Newspaper of Evening Star, December 23, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 23, 1856 Page 2
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EVKN'LNG STAR WAS H I /y rt T O ;V C 1 T Y: TDIIU.VY December J3, 1M6. W ABTKKTI IIIIITI tlOl'LD ? LIFT AT Tlf OrilCI IT Tvbltb o'clock, V.; urKk<wi>< thkt mat hot irrtAm wrn. tub ?mT r*r. OPIKITOF THE MORNING PRESS. The Uiii9i arguing to eh< w that Congress have not been waling time this wider, tuayit, with much force? " With all duo defer? nee to the opinion of our respected Philadelphia cotemporary, we conceive that the pending debate in Congress on the President's message has proved the very reverse of fraitWs.'. The opinion? of the man j eminent patriots and statesmen of the Senate and House, even on secondary matters, are received with satisfaction an ! profit by Ihe whole country ; but when these distin guished representatives are engaged in dis cussing questions and piincijles vitally con nected with the peace, prosperity, a?d perpet uity of the Union, vc cmnot perceive how the debate can, with propriety or truth, be designated as fruitless. So far from being fruitless, the debate has exposed the princi ples, purposes, and sentiments of black re publicanism in such a, and yet such a revolting, light to patriotic vision, that many of iu recognized champions in the two bouses of Congress have completely ignored several cf the most obnoxious i.sues which were rnnde by their associates, if not by themselves, dur ing the recent pretidential canvass." The Iuttlligtnrer contains a letter from the Hon. Ueveniy Johnson to the late Democratic celebration in Po-tn, wherein that distin guished gentkman takes occasion to repudiate the ilea that tie South will hearken to the argument* f l those who advrcate a renewal of the African tiara trade. In the conrse of this let'er Mr J. ?ays : "Slavery, as it exists with ur. is quite a different matter: For its or.gin we are not re spobHble, and its continuance, beside being under tfce protection of the Constitution, w absolutely necessary to our own general peace and welfare. To set at largo w?re than three millions of slave, unfit for self government, and by nature incapuble of being amalga mated with tuo dominant race, and to have them remain where they are, all will admit to be equally in-possible What, then, could be dono with tl e4a ' Woald too other States re ceive them ' W?aM th? laboring men there agree ??? ao !i a competition witn their own labor 7 The-r questions admit of hut?ne re ply. and that rhows h? w i<He it is to look (or- | ward to such a 4 *y as possible. as long as tso present c-ndit; n of the country remains." WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIT. ?eneral fcott'a Bill ?We are satisfied that the bill for the relief of General Scott passed tin Hoa:-s y*?'erday upon insufficient knowl ?dge of tie fact* of the case. Mr. Clirgra ?n of North Carolina, ?than whom n? man in Congress ia n.ore careful in public action or jnore devoted to ;be public good,?mu't have been m>?inf< rmtd if he is reported corrcctly In the mining pa|ers. Tne repoirt is as fol lows : Mr Stephens of Oeorgi*, desired t? know whether the Attorney General d-d not hold that, undar the existing law, Gen. Scott was entitled tc the same amount that he would re ceive under the (ending resolution, should it receive the sanction ?*f Congress. He would vote tor the resoluti- a upon that ground, and not as a gratuity. Mr. Clingman replied that the resolution propped to give to lien. Scott eract/y mhet ih? Attorney General h'ld he tret * entitled >n under ike ttistiyi#/aic. but, inasmuch as the Secretary of War had doubts as to whether be was author.zed to pay that amourt. Mr. C. deemed it but right that Congress should, in this mode, instruct him upon the subject. He demanded the previous question We have not had time to examine the file* of the 8'er in t ji? connexion, but our recol lection of the fects in the case of Gen. Scott is as follows : The Secretary of War. in the discharge of his tffhlal duty, held that the act of Febru ary, 1So5, " authoriging the President to con fer the title of Lieutenant General by brevet, ' waa only intended to oonfor honor and rank, and did n >t carry with it increased pay anl emolument;. General Scott waa of a different opinion. The case was referred to the Attor ney General for official opinion, who, after consi lerati'n of the ca e, rulel that the pro visions of the law of 17'J3, cnac'.ed for the case of General Washington, and urider which the office of L:eutenant General was first created, either hal never been repealed as to pay and emolument, or, if repealed in that respect, had fceenrtfived with the grade by the act by waich Iteueral Scott had, by the favor of President l'ieice, been breveted Thereupon, we remember, the President took the execution of tho law upon himself, and. wi'.h the opinion ol tne Attorney General a? the La--ij, made up a statement of the amount of money due Gen. Scott, a'.d ordered it to be fail him, whish of course done. Thus, tiie Prcsi lent alone ?not