Newspaper of Evening Star, December 29, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 29, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. ti' A 3H1N G T O N CIT Y : MONn%V Drrcuibrr M, 1*40. W inTtiiimiinri ?u>h i i> lbct ?T Tti Ornciir "Tw*i.Tfc osutoa, si.; ?miit*uii r??t n?r ?ot ?rr*A* (?Til T?? ??\T I<1T. SPIRIT OF THE MO it NINO PR HSU. The Vm?0M comments on cx-tfor. Wm. Flade's defence rf hf? educational enterprisa ?ralnst it? (th?* ' /!<?/?'.<) !??? rn?laught; de fend* Senator Benjamin fr tn tbe " malignant misrepresentation" of the New Orleans Tm? Delta ?^d h?>lds that precedent in political affair* is a very uniafe and improper guide indeed. The Intti.fZrurer sjyj ? '?Tbe ludiciou* p-Jfty of the Administra tion wrtb respect to the iron interest is the ' theice of mrh or* bio c mnent by those 1 journal* *Te tupp.\'ei to represent the Tie.,* o< the iron men. 1nd trnly tho remits of the la<u fow years' pntdwrtioa, an exhibited in the report ot the preset Secretary of ;he Tre.vary, wouH t^t.a to j*t?tify thi' com n* enaction. "Alexander II a mi!', on, the first Secretary of I the Treu.-ury, wm frrcm<>?t to discover the an aarpaned iror producing resources cf tto country. aM to recommend Congress to en vovrate their development by protective du? V "n frmgn manufacture Tho?* re. | ^ *b,ch ft? prophetic vbion ?f that ere it *r?tr??fE?n was enabled to decern in the re rao.e future, would seem to be now unfoldinr ?. Si'h." 'r '""- ?f ,b? '?=<"? fn k! k u. 1 development *c?5?r* destined to be hionj-M about not by hig% tariffs, but by event* wbirh humr.n lagecfty had not for J ?wo?that if, by ii revolution, if we may -0 eiprei-j. it. in substituting iron for rear!y every thing else* hitherto used by civilited men for 1 mechanical or constructive purposes These r.LVf-VJ ir?a-"e rapidly creating a do- I mand to. the pr^jact which can ultimately bo -^applied only ft^m the illimitable co.ul Qelds f ana inexhaustible ircn mountains of this country. , " Th;s Ardency of modern clvilintlon h?? ! reeu very judiciously fostered by the present ! fi??IIl"tr*t,0T?. especially by the Secretary j <r tb? Treasury, who ha* n?t only given his sanction to the mpry new uses of iron a* a : bu:lding material, but has caused to be in- j e'ltuted r. series of experiments todi."-over new applications of it in ibe j-uMtc building and worus. b The substitution of iren for wood, brick, I Ma stone in the construction of buildinr? , PS' !an<i vehicles, household furniture, A3 ' j wbich is now going on. iaunt und. uht-dly rive tae control ot the inn markets of the world to ! mat n*;ic>n possessing the most plentiful sup ply of tic raw material r-f iron, such as coal, i luc* and ir- n-Ftone. which is conceded on all : cards to be the United States " I W JS1HXG TOX DTElt'S A.XI) GO&H4P ' MoraJ In*ai;ity People are amusing them eeivei very much abcut the ground of defence ' taken by Huntington. the great forger, in New York It geec? this man has decided I pre,.entity to high living, ri:h dinner*, costly j wines, furoptu:us hou--*. furniture. and equip ag?, aad is not particularly averse to the so ciety of OM&eiycla j<?p In order to gratify all hese eiceaiive or irre. ular propensities, not having any ir^ncy r.f Li, two. he provides ways %cd means by fwicdlicg and forgirg Tkat ? wnat ingenuous coans-l call inaan?ty Query-1, Eot tbe in^anity on rhe otfcef ?ide> i tKe btr.keKS ncd brokers in the e:ty of New York ' it would seem that they mu?t be *tark mad. to take and rash nil the note? which may bc prt*e::ted to them, by ?uch a miserable spendthrift adventurer aj this liuntingtou Tt.ere ij another luestion of moMi insanity in New Ycrk ly which w* are very much puizled O^e m.ght thinn that the Ferrers abeu, t akim:ths \<i omut fnu*. who b*ve been fu?ing an i tearing about in New 01" ^or k0 la*: fortnight to jrocuro colonists fcr their eccca plantation* in Nicaragua w-re ? little out of order in their ur for work^, and afflicted with ?Kme wast of dyo sensibility in regard to the moral quality 0f the act f,f ?iaoghteriag and robbing by whole3al? tho good people of Ccutral Amerioa. But a bit of reflection tn the suljeot leads to some doubt waether the menta! aberration is not on the other ^de-that of the emigrants whom these men recruit for tbe servioe of Walker. It is thoroughly settled now. by a omparl WD of 4:1 the '"tc account*, that Walker does not hold a foot cf ground in Nicaragua except thru wh:ch his mens'and upon?a narrow lire, *ome doaen mile? or so in length frrm Virgin fay t> Sao Juan del Sur. Thero has cowed ?e be tbo slightest p.rctcnce that Waikeris the ersuitni of Nicarjgua. Tho whole coun try is in tha p^ rsession f>{ President Kiva*, whn wu the Government when Father Vijil came here, ar.d who srill continue^, to Le the TDly G..verLmea(, ti:her dt JUr* or U* furto, of the Republic of Nicaragua. AV&Iker is a foreign invader, at the head of a few hundred other, fore", who do nothing but to alay, burn and destroy, and to render the name of American hateful in all Spanish America I>uii:g the year that Walker his been en gagei perpetrating all these outrages in Nica ragua ho La? received between four and five thousand recruits Ly means of the several traunt slcauaert from S; n Francisco, New Or lemas, e?j eciaily New York. Of these re cruits al! have lived a life ef poverty, tick ne.s, privaticn. aLd mi.iiary slavery without a para.lei in m dern time-4, and four fifths of them l.are perished misrrab'y <.f country fe ver*. camp fevers, cholera, starv ltioc. military tyranny, and all the other inevitable deficien cier a-d excesses of a mere bard of marauders undertaking to carry on a war of cor quest In the face of all this, hundreds of men are *till f utd in New York, to ??