Newspaper of Evening Star, December 29, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 29, 1856 Page 3
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FVJRNTNO ST ATT LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Mertimt; of Solmbrs?A**ctJ*>T* or Talli"i kahh, Ac ?At the re<*ent meeting of the Association of the Soldier* of IS! 2 for the District of Colombia, a letter was presented \>y Capt De la Roche, which vu written by the celebrated M Tallerand, representing himself as a store-keeper while located in the Vetted Elates. Dr Caldwell remarked: Mr. President, (Col Seaton, preaident of the aasodatlon, in the chair,] the mention of the name of Talley, rand reminda me of an aaecdote of that cele brated man. which, as it would apply to this association, I will relate. It is this : When Karl <*rey was Prime Minister of England. Talleyrand was the representative of France at that Coort On o*c occasion be predicted that the then ministry of England wonld not live long. When the reason for this pragmat ical prediction was demanded of the wiley and witty ronrtier, he replied?" It was because it wss so 'rn'v-headed." A large majority of the soldiers of 1812 have pas.-ed away, and the rest have nearly rearhed that age intim nt?d in the Scriptures a? the portion of life allowed to roan, seventy years ) A few more years and none of them will be left PTLreaam.?Quite alarge amount of build* mg materials have been stolen from new building* in parts of the city during this win* t#r. It is a game that has been practised a long time by juvenile thieves in the employ of elder ones The materials are generally sto len is parcels ao small that the punishment for the offence, when the parties are taken, is very light, and frequently they are permitted to escape a trial at court on account of their youth. There should be a place suitable for the correction of these apprentices in crime. Arr**tep.?This morning, officers William son and Fanning arrested three colored boys William Laney, Wm. Woodley, and Charles Brown?for breaking into t*ie store of Mrs Davey, corner of Fourteenth and F streets, on Friday night last, and stealing a lot of fancy articles, magical instruments, toys, Ac. They were taken before Justice Stevens, where the two first (being slaves) were hell for their owners, and Brown (being a free negro) was committed to jail for court. A portion of the goods was recover*!. Teeth.? All teeth made upon metallic plates are woll known to be injurious to the system They have been the cause of nervous irritability, paralysis, soreness of the throat, neuralgic pains, and dyspepsia But for teeth entirely free from these effects, and per fect in all and evcrv re'prct, Loomi?'s irn rrcved sets, made wholly of pure and in.Ie t>?ru;tib!e porcelain, may be implicitly relied upon, as hundreds will affirm who hare given up their eold plates for them?nnd also that fheir health is much improved since doing so Hamdsome amo Deserved Compliment ? By the card and accompanying recommenda tions published elsewhere in our columns, it will be seen that the dist'nguished pianists, Thalberg and Gotts^halk, pay. the highest coi.pliment possible to the professional ability ?f Mr B. F. Bennis as a tuner and regulator of pianos. Mr Dennis, who has been following his pro fession lately with great success in this city, was formerly employed in Chickering'3 cele brated piano forte establishment in Boston?a sufficient guarantee of his professional ability. Cartsi's S a loom.?The Soiree at this Sa loon. postponed for Thalberg'a Concert, is an nounced for to-morrow night. We learn that the preparations aro also ia progress for Mr. Carusi'a grand annual Sth of January Ball. Mr. Carusi's n*h of January balls, so popu lar and widely celebeated, wepe commenced by him before the hero of the battle cf New ? Orleans was made President, and come down to the present day in a brilliant and unbroken line Acopest ?On Saturday la?t. as the train of cars on the Manassas road was cowing down. Mr Henry Heath, (latelv, we believe, an over peer for Mr. Philip II ilooff, of this place,) who was on the train, r?s it passed the water tank, near Markbam, le mud from the cars, and was accidentally struck by a beam, knocked off. and killed immediately IIis re mains were brought to town. His melancholy death is much regretted.?Alex. Gazette, Westesm L<? .-lp ?The weekly returns shut the following rises Isaac Handy (col'd), disorderly, fine and costs ; John Robertson, ditto, ditto; Eliza Eaton, ditto, ditto; Mary I Lucas, ditto, ditto; Francis Davis, threats, security for oart; George Dunbar (cob-red), disorderly, fine and costs ; George Hinds, riot, ditto; Wm. Hughes, disorderly, fine and costs; Wm. Hughes, breaking the cell locks, security for court. Register Yocr Names '?Ye who wish to vote at the next municipal election, please remember that but three days remain in which < mitted names can be placed upon the poll lists Particular attention is called to the matter this year, from the fact of the whole sale omission of names of well-known citisens from the lists. Body ?The body of the little boy, James Exerline who wa? drowned on Friday r.ear Monument Point. wa3 recovered yester ?iay morning by his friends and taken to the residence of his uncle, Mr J 'f. Berkley. The body wa? found near ware the unfortunate youth first sunk The coroner's jury found a verdict of accidental drowning IIlmdrrds <>f our readers can testify to the liberality of Philbrick. the famous book seller, under Dealer's Hotel He is distributing valuable jewelry and fancy articles, to pur chasers ol ais bv-ks. in s-ueh profusion as to aa-.onish the native* Philbrick is a perfect brick in his line. Crimimal Cot p.t ?Saturday, the case of the United States vs. John Moriarty, indicted for the murder of hia child, occupied the at tention of the court and jury. The jury found him guilty of manslaughter, and recommended him to the mercy of the court. Liiciir.