Newspaper of Evening Star, December 19, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 19, 1856 Page 1
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VOL. VIII- WASHINGTON, D. C.. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1856. NO. 1,205. THE EVENING STAR, rOHLIKHKU KVKKT AVTEHIOI' ?, (EXCEPT SVNDAY,) II (?? Sfr ?kU4iwi,??fMr ?/ fiMiyitMM ???*?* ?U SiM<?U Iff Ml, By W. D. WALLACE, WiL be served to sab* rAers by carrier* at SIX AND A tjUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Areata; papers served in packages at37^ ?ents per raontli. To mall subscriber* the sub scription prlee la THREE DOLLARS AND FIF TY CENTS a year ???dsan?, TWO DOLLARS (or six month*, and ONE DOLLAR for three ?oaths; for less than three months at the rate el l*j{ cent* a week. \ZT SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. IMPROVED BETS OF ARTIFICIAL TEETH. DR. M. LOOMIS, THE INVENTOR AND patentee of 4 ? Loo mis' Mineral Plate, Teeth,'' will attend personally, during j the winter, at hla ofllce, on Pennsvlva nla avenue, between lltb and l'ith streets, two doors below the Klrkwood House This Improvement for Sets of Teeth consists chiefly In making an upper or lower set of but one pleee of material?teeth and plate all solid, and of the same substance No metal of any *lnd m used In constructing teeth In this way, conse quently they are perfectly free fiom all galvanic action and metallc taste Being all of one aolid pleee of mineral, there are no Joints to become flll?d with moisture or particles of food, hence the* a-e absolutely pur* arid ei*an< and will al ways continue so. They are also lighter, stronger, loaa clumsy and more natural In toelr appearaj-ce than teeth constricted In other methods. dec lfi-tf M. INTOCR A Banker*. BUV AND SELL DOMESTIC EXCHANGE, STOCKS. BONDS, and othes Securities, receive Deposits, furnish Drafts, make Collec tions, and negotiates Time Paper LAND WARRANTS We are at all times buying and selling Land Warrants, and will locate" them, on commission.' In Nebraskaand Minnesota Terrltorys, Wiscon sin. fowa, and Missouri. M SNYDER A SON'S Bank, dec lfi-lai No 38fl National Hotel Building. FI RS. FURS. FURS?AT SiTflOlR'#. The assortment largely keplen ished with tine Mink Sable and other se s Just received this day, a number of Mink Sable sets; the most beautiful had this season Also Stone Martin Marsh Marten Fitch do Siberian Sqnlrrll Rock do French Sable. Wolf and Coen Robes Every description of Furs worn by'adles and children, all of which will be sold still lower, by calling early, at tin Georgetown Factory. W. F. SEYMOUR, dec 15-2w Georgetown. D'lVEKNolS HOTK'. MR G. D'lVERNOI* BEGS TO INFORM his friends and tfce public In general, that he has now opened nls new Hotel on Pennsylvani* avenue, between 17th and< li?th streets This Establishment Is newlv and elegant yfurn ished on the most modern and Improved principle with Saloo is and Private Apartments Tl?e Bar Is supplied witn the choicest and Liquors. Cigars, Ac. Game and otter dellcaclt In season Private Dinner and Supper Parties promptij supplied and attended to In a-iy p rt of the city. Table d'hote at 3# o'clock, on Sundays at *2 nov <5-eo3m imeift'i Improved Sewing Machines. To which wai granted the Higheat Award c? the Pari* Exhibition, thereby receiving the World'i Verdict of Snoeriority. rpilE IMPROVEMENTS IN THIS MA 1 chlae has simplified them In many respecU, aad they are capableof executing twice the amount of worx they did formerly In any given time They are wltnout question the only Mathlnes ca pable of sewing every variety of goods perfect; t shirt bosom or heavy trace for harness can b? sewn bv any of these machines by aslmplechane* of needle and thread in such a manner that the closest scrutiny cannot detect a fanlt. Manufactarers. planters and families will find them the only safe Machines to purchase, as the} are built s:ron? sad durable, and not likely tt g*t on: of order. We h-ve machines with stages attached,for blading oal*. cap-fronts, gaiters.. Ac. Silk, Taread. Cotton, Needles, Ac , aonstaitly es kind, at the lowest rates. Per* )asd*?slro".s of Information regarding Sew lug Mar.alaea will please address 1. M. SINGER A CO., 1*5 Baltimore street, Baltimore N. fl.? We are prepared to exchange tnese ina ?hlaes for old machines of any kind Terms lib eral Persons who have t?een 1-iducedto purchase aferlor machines under the pretext of belag ?heap, will flad this a beaeit Indeed. NEW LI V EK STABLE, Eiftk Strut, t-.t\eitn D and E. r|lHE SUBSCRIBER HAS ERECTED A a. commodious stabie on Hth street, having room enough for over fifty hor ses. and a capital Carriage House of *7 by 90 feet. This establishment Is now . open for the reception of Horses on livery, an' for the hlrlsg and selling of horses He has also for rent a fine large Room Immedi ately over his carriage h?use 17 by 90 feet, suita ble for almost any purpo-e There is also sleeping branks for persons bringing servants, and the whole establishment Is lighted with gas He would also call the attention of persons bringing produce to market, to the fine yard ad Joining the stable, where wagons can be safely secured during toe night The whole establishment la under the charge of W* Hicks, well known to stable men In thin city. nov 2* tf JOHN C COOK. ?v A CiU I\ Ss AO i SORItR< OANSANTE. PROF H W KUNDER TAKES GREAT pleas ire la announcing to his friends, ~ "" patrons, snd public generally, that the above social and d-llghtful entertain ments will commence at Munder's Metro - politan Hall, corneryth and D street*, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, November' 'JSth, at 9 o'clo k, and continue every Wednesday throughout the season Gentlemen wishing to eubseribe for the season can do so upon very favorable terms, by applying at the Hall on Tues day and Thursday evening from 9 till 10 o'clock. nov 81-tf CLOtKftI-tLU< K4!?CLOCK*. ONLY THINK OF IT,?GOOD CLOCKS from 81 S?