|| themselves? no, n. t tell themselves, but give themselves ?way-to fce the wretched Lcnd-slavea of a meicilcs- m^ter, with the moral certainty of dying in a few months *f starvation and fever, in th? pertiia^tial jaugleiaf Central America. And all the** wretche' are allured to this fa'e by the delusive promises of a handful of l*&d speculators, who undertake to grsnt what they have not got. ar.d ere delodirg to their (Jesirvcticr tbe [wr men who go to Nic aragua to tike land fit the co,t of their own live,, when tUy n,igvt ?,wt ftt wiJ| upon tbe richest li.ids and in the m s: salubrious Hi. mates of tbe w-rU without leaving the Tcited State * I>oe* not a 1 this render it e*tretne|y ,,aes tioLahle whether, a ter all, Uantington is more crazy than s^ie'ther people in New York ' If Huntug on is a u.onom*oiae of forgery, are not Walker's :e ru tirg agents in New York m >ncm tu.aea of fi ihua er ng ' In both ciMt, wh re a I ?i .ank the-.r w.lling vic "m 1 ?:-pw etny belong tj that numer ous axi!y ?ne m-mber of w. ich Mr Do* 4t ck? has rendered illustrious by hi; in*, maoy ?the Damphools Wm H. Hurlbut has fallen very recontl^ into ? y r< ug'i Lan.'s-into th.*e cf J P, D Bow, ??<} , lAte the Superintendent of the r^Dwig It aeems -hat to make good his false. hoods ngnin?t the South, published in the ! Elinburgh Review, by way (f (jotting over the proof of their want of foundation rmhraced in the V. S. Ccnsas, tM< scaly fellow iHurlbut) mast needs tell a falsehood ab at Mr. De Row too. Saying? ?' The Censes of the United Stater, prepared In 1S50, unuer the supervision oi a wall known Southern writer an* advocate of slavery Mr De Bow, rctttml the total, etc , etc It is commonly tlle^cd in the United States that tho re urr.s weie tain pared with to servo a party purp le, eto , etc " The latter thus dispose t?r the charge of thi? i poor devil on?i 'Dut ,a blind zealot, or cnxy fac eeirt, could such a charge, if he would occupy but a moment in ex-.ming tho matter. The reason* of this are obvious enough. 8inco, ? first Full copies of all tho return's are deposited in manuscript *n bVsrV county and ate in the irnion. whil3t the original* are cow filed away in tbn department of tb? In enor at \ ash'ejton, wlure they are acceshi Ir at anj foment to every one. Of course, in ^.in ertainty of detection, only a 1:1adman. *s well as a knave, could have undertaken to tamper with them, for '? party"' or prjy other " purposes '' ?? Second : Frotn the teiy ttatHre of an c ffi a employing suqh a lanrs number of persons, like that <A the Census?persons from tha Sotth, South, East and West?through whoso hand.i all the voluminous returns must pass befire they can reach tho head ??f the oPico? persons who make all the condensations and verifications, and to whom everything done '.n the oifij'i taust ncccssarily be as familiarly known as tho alphabet i self. Xhird : From the fact, easily appertained at W ashington, that during t^e \Vhole course of my labors upon the Compendium and Mortal ity Report*. I continued at the bend of the iffic* tinder me, and responsible to me for its details, a citizen of Pennsylvania, whom I bad appointed, nU was. 1 "belie?* ? Whig; and had never orossed, 1 Mason and Dixon's line, until e^oni I'ue time of bis en trance at tho Census office This gentlcm >n had the general direction of the labors of tho e'erks ; assigned to each his department; re ceived the reports, and finally handed them over to me lie is still in tLe office, in charge of u 11 the returns, and the manuscript* which formed tho basis of thn publications ?' After this, Ilurlbut will probably pitch on sc^e oco else when aiming to sustain his false hoods published abroad against a ^ectio^ cf his country, by telling pla*s?tl6 1 -s about an individual. Boortacks Exploded. ? The Charleston Acrcury declares the sto.ies ab.u*. ciu jlty to slave? in that city, now and for fome time past being published in tho Njw York Evening Post with a great pretence cf particularity, aregro.;s fabrications. These stories ^cing the stufl of which Heptthlicau party capital is made eci-ng the masses of the North, (who r.rp blcssel with just about sufficient educa lion to make them willing listeners to at*' be lievers in such roorback?.) ,tr* '"j'.sg very ex tensively republic**-* !t newspapers of aboli tion Unlets*',es. We arc curious to see how ei?.ny cf tliem will tell their readers that the Mtrcvry pronounces them baseless fabric a" tions 5b3 California Election?We have the following letter from a friend in California : Sa> Fea.n< i*,co, D3C. 5, 1833 f>ur Secretary of i>tate says', in counting tho electoral vote, that Mr Buchanan is more than sixteen thousand (1H 000) votes alidad of Fillmore and thirty one thousand (31,000) ahead of Fremont. Charles Fiirlax T- j , ^Democrat,) formerly of the District of Columbia, is elected clerk of the Supreme Court of California by over eighteen thousand ahead of his highest antag onist lie received more than two thousand vote? more than either C Dgrossman on tho same tickst Wilder.?We hear that many efforts hove ben made and nre now being made to induce the President to pardon Wm. H. Wilder, who it will be remembered, is now in the State's prison of Louisiana for forging land warrant papers Tho plea alleged is his ill-health <~'ur opinion is that be will be left to serve out his term, his cane having been one of the most, flagrant known to the history of the Pension bureau. lie is well known here, having been among tho very fattest men who were in the habit of visiting Washirgtcn periodically Resignation cf an Army Officer.?The resignation of Brevet Lieutenant Colonel Jo seph II Eaton, captain third infantry, has been acceptei by the President, to take effect Decembor 31. 