Newspaper of Evening Star, December 29, 1856, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 29, 1856 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. THE MOTHEB. Her* 1* a bU of chirming feminias graceful - In a amtlir.enf too delicate for a masculine pen?Met her hoed in ita charge of Infancy know The way to rear up children, (to be just,) They know a simple, merry, tender snack Of tying *a?hes, fitting baby-shoes, And singing nr-tt-r word* that make no wn?9, A ml kiseln^ fall sense Into e tij>?v words ; W'hleh tkin^"4 are Ron's t>cut life upon Although such trltt-scMUren kirubymeh, love's h -ly earnest in a pretty play, And get not over-.?arly soiemn!;t;d.? But ? eing, as !n * rrsc bu?h, Love's Di"ine, W h!ch bn-aa and hurts not,?not a single blcom, Become avaw aod nn-.fraid of Love. Much go jA <1o mothers. Fathers love a* "f'l ?Mine did, 1 know,?-b'lt still with heavier brtius, And wil,s more conseloeMy re*r?n,'b*e? And art as wisely, sin e le<s r*>i shly; So Ttjrthcrs have G-d'* Ucea?e to be missed. AKRIVALS ATTHK P til SCI PAL HO TSLS A it I tonal IJotfl.?SCT A BRIQQ0. R Marti a, N'J ** ?> Homan, La Back, V* N 1> tfisset, do J Johnson. Md Mr rt'd?n, NY K Byrne do S McKnery. La W Hsilrombe, i\i V 11 C Bilsh, Ala y C Jones, do J C Turner, do T Williamson, di Miss ttraham, Va J Blen, d") J 9 Wright, 11 J Hadley. W!s R R Miller * ly, NY C O Jenkins, do T F Bowie fc iy, Md Mm Wilson, Md Ml*s Dowle, do A B Ellison, Fa S Brooke, do W A Keen At., Md G \V Christie, SC W J ones, Fa J, Mass H Ashby, Md L? Conover, N Y ? Bridges, Miss 1, S Jones, Md ABChapln. NY ? W Kent, "a J Phelps A ly, d"> 1* K Morgan, do 11 Mlrkley, do CJ Cheney, Tenn C Morrell, do G S Washm.NC Wiss Morreil,do li H Tucker A ly, N Y M W Gray, do J M Klliott, Kv A Hnllaier, do J S Watson, MT *? T Paloa. Va Dr Watson, R1 C B Mallett. NC Mr Dodd, DC J B Despair, Paris W G Webster, Va A Mannloa, NY Wlllarrfs' Hotel?j C. i a . A WILL1ED M Lang ley A ly. l^a S 6 Welch W C Perkins. Md G Harry A ly, Tenn C Rosse: A sen, N Y il A W g Hair;mor.d. d? J i M^.y .t ly, Va H J Walsmm A ly, Del W >1 Alters A ly, do Miss Wjbman. do I, W Feter* A svt, NY L Hurd, do it L Capers, do MI'S Hurd. do J M Srld*r. Va 9 Beeden A iy, NY V M Bnndon, do P C Sievenson, Kv N Mer i 1, NJ J Reeden A ly, N Y M'.ss s M Green, N Y W A Hyde. do Miss J Green, do L Whitney, do K bawv-r, do J Kobb, La J a Pafk. USA O W Faring. Pa B lve?, Mass H Terry, Mo h Minium, Va F A Chapman A ly, NY L 1? Reynolds, do K R Wiiilch. O c Dolson F But er, Tex W Pegram A ly, Fla H Mellr-eany, NY L D liawton. ao Br J Peck, to j u Ureat^n, N\ C TurJey, ,to W D Georkner, Hr>s J C To--v. Me RrSMH** llatel.-T. P t If BB0W1 C L Mankln, Va Uoa D L) Walbrldge, A Mankln, d" Mich L C Compton. Cuba A F Lyon O Adatns, Md K Hunt, Va A Bckoonai^.ker, Va J H lloro^k, DC J Fear-on, io?a W L Bradford, U9N J Coill-.s, Md L Hall, O R 9 ^nc*st. do 11 Humphreys, Md Hon A W HlUiard, Ala J Hutchlns, fa J P Ad uns, sc W II Baltz^ll, Md *' A ly. Ga T Marfin do J 54 Liw-on. NY l>r ?1 !1 Be-.n, do -M M Murpay, do ^ Dei-ck*. do <3 Hays, do C Hitkwosd .1 A. H KlRKWOOn T A S#?!d?n. DC J Hoillngsworth^ Va N B V irne.l, Va G W Harper, do J T Flsn, KT H [) Rotuan, La G Maren, Va J Dl-klnson, Md J Prinze, NY s \!aurv, do H W kroner, SC L Leman, S : T J V\ l^n. Pa A S Ha'.ler. O E D Br'.ster, do R ? juivon, Md J W rtp ht, do s* T Mas<?n, do J R Prown, MT J W I.ynd", do W H Nob'.es. do fc L Carr, Internarionnl Hotel?Peon, avenae C T M&llory, lows T B Rabey, Md A T Grillarr, N J T Harwjod, O B Pleidlng, N Y 1) L Kvans, N Y M Hs-.<nan, Pn G Atkvns. SC H B Taylor, K r T Falkener, Va W C Bryant, Mis* J Fletcher, do I)H Brown, Tenn G W Stlciney, NY W Porter, Ala C Wllliarrs, Te?n A C Evans, do W A Brl3tjw, do J Goodman, |nd NO DECEPTION. STANDARD SILVER WARE, SUCH A9 ^ Spooas, Forks, Ladles. Butter, Cake, Pie, Fl?h, Jellv acd Ice Cream Knives, Crumb dcra p*r?. Napkin Kings, ac All the above named SH>d**?e mauafactured on iny own premises in Is city, and not purchased at the North, (as is the case witn other dea'ers generally, and then primed off far our cwn tn-ianfaetnre ) Every ar tlcls warranted Standard Silver. Ats>, on hand, eve|y description of fine Watches acd Jewelry, a*. Pa avenue, Sign cf the Large spread Eagle, dec W If 11. O HOOD. THK IMPROVED SET* OF TEETH. UK LOOM1S, THE INVENTOR AND patentee of ' Loomls' Mineral Plale Teetn," having surc??sf'il!y Introduced his improvement in various cities, has now permanently established himself in Wash ington . This Improvement for Sets of Teeth consists chiefly la oiaklug a set of but on?? piece of mate rial and tfcit lrd?structlble inlnrrai No metal is used In their c instruction, aud they are there fore frte f/orn jraivanlc action and metiiic taste. There are no joints to bf-conoe ailed with moisture or particles of f*>d, hence thev are pure and cltan. They a'e lighter, stronger, less clumsy, aud, in short,the pi'ftction o' Artificial Tt'lk; not witn-tendink, crrta'n Dentists speak against them, but the/ t-ive r.ot t ie right to them. do rot know how !f they had. tr.d therefore do uot ap preciate them. Ofll-e on Pennsylvania avenue, i>etxeen 11th and l'2th streets, two doors belcw the Klrkwood Hosise tiec'Jl tf Pr posala for Furni?h:ng Marble aad Mar ble Work for the 5orth Front of thd Pat en: 0?co Building. Dr:MBTM?ST or TITE IsTxSIOa ) !><???? iii 1? t 1- Jw >0 f tKSLKl! raop??IAL3 WILL BK RiCEIVRO ? ? a. ibis l?<-ja - in* nt uaul the ei*St?>enU? ?ay of Ffbnaynt?t, lU lock a" r;o r.. for li:rm>inng su li Ma b> a ul Va b c W^rk a; mav he r? rftiir^;| in th? rravn n of IL north Ironitfi iiit:"Fa <'nt Office b lll'ilne Th' .1<< ? a t li in rh- ft in <?f the N'nwin^ Kli<-duir, a ?.i t ? a ly i v for ma ? '"'a, l.a^.iKg.dr'vtu^, ini,| -?'tt-ii/, including a'! th? ina;!:, ,i ;y a ?l <ii' ? i ? Sikc'uir. <*ub r -u,?- i;ic:al t*>-1 ?l?ds a b ti > t ? J"i a cult ? ?t' ti-. p' i rrb r f *?t ?' iim? I- i.i ' b r?s( |> r al foot li tCj.l'H tisilll1, l.'l |].| Ti!? 7; t??' n al> a uie.'io du Arrtniv,1, PsfSM>f?)riiiri', p?-rl r-n' utiy.ih-,?-a h. ?'a,?5. i.r; ila ifi>,?a b. ? ?i ?is 11 Imi < m i?>, p?*r line a' f>jo?, u!i:^, p? r .-u^* ri.nal !o ?!, W uj..w ?i??. en il<> T<-r rtia b ? m is-r ? smr'a' in<! and ?j> a'iry gr li a u ?; n :m? ti'in ?;?" th? < a ; a id vv- - i ?MflofUl'bl*tiK|.?|i>ril|| Hi >.f wLl'.'h will b; Ifnir'd to a*?*?>m: a y ih?- l> its. P;; ?? b dwi I Ma> in ?