Newspaper of Evening Star, December 22, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 22, 1856 Page 2
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R. WAS H I N If T O N CI T Y: HUHUAY UKrmbfr 49. IBM. SW ioffiTMtauTi mokui ?> uri at TBI Orpin ?t Twit** ? rt'JCB, H.; OTiMflM TBI* BAT rot trriAi ?mi. TH KBIT l.?T. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS. The Intelligent to-day qaotea the ltich moad Enquirer, the Albany Evening Journal and the Hod. Lucien B. Chase, on the late diaturbet.ce.* nraoug the slaves In the Soath. Itsolject *eeir.* to us to be to ward off the ? ffect oi the growing conviction throughout tbe South that these occurrences are the remit of the aggregation of nearly a majority of the people of the non-alaveholding State.' into a political party, whose ora'ors and presses are constantly preaching doctrines with reference to the existence of African alavery in thia country, which a few jears since we* preached only by the followers of Fred. i)ougl >ss and Lloyd Garrison. However much the lnttlli" ftn er may be respected throughout the South, it can accomplish nothing to that end. The Union is enthu3ia?tic oyer the laat ?peech of general Cass, which was a very able and interesting one indeed. The same pafor also calls public attention to the fact that, in the oourse of the recent debato in the House on the message, the Republicans invariably dodged every question put to them, as though perfectly aware that their positions were those of ultra aboli:ionism, and yet unwilling to avow such sentiments in the face of the world WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP The Growth of the Or eat Weat.?In School' ?raft's " American Lakes' we find the follow ing : " 31 August, 1920, (iovernot Cass here determ ned proceed on horseback across the peninsula of Michigan to Detroit. * * The distance to Detroit is computed at three hundred miles -there is a plain horse path but it is intersected by crois paths, s-? that it could net be pursued by a stranger without a guide. * ? The village of Chicago consi'tf of ten or twelve -J walling houses, with a popu lation cf about sixty souls " Mr. Schoolcraft also remarks, '? to the ordinary advantage a of an agricultural market towr, it must, here after. add that of a depot, for theinlar.d com merce between the northern and southern sec tions of the country, and a great thoroughfare Tor strangers, merchants and travellers." How true his prediction ! and bow true it is that all points selected by the Indians, traders and Jeeuiis are fast assuming in this day of rail road-, a corresponding importance to the conn* try aroaad that they bore in olden times. Chicago, in 1820, was reached by Gee. Cua and Mr. Schoolcraft in a bark canoe, by the way cf the Wisconsin river and Qreen Bay, from a tour through Lake Superior across to the bead waters of the Mississippi. Then the entire country wad a wilderness?now Chicago contains 140,000 inhabitants, is the terminus of more railroads than any other city in the world?without breaking bulk she sends bar ?hip? laden with proutce to the Old World Mr. Schooloraft's predictions have been more than realised, and that, too, daring his life time. Three years ago the City of Superior waa a wilderness ; four years ago, not a white BO an rend el w.ihin twenty miles; now it contains over twtlva I utdred inhabitants, and already the ground La) been broken and a railroad commence!, aid we see that a contract has been nade with a responsible company for the*c< mp^ti on of the road to the Mississippi river within thirty months?a distance of one hundred and forty miles Truly, this is a fast age By examining the writings of old trav ciers, especially those of scientific: onee, we And that they have referred to all of these points. Is 1665, Father Allonei settled at the place where Bayfield now stands. In 1660, Father Marquitte succeeded him. They were Jesuit priests who had established them selves there for the purpose of converting tbe Indians Between the years 1760 and 1770 Alexander Henry wintered at this point. In ?peaking of this place he says?" Chagouemi gon might, at this period, be regarded as the metropolis of the Chippeways " Schoolcraft eays the "harbor of Chegoimegan is rarely equalled." Owens, injais geological report, speaking of this bay, gives the fallowing beautiful descrip tion : " Lake Superior has, at times, not only the varied interest bnt the sublimity of a true oeeati. Its blue, cold, transparent waters, undisturbed by tides, lie, during a calm, motionless and glassy as thote of any small, aec.'uded lake, reflecting, with perfect truth of fu/ni ai d color, the inverted landscape that slopes down to its smooth, s*ndy beach ! But wheu lb> inland sea i* disturbed by tbe rising tempett, i.he 1< ag sweep of its wares, and tbe curiing white caps that crest its surface, give warning, net etiy to the light bark canoe, but to sloop and schooner l*ko steamer, to seek some sneltenng haven. At euob times, craft of every description m*y be seen ruunug be fore the wind, or beating up against it, all making for the most favorite harbor on the lake?the sheltered ba/ of Madeline Island ' This is the island that Weltered Allonea and MarqucUe, Henry ar.d otV?" of the olden time, and it n< w shelters thJ ichabitants of Bajfield?a tcwu commenced last apting, and now containing over thirty good buildings, a ine pier, a ateam mill of the largest capacity, a large hotel under way, and, by late St. Paul papers, we aee that the two points