> up to S;J0,?all warranted to go right;?over 65 different styles of Clocks to ?electfrom Also. Clock Cords Weights. Keys, Balls, Oils, and everything In the material line Call and sets for yourselves, at J ROBINSON'S. 319 Pennsylvania avenue.op posite Browns' Hotel. nov M-'-im JOHN H. HLTHMANN, Importer and Dealer in Winee. Brandiee, Ae. P?m?. SSMHK, ?0??4 S*dt, btt nndQtk its , Has IN STORE A VERV CHOICE As sortment of Champagne, In quarts and pints, of the most desirable brands Also, sparkling f*t Peav. white and pink; Maderla, Sherry, Port, Tenerlffe. S.clly,l_ Rhine Wines, Moselle; French Wines, red and white; Cognac, Scheidam Uln, Jamacla Rum, Scotch Whiskey, American Whlskev. Curacos, Anisette; and of his own preparation. Wild Cherry Brandy, Blacaberry Juice. Stomach Bit ters. Also, genuine Abilnthe, Kl*schwas?er, and Havana Cigars do.* l??-3tAwlm. co rri*??coffiws. M m. WHITE. SOLE AGENT FOR FISK'S ? Airtight Metallic Cotfinsfor?, the city of Washington, wishes to Inform the pub'lc that he has now on hand a large supply of all slie?. stmlHr In form to the rl best wo >d rofllns. aud beautifully finished In Imitation of rosewood They can be ?old at thesam- r ites as a well fi tlshed mahogany cotfin These beau'lful Airtight Collins ran I* raily fjr use In thirty minutes for transpor atl n to any pirt of the Un'ted State- ? he under, signed attend* to UNDER TAKING In all its briarnes, at all hoars of day or night. Also on hand a supply*of READY MaDE WOODEN COFFINS Purchasers are respectfully Invited to call and a?e for them?elve?, at No 457 Pennsylvania ave nue. south side, near the corner of Third street, dw B eolm* M_M WHITE. DR MUNSON, AT.riS PENN A AVENUE Is still making those beautiful continuous GUM TEETH, cal^pd Alien s Patent, for the lic?*1 -ncy of Ll f IU which over all other stvles of teeth, many now wearing them In this city, will cheerfully vouch There Is one Dentist In this city who has been infringing the patent, and made a bad Imitation of It, against whom I hereby caution the public n' B Whenever a Dentist speaks against Allen's Patent Continuous ?ura Teeth, whea prtptrlf eomtrutfd, It Is because he Is Ignorant of thi process, Incompetent to make the work, or ? unwilling to pay for the patent. Je lfi-tf HOSIERY -HOSIERY. JOHN H SltOOT, NO. ll? BRIDGE Street. Georgetown, D C , has received a large assort ment of Woolea and Cottoa Hose, and half Hose for Ladlw, Genu, Boys and Ulrls.of all slzos and qualities, and of the best makes Purchasers Will please call nov* T" HE MOST fiEAl'tiribAIDalfkfl. sis* stork of Faitoy Goods Is at THfcyLAKES, d* i *4 ?ln avetui* 1. J. niODLETO.1, dialer IH 1 C X, OiUs end Dtf ???Southwest ooraer of F aad Twelfth streets n-ti DR. THKOD. hanshann Has removed his office some houses above his old rooms, to No. 481 7th street west, between D and E streets north, near th? tienerai Poet OAce Office hour* as before; from 8 to 10 o'clock a m nov7-dw* PIANOS. PIANOS. A LARGE COLLECTION OF NEW AND SECOND-HAN D PIANOS for Sale and to Rent, cheaper than at any other place, at No 498 Eleventh street, a law doors above Pennsylvania avenue. nov INTERNATIONAL HOTEL, WASHINGTON CITY. This house (known of late as the United States Hotel,) having under- t-ftt gone thorough repair and been handsomely refurnished, Is now open for the reception ofJLK guests. From Its favorable location, (being nearer the Capitol than any other Hotel In this city,) and the accommodations, the proprietor is prepared to afford all who wish a compfortable home during their sojourn in Washington, he feels assured of a liberal patronage from the traveling public H dec 1-tf eAUTlKR'SrRENlH RE?TAURANT, iSt Fa. av , bsMten Vitk and 13r A sts. THE PROPRIETOR OF THE ABOVE Es tablishment desires to call public attention to his 'nrrea?ed and unsurpassed facilities for con ducting and supplying everything in his line of business He is prepared to supply at a few hours notice the largest DINNERS, BALLS, and PARTIES with everything pertaining to the most fashion able entertainments, and oi the most reasonable terma ENTIRE DINNERS and DESSERTS fur nished Families without any trouble to the fam ily and at moderate charges , ? . A FIRST-CL ASS FRENCH COOK will be sent to private houses at S'2 per day; and market ing and such articles as they mav Wi*h purchased will b** furnished at cost Also, China, Glass, sMlver Ware, and Table ORNAMENTS. One or moe " dishes" sent to any part of the city at thort notice At my es ab lshment will be found elegant -ul'es of Parlor. Reception, and Dining Rooms furnished in the best manner, always te<idy. Mv Restaurant offers great advantages to gen tlemen rooming out; they can be supplied with meals at all hours. Particular attention is de-ir.'d to my new style ! of superb CON F ECTl ON ER Y, which for purity l and delicacy of flavor are unequalled ! c. gautier, dee 9- A52 Pa. avenue, bet 12th and 13th sts. TO THE LADIKB OF WASHINGTON AND SURROUNDING COUNTRY. AN O THE P LARGE SUPPLY. BONNETS, OF ALL CJUALI-, ??atles and prices,from the finest French! /JPr Hat* to the lowest pri ed ? . Fine and Handsome HEAD DRESSES, In great variety EMBROIDERIES of all kinds. TRIMMINGS to match any style of Drew goods. RIBBONS of every style. And, In fact, every variety of Goods asuaily found in tlrst class Trimming Stores 1?7"DRESS MAKING, after the latest and most approved styles. !S B ?The supply Is kept up through the en tire season. M. WILLI AN, Opposite the Centre Market, p g ?A gnat cane-? of arltclti suitabls for Ckristmaf GifP* nov 29-im TO ALL THAT VALUE THEIR SIGHT i fT0B1a?