Newspaper of Evening Star, December 31, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 31, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WAS H t v fi TON CITY: WKD!IB?UAY December )1,19H. V lifnriMiiMTt ?m?L? ? ? lbrr at thb Ornci ?t Tw?i?< tnovi, M.. ?TIU*U< T?>( in hot irrtii (?til vaa aiir i>*t. apik IT OF TUh MORNING press. The Union announces the gratifying intel ligence that Senator Mallory, of Florida, has k**1 re-elected without opposition. He ia on# of the moat valuable members of the body, for no other ia acre intelligent, industrious, in flexible ia principle, or mora steadily keeps In ?iew the public interest in all be doea as an United Statea Senator. Tba InttiUgenctr discusscs the Delaware land aalea in Kansas. Washington news and sossip The Presidents Reception on Hew Year la a-cordance with custom, the President of the United States will give a public reception to-morrow, between 12 and 2 o'clock Should the day be pleasant, thousands upon thou sac da of our fehow citixena and others will avail themselves of the occasion to pay their respects to the Chief Magistrate of tho Repub lic. Jij reaaon of the admirable recent ar rangements at the Executive Manaionon such occaaiona for the convenience and protection of all, the great numbers who repair thither ?xperience little delay or annoyance. It should be borne In mind by our readers that the public reception does not cimmence until 12 o'clock, and that thus the gates of the enclo sures are closed till that heur. The Explosion ?The fillibu.ttering mania Is rapidly exploding, more real truth with ref erence to the condition and prospects of mau radar Waiker having found its way into the newspapers of the Lnited States generally Within the last thirty days, than during his whole previous career in Nicaragua. Yet it is questionable indeed, whether, when the last remnant of bis deluded follower* shall be un der the pestilential acd of Nicaragua, there W.ll Bet be found quite as many more ate, houseiess, homeless and thriftless Ameri cans as have already been sacrificed to his purposes, ready te follow the next adventurer of similar means and character who may uu take to play.the freebooter on the soil of neighboring States Such pe-ple, like the Bourbons, forget nothing, nor do they learn any thing, lhey are as recklcsa of their own lives as of those who stand in the way of their purpose?; and, as a general thing, are utterly incompetent to comprehend the legal distinc tion between mtum m tuitm in the matter of property of any sort to which they take a fancy. The folicwirg letter, from an intelligent German in Walkei's service, to the New Or teau- Deuicnt Zmtung, tells the talc of the condition and prospects tf the remnant cf hia Yietimain unmistakable and, we have every voason to be.ieve, perfectly true language ; " VialiAY, l?tc. 1, 1>S3#. last thirty days our army has loet 4ttu men by death in the hospital. ll>0 nave been shot, iO have deserted, and over SOU are now on the sick list. We have little medicine, but p<*-r pnysicians are t.ienty We can muster, all told, but 300 men fit tor ?ervice. The enemy number at least 5 ouo men, among whom are many well drilled tu ropeans?Englishmen, 'Jermans, and French men. Frem thia you may judge what are our hopes and anticipations. Such of us aa are not carried off by disease have the pleasant prospect ahead of being siot down by tho en emy. ' After cur second assault upon Massaya, being compelled to retreat with tho loss of many men. Walker issued au order to burn down (Jranada. and to retire to Virgin Bay. on the Transit rout*. To accompliah our re moval, the two atetmers would have had to return four times Walker left on the first trip, and, as my company is attached to bis body p***d> it was my good fortune to leave with him. Those who were left behind im mediately commenced firing the ci'y, and breaking :nto the houses in search of booty where U.ey /ound stores of the bee: brandy ?nd of course aM hands got drunk For two whole days Uennii^sen found it impossible to <*t a "ingle man to work, to