Newspaper of Evening Star, December 17, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 17, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Criminal Court.?Yesterday, the case of Cornwell and Burk, charged with the murder of Pacqual De Fa!coon the 2d of September la#t. was taken up. Martin and Ash tord appearing as counsel for the defence Ernst Stichman sworn.?Knows Burk and Cornwell; met them in September last near the Capitol, and went with them toward the Navy Yard ; on the flag-way, between Fifth and Sixth (treats, on Pennsylvania avenue, met De Falco and a colored man ; De Fa loo went to Burk and Cornwell and asked what time it was ; the reply wa* " What do yon want to know for. you d ?d son of a b-h ?" De Falco and the little one(Cornwell) clinched; both fell, De Falco on top ; Burk then pitched in and commenced beating and kicking De Falco ; they had been drinking ; De Falco had also been drinking; it was between 10 and 11 o'clock in the evening ; De Falce wm a mu sician belonging to the marine band. Dr Miller sworn ?Was callcd .*d of Sep tember to visit De Filc? ; found hi? head and face very much bruised, a small wound left side of tLe head back of the ear, also a severe contused wound on the left side of the head, and a large contused wound on the left breast, about an inch frnm the nipple. Dr Burk was called, ou the morning of the 3d of September, to visit De Falco, then at the hospital; found him partially sensible; in all prr b ability the violence used was the cause of the man's death; cannot say the cffu?ion of blood of the lung or tho extravasation of blood on the brain caused death?either was suffi cient to produce death; the symptoms, as evinced by the post-mortem examination, might have been produced by a fit of apo plexy; if called to the post-mortem examina tion, without knowing of previous circum stance*, should have attributed the death to apoplexy; the wounds might all havo been pr"duced by a fall. Dr Eliot's testimony corroborated the fore going, and said that violent excitement might have en used apoplexy, which would have pro dnced symptom* similar to those discovered at the examination; oannot say it was caused by violence. This morning, tho evidence having closed, Mr Ashford addressed the jury for the de fence, an 1 was followed by Mr. Martin, also for defence, who was speaking when this pa per went to pre*. The Picture Sale To sight.?We feel very sure that so fine a collection of paintings were revor bef re offered at auction in this city, ?n those to be sold this evening in the great hn 11 of Mr C. W. Boteler They are the collection of a well known traveled American artist, who has fairly earned too much character and pro fessional reputation to jeopardise it by palm ing off pictures a.- the works of artist* who d d not paint them Among tbem we raw yester day some very remarkable works, indeed Those to which we refer particularly are?ac cording to the catalogue?by Rembrardt, Guido, Marinari, Gulio Romano, Wilson, Gainsborough. Meadows, Gasper Poussin, Car lo Dolei, Innee. Doughty, Brooke. Sir Martin Archer Shee. Jackson, htty, Ruysdael, Her ring. sen'r, Gerard de Lairesse. Wouvermans, Hogarth. Pemni. Lancret, and other masters of the art. All admirers of tuch things here? and who does not admire them7?should, cer tainly, at least visit the collection. Morb Ji venile Thieves.?The readers of the St ir recollect that, a few nights since. Rich mond s lace store, Pounsylvunia avenue, be tween Eighth and Ninth streets, w.isrobbed of goods valued at about S200 Information was given to Officer Boss which enabled him, with the assietanca of Officers Wire and Simonds, to succeed, on Saturday night, in recovering from two women, to whom they had been disposed and who readi.y gave them up on the demand of the officer, aoout 5100 worth of the goods, and in the arrest, on Sunday, of four boys? named Dolly Dobbins. Rickets. George Thompson, and David Thompson?for the lar ceny The *cc??ed were taken before JurtitN Holiingshead, who held them for a fnrthei hearing The** boys are between twelve and sixteen years of age. and their ease is another evi dence of the necessity of a House of Correc tion Robin son s Clo< k Emporium, on Pennsyl vania avenue, opp site Brown's Hotel, ii really the curiosity shop of this city. As sueb it is worth a visit from all who desire to see, at a glance, a specimen of everything in th? way of American made clocks known to the trade, North, South. Last or West From i clock?really serviceable?worth a dollar and a half, up to tke fine railroad time piece worth 550, there is nothing in his line known, bul that a specimen of it may be found in his ba aaar. Though everything around bim goei ' on tick." he religiously eschew-; that systen in his sales, and is therefore enabled to doal , co most reasonable terms with all. The IwArorRATio.i.?The Baltimore Re publican says that the eighth ward Buck and Breck Club of that city are perfecting theii arrangements for their contemplated trip t( thia city on the 4th of March next. Tho Re publican says further, that? '? The New Market Buck and Breck Club of which Augustus Albert is chairman and Daniel Rxit secretary, are also preparing foi an inauguration excursion, and from presenl prospects th"y will make a grand appearand on their visit to the Federal metropolis " We worLD call the attention of the readers of the Star to our friend Shillington'l large and elegant assortment of Gift Books, Juveniles. Games, Ladies' Work Boxes ar.d Writing De?k? very htrd-ome bound Biblt-t and Prayer B-oks, Card Cases, Gold Pens, Pen Knives, Purses, Backgammon Boards, Portfolios, an l a thousand other different fancy articles, fuita'ole for presents for the holidays By calling early a better selection cun be ma le, and the crowd of tho holidays avoided. M s1. >deon Minstrel Star Trgite ?Thil excellent company made its second appear ance last ni^ht a'. Odd Fellow's Hall, to tha overflowing delight of all who had the good fortune to be present; llarry Lehr as usual contributing full measure to the entertain ment of the audience. To-night a gre<*t bill is offered The Star troupe we see, have en. gsged the services of Dr R P June*, bo fa vorably known in conncctioa with theatrical enterprises, as aeent. We yesthrpav noticed four very beautiful new omnibuses recently placed on the avenue by Vanderwerkcn. They were named respec tively tb* "FA Didge," W. B Magru d*r," "J*. H. Bradley," and " J G Ber rett ' We learn that Mr Vanderwerken is putting eighteen new omLibujes on the Navji Yari liue (to the War Department) taking iff the four old ones now on the line Brown's Bronchial Troches.? We have heretofore expressed our opinion of the value r f this preparation to those affected with Coughs, boar-wEei-" incidental to public speak ing. or der-Dgr-mtnt of the bronchi tl tubea jro:ee iiiij5 fr-#m whatever cause. The neat portable ?tyle in which they are put up, adds mu<*h t ? tbeir u-cfuineao They can be had at W 11 Gtlman's drug 3tore. Entertainments Ahrap ? Muuder givej No 4 of his Soirees to night To morrow night that hall of b*Ms. the Ball of the Na tional Guards comes off atCaiusi's, also, on to morrow night, a good time may be antici fated at the C< nllon Party ot tha Hibernii lub, to h" given a' Jnneman'a Hall. B^gcs Bill ? We received this morning from a subf-nb*r in Thom*ston, Georgia, 4 one dollar bill purpor'iug to be on the " Citi zen's Bank,''* Wushingion, D. C 11 Jones, Cashier; John Haicrer. President. It is, oi course, w rtnless, there being no such banli here as the " Citizen's Batik." National Theatre ?W? are glad to ?e< the sterling comedy of " The Honeymoon,' announced f?>r to-night. Mrs Plunkett takei the (art of Juliana, and Mr Plunkett that oi the Duke *rania The performances conclude with Tom layer's comic dram* of " Helpin| Hands " The Trained Elephants. Albert and Vic toria. who ?* ! on their headsou an elc7*te< p'a'ftTfu lis teat hyb, will s'.ort y appear ii this city. They be. >ur to o?ais, Nathaofi d Oo '? Circus. The Cibccit Cocbt yesterday *u engaged in hearing arguments of tonniil in the cue of Holroyd vs. Pumphray et al , a. tax-sale cut. Hon. H. Winter Davii and Mr. A. H Law. rence for plaintiff, Messrs. Bradley and Car lisle for defendants. Th* FOURTEENTH ANNUAL MEETING of the American Colonization Society will be held in this city on the 20th of January, 1857. Cabbipt ha* received some beautiful Dress Caps. See advertisement. Watch Returns.? Thos. Jones, (colored,) disorderly ; ?10 fine and costs. James Martin, (do ,) do , do.; and for being a non-resident and not complying with the law, *10 fine and cost*. Mary Ann Baker, disorderly; work house thirty days Isaac White, (colored,) disorderly; workhouse sixty days ICOMMUWICATKn. Jui. Editor : Being naturally of a retiring disposition, I dislike to come before the pub lic , but justice to my kind compels me to vio late my feelings. The inconvenience of cross ing the Avenue now is severely felt by those unfortunate individuals who have not the ex treme felicity of wearing hoops. Since those mighty barricades have been the " mode," a Tossing will accommodate only one at a time; and ns they are almost always occupied, the sterner sex are compelled to take the stroet. As winter approaches the annoyance and the hoops increase. Now that the subject has been brought to their notice, I hope the city fathers will take immediate measures for re lief. Yours, interestedly, Observer. Washington, Dec 1ft iy From J. Shillington we have Mrs Ste phens' Monthly for January, illustrated by some of the very best specimens of wood en gravings we have ever seen in any American raagasine; Godey for Janury, already noticed; Peterson's Magazine for January, a fine num ber ; and Graham for January, good looking and entertaining as ever. Graham announces that Charles G. Leland, better known as " Mace Sloper" and " MeisterCarl,'' has been engaged as its literary editor. The North British Review, for Novem ber, received from Taylor A Maury, has the following articles: 1. Dr Chalmer's Works; 2 Fronde's History of England ; 3 The Work men of Europe ; 4 The Sight and How to See ; 5. Remnant's English Statesmen?Bolingbroke; fi. Religion Novels; 7. Cockburn's Memoirs! 8. Spain. FT Far washing infants and children, u-e Fontaine's Cream of Wild Flowers It make* them healthy, pretty and .-weet Sold ly the agents, druggists and fancy stores Tbe News prom Central America by toe Tennessee ? Further news received by the Tennessee strengthen tho opinion that Wal ker's position is a desperate one indeed All Nicaragua is egainst Walker, and every power in Central America is cquallj hostile to him If he rules ia Nicaragua he will not only have to conquer it, but all of the Central American States At the time the steamer left, his forces con sistedof the 400 men under Henning?en, be eieged in Granadn, of the 250 men under Col. Jacquos, who were garrisoning Virgin Bay, and of 100 at the two forts of Serapi.iui and Fort Colli*?in all 750 men This is all that is lett him out of over 5.000 man who have gone from this country to join his standard. It is no wonder that the mortality has been so great in his army, for all accounts concur iq repreuenting him to have been most profli gate in his wa.-te of human life. He knows nothing, and never would learn anything of the art of war His sole ttftique is summed up in the order to charge. Eighteen months igohe held possession of the towns of Granada, Cbenandega, Leon, Managua. Mas;aya, Chon tales, San Jacinto, Rivas, Virgin Bay, Ac. And now his whole sway only extends over the twelve miles of the Transit route and the river, where the posts are still open to attack. His average loss of men uince he went to Nica ragua has been Bome 300 per month. The allied force that is opposed to him is not known. It probably amounts to some 5 000 men. lie received recently reinforcements of 250 men from New Orleans, and 30 from New York. tdff' A well merited rebuke was administer ed to the audience at the Holiday Street Theatre, Baltimore, a few nights since. Miss Louisa Pyne was aingiDg ths finale to Don Pas quale, when as usual, a large portion of the au licnce left their seats and rushed for the door?she quietly suspended her efforts, until order was restored, and then received a round of applause from the decent and courteous por tion who remained. ll^Ths Great t'tatMt ia ever, and th* victory la complete, for Mr?. M N. Gardners Indian Hal-am -r Liverwort .a* Hoaihoncil La a trlnmpliel ever Cnnzha Colds, Consumption, and all kindred f>es to in*ckln ! It h*a emerged from the forest wiida ft America ?n'1 j-roved a bieesiag to our age. It is Infallible. *, Weeks A Potfr, No ISA Washington street Boa r.V'L'r*,r ?*lB h7 W' H ?!??