\ W1 ?ISHES TO CALL THE ATTENTION ,, to all that suffer with defective slgot. caused by age, sickness, and particular;}- from glasses Injudiciously selected, to his superior Spectacles and glasses carefully gmind by himself to a true spherical accuracy, and bril liant transparency, suited precisely and benefi cially t? the wearer according to the concavity oi convexity of the eve. Very numerous are the ill effects caused to the precious organ of sight from the commencement of using glasses In not brtng precisely suited, by the use or an Optomstsr; and the practice of many years enable* aim to meas ure the focal disease of tne eyes, and such glass es that are absolately reaulred will be furnished with precision and satisfaction. JOHN TOBIAS acknowledges the very libe ral encouragement aueadv obtained, and further solicits the patronage of tnose that have not yel availed themselves of his aid Persons that cannot conveniently call, by send ing the glasses In use, and state how many ln^h ea they can read this print with their spectacles, r\n he supplied with such as will Improve thelt ?ight. innumerable testimonials to be teen; and ref erences given to many who have derived tne greatest case and comfort from his glasses. Circulars to be had gratis, at his office, No. 512 SEVENTH STREET, Ur?i doors from Odd Ftllows' Hall, up stairs. Nor vol*. September 7, 1-54. Sir?The Spectacles you made for me suit ver;. well, and seem to have improved my sight more than any other I have lately tried LITT. W. TAZEWELL I have tTled a pair of Spectacles obtained from Mr. Tobias, and find them of great assistance to my sight and correspcnding with his description of the focus. 1 recommend him as a skillful op ticlaa. HENRY A. WISE. Having been induced by a friend to vlsltthe ea tabllsoment of Mr Tobias for the purpose of try ing his glasses, I was furnished by nlm with a pair slightly colored blue, which have afforded me more relief and gratification than any 1 have ever tried My sight, originally very good, was injured by writing and reading at night, fre quently to a very late hour; but with the aid o 1 these glasses I can study almost as late as ever, aad that too without the pain 1 have previously suffered. JOHN WILSON, Late Commissioner Gen'l Land Office. December 11, 1865 1 have us?d Mr. Tobias's Spectacles for three or four months, and take great pleasure la say ing that I am much nleas^ with them. 1 have been much benefitted by them May 5th, 185*. *EOK P.SCARBIRSIi. i was recommended to Mr John Tobias &s a skillful optician; and as I have eyes of reaurk* able peculiarity, I was gratified to find that Mr. Tobias seemed to compreheid them by inspec - tlon and some slight measurement, and he hat mad" me a pair of Spectacles that salts me ad mlrabiy. A P BBTLER. July 11,185?. ?? WrLmssTO!*, N C., Jan . 27,1854 Mr J Teaias: Dear Sir?1 am happy to say that the Spectacles wiilch I obtained from you las'. w*ek are entirely satisfactory. From an lnequal Ity m the visual range of mv eyes, 1 have hereto fo ind great difficulty In getting glasses of the proper focal distance It affords me pleasure tc state that, by the aid of your optometer, this diffi culty has been happily obviated ?o that the glasses you furnished me are dec dedly the best adapted to my eyes of any 1 have ever Yet .. Very respectfully, yours, R. B DRANK, Rector of St James'Parish DapaaTMiNT of iHtaaioa, May 7, 1856. From natural defects and the unequal range of my eyes, I have been compelled to use glasses for several years I have tried different opticians without obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to my eyes. Four mouths since Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially for me, which 1 have foundHo serve me perfectly Bv the use of his optometer he Is enabled to aaapt Glasses minutely to the eye. 1 most cheerfully recommend Mr. Tobias to all having occaslea to use glasses and bear my testi mony as to his skill as an optician. HENRY fe BALDWIN, Assist Sec'y to sign Land Warrants. p S.?OPERA GLASSES of great variety, TELESCOPES A MICROSCOPES, WATCH MAKER GLASSES, and many other articles la this line at very low prices constantly on haad. Jy 18-lv DK. DUPRIE'S REMEDIES are the only effectual cure for External or Internal Piles, Saltrbkiim. Ring-Worm. Ac. They me unrival led for purifying the blood. 50 cents per box Office 7H Nassau street, Ntw York Will be sent by mall For sale by kOKD A DKO., corner of 11th st. aad Pewi. avjfcw. 