|;a- |,U) the wrrk will b? Tt IIIpl'l'd. B ><1 M'MiC W.11 ti ? r <>ii., {i iri\ |(i in ?tjlrlk Vtanoo-i snnwn to b i?f . n;i ? * ui h-in v?d i>, be tul v <' nii-^trut f? fulfil in it ?. I . to ihr . 1> ija fio"?fc ?u? v r?? a ?uin"". s'ul n?a^ie?ni nt c?f oiJ ft ? fcutm :i w ill i* - rrewt-*".'. n>a to ?ith th? ?;-p'? 'a ?;f in. b< a I ??! ihe Ih'ianwM. <v i*t C**nt.Will b -pa :i i"?m t me to a? lh-- ikfirit {?r>3r?-s<'?' , op- n lb' ? slifiiait-??f thr a;?-ut of ito* l>? |R'im-ni in rl.a p< lli'itof, and ten per rrn'. r^sr:*-it until ih?* rriiml tionof thr Con Ira t a?<???o'a >re ut th'1 ?nrV I y said aj?'nf l*?i * mi-:?i om iv^? t'? r."rli th?* ro f Jft-i or a -repi ih* ;-r- pi>-a'* hfr? by invite.*, when il ?t?. in ? li?? r* ?i (f tb?? Frrt'd -'a'es r??|':i'^s ?t, a ? w< li a tn ?icladi th* ki:- ? f a y p* r?oii or jK-r ?op?wb?it 'ai to n| p a on to b-lirvs will no?, tr? n? '.? v t? i-e.'a thfuliy ^rNiiin ;hf contia't. Fla s?|?"ilti<jniiii,aiil wc'kiii|r drawiaies ran h' ? sain ????'. a i i oih-r i?i -mia'ton nb anted, on ao 11: a i"H a? th-? iithc ?>! ih?- ftiffr iitciKient To- pii'ivi a;<, wliicli in 1st i?-"? nt to lhi? de |a mm. a .In^-rd t?> the s^creia y of the Imrrior, '? Fro(r?.ai? tV?r th* erection of the north frf'ns, nfth* I'a'enr I hiiiijinr,**) will b? op?ned ?it I n'rl k-S. n- rn , of ih - a-t tiay nam^d lor re? e?'vtri? the am*. R Mrt'LELL \JID, d?c 1 !>-'.*arilH F bj Seewa y of ihe Interior. (soHFOHATIMA STUtH.-lsMV Corp* ' ?atio^ ft sshtajton Stork for sale at ?h 1V _?* <*UUHit 'niliTVKta BEAUTl P U L GOODS,A T M*LAP9 HLINi f* tke ?>lild?y. dee 11 OFFICIAL. Tvkasvxt D*PA?TMfWT, N?v. 29, 1856. Notice is hereby g'ven to holder* of Mock of the l<u?ns of the United tfta e<s that thin d^amnnt will purcl.ase the -am- nnfil the 3.1 of Ma rh next, unless the sum of f1,500 000 shall be pr? viotialy <-b aiied, a id will r? 8 Wition to the interest accrued fnm the date of the la?*. s?m aim a! divi dend of interest thereon, together with one day's aJ?litifMiaJ interest for the m->nry to r? a h the v n dor. t<t? tollowiny 'a:es of premium <?n ? a1 >! stock*: For the stock >>f Dili, a pn aniura of 10 per cent. F i ths stock of 18.7 arnl a pr' nvutn < f 16 prr eent; and lor the stock of l&Vt, comm>nly called !Vxa; Indemnity Stock, a pr m cm <>(6 per c nt. Certificates of stock trar, m;tted to the dejart m nt, under this notice, roust b-* a-signed to the United S'at>s, by ih - pa*.y duly entitled to recciv.' .he proceeds. It sent between da'e hereof and ihe l-t t'ay of ^'Ui y rext, the current 1 a'f y< n-> in t? res: niKb' a'aicn?d by the present stockholder, or it w ill b* |ayab< *? heretofore, and a correg poi.dmg deduction b: ma le from ihe amount jay ab'e f ir the clock. faym -nt f.>r the stocks so aliened and t a in l ?cd will b ? ma !?: by drafts on th? Assistant Tr< a ? li ters at Boston, York, or Phila lelphia a ihe option of the rarties entitled to receive the mnicy, which ciirtu'd b expressed in the letter:-accompa ny n; fie ccrtifica;?*. JAMES QUTIIRIF, Secretaiyof the Tp?su.y. d?c 1?Jt3d March; 7 OFFICIAL. Trsa?i?t Dipartmiht, August 90, lfcSfi. Whereas the following joint resolution of Congress has become a law: Joiirr HKanLt'TtoN extending the time for the credl torsof Texas to present their ciaims. Resolved bv the Senate a*rt Home of R'preienta 'we* of the (Jmtert State* of America in 'Jon?rfts ai ternHcd, Thai a?, agreeab'y to the prevision of ihe fourth section ot the act of the 2tnh of February, 1855, ?' to provide for ihe payment of such creditors of the late republic of Texas as are comprehended in the act of Congress of September 'Jib, 1850," no tice, by public advertisement, was duly given for the space of ninety day.-, by the Secretary of the Trea-<uiy, of the time at which payment of the amount appropria:ed by the fifth section ol s-atd act would be made,pro rata, on any b rid. certificate, or evidence of d?bt of sai I Sta e. wliicu should be presented at the Treasury Department thirty days preceding the 13th d&yoi'June, leoti, the limit of ^aid notice; ?.nd as it is represented by the-said Secretary of the Treasury, that of said bond-, cer tificates, and evidences of debt, winch have been recognized by ihe State of Texas, the same, ei|Hal to tho 3tsm of three hundred and ??nrhty nine thous and six hundred and ninety three dollars and seven cents were not presented tothe Tna-'itry Department prior to the said l^th of June, therefore, in order to do full justice to the holders of ?aid debt. ih>- Secre tary ot ihe TR.-a-.urr is hereby an horized to pay to ihe ho! lers of any of the said bonds, ceriif.cates. or evidences, of debt, not presented before the i:;th 2ay of June last, who may present anl prove the saoieai ihe Treasury Department, between the l.'lth day of June la-t and the Isi day of January nfit, and execute the proper releasee to the United States and the State ol Tr*as, their pre rata .'hare cf the sai l seven nvllion s<-v. n hundred and fifty thousand dollars; and alter payment thereof, the said Secre tary of the Treasury is authorized and required to distribute and pay the residue of the said eeven mil iron' seven hundrd an* fifty thousand dollars, then r-rr.atning in the treasury. pro rata, amongst all the said holders who may have proved their claims, and executed ih? proper releases on or before the 1st day >f .lamia y next. Approved Augustlfih, 18C6. N'ct;oi!3 naaiET oivts to the holrfeis of bonds, j certificates, and evidences of debt of the late repub lie of Texas, which were not presented at this de pen men t on or before the 13th day of June last,that ;b* i-ame will be settled and the pro rataomuunt hereon will b'- ya.d tothe lawful holders 'Hereof if presented before ttc first day of January ncil, to cr.mpenied with tV necessary evidence of thoirrtn a; :? r.ff, witli assignments to the United nuired to ^ive this department the custody of such bonds, certificates, and evidences of debt, ar.:! with releases to ii;e United States and Texas, In acccrd tn?e viththe provisions cf tbe actof I'nngressof i*4'!! F> bru'iry, 1S56. Thii4?;<ariment will not require t v,deuce of gen ain?ness to be Presented wi'h the certificateaksned by the n lditorand eomptrolier of T'-xar. underthe \zw- r>fiheSta*.e. it pcskesscsno mt ansof ver. yiag^hecertificates,bonds and promissory aotes ?re.j by th" republic of Texas, and not presented to, ner Rudited by, the offlctrg of the State. The necessary and properprocf of the gemin?; ne?sof thii i.tensthecer!:fi(ra?e of:ie comptroller olthe Stiteol Texas, wbo has the official charge of the originalare iivesrelating tothe debt ofthe late re pnolJc otTex^s. The at corneal and releases may be exrented and a'know'e^gcii in the presence of the Afistant Secretary of the Treasury, or the chief clerk thereol, in the presence of a notary public, and be witnessed by tae A 'lisutnt Se?r?Tary, or chief clerk and nota ry, and be certified by the notary under his nota rial sea'; but wb.'