-Saturday. "ffi *er <nll arre ted a young man named R. Davidson for stealing a Urge quantity of br?si belonging to the mail steamboat company. He was taken be fore Justice Rowland, and in defau't of se curity for court was committed to j iil for trial. pRor Lb Corn his closed his interesting course of lectures of the Smithsonian Institute To-night the lecture will be from John R Thompson, Esq., editor cf the Southern Lite rary Messenger, on *' European Journalism.'* Wa have seem a specimen of Holmead's patent shield (advertised in another column) for preventing the loss of brea?tpins, broaches, Ac. It seems to be a valuable invention. Alarms.?The alarms of fire on Saturday afternoon were caused by the burning of a large heap of shavings near the residence of Judge Douglas. Short Aftkrmooss.?The f dlowingcommu nication has been elicited by a stray newspa per paragraph eopied in the Star "C " cornea down on the almana? makers, rather! Mr. i$t*r You state in the Star that the 2let day of this month was the shortest day in the year, aud that the afternoons of this week will be even shorter than the afternoon of the 21st How is this 1 Twelve o'clock is alway* tbe middle of the day at all seasons and days through the whole year, and the time between tbe rising ot tbe sun and 12 o'clook, m , being always equal to the time between twelve o'clock and sunset. Set down the hour at which the sun rises, and add to it the hour the sun sets and it will make twelve ; double the hour and minutes at which the sun sets, and you will have the length of the day ; and in like manner multiply the hours and minute^ at which the <on rises, too, and you will have the length of tbe night Add together the hour at which the sun sets and rises and twen ty four will always be the result Wj must not rely on the almanacs now < fftrcd for sale. There is now au almanac before me in which there are three hundred and sixty-five mis takes. C. Watch Retirns ?George 11. Ball, drunk in tbe street, fire and costs; Mrs Br.tnnaghan, ditto, reprimaudei and dismissed, Henry Lau rel, drunk and disorderly, dismissed; France* Topping (colored), disorderly and profanity, workh?u?e 30 days, M iry Builar (col d), ditto, ditto; Jeff Dixon (col d), ditto, twenty iinpc*. VaKWU TwtAT**?A LaI>T DfEECTRRSS. j W'nil* we regret to part with Manager Ford, who hn#, it will be conceded by all, t>roT*a him^lf to be ever^tfeirjsr tbt?tmnM b* aeslred ts a tbeatVt**' ?*aVeT6f, ^ e are pleased to know IhM tbto theatre is to pfc^s into 8ush good bands. By the announcement in another col umn it will be seen that Miss Fanny Moraait, * young lady who brings the requisites of per* sonal beauty, talent tact, and inuoh energy of character to her difficult task, now ar?ttmcs the direction of the National. We cordially wish her success, and to toe courteous, warm hearted retiring manager we tender also our fceartteSt Wishes for his future jroaperity in all the undertakings which hia active temper ament and business like habits may prompt him to set about. " Ooon Wins Nbkps *o Blsh therefore, List, at the corner of C and Sixth streets, needs no sign, his liquors and segars being unp^r albltd. _ ? personal. ? ? ? ? The Springfield Republican contradicts the report of the death of Miss Catherine M. Sedgewick, the authoress. *??? Philip R Fend all, E?'t\ , of this city has consented to de'.iver one of the series of lec tures provided by the Alexandria Library Aa rotiation .... The Lafayette Journal says that George D Prentice, the world-renowned editor of the Loui?ville Journal, is about to establish a paper in St Louis. .... Mayor Woo4, Marshall 0. Roberts, and Horatio Kngle. are out in cards, stating<hat the use of their "names at the Tabernacle Nicaragnan Filibuster Relief-Meeting," was wholly unauthorised by them. .... Fuller, of the New York Mirror, gets off the following atrocity : Why are fashionable laiies in hoops, like the "Earth we inhabit ? " Because they have a " protuberance around tho equator;" and are (sometimes) flattened at the polls .... Cyrus W Field, Esq., was among the passenger* by the Baltic. Mr. F. haS spent the last six months in Europe, and has been ontirely successful in his mission, in connec tion with the great enterprise for connecting New York and London by telegraph. .... Capt Charles 0 Roeers, proprietor of the Boston Journal, yesterday afternoon, pre sented every person, young and old. married and single, in his employ, with a jolly sized turkey, off which to make their Christmas dinners. The number of pounds represented by this dispensation of gobbledom exceeded 500 The Captain is one of them. .... By the fire in New York on Wednesday night, two thousand copies of the splendid holiday book, il The Court of Nnpolcon," which were ^waiting the arrival of the por traits from Pans were destroyed. Tho entire edition of a new work entitled " Across the Atlantic." by John R. Thompson, Esq., editor of the Southern Literary Messenger, was also destroyed. Messrs. Derby A Jacks>n are the losers. .... Mr. John Doyen, a man of intemper ance habits, but of more than ordinary natural abilities, was lately frozen to death at Phillips. Maine During tho "Wasl.ingtonian reform he was an active and conspicuous laborer in the cause of temperance ami was cho.=en pres ident of the Franklin County Wsisbir.gtoijian Society. But be afterwards relapsed. He was the father of tho noted " Helen Jewett," who was murdorei in New York many years ago .... Usorge Peabody, Esq , was on Tuesday evening the guest of James M Becbec, E?q , President of tho Boston Board of Trade, wtoo entertained also a large company of merchants, barker?, aiid lending men of Massachusetts. Among the notabilities present were Edwnrd Everett, Gov. Gardner, McKay, the Dutch historian; Capt. Gibson. Judge .Mfrrick. Bish ops Enstburn and Fitzpatrick, Rev Doctors Blr.grlcn, Nealc, Robbies, Watcrbury, Anier Eon, and otbers of the clergy. \ .... A laughab!o war of vituperation has recently been waged between two newspapers at Yazoo city Mi s , one the Banner,'' edite 1 by Mrs. Ii N. Prewett, and tho other, the '? Sun,'' by Mr. W. D. Roy. This war reached su-h a point of pcrconal bitterness that the respectable citizens of the placa signed a lot j ler addressed to the parties, requiting them to desist from the