?. 29 and 30 62 fett six inches each on First strert wes , betwern P and <4 streets north, by 117 feet deep to a thirty foot alley, and Lot* 10 and 11 fronting57 feet euch on O s'reet north, between 1st and 3i streets west, by 135 feet and 115 feet to a 30 foot alley. The above property Is Jltuated in a rapidly im proving part of the city, and offers a fivorsble opportunity for invesmeht or building Terms of sale will b<: One th'rd cash. j?nd the balance in six and twelve months, for note* bearing interest, secured upon the property; and 11 not compiled with In six days after ihe sale th? property will be resold, upon one week's notice, at the risk aud expense of the defau.tlng pur chaser All wnvryancingat the pxpenseof'he purchas er CtiAS S WALLACH, Tr?*t?e. decS-JiwAds JAS.C McGUIRE, Anct ByJ.C. MeGLMKE, Auctioneer. RUST EE'S a ALE OF l'*rUS?' ANB 1 on totli street west, between K sireel north aud New York avenue.? Hv virtue of i deed in trust, bearing dat- on the 27th day ol Match, 1856, and recorded in Liber J A. S , No 111, folios 4 et seq , and a de< ree of the Circuit Court of tbe District of Columbia, made in tfcf cause pending in said Court, No. IW. in Chan cery, the subscriber will sell at public sale, or MONDAY, the 15th dav of December l?5?, at < o'clock p m., on the premises, L?t No 23, !i Callan's subdivision of Square No 451, fraotli l 20 feet on Sixth ?t-e*t west, hetw?^?n K ?';<e north and New York avenue, by too feet deep ti a ten-feet alley, with the bniidincs ard improve ments. which consist of a subatantlallv built an< comfortable two story frame dwelling houce will back building, Ac The above p operty Isclieibly situated in a rap idly improving part of the city, and offeia a m<-? favorable oppurtunlty to persons desliioa a rw,! denes or to Invest. The terms of sale will be: One-third of th? purchase o.oney in cash, and the balance tn el; and twelve months, for doim besrini: from the day of sale, secured by deed in trus upon the property; and 11 not complied with ir five days after the sale, the property will be re sold, upon one week's notice, at the risk and n pense of the purchaser. All c nveyanclng at th< expense of the purchaser. I CHAs S. WALLACE, Trustee uov 27-eoAds JAfl. C. McGUIRE, Auot ? TELEGRAPH NEWS. /ROM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS HOUSE rRJMTlVti TELMORAFH boulberu Commamal Convention. rilTTH DAT Savansah, Dec \2 ?The resolutions in fa vor of free trade and drMel taxation ware laid on the t%ble in convention So-day, by a Tote of 57 to 54 but subsequently the toU *u re f'MidereJ, and i committee of om from eech State ?u appointed to consider the subject and report to the next convention KcbuIuiiou in favor of the completion of certain railroad* through Georgia. AlAhama *Lm ^ 'U' '*?a' wer* adopted Mr H abhard offered a reeolation advocating a detached police to ferret oat the dUtarbei* ol the pea<-e in the Southern State# ; and th*? unirn of the Southern planter* for the estab- ~ S:phment ' f ttir flMal agency. Resolutions for the appointment of a com mittM to inquire into the expediency of open* ii>K tbe slave trado were debated. Hon Albert Hke made an eloquent speech in opposition to tbe project, on the gTovnd of humanity. He hoped tbe whole world would ultimately be tree Mr Baker, of Ala., replied, lie contrasted tbe oondition of eociety at tbe Nertb aid the South, and drew a conclusion in favor ef the latter; and said he hoped slavery would al ways exist The revolution* were finally rejected, by s vote of 14 to 61, Alabama, South Carolina and Texas voting affirmatively Various resolu tions were reported, a* follows : In favor of mail contracts with North and South American Steamship Company ; the es tablishment of founderies for casting cannon and tbe manufacture of final! arm*; recom mending organisations to promote Southern emigration t" Kansas ; and enquiring whether a due proportion of thd arms and munitions of war belonging to the government are in the Southern arcenals; asking Congress to put Southern harbors in a state of defence ; sym pathy with the democratic movements in Cen tral America, and the introduction of slavery there. All of which were adopted A committee was appointed to call the next convention and issue an address to the South ern peop.1*. after which tbe convention ad journed. The fioal adj urnmcnt will take p'ece to-night EVENING SEMION. Savaxxah, Dcc. 12?The final seasion of th?