Newspaper of Evening Star, December 30, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 30, 1856 Page 2
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KV F\ IN<; STAR ?' A X H t N f J T ON CITY: TLEIOAY December 30 1SS. C ilifUTMIIiniTI IIV?UI tl Lift AT Til Ofriciii Tw U.TK S'lttlCI, II., THAT MAT MOT APFEAft CITIL T?l> ailTllll. SP1KITOF THE MOKNING PRESS. The Union publishes a paper from the pen of a Mr. Do Lor ma Brooks, of Wisconsin, dis puting the power of Corf ress over slavery in the Territories The Intelligencer to day contains an elabo orate and very interesting essay np?n the Missouri l^uesii^n, wherein the accomplished editor of that journal introduces Mr. Madi ?on'a celebrated lettar to Mr. Welsh, which, baring been omitted to bo published in the original collection of the Madison papers, was eared to the country by our fellow citizen, James C. McOuirr, Esq., who, it will bo re membered, with characteristic liberality and public spirit, a few years ago published at his own expense a beautiful volume of rare wri tings of Madison, for private distribution. W* find in this essay in th9 Intelligencer, other letter*, from the pens of Madison, Jef ferson, end Clay, which, with elaborate quo tations from the Congressional record of the period, serve to mike up this interesting his tory of the Missouri controversy, according to our eotemporary's view ot it. However much we may doubt the correctness of some of the Intelligencer's conclusions expressed in the article or essay now before us, we cheerfully subscribe to the ability and care with which it has been prepared. WASHINGToy NEWS AND GOSSIP Our Mrs Partington ?Col Benton?that kind-hearted soul?is rapidly and fairly earn* ing the title of ?? Our own Mrs. Partington." He sayi wattv things in the newspapers with quite as much emphasis as does the more widely distinguished Mrs Partington of our friends, th9 Boston Post nnd Gazette and with about a? close approximation towards bitting the tiail on the bead?just about as close-as was jroved in Saturday's Stjr by a correspondent, wh1) therein criticized Lis ** Lady" Scriptural reading To-day we have still another criticism <>n the philology of his Xmas dissertation pub lished in the Inttlligmeer. it is frcm the pen of one of the genus known as the jour printer out ot" work, and, by the by. barely out of his time also. It strike? u) that be tween these two ciitics our Mrs. Partington's Scriptural learning and philological attain* meets ?re shown to be about on a par with the general attainments cf the other Mrs. Partington, who is already known the world over. Xuas i'aiLuLu<;y ?Kfr. HUitur In the fientonian dissertation npou the w..jd lady, published in the l/it'lh^'in*/ of the J7ib instant, i ob?er?e the tollowii? astounding passage: " To be serious the pbrase has keen and is so applied in < ur America as to have lo-t the sense in which it was used in the country from which we take it? mad/time??r?i only appli cable to the eldest daughter of the king in France, and afterwards transferred to the dames of the court " ".Now, by r," this assertion of "Sir Oracle" is both inaecur&te and illiterate The word madam* (originally two words. m iU ime) was, in Prance, applied to the wil'si of the King s l.r? ?ther, to the rioter of the King's I father and mother, or to the daughter of the King. The plural of the word wsdames wu a title of courtesy bestowed indiscriminately upon the dames of the ccurt According to Doetor Johnson, this wcrd. corrupted into ?'madam," was f.isted upon the English lan guage. duiing the latter part of the sixteenth century, by the poet Speuser, who used it as *? a tei-Ti of compliment in addressing ladies of every degree " The American significa tion of the word (vide Webster's Dictionary) is, ?' an appellation or complimentary title giTen to married or elderly ladies, or chiefly to them and the sarat authority defines the word lady as "a Word of complaisance, used of women," and " in our America *' the ex pression admits of no other construction er application Ihe nativity of the wnrds madam and lady is as remote aa their similarity of meaning. Of go<>d, old buxon origin is the word Lidy? the offspring ot a good, old Saxon custom; but the word, l;*e the nation to wb< m it belonged, has k*t its pruu il iuentry in a mingled race of men and I<trig iia^es ihe antiquarian or thcepists tell us tbat in the .Men time it was a custom of the wives of the wealthy ftaxons who resided in the manor-houses to bc-tow. weekly, with their own hands. a quantity of bread to the poor, and the day upon which the gift was made became designated ?< hl<tfdig* (hlaf\ a loaf, and dig, a day) or hat uay W;th ihe increase < f p pulalion, and the e -nstquent reduction ot tno extent ot the manors. the cust< m became less frequent, and with its ?oppression the word charged to lefduy, and Anally corrupted to lady, a title of the mis tress of each manor-house, it has come down to the present time with this signification still attached up it. With thia history of the two wurJ* I must couple the top^ that the ' pale and melan choly sL-ue ot i'iut&icu wbich is ever flit ting thrcu^b the ex ?