Newspaper of Evening Star, December 18, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 18, 1856 Page 2
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FVFXTNOJ ST A R.I W A 8 <i TON CITY: THL'RSIMV ~ D?c?mbfr 19. 1S40. MTlMIKTmiUTI mot'LP l( LBrT AT Til OPTICS ?T TVBLTB O'lLOCX, M.; OT1UW1KI THIT HAT MOT APPBAB DITIL THk KIT ?tT. 3 PI KIT OF THE MOKNING PRESS. The Union quotes at length the compli ments and gratulations of the Tribune over the course of Mr. Etheridge of Teno., and, in an elaborate article, contends that the aboli tion of slaveiy in the States is what the Re publican party is driving at. The Intelligencer*s New York correspon dent says: 41 It is understood that the Chiriqui Im provement Company are endeavoring to get Mr. \ anderbilt to make that part of the Isth mus of Central America which they seek to develop the point of connexion in the new line of steamers between this port and San Fran cisco, wbioh, it is believed, he soon intends to inaugurate. A formal application to this effect comes from the town of David, on the Pacfie coast It is represented that the dis tance across by this route is only fifty-five miles, the gTade being natural and easy for more than two-thirds of tho way." WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Deifying Him.?The Republican party press ???just new in ?pa?ms over Mr Etheridge of Tenn. They seem almost ready to worship him, as their God-send and the guardian angel of their future fortune*. Thus, a Washington correspondent of the New York Tribune says: "Nothing has to startled the Democracy daring the whole excitement of the Thirty fourth Congress as this brilliant act of Mr. Etheridge ' The Washington correspondent of the Phil adelphia Enquirer also sajs: 41 Mr. Etheridge is entitled to the credit of having nlayed the shrewdest political trick that has been known for years, and its effect the country and the world can scarcely be now comprehended." We regret that want <f space compels us to refrain from further quotations from their un stinted praises of Mr. E.'s recent services to their cause which, having recently been in a 4i dingling way" in both balls cf Congress, stood sadly in neel of extraneo us help from ?ome quarter or other. We pity Mr. Grow whose recent rmih/j/ropo* splurge coioeining General Whitfield's seat has nut achieved for him additional reputation as a parliamentary leader. He has labored hard of late to carry off the lauieis that last session crowned the brow of Mr. Campbell, of Ohio. It is too bad that, after all bis long services and bis recent sufferings in the cause, the Republican party press should thus unceremoniously give tim (Mr. <1 ) the go-by, to crown Mr. Etheridge with the Republican glory of the session, as is done by their two writers quoted above. Cruel newspaper men these?very. Thai berg's Concert.?We had barely space I yesterday in which to mention the fact that i aalberg's first concert in Washington was fashionably attended, and crowded, and gave great dslight to all present. We may not inappropriately add to-day that his every piece was received with rapturous applause, except, perhaps, the Crest of them all, the * EtuJe Ina," whith must be heard more than once to be appreciated by an American audience; for he plays nothing more striking to the eiperien??d mu'ica! critic or artift. Madame de Wilhorst (who was a Miss Withers and, if ws mistake not, was born in Alexan dria) also made great hits in all her songs She has a remarkably fine soprano voice in the lower cotes, th'ugh somewhat thin in the ?pper. lier rendition cf the 41 Ricci Yal*'' was charming, indeed Mr. Rudolphson, too, eame in for his due share of the compliments of the evening. See the programme for M Thalberg's con cert on Saturday evening next, wherein the reaaer, if musical, will find a bill of fare to make his or her mouth water Madame D An gri, who caused so great sensation in musical eircles of New York and Boston with Thal berg, and Gottschalk. are to take part in it. What Brought Ihem About ?The lion. Laeieu B. Chase, formerly a representative in Congress frcm Tenr.e?ee, but now a resident of New York, publisher in the Mirror of that ?ity, a plain and sensible explanation and commentary upon the recent attempts at in surrection in the State of bis former residenoe We quite bis concluding paragraph as em bracing a key t<) those occurrences?as follows : 44 It behoove? the conservative portion of Republican party to consider whether they did not force upon the South, during the last canvass, a wrongful tunc whether they did not make use of trie Kansaa question as u spe cious pretext for a general aesault upon slave ry, by denouncing what they were pleased to ceil its inhumanity, its injurious effects upon the agriculture, commerce, education and morals of the bouthern States. They ou^ht to consider whether it is honorable, while pro fesf?ng a willingness to protoct the constitution where it exists, to court tbe aid of its impla cable foes, so as.-ail it with ridicule and de nun Mation, and to exhibit manifestations of won<l^* because are not allowed to preach 44 freedom to the slave " If, by the?e constant!/ recurring and never ending assaults a asrvile wa.r ^ precipitated upon tbe S >utb, will the hands of Northern agitators be blood less ' Will tbe p.ublic opinion of the civilised world, while testing their conduct by the con stitution, hold tbem guiltless t4* an insurrec tion, whi?b might end ?* the extinction of slavery, but which would aa ^sfjriinly sesult in the extermination of the slaves Tho Crowd ? VS afhii gu>n city is becoming thronged with strangers. Th? season has fairly opened. We never btKwre k#j?w it to begin until aficr the first of January, ihero are more visitors here at this time by tar than ever before i?. December. Aa yet thero are few stranger-ladies aiuutg them. When they shall arrive in the usual numbers, What a bustling and rustling city we shall have ar''un>i our oars, t? fce sura Among those now he?e ?re multitudes ?