>??. Charlea HtoU, >&lru 4 Ptaier, Z. P. Glim in, anil by get,. _ de< l?u-lw. ITT" Hastetter's Mornnrh Bitters.?The wel. merlt-d success of these celebrated lilt:*,* *nd it,9 ?'aily favor wltu which it has o?eu r?eelred by our ino.t re speciab'e rltliens. speak* voI ijih as to Ita ?Ricacy In bring ing about the t?ne?clal leeuits for wlilcb it la' d'tlgue'l. 11a. Iu? beeu the reanlt of a long c iirse of a I tidy an 1 < Inner vation fu the Doctor a practice, so that the proprietors have no h?sitau^y lu presenting It u> the world, *a unaurpaaaed lu ejecting a speely, certain and permanent cure for all ir regularities an 1 weakness of tv.e digestive organs, to which m?.st pera?d? c?n tr ire III h? .It',. Hold In full quart 1-or(!??? by all Oruggi*t*,Groc*rl?*and Hotela throughout the United Mates and Canada. w LT7~Ask year Physician's Optnien of I'a u k 1 L Y d celebrated PASTILLES DK hcii.i.e, cm *<Jt ILL LUZENOKS, which ere need and recotumonled by titem.aa the tuoal cow vk?ik?t. PLcaaAirT, ?Arr. and ttrrii ^vmn remedy now 111 u?e, for tre ?arlona affocti' na of tb>-THROaT ANO Ll'Nus auch as COCOH9, OOI.DS. CB'H'P. HOAK8KNE88 HOHS THKOAT. AhTH U A, URONCHlTIn, WHOOPING OOUOH Ac. Por sale by every Uru(Kislla the city, and Alexandria. declJIw* 1C7*Branipeth's Fills?The Weak, the Coi.auuiptlve, lOi'nrnatlc, Portlre, Blllcu. ?nd t>ellr?U', alter some day'? ns? will find renewed strength and life pervade eT,ry or"f? tf th,,r Every d?se makes the blood |>?rer. The Lervee wnmncr in tbe arteries and terminate lu Hie vfetue. These pills, a* a first effect, act upon the ar terial blood. Increasing Uie ctr< ulatlou, by which Impurities are dep. stt-d In tbe veins, and they tbrow til so<-i, collec tions Into the bowels, which organ, by tlie energy derived from BreadreUi a Pills, exptls Uieui fiorn the sys em. When t.rat need, the pills may occasion griping, and even u,*ke the patient feel worse ; this must be borne with for the gov! to ?S)H>e afterwards No gieat good la often achieved without eome trouble lu Ita attainment, and thin rule applies to the recovery of health Tlieee symptoms only occur where Urn body has long struggled under a load of Impure, trnarioua honors A eoneecntive use for a few dsys will satisfy the most Iinbeitev'.i.g i f the great good the pllla are doing Th? directions sbottld be carcfally studied. If understood and followed, health and vigor will, In a majority of mses be e'? cured by the u.e of UKANDUk I U'? Pills. Soli at M c?nt? per bo* at 43 C.nal street Brandrelh Bnlldlng, New York, by T. W. i.yott * Hons, l?j north Second str*ei. Philadelphia, and by medicine dealers gener al'! uov is?tf |^7*(iliinoB'a fttiuialuting Liniment will Sf*?d'? cure chronic and acute Kheutuatisui, as can be proven by hundreds who hate used It lu this c.ty. It will al49 care spral'is, laareaess, ifslss, brulsee. sa?dle gaits, Ac . In horse*, for which purpoee It was originally prepared' 69 ceo is per bo ule. Z. D. GILM AN, Proprietor. decl2-lw (X7"Ast*aiatalBg Cure witfeaalyaae Bat T: fc.-Joe. a Hall 4 Co., says ; PaasguB I*i.K, Aroostook Co , Me , April M. 1M4. ' Wi herewith send yon a c?rtl3cate of a enre performed the use of only one bottle of the Oerrnsn Rlttersi we think K' Clark to be a man of veracity, aod have no doubt of the troth of his story." Messrs Jos. B Hall k Oo -Os-otUtnet^-In answer to your Inquiries, I will state that my daughter, aged abont IS yea re, haa teen conplatulug of a rain lu her side for six or seven years, and about the Brst of Jauuary last, was taken dowu and c eflued to her bed. The pain In her side was very se ts! e, beeldr* being troubled with pains betweeu hersbonlders aa1 In her bra??t. Proat readlt* a number of cures per f.xiued by "Ho..Band s German Bitters," I was Induced to try itlu ber ca?e, and aent to your alar* aod purchased one bottle She had taken It bui a ft w daya when She began to "u pro re, aud now, after Uklug ouly one bottle, she Is eujoy ing better health than eh* uaa for j?arn rthu feels no pain tuber side or In -*uy part of her body, and attributea her cure entirely to tbe liermaa Bittern. beliaou hrook, Arooetuok Co., Us. WM.CLAHE. Hee advertieemen t. Hep T-lmr linptrtaat ta the Ladiea!?Dr. Da PONro'S Pf MALE PILLH.?The combination of Ingredl eat* tn tbe P.lis are perfectly hatmleae. Their efflracy and menu aru baead upon an esteuslve practice of over thirty rears, aad, where tbe direction* have been strictly M lowed, tbey have never failed to correct all Irregnlarttlea, relieve pa'aful and dllDcult menstruation, (particularly al tn?cbapge?f lite. They will curs the Whltoa, aad remov* all obatraettoa* arlclng from cold, eipoenre or any cacaaai aod maybe need a '-oeeafuiiy as a Preventive. Call upoa the agent, and get aUrcolar for perUrtUai* free. Price ?1 y*t bog, with full directions, (told wholesale and retail by Oil a*. STOTT, Druggist, Peni.sylvanla avsnna SAML SL B. WAITS, Heventb street, Washington, n. C. a'd a d. T CI8"?KL, Oeorfttown ; to w'icm all orders urns' 1 -eat, and the Pills will be sent rauBtotitle . y, by tuell, K >a nee w U> eaeloes them one dollar. N. ? ?aee stfaataM ea th* hoaj looosaUtrettlti* foe ?T J*MT DIBDt Ob the letta Instant. JOHN MECHLIN, loffent aon of John G and Bertha M. Clarke. On the 10th Instant, Mr isaac 8EARLK9, late of Newark, N. J , aged &n years. On the 15th Instant, after a long and painful lllneas. which he bore with christian fortitude and resignation, JOHN O'CONNOR, In the Mth year of his age; a native of Peak'e county. Clare Ireland, bntforthe last nine vearsa resident of this city. Mav he rest in peace. His funeral takes place this (Wednesday) eve ning, the 17th Instant, at '2 o'clock, from his resi dence on ? street, between North f'apltol and 1st streets, to St Peter's Cemetry. His friends and those of the family are respectfully Invited to at tend. * For Sale and Rent. rnwo LARGK. ROOMS SUITABLE FOR 1 OEiNTLEMEN TO BE RENTED?They also, ran be Boarded in the house if desired Apply to THOS PoTENTINI. No 879 Penn. avenue, south side. dec 17 For rent?a large store room, Wlih Steam Power attached, suitable for a Turner or Pattern Maker. Address Bo* .777, Post Office, post paid. dcc 17-3t? For rent ?two comfortable Rooms, suitable fur a and his wife without children, or a lone woman; without board, and furnished or unfurnished They arc one square from Pcnn. avenue, and ntar the Klrkwood House. Apply to Mis. WILKKNS, trti7 C street, between ltth'and 12th. dec 17-3t* FjlOR RENT?A SMALL HOUSE, STAN I> ing back in a yard, containing four good Rooms. Rent $7a month A numpof good wa ter at the door Situation on I) street, between 11th and 15th streets. Inquire on the premises at Mrs McKINSTRV'S. dee 17 3t? Rooms for rent?with board, at No 413 !Uh street, between F and G streets, opposite the Patent Office. dec 16-3t# A CARD ?CITIZENS AND STRANGERS can be accommodated with pleasant Rooms and Board, by Immediate arnl!c?tlon at No 111 E street. dec 16-V-? MRS. JANE TAYLOR. FOR RENT ?THE THREE-STORY Brick House on the south side of F street, (No. 2i5) between 14th and 15th streets. It Is in complete order. Rent moderate. Inquire of \1. CA LLAN, City Post Offise. dec lf>-3t I^OR RENT. ?A CONVENIENT TWO story Brick Dwelling, containing 6 Rooms besides cei^r and attic. on New Jersey avenue, Immediately opposite tLe cot'age residence of Wm. M. Ellis, Esq., a little below the Biick Bridge Rent 910 per moiitn. Inquire of H 1CH A R D BARKY, No. 28 Missouri avenue, dec lfl-3t* Rake chance?the undersigned wishing to change his Lnslf ??