Newspaper of Evening Star, December 27, 1856, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 27, 1856 Page 4
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evening stak Niagara Falls mott hare presented a grand sight Sunday, during the gale,?when, at Clifton, (S??pfn-ion Bridge,) trees were torn up, email tenement#, shanties and out buildings overturned, and their fragments strewed over the field in every direction. The ?olume of water driven over she Fal's of Nia fra ww truly appalling, carrying with it drift wood, logs and Umbers from the deigned wharves and shares above The 8u?pen?iin Bridge was considered in greU danger The toll gstes were for a time deserted, and manj ancient eye tremblingly awaited the destruc tion of this magnificent structure. But the hur ricane in all its terrible fury swept by. leav ing the edifice unscathed. The wa'or bel >w tho F.ills raised over thir ty feet, entirely covering the p;cr3 of the steam boat landing, and the landing room at the fo^t oi the staircase on the American side The most remarkable event wa* the over throw of the old Pagoda, which stood 01 the highest point of the battle ground, at Lusdy's Lane. fhe intense rocking started the in mates from the wo.oden tancment at the base, an 1 scarea!y h id they .n?de good their escape, when with a tremendous crash, the entire tow er, ot nearly two hundred feet, measured its lenth upon the fmtsn ground, scattering its upper portion Into a thousand fragments; for tunately nQl\7cs were lost, as it feil to the westward^ in the open fields. Had it fallen in ?ny other direction, it must hive crushed in ?avera? dwellings A Biblo was rafted off at a coffee house an Louisville a few days ago It was put up at $100, arid was won by a Southern Kentuck ian, who threw fortj-four. Why not? Is it more immoral and irreligious to raffle for a Bible than to rai?e money to aid the church ^7 * system of gambling * The latter is done ?7e!T .^*7 bjr all denominations of profesxw' christians, and clergy and laity approve. We suppose they adi?pt the principle (not a very sound one, we imagine.) that ?* the end justi ces the mean* " Yet these people will turn up their eyr.3, with an affectation of holy hor ror. at tar idea of raffling for a Bible ! Ver ily, ver.iy, we " strain at gnats and swallow came^," jn this age of progress; in which fashionable religion is as progressive as every fb'ig else, in all things save ganuine piety. This Is simply regarded ''old fogyism."? Augusta Chronicle. ? 'A chap in Albany recently advertised " an inlallible method to detect a counterfeit bank note,' whieh he proposed to impart to all who chose to learn it for52 each. A good many 'gr??en ones' paid the amount, in re turn for which they received following in structions, which, though good enough in their way, were hardly worth the money : " When ever you take a biil about waich you enter tain the slightest doubt, at once proceed to ine banker in whom you place the most oon iiden?e, offer him the bill with a request that he will chango it, and if ho declines so to do, make up your mind that the not* is bad." arrivals atthe principal hotels %Villnr>t?' Half (?J. A.w;:.LABD. r*' J M Hoillnzsworih A W P Bcatty, N Y lr, Mass ? F *obern. d? Miss V turb'.de Mexico ^ G?a Garland A ly, J O M-ari, Mass ti P Robbln A aon, Pa L P Pentan. G* Mlaa Bobbin. do ?E Rlguy, ttd K Glaysoa, NY J I***"1' do J F Mill". di ew Mower, NY S P Rcdere, Vt * A 'iwn A ly, Va E P A!coU <Jt ly, Fla Sv-bepler, do Mlaa Alcoa, do ?<laJ C Schepler. do \V D Mercer, Pe Mr* Had?ail, U J K Klcketu A ly, Tsnn FA Doorld^e, Md E A Maglln, Mi>? W J Morse NT H \V Glov<-r,do J ? Thrasher, do l 'I Doris A ly, La R hinm?rsoii,Jr, 111 Miss Doris, do ? GarSeid, Ky Miss tlayne, do L J?a jn. La *v \V Banva d, SC! ?l IV Key* ?rth, Texas G W iiar'.wel, NY 1) H Sanborn, NH J Peilotu, ly,? son, Pa Nntinnal Hotel.?got A BRIG <18. TLBa*er' MJ Dr Oliver. Ky J Thompson, Ark H Duport, Paris A McDonald, va J J Aekeman, NY D E Wager, NY Dr Reynolds. Pa E Camp* A ty, Va Dr Wyman, do F A Abbott 4 ly, NH A 3 Cbapln. NY Miss Abbott, do J O'Nell, Md Miss Thompson, Mass Mr- Phllllis, do E Stanton A ly, Pa W Varaey. Mas4 B D Rlchmor.d, 111 J C Baldwin * ly, NY F ? Noel, Mo J C Henry. CW J F Kerens?, J M Hall, Va ? T Nl< ker?, \v Rothrock, do H B Welcher, Brow n?* IV?tel.?T. P t 1 inowi G F Rawilnga, DC Or R J Scott, Md Md W R Chew, do ?.aker. do J T Saucer, do J R Dliler. Ill J H Sunton, Pa yy, 8 PS T L Riddle, do Mies H Sml:h, do J Strong A Mlaa K B.-ancn, do T Brl>coe, Md L*5\*.a% A u J G Volght A ly, N V ? M Murphy A fv, Md J A Wermatn, NC D C T^rran, Chill C Mooa, NV E H Janney, Va R K RaalnptonAly, Mas Mlaa HIxor, d? W u Talburt. Md " B AddUon. jr. do KlrLwoo.; Heaw.w, * >. a. KISKWCOO / w D'lncavari! Va J M Smith, Va L ? Biker? do JE Young A ly. Md ? o w Matcher, Dal A R Kln^bey, Va R K Kemnln^ton * ly, L Luc ken, Mass Mass T' L Young A ly, do 8 Bl-od, NY P Stratton, ao A McClom,- Md BJairett.Md M Smith, do 8 O 1 "*"*"? '* Intrrnaiional Iloiel?Penn. avenue. ^ G;VcKnlght. Mich ^ C Nevln. DC fe Jackson, do Jndge Daalela A fy, La 1> Williams. Kv 1 S . ' Vl. Granger, Teri'?i . J^.Lenef 4 A Pre!df?rleh, Md JO W H Donovan. Ill C Dolaney, Mich T Jones, do DM Barman, O Proposal* for Puraiihing Marble and Mar ble Wor* for the Nortn Front of the Pat ent Office Building. PcrARTXKNI or I he IvrsiiQB 1 SDeceinK.r I-, hfit, ( KXLEI? PROPOSALS WILL HE WkIVLD at 1hw I^jar n nt unul ibe nttto: mi-avif M ynrxi, IJ .viock at no in. for liiriiicbini such Ma-t?.v and Ma.b r Work a< mav b- re?i:nrcd in the rf.ttj n ot the north Iront.rf the Pa cat OlB.-e bulding. Tbe l?:da n u-t bs in th^ foirn of the foJIowin* ?ch?'dtji#?, cWa ly ?pec>: v the pnc?* l<v ma tonal, ha.j!n?c. >!r.?.in;, aid ?etinir, includiae a l tai uia.-fc'ut iy a id ot; ? r?iptM?: SrKt&ule. Cab>anK.p< r tup*r6cul font Meds aid bwil#, do tin Ei'Jt cub* s!u??, pf-r cijb c (.?,r *' rni .-? in two b *U, pi t kiijM-iff- Ai f,v>> (????csing our*-, do do Fn??rtoentf >? a ur?",?;o do Arrl laavt*, do <t<i l>-rrw i?corkier, p? r tm?a' fo >t, Trt0ypho,ea-;h, Cap?a pilafrs, f-ath, Cfm iB?i-? bas?moil, pimra' foot, Varbii- tiii'i;. p?rr --ii;. rgcial lo>i Window miu, ?lo <jo TJie rnn b> mas^ b ? >?ini?af m kin'* and o- a'i y ? u d "t-d in in# cori%?rn?-ii , ( tK(., a 4| w,./t wltif* ' f the b i;l.1in7, rprim n'oi which viili b' r?f?j jirfd to ?ccr m: a y th*- b >V Fa-** t. d wf'l Ma'r in what t:in th?- nnrk wi!l be ecm ?i-ud s .d r?n,e will coi??ftJrf^,i f? In others th^ iirvoor ? iiown 10 h- of ;h?; tia le a-4 W-Iitvitu to b* In" y c? m^fieiit to fulfil in g <?i ?