1836 Tho Current Operations of the Treasure Department ?On Saturday, 27th December, there were of T-easary warrants entsred on the books of the Department? Texas debt warrants $3 333 ?>5 For the redemption of Stocks.... 4t5.tf03 ?'j ! For the Treasury Department... 87,024 t>2 For the Interior Department 12,93s ;*4 For Customs ?2,I01 70 War warrants received and en tered 43,3?3 73 Wi-.rrepay warrantsrecoivedand entered 455 73 Thk Ahruwsuitb Hoax.?Another and still more formal contradiction of the truth of the narrative, " Railway and Revolvers in (ieor g:a," ha7 been publiehed. Mr. E. Molyneux, British Consul f t the State of Georgia, has tran-mltted to London a letter from R R. Cujler, President of the Central Railway of Georgia, affirming tLat the whole account, from beginning to rnd, is a sheer fabrication. Mr. Molyneux, havirg been on intimate term* with Mr. Cuyler for nearly thirty years) knows bitn to be a gentleman of undoubted veracity ; and, moreover, frun his own ?4 krowledge of the excellent management of tbe railway iu question," he asserts that such an occurrence as thit related in the Times eculd no more have taken place on the Cen tral Railroad of Georgia than on the London and Western Railroads. The Times, in a leudiag article < n this ctrangc affair, acknowl edges the corn, and owns up to having been sadiy hoaxed, and yet, in closing iti article, pathetically calls upon Mr. Arrowsmith to exp'aln what he means by tuch naughty doings. The Ski*.?No part of our physical organi zUion, says the Boston Traveller, is m >ro worthy of careful attention than the skin. Its delicate structure and mechanism render it sensitive to the slightest obstruction, whether arising from the infi immation consequent upon sunburn, or from the pores being par tially close! by dust, or by the skin beiag cracked and dried by changing air and wind. "Burnett's Kallieton, or Orient Water" is prep tred expressly to remove all these un , pleasant conditions, and the result of its use < is a perfectly healthy action, and a softness and loveline.-s of tex uretha'. health alf>ne will ! indue* It is preparei by Jonara Bcrhktt ? * Co , Tremont street, Boston. , ^"or ,al? i& this city by Nairn A Palmer, I Selby Parker, and the dealers generally Naw Pt'BLicATiO!*.?From J. Shiilington we have Blackwood s Magazine for December, containing, among other brilliant things, a ; " Recent Confession of an Opium Eater," (De Quincy ) " The Atherlings" are continued. A not jarticularly cjmpiineutary rit es of Mr. ^towe's " Dred '' is prominent in tlia table of *oct#nls. Thk FTr.wm Teshemke Du.vblbp?Pro vision*, Ac , tor Oev Walker dklayep.? Tho ftcamer Tennessee, which sailed from New York on WednesJaj Tor Tan Juan de Nicaragua, with aho??t onb hundred and sev enty men ar.d a large amount of provisions for ueneral Walker's army, was disabled in a g*le by Ihe breaking of her water wheel shaft, aft?r which she was worked into Norfolk on Saturday. Several of her passengers arrived in Baltimore yesterday morning, and some of them procecd to New vork last evening for fbe purpose cf engaging another gtearaer to proceed to Norfolk, and to take tho men and provisions to the p'ace of destination. Among tbc passengers were Col Anderson. Capt J no. Creu'hton and Capt Francis O'Keefe, all of the Nicaragaan army ; Oen. Wheat, formerly of Louisiana, and Oapt. Lewi? fW" Mayor Wood, of New York, has taken a ?trp in behalf rf the poor, half starved horses. Ho refuses to grant licenses for the coming year to nil hackmen who drive broken doTTQ horses and shabby vehicles. African Si/oar ?Sugar cultivation suc ceeds ?o well in Liberia, that they t,alk a^out exporting if to the T'uied ftatc? <>no of the negroes, named Ricaard?on, expocts to ship 29} bhds. of sugar of his first grinding nr a t ill admitting negroes to equality with whites :is witnesses in courts, has passed the Iowa Ssnate, and will undoubtedly be concurred in by tho House?both branches being strongly Republican Ijp* Tho editor of tho Yazoa Banner in Mississippi, who is :i woman, calls the editor of tho Sun a dog: but ho eayi lie would scorn to rotort the epithet as he might and natur aiiy would. THK ODD FELLOWS' GRAND I.E" VEE OF COI-UMBIA LODGE will take fl'cs on MONDAY. 6th of Januarr. at 7 o'clook p m , fjr which distinguished speakers l?are bc?n engaged. Esputa's unrivalled bard will furnish tbe music, commencing with the Columbia LtdgeGrard Mar el', prepared expresr 'y for th" oc.-islon Refreshments furnished. Uckrts SI; admitting a gentleman and two la dles Particulars in future advertisement It* 55,011. FOR A MERRY NEW YEARS' NIGHT.? Tbr Metropolitan Club take grrlt pleasure In announcing to their friends fend FLe public In geneial that thtv will give a Grand Cotillon P?ity. at Columbia Hall, on TflURS DA V EVENING, Janasrv 1, 1^57 Ticket? FIFTY CENTS-admitting a gentle man and ladles There will *>e nn ladles' Invitations issued, and therefore all ure invited to attend Bv order of dec'jO It* THE COMMITTEE. 1 u O. F ? GRAND LEVEE OF 'CENTRAL LOD0K, No. i, at Odd HaH, 7th stree;.?The members rf thl? Lrdge take p'easure ia announcing to their frlrnrts aid the pub 1c that thev will give their second Grand Annuel Levee on Thursday eveai'ig, January 1st, 1*57, to at 7 o'?; ock The Rev Jams* A. I)vscan ard other d'etin gutahed sp?ikers are expected to drLver Ed dresses on the occasion After the Ltvee the votaries of Terpsichore are informed that Pr.fesssr Witters'* celebrated Bra?sand Stilng Band have been engaged, and open the dance by perf rmlng the Odd Fel lows' Grand <v arch, compo?ed and dedicated to the widows and orphans by Professor Withers Refreshments will be furnished by an exp;ii enced caterer. Tickets SI. admitting a gent eman and Is die* : :o be had cf the committee and at the door Committee: J. Fdmonston, Dr. R. F. Hint, J.G Robinson, R.W. Mldrtieton. J. H McChesney, G Sylvester, A .1. Borland, R.W BamfhlO, R Gryir.ea, J.T Wa'ker R. Slight, dec 59?It .GRAND DEDICATION CONCERT BY WESLEY CHAPEL CHOIR, as sisted bythebe-t muslca' talent of the city, under the direction of Prof J. H. Daniel. TUESDAY hVKMNG. December 30th, atthe New We-ley Chapel, corh?r of 5th ar.d F streets. Tickets ">o cent?; to be had at tho door. dtc '27-Jt jf-^?