bring the ammu nition or^tbe contents of the arsenals to the boats Ifce enemy was tf course informed of All this and soon attacked :he town with J,U00 men, seised the docks, and shut in some 200of our men. A guard of thirty civilians who bad oeen placed in a email f<>rtre?s near the docks to protect the boats, were shot, hut one man ?soaping, who swam over two miles to the 0t**mera. r or the ia*t ten day* re have beard lioihiDf of auj of the men shut up in the city: the majority of them have probably ere this mocumbei * vV r numb?r ha< been reduced to 180 able-bodied men, including civilians Our only iK'pe lies in an early and large accession of recruits; otherwise. we are totally lost." Our Intertiu Abroad. ?Wo sincerely be lieve that (be pretest head of the American kepartment has achieved more prestige for his country than was ever don? by any other of the many great men who filled mat peeition before him, giving to oar Govern merit i foreign policy a consistency, system and influence such as it never before eojoyed, and acrcuing for it a far greater degree of respeet from all foreign governments than it prerieiuiy enjoyed Ihese result of the great Mind and statesmanlike attainments and un tiring energy of Wm L. Marcy havo already ?OBSonced to manifest themselves in the altered tone of Uie comments cf the Kuropean press upon our share of every current national oontroversy with which the turopean cabinets ?re occupied. As an illustration cf that tone, we quote the following pertinent and pointed remarks from the Prtemrseur, published at Lyons, Franco?as illustrating the feeling which exists on the other side of the Atlantic, in rega-d to tbe Amernac d'*trine announced by Mr Marcy in opposition In :he propositions advanced by the Fans Conference. They arc worthy of notice, coming from the soure# they do, and being expressed as they are in good nervous language ? Whilst the huge pre* England con tumrs sly assaults or yields . reluctant con CJww/1 to the maritime policy of the America Secretary of State, the merchants, the man" lecturer* and the economists of that kingdom are looking with curious and anxi^ua ty? lnto the probable consequences of that policy " Tbe fact u that, out of questions of na tional honor, tbe game of diplomacy is a game of sharpers , and it Msms to us that the con clave of nations represented at Faris made a wrong lift of card* when they took up their 4 few principles of maritime law ' {[ they really meant to defend the interests of private property fioatiDg lp times of war, the Ameri can Secretary has taught them bow it can be protected m? re ampij Uian hy their schsme. If their object w?s to entrap the American JJoverwnent, which, next to England, has the largest amount of interest at .-taxe. in view of its tonnage and iu trade, tLey uwist have reckoned without tbe lesson which was pre paring for them V, ith^ut advancing any new doctrine of, this point, the American Secretary fathered up ? a few Principles of maritime * ,loto ? fa*c*s of arjpimentation, with wbicb he pretty roughly nits tbe representa %ivec sb-<ut tbe head For our part, we hold fojin* great d'^ctjixie of ^miiensation in all thing*, and, in a mstter of this kind, wa say ? clubs for knaves.' " A Lessor.-There is a pregnant lesaon in overy line of the current controversy between the New York Herald *n<l Tiwus with refer ei.ce to the comparative morality?ordinary honesty of purpose?with which they treat ques tions cut of which money la to be made through newspaper statement! concerning the m. It is impossible to say whioh has damaged the reputation of the other most, if either had any to speak of, where such matters are concern ed, in New York city, which oan hardly be possible, if a tithe they say of each other be true Busioess'men who loaned Huntingdon hun dreds of thousands (in the aggregate) on suoh collaterals as he offered and under sach cir cumstances as are being developed in the course of H.'s eurrent trial for forgery, will continue to believe as implicitly in the Times and Herald as heretofore, until one by one they meet the business fate that sooner or later overtakes ninety-nine in every hundred such "operators.'