are con nected by a line of stages. Next spring the grooad will there be broken the coinmenofc ?ent of a railroad to connect it with Superior and the Mississippi Owens, in speaking of the soil in this vicin ''Ji sajs that it ia " a retentive red marl, ca pable, under, a proper system of tillage, o* returning to the husbandman a hundredfold, and cf producing fruits and vegetable* in per fection " Speaking of Madeline Island, he says it ?? probably is not surpassed, in point of health by any locality in the entire W?rtern country; as a fishing station it is unrivalled. It U not only ?ne of tbe most commanding and acces sible situations on Lako Superior, but it pre eents one of the most agreeable and pictur esque lake scenes the tourist can w?U imagine ' Older than Cbicago-or Detroit? ytt, owing to the country around it having been until recently owned by the Indians, it is in point of fact but eight months old?situ* atc?i upon one of the best harbors in the worUI? in the midst of a rich mineral and agricultural country, Bayfield must soon take a proaon?rn! position among the cities of tbe West A rtcew. ?rt*cle upon the growth of Western towns atates that " St. Paul will in 1866?ten years f.-oin this?coadtsin four hundred and aiaety thousand inhabitants, that is, if her Increase should be in the aaaas ratio that it fcaa been ft* the last six years ' Jhe city ?ow contains about twelve thvU?auJ. Thi# EVENING ST.A place ia at tbe bead of navigation on the Mis liieippl, and near it if the oelebrated cave mentioned by Captain Carver.?at that early <lay it wna a prominent point among the In diana of the Northweat. Iti growth has been far in advance of St Lonia, Chicago or Mil waukie, thaa far. Young America ia not fan tnough to prophecy of the growth of Western oitiea. The following, from a St. Paul paper, will give a fair ahowingof the increase of business, and consequent growth of the West: GBOWTB or TBI STBAMBOATIBS BC8INC88 ? Tib Sbasob or 1856?About ten years after the first ?uoce.?ful attempt at steamboat navi Sbtion on the Ohio river, the first steamboat at ever ascended the Upper Mississippi river to Fort Snelling, arrived at that poet. This was the " Virginia," a stern wheel boat, which arrived at the Fort in the early part of May, 1823. From 1823 to 1844 there were bat few arrivals each year?sometimes not more than two or three. The steamers running on the Upper Mississippi, at that time, were used altogether to transport supplies for the Indian traders and the troops stationed at Fort Snel! ing. Previoua to tbe arrival of the Virginia, keel boata were uaed for thia purpoae, and sixty dav'a time, from St. Louis to tbe Fort, was consraereu a good trip. By a reference to our files, we are enabled to present at a glance, the astonishing increase in ateamboating business since 1844 The first boat to arrive that year, was the Otler, commanded by Captain Harris. The follow ing table presents the number of arrivals since that time : Ytar. Firtt Eomt. Arrivals. Rivtr Clostd. 1844....April 6 41 Nov. 23 1S45....April 6 48 Nov. 23 1846. ...Maroh 31 24 Deo. 5 1847....April 7 47 % Nov. 29 1848 ...April 7 63 Deo. 4 lt49.... April 9 85 Deo. 7 1850.... April 9 104 Dec 4 1851....April 4 119 Nov. 28 1852.... April 16 171 Nov 18 1853....April 11 200 Nov. 30 1854....April 8 245 Nov. 27 1855....April 17 560 Nov. 20 1856....April 18 837 Nov. 10 In 1851, three boats went up the Minnesota river, and in 1852, one boat ran regularly up the stream during the season In 1853, the bufiness required an average of one boat per day In 1854, the business had largely in creased, and in 1855, the arrivals of steamers from tho Minnesota amounted to 119 The present season on the Mississippi has b-ien a very prosperous one, and the arrivHh at St. Paul exhibit a gratifying increase over any preceding year, notwithstanding the sea i?ou of uavig ?tiun has been tw<* weeks shorter than last season. Owing te the unusutlly early gorge in the river nt Hasting?, upwards of fifty etenmers bound for this port, and heavily laden with morehandise and produce, were compelled to discharge their cargoes at Hastings and Stillwater. Navigation thia season opened on the 13th of April. The Lady Franklin arrived on the evening of that day, from Galena. Previous to her arrival, there had been eighteen arri vals at our landing from the head of Lake Pepin and twelve arrivals at the foot of the lake, from Galena and Dubuque. Nicaragua.?A New York dispatch, dated December 21, says: "Orders have been received by tho Gov ernment officers here to atop all shipments of arms and provisions to General Walker " The President bns issued an order for tho arrest of Cornelius K Garrison, Charles Mor gan. and General Walker, U> answer for seit ing the property of tbe Accessory Transit Com pany. valued at SI 000.000 " It being as much the duty of thia Govern ment to atop recruiting for the war of Walker against the Central American Governments as in the case of tbe late war of the allies against Russia, we take it for granted that further ahipmenta of recruits for Walker's army from this country have been summarily stopped by orders from this ci'y We ioubt the story with reference to arms and provisions how ever, tho shipment of which is not a violation of our neutrality law. The story of the order for the arrest of Garrison, Morgan and Walker under the charge alleged abovo has a very fishy aspect to our view. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department?On Saturday, 20th Deoembor, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department Texas debt warrants 94,079 31 for the redemption of Stocks.... 14,032 94 For the Treasury Department... 8,8W8 08 For me Interior Department....* 20,254 80 For Customs 25,798 70 War warrants received and en tered 51,136 55 Warrepay warrantareoeivedand entered 33,872 16 From Customs 722,290 04 From miscellaneous sources &84 64 CONGR ESS ION A L PR OCEEDINGS. Is tub liousB, on Saturday, after we went to prose, the bill for the relief of Elvira Potter went through the Committee of the whole House with a favorable reco mmendation, aud the bill for the relief of the fishing schooner Florida was passed ere they adjourned. Proceeding! of To-Day la tbs Sbnatk, to-lay. the bill to construct or purchase a revenue cutter to be stationed at New York was taken up and discussed by Messrs Seward, Toombs. Brodhead Fish, Hunter, Hale, Busk, Hamlin and Bayard After being amended, by striking out tho provision oonliaing the employment of the cut ter atoresaid to the New York station, tbe said bill was passed. The special order being next taken up, Mr. Brown addressed the Senate in defence of the President s message, wherein it diaeuBScd the slavery question In tbb Hocse. the resolution offered on Monday last, by Mr Wasaburne, of M.iine, caliing on ibe President for information rela tive to the cost to the United States of sup pressing disturbances la Kansas?the amount paid to militia, posses, marshals, Ac. on that account, was paased? yeas 127. naya 62 Mr Granger offered a reaoluiion to elect a Chaplain. The rule* having been suapended for its ad miss.on?yead 152, uays 50?tbe previoua quea tio?. was called on agreeing to it Mr Sandridge asked leave to move a sub stitute mvsting ail tbe resident clergymen of Washington to perform House chaplain's ser vice But objection was made. The previous question on agreeing to tho reaolution was then seconded, and the resolu tion was passed. Nominations for a chaplain were being made aa the Star went to press. ?THIS MEMBERS OP The Gcqd Will Club are hereby notified to attend a special uuaedn? of tbe Club, on i'Hia (Monday) EVENJNti, December?4d, at Harmo ny Hall. By otder : J A. BAKER, It Secretary ?-^ga?THERE WILL BE A MEETING OF the Jackseu Democratic Association beid at their Hall, on THIS (Monday) EV EN INU, December ?Jd, 185?, at 7J4, o'clock It Is <*roestiy requested tbat every member of the As sociation will be punctual In his attendance, aa business at Importance Is to be transacted By order: fc B ROBINSON, Chal^n. J. J. MULLOY, Beet, pro tern. U THK VOTERS OF THE SEC OND WARD?The voters of the Union Party of the Second Ward are requested to attend a niestlng at Harmony Hall on WEDNESDAY EVENIN?, December *tta, at 7% o'clock Tbe Committees on tbe Poll List* are expected to re port as this wlil be the last^meeUng previous te tbe closing of the Poll Lists all our friends are invited to attend. decSB-Jt ^A MEETlNtt OF THE NATIONAL PCsT Democratic Association will take place at their K corns on E, between?thand 10thstreet*, on TUESDAY EVENING, the ffld inst.. at? o'clock. Punctual attendance is requested, at business oi Importance will be before the Associ ation All Democrats who desire to become members, are cordially Invited to at'ead. deeWtt* LUC1EN PKY.ON.Pies ^SMITHSONIAN LECTURES ?Prof _ Le Conte, cf Georgia, will give a course rf Lectureson MONDAY. WEDNKSIHY, and FRiDAY EVKN1N89, December 22d. 21th, and K3th. on Coral. Lectures will commence at quar ter before 9 o'clock dec S0,22 26.24-4t >LADIE8> FESTIVAL.?THE LA dies of Kyland Chapel are now holding a Festival In the basement of their church, to continue until the 31st Instant. A large assort ment of foncy artlces and all kinds of confection ery will be offered for sale The attendance of the citizens of the Island and the public general ly Is cordially solicited Deors open at fi o'clock P m. beacon Tickets can be obtained at the door i or 30 cents dec 20-3t* .FIRST GRAND ASSEMBLY OF the AMERICAN HOOK AND LAD DER ACTIVE ASSOCIATION at Odd Fbl lows' Hall, Navy Yard,on December31st, 1850 For particulars see future advertisement. dec 19 5t _ ,WHAT WE WANT THE PEOPLE TO KNOW !?H O USES FURN ISHED ?We want Housekeepers and those about to commence Housekeeping t? bear In mlrnli that the first. second, third and fourth rooms of our large and spacious warehouse are filled to their utmost capacity with every description of CABINET FURNITURE and House furnish ing Goods generally, to which w?? respectfully invite the attention of those in want of bargains Houses furnished throughout wi h ev?>ry article in the housekeeping line very chrap for cash, or to punctual dealers at the usual credit Call at the " Housekeeper's Emporiwm" and examine our stock before purchasing. Our motto Is " Quick salts ami small profits " BONTZ A COOMBS, dec l-3m 7th street, between I and K. ^EMPIRE CLUB -THE MEMBERS ? of the Empire Club most respectfully inform their friends and the public, that they will give a Cotillon Party on WEDNESDAY EVENING, December31st at Temperance Hall. E street, between 9th and 10th By order of THE COMMITTEE. dec 16-16,80,82,24,26.29,31* ?T A X E S .? NOTICE TO DELIN QUEiVT TAX PAYERS. Collictor's 0?V!CK, November 21, 1856. All Persons who havw Ailed to pay their Ta^es due the Corporation of Washington will please take notice that the advertisement for the sale cf property liable for the sama will be made abont the 1st of January. 