Newspaper of Evening Star, December 27, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 27, 1856 Page 1
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VOL. VIII. WASHINGTON, D. V., SATURDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1856. NO. 1,231. THE EVENING STAR, rtRLISUEU KTKKY AFTRKXUUH, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) At Ui 5?s* ?/ fiujyivttM* ini Itirol, By W . D. W ALLiCB, W lU be served to *ufc?crlbera by carrier* at 81X AND A <jU MlTKR CENTS, payable weekly to the Acer.u; papers served In packages at 37# (fiits p-r nen'ji. To null subscribers the sub ?crlptlcw prlcels THREE DOLLARS AND F1F T V CENTS a yes: ia *rfranrs, TWO DOLLARS It six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three moiths, I n le*a thas three months at the rate of 14 3* rent* a week. 1^7" SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. B" >1. SlTUfcK A son. Banker*. MTV AND "ELI, DOMESTIC EXCHANGE, ? STOCKS. BUNDS, and othes Securities receive Deposit*, furnish Draft*, make Collec tions, and negotiates Time ifaper. LAND WARRANTS We are at all times buying and selling Land Warrants,and will locate them, on commlMlon, In Nebraska and Minnesota Territory*, Wiscon sin, Iowa, ansl Missouri. M SNYDER A SON'Sfcank, dec 15-1 ?> No National Hotel Building. FURS. FURS FURS?AT SEYMOUR'S. rilHE ASSORTMENT LARGELY REPLEN J- lshed with fine Mink fable and others? s Just rncolved this day. a nnmber of Mink Sable sets; tbe beautiful had this season Also Stone Martin Marsh Marten Fitch do Siberian Squlrrll Rock do French Sable. Wolf and Coon Robes. Every description of Furs worn by Indies and children, *11 or which will be so'd still lower, by calling early, at the Georgetown Factory. W. F. SEYMOUR, dec U'fw Georgetown. ? l neiK'i Improved Sowing Machlntt. To vhich was granted the Highest Award of the Paris Exhibition, thereby receiving the World's Verdict of Superiority. rpHE IMPROVEMENTS IN THIS MA I- chlae has simplified them In many respects, aidthey arecnpab.eof executlngtwlcethearaouni of work they did formerly In any given time. They are without question the only Machines ca pable of sewing every variety of (roods perfect: a shirt bosom or heavy trace for harness can be sewn by any of these machines by a simple change sf needle and thread In such a manner that the closest scrutiny cannot detect a fault. Manufacturers, planters and families will find them the only safe Machines to purchase, as they are built strong and durable, and not likely to gst out of order. We have machines with psages attached, for binding hats,cap-fronts, gaiters, Ae. 411k, Thread. Cotton, Needles, Ae., constantly ?a hand, at the lowest rates. Persons 4esir?u? of Information regarding Sew lag Machines will please address l m singer a co., IS* Baltimore street, Baltimore N it.?Weare p:apar?d to exchange these roa shlaes for old machlnss of any kind Terms lib eral. Porsons who have heen 1-dncedto purchase nfrrtcr machines under the pretext of being afao, will flaS this a benefit Indeed. ma? JO? ly S ?RIKK? oansante. 1 >R OF. H W. MUNI)ER TAKES GREAT I pleas ire In announcing to his friends, patrons, and public generally, that the above social and delightful entertain ments will commence at Munder's Metro poll tan Hall, corner Pth and D street*, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, November 'All, at 3 o'clo k, and continue every Wednesday thrcjgiou* the season. Gentlemen wishing to subscribe foT tbe season cau do so upon very favorable te-.ns. by applying at the Hall on Tues day an:i Thursday evening from 8 till 10 o'clock, nov Jl-tf BITK! BUCK! HU k! (s?t ITosliy Htti EN ROUTE FOR WASHINGTON, D C. 'llttRhK EN TIRE DEER, LARGEST EVER a received in Baltimore, si-ot with Virginia rlfl**?cot re-'ol -or*. B E A R M EAT, HAMS, SHOULDERS, MD2S, fattest ever received from ihe Allegha B'es. Comhnlly rrce1vii?; from the West. eia Balti more and Ohio, Winchester and Potomac, I*ar k rwnw, Central Ohio Railroads, VENISON, POULTRY, WiLD ?AME, keg and roll BUT TER, CAP HONEY, DRIED APPLES and PEACH EH, and country produce e?ne?*lly. For sale by C. C. O'NEIL, Corner Howard and Pratt street*, doc3-lm Baltimore. M. t!>.- FINS-COFFINS. M. WHITE, SOLE AGENT FOR FISK'S ??*!? AWbktXMflk CoAasfsr,.? the city of Washington, wlsnesto lnf>rm the pub'le tha* h"? has now on band a large sipply of all size*, slml'ar In form rl^W. wnxf codin?, and beautifully finished la Imitation rf ro?s?wood Tbev r?n be *-">ld at the sam" rates as a well fl-?1?hed mahogany erffli Th?se btau'lful Airtight Cotflus can be re^dy f ?r use In thirty minutes for transportation to any part of th<9 IJn'ted Sta'e? Ihe under ? i;n?.l a'fead? to UNDERTAKING In all Its breaches, at all hours of day or night Also, on hand a supply of READY MADE WOODEN COFFINS. Purchasers are respectfully Invited to call and see f?K then elves, at N?.4j7 Penithylvat-la ava nvie. south side, nsu the corner of Third street, ik - cMib* M M WHITE. TARES AND CONFECFIONER.X lOK Kit it THK l!OLIU\y?. ?J? PDTrN TIN I, NOS7? PENNSYLVANIA ? ? ave. south slae, fourdoors westof l<>th street, will have fr>r exhibition and sale on Saturday, the 9t>rh laataoC, the ^argeit and mos: elegant assort xi.enr rf RICH ORNAMENTED FRUIT, POUND ar.d F\NC*" CAKES ev?-r offered In this city, which fee pledges hlm'Cif shall not be sjrpa-sed lr. the ^i-elience of the materials of wLlcn the same stia'.I be m?de, or in the .-easoa ab[ene*>?e,f price. !.&diesartd gentlemen a>-e respectfully invlu d tocall and view tbe splendid assortment of the alV'Vr described Cakes T P. requests tbat his pa'rons and all desir ing fclm to furnish U:em with Cake* and Con f?"t. > .ery t ~: the Holidays, will send the orders In time to be supplied without delay. AntlclpaMng as he does an extra rdlnary de mand for the de.icscies whieb he offers fur pale, dec 19-dtJanl DR. UTPKIK'S REMEDIES are the only eflsctunl cure for External or Internal Piles, Saltrheum. Ring-Worm. Ac. They are unrival led for purifying the blood. 