* The Encroachments of the Slave Power. The following brief table, which has been compled for the Star by a friend, exposes com pletely the hollowness of the pretence that the power of the South in the government of the country has been increasing. Such facts speak louder than the words of partisans Preslden tial pe riod. Number of votes cast. 1789 to '?? '113 to '97 '97 to '01 '01 to '05 05 to '09 '19 to '13 "3 to '17 '17 to I H2l to '25 *25 to '*? ??to '33 "3 to '37 '37 to '41 '41 to '45 ? 15 to '49 '49 to '53 'Si to '57 '57 to '81 09a 1*1* lMc 138 176 d 175 217r 217 f V35* 261 *;i 29U 294 *75 ?90t 29fy 296 Of which In State*. Free 3* 72 Slave 31 6 i 73 1 60 73 ?5 96 95 81 HO 1#) ?7 194 129 147 147 165 1*8 168 161 169 176 93 Infl 114 114 1/3 126 126 114 121 120 176 i 120 Number of State* Free Slave 5 8 8 8 9 9 9 10 12 12 12 12 8 8 8 8 9 9 12 12 12 12 13 13 ' 13 13 13 15 15 11 15 16 j 15 a New York, Rhode Island and North Caroli na not voting. b Vermont and Kentucky admitted. i Tennessee admitted J Ohio admitted t Louisiana admitted. /Indiani admitted g Illinois, Maine, Missouri, Alabama and Mia slssippi admitted h Arkansas and Michigan admitted. i Florida, Texas, Iowaaad Wisconsin admit ted. j California admitted. Resignation of an Army Officer ?The res ignation of Seoond Lieutenant Timothy M Bryan, jr., tenth infantry, ha? been accepted by the President, to take effect Jauuary 1, 1H57. Supreme Court ?Yesterday?Xo. 224. Jas. Koss et al , plaintiffs in error, vs. Murray Hoffman, in error to the Circuit Court of the United States for the western district of Penr.sylvanl* On motion of Mr. Edwin M. ?Stanton, of counsel for the defendant in error, this writ of error was docketed and di=mis?ed, with costs No. 225 Cbristoval Morel et al., plaintiffs in error, vs. tho New Orleans Draining Com \ any. In error to the Supreme Ceurt of the State ol Louisiana. On motion of Mr. Janin, of counsel for the defendants in error, this writ of error was docketed and dismissed, with costs No. 226 Nicholas Fiia?immocs et al , plain tiffs in error, vs the flicw Orleans Draining Company In error to the Supreme Court of the state of Louisiana On motion of Mr Jsnin, of counsel for the defendants in error, this writ of error was docketed and dismissed, with costs No 23 Wesley Williams, garnishee of Ed ward F Mahone, plaintiff in error, vs. Hill, McLean A Co The argument of this cause was concluded by Mr. Phillips for the plain tiffs in error No 27. Terence Cousin, plaintiff in error, vs Evariste Blanc's executrix et al. This cause was argued by Mr. Janin for the plain tiff in error, and by Mr. Benjamin for the de fendants in error. No. .'{4. Win A. Shaffer, plaintiff In error, t'i Jas A Scudday This cause was argued by Mr Benjamin for the plaintiff in error, and by Mr. Taylor for the defendant in error. Adjourned The Current Operations of the Treasury Department ?On yesterday, SOth December there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? for the redemption of Stocks.... $1,190 00 For the Treasury Department... 86,410 24 For the Interior Department 78,788 10 For Customs 84,242 46 War warrants reoeived and en tered 68,556 81 Warrepay warrantsreceivedand entered 14,303 58 lnteriorrepay warrants received and entered For Customs From miscellaneous sources 5,265 11 20.249 95 20,647 75 CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. I* th* Sxmatb, yesterday, after we went to press, at the conclusion of their Executive session, the following resolution was adopted : Resolved, That the President be requested to communicate to the Senate a statement cf all payments and allowances which have been made and of all claims which have been dis allowed to Brevet Lieutenant General Scott, from the date he joined the army serving in Mex ico up to December 18, 1856 ; and also to furnish copies of all correspondence ??n Gle in the Executive Departments relating to said payments or allowances. Shortly afterwards they adjourned until Friday