* Convention extended frm seven to nine o 1 ?ck this evening. A resolution was pasted < Jering the thanks of the Convention to the citir.ens of Savaanan for tbe hospitable manner in which they had been treated. A motion wag male to reeoasider the vote on tbe Pacific Railroad resolutions of this morning, with tbe view of allowing tbe intro duction of tome resolutions to tbe effect that | Congress has the power vo build the road through the Territories, but not in the States. On motion of Mr DeBow, it was tcbled. Tbe negative vote on the resolution favoring the re i pcuing of the slave trade was ex plained by an amendment to the effect that ? lid vote was not actuated by any feeling ol deference to the North. A n.otion of thanks to tbe railroad compa nies for free patsss extended to the members of the Cocv^i t'or, was adapted. The Convention then adjourned situ die Ihe unanimous thanks of the Convention were v ted to the president, wno returned bis acki osladgme. ta in a; propriate terme, deny ing the justice cf any implied sinister motive? ' f tbe Convention, and speaking in high tertr.s tithe hospitality of tbe people of Savannah. The ddegitcs subscribed two dollars each for printing expenses, Ac., and are now leav ing for their respective homes. From California and Nicaragua New Orleans. Dtc 10 ?The steamer Texas ha.4 arrived, with California dates to the 20th ult , and San Juan dates to the 5th inst. The steamer Tennessee, for New York, had S270 000 in treasure on board. The vote of California stands: Buchanan, 60 000; Fillmore, 35,000; Fremont. 19,000. The Democrats have a majority in Loth houses of tho Legislature. The California markets were dull. Tne sidvi.tes from Nicaragua are important Walker had been . ucicssful in a series of bat ? tics with the oombincd Central Americans. On tLo 10th ultimo. General Moresby with 200 tcea defeated I 000 of the enemy, under tho Cotta Rican Otn C*vas The enemy lost 2(** iaen, ?u.d General Hornsby bad but two killad a^d el-vcn wounded. Four days' fighting esdei with tbe entire defeat of tbe enemy General Walker returned to Granada, and giving three day s notice of his intention, to ailow time to remove the valuables, fired tho place, leaving not a vestige ot it. lie than removed all his effects and mer, with the in habitants, to ltivas, which hereafter will ba the capital of Nicaragua. A naval battle bad incurred between the Nioaraguan war schooner Gransda, Captain F..yscux, and a Costa Kican brig-of-war three times her eite The C >6ta Kican ves?el waa blown up and all on board perished ' It is 9apposed that the Costa Rican? have lost three thousand men in various battler since October. Tho Slave Insurrection Nashville. Dec. 10?The city councils of this city have parsed a law directing the em ployment of *u additional police foroe. day *ud eight; forbidding negro schools and negrv* preaching; forbidding all assemblages of ne groes after fundown ; authorizing the arrest cf free negroes from other counties, and the arre?t cf tree resident negroes if found in sus picious circumstance* A great deal uneasi ness is felt in the city as well as in the country ? From Kansas. Chicago, Dec. 11.?We have received Kan sas date* to the 3d mst. The free State militia under Cap:. Walker have been disbanded at their own request. Sixteen of the free-state prisoners tried for murder in the first degree have been acquitted and nine are still on trial A large quantity ot clothing received by the last boat* have been distributed to the desti tute. Navigation was entirely closod Terr ibis Accident. KicHNoNn, Dec. 12 ?Last night a stream of water broke loose in tbe Midlothian coal pits, drowning six white and seven negro men. Baltimore Markets. Baltimore, Dec. 11 ?Flour is very firm at >6 50 Wheat is better; red fl 47a$l 48, whit? SI 56?S1 60 for good to prime. Corn has im proved; sales of new yellow at 5Sj80c. Whisky is dell at 31a31ie. New Tork Markets New York, Dee. 13 ?Flour is advancing; sales of 11,500 bbls.; State $6.25a$6.40; South ern heavy at $7 05a$7 35. Wheat is quiet; sales of 3 400 bushels . prices are nominal Corn is firm ; sales 20,00* ' bushels; mixed 72a72*c Pork is firm; new mesa $19 62i, old $19 12|. Beef is firm at *14a$14 7a fcr new repacked Chicago Lara is steady at 12|al3c. W hisky is firm at S3 a 33Jc. Financial. New York. Dec. 12.-Stock* are lower. Chicago and Rock Island 104). Cumberland Coal Co 17i; Illinois Central shares LI?4; do. bonds 93{ Michigan Southern New Tork Central 92J; Reading 84* Sterling exchange is dull 'JL - * L i 1IOW TO CIKC ALi PAIR. FAIH IS THE FOKKKUNNER OF M09T dl?fa?ea?rure tbe Pain and cheek tbedlaeeae I) R HOSE'S FAIN-CUREH 1 will cure K hen maUsm. Neuralgia, Palaa In the > Limb*, fcldt* or Back. Sprain* and Rrulaea, fctr anl Tooth Ache, Pain or < ramp In the Stomach 1 or Howrla, Sore Throat, rums, He* Id*, Ague or i l.u.upa In the Breart, OhMa, Spinal Affections, a> l ain* in the feet Ir.dced, ft cure* all Pain. 1(7" ? re it.* bottle. ? i you are Blll^tia and have a bod Cold* take DR ROSE'S RAILROAD OR AXTI-B1L IOVS FILLS. Thev cany offa'l bile and re move a ccld These PUla go abaed of all other ; Pllla In their pood fff.*ti Moxee a ad *5 oe?u Weld hj alt Dtu^glata in WRvhlngtor, Ger retowB, aai 1 Alexandila. dee)C-4m LK BON TO!?, rOK TkSK LA DIM ? Thla work ?s a Book ef Paahlon, haa no equ .l Yankee NoUona for Jatuary. and all the Magtslaee. FKHUU?ON, dec IS ? 486 Seventh atree'