* th the noci ia?> ;?n?p .??? t?. a ? in : and bid rr < fc iIth n wili |? itfufrse^, oal?r-? malu with th rf the f ?,t the D*f a*"ini?t. Ntn?-iy r*nt. wi'i h: [a d from lim i Hi time, aa ?h?* w??r? upon ih?i c/it 1 Miatf of ;b?- a^nt of ile l>^j in j>t in cla je ih'rror". aid ten'per een?. re??-iv?^i until thr rmnpl lion 01 th* con tra~t a-. 1.; -c^ptn ic? ol 'h? wi.rk l.vsanl u^rnt The D?| arinput r??? 1 v?>? to i:relt' th# righ tore jeet or a-riT>i the pr pr??:? h' f, l,v mviu>^, when 11 ??i m ific ifi! rr^t ?>f tjje r^quir*** if, a<w a<l?ricMittoUH?f a jr pntaaarHr* I ?or.- who It lai gf>-1 r a on to b'li. vr will no' ' lr? in any uk/8 thfri v p?r:uuii the e-?n:.a *t. * I'la sp*"-i^ca 4<?r.s. and working rlrawaigs cau b* ? iuii aed. a i'iofh?rinforiita lonob am?;<J,ona ? pli< ain>a ?: tb? >.&ce of ih*- ? >r?>rniaBdeat ' Th- pio.ri al?, which in i?t h-?. nt to this d?< pa- r:? 1, ,a t.lre-?< d to th* decte u y of the (mriHirt ? Pro.>om ? far the i-rn tiou of th> north front ??. ib? IVett fjffi r baii.ticp ") will bj op.n^j at 1 ??* ?rk, p. m.,of tli? 'at ?*y nanted f>w m cetvu ft: # am -. K M< <;UF.LLAX|>. ^dvc *)-:4Vi^lr f b} Secr?'a y of 1 br lutcrmr r-sjRi'tn: ?rm.i Cor?o ^ r fir,., t *?bn?gton S:och for aaie at " "UUIIII RVOfOl't* BEALT1hjLGOUDSATMcLAUGHLIN'? 1 for tbe UaliMapa. dee U Frhsh FRDIT?, fee., received. ta box?n Raisins 85 drum" and cartoons F rwh F Ig* Prunes in Fancy J *ra and K?i? Canton Ginger In Jar*. < case* CI won Pie Fruite, currsnts.GoosebarTlas, Peaches, ftc. Almond*. Filberts, Geouad Nuts, fte. also? 23 boxes Adamantine Candles in Cartoon* JO do Sperm do 1000 lbs. Fresh Buckwheat Rye Flour in Barrels 1< k -gs Estra Oiange County Butter Mackerel In Pirrels. X bis , * bis , r'w* For sale. by WM. H. BrtKKKTON. No. 4(W corner of 7th and F streets, dec l,V?Ww nppwtte the Patent Of. Proposals to. Engraving ted Lithographic Printing Or>!CKSnptai?T?wo?"T Pc?i,irPmtWTiw<i, > WA-?m?ro?. December ?), 18W \ TmncoM \ l s WILL BE RECEIVED AT 1 th\? office intll the 3lst??ayof December Inst , for Engraving on S'oae, and Printing Irom tbe 'Jm for tfce -tse ct the S^en** of the I o ted sixteen thousand and four hundred, (lfi, (w ) or more cople* each, ef certain mar* ?<> ?-c company the annral massage and document* of ihe . resident or the United Mate*. Th? map* will be open for the inspection of bidders at this "?ce until the morning of ibeday for closing the bids. The paper required for printing these maps will be f ?rnls'aed bvthls ofll'c. Bidders will state the price for engraving each map. and the price for printing per JOOcoples, se P*Acontract will be entered Into with, and bonds will be required from, the successful bidder for the faithful execution of the same. 1' Is to be distinctly understood that no bids will be entertained from any partiea not directly engaged In, and practically acquainted with, the style of work bid for. The proposals must be addressed to A. O. sea man, feaperlntendent of th? Pub'Ic Printing, Washington, D. C , and ba endorsed "Proposals for Eagravlwr and Lithographic Printing^' Dec"20-eoii31stDea A. G. SEAMAN. CRIITMAI-tHHISfMAi. JUST RECEIVED A LAR6E ASSORT m<?nt of GOODS SUITABLE FOR PRES ENTS for tha holidays, such as? Ladles' Work Boxes, Cabas, Retlcutee Portemonnnies and China Vaaes,Ac. French and Uerman Toya Guns. Drums, Swords, Pistcls, Ac. Fire Crackers, Torpedoes, Rockets, Ac. Dlsseatlng Maps, Building Blocks Assorted Games of Cards, Chessmen Accordeons, French Horns. Trumpets China, Rubber, Kid, and Crying Dolls,all kinds Red Ridlug Hoods, ar.d averted Rubier Toys. I n fact every thing, and more too, that you can wish for the season N. H.?Mllllaerv In all its branches attended to with neatness and despatch WM P SHEDP, dec 17-eoGt 5J"2 Eleventh street. D'lVER.IlMS HOTEL. MR. G. DMVERNOIS BEGS TO INFORM hi* friends and the public In general, that he has now opened nt* n?-w Hotel on Pennsylvacii avenue, between 17in and?S>? 19th streets. This Establishment Is newly and elegantly furn ished on ths most modern and Improved principle with Saloois and Private Apartments The Bar is supplied with the choire<t Wines and Liquors. Cigars, Ac. Game In sea*on , Private Dinner and Supper Parties promptly supplied and attended to In any put of the city. Table d'hote at o'clock, on Sundays at 2. nov ?5-eo'Jm is k H. BUTHtlANFI, Importer and Dealer in Wines, Brandies, &o. Pe*m avenue, south bat 4)f nndQtk ttt.. H\S IN STORE A VERV CHOICE As sortment of Champagne, In quart* and pioU. of the most desirable brands. Also, sparkling at Perav, white and pink; Maderia, Sherry, Port, "Tenerlife, Sicily,W Khlne Wines, Mose.le; French Wines, remand white; Cognac, Schsldam Gin, Jamacia Rum, S^otih Whiskey, American Wulshev, Curacoa. Anl?ette; and cf his own preparation, Wild Cherry Ur?.udy, Blackbcrry Juice, Sto nach JJil teis. Alio, genuine Abslathe, Kirschwmser, and Havana Cigars dei 10-3tftwtm. PARIS PHK'IH'M HATS. MO D E DE P1XAUD. 'pODD ft CO HAVE RECEIVED PER 1. steamship ''Ar^go'' an Invoice of Gen & tlemen's DR ESS H ATS from thecelebrated e^labllshnrntof LaTllleft Poum iroux, who _ received two Srst-clae* medals at the la'? Exposi tion In Paris. Also, a beautiful assortment of Children's FANCY BRAVER H ATS,for Missesor Boy* ladles' RIDING HATS. FRENCH UMBRELLAS, very superior. TODD ft CO., 3-Btfteotf west end Brown*' Hotel. CLUAKS?CLOAK*?CLOAk*. SELLING OFF. AT REDUCED TRICES. F'ROM THW DATE, DECEMBRR I5TH, tha subscriber will couimsnce to run atl his large and well seler'ed stork of Velvet a ;d Cloth CLOAK"*, SHAWLS, Ac at reduced price.*, as it is his determination to kesp none over. Strangers before buying would do well to give him a c?ill before purchasing FRANK A. McGEB, dec 15-eolm Jit Pa ave.,bet l'itli and 13th sts. PAPER HANOINM A3D UPHOLSTER ING. THE SUBSCRIBER HAVING PURCHAS ed the Paper Hanging end Upholstering Es tablishmmt of E ft- VVorthlngton, at No. 133 j north 7th street, between G and H streets west, respectfully calls the attention of his friend* and the public generally to give him a call and exam ine his well selected stock. He attends personal ly to the Paper Hanging and Upholstering busi ness, a* the bhortest notice,the be?*. rtyle, and on th* most reasonable terms. Awnings made and repaired. nov?