the Sccrctary of War?earned tho law into execution. The opiuionof the Attorney General was 'waken as a guide on the point, whether there was in force *Ly iaw fixing pay and allowances of grade of Lieutenant General, and General Scott fcas'allowrd 'Veil/ rent the opinion of the Attorney Gtne/^l could five him. I a rn'ition to pay proper there wis no room for controversy, because General Scott was clearly entitled under the Attorney General's decision to two hundred and filty dollars per month. Ae to forag* the President had dis cretionary power, and be gtvo General Scott the h.g^c-:. regulation nauiber, and thereby increa?ei hia pay tix ddlars a montn. As to ;errants, the Pre-idect also derided cially t> G?iorai S. ;t ly hi? interpretation of th* la*v of 11It wjs uj?.n >atioits tii^t thede.iei n of the Chief Magistrate was Im I ugned f he law ..f 17y>> all' w?.d to General Washiegtoa forty ration.' a daj" General Scott, by so>me ctrango conceit, imtfgiii^d h? was entitled to eighty,?double the numter Riven the " Father of bis Country " F,?rty rations per day am->unta to (??> l.undre<l and forty d< llar^ jer momb. Eighty rations per day to 1 ur hundred and eighty dollars per month and it is th?? difference w bich General Pcott is n'w ela.miij; of Congress against the deciti D of th-j 1 re?:dent not the Secretary ? f War. The actttn ,-f ihs H' u?e, ye?terday, seema to bav? b.en b -sod up>n the belief that Gen fo'it Lai not Mceivad, by rea? n of the ac tion of the Secre'ary of War, wh*t the official of the Attorney General decided he was entitled t<> .Suf-h ia not the c;?se He has !y the direction of the President, re eeived all that the principles of public law> expourded by the Attorney General, allowed We observe that tbs bill pasaed yesterday a?w> includes the 44 t'.iS" of General Scott. The Attorney General, we are quite sure, has dec?ied Hat the law of 1S55 did not give in crease i , ay t??he military family of General *cctt W|iy should it? In that cue, then, it's cert .in t^at *ho law d-^es mote thi>n carry oat the opinion of the /it 'mey General. We do Lot wuh to injure General ocott?far fr m it Wo do not wish to say anything an* kind of th? members of his staff who seek to mike an honor oonferred upon * general officer of the artey give to them increased pay and emolument*. It is due, hewevor, to troth, that the fact* of the caw should be fally ? aderstood. We are willing that General Scott himself should reccive everything a grateful country intends to bestow ; but It is not rigbt that subordinate officers?men who have not rendered any cspecial perries above the class performed by other persons of their grade?should, because they happen to be as. signed to the duties of General Scott's staff, be allcwcd to enter the public treasury and take, by aot of Congress, what the nation de signs only for another. If Congre?3 wish to givo General Scott twen ty thousand dollars whynotpa'S a law direct ing the Secretary of the Treasury to pay him that amount, and thus end nil misintcrpreta tion of their intention ? Let there be had ac tion upon the question intelligibly and dis tinctly presented ! Senator* Brown and Wilson.?The follow ing are tbe letters oo which Sonator Brown based his charge made in open Senate yester day, that Senator Wileon had proclaimed the ioctrine that slaves are justifiable in cutting tbe throats of their masters, which as we have repeatedly shown is but a necessary corollary of the fundamental doctrines of the Republi can party as elucidated in thoir speeches and newspaper articles: Washingtor House, Dec 20, 1856 Dear Sir: In reply to your note of the 18th instant, desiring me, if no motives of delicacy oppose, to furnish you with the expression of opinion, made by Air Wilson, Senator from Massachusetts, in regard to tho right of a slave to resist the authority of his master, I have to gay, that 1 can have no objection to giving you the desired information, inasmuch ft* it occurred ia the public sitting room of this bouse, in a public manner, and before me, a ?tranger to tho utterer of the eontiments. And, moreover, 1 think the safety of tho :ommunity requires that thev should under stand the sentiments, openly expre-'sed, of persons in their midst. In tho conversation referred to Mr. Wilson ?aid that he would not ndvise a slavo not to :ut his master's throat, and that ho thought that every slave had a right to kill bis ma?tcr Tho abovo are tho words distinctly uttered in my presence upon tho occasion to which reference is made. It is pr >por to say that thero was at ler^t one negro ia the room at the time. I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant, LOUIS WoRCRSTER. Hon. A. G. Brow*. Washington, D. C., Dec 22, 185rt. Sit In reply to your note of this evening [caking inquiries in reference to remarks m.