3o cent* per box OAce 7? Nassau street, New Yora W 111 be sent by mall Fof a&le by FORD A liRO., corner of 11th st aad Per n avenne. <v> ?t GAS FiXTt'KM RH MILLER, SON fc CO , ALKXAN ? drla, Va , Seep constantly on ba^d a hand saw variety of CHANDELIERS. PENDANTS. BRACKETS. Aa , from the celebrated factory of Cornellu* A Baker, which they will guarantee to sell at the same prices charged to private pur chaser* at the salerooms on Chestnut street. Phil adelphia Also. Drop-lights, Cut Glass and dwnrat*<l Paper Shades, la great variety Call and examine for yourselves dec 1 POIT UPMUK 1IIKE< TORY, OR ill Si news Man'a Guide to the Post Oflce* la the United States, containing the names ui the Pjst Offices and Post >la*t*rs In the United states on ths 1st July, i*V1. wilb a variety of valuable in fo rmat!on on Postal Affairs, also, a comprehen sive codification of the existing Postal Law*. Price 91 J ust published, and for sale, at TAYLOR A MAURY'S tfookstrre, dec 11- near Wh street. BOOR HINDI NO. Corn** R trtnt1* strut and Maryland <tr?a??, a<ar tk* Smitkiottian Institution. E^DWARD LYCETT respectfully IN a forms the subscribers to Brown's Bible and Shikspexre, now Just completed, that be is pre j*rrd to bind tbc-e workn In a superior style of r.egaace. strength and solidity, and upoi much more reuouabi< terms than nao be done in Balti more, PhiUdeiphla, or New York. A letter ad dre-wed to him (per post) will enable him to ex hibit to the sub* rioer? specimens of Hi style of blading. Every klad of Book Binding neatly ex rr ited. se*i?-4m t'HK 18T tl A% PHENENTA. Hutchinson a mlnko are opkning a laiv* and bea ltifnl aAnortment of GOOD?*, "tillable f ?r preseni*on the ap;iroa?-blng bolides, sich as Jewel Case?, Watch S'^nds, Csrd Re '?eivers, Work Boxes, Caoan, tklMors In cases, Dressing Cas?', Card Case*. Portmonuales. Port lo:ir>s, Tablets, Traveling Companions, writing l>esks, Perfr.m* Cases, Toilet Bottles, Cigar Ca-es. Cljer stands, Sut iettes. Jet Ornaments. Cor*l Goods, Ac. Al?o a fine a?sort*-.ent cf French and *ierman Teys, Gaawi, Targets, A ??omato.'js, Ac , to g-tcer with a great mar.y articles not necessary :o fr. .aerate HUTCHINSON A VIUNRO. dee ie- :iin Pa ave , bet 9'a and loth ?rs Ail of Thai berg's Compositions A T vr. u. iiet/erott'I ? jUc M MUSIC DEPOT. '.looo WOOD?WOOD. I f CKORV OAK WU PINttU THE BEST ?* qull y c^nstan'ly oh band *t JOHN W MYERS A CO. OAoc and Vaad corner u aad 9d streeu. FlrsC Wtsd doc lfi tf L. J. 911DDLKTOS, DULEB IN ICE, *r.d Uepat?fmthwest corner of F and T??inh?lwU. '?b t7-ff UAUTIEK'S FKK.11H RBUU'RiNT, '15i Pa ?r , bttwttn 12tA and 13tk sts. T1HE PROPRIETOR OF THE ABOVE ES tabll<#iment desires to call public attention to his Increased and unsurpassed facilities for con ducting and supplying everything In bis line of business He Is prepared to supply at a few hours' notice the largest DINNERS, BALLS, and PARTIES wl'h everything pertaining to the mwt fashion able entertainments, and oj the most reasonable terms. ENTIRE DINNERS and DESSERTS fur nished Families without any trouble to the fam ily and at moderate charges A FIRST-CLASS FTfENCH COOK will be sent to private houses at 92 per day; and market ing and' such articles as they may wish purchased will be furnished at cost Also, China, Glass, Silver Ware, and Table ORNAMENTS. One or more " dishes" sent to any part of the citv at thort notice At my establishment will be found elegant suites of Parlor, Reception, and Dining Rooms furnished in the best manner, always ready. Mr Restaurant offers great advantages to gen tlemen rooming out; they can be supplied with mrals at all kours. Particular attention is desired to my new style of su perb CO N F ECT1 ON E R Y, which for purity and delicacy of flavor are unequalled. C GAUTIKR dee 9- '232 Pa. avenue, bet Pith and 13th sts. TO THE LADIES OF WASHINGTON AND SURROUNDING COUNTRY. ANOTHER LARGE SUPPLY. ^.BONNETS, OF ALL QUALI-^ ^^Jtleeand prices,from the finest French! Hats to the lowest prl ed Fine and Handsome HEAD DRESSKs, In great variety EMBROIDERIES of alt kinds. TK1MMINGS to match any style;of Dress goods RIBBONS of every style. And, la fact, every variety of Goods Usually found in first class Trimming Stores. IC7*DRESS MAKING, after the latest and most approved styles N. B ?The supply Is hept up through the en tire season. M. WILLI AN, Opposite the Centre Market. P S.? .4 greal vart^y of articles suitable for Cknstmas Gifts. nov21Mm A CARD. ? C a A f if, S , Bridge street, Uesrgetswn, South $id*, between H gh and Congress streets, Respectfully informs his pa trons a id the pub'ic generally that he is now prepared to furnian PARTIES. WEDDINGS. 4c , in the best and most elegant sty e, at the shortest notice. He will give his personal at 'endance. and assume the responsibility of the entertainment. C. C. Atzs, grateful for theliberal patronage he has heretofore received, assures his friends and all who may give nlm a call that every effort on his part will be mad" to merit a continuance of their f ivors. He solicits an examination of his 'ar/-* and elegant assortment of CAKES, CON FECTIONERY, Ac , which he offers for salcat he lowest prices. dec Ifi !iw? CONFECTIONERY FOJi THE APPROACHING HOLIDAYS. Notwithstanding the high price of sugar, 1 will tell my CON F ECT I ON KRY at the usual prices, viz: PLAIN CANDY and MIXED DROPS tt 25 cento per pound SUGAR PLUMS at 37% cents per pnund, usually sold by re:ailers at 50 cents French BON BON"5, including all kinds of French Confectionery,at 50cents pet pound, u?ually sold st 75 cents *nd ?l p-r pr-u/td POUND and FRUIT CAKE, of which I -hall hare a large assortment, mar uf?ic*u:M of the very best and freshe*t ma'eilals. orna mented fine and tastefully Please give us a call, and don't mistake the p'*e?