1857. It 13 hoped that an early attention will be paid to this subject by all concerned, as a neglect to do sr will add heavy expenses to the amount of the taxes now due. JOHN M. McCALLA. no* ag-dtSlDec Collector. .OFFICE OF WASHINGTON GAS ? LIGHT COMPANY. Washington, J^cember 15, 165fi.-NOTICE TO STOCK HOLDERS.?Pursuant to the requirements of Its charter, a meeting of the stockholders of the ? ashlngton as-Light Company, for theelectlm of Directors for the year 1857, will be held at tbla office on MON DAY, the 5th day of January uext, t*.t 7 o'clock p. m My order; d*c 15.eo.3w J. F BROWN, Sect. fcTlIE SECOND ANNUALToAl7i7^ of the V N I O N il I! 1 11 US will take place on the 8th of January. Partirulars in a future advertisement. nrv il 2iwtJan1 ^NOTICE?BE SURE TO GO TO the hast Washington Mission Fair, now open at tbe Anacosta Hall, Navy Yard to huy vour Christmas Present Yon will find a tine variety, and at low prices Open from 3 to H o'clock p. m. It closes Christmas night dec 19-FAM2t* lASSESSORS' NOTICE.?THE voters of the several Wards will plense take notice that the Assessors will attend at the places designated below, from 10 o'clock a. m to 3 o'clock p in. every day, except Sundays and Christmas day, from the 15th to the3lst of this month, inclusive, for the purpose of revising and correcting the poll lists: First Ward?Samuel Redfern's, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 19;h street. Second Ward?J B Williamson's, 413 10th st. west between G and H streets north. Third Ward?J. M Downing'*, 547 L street north, between 7tb ard bth streets west Fourth Ward?City Hall. Fifth Ward?B F. Dyer's, 669 New Jersey ave nue, b-tweer. D and E streets south S xth Ward?Office of S. S Hilg5<, K street sou h, between 8th and 9th streets east Seventh Ward?Peter Hepburn, jr., 85 F stiett south, between 8th and 9th streets west dec 10-d CJl I TABLE FOK ALL AGES?HO f.lDA Y ? Presents, at LAM M ON D'3. dec 22-31 Seventh s'reet. DONT NEGLECT Tilt tHILUKEN ? Select their Toys from LAMMOND'S mam moth stock dec 22 3t tiABAS AND K LT ILLLES, ut exirsmely > low prices, at dec LAMMOND,S. AVAIL YOi K%ELF OF THE PR1VI. leg* of seeing the sights at LAMMOND'S an?y Store, while you are young. dec 22-31 JUST RECEIVED FROM THE PUB Ushers?A splendid View of Old Independ ence Hail, Philadelphia. For sale cheap,framed or otherwise, at JOHN WAGNERS, dec22.ini 255 Penn avenue. VALUABLE BOORS FOR SALE. Forty copies op owens'b geologi cat Survey of inwa and Minnesota, with the accompanying Maps end Drawings. Inquire of W If NALLY, dec 22-3t Union Office Building. HOLIDAY FRESENTS.-Just recelvedTa superior assortment of Stocks, Ties, Mufflers Neck and Pocket Handkerchiefs. Gloves. Ac ! Ac., making very suitable, useful and acceptable presents. WALL A STEPHENS, dec i2 No i'a avenue, bet 9th A loth ?ts Mince meat' ?misce meatT-an other lot of our MINCE MEAT KING A BURCBELL, dec 22- Corner Vermont ave and 15th ?ts. KRANTS 24; MINCE MEAT l7; f Crushed Sugar 15; Brown Sugar 10. 11 ar.d 12^; and good Cooking Hrsndy and Wine $i pe' gallon. JOS. W. DAVIS, It* Corner 9th and E streets CAME TO THE PREMISES OF THE subscriber on Friday, the?2th irist. ?- ? a large back and white DOG. The owner will pleasrcome forward, provi property, pay charges and take htm* away J 11 A. SH UK EM AN, dec 22-3t* No CS AH north. Capitol a 111. vr A IIL ZlJLA. Off rewar??.-strayed ok stolen on or about th? 10 h instant, a black bulf-ilo dry COW, with face and head \ nearly all white; aud as nearly as can be?Z$3* recoil^cted a black ring around the rl^ht eye. The above reward will be paid for her delivery to meat Mrs Wilson's, No 275 Penna avenue. dec22-3t? WM. B H. WILL189. Notice ?wkshall as usual,prior to the 1st of Januaiy, make an indiscriminate Issue of all open acounts on our tttoks up to the 2ath Instant Those who prtf.-r not to have them smtto thmi wlUflnd their bills re?dy for dell v ery at our desk It la hoped that all wl 1 without delsy settle lhe same, according lo the terms on which their purchases were made dec 22 lot -CLAOETT, DODSON A SON. I ADIES' DRESS AND ?, v JUL| CLOAK TRIMMINGS. EinVossed VELVETS, Moire Antlqu? BH AIDS, Mots and Marabout FRINGES, Plush aud Velvet BRAIDS, Black and colored r*ILK FRINGES Tasseled BUTTONS, ' Bugle FRINGK and BUTTONS. CORDS and TASSELS. Ac. Kept on hand and made to order at the Fringe and Trimming Manufactory, 2J7 Penn avenue. * mrs lowe. NO DECEPTION. UTANDAKD SILVER WARE, SUCH AS J! Ladles, Butter, Caae, Pie, I* ish, Jelly and Ice Cream Knives. Crumb Scra pers. Napkin Rings, Ao AU the above named goods are manufactured on my own premises In this city, at.d not purchased at the North, fas is the case with other dealers generally, and then palmed olf for our own manufacture ) Everv ar ticle warranted Standard Silver Also, on hand every description of line Watches and Jewelry' ? ?vwue,?ig? of the LargeSpread Eagle' dec tf H. O. HOOD. NOW KECE1VINO, lVIA.NYvNEW AND DESIRABLE GOODS _ ,for P'e?ent season, which we shall run we name*- reduced P,iC?8 A* ?F*clal bargains 100 pieces rich Fancy Dress Silks 5 do blue, browa. purple and black Moire Antique Silks J K.Chw trvlp'd' Plaln snd flK'd B1'k Silks t do black, brown and blue wide Silk Vel . vets pIlAlnd|Tl?rW1Klfl,0f tb* Sime MTt riCh LU8tfe ?? Silks, at our usual low prices vv ?Vw!l*Upt? plalu Black Mourning Silks stiniftn 'acy UooJ"'10 wh,ch we ask the attention of citizens and strangers to examine be fore making their purchases. b be ^ COLLEY A SEARS, dec 22 eo2w^3i3^7th st , 3 doors north Pa av. S'lM^0 pFRUM * ? ? 134 StTts ofiSh tJ ,gf' I evn aven"e.ontLei2thff^r.^io orlJth lnM.awhite COW, with redR? ^1"' broken off. a reward^j will te given for her recovery dec NOTICE TO HOI'^EICKPIKI. WE WOULD CALL THE ATTENTION of tho?e who in ay be In want of Housekeep ing Goods to our large and w? 11 selected stock Among which we name. Bedsteads, Mat treses, Wardrobes, Bureaus, Tables, Waiters, Chain, Knives and Forks, Chlr.a Vases. Walnut What, not*, Parlor and Stair Carpets, Wash stands, Toilet Sets, Castors, Sofas. Looking Glasses, Clocks. Stores, Tea and Dinner Beta, together with a very large and handsome stock of 9 lass wire. For Kle by C. ft L. CROWN A CO , Aact'rs , dec 21 corner 6th st and Pann avenue. SEASONABLE FURNITURE DRY GOODS ?Just received, and on sale One bale very superior Edinburgh Riband bound Blankets, in all sizes, from the smallest site crib to the largest size bed.