further publication of arti- | clea of a personal charactor, a? they were not exactly of a nature to interest their readers. I Mrs Prewett is a Fillmore man ...? The New York correspondent of tho Charleston News says: " Laura Keene is Loura Keene no longer, except on tho play bills. She has been pcrf-rming the part of the wife for the past two weeks, having taken a certain Mr. Lutz?a well known gentleman in this city?for better for worse. Her spouce is the same gentleman with whom sho disap peared so suddenly from Wallack's theatre some two years ago, and who has, fdnco that time, acted as her business agent and adviser. It was quite an ? affnr du ctar'?thero hav ing bceu a great deal of mutual affection on both sides for some timo. The fair Laura looks more rosy than ever, and a? she has been quite successful to far with her new theatre, there is every reason for supposing her to be 4 the happiest of women ' / I71ARR1 ED, On the 27th Irstant, by Rev O. \V. Samson, Mr JOHN DOUGLASS BIRCH tc.Mlf-s MARY FRANCES BIRCH. both of Washington ? l>n the Ifitb Instant, by the Kev A (i Carotb erB, JOHN MEI SON. Jr., of Washington. to Mis* EM I LA F. BETKLR. of Cincinnati, Ohio. TAKE NtTICr. DO RIDBELY RESPECTFULLY 1N ? form* his customers who have accounts at his ?tore In the First Ward, that they will be drawn off and rfady for delivery on New Years Day. He earnestly request* a settlemr nt by ca*h (on which a deduction of 5 per ccnt will be made) or note during the first week In January Tbose not wishing to be call oner drummed, will pleas - call at the store and settle DC. R1DGELY, dec *4-71* Druggist. First Ward TUB CHIRCHES AMD PASTORS OF WASHINGTON ; rpOGETHER WITH ftoo TOPICS OF SEE X inoni delivered In 1*55 and '56; to which Is added a list of all the Churches and their local!* tl a, By LORENZO l>. JOHNSON, Author cf *' Chaplains of the Government." \ZJT For sale at th* Book-store*, dec 21-lw WA1I1INUTON At ALEXANDRIA R. R. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, DEC EM* ber 'i?th, until farther notice, a train of car* will leave the Depot in Alexandria, at the corner of St A^ph and Princess streets, for Washington at o and 10 a m , 12 in , and 2 and 1 p m Omnlbu>sefl will be In readiness at the Poto:nac Bridge tocenvey pasrengers to the Intersection of 7th ?treet and Pennsylvanli avenue, at Dexter's Hotel. From this point at the above-mentioned hours. Omnlhu.-isen will l^ave for the Southern end of the Bridge where the cars will be In readiness to proceed to Alexandria. 1'asBengerm will Had comfortable sitting rooms at Dexter's Hotel BUSH ROD W FROBEL, dec 21 lw Superintendent. fCE CREAM AND WATER IC ES?THE I Pennsylvania Company, corner of F and Pith streets, a-e selling the nest Pennsylvania Ice Cream at 37* cenu p*r quart. Vanilla, Caramel, Lemon, Strawberry, Almond, Chocolate. Plue Apple, Oiante Water Ice. ID* Fresh Cream for sale. d*r 23-1 w? GIFT BOOK SALE. NOW OPKN AT No 31 LOUISIANA AVK.. opp<*tte Centre Market, between 7th and Fth ?tr?ets. with a splendid assortment of BOOKS and (ilKTS for toe holldavs Rare Inducements are offered to Insure a rapid sale A present worth from 25 cents to S6<> given to the purchaser of each book at the time the book 1b sold. Books sold as low as usual prices, miny for less. Our stock comprises a greu variety, and em braces moat all branches of literature The public are Invited to call and examine our me'hod of selling Books an1 giving awa< Gold and Silver Wale he*, Hold Locsets, Pencils, Ear rings, Breastpins. Parlor Timepieces, he . Ac Principal Store lut Broadway, New York, dec 22 2?? EVANS A CO. NOW SKUINU OFF AT COST, A LOT OF FANCY STATIONERY, PA pler Mae he, Porte Folloa, Ladles' Cabau, (James, and numerous other articles, ail of which I am now offering lower than they were ever sold for la Washington. W. F. BAYLY, dec 90-Uanl No.WS 0o?n For Sale and font. nKNT oil S.\t,F THE WARD.f-Iua waiuU'il ?!t::aPo". n? E, be tween 20tlu nd 21st streets, a Brick House, iCT. talnlnjy six room*, with a large lo' belonging. 1 Persons wishing t<? view the premise* ran do sr. ^7 ?l p ylcg to Mr. John Clark, living opposite the property. For terms apply to ANDREW SMALL, No. 2?1 C t>reet nortn. between ^th snd llth streets. 4ec 3t* , Farms for sale ?intending to cultivate a larger farm, the subscriber will sell the farm In Alexandria county, Virginia, rn I which be has resided for the past seven veirs. It ? contains 51 acres, and Is situated near Balls y Rosris, 3% miles from the Georgetown Aqueduct, ! and 0 miles from both Washlngtsn and Aletar- . drla. There are upon It a comfortable and well. arranged dwelling house, containing six rooms, | with front and back covered porticos, tb? former 38 by 19 feet t a kitchen ) a comfbrtnb'e house for J servants ot farm hands; a mtgC a^d ton*en!bn.t , barn, with stabling tor six horses and as many . cows, and an ample cistern (attarhed to the barn;") ; n root cellar under the barn, to held *2,000 bu^heis of roots for market or stock feeding: Icehouse, ! spring house: smokehouse; corn house; a'tone ! mirket root nou^e. n>?d a siote Souse Also, a gcod dairy near the homestead door, from ine never falling spring of which water is obtained lor all the requirements of the occupant*. There Is also c n the place an orchard of more than a thousand thrifty trees of different plantlrgs, con sisting of the choicest varieties cf peaches, ap ples, pears, (dwarf and standard,) cherries and Iuinces. At present fourteen acres are seeded own to wheat and rye' six in timothy, (yielding an average of at leist two tons per acre,> four in a market garden; four in clover; twelve ready to be put in corn and oats in the spring, and eleven In wood, of which there Is an ample supply for all the purposes of the place. This farm has b^en cult vated with care and Is vetv productive, no pains having b??n spared to render U rem'iner at've, and to make it complete In all Its appoii.t men to. For a dairy man and market garden farmer, or a nursery man, or for the country resi dence of a person doing business In el'her neigh boring city who prefers a place already In all respects highly