Newspaper of Evening Star, December 22, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 22, 1856 Page 1
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VOL. VIII. WASHINGTON, D. CM MONDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1856. NO. 1,207. TEE EVENING STAR, fCRLiaUKO AYKHY AFTEll <IOO?, lLACh.PT SBNDAY,) 4? '?? S'*? ?/ PlMI|f| ?H ?*|?M PltmtMik i I'M I, By *7. I>. WALLACH, * tli b? served to tratwrrlbere by carrier* at SIX A AID A qUARTER CENTS, payable weekly la the Areata ; papers served la packages at 37# cent* per month. To mail subscribers the Mb sc;ipt*on prtoe I* XHKKK DOLLARSAND FIF TY C8NTS a ywr ?? mdvmnct, TWO DOLLARS for tlx month*, and UHK DOLLAR for thro* months ; for less than tAree months at the rate of 14# cent* a wee*. tZT SINGLE COPIES ONI <"EWT. I >1 PROVED SETS OF ARTIFICIAL TEETH. OR. M LOOMIS, THE INVENTOR AND patentee of ? Loomla' Mineral Plate, Teeth," will at'end persona! y, during/ the winter, at hi* "floe. on Peunsvlva nla avenue, between tlth and lJth streets, two door* below the Klrkwood House This Improvement for Sets of Te**th consist* chiefly In making an upper or lower set of but one piece of material?'eeth and plate all solid, and of the same substance No metal of any kind m used In constructing teeth In this war, conse quently they a^e perfectly free from all galvanic action and metallc taste Being all of one solid pleee of minertl, there are no Joints to become tiled with moisture or partlclaa of food, henoe they are abaoluteiy Pmrt aid titan, and will al ways continue so They are also lighter, stronger, lea* alomay and more natural In their appearance than teeth oocatrocted In other methods dec lt-tf a. SNYDER. * SON, Bankers, RCY AND SELL DOMESTIC EXCHANGE. O STOCKS, BONDS, and othea Secrftttlej, receive Deposits, furnish Drafts, make Collec tion*, and negotiate* Time Paper. LAND WARRANTS. We are at all times buying and selling Land Wsrranta.and will lonate them, on commission, la Nebraska and Minnesota Territorya, Wiscon sin, Iowa, and Missouri. M SNYDER ft SON'S Bank, dec lt-lm No 8H8 Natloaal Hotel Building. FL'RS. FCRS, FL'RI-AT SBYMUIR'S. THE ASSORTMENT LARGELY REPLKN lsbed with tne Mink Sable and other se s Just renelved thle da v. a number of Mink Sable seta; lha moat beautiful had this season Alao? Stone Martin Marsh Marten Fitch do Siberian Squlrril Rock do French Sable. Wolf and Coon Robes. Every description of Fura worn by ladle* and children, all of which will be sold still lower, by calling early, at the ?Georgetown Factory. W. F. SEYMOUR, dec li^w Georgetown. imait's Improved Sowing Machines. To vhieh fai granted the Highest Award o i the Paris Exhibition, thereby receiving the World's Verdict of Superiority THE IMPROVEMENTS IN THIS Ma chine baa alra allied them la many respects, aad they areenpableof executl ng twice the amount of work thev did formerly in nay given time. They are without questloa the only Machine* ca pable of aewiag every variety of ?'oods perfect; a ahlrt bosom or heavy trace for harnet>s can be aewa by aay of thee* uaaehineaby a simple ch&age ?f needle aad thread la such a manner that :?? cloaest scrutiny cannot detect a fault. Manufacturers, planters and families will tad them the only safe Machinea to purchase, as they are built strong and durable, and not likely tc get out of order. We have machines with gnages attached,for Mndlng hats,cap-fronts, gaiters, Ac. Silk, rhread. Cetton, Needlea, Ac., aonataatly ?c hand, at the lowest rales. Persoasdealreus ef Information regard lag Sew lag Maehlaea will please address I. M. SINGER A CO., 195 Baltimore street, Haiti more N B.?We are prepared to exchangetfce*e ma a'a'.aesfor old maohlaes of aay klad Terms lib eral Persons who have been Induced to purchase aferlor maehlae* under the pretext of being ?heap, will tad this a benett Indeed. lA-ly A\J 1QU A NEW LIVEKT STABLE, BtgStk 8t**tt, D and B. The subscriber hai erected a commodious stable on Hth street, having room enough for over tfty hor ses. and a capital Carriage House of 27 by 90 f<wt. This establishment Is now, epee for the reception of Horses on livery, ani for tee hiring and selling of horses. He has alao for rent aloe lartre Room krtsned*. atelv over bis carriage house, ft by 80 feet, suita ble for aimeat any purpose There la also sleeping * brinks for persona bringing servants, and the whole establishment Is lighted with gas. He would also call the attention of persona bringing produce to mirket, to the fine yard ad joining the stable, where wagoas can be safely seaara during the night The whole establishment is uader the charge cf Wis. Hioas, well known to stable men In this city. MVS tf JOHN C. COOK. tORlKBM OANSANTE. PROF n W MUNDER TAKES GRKM pleas ire la announcing to his fr1*ada, patrons, and public gen-rally, that the above social and delightful entertain ments will commence at Munder'* Metro-; poll tan Hall, cornerOth end D street*, onl WEDNESDAY EVENING, November aBih, at d o'clo k, and oontinue every Wednesday throughout tbe season