^iwlm GEOR6E S. DONN. CHAUNCEY WARRIKKR, WATCH MAKER. NO. M 4* STREET, SIGN OF THE LARGE and small Watch with Chain, near Shll'lng ton's Periodical Depot, corner of Pennsylvania avenue ar.d 4 X street WATCHES. JEWELRY SILVER WARE. WATCH REPAIRING, Ac. Chronometers, Repeating Watches, Duplex, Mantle Clocks, I .ever. Jewelry, and Mor zontai. Sliver Ware Musical, and RET AIRED J1WK.RY AND SILVER WARE m ide to order. Removed from 370 Penn'aavenu*. Btawns Hciel, to tne above location nov *21 -eo3m C. WARRINKR. Proposals for Furnishing Granite and Gran ite Work for the North Front of tho Pat ent Office Bnilding. DlPAKTMKNT UK THe IxrKRK)*,') Dec? mb'r 18, 18jft j SEALED PROPOSALS WILL I 3 RECEIVED a:thi? rtepa-m nt until Uie righlwnib itay of Fi brnary n? it, li o'clock at WK?", t>?r lu Bi^lnnc aticn Gra tile a .it Giaxite W.?rk a. may b s required abovrt tli* sub bneinnii ? orv, in t?i?- erec i ?n of UiM north f.ont of I he Paent < >tnce buildin*. The biJtf mu?? l?: iu ibf form of the following s<- ?r4}iil?r. a id < !? arly -ji^cify the prreefor m if^ria', ba .li>i_'. <;r> ?>ing. and ?cUui|;, inclu1inga!l inc ma uhiiicry and oth?-r txj>?nst>. Sihfilidf. ("nil * hton?. p4.T ?np-rticiai H?ds an1 i? l!?. do do fcxira t 'ub t s iM?e. per cubic tool. i.'oriiice in two b d<, per s ip?rfi"*a! foo?, Hlo? kinn tonr^f do do PrKxe i?? ?alab'.ature, do d>> Ar'bmavt', do do l?r#p? to cornice, p r I neal foot, 'erigiyjihs. < a 'h J.'ap* of p*lvi?rs, ?*-h. ? nanaeis of b?s.;nirnr, p?r 'meal foot. \\ indi?7; *ills, per snjicrfi sal f'?of. The gm ute m'ist l> ? e?jtia' n ipta'tiy to thai u-ed in the riHintnitii'Mi rf Hie M iitjj- oi ilie biiildiaes. .p-- ui ns i| which mil be rcijuired lo arcum;>a y lll<- bid.". Earl) buj w-i I sia'e in whatttrn- the wt<rk will bs completed, and i*?ne will bi considered f'om others iliose cuown to b ? of (he trade .ind bnliev >d to b- till y f ni'^"?eat to fulhl in ?o??d faiili Hie ?.b!isn Umi, th v |>r'tpo?e to is-inn ?; and noaoijrim -nt of b d or ton tract will b" rec<*nir.e<!, unl> sx male with th" approval of the lita<! of ihe ?l?*| a*'iu-tn'. Nmtiv p-r c?-nt. will b^ paid from time to tun % a* the work pr"?re."?e*. up?iii tlie e*fiu?'e of the agent of th; d? par m -nt i-i cba'ire iheraof, and teti per ? i?r!t r^s?'iv d until the c?mpl"ti<?n of the con iract and a^crp'a>ice?.f ihe wori by taid asent. Th? depar'ni nt r< to its?-lf th? right to re je ? ?>r accept ihn prop *al"? hi r? hy luvitnd when it deems tbp i itrr?oi m> Unri'd bt^teti rei|uir?,s it. a-? ??? I! a< ?o ? iclurlt? ihe hi?li< ot a*,y person or p*'r ?'?fi- who it h:i* good r?a<?ntnb li?ve will not.lrom any ? atiac, fa'thfully pf-rfotin the contract. p!a !?pe?ifna ion*, and vorkuig drawings fan he ? \airrnei', and ?oh?r in for ma'ion ? b ai.?.J, oa sppli a ion a; llr" oilirrr i,f n1P Bii|i^riiitcnden' flu; | rop ital -. winch m is*, b ? -"ent to thiii depart in-it.i, a 1 ire-sen :o the S'cr**iury of the Interior, leuio 'wl '? t'r ipi. al< lor the > r* t*lion ef the north front <>f tl?? Prf'cni Olfice buil 'in/,"! will b ? njwn^d at I o'clock, p. in , of the la^' ? ay nam d f?r re re viatr'h? sarn ? k. McCl.ELl.AND, d?-c l9-9twtlt<F>b( Be retaiyofthe Interior. FOK < IIKtSTJlAS. IllOK'NG ?i ALL SIZE?, WILL -i t>? yf. d low for casn JOHN WAGNER. 245 Pa a venae, dee 17 tt opposite KbkwoodJihiuN. orriciAL. Tstisnpv PCT4*T*?rr, Nov. W, lto*. Notice is hereby H'v^n *? hoMcri of st???k of the loan# ?f the United SlW', that this department will pa-c-ta?e the sam "-until the 3d of March next, unlet* the <nm of Jl.-VM) 000 shall be previously ob ahed, a id will pa addition to the interest accrued Imm the date of the la<t ifioi annual divi dend of interest thereof, together with one day's additional interest for the money to r'a-h the vi n tor, th- followmr rate* of premium on ?a?d stocks; Tor the stock of 1*18, a premium of 10 per cent. F >r th? stock of !0.7 and 1*1?, a pr'nuum of l? per cent; and f'?r the slock of 1850, commonly ca'led Texas Indemnity Stock, a of 6 per cont, Ortifica'cs of Mock transmitted to ibe dc| an rn? nt, under this notice, must be assigned to ?he United d ata#, by th: pariy duly entitled to receive ihe proceeds II sent between r'a.e hereof a id the 1st i'ay of Jattivf next, the current fall V ?''? in t*r?s-. m hi be assigned by the present stockholder, or it will b> jayableai heretofore, and a corres ponding deduction b-j ina le Irom the amount pay ab'e fi?r the stock. Faym :nt fir the stocks so assigned and tia emit ted will bs mil'* by drafts en the As8i?antTr?a*u rersst B<wton, New York, or Philalelphia. at the option of the faMics entitled to receive the money, which should be expressed In the letter* accompa ny ng the certificates. JAMES QUTURIf, Secretaiyof the Tnasuiy. d *o 1 ? ll'id March; OFFICIAL* TatAtrRT DifisTiiiaT, AngustQO, IBM, fFhcrea* the following joint resolution of Congress haa become a law: Ioii?t RcfOi.rTioii extending the time for the credi torsof Texas to prescntthtir claims Rexolrrd bv the Senwfe and Howe of Rfj>re*erU<i lie*) of the United State? of Jlmertcain Cornrtu* at teinUcd, That as, aerer ab'y to the provision of the fourth section ot the act of the 2b\h of February, 1855, ?< to provide for the payment of such creditors of the late repnblic of Texan as are comprehended in th? act of Congress of September 9th, 1850," no tice, by public advertisement, was duly given for the space, of ninety days by the Secretary of the Treasury, of the time at which payment of the imountappropria'.ed by the fifth section ot >aidact would be maie,jTO ra/a, on at y b >nd, certifica'e, ;?r evidence of aebt of said Sta e, which should be presented at the Treasury Department thirty days preceding the 13th day of June, 185T>, the limit ot said notice; and as it is represented by the said Secr^'aiy of the Treasury, that of said bind*, cer tifica es, and evidences of debt, which have been recognized by the Stats of Texas, th? same, eqHa to th J sum f'i tj:ree hundred and eighty nine th?u - and fix hundred and ninety three dollar. and seven ccnts wi re not preened to the Tr. a-ury Department prior to the said 13th of Jurn-, therefore, in order to do fu'.l justice to the holders of .aid debt, the Secrn tary ol the Treasury is hereby au horized to pay to the holders of any of the ?aid bonds, certificates, or evidences, c.f debt, not presented before the 13th day of June last, who may present ai d prove the satneat the Treasury Depaitment, between the I3tb day cf June last and the 1st day of Jnetiaiy next, and execute the proper releases to the United S:ates and the State of Texas, their j-ro rata t-barc of the said seven million seven hundred and fitly thousand dollars; and after payment tbereot, the said Secre tary of the Treasury is authorized and required to distribute and pay the residue of :h?