-Ti the holders dssire to make the assignment and execute the roleases out of the city of Washington, it may be done in the presence of .-.n assistant treasurer, or collactor, or surveyor of the customs, tn the presence of a notary public,and be witnessed by the collector or surveyor and the no* tary public, and be certified by the notary under his notnnal sea'; andift'sere be no collector or^urvey. or ot ihe customs at the place where the party re. sid^p, til*assignment and releases may be executed before any^ourt of record, in the prcsenee of the judije and cl^rk thereof and he witnegsed bv them, and certified by the clerk under hij seal of office; and if tlie hoii?r be out ?>fth?' Uimej State.--, ;he as si^nm -nt arid releases maybe'erecutt'd before any Jmt*d State=toi:su!,a:id be witnessedandcerl.fied by liim under his ?onsular s-al. Ail persoii-ex^ cutlng such assignments and releases mnstais > do c.are, underoatli, b?'fore<he notary, cierk,or en sui, as the case may be, that they are the rer.! own ers oft lie certificates or other evidences of debt, tr tliat tlie saine have been assigned to them, bona <W?. fir collection; and the notary, cleric, or consul taiiri include t he fact of thztdeclaration iu theircer* tifi-a'e ??fa:itnr<wl'"fjjmer.t. If assigiod Jor collection, or in pifdtrs, ths name of Uie party ho?din? the b. n? fleial or residuary in t?r??i in th.- Maim nine ?.r vtal^ |n lhf. a!fidavit and a release to the United Vut/'s ar.d r? !eare to Texas mu*t be du.y erfui'd by such [ g* "h?r wit.a tl:? l^i^iriuni mid re!'a?'' trotn the person ui whoio fcvor c< tt!eincn: and payiaent i? rcjursteJ, ''nr*i r audit. J rcrtificates, or one er more I vtJ. iCt; of the featii.: character of debt, may I - in clud'-.t in the samea. -?i^n;nent, lel.-nsrs.and afiida vii Of owncahip, if each certified is correctly d?. scribed by number,date, amoiiut, end iiaiTt** of the original payee, rt should also appear whether the certifica*.s were issued by the authorities of the State of Tens, on aecouaa of the d^bt of the repub lic,or e.-erc t^u. d by the republic of Texas, accord in ? .it tii?* lui'i.-t nf rase. The ssmgnmect to :he L'niiet! Stat, s may be made in common for in ; the releases should be drawn ac cording to the furms BVtij.iined?A and It. J A.MKS f.irTIlKli;. Secretary ol the Treasury. Furm *1. Knnw a'l p-rsuns by them* presents that has r. I. a! Ii r? by rel^an-*, the lJnited Hta es of Am ?ra fio.n all furth. r liability ?r elaiui for the payment of reriiiicate ?r , v,.,r,,o. ?f .1. bi number , for the HUtn of a issued bv ! !!' H,:rtr''P?bTC "f TrX*\' (Wr by author^,, s of ihe Ht,te of T-xas, aw the c:?,c imy b ?,) and re d-? tn d ov the ('Uiled Sia eS m accordance with ihe "ran art ?>' I'a' g'ff* entnled "All act to r^TwVlTf^'' ,,m'rin,!nl r'f",rh cje.hiors of the late !?..? IL r *" H" ar'! c""?;'rehetided in the actol Af S -V7',f "Tmb^r nine, eighteen hunitred a,id y . e n? <d ,ru'281,1 ,!ay "r fedrnary, lfr>5, and KwrV"'T*"'' '?? As witnvsomy hand and seal. fsrin B Know all persons by thM? prt-senis that ? ha-s released, an.1 hereby releases th?- Stateoi er? * |, f ,i * ? | iros?.B, l|lr ' lalrO] Texas from all further liability or claim lot the pay meni of certifiea'e or evidence of ^-bt rumbei .for Ihe sum of $ . i?*n?>d by ihe latere public of Texa?,<or by the aiuhoiities of the r?!ai< of Texas, a? the ( ase may be ) a id redeemed by th< United Stairs in accor>*ance with the pro>iMa.i*o an act ot (Joii|>re>d.? nulled " *n a< t to pr?-vide fo the (iavm*nt ot such creditors of the late republic o T' a* are coniprehbiided in the act of Con^re* ol aiepiember nmc,^<ai?Mti hunoitd and fifty' appmvixmeaeurtjr ^binary, aatTaa w o the State of Tsxas, approved the 1st of February, 1856 As witness my band and seal. The following is a list of the au?IH> ?l certificate* fit til ou.sia.i<iing: So. Jtsiicfto. 8 T D Tompkins IB Rukmau I'anliHd 31 John A Clifton ;nhk m 53 R G flobbi 84 J D?: Cordova 9.2 John Rurniugliam 13.") Phiticd'i De Cordova 176 E Kaiuwin 1^1 Jam>-s Tiljjlimaa 192 Marinas Clark 301) 201 f 328 O Hlinr au SI4 J E Wade 36s Pete^Si Booth 395 Loti tllisted -li'l S Kmgsley Etlia" Farle b<-th Parker, ex'x l*4j} Xo. Is<>ritd to. Oscar Rnglrdow 1675 Trustees ef Austin College 16*2 G H Monsarrat 81 Co 16 K> John Karncr 1704 Daniel Carl j?j IIS WtlOl 1746 John W Portia 1770 J K Elliott 1H07 Harriet George 1B1R Mile* S Renin It 1829 Na'ltamel Rudder 1831 ( L> vi Tyler, a?lm'r 1M3 J ofVVH Kelly J>C43 Samuel Wildey l&N Geor?;? Sutherland 14-11 J P liennines 427 J Pa' k? r, for Eli7.a- 18421 j q Eccles 437 Benedict Bayl.*y 445 Leander B< ason 1'>6 WmOdlin 467 John IV King r09 T B Webb SIP AS Thumond Si8 Time \V Marshall 625 David 8 Kaufman G13 George VV Parker 1814 Edmund Balliagar 1852 J D l-oesn 1856 C P Green 1865 David Ayres 1869 TJiomes F J rimes 1878 C S.-liiedl?>mantd 1480 J F Jewett 1897 F Emma 1899 Par'illa Kee* Wm Flower 611 Crutciier8iMcRavenl920 K W Grossnripyer 1922 Gilbert Johnson 1928 Kobrrt Lusk 1939 E W Cawthern 1!?J0 Wm Cochran 1932 Franci- Moore Jr 2071 Andrew Daley 2072 Isaac Stewart S3!c w v"kc'v '^y t Taul Bremood 2106 1610 210b 293 2135 David G Bornet R P Mc Master F P Gentry S W Fisher Louisiana Davis 651) 6521 653 J A Simpson 65'J IVm 1! Ileleher S77 H 11 Williams 7t)l Felix Rieder !]*} Robert Dale 773 Wm Jones 779 Wm Walker 793 Ilyer Pearl 8(2 Isaac 1, Hill 8G3 Hetmo^an Brown 871 John VV Bower ?79 Jam-'s McMaster 914 DyrrPeai) 915 Mary Ellen Reden-1858 h-T^ 930 J Ellis 932 .Mr: Mary Celville U. '.O Anson Cran?on 1012 R M Forbes 1025 James N Hopan 043 Thomas Lindsay Ht4.') James L Green IH47 Jes.-e Daniel 1048 J R Daniel 1050 Charles V'mceat JJg | S D Gervaise !o5H Willis Millican 1059 J I) Mill man 1062 John I'avis 1065 Wm Burton 1079 ' V A Li.ckhart '080 U Morton '? i:'.r> Jaint-s Kiilam :i9? c 11 Taylor 211 Youngs Coh man 1248 Robe rt McNutt 1219 John W Cloud, per 2390 Wm Kimbro an'y I II Raymond 2400 H H Hayuie 24U1 it W Milliai:k 2115 623 2104 1501 2303 E Frost 2306 Thomas Reed 2316 Harrison c Bryant 2.330 j S McDorald 2340 Arthur Garner 2341 J F Martehett 2341 Acdrews & Gro?er 51 >45$ P G Merritt 2:149 W Pinkney 2350 J D Giddin?s 2354 J Crawford Jr 2358 A P Edg> rton 2359 Thoma Warner jr 2:?63 George K Sistare 2364 Francis Rrichta 23?2 Elizabeth Carter 8383 Wm Davis 2.V? Jowpli Tornlinson 2390 Hneed Si Turner 1263 E i)e Pon ois 12W C P Gr. <.? i, j W Sinks a. J Shew 12U7 Ji.liu Kendrick '2:^ ?amn<' Uid'len J::hn Ji hr..