00 9" i < 9 their CHINA, GLASS AFIO QUEENS WARE* R. H MILLER, SON A CO.,i Importers direct from Liverpool toi Alexandria, beg leave to call the at-' tention of dealers, hotel keepers and others of Washington and Georgetown to stock of GOODS, which, for extent and variety, will compare favorably with any establishment In the Eastern cities. The connexion of their senior partner with the manufacturers of Europe and the Unite* States for upwards of 30 years, has given htm advan tages in the purchase of goods, equal, if not supe rior, to any house in the trade. An Inspection of goods and prices will satisfy all parties that pus chases can W made of thetu upon the most favor able terms French China Dinner Sets, gilt and decorated Preach China Dinner Sets, gold band and plain white French China Vases, Pitchers, Toilet Seta, Ac. French China Tea Sets, Cup? and Saucers, and other articles of Teaware And Dinner Ware, separate from seta India China Dinner Sets, and separate article* al ways on hand White Granite Ware in every variety, in sets, and separate from sets, as may be desired Blue Printed or Liverpool Ware, the same Common Edged, White and Kocklngham Ware, in full supply. Cut. Pressed, Plain and Moulded Glass Ware from the best establishments in the Eastern and Westerr State*, which will be sold by the pack age or otherwise Experienced packers employed. Goods put up oy ua can be transported by any mode without breakage. Fare by the steamboats from Washington to Alexandria, almost hourly, 12# cents each way A quarter of a dollar thus spent may save many dollars. dec I PASHIONABLE DANCING HW MUNDER, PROFESSOR OF DANC ? Ing at Georgetown Collegeand Con vent, and principal teacher of Washing ton, D C.,and Baltimore, Md , has the honor to announce to the citizens and public generally, ihat his school is openJ every TUESDAY and THURSDAY' AFTERNOON for Young Ladies, Misses, and Masters, from 3 until 6 o'c ock, and on the same evenings at 8 for gentlemen. Owing to the unusual large number of pupils in his classes this season, and the great success of his class in the first society of Baltimore, com peils him to limit the number of pupils taken for the balance of the season. The public are well aware that Prof. M spares Delther time nor patience to render the must un skilful pupil perfect. He Invites ladies and gentlemen ^snerally of respectability and standing, to visit his c ats and witness the improvement of hts pupils iu the few pleasant lessons that has past. It Is desirable that all who wish to participate in his May Exhibition ?hould entc eariy this year, as the dances in pre parati )n are more complicated than any hereto fore i ntroduced nov til tf BLACK TEA. CHESTS STANDARD 5rv this day received We again call the attention of the lovers of good Tea to the superior quality of this article, which we are confident cannot be surpass ed Price 50 cents per pound, at our new store, corner of 15th and I streets, dec 11 KING A BLACK TEA, BURCHELL. LARGE ARRIVAL OF PARIS .MILLI NERY. MADAME DEV08 FEELS GREAT PLEAS ure In informing her pitrons gener ^^jally, that the lciig delayd cases of^ BON NETS, Ac , arrlvtd to-day by Hall road Ladles requiring Bonnets, Cloaks, Headdresses, Ac , are invited to Inspect her as sortment, at THE LAKES, dec 15- 501 Penn. ave POCKET TOOTH BRUSHES.?A LARGE assortmen of these new and useful articles now opening at the gre3t Brush Emporium dec 1 THE LAKES, 504 Penn. avenue# I \RAf?iHT ALE?WE HAVE JUST RE "ceived 100 bbla of Read A brother's Troy Draught Ale, which Is very fine, and will besold at the low price of ffl.75 per bbl . for cash only ARNY ASH1NN, nov 5*6 Georgetown, D. C MANTELS, NEW AND BEAUTIFUL STYLE. Manufactured Lorn Slate Stone, by ihs >7ret C'nstioton Male Caapnuy, V?. rpHESfc MANTELS ARE ENAMELLED IN 1 imitation of the richest and :ncs>t expensive EGYPTIAN, LISBON, VLltO ANTIQUE, POKPHYRY, PYRENEES, BROCATELLA, AGATE, SPANISH GA LW AY, and other rare and desirable MARBLES. The Imitations are so perfect that they chalenge the closest scrutiny. They are to highly polished that they retain their beauty um-h longer than marble; are not injured by smote, coal gas, or acids, and can be sold much cheaper than any others in market. Price ranging from 81"25 to 91'i Archltects, Builders and otheis invited to call and examine samples at No. 5!2SeveLth street, 3 doors bslow Odd Fellows' Hall, up stairs. T. M HANSON, se ia-1 v Agent. LAMPS?LAMPS. CJTAR. FELLOWS A CO'". PATENT ?3 REGULATOR LAMP STANDS unrivalled as being the cleanest, *afe?t, and gives the beat light of tny Lamp of the kind ever Invented We have now a very handsome as~o< irnent of the above, as well as all other kinds of Lamps on hand, which we will sell at very low prices HOWELL A MORSELL, dec IX Jlw No. 323 C a ., bet. 6th nnd 7th. Bilk! BUCK.: BUCK! (uat Wtoliy Hiss EN ROUTE FOR WASHINGTON, D C. 11HREE ENTIRE DEER, LARGEST EVER . received In Baltimore, sbot with Virginia ritles?not re,-ol<ers. HEAR MEAT, HAMS, SHOULDERS, SIDES, fattest tvwr receivid fiom the ALlegha nies. Con-tin'ly r ceiving from the We*t, vin Balti more and Ohio, Wlnchenter ^nd Potomac, Par kersburg. Central Ohio Railroads, VENISON, POULTRY, WILD GAME, keg and roll BUT TEK, CAP HONEY, DRIED APPLES and PEACHES, and country produce generally. For sale by C C. O'NEIL, Comer Howard and Pratt str?*u, dec3-lm Baltimore. BOOK BINDING. Corner E ivtnth strut and Maryland a^tnui, ntar the SmtiVTVHiam Institution. LM)WARD LYCETT RESPECTFULLY 1N JCi forms the subscribers to Brown's Bible and Shakspenre, now just completed, that he is pre pared to bind those works in a superior style of