* *aid eeven mil lions seven hundred an.-: fifty thousand dollars, then remaining in the treasury, pro rata, amongst all the *aid holders who may have proved tbeir claims, and executed the proper releases on or before the 1st day of January next. Approved August Ibth, lfc'6. Noncets ciRiBY oivm to the holrfcis of bond#, certificates, and evidences of debt of the late repub lie of Texas, which were not presented at this <*e perimcnt on or befoie the 13tli day of June last,that tae san;<; will be settled and the yro rvln autnunt hereon will be paid to the lawful holderstfcerrofif presented before the first day of January a?Tt, it oiopanied with the n*;ccssary evidence of lbalri/ n u?.v r.ess, with assignments to the United GttU.-Sjrc quired to *ivc this department the custody ofsuch bonds, certificates, and tvi teacescf ii>b;,and with r?!eas?sto the United States ?nd Texas, iu aceo^ enee vrlih the pmvlsiora of the actof f'ong'es'of i^'.h February, IFM. This department wil-not require riderre ofgeo airer,,?? to he preeented with the eottific^t'^tsMied by the a idstorand erimptr'-Sl'M of This und?rthe lqw? of the State, r.ut upos e?i?p?no rri'snsof ver. yntj the C Mtifieates.bonds and promiseory rotes by i h? republic ?f Texas, and not pr''s?#ie<l to, ner audited by, thn ofllcri of the Ptate. The nrceesTiry and prcperproof of the g??ciiiio r."s?of theUtfrisrhe c? rtifleate of the rr-mptroH' r "I <he 8tat>; it T"xas, who has the ntlirinl charge of the original iroNive? relating to the debt of the l*te re public ol Texas. Thi s??ignm>'ni and rel^a'^s may bserecot*^ and tttkn-iwle l^^d in th<? presence of the Assistant Pecretary of she Treasury, or the chief clerk thereof, in the prei'enceof a notary public, and be witnessed by the Ani?ran; ?e*re?arv, or chiefclerk and nota ry. and b?* <~eriifted by ib?* notary under his nota rial t*?wt; b'it ? hen toe holders derlre to iriake the assignment andex^entethe rolea^osout of the city of Washington, it may b?- done in the presence of an BMistant treasurer, or <*olieetor, cr surveyor of the customs, in the presence of a notary pub'ic .and be witnessed by the collector or sinveyor and the no tary public, and be certified by the notai y under his notarial seal; andiftUere be no collector or?urvey? or oftbe customs at the plaee where the party re sid?'H, th?ass'.gnment and releases may be extcnted before any court of record, in the presence of the ]u<igeand< l rk thereof, and be witnessed by them, and certified by the clerk under his seal of office; and if the hollur be out of the United States,the as signment and releases may be executed before any United Stafsconsul, and be witnessed and certified by him under hi* consular si al. All pereon?cxe eutintf such a^si^nmsntsacd releases must also de? clare,underoath, befuretbe notary, olerk,or oon sul, as theease may be, that they are tbe real own ers ofthe certificates or other evidences of debt, or that the same have been assigned to them,bona fJe, fir collection ; and the notary, clei k,or consul must i aclude the fact of thaldeclaration in thcircci* tifi-ate ofacknow!ed^ment. If assigned for collection, or in pledge, th? name ?if ih? party holdine the benificlal or residuary In frest ill the nlairn mil*' be ?lnfe f in rh?' aih lavit and a release to the United Plate* and reicaxe to Tsxas must be duly rrecut'd by such party, to geth-r with ihe assignment and releases from the person in whose favor uettlement and payment is requested. One or more audited certificates, or oae or more . evidence of the same character of debl, may b- in cluded in the name astii^nment. releases, and affida vit of ownership, if each ceriificutc is correctly de scribe,! by number, date, amount, and name of the original paye*. It should also appear whether the certificates were issued by the authorities of the State of Terns, on account of the debt of the repub lic. or were issued by the republic of Te?v,accord in ? .o the facts of eaeh case. The assignment to the United States may be made to common torni ; the releases should be drawn ac cording to the form* uuhjoined?A and II. J AM 88 GUTHRIE. Secretary of the Treasury. Form Jl, Know ail persons by these presents that ?? lias released.and hereby rei?-a*e*, the United S.a'c? of Am rica from a.I further liability or claim lor the payment of certificate or evmenee of d?-bl numb i . for the sum of $ , imurd by the late repnblic of Texa?, (sr by the authorities of the Snte of T'xas, as the caee nuv b?,) and re deemed oy the United States in acconiauce with the ^ovisioos of an act of Conirfse entitled "An act te lirovi e utr the (rayment of such cjeilitors of the late republic of Texas as are comprehended in the act of fJon*r?-*e of S?>pi?-mb-r nine, eig'iUren hundred a id fifiy." anproved the 3Sth day of Fedruary, 1M5, and ao act of the tate of Texas, npproved the 1st of February. 1H56. As witness my hand and seal. Form B Know a'l persons by these presents that ? has released, and hereby releases, the State of Texas from all further liability or claim foi the pay. infill of certificate or evidence of d^bi number ,for the sum of $ issued by the latere pt blic of T?:xa',(or by the auinoiities of the State of Texas, a< thr rase may be.) and redeeuie?t by the United r1 fit'? i(< a'cur<iatice with the provisions of a i a<'t of t.'<ei?ress. entitl-'d " An act to prr.vidc for roe paym- u' ol" such creditors of the late republic ot Texa.- it- are coinitreuemied in the act of Congress of Seyt. mb;r nine, euliteeu hundred and fifty," approved the tb ol February, 1859. and H wof ihe Sittr of Tni<. applied the 1st of Fafcniaiy, 1856 Ah witnes? my hand and aeal. The following Is a Hal of the audited eertt&oatea ?till outstanding: A'?. hniti to. 1639 0?car Englcdow 1675 Tiiwcei *f Auitli College 1682 G H >l<tnxarrat k Co 1610 John Karner 1704 Daniel Carl No. 8 18 91 ?fi 53 84 91 btucdto. T D Tompkina Rukman Canfteld John A Clifton H K Muse R Q Hobbi J Oc Cordova John Riirningliam Phinoij fli> i <??.!??? 1738) 135 Phineas lit Cordova 1783 i I7C P U _ I .1 i_ H N Walcott 176 E Baldwin 191 James T'Iulima.i 192 Maihia# Clark JJJ } Ethan Ear In 338 O Rlinean ?11 J E Wade 368 Pete^Jk Booth 395 Loti (i usted 4??4 8 Kingslcy 427 J Parker, for Blita- 18421 beih Paikcr,ex'* 184.4/ 174* John W Portia 1770 J K Elliott 1*07 Harriet George 1816 Mtlea 8 Brnneti 1929 Nathaniel Rudder 1831 ( L? vi Tyler, adra'r 1833 \ ofW II Kelly 1KJ8 Samuel Wilde? l?fl> Georjw Sutherland 1841 J P Henninga J C Ecclea 4.'!7 Bfn? dict Bayley 445 Leander Ctason 466 Wm Odlin 467 John W King N?9 T B Webb 510 A 8 Thu mond 548 Thos W Marshall 625 David 8 Kaufman 643 George W Parker 1RVI Edmund lialltagcr 185*2 J It Logan 1856 C P Green 1865 David Ayres 1869 Thomes F James 1878 C firlnedU mantd 1880 J P Jewett 1897 F I'rnma 1899 Par' 644 Crutcher&Mcltavenl920 f W Groremeyer ^ | Wm Flower 653 J A Simpaon 659 Wm II B?:lchor 677 H H William* 701 Felii Rieder 7ig} Rob;,rl nale 773 Wm Jones 779 Wm Walker 793 Dyer Pearl 8i2 IxaacL HIM 863 Hermocan Brown ?74 John W Bower