-*, offers for silethatwc'l known Horse-Shoeing Establish ment on C stieet, between 6th r.nd 7th streets, now doin^ a good business. Of further partleu ? iars inquire oa the premises to RICHARD CRUIT. de:: 14-31# /GROCERY AND FEED STORE FOR SALE?The Good Will. Stock, Ac., of a Grocery snd Feed Store doing a floe buslne>> , in a thriving part of the city, will h? disposed of low. This is an excellent opportunity frr any one with a small cash capital, desirous cf e gag ing li the business. Address M E G , City Post Office. stating where an Interview can be had. dee jt LV)R RENT.?A FRAME HOUSE, QON *- talnlng # Rnom*, situated on Kest Capitol street, between Hh and 5th strce's Fer terms 'jpptyloO. A DAI LEY, Dentist, Penn. avenue, hetwtvn 6:h and 7ih ttr?v;"-- dec 15 3t FOR RENT-AS A BEDROOM?A LARGE, comfortable front Room, at No 475 ?th street, a nelgeborhood at once very central, very qulft, and vrry convenient to the Post and Patent otfi. ces. dec 13-St* For bale?a tract of land con talnlng about one hundred acres. In Fnlrfa: county, Va., about nine miles from Washington and Alexandria, and six from ?eorgetown. It adjoli?sthe Faims of Charles Klrby and Colonel Keirge Minor, and lays convenient to Turnpikes leading to the three above naired cities It has on it much wocd?Pine and Chestnut, and the soli Is capable of rapid and profitable Improve ment. For further informatio'p. npply to Colonel THUS R. LOVE, Fairfax C H,Va,ortoW. D. WALLAC1I, at the StarOffire. decll-12l* F|MJR RENT?THE LARGE THREE Story Brl^h House, situated on the corner of litfc and 11 streets, containing 10 Rooms, with Coal Cellar and Bath Room Inqnle of JAMES W. BARKER, nt-xt door to the Lutheran Cr.urch. nov 2-tf Rooms for rent?t w o lahge, finely furnished Parlors and Bedrooms for rent, with or without Board, at FLINT'S Hotel, near Union Office. dec 2 FOR RENT?THE FOUR-STORY Brick House, No. 388 North Capilol, between B and C streets, containing 8 good Room*.brides a double Parlor, a Kitchen and Pantry and a stor age room, together with a Brick Staole, Carriage House, and vacant Lot odjolning The House is nearly new; Is well arranged, aad papered in the bent manner throughout To a gocd tenant the rent will be low, and possession given Immedi ately. For further particulars inquire of N ICH OLAS ACKER, Stone Vard, corner North Capi tol and D streets. dec 12-totf nicholas ACKER. EELEGANT HOUSE AND GROUNDS AT PRIVATE SALE?A very desirable resi dence In the West End, No 1?7 F street, together with the spacious grounds attached thereto. This property Is beautifully treated, commanding an extensive view of the Potomac river and the city of Alexandria The house !s built In the best manner, containing fonrteen Rooms and a Bath House, together with a suitable back building for servants. Terms will be made known on application be ing made to CH AS. S WALLACH, Esq , Loui siana avenue, opposite City Hail, nov *2i-2awlw For rent?a m:at brick OWBL llne House In the row of brown fronts on 13ih street, Island, near the Public Gardens, contain ing besides the Parlors, nine Rooms, and eligibly situated, at a low runt. Immediate p "sstsslon can be had. Apply at I). B CLARKb'S Drug Store, torner Maryland avenue and 11th street, Island, or at R. II. CLARKE'S Land Office, cor ner tith street and Louisiana avenue, under Tow er's Printing office. dec !5-eo3t* For rent?a parlor and chamber Land-'unely fur Disked, in or.e of the mo*t de sirable locations in the city ; being very conveni ent to the National, Browns', and l)exter:s Hotel. The house Is new, with ali the modern improve ments, water, gas, Ac. Also, several very pleas ant Chambers, at 46 Louisiana a vena?, south side, near 6tt? str-jft. dec 2 For rent?that large and airy House on Penn avenue, between rtth and 7th streets, over A. Hoover * Son's Shoe Store, suita ble for a first-class Boarding-House. it is now undergoing a complete repair Possession plven immediately Inqnlreof A. HOOVER A SON, south s de of Penn avenue, between fith and 7?h streets oc 30?t f THIRD ANNUAL BALL OF THK NATIONAL guard, A T CAKUSrS SALOON, On THURSDAY, December 18th, 1836. mait third annual ball of the X National Guard will be given at CAaosi's Saloon on THURSDAY, December l"th, lh36. In announcing this Ball, the Committee desire to state that every effort will be made to promote the enjoyment of those who may honor them with tiielr presence. They pledge themselves to exclude all im roper persons from the ball-mem, and the sU^hie^t deviation from propriety will be followed bf Instant expulsion The Ouard have determined not to la^ue ladies' Invitations They would take this opportunity to extend a general invitation to their lady friends Withers * hand has been engaged Tickets TWO DOLLARS? admitting a gen tleman and ladles: to be had of the members and at the door on the evening of the ball. Managers on part of t\t Military. ('ol W H Hlrliry, Cap' <} a Mrbvtrziniio, l.leot Col J H Kile?, _ - _ M?Jor P F Bacon, Qr MuMr W ?l MeColloro, I'ovuiuKr L J Mldileloo, Mnrifou J K ?'orp?D. AK.l'taot Snrx^on Urlm*?, adj<tt%nt J N Ober, Upl .1 Y D?vln, C?pt It Brtcbt, Mnnagtn op part oj ikt. Cittztns. W B M?rLl?r, J h Turion, T H t'trxoiia, Jobs T Tn? ?r?. ? E D<>u*l?*?. D A Waiiereon, W Lenox, O ?1S?r>n, W r. HuM.w.o, K Clurks, A Y P Oarneft, R (V,mb<, S York AtL??, K H U<kiy, B B Currau. W V Bayly, Jl.Sinjf, (.'Miller. J C Marfulre. T J Gait, J L Huiilh, T J Flaber. K Wallas h, I? B Clarke, tf trf Plant, II Wlnteri, J H 8*mine?, W T Dure, 8 C Bnner. J u Dudley. 0 W Kiggi, J Sublayer, Committee of Arrangements. ? 6 AT en, J K Joknaon, W M?' oorcy. 1 ti'iinaa Weir, U It Clarke, dec K-dtb SELLING OFF?SELLING OFF TO CL'SE. Ma de goey. op Baltimore, will e open Fashionable WINTER BON-?Mn\ NETS on Monday, December 18th. at Pennsylvania avenue, over M P. Klng'sTp?' Drug ^tore, to which she Invites th? ladles of Wasnlngton to ?lv< ber a call. Bargains may be *xp?oted. dec Jo* pe<-k, Capt P B K?y. Capt L J Tower*, Capt J A Tait, Capt K T Kuiglit, Capt J *1 Bain, Cap! John Keeit*. Capt r M Sbeksil. AUCTION BALES. By J. C. McSUIRE, Auctions. UAin or Sl'PCKIOR Carriage Horses at A Aactioa.-On SATURDAY MORNING, December 20th, it 11 o'clock. In front of the auction rooits, 1 shall sell a pair of large and srt perlor Bay Carriage Mors?*, belonging to an offl Selvf tbf ar"Qy wl10 h5S lrft the city and has no