*on -301 >u-a;: Ma?M. 1 2402 Catherine Allen B 2105 Henry Kring 2413 J \V Lawrenee 2416 Stephen Smith 2134 A C Morton 2438 Elarhalet Easton -4!? I.emiK-i RDickenson I h'.ma-II Forregter 2450 Wm II Thompson I3J-5 P R Warner 423 William Frels 421 g w Osborne : Jehn A "cthnrford '427 ( orn> !it:.? V'atir.ay '428 Jfisepij Rati ?< ' 173 Ann B Rcse i.'l.r Lumbard M inn "21 J C Moore 1523 .'oht, J^me^ '554 K II f> ''ijias :57a E M Fi*o 1572 Wa Knr Ja:ni ' A Moody 1581 p Rickfnrd '*12 John ' ?.m< r 1615 John i jin1 'on l^-'l J-'-i! D I'avlor l?M !a vi Ktitcet 2452 */ Wm Eddy 2471 J E llenon 2171 A It Hemphill 24*7 Aarioi Hau?hton 2479 Heirs of John Jones 2|e0 '? Jo i Hiil 2481 " Warrt-n Abarn ^4n2 " John L Monks 24c3 " Peter Vldrich 2499 M A Dooly 2">0'i i^eorieCDay*a?hier 2501 F l\er.:ie:t \ Co 2503 John W ISdiriSff 2:-34 W C Riair 2512 M Rorb? ri'aille 2513 iienry R Brooks -514 Gabriel Trumwelt ?.r2w il 8 Korean I'- ."J I ur". ;ir fit l>an 25-5 .v'arah \<-nman The outstanding efi<lences of r>iuprciar?<,s of iho d bi of the republic of Tcxe* cannot be specified by thia DfcDariaaent. au 22?dtlstJanf MA15T7ELB. NETY AND BEAUTIFUL STYLE. Wtstnfaclsv?'i from Sloue? hy the Wr Ct'.llhtSrt Cp?ijpnP7, Vt? 'SMirSK ^sANTSLM ' 1 L j:.\AVKLI.KU IN ? Irnltallon cfthrrlebe t and iuo?it expensive EG VP S'! AN, LIHBdM. V ERD ANTlqiJK, Potfl'liVRV, PYRKNEKS UKOCATKLLA, ACATJ ., SPANISH GA I.WAY, and other rare and desirable MARt?i?K.J. The Imitations are ? o;tx;t thrtt they ehfllengpth" closest scrutiny Tt ey 3T? ro hichly polished that they retain tbeir bt anfy rrttch longer than mr.rblc; arc* not injured by srrv'kf-, coa! or aeids, end can be seld mr,cb cheaper than any others In market. Price ranplnrt Iroin *125 to ?12 Archltcrts, B-illdert and others are Invited to cad Rnd examine samples at No. 512 strK't, 3 doors below Odd Fellows' Hall, up stair*. T. M HANSON, Ml2-lf Acrent. ARB. w CHINA, OLASS AND Ol'KKJIS WAKE. 0K. H MI1.LKR, S(?N fc CO.,1 importers direct from Liverpool toi Ai?-X!?ndrla, bey leave to call the at-* t^r.t ion of dealers, hotel keepers ard others of Wa*bli gtoa a:.d Georyetov/n to their stools of G(?OJ>^, u-iiieh. for extent and variety, will corrpnr.^ f tvorably wUli any establishment In the K?stern r;'.:le?. '1 rje connexion of tbeir senior partner with the mamf-rtiirers of Europe and the United States for upward* of 30 years, has given hlmadvan tnoes in the purchase of goods, tqual, If not supe rior. to any house In the trade. An inspection of goods and prlccs will satisfy all parties that pur chases ran be made cf them upon the most favor able terms French China Dinner Sets, gilt and decorn'ed French China Dinner Sets, gold band and plain white French China Vases, Pltcheri;, Toilet Set#, Ac. Freijcu China Tea Sets. Cups and Saucers, and c::.rr articles of Teaware And Dinner Ware, separate from sets It.dia C,hln : Dinner Sets, and sej>orat? articles al vny; on hand While Granite Ware in every variety, in sets, and s'p.'.rate from sets, a* may be desired Blti" i'rlnted or Liverpool Ware, the same C iiuacon I'd'yil, White and Rocking ham Ware, In full ?upply. Cut. Pressed, Plain arid Moulded Glass Ware frirr. the best establishmenls in the Eastern and Western .States, which will be sold by the pack age or otherwise. Experienced packers employe J. Goods put up by us can be transported by any mode without breotage. Fare bv the steamboats from Washington to Alexandria, almost hourly, 12^ cents each way A quarter of a dollar thus spent m^y save many dollars. dec l W. ?. Mt TZEROTT, (St'CCBSSOR t-j Gkorgb Hilbps.) Agent cl Kcven 4c Karon'i aud William -VI il CELEBRATED PIANOS, HAS ALWAYS UN HAND THE LARGEST stock of 1 IANOJ. ffl"5 up to !fi (vo. M El.OI>EONS from S15 to &25 ?, GUITARS, VIOLINS, HltASt 1NSTIIU<

MENTS, Fl.UlES, BaNJOES, ACCORD EONS, and SHEET MUSIC, cheaper than lr any house south of New vor*. Music published and received every day. Pianos for rent nov4-tr hats: hath: CCONSTANTLY ON HAND A FULL V supply of BKEBE'S NEW YORK STYLES. together with TAYLOR'S H A TS , of HALT I M O R K The best black dress HATS pot up In the latest style for ?3.50, ps goi'd as those usually soli at 35; and a good fa?ixlon ableHatat S'i, worth ?1; and a first-rate Hat, ?2 50. The best materials and tae best wor">anship 1 employed to nrodtice a f5 Uat, which is sold fo ?? v% e do a cash business, meet with no ios sea, but xive each customer full value for hi money. Felt Hats unusually low. N B Agent for Drlsooll's Halm of a Thousan. 1" lovrers 1 rice 25 cent.n per oottle. - A*\f H (\^ v':tkl street, near Pa. ayeane. Area for a New \ ork Hat Comr>?v. se 26-tf ao 00U I'EtCh TRKES. 4 T TEN DOLLARSFER HUNDRED?KOI * sale at my Nursery, ntar Washington Md I he above tr?*? are all of fine growth, tndWl of the I ?*? ?elect fruit ' ZC assortment of ORNAM ENTAL bYEKtikbfcN, SHADE, and FRUIT TREfct JOMIVA KKIWDIS, Medicines CHERRY PECTORAL, For the rapid Care of lOtliHS, COLDS, HOiRSENESS, BRONCOTTIS,W HOOPING-fOCGIt, CBOl'P. ASTHMA. AND CONSUMPTION. Among the numerous discoveries Fclence has made In this generation to facilitate the business of life?Increase Its erjoyment. and even piolong the term of human <xlsience. ncnecan be named of moreieal value to mankind than thl* contribution of Ch'mistrv to the Healing Art A vast trial of its virtues throughout this broad country, has proven beyond a doubt, that no medicine crcom binatlon of medicines yet known, can so surely control and cure the numerous varieties of pulmo nary disease which have hitherto swept from ou% mid stthou -<ands and thou sands everv year Indf ed there Is now abundant reason to believe a Reme dy has at length been found which can be relied on, to cur* the most dangerous affections of the lungs. Our space here will not permit us to pub lish any proportion of the cures t fleeted by Its use but we would present the followingand refer further enquiiy to my American Almanac, which the agent below named, will always be pleased to furnished free, wherein are full particulars, and Indisputable proof of these statements. Uffici of Transportation. I Laurens, R. R., C., Aug 4,1853.1 Dr J. C. Ati?. Dear Sir,?Myllttleson,four years o!d, has Just recovered from a severe attack of magllgn^ni Scarlet Fever, his throat was rot ten. and every person that visited blm, pronounc ed him a dead child Having used yourCHiRRv I'bctokal, In California, In the winter of 1850, for a severe attack of Hron- hltls. with entire suc cess, I was induced to trv It on my little boy. 1 gave him a tea-spoon-fullev?ry three hours, com mencing in the morning, and by ten o'clock at night, l fourd a decided change for the better, f nd after three days use, he was able to eat or drink without pain. Itsnse In th : above nanK-d disease will save many a child from a prematuie grave, and relieve the anxiety ft many a fond parent ' For all af fections of the Throat and Lungs, 1 believe It the best medicl e extant. A feeling of the deepest gratitude, prompts me In ad-frewslng you these lines?but for your Important discovery, my little boy would now have been in another worid. 