next. la tmc lioLisK, at the conclusion of tbe per sunal explanation of Mr. Washburne, of 111 , that gentleman was replied to by his colleagues Messrs Marshall and Harris, who contended that the Democracy no where in Illinois has ejsayed in the late election to evade tbe issue* and showed that the Illinois Democratic >?tate Convention bad unequivocally and em phatically endorsed the Pierce administration. Shortly afterwards the oonsular and diplo matic appropriation bill iras taken up in Com mittee of tbe Whole (Mr. Sapp in the chair ) Mr Haven moved to strike 6ut the clause appropriating $25,000 for consular pupils; waub, after debate, was agreed to. After further amendment the bill was re ported ba:k : and an so reported back, was pasoea Acd then tco /louse adjourned until Friday n<.xt ^uantico," the Washington corres pondent of the Alexandria Sentinel, says, in writing upon the usa of gas : "The price of gas varies in almost every city In Boa ton it is S2ii0, with 5 per cent, diseount; Lowell S3 5? ; Be* York 92 50 ; 1 iiiladeiphia S2 2u, wiih a discount of 5 per cent; Baltimore $4, with a discount of 25 pef cent; Washington city $4, with a discount o' P*r cent. "Many patents have been obtained for im proved bum%r? for fitting and regulating the flow of gas. 1 ua*? experimented with several, and believe that a piece of wcol placed in the nur before it lJ attached to tbe pipe will answer as well as any of the patent burners." The Chinese Sugar Cane, newly iotro duced, has been grown in numerous instances marked success. Speaking of the exper ience of Mr. Kroh, of Wabash county, lu The Chicsgo Journal remarks that evidence is conclusive that this plant can be successfully euiivated in that State, and properly attache* niLob injwrtance to th? fact The Lyon nais Passengers.?The state ment that the captain and fifteen of the pas sengers of tho wrecked steamer Lyonnais had landed at Bordeaux, is contradicted New Publications ?From Taylor A Manry we have the valuable issue for October of thi London Quarterly Review ; also, the Decem ber number of Blaokwood's Magazine, noticed in Monday's Star. |y A Lrxtrmiocs Shave can be obtained by using that new and superb article, Fon taine's Cream of Wild Flowers, which makes a rich and penetrating lather, and prevents the irritation of the raior. It U adairable for chapped hands and rough skin. Sold by the agents, druggists and fanoy storei A Beautiful Complexion may earily be acquired by using the " Balm of a Tktutatid Flown." It will remove tan, ptmpus, and ft?JcUt from the skin, leaving it of a s>ft and roseate hue. Wet a towel, pour on two or three drops, and wash the faee night and morning. For sale at Shillington's, ag?nt for Washington, and all druggists. PERSONAL ....Daniel Lord, Esq., of New York, is at Willards'. .... Mr. Buchanan has returned to Wheat land from Philadelphia. .... George D. Prentice, the editor of the Louisville Journal, is lying dangerously ill at Saint Louis. .... W. S Warren, Esq , an eminent mem ber of the bar of Lancaster, Pennsylvaiia, died last week .... Tho New Orleans Crescent says the Je mocracy have broken into the White Hoase with a Jimmy. ....Seth Hathaway, of Mirblehead. las sold $376 worth of cabbages this fall, the pre du je of one-half acre of land ! .... George Copway, the celebrated Ojibway Chief, is on a tour through the large cities, giv ing readings of " Hiawatha'' in full costume. .... The Glasgow Daily Mail says that one of the ?1,000 subscribers in that city to the At lantic telegraph enterprise is Mr. Thackeray ....The real editor of the New York Inds Sendent has come to a rupture with the Rev. [ W. Beecher, and is hauling him over the coals. ....Wm. T. Hopkins, formerly a music teacher and law student in Bangor. re cently elected Mayor of the city of Morris, Il linois. .... Hon. Henry R. Selden, Lt. Governor elect of New York State, who went to Europs in October, returned on Thursday last in the steamer Baltic. .... Hon A. P. Butler, Senator from South Carolina, spent several days in Wilmington. Delaware, last week. He