Gentlemen wShlng fo subscribe for the season can do so upon very favorable terms, by applying at the Hall on Tues day and Thursday evening from 9 till 10 o'clock, nov 91-tf LAHPS-LAIPS. STAR. FELLOWS A CO PATENT MEGULATOK LAMP STANDS unrivalled as beiag the cleanest, safest, aad gives th? best light of any Lamp ai the kind ever invented We have now a verv handsom* assortment of the above, as well as all other klndaof Lamps on hand, which we will sell at verv l<?w prices. HOWELL A MORSELL, dec lil-tw No. 223 C at., bet. 8th snd 7th. ? ICR! Bit El BUR! (net Weelly Hess ?X ROUTE FOR WASHINGTON, D C. \ rpHREE E.N TIRE DEER. LARGEST EVER A received In Baltimore, shot with Virginia rifle*?notrevol eis. BEAR MEAT, IIAM?, SHOULDERS, SIDES, fatteet evar received f:om the Ailegha nles Constantly reoeivmg frotn the West, via Balti more and Ohio, Winchester and Potomac, Par Aemburg, Central Ohio Railroads, VENISON, POULTRY, WILD GAME. keg and roll BUT TER, CAP HONEY, DRIED APPLES and PEACHES, and oountry produce generally. For sale by C C. O'NEIL, Corner Howard and Pratt streets, dect-lm Haiti mow. dOOt BlNl>lNti. Carwsr K tcttuh ??d Mary.'asd ivmsi, fir SnutklTm?<MS /ulifsttcs B^DWARD LYCETT RESPECTFULLY IN J forms the aub*crlt*rs to Brown's Bible and Shakapea/e. uow just completed, that he Is pre pared to bind thoae works In a superior stylo of elegance, atrsagth and solidity, and upon much more rt-asooable terms than ca4 be done In Balti more riiii^aci^bus. or Nrw York. A letter art JheMrd to him < per p<?t) will ??,able him to ex hlblt totb* iMibscrlbrrs u?-lmeni of LI* style of Mndln^'- ?wy ktod of Book Binding ta ec*itetf nr -J7?S no t o r Fln?_co FKIiil^r Mm. white, sole agent for fisk's ? Airtight Metallic Cofllns for ?111/ the city of Washington, wishes to inform the public that ha has now on hand a large eappiy of all size*, similar In form to toe ri best wood co SI as. and oeauttfally flaished in imitatlin of rosewood They ?Mn fee ?oid ai th>*<ame rates a* a well tnished mahogany oodin. ItNHf heau lful Airtight Coffins can be rw?dy far use in thirty minutes for transpor atl<>n tc any part of the United State< l he nnder s'.gned attends to KNDKR TAKING In aU 1U brtnenes, at all hou's of day or night Also, on haid a supply erf READY MADE WOODEN ODFFINS. Pureba?ers a-e respectfully Invited to call and se for themselves, at No 457 Pennsylvania ave no, eon'.h side, near the oon er of Third ulreet. Ac b eola* M M WHITE. Dl. 4 V.N SON. AT OP PENN'A AVENUE \* still mixing th<>-e beautiful Uuois GUM TEETH, callad Alle* latent, for the exoelteacy of whlelo^r all other style* of teeth, many now weerl^j t.em in this City, will nheerruliv vouch Th?*? Uoq~ Deatlst la this city who has been he patent, and made a bad lmltetlon of it, wnom 1 hereby cantion the public N- ? a Dentist speaks againjt Ali?? " 'at^t Ceatlnuoo* Uum Teeth, wht-a ^r*pt'-fo^tfuettd, it Is because he is ignoraat of * P^e^Uncompftent to make the work, or B^an?y11li? to wy for p?teat. Je 10-ff I 'Iert^hosiakyT" fOHN Hmojr NO. 113 BR1DOE Street. 1 C , has received a large assort - wm ?L .? Cotton Horn, and half Hoae fx Ladles,Wata aad tilrl*,c.f all sixes aBd quiilti'Vnd .f the best make* Purchasers Wl'l pl??* ^ nov ? I^amm-vmr?^oa.%iai A LARGE 7th street. L. J. ni?DLETO!?, DIALER IN ICE, Ojflct mnd Dft?Southwest corner of F aid Twelfth strata f?b*7-?r H DR. THKOD. HANSMANN AS REMOVED HIS OFFICE some honses above his old rooms, to No. 491 7th street west , between D and E streets north, near the General Post Office Office hmw as before; from 9 to K o'clock a. m nov7-<Jwe PIANOS. PIANO*. LARGE COLLECTION OF NEW Ai SECOND HAND IMaNOS for Sale and ~ Kent, cheaper than at any other place, at No 408 Eleventh street, a few doors above Pennsylvania for Sale and to lace, at No 4( - e PennsylvanJ ?*eoue. nov 2l-lm* INTERNATIONAL HOTEL, WASHINGTON CITY. This hovse (known of lath the United States Hotel,) having under- < gone thorough repair and been handsomely ' refurnished, Is now open for the reception ofJL^n, Suests From Its favorable location, (being never te Capitol than any other Hotel Id thisclty,) and the accommodations, the proprietor Is prepared to . afford all who wish a compforuble home during 1 their sojourn in Washington, he feels assured of a liberal patronage front the traveling public.* dec 1-tf ? Bll'TlER'l FRENCH RRSTAURANT, Pa. ?e , 19tk mud 19i4 sis. THE PROPRIETOR OF THE ABOVE ES tabll*ment desires to call public attention to his increased and unsurpassed facilities for con ducting and supplying everything in his line of business. He is prepared to supply at a few hours' notice the largest DINNERS, BALLS, and PARTIES with everything pertaining to the most fashion *Ve enttrtalnments, and os the moat reasonable fclvriRE DINNERS and DESSERTS fur nished Families withrmt any trouble to the fam ily and at moderate ch*g<s A FIKST CLASS FtTeNCH COOK will be ?ent to private houses at 81 per day; and market ing and such articles a? tbey may w.?h purchased will be furnished at cost Also. China, Glass, Silver Ware, and Table ORNAMENTS. One or more " dishes" sent to any part ot the city at fhort notice At my establishment will be found elegant suites of Parlor, Reception, and Dining Rooms furnished In the best manner, always readv. My Restaurant offurs great advantages to gen tlemen rooming out; they can be supplied with mealt a: all Aomts. Particular attention is desirf d to my new style of superb CON F ECTION EK Y, which for purity and delicacy of flavor are unequalled. C. GAUTIER, dee 9- 902 Pa. avenue, bet 12th and 13th sts. TO THE LADIES OF WASHINGTON AND SURROUNDING COUNTRY. ANOTHER LARUR SUPPLY. ^.BONNETS, OF ALL QUALI-, ^QUes and prices,from the finest French! .