Also, one case 10 4,11-4, IS 4, and 13-4 Turkish Netted Quilts, in all white and pink and white. This is entirely a new article in this country, and will be ound very desirable. Also, Toilet Covers to match the Quilts Marseilles do. in colors and white. Two bales colored English Sheepskin Mats, for bel aider carriages, and dsors, a dellghful article : for cold weather. Also, a fin? lot of Quilted Comforts, with every other aeslrnble article known to the trade in our deoartment, all of which will be sold very cheap, dec 22-ec6t CLAGETT, DODSON A CO. A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL At the earneit solicitations of many Jrxends THE UGLY CLUB Will oivi thiii Sicowd Gains Ball AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL, NAVY YARD, On WEDNESDAY EVENINO, Dec. 24. rTlHE COMMITTEE OF ARRANGEMENTS, 1 on behalf of tha Club, will leave nothing un done to make all happy that honor them with their presence. Withers' unrivalled Brass and String Band kas bven engaged for the occasion. The Supper and Refreshments are in the hands of an experienced caterer. Positively no bats or caps allowed in the room except thoss worn by the respective Clubs ' ?Tickets ONE DOLLAR?to be had of the num bers of the Club, or at the door on the evenins of the ball. ^ Committtt of Arrangtmtnu. F Jhorn, Charles Murray, W llliam Kemp, Charles O'NeU, Robert Cheseldine, Charles Horner, dec 22-3t* J as Gordon. GIFT BOOK SALE. NOW OPEN AT No 21 LOUISIANA AVE . opposite Centre Market, between 7th and Wh ,trje5T:xpiendid assortment of BOOKS and GIF TS for tiie holiday* Rare Inducements are offered to Insure a raDid sale r A present worth from 25 cents to 860 given to the purchaser of each book at the lime the book Is sold. ^ Hooks sold as low as usual prices, many for Our stock comprises a great variety, acd em braces most all branches of literature The public are invited to call and examine our method of selling Books an* giving awn/ Gold and fcilver Watches, Gold Loc*ets, Pencils, Ear rings, Breastpins, Parlor Timepieces, Ac .Ac Principal Store 402 Broadway, New York dec22-lw* __ EVANS A CO SPLENDID HOLIDAY PRESENTS* HHHE SUBSCRIBER TAKES PLEASURE A in announcing to hi* friends and the public genf rally that his stock of Fine Gold Watches Jewelry, Silver and Silver-plated Ware. Ac la unusually full and well selected, comprising fcuperl'ir Gold Watches of the best fingllsh and Geneva manufacture, far ladies and gentle men B Fine G.,ld Guard. Fob. and Vest Chains, Chate lanes, Neck Chains with ornaments to at tach. Ac. Beautiful Gold Lockets ftor miniatures and hair Hich Cameo, Coral, Lava, enamelled Palntln? s'ti lD G?ld Jewelry'ln ,Ql1 and ptrtlal Splendid assortment of Firger Rings, Breastpins. Earrings Sleeve Butttons, Studs, engraved band, plain, and linked Bracelets, Gold antj Silver Pen and Pencil Cases. Gold and Silver Spectacles, Eve Glasses, Thimbles, Ac ? SILVERWARE Chased and plain silver Goblets, Cups. Mum Salt Cellars, pi*, cake, fish, and d^ES KnwJa I able, tea. and dessert Spoons, Soup Ladles Napkin Kings. Card Cases, Portmonnaies Pocket Fruit Knives, Preserve and SugarSdoobs Pickle Kulve* and Forks, Ac spoons SllverKolves, Forks, and Spoons, In ?e?s for children Together with many rich and beautiful articles vl'l v i' suitable for Holiday Presents, all of which he s prepared to sell upon such terms as cannot fall to please. SAMUEL LEWIS, Jeweller and Manufacturer of Silver Wars dec 22 6t 230 Pa av , bet 12th and 13th s'ts MAGN1FU KNT MEDALLION CARPETS^ WE HAVE STILL REMAINING TWO of those superb Medallion Tournsy Velvet Carpets, which far richness in colors and taste have not their equal in this country They will be now sold, to close tbem out,lower in price than we have be^n selling them; they are In the style of Louis XIV, and will remain beautiful when other stales yet to be invented will have passed away. Also, a good variety of other new and rich Vel vet Carpetings, adapted to smaller rooms and In smaller figures and Tapestry and plain Brussels Carpetings, with the Rugs and Door Mats match ing Also, a full and complete assortment of all kind* of Curtain Materials, from the very richest Satin Brock ate lie down to Cotton DamaskTwUh all the tassels, gimps, cornices, side bands Ac . requisite to complete curtains Also, just received 4 cartoons Rich Embroidered Swiss Lace Undercurtalns, very cheap. 