1 am yours with great respect, J. D. POWELL, Supt. Trans., L. R R.'jJ Rocky Hill, fomerset Co , N. J., > July "il, 18S9 \ Dr. J C.Ayer,? your medicine has b ? come known b"re It has a greater demand than tiny other rouuh remedy we hive ever sold It Is j poicn of in terms of unmeasured praise by those 'vh^ he vc us<d it, and 1 know cf some cases where the best they can say of it is not too much for the good It ho* done. 1 take pleasure in jelling It, oecaus? 1 know that I am giving my customers the wo-th of their money, and 1 feel gratified la ?oMng the ben; lit It confers Please send me a further supply, and believe me Yours, with resp?ct, JOHN O WIIITLOCK. 1'. S. Almost any number cf certificates can be sent If you wish It. Windsor, c \\\, June2*, l?52 Dr. J. C. Aykr. Sir ?This may certify that 1 hnve used your ("ukhry Pectoral forupv/ards of one year; and it Is my sincere belief mat 1 should Lave oeen in my g ave ere this time if 1 had not lf. has cured fne of a dangerous nUV*. !lon rf the lungs, and 1 do noi overstate my con vlctlon* v.'hen 1 t.-ll you It H a priceless remedy. Yours very respectfully, D. A. McCLURI), Attsrney at Law. Wii,k*3arrk. I'a , S^pt-^mber29, IP50. Da. J C. Atkr MydrarJ-lr?Yourmedlclne is much approved rf f?v th ?-e who have used it here, and h? composition Is r-uch a> to insure and maintain Its lep it.U!uii I lnv.irlably recoin 1D' nd It for r.ulnonhr;' s Xectlors. j?> do minv of our p?laclp2! phy.-Irisna I am your friend, CIlAS STRLATER, M D Prepared by DSL. J C. AVER Chemist, Low ell, SI as* So'd b;7. li OILMAN, Washington, and all respectable druggists. dec 8-lm COUGHS?COLDS?HOARSENESS . UK. TVI.FR'S COMPOUND SVRUP OF GUM ARABIC: Tho UKst Fleasant, St^fe and fcpeody Cure Whooping rough. Croup, Asthma, Lieoased Lungs, and Consumption Entered according io Art cf Congre.19, A. D. 1?37. IN A'?A IN PRESENTING TOTHE NOTICE of the public the above remedy, we feel that little apology is needed Vast numbers la all sections of me Union are obliged to h'<ve recourse to other sources of relief tlnn tho immediate pre script oa cf their family physician, and as each return of t^e winter season brings out a host of professedly new specifics, some good, others use less, r.nd ir.uay decidedly dangerous. It becomes as m ich a matter of du'y as interest, believing this to te a remedy, combining the gr-atest ad vantages, with the least obje tJons of any ctner In use, fo make it as extensively known as p*ar tleable. That such is its character, Is abundantly p.-oved by the fact, that it lias been ex'enslvely used th" last twenty years with unparalleled suc cess; that Its reputation has continued to spread and Its sale Increase, with little rid from adver tlslng or published lists of certificates, (which all know can as easily be had for a worthless preparation as for a meritorious one,) that by Its own Intrinsic merit, with the recommendat on of persons benefitted by Its use, 1: has gained its pre ent popularity; it is not trumpeted to the wo id as a spec li ? or cure all, but as a valuable and scientific auxiliary in puimoncry cases reauv at hard, and cne that Las been generally found to aftjrd relief where most otters have been tried without material oentfit As such, it is recog nised by numb"rs of our leading physlclar.s, who know its composition, and have been eye wit nesses of its superior tfllca-y, as well as by thou sands Y our must respectable citizeus, to most of whom reference is cheerfully permitted Sold at 25 cents, or three bottles In one, 50 cts by NAIRN A PALMER, and CHAS. STOTT, Washington; CISSEL, Georgetown, and PEEL & STEVENS. Alexandria Also, " TYLER'S GUM ARABIC COUGH CANDY D ROPS." the same composition In a portable form, much patronised by public speak ers. singers, frequenters of public at semblles, Ac , as they remove all husklness from the throat and voice, an<t act like a charm on a troublesome cough Price 12j< and '.'Scents a box. dec 9-ly STOP TMAT rUI'GH ! rPHE C It MAT REMEDY FOR COUGHS, Coi.d*, Crocp snd vVhoofins Cocgh l)R ROSE'S CO UHH SYRUP Cures Coughs of the worst kind. Italsocurea hoarseness, -ore throat, weakness of the chest, pain 1': the breast and iu:ig tfiVctlms Where ever tLtre is pain mix with tLe Cough Syrup 1(1 drops of Pain Cure:, and you will find iruinediaU relief Hr. Rose's Cough Syrup relieves and frequently cures a consumptive cnugh, and fortl 11 s the system against further at'acks. 1E7" In bottb's at 50 cents "nd ??! TO CURE CROUP. The lives of thousmd of children have Veer saved, by u>lng Dr ROSE'S Croup Syrup. Ii gives instant relief. ? 5 cents a bottle. TO CURE WHOOP IN (i COUGH Dr ROSE'S Whooping Cou?h Syrup Is th< onlyce tain cure for V. hooping Cough, ltcure in a ^hort tirrie, and allays all iriltat-on of thl Lungs 50 ceiifs a bcttle The above valuable medKInrs are reerrnmerd ed by Physicians who have tried them in the! practice. To be had of all Druggists in Washington Georgetown, and Alexandria dec l0-4m DENTALSLKOEON. I \R- U F. COSUY, PENN AVENUE, UE I ? tween Sixth and Sevo/.th ^ at the place formerly occupied by Dr Van Patten, has just received a very ^11 u large supply of nrtlrles pertalnl g to dentistry and resptctfully invites the public to give him call Having devoted his whole time to the pro fesslon, he Is perfectly safe In declaring that h will give entire satisfaction in every case Th best professional references can be seen at his o( fl"*. nov 12-tM arc hvo * HAKI'KK'S maha/ine for janu ary. 25 cents New York Ledger for December27th. bodey's Ladles' Hook for Januarv Everlasting and indestructible Toy Books, good