\ No 31ft Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th And inth streets, next door to Ir <n Hall. dec 15 lis. GEO. NuRBKCK. I kR. MPNS'JN. AT .'33? PENN'A AVENUE I " Is still making those beautiful ( soatlnuous GUM TEETH, eaHed; Allen's Patent, for the cxseliency of which over all other styles of teeth, many n*>w wearing them in fhls city, will chewrfujlv vouch. There la one Dentist In this city wbo has been infringing the ;iotent. and made a bad imitation of it, agsfnst whom I hereby caution the public N. li Whenever a Dentirt speaks against Allen's Patent Continsous Gum Teeth, when properly constructed, it Is because he is Ignoraut of t*e process, incompetent to make the work, or * untrilling to pay for the patent. je |?-tf COAL KE*T I'flDtK COVER. 2,210 lbs. tc tk* Ton. NOW ON HAND. THE BEST qualities o* White A?h, Red Ash aad Lehigh COAL. Wariant'd to give yatis'aetion. Delivered from diit. Also, Hickory. Oak and Pine WOOD. T. J. A W M. GALT, N. W. corner 12th and C streets. No 5t7, dec 2<i-if one f quare south of Pa avenue. Froposals for Erecting ths Caitom-Louse, &c., at Galena, Illinois. Triasi ky Dkpartmfnt. > Washisotos, l).TMnb *r 17, 1?456. J this A. I). lk57, a". 9 o'clock a. m , ?>r tne construction of j the Custom hou^, Port OSce and Court room a t t.'iorii'd to b* erect-d at Ga.ei:a, Illinois, a-cording t<? lite plans and *pocificnMon? pre| nr< d at thin de pigment; said pr?>poea s to b-eittier lor the whole b ii-i.rg. or -epa-ate lor diff- eot kin<:* of work; b IM of jSTvtls nu t in ?verv ea? accmjacy earh b'.d, with the amoun' of ?a "n kind ot work, a id the to a' amount carried out; the ucfartm-nt reserving the right to reject or a-cept tiie proposal* hereby in v ted, or any pals thereof when it deim< the inter est ol ihe Uuiisd States requires it; the dej artinent a o reserves tie right to exclude the bijsof any person or pers ins who t!ier? is ju?t chub-: to b lieve will nit fR'thfully p-rfoim the contiaH', or which they h*ve att?m,?ted t<> < b am ?.y indirection; and a I bids when there eLall be fani's in interest who do not)oin in the b ris. anl all bi ls tba'. upr,n invee t fa'iou, are b-low a iatr pr.c?* lor the w^ik. Bids will uot be reeeiv.-d in *r>??.-. and no c-ntract will b? awar?:si to a bidder unless de:ails a'e fur n shed t. e departm-ut of the prices o? in* different kinds of woik an<l materia!*, which shal' be subject to the revi/ii?ii of me de^a im?nt, so that it inny a 1 ipt the wtKl* or a fa't f the bid, a* the interest* ol the United SU'es may requi:? N nety p?r rent of i:i am >uot of work ?!one a'ui ina'cr a i de!iv?reil, a-oordtng to conuact p'ice, (??id am unt to li a-ccrtsiaed by ihe estiinaM-of an a:ent ol ih'! depar'm^n; appointu J fortha p r[M?ge.) will he |at t lrom time to tim*, a* the work pne presses; aid tea p^r cent, retained until the com pie" jon ot the eont a-t and acceptance of the wort, Ac., by th? azent a'<?re?a d, and he forfeited in ihe event >.f noii fultiloient of contract. Convict# will b ? awarded only to ma-ter builders and mrcba-.ics, aid the a?ignn:?nt triereof, except by coiis?n*. ot" the Secreta-y or" the Tr?aiurv. will be a forfeiture of tbs sam^. Ka li proposal tnu-t he a com; anied by a written guoantw, mantel by t\ro res><; j>?rsons, (cer t:rt'd to h?s ?;<> Ly the Unit-d Sta'et di?tri:t julfe or a'torn?> of the tail district.) in the ?uin ot jf.VOjO for the whole work, rr of a proportiona'e ainoutit >f for a y i at, that the binder will, when required, if hi* i>ro^?>?a b? accepted, ent-r into a contract and I* Hid. with proper arid sufiicicnt re :urittrs, for its -aithful performance. |'?tm ot out and certificate r? quired will be fur ih? i'd oh appli^a'ion to the department. r:an?, speeitications, and working diawinzs will be r?aJy atter hiry ciaye, when thry can be halm aprlxauon to .he ue(an:n?iit So hvl vrili be aortti^errd unU?? U fuln .omplie> tn nil U* drtati* with IKe rffiiretneiif* o/ I hi* ckK-er^Ms merit. The proposals must he sent to this department, aid e?e?d to the Hecretarv of the Trea?ury a d t-laiclv endorsed ikPropo*aU for the Galena C and will Ke opened at 10 o'clock a m. of the a't UaV ram d for reeeivins ihe !>am JAMR-) UI'THRIK. Fecrt ;ary ot the Treasitiy. dec JO?"3a*tl!hh FebJ IJROrO-SALh \V ILL UK KLCElVLli AT THIS department until th 19 li nay of Febru ary, A ' A H PKK'S MAUA/INE FOR JANU. LA ary 25 cenU New York Ledger for December<7th. Gedey'a Ladles' Book for Januarv. Eve*lastlng ar.d lades-ructlble Toy Books, a gsod assortment al?o; of Bibles, and Prayer Books oound in rich Velvrt and Turkey Morocco; en extensive assortment of children's Books, suita ble for Christmas Presents; a ire at variety of Pen and P?,eket Kulv*..,iklssors,Skates, Pistols, Ac , fcr sile very low bv E K LUNDY, dec lO No. ltf B-!dge aireet, Georgetown. C^il K1STMAS PRKSBWfS, At / <U*\M Met* OO.'B SUITABLE FOR CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS' PKtSENtS. JOHN H. 8MOOT, No 119 SOUTH SIDE Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C , ha* received n gre*t variety of useful and seasonable ROOD;*, to which he Invite* the attention of both ladif s and gent'emen who may wish to make a Christ* maj and New Years' Present. EMBROIDERIES Rich worked Cambric Sets (Collar? and Sleeves) Do do Muslin do do Do do Muslin and Cambric Collar* A great variety (low priced) ~ do Worked Linen Sets and Linen do Rich woiked Muslin Sleeves Black and white Lace Sets and Collars Worked Cambric and Mnslln Bands Kir.bro!de'ed Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs Hemstitched, turked and