4 Do do Muslin do 4 Do new style white Bands forUr dtrcurtalns. Our stock in all kinds of Carpeting and Oil cloths will be found complete in all resrats Now is the time for members of Congress and others who wish to furnish their homes handsome ly withrut much cost to themselves As our roods come to us direct from first hands we can a fiord to sell tfcem for less than the larger cities north of us. We invite all who fee this announcement to cad and examine for themselves Goods sent to any part of the city or Goerg*town free of cost All good* sold to po to a distance caiefully packed and shipped free of cost to the ?Wdecr2*-eol2t CLA?E*T? GODSON A Co" . DRY GOODS MERCHANTS O Vy^.8H 'NGT?N, GEORGETOWN, V *n<i Alexandria are Invited to call and look through our immense assortment of fine farcy ard staple Dry Gocds Any choice lot of Dress Goods or other articles they may want will be sold to them at prime cost for cash or at 5 per cent for notes at short dates We ask their special attention to the fo! lowing: 300 dozen Bajou's Kid Gloves, our own lmporta 200 silk Robes, of the best styles, imported this season Large stock of Fancy Silks, in dress patterns 10 whole pieces black Moire Antique do best make Black Silks 25 do black and colored Marsallnes, best quail v 50 do Lupin's Bombasins 50 do best make black Alpacas 10 do Lupin's black French Merinos 50 do colored French Merinos 50 do fine all wool Moussellnes, plain colors 25 do 3-4 and 4-4 black do 1? nearly whole pieces black Lyons Velvets 5 whole pieces ln brown, maroon, mazarine blue, purple, and dark green Velvets, 4 4 wide 2 <0 pieces dotted and figured Swiss Muslins auo do Jaconet and thick cambric Muslins HO dozen gents' merino acd lambs wool Shirts ?nd drawers 5 i dczen ladles' merino ar.d fine wool Vests ll'O do gents'brown (otton Shirts and Drawers Large assortment of the best English cotton Hosiery in full dozers Full boxes white and b'.uck English 911k He slery 50 nearly whole pieces of plaid Merinos 1 cam* French Ginghams, good styles 4u whole pieces 4 4 black French Chintzes 1(0 pieces Charley's Shirting Linen 10 pieces 8 4, IC-4 and 12-4 Linen Sheetings 50 whole pieces Welsh and other white Flannels 25 do fine Sllecla Table Damasks 100 dozen Table Napkins and Doyleys 100 Marseilles Quilts, in white, blue and pink 25 pieces extra heavy gray twilled Flannel 310 pairs white and gray servant's Blankets lot) pieces 4-4 English Long Cloth, all grades 50 pairs 4-4 New York mills Cotton fhirtlng 2 cases extra heavy 6-4 Cotton Sheeting 500 dozen best make white spool Cotton Large stock of 5 4,6-4, 8-4, 10 4 and 12-4 cot ton Sheeting 1C0 pieces black and colored paper Cambric. All the above goods are la the best condition, and are well worthy of the attention of the trade generally. . CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY A CO , dec 22?6t corner Pa avenue and 6th st. PARIS MILLINBRY. MADAME FERRERO, FROM No. 5 GREAT J ones street, New York, ret pectfully A . Informs the ladles of WashlngtonWSK /^vthat she has opened, at No. 948 Penn-^fJKi sylvania avenue, between 12th and 13th streets, up stairs, a choiee assortment of PARIS MIL LIN ER V, consisting of HATS. CAPS, COIF FURES. PARURES DE BAL, WRKATHS, FLOWERS, LEATHERS, LACES, Ac., im TO'ted expressly tor this season. French Patent .Steel Elastic SKIRTS, a new and very superior article. dec IV 3te FROM THE NORTH. MONET SAVED BY PURCHASING FOE CASH. BRILLIANTS! BRILLIANTS SILKS! DELAINES.' SILKS! ? Cum, task as ws have DELAINES! 8 Coats, tuck as are sold la BRILLIANTS! It Oats, u?ual price a# ; SILKS ' telling at 07; DELAINES ! ?r Storet at V; CALICOS ! CALICOS ' CA L TCOS ! 8 Cents, at good at any we Lave sold this season at It; FLANNELS ! FLA NNELS! FLA NNE iJf ' IS Cents; theee goedt would be cheep at 9f; BLANKETS! BLANKETS! BLANKETS' per pair; tome In the lot worth St. 100 long and SQUARE SHAWLS, very cheap; UNDER-SHIRTS, 37 centt, worth 75; andczen LADIES' vests, from 50 cents to * I M>; SO pleeet MERINO, at as and 37 cents, worth SO; 75 MERINO TALMAS, at SI 50, woith S3 54* 100 Cl.OTH and SILK CLOAKS and MANTILLAS, to be told at very low price*: We offer OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF WINTER RIBBONS AT COST, rather than carry them over to next teason. We wonld respectfully solicit the attention of t) e Ladto, and all those with tag to purr base for cath, to the above BARGAINS, which we hare lust received from the NORTHERN AUCTIONS: the prices named warrant ut In guaranteeing entire satisfaction to cuatomers RP 1-1 ATT ( No. 373 Seventh Street* ? -Li njj i Fourth Houte above I. Amusements NATIONAL THEATRE. The Manager hat great pleasure In announcing to the public a limited engagemeat with the widely-famed artlatet, Mr. and Mrt. V. J FLOBBlfCE THIS EVENING, will be acted the beautiful domestic dran a, by Joha Brougham, Esq., entitled TEMPTATION Tim O'Bryaa Mr. W.J Florence. Followed by A LESSON FOR HUSBANDS. O'l^eary. Mr. W.J. F lore ace Fanny Tottle Mrs. W.J. Florence. aasuining six other characters, with the songs of 44 Kiddle cum dink a doo," and 44 Bobbin' Around," the dance of <4 Le Esperetta," and a bailor's Hornpipe. NATION A L THEATRE. EXTRA ADVERTISEMENT. WEDNESDAY, December ?4th, 1M8. The public are respectfully 'nforuitd that In or der to actrmmodati all cUsaes cf society, the National Theatre has been b'sined, the size of which enables tt.