^pHats to the lowest prLed -t*mm Fine and Handsome HEAD DRE38E1T, 7n 1 great variety EMBROIDERIES of all kinds. TKlM.Ml.iGS to match any style of Dress goods RIB B ON 8 of every style. And, in fact, every variety of Goods a anally found In first class Trimmiug Stores |?7?DRF.SS MAKING, after the latest and most approved styles. N. B ?The supply is kept up through the en lire season. M. WILLI AN, Opposite the Centre Market 8 ?A fr#*' of *rtie 1*4 tmitablt for Ckrtitmas Oxfu. nov?Mm A CAMD~ c. C. A t Z S, Bridge street, Geergetswii, South tid?, iiiwtfs J/gk amd Conmrtit striett, Respectfully informs bis pa troas sad the pub le generally that he is uow prepared to furnlsJi PARTIES. WEDDINGS. Ac , In the best and most elegant sty e, at the shortest notice. He will give his personal at tendance, and assume the responsibility of the entertainment C. C. Atxs , grateful for Ike liberal patronagehe has heretofore reelved, asiures his friends and all who may give him a call that every effort on bis part will be mads to meTlt a continuance of their favors. He solicits an examination of his large and elegant assortment of CAKES, CON. F Y, Ao , which he oflbrs for sale at fre lowest prices. dec 18 9w? C0NFKCTIONEKY for the approachino holidays Notwithstanding the high price of sugar, 1 will sell my CON FECTION KK Y at the usual prices, via : PLAIN CANDY and MIXED DROPS at U5 oents per pound SUGAR PLUMP at 37 oents per pound, usually ?old hy setailera at 90 cnts French HON HONS, including all kinds of French Confectionery,at 90cents per pound, usuallv sold at 7? cents end 81 per pound POBND and FRUIT CAKE, of which I shall have a laxge assortment, manufactured of the verv best and freahe?t materials, orna mented fine and tastefully. Please give us a oall. and don't mistake the place, No 3IB Pennsylvania avenue, between t?th and 10th ?: reels, next door to Iron Hall dec 13-lrn GEO. NORBECK. CARES AND CO N K? V FIO N EKT FOR | FOK THE H<?L1D\Y8. ^Pennsylvania ? ave, south sine. four doors west of 10th street will have for exhibition and sale on Saturday, the *>th Instant, the largest and moat elegant assort ment of RICH ORNAMENTED FRUIT POUND and FANCY CAKF.S ev-r offered in this city, which he piedges himself shaJl not be surpassed in the excellence of the materials of which the same shall be made* or in the reason abiene?sof price. Ladles and gentlemen are respectfully invlttd to oall and view the splendid assortment of the above described Cakes T P. requests that his patrons and all desir ing him to furnish them with Cake* and Con fectionery for the Holidays, will send the orders in time to be supplied without delay. Anticipating as he doe? an extra >rdlnary de mand for the delicacies which he offer* for saJe dec 12-dtianl BK8T KID OLOVKH at 97 u cents.?JUST leceivM per Express from the lmpor ter, an additional wpply of daik colonsTfm fSl b-at KID GLOVES, making my asaort n.'iit complete of Darks. Medium, Black,1 and White (ail numbers ) Also, Mla&es dark oolors of the same quality The above make Is fully equal to any Gloves In the market A too receiving an assortment of Ladies'. Gen tlemen's. and Children's fancv lined, napped silk, cashmere, cloth, buck and otl?er Gloves which will be sold cheap. JOHN H. SMOOT, nov 98- 11# Bridge St., Georgetown. Fink bibles, in fine bindings t Family Bibles, Octavo Bibles, Pocket Bi b!es. and other sixes ; some with Clasps, others bound in Velvet, are recently openM ; scm? of them impeptepfrom Lindon dlrertf, by dec 14 FRANCK TAYLOR. 96 BLACK TEA. CHESTS STANDARD BLACK TEA, ?hH day received Wer a^aln call the attention ef the lovers of gocd Tea to the superior J quality of thin article, which we\ are confident cannot be surpass ed Price e*nt? per pound, at our ww .tore, corner dflfith snd ' street*. dHC 11 KING A BURCHELL. LARGE AMK1VAL. OK PARIS MILL1 j MADAME DEVOS FEKL8 9BEAT PLEAS Sure in informing her patrons yener bonn ETS, Ae , arrived to-dav bv^Sf ?id Lad its requiring Bonne^.Cl^skf, | weaadressee, As, are Invited to inspect her L | the ..Ekks*" | decJ^' ??? Fenn. ave DR. DUPRIE'S RK.tlEDIt?