879 Jam-* McMaster 914 DyerPeail 915 Mary E'len Heden-1858 1922 Gilbert Johnson 1928 Robert Lusk 1939 E W cawthern 19 ft) V\ 111 Cochran 1932 Fiauci' Moore Jr 2071 Amirew Daley 2()72 Isaac btewart 2086 1504 2083 1719 9106 1610 2108 293 2l36 berg 930 J Kills 932 Mrs Mary BclvHIe IC10 Aneon Crnnxon i012 R M Forb.-s 1025 James N Hogan 043 Tlioma* Lindsay 1045 Jame* L Green 1047 Jesse D.iniel 1048 J 11 Daniel 1050 Charles Vincent !C55 1057 1058 i'i59 1062 1065 L079 '.080 ?in: 2145 623 2104 1501 2303 8 D Gervaise 1 !96 24! 124" Willis Millican J f) Millican John Davis Wm Barton W A Lo;k>iart R Morton James KiKam 1; H Taylor Youngs Coleman Robert McNuit 1249 John W Cloud, per 2390 Wm Kimbro att'yl II Raymond 2400 H II Haynie C W Vickerf Paul Bremond David 0 Bnrnel R P Mc Master P P Gentry 8 W Finfaer Lnutsiara Davis E Frost 2306 Thomas Reed 2316 Harrl-on C Bryant 2330 J 8 Mo I)oi old 2340 Arthur Gerner 2341 J F Martchett 2341 Andrews 81 Grower 2V45f p G Merritt 2349 W Pinkney 2350 J D Giddinga 2354 J Crawford Jr 2358 a P Edg-rion 2->59 Thomas Warner Jr 2:^63 Geoige K Smtare 2361 Francis Brichta 23*2 Elizabeth Carter 2;itsl Wm Davis 2.W7 Jrxeph Tomlinson 2:190 Br.e' d Sl Turner I26't E !)<? Pon oia 1269 C P Gr^en 1275 G W Sink* 81 Shaw 1297 J?.hn Kendrick 2')8 Samuel I)id 1 en i:??0 John Johnson 1301 Swan Ma.-i-iei 2101 R W Milhank 2402 Catherine Allea B 2405 Henry Kring 2413 J W Lawrence 24'8 Stephen Smith 2434 A C Horton 2428 Elaphalet Easton 241? Leinn. I HDickenson i:#i2 Tlioma* Jl Forrester2150 Wm II Thompson 1385 B R \Va<rier '423 William Frels 1424 G T Osborre 1425 John A Ratherfnrd '427 Cornelia* Vannoy '428 Joseph Pates 1171 Ann B Reete lf> 15 Lurrbard Minis 1521 .1 C Moore 1523 John Jairu H '534 K H Doujiaa '5 ~0 E M Fish 1572 Win Kerr i5*s'? lame* A Moody 15*1 P Bickford ir.l2 John Lain? r 1615 John Cameron 1623 John I) Tryior .624 Ltivi Mercer '625 En Mfinr The r lititaiiimr .!< bt of the r. pi:blir. nf "i tills D?*i>3'tPl? .11. 2452 Z Wm Eddy 2471 J E Herron 2474 A B Hemphill 2477 Aaron llauchton 2479 Heirs of John Jonea 24^ *? Joel Hill 2481 " War. er. Aburn 2182 " JohnLMonka 2483 " Prtcr Aldrich 2490 M A Dooly 2.">00 (leoige C Day cashier 25t)l F Kenneji ^ (Jo 2503 John W S^hnicpf 2501 W C Bl^ir 2512 M I'.orbortiaiile ^5!;; rl<nry H Brooke 2511 Cabn-I '1 mmwelt 11 S Morgan 252" Ftif'njr &. I>tn 25.': S :;a.aii Net. man ?iic?:; of other clawr? of th? xarcLt::. ?: bp sr^cifi'-d hy an 29?4tlMJant F Afiii* & MANTELS. NEW ASD PFAVTIFUL nrrt.K. ??n.*;rfnri^r?5 fram R5tt# Strne, tiy ? (1 ? West Castleteri Slate Conrnny, Vt. 'pHE*K 3TANTKL8 ARE ENAMELLED IN ? Imitation of the richest f*n?l ipest expensive EGYPTIAN, LISBON, VEKD ANTl?-<i;E, PORPJ1Y3V. PYRENEES, HR'*C AT ELLA, kliATE. SPANISH ?AI.WAY,?ti< ctb?>rrire and doslrahle MARBLES. Th? ImV.aHon* aro *0 |Krfr*!t that they efcalenoothe rlroest -enitlnv. Tb?y s;e ?>? il^hly pollshen that they retain tfcelr beauty rr.ueh longer than marble; ar?pct lnjure?l by smof, e.oal aetftfi, and ?ao b* ?old mneh cheeper than any eiheTs lr, market. PrJ?J? ranplnjr from 1123 to #12 Architects, Builders, Rnd oth?r? pro In*!tod to oaU nnd cumins rrmplos at No. 512 Seventh 3dfKirs 1m?Iow tH4 pAlio?n?' Hall, up atalrs. T. M HANBUN, we 18-1 y Aeeat. CHINA, <4LASS AND <U KK.15 WAKE. ?K. H. MILLER, 8<?N ft. CO Importers direct from Liverpool toi Alexandria, be/ lrnve to cilt the at-' t^niler. of dealers, hotel keepers and other* of Washington and Georgetown to their stock of GOODS, which, for extent and variety, will compare favorably with any establishment in the Eastern cities. The connexion of their senior partner with the manufacturers of Europe and the United States for upwards of 30 years, has given him advan tages in the purchase of goods, equal. if not supe rior, to any house In the trade. An Inspection of goods and prices will satisfy all parties that pur chase* can be made of them upon the most favor able terms Frvneh China Dinner Sets, gilt and decorated French China Dinner Sets, gold band and plain white French China Vaw*. Pitcher*. Toilet Set*, Ac. French China Tea Sets, Cup* and Saucers, and o'hf r articles of Teaware And Dinner W are, separate from sets India Chin 1 Dinner Sets,and separet? articles al ways on hand White Granite Ware in every variety. In sets, and separate from set^, as may be desired Blue Printed or Liverpool Ware, the same Common Edged. White and Rockingham Ware, in full supply. Cut. Pressed, Plain and Moulded Glass Ware from the best establishments in the Eastern and Western States, which will be sold by the pack age or otherwise Experienced packers employed. Goods put up by um can be transported by any mode without breakage. Fare by the steamboat* from Waahlngton to Alexandria, almost hourly, 12Jtf cent* each way A quarter of a dollar thus spent may save maty dollars. dec 1 W. O. MFTZEROTT, (StrcczflsoR to Gkorsk Hii.bus.) Agent cf Kaven Ac Dacon'a and William Millar's CELEBRATED PIANOS, HAS ALWAYS ON HAND THE LARGEB1 stock of PIANOS from ?I75 up to S1.0C0. MELODEONB from S45 to ?25>. GUITARS, VIOLINS, HRA8S INSTRU MENTS, FLUTES. BANJOES, ACCORD EONS, and SHEET MUSIC, chcaper than lr any house south of New Yor*. Music, published and received every day. Pianos for rent nov 4-tr HATS! HATS I CCONSTANTLY ON HAND A FULI J supplv of BEEHE'S .MEW YORK STYLES, trgethor with TAYLOR'S HATS, of BALTI MORE. The best black dre** HATS got up la the latest style for S3.5t>, as 4<.od as those nsually sold at S5: and a good fashion able Hat at 83, worth t4; and a flrst-rate Hat, S2 SO. The best materials and the beat wor ?n anshlp li employed to produce a S5 Hat, which 1* sold foi 13.50 We do a cash business, meet with no lor ies, but gl?e each customer full value for kii money. Felt Hats unusually low. N. B Agent for Drlscoll'* Ualm of a Thousand Flowers Price 25 cento per bottle. ANTHONY. 