plain do Black Cbantllla and French Lace Veils Worked, quilted and hooped Skirts. also? Moire Antique, Kmbroldeied, Satin and other Cloaks Double and single R roc ha and other Shawls Klch Fancy and Black Silks French Merinos plaid Merinos Platn and printed Mous L'delaines Best Paris Kid Sieves, all numbers Kid and Buck Gauntlets Ladles, gent's and children's Warm Gloves Do Hosiery, of every kind Porlmonnales, and ladies' Cabas Gent*. Linen, Cambric ardSllk P. cket Handkfs Black and fancy Silk Cravats. Scarfs and Ties Gents Shawls. Merino and Woolen Scarfs Children's Knit Talmas and Hoods Ladies, gents and boys' Comforts. Ac. With many other desirable good*, which will be sold low to cash or prompt customers dec 23- J. H BMOOT. STANDARD SILVER WARE. 1AM NOW MANUFACTURING PURESIL ver Spoons, Forks, Ladles. Butter, Fish, Pie, Cake and Ice Cream Knives, Sugar Shovels and Tongs, Napkin Rings, Cream, Gravy, Mustard and Salt Spoons. Ac., Ac , on my own premises, and do not palm off on the public Northern man ufactured articles (which cannot always be re lied on as genuine) for my own, but tverv article made In iny establishment can and will be war ranted a* above. WATCHES AXU JEWELRY Of every description, and In great variety, con stantly on hand, and receiving fresh ar*Wals al most erery div Fine (IS ks) G?ld Watches, from *?<:?) io S250, and warran ed correct time keepers. Coral, Cameo, Mosaic and plain Gold Bracelets, Pins and Ear-rings, (in sets or by the single pice,) Gold Vest, Fob, Guard, Chatalaln and Neck Chains, Seals, K'ys, Locke's, Charms, and a general assortment of good;; usually kept in a Jewelry Store Fine Watch Repairing done bv an experienced ar.d competent workman, and a if wrrk warranted to give satisfaction at 318 Pennsylvania avenue, ctec 21- H.O.HOOD. THE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. | \R LOOM IS. THE INVENTOR AND I " patentee of 'Loomls' Mineral Plate {ffNTSSik Teetii," hiving successfully introduced his improvement in various ci'les, has *J-UiLxr now permanently tstablbhtd himself in Wash ington. ibis improvement forgets of Teeth consists chiefly in making a set of but one piece of mate rial, and that indestructible mineral. No metal is used In their construction, and they are there fore free f.oin galvanic action and metailc tas'e. There nre no Joints to become filled with moisture or parllclcsof food, Lcnce thev aie pure and clean. Tfcey a*e lighter, stronger, less c umsy, and, in shore, the pzrfc 'itcn a' Aritjirml T'.eik ; not withstanding certain Dentists sp?-ak r.^alnst them, but ih"y have not the right to make them, do not know fcovr if fhey h^.d, ^nd therefore do not ap preciate them. ea Pennsylvania avenue, between lltb and 12th streets, two doors below the Klrkwor.d House. dec 21 tf PRY GOODS MERCHANTS OF W A8HINGTON, GLORGKTOWN, and Alexandria are invited to call and look through ??ur immense assortment r.f flue fancy and staple Dry Gocds. Any choice lot of Ihess Go.>ds or other articles they may want will be sold to them at prime cost forca*horat5 percent, for notes at short dates. W e ask their special attention to the fo lowing : 300 dozen Bijou's Kid Gloves, our own impcrtd tlon ii'Osllk Rob#4*, of the best styles, import d tbiB season Larue steck of Fancy ! i'.ks, In dress patterns in whole pieces slack Moire Antique 20 do be?t make Black bilks 25 do black and colored Marsa'ines, b^st quality 90 do Lupin's Bombasins .">0 do besi make black Alpacas 10 do Lupin'? black French Merinos ?V> do colored French Merinos 5<) do fine ail wool MousseHnes, plain colors 545 do .1 1 and I I b:?ck do in nearly whole pieces black Lyons Velvets 5 whole pieces in bmwn, maroon, mazarine blue, purple, and dark green Velvets, 4 4 wide 2 .0 pieces dotted and figured Swiss Muslins do jaconet and thkk cambric Muslins lOOdczen certs' merino and lambs woil Shirts and drawers V> doi?n ladles' merino and fine wool Vests 100 do gents'bri-wn cotton Shlrtsand Drawers l~irge assortment of the best &:.gil*h cotton Hosiery in full drzens Full boxes white and b'ack English Silk Hog slery 50 neariv whole pieces of plaid Merinos 1 cas* French Ginghams, good styles 4" whole pieces 4 4 Mack French Chintzes 1 mi pieces Charley's Sfcirting Lin?n l'? pieces 8-4.10-1 and 12-4 i.lnen tfbeetings 5) whole pieces Welsh and other white Flaure'.s 25 do tine Sllecla Table Damasks 109 dczen Table Napkins :md Doyleys l?c) Marseilles (guilts, la white, blue and pink 23 pifces e\tra heavy gray twilled Flannel 3)0 pairs white and ijray servant's Blankets I'M pieces 4-4 English Long Cloth, all grades 50 pairs 4-4 New York mills Cotton shirting 2 cases extra heavy 6-4 Cotton Sheeting 500 dozen b?rt make white spool Cotton Large stock of 5 4, 6-4, P 1, 10 4 and 12-4 cot toa Sheeting l'O rleces black and colored paper Cembrlc. All the above goods are in the best condition, and are well worthy of the attention of the trade generally. CLAGETT, NEWTON. MAY A CO , dec 2i?6t corner Pa avenue and 9th st. generally Jewelry, S SPLENDID HOLIDAY PRESENTS THE SUBSCRIBER TAKES PLEASURE In announcing to his friends and the public ' that his stock of Fine Gold Watches, Sliver and ? liver-plated Ware, Ac., Is unusualiy full and well selected, comprising Superior Geld Watches of the best tingllsh and Geneva munutacture, for ladles and gentle men Fine Gold Guard, Fob, and Vest Chains, Chate laines. Neck Chains with ornaments to at tach. Ac. Beautiful Gold Lockets for miniatures and bair Rich Cameo, Coral, Lava, enamelled Painting acd plain Gold Jewelry, in full and partial set* Splendid assortment of Fir-ger Rings, Breastpins, Earrings, Sleeve liutttoas. Studs, engraved, band, plain, and linked Bracelets, Gold and silver Pel and Pencil Cases. Gold and Sliver Spectacles, Eve Glasses, I himbles, Ac. SILVER WARE. Chased and plain silver Goblets, Cups, Mugs