*f leading Democratic politi cians from all quarters, enticed hither it is to be presumed by a desire to know what may be 44 in the wind" in the matter ot tbe formation fif the incoming administration Promotion*.?Fraocis G. Murray, of 111., has been promoted from a second class clerk ahip ($1,40U per annum) to a third class clerk ahip ($1600 per annum,) iu tbe place of II JLasaile, resigned M M, of Va , has been promoted from a first class clerkship in the Secretary of the Treasury s tffice to & accond class clerk ship ($1.400 per annum) in tbe Pifth Auditor's office A Preature.?The pressure on our^colemns com pel a us the Star's first p*ge to-day deferred 44 WaafeU*iou News" (edito rial^ articles. ?? 8npreme Court ?Yesterday, m Ute?t?se of the I uited States, appellants, vs. the brig Neurea, Ac , William Jtobier, claimant, (No. ??.' ?ppeal from tbe District Court of the U. States for the northern district of California, Mr Justice drier delivered ;be opiuion of the court, reversing the decree of the said district court, nnd remanding the case for further proceeding* to be had therein, in conformity to the opinion of this court, and as to law and justice shall appertain. In the cause of Dred Scott, plaintiff in error, vs. John F A. Sandford, (No 7 ) the argu ment was continued by Mr. Reverdy Johnson for the defendant in error. Adjourned. Court of Claims ?Yesterday, Mr. Rock well and Mr. Phillips submitted remarks on the effect of reference to the Court of evidence refused by either bouse of Congress. Mr. McPherson, Deputy Solicitor, replied to their argument? I'll? Court then took the question nnder ad visement, and adjourned. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department ?On yesterday, 17th December, ?here were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of Stock?.... S12.5R7 53 For the Treasury Department... 7,fliy 31 For the Interior Department....? 20.310 29 For Customs. 20,694 63 War warrants received and en tered 129,224 58 From miscellaneous sources 149 27 CONGK ESS ION A L P HOC EE D IN OS In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, the joint resolution granting further time to the creditors of Texas to present their claims was passed, after ineffectual attempts to amend it; the vote on its passage being yeas 35, nays 9, as follows : Yeas?Messrs. Adams, Allen, Bell of N H , Houston, Hunter, lverson, Jones of Tennessee, Mason, Fearce. Putn, Held, Husk, Seward. Trumbull, Wade, Weler, Wright, YuJee-35 Mays?Messrs. Bayard, Benjamin, Bright, Brodhead. Johnson. Jones of Iowa, Pratt, Stuart, and Thompson of Kentucky-9. After the consideration of executive business they aJjourncd. In this House, the debate on the President's message was continued by Mr. Walker, who contended for tie propriety and duty of the recognition of Walker's Government in Nica ragua, and Mr. English in reply to the political speech of Mr. Cumb&ck, delivered earlior in the day. Mr Brooks stated that he was a Democrat ani a South Carolinian, but would vote for the admission of a State rejecting slavery, provided this was done by a majority of the Actual settlers. But he repudiated the doc trire of squatter sovereignty in a Territory, as affecting Southern rights and did not wish to lose tho benefit of the Kansas Nebraska bill Mr Quitman then got the floor, and they adjourned. Proceedirgs of To-D&y. In the Senate, tc-.lay, the House resolu tion to purchase 15,000 copies of the history of Dr. Kane's Arctic expedition was taken up, and on motion of Mr. Brodhead so amended as to give Dr K., his < fficers and men medals from this Government, and not to purchase the books As thus amended, it was passed. Tho pending resolution authorizing the com mitters to employ clerks was taken up, and was discussed iy Messrs. Adams, Hunter, Brodhea 1, Stuart, Uaievand Crittenden until the hour arrived for taking up the special or der?Mr. Rusk's resolution to refer to their Foreign Affairs Committee so much of the President s annual message referring to the foreign relations of the United Statas? When Mr Jones of Tcnn., addressed the Senate upon it. In tub llot'SK, after the presentation and reference of t-undry Executive and Executive Department reports, the resolution to print extra copies of the annual message and ac companying documents was again taken up and Mr Quitman was addressing the House (Mr. Aiken temporarily filling the Speaker a chair) in explanation of his position on the slave trade resolutions considered on Monday last. .RELIGIOUS NOTICE? ELD KR KN AFP Is still preaclng day and night, in the new Baptist Church, on 13th street. The Interest in the meeting Is constantly Increasing. Stranger*, as well as the citizens generally, are invited to attend. Seats free If ,A SPECIAL MEETING OF THE Medical ?oclety o* the District of Co 1 lmbla. will be held at the Washington Infirma ry, on FRIDAY, December 19, at 12 ra. By order of the President: JOHN C. HI LEY, M. D It Recording Secretary. A CARD?THE UNDERSIGNED _ tenders his sincere thanks to the Fire men ai.d the citizens for their kindness In saving his property during the *'ire yesterday, and for the careful manner In which the furniture was removed and again returned to U e houi-e If JXO. B WILLIAMSON. .FIRST GRAND ASSEMBLY OF the AMERICAN HOOK AND LAD DER ASSOCIATION atOoD Fellows' Hali., Navy Yard, on December 31at, 1p56 For par'lc ula:r see future advertisement. dec IS St METROPOLITAN MECHANIC-*' INSTITUTE?A special meeting of the Institute will be held on TO-MORROW (Friday) EVENING, at 7 o'clock. In the Alder rnens' Chamber. City Hall By order of the lit>ard : THUS. RICH, Sect pro tem A me*tinsr of the Board of Managers will also be held immediately after the adjournment of the Institute. _ dec jg-'2t .DEDICATION OF THE NEW WES LEY CHAfKL. just finished, on the corner of 5th and F streets.?It is a novelty In church architecture; l;s Internal arrangement par ticularly Is decidedly unique, and, for all the purposes of a church, la believed to l?e considera bly In advauce of any thing in the District of Co lumbia It will be dedicated to the worship of Almighty God cn Sabbath next, 21st instant. Services et 11 o'clock a in ,3 and 7 o'clock p m. Rev J P L>ekb;nD D , Corresponding Secretary of Missionary S?.rlety M E Church, Rev fc S J a sbi, 1) D , Bishop M E Church, and other distinguished Ministers are expected toofiicia.e In conne tlon with the above there will be a Concert of Sacred Music by the Wesley Chapel Choir, a-d the annual Exhibition of the Wesley Chapel Sabbath School The Exhibition will take place Monday Even ing, December *<Md, at 7 o'clock ; the Concert on Tuesday Evtnlng, December 30th, at 7 o'clock Both nave been gotten up with great care, and | cannot fail to be exceedingly lnt-res Ing The Concert is under the direction of Frof. Danikl. and the best musical talent of Washlng iom %-1 Baltimore has be^n enlisted for the occa sion. Tickets to Einioul>.&. rrr.d Concert *1. dec 18 3t *-~^GRACE CHURCH FESTIVAL.? The Ladles of Grace Church. IxUnd, Uik Ufv Alfred Holmead, Rector, Intern! opening their sal* of useful and fancy article*, on MON DAY EVENlNfc, December 8Ui, at Concert Hall, adjoining the Star Raild'rg*. A large collection of Christina* Fresents, Toy*, Lc have been se. cured, to whi.b special attention Is invite* The {?roceds of the Festival are to be appropriated to he aeni of G race Church Donations are solicited and may Ipft at the house of the Rector, or at (he hall dec CAPITOL HILL il K. CHIRCH PEBTIVAL ?The ladies of Capitol Hill M. E. Chnrct* org leave to announce iht! they intend holding a Festival at Columbia Hill, Capitol Hill, on New Jer*ey avenue, south of the Capitoi, commencing on Monday evening, the l#t( Instant A variety of beautiful Fancy and Uuful Articles suitable for Presents, &.c.,?>s well as RWrtsA.(cents of all kinds, will be for sale The proceeds of Festival be ap plied to the liquidation of tho Cbur.h debt The patronage of the friends of this b*.ne*nte:i: en terprise and the public generally Is respectfully ??liclled. dec 13-St ,W1?AT we WANT THE PEOPLE __ TO KCsOW _HO VSSS FURN ISHED ? We want H^ftluepfrs and those about to commence Housekeeping i" j>ea;!" mind that the first, second, third and fourth ri*>*i*< of o ir large and spacious warehouse are filled to their mmost capacity with every description of CAHlNKT FURNITURE and House furnish log Goods gei*ei*ij7, to which we respectfidiy invite the attention of th?j?c !n want of bargains Houses furnished tfaroughoul writ every article In the housekeeping line vebx cue a* ?oa cas.i, or to punctual dealers at the asual credit Cell ar the HocsiKEiPKa's FsieoEJf*" andexahilne c^r stock before purchasing. Our motto ?s? ?? (jutrk talti and small pro/Its." Y HON'IV, A COOMBS, dec 1-Jn, ?tb street, between 1 and K. ASSESSORS' NOTICE?TitE voters of the s^viral Wards "will ple.isc take notice that tbe Assessors' will attend at the 5laces designated below, from 10 o'clock a. m to o'clock p m. every day. except Sundays and Chrlsttni* day, from the 15?.h to the 3lst cf this month, inclusive, for the purpose of revising and correcting the poll lists: First Ward?Samuel Kedfern's, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 19th street. Second Ward?J B Williamson's, 413 10th st. west between O and H streets north Third Ward?J. M Downlng's, 547 L street north, between 7tn and 8th streets west. Fourth Ward-City Hall. Fifth Ward?B F Dyer's, 6?9 New Jersey ave nue, between D vd ? streets south Sixth Ward?Office of fl. S Brlgzs, K street south, between 6th and 9th streets east Seventh Ward?Peter Hepburn, Jr., 8* F street south, between Pth and 9th streets west. dec 10-d .NOTICE?THE SUBSCRIBER bees leave to call the attention of the nubile to his stock of GLASS and 4UKKNSW ARK before purchasing elsewhere, as by so doing they will save from 14 to 25 per cent. Toilet and Dinner Seta lower tb^n the lowest at 309 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets. je a-Cm JOHN McDEVITT. EMPIRE CLUB-THE MEMBERS 'of the Empire Club most respectfully Inform their friends and the public, that they will give a Cotillon Party on WEDNESDAY EVENING, December 31st it Temperance Hall, E street, between 9th and loth Bv order of THE COMMITTEE. C9Z 16-18,<0,22 24,26.29,31* /TAXES ? NOTICE TO DEL IN QUEXT TAX PAYERS. Collector's Officii, November21,1*56. All Persons who have failed to pay their Ta<w due the Corporation of Washington will please take notice that the advertisement for the sale of property liable for the same will be made about the 1st of January, 1857 It is hoped that an early attention will be paid to this subject by all conceded, as a neglect to do so will add heavy expenses to the amount of the tares now due. JOHN M. McCALLA, not 22-dt31Dee Collector. ATTENTION, M O N T G O M E R Y .GUARDS ? You are hereby notified to at tend a meetlnr of the Company on THU Rt - ' DAY EV EN 1NG, the 19th Instant, for drill. Bv order of Oept Kky : dec 17-* THOS McENIK V, O. S. -? A kCOS MINCE MEAT, JlU Carefully prepared for family use. dec 18?4t BARBOUR fc 8WMME9. TrTHHDS. IXKW CROP P. R. SUGAR, * ll 20 bbl* GOLDEN SYRUP. dec 18 eo3t BARBOUK A SEMMES. ROCKING HORSES, TOY CRADLES, Bedsteads, Eating Bears, Lions. Oai.