-'da by Senator Wilcor, of Mass , in the of fice of the Washington House, upon the slave ry question, I have to elate that I recollect distinctly tbo conversation which took place at that time. A remark was made that no B*r.? man would bs guilty of inciting the slaves to insurrection, or to injure the property or t<ke the lives of their masters. To which the Senator frcm Massachusette replied as fol lows That he did not know as he should ad vise them to cut their masters' throats ; but if h? were a slave he would do it, and he be lieved they had a right so to do Truly yours, F. H Richard, Loins WoRCBSTKR, Esq Mr. Brown stated in the course of hir re marks that he had been informed tbat others who were present on the occasion referred to, steed leady to substantiate this testiur-ny. Land Warrants.?The financial circular of Sweeny, Rittcnhouse, Fant k Co., bankers, for to-day (Dec 23) say*: Land warrants are active, and have ad vanced 3 cents per acre They are paying as follows, vir Buying Mlltac 1?0 snd fo-arre warrant. p?r acr?? . 94 ?? 1S? arie " ?? ... eg 91 4o-acr# " ?? .. ji io si The Commissioner of the General Land Of fice has brought into market about nn? mil lion and a half' acres of land in the north part tf Iowa, whiah has caused a sudden and sctive demand for warrants These lands aro said to be as fin* as any in Iowa, and the eagerness with which they will be sought at ter must, we think, cause a further advance in the price of warrants. Trotting 'em Out?Tbe proceedings of the House yesterday when nominations for a Chap, lain were leiug made, reminded us not a little of the way in which the jockies crack up their sto:k horses being exhibited against each other for popular favor on a Western oourt-house green after dinner on a court day, when the b ?ys are " half snapped all round." Supreme Court ? Yesterday, N. Richard son, Esq., of New York, Chas. S. Bryant, Esq , of Ohio, and Harvey Officer, Esq., of Minnesota Territory, were admitted attorneys and counsellors of this Court. Jas Mcegan, plaintiff in error, rt. Jercm^h T. Boyle, (No. 25 ) The argument of this cMiso wds continue. 1 by Mr. Crittenden for tie defendant in error, and concluded by Mr Ge yer for the plaintiff in error Joseph Hufty, plaintiff in error, vs. H. Si mons and Company, (No 2 ) ) In error to the Circuit Ci-urt of tno United Mates for tho eastern district of Louisiana Tho plaintiff in error having been called snd failed to appear, on the motion of Messrs Davidge and Ingle the writ of error in this cauee was dismissed, with costs Tereucc Cou.-in, plaintiff in orror, f t. Eva ri^te Blacj s executrix, et al <N.? 27 ) This cause was argued by Mr. Benjamin for the defendant in error. Jean Louis Prevost, plaintiff in error, t?. Ch.:S E. Groi.aaux, Treasurer of the State of Louisiana, (No. 26 ) This cause was argued by Mr. Berjamin for the defendant in error. Adjourned. Ccnrt of Claims ?Yesterday, Chief Justice Gilchrist delivered the opinion of the court in the ca#e of Carson, administrator of Grubb, claiming compensation for the manufacture of cannon in 1780. Opinion adverse to the claim. Judge i^arburgh delivered the opinion of the court in the cuse of John Ericsson, claim- ' inst c> mpei^ation for model of engine and la bor in ituMij steamship Bill, allowing claim ant SI.'? 9.J1>, ordered to be reported. Julge H~ar'?urgh delivered the opinion of the court in the < a?e < f John T Fergus ?n, ad ministrator of John F?*rpuson. Opinion ad verse to the claim Adjourned. The Currsn' Operation! of the Treatury Dopartment-?On yesterday, 221 December, ?here were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of tbe Department Texas debt warrants $164 ft) Kor the redemption of Stock*. ?? ? 1,M3 02 F.rthe Treasury Department... 15,4ol aU For the interior Department 177 111 For Castas 129,450 as War warrants received and en tered 231,1*5 00 On account of the Navy 47.209 58 From mis;?lUnei'us sources 3,442 46 KromLanda 219.124 05 From Customs 2,60* 85 CONOR ESS JO y A L rilOC E ED1N(JS. In thb Sr*atc yesterday, after we went to press, Mr. Brown concluded his sj>eech in re ply to Massrs. Wilsjn and Seward, wherein those gentlemen assailed the President's annual message. The resolution under con sideration, to refer so much of the message as treats of foreign affairs to the foreign relations oommitteo, was then agreed to, and they ad j turned In the UonnK th^y balloted for a Cbaplair, with the foUowing result: Mr. Waldo received 10*; Mr* Moore 23; Mi. Gurley22; Mr Doggettl3;Mr Stockton 8, Mr Morris 7; Scattering 24?total 203. Thus the Kev Mr Waldo was re elected. Mr. Clingman, (by a suspension of the ruio* ) introduced a joint resolution as follows : ?? Resolved, , That the joint resolutions approved February 15, 1855, authorising the President of the United States to confer the title of lieutenant-general by brevet, shall be so construed from and after March 29, 1847, in favor of the brevet lieutenant gen eral appointed under the said act, while ex ercising command according to that rank, a* to entitle him to the pay. allowances, and staff specified ifl the fifth section of the act ap proved May 23, 1798, ' authorising the Presi dent to raise a provisional army," and also to the allowances prescribed in the sixth sec tion of the act approved August^ 23, 1842, granting additional rations to certain officers : Prorided, however, and it is hereby declared, That the brevet lieutenant general shall not, except in time of war, bo entitled to more than two aids and one secretary. After debate botwoen Mr. Clingman and Mr Stephens, it was passed Mr. 11. Marshall moved to suspend the rules to make the bill to establish a uniform rule of naturalization (and to extend the term of probation) a special order for the 15th proximo ; not agreed to?yens 88, nays 92 Shortly afterwards they adjourned. Proceedings of To-Day Is the Senate, to-day, various resolutions. bills, Ac , were introduced nnd referred, and otherwise properly disposed of ere the pending resolution to allow the Senate's standing com mittees clerks was again takon up, and was debated by Messrs Brodhead and Pugh be fore the Stur went to press. ? In tub Horse, a call of the House tojk placo, and 183 members having answered to their names, varioui Executive communica tions, <tc., on the Speaker s table, wore taken up and referred. Mr. Letchcr presented a minority report from the Ways and Means Committee, on the tariff question ; ordered to be printed. Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, moved to postpone further debate (proceeding?) upon the refer ence and printing of the President's annual laessBge until Tuesday next; which motion whs under debate as tho Star went to press. WASHINGTON CITY SAVING'S BANK?This bank will be closed as usual, upon the 25th Ins-., Chrtstmas, and upon the 1st January, New Year's Day Persons hav ing notes maturing on those day.<, are ixpected to attend to them previously. It* LEMJOHNSON, Treas. ?-r25?IJANKlNG HOUSE OF SWEENY, ?OH* KITTEN HOUSE, F ANT A CO ?Our Hanking House wlU be closed on THURSDAY, the?5tb Inst , Christmas ?lay; and on THURS DAY, the 1st January. Persons having nates or acceptances on those days, are revested to attend to thein previously SWEENY, KITTENHOUSE, FANT A CO. dec 23 2t (Intel) ,D AN KING HOUSE OF CHUBB BROTHERS ?NOTICE?Our Bank ing House will not be open on Thursdav, the isth instant, Christmas day, and having parties notes mature on ttat day are requested to attend to them the day previous dec?1 at CHUBB BROTHERS ATTENTION, WASHINGTON HIGP . LANDERS.?You are hereby notified to meet at your Armory, on WEDNESDAY ? EVENING, the 2ltn ln*t ,at7)f o'clock precisely, as bus ness of Importance will be com municated to you By ordrr of CAPTAIN WATT, dec 23-2t Commanding Corps. ??2^TO THE VOTERS OF THE SEC OND WARD -The voters of the Union Party of the Second Ward ar~ requested to attend a meeting at Harmony Hall on WEDNESDAY EVENING, December tilth. at o'c'ock The Committees on the Poll Lists are ?xpected to re port As this will be the last meeting previous to the closing of the Poll Lists all our friends are invited t" attend. dec 22- It A MEETING OF THE NATIONAL % Democratic Association will take place at their Rooms on E. between 9 h and ldth street*, on TUESDAY EVENING, the 23d Inst , at 7 o'clock. Punctual attendance Is requested, as business of Importance will he before the Associ ation Ail Democrats who detire to become members, are cordlslly Invited to attend. dee Zi 2t ? LUC I EN PEN TON, Pres. , LA DIES' festival ?THE LA "dles of KylHtidChapH are r.ow holding a Festival In the basement of their church, to continue until the 31st Instant A large assort ment of fancy artlcesand all kinds cf confection ery will be !>flr#r?d frr sale 'Ihe attendance of the citizens of the Island and the public general ly is cordially solicited Doors o[>ea at f> o'clock p m. aearon Tickets can be obtained at the door xor 5<? cent*. dec 20-3t* ,FIRST GRAND ASSEMBLY OF the AMERICAN HOOK AND LAD DER ACIIVE ASSOCIATION at Odd Fkl lows' H ai.i., Navy Yard,on December list, 1S30 For particulars sse future advertisement. dec 19 5t .WHAT WE WANT THE PEOPLE TO KNOW !?HO US E S FURN ISHED?We want Hou?ekeepers and those at^ut to nrtiimnce Housekeeping t?? bear In mind that the first, cecon*!, third and fourth rooms of our large a:;d spacious warehouse arc filled to their n'liios! capacity with every description of CABINET FURNITURE and House furnish lng Goods generally, to which we respectfully Invite ihe attention of those In want of bargains Houses furnished throughout wph every article In the housekeeping line vkry chkap fob cash, cr to punctual dealers at the usual cirdlt Call at tha " Hooskkxbpkr's Empobiim" andexamlne our stock before purchasing. Our motto Is? " Obiek salts ami small profits " BONTZ A COOMBS, dec 1 Jm 7th street, between 1 and K. .ASSESSORS' NOTICE.?THE voters of the sev.'ral Wards will pie ?se take notice that the Assessors will attend at the 5laces designated below, from 10 o'clock a. m t<? o'clock p m every day, except Sundays and Chrlstm.'