Salt Cellars, pie, cake, fish, and dessert Knives Table, tea, and dessert spoons, Soup Ladies Napkin Hlngs. Card Cases, Portmonnales Poeket Fruit Knives, Preserve and Sugar Spoons Pickle Knives and Forks, &c Silver Knives, Forks, and Spoons, Intels, for children Together with many rich and beautiful articles In his line, suitable for Holiday Presents, all of which be is prepared to sell npon such terms as cannot fall to please. SAMUEL LEWIS, Jeweller and Manufacturer of Silver Ware, dec 22 fit 260 Pa av , bet 12th and 13th ?tr |VEW JUVENILE BOOKS.?STORIES of an Old Maid, translated from the French; Sedgemoor's or Home Lessons, by Mrs. Manners; Douglass Farm, edited by Cousin Alice; Old Whlty's Christmas Trot, by A Oakey tlall; About Common Things, by Jacob Abbott; Au dubon the Naturalist, by Mrs. St. John; New Stories for Children, L Maria Cblld; A Cbiid'a History of Rome, by John Bonner, 2 vols ; Dia logues, by Jacob Abbott; The Great Elm, by Jczob Abbott; Merry Old England, by Miss Ju llaCorner; Pales from Ssxon History, oy Emllly Taylor; S.orles of the Canadian Forest, by 4*irs Traill; Mary Howitt's Picture Book for the young; Young Humphrey Davy, by Hepry May hew. a ad others recently imported from England znd France? by t'ec 10- FRANCK TAYLOR W YOUR HOLIDAY GOODS of 10 JfcLATOMLIN A GO. EVENING STAR. ? A FANTASY TF.W M. ' ris told somewhere In Kastern story That those who love once bloomed as flowers On the tame stem, an>M the glory Of Edea's greea acd fragrant bowers, And that, though patted here by Fate. Vet when the glow of life has ended, Each soul again shall find its mate. And In one bloom again be blended. If this be true, how sweet the vision Which Fancy sometime weaves for me, That ttow, amid those bowers elyslan, Mr loveiv flower mate will be, And Oh ' how oft, when time and distance, Perchance, may part ther from my side. Will 1 repine for that existence Where Pate ean ne'er our lives divide Macomb, 111. Entered according to Act of Congress in th# year 1856 by Kobirt Biihjcer, In the Clerk's Office of the District Court for the southern District of New York THE REFUGEES: AN INDIAN TALE OF 1*19. BY EMERSON BENNETT, AUTHOR or THE "PRAIRIE FLOWER," "ARTIST'S BRIDE," "CLARA MORELASD," "BORDER ROVER," "FOREST R08B," ETC ETC. CHAPTER 1 THE MESSENGER. As the letting sun of the 20th of August, 1812, threw a broad sheet of burnished gold over the western heavens, from the horiion almost to the xenith, a horseman, in a green bunting frock, with a rifle resting on the pom tusl of his saddle, and tightly grasped with one hand, while the other held the reins of his panting and foam covered beust, dashed swittly through the great, dark, gloomy for est which then stretched over a vast tract of country ?n the northwestern portion of the State iif Ohio Guiding his gallant steed over the moist, level ground, through a dense growth of ash, elm, oak. beech, cotton-wood and poplar tree*, whose thickly matted branch es made twilight of noonday, and darkness of twilight, he soon reached the banks of a dark, ?ieep river, known as the Maumee. or Miami of the Lakes. Here he reined bis travel-worn beast to a halt, throw himself from his back, and ran up and down the bank for the space of three hundred yards, in eager scarch for tho ford, which he did not find. Then he looked up and down the dark stream, over which the shadows of night were f ist settling, and remounting his horse, rode him into the water, and swain him across to tho opposite shore, "n reaching the right bank of tho river, ho again urged his wrary boast forward through a gloomy wood?where night h*d al ready spread ber Plutoninnp&il, and a solemn, awful silenco brooded, disturbed only by the dismal howl <.f the prowling wolf, or tho hid eous screech of the ominous owl?and inliftnen minutes laore he gained an opening, and drew rein at the door of an humble log hut, through wbo:e crevices alaint light glimmered Throw ing the reins upon the neck of his drooping beast, and tightly grasping his rifle, ho dis mounted quickly, and tapped lightly on tho slab door. " TV ho'e there ?" demanded a voico from within with ths intonation peculiar to tho na tives of New England ? Eden Stanfjr'.h," was the reply of the horseman Almost instantly the door was thrown open, 3nd exclamation? of pleasure broke from two of the four persons present Theso four persons consisted of a tall, large, strong, hard leatur-d. muscular man, of mid dle ago?a Email, pale, fcliarp-foatuied, thin lipped woman of forty - a long, lank, awkward youth of twenty, with a ptcfccd face, flaxen hair, light blue eyes and freckled r-kin?and a plump, fair, brown haired, hazel eyed, come ly uniden ot nineteen. " Why, Eden Stanforth, be you hack al ready ? Who on earth thought of seeing you here to-night ?'' said tho elderly female who had opened the door, which she ftill held with one hmd, while with tho other she took tho hand of the yoang horseman For young he was and handsome, possessing a fine, manly form, in the full flush and vigo? of early manhood, with an open, frank, hon est, intelligent countenance, an cyo clear, bright and expressive, and with waving leeks rolling back from a broad, high, smooth foro head, and clustenng around healthy-hucd cheeks and temples. " I hoped to surprise you, aunt," he said quicL'.y, as he pushed in 8nd closed the door; '? for Lad 1 failed iu doing so, I fear you would soon have received a surprise of a more tern ble nature " "Mercy on us! what's happened?" cried the aunt in alarm, while the others held their breaths to listen to the reply. '?First,' said Eden Stanforth, "do you know that war has been declared between our country and Great Britain 7 ' " No'." exclaimed tho uncle of the youns