*?..'ator s oratoiical exer tions, wdi prevail upon h.ui to be moie at tentive lo substantial facte ?;:d less dogmatic in apeaking ot doubtful things Moxa * W hy lid 1. t tu? w. iter ute Saxon '.h.:rac ters in this word ' Did be a/>ticipate a want ot the pi< per tjje, ><r <;iH h? lear it mijtht be come like the j rir.t er'r tir.ek In the Intelli gencer t article to which be refers, and where a (?) Las taken the place <?f an epsilon <e) in word ego '?Printer', Dent Hew Ocean Mail Steamer Projects ?M?.re or less of thes9 schemes are destined to be urged on Congress very shortly The time and money spent on rh*m w?H be time and snoney thrown :;w>y XL* experience of all branches of the Ueneral Uovetcment with these already in existence has not been puch as to admit *f the possibility that any othe* ?aoh special contract wiii be made for mail ser vice at present, it seeiu to u* very improba ble that Cocgw will authorize the establisl ment of any other reguUr I nited States tnai* route bey ,nd the jurisdietii.n of this ?iovern ment, and absolutely imposaible mat it will make any such mail route that must necessarily be a monopoly, or authorise a contract to Le made except with the lowest bidder alter due advertisement and upoa a line where any acd all are ireo to compete. We iiave heard per haps a dt*en such new scheme* talked over, and feel assured that the day of the system'* popularity with Cu:gre*s !<a3 departed, at lea-.t f<#r the time being Breckinridge Ccal ? '>f late the newspaper! bave teemed with ] uffs ot' the wonderful vir tues of the comI (oaniiel) ? f tie Breckinridge mine in Kentucky. <a Wall street operation altogether, we s|prehend; until prudent peo p.e have c? me to l^/k uut fur s?<me biting or gouging operation it. connection with it il is leiLg Le-pifled m mewl,?t alter the fa^ion ot the 1 arker \ ein concern, by whitb so many ho***: and un.u-picious persons were viotim ued. it is but our duty to say tLat so far as i'e allr^sd wonderlul virtues in the produc <kjo of Ui and candles for burning aro con ??Xtted, Uhey Lo.ta by no mvaus been proved to the sitisfartion of the Light Il^us? Beard, who ?r? understood to have been asked to adopt tbe Breckinridge coal oil in the light houses of the Government, upon the strength of the appearance of a few rials of the alleged burn ing fluid left as samples Railroad Iron ?Those at a distance who ex pact to be able to induco Congress at its present session to return duties already paid on rail road iroo, or to shape the duty hereafter to be paid on that article especially to suit the in terests of companies now building railroads or about to commence their construction, have a more difficult task before them than they im agine. As far as we can perceive, both Houses are disposed rather to take comprehensive views in whatever they do in legislating changes of the existing tariff on imports, es chewing thought of care for particular inter ests. As jet no movement whatever has been Male here in the matter of the duty on rail road iron, though distant journals are foro" shadowing efforts soon to be made, to effect tbe legislation of Congress upon it. Well 8aid.?The New York Ti mss mistook "The Venerable X-SenatorV' recent philo logical dissertation in the Intrlligencer?his 4< C street Xmas dissertation"?for a problem in algebra at first sight Tbe editor closes with the following paragraph, in which must folks will doubtless coincide with him : " It is said that there is lame possibility of Col. Benton's going back to the Senate But we hope he will not. He can do mucb more good by amusing tbe public with his egotisti cal letters and speeches, which we tear he would cease to favor us with if bo were once more immersed in political life." Supreme Court.?Yesterday-No. 17. Reu ben L Long et al , appellants, vs John 0 Fal lon. Appeal from the Circuit Court U. S for tbe district of Missouri Mr Justice Camp bell delivered the opinion of the Court, atfirm ing the decree of the said Circuit Court iu this cause, with costs. No. 8. William Thomas et al., owuers of barque Laura, appellants, t ?. James W Os born. Appeal from the Circuit Court U. 6. for the district of Maryland. Mr. Justice Curtis delivered the opinion of the Court, re versing the decree of tbe said Circuit Court, with costs, and remanding the cause, with di rections to dismiss the libel, with coats. N j 4. Sebastian Willet et al , plaintiffs iu error, vs. John F. A Sandford in error to tbe Circuit Court U S. for the district of Mis souri Mr Justice Catron delivered the opin ion of the Cvurt, reversing the judgment of the said Circuit Court, with cost, and remand ing the eau?e, wilh directions to award a ve nire facias de noro No. 32. James 11 L re, claimant of steamer Uipiey, appellant, r.t James M and Cyrus Cot! man, owaers ol tiat-boat and cargo The argument of this cause was continued by Mr. Berjamin for the appellees, and concluded by Mr Taylor for the appellant. No. 33. Wesley Williams, garnishee of Ed ward F. Mahone, plainiifl in error, vs Hill, McLean X Co. The argument of this cause was commenced by Mr. Phillips for the plain tiff in error, and continued by Mr. Hilliardtwr the drfendants in error. Adjourned 1 h? Curr??ut Operations of Treasury Department '?o yesterday, 2^;h December. ther? ?ere ol Treasury warrants enterea on the bocks of the Department? TeX?s deot warrants $3 162 68 ? ?.rtho Treasury Department... 16,371 34 th? Interior Department..... 6 4U2 6j Yor Customs 57,7ul 47 War warrants received ani eu i?