7th street, uear Pa ayenue, Ageai for a New York Hat Company. se 26~tf 20 000 I'EICH TREES. AT TEN DOLLARS PER HUNDRED?FOR sale at my Nursery, near Washington M The above tree* are all of line growth, andVVP ?jf the .select fruit Also, a general assortment of OR NAM ENTAL, KVKKUKEKN, SHADE, and FRUIT TRKJfia ooUtf JO?HWA PE1HCB. Proposals for Kraetiaff the Post Offloe and Court honso at Windsor, Vsrmont. Tuiirtr Danswurr, > W*Mn*or??, Docember IS, 1A56 S Proposals will b* iECBiv*n at this derartment ontil the 16th dsy of F?bftiiy, A. D 1837, ?l ? "'clock ? in-, fbr the construction of the Post Office and Court hooee authorised to be erected at Windsor, Vermont, aecordiag ?o ihe pin s and speciff aticns prefarad ? this de.-ariment; f?:u pmpora'8 to b? either for itae whole b tildlng or ?e I a ale tur di'tereat kind* of work; btlls of isvHs m<i?t in ?veryft? axsotapany ?aeh bid, wi'h th? amount of 'ach kind of work, aid theto*at amount carried eut; ihe department re.ervmg ihe right io reject or acccpttbe proposes hereby invited, oraay tiri^ihTfof, when It derm* the interest of the liuted e*fat* ?> requires it; tins deiariment also re ?cives the light to ftclud? ib? bidf oi any p*ri?n or person; who there m just cause to brieve will not faithfu'ly p -rfrrtn the cow?rci?, or which they I are att> mpted mob ain by indirection: and ad bids when ibeic ?t a I b* pane* in interest wi?o do not Jutm in the bids, aid a 1 bids mat, upon investifcajon, a^e beluw a la'r price f?r the work. Bid* will not bi received in g'oss, and n ? e n tract will be as arded to a bidder un'em de'ait* are furni lied the deia'>m?ni of ihe price? of the differ ent kinds of work a id ma'ei.aU. which at a'i b* subject to ihe r<v>i<>not ill* neja'tnent, so tba' a m y a lopt the whole or rarl of me b.d, a* the in terrM of the Unit* d Statts ma> requ re Ninety per cent, oi tn* am 'unt of work dorr and mater aU delivered, accoidininoort act price. .ii i Jim >u>it to bi a*cera'ne?l by me em ina'e of ao ajnit ofth-de[ ariinent appointed for H a pui pose,) will be i a <1 in m linv io i?m* a > Ihe work progresses. and ten per cent, re'ainec ui.Ul the erm pl<tiou of the rontiact and aoccp ance cf Ihe work, ?c , by ihe a;ent aoroaid, and bi forfeited io lb* tvsnt ofnon futflment of cMit act Con rac ? will be awarded only to master-bail lera aid uieebai'c , and ihe as ignment thereof, exi* pt by consent of the flee re'a y ol itoe Tr*asa>)', will b a f rfieture of ihe rani'-. > acli proposal mast be accompanied by a written guarantee, signed btr two respi*nsib:e farina,(cer tified to b? fu, by the Unitad fltsus district iodge or attorney of he raid district,) in the sum of$.?,0H0 for the wh Je wort, or of a proportion at* amount, if for any ; at,tha th?b dder will when required. I fhis proposal be accepted, eater Into a contra mvH ?nd, with proper arid suffl ient securities, for its faithful performance. Foi rn oi bon^ and certiffi a'e required will ba film* isbed nn <mpli*a ion io the ifepwimint P!an*, speciffaions, and working d'awing* will ba n^y after ihiny fays, when they ia i be ha1 on appli?a inn to the dejanment. S'o fid v-ill he rtnndrrf-l vnlftt it full v rcmolt*t in all iU itglcilt tctlk the refturem*r%u of tkn a<^rerfue rnent. The propo als m in be sent to this de| a tiUM.t, aIdn s.?ed to ihe flecteiaiy cf the Tr?a?iiy, ana plainly endorsed ?' Projx*cU for tKe Winitor I'cti Otfirr and Court honttaid will b? opened at 10 o'clock a. in , ol tha ;ait < av ram'd lor receiving iha i me JA.MSS GUTHRIP, d.^c iNI ?awtl^Ftbi fl*cr??aty ol Tr a ui y Proposals for Erecting tbs Custcm-houso, &c , at Portsmouth. Ntw Haupshito. Tkiiv ar Dcpartmext, > Wasuikoton, f>ec* mb r 16, If'.jC. > PROPOSALS WILL BF. RECEIVEH AT THIS I d'talWDt uniil t lie 16Ui ilayct Film a y, A I)., 1W7, a' 9 o'clock, a. in , for itle con-trucuou of the C?wt< m house, Ivst tifficc, and Court ro? ins avith >r zed to b r **r? cted a' Port* mouth, Ne<v llamp ahiie, a'cording to ihe p an" ami specifit a'ions pre iared a' this d*-pattin ni;:a:d propo a's in be either lor the whole b iildi^g or set a ate lor different linds ot work; b;!N ?>f ja c?ls must in tvtryfa^c a c< in; any ? ach bid, with tne amount of ? ach kind of w?rk, a>nl lite total amount < arri'-d ohi ; ihe de pinn-nt resevsng tne right to reject or a -ccpt the propo- a's hen by invn? d.or any | arts thereof. ? hen ir de? m ' the inirr* st ol the United 8 atesr* quire* a; Hie de| ar in iiit a'soreae.ives the n*ht Jo exclude Ac bids oi at>y p--r>ouor persons who there isjuai ra<iae to b?lit v : will not'uily perform the coanacta, or nhich th?y lavt a't? nip ted to ob ain by Indirec tion ; arid a i bids when there xtu li b : | a ties in in terest who no i. t join in the bids, and all bids u a , ?tt?on inv'stii? ion, a.c b?;low a fa<r price for the work, liuls will not b? received in irors and nocontraei w:ll be awa-deo to a b dder unlet* ?ictails a e fur mshed ili>r oe| ariment of ili? prirea of Uie Oifx reat kn.ds ct work turn mater.aU, which si a I be sub ect to the r? v.?ion e.f tb? t!<-.nt, ?? il a- it ntay a loot the whole or i a-t of ill* b;d. n. the interest ut tli" (lotf.l 8.ale- may require. Ninety per cero. of*the am mnt'work done ai d inater a <? delivered, accorumg to contract piice, ? * a d ainmnis to l? a c* rained by ihe m ?fe of an ajeni < f lie de; a';m-nt appoi.ited f<*r t!ia? pur pose.) will b; [adirom t in - to time a*the?< ik pr"gr?-?*e>; and ten p?r e?n:. retained until the ci m p'?tion cf the coima-:; and accejran^e of ihe work, fce , by the a^ent arorera d. and lie forfeiu d in the ev-^ni ol non fn fi m nt of contract. C-ii-tra ts wt I b.f aw a<-ded onlv to master builders and m-cfanics. and ihe a'sigrm^iti iiifreo*, M^t t bv conreni o| t'ie fl?cr< a'V of th- Tr? a-niy, will b? a t'ntf-i ure ol ihe mm*. Pa :h prop > a rn mt be a c^m, anied by a written tna anlee. tijuec |.y two let-o-t.siblc peiVon?, (ccr llfii'd lo be in >,y fht; Pnilsd 8 a <ts dl -iriet iuit(K ?.r a'tom< y ? f sud t i^irici.) in the ?m of for the <?lto|e work.or of a p.op^r 101 at- amo mt, 11 fir n iy ; a'i. "list ijie bnloe' will, w * n required, if hi? pmpo a' b ? a*?pied, enr? r mho a contract and Iwtnd. with proper aid -u!fici?nt securities, fur it? ft'ihfnl p*'ifo niance. Fn m of b -nd and c?r'ifica'e required wil! b? f-ir nicheo i a appl'ca'ion to tne ?je| ar'm ^n'. P'.nns. sjvcifirations and w? rkl^g dtaviog* will b? rrnriy atter thirty dav<, when tin y can be had rn appli' ailon to the. de| arimnnt. S'o hid trill he "On'ijcrrH xmfeu it fully *01*plies in nil it* detail* xrilh thd re^inrem^tt ~?f ikii att'-c. tue wen/. The propolis mu?t be pent foth's de'^-ni nr. ? aldre?ed to ihe rtecrcia-y of the Trfwiu.y, aid p'a'mly eniinr-ed " Provo'ah for the PtritmovtK Cuitom home," and will bj opened at 10 o'clock, a m , ot ifie i*Jt f'my i,am for receivmg ib?