further use for them J>.m?: A credit of ?n and 9f> days, for satisfac torily endorsed notes, bearing Interest. dec 17 d JAW C McGU 1RK, Auct. IfARSHAI.'S SALE.-IN VIRTUE OF A 4** w,lt i?*rl facias, Issued from tbe Clerk's Offle.e of the Circuit of the District of Columbia for the Courty of Wr.shlnuton, and to rce dirert .' J s*}all expose to public sale, for cash. In front ?"(Je rourt-hoti?edoor of said County. on MON i i 'ifh? ,2ttl day of January next, 1857, at 13 o i lock m , all defendant's right, tit e. claim ard interest in and to Lot No ?, In Square No 55f. as laid d( wn on the plat of the city of Washing, ton, D C , together with all and singular the im provements thereon, seized and levied upon as the property of Andrew Bethwell, and will be sold to satisfy Judicial*, No. 331, to October .erm, I?5<i, Alfred Chapman r.t Andrew Both WS1L ? J D HOOVER, Marshal drc 17-ts for the District of Columbia. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. 01 SKMOJLD AND KITCHEN Fl'Rfl. lure, Feather Keds, Stoves, Ihtna, i! Dn.".w*,nd Crtck*ry Auction?On r R DA\ , the 18th instant, 1 shill sell, at the house furnishing stor-> of A H Lee, No 23 K. between 7th and 8th streets, opposite the Northern l/ioerties market-hon?e. p.t 10 o'clock a.m., a large assortment of Furniture, viz : Mahogany Sofas, Chairs, Dressing and other Bu reaus Mahogany Tables, wash, work,and light Stands t. .ocks, Looking Glass*..";, China and Glass Ware ?' *?Tfs of every description, Carpelr'. -ather Beds, Bedsteads, and Bedding W ith a large lot of other articles which we deem ur necessary to enumerate. Terms: Ail sums of and under 825,c?sb ; over f-5 a credit of *0 and 90 days, for notes satisfac torily endorsed, bearing Interest. drr 17-d A. GREEN. Auct'r. P ByC W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. ER EM I'TORV SALEUFM\T* NEW Stores, Fa rait are, *cM nt A net ion.?On HA FUH DAY "MORNING. December 20th, com menclng at ten o'clock, at the warehouse No 119. situated on the south side of Pennsylvania ave nue. between 3d and 4* streets. I shall sell sixtv superior New Stoves, embracing the following desirable kinds, viz: Ocean Wave, Homestead, Dland City, Niagara New Era Parlor Cook, Dew drop, Coral Villa I'arlor. Laurel, Patent Ranges, Model V ur nace. Ac. Togttber with a lot of Coal Hods, Scotch Bowls, Coal Shovels, Pokers, Ac The attention of dealers, or any ore in want of Stoves, Is particularly eaMed to this sale as It Is positively without reserve. FURNITURE. I mm<*dlately after the sale of Stoves, I shall sell, also without reserve, ? line assortment of good ?'abinet Furniture, consisting in fart of? Mahogany So/r.s and Lounges Mahogany an-: Marble top Centre and Rout Ta bles Mahogany Tete-a-Tete, Mahogany Chairs Mr' ogany and Marble-t^p Dressing Bureaus Mahogany Parlor and Nurse Rockers Mahogany and W.-inut Washbtands and Sinks, with and without marble tops A variety of French, Cottage, and other Btd steads. Ac I'eroeris In want of any of the above articles' will find it to thei* interest to attend the sale Terms: Under 850 ca?b ; over S30, sixty and nl ety ?!ays' credit, for approved endowed notes bearing in t. C W. BOTE1.ER, doc 1 <-<l Auctioneer. By C W BOTELER, Auctioneer C^R AND SALE *1F USEFUL AMI) OK J" nnniental Goods.?On MONDAY TUESDAY, and WEDNESDAY EVENINGS,' December aid. 23d. a-id 2Uh, crmmenclng each evening at 6 o'clock. I shall sell at inv spacious auction room, Iron Hall, a splendid selection of Useful and Ornamental Goods, consisting In part of, viz : Elegant groups a>-d single Statuctts, in bronze and Parlne Marble China Vases, and a large variety of China Orna ments generally; handsome Portable Desks Portfolio? .ind Work Boxes, beautifully inlaid Fine Dressing Cases, Silver-platfd Tea Sets Bronzed Candelabra*, Parlor Clocks Fine oil Paintings and Engravings Elegant Papier i\iacbe Goods French China Tet and Dessert Sets, GiaJs Ware Tablo Cutlery, Scissors and Razor-, Sllver pla'ed Cast >rs Walters, Spoons, and Forks Fine Party Fans. French China Punch Bowls Jet Goods, Ha'r and othet Brushes Toilet Sets, Bohemian Gla?s Ware Toilet and Turk Coombs, Card Ca;es Portm'.nleB, Cigar Cases, a line assortment of Jewelry Opera Glasses, Silver Snuff and Tobacco Boxes W ith other rich, rare, and unique goods rend ering the display suoerlor to any thing of a simi lar character tvet ottered before at auction in this city An excellent opportunity is now afforded thoso In quest of goods suitable for the approa- h ing Holidays. The above goods were Imported forT Galligan A Co , and having arrived after they determined *o close uptteir business, will now oe sold posi tively, without re-trve or limitation. The gocd-? will be arranged f >r examination on the morning of the first day of sa.e. The room will be comfortable warmed. The presence of the Ladies is particularly solicited. Terms: Under 830 cash; over 830 2, 3, and 4 months credit, ler approved endorsed notes. War ing Interest C. W. BOTELER, dec 17-eoA33s Arctloneer. By JAS. C MrGUIRE, Auctioneer. FURNITURE AND EFFECTS OF A Family declining Housekeeping.?On FK IDA V MORNING. December 19,'at 10 o'clk, at No. 332 l^th street, between 1 and K, I shall sell the Furnlture and Effects cf a gentleman de clining housekeeping, comprising? Mahogany Hair-spring Sofa and Parlor Chairs Walnut Marble-top Table, Lounge Cane at.d Wood seat Chairs. Roc'cer Damask Window Curtains, Shades Carpets, Matting, and Oilcloth Stair Carpets, Rods and Eyes Dining Table, Sideboard China. Glass, and Crockery', Clock Bedsteads, Bureaus, Waoh-itands