Improvtd It is mperior to any other now for sa^?. Also. THE BLADEN FARM, (60 acres) situ ated within le3s than a quarter of a mile of the Columbia rnd Leesburg turnpikes, the former leading to Washington, and the latter to Alex andria This place is in the Immedi ate vlclnitv cf Bailey's x Roads (in Alexandria cntnty, Va .) and is ?tH>u'. *lx miles from both cities named above. It has upon It an orchard of about 350 c hoi* e pea. h trees, must of them lately set out, n dwel ling house that can be made comfortable for a farmer's family at small cost, eome ?tr.bling, and one of the finest springs In all this region cf country. There is wood enough upon the tract for its necessities. There is no better soil within thirty miles of Washington than that of this B a den place; nor any Mich place that can be ren dered rtm"n?rallvc at less cost by proper atten tion ; the land being in fine heart at this time. For terms for either or both tbese farms, which will be made to suit the times, apply to dec'2;) \V. D. WALLACH, Star Office SUITES OF ROOMS FURNISHED AND ur.f ir.iished. Private Tables, ftc , at 53^ 17th street. opposite the War Department dec 27-2w* Rooms to rent?with or without Board ?Two or three furnished Kooms. Mo. 473 fith street, betwen D and K r-ts dec 27 3t* rpo LET ?TWO ROOMS,St BVroFEKT, * with or without furniture; with all medtrn improvements sltua*nd on Pennsylvania a?enue in the immediate viclnPy of the .National and Browns' H-tel*. Apply to HOLMEAO A CO., .No 50 Louisiana avenue, or to CH A RLF.3 W XR - NEK, No. 355 Pennsylvania avenue, dec'27-1t* |CE HOUSE FOR RENT?A LARGE ICE I Hons?, which will contain five hundred cart leads of Ice,situated within three hundred ?, ards of tue canal Enquire of E H. FULLER on D street, between aid and 33d streets west, dee 26 "J * FOR RENT?THAT LARG) AND HAND sornetLr^e story Brick 9 .use with back bnlld Ings, Ac , Ac . on the corner of 14th and 11 streets. It Is completely f.jrnl*hed throughout Posses sion may br hsd immediately. Apply to E. E. WHITE ft Cf) , Grocers, Louisiana avenue dec 26-tf FOR RENT?THAT LARGE Four-Story House and Back-Buildings, on North Captlol street, just above the Depot. Would be a flrfct mte place for p. Boarding Ilou^e or dwelling To a pennart and good ten.u.t, r*nt very low Possession elv. n Immediately. inqolreat No. 43*2 7th street, of STEWART ft BROTHER elf" 2>-lw* rpwo LARGE ROOMS SUITABLE FOR SL ?KftTLEMEN TO BE RENTED?They al?o, can he Bcirdt'd In the house IT desired Apply to THUS POTENTIN1, No '270 Penn. aven :e, south side. dec 17 FOR RENT?THE L\RGE THREE Story Brlch House, situated on the corner cf 12tn and H streets, containing 10 Rooms, with Coal Cellar and Bath Room Inquleof JAMES W. BARKER, n-xt door to the Lutheran C urch. nov 2-if ROO.'IS FOR RENT?T WO LARG15, finely famished Parlors and Bedrooms for rent, with or without Board, at FLINT'S Hotel, near Union Office. dec'2-tJanl fcHiR RENT ?THE SECOND AND THIRD i stories of the llcuv over the Leather Store of Mr. J C SHAFER, opposite theNatlonal Then t:c. Inquire on the premises. dec lo eotf FOR SALE OR RENT?THAT DESIRA ble residence cn I" street, between 20th and aist, for the last eight ye irs occupied by the lale J M. Chubt), E?-u Possession given immedi ately. inquire of RIGGS ft CO au 12-eotf FJOR RENT.?A LARGE FOUR-STORY Brick House, with flae stabling and Car riage house situated on the corner of 16th and K streets. Possession glvi'n Immediately. Apply to JOHN ALEXANDER, No.840Penn.avenue de^ 10-ec3w A FIRST-CLASS R E S 1 D E N C E IN' ?A. GEORGETOWN. D. C , FOR RENT ? The subscriber offers for rent her late residence at the corner of Fayette and Four'h street?, Georgetown, Immediately opposite the Convent of the Visitation. This is one of the largest and beit finished houses In the District of Columbia, having ail the modern Improvements contained in the first-class houses of the Northern cities. Tiiere Is attached a large cistern In the yard, carriage-house, and stable for several horse.,. A pump of the purest water In the Immediate vicinity. The iccallty Is high and salubrious, ar.d In a quiet end highly respectable neighborhood. Possession given Immediately. For further particulars Inquire next door to the premises, of Mrs. ANNE R. O'NEAL. ??4 f^OR RENT?THAT LARGE AND AIRY HottMfon I'enn avenue, fcetwt en 6th and 7th streets, over A. lloover A Son's Shoe Store, suita ble for a first-class B<>ardlng-Ho:ise. It Is now undergoing a complete Po*?e? '.on glvfn Immediately. Inquire of A. HOOVER A SON, south side of Penn. avenue, between 6th and 7th streets. oc 30-if PHILBRICK is Here Again! (From 377 and 37V Broadwuj, New York,) WITH BOOKS AND PRESENTS. At the Old Stand, under Dexter's Hotel, corner of Seventh sfreeJ ar d Lculsl^na avenue, HE WILL OPEN THIS DAY, AN IMMENSE STOCK, Comprising the largest and mo: t valuable as sortment of BOOKS ever offered In this city, consisting of a splendid selection of Standard Works In all the departments of ancient and mod ern Science. Literature and Art Our GIF T BOOKS include every variety, In super'o, unique and costly bindings, elegantly Il lustrated A PRESENT, wonh from 25 Cents tc ?10o, will be given (lm mediately after the sale) to tha purchaser of every Book for which we receive S' or more. Each purchaser < f a Book will be leqaested to select a SEALED ENVELOPE containing the name of one of the list of presents which may be found in our small bills. !E7"5 P**r cent r'f a11 our net receipts will be placed In the hands of His Honor the Mayor of Washington, to be distributed for the benefit of the Poor of the city We sell our Books invmiably a* low as the? can be bought anywhere, and in many cases 25 per cent chtacer. We itlve all who buy our Books handsome Presents, but we wish It distlnclU understood that no purchaser of a Book will ha*e any valid Claim upon us for a Pre ent.?th.j only cor.? dera tion we receive Is the money paid for our Books. All we a?k or accept for ihe Presents we give is the thanks of the recipients and their Influence In aiding us to dispose of our stock. We extend a cordial invitation to ouro'd friends and patrons, and the citizens generally, to call and see us at THE OLD STAND, ondpr Dexte '? Hotel, (corner of Seventh street and LoulsUna avenu*,) Sign of the Red Flag Gift Bookstore, dec '26-tf T PHILBRICK, Ag'nt. T HO UN'S HAND-BOOK OF WASHINGTON. HIS BOOK SHOULD BE IN THE HANDS ? of every stranger sojourning in the city; be ing a complete guide wKh a panoramic view of th?