assortment al?o; of Hlbles. and Prayer Book Dound In rich Velvet and Turkey Morocco; a extensive assortment of children's Books, sui'i ble for Christmas Presents; a great variety of Pe and Pocket Knives, Sciston,Skates. Pistols, Ac for sale very low by E K LUNDY, dec 10 No. 1*8 Bridge street, Georgetown. FOR CHRISTMAS. Looking glasses, all sizes, wil, be sold low tor casa JOHN WASN?E.flKP? tv?nut. dec 17-tf oppotm HMrwooOfloow. Pro pot ill for Ireetin* the Peat Office and Court-house at Windsor, Vermont. lutinr Diphtirt, > Wi&ai*oro5, l>ec?mb~r ie, lW \ PROPOSALS WILL BR RJCcKlYin AT THIS department until tne lb.h dsy of p bruuy, A. II 1837, si 9 o'clock a m., for u>e eoiutni<-iioii 01 the Pom Office and Coun boose amhoiif-d to he crec'ed at Windsor, Yeimini, according 10 b1 pi irt and speeifi ail ns prr| ar*d a this d? tMo^t; tad pntp<? als In b ? eitner tor the whole b aiding ?!r iMtelitrdiimut kind* of work; billa of i arrets rau?t 10 *veiy ca? a rem; any iarh bid, w i n the amount of ?acb kind of work, a id thsto*al am >unt carried out; the defanmenc re trving the righr k> reject or accept tbc propofals hereby invited, or any fart*ih*r?*of, when it de?in? the interest ??f the tinit' d ?:ate* reqrctres ii ; the drjaiment also rr se. ve? the io exclude ilie bids oi any p. rm or ,hcrr ? just iiuc to believe will not faithfully perform the con.iaets, or Mlitcb tbey l ave au> mixed tooh am I y indirection ; a*d a I bide when T'r a ' e parte* tn i merest wi?o dfi not join in the n.a^, and a I b <u ti a% upsn lnvestiiaion. are b-low a fair price f?r the w?Irk. Bid* will not b-received (n gross. aid no e-n tract will be asarded to a b.dder unle-s deads are furni lied the de, anni :nt of Ui- ,iricr. of ibr differ ent kinds oi work ail ma-ena'-. which si aH b. subjcct to the r< v?ion ot th, ^mnnrnu w (Ut it m y aiopt the whole or | a t nfu.e b.d. a< :he in fcrest ot the United SiaUs may reqo re. g Ninety per cert, oi tn* am -uni of work dore and mater al< delivered, aecordinctocont net price aid amount to b; ascertained bjr tke munaic of a a a;*nt of th? dej anmerit a >p< toied for u.a put pose,) will be i a <1 lW in time to tim~ a? ihe w< tu progresses. ad ten p? r cent, regained until tlie crm pl? t on of die ronoact and aceep ance of the work, sc , by the ajent a:or>said, and he Inifelted in th> cveat ofnon tulfi'msnt of contrast Con rac s will l>e awarded only to master-huil lers a*id inecbanx , aud the aj ignaient thereof, eZot pt by consent of the Secreta y ol ibe Tnasoiy, will b a f rfietnre of the sam-. hacli proposal mint be acoompaaied by a written guarantee, signed by two responsible persons,(cer tified to b< mi by the United Statss district iudfe or attorney of he taid distrie',) in tlie aunt of$6 0U0 for the whole work, or of a amount, if for any pat. ilia the bidder will, when required, ifhis propria! be accepted, enter intoa contra taid b ind, with proper and suffl i?nt sceuritiea, for iu faithful performance. I'oim o? bonrf and certiflra'en qairrd wilibeftirn* nhed on a->pli? a ion to the de| a-'mMit P!an?. rnrcifi.a'ionn, and working d awing* will b : r< aiy atVr thirty day, when th?y <a i We bal on applira i n to tbn de; anuienr. A'o hd trill be rtn.\ider?l unleii ii fnUu compile* in atl i/t Ht'ai* vitK the rr./Mi'rcmeni* of I hi* mdeertixt Men I. The propo a'? m'i#t be eent to tki? deja'tm 'nt, a Idr? Bced to ihc fr cretaiy nf ihe Tr?a<tay, ana l>!aln y* endorsed %i Prepotr.U for the H'ir.Jtor 1'otl Ofli' c and Crr.irt howe" and will bi opened at 10 o'clock a. ni, ut the O-^t ? ay ram-l lor receiving th-s me. JA.MtCs tiUTMRlF, d?'c *it)?awtl*F< ttt Srcreia'y of Tna uiy Proposals for Erecting the Custt tn-honse, &c , at Fortsmonth, New Hampshire. T*easi kt Departsifst, ) . Wamiixuton, Dec mb^r 1G, l&G. J IJROrn3AL8 WILL UK RECEIVKO AT TlilS J't ar'in-nt until ib? 16th davrl Fibri a v, A It., 18-'?7. a' !< o'clock, a m , for tin; eon?truciion of the l'n<trm hone, pout ?'flier, and Court kh ma a'Ulv r r.ed to b; rr> ctcd at rortxnoutli, ** Hamp dure, a -cording to the p an' a id *pecifii a'ions pr.; ?.a^cila tins ({"parm-iu ; >a d propo a'nlobeenht-r lor the whole b nldiog or aej a ate for different kind* of work; bilh of |a'celts must in ?Vfiy?a?e a? crm;anv<ach b d, with the amount of ? ach kind of work, and the tmal amount < arried out; ;hc de pirtm -ut resetving the right to reject or accept the profo-a a hen by mva- d.or any | a't? thereof. hen it dei m' the ini?:r? Kt ot the (Jnit*d 8 atest'quire? j|; Hi'- def ar inent a'aorewiven the rishtto exclude t* bid? ol a'.y p-r on or person* w ho there isjum ra'iBc to b-*li? v will not la ihfnlly perforin the roniia?t?. or which th? y iav<* a tr irioted to ob ain bv iodircc t.on ; and a i bids wncn there ?hill b ? ra iien in in tere#t who no not join in the bida, and all b'dii it ? , Ml?on inv ^ti^a ion, arc b^lowafatr price for ihe work, Bid* will r.ot bi receiTed in grom and no contract will bo- a^ arded to a b ddcr unlets details a'e fur ninlied tlie dr j artment of the prices of the mffererit kii ol work ami materia'?, which *1 a'I hp sub ect to ihe r< v.nnn ol tbe dej anm -nt. so tliat it may a lopt the whole or j art of the bid. as the intend (t th'! United f a'cs may require. Ninety per cent, ol the am->unt of work r!one a- d materia ? rielivered, a cording io conttaM pri.?e, (>a d amounts to be a-ceramed by the est mate of a i a?i nt ? f he de( anm^nt appointed for tha' pur pose.) will b-j fad iictn t me to nine a^thewoik prccr^ we?; and ten per crni reiairiea nr.til the c< m p'etion cf ihe contia jt and acceptance cf tl;c work, &c . by ihe ajent atoreia d, and Ue forieit<d iii tue tv.'iit ol non-fu fi ni rt of contract. C ?otia tf wi I b ? aAard?il only to master builders a id m c* a'iic?, and ihe a*sigr.mjnt tlien?o<, ?icept by ??outeni of ta? Seereta>y ol' Uie Tr? a>ury, w ill be a torf-iiure of the Fa*h propo: a! in ist be a :cnn( anted hy a written tun autee, signe.1 ty iwo responsible peisons, (eer* tili?d io h?- fo by the Unit?d 8 n'es district ju?le? <-r a torm y of the'said . isirict,) in tlie mm of $5,000 lor the ? hole work.or of a p opor iorat- amount, ii f'T a y i a-t. 'hat the biJder will, w> en r? quired, if his propo a' b ? accepted, enter imo a contract and hond.with proper and sufficient securitie*. ftir its ta'ihfiil perto mance. Fo.m of b'Mid a id cenifica'e required will b? fur niiiheu cn appfca'ion to tlie def nnmenr. PI,?ns. sp :cifi( ations. and wrrkirg diawioos will h r ready after thirty days, when th? y can be had on appii? ation to ihe deianment. S'o hid will herorx^iAerrd un/c,? it fully complies in all if* detail* trith the requirement* ?f ikix cufrc.tue ment. 