*reJ 17,203 37 lnteriorrop:iy warrants received and entered o,2n11 <>n account of tbe Navv 38,yoy no From Lands 32,346 27 For Customs 78 oo CO HUH ESS 1U IS A 1. PHUC K El) liSOS Thb Senate mot to day nt tbe usual hour, and after disposing of a lew resolutiors and bills that were introduced, agreed on adjourn ing to adjourn over until Friday Thoy then went iuto an Executive session, in which they were engaged when tbe Star went to press. In the House, on coming together, on mo tion of Mr. W ashburne of Illinois, a call of the House was ordered, and a quorum having an swered to their names, further proeeedings un der the call were dispensed with. Mr Wasnburne of IU., rising to a personal explanation, caused to be read from the Clerk's desk a portion of the official record of the de bate on the day when Mr Smith of Tenn., de livered his last speech. Mr. W. then went on to show that he was correct in his original statement that the Illi nois State Register?Democratic)?hud shirked the publication of the resolution of the Cin cinnati Convention endorsing the present Na tioabl Administration. He also defended himself from assaults of various Democratic papers in tbe State, on account of his share in the former debate above referred to. The Passengers or the Lyonnais ?lho steamship Europa, it appears, fails to brintr the expected confirmation of the report brought hy the Canada that a number of tbe passen gers of the lost steamer Lyonuais had been rescued It is now feared that the report was founded on a misapprehension, and that none of those unfortunate passengers has escaped ?Iive. The agent of the Lyonnais in New York bad letters from Paris to the 10th iust., which mike no mention of tbe rescue. Tbe Courrier du Havre, of Dec. 8, thus speaks of the rumor: " A Bordeaux journal, La Gironde, has pub lished a dispatch announcing tbe safety of h bent containing Capt Devaulz, of tbe Lyon nais and fifteen of her crew. We have tbe painful conviction that La Gironde wai in er ror. ' La Gironde does not indicate tbe origin of this dispatch, aid the bouse of tiauthi'ir Frerej h;>s received nothing in relation to this. If Caf tain Devaulx has been picked up by a vessel coming to Europe, and could not sen l news of his safety to bid family, why could he not as well have sent the news to his employ ers ' Besides it is three days ago that La Ui ronde publikhcd this despatch, which doabt les.' grew cut of tbe safety of the mate of the M Lugaiere, and tbe uieu who were in tbe boat picked up by the Elise 11 The hypothesis is but too probable. It ha? become -till more so to us, for if it could have been contradicted at all it would certainly have been during the five days which elapsed between the article of the Courier and the failing of the Europa Conditio or s Army ?The Iliii brings u? no positively later newsfrom Nij ar.tgua, but tbe California papers are Glled with the most dismal narratives of some of Gen. Walker's '-volunteers" who had made their escape. Walker is bitterly reproached for cruelty to bis own men, and accused of giving currency to the most -barneful misrepresenta tions in bis newspaper organ, ?' El Nicara guen c," of actual events, in order to deceive people ?' at home"? that is, in tbe U States, ' t ?? home of uearly all bis men. Positive de ' fejts. tbev say, have often beep maoufac .urid I Lto Victories ; while, at a time when many of the recruits KPro dying of fevers a:;d other diseases native to tb?> country, tbe ofr I ficial organ was publishing elaborate ejsays i upon the salubrioutfness of tbe climate and t utf general good health of the army Arrest a.nd Confessiob or tbe Murder E*4 Of <J*B*N.?An old l)t mun.?W e ebr' D ? icled on ttatur Jay last tbe murder and burning of Mr George (ireen, who lived a few miles : from Gainesville, in Prinee William county We learn, to-day, that the diabolical deed I w is consummated by throe negro woineu aud two boys, all of whom have confess their guilt, and have been lodged in jail Remark able to relate, the leading spirit of this borri ble transaction was a woman abou' 70 years old ?Alexandria iSetUinel PT For washing infants and children, use Fontaine's Cream of Wild Flowers It makiis them healthy, pretty and tweet Soild by the druggists and fancy stores Utah?Polygamy. The San Franciaco Herald publisheg the following letter from a correspondent in Utah: " Fillmore Cur, Utah, Sept'r 15, 1866.? As it may be a matter of interest to the gentile world to know bow fast our people are is Utah Territory, I will give you a brief Hit of the standing among the women of the mem bers of the last Legislature; that is, their names and tbe number of wives, to>wit: Heber C Kimball, President of the Council 57 Daniel II Walls, Councilman crow eye J.. If Alb tCarriagton. crippled and near-sighted 21 Orson Pratt, do do 7 Wilword Woodruff, do do 12 John Stoker, do do 8 Lorin Farr, do do 3 Lorenzo Snow, do do..??-?* 25 L. E. Harrington, do do 3 lcaac Moorley, 72 years old 5 John A. Ray, from Texas 2 Geo. A Smith, cripple and near-sighted .. 5 Grand total?men, 13; women .......171 House of Representatives, twenty-six mem ber# : J M Grant, Speaker, has 6 W. W Phelp.*, printer of Morgan a book.. 0 A P Rock wood, an old man 8 Edwiu L>. Woolley, a sinal! man 5 J W. Camming?, cripple 10 Ho^ea Stout, lawyer from Ky , three dead. 1 S. W Richards, young and handsome law yer 15 Jease C. Little, lawyer of Boston, Mass.... 3 Wm Snow, Vermont laborer 8 P. U. Young, older brother of Brigham? ttilor 5 C. V. Spencer, of Mass ?quite small, has but 2 Ktra S Bonson. old and homely. 15 Jamea C. Snow, quite poor 3 Aaron Johnson, has throe sisters, and alto gether 6 Lorenzo 11. Hatch, wagon maker 2 Jacob G Bigler, farmer 10 George Peacock, farmer 10 John Eldridgu phrenologist?two dead... 1 Isaao C Haight, coal digger 12 Jesse N. Smith, lawyer 2 John 1> Parker, old and deaf 3 Jesse Hobson, ox teamster 10 J C. Wright, hotel keeper 5 James Brown, dairyman.. 