mes4?up;er, starting up from bis seat, "is j such the fact?" " Such is the f ict," pursued E Jen hurried- j ly; " war was formally proclaimed by our j government against Grout Britain on the eigh toenth of last June?though it is said that when the imbecile, treacherous, and coward ly old Hull marched through here, on the last of the same month, he did not know it " " Eden, what do you mean, by speaking in suoh disrespectful terms of General Hull ?" inquired the brother of the young man's father. " Would that my words were daggers, to let out his heart's blood!" oried Eden, fiorcely. " Oh! woe the day that such a man was ap- J pointed to command such a gallant band as he ! has fouly betrayed and sacrificed!" "Eden, speak ! explain !" demanded the < uncle, who war a man of a few words " He has surrendered Detroit, his army, and all the forts, garrisons, and military stores within his jurisdiction into the hands of the British, without so much as permitting a sin gle blow to be struck in our defence ! " You don't tell rneso!" exclaimed the elder Stanforth, turning slightly pale, and involun tarily clenching his hand. "Mercy on us!" cried Mrs. Stanforth, clasping her hands in alarm; "what ll this do to us. Eden?" " Put us to flight, aunt, to savo our lives !" cried the young man, excitedly. "The horde of Indians, collected under tho leadership of Tccumseh, having now no check at the North, will soon bo upon these defenceless borders, to slaughter, pillage, and burn, and lay waste the country?even now I lear they aro on their way hither." ? This is Indeed startling news said the uncle, musingly; " war declared and Hull ;urrendered! Eden, you haven't made any mistake?" " No, uncle?no mistake?for even i was one of the parties surrendered." "You, Eden?you? " Yes, uncle." ... ,. " Tell me all about it as quick as you can," said the unole. 441 mast bo very brief, theu, unci?,' r6t>liod Eden, "for I bavo not yet been home. "Here Peleg," he continued, turning to the young man before mentioned, who, with blanched features, open month, dilated eyes and trem bling limbs, stood listening to every word, and looking from one to the other in terror; " here, run over to our house and tell the news, and set them at making preparations to leave at once?say I will bo with them in a few min utes " ? > 1?I?don't want to," said Peleg, shrink ing back, and looking fearfully around him; " I'd rather not " *? Are you afraid to go? ' said Eden. " N<>, I ain't," said Peleg ; but I don't see no use in going, when you're going right along yourself. ? " You are afraid, Peleg'. so do not de?y it,'' exclaimed Mabel, catching up ? *?u *ud rutting it upon hor head. i win 8?' ?ic~ '' ! "No, no, MaM," cried the young man, taking.lmld of Ler. ? to* shall not go. J*1'' go myself In a few inmate*. ?nd Peleg w hite can remain, to boast some other day of what he would have done h?.d he ever been placed in a situation of peril. ' And then he added, in a lower tone, and one that brought a deeper blush to the cheeks of the brave girl: ' Mabel, your life is too precious to be risked without absolute necessity- Hasten to prepare every thing for our voyage, for aunt is so nervous that we cannot depend upon her forethought. I must explain this matter to nncle beforo I go home, for you know how slow he U to act till everything is understood " Saying this, Eden turaed from Mabel Dun can to his kinsman, and resumed ' " I was about to tell you, uncle, of Hull's disgraceful surrender. On visiting Detroit, some ten days ago, with Macy and V\ albridge, with th? Intention, ?? you know, of locating ; some Isnds on a branch of the tiuron river, we learned with surprise that hostilities had actu ally commenced between the 1 nited States and Great Britain, and that Hull had just re turned from Canada with his army, where he had thrown away some good opportunities of conquest; and that it was expected, as he had not attacked and destroyed Maiden, the Brit ish would shortly attack Detroit. You know, uncle. I have always had some strong military prodilictions, sod the moment I heard there was likely to he a fiajht within a reasonable time, in which I could participate, I resolved to attaoh myself as a temporary volunteer to the company of Captain Wilson, with whom I h?d ronne slight acquaintance 41 Well, to be brief, the enemy soon ap peared in force, erected batterries, demanded the surrender of the fort, snd being refused, bean a bombardment, which they continued all one night, with little effect. The next day, through the sheer carelessness and neglect of Hull, they effected a landing, and were marching up to attack us?and we, in glorious anticipation of victory, were eagerly waiting the signal to begin tho work of chastisement? when, to our utter amazement, chagrin and indignation, we were ordered to stack our arm?, and prepare to surrender ourselves pris oners of war" " What! without firing a gun?" criel the uncle, in astonishment " Yes, uncle, without one singie, solitary discharge of our rifles and musketa! " The old scoundrel!" exclaimed the uncle. I "He deserves hangingcried tho young man. '? Is he a traitor, or coward, Eden ' ?' Both. I think' Oh, uncle, just fancy the feelings of tho brai-o American soldiers at be ing thus hAsely deprived of their arms, by ti.oir own General, and surrendered prisoneis r>[ war to a foe they could easily have con quered !" "The man's mad, or else we'vo got a suc cessful Benedict Arnold among u*! said the other. '? liow did you got away, Eden 7" '?The British General gave the volunteers liberty return home, but took "Id Hull aiid tho regulars over to Canada. As ,?oon a? I got p. rim*.ion to leave 1 made a jcaroh for my h r.e>, which I found in the possession of anor derly .