was the guest of Hon. James A. Bayard. .... The jury in the Huntington forgery case have rendered a verdict of guilty. The court sentenced him to the State Prison for four years and ten months. .... John W. Syme, Esq , editor of the Pe tersburg (Va ) Intelligencer, being about to remove from that city, has been tendered and accepted a public dinner. .... Max Maretsek and troupe made their fir*t appearance at tho Tacon Theatre,Havana, on the 24th. and appear to have created a great enthusiasm. AH the artists were re ceived with favor. .... The death of Dr Hussey, the Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History at Oxford, is a great loss to the church. The New York Times, however, made aremarkable/a?r in altering the telegraphic despatch, on its own responsibility, from Hussey toPusey, and bac king it up with an editorial, to make its blun der as eelatant as possible Dr. Pusey is not dead yet ?(Jhutch Journal ....Judge Abncr S. Lipscomb, advocate justice .,f the fupreme oourt of Texas, aged OS, is dead. He wa? a mail of high character, fine mind, extensive attainments, and deservedly ttreat influence Previous to emigrating to Texas. in about 1839, he was the judge of the court for the Mobile district of Alabama, after having been a member of the Alabama Legis lature. In Texas he was Secretary of State under the former administration It will be long ere his place can bu supplied to Texas. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgetown, Dec. 31, 1856. A called meeting of our City Councils was leld last right', and tho following business considered and acted upon. An ordinance passed both Boards levying an additional front foot tax of fifteen cents on North street to meet deficiency in improving the same ; another making an appropriation of $109 tor the benefit of Dickinson Gor don A Co.; another for the benefit of Jos N. Fe arson. A communication was received from the Re corder giving certain information in regard to the poll tax arid suffrage bill. A communication was received from the Mayor in regard to the report of the Comtnis mUsioners of the sinking fund for the year 1855 Mr. White offered a resolution (in the Coun cil) which paised, directing the Corporation Clerk to purchaso all fuel necessary for the Corporation, and have the same deposited where it oannot be used for other purposes The Aldermen passed an ordinance dividing the town into two election precincts ; laid over temporarily in the Council The ordinance for carrying out the provi sions of the poll tax and suffrage bill was then taken up and rejected by a vote of five in the negative to three in tho affirmative A mo tion was then made to reconsider the vote just had, which was lost The same ordinance was then taken up in the Board of Aldermen, and passed, and re ported to the Council, where it was again re jected by the same vote heretofore mentioned. W e have never known Christmas week to be honored with so few amusements of a public character as this has been Not a lecture, concert, panorama, exhibition, or anything of the kind has been offered for the entertain ment of our citizens during the long evenings. Tho only place of attraction for the young folks bns beon the ladies'fair and festival, which is stil! going on in the large building opposite the town house. And wu really think that these ladies deservo praise for offering to the young this place of innocent retreat, during the exciting and intoxicating customs oi a public holiday Our Methodist friends of the Dumbarton street congregation, intend keeping up the time honored custom among that denomina tion, by wutchiijg the old year out, and wit nessing tLe advent of the new one, to-night. Spectator. The Slati Rukobs jn Mississippi ?We have mentioned, among other rumors of a similar nature but too prevalent recently, that a despatch at New Orleans from Missis sippi stated there were apprehensions of a servile insurrection in certain districts of that State A private letter in Mobile, dated Ma rion (Miss.,) 221 instant, says: An Express circular reached here last