7 Enoch Keese, farmer, Ac 2 W. A. Hickman, one of the Danitiea....a. 3 Total 157 To which add officers of the House, to wit: Thomas Bullock, clerk, an Englishman... 4 J Grimsbaw, assistant d > , do b Chandler lloibrook, foreman, deaf 4 Jacob F. Hutchinson, messenger 2 Joel H Johnson, chaplain 7 Total 22 To which add 68 fir tho number then living of Governor Young's wivej, and you have the whole number of females thu3 repiesented by r.he members of the Legislature, officers of the same, and his Excellency, amounting to 420 ; or, in other words, 40 men have 420 wives. These, Mr Editor, are sober truths, ar:d in what they will end is for the dark and doieful future. Amicus CtKi.t. Nicaragua ?The Boletin Official, a Costa Rican journal of November 29, thus announces the latest intelligence from the neat of war : General Canas writes from Rivason the 2<Kh November : In the action of the I2:h Walker had 14 killed and 27 wounded ; Don Manuel Cardenas has been named Prefect of Rivas ; General Jeres and his division continued un der the orders of General Canas; Walker availing himself of the advantages which tho steamers give him, left Virgin Bay on the 14tb, and attacked General Bello on the 15th at Ma^sayn, destroying the church of San Sebas tian, which incensed the natives very much Uu the lt*>uh Walker lost all his baggage, mules and two cannons, and ?ufiered consid erable loss among his men On the isth the fighting continued ; 2 UU0 men were in Mas saya under Gen. Belloso; they had suffered but few losses, and bad inflicted considerable injury on the enemy On the 17th S00 Guatemalian troops slept in Managua, and the next day attacked Walker'a rearguard Oa tlje 20th it was cxpected Gra r ada would bo taken and tho transit road fall into the hands of the allies. New Publications ?From J Shillington wo have Putnam s Monthly; Household Words; the Unite i Stiles M igaxino, and the School fellow?all for January. Putnam i<> a fair number, and refreshingly frco from politics; Household Words has a noticeablo article un " American Changes of Name;" th? United States Magazine has an illustrated ariicio on the "Smithsonian Insti tute,' and some '? Jack Downing" letters; that excellent little magaaine for b?ys and girL", tue Schaul fellow, has a poetical gem of the fi rsl wr.ii.dr, untitled " Lucy Gray " A Luxurious Shave can be obtained by Using that now and superb article, Fon taine's Cream of Wild Flowers, which makes a rich and penetrating lather, and prevents the irritation of tho razor. It is admirable for chapped hands and rough skin. Sold by tho agent*, druggists and fancy stores. Beautiful Teeth ?Burnett's Tooth Wash, prepared by Messrs. Joseph Burnett k Co., 41 Tremont street, Boston, renders the gums hard and healthy, and imparts to the breath a fragranae peculiarly aromatio and pleasant. For sale by all druggists. >OIl, FOR A MEKRY NEW YKARS' NIGHT.? The Metropolitan Club take great pleasure In announcing to their friend* and the public !n general that th- v will give a Grand Cotillon Patty,at Columbia Hall, on THURS DAY EVENING, Janauy 1, 1857 Ticket* FIFTY CEN l'S ?admitting a gentle man and ladles There wi.l be no ladles' invitation* Issued, and therefore all are Invited to attend llv order of dec M 4t? THE COMMITTEE. I O. O F.-GRAND KEY EE OF CENTRA!. LODGE, No 1, at Odd Ila'l, 7th *tfeet.?Tli* members rf tbl* Lodi;e take pleasure In announcing totbelr friends arid the pub lc that tb> v will gl v?* tbelr second Grand Annual Levee on Thursdiyevening, Jantmy 1st, 1657, lo commence at 7 oViock The liev James a. Iiusi an and otb.^r d'stln gulsbtd *p* ikers are expected to deliver ad dresses on the occasion AftPr the Levee the vctarlew of Terpsichore are In'ormed that Prr fessar Withers"* celebrated Brass and String Hand have been engaged, and will open the by perf rmlng the Odd Fe' lows' Grand *'arch, coropo??'d and dedicated to the widows and orphans by Professor Withers Refreshments will be rurnlshed by an exptil enc?-d caCeier r Tickets 81, admitting a pent eman and ladles to be bad of the committee'and at tbe door Committee : J . I.dmonston, Dr. H . F. Hunt, J G Hoblnsou, H. \V. Mlddleton, J H McChesney, <. Sylvester, A J Borland, R W Hameclo R Grymes, J.T Walker R. Slight, deC REGISTER'S OFFICE, WASHING TON. December '21, 185tf.?NOTIC F TO ALL WHOM IT MAY C O NC E Hy Notice is hereby given teat licenses for butcher's *:al!sand for hucksters, also license* for dot;* will expire ou tbe 3Ut Instant, and that the sane must be renewed within tend ?ys SAML. E. DOUGLASS, dec *> atJanlO Register. Rr^i^'FFJCE OF WASHINGTON GAS O^^S^LIGHT COMPANY. Washikgtom D^.eniber U, 1836 -NOTICE TO STOCK 1*0LOk MS.?Pursuant to tbe requirements cf lis cbarttr, a myelin* of tbe *>tockholders of the Washington Has-Ugbt Pciopony for thetl^ctp.n ?f Directors for tbe year H?57, will be held at ibis oUice oa il?)NU\ Y, the Mb day of January u?xt at 7 o'clock p Hi My order; ' dec IS.eoa* J. K BROWN, Sect TAXES? HOTW E TO D El /V (jUKrtT TAX HAYEKS. COLLBITOK'S Orvin November'21, issii 4Ji Per^*ons who have failed to pay their 'IVe? du* Lh* Corporation of Washington will plnase take nolicij twai the advertisement for the sale of property liable for K?pe will be made about the 1st of January, 184*. It Is boprd that an early attention will bo paid to this subject by all concerned, as a