-rrgcant, who returned hitn to iuo for a small compensation. I then I ought back my r lie, mounted my be ?_t, and here 1 .mi, hap pily in timo to give you ull warning of dan ger " Thip i!n't a safe place, just now. that g a fact," said the uncle, with a serious shake of bis head. "There is danger, uncle, go which way we r.iav ; hut it struck me we should be safer on the river ana 1 ike. in our b^rge, than in jour neying through the fore t. which 1 have rea ->n to b -lijve will wion be swarming with In dian-- it indeed it is not a+ this moment. We j will endeavor to reach some American settle ment, further to the eastward, along the south- j crn shore of the lake?hut even if compelled ! to tako refugo under a British flag, it will be Far better than falling into the hands of the ?ivagos." 44 And our horses, cattle, hogs and sheep? what of them 7" queried tho uncle seriously. " We shall have to leave them to the tender mercies of the ril 1 beasts and savages,' an s^ered Eden, with a sigh, 41 if we can even Fa\c<:ur hou ehold g<>ods and ourselves it is all we can hope to lo at present.'" 44 You're right, Eden,'' pursued the uncle, la a tone of decision, addressing his youig kinsman ; " ycu re right and there's no help f ?r it. It'll ccrtaiuly be best for us to take to the barga and dropdown into Lake Erie Now hasten to g*-t your father, mother and sisters raady for tne voyage. Come, Eother?come, l'o- j leg - come, Mabel?let's set to work at once." ?? I will soon rejoin yoc," said Eden Aud hurrying out he mounted his horse, I rind rodi quickly away. CHAPTER If TL1E MIDNIGHT DEPARTURE. A little beforo midnight of the same day our <tory opens, a party ot eight persons, four of either sex, were slowly and silently moving across a small opening to the right bank of the Maumee, where a clumsily built barge of middling site was fattened to the shore Seven of this party of eight were laden with dif ferent household articles, which they imme diately deposited among numerous others of a similar character which had been previously brought off to the boat from their dwelling; and being now all oollected on board, and having with them all they intended taking from their deserted homes, they forthwith loosod the boat and pushed it out into the middle of the stream, where, for the time be ing, it was allowed to doat quietly down on the bosom of the current. This party, as the reader has doubtless con jectured, consisted of our young hero, Eden Stanfortb, and his father, mother, sister, un cle, and aunt, and Mabel Duncan, and Peleg Whito Having floated a short distance down the stream, Eden took counsel with hi* uncle and father, and it was dccided the boat should be brought to an anchor some little distance from the shore, and that one should remain on the watch till morning?when, should there be no signs of the enemy, a warning message could be sent to the inhabitants above, which, in their haste to effcct their own sufety, our voy agers had neglected to do at first 441 take shame to myself." said Eden in a whisper, for it was not deemed piudont to speak in a i..ud tone, lest a lurking enemy might hoar the sound, and so bo attracted to their place of concealment, 4-1 take shame to myself that I did not ride to Major Sptfford's ;:nd give him warning, so that he might con vey tho news to the next, nnd thus spread the evil tidings, nnd put all on their guard." 44 It ought to have been done, Eden," re plied his father, 44 and if it can be done with out too great a risk, we must'nt neglect it in the morning " 44 If you think best, father, I will attend to it to night." 44 No, my son, no ; you've done enough to need rest. Two days on horseback, and only one night's fitful sleep on the bate ground ! Go and lie down at once, and trust your unole Amos to watch the boat Eden did net require much urging to induce him to seek rest for the night; and speaking a few quieting words to his mother, sister, aunt, and Mabel?all of whom were more or less nervous and excited?ho threw himself down on a loose pile of bedding, and was soon fju>t asleep. Not ?o the others, who were not so fatigued sts Eden, and upon whom the exciting news had produced an effect calculated to banish sleep for several hours. At the request X>1 David Stanfortb, the father of Eden, who na i been for years sn invalid, and whose constitu tion was to broken and impaired as to render i him unable to bear any great fatigue, they THE WEEKLY STAB. This exceJieat FiallTUi News Jearaal ?eea^ ?:?Hmr?i?t?iiWTW!i^*UU NOliUkU Ml bf f*u4 la any tUter?la 4?f moral ag. mu. Slaglaeepy, pes uini ...?? ?! * r* n*M. Five copies IS M Tea copies.... ... 8 tt Twenty U ? IHT Cash, livuuui m UriVM lC^Sln?lecopies (la wrappers) can be proeased at thr counter, Immedlatel* after tke Issue ef Ik* paper Price?Tuais Cikti Fosv mast ass who act a* agents will bealiewrd a commission of twraty per oeat. all repaired to their place* of rest, where they conversed in whispers for a long time, conjec turing as to tho future, and narrating occur rences of tbs past, till each was prepared to bear an Indian in every sound, or tee one in every shadow or in everything having mo lion. But as the night wot* slowly away, without presenting in a tangible shape the objocts of their fears, they all at last gradually yielded to the icquirementaof nature; and even Peleg White, the most frightened one of the party, iell into a dose and began to dream buddenly he started up, with a wild, terri fied shriek ; and dropt-ing down on bis kneee. and clasping his head with his hands, began to beg for his life in a moet pitiful manner His shriek aroused all partiea, and waa echoed bj the female*, who fully believed thi In diuns were upon tbejn ; and for a few minutee a scene cf the wildest confusion prevailed. "Fool!" eried Amos Stanforth, Peleg's ztlaldian, who