*, Ac., at LAMMOND8, dec 18-3t Seventh street. Running locomotive*, a new and beautiful Toy, for sale at dec 8-3t HAMMOND'S, 7th strtet AlJimis, ALBUMS, ALBUMS.?A magnificent selection of Albums, Autograph Books. Annuls. Ac. , at FERGUSON'S. 486 7th st. | "t ?Tt S MA LLlPACKAGE, CONTAIN* I-i lng about five hundred dollars Continents1 Money" The Under will be suitably rewarded by leivingthe package at this office. These notes are of no valwe whatever, except as a family keep sake. dfC 18 :n* CMIINU-ON THE AVENUE. BETWEEN f 4u and 6th streets, two MAGNIFYING GLASSES, which the owner can have bv calling at Mr. S. LEWIS'S Jewelry Store,proving prop erty and paying for this advertisement 11? Brown sugars, io. 11, and ia*; Coffee Sugar 13; Crushed 15. Choice Green and Black Teas, 50 to 75, Currants 25 and 31; Citron 25 and 31 Swe"t Cider, Mince Meat, Almonds. Figs, Prunes, Dates, Ac. JOS W DAVIS, It* Corner 9th ar.d E streets. STRAYED AWAY. ON MONDAY, THE Sth of December, a larg* dark redj COW. with white spots and white face;, had a brlchen-stran belonging to a set ? of harness and a ben around her neck. A reward of S3 will be given for her return to No 161 F street south, near the Catholic church. t 3t* Rosaries, necklaces, ire? m. w. G ALT A BRO have ju t received a small Invoice cf very fine Coral and Gold Kcarles Also, Coral. Jet and Gold Necklaces, Bracelets, Booches, Ac., of entlr? new st>le3 M W. 9ALT A BRO , Jewellers, dec 19 "H -fit Pa ave., be< 9th and 10th pis. CKK?sT>1A* A*l> NKW YKAK'S Pres ents ?Rich and elegant styles of Gentle men's Dressing Robes, Shawls, Scarfs. Cravats, Ties, Uloves. Dressing Cases, yoid. Silver, and Ivory-headed Canes, Gold Studs and Sleeve But tons, I'ortemor.nals, Lubln Extracts. German Cologne, in plain and fancv bottles, with many ctueruiautlfui articles suitable for holiday pres ents at LANE'S Gentlemen's Furnishing Store, dec 19 eo6t 424 Pa ave , near 4fr stre-t ARNY'S CONFECTIONERY. j\> M Ends* strtft, (icor^etoun, DC. AS CUSTOMARY, AT TH1? SEASON, THE public Will find at this establishment a large and beautiful collection of CHRISTMAS CAKES, and every thing el^e In the way of BON BON. CONFEC r, CANDIES, NUTS, Ao , for the approaching holidays This is the first and only establishment In the District that h*s received a Medal for the superior excellence of Ca?*?,Isb Cum* and Watii Ici" Consumers will plea-e fce?r this In mind. Orders for Balls, Parties Weddings, Ac ,flhed with neatness and despatch. dec, IH-Iw [UnionAlnt] A. L. ARNY. CHlKSTJtAS PRESENTS?AND WHAT more desirable than hand some FURS Those on the look out for presents should not forget that th?*v can purchase for cash, at STINEMETZ'S, Pennsylva ?la avenue, near 13th street, m >st I arge size French Sable Mantillas, 15 and Si8 Silver Martin Vlctorlnes S5 t*? French Sable do 4 50 Hungarian Fitch do 6 00 Russian do do 12 00 Stone Marten do 20 00 Real Mink Sable do 18 0U Children's Furs unusually low. B H. STiNEMETZ, dec 19 lw gQPenn ave., near nth st. HERE 1 AM AGAIN. LIKE THE STAR. *55^ OLD LEVY'S a .Fine stock of Wines, Liquors, and M I Gr(cerle?,consisting of Brandies. Hoi- ? 4isijlind Gin, JamalcaRum. old Monnn V gahela'of 1810, old Burbon Whisky. VVhest Whisky, Santa Croix hum, Scotch and Irish Whiskies, Champagnes, Claret, Madetla, blier rys, Po ts. Pure Juice, Sweet and Diy Malaga Wines, Mint Julep, Stou^hton Bitters, Worm wood Cordial, Prune Cordial, Perfect Love, Ab synth, Curacco, Mare^hino. fine Havana Ci^nrsi Snuff. Smoking Tobacco, Pipes, Preserved Meats and Fruits, Rough and Ready Chewing Tobacco, first class fine Teas and Coffees, Sugars, Soap, Cundles, Sweet Oil, English and American Sau ces and Pickles, fresh Fruits, Chocolates, Cocoa, Broma, Spires, Salt, Rice, Flour. Raisins, Figs, Sweet Oil, English and Scotch Ale arid Porter, Starch, Scda, Broom*, Brushes, etc . etc JONAS P LEVY, dec 18-tf No 367 Pa. av , opp National Hotel. THE HOLIDAYS. GAUTIEK'S CONFECTIONERY SALOON AS IS USUAL AT THIS SEASON OF THE year, I have made extensive arrangements to supply the public with every thing in my line, at the shortest notice and of tbe best quality. In my assortment will be found? 3,0<>0 pounds assorted Sugar Plums, for conveni ence packed In pounds and haf bags French Kisses, a large and beautiful assortment Bon-Boas, In sacks, Cornucopias Fancy Boxes and Baskets Boxes of Prunes, new and rich styles Small Cake of every description Preserves, a general s-'ppiy On Monday the 22d instant, will be exhibited in my Salton the largest and richest display of large fruit and pound Cakes probably ev?-i wlt oefsed In this city, varying In price from 40 cants to S10 each Every thing to be found In a first-class confec tionery establishment can be had at" A la vllle de Paris " C. GAU TIER, Confectioner. dec IS eolm Pa. ave , bet 12th and 13th sts. UREAT EACITEMENT. TO THE PUBLIC HENRY N JOHNSON, BOOT AND SHOE MAKER, would respectfully Inform? the ladles and gentlemen of this city thatBH(l be has commenced the above namedf mj business In all Its various brandies, and earnestly unlclts a share of public patronage. His store and shop Is on Seventh street, eaat side, third door from 11 street, wbere he will lie piepared to make the very best work to order at as low rates as can be had In this or any other city Good fits warranted. Give him a call at No. 404 Seventh street HENRY N. JOHNSON. Just received, a large lot of BOOTS and SHOES from Phlhdelphla and New York, of the very best quality, which he will sell cheap tor cash He Invites the public to call and eiamlne for thermelves before purchasing elsewhere HENRY N JOHNSON. KjT Don't forgot the number, 404 Seventh itr$et. it* ?UK HOAIDAV PKtfeENTA CALL A? dec U-Ot LAMMONU 9. Proposal! for Erecting the Custom-House, &c , at Dnbuque, Iowa. TRiiirn DivaKTMI5T, ) Wiiiimto*, December 17, 1856. ? Proposals will be received at this depart? eat until the 17th day of Feb ruary, A. D. 1857, at 9 o'clock, a m, for the eon structlon of the Cu?tom-house, Pott OAce, and Court-room, authorized to be erected at Dubuque, Iowa, according t<> the plana and specification* Ere-wed at this department; said proposals te e either for the whole building or separate for different kinds of wrrk; Mils of parcels must In every case accompany each bid, with the amount of each kind of wore, and the total amount car ried out; the department reserving the right to reject or accept the proposals hereby Invited, or any parta thereof, when it deems the Interest of the United States requires It; the department also reserves the right to exclude the bids of any per son or persons who there is ]ust cause to believe will not faithfully perform the contract, or which they have attempted to obtain by Indirection; ana all bids when there shall be parties In Inter est who do not join in the bld?, and all bids that, upon Investigation, are below a fair price for the work. Bids will not be received In gross, and no con