elegance, strength and solidity, and upon "much more reasonable terms than can t>e done in Balti more, Philadelphia, or New York. A letter ad dreserd to him (per post) will enable him to ex hlblt to the subscribers specimens of l.|s style of binding. Every kind of Book ftlndlsg neatfv ex ecuted. setfVfim POST OFFICE DIRECTORY, OR BVBI nese Man's Guide to the Post Offices in the United States, containing th* names of the Post Offices and Post Masters In the United States on the 1st July, 1856, wlih a variety of valuable in formation on Postal Affairs; also, a comprehen sive codification of the existing Postal 1 aw.s. Price fi. Just published, and for sale, at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore, dec ll- ut*i vtfc street A CARD. V. V. A T Z S , Bridge street, Geergetewa, South sidf, betwun High ?*d Congrets striel*, RESPECTFULLY INFORMS H IS PA trons and the public generally that he Is new prepared to furnish PARTIES, WEDDINGS, #c , In the best and most elegant sty e, at the shortest notice. He will give his personal at tendance. and assume the responsibility of th* entertainment ? C. C. Atss, grateful for thrUberc; patronage he has heretofore received, assures his friends and all who may give him a call that every effort on his part will be made to merit a contlnaance of their favors. He solicits an examination of his large and elegant assortment of CAKKS, CON FECTION FRY, Ac , which he offers for sale at he lowest prices. dec IB 2w? CONFECTIONERY FOR THE APPROACHING HOLIDAYS. Notwithstanding the high price of sugar, 1 will sell my CON FECTION BR Y at the usual prices, vli: PLAIN CANDY and MIXED DROPS at 25 cents | er pound SUGAR PLUMS at3?X cents per pound, usually sold l>y retailers at 50 cents French BON RONS, Including all kinds of French 50ceut* per pound, uoually sold at 75 cents ?nd SI per pound POUND and FRUIT CAKE, of which I shall have a large assortment, manufactured of the very best and freshest materials, ornn mented fine and tastefully. Please give us a call, and aon't mistake the place, No 31ft Pennsylvania avenue, between #th and 10th streets, neat door tn Ir #n Hall. dec 15-Im GEO NORBECK CAKKS A Pill CONFECFIONERY FOR FtIK THE HOLIDAYS. JPOTENTINI, NO. 5179 PENNSYLVANIA ? ave, south slae, fonr doors west of 10th street, will have for exhibition and sale on Saturday, the Mh Instant, the largest and most elegant assort men' of RICH ORNAMENTED FRUIT, POUND and FANCY CAKES ever otfcred In this city, which he pledges himself shall not be surpassed In the excellence of the materials of which the same shall be made< or In the season abteness of price. Ledies and gentlemen are respectfully Invlud to call and view the splendid assortment of the ab' ve described Cakes T P requests tbat his patrons and ell desir ing him to furnish t!iem with Cake- and Con fectionery for the Holidays, will ser:d the orders rn time to be supplied without delay Anticipating as he doe* an extra rdlnaryde mand for the dellcacles^whicb he offers for ta'e. dec 12-dt'anl MORE CLOAKS AND SHAWLS. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED A BEAUTI ful assortment of rich t'loth and Velvet Cloaks and Shawls, which we shall run off at great reduced price* Just opened, from the Importers, a laffce assort ment of rich and beautiful Emoroiderea Collars, Po:ket Handkerchiefs, Sleeves and Collars in sets |C^ We Invite all in want of useful Christmas and New Year Presents, to call and examine cur s'ock, as we shall i-ffer gTeit bargains COLLEY ft SEARS, No. W3 Tth at., 3 doors north Pa ave. dec 12 fir OK EAT BARGAINS IN RICH DRESS GOODS. WE SHALL COMMENCE TO SELLING off our entire stock of rich fancy Dress Silks, Plaid French Merinos, Mousslilns, plain French Merinos end Cobert^Clotbs; in fact, all Fancy Goods will be sold very cheap to close them out this season. ID" A full stock In store of all kinds general Stapleand Domestic Scods for family consumo tlon, and of the beet class, to which we invite purchasers tocall and examine before buying COLLEY ft SLARS, deft 1'2-eoftt 5237th st , 3 doors north Pa ave. PARIS FHKMIl'M HATS. MODE DE PINAUD. 'HOOD ft CO. HAVE RECEIVED PFR M. steamship "Arago" an Invoice of Sen- rf~\ tlemen's DRESS HATS from the celebrated establishment of Lavllleft Poumarr.ux. who received two first-class medals at thf late Exposi tion in Paris. Also, a beautiful assortment cf Children's FANCY BEAVER HATS, for Mlssesor Boy*. Ladles' RIDING HATS. FRENCH #WHRELLAS, v-ry superior TODD ft CO., nov 3-6tfteotf west end Browns' Hotel. /MUJI3 IS TO GIVE NOTICE THAT 1 the subscriber hath obtained from the Or phan's Court of Washington county, in the Dls tr-ct of Columbia, letters te*tlmeiitory, on the personal estate of Lewis Mattiogly, late of Wash ington county, deceat>ed All persons having claims against the said dec.t-ascd, are hereby warned to exhibited the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the lfith day of December next; they may otfcerwi?e by law be excluded from all benefit of tLe sdH es tate Given under my hand this 16th dav of De cember, IHM. NANCEY MATTINGLY. dec 18-w3*r Executrix. 100 CLOTH CLOAKS AND TALMAS, FROM AUCTION inn LADIES' CLOAKS, from Auction, A from S'2 5U to Slo each. 100 LADIES' CLOAKS, from Auction. f om #2.50 to Sin each. 100 LADIES5 CLOAKS, from Auc ion. from 82 50 to $10 each. Just received at the Ladies' Cloak and Mantilla Emporium MAXWELL ft BKO , dec lo-eo6t uvs Penn. avenue. CHAUNCEY WAHRlNEit, WATCH MAKER. NO. 34 4* STK EET, SIGN OF THE LARGE and fmall Watch with Chain, near Shilling ton's Periodical Depot, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 4# street ? WATCHES. JEWELRY SILVER WARE. WATCH REPAIRING, Ac Chronometers, Repeating Watches, Duplex, Mantle Clocks, Lever, Jewelry, and I Horxontal, Silver Ware Musical, and REPAIRED. JEWE'.RY AND SILVER WARE made to order. 