<- mar agt-r* vc adopt a gradu ated scale of price* Grand Concert & Theatrical Entertainment, WEDNESDAY. December24th, Positively the Last Night of S THALBVRH, MADAME D'AIGRI and MAUANEDE WILHORST, Who will make their only joint appearance. HE. tad MRS. FLORENCE, Will appear In two of their celebrated pleeet.J ORDER OF ENTERTAINMENT. To commence with THE YANKEE HOUSEKEEPER, Written by Mr Florence. ;Ann Hlgglnfluter," Songa cT 44 Bobbin' Around" and 44 My Mary Ann"' Mr. FLOR ENCE at 44 Barney,'1 tbe Irish Servant MRS. FLORENCE at4'Peg with the original Yankee Wants. WANTED ?A MIDDLE-AGED AMER1 can Lady, fully competeat to take the entire oha'ge of a gentleman'i Houte,detlres a position as above Be-t reference given. Address adver. titer, this office. it* WHO WANTS EMPLOYMENT?A PRW gentlemen of fair education, and mature age. who would be willing to caavsnt a county or two, on a useful agency. tntf pnvt llberallv. will And employment bv calling oa the undersigned at No. 447, corner 9th and E streets, before 10 s. m , or afer 3 p. m , or addressing (stamp en closed.) Dr C ALLEN, Washington. D C dec ii-eo8w? WANTED IMMEDIATELY ?A RfcSPEC table Colored Woman, to do the general Housework of s fsmllv of three persons, st No, 333 New York avenue, between 9th and 10th streets no WANTED.?A SITUATION.?A~YOUN?? German man, who understands the retail Dry Goods trade and writing a coed and quick hand, win #?# a situation as Uerk or Bookkeeper Tbe best fit? refteren. e will be given Addrest Box No. 4, at this office. dec 20-*t* WANTED-TO HIRK FOR TBS EE months, a colored Slave Boy, lsrge enough to drive a carriage, and experienced In watting. Apply at this office dec IB WANTED?FOR THE COMING YEAR, on a farm near the city, two men, (Slave*) for general farm work care and management of cattle and horses. Two women as fieid bards, and one woman who understand* plain cooking If good servants, tbev will receive kind treat ment, and wages punctually paid Address L. H., at the Star Office dec 14-SwO WANTED?PERSONS DESIRINS TO give prrvate dinner parties can be supplied with a first class French Cook tt 12 for hit servl cot on application at GAUTIER'S RESTAU RANT, tSS Penn. avenue, between 12th and 13th streets. dec 9 After which, GRAND CONCERT, IN TWO PARTS, With a Programme of Ten Choice Pieces, MR. THALBERG, MADAME D'ANGRI, MADAME DE WILHORST, and SIGN OR ABELLA. Mr. THALBERG will play Masanlello Elltlr d'A more Barcarole ....Norma Mad D'ANGRI will ting Alia, Romeo *rd ullet; Rondo, Itallana In Algerl; Rondo Cenevrntola, 1 am a merry Ztngara. Mad DE WILHORST will ting Aria, Lucresla Borgia; the Rltal Walu, Brln disl, Macbeth. To oooclude with THE YOUNG ACTRESS. Mrt Florence at Maria, and five other chartc-1 ters, with Songs and Dances Mr. Florence as the Tragedian, with imita tions of oelebraUd Actors 8CALK OF PRICES. Admission to Drett Circle, Parquet, and Orchestra SI 00 Reserved Seats In same. 50 cents extra. Proecenium Boxes, to hold twelve 90 00 Private Boxes, to nold six ???.10 00 Family Circle 50 CT T he U pper Gallery will be dosed with the exception of tnat portion alloted to respectable colored people, to which the price of admission will be 50 centt. CZ7" The Sale of Soitt will commence on Tues day, at 9 o'clock a. m., at the Box Office of the Theatre dec aa A. EMEETH, Pianist from the Conservatoir de Moaic, Vienna, and Pupil of 8igsimund Becter, WILL GIVE HIS FIRST GRAND CON cert In America, on MONDAY next, De rsmber 22d, at Carusi's Saloon, when he wl 1 be asalsted by M'LLE ESTELLA CARLTON, Pianist, and Mr H. HENDERSON, Tenor. TicketsFIFTY CENTS. ReservedseatS 1-to be obtained at the principal Music Stores, and at tbe Saloon. Hazajimimat tgeu, if en szivtstn latam Aaag vers'.nytmbtn t $zona 44 Magyar " dec ao at* (Intel) Embsth SUITABLE GOODS FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. AT COST?THOSE WHO WISH TO make purcba-es for Holiday Presents should bear in mind that we are selling out our entire atock of fine Fancy Goods at cott for cash. We have? Silk Dresses, cort from 6 to ?90 Velvet Cloaks, do 95 to S0O Cloth Cloaks, do 8 5i> to S95 Embroidered Muslin Collars, cost from fOc to S10 French hmbrcldercd Sets. do a..*) to S25 Embroidered Pocket Hdkfs, do Su to S25 Honlton Lace Sets, do 7 toS'5 Valencltnne* do oo 9 to S2.? iie-t make of Paris Kid Gloves Great variety cf Goods for children't wear, at cost Thybet Merinos, all colon, cost 75 cents Glovet, Pocket Handkerchiefs. Cravats, ard Ho siery, at cost, with many other kinds of Goods quite as suitable for holiday elfts. Ten per cent, will be added to all goods charged. CLAGETT, NEWTON. MAY A Co , dt: 22?61 Corner Pa. avenue and 9th st. Catted States Patent Of ties, > Washington, Decembers, 1838. f ON THE PETITION OF JOEL W. AN DREWS, of Bridgeport. I'a , praying for the extension of a patent granted to him on tfce aittof March, 1843. for an improvement In ^burn ing bricka," for seven ytirs f'Otn the explratlcn of aald patent, wh1:h us-* pi-re on the 21st day of March, 1857: It It ordered. that the saJu petition lie heard at the Patent OSce on Monday, the 9th March, 1557, at 19 o'clock, m; and all persons are notified to appear and show cause, If any they have, why said petition ought not to be granted. Persons opposing the extension are required to file in the Patent Office their objections, specially set forth in writing, at least twenty davs before tne day of hearing; all testimony filed by either party to be used at tt id hearl .ig must be taken ard iranimittat In accordance with the rules of the of fice, which will be furnished on application. The testimony In the case will be closed on the 97th of Febuary next; depositions and other papers relied upon *s testimony, must be filed In the orifice on or befbre the morning of that day; the argu ments, tinny, within ten days thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notice be published In the Union, Intelligencer and Evening Star, Wash ington, D. C.; Republican, Baltimore; Md Boarding. Board ?a gentleman and lady, or a couple of gentlemen can obtain a com fortable Room, with Board, In n private family, by applying at 407 13th street. dec 17-7t* Board, ac ? mrs. bates, on the s w corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street Is prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms with or without board Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage Transient or tsble board can be obtained. apS-tf MRS C. R reynolds HAVING COM plettd her arrangements for opening a first class Bcarding-House. detlres all who mar be In search of superior accommodations in every re spect, to call and examine for themselves, whers they will find attentive and obliging servants at their command. 