* city, Public Buildings, anu Stituiry. A new Map of Washington with all the new Improvements, Ac., for sale In the Capitol, at the Book Stand, and at the Bookstores. deoSB-lm AUCTION SALES. flBy WAfiL, BARP5*R*> a CO , Auctioneer*. | AK?E.tM!) OT ?i (ierfaao, and American Engravings, I-ttnsg/nsh*. Ac-., at Asctlin. . On WEDNESDAY ttOKNING, December 31st, crmrreDClng at 10 o'clock, we will sell, In tbe second story of o-ir auction room*, a general va riety of Religious, Historical, Political. and Com tc Kneravings, in all a very neat assortment, and ** ieh will positively Ik positively be sold with out reserrfe Sale positlTe. Terff!' at aal* WALL, BARNAR9 A. CO.,

dec 29-ts Auctioneers. Bv J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Evening houk sale.-this (Mon day) EVENING, December 29tb, at fly o'clock, the sale of Book* In Morfctt's Building, on ? % street, one door north of Shllllngtons Pe riodical Store, will be continued Amongst a grea* yarietv of i!loatra'?4 work- I shall offer at the sale? A complete set of liiv?t&?A London News, 2-3 volumes, folio, morocco. Gillaray Caricatures, Royal Gallery o/Arts, the splendid gallery of Old German Masters, 2 to' units, elephant, fo lo. King Lewis's Album, 3 volumes, royal, fo'io. Many At ases. Bergha.i?'s Physica At e V- voi limes, fo'lo, half RusMa Fine Terrertial end Celestial Globes I ogether with a large selection of Architectural and iTnamenta1 and jllustia'ea Works, Ac. JA^.C McGUIRE, Auct'r By WALL Barnard A CO , Auctioneer. pXTENSIVE SALE OF Xf ALNUT AND Mahogany Furniture, Cottage iete,lar peta, and a genera1 assortment of Hou*e-furnish in^ at Auction ?On TUESDAY MORN ING, commencing ;il lo o'clock, we will sell at our spaclcus ware-roonr s, on the corner of Ninth ?jc* C streets, a genera! assortment of Hou.*e-fur nishlng artli es, sucS " Wa'nntand Mahogany trofas Mahogany spring-seat Chairs and Rockers W air.ut, ?Jak, and Map'e Cane-seat Chairs and Rockers Walnut and Mahogany Dress and P ain Bureaus Mahogany Serre'ary and Bookcase Office Chairs, Cottage Bedsteads Hair and Shuck Mattresses Feather Beds, Bolsters and Pillows, Comfort* Gilt Mirrors, W aiters, Toilet sets Brussels, Ingrain, and Rag Carpets Extension lilnlng and other Tables Cooking, Parlor, and other Stoves Large assortment of G assware. Ac. v? 1th a general assortment of Housekeeping re quisites, which will positively lie sold without f^s^rv6? , ?r ? and un(ler' "ver that amount a credit of sl .ty ?nd n'nety da\ ?, fo? notes satis factorliy endorsed bearing inter??* WALL, BARNARD A (iO dec 2.?-dta ^ Auctioneers. By JAS C. Mc6UIRE, Auctioneer (T4TALOHI K SALE OF A VAST AS vy semliiage of fxcelleot, Useful, und Or. namental iicoki and Prints, just received from 1-nmlf, of l.ondon.?-un TUESDAY and W E UN h SD A V E V EN IN G. December J0th and 31st, commencing precisely at 6 o'clock at the auction room.-. I shall sell, wl-hout reserve & yeluab'e invoke of London Books and P.ints received from the cel-bntel Edward Lum i y; ' omprising work* on Divini-y, tae Arts. Sclerres, History. Bellrs Let Anatomy, Chemistry, Surgery, Voyages, Trace's U rammers, Ac. In Greek, Latin, French; Arab c, Hebrew, and German Alfo, works on Architecture, Antiquities. Matbe-riatics Musi Drawing, Astronomy, Poetry. Zoology, Fic'lon Ornamental Illustrations. Gfo^rapny, Astrology Metaphvslcs. tie Drama. Painting, Sculpture Eduction, Eloeution, Writing, Army, Navy, Ac >aie peremptory, without regard to weather or prictt. terms rn*h. Catalogue? may be had by calling at tbe auc tln.n rf^,n'" JAS. C. M GUIRE, d-:C 2fl-d Auctioneer. By l-C. MiQUIRS', AncU reer. 17URNITURK A**D limF.rOlD KF. hi 'e,c,19 * * Auction?On TU ESI) A Y M OR N - ,^;J,er?Jt*r3',th' af 10 o'clock, at the corner of Wth and H streets, I ?hali sell an excellent &f sortment cf Furniture and Housekeeping f ffects consisting of? * ? .Mahogany and wilr.ut Lair spring Sofas Do Frcnch hilr cloth and plush parlor Chc-ir? aiirt Rockers Marble tor. Centre Tabls. Rout Tables Gilt fra-i.e French piate Pier and Mantel Glares Hab, and Bracket Pomask and lace Curtains, Corn.ce, and Fixtures Quartette Tables, Sewing Rockers, Ottomans iiruss !.s, th'c -ply and Ingrain Carpets ? 'liclotu, Rugs, t-taii Carpets Cand-l'jbras. Mantel Ornaments French, couage, and high-post Bedsteads Superior Feather it.-ds, Bolsters, end Pillow* Curbed ha!* ind husk r/Tattiease* Comforts, Quilts, Blankets Walnut and mahoganv dressing and plain Bu reaus Washstand-, Toilet Sets, Fire Irons Lounge,, window Curtains and ?hade* Mahogany Sldebo rd, Dining Tables Cane-seat Chairs, English Hall Clock China, Glass, end Cro-kery Ware I able Cutlery, Hiver piattd Spoe nr. and Forks Looklrg and other Stoves. Ac ! Together with a general r.ssortment of Ki'cben requisites rJLiuml: f *5 an<l under, cssh ; over that sum a sixty and ninety days, for satisfactorily endorsid notes, bearing interest des 29 -d J AS. C. McGL' IR E, Auctioneer By JAS. C. M<-GUIKE, Auctioneer. OUIINITL'KK ANIJ HOUKEKOLD ?F I ii.fS'JS,4 1!nl',lr An tion.- On MONDAY AIORN1N6, January 5, at 10 o'clock, at the resi dence of A J Bently, Esq , No 339 Eighth street betwecn K an<i L htreets north. I shall sell a.i hl? furniture acd effecU, crmprS^lro Mahogany hair spring Tete-a-tete Sofa, Rocker and Parlcr Chairs Marble-top Centre Table, Window Shades Hnndsome colored Engravings in gilt frani*? Gilt Candelabras. Manftl Va?es, Lamp* Tane and wood neat Chairs, Lounge Mahogany Secretary and Bookcase Mantel Clock-. Dining and other Tables Thier-p y and Ingrain Carpets. Oilcloth Hair I'arpetlng Rugs and Mats Un d-b-md Te,i Set, Granite Dinner Ware ?ilai-sware Castors, Table Cutlery Mahocany French and Cottage Bedsteads Dressing and Plain Bureaus, Wardrobe V. aslr tar ds, Toilet Sets, Splt'oous Husk and Cotton Mattres.