.s duy, from the loth to the 31 *t of this rronih. Inclusive, for the purpose of revising aud correcting the poll lists : First Ward?Samuel Rrdferu's, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 19th street. Second Ward? J B Williamson's, 41310lhst. west between G and H streets north Third Ward?J. M Downing#, M7 L street north, between 7t<i and Bth streets west Fourth Ward -City Hall Flf.h Ward?B F Dyer's, Gfi9 New Jersey ave nue, b1 tweeu D and E streets south Sixth Ward?Office of S. S Brlggs, K street south, between bth and Dth streets eiist Seventh Ward?Peter Hepburn, jr , K5 F stretl south, between 8th and 9th streets west. dec 10-d LAMHOND S, 414 SUVXJITH STREET Is the cheapest Toy and Fancy Store In tht city. dec23-3t WEDNESDAY, DECEMIIEK 24?h,l?6 grand opening of Faney Goods at dec ;3 2t THE LAKES,.'101 Pa ave. KIllS* KKINGLE * x>NLY DEPOT F4>H Toys is at de*.23 3t LAMNOND'S^ (111 ILDK EN'S HAM E*i, TOY WASH J Stands, Bar Ins, and Pitchers, Ac , at dec *3 3t LAMM ON I)'S. t'HINA AN? ULAII OH^AMK^TS IP f ^rest variety, and very cheap, at dec -.3 :it LAMMOND'S. (i||ir?A VASE*, t lTS AND SAlCEKS > Children'* fea Sets, very low, a-.d golnj FRANCIS'S, der, 23 Sevt nth >trtet. L^KI IT AND BI TTfeR RNIY??, Iver r Tab'et, Sewing Birds, Scissors In eases Packet Knives, cheap, at FRANCIS'S, dec 2) Seventh street. B\skkts, IIASKET stands, caijas Satchels, Portmonles.?Tears will be sbec when some lenrn what they have lost by not buy lng their presents ai. aec 'Si FRANCIS'S. VIVlTljrr. and NEKIT VAKUt, ANI handsome Books, by the best bards. For Hoi lday Presents in the Book line, call at FERGUSON'S, dec '?3 4*6 Seventh street. Excelsior oirr, and al^ othef kinds of beautiful Books, suitable for Christ mas presents, at EERGUSON'S, dec 23 4S3 Seveuth street. IflNE WATCH KEPAIHINO OF EVEK1 description; such as Chronometer, Duplex Lever. Leplne, Ac , executed In a superior man ner, with promptness, by competent workwen. H. O. HOOD, dec 33 338 Pa ave.. near !>'.b street. MOTICE. PURE COUNT fl Y MILK. Families dehring to be supplif.e from Locust Hill Dairy, will do well to ?iv? ten or fcfteen davs no lc-la advance cf a com Address the 11 Proprle or cf Locusi Hill through the Post Office. NEW PTT E HEAD DRF.SSBS, GLOVES, ^l'l rtmrnlrp, '"aps, Bonnet", sn<l oth-^>ijg? ^^jer artlc ea belonging to a lady's ?p w|L ^^rparel, ave been rec< lvrd direct fnm Parts, a^d 're ffir wl? by Mlu MINNA W|[, KINS, <*S7 C street, south sld-, near Carual's Pa loon, betvrpen 11th and 19th streets, dec 23 3t MANUAL OF ETIQUETTE IN WASU iinaTON. This manual is indispensable to Memtea of Congress and strangers aoj-iurn ln ? In Washington Every lrdy md ger.tieiran should have a cony J u?t published a nd for sale at the Hook S'aid la the Capitol,and st tbebook stores In Washington. decS3-lm OUYERS FOR CASH CAN ?I*E AT U lea?t 10 per cent by buying their Groceries, Teas, Wines, Liquors, Flour. Ac, An , at the Cheap Cash Store, corner of Oth and E streets. Cn'l and see. It* JOS. W. DAVIS. CRANBERRIES, RAISINS. CITRON. Almonds, Fl<s, Prunes, and whole and ground Spic?a of ail kinds. S otcfe3 Irish, and Old Rye Whl*key Jamaica Spirits, and Wine of diff-rent kinds. JOS W. 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O. 11 LIST, Late keeper of the bar at the Klrkwod House, dec 21-2.* SELLING OFF, JELLING OFF, AND MUST BE SOLD TO riose tbe season, a rew lot and -tyle of MAN TLES and CLOAKS just opened, to be closed out by Christinas Ma .ties and Cloaks from S to ? JO *4'? Mantles and Cl oaks for S>0 fc3- Cloaks and Mantles for ?J0 S<<0 Mantles and Cloaks f ir ?I0 *10 Cloaks and Msntles for 8* S5 Mantles and Cloaks for and ? 1 A sii.sll lot of Mantles for St to $3 A ft w pieces of heavy, light, and dark grey ar.d brown Cloths for Cloak i and Mantles at re duced prices. A large stock of Ladles' dress go">ds. consisting of Silks, Bright Plaid and Plain Merino, Mousse lines, DsItJtt*, PjpllH, aid Prl vs, at Drlces which! fail to sell, and must be sold to re duce stock GEO. F. ALLEN, dec 23 3t Pa ave , nest to 10th street CHRISTMAS CONFECTIONERY. THESUR?CKinER RESPECTFULLY IN forms hla customers and the public in general that he I* prspated to mpplv them with CHRISTMAS COSFEGTIOyERY of eveiy kind, fo elgn and domesMc; also with CANDY. PLU>l and POUND CAKM. MINCE PIKS, ORANGES.FIBS,RAISINS, PRUNES, A LMONDS, Ac. His stork of CONFECTION ERY Is very complete and such as he feels con fident will be found on trial, equal toanv that may be off -red for sale in this city. He will be happy tn ree bis friends and customers on Christmas Eve ;tnd dining the Holidays, as hLs stock will b#> replenished until ard after tbe New Year's Festlra' TOYS FOR HOLIDAY PRESES'TS The subscriber also respectfully informs ladles and gentlemen ilt-kirous of procuring TO VS of any kind, as Holiday Presenia, tint he ha* la port'-d a large collection of (icrman and French manufacture, which are curious, ? heap, and well adapts to please children and young people of every age His stock cf TOvS Is larger and more attractive than ever, and cannot be excelled In any toy store In this city. '1 be subscriber would also invite attention tohli lar?/e assrrtment of Ch'na, ladles' Work Baskets, Combs, Perfumery, and other fancy articles whlct are too numerous for specification In an ?