- am*. JAMEfl ?UTHBIE dee 11>-9awtlfiFebJ flecreiaryof ihe Tub ii v Proposals for Erecting tha Marino Hospital at Galena, Illinois TlIAfllt DKFAIT1U5T, > Was&ixoTo?, December If, 18:6 J PTlOrOAALfl WILL BK HB< 'Kl VET? AT Tlllfl deiar m:nt until ihe 19th day o' February, A 1). lo57, at 9 o\ 'o:k, a. na , for trie eonstructioi> of tile Mamie Hospital authoneed to be er?rt<vi a- fjm l^-na. illirtoi-, a'te^rding to the j>la -s and s eeifica tioiLS preja e<l at this <1*-ra'"in?iit; tad prepca.i I * to bs either lor the whole b ni<nn? ?r s*ei arate for ilf l^rent kinds ol work; bills t f; arcels in -st in evety c%se accom ar y < a li bid, wit'i the .'.nuunr of ? aen kmi of work, aud the ?ota amount carried cut; the department reserving Uw ngtit to reject or ec, ept the proposals hereby invited, or anv pa ts lhtreo% when it. deems the interest or the Cni;? d fliateare^ quires it; the dt partm- ni al<?o reserve* the riirLt to exclude the bids ol any person or persons who iherc i< Just cause to bt-lirve will no. faithfully perform the contracts, r.r which they l.ave a'tr-mpled to r.bta n by indirection; and all hida when thera ?h*il l>e pa ties in interest who do not join in the b ds, and al; bids tliai upon invesii/atioo, ara b low a fair pri e tor th? work. Bids will not be received in groas. and no contrast will b ? awarded to a haJtler unlef^ detail - are furu ?shed lite depar inent of ihe jkiccb of iha different kir.dti ot work a d materials, which sha'l be subj ct lo the r>vi-i >nof lUc d |.anment, r*> iha' i may adopt the whole or a part of Utn bid, as the mterevt of the I'niied flia e* may require. Nine.y percent of ihe*am ?uut of work done and ma eriais delivered, acrordiiig to coniraot price, (said amount to b.* aocertaitied by the'a of an a*'!in of the de| ar m-nt nppoiiited for ikai pur p*e,) wi I be paid fr< m tim- to time as the work pnpreHS'* ; a id ten per cent, re'a'oed uniil ihee*?m ple iou ot the cmtract a >d a cep aoee of ihe work, Ac., by the agent aforeeaid, and be forf iied in Ui?j t,vent of non-fulfllment of contract Contracts will be awarded only to mast> r-b'iild rs and in vl anif-s, and the a*sigrnt ?nt ther? <?f, ? x v p' by consent of iIi*> Secre ary of the Trca-u v, wiil be a forfeiture n< itie tame. Ea h pr.iposal must b^ anccmpamed by a written guarantee, Mgned by two responsible per?H?es. (cer tified io b ' so by the Hiu'ed flia en district juice or attorney of the raid district.) iu the sum oi .^4.000 fn, tlie whole work, or of a proper ionate amounr, if for any pnr'. ttat the bidder will, when required, if his proposal be accepted, enter into a contract a*iu bond, wnii proper and sufficient securities, fbr i>s fsithfu! per^oniance. Foini of b.nil aud certiflca e requ red will b.i furnished on applira ion to the dcfaniu'iit. Pla is. specifi. a'ions, and worknif diaonnps will b; na lv after iluny days, when th- y caa i?: I al . n a;p'i(a ion to the uejannr'nt. \n hid trill be ?oruide~rfil nn let* it fully compile* in all its detail* utM the requirement* ?f thi* mJ\-erhte men t. Thepropora's mast be ?e>.t to this defa :m?m, aIdressed fo the hecreiary of the Trca-uiy. and P ainly endorse d " PriposaU for thr Galen,, Mnrinc af.'* and wrill ht (,p?-i.ed a' 11 o'clock a in, of the a>t i ay nam ?d for receivine the -ain? JAMES OUTHKIS?. fleer ia y of Ui? Tr? a-uiv dec 19-3awil9th FebJ CLOCKS I?CLOCKS!?CLOCKa] ONLY THINK OF IT,-GOOD CLOCKS from SI 50 up to S30,?all warranted tn go rlcht: ? over 05 different styiea of Clocka to select from Also. Clock. Corda ?""""?"WD Wtlghts, Keys, Balls. Olla, and everything la the material line Call and aee for vouraelvts, at J ROBINSON'8, 349 1'ennsylvania avenue.op poslte Browns' Hotel. novJl 9m deiti*trt. Jw. McSKE, DOCTOR OF DENTAL ? SURGERY, has located himself permar.Uy in this city. Dr McGee?s*|^52 a graduate of the Baltimore College of HZTTfff Dental Surgery, and has had over twelve veara practice Otfl '.e removed to the residence of hla father Hav T McGee, (for the praaent,) ttk street, ba' ?Ml an* ? Stat*. dec ?-lm Medicines. rERnnin ?TRi'r, Ft>r tki ears e/ L**r? rMirUui, Dr-rsf, Nwl?ia, In *rt*nt P?????" ?/?*? Lmnfiand P'f>nck\nl tiifff, B%U$, ?tn iral Dtbilitf, fc. THIS FXC8LLEMT NEDIQINE. WHICH has attained a high reputation anA been ex lenslvety used In Boston and other (>f the Kast, ha* Iwen receive* ?r:<* '? nr>w5* .nlebyZ l> GILMAN. special agent,330 pean ry Ivan la avtnue, a* also ?J the general agent, cor jer of L and 3d streeta, N?*y * ?'* The proof# of Its e?cacy are so numerous, so urell authenticated, and of kuch peculiar chsrac ler, tlmt *<ifftrers cannct reasonably hesitate to re jelve the profbred aid . . The Peraelsa ^vrup does not pruRHUM a rvrt-all, but Its ran.^ U extensive, because masy llseases, <ippar?ei/y unlike, are Intimately re nted. tad, proceeding fnm one cause, may be snred by one remedy. The class of diseases for which the Syrup pro ride# a cure, I* precisely tbet which baa so oft? n Haflled the highest order of medical aklll. rl?e 'act* are tangible, the witnesses aoorwlbie, and he saftrty and eA acy of the Syrup inoonttoveet IMc " I nave analysed the iw.d!r-%I preparation called he Peruvian Syrup. w th reference ir the number tnd hind of active substancescontained In it. nod be durability of the compound a? a Pburmsceutl ial trtlc'e The metallic compound* of arsenic, intlmonv. mercury and r.lne ere not present, nor s It possible to detect In It the al I eh teat lnd lea ion of any metallic nr.d mineral pol*on Ita or ranle constituents do not Include opium, or sny >f the drug* j I elding poisonous principle* I he ?onstltuents, when separated, are not even srrld 0 the taste It it a preparation acientlflcally and iki.fuTycompounded. po-sesMng all the durnbll ty of a aplrltuora tincture, without Ita objection - ?ble qualltlea and the nctlvltyof ita ending eon tltuent la preserved through the Judicious adap tion of lt? solvent. The point here attained baa jeen frequently and unsuccessfully sought after " pb*n"CeUU,U /f fflmlfc M D. A as i ye: to State of Mnseschusetts Na us Bey 1st on street. Boston. 3d Nov , feM. Mv 22-3 m A. ? PILE*?P'LES-PILK*. WE CALL ATTENTION TO ALL WHO are afflicted with this dreadful complaint to :he following sworn certificnte from one of our most respectable cltlxens. the father-in-law of the proprietor of t*ie *?Conner dea Etaa t ills," and formerly gunmaker in Philadelphia : Nsw \ om. Aug !