'I'he propo'alj rnu-t l>e sent to th s dejaruu-nt, a ldres?ed lo tbe rtecre a-y of the Tr?a?uiy, aod p a t ly e ndorsed ? Proposals for the Porhmovth Custom home," and will b; opened at 10 o'cl?>c*, a m , of tae 'o?t cay ram 'j for receiving th* am;. JAMKS GUTHRIE. dec 19 2awt16Fclij Secretary of the Trra uiy Proposals for Erecting the Marine Hospital at Galena, Illinois TRtAjrar DEPAETiaxT, > U*ASn;xttTox, Decern ier 16, 16'6 | SOPOSALS WILL BE RBUKIVHO AT THIS de,ar ment until tbe 19ih i*ay o' Februa-y, A U. 1857, a; ii o'? lo.-k, n m , for t'ne constrnctioi of the Marino Uospi.a1 authorised to he ereit^d at Ga lena. illiiioir , a' c .rding to the pla is and s. eciiica tions preja-eii at this department; taid proposal* to bj either for the whole b-jilding ? r m*i arate for 'if lerent kinds of work: b.llstf |arcel?m st in evety case i.ccom any ? a h lint, witli tbe nm?ontof ? acii kind of work, and the ?ota arnouut carried out; the department reserving tbe nglit to rrject or accept the propo-aU hen by ii.v.teO, or any pa-ts thereo', when it deems the inteiest ot tbe United States re quires it; the departm nt a!<o reserve* iheriirntto exclude ttiehids ofaiiy person or persons who ihere i. just cause to helirve will not fa'thfully perform the contracts, cr which tiny lave attempted to obta n hy indirection; and all hids when tbere shaii l?e I a ties in inter, st who do not join in the b ds. and al. bida that upon investigation, are b-low a tair pri e to- the work. liuls will not b ? receiv d in erokn. and no contract wi I 1?- awarded to a bidder unlcs* detaiN are furn ished the d< par ment of the prices of ihv different km?N of work a d materials, which sha I be snbp ct to ihe rwi-i ni of the d-partm-nt, so Uta: i< may adopt the whole or a part of tn? bid. as the miirect o!" the United Sia e? may require. Ninety per rent of ib? am unit of work done and ma erials delivered, ac or line fo contract price, (.-aid amount to b: asc rtai -rd by the esuma'H ot an a*entof the uepar m-nt appointed for that f?nr p ??e,) wi I b : paid from tim to time a? the work pr<itr? sses ; a nl leu p -r cent, re'a ned unul tiieeom ple ion of tlii* c ntract a >d a cep an*e of the work, See., by the ag?;nt afor? said, and he fort"' tied iti the ? vein of non-fulfilRf'ni of ronira-t Contracts will b^ awarded <u>ly to mutrr-bvild rs and m-H l ames, and the a-M<nni :nt thereof. *x wpt by consent of ihe Secre ary of the Trca?u.y, will be a fori"' iture of the same. Fa h proposal must b ? aiconipanied by a written Ku.raa.t i', eigned by i wo responsible persors, (eer lified io b* so l?y the Umied Sta'es district ju.lge oi a torto y of the ^n,| distn't.) in the sum of .$6,000 11, the whole work, or of a prop >r ior.ate amount, if for a iy part. t"at ilie hidder w II, when required, il Ins pio|?o-Hl b ? accepted, enterinto a eotnriwt and h <iid. wall nroper ami sufficient securities, for iti faithful p rrfomancc. Foiiii of b 'ii.l and certificate required will bf fur.ii-hed on a*?jdira ion to the defartment. P'a ??. sprcitn a'HNia, aid workinc diawingswil! b r< a ly aler thirty days, when th- y can be ha-i?t a^p'u ation to the de^ii'iiii-nt. No t'id u-ill be ron'iAerftt unlet* it f"Uy romplic* it nil its details tuilk the re^wVfwertfi of this adcerUte mmt. Thepropora's mist be Mut to this defaiment addressed to the recreiarv of the Trratarr. am p a'nly endorsed " PropotaU for the Galena Marin Hitjutal,'' and will hi opened at 10 o'clock a m of ihe a t oay ram d foi nerving the iam* JAMES GUTHBIR, Seer, ta-y of the Tn a->ury. dec iy-2aw?19thFebJ clocks 1cLocaaCLotaa. ONLY THINK OF IT,?GOUD CLOCKI from ft M up to #30,?all wananted to go right;?over 65 different styieg of Clocks tOi selectfrom Also, Clock Cords' Welghta. Keys. Balls. Oils, and everything J the material line Call and aee for rourselves, i J ROBINSON'S,31# Pennsylvania avenue.or poslte Browns'HoteM novtii-im DJENTI&TRY. JW. McGKE, DOCTOR OF DKNTA ? SURGERY, has located hlimelf. permantly In this city. Or McGeels^ a graduate of the Baltimore College of" ? - , , _ Dental Surgery, and has had over twelve yea. practice Office removed to the residence of his fath* K?v f ? *?geo, (for the pteeeot,) Mi street. b< I and K meets. ?ec?-itn Medicines. riRllTIAN SYRUP, fWr ik* curt tf D|f7?rM*' Lftr Drmptf, ytmrmlgi?. In ipt'mt Diiititi ?/ lis Lung i aad Prencktnl Pu$*ug*t, Btltt, Gtn ?rul Utbthtf, fc EXCELLENT MKDICJNK WHICH . ha* attained a lilgh reputation and been ax le ve y used In Boston aad other cities of the East, bin been received and l? now offered for ?ale b) Z D GILMAN. special agent.3? Penn sylvanla avenue, ao also by tbe general agent, cor ner of l and 3d streets, Nary ^ ard The proof* of it* efflcarv are ao numerous, m weil an (hectic* ted and of such peeulisr chanc ier. Uiat sufferer* cannot reasonably hesitate to re ceive the proffered aid. Tbe IVrarlin Syrup doe* not profeas to be a tuti-all, bnt 1U rsnge Is extensive, beriuw many d 1*ease? mf-ri'im ly cnllke, are Intimately re lated. and. proceeding from one cause, may be cured by one rerredy. Tbe class of diseases for wbleb tbe Syrup pro Tide* a cure, it precisely that wbicb ass ao often baffled the highest order of medical skill The fact* are tangible, the wltnes?es accessible, and the safety and effl acy of tke Syrup incontrovert ible ? J have an*ly*ed the medical prepsratlon called tbe Peru el in syrup, w:tb reference to the number and kind of active substances contalced tn It. and the durability of the compound aa a pharmace ill caJ article. The metallic compound* of arsenic, antimony, mercury and ?lnc ere not present, nor 1* it possible to detect in it the slightest Indica tion of any metallic and mineral poi*on III or ganic constituent* do not Include opium, or any of uie drug*yielding poisonous principle* 'Ihe constituent* when at panted, are net even acrid It l* a preparation scientifically and skilfully compounded, po-*e*Mng all the durabil ity of a spirit uors tincture, without Its objection able qualities and the activity of it* esdag con stituent la preserved through the judicious adap tation of IU solvent. The point here attained ha* been frequently and unsuccessfully aouirht after by pharmaceutists Respeetf.iliy, * A A HAVhe, M D. Asnyer to State of Ma**achuaetta No. 1# Boylston street, Boston, 3d Nov , l-tt. a<nr?