-es, Bolsters and Pillows Comforts, Blankets, Sheets, Ac Superior Walnut Swing Crib, one do. on castors Cooking Stove, excellentalr-tight ChamberStcvea fin >afe, 1 ubs. Kltchea Tables, Ac About two cord-- of wood Terms : f 20 and under ca?h ; over that mm a credit of ?0 and OOday*. f>r satisfactorily endorsed notes, beating Interest ^2?'d . JAS C McSUlRE, Auct. 1 he house is for rent. Inquire of the auctlon neer. By BONiZ A COOMBS, Auctioneers. rpUUSTEK'* SALE OF EXt ELLENT J und Well.kept Furniture at Public Auction?By virtue of a d?'"d of tru,t duly re corded, Ac , 1 shall sell, oj FRIDAY. January 2d, ??57, at 30 o'ciofk a. m , at No. 48i, on Mas sachusetts avenue, between 4th and 5th trtets, (the flag will defilgjiite the hou^e,) a large a d general assortment of excellent Furniture and ?ionsehold Effects, consisting In part as follows : 1 dczen solid mahoganv spring-seat Chairs i mahogany spring-seat Tete-a-Tetes .Mahogany Sofas and Loungej Marble-top Pier Table and O^aamentai Frame Mirrors Castor Chairs and Rocking Chairs Hat Rack and Whatnot Mahogany. Walnut, Jenny Lliid, and other Bed steads Walnut extension and other Tables Marble-top and other Bureaus Marble-top Centre Tables, Card Tables Cane and wood seat Chairs Do do Rocking do Brds, Bolsters and Pll'ows, Alattres>es A large lot of Carpeting, Oilcloth, Ac Cooking and other Stoves Comforts, Blankets, Sheeta, Pillow Ca*ej, Ac. Handsome Window S tdes Writing Desk, Mahogany Frame Mirrors A large and general assor ment of China. Gliss, and Crockery Ware Together with many articles too numerous to mention. The above furniture has all been purchased In the last sixty diys, free from any Injury, and the sale is w 11 worhy the attention of housekeepers and others. lerms: AC sums under *30 ca*h ; over 830, a credit of 30, 60, and 90 days, for notss satisfac torily endorsed, bearing interest. ? . J w "AUPTMAN, Trustee <t BONTZ A COOMBS, Aucts W the CO.IUHESSIOIAL BANK. Corntr 0/ Louisana avenue and7tk street Washington. D. C., rILL RECEIVE DKPOS1TS AND MAKE Collections on all the principal cities in the Union, and promptly attend to any* in its H** ? E JAR DINE, dec S3 3m Cashier. C^HINA VASES, CUPS AND SAUCERS, ^ Children's Ten Sets, very low, and KOln" rapidly, at FRANCIS'S, dec *3 Seventh street. UASKKTS, BASKET STANDS, CABAS, Satchels, Portrnonles.?Tears will be shed when some learn what they have lost by not buy ing their presents at dec? FRANCIS'S. auction bales By E. S. WK f 8HT; lirareetpwit. ORPHAN'S COl'RT SALK 1(>N WED NESDAY next 3l*t Instant. at lit o'clock, I rt-U s?ll; at the late residence of L~wta Mattinr ly. on *???*:. the personal ,Vect?, oon?iM ing of? Groceries, Liquor*. Hor??el|o^ *r<i Kttehcn Fur nlture Bed*, D? d-iesds. ar.d Bedding Lot Tools, >ot Corn* Karthenware, ?r. TermaC'sh. E. #. WKIGHT, dec 27-3t* Auctioneer. II ByC- W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. OI'*EKi:ePl^? ARTICLE? al A?c {|4?,_On WBDNfc??BAY, tbe 31st of I)e cember. 1 shall s*li, without .paerve, commenc ing at i(l o'clock a m., at Store No 4lfi Penosyl vania avenue, between 71 and 4 ^ str#? ta. an ex tensive and completea*M>rtmen ??f Hoairfr.n!'h ln^ Good*, consisting in part of? Plated Tea, Table ai.d Desert Spoons 434 fork* Do Castor, Coffee ar.d Tea Pota Planished and Britannia Cr (T* ar.d Tea Sets Do Fltcbers, Egg-boilers end Saucepan* fvory and bone >andle Knives aud Forks, steels and Carver* Cbafn Dt^hcs, Sjucrpans anf Ov*t?r Dishes Solar. far]s? an?t Chamber I ami * Table and Door J!*tts, Coal Hods Hearth. Dustrirg and Fnmltnre Bnnhe* Candlesticks, Tea Waiters C8U and tea Bells CLlsa Tea Se!s, Cbtna Ct ff<Je and Tea Cups China Toilet Set*. chamber and foot Tab* Soap and sauce TTeens, Sauce Bolts Butter, pickle and other cvered Dishes Pitchers, Mug*, Sugar and Cream Dishes Cut Glass Decanters Tumblers and Goblets Do Wices, Lemonades and PltchT* also ? 10 good Cooking and other Stoves 6 dozen mahogany ?rame I<ooking-glasses Sofas, Lounges, Card TaMes, Chairs, Bedstecdi And a large lot of otfcer goo?r Terms o/ sale: All sums under ?25 cash ; ever ?25 a credit of (Hi and 90 days, for notes endorsed, with interest deelMs C W. lUiTKI.KR, Auctioneer in addition t* the at-eve, I (?hall sell aev-'ral very auperior Fea'thc? Beds, Pillow*. Ac. dec id d C W POTELKR Arjct'r. By WALL. BARNARD ft CO . A?*pMo9eK>r* TRUSTEE'S SALE OF BRICK HOt PK and Lot In the First Ward ntPn6llc Aurt.'sri. ,-?? On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, January l.'itb, o'clock, in front of the prem ise*, by virtue of a 5e*d of tru?t dated May 14, 18S3, and duly recorded In Liber J. A.S . No. M4, foilo* 134, 135, and lib ofc* if the land rr cordsfor Washington county, we w?1; sell, the Northern part of lot No 12, in square 11*, front ing lfi feet on voth strfet wo.?t between M and N streets, and running back 74 feet ta an alley The Lot co-.tain* 1184 feet, more or less, with the ifnprr>T? ments, consisting of a comfortable Brick Hot!*e Terms r Onc-thfrd cash; tfc" remainder in fix and twelve months, bearing interest, and securcd by a de: d of trust the fr.pert? 3 W RF.KD, Trustee. WAL/., BARNARD ft CO , dec 12 Auctioneers. Bv J AS. C McGUlRE. Au<*flo?"er TRUSTEES1 SALE OF FRAME HO' SE and Let. ?O l MONDAY AFTERNOON. DecemV'r 22, at 1 o'clock, on the premise?, by virtue of a d^-M of tru?t from Samuei Curson an J wife dated Jun"c, ISjJ, and re^ord<d in Liber J A S , No 3<>, f-llo* >21,322, 321, and 324, one of the Ijp.d records for Wa?h'T-.gton county, in the District c.f Columbia, Wf tLs'l sell parts of lots Nos 7 and 8 in square 4'.9, beginning for tbe sntr.r at tLe dl-tanoe if llf v fett front the north east corner of tie Squrrc on Seventh street north, and running thence west 200 feet to Eighth street thence toikL by ard vc!tb Eighth ftrcet iwtuty Ave feet; thence e-ist two hari'lredf?