Muttrestes, Bolsters and Pillows, Bedding Cookiitg and other Stoves, Kltchtn Utensils, Ac. Terms: 820 and und^r, cash ; over that mm a credit of 30 and 00 days, for endorsed notes, beir lng interest P. S. The House, which is very desirable, containing ten rooms, is for rent. Inquire on the premises . J AS. C. McGU I RE, dec 16-d Auctioneer. By J ROBINSON, Auctioneer. WATCHES, JEW FLKY, GUNS, CUT lery, Fu.icy Goods, Acc., at Auction ? I shall sell at the store under the Murray House. No. Pennsylvania avenue, between 3d ana 4^ streets, commencing on SATU R DAY EV E NlNG next, at7 o'clock, a great variety of 6oeds, such as? Dnuble-Mrrel Guns. Knives and Forks Fancy rosewood and other Work-boxes Linen Pocket Handkerchiefs, Dry Goods in great variety Large and small Blankets Gold, Silver ?nd Gilt Watches Gold Jewelry, In sets and single piece*, of the newest styles Gold Chains, Lockets, Pencils And many other articles too tedious to mention The sale will continue every evening until fur ther notice. N. B.?The store will be kept warm, and good order preserved. All goods warranted as repre sented at sale. Terms cash. dec 15 lw J. ROBINSON, Auctioneer. MARSHAL'S SALE.-IN VIRTUE OF writ of fieri facias, 1?sued from the Clerk'i 'ifiice of the Circuit Court of the Distrlctof Co lumbia. for the county of Washington, and to m< directed, I shall expose to public sale, for cash Jn front of the Court-house door of staid county at 12 o'clock m ,on WEDNESDAY, tne 7th daj of January, 1857, all defendant's right, title claim, and Interest In and to Lot No. 1?, In ^quart No 25b, together with all and singular the im provements thereon, seized and levitd upon at the property of Allison Nallor, and will be sold to satisfy Judicial, No. 170, to March term, 1856 Bank cf Metropolis vs. Allison Nallor J. D HOOVER, Marshal dec 13-ts for the District of Columbia. !\TOW DISCHARGING A CARGO OF CUM 1-* BERLAND COAL of a superior quality, fo Grates, Stoves, Steam and Smiths purposes Also, White, Red and Gray Ash COAL; Hick ?ry. Oak and Pine WOOD. All of the above wil be offered on as reasonable terms as can be ha< In this market. offlce and Yard northeast corner of 12th and C st?eets. No. 640, one square south of Pa. avenue dec 16-3t C. M KEYS. For the holidays ?we open to tiay another large lnvol-e of very elegant Goods, gotten up cxpresslyfor the present season Oar customers wt.uld do wfll xo select thel presents Mrhile our assortment is complete M. W. 0ALT * BRO , Jewrllers, d#c li-ik 3M Pa. bet. 9th and lOtfc sts. AUCTIOW SALES THIS A?TygyW>!f AI?9 TO MORROW BvC *. Bof SLER . At*?oaW VALf ABLE COLLECTION OF InptMrd ? OU Painting* nt Acrtfsn ?On WED NESDAY EVENING. Uecemfce* 17th, pom menclng atfl o'clock, 1 shall sell, at mv spacious auction room, (Iron H<*1!,) an Mtenilw c*71W tlon of rare and valaible Oil Paintings by tht% following eminent artists, vii : G?ido, Murlilo, 5?al"*arto, Rosa, Carlo. Dolcl, Maniaer*, Galns borougu. E'ty, Ruysdael, Lancjet. Sir .TT^rtln Archer fbee. Jhe '*?te President of the Ro\*al Academy, Jackson. Her/lag. t-ftn . the celebrated Kn?lisli animal painter, MeadoTv, pr London, lirooks, \\ overmans, Doughty, of Net* "?rrk. Enols. of New York, now in Europe, and nuffier oijs othi r celebrated artists. altogether forming decidedly the best collection of rai.itings ever offered f<>r sale Iti Washington The Paintings will be arrayed for exhibition on Monday, December l#th Terms : ?*0 nnd under cash ; over 350, 60 and 90 days credit, for approval ei dors-ed note?,bear Ing IntefFst. Purchasers can Mve their pictures ;a*ef>iily packed to go any dWtanc* with safety. Tdp aucilon room will he con-fortahy warmed The Ladles are part'crlarly invited to attend the Mle. C W. BOTELER, dec 10 ts AQcttsaeer By J AS C NcGU 1IIF.. Auctioneer TRUiYKK'S KALiu OF VALUABLE Building Lot ?d 3d street -?*?t. between Venn?ylv?nh averse and V street. -8v vir tue of t?vo deeds In trust, duly exacted aiiu re corded, the -u^'crlbcr will sell at public sale, on WEDN E8DA I, tie * <lfa day of I'ecember. 1K56, on the premises, a? 4 o'c.ocik P,m , Lot No 11. in reservation No. 11, fronting "ij *??* dn 3d street west, between Pennsylvania avenue an* f ?'ml, by 150 feet to a 35 feet alley. The above property is situated In one of the rSti-t desirable parts of the city, near Trinity Church, iiid c*Vrs t rare opportunity :o person* desirous to bui'u or ln7>! Terms of sale: One-thfrd! Crts*; the balance In #, 12, 18, and 24 months, for note* l??-s.rvap interest from day of sale, secured by a deed or t.*uston the property : .ind if not complied with In one week after thr *ale the property will to refold, upon one week's notice, at the risk and expense of the rurchaser. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser Tit ? Indisputable CK AS 8 WALLACH. Trustee ftov 21-Dtp w Ads JA* C McCUIRE, AH U7 A. GREEN . Auctioneer t^LOTHISG, HARDWARE, Ac,, M Asc J lion.?On THURSDAY, toe laft lostaat, 1 shall fell, In front of mv store, at 10 o'clock a m , a lot of iUady-made winter Clothing, t-uch r.s Coats, Puts, Ve?ts, Ac. Also, a targe lot of Housefurnlshlng Hardware, such as Flat-Irons, Shovel and Tongs. < offee Milts, Ac A.GREEN, dec 16-d Auctioneer. By J. t>* H"(iUIRt, Auctioneer. OIRI STEE'S SALE OF HJI'HF AND 1. Lit on 6th street west, between K street north and New York avenue.?By virtue of a deei in ir ist, bearing d..t'? on the 27ih day of March, 1%?, and recorded la Liber J A. S , No 114, folios 1 tt >eq , and a de< re** of the Circuit Cotir; of tb" District of Columbia, made in the cause pending in said Court, No. 119-L In Chan cery, the sub cr!lvr will se ll at public ^le, < n MONDAY, the 15th day Of December lfc06. at 4 '?'clock p ;n., on the premises, Lo* No t\. In Callau's subdivision of Pqua>e No 451. f'ortirg 20 feet on Slx'h ?t eet west, between K street north and New York avenue, hy 100 feet derp, to a ten-feet alley, with the buildings and Improve ments, which consist of a substantially fc"llt and comfortable two st cry frame dwelling l?r.:ie. with back building, Ac The above p opejty is el lglbly situated In a rap d!y improving part of the city and < ffers a most favnrab.e opportunity to persons desirli:^ a resl. dence or to Invest The terms of sale will be: One-third of the purchase nroney in cash, and the balance in si? and twelve months, for notes bearing interest lr"m the day of sale, secured by deea in tru-t upon the property; arid If not complied with In five