^SMITHSONIAN LECTURES.?ON ~MONDAY, December atJth, by Ino R Tbompios, E.- q , Editor of tbe outhera Literary V(ssenger, h icfc.r.ond, Va. Subject??'European Journalism " Lecture will commence at quarter before 3 o'clock. T&e public are roepectfully in vited lecST-St .REGISTER'SOFFICE, WASHING TON. December 21, !???. ?.VoTICK TO ALL WHOM IT MAY COXCF HP ? Notice; i? hereby giver, ttit !ic?n?es for butcher's Stal's p.nd f t hu.-t'stpr*. eKo lkepsen dogn, will expire on the 31-1 instant, anl that tie same must be renewed within en d <y< Sa.ML E. LOUGLASS, d'cSfi dtJanlO Register ft' ^^TERPSICHORE BATTLE IS RAG EX3i ING ? THE TERPSICHORE CLUB iy ITS MIDST ? I toe membeis of th?i Terpsi chore Club most respectfully announce to tiielr nuir.erous friends 'hat th'-v will give their A nnual Ball on MONDAY EVENING, December -9tb, 1P53, r?t Columbia Hall. Capitol Hill. Nothing will be left undone t.? make this the grandest Ball (t the s^aron Wl'hers's Land 'h engaged. dec21-3t? .TAXES ?NOTICE TO DEL iy (jVbtsT TAX PAYERS Collector's Office, November21, 1P56. All Per-ons who have filled to pay their Taxes du tbe Corporation of Washington will pleaso take notice thit the advertisement for the sale of property liable for the same wiil be made about the l?t of January, 1?S7 It is bop?d thv au early attention will be paid to this subject b\ all concerned, as a neglect to do so wlil add b*avy expanses to the amount of the taxes now due JOHN M. McCALLA, nov -21 dt31 Dec Collector. ?THESECOND ANNUAL BALL of the V n i O 51 It IJ 4 It II R will take place on the 8th of January. Particulars In a future advertisement nov il-2awtJanl ^EMPIRE CLUB?THE MEMBERS of the Empire Club most resnectfu'ly inform their friends and the public, that they will give h Cotillon Party o.i WEDNESDAY KVEN ING, Duceniber 31st. at Temperance Hall, E street, between Oth and lO'.h By order of THE COMMITTEE, dec 16-18,20,22,21,26.29,31* .WHAT WE WANT THE PEOPLE TO KNOW !? H O U S E S FURN ISHED ? We want Ho;uekeepers and those about tocorumence Housekeeping t^ bear in mind that tbe first, seconi, third and fourth rooms of our large and spacious warehouse are filled to their u'most capacity with every description of CABINET FURNITURE and House furnish lng Goods generally, to which we respectfully invite ?be attention of th-"?se In want of bargains Houses furnisbed throughout wl h every article in the housekeeping line vert cheap for cash. or to punctual dealers at the usual credit Call at tbc " HousKKgnrKK's Emporibm" atidexamlne our stock before purchasing. <?ur motto is? " Quirk salts an/I synall profits " BONTZ A COOMBS, dec 1 3ro 7th street, between 1 and K. .ASSESSORS' NOTICE.?THE voters of the sevrnl Ward" will ple<se take notice tfcat tte Ah.sessors will attend at the Slaces deslfMttrd fcelew, from 10 o'clock a in to o'clock p m ovrry d'.y except Sundays and Christmas day, from the J5;h to the 31st of this month, inclusive, forthe purpose of revising and correcting the poll lists: First ward?Samuel Redfern's, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 19th street. S-cond Ward?J B Wllilams)n's, 41310thst. west between G ar.d H streets north Third Ward?J M Dowrdng's, 517 L street north, between 7th and 8th streets west. Fourth Ward -City Ball. Fifth Ward?B * Dyer's, W59 New Jersey ave nne, b tween D ar.d E streets south Sixth Ward?Office of S. > Briggn, K street south, betwoeu 8tb and 9tb streets ea??t. Seventh Ward?Peter, jr ,P5 F stre:t south, between Hh and 8th streiets west. dec JO-d SUITABLE FOR I'HKSEXTR .?THE t?reate?.t variety of Fancy Notions and Toys In the city, at LAM MON D'S. dec29-3t _7th street. rpOY FLRHTUKK, TEA AND DINNKR I t-'ets, Bedsteids, Bureaus, Chairs, Kitchen Furniture, Jte., at LAMMOND'S, dec 29-3t 7th street. CHKAP nKADINf-i AT THE CIRCU lstln^ Library, 480 Seventh street. All the popular Works of the day on hand. New Books received sooa as published. dec2U FER6U80N.486 7th atrect. PIOS LOST.?EITH ER STRAYED AW A Y ordrlven ?IT on the20th Instant, two 4 PIGS nine months old, and weisbing^l abiut U5 Ibi. One of tuem was white J and the other with black spots Any one giving information about them, *o thev ran be gottoo, at No v92 7th street, will receive #."> as a reward, dec 29-2t^ H. A. 8AU I ER. TVTOTICE.?WE MOST RESPECTFULLY inform those of our customer* having ac counts on our bo'iks that the tau e are now ready, and can be h?d on application at our desk any lime prior to the 1st Janaaiy, when thoselemain In* unattended to will be presented for settlement 4*c *> * HUTCHIN0ON * MUNRO. Ctf .4rT,E,C ? ANOTHER LOT THIS I\ l\ 1 .Tj^. ? Day received. and for rale by F. TUCKKR A CO., ri.?c2$ Pi.ireiw. I Mill M1i KIH S.ti*A?R. JU??T RECEIVED FROM MR J MOORE, a frw barrel* of his celebrated Ohio Smoked SAUSAGE JOHN <i ADAMS, dec 29?It* Corner 8th ard l? sts. riflUSI'ft KALOUN. tEWISCARUSI INFORMSHIS FRIENDS and rip'-'", and visitors to the Metropolis, t his Ojnring tfdrec will positlve'v take rive on TUESDAY, the 3ft.h Instsnt. at hl? Paloon His school continues open for the reception of pupils dec29-3t? L??ST?ON FRIDAY, THEWh INSTANT, on Pcnnsvlvanliavenue. between7th and 14th streets, a ralr of Gold EYF-GLASSFS. The finder will be suitably rewarded ucon leaving the fame at Messrs Halt * Bro's Jewelry Store, 3M Pa avenue, bstween P:h and 10th ?treets. dec 29-3t . Dr. van pattki*. dxntist, pre sents the compliments ?f tbe season to his friends and patrons, and be2s t'iose In arrears for services rendered to can at tbelr earliest coiven! enre ard sett.e, efter which b*> win b<? pleased to eer*e them apaln. C. ffice at his residence, No 10 Pe nsvlvanla aver.ti?, near Gejrge.own des 29 ?d111 All unbeitleu aooukts will be presented to cur customers, without dls ilrciion. by the 1st of January, when we earnest ly hop* taat ea h and every one having accounts with us will call and settle without delav. WAUL A STEPHEVS, No. 322 Pa. nvenue. bet. ?:h and 10th sts. dec 29-3t [IntelANewsJ ^FECIAL NOTICK.?THE SUBSCRIBER o finds It absolutely nec???irv that all his friends, natrons and customs? In general, who are In