>dve tl?e m-nt WILLIAM GRUPE, No 415 south aide Pa av , bet 31 and 4# sts , dec 2J-lm opposite Jackson Ilall NEW AND ELEGANT WATCHES JEWELRY, SI LV ER AND PLATED WARE FOR THE HOLIDAYS. MW. GALT A BRO. INVITE ATTEN ? tlon to their stock of the following Goods mofct of which were gotten up especially for th< present season : Ladlet>' and Gentlemen's verv superior Gol< Watches, of exquisite Unl?h and workmanship and warranted perfect tlme-ktepera Ladles' and Gentlemen's elegant Gold Chains Cbatahlns, Seals, Keys, and Cnarms Diamond, pesrl, ruby, and emera.'d Brooirhes Ear rings, and Bracelets Diamond Crosses, Necklaces, and Studs Coral, IVmeo, Florentine, Morale, and all othc styles o Jewelry, In sets and single pieces Gold Tblmbies, Lockets, Pencils, Toothpick" Sleeve Buttons snd Studs Gold mounted Jet and Coral Ne. klecs an< Bracelets Children's Sleev* I'lns, Armlets, Whls les ant Bells, Rings, I'lns, Ac s? lid Sliver Tea Sets, Waiters, Pitcbcrs, Gob lets and Cups Silver lV.ble, Dessert, and Tet Spoons an< Fork*, Ladles, Butter Knlvea. Ae Silver Sa^t Cellars, l)ee?ert Knives E?fg and Cofft* Spoons, Fish Carvers and Fork' Cak* Knlve*, Berry Shovels * rui!, Jelly and Preserve Spoons Pickle Knlv*-* and Fo?ks, Sugar Baskets Sliver Nut Hrke, Napkin Rings, Tea Strainer Pocket Fruit Knivev Nutmeg Graters Knives, Forks and Spoons incases for children Silver Snuff.?rd Tobacc* Boxes Card Cases. Per?cinonnales, Fans, Ac. Plated Tca Sfcts. Waltirs, Castors Cake Baskets, Butter Coolers, Oyster Turcena Goblets, Cups, Albata Forka, Spoons, Ac. The above, with a thousand and one other ar tides wblch cannot be enumerated In an advsr tlsement, will be found to comprise the large*, asaortment of desirable goods ever effrfied to on customers M. W. GALT A BRO. Jew;lera, 3^1 Pennsylvania avenue, dec 23-3t between 9th and 10th atreeta. W1 NOTICE TO IfOUSKKEEPERS. E WOULD CALL THE ATTENTIOP - -t,0' tbo?e who maybe In want of Housekeep lng Goods, to our large and well selected stock Among which we name, Bedsteads, Mattreases Wardrobes, Bureaus, Tables, Walters, Chairs Knives and Forks, China Vases, Walnnt What nots, Parlor and Stair Carpets, Wash*Lands Toilet Sets, Castors, tofas. Looking Glasses Cl.x-ks, Stoves, Ten and Dinner *-et?, tcgefhei wpb a very larg* and handsome st?ek of Glas*. Were. Fcr salt by C. K. L. CROWN t, CO., Auct're., dec a corner 6th st. aad Pean a venue. FROM THE NORTH. MONEY SAVED BY PURCHASING FOR CASH. BRILLIANTS ' SILrS ' DELAINES' brilliants ' SILKS ' DELAINES ' BRILLIANTS f ft Grata, nsual price 25; SILKS Cent?, tack u we have beei selllig at P7; DELAINES ' 19 Cents, sneh aa are told la other Stores a' 25; CALICOS' CALICOS' CALICOS 6 Cent*, aa good aa any we hare sold this season at It; * PLANNELS ' FLANNEIjS ? FLA NHELS ' IS Canta; these gooda would be cheap at ts BLANKETS! BLANKETS' BLANKETS' $1.25 per pair, Mine in the lot worth 4t. 100 LONG and SQUARE 911 AWL8, very cheap; UNDER-SHIRTS, 37 cents, worth 75; 20 dozen LADIES' VESTS, from SO centa to SI it. 50 pieces M ER 1NO. at 15 and 37 centa worth ~5^KRI^NO TALMAS, at SI SO, worth $2 i"; 1(0 CLOTH and SILK ^LOAKSand MaNTILLAS, to be ao'.d at verv low prices; VNeolT-rOUR ENTIRE STOCK OF WINTER RIBBONS AT COST, rather than carry them over to naat reason purchase f?n AliCllUNf; We would respectfully solvit the attention of tie ladles, and all those wlablng to cash, to the above BARGAINS, which we have just received from the NORTHERN / the prices named warrant as in guaranteeing entire satisfaction to cuetomers. RO 14 A T f (Us. 373 Seveatb Street. ? O* Il/aljLj, i Fourth Horse above 1. Amusement b. NATIONAL THEATRE. Second night of the brilliant and widely-famed representative* of Irish and Yankee c aracter, Mr. atd Mrs. W. J FLORENCE, Who will to*nlght appear In two of th?lr moat attractive pieces THIS EVENING, December 23, Will be acted IRISH A1SDF A1CK k YANKEE MOD ESTY. Pat Mr. W.J Florence Nancy Stoker Mrs W J.t loreoce. To conclude with the protean farce of MISCHIEVOUS ANNIE. Tim Mr. W. J. Florence Annie Spruce Mrs. W. J Ploretce. In whlchsue personates rivs arsumedcharade ? Daring the evening Mrs. W. J FLORENCE will sing the popular soagsof Bobbin' Around, My Mary Ann, and the Dutch Organ Song, and dancc La Zing*rella. To-rrt rrow, WEDNESDAY, third night of Mr and .Mrs. FLORENCE. NA TIONA L THEATRE. E X TRA APVERTISEMK N T . WEDNESDAY, December 34th, IWt>. The public are respectfully Informed that, In or der to accommodate all classes of society, the National Theatre has been obtain*d, the size of which enabl?s the managers to adopt a gradu ated scale of prices. Grand Concert & Theatrical Entertainment, WEDNESDAY, Dtcember5.4th, Positively the Last Night of S THALHERG, MADAME D'ANGRI, aid MADAME DE WILHORST, Who will make their only Joint appearance MR. and MRS. FLOHENCE. Will appear In two of their celebrated pieces .J ORDER OF ENTERTAINMENT. To commence with THE YANKEE HOUSEKEEPER, Written by Mr Florenoe MRS F LOH ENCE as " Peg Ann Higglnfltiter," wl h the original Yankee Songs or " Bobbin' Arour.d" and <l My Mary Ann " Mr. FLOR ENCE as " Barney/' the Irish Servant After which, GRAND CONCERT. IN TWO PARTS, With a Programme of Ten Choice Pieces, MR . THALBEKG, MADAME D'ANGRl, MADAME DE WILHORST, and SIGNOR A BELLA. Mr. THALBERG will play Masanltllo Ellalr d' A more Barcarole Norma. Mad D'ANGRI will sing Alia, Romeo and -uiiet, Rondo, Itallana In Alg"rl; Rondo Ceneventola, lama merry Z.ngara. Mad DE WILHORST will alng Aria. Lucresla Borgia: the Rise! Waltz, Brln- 1 a dial, Macbeth. ; A Wants. WANTED-A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, who can come well recommended. AppH at No 532 Maryland avenue, between Atb and 7?h atreeet south side. ?