neglect to do so will ?aa heavy expenkm to the amount ,,r the taxes now due. JOHN M McCALLA, aov wdgiuec Collector, .GHAND DEDICATION CONCERT BY W ESLfcY CM APE'- CHOIR, as sisted by the be*' inus'cai 'alrnt of theclty, under the direction of Prof J. H. Da mm. TUESDAY KVKMNS, December 3i?tb, atthe New Wesley Chapel, corner of 5tii and F streets Tlck-ts5J cent*; to be bad at the door. dtc 27-3t ASSESSORS' NOTICE.?THE _ voter* of the ?evenl Warda will ple ?ae tate noMee that the AMiuon will attend at the ylace* designated below, from 10 o'clock a. m to o'clock p m. every day. except Sundays and Christinas day, from the 15th to the 31st of this month, inclusive, for the purpose of revising and correcting the poll list*: First ward?Samuel Redfern's, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 1?th street. Second Ward?J B Williamson's, 41310thst. west between G and H streets north Third Ward?J. M Downlng's, 547 L street north, between 7th and 8th streets west. Fourth Ward-City Hall. Fifth Ward?B F Dyer's, 669 New Jersey ave nue. b tween D and E streets south Sixth Ward?Otlice of 8. 8 Brlggs, K street south, between 9th and 9th streets east Seventh Ward?Peter Hepburn, Jr., 85 F strett south, between 8th and 9th streets west. dec 10-d RUKNIKN LOCO.HOTlVES.?A SMALL lot Just received at f7C dec?? 3t LAMMOND'8 7th st. fft KEMOVAL. SAMUEL CHILTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Ac , ha* removed bis office to the base ment of the house of Johnson Heilen, F?q . on the corner of 5lh street and Louisiana avenue, dec 30-lm? NEW YEAR'S KVK ASSEMBLY. B. F. TARGET COMPANY, AT HARMONY HALL. ESPUTA'S BAN D Is engaged dec 30-2t* KK 8TEAMHHIP ARAflOfc ADAMS'S _ Express, EUROPEAN GOODS, salted for

New Yearn' Presents, Just received at dec 30-3: "THE LAKES " fQfe&VV YtCA Re PKHSONS WISHING TO PRESENT NEW Years' presents are lnvitel to inspect the as sortment cf rich FANCY GOODS at 504 Penn sylvania avenue. dec 30-3t "THE LARES." 1857. For your new years' presents call at THE EMPORIUM OF FANCY GOODS, 501 Pennsylvania avenue, rear A dims' Express. dec 30JU ''WHAT EVERY ONE SATS MUST BE TKUK." THE BE?*T ASSORTMENT OF FANCY GOODS is at - THE LAKES," dec 39-3t 501 Penn. avenue. |VOT 11'F. ? OUR CUSTOMERS ARE IN 1 s formed that their a counts are made off. and will be rendered between this ard the 1st of Jan uary Tho*e who object to having them rendered can Bet them by applying at our store. dec 3U-3r. M W. GALT ft BRO. NKW YE*RS' GIPT. Nothing ukttkr than a handsome Velvet or Cloth CL*?AK, ?'uch as may Le found '?t the Cloak and Shawl Establishment of the subs<;iH>er, 244 Pennsylvania avenue, between 12th and 13th streets. dec 30-lw FRANK A. McGEE. 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Jt ST K*< ElVU FittS *EW WOK* \VKRY DESI R ABLE PATTKRN PLATED ten set MAGIC CAS TOR and others ; Cake Baskets. Sl-ver Fish', Take and fie Knives, wblcb, together with my select stock of tine Sil ver arid Plated Spoons. Wabbes and Jewelry, the public are respectfully lnvlud to examine. Also a viluibl?* aid to defective vision, the well known optic..! In-truin-nt, the Spectacle. ClIAUNCEY WARRINER, Watchmaker, No M st , near Pa ave., d?* 30-2i? Sign lht" ^ atches. INSTRUCTIONS TO UN IT LD STATES . ?!?>rsu's?with directions to merch int<, ship masters and seamen, for the transactioa of Con sular business; embracing the law* rela'I'.ig to the appointment, salaries, and duties cf Consular Pupils, Consuls and Commercial Agents, r.fhcial fees and emoluments, forms for tae transaction of all consular business, with an historical account of ths cousular estab.lshment from the AdminiF trati>m of Washington to the present time Price ?2 50; can be sent by mall to any part of the United States Just published, anl for sale in Wa>>hlngtcn city bv TAYLOR A MAURY, dec 30- Booksellers, near 9th street Gold Medal Pianos! STEIN WAY Ac SDNS, Manufacturers, HS Wa!.khr Stskxt, Nbw York. RECEIVED THE FOLLOWING FIRST PKI7K MEDALS In Competltlongrf^ap with the best makers of Boston, New| f f f | ' York. Philadelphia anrt Baltimore TWO FIKST PRIZE MFOALS at the Me tropolitan Fair. Washington, March, >835. A. 'JOLD M F.DAL at the Crystal Palace, New York, Novembw, 1855, (being the only Gold Medal glvn for Pianos within toe.last six years ) A GOLD MEDAL at the Maryland Institute, Baltimore, 1956. THE FIRST PRIZE MEDAL at the Fair, Crystal Palace, New York, November, 1856 Among the judges were the tlrst musical talent of thecountry, such as M Mason, Gottsclialk, Wol ienhaupt and many o.hers p 4 S Pianos are warranted for three years, and a written guarantee yiven Prices moderate For sale at No 49-< Fleventh street, Bth door above Pennsylvania avenue do 3 :>-eo3t? BOOKBINDERS' BALL. The Second Grand Annual Balland Sapper or THB ASSOCIATED JOOKBINDERS. Thk associated uookbinukks of Washington reste.tfullv announce to their friends and the public that their Second Annual BaU and Supter will be given on MONDAY EVENING, January lath, 1H57, at Carusi's Saloon The unanimous satisfaction given at our Ball last season, inspires us with renewed energy. and the managers pledge themselves that this will be the brightest one of the season, and that no exer tion wilt be spared that may contribute to ?he pUature of those who may honor them with thell presence Sapner will be furnished by ''the prince of ca terers''?T POTBNTJIll Fsm'ta's Celebrated Cotillon Band has been engaged for the occasion. The Refreshment room will be open during the Ball ?s?upper at 12 o'clock Tickets THREE DOLLARS; admitting a gentleman and ladlei. No hats, caps, or overcoats will be allowed in tbe La 1 The entire committee will act as theCommlt t*e of Reception. The Floor Managers will be designated by a blue rosette R A MARCELLUS, It* Secretary Board of Manners. JEW ELK ? SAVED. 