tract will be awarded to a bidder unless details arp furnished the department of the prices of the different kinds of work and materials, which shall be subject to the revision of the department, so that it may adopt the whole or a part of the bid, as the interests of the United States may re quire Ninety percent of the amount of work done and materials delivered, according to contract price, (said amount to be ascertained by the estl mate or an agent of the department appointed for th't purpose,) will be paid from time to time as the work progresses, and ten percent retained until the completion of the contract and accept ance of the work, Ac , by the agent aforesaid,and be forfeited in the event of aon-fulfilment of the contract. Contrac's will be awarded only to master build ers and mechanic*, and the assignment thereof, except by consent of the Secretary of the Tr asury, will be a forfeiture of the same Each proposal must be accompanied by a writ ten guarantee, signed by tworesDoasible persons, (certified to be so by the United States district judge or attorney of the said district,) in the sum of $5,000 for the whole work, or of a proportion ate amount, if for any part, that the bidder will, when required, if his proposal be accepted, enter into a contract and bond, with proper and suffi cient securities, for Its faithful performance. Form of bond and certificate required will be furnished on application to the department. Flans, specifications, and working drawings will be ready after thirty days, when they can be had on application to the department No bid will be considered unless it fully eom pl e>in nil its details with tKt requirements of this advertisement The proposals must be sent to this department, addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury, and plainly endorsed " Proposals for the Dubuque Custom-homo," and will be opened at 10 o'clock, a. m , of the last dav named for receiving tke same. JAMES GUTHRIE. dec 13-2awtl7Feb Secretary of the Treasury. Proposals for Erecting the Post Office and Coart-house at Springfield, Illinois. Triarchy Dipartmrnt. > Washington, December 17, ihW \ PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED AT this department until the 17th day of Febru ary, AD, 1H57, at 9 o'clock am, for the con struction ofthe|Po8tU{ficear.dCourt-honseauthor ir.ed to be erected at Springfield, Illinois, accord ing to the plaos and specifications prepared at this department; s.\ld proposals to be either for tn- whole building or separate for different kinds of work ; bills of parcels must in every case ac company each bid. with the amount of each kind of work, and the total amount carried out; the department reserving the right to reject or accept the proposals hereby Invited or any parts thereof, when it deems the interest of the United States requires it; the department also reserves the right to exclude the bids of any person or lersons who there Is just cause to believe will not faithfully perform the contracts, or which they have at tempted to obtaia by indirection; and all bids watn there shall be parties In interest who do not join in the bids, and all bids that, u<*>n Investi gati --n, are below a fair price for the wcrk. Bids will not be received In gross, and no con tract will be awarded to a bidder unless details are furnished the department of the prices of the different kinds or w.irk ami ri.atcrials, which shall be subject to the revision of the depatment, so that It may adopt the whole or part of th- b'.d as !he Interest oi tus United States may require. Nicety per cent cf the amount of work done and mater als delivered, according to contract price, (said amount to be ascertained by the esti mate of an a^ent of the der>artme?it appointed for that purpose.) wih be piid f'ouitlme to tlmp, as the w.>rk prog re **es; and ten ptrc-nt retained ! until the completion of tne contract and accept ance of the \?ork, Ac , by the asjent aforesaid, and be 'orfeited iu the event of non fulfilment of the contract. Contracts will be awarded only to master build ers and mechanics, and the assignment thereof i except by consent of the Sec -etary of the Treasury! will be a forfeiture of the same Each proposal must be accompanied by a writ ten guaranue. signed by two re.-p.insiblr | ergons, (certified to be so by the United Mates district judge or attorney of the said district,) in the sum of S5.00U for the whole work, or cf a proportion ate amount if for any part, that the bidder will, when required, if his proposal be accepted, enter into a contiact and bond, with proper and suffi cient securities, for its filthful performance. Form of bond and certificate required will be furnished on application to the department. Plans, specifications, and working drawings will be ready after thirty days, when they can be had on application to the department. H-j bid will tie considered unlets tt fully com plies in all tti details wi:k the requirements of tkis advertisement The proposals must be sent to this department, addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury, and plainly endorsed '? Proposals for the Springfield Post OJfice and Court-houseand Will be opened at 10 o'clock a m of the last day named for receiving the same JAMES