*tb . IW Dn Dcrnta?Dear SirI hereby certify that 1 have been affile ed with the Plies for nearly sixty yenrs. that 1 hive used eighteen bottles of Barnes' Pile Lotion, ard everything else I could here of, but all to no eflect, for they did me little or no Tood About two months since. 1 coirmenocd using your rtmedles for the Pile*. a*d have the happiness to say that they have bad the dealred pflbot. having cured me 1 consider this almost a miracle, for i a in eighty year* of age. I sineere ly reoommend them to all atfilcted with the above complaint. P. VALLEE, T3 Franklin at State cf Nrw York, ) New York City and County. > I, Joseph C. Lawrer.c*. do beret-y certify that on the day of the da'e hereof, before me personal ly came P. Vallee, to nie well known, who, be ing by me duly cworn, did dep<>*e and say that the contents of tlie foregoing certllcate signed by him are true. In witness whe:eof I have anbserlbrd my name, as Commissioner of Deeds and as a Notarv Public of tb* J*tate of New Ycrk, and have af fixed my Notarial Meal at my office, in New York, this 36th day of August, lSi? JOSEPH C. LAWRENCE. Commissioner of Deed*' and Nofsry Public of the State of New Ycrk.?7 Wall street, New York We challenge the Medlcsl Taonltv of the t" nl. ted States to produce a certlflcate eaual to the above. Dr. Duprie's Remedies are tfce only ef fectual cure for Internal Pile*. Only 60 cents per box. Office?Na^au f.ireet. New Yorfc. Win be aentby mall to any part of the United State* For sale by FORD ft BKO , <omer of 11th street and Pa. ave, Waahlnytou, D. C. oc 23 GAUTIER'SCOMPOUNOHERB DFOPS: Fcr CoagiB, Cold*, froneh'.t;*. Aathma he 'I'KESE INVALUABLE COMPOUND Herb 1. Drops h?Tt th* extnordln^ry property of 1m medlate.y relieving Coughs, Colds. H?<arsenees, Difficulty of Ureattlrf. tirotiCMlU, Asthma, and Husklntssof the Threat Tho?e who are troubled with that unpleananf tickling In th<; threat, which deprives them of re?t, r.l^ht alter night, by the lnree?ant cough wtich It provokea, w!?l. by urUg tijese drops, fl^d Immedlat? relief. The subscriber, In presenting these Drops to pub.1c notice, wishes It tr:? be eiprtssly undei stor d that he does not rialm for them any rnlracu lo is eurlng properties, nor does he present them with a long etrlng of fertlflc?tesof re?? m me net a tlons. aithcugh he has rr.jny unsolicited and nuo^* fiat'erlng onts from per*oi s who have u?d them. These Drops are composed of six rlmple Id Eredl^nts, principally herbs, wblch are known to e *er\* nficaclous in the cure of diseases result ing Xr^ru Colds.and some of which, being rather ntuseoua In their natural state, wou;d deWr many frjrr resorting to them, but wfcen made Into a cardv or drops, become fala'able w iho?t losing any of their valuable properties. Tfcey have been approved and recr*mBrended bv all the most prominent members c-f the Medical Faculty rf Vva-hlr.gton city. Every Lawyer,, Public Spezkor, or Vocalist, stould carty a few of these Droj s In his pocket to be u*ed btTo:e oraTe; exercltlng the voralorgans. Prepared and for **'e, vpy c-'esale ard retail, by C UAUriEK, A !a VI lie de Paris, No t5t Pa ev . WnShingion, D C. Or mnv be had of ih?? following a^ent : J Ah. H. STONE, corner of 7th and L tftrteie; R S. T. Cl-fcEL, 6et?rtet. wi; JOHN E BATES, Navy Y^rd . SAMUEL WHITE. Tth street, 5^, HtNK'i COOK ft CO . Alexandra. PRIVATE MEDICAL TRKA71IK FHILOIOPHICAlViIw Of MA3LIACX. IT ? ? a. la ckvii, as* y . ALBAN V. N. Y., IS#/?fs* cad 134 Ft?a, ?/??*,?? i fti*n4 I ?grsjpif *nd Fl?tt9. Putt enL7 Tw*k*t-F:v? Cmti. ?cat Free ef Pettexe la all ~\t*? ef the Vale*. pHEAPEST BOOK KVEE PUBLISHED? V7 and coatslrlig nea::? dovbls the qtiantm1 .end ing matter In tbtt cf the FiFlY CENT OR DOL LAR PUBLICATIONS. it treats en the i'E YSIOL OSY OF MAKR1AQE, tnd the Secret Infirm'.tics and Disorder of Youth arS Maturity, resulting fr^r-s ex cesses, which destroy the physical and mental pow ers. with Obscrvr.t'?-tF en Marriage, its dntie* and dizain their reaedletj with Lithographs,Uln/tretlng tbs Aaatoaavand Physiology, and Dlstasesof the Re ^rodnctlvf Orgsnaof both sexra, their strnetarr, ?te? as.', frnctloas. A pcpular aid cortprehea alve Treatise on the Duties aad Ciusaltles cf sin gle aad married Ufa?happy and fruitful alllaaoes, made ef secarlag thrs?lafelloitoua and lafenlle ?aes?their obVtctloa aad removal ? Imponaat klau to tksse ccxteKplatiag r<ie!rimoay. that will averaeaaa ebjeeticni U it; acne, hewever, shodd take this iKfertaat step \#lt-.? >i \ i rst coataltlt r Ha Kea?eemmeatarles ea the diseases aad medical tweat of females freaa l*:racy to old age, each aa?e graphically Illustrated Ly beautiful lithogra Chic plalea?aervecsdebllMy, Its carses aad sure, y a arocess a: ence ao atrtpi?, nafe, ard eV^etnal that failure Is Impossible?ial*s for daily maaags aieai?an essay en Spermatorrhea, ^i??h araatlcal ?bsefvatlsas ea thesaftr aad morestu?uamii mods ?f treatment?preosat'oaary hlats ea the evils re saltlag from empirical practice?an essay oa all diseasesarlala.^ from iadlscretloa. with pfala and simple rules by which ail persons en a enre them selves withont mercury -remedies fir those self 1 a flirted miseries and disappointed kepes so un fortunaleiy prevalent la the young. It is s truth ful adviser to the marrlednrd tht>r<-conte?platliu| marriage: 1 ts perusal is partlculsrlv rscommend ed to persons entertaining secret donhts of their physical condition, and who are coasclous of baa lag haxarded the health, happiness.aad privileges lo which every human being 1? entitled. Price TWENTY-FIVE CENTS eer eoay, t Five Copies for One Dollar Mailed, free of post age, to all parts of the U nlted States N. B ?Those who Prefer may conaalt Dr LA CROIX upon anv of the diseases upon which .his book treats, either personally or by mill. Medi alne sent to anv part af the C nIon aooordlag to di rections, safely packed aad careful, y secured from all observation. Address Dr. M. B LA CROI1, fie. 31 Maiden Lane, or Post Ofltee Box 579 Albany, N. Y. Il/ 0?ce open dallv.from Daattlim and ?a Sundaj from 3 until 5 n m f0- 0?ceREMOVED from We 19 Beaver H. ?Jl MatdsaLaas, Albmay, r?.*. dea W?ly PURE IILVth WARE. SOLTl) SILVER TEA SETS, SILVEK FORKS AN It SPOONS, SOLID SILVER WAITERS, PITCHERS, GOBLETS. f CUTS FANCY SILVER WARE. suitable for WKvDINU PRESENTS. The above are all of our own msr.ufsr.ture and WA.anA.NTRD ruaa. M. W tiALT ft BRtl., nov llf.rf 324 l'enn'a averue Dolls, dolls, babied, babies, at dec tt MeUA^HUirt. , sad