'IMIAT VALUABLE PATENT, HOLM FAD'S I Shield, for the protection against loss or ab straction of Breastpins and Brooches, will in a few davs be oflvred to th* public for sale Per sons having valuable pins snouid not fail to have one, as it is a perfect safeguard. Special reference may be had by calling at the National Hotel, between the hours of 10 and 3. Rights for sale, by dec 27-3t* 8. S. HICKOK. DISSOLUTION. 'PHE COPARTNERSHIP EXISTIN? UN 1 der the ilrmof BRIDGET k. HALL was dis solved by mutual consent on the 22d of Decem ber MR JOHN F BRIDGET will still carry on the business, st the oldstxud, on Pennsylvania avenue, between and tttn streets, at which place be will be ready to wait on his old friends and the public generally. dec27-3t* OTIt'E.-lN MAKING THIS PUBLIC _ . acknowledgment of the liberal patronage ex tended to me, I would Inform my friends and customers that their accounts will be rendered to January 1st, ls57, and shall consider it positive proof of their good wi 1 and friendship if they settle the same either by cash or notes at short dates JOHN MARKR1TER, dec 27- )t next to Odd Fellows' Hall, 7th st. N A VENISON. FEW SADLES VERY HANDSOME VEN ISON Just from the mountains. KING * BURCHELL, dec 20 oorner Vermont avenue tod 16Ui st. SUITABLE FUR PRE8KKT8.-THK greatest variety of Fancy Notions and Toy* In the cltv. at LiMMOND'S. dec *29- 3t ^ 7th street. Tut KrRiiTt h*( teia^ddinhkr FeU, Red ate ad*, Bureaua, ("hairs. Kitchen Furniture, Ae., at I-AMMUND'f, dec 29-31 7th atrcet. CHK1P R KADI WW AT THK CIKCl lstlng Library, 496 Seventh atreet. All the popular Work* of the day oa hand. New Booka received soon as published, dec 29 FERGUSON, 486 7th atieet pies LOST?EITHER STRAYED AW *Y A or driven off on the20th instant. two PfSS nine months old, and weighing? about 1*5 lbs. One of them waa white, and the other with black apota. Any one giving Information about them. so thev can be gone*, at No vw 7th atreet, will receive $5 aa a reward, dec*9 1f H A. 9AUTER. SK" A rrPG ?ANOTHER LOT THIS ^ Day received, and for sale by M E TUCKER A CO., *** 353 Pa. aveaue. J N OHIO shorrd UOIAOB. BST RECEIVED FROM MR J MOORE, a few barrel* of hla celebrated Ohio Smoked SAUSAGE JOHN <i ADAMS dec 519-It* Corner 8th and L ata. . CARUSI'S saloonT" LEWISCARUSI INFORMS H IS FRIENDS and pupils, and visitors to the Metropolis, that hla Dancing Soiree will positively tak<- place on TUESDAY, the 30th Inatant. at hi# Saloon Hla achool continue* open for the reception of puplla. dec 29-21* LOST?ON FRIDAY, THE 96th INSTANT, on Pennsylvania avenue, between 7th and 14th streets, a pair of Bold EYE-GLASSES. The tinder will be suitably rewarded upon leaving the same at Messrs Bait * Bro 'a Jewelry Store, 324 Pa avenue, between 9th and 10th ?treet* dec *29-31 Dr. vaji patten, dentist, pre. aenta the coin pi 1 meats of the aeaaon to his frlenda and patrona, and begs thoae in arreara for services rendered to call at their earliest conveni ence ard settie, after which he wll> be pleased to serve them again. Office at his residence, No. 10 Pennsylvania avenue, near tieirgetown. des '29?dllt ALL UNSETTLED At COURTS WILL be presented to cur customers, without dis tinction, by the 1st of January, when we earnest ly hope that each and every one hiving account* with us will call and settle without delay. WALL * STEPHENS, No J2I Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th sts dec 29-3t [Intel A News J SPECIAL NOTICE.?THE SUBSCRIBER find* It absolutely neceisary that all his friends, pa'rons and customer* in general, who are in debted to him, will call and settle, either by cash or notea et short dates, their accounts by the 3lat Inatant Hoping that bv promptly responding to the above notice, they will save him and them- ! selves expenses and annoyances by resorting to other meaca of collecting dec '29-41 HER MANN H. VOBS TOTIt E?THK UNDERSIGNED WOULD * moat respectfully notify hi* customers that their respective account* will be made off to De cember 29t'u. and he confidently experts that they will be prepared to settle the same, either by caah or with notea at short dates. He would also return his sincere thanks to his numerous cash customers fcr their liberal pation age, and hopes, by strict atten'ioa to business, to merit a continuance of the name. WM R RILEY, Corner Mh street, and orp Centre Market, dee '29-6* in reward?LOST, or Stolen from viv a Lack, on the evening of 24th Inatant, between the Kail road station and 2d street east, a lllack Leather TRUNK, with the letters J S P " on each end, containing ladies' apparel, tin bonnet box and bonnet several books, Ac . all marked E. G. Prout The above reward will be paid for the delivery of the Trunk and coc tents, or such Information as may lead to the re < oven* of the same JOS. PROUT. dec 29-it* Corner 4th st. east and Va ave. SELLING off! (CLOAKS-CLOAKS' J SHAWLS-SHAWLS!! HOSIERY?HOSIERY "? The gubsr ifher is determined to c!o?e out hla entire st(?k of CLOAKS and SHAWLS by the 2Wh of January, to accomplish which he will sell off at a very small advance H'? stock . f Cloth Cloaks cannot tie equalled by any assortment elsewhere In this District. HI* Velve'.s are