*ec 23-3 ? Nurse wanted.-an ambkican, Eogliah, or German Girl, to take care or children Tbe beat fwilmontals ?f character, eapaclfv, and fidelity Required. Apply at 345 1 street, opposite Franklin equare dec23-tf tinoK ?A FIHST-RATE COOK WILL ' fird rrr.p'oyrat at by applying at the Banklos House of O WEENY, KIT f &NBOUSF, FAN* None need apply nnleaa dec S3-3t A CO., Per.n. avenue, well reeoirmended WANTED.?A MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN to Crok, Wash. a*>d Iron WhlteaeGel orei. Must co?re well r^cmmer.ded Apply at the northwest eorner of Io.a and N Btneta. dec 23 3te WANTED ?A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE aped Woman, wi.o is a competent Nurse None other need arptv To nn- who la well rec ommended a ateacy altuatlon and g od wages will be given Also, a i ord Cxik add House Servant Apply Immediately at 4 > H tr?et, roraer < f ilto street dcc 21-It* Uf A NT ED? TO HIRE 1 JR THRKF. months. a colored Slave Boy. lsrge enough to drive a carrlaee. and experienced lu waiting. A pply at tbU office dec IS WANTED?FOR THE COMING YEAR, on a farm near the city, two oyn, (Slaves) for general farm work care and management ef cattle and horaea. Two women ax fle-d ta^d*. ard one woman who understands plain cooking If good servants, the? will receive kind treat ment, and wauea punctually paid Address L. H ., at the Star Ofltoe. dec l?-2w? WANTED?PERSONS DESIRINC TO give prrvate dinner parties can be supplied with a fl*at rlass Frerch Cook at fS for his aervl ces on application at GAl'TIPK'S REeTAD RANT, 252 Penn avenue, between 12th and 13th streets. dcc S Boarding. Board ?a gentleman and lady, or a couple of gontlemea can obtain a com fortable Room, with Board, in a private famUy, by applying at 107 13th street. dec lT-7t? Board, Ae ? mrs batem,on thes w corner of Pennsylvania avenue and t*b street Is prepared to acoomm^dfte gentlemen w ^ r- as with or without board Every ?!Ti?rt wlii bemsde to render those comfortable who may favcr her with their patronage. Transient or table beard can be obtained. ap S-tf MRS C R REYNOLDS HAVING CO.M pleted her arrangements for ?poring a arrt class Boardlng-Honse drelres all who toay b>* in search of superior accommodation* In ever/ re spect, to call and examine for them*elve?, wt'N thev will find attentive and oKl^lng swreants at their command. S. E. corner Pa avenoe and 4^ street. de: 10-tlstJan To conclude with THE YOUNG ACTRESS. Mrs Florence aa Maria, and five other charac ters, with Songs and Dances Mr Florence aa the Tragedian, with Imita tions of celebrated Acton SCALE OP PRICES. Admission to Dress Circle, Parquet, ar.d Orchestra SI 00 Re erved Seals in same. 50 cents extra Proscenium Boxes, to held twelve 20 00 Private Boxes, to nold six I0M Family Circle so The Upper Gallery will beeloaed with the exception of tuat portion allo'.ed to respectable colored people, to which the pile? of admission will bi 50 cents. fry The ?a)e of Seits will commazce on Tuea da v, at 9 o'ekek a. m., at the Box Office of the Theatre dec 22 SU1TABLE GOODS FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. T COST.?THOSE WHO WISH TO make purcha*ea for Holiday Presents she ?'.d | bear In mind ttaat we are rolling out oar entire I stock of One Fancy Goods at coat for cash. U e ? have? | Silk Dresses, cost from S to S?M? Velvet Cloaks, do 25 to S^o Cloth C.oaka, do 2 5? to *25 Embroidered Muslin Collars, ooat from 5?'e to 910 French Embroidered Seta. do 2.36 to ftS Embroidered Pocket Hdkfs, do V) to %2f> Honiton Lace Seta, do 7 to?iS Valencl?nnes da do ? to S'J" Best make of Paris Kid Gloves Great variety if Goods for children's wear, at coat Thybet Merlncs. all ce'ora. cost 74 centa Glovee, Pocket Handkerchiefs. Cravata. and B?* alrry, at cnat. wl*h many other kindscf Goods quite as anltable for bolldav cifts. Ten per een*. wrl t>e added to all tro<vis chsrgad. CLAGETT. NEW TON, MAY A Co , *'?5 22?dt Corner Pa. avenue and &th at. DRY GOODS MERCHANT* OF WASHINGTON. GEORi.bTOWN, ard Alexandria are Invited to call and look through our lmniente assortment cf fine fancv and ataple Dry Goods. Any cholcr lot of Drfsa Goods or other artlclea they msv wai t wlil be for notes at abort dates. We ask their special attention 'o the fo'lowlr.g 300 dozen Bajou'a Kid Glove , oi r own .mporia tiou 200 silk Robes, of th? beat styles, imported tile season Larte strck of Farcy Silks, In d-efs pr'terns Hi wh If piece* black Mcire Antique 20 25 do do SUITABLE FOR CNRIKTMiS LNDNRW YEARS' PMESENI h. JOHN H. SMOOT, No 119 SOUTH SIDE Bridge street, Georgetown, D C . has received i ^0,d to them at pr^me ccst for cash or at 5 per cent, a great