117"Removed from 370 Penn'aavenue, browns Hotel, to the above location nov eo3m C. WARR1NEK. OILK UNDERGARMENTS.?IN AD0I ^ tlon to OTir very full and complete assortment of heavy woollen and merino Undershirts and Drawers, w.? offVr the largest and mos; varied as sortment of SILK UNDEK^HIRTS and DRAW ERS ever offered In this market Bui Ing exclusively for cash we offer the best roods, In the largest variety, at the lowest and uniform prices, at STEVENS'S Sales Room, dec \-eo Browns' Hotel 40 000 F?k\CH TREES. Atten dollars per hundred?for sale at my Nursery, near Washington MA The above trees are all of fne growth, andVlw of the best select fruit Also, a general assortment of ORNAMENTAL, EVERtfkEEN, SHADE, and FR01T TREES, oc 22 tf JOSHUA PEIRCE. l-tiited States Patent Office, > WAnHiMtJTo*, December 9. 185T. J ON THE PETITION OF FRANCIS N. S Dlth, of Kinde ho k New York, praying for the extension of a patent granted to him on th" 1ft day of June, 1943, for an Improvement In ' Corn {^heller*," for seven years frcm the expi ration of said patent, which takes place on the 1st dav of Juue, 1857? It Is ordered, that the said petition be heard at the Patent Office on Monday, the 18th of May, 1H57. at 12 o'clock m.; and all persons are no titled to appear and show cause, If any they have, whv said petition ought not to be granted Persons opposing tne extension are required to file In the Patent Office their objections, specially set forth In writing, at least twenty days before the day of hearing ; all testimony filed by either party to be used at the said hearing must be takf? and transmitted in accordance with the rules ?f the ottlce, which will be furnished on application. The testimony In the case will be elosed on the &tfe of May; depositions and other papers relied upon as testimony must be filed in the office on or before the morning of that day; the ar guments, If any, within ten days thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notice be published In the Union, IntelllgencerandEvenlngStar, Wash ington. D. C.; Republican, Baltimore, Maryland; PennBvlvaolan, Philadelphia, Pa.: Dally News, New York, New York; and Post, Boston, Mats ; once a week for three successive weeks previous to Cue lSftli day of Mav next, the day of hearing CHARLES MASON, Commissioner of Patents. P. 8 ?Editors of the above papers will please copy, and send their bills to the Patent Offioe, wtth a paper containing this notice. dec 10 lawfwj EVENING STAK Book Notice* Cook RR Y AS it Should be ; A New Manual of the Dining Room and Kitchcn. By a Prac tical Housekeeper. (For sale in this city by J. Sbillingtou.) This book ,<eeniJ peculiarly adapted for the guidance of persons in moderate circumstance*, i in the style t f its receipt*, a large portion of which arc original. Altha ; or. Shells from the Strand. By Mr> Ada M Fieli Boston - Jamea French A Co. (For sale in this city by Taylor * Maury.) With a most unsatisfactory ending anil gen eral incompleteness, the volume under notice contains chapters which indicate that Mrs Field may yet do better things than " Altha.'' Chaplains op the General Government; With Objections to their Lmployment Con eidered. By Lorenso D. Johnson, author of '? Churches and Pastors of Washingtou ' This seems to be a work of considerable value, containing, as it does, a liet of all the chaplains to Congress, in the Army, and in the Navy, from the formation of the Govern ment to the present time. Manual ok the Arts run Young Pboplb ; or, A Present for All Seasons Boston : James French X Co. (For sale in this city by Franck Taylor.) Beautifully got up in the matter of priLt, paper, and illustrations, and containing a great amount of information, presented in be guiling style, we have seen no more appro priate gift-book for the holidays, though adapted, as its title indicates, fur all seasons A Perfumed Breath.?What ladyor gen tleman would remain under the curse of a dia agreeable breath when by using the 44 Balwi of a Tkoutand Flowers" as a dentrificc would not only render it sweet but leave the teeth white as alabaster7 Many persons do not know their breath is bad, and the subject is so delicate their friends will never mention it. Pour a single drop of the "Balm" on ycur tooth brash and wash the teeth night and morning. A fifty cent bottle will last a year For sale at Shillington's, agent for Washing ton, and all Druggist?. Chapped Hasds.?Whoever is suffering from this disagreeable accompaniment of cold weather will find speedy relief by using Fon tiine'a Cream of Wild Flowers. It will also be found a complete substitute for e>ap, for washing, shaving and imparting a deligbtiul softness to the skin. Sold by the agents, druggists and fancy stores. An Annual Register ?We are indebted to Luther Tucker A Son, publishers <1 the Count y Gentleman, Albany, N Y , for a copy of their Annual Kegtttrr?& farmer's almanac and bojk of reference of much value indeed U those who, 213 we do, cultivate the soil. ____ A Monument vi A Coffin. During the prevalence of the yellow fever last summer on the south side of Long Island, two noble young physicians fell .1 sacrifice to their seal in the service of their afflicted neighbors The names of Dubois aDd Crane .:ie enrolled with the names of those moral heroes who have died battling the woes and sufferings of their fe'low men. Their grateful townsmen of New I'trccht intend erecting a monument at a cost of twelve hundred dollars, in the grave yard where they lie aide l<y side ^inong those who tied upon the outbreak of the terrible scourge in auotber district was a physician who had enjoyed the support of a g->od practice, abandoning his patients, two of whom were lying ill of the fever He viewed from tho distance of several hundred miles tLte ravages of death, and heard the cry of holp from his deserted home The fever iub ti led and the timid ventured to ^eiura; among these our chicken hea;Ud doctor. So, one bright frosty u^rning, rhis fall, the rusty hinge* of his cttice windows creaked as they admitted light to his neglected apartment. The cobwebs were swept from tiie med'.cine bottles, which hai stood for months untouched 41 Hydra r%yri snhmuria* et P J.