-3m PILKl-PiLEI-ril.Ki. WE CALL ATTENTION To ALL W HO are afflicted with thl* dreadfu complaint to the following sworn certificate from one of our moat respectable citizens, the fatherln-law of th* proprietor of tbe *'Courler des Etas Inls," ard formerly gun maker in Philadelphia: Niw York . Aug *'b , 1 <-y. Da Derail?Dear Sir:?I hereby certify th*tl have been affllc ed with the Plies for nearly slity years, that 1 have used eighteen bottle* of Harr.r rile Lotion, and everything else I could here of, but all to no eflect, for they did me little or no good About two month* since, I commenced using your remedies for the Pile*, a?d have the happiness to aay that they have had tne deal red eflect, having cured me 1 conMdei thla alme*t a miracle, for I am eighty years of age. I alncere ly recommend them to ali afflicted with the above complaint. P. VALLEE, 73 Franklin it State of New York, ) New York City and County. J I, Joseph C. Lawrence, do beret>y certify that on the daV of the date hereof before me personal - ly came P. Vailee, to me wi ll known, who, be ing by me duly sworn, did depone and *ay that the contents cf the foregoing certificate signed by bim are true. In witness whereof I have subscrlbrd my name, a* Commissioner of Lteed* and a*a Notary Public of the Mate of New York, and have \t flied my Notarial Seal at my offlce,ln New York, this 28th day cf August, 13?d JOSEPH C. LAWRENCE, Comml**!oner of Deed* and No'ary Public of the State of New York. 67 Wall street, New York. We challenge the Mrdlral Faculty of tbe Uni ted State* to produce a certificate equal to the above. Dr. Duprle'a Remedies sre tee oaly ef fectual cure for Internal Pilea. Only 50 cents per b1 x. Offlce?Nassau street, New York Will be sent by mall to any part of tbe United States For sale by FORD A UNO . ?orner of 11th street and Pa. ave, Washington, 1>. C. oc J3 GAUTIER'S COMPOUND HERB DROPS: For CougaB,Colds, Bronchitia, Atthma, Ac. THESE INVALUABLE COMPOUND Herb Drops h?ve the extraordinary property of Im mediately relieving Coughs, Colds, Hoarsene*s. Difficulty of Breatnlng, Bronchitis. Asthma, and Husklness of tbe Throat Those who are troubled with that ua pleasant tickling In the throat, which deprives them of rwt, night after night, by the Incessant cough which It provokes, will, by uslag these drop*, fitid immediate reilef. The subscriber, in presenting these Drops to public notice, wishes it to be eiprrssiv under stood that he does not claim for them any mtrac<i lo-is curtng properties, nor dees he present them with a long string of certificates of re-? rumenda tlons. although be he* many unsolicited and mo?t flattering ones from persorVwho have uied them. These Drops are composed of six simple ln Eredlents principally herbs, which are known to e very efficacious in the cure of diseases result ing frrm Colds.and some of which, being rather nauseous In their natural atate, would deter many from resorting to them, but wfcen made into a candv or drops, beroir.e palatable without losing aey of their valuable properties. They have been approved and recommended by all the moat prominent members of the Medical Faculty of Washington city. Every Lawyer Clergyman, Public Speaker, or Vocalist, should carry a few of these Drop* in his pocket to be used btfore orafle; exerclrlitg ae ?oral organs. Prepared and for sale, wholesale and retail, by C. VAUTIKK. A la Vllle de Parts, No 252 Pa av W ashington, D C. Or may be had of the following agent : J AS. H STONE, corner of 7th and I, stree*; R S. T. CISSEL, Ueorretown; JOHN E BATES, ?^.v.ard; Samuel white.7thstreet, HENRY COOK A CO . Alexandria. (fee V PHILOIOPHICAl'vik" of MAS2IA3 I, _ IT ? li A A CHOI I, M . U ALBANY, N. Y., ^ P?f *? mmd 190 Fitu, rimuCtItnd ittk ?grmpks Mi Fimttt F*i? eiiiT *wxhtt-Fit? Csxti. ??at Free ef Postage to all part* of the Valti. (CHEAPEST BOOK EVE* PVBL18AED? and coatalalng nearly dcable the quantity of rerd lagreatter !n thft of th FfFTY CENT OR DOL LAR PUBLICATIONS. II treats on the PHYSIOL OGY OF MARRIAGE. and the Secret lafirmltlea, and Disorder of Youtj end Maturity, resulting from ex cesses, which destroy the physical and mesial pow-' era. with Observations on Marriage, Its duties and dlsqns'!f^ttle?r^ji aKLS* Lithogra^s.liiugtratiajf the Physiology.and Dlse?e?of th*R*. predaetfre Organs of both reiee, their atractare, ?**l**d fnaenoaa. A popular atd comprehea slve Treatise en tke Dntles and Csnsaltles of sla ? Ufe?happy and fruitful alliances, ?aw ti?"?<*fBUeH0M 1,4 la*"tll? Ujelr obvlatlaa a ad removal ?1b porta ct SS^XSSSSffUa' aatrlasay, Uatw'll b,?!H0>t t# "! me*e> ahoald Jake this lmpertaat step without first ooumltlag its P^e??eemeaeetarlee oa the i lreaaes aad w ed 1 c? t treatment ef feaaaloa frem inftacr to old afe ear a M*gra.hieaUylU?.traied bv b^atSanfihs^ fhlo plates?aerronsdebUlty, its causes sad sr-s ay t hreeeas at sace so simple, safe, aad eftetus/ th it rail are Is Impossible?rules for dally maaare Spormaterrhssa, Trtth araetlcal ?<>resaceeesin] sands the ems re aaltlag from empirical aractloe?aa easav oa all dlseaMs arising from laXlacreUoa. wiu tfaln aid simple rales by which aU persons ea s core Sem ^Uh0B? *ercnry?remedies fw those seif ??* disappointed hopes sonn* fortunately prevalent la the yonng. it Vs a truth ful adviser to the married and thosecontemplatlne Marriage: Its perusal Is particularly recommekA. ed to persons entertaining secret doubts of their Physical condition, and who are coaaclous of hav. laghasardadtheheuth,happiness,and privilege* to whlc^every human being is entitled. PrloeTWENTY-FIVE CENTS per eony,ei Flee Copies for One Dollar. Mailed, nee ef pest age, to ill parts of the V nlted Statea N. B ?Those who prefer may eoasalt Dr. LA CROIX upon nay of the diseases upon which this book treats, either personally or by mail. Medi - elae seat to any part af the Vnlon according to di rections, safely packed end carefully secured from all observation. Address Dr M .B.LA CROIX, No. 31 Maldei Lane, or Post O Aee Box 579 Albaay, NY. UT" Otoe open dally,from ? a m to 9 p m. aad eaSunday from 3 until sp. m. tnr Oftce REMOVED from No. M Beaver st. te 31 M?id*n Lmm$, Albumf, Ntw Turk. dee m?ly PUKE I1LVKK WARS. SOLID S1LTER TE~A SETS, SILVF.K FORKS AND SPOONS, SOLID SILVER WAITERS, PITCHERS, GOBLETS, f CUPS A.LSO. FANCY SILJER WARE, suitable for WEDDING PRESENTS Tbe above are all of our own manufacture, and wabsaitsp reai. M. W. GALI A BRO.? POT l>*tf >84 Penn'a aw?^ DOLLft, DOLLS, BABIES, BABlEtt. at ?n1 M?LAV9flLlM'y