days ifter the sale, the propfrty will be re sold, upon one week's notice, at the risk and ev pense of the purchaser All c nvc.f ncing at the expense of the purchaser CHAS S. WALLACK, Trustee nov 27-eoAds JAS C. McbUIRE, Auct The above sale is p6?tp?ne<i nntil FRIDAY AFTERNOON, Decembcr2?!b,same hour and place. CHAS S WALLACH, Trustee, dec 13-eoAdi J A3. C. McGUlKE, Aue . By WALL. BARNARD A CO., Auctioneers TRIiHTEE'K ?ALE ? BY AUTHORITY of a deed of tiust from George B Armstrong and Julia II. W his wife, dated ihe 13th I?e cembr, 1854, and by direction of the party whose debt is secured thereby, the s lbscriber will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, cn the 22a December next, at 4 o'clock In the afternoon, on the premises, the following lots in the city of Washington namely: Lots No 23 and 24, in Square No 5t*4, lot No. 24 being at the intersec tion of Virginia avenue and rlrst street w?rst, fronting 55 fe^t 4 Inches on Flr-t street and if, feet 8 Inches on Vlrglnla avenue, with a rear front of 4S feet on a20-fo' t alley; and Let No 23 adjoin ing west, with a front of 30 feet 2 inches on Vir ginia avenue, and tear frcat of 32 feet on a 20 foot alley. And on the 23tl IleeerfHier at 4 o'clock, on th" p:em!ses commencing at the first lot, and then proceeding to the second, the foilnwing, namely: Part of Lot No Hi, in Square No 4sl, fronting IT feet on Fifth street west, and S3 feet 4X Inctes deep, commencing on Fifth street 11? feet south of N street north, containing 15fe7square feet; Lot No. 6,in Square No.777.said Lot being centrally situated between G and H streets north, having a front on Third street east of ?0 fe?t 2 Inches, with a depth of ICi feet 8% inches, con taining 9000 square feet. Term. : One-third cash ; and th? residue at 6, 12 and 1* months for whi'-h the rurchas*>r's bonds will be taken, bearing interest with a lien on the property. If the terms are net compiled with within five days from the day of sale, the rroperty will be resold at the purchaser's risx and cost on a notice of seven days. CKAS MYERS, Trustee. WALL, BARNARD A CO , ncv 27-eoA ds Auctioneers By J AS C McGU I RE, Auctioneer ^OOD FKAHE HO LSI: AH; LOT IN J the First Ward a? An tion On TUES DAY, December the 16th, I shall sell, in f ont ol the premises, at 4 o'clock p m , part of Lot No 5, In square No. 84, uavirir a front on New Yoik avenue of 10 feet, running back 13? feet, with the Improvements which is a good two-story Frame iioute containing live rooms and a wide passage. The above property is situated on New York avenue, between 21st and 22d streets west The House has been used until the 12 months aa a Grocery Store, and will make a fir^t rate place for the above business. Title indisputable. Termacsh. JAS. C. McGUIRE, d?6 Auctioneer. LLr" The above tale has been postponed until TUESDAY, December 23d. dec 15- JAS. C McGUIKE, Auct r. Bv WALL. BARNARD A CO.. Auctioneer^ T>KUHTEh'9 SALE OK BKICK HOt KE and Lot in th? First Ward at Pnbiir Auction On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, January 13th, at3* o'clock. In front of theprem lses, by virtue of a deed of trust dated May 14 1853, and duly recorded in Liber J. A S., No! lt'4, folios 134, 136, and 136. one of the land re cords for Washington county, we will sell, the Northern pari of let No 12, In square 11?, front ing 16 feet on 20th street west, between M and N streets, and running back 74 feet to an alley. The Lot co .tains 1184 feet, more or less, with the improvements, consisting of a comfortnbk Brick House Terms : One-third cash; the remainder la sli and twelve months, bearing Interest, and secured by a deed of trust on the property. B W REED, Trustee. WALL, BARNARD A CO , dec 12 Auctioneers. ( Supposed to be stolk>_a fine looking red COW, with horns, blind in one eye, with white back, belly, tall and both hind legs; speckled face and thighs; brought ? to me for s^le on the evening of Friday, the Pith instant The owner of said Cow Is requested td come forward, prove property, pay charges and take her away. JAS. E JOHNSON, Butcher, Centre Market, or cor. 4% and P sis. south, dec 15- Jt? M. SNYDER A SOW, Hankers. BUY AND SELL DOMESTIC EXCHANGE STOCKS, BONDS, and othes Securities, receive Deposits, furnish Drafts, mahe Collec tlons, and negotiates Time Paper LAND WARRANTS We are at all times buying aad sellin" Lar,<! Warrants, and will locate thfm, cn commission In Nebr.skaand Minnesota Terrltorys, VVi?con sin, Iowa, and Missouri. M SNYDER A SON'S Hank, dec 15 1 ? No 388 National Hotel B:illdlng. BOOK BINDING. Corntr E ercnth strut and Maryland attnmt near the SmitRYtmian Institution PDWAKD LYCETT RESPECTFULLY IN Li forms the subscribers to Brown's Bible and Shakspeare, now Just completed, that he is pre pared to bind those works in a superior style ol elegance, strength and solidity, and upon much more reasonable terms than can oe done In Balti more, Philadelphia, or New York A letter ad dressed to him (per post) will enable him to ex hibit to the subscribers specimens of his s'yle o| bindlju. Bvery kind of Book Binding naet^ei TELEGRAPH NEWS. FROM THE ASSOCIATED TRESS. BY HOUSE PATrrriXO TKLK6RAPH. ARRIVAL OF THE CITY OFBALTIMORX Fair UtTl Lattr fr??i Kar*ft. Puladblphia, Dec. 17 ?The CSty of Bal timore, from Liverpool on the 3d in* . Arrived up this morning. bringing four days later Eu ropean new?. THE MARKETS Ltvanrooi., TuesdayRichardson, Spencer A Co quote cotton steady Sale* three day* 18 including 1,000 for export; but n<ne 1 :? reported u having been bought upon ipoe i ulation The market cloned steady III oarlu- FU or?Buvers generally da ni~M * slight reduction. Baltimore and Phil adelphia aro quoted at 32a32ia; Ohio :i5a35?s l here ia a l etter feeling in red wheat, and the market was ??m Finer qualities had im proved moat?tal?