GUTHRIE, Secretary of the Treasury. dec ]m 2awtl7Feb Proposals for Erecting the Foit Office and Court houso at Indianapolis, Indiana. TlKAfURTDKVARTMINT, / Washington, December 17, 1956. J PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED AT this depnitment until the 17th day of Febru ary, A D 1857, at 12 o'clock, noon, for the con struction of the P<?st Office and Court-house au thorized to be erected at Indianapolis, Indiana, according to the phns&nd specifications prepared at this department; taid proposals to be either for'the whole building, or separate for different kinds of work; bills of parcels must in every case accompany each bid, with the amount of each kind or work, and the total amount caroled out; the department reserving the right to reject or ac cept tne proposals hereby invited, or any parts thereof, when it deems the Interest of the United Mates requires it; the department also reserves the right to exclude the bids of any person or per sons who there is just cause to beiieve will not faithfully perform the contracts, or which they have attempted to obtain by indirection; and all bids when there shall be parties in interest who do not join in the bids, and all bids that, uptn Investigation, are below a fair price for the work. Bids will not be rec* ived in gross, and no con tract will be awarded to a bidder unless details are furnished the department of the prices of the different kinds of work and materials, which shall be subject to the revhlon of the department, so that It may adopt the whole or a part of the bid, as the Intercuts of the United States may re quire. Ninety per cent of the amount of work done and materials delivered, accordiag to contract price, (said amount to be ascertained by the estl male cf an agent of the department appointed for that purpose ) will be paid from time to time, as the work progresses, and ten per cent retained until the completion of the contract and accept ance of the work, Ac , by the agent aforesaid, ana be forfeited in the event of non-fulfilment of contract. Contracts will be awarded only to master build ers and mechanics, and the assignment thereof, except by consent of the Secretary of the Treasury, will be a forfeiture of the same Each proposal must be accompanied by a writ ten guarantee, signed by two responsible persons, (certified to be so by the United States district judge or attorney of th? said district,) in the sum of 85 000, for the whole work, or of a propor ate amount, If for any part, that the bidder will, ween required, if his proposal be accepted, en'er into a contract and bond, with proper and suffi cient securities, for its faithful performance. Form of bond and certificate required will be furnished on application to the department Plans, speculations, and working drawings will be ready after thirty days, when they can be had on application to the department. iVo bid will be tonsidered unless it fully com plies in all its details with the requirements of tkis advertisement. The ffroposals must be sent to this departmeat, addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury, and plainly endorsed " Proposals for the Indianapo lis Post Olftce and Court-Koust," and will be opened at 10 o'clock a m., of the last day named for receiving the ssme. JAMES GUTHRIE, Secretarv of the Treasury. dee 18-2awtl7Feb WOOD?WOOD--WOOD. Hickory,oak and pink of the best quality constantly on hand, at JOHN W. MYERS ft CO. Office and Yard corner ti and 23d streets. First Ward. dec IS tf f\ I FT BOOKS, UIFT ?1 m HEI LINO urr AT COST MISS WALLACH, ON LOUISIANA AVE nue, opposite Cer tre Marke:. wish** to dispose of her stock of HONNETS ??| cost, to cltsr up business She Invito b attention of Ladles dec >84t FKEKtH HATS, LATEST STYLE. SU8T RECEIVED THIS DAY. DIRECT from tbelmporter. tesses real French ^""V Drew HATS, to which we Invite early ta- MJ tentlen. Call at OHO. H. B WHITE A CO' 8, Fashionable Hat and Cap Store, 33S Pennsyl vania avenue, between 9th and 10th streets. doc 18-lw A WORD IN TIME. DON'T THROW AWAY YOUR MONEY on foolish articles, but buy some thing useful, at FRANCIS'on Seventh street. He has Work Stands. Baskets. Cabaa, Fruit Knives, Albata Forfcs and Spoons, Castora, Tea Sets. Table Mats, French Call Bells, Clocks, Jananned Gilt Toilet Sets, and a hundred other articles, not only suit able for presents, but for practical every day une For the useful presents remember dec 16 FRANCIS. MINCE MEAT. Domestic prepared, with good materials and under personal directions, bnt cannot be sold for less thai 20 cents per pound, aa a'l the materials used are aa gocd as usually used in home-ma<le Mince Meat And SULTANA RAISINS, CITRON, CUR RANTS. FRUITS, and NUTS of all kinds, to gether with all the dlffdient klndi of hermeti cally sealed VEGKTAU LES, FRUITS and FISH, In cans and jars. For sale by JAMKS H SHEKELL. dec 16-3t [I?lJ F ?treet, corner 13th. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. Hutchinson a munro are opening a large and beautiful assortment of GOODS, suitable for presents on the approaching holidays, such as Jewel Case*, Watcn Stands, Card Re ceivers, Work Boxes, Csbis, Scissors in cases, Dressing Case*, Card Cases. Portnaonnales. Port folios, Tablets, Traveling Companlona, Writing Desks, Perfume Cases, Toilet Bottle*, Cigar Cases, CI* ar Stands, Statuette*, Jet Ornaments, Coral Goods, Ac Also, a flne assortment of French and 9<rman Toys, Games, Targets, Automatons, Ac., to gether with a great many articles not necessary to enumerate. HUTCHINSON A MUNRO, dec id- 310 Pa. ave., bet. 9th and loth sts. PATENT QUILTED SKIRTS. THE ATTENTION OF THE LADIES I* Particularly Invited to these new y Invented SKIRTS, composed of the Fibres of the Calamus Rotang, which posseses a Bouyancy and Elasti city combined with Lightness unsurpassed by any other material, imparting an elegant, and graceful ftgure, and