night from Livingston, disclosing an organised in surrection of the negroes of the county, which has just been discovered, and whose outbreak was to take place on Christmas eve, or Christ mas day They have a number ia jail There is a g/reut alarm on the subject, and the re quest is pref/ing to give immediate and ex tensivo circulation 04 the subject. Let all your neighbors be informed at once. Despatches further statu that a number of arrests had been made, some twenty negroes in all Desperadoes in Indiana.?The Hendricks (Ind.) Republican says that there is existing in that county and the adjoining counties of Boone, Montgomery and Putnam, a large band of hor?e thieves and counterfeiters, who have ' established a thorough organitation and are vigorously at work. Quite an excitement is **id to exist in Jamestown, Boone county, and the i?ople seemed disposed to regulate the ; rascah summarily. ^NOTICE TO ALL MY CU8TO M KR!1 ?This 1? to Ut the public know that A. K Davis, fot??Tlv lived with me, has bwn collecting mon?"V cf mine and appropriating It to bl? own use 1 bl? la to notify gii persons not to nay tilm a>sy ruor^

lt? GKO. W. STEWART. A MEETING OF THE NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC ASSOCIATION will be beld at Temperance Hall on SATURDAY EVENING neit. Jenusrv 3d, 1957, at f o'clock. All Democrat* temporarily residing In the eUy, members of J emocratic State and local Cloba, and cltliena of the District are respectfully In vited to attend. deo31-?;? LUCIEN PEYTON. Ch'n EIGHTH OP JANUARY ASSEM BLY ? Lewi* Carnal respectfully an rouncea that be will give an Assembly, at his Saloon, on the night of th? anniversary of tha Battle of New Orleans, and be assures the public that It will be a brllli nt affair He Invites Mem bers rt Congress with their families, ft rang era, and the r i'ixens to Join In celebrating this crown lng act of the last war dec 31 -3t ?OH. FOR A MERRY NEW YEARS' NISHT.-Tfce Metropolitan Club Uke Seat pleasure in announcing to their friends and e public In general that th?y will give a Grand Cotillon Party,at Columbia Hall, on THURS DAY EVENING, Janaarv 1, 1607. Tickets FIFTY CENTS-admitting a gentle man and ladles There wi'l be no ladles' Invitations Issued, and therefore all ar* invited to attend Rv order of dec29 4t* THE COMMITTEE^ I O. O F ?GRAND LEVEE OF CENTRAL LODGE, No I, at Odd Ha>l, 7th street ?The members cf this Lodge take pleasure in announcing totbelr friends and the pub ic that tbev will give their second Grand Annual Levee on Thursday evening, January 1st, W57, to commence at 7 o'c'ock The Rev Jaxki A. Duncan and other d'stln fulahed speakers are expected to deliver ad reeses on the occasion After the Levee the votaries of Terpeicbdle are Informed that Prrfesssr Wltbers's celebrated Brass and SMng Band bave been engaged, and will open the dance by perf rming the Odd Fel lows' Grand March, composed and dedicated to the widows and orphans by Professor Withers Refreshments will be furnished by an expeii enoed caterer. Tickets SI, admitting a gent'eman and ladles ; .o be had of the committee and at the door Committte : J.Edmonstor. Dr. R.F.Hunt, J 6. Robinson, R. W. Mlddleton, J.H McChesney, G Sylvester, A J. Borland, R W Bameclo, R Grymes, J.T Walker R. Slight, dec g>-3t REGISTER'S OFFICE, WASHING TON. December 2?, 1 NOTICE TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN ? Notice Is hereby given that licenses for butcher's 8tails and fir hucksters, also llceuses for dogs, will expire on the 3l?t Instant, anl that the same must be renewed within ten days. SAML. E DOUGLASS, drc 96 dtJanlO Register ?THE SECOND ANNUAL BALL of the UNION UUiRDS will take place on the 8th of January. Partlcu'ars in a future advertisement, nov ll-2awtJanl ^EMPIRE CLUB?THE MEMBERS of the Empire Club most respectfully Inform their friends and the public, that they will give .i Cotillon Party on WKDNESDAY EVENING, Temperance Hall, E street, between 9:h and 10'h By order of THE COMMITTEE, doc 16-18,30,32,44 ,'26.29,31* (TAXES ? NOTICE TO DEL1N QUE XT TAX PAYERS. Collbctor's Office. November21, 1*56 All Persons who have filled to pay their Ta?e^ I due the Corporation of Washington will please ! take notice that the advertisement for the sale of j property liable for the same will be made about ; the 1st of January, 1857. 