*et to Seventh street; thence North by and wi'h Seventh street twenty-live feet to the beginning, together with th^ improvements, consisting of a r?t Two-story Frtme Dwelllng-h'-me with back buildings. Terms: Oae third cash ; the residue In six and twelve months, with inttrct, recurcd by adtedof trust on the prftnlees JOHN W M KIM, ) TruileM RICH. II CLiKK, S lT '5ie?" no* 13-lew Ads J At?. C. McGUiRE, Auct iXU'The :ibove sale Is psslponed antl' MONDAY AFTERNOON. January 12tu, l?57, same hour ar.d place JOHN W McKIM. RICHARD II CLARK.S1' ? dcc 21-2?w?ds J A ?C McGUIRE. A'ict \f ir.sriAL S SAF.K.-IN VIRTUE t?F A jL'A wilt of fieri f<*"!?s. i^sutd from the<"lerk's O fllce of the Circuit ?'f the Listrl't of <*clurrbta for the Co::rt/ of Washington, and to n.e direct ed. I snail expose to public sale, f >r ra h la front o? tho i'onrt-bou?e door of said Ccnnty. on MON DAY, the Itfta day of January next. 1*57, at lti o'clock m ail defendant's right, tit e, claim and interest in end to Lot No. ft. in Squire No 55'J. ao laid d' wu on the plat of ?b?- city of ton, D C , together with all and singular the Im provements thereon, stized and levied lpon as the property of Andrew Bothwell, and will be soid to satisfy Judl ials. No. 331. to October term, I55fi. Alfred Chapman rs Andrew Both well. J D. HOOVER, Marshal dt 17-ts for the District of Columbia HfAUStftAL'S SALE ? IN ViRTL'K OF Ivl \rritof rteri facias, l*su"d from the Clerk's Odl^e of the Circuit Court of the District of t o lunibiu. fur the county of Washington, a^d to me directed, 1 shall expose to public sale, forca^h, In front of the Court-hou.-e door of sild county, at 12 o'clock m .on EDNESDAY, '.ne 7th day of January, 1;>57. all defendant's right, title, cialtn. and interest In and to Lot No. 1??, In Square No 258, together with all and hlngular the Im provements thereon, seized end levied upon as the property of Allison Nailor. and will be sold io satisfy Judicial, No 170, to March term, 185ft, Bank of Metropolis rj Allison Nailor J. D HOOVER, Marshal dec 13-ts for the District of Columbia. JFST RECEIVED FROM THE PIF ll?hers? A splendid View of Old Independ encc Ha 1 Philade phia. For sale cheap,framed or otherwise, at J^IHN WAGNEH'S, dec 22.ini Mi Penn avenue MAUD All or ETIQIETTE IN WASH inOTON. rpHIS MANUAL IS INDISPENSABLE TO I- Members of Congress and strangers sojourn ing in Washington. Every li dy tnd gentleman should have a copv. J u?t publb:ned a nd for sale at the Boo* Stand in the Capitol, and at thi-b'KtX stores In Washington. dec 23 1m IHRIvr.MAS CONFECTIONERY. THKSUBSCRIBBR bespectfullt in form* his customers and the public in general that he Is prcpa-ed to supply them with CHRISTMAS CONFKCTIOXERY of every kind, to elgn and domestic; also with CANDY, PLUM and POUND CAKES. MINCE PIES. ORANGES,FIGS,RAISINS, PRUNES, A LM ON US, &c. Hie stock of CONFECTION ERY is very complete and such as he feels con fident will be found on trial, equal to any that may l>e offered for sale in this city lie will be happy to see his friend* and customer* on Chrlitrr.n* Eve ;md dining the Holidays, as hi* stock will be replenished until and after the New Year's Festival TOYS FOH HOLIDAY PRESENTS. The subscriber also respectfully Inform* ladies ar.d gentlemen, desirous of procuring TOYS of any kind, as Holiday Presen-s, that ne ha? im ported a large collection of German and French manufacture, which are curicus. cheap, and well adapted to please children aud young people of everf age His stock of TO v S 1* larger and more attractive than ever, and cannot be eicelled in any other toy store in U>is city. The subscriber would also Invite attention to his large assortment of China, Ladle*.' Work Basket*, Combs, Perfumery, and other fancy articles which are too numerous for specification in an advertise mcut WILLIAM 6RUPE, No 415 south side Pa. av ,bet 3d and 4){ ?,ts., dec2!-1m opposite Jackson Hall SUITABLE OOOCS FOR HOLIDAY PHESENTS. AT COST?THOSE WHO WISH TO make purchases for Holiday Presents should bear In mmd that we are selling out our entire stock of fine Fcncy Goods at cost for cash. We have ? Silk Dresse*, cott from ? to S"0 Velvet Cloaks, do 25 to 960 Cloth Cloaks, do 2 5:i to $25 Embroidered Muslin Collars,co&t from ?0: to ?10 French Embroidered Sets. do lit to S25 Embroidered Pocket Hdkfs, do .V) to S2.3 Honlton Lace Sets, do 7 to# i Valencitnne* do do # to S2t> Best make of Pari* Kid Gloves Great variety of Goods for rbl^m'.* wear, at cost Tliybef Merinos, r11 co'ors. cost 75 cent* Gloves, Pocket Hani kerchiefs. Cravat*, and Ho slery, at crgt, wl'h many other kinds of Goods quite as suitable for holiday gifts. Ten per cent. wi;l be added toall goods cha-ged. i LAGETT, NtV\ TON. MaY ft Co 7 dec 22? 6t Corner Pa. avenue and ?Jth it. W' NOTICE TO IIOl'KKHKEPKRS. E WOULD CALL THE ATTENTION of tbo?e who rr.ay t>e in wart of Housekeep ing Goods, to our large and Will se.?rted stock. Among which we name, Bedsteads, Mittrowe, Wardrol>e8, Bureaus, Tables. Waiters, Chilrs, Knives and Fork*, China Vases. Walnut What notg, Par.or and Stair Carpets, Wasostand-, Toilet Sets, Castors, Sofas, Looking Glasses, Clocks, Stoves, Tea and Dinner ^ets, togeihtr with a very large and handsome Block of Gla?s. ware. For sale by ? C. R L. CROWN ft OO .Auct'rs , dec 23- lw corner 0th at and Pean avenue. EW YEAR'S PRESENTS, at dec rr Mclaughlin'8. N TELEGRAPH NEWS. FROT* THF. At*?OClATKD fllKW BY HOVBt PMIItTIllV TMLMOBJkP* AE*V?AL OF THE S7* AMBH1F KUHOPA one Da? L?ur fr?? l?r*p?> New You*. Dec 27 ?The Canard steamer Kurop*. w.'th 60 ParHI?d thJ* even for, with L'****0*1, dut?s to Saturday tb? nth Her advice* but on# day UUr then those by the Canada . _ The fall of Herat it efti..?*1- " rorr*n dered to the Persians on tbo ?? October The London Saturday Time* ? rcix>rtn a steadiness in the fand on * ndey till near the close, when there was n rapo?'t of ? considerable depression at the Pari* Boot**, wbkb caused a heaviness Preneh three pef cents at a decline of i per ?ent The Daily News cells business at the atock flat at | doc'irjc, with an active demand for money. TH* rv.HSlA* WAR *r'*u Co.'ftantinople it is stated that the Englisu !f??p? have commenced operations in the Persian *cd that the Trench Am baisador had epon the Shah the desirability of maktl>f P?