~are~tn7ouW effectual cure for Extenul or Internal Pii?T Saltrbrum. King-Worm, Ao. They are unrivmiJ led for purifying the blood 90 cents per box OAce 78 Nassau street New York. U 111 be sent by mail For sale bv frORD A BK'U., corner of 11th at sad Potih sventi* ^ o III E MO ST HEAL TIV U t AID ElTEN . slve etoek of Paaey Goods Is at TaJE LAKES, de? I i MAVeui wiSi. 1 C Hit I IT MA ft PRESENTS?AND WHAT more desirable than band some FURS Those on the look oat for present* should not forget that they can purchase for ensb, at STINEMETZ'S, Pennsylva nil avenue, near 13th street, m >*t beautiful? j l.arge sl*e French Sable Mantilla*, 15 and SI' Silver Martin Victoria## 83 UO French Sable do 4 to Hungarian Fitch do 6.00 Russian do do 12 UU Stone Marten do 80 00 Real Mink Sable do 18 00 Children'* Fare unusually low. H. H. ST1NEMETE, decld-lw il1? Pena ave, neu 13th at. NO ADVANCE IN PRICES. 1AM DAILY RECEIVING AND ADDING to my already large flock of rich J KWELRY, WATCHES and SILVER WARE, all of the most choice, rich and desl'able Goods In my line of business, and am manufacturing on mv own premises sterling Silver Spoons, Fork*, Ladle*, Cake, Pie. Fruit, Fish and Buttar Knive* Olive, Plekle and Flah Forka, and all kinds of Fancy Silver Ware. I do not buy my Silver Ware at the North, and Uien pretend to have manufac tured It here; but every article manufactured In my own shop will be warranted coin suvaa. I keep also a 4ne lot of Silver Plated Goods, bold, Silver and Steel Spectacles and Eye Glasses, to gether with a varlet, of other goods All of which I am wiling at lower price* than goods trf ! the same quality has been, or Is now, selling hi this or neighboring cities, at the ?lgn of the Large Spread Eagle, No. 08 Pennsylvania avenue cJac lfl-tf_' H. O. HOOP CHINA. I*LASS AND QUEENS WAKE. 9R. H MILLER. SON A CO Importers direct from Liverpool to^4^ Alexandria, beg leaveto cnlltheat tentlonof dealers, hotel keepers atd other* of Washington and Georgetown to their slock or GOODS, which, for extert and variety, will compare favorably with any establishment in the Eastern cities. The connexion of their senior partner with the manufacturers of Europe and the Untte4 States fc>r upwards of iU) years, has ^lvea hIra advan tages In the purchase of goods, rqual, if not supe rior, to anv house In the trade, at inspection of goods and prices will satisfy all pa-tle* that pu? cbases can be made of them upon the most favoi able terms French China Dinner Sets, gilt and de^cra'ed French China Dinner Sel*, gold baixi and pialu white French chin* Vase*, Pitchers, Toilet Set*, Ac. French China Tea Sets, Cup* and Saucere, and other article* of Tea ware And Dinner Ware, separate from sett India China Dinner Sets,and separate article* al ways on hand White Granite Ware In erery variety, In sets, and separate from seta, a* miy be desired Blue Printed or Liverpool Ware, same Coinwon Edged, White and KoAlngham Wore, in full mpply. Cut. Pressed, Plain and Voulded Glass Ware from the best establishments in the Eastern and Western States, which will be sold by the pack age or otherwise Experienced packers employed. Good* put up by us can be transported by any mode without breakage. Fare by the s'eaiuboats from Washington to Alexandria, almost hourly, 1?# cents each way A quarter of a dollar thaa spent may save many do Liars. dec I PASHIONA0LK DANCING. HW. MUNDER, PROFESSOR OF DANC ? ing at Georgetown College and Con vent, and principal teacher or Washing ton, D C.,a^d Baltimo'e, Md . has the honor to announce to the cltliens and . public generally, that his school Is open1 every TUESDAY and THURSDAY AFTERNOON for Young Ladles, Misses, aad Masters, from 3 until * o'c ock, and on the same evenings at 8 for gentlemen Owing to the unusual larire number of pupils !n his classes this sea*on, and the great auocew* of his class in the first society of Baltlmrre, com pels him to limit the number of pupils taken for the balance of the season. The public are well aware that Prof M spares neither time nor Datienee threader the iuo*t un skilful pupil perfect. He Invite* ladies and gentlemen generally of respectability and standing, to visit his c ass and witness the improvement of his pupils ia the few pleasant lessons that has past. It la desirable that all who wish to participate In his May Exhibition should enter eeny this year, as the dances in pre para ti in are more complicated than any hereto fore Introduced. mv ill tf PICKET TOOTH BRUSHES.?A LARGE assortinen of these new and useful article* now opening at the great Brush Emporium dec 1 THE LAKE9, 504 Penn avenue. DRAU?HT ALE? WK HAVE JUST RK ceived 100 bbls of Read A Brother's Troy Draught A!e, which's very line, and will besoid at the low price of 96 76 per bbl . for cash only ARNY A SH1NN, n?v J6 Georgetown, D. C MANTELS. ?VBir AND BEAOTIFCL STYLX. Kanafacttrtd fr?m Slate Rteae, by the West Castlete* Slate Cempnny, v?. THESK MANTELS ARK ENAMELLED IN imitation of the richest and most expensive KGYFI1AN, LISBON, VERD ANTIQUE, PORPHYRY, PYRENEES, BROCATELLA, AGATE, SPANISH 6 A LW AY. and other rare and desirable MARBLES Th? imitations are so perfect that tbty cLalesgethe eldest tc/attnv. They are so highly polished that they retain their beauty mu:h longer than marble; are not injured