variety of useful and seasonable GOODS, to which he Invites the attention of both ladl's and gentlemen who may with to make a Christ mas and New Years' Present. EMBROIDERIES. Rich worked Cambric Set* (Collars and Sleeves) Do do Muslin do do Do do Muslin and Cambric Collars A great variety (low priced) do Worked Linen Sets and Linen do Rich worked Muslin Sleeves Black and white Lace Seta and Collars Worked Cambric and Mus'ln Bands Embrolde'ed Linen Cambric Handkerchlefa Hemstitched, tur ked and plain do Black Cbantllla and French Lace Veils Worked, quilted and hooped Skirts. also? Moire Antique, Embroidered, Satin and other Cloaks Double and single Brccha and other Shawls Rldh Fancy and Black Sliks French Merlnoe, plaid Merinos Plain and printed Mous L'delaines Beat Paris Kid Gloves, all numbers Kid and Buck Gauntlets Ladies, gent's and children's Warm Glcvra Do Hosiery, of every kind Portmonnales, and ladles' Cabas Gent<. Linen, Cambric ar,d Silk P-'eket Handkfs Black and fancy Silk Cravats, Scarfs and Ties Genta Shawls. Merino and Woolen Scar fs Children's Knit Talmas and Roods Ladiea, genta ar.d boya* ComforU Ac. With many other desirable gooda, whkh will be sold low to caab or prompt enatomers dec 23- J. H SMOOT 50 10 50 50 25 do do do do do do IRON HALL BO??T AND SHftE AND TKUNE ESTABLISHMENT. JUST RECEIVED, A LARGE ASSORT ment of ladles' geat.'s, misses, and boys' Boots, Shoes and Gait ers Fur Lad ft White, Satin, A Kid Heel Con greM Gaiters Quilted Casxi meracd SllkGai ters; B jckskln-llned Winter Galtera. For OtHt/emen. Patent Leather and French Calf Boots French, Boetcn, and Congreas Calf tad Patent Leather Galtera French Imported Shoes, all styles. For Boys and Mum My assortment Is very large; all atyler, qualities and prlcea. My atock ef No 1 Sole Leather Truaks, and Iron Frame Tiavellng Trunks, Ladle** Hat Cases and Vallces can be examined at any time, and as for cheapneas and quality cannot be sur passed AH In want of good and cheap articles for cash will please call at S. P HOOVER'S, dec 23-?w Pa. avenue, bet, tth and loth sta. NOTICE ?WESHALL AS USUAL, PRIOR to tbelatof Januaiy, make an tndiacrimlnate isane of all open acouota on onr book a up to the tSth Instant Thcae who prefer not to have them sent to them will find their bills re dy for deliv ery at our de?k It la hoped that all will without delay settle lhe same, according to theterma on which their por-hases were made dee 2t lot CLAGETT. DODHON k. SON. Mince micati? mince meat.?an other lot of our MINCE MEAT. 1 Ami KING It BURChELL, Comer Vermont ava. and l>th its. be*t make Black Mlks black and colortd Mmalir.-*", best quality Lupin's Bombesins rest make bla*k Alpaeis Lupin's b'ack I- rencb Merinos ? olored Freuch Verlnos fine all wool Mou-?ellne<, p!al.t colors 3 4 and 4-4 black do 1" nearly whole pieces Hack Lyona Velvet* 5 whole pieces in bfowa, maroon, maztrlre blue, purple, and dark g'een Velvets, 4 4 wide 2<0 plecea dotted and figured Swiss Muslins voo do jaconet and thick cambric Musll&s | 100 dozen genta1 merino and iaKbs wool SUlrta snd drawers I 50 dozen ladles' merino aad fine wool Vesta j 100 do gents' brown cotton Shirt*and Drawers Large aaaortment of the b~*t English cottoo Hosiery In full dozens Full boxea white and b ack EnglUh Silk Ho. alery JO nearlv whole plecea of plaid Merlroa 1 caae French Glngbams^ood styles 4o whole pieces 4 4 black French Chintzes 100 pieces Charley'a Shirting Linen 10 pieces h 4, It -4 sad 12 4 Tlnen J*beet1r^ 50 whole pieces v\ *ub and other white Fiance's ?6 do fine Sllecla Table Damasks 100 dozen Tab> Napkins and Doyieys KH) Marseilles tiullts, In white, blue and pink 25 pWces eitra heavy grry twlllfd Flannel 3* pairs white and gray servant's B'.anfce's 10 1 pleet5s 4-4 Eng'ish Long Cloth, ail grades 50 pelrs 4-4 New York mills Cotton Shirting 2 case? extra heavy 6-4 ? otton Sheeting 500 dozen best make whit* spool Cotton Large stock cf 5 4, 6 4, 8-1, 10 4 and P2-4 eot ton Sheeting H* pieces blsck and colored paper Carub-le. All the ab^ve goods are la the besl eordltlo^, and are well worthy of the attention cf the trade generally. CLAGEIT, NEWTON. MAY A CO , ^ec *l-4t corner Pa avrnue and Wh st HOLIDAY PRESENTS.?Just reoeived, a superior assortment of Stocks, Tlea, MrBera. Neck and Pocket Handkerchiefs. Gloves, Ac , Ac., making very suitable, useful ar.d acceptable presents. WALL A fcTEPHENsT dec 22 No P2iPa avenue, bet 9th A 10th sta NO DECEPTION. STANDARD SILVER WARE, SUCH AS O Spoona, Torka, Ladles, Butter, Cake, Pie, Fish, Jelly and Ice Cream Knives. C.i mb Scra pers. Napkin Rings, Ae. All tbe ab \*raro<d Seods arc manufactured on my own pr? ml sea la lis city, and not pnrchaaed at the No a 1a the case with other deaics generally, and tbea paim^-d eff for our own mmnfic'.crr ) | very ar ticle warranted Standard Silver A'.ve on hand, every description of line Watches ar.d Jew?.rv% at VP Pa a\-eBae,Slga of tbe Ler?e^rmd V'?> le. dec22 tf _ H. C? HOOD SUITABLE FOR ALL AGFS?HOLIDAY Presents, at LAMMOND'S. dec2t-3t Sevenths rett. gt\D hgquet BAIEEIS, a cl.%* T ful article, at decw-3t LAV.MOND O.