debted to him, will call and settle, either by cash or notes at short dates, their accounts by the 31st ln?tant. Hoping that bv promptly responding to the abnte noti-e, they will save him and tbenr solves expends and annoyances by resorting to ctber means of collecting dec 29 4t HERMANN H V08S. ]\OTI< K?THE UNDERSIGNED WOULD i~ most respectfully notify his customers that their rrsr ectl^e account* will be made off to De cember 29th. and he confidently expects that they will be prepired to settle the same, either by cash or with notes a' short dates. He Would also return b1? sincere thanks to his numerous cash customers fcr their liberal patron age, end hores, br strict attenMon to business, to ratrlt r continuance of the same WM. R RILEY, Comer fth strcft, and opp Cfrntr? Market, dec 20-fit ^10 RKWARU- LOST, or Stolen from vlU a kack, on the evening of 21th instant, be ween the Hall road station ard 2d street ea^t, a Black Leather TK UNK, with the1 letters "J s> P " on each end, containing ladles' apparel, tin bonnet box and bonnet several books, Ac. . all nursed E G. Prout The above reward will b? paid for the dellv??ry of the Trunk and cor - tents, or such Information as may le^d to tte re covery of thejame. JOS. PROUT d-r 2r>-2t* Carncr 4th st. el'tt and Va ave. SELLING IFF. (^l.OAKS-CLOAKS ! J SHAWLS-SHAWLS!! HOSIERY ?HOSIERY !!! The subscriber is determined to clore out his entire .stock cf CLOAKS and SHAWLS by t!ie 2iith of January, to a-compllsh which he will sell ctr ?t a very .-mail advance His ?tock >f Cloth C'oaks cannot be equalled by any assortment ?? s*'./L*re In this District, lib Velve s are superb F. A. McGEE. dec 29 20t 244 Pa sve , bet 12th and nth sts; PIANOS AT GREAT UAHOAINS \t7"K HAVE ONL\ ONE PiANO LEFT AT VV S209, Iron frame, rosewood case, and war ranted One beautiful 7-octives, round corner', Iron frame, rosewood caie Piano, worth SUM), and will be sold to- ? 250 t'ne LcuU XiV style, magnificently carved esse, iron fmne rosewood Piano, worth ?550 will h.- sold for fj-5 The two last tnnied I'lanes are made bv Miller A Cnrta?. of Boston, ar? sold fcr no fan t, bat have beea co lgnei to us, ard w * are Instructed to force tiiem off at rieat sacrifices In order to ciorc Up tt,e year* Lu .iiie** Pers.ons In w^rit will do weil to till and esamin" t'rem. They are bargains Also, alwass on hand, the Icrpest rtock of 1'tanos in this city, raa-zln^ from ^2'ro to gt ICO J. JOHN F ELLIS, dec * 0 3'^i Pa ave uc, b t. 9th and 10th *:?. Proi>o?tls for Ercctir*^ the Marine Hospital ftt St Marks. Florida Tumrftv Depaftment, 1 Wsshisgto*, Decrrpb r 27, 18.i6 / 1>R'iP0BALS WILL BK UKCtJ v'KO AT THIS ?l"|nftm ;rit unul the i5'h'"ay of F> brnary, A D JH ii jy o'cl.rclr, n"??n, fur th?- ciis'ruc'ion of !lie Ma'.ne frsr-it'il authorized It' U'. er?t ted at St. Ma-k- F!.--i a a-crnfirgto the plans at>1 ^*eeifi ca i'.pr. |iarwl a', this .ti'ia tm'n ; a d irop ,a g mi li? < ithvr f"r ttie wr.o'i 1? ii:rt,nr* or s^ja ate for tb? .isfle r< nl kin-'s cf wark; b lis of j'a*ce|s ina?i in ev rv case acroinpsny ? a .o l>i*5; witii :h> am tutu ? f ea^t rf w. rK, ant the total am iuiit eu'inri otv; the <!? jt t'irr? nt r :et vine th-? riiht to re|?ct <?? a ?<??! t tit ? p'wposa's h'"rebv ir.viicd.or a'-\ parts tiiereof, w i?? it ! < nu the interest of ihe l'nit<j<l t'lai'sre q -in i ; :!??? sii j .Ttm -r;t also r? .?erv> s the r i?ht to exclude ill I) (I <if a iy pt rson or t ersona who ihete j-ju-t? n'i?: to I < lit v^ uit| not faithfully perfo. m?he contra't , or which t!:' v I ar ? attempted to < b ain by indirection; arid a'l b- 1c when there st a'.l e | ar lies intert stec! who do not join in the b;ds, na<t all bi s ;| .v, upon i;.\ nija ion, are below o fair price f ?r th I'Ms will tot Vrvcv din pr >???, and no cn.t;act wil! U a.vp ;ed r ? a It: tder unless deia is a-e tu ni?hed itie d?j arttn?ut of 'lie prices of the diflT'rent kinds ?d and ina eiialf, which sl all hi subject t<> ih't r? v ?ion of the de^ar'mtn?, so ihat it may nl'tr' the whole or parr i fm- bid, a - the interest of th'- United :i:at<* miv re->ui c. Ninety ner cen'.of the am ?unt of work done and ina. trials d" iv red, acc? rdirp "o contra<t pr ce, (- a 1 am unt to be a ct-rtained by tha e^tima'e i.f a ( ar^ntof li -tlepa tm r t.a t;?oie.t? d I r purpose,) will b - pa'd fr< in nm': to til ?, as the work prtt eres e? a .1 !? n |i rct'ot. regained until the cpmple nun ot tbeenni a"?,and accep'aace of the work, Ac., by the aji nt a*' r-fa?d, a id be forfeited iii the e^fnt of non-Milfilm nt ot coutia "t (.'on rarts will in- awarded only to matter it iild"rs ao>l IP chance, and ih<- a si;*r m lit tli-rcof, u ?? p> bv 'I'lX'Di ?ti'i:je S. c t iaryof me Tn a?ui>, will be a foriVi'itr'1 < 1 tf:e F.a-b p op"; a' must It ? a?? r m, ;nicd by a written g a a itee, s pj.eft | y ?wn res-oiisi? !?? per-ona, (eer ini'-'i to lie < I y tl:u Fiuted f'ta'e? di^'rirt i'ldce or artofii.' y '.f the a; I dis ric?,l in the ff5 000 for the wh le w-rk, or ot a prop riiot a-t am uit.tffor any p;ir?, that t*ie i>i lr!er wip, wli'-n rt iprr- d, if hia p op t.