reached him first?and who, seising Iiim by the oollar of his hunting shirt, jerkeo him to bis feet, and shook him till all the teeth In his nead rattled. " Fool, coward, what d'ye mean by making all this here fuss for nothing ,M By this time Peler bad beoome fairly awakened ; and as he feared his guardian in aDger almost as much as he did the savages themselves, he slunk away, without uttering a word in his defenoe. But further sleep forany of the p?r*.es after this was out of the question ; and Kdeif Stan forth?who, at the first sound of alarm, had ,-tarted up and grasped his rifle, ready to rail his life dearly in defence of those he loved? uow turned his whole attention to quieting th* ntrvous excitement of the females?all of, except Mabel Duncan, were still trem bling from their late fright and apprehen si: ns for the future. " Come, mother?come, aunt?and yon Car rie?I am astonished you should permit such a cowardly jackanapes as Peleg White to frighten yen ?11 out of your senses Let me entreat you to lie down again and get what rj?t ycu can, for really I do not think thare is any danger. I do not think the Indiana have reached tbi? quarter yet, or we should have heard something of them. " From what I've heard of them, they gen erally trove about pretty quiet, replied the father. "Until they make an attack," said Eden, ?? and then they give vent te their most ter rific jells. If they were about to night, in this vicinity, it is quite likely they would have attacked some of our neighbors before this, ?nd we should have beard the death sig nal." " 1 don't feel altogether at ease," said the father, drawing h sscn aside, and speaking iu a low tone, which reached no oar but Eden's; I feel -trangely oppressed with something like a presentiment <?f danger ; but keep thia t> yourself?not a word of it to tb? women f< Iks, or we shall have Bedlam over again There is Peleg ' That boy ought to be gagged. t > keep him quiet; and if any barm comes to u* tn night, I bhall blame him for it " ?' I never yet saw a boaster that was not at heart a cward," replied Eden ; " and Peleg nft n annoyed me by boasting what he would do in rase be should over be so fortu nate as to be J laced iu a position of danger." " liiia is \ery gloomy work. said the father, " rifting here in this old boat on the r:ver, on a dark night, watching for an un known foe ! I wouder how long it it to day break ?" , j "The dawn cannot be far off," replied Eden. " Loek yonder, over the tree-tops, to tho eastward ! i think I tee the first streak of day now." ' The sky looks reddish in that direction, but I'm not sure it s morning." said the other " What do you think. Amos 7" be continued/ addressing hid br-thcr, who was standing within a :ew leet <4 h'tn, apparently trying to peer int?> the darkness, which the thick shadows of the heavy trees on the nearest be'.iik rendered almost impenetrable to the eye " It's not the dawn, David, if I'm a judge, was the answer, in a low, cautious tone. '?What do you think it is, uncle?" asked Eden. "Fire!" was the laconic reply. " U a!' said Eden, with a start; " then the Indian^ must certainly be about?perhaps Lave already begun their horrible work ! Ill we not better take up our anchor and arop further down the stream?" "Hush! listen!" returned the uncle, in a whisper ; "your ears are younger than mine, and ought to be better?do you heaT any thing''' All listened, each holding his breath to catch the slightest sound Each, too. turned his eyes upon the nearest shore, and strove in vain to distinguish a single object in the awful blackae&s, which, in that direction, seemed to ri-e like a wall before theui It was a star light night, but slightly ha?y ; and looking directly upward, a line of the heavens eould be porcoived; and this line, and this only, could be traced for s-me distance either way. bhowing the course of the dark river, which iiade the opening in the grand old gloomy forest, whose giant trees and thick under growth lined its banks on either side. From the position of the boat?being fairly in the dim light of the opening, it was possible for it to be seen by any one on the nearest bank who had become accustomed to the deeper darkness of the wooded shore?but, for the same reason, it was impossible for any one on the boat, looking in that direction, to see ten feet into the gloomy shadows of the miaty forest. ??I hear only the slight ripj! tg of the water," said Eden at length, in the came cau tious whisper. " I thought I once or twice beard the snap ping of a stick on the bank," rejoined his uncle, "though it might have been only faney. I >? Would it not be well to lift onr anchor, and drop further down the stream?" again suggested the young man, with not a little an xiety, as he thought of the precious livee aboard the boat, which might possibly fall a sacrifice to an unseen enemy; even then silent ly preparing to begin the work of death. " I'm of that opinion," answered the uncle. " Come, let us lift it at once " Eden and his uncle repaired to the windlass and were just in the act of giving it a turn, when a loud shriek from one of the females, followed by e^me half a dosen others in quiek .-uccession. caused them to desist, and grasp their rifles in fearful apprehension; but ere they had tiiao to spring forward to ascertain the cause of the second alarm, three of the tertifiod parties were at their sides, clinging to them with trembling eagerness " JSpoak, Esther?what is it?" said Amos Stanforth to his half fainting wife "Oh!" replied her sister-in-law, " ws all saw the head of an Indian come peeping over the side of the boat!" The above is all of this beautiful and highly interesting story that will be published in our columns. 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