*s i^oi ar/," looking out from thsir dusty case*, would speak a rebuke they had $*> long been left without being oent upon an errand of rnefcy; but. ail unconscious, the doctor rubbed his hands with the satisfaction that he should once more be employed. Thus a day was spent in delightful anticipa tions ; night came?so did the D>.o*4ing ; bu* what horror was depicted -p?n the doctor s countenance as ho leaked from his window ; for lo! th^za, suspended in the air, hangs a cctSn; its polished surface and glittering plate inscribed with his name and departure, reflect the beams of the mora.?g sun. Upon taking it down, he fQ'^nu a note from his sur viving town?coi>, inviting him to be at home that night, as they intended to visit him and place his remains in the mahogany co$n sent him We need scarcely add, that the doctor, considering his remains in i?tso*n possession better eff than in tb^ bauds of his 44 surviving neighbors, ' made track", and has not been tince in that locality.?Newark Dmly Adv. A Great Change in Commerce Indicated There was au arrival, a day or two since, at New York, of a vessel from Aspinwall, having onboard six hundred barrels of oil There was nothing very startling in the landing of such a oargo, but it will be regarded as omin ous to one uf the m^st important interests in the commerce of New England. Those six hundred barrels of oil were carried into Pa nama by a whaling vessel, transported across the isthmus on the railroad, and landed in New York in less than one fifth the tiiue that would have been occupied in soaring it horn in the usual manner, around Cape Horn It tbeoil taken in the pacific can be sent to the Atlantic poU* in this manner as cheaply us in the id way. it will put an end to 'b? wbalinir business, wbicb has been so prolific a source of wealth to New Ecgiaod heretofore Such towns as New Bedford and Nantucket, which owe their prosperity, if not their exisuace, to the whaling business, may date their deca dence from the landing of 'lials first cargo of oil across the isthmus. Dissolution op Partnership ?The long partnership of the undersigned hai tw*en this day di^olved by mutual sonsent. As tbe operation* of the parties have been alike un profitable to tWe arm and the public, no det?ts will be paid. The parties have no bills re oeirable, and they freely release all who nny imagine that they owe anything Tho senior partner has gone on a freedom shiiekiug ex cursion, for which sho h~s long had a decided itching, and will, p? raap?, go to the be fore she returns ; th?s junior will resume bu sines* with the old partner, Virginia, and other white people. Massachusetts December 3 1856. Ksetucey. ty A young schoul miss, whose teacber had taught heT that two negative* are equal to &n aftirmative, on being asked by a for her assent to marry him. replied No, no." The swain looked astonished and be wildered?she referred him to Murray, when for tho first time he learned that no meant fH* WKKK1.V 6IAM. Tkla anOat talfM ImU??) ?<?'y i pwMl nrlMy ef mU>| IUI eu tec (?u4 la ut ether?te published day BMilif. nun. Blagle copy, per .-?! ** TO UVM. Flveeopies t? Oi Tea eoplee 8 M Vwmtycoplm ..IS #? tTCash, jh**xtablv in tsrinri. (LrBli|ll??Mhi(la wrapper*) ?aa be procure* _ {ne counter, Immediately after the l?roe of the W*- Prtoe-Tsiii Cimts ff?T*ittinv*boirt a* amenta wlllbeallcwe# a cAMmlnstna of t weary per eeal. PERSONAL .... Jel'achich, the well known Ban ?f Crerlik. is ?erioa?ly ill at Agram ....Mr Manager Haekettwas playing Fal Jtnff at Memphis. Tern.. last week. .... Co! Jim Lane is reported to have start* ed fur Kansas, aooompanied by a party of em igr?nts .... Benjamin Y. Martin, of volumbus, G? b;\s been appointed reporter of the Su preme Court of teat 6tate. .... A coarse of anti-slavery lectures v to be given this winter in Baffalo, with Greeley, Iliie, C. M. Clay and others for spoaken. .... Lieut George 11. Darby, U S. topo graphical engineers?the original " Johu Pb?a nix"?has bean ordered to detn?it from Wash ington Territory. ....The Liverpool Times states that Mr. Arrowsmitb, the modern Munchausen who was so successful in hoaxing the London Time*, has left England for the United State? .... Prof Hedrick who was expelled from tbe North Carolina I'niverrity on acoount of hi* abolition sentiment*, is in Cineianati He ha- been offered a professorship in a western college. .... Letter* from Mr Barney Williams state the* he will retain to tbe Untted States in Sep tember next. At the last accounts Mr and Mr*. William* were playing at the Royal Air pitbeatre, Liverpool, with great succe?s. .... A German wifh whom Bayard Taylor lormed a friendship has conveyed to him as a iree gift, an estate near the Tbaringian forest; it contains a beautiful residence buiit in 1700 by one of the ministers of Ernest II. Lucky traveler! .... By a rr cent decision of one of the court* in San Francisco, a suit was brought to a suc cessful termination, in which Joseph G. Bald win, Esq . received a lee of over $100,000. Mr. B is tbe well known author of the " Flu-h Times of Alabama and Mississippi." and of u Farty Leaders," and is a native of Virginia. .... Henry Major, formerly