-at b aci-epteii,t ntcrinto acon'ia:ta".dbiad, whIi pnp rand sufficient securiti- s fur lis fai htvl fterf nuance. Fo m o' bond and eertifira'e required wil! b-* fur niched <>n ap; li< a i >n t<? the dej-antn ?nt. Pla >?, spe-.lj a Jon-. aod ?erkini? d.awin^s rao It" l a I ? n a pl'< a ion to the d* | a_'iii >nt. \o /??' trill be roniitrr&t nilc\s >t fully compllfy in nil ii<? details with thr requirements of this odve.rtiw n-er.t. Th- proposal* limit b? sent to this d^i ar m nf, aldrrssfd to the Seere'ary of the Tr?a ury, a lit p'a'nly etiilors?d " Proposals f rthe Murine Iloij.ital ct St. Virrfri, Flu ,"aTl w I b? opened a-oneo'cl ck, p. iii , ol ihe la.t <*ay nam d for r^ceiv nethe .ante. JAMES OFTHK'E, ilec i9 3ta'*-iFeli25* Secreta'yof the Treasury. ****** * * TtlK ?TAK H f! PORTS ALL RIGHT! ALL AT LEVY'S, No. J*7 PA. AVENUE. ' opposite Natloral Hotel, where you will find the fol cwlnt? arttcl?s? Fre-h seiectea Fijjs ard Maccaronl Layer and Uunch Kal -Ins ?*'liie seft and haid shell Almond* Nantz Currants. Sweet Oil Fancy boxe s of Prunes Stem end Pie Prunes Port Wine Pare 'nice Madeira W Ine >we?taud Dry Malaga Wine 100 koxes of l ailow Cendles, ?'s and N H ? M y customers who have unret ?t!el accounts (fo prevent dunning) fwlll please tall and settle their bills, which are now ready to Mcelpt, and be ready for the new coming year. JONAS P. LEVY, Wine, Liquor and Groceries, dec 2?>-1 w 3ft~ Penn. avenue K. P. JAI RSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Office No. 155 Bridge street, fee?rget*wn. WILL AT TEN?? TO CASES IN THE CIR cult Court and tbe Court of Claims j to tbe exatnlna'lon of Title* to Pro.^rty the Investment of Money in Real Kstate. Couveyanclng. and all o.her business requlilog the services of an At torney^ de: 9*- 2w A CAKO or THANKS. LAMMOND, 4S? SEVENTH STREET, RE turns his sincere tbauks to the ettlcnsand strangers for ihtlr ltctedsed patronise, and would Info; in the n tbat he is now owning a large a-d Iteautlful collection of Fancy Goods suitable for New V ears Presents d?c SB It ^*AST OFF CLOTHING BOUGHT aVo J sold at 78 Louisiana aves.ue, opposite the Hav Market. N B. Will call for them by addressing asab^v* through Post offl^s dec 2<J-eo m* NKW YKAltS'GlFTS.-LADIER' WORK Boxes, Cabas, Leather Metlcuiea. Piuses. Gift Cup? and Saucers, Flower Vasos, Hssd Boquet Baskets, 4c., at dec ?-* LAMMOND't, 7th atvwt. C Spectacles l?st-on Thursday night of last work. ? T*tr _QAfi?L gold monred SPECTACLEsJE^T^CSC wis )o?t In or near the National Theatre. They werelnablaok case. aid the o*n?r* name en grave** on tbe bow* \y i oever rrav bivr the Spectac'es and will band them Iff an the Ticket Ofllce cf the Theatre, or tie Star OEce **lil te cleve ample pay 'or hit tiouble dec 2S-H* Balloons, dolls, gave*. engrav. |ng?- *c_j_ at Mclaughlin a co's^ JOHN ? ENNl*" Attorney at law and commi? Moneror the 0. 8 Court of Claim" for tie District of Columbia Office No ? Louisiana avenue dec *7 ICt SLKIMH HtNNRRft.-- ONE dozp.n laire Sleigh Runners, Htfan attain, Just re ceived. and for sa e low. by ELVANSA THOMP?G.t, decS7-St 3J8 Peon avenue. Beautiful papier machk work Boxes, Desks, Folios, Albums, Caid Travs, Card He elvers. Ac., Ac , for sale cw at No id, between ?th and Pth *'?. fiec27 h j Mclaughlin a co. \iew official congress pi*cc. il TORY: containing th? Nam s and Resi dences of Senators and M< mhers of the P onae of Representatives for the present sos?ion cf Cor f resa. and other valutble Information Jnstpul ls hed by TAYLOR A MAURY, doc 27 BDr^tstore near 5ih street. SPECIAL NOTICE ?TH K SUBSCRIBER having made some important chang-? In his business, It becomes absolutely neoexsarv that all unsettled accounts should be cl sod either by cash or notes at short dates With this view, all pt-rsons having bills with him will bav? them rendered previous to the 1st of January. with the hope that they *111 be promptly responded to, and save him Ike expanse and annoyance of resortlrg to other means of collection JAS C McGUIRE, dec *27-0t Auction and Commission Merchant. Jewelry satfd. THATVALUABLKrATfcNT,HOLMEAD S Shield, for the protection against loss or ab straction of Breastpins and Brooches. w(U Id a few days be offered to the public for ssle. P?r sons having valuable plna should not fall to have one, as it 1* a perfect safeguard Special reference may be h=sd by calling at the Nstlonal Hotel b-tweea the hours cf 10 and 3 Rights for salt), by dec 27 3t? 8 3 HICKClK DISSOLUTION. THE COPARTNERSHIP EXISTIN? UN der the Jrrr of BRIDGET A HALL was dis solved by mutual Consent on the 23d of Decem ber. MR JOHN F BRIDGET will still cdrrr on the business, at the old stand, on Pennsylvania avenue, between 4^ and 6th streets, at which place he will be readr to wait on his old friends and the pub ic generally. dec27-3t* VOT'lE. ?IN MAKING THIS Tl'BL'C 11 acknowledgment of the liberal patronage ex tended to me, I wonM inform my friend* and ru*tom??rs that their accur.ta will be rendered to January 1st, IS*7, and shall consider it positive proof of tfcelr good w) 1 and friendsh'p If tboy ?ct'le the same either b- cash or note* at short dates JOHN MARKRITEK, de; 27-It next to Odd F? llows' Hail, 7th ft. NEW YEARS'Gl FTS FOR TilK L A Dl ES. jy|ADAME PRIBRAM A DAUGHTER GIVE ton and Its vlrlnlty for their patronage atid' their thanks to the ladies of Washing Inform them that they have received a llnei stock of Velvet and Fan^v BONNETS, and a new styleof HEAD DREsSEri, which thev lr t nd to sell for gifts, at co*t price They also have a portion of very handsome Bonnets^ from *i50to?5. No. 277 Pa avenue, between 10th a?id 11th sts. dec 27-tlstJan TO MERCH ANTS AIM) OTHERS. HE UNDERSIGNED TENDERS HIS Ser 1 vices as Collector, and to execute any deac lp tion of Writing with neatness and dispitrh Bills entrusted to him will receive prompt at tention tnd Immediately upon the receipt of rr.on ey. returns will be made Orders may bo left at the Stationery Store of Wm F Bavly, Pennsylvania avenue, btween 11th and J2th Vtreets, or at my reMdence l?Hh, be twern G and H streets d?