*c? with England It is stated iu aocoT'?t# from St Petersburg 50 000 Russians. und*' the command of General Bernkoff, will maix'h^toi the frontiere of Persia at the first wish oi ?? bhah. and the Russian organ in Belgium stei* thatRue Jia is bound by treaty to give help f> l^at po t ntate the event of his being atia'aed by a foreign crseac/* The same authority that the two great Powers which are ?t the "erne time European and Asiatio?meaning, f' course ourselves and the Russians?will on* day messb'rs their etreagth on the battle flelu of Persia. TfcV is outspoken language and it is, therefore, very desirable that the glow ing description of diftfe^artic auceeaaes in which the Palmereton writer indulgea ahooid be liicrally realised, for the oontest may be nearer at hand than may imfgiue Sever thele-s. we have the consolation of knowing that threats and boasting of thia kind W ohat acteristic cf Russian diplomacy. THE LATEST. A telegraphic dispatch from London says The overland India mail arrived at Trieste on the 12th. wjih Bombay dates to the 17th of Noveni'er. *r?d Calcutta dates to the 8th. War was proclaimed against Persia at Calcut ta on the 1st of November, and the last divi sion ot the fleet f ir the Persian Gulf left Bom bay on the 13th of November with 5.0(K> troops, who were to occupy Kameck and Brishrie. PoBTSMorTH, Dec 12.?The Arctic explor ing bark Resolute, Commander Hartstein. ar rived at ^pithead this afternoon ARRIVAL OF THE ILLINOIS. Liter !rem l alHcrata. Xrw Y^fk, Dec 2* ?The steamer Illinois, wit'i San Francisco dates to the 4th mat , be* ir.ptwo TTceks later, arrived he.e thia evenicg. .Sh? brings three hundred passenger* and yearly SI.700,000 In treasure. She connect*! with the steamer Golden Gate, and left A?pinwall un the 19tb. The United States frigate Wabash left the same day for New York, via Havana. The Cyane remained in port The news is of but little interest. The re port? from the mining districts was good, though th*:e ras still want of rain in some listricts The money market was unchanged. Busi ness generally at San Francisco was dull. The j .bbing rates for Gal lego Flour were Sift 50 IUdi. 19ic. Lard, 26 Sugar-New Orleans, ll|c. Pork was d*.ar?selling at $42. Richard R Hammond, the ex-Colleetor of the port if San Francisco, had been acquitted of tbe charge of defrauding the United Stales Government while in office The news from the Territories of Oregon and Washington is ummport*nt. Tne dates from Pauam>i are to Dee. 19. The St.<r contains an accouut of the war in Nica ragua. confirmatory ut the advices received by the steamer Tennessee but gives nothing new. A British squadron arrived at Panama on the Kth in?t. lu object was said to .'?* to ex amine into the practicability of establishing a navfcl depot ia the Bay of Panama-probably at Taboga. A letter from Carthajjena. dated Nor. V, states that tbo British difficulty wa? still pend ing. and a blockade of the New Granadian p rt-s would be commenced immediately. The dates from Valparaiso are to Nov 16, a~.d fr? m Guayaquil to Dec 1 Business at Valparaiso wns dull- The markets were well sur>l'l*ed Copper ?a* held at 520 The revolution ir Peru was on the increase Two gjvernment vek^^l* had gone over to the revolutionist*. rreaioLeut Costilla had de nounced them as pirates, ?.*id sent three armed ships ic purtuit He authoiises the vessels of any nation to seise them. Od& of these insur gent vessels, the steamship ApCnmuc, had overhauled the British mail steamer Santiago, on her way from Callao to Valparaiso, and t^jk from her all the Peruvian mail*. It was believed that Camilla w juld be abl? to sup press the revolution, as the Convention wou.l vote him extraordinary powers An Icdig&unt K ana as Ex-Cfficial. St Loris, Dcc. 21.?Advices from Lecomn ton have been roceived, which state that Clark, th*3 Indian Agent, had received, by a ^<ecial Uieiweiger, the notice of his dismiafcal and the app<'intment of Winston, of Virginia, aa bis eucce s>r He became much excited and threatened vengeaDce on all parties. Arrival of the Quaker City Nt.w York. Dec 2U ?The steamship Qua ker City, from Mobile, via Havana. 25th inst , arrived this morning. Business dull at Havana Sugars were firm. La'.er from Havana Charleston. Dcc. 2h ?The fteamahip Isa bel, from Havana via Key West, 25th inst , arrived here last night The news is unim portant Among her passengera is Major I'dihiell, U. S A. Fcr Nicaragua Nsw York, Dec 29.?The steamer James Adgcr ha< been despatched to Norfolk, to take the men and proviaions ou board the Tdunct'see to Nicaragua. Baltimore Markets. Baltivobk, Dec. 29 ?Flour is heavy; more sellers than buyers at $6.50 Wheat ia 2c lower ; sales of good to prime red at SI 4oaSl 47, and fair to good whites at SI 56a$1.6Uc. Corn is without much change ; sales of new white and yellow at 60;., and old at63?64 v Sale4 of whisky at 27a2*c. New York Markets. Nsw York, Dec. 29.?Flour ia declining; . ales of 6,000 bbls.; State S6.20a$6 40; South ern heavy at S7a?7 25. Wheat is rather lower; sales of 12,000 bush els : white SI.78, red SI 58 Cora tends downward; sales of 7.000 bush* c!s ; mixed 70;, white and yellow 74c. Park is steady at S20 for mesa. Beef is firm; new repackedChicago S14 50a S14 75 Lard ic steady at 12ic Wh:. ky is easier: Ohio 2Ss Financial New York. Dcc. 27 ?Stocks are lower and dull; Cbicngo and Kock Island 93j ; Illlnela Central bonds 9^{; Michigan Southern shares New York Cetral shares 93i ; Reading Railroid 861; Virginia 6'a 94i; Mo 6 s 89* Sterling exchange is dull. NOTICE. riRK COUNTRY MILE. VAAMlLlKb DEHRIN6 lO BK SUPPLIED r froai Locuat Hlli Defry, will do well to give tea or Bfteru da?a notice In advance cf a com m^uremeat Addreee the '? t*roprle or of l<ecoet Hill Uelrv," through the Po?t UlBce. Qi )6-5h**e IVWYirc -WttfHAI.L A? UM'AL, PRl??R i ? la toe 1st of Jnnuaiy, make an Indiscriminate Is ue cf all open ac ouuts on our books up to Uie fc'th lnbtant Th'-ee who prefer not to have term ?ent to them will And tbelr bills re dv /or deliv ery at cur deaa It Is hoped mat all wl 1 without dtUy settle lhe seiue. accerdln^ to theterms oa which tbelr pur baxK were made dec tJ 10t CLA6KTT. DOUt^ON * SON VjMIK VOI K KEW V LA * IS PREIEATI, r call at l.AMMOND'P, dec? 3t 7ih street.