superb. F. A. McGEK. dec '29 *201 211 Pa ave , bet 12th and 13th sts THREE P?ANOS AT OREAT BARGAINS WE HAVE ONLY ONE PIANO LEFT AT S200, Iron frame, rosewood caste, and war ranted One beautiful 7-ietaves, round corners, Iron frame, rosewood case Piano, worth SIW0, and will be sold for <25<i One Louis XIV style, magnllcently carved case, Iron fr-?m?? rosewood Piano, worth S550 will be sold for &3V5. The two las' named Pianos are made by Miller A Curtaz, of Boston, are sold for no fa'u't, bat have been consigned to ua, and we are Inetrurted to force them off at great sacrifices In o'der to close up the year* bualneas Persons In want will do well to call and examine them. They are truly great bargains Also, a!wav?? on hand, the largest stock of Pianos In ttla cliy, ranging from t'2irf) to flOOO. JOHN F ELLIS, dec 29 306 Pa avenue, bet. 9th and 10th sts. ****?? ?? THE STAR REPORTS ALL RIGHT I ALL AT LEVY'S, No 3.7 PA. AVENUE, opposite National Hotel, where you will find the following fine articles? Fresh selected Fl^s and Maccaronl Layer and Bunch Raidns Fine soft and hard shell Almonds Nantz Currants, Sweet Oil Fancy boxes of Prunes Stem and Pie Prunes. Port Wine Pure lulce Madeira Wine Sweet and Dry Malaga Wine 100 boxes of Tallow Candles. ?'s and 8's. N B?My cistomera who have unset - ?tiel accounts (to prevent dunning) 'will please call and settle their bills, which are now ready to receipt, and be ready for the new coming year. JONAS P. LEVY, Wine, Liquor and Groceries, _dec26-lw 367 Penn. avenue R. P. JACKSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Office No. 155 Bridge street. Ueergetswa. WILL ATTENl? TO CASES IN THE CIR cuit Court ai d the Court of Claims; to the examination of Titles to Pro^rty the I nvestinent or Money in Real Estate, Conveyancing, and all other buslnesa requiring the services of an At torney. dec 26-2w C BALLOONS, DOLLS, GAMES, ENGRAV ings, Ac., at Mclaughlin a co.>s. JOHN F ENN IS. Attorney at law and COMMIS SI oner of the V. S Court of Claims for the District of Columbia. Office No 2? Louisiana avenue dec *T-1t)t SLEIGH RUNNBRS ONE DOZEN i alja Sleigh Runners, Swan pattern, Just re ceived, and for sa e low. by ELVANSA THOMPSON, dec37-3t 3*26 Penn. avenue. BEAUTIFUL PAPIER MACHE WORK Boxes, Desks. Folios, Albums, Caid Trays, Card Re elvers. Ac., Ac , for sale :ow at No (JO, between Hth and 9th sts dec27 H J. MCLAUGHLIN A CO. \KW OFFICIAL CONGRESS DIHfcC ll TORY: containing; the Nam a and Real dences of Senatora and Members of the Bouae of Representatives for the present session of Con f ress. and other valuable Information Justpuh lfehed by TAYLOR A MAURY, dec 27 Bookstore near 9th street. SPECIAL NOTICE?THE SUBSCRIBER having made some Important changes in his business. It becomes absolutely necessary that all unsettled accounts should be closed either by cash or notes at short dates With this view, all p rsons having bills with him will have them rt ndered previous to the 1st of January, with the hope that they will be promptly responded to, and save him the expense and annoyance of resorting to other means of collecting JAS C. McBUlRE, dec 27-dtAuetlon and Commission Merchant. TO MERCHANT!AND OTHERS. THE UNDERSIGNED TENDERS HIS Ser vices as Collector, and to execute any descrip tion of writing with neatness and dispatch. Bills entrusted to him will receive prompt a' tentlon and immediately upon the receiptor mon ey. return* will be made. Ordera may be left at the Stationery Store of Wm F.Bavly, Pennsylvania avenue, between 11th and 12th atreets, or at my residence loth, be tween G and H atreets. dec S7-6t JAMES F. TUCKER. NEW YEARS'GIFTS FOR THE LADlES. MADAME PRIBRAM A DAUUHThR GIVE J-"A their thanka to the ladles of Washing ton and its vicinity for their patronage. and^PI Inform them that they have received a ftneyflpr stock of Velvet and Fancy ?<ONr?K'I>, and a new style of HEAD-DREbSES, which thev la tend to sell for gift*, at co?t prl. e They also have a portion of very handsome Bonnets troin Si 50 to S5 No. 277 Pa. avenue, betwien 10th and llth sts. dec *7-tUtJsa Amusements NATIONAL Tit 1:A rHE Mitt Fawwt Mmawt....I<e>?^. >n<| mtKtrt i CARD ?The public are rwp** fuiiT u.forr ed that the accomplished a-d pop:na> r.?,, ,,e MISS FANyY MO K A > T bavlrg became the Leesee and Direct*** will \ ereafter assume the management o: Ue National Theatre Entertaining the belief that the oonnee ben with the Interests or the establishment of oi.e ?? *n.t reatly qualified by taste and exp^lsn-e So cater for the amusement of the public will be fn'ir ar ? predated. the proprietor* have an doubt tbat he Eblle will cheerfully glrea generous support to t new Le?aee, certain that no efforts will be wanting on her pert u> dheerve it The Theatre will be closed Monday and Toot day evening*, to prepare for the opening on WEDNESDAY EVENING. December 31st, when the accomplished ond favorite actress, MISS FANNY MURANT, will make her Brat appearance as PEC. WOFFINGTON, In the new drama cf MASKS AND FACES. To be followed by the aew and successful luteal Extravaganza. now nightly acting la Baltimore with peala of merriment, entitled THE MUSES BY STARLIGHT ! Among the Incidental merriments of iMs pleee will be four d (be two American trained e'ephants, Jawi'i Buchanan and Millard Ftllmort. the aucceaafal competitor* of Albe:t and Victoria. . I'iH1!! Amerlcaalred, Glanoe at WashlPg ton, I rish Boy and Yankee La*a, My Mary Ann. Apoiheoals of Washington, Ac. ? h lrsday, second alght of Mlta Mobakt. Wants. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECT ~ able young woman, either as Cook or Cham r?'d . reference can be given. Address r"i No 4.St*r?ifflce jt? Wanted immediately ?a small Furrlahea House in Washington or *?eorge? town Address ? Q u through the city Post offlc? dec Zt tt+ WANTED ?THE HIGHEST PRICES paid In caah for Old Silver, at HOOD'S Sil ver Ware Manufactory, 316 Fenn avenue, a'ar ?th *reet dec 30 WANTED?A COLORED BOY AS WAIT er in a private fbmlly. Applyat Nc. *13H street, between 18th and l?th streets dec 30 *t* SITUATION WANTKD -BY A RE8PEC ^ table Woman, at Cook, Washer and Ironer Also, by a Young 61rl, to do 6enerai Housework orasalat In Nursing;?hss ni objection to go In the country ?ocd ref~renr? given. Apply at No. IU-2 Gabbett street, between G and H, rear the Iron bridge It* WANTED?BOYS TO SELL THEPAT ent Office st d City Register: alao, the Na* tlona Cata ogue of the Museum tnd Bio- Book of the United Mate*, and a man to solicit advertise ments Apply on 10th street, next to the Baptist Church. A HUNTER, dec 30 St* WANTED-A COMPETENT CHAMBER maid for a Bosrdlng-hou?e? liberal wages, also, a tidy ctild's nurve Apply atMRS KhV ' NOLD'S, corner of fenn avenue and 4jf stieet, immediately. dec 10-tft WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN WHO la a competent seamstress, a situation to do I'ght C*<amberwork or take earn of children. and *?w Pleaae call at 1~4 I, tear the eotner of tli* street She can bring good recommei ilatlona dec 30-SRa WANTED?A BOY. Apply at THOMP SON A BKO S, Pa av , between 10th and 11th streets dec S# 2t WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A COLORED woman servant to take Charge of an Infant | Satisfactory reference required Address A B C. through the Post Office. dec <7-3t* Nurse wanted.?an amkrican, Engllah, or German Girl, to take care of children. The best testimonial!* of character, capacity, and fidelity trequlrtd. Apply at 346 1 atreet, opposite Franklfn Square dec?)-tf tt; anted?persons desiring to ? * give prrvatc dinner parties can be supplied with a drat els as French Cook at f2 for h!s servl ces on application at 6AUTM'.R'S KESTAU RANT, 3M Penn avenue, between l?th and 13<h streets. dec ? B Boarding. o A R D GENTLEMEN DESIRING Board can find verv comfortable aecoruinoda tlona. at 301 Pennsylvania avenue, between #th and 10th atretta, over Mr. R,denour a Confection e,y: dec 3D-In Board.?a desirable room, with BOARD, can be obtained la a private fam! iLw,lhe 1,1 ot January, IS?7, by applying at Hf? 1 Jth street. dec %iv-3t* SEVERAL LARGE ROOMS, With HOARD n f0uad at CLARE'S, over the Bank of W ashington. dec S9-4t* ROARD-FIRST CLASS BOARD, with or without room?, can be tecured by Immediate application at No 414 9:h atreet, corner (f H Situation la very hfalthv and central, being with - la a few moment's walk of the Patent and Post Uffireg dec **-3t? UOARD, Ac ? MRS BATES. ON THE S. W LP corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street ?gentlemen with rooms with or without board Every effort will ?>e made to render those comfortable who may favor her T1K U.r .P?1.7011**6 Transient or uble board [ c^n be obtained apfi-tf ? REYNOLDS HAVING COM* I arrj,n**ments for opening a frit class Bearding-House, desires ail who may be In search of superior accommodations In every re r^'jand exam,ne fo' them?elv?i where ney will And attentive and obllvlug servants at ir'r'JJr00111"1* 8' K cor?? Pt aventte ar.d 4 k 8lrgct declo-tloJan ORAND MILITARY AND CIVIC BALL GERMAN YEAGERS, AT CARUSI'S SALOOX, THURSDAY, JAN L ART 1st, 1851. rpHE 6ERMAN Y EAUER8 R E8PECTFUL >Y announce to their ftienda and cltlxens that ^,e2^i,lRlve a Srind Ball on NEW VKaK * NISHT, to i om me nee at 0 o'clock slon eb*^',, BaDd been enK?g?d for the occa The supper and refreshments are in the hand* of an ex[>erlenc?d caterer Tickets one DOLLAR; to be bad of the Zn^e'?r"',t^?mp"r ?""kr <>0 "? h Stinting, P Rlchter F Geler, dec tt-7t* ' With willing hearts we hasten to Asaiat " Cuil? d*or. Ui? OM Y?ar oat Colt* daac* tba New tau tD - Corns <toue* .11 nljbi, tttl brMd . AMd gu h me wltli tti* gtrl* ?s?tu. FIRST QRAHD A88KKBLT or THI AMERICAN HOOK AND LADDER ACTIVE ASSOCIATION. THE MEMBERS OF the AMFBIfi'v Hook and Ladder Actlle pi^aure In announcing to their friends that they j will give their Urst Grand Ahtembly at Onn F11.1 ow s Hall, Navy Yard, on WEDNRtt PAY EVENING. December 31st, lew The Cotillon will be opened by the prfsenta L'T.Ud*;*""1'*' 81" The Committee pledge themselves that neither time n^r expense will be spared to reader this an agn^eable nljfht to all B " an rie^ets FIFTY CENTS-admlttlng a geutle mai} and ladles s K BUC ^ H.?('oaches will 'eave the corner 11 Sixth Hall wsrw lM*?ll'V*n*r Odd b Hl? ? ?? nail every tea mlnntes ^ ^ "THE LARKS" FANCY BAZAAR. A MI'SMl'M _ ?f curious and elegaat Jewelry, Fancy Goods. Perfumery, and Better M Class Toys* Next to the Patent OtRce this falry-llke . TEMPLE OF TASTE demar dai the attention of the visitor to the Amer le.. LI w tLe latent U?c??|T^?L V?eXS?l" 5 m erny '?crton ot fhe ?everv I 7i^y , g N4tUre hat been riled T^n^ v1Arl beeu fcUl*ldlsed?every wl nrMh. 5 , TU coucentxated Iktrt ? ?A?w r India vie with the perfumes nL It 11 the enchanted vlaltor wlih CdL?C,e Pf,rtfrU" hstdlcraft d!. SnZt._? v \ Uke the Office, yeu may lerrM W ^ou snd on reasoaabic _nli? *n<* enJ?y alghta which daaale with besaty, whose aroma Is rapture to breathe, ?ec s7>iw AJSAV YBAR'S PRESENTS, at A.i dec *7 Mclaughlin