=27 0: JA.VF.S F. TUCKER. F1ANO rURUE TUNING. BF. DENNIS, TUN ER AND R EGULATOR ? of the Plar.o I ort", fv :n Chlcfcering A Sops, Boston begs leave to call the attention of the public to the following ;e:ommerda,.lons from Thalberg and*: This Is to certify that I can with great confi dence recommend Mr B F. Dtnnis as a?up#rlor Tuner of the Pl-ino Forte The Grand IMano used by me -,t my concerts in this city was tuned by Mr. B. F. Dennis, and, In my opinion, ue is fully capable cf sustaining his present position, ss one that thoroughly understand* his profe sloft. S. Thalb***. Wa*hl??gtoa, December 2fith. 1 certify that Mr. B. F. Dennis is an excellent Tuner of the Piano, snd most competent in teg ? ulatlng planes. Itaflfcrds mo great pleasure to recommend him most particularly to the public and the profession L. Gottschalk W ashington. December 22d. dec *.7-w "THE LARES'* FANCY BAZAAK. A MUSEUM of curlons acd elegant Jewelry, Fancy Goods. Perfumery, and Better CLus Toys * Next to the Patent Office this falry-llke TEMPLE OF TASTE demands the attention of the visitn to the Amer ican Capitol. Likte the Patent Office, It contains something exqulslie from every ^octlon of tbe Globe Every Kingdom of Nature has b<?n r'flfd ? every Laboratory of Art been subsidised?<very Trtk-nt aid Taste been concentrated th'r- ? where th? gems of India vie with the perfumes of Arabia lu absorbing the enchanted vinitor with the excellrnce of materials and htnd'crjft dis played Stiii, unlike tbe Patent Office, rou may purchase what yon please, and on reasonable terms. Go and enjoy sights which d-?7z'e with beau'y, and scents whes? arorna Is rapture to bria'-te. dec 27-1w O SPECIAL NOTICE. THOSE OF OUR CUSTOMERS WUO have accounts with tis are notified that they are made off and will ha rendered to the 3Ut lu stant We do earn-sUy request ihat they will come forward as early as possible ard settle by cash.or notes at short lates. a? It Is very impor tant^ at ail accounts should >>e clored to 1st Jac uar\N|t We take this occasion to return onr thanks to thosr many customers who buy liberally of us for cash, and those who pay their bills prouptly. and hope to merit their increasing confidence and liberal patronage by giving our str!ct attent on to business, and keepine constantly In store a well assorted stock of goods of the best class To those who do not settle their bill* promptly, when requested to do so we shall discontinue COLLEY A SEARS, dec 27-fit &i3 7th st , 3 doors north Pa ave. COAL?COAL?COAL F ALL KINDS AND OF THE BEST quality always on hand, at JOHN W. MYERS A CO Yard coruei G and 2Jd ftreeta, Firat Ward, dec 16-tf ONE OOLLAK! VAOUERK ROTYP ES f AMBKOTYPES, IN NK&T caass, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS, will be made at VAVNEBBOH'8 QALLSBT, Until IA? Ftrit of January. PATENT AMBROT\ PES, In Fine Silk, Velvet lined ('ases, frnn * i to f 19 V A XX K U S( >X S (i A I. L F.K 1', (ovik Ltm A I'rCKtK s) decitt iw* No 424 IVnna. avenue. Draught ale?we have justrk celvtd lot) bbl? of Head A Brother's Tioy Draught Alo. which t? v?ry tne, and will besrld at the low price of W.7S per bbl . for cash cnly AKNY ASHINN, nov Georiietown. D C. Ill finn CIGARS? I HAVE JUST I ljVFUli rtoelvrd,direct fromg*\ *9, Havana, per brig Caroiln* A w and Mary Jane, 111 .tMifl choice ClgnrsfiSR^. ? 1 o' the fo'lowing brands: Regalia, Hrltantca Magnolia Regnila, Kegaiia Londre*. Ilnvas. GrabuC'S, Operas, Little Belt Lord res Potnmsc Rlvtr Cillndrados, and Preoaadon, all of which I will *ell very low for cash two C DYF.R, Importer of Cigars and In Wtne* and Liquors, Penna avenue. h?tween Itlh and '3th streets (Int) dir J' At Mince wbati?riince nbat.-an other lot of our MINOR MRAT KING A BUHCHELL, dec ? Corner Vermont ave and 13th at* F^RUIT AND Ml 1 T r h K >l\ Ks |T?r> Tablet, Hewing llirda, Solsaors in eases, Packet KnUep, ebeap, at FRANCIS'S, dec n Seventh atreet. 4 'IF r ROOR* FOR THE NEW YEAR ?A ^ ? go d vatletv.snd Ireautlful s yles; verycheaf at F EK *?U!*ON 'S. 48R 7tb atirvt VENISON. A FEW SADLRS VERY HANDSO.M K V RN ISl?N Just from lh? mountains KING A BUROUELL, dec in iiww Wncnt whwmR iRhs. national theatre Mim Faewv Lwn'ind Direct*^ CARD.?The publle are rvspec'fnTly in font* that the K^nwIUkr*! 114 favorite. M1SP FAKNY MO RANT, hivjca tbe Letter and Directresa. h err a iter assume the managr n>ent <>< lie Natio Theatre Firertalnlng the belief that the connect on wv> the interest* of the establishment of n?? so en nentlv qaaVMed by taste and exoesienre to c*.. fft' the amwmnl of tbe public will be fn'ir ' predated, the prop-leters have no doubt ttat public will cheerfully gl?e a genemua support > ttr ?* Le?se?, ce tain that no effjrta wm l? wanting e? her part to deserve H The Theatre Will be clo?ed Monday and T?? d?t evening*, to pid-are for the opening on WEDNESDAY EVENING. Du mber 3t? when the scmnpll- bed ond favorite a<-tr??? MIM FANNY WOE ANT, will mtke b-r fl*st appearance a? PEG WOFFINWT?'N, In tbe r.ew drama cf MASIS AND FACIIi To be followed bv the new and successful Leeii Extravagance. now nightly a'tl#? In Hsltlotr. wlih peats of merriment. entitled THE nilftCI BY BTAHLIOHT ! Among the Incidental merriment* of th|? will be four d :he two American trained elephant* Jam ft Hndtanm nnti Millard FUlmo't. the succersful tcmp<llu>r< of Albert and Victor^ " Ciiiui" Americanized. Glaaee at Washlir ton. Irish Boy and Tankee I-a*a, Mjr Mary Aat Apo-.heosis cf Washington, Ac Thursday, second n'|ht of Mlaa Motist Wantg. WANTED -A BO\ Apply at THOMP ?ON*BKOi,M Pa av , between 1^ and 11th strefta dee 3$ 2t WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A COLOR M) woman servant to take charge of aa lrfeat Satisfactory referene* required Address A II c through the P?st (Ifflce dee *7-3t? ROOM WANTED?A BOY OR .MAN. M s'ave preferred, to take care of one hor?e. 1e t monltls < f capacity ttrsd steadiness required Apply a' 315 1 atreet, opposite Franklin Squat* dec *?