8. E. oorner Pa. avenue and 4j{ street. dec 10-tlaUan X } * 1 Pennsylvanlan News, New a, Philadelphia, Pa., and DaLy York, N. v., and Poet, Boston, Mass., onee s week for three successive weeks Cvlous fo the 9th of March next, the day of ring. CHARLES MASON. Commissioner of Patents P. S.?Editors of the above papers will rdsate copy, and send their bills to the Patent Offioe, with a paper containing this notloe. dec 'il-itwOw PIR GENTLEMEN'SFINEOVER COATS, Shawls, Drett, Frock, and Uuslnest Coatt, and a'l articles of gentlemen's apparel, at low prices; call at WALL A STEPHENS'S, 399 Pa eve. next to Iron Hall. dejlS-St (IntelAUnlon) NOW SELEINO OFF AT COST, A LOT OF FANCY stationery. PA pter Marhe, Porte Folios, Ladies' Cabas, Garnet, and numerous other artlclet, all of which I am now offering lower than they were ever sold for In Waahlngton. W. F BAYLY, dec 90 ? No. 97S Penn avenue. LACES, RIBBON, AND EHSEOIDE. HI Eft. fUST OPEN FROM AUCTION, A LARGE w atock of French Worked Collars and Sleeves, In sett, from 75 centato SS A large lot of Bonnet Rlbbont, very ch ap 300 Frrnch Worked Collars, from 3 cents to S3 Mualin Undertleeves, from 96 cents to S3 A large lot of Ladles' Kid Glovet, from 18* to 87jf cents Linen and Cambric Bosoms, from 19* to 75 cents Ladles'and Children'a White Linen Handker chieft, from 0* to Si Black Lace and Bugle Collars, at all prices. GEO F ALLEN, dec 90-3t Pa ave., next to 10th street NO. 1 FIRST CLASS PRESENTS. WORTH ATTENTION?TWO NEW and Beautiful PIANOS, warranted and guaran tied fine finish, rosewood cases, superb tone, will be sold for cash at the low price of Saou each. Also.?a Pianos at Saa5 each; 3 ?t S*50 each; 1 at $275; a at S30U each; 3 at S32o each; 4 at S35o eacb: a at S37S each; 3 st S4UU each; 1 at S45?; a Melodeons at S40 each; a at S69 each; 1 at Siaf; latSiOO. In addition to en extensive stock, we have? Violins from SI to SlMi; Guitar* from SI to SUtf); Accoraeons from SI 50 to ST; Banios from Sa to salt; Vlollneellos from *io to S*?; Flutes from 75 cents to S3U; Tambourines from 50 cents to S5; Drums from 75 cents to SlO; Fires from 25 cents to S5; Bows for Violins from 25 cts to S12 ALSO, Music. Music Books, Music Folios, Piano Cov ert and Stools. Italian Guitar and Violin String*, Violin and Guitar Boxes, and everything belong ins to the Music business We warrant and guarantee every article we selJ, and take old instrument* of any kind in part pay ment for new onet We order Music twice a week, and send Mutic to any part of the country by mall, free of postage Our store It No 308 Pa. avenue, a few doors from 10th street. dec 19-1 w JOHN F.ELLIS. A CARD?THE ATTENTION OF House keepers It called to the extensive sale of Stovee, Cabinet Furniture, t renchChina, Giaat, and Crocker/. Plated Good?,Brltania and Japan ned Goods, Cutlery, and Housekeeping Article* generally, advertised to take place oa TUESDAY MORNING, December 93d. at the store No. 419 Pennsylvania avenue, between 3d and 4* sts. The goods will be sold without reserve, and will take place without >?&rd to weather decaoat c. w botklbh, ' KRISS KRINGLE'S ADDRESS. My dear little friends, time it patting away. And toon you will gaze on a bright Christ mat* day' When doabtleat each one of you?Master aid Miss. Will look ror a call from your trusty friend Kriat; But as to see all will be out of the case, I've chosen an agent to act In my plnoe; You'll find him on Seventh street, just below E, Surrounded by tl^btt worth a journey to see. But thould any doubt, let them give him a call. And learn by inspection there's something for all; Doil*, Furniture, Tea Sest, Horses, and Drays, with thousands of notions be finely dispiats ; In short, should yos ransack creation all o'er, 1 here's nought In his line but you'd find In thla store; Then do n<g forget as my dog'rel you scan. The name or my agent, for LAMMOND'S the dee vO-3t HA&FER'S MAGAZINE for January, containing a humorous political aftlcle, 44The Animal Declaration of Independence,1* accompanied with most superb llloitratlcna All th? Magazines f?>r January All the new Booka received aa toon at pub llthed, and for tale at the great newt and literary depot of J shillinston, dec 20-3t Penn. avenue, corner 4y COAL KEPT UNDER COVI 9,940 Us. Is skt Toa NOW ON HAND. THE BEST C(UALIT1E1 of Wbite A.b, Red Aab aad Lehigh COAL Warranted to giee sertr/isttisa. Delivered fron dlit Alto, Hickory. Oak and Pine WOOD. T. J A W. M. SALT. N W. corner lath nnd C ttreeu. No. 547 docao-tf one square tonth of Pa avenK F1SE WOMKI1?F1RK WORKS Fire crackers, torpedoes. e>ck ets, DOUBLE HEADERS, SIGNAL LIGHTS, SERPENTS, Ac , Ac , tn larg> quan tities for tale at a81 Penntylvanla avenue, aoutl 1 aids, n'xt door to corner of 10th ttrtet decSO-St* BUY YOSS HOLIDAY GOODS of~ (tec lfi McLAUGR LIM 4 CO.