obviating the inconvenience of the ordinary hoop in windy weather. The economy of these Skirts is also a great re commendation, potwtensitg the bulk and warmth of four and the weight only of one, especially adapting them to the present season. For sale at W. EG AN A SON, 323 south aide of Penn>-ytvanla avenue , dec 18 3t [ lnt] bet. 9th and 7th sts^ TO THE LAOIBf. MRS. M L DAVISON OVERJte ^QMestrs Gait A Bro's, Jewelry Store,Wk ^^Unforms he* customers and the pub lie, that she has just received a most splendid as sortment of French Head Dresses, Hats, and Caps, which is nuw open, and at her store No 300 Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th and 10th ?ts A splendid assortment of FRENCH FLOW ERS, which she can sell, at very low prices and suitable to the buyers. M . L. D dec 17-3t? ttHlLLINGTON HAS RECEIVED THE C great January number of Godey's Lady's Book. See It and jndge for yourselves. Graham's Magazine for January Ladlea'National Magazine do Mrs Stevens's Illustrated Magazine do Person^ desirous of becoming subscribers to any of the various Monthly Magazines, American or Foreign Reviews, will be promptly funlshed with the same, at publishers' pries, by calling at SHILLING TON'S Book and Stationery Establisment, Odeon Building, corner Pa ave and4u st <*ec 17-3t GBAND FIKEMEIfS A WD CIVIC BALL BY THK Franklin Fir? Company. rpHE FRANKLIN FIRE COMPANY take g?wt pleasure In announcing that their An PilS. ^ will take place on the -9th of J&nu&iy, 1957; on which occasion they pledge themselves to use their b??t endeavors to make it the grand est l>all of th*- s.-ason F or further particulars see future advertisement. 117" The Managers are requested to meet at my house, on 13th xtreet, near the corner of E, at 7 o clock, on Thursday Evening, the lbth Instant, dec l7-2t a. E. DOYLE, Chairman. pR**ARED MINCED MEAT -900 lbs. r PREPARED MINCED MEAT, for family use. J ust received and for ?ale by EE WHITE A CO. 63 Louisiana ave , bet. 0th and 7th sts dec l7-3t opp. the Bank of Washington. OEMOVAL.-THE PENNSYLVANIA ICE ^ Cream Company for more extended arcora ?odations, have removed from 7th street to the corner of 12th and F streets, where they will be pleased to wait on all who want the very test ICE CREAM at the low price of <1 CD]Mr gal lon, handsomely put up In meulds or in plain formg dec 17-1W Dress caps, DRESS CAPS, # . , DRESS CAPS, for ladies, of every style and description, can be found at CA8SID\ '8, 314 Pennsylvania avenue, dec 17-lw between 10th and llth sts. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. "~ A RICH AND BEAUTIFUL ASSORTMENT of EMBROIDERIES cau be found at our Store for presents Also, Dress Caps, Head Dresses, Bonnets !? lowers. Feathers, Klbbons. Hosiery, Gioves And Fancy Goods generally, at CASslDY'S, 314 Pa avenue, dec 17-lw between 10th and llth sts J. W. Wit SEY, HE ACCOMPLISHED TEACHER OF .... bl? ?P???d * WRITING ALADhMi , at Anacostla Rooms, Navy Vard. For ladles at 3jf and gentlemen at 6% p m dec 17-St T Health and comfort?cork shoe Soles for ladles and gentlemen at dec 17-3t LAMMOND S, 7th street. AUK*-GAMES-GAMES !-A LARGE * assortment, and cheap, at dec 17?at LAMMOND'S, 7th street. Green corn, fresh touatoki, PEACHES, PINE APPLE, French and Spanish OLIVES, CAPERS, Ac. For sale by JAS. H . SHEKELL, dec 17-3t [lnt] 279 F St., corner 13th. LADIES' DRESS CAPS.?A MOST BEAU tlful assoitmeut just received this morning Also, a few pattern HEAD-DRESSES, at CA8S1DY'S dec 17-3t 314 Pa. ave., bet, loth and llth sts. First arrival of new Traffics, Petlts Pols, and Champignons, In this coun try, and dally expected In this cltv bv JAS fl SHEKELL, 279 F btreet, corner of 13Ui. dec 17 3t (Intel) STUART'S CANDY. 2CABE* STUART'S NEW YORK STEAM CANDIES received this aav KING A BURCHELL, dee 17 Corner Vermont avenue and 15th st. pORSETC, CORSETS. CORSETS.-aTl vV kinds of Ladle's Corsets and Supporters can be found at CASSIDY'8, dec 17-3t 314 Pa ave , bet. 10th and llth sts. MRS. STEPHENS1 NEW MONTHLY Magazine, for January, just received and for sale at H. W FERGUSON'S dec 16- _ Bookstore, 4?6 7th street. GRAHAM'S MAGAZINE, fer January. Vn Peterson's do do do Both splendid numbers. Just received and for sa'eat B. W. FERGUSON'S dec 16- Bookstore, 488 7th street 3 PIANOS, new and beaatifal, and war ranted, at our store, for 9*ou each. JOHN F. ELLIS, dec 18 303 Pa. ave , near 10th street. COAL?COAL?COAL OF ALL KIND8 AND OF THK BEST quality always on hand, at JOHN W. MYERS A CO. Yard corner G and 2id streets, First Ward, dec 16-tf FINE ARTS. CONNOI8SEUR8 ANDTHE PUBLIC8EN erally are Invited to calL at my Auction Room, Iron Hall, and Inspect the superb collec tion of PICTURES now arranged for exhibition, which are to be sold at public auction by cata W.?*.??,omE?NE81>AY Md THURSDAY EVENINGS, December 17th and J8th, com menclng each evening at 8 o'clock. Pictures possessing the same merit and bv such eminent artists have ne?er been offered at auction in this city. See advertisement. _ ? _ c. W BOTELER, Auctioneer ? ? 8.?The room will be open to visiters, pre viously to the sale, from ? a. m. to 8 p. m. dec 16-3t Running locomotive*-* new and beitlful Toy, at LAMMOND'S, dec 17-3t Seventh street. Amusements NATIONAL THEATRE. Fourth Night of Mr udNri H PLINKETT. THIS EVENINR, will Iw performed frberldan Knowiea'a play ? f THB HVNCHBAlk. Mute Mr H Plnakett. j alia Mr* H Pluakatt. DANCF MISS ELLA WARREN . To conclude with THB DUTCH ACTOR. Top poop Mr Glear ^ THALBERG'S LAST CONCERT. tATCRDATi DMfmbtr ttOtb, AT CARUSrS SAU)OX THALBEBO, D' A*OBI and 60TTSCHALK EXTRAORDINARY COMBINATION FOR ONE ETENINQ First appearance of MADAME D'ANGRI, Cantr*trice dl Camera to the Fmper?r of Aw trim and Prlmo Contralto from the Italian Open In Pari*, the Royal Opera. Covent Garden aad Her Maje?ty's Theatre In London The manager hat also much pleasure in an nouncing that an arrangement baa been mad* with the celebrated Pianist, MR. OOTTICHALK, who will make hia irat appearance la Washing ton and perform with M THALBKRM The Grand Duet frcm " Norma" on two PIanos, with which such a/mron was created In New York and Philadelphia The prices of admission remain the same as at the First Concert Referred Beats 91 M Doors open at 7# o'clock. Concert commences at 8 o'clock. The Price of Admission will be tl SO for Re ferred Seat* throughout the r^om. The only authorized Ticket Office at Da vis's Mimical Store I 1CT The sale will commence on Thcraday morning, December l*th. |[T On Friday, December l?th, win be given the Third Grand'Concert in Baltimore, dec IB ~ ODD 'FELLOWS' HALT.' GRAND CONCERT BY THE MELODBON STARTROUPE. HARRY LE HR as the darkiedoorkeeper and all the Troupe In Favorite Characters. 