-*? Agents wanted ?a few smart men to cenvass this el'y and dlatrtctfori popular work now publishing by the London and ?lew York Publishing Company Apply at ft& 7tn atreet weat. op stair*. decVfi-Tt? JNO F BRADLEV, Agent Nurse wanted,?an amekican, English, or ?ermzn Girl, to take rare of children The test t<^Mm nlals of character, capacity, and fidelity In-nulrfd. Apply at 34'. | streor, oppose Franklin ^'guare deetl-tf WANTED ?A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE rged Woman. wtio 1* a competent Nu-*e fv one other need erpt> To < ne wtol? well ie? rirmended a s:eidy situation and g< od wege* will be given Ajso, a for d Cool: ndd Hon?e servant Apply Immedlate.'y at 4S8 H atreet corner rf 11th street. dec JT-it* WHO WANTS EMPLOYMENT?A FEW gentlemen of fair education, aod ma' ? age. who would be willing to <nnvass a cocnry or t*o, on n jseful agency, th'.t pavs liberally, will find employment by calling on the underslpmd at No. 167, corner #th and E streets, before 10 a. ro . or after 3 p m , or addrem-lng (ntimp er clo-ed,) Dr C ALLEN, Washington, D C dec :ii-e<?2w* WANTED?FOR THE COMING YEAR~, on a farm near the city, two men, (Slaves ? for general farm work care and management ef cattle and horses Two women as field band*, ard cae w? man who understand* plain eooklng If good seivanta, they will receive kind tres? irent. end wages punctually | aid Address L. H.. tf the Star Oftce. dec 16-iwa fl1 ANTED?PERSONS DESIRING TO * * give prrvate dinner parties can be rappl'.ed with a fi*at cbfs French Cook at for his servl. cea on application at GAUTIEK'.* REfeTAl' R^NT, 252 Penn a7enne, between 12th and M'h atreet*. dec ? Boarding. BOARU? A DESIRABLE ROOM, WITH BOARD, can be obtained In a private ffcm. ly. on the 1st of Januaty, IHJ7. b/ epplvlrp ct 4"7 1 Jth stre*'. d?c i?.3?# CKVERAL LARGE ROOMS, with BOARD. O cin be found at Mrs. CLARE *, ov. r th^ Bank of Washington decifi-tt* BOARD?FIRST CLASS BOARD. With or without rooms, can be secured by immediate application at No 4U ?>ih atreet, corner if H. Miuatlon Ik very healthy and central, being with In h few momtnt'a walk of the Patent and Poet Offlcea dccV9-3t* Board. Ac ? mr?*. bates, on tiik s w corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th atreet Is prepartd to accommodate gentle men with rooms with or without board. Every eflTort will be made to renier those comfortable who may favor her with their patrcnagc. Transient or table board can b; obtained. ap <Utf MRS C. R REYNOLDS HAVING COM p'cted her arrangementa for opening a first class Bearding-Housc desire* all who may be in aeerch of superior accommodatlcna In every re aped, to call and examine for themaelvea. where tfcey will find a'tentlve and obliging servants at their command. S. E. corner Pa avenue and street. deo 10-tlatJan Prompt to Taty in tte Hour of Danger. I lilflTI ETH ANM AL BALL FRANKLIN F I R f COMPANY, a t car liars salooxt On MONDAY, Jaaaarjr 1?. 1S47. Tkt Birthday of tht iUu*triou$ Dr. P*anklim n< oore4 thy nartl day, P*trtol. , ae i ?(? . Thy .1r* 1? ?re brijii a iUi (lory'i. r*y. In hlvtory'a fatrcct The entire success attending our Annual Halls for more than a quarter of a century Is a guarnn ee that they have been con ducted in a atyle to give general aatUfcctlcn. I he company, therefore deem It unnecessary to rubilsh en elaborate notlre, but simply to etate that neither pains nor expense will te srared to tLli the model bill of th* tftson Due precaution will be taken to preserve the ttrlctest decorum, and such attention glvea to the floor ar.d other arrangements at to maketh*m fa or. i ess Tickets ONE DOLLAR?to be had of the Ccmmitte? of Arrangements, or at the door cn the evening of the ba'.l Cemmittet of Arrangfmmti. RobeitE Doyle, Kdinonstoo, v ? H *nn:ng, E F Alexander, H R. Crotsfie^d, J. U. Weat W. M. Stansbury, James Posey. John H Sessford, A Dant, W H. Beards'.ev, K U. Eckloff dec 20?SltAsMtd OR AND MILITARY AND CIVIC BALL GERMAN YEAGERS," AT CARVSVS SALOON, THURSDAY, JANUARY 1st, lfcftr. THE GERMAN YEAOKRSRESPECTFUL ly announce to their friends and citizens, that they wlil give a Grand DallonNEW YEAKC NIGHT, to commence at B o'clock Wfbtt'i Band has been engaged for the occa alon The supper and refrefhmen'.s are In the hands of an exrerlerced caterer Tickets ONE DOLLAR ; to be had of the members of the company or at the door on the evening of the ball. Ccmmittf. F W Sellhausen, J Kllllan, F Stinting, P Rlchter. E Geler. doc 24-71* ? With willing heart! we haeten to A tint " Come 4anc? tbe Old Year oat; o,.B?e danre tlie Kew Tar Is . Totna ianra all ntcht, till bro?1 dayltfM, And go U"?e aitb the (trie a^ats. FIR8T GRAND ASSEMBLY ov TUB AMERICAN HOOK AND LADDER ACTIVE ASSOCIATION. rpHE MEMBERS OF THE AMERICAN X Hook and Ladder Active Ataociatlou take pleasure In annoimclng to their friends that they will give their First Grand Assembly at Onn Fillow's Halt, Navy Yard, on WEDNES DAY EVENING, l>? ceinber 3l?r, 10#?. The Cotillon will be 01 ened by the presenta tion of a bos?tlfin Silk Flag to the Aasocla Ion bv a lady The Committee pledge themselves that neither time n ? eii^euso will b? apared to rander this aa agreeable nWht to all 11. ?eu FI>- rY CENTS?admitting a gentle man and ladles N H. ?"<?achr? will ease the corner cf Sixth atiset ?nd Pennsylvania avenue >ot Odd Ftilow a Mall evvry tea nunutds. dec ?