11 Is hoped thai an early attention will be paid to i this subject by all concerned, as a neglect to do so : will add heavy expenses to the amount of the taxes now due. JOHN M. McCALLA, nov 22-dCUDec Collefc:.->r. ,WHAT WE WANT TliE PEOPLE _ TO KNOW : ? H O V S E S FURN ISHED ? We Housekeepers and those anout to coorniriice Housekeeping bear in mind that tfce first. second, third and fourth rooms of our Jarjje and spacious warehouse are filled to their utmost capacity with every description of CABINET FURNITURE and House furnish lng Goods generally, to which we respectfully invite 'he attention of those in want of bargains Houses furnished throughout wi h ev-rv article In the housekeeping line vkby chkap for cash. or to punctual dealers at the usual credit Call at the '? Housrkeepkr's Emporiju" andexamlne our stock before purchasing. Our motto Is? " Quiik salts and small profits " BONTZ A COOMBS, dec 1-Hm 7th street, between I and K. .ASSESSORS' NOTICE.?THE voiersof the several Wards will ple<?e take notice that the Assessors will attend at the Slace? designated below, from 10 o'clock a. in to o'clock p m. every day, except Sundays and Christmas day, from the 19th to the 3lst cf this month, inclusive, forthc purpose of revising and correcting the poll lists: First Ward?Samuel Redfera's, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 19th street Stcond Ward?J B Wllllamsan's, 413 10th st. west between G and H streets north Third Ward?J. M Downlng's, 547 L street north, between 7tb and 8th streets we?t. Fourth Ward?City Hall. Fifth Ward?B F Dyer's, 669 New Jersey ave nue, bstween D and E streets south Sixth Ward--Otfice of S. S Urlgss, K street south, between 8th and 9tk streets east Seventh Ward?Peter Hepburn, Jr., 85 F street south, between 8th and 9th streets west. dec 10-d LAUlEV LEATHER KETICIILES. Purses, Ac., Portemonaies with chains, at dec31j3t J,A>1 >1 OND'f, 7th st. New yeaks' presents, at lam. MOND'S,48l7thst;eet, atieisonable pri es dec 31-3t CAABAS, \V<JKK. BOXES. READ Beqaet J Baskets, Ac , suitable for New Years' Gifts, at LAMMOND'S, dec3!-3t Seventh street. NEW YE A ft I' GIFTS.?GIFT CUPS acd Saucers, Perfume Bottles, Flower Vases, Mitch Boxes, Jewel Stands, Holy Water Fonts, Carl Baskets, Ac , at dec 31-3t LAMMOND'S, 7th st. FOK SALE.?A FINE, YOUNG, BAY HORSE Applv immediately nt fry KELCHKR A PY WELL'S Columbian Livery Stable, on dth street, between D ana t.. dec 31-2t? IMPORTANT TO LADIES. WE ARE now In receipt of the seventh lot of FURS, and are determlr.. fd in constquence of the season being advanced tf> sell, at re duced prices; call at STINE.METZ'S, dec 3l-ec3t 236 Pa. av , bet. 12th and 13th sts. A VALUABLE GIFT, For any Season, and of permanent Value, is WEBSTER'S UNABRIDGED DICTIONARY 41 A necessity for every educated man."?L'd Brougham. 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I will give the above reward for his apprehen sion If taken out of Prince Geerge's county, end <25 If taken in said county, In either case he is to be -delivered to roe i think it probable he Is making his way to Washington city. C. C. MAGRUDFR, It* Upper Marlboro', Md 1 SUITABLE FOR Ph ESKflTS .?THE greatest variety of Fancy Notions and Toys In the city, at LAMMOND'S, dec 29-3t 7th street. rpO Y FURNITUlOK, TEA AND DINNER I Sets, Bedsteads. Bureaus, Chairs. Kitchen Furniture, Ae.. at LAMMOND'*i dec 29-3t 7th street. CHEAP RtCADIIie AT THE UlRCU. latlne Library, 4M Seventh street. All the popular Works of the day oa hand. New Books recetved soon as published. 29 FERGUSON. 488 7th street. CHEAP FRENCH WORK. 1*/E SMIM L OPEN THIS MORNING A T* lari lot of chesp MUSLIN PKT8 MU? 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One beautiful 7-oetavee, round corner*, Iron frame, rosewood case Piano, worth fico, and will be sold for S250 One Louis XIV style