1ET GO TO-NIGHT "%? DK R P JONES, dec 17-2t Manager and Baslnes* Agent. Wants. WANTED IMMEDIATELY.?A MEDIUM sized Furnished Hou?e, in a central part of the city Address H, at tills ofllce. dec le-2t* WANTED?TO HIRE FOR TBREF. months, a colored Slave Boy, large enough ta drive a carriage, and experienced In waiting. Apply at this office. dee 16 WANTED?TO RENT, A COUPLE OP conrfortable Rooma, situated Intbe northern portion of the Second or Third Wards, for which a fair prlee will be psid monthly. Address A. B., through the City Post Office dec 16-at? WANTED IMMEDIATELY-TW O Good, smait Boys. Apply to JOHN REESF, Gas Fitter and Plumber, corner of 6th street and Penn. avenue. dec is St WANTED?A MIDDLE-AGED FEMALE, who understands the different kinds of work required in a family, including Plain Sewing She la wanted to assist in sucb work as the mist re? a of the house, who does not empioy a housekeep er, usually attends to. Satisfactory re omiren datlons particularly as to temper and disposition will be required. Address Dncas, City Post Of fice. giving address, with the names of persons referred to. dec lt-3t? A YOUNG LADY W ISHES A SITUATION as Lady's Maid **he 1* * Dress Maker end understands Hair Dressing, or would go as a Seamstress and Nursery ?ioveraees or Honse Keeper Please call at 262 F atrees, between 13th and 14th streets. dec 17-?t? WANTED IMMEDIATELY?AN Ex perienced dining room servant Must be well recommended, to whom the best wagss will be given Apply at this office dec 16 3t WANTED?FOR THE COMING YEAR, on a farm near the city, two men, (Slaves) for general firm work care and management of cattle and horaes. Two women as field lands, aad one woman who understands plain cooking. If good servanta. they will receive kind treat ment, and wages punctually paid Address L H., at the 8tar office dec 16-2w* Servants wanted?two female Servants. One to Cook, and the other to do the Housework of a small family, of four persons , Liberal wages will be given to competent per sons. Apply at 2VI, south aide of G street, be 13th and 14th. dec 11-tf WANTED?PERSONS DESIRING TO give prrvate diuner parties can be supplied with a first class French Cook at f2 for his servi. ? on application at 6AUTIKK'* RESTAU RANT, 252 Penn avenue, between llth and 13th streets. dec? Boarding. Board?a gentleman and lady, or a couple of gentlemen can obtain a com fortable Room, with Board, In a private family, by applying at 407 13th street. dec 17-3t* Boarding?a suite of rooms for Rent with Board, at 408 F street, in Union Row, and the immediate vicinity of the Patent Office. dec 17-3t* A CARD ?TO MEMBERS OF CON GRESS, CITIZENS, AND STRANG ERS?MRS. SPALDING, corner of F and ?th streets, has several deslroble Room* which she otters with Board Table boarders also arcom dited. dec 16-Jt* Board, Ac ?mrs. bates, on the s ** corner of Pennsylvania avenue and tfth street Is prepared to accommodate geniierocn with rwm with or without board Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. Transient or labia board can be obtained. ap fi-tf MRS C. R REYNOLDS HAVING COM. plated her arrangements for opening a fim class Braiding-House, desires all who may be hi search of superior accommodations in every re spect, to call and examine for themselves, where they will find attentive and obliging servants at their command S. E. corner Pa avenue and 4* street. dee lb-tl?Uaa CA.YIE TO THE M BSCKIBEK. LI VIMu on the corner of H and 2d streets. (Island.) ontae 2thcf December, a COW and BULLOCK bnth ted. with wide Lorns. The own? r will plea?e come lorward, prove property, pay charge* and take tbem away. dec 16-Uto JOHN E. MILLS. FjR SALE.?A BRIGHT BAY MAKE, * year* old, of gentle disposition, sound , wind and limb, and rlsht in every parti cular. She Is parted from for no fault, but cause her work lies where railroad cars will shortly b* In operation. May be seen at Dr. KING'S Brick-yard, eity ro?d. Alexandria, Va , IX miles from the Loug Bridge, Washliigton, D C. dec 14?a* NEW MILLINERY AT THE CAKES' fancy bazaar,soi pa avenl e PARIS MILLINERY, CLOAKS, M ANTIL* AS, and HEAD DRESSES, Just received, per express, from ttie establish ment, 481 Broadway, N Y. dec 17-2t For rale ? a very stylish, sad die and harness BAY HORSE, 7 j Krs old, sound and kind. Tbeowner i no use for him, and will sell him for 9140 Can be seen after 3 o'clock. ai stable In rear of 345 I street dec 17 eo3 FOB CHRISTMAS. Looking glasses, all sizes, will be sold low for cash JOHN WA?NER 255 Pa avenue, dec 17-tf opposite Klrkwood House. BliEBAL IRUE1 TO THE ENGLIftH Common Law Reports, by Biddle and He Meurtrle, of the Philadelphia Bar. Furnishing ? m?ans of convenient and ready application of tb? immense body of learning contained in those volume* Complete in two volumes Prlee ? * Juat issued, and this day received ^by dec 17- FRANCE TAYLOS. SUPERIOR CRAB-APPLB CIDEB.-* barrelssuperlorCRAB APPLE CIDER, from FrankUa county, Peuasvlvaal?_ Jn?t ^,rol,r,d and f^r sale by EE WHITE A CO 63 La avenue, bet. Mb and 7th streets, dec 17-3t opf>. the Rank of Washington.