* at 4da9s 2d: white wheal was dull and gcnera'ly unchanged, being quo ted at ill 2daI0s Corr* ie dull?mixed 33a. ycllnw 34} ; white 34a45a. Proviliona?Beef has generally imprevod ia demand, and all qualities hav * slightly do ??lined, bnt lower qualities have decreed most Bficon !? dull Lard ia nominally lovar j Naval storeaare dull and unchanged Money ia generally unchanged Conaela In the Manchester marheta there war an improved demand?cloeing steady. for money cloacd at V4raiU4% The steamer Fu??on arrived at Southampioa ??n th? afternoon of the 30th. and the Canada at 11 on tlif night of the 30th, at Liverpool. The report tnM England at length agreeef the other Pow*vs, to re-aaeemble the Conference of Paris is repeated, and it i* said than tLc ^ngresa will shortly meet at Paris An insurieeUon It telegraphed as having l r ken out near Palermo, in Sicily, under ttaron 1'cntrenda. who had aome Ave or six hundred men. Troop* had been sent to dia perse them, but no action had yet taken place There were rauiora of dias*nsion# in the Eng lish cabirtV Oeorge B. Matthew, the former C >n-ul at Philadelphia bad been appointed Consul at Odessfr In Franco there ia no news of importance The King of Prussia made a spceeh on tho opening of the Chambers, in whieh he used tho strongest language in relation Unenforcing hie claims on Neufchatel Beyond the report that a rising bad taken pl-ice at Girgenti, there is so later newe froaa Sicily Mons Myer? haa taken the Spaniah Govarei ment loan. Tho expedition against Pcnia has, ere this, .rai!?d. THE LATEST NEWS The London P.*t aays : 44 If Rua?ia }?erai?'.s i 1 asking for a c?7sferen< ? it cull only result in ner onfusion \nd dipl'matic detent; for Eog Mnd, Austria, Sardinia, Turkey, and, we doubt not, also our ally France, will be pre pared to in* the absolute spirit ani meaning, and the very text and letter, of a treaty dr >wn up bv an able French ?#iplomat i?t, aad ig- ed with the pen and qui'lof an imperial eagle of tho Jardin des PUntea Of the treaty of Pari?, of March 30. But wo maintain that a second conference has noaoeb power, and that a resident miniater cannot vary or alter the general act of a congroea called together for the purpose of making a pence on the conditions and terms already tully 3i?russed and deliberately aigned ; and whit-h eolemrly ratified the terma acceded to and carried into effect by every country ex cept Russia.'7 ?? Baltimore Markets. Balt'morb, Dec. 17.?Flour has advanced 12i<\; lioward street, Ohio and City Milla brought 56.62) Wheat is un^hnnge"}: good reds SI 4&?fl49, good to prime white 51 oSaJl 60. Corn ia dull, new white is quoted aioOaMc , old do. 63a65o ; lew yellow 5H,.ft0e , old do 63a65c Whisky is unchanged aDd irregular, ranging from 30i a32 -. New York Markets Nkw York, Dec 17?Flour ia dull, with a downward tendency; sales of S,000 bblf., Stata &6.3ua$6.45. Southern 57 0oaS7 35 Wheat intending upward; aalea 14,000 buah e'.s ; white fl 75a$l 77, rod fl 50at 160 Corn is drooping; sales 10.000 bushels; mixed 7|r . white 76? . yellow 74; Pork is buoyant, mess SI9 62$. Boef ia firm; new Chicago repacked f 14.25a$14 7h. Lard is dull and eaaier; in bbla , 12|e Whisky is eaaier. Ohio 31c. Financial New York, Dec. 17 ?Stocks are dull, Chi cago and Rock Island 104j, Cumberland Coal Co 17j: Michigan Southern, 021: Reading 83$; Virginia fi's &4{, Missouri 6's 68. Sterling exchange ia easier at 108j. ooiricTiuinT FOR THE APPROACHISG HOLIDAYS (VOTW ITHSTANDING THE HIGH PRICK. of sugar. 1 will sell my CONFECTIONERY at the usual prices, vlx : FI.AIN CANDY and MIXED DROPS at ? cents per pound SUGAR PLUMP at 37fc cents per pound, usually sold l<y retailers ai 50 cents French BON BON*, Including all ktnda of F ren^h Confectionery .at cents per pound, usually sold at 75 cents snd #1 per pound POUND and FRUIT CAKE, of which I shall have a lartre assortment, manufactured of the verv best and freshest materials, orna mented fine and tastefully Please give us a call, and don't mistake the place. No 3IG Pennsylvania avenue, between 0th aiid l(?th streets, next door to Ir,?n Hall dec 15 lm GEO. NORBECK. LM1P?-LA>1PS. STAR. FELLOWS * CO 'S?, PATENT h EMULATOR LAMP STAND* unrivalled as being the cleanest, safest, and gives lbs best ii.rht of any Lamp of the kind ever Invented \Ve have now a very handsome assoitment of the above, as weil a* all other kinds of Lamps on hand,which we will sell at verv low prices. HOWELL A MORSELL, dec 12 tw No. 323 C at., bet. ?th and 7th. BUCK! Bi t k : BUCK! (net MTeslly Hsas EN ROUTE FOR WASHINGTON, D C. 'HHKEE ENTIRE DEER, LARGEST EVER JL received In Baltimore, snot with Virginia rifles?not revolver*. BEAK MEAT, HAMS, SHOULDERS, SIDES, fattest ever received from the AUogha nles. Con?tantlv receiving from the West, Balti more and Ohio, Winchester and Potomac, Par k?-f^bury. Central Ohio Railroads, VKN1SON, POULTRY, WILD GAME, keg and roll BUT ThK, CAP HONEY, DRIED APPLES and PEACHES, and country produce generally. For sale by C C . O'NEIL, Corner Howard and Pratt streets, dec 3-lm Baltimore CARES AND C ON> ECFIOPIERT FOB FOK THK HOLIDAYS. JPOTENT1N1, NO 279 PENNSYLVANIA ? ave, south side, four doors west of 10th street, will have for exhibition and sale on Saturday, the 20th instant, the largest and most elegant assort ment of RICH ORNAMENTED fruit, POUND and FANCY CAKES ever offered In thlK city, which he pledges himself shall not be sur|>assed In the excellence of the materials of whicn the same shall be made, or In the reason abiene*sof price. Ledles and gentlemen are respectfully invltrd to call and view the splendid assortment of the above described Cakes T P. request* that bis pa'rons and all desir ing him to furnish them with Cakes and Con ft'.;tlonery for the Holidays, will send the orders In time to be supplied without delay. Anticipating as he doe* an extra ordinary de mand for the dellcaclesiwhich he offers for rale, dec 12-dtlanl A LADY FROM BiLTINOK E INFORMS her friends. If they have tome WEARING API* A K EL to dispone of that she will purchase the same at a reasonable price for cash Notice may be left at Messrs HOKFA A CO.'S. No. ^?17 Pennsylvania avenue, so-^th side, and she will call at their residences Please send orders soon, as she will remsln In the city for only two weeks. declfthi# BORNET#?BON BIETfc?BONNETS. WE HAVE RECEIVED, AND ARE NOW opening, a very large assortment ef !ad!'-' rich Winter HAT>, which we have^Pl d with ^reat can and taats from the JKQr New York market, and to which we are constantly making additions HUTCUINSON A MUNRO, dec 8 31? Pa avenue, bet 0th and 10th sU. POST OFFICE DIRECTOflY, OK BCSI ness Man's Guide to the Po*t oSoes In tlie United States, containing the names of the Post Otfices and Post MasUrs in the United Ptatea on the 1st July, 1AM, with a variety of valuable In formation on Fo?tal Affairs, also, a comprehen sive codification of the ex is tine Postal Laws. Price SI. Just published, and for sale, at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore, dec 11- near 0th street. Head quarters for Christmas 900PS KaLAWUtW % 00.