an Episcopal minister of Philadelphia. and who, a few year* since, joined the Roman Catholics, has return ed to the bosom of the church from which he apostatised Mr. Major published a book, giving bio reasons for renouncing Protestant ism, and was soon after appointed editor cf toe Catholic Herald I .... The latest theatrical on Jit U that tke Drury Lane Theatre. London, has been leased by our enterprising town?m^n, Henry C. Jar rett. Esq , who will speedily c?mmenee his English campaign with a corps drataatique er eJutivety Amrritan?Mrs C Howard, Mrs Lirsie Weston Davenport. M.irk Smith aud U A. Perry being already engaged. ....Mr James E Murdoch was advertised on the 3fttb ult for tbe twenty first consec utive representation of Charles Surface in t\ie School far Scandal, at the Haymarket Thea'.re London, and tbe comedy is announce^ for farther repetition Hia engagement will ax tend to eighty nights, and or ly be interrupted by the Christmas pantomimes, vhich are a British 41 institution " .... Several of the newspaper correspond ents in Nicaragua have fallen there: amon^ them Mr Slate, whu corresponded with the New York Herald, aid Mr. ?wart, who wrote t> the Daily News Mr. Dnffy. the corres pondent of the Tribune, is among the besieged at Granad-i The accounts of the great vic tories of Walker, as telegraphed from New Orleans, were supplied by Mr Rachsad. of the New Orleans Picayune These corres pondent# had no choice left but to eulogize Walker and magnify his successes .... Tbe London Morning Advertiser gives a memoir of our new President, in the course of which it says: k* Mr Buchanan came to England in 185a, little apprehending that his mission was to last so long. But during the Russian war Mr . Buchanan courteously forebore from pressing tbe discussion of American subjects upon oar Government; so that in the dat^s of the cor respondence between himself and Lord Clar endon we find in sotre instances that several months intervene. It is generally admitted tbat the American Embassador fcnd the best ol the argument in this discussion, which was cerried on with great ability on both sides. In bis feature* Mr Buchanan bears a pass irg re-ejufilance to the great Franklin, espe cially in the upper developments of the fact It was often remarked by tbuse who, in this country, stw Mr Buchanan for the first time, that there was pomeibtng in his countenance which recalled th? portra t of the celebrated American stute?ifi*n and philosopher. The new Pre^iUtoat i* a tlueut and eloquent speak er ; his style is ?omewhat like that of Sir Jss. iraham. but is le?s formal. wLile the senti ments are mure frauk and generous " A Vii ?EK Lookixg Ciiatt ?Those who had tbe luck to be ?itbiu view of the harbor yea terday mor-?i>ig were considerably nonplussed to m?\:? cut an object which came up the riv*r about eight o'clock, and passed over to Portsmouth?the like of which, perhaps, they aad never seen before. As we viewed this shapeless monster of tbe sea lsiilv and slug gishly creeping along with all her canvas spread, it reminded us of Noah's ark. And yet it was a veritable 14 argoaie" from Dor drecht in Holland, a galliot bark, bearing tke name of the " Mcrniede''?as quaint a repre sentation of a mrrm-n'tl as Barnum's cele brated hoax She made the trip in sixty days?which proves tbat she is not the Flftnf Dutchman The M<*rmede comes to take in a load of spars to Amsterdam ?Norfolk lit raid. Disrsios A.iti Slavirv Meftikq is Ma.1 sachcsktt* ?At a disunion meeting in Wor uester on Friday evewin^, addresses were made by Thom-is Earle. chairman. Rev. T W Hig arinson, Stephen S Foster, and otj*rs. The irrour.d taken by m^st of t^e speakers, says the Spy. was that all the sig^s of the times t'-cded in tbe direction of dissolution of tbe Union, and tbr.t the tima has come for a dis anion movement ut the North, in which voters, it well as Garrlsuatar. non voters, eruld take oart A call fo; a State convention on the IMh of JMnaary was adopted, and a comm t ?eo appointed to make urrancements for it. The Richmond Enquirer in an edito rial refcrtoice to the Electoral recommenda iatiim of Ex-Gov. Floyd as a member of tbe aext cabinet, says : *? Tbe pereon who pre cared the paper called it in. It is believed :? le u-w in bis possession, arid has never seen ?fc.l eever will be -ent to Mr. Buchaoan in,I asiJ.-T. Wite'i conduct, too, has bees mpeached m thin ma'.ter, we aie author,aed iy biin to say, that he was whol y ignorant of ?ucb a paper.'* 1M1DRTAN1 TO BeTTIWO Ml*.?Tfct 8u jretuc Courts of Ohio and South Caroliaa ltrc div ided thut the loaing partj in a weger nay rccover ftom th? stakeholder the iiione> le may have deposited with him, aluiough be latter, after ?hc Wefennination of the wa ;er, bad, by the *rder of the dapositor, paid ;h? monev o**r to the winner. This decision >f the ?oirt is destined to effect an entire rer datioa in the betting world. r ~y - A Mi?a Ray, of Lowell, has obtained fl uo(? damages in h I:each of promise ease. The Cambridge Chr.uijle explains that?' the lomparativcly 1 w figure at which the damafe fas set, resulted from tbe influence of a rasly lid ; bach" on the jury, who, toUlly ignorant >f connubial feli. ity. possessed no more quali leation to decide n claim of that nature &an in opossum or a kangaroo !** jy Xbe Havana correspondent of the Jouner A Ei quirer reports that the Captain lenera' has sent in bis resignation to thegov irnment at Madrid. fy Tie boy is now living ?Lo will be Resident in 1WOO <>f bis prec se reeideace te are not informed