by smoke, coal gae, cr acids, and can be sold much cheaper tuan any others !n market. Price ranging from 8125 to Civ!. Architects. Untlders and Chora are ir.vited to call and cramlne samples at No. 5L2 Seventh street, idr?ors below Odd bellows' Hall, up stairs. T. M UANSON, ac U-ly Agcat. POST OFFICE DIRECTORY, OR BUSI I nesn Man's Guide to tbe Post Oflices tu the United Status, containing the names of the Post Offlces ar.d Post Masters in the United States on the 1st July, 1S50, with a variety of variable in formation on Postal Affairs: also, a oomprehec slve codification of the existing Postal Law?. Price SI. J ust published, and for sale, at TAY htm A MA DRY'S Bookstore, dm 11- near 0th street PRESENTS FORCHILDHEN.?SILVER Cup*. Sll*er Knives, Forks, and Spoons Ml ver Rattles and Whistles, Silver Napkin Rings, Gold Finger Rings, Breastpins, Earrings, Lock eta, Necklaces and Armlets, Bracelet's, and a world of Nic-nacs suitable for pre ents S1 W. GALT A BRO , Jewelleis, dec 19 Bt 3*94 Pa. av., bet 9th and IQ'.hat*. OYa> WINTER CLOTHING.?VVEhave now In store the largest and cheapest assort ment of every description of Boys Winter Cloth ing ever offered In this clU, consisting of Over Coats at all prices, Jackets, rants. Vests, Shirt , Undershirts, Drawers, Caps, Gloves, Collars, Suapendera, Ac , Ac. WALL A STEPHENS, '92 l'a ave , next to Iron Hall, dec 19- 3t (Intc.lAUnlon) CHKlSTDflAS PRESENTS. A RICH AND BEAUTIFUL ASSORTMENT of EMBROIDERIES can be found at our Store for present* Also, Drws Caps, Uead Dre?ee?, Bonnats Flowers, Feather*, Kibbons, Hosiery, Giove* And Fancy Goods generally, at CASSIDY'S,314 Pa avenue,

dee 17-lw between 10th and 11th at* Fine pearl, papier mache, and inlaid Goods, at ? Mclaughlin a co ?s, dec 10 between 9tb nnd 0'h street*. [ A LAO A GRAPES.?JUST BE'^EIVED? L A la of ftne MALAGA GRAfKS, and other delicious Fruts, e?pecl?!ly for the Hollda\*. THOMAS PO rhiNTlM. Sonfectlentr 3*^ Penn. ave., bU. 10th a^d llth U* dec 19-lw j\'9 ? TOYS WHOLESALE AND RE tall, at MCLAUGHLIN'S. dec ? B M T, MRS. STEPHENS' NEW MONTHLY Magailne.for January, Ja*t received and for ssleat B W FERGUSON'S dec IS- Bookstore, 4* 7th street. 1 I FT ROUES, GIFT lSOOES, GIFT Jt Book?. beautiful and e.heup Buy them, at d?c 18 PKRGtJ?'/N'S, 48?Tth *t G GRAHAIVI'S OTAGAZINE, fer January. Peterson's do do do Bilh spiendtd mimlK-rs Just received and fof B.W.FERGUSON'S dee IS- HaetosUifa) 4<sQ 7th aUeet. EVENING ST A R. i Tha Singular Manner in which Mr Eolline fell in Love and got Married. i Mr. Roderiok Rollins was a bachelor who j had wen some forty nine fummers, and al though he was a bundle of eccentricities, there were few men more popular with old married ladies, or even with such single one* as had ! ceased to be flighty and had begun^ to take a sober view of the pomp? and vanities of this wicked world It is just possible, indeed, that the gentleman's popularity might be attribu ted In part to a very handsome estate which he had inherited from his father; for I have generally observed that a large landed proper ty is a great enhancer of the wit, beauty, or profundity of its possessor As Mr. Rollins gradually lumbered along in life, he naturally became leas and less disposed to rapid locomo tion, and at the time he is introduced to the reader, he had dropped one and another of his regular visiting acquaintances among the la dies, until the number had dwindled down in number to exactly three families In one of these families?that of Mr. Petti j grew?there ware two elderly young ladies, I named Rachel and Amelia These ladies were . of the respective ages of thirty seven and thirty-nine, and having outlived their taste for balls and jams, new solaced themselves I wi'.h the society of a few old beanx who would occasionally drop in of an evening and have a quiet game of backgammon with them by tha fide of an old fashioned Liverpool coal fire. Among theie visitors, none was more welcome than was Mr. Rollins. His stories were gen | erally long, and he had much to say of the wad degeneracy of the present fast age ; but then, beside being rich in the funds, he was rich in hi* reminiscences cf the olden time lie would every now and then so affoctingly allude to the brilliant evenings of bvgonc years, when be used to dance wich the Mioses Rachel and Amelia at the public auemblies, that the young ladies would, in imagination, rcvol again through those gay and festive scenes; and, as Mr. Rollins named ono and another of the belles "i*l their adorers who used to figure in the Spanish dances and ia dies' chains of that simple era of Terpsichore, the tears would course on? another down their innoceut noses Mr Rollins was also a con noisseur, and a highly-gifted critic in green and black teas, and was well posted in cough nnd rheumatic medicines generally SiLce he had got along in years, he nad likewise come to tiike a great Interest in church matters; he kept the run of proceedings of all the annual convention, ana w&s supposed to be familiar with the private opinions of several of the Bishops Now, none of these subjects were indifferent ones to his f air companion", nrd as such human weaknesses as love and marriage seemed out of the question, th? intercourse between them was as calm and oool as moon shine In winter. The oondltion of anient beaux and ancient belles who have retired from the drawing rooms of mirth and fashion, and have taken to chess and needlework, and to sober reminiscences of the heart-conflicts they have undergone, is not of the cheerless character which some consider it. It may be likened to that of pensioned soldiers carefully housed in some snug harbor provided by the State, where they may rest and smoke and tilk of the mighty deeds they have done for the residue of their lives. The wars are over, the battles have been fought; and what, though one may have lost an arm. another a leg, and a third has b%en lopped of all his limbs, yet the pain arising from the wounds have been long forgotten, sa<? they now re member but the incidents and the glory of the conflicts. One of the other families which Mr Rollins used to visit, was that of the well known Dr. Anodyne. The Doctor himself was a gentle man of the old school, and his lady could give you the history cf every family of note ?n the metropolis, but the great attraction to Mr Rollins wa3 the society of their daughter liar riet Mies Harriet had been in her day a ?elabrated beauty, but having now attained her fortieth year, it was generally supposed that the grand meridian of her charms had bean passed. In oarly life there had been some talk of a ma?ch botweon her and Mr. Rollini, but this had long blown over and their conversation was now, to all human ap pearance, as rational and nnimjassioned as though they were a oouple of prosy philoso phers. The remaining family, honored with the pleasant acquaintanceship of Mr. Rollins was that of Mrs. Atterbury, a widow lady of considerable wealth and position. She was the sister of Mrs Anedyne, and consequently, her daughter, the amiable Miss Anna Maria, was own ocusln to Miss Harriet, and very nearly of the same ripe age. Both thase young ladies wero on terms of the most agreeable in timacy with the Misses Rachel and *tmeiia Pottigrew They had beja companions in girlhood, bad promenaded on the Battery, had taken moonlight walks in company with ea-;h other and their lovers through the gray bled walks of St John's Park, and would doubtless sometimes have extended their stroll* to the Fifth avenue, were it not that the time L treat of was anterior to tne discovery of that fashionable thoroughfare. When these fair spinsters would get together and grow in spirited and loquacious as they sipped their hyson, Mr. Rollins was their toast and tb?ir oraclo. But delightful as was '?h? relation subsisting between them and their antiquated beau, It was temporarily destined to a very singular kind of an interruption. All at once, as one of the wonders of the world, a new light sprang up in Mr RoillnB's mind, and this light was none other than a reflection from the torch of Cupid How it came to pass that that heart a adamant, which during the fervor and pas sion of youth had resisted the well* directed volleys from female eyes of every color, and had at last suocumbcd, must forever remain a mystery. But Mr Rollins's love ws? as droll as it was untimely. Woria than the poor ass of the schoolman, hesitating between two bundles of hay, Mr Rollins had fallen in love with all four cf his female companions at the same time At first, this bachelor love developed itself in periodical fits of partiality for oue or the other of tha ladies, just as it happened ; vacillating, as it were, from day to day Tnus, for a while, Miss Amelia Pettigrew would be the queen of his affections. He would call to mind some roguish dimple of her girlhood, and what a splendid set of teeth one of her regular ringing laughs would disclose in those days of remote antiquity When Miss Amelia was thus boosted on the topmost round of Mr Rollins's ladder of weathero.xik admiration, she would suddenly be precipi tated to the ground by a dim shadowy recol lection on the part of that gentleman of the bewitching manner in which Miss Anna Maria Atterbury used to dance nearly a quarter of a century ago. Then the tender memories of his early partiality for Miss Harriet Anodyne would so stir up poor Rollins s vagrant sensi bilities that he almost made up his mind to pop the question to her. He prwbably would have done so on a certain afternoon, had he not stopped in at the Pettigrews on his way to Dr Anodyne's. It happened on this ooca lion that Miss Rachel was at home alone, and her tender solicitude in the matter of a cold which Mr. Rollins had taken, affected him with such a? all overish sort ot a sensati<? that for a period of some forty eight hours the I idy in question was the mistress of bis heart Most certainly, his eiolusive predilections in favor of Miss Rachel lasted no longer than the time I have specified, and he came at last to entertain a compound kind of lowe for his four charmers collectively His condition of mmd was truly pitiable, for beside the nervousness attendant on so anamal'<us and whimsical a state of the affections, Mr. Rollins s knowl edge of the female heart led him to the well grounded aonviction that even should he make proposals to one of the four, he wjuld ir cur the riek of losing the friendship of the T maining three Now, this was a contingency : too painful to think of, and the poor enamored 1 gentleman spent a whole year in devising ways and moans whereby It might be avoided. As yet, neither of the ladies in question hsd the remotest suspicion of the whirldwind of eccen tric passion which was tearing away the very foundations of Mr Rollins s moral being ; fir if at any time he happened to make run ex traordinary demonstration, it was credited to the accouDt of a sudden and unexpected twinge of rheumatism with which he iq^s oc casionally afflicted. One evening in the month of November, while Rollins was sitting in his lonely r->otn. meditating on the past, and wondering whither the tempest within would eventually lead him, he suddenly bounded from his chair, snapped his fingers, looked out of the wirdow, put more ooal on the fire, plumped himself again in his chair, and then soliloquisod, 44 It's of no use," said he, '? to endure this confounded perplexity any longer One thing is certain; I love them all; and why should I not at once deofare myself Suppose they do laugh at my quadrupled affection, wbat then ? I am suro they must see ruy sincerity, and conclude that I am a man of an immense ly large heart, thus to be able to love all four of them with this inextinguishable ardor Vet as I can marry but <me, the selection must be made by their casting lots for me, and passing strange it is too, that this happy thought should never have occurred to me nntil the p/esent hour. And then, in this de licious lottery, I shall be sure on my part to drew a prise fur the very good reason that therb are no blauks. But will the ladies enter into this arrangement* By my ?oul thej must My proposed plan will at least ahow that 1 am not partial, and there will be no occasion among them for jealeusy " It was to Miss Harriet Anodyne that Mr Rollins first intimated the tender sentiments she had inspired, and on the first mention of it tho young lady^ilushed overpoweriugly But as Mr. Rollins further declared that the strength of his affections was equally great for their three mutual friends, ter counte nance underwent an expression of the moat comical curiosity; and as at last the pro poaed Scheme was divulged whereby a sslec tion was t? be made. M<ns Harriet laughed until she well nigh choked "Ah, Mis* Harriet! you may luugh, but devise a be'ter plan for mo, if you caL You know very well that if I were to select any one of the other three and leave yon, you would consider yourself slighted and neglect ed. You see. then, that it is quits necessary for the happine6Sof all concerned that I should carry my point, and as I profess to be above board in all my transactions, I shall fully state the ease to your father, and ask him to su perintend the drawing " "Of course, Mr Rollins," replied Miss Harriet, "you can ask pa'a oo-operation In anything you choose to, but the wcule proce dure would be ao strange and unusual, that eo far as I am concerned, I must beg?" "Now, Miss Harriet! if you please. beg nothing," interrupted Rollins, "for rely uptn you have seriourly considered the subject, jou will not wish to be excused yourself What sense would there be, I ask you, in my going out of our precious little circle, for a wife." On the day of this interview, Mr. Rollins made known his delicate intentions to the other three ladies, and at first they were dis posed to regard the matter in a jocular li^nt, but on being assured by Mr. Rollins that he loved them all witty tHe poetic ardor of a never-dyinj aaection, it ia difficult to say whether amasement or mirth was the predom inant emotion of their breast* When Mias Harriet Anodyne related to her father the sin gular communication which had been made to her, the Doctor was thrown into suoh convul sions of la^gitkcr, that he protests to this day be gained seven pounds of flesh on the strength of it. In the evening the four loved ones got to gether and compared notes, and what a glow and fluiter of chatting excitement ihey were alt in to be euro. Miss Atterbury, Miss Anodyne and Miss Rachel Pettigrow made a feint of treating the whole subject with derision ; but Amelia Pet tigrew very candidly confessed that she was attracted by the novelty ?f the thing, and if the rest of the girls would agree she would oheerfully fall in with Mr Rolling's humor. ??And girls! why should we not?" she in quired, 44 one of trill be sure to get a good Uusband, and we may be equally snre that uuless we consent to be wooed in this quar terly manner, some other than one of our own dtar selves will be the winner i4a says that any person acquainted with Rollins might h:ive Known thit if he ever got married at all, li w?.uld i?e done up in the true Rollir.s style, and for his part, he can't see any particular impropriety in our owning ill# soft impeach noul lottery <*'? Mr. ti dlins's earliest conveni ence Besides, girls ! it is rather a pleasant reflection that Mr Rollins slights none of us. and after the lucky one is married and set tled, the three remaining in single biased Less will have that blessedness augmented in Luis late trophy to our wu^i-g charms ." The ladies went oS in fresh cacbiunations *t Miss Aziilia a playful oration; but it was plain to Bee that they were beginning to wa ver ; to think more seriously of the matter, md before they parted, ;? was?" Well after ill, no one is to kuuw anything about it but mrselres?i* pa vwnsents?and if ma aon ient;?ted. J.u short, such is the tendency imong the fan sex for lotteries and matrimony, '.hat Mr Rollins carried his point It was a cold but pleasant evening in the beginning of December, that our four heroines niti their lover were assembled in the cosy back parlor at Dr. Anodyne's. The ladies lookea somewhat excited, but the worthy Rollins was as comfortable and self-possessed as a duck in a mill pond; he teemed to regard tho approaching traasajtiun as in no degree mire but as r^guiar and business like, and us just oaiy method left, wnereov a gentle [nan with a capacious heart could be extrioa led from a dilemma. " Be satisfied, ladies!'' lie encouragingly said, "the result will be right! I love you all but my snpreme affec tion will be centered on the prize I draw, for ihe will of jouise soon bee juio my lawful and weidad spouse! And 1 would n ow say. Lr myself and in the name of my dear wife, who ever she may be, that our friendship mu-t be permanent and unbroken." At this, the ladies in a flutter of amiable oontusion simpered a little ; but just then the heavy tread of Doctor Anodyne was heard, aud their hearts went pit a-p t a little The doctor entered into the spirit of the oocasion, and with the most 1 jdi ? rous but becoming gravity put twenty tickets n a box Kach lady had her name on Ate of .hese, and the doctor said that he should take sleven out singly, shaking the box alter each ,im? a ticket was drawn, and the lady having he largest number of the residue must, aa tording to the stipulation, step up to the Bisu >p s office with Mr. Rollins and settle. In the first drawing of the eleven tickets, H si Rachel Pettigrew and M ss AUeibury iad a majority of tiokots, but also an equii lumber of them, and so there was a necessity or another attempt. In the second series of Irawings, what a fluttering of hearts there vas wh.n the eleven tiakeu were ail taken rom the box As tho doctor deliberately ipened them, even Rollins betrayed some liaotiou, and a* it was announced that a choice iad been effected, and on the doctor's request ng all the parties to draw nigh the table, the eene was worthy tho pencil of a Cruikshanks. The result was : one lady, one tieket; two THE WEEKLY STAB to nrw. Jiwoo^iei |t M oople* 8 00 ?weaty copies It M IT^Cae?, irtakiakt m iiurci. .,V^*ln*leeoP,e" (la wrappers) ana be procnrwtf * lmewdlau*? altar the lnsr of toe peper, Prloe?Tmaaa Cinva . ZZXZZ?****M**??*boaliowe* a c*wt mission of twenty per eeat. g'va Tho marriage cam* off in a few weeks wttb great eelat; the three young ladies .land ing an bridesmaids and three old oronl?? ?l Rollins, eaeh ?oo with a wig on his pats, serv iug a# grtKimimei Tbe mueb ?ai pre-em iuently a happr one. for Mr. Rollins got a m st devoted wlie. and MiM Harriet an ueo plary husband. Tho noetical feature of thia voraeioua histo ry that while any one of th? foor ladies would gladly have married Mr Rollina. it was Aliss Anodyne who bad ever truly lorad him. Fr(.m girlhood up, the had eherished a aecret affection for him who twenty-three yaara ago haJ won her youthful and susceptible heart, and now having fairly won him is a lottery, fco wu to all inteoU and purpose* her lawful property. It l? true ahe was sometimes icoMned to a little jsaloasy at her husband's regard for her tnrce friends, but as Mr Hull Ids protested that the declsicn of the lottery had oonoaa* trated his affections on her alone, she beeaj^e content The three single ladies, gruiftjrf u.80 th it they had not been shored nude and neglected in this grand matrimonial achou' ever after maintained for Mr. and Mrs. Rol* urn the Strongest attachment, and all the pnrties were as regul-r acd constant fn the interchange of friendly visits. m tbej w*r. prier to the marriage-// Jr. Com Adt? raSEF - ?,c" sss 25 drama aod cartoons Freeh Flue Prunes in Fancy J?ra and Kegs ^anton Ginger fn Jar?. 8 rase* Citron Pie Fruits, Currants. Gooseberries, Wwebe* *r AlmoLds, Filberte, Sri uad Nut*. Ac w . ateo? V>*fn Adamantine Can<*'.ta ?? r>?. da Sj^rm fto Cmrt0<>?, p * *rpsh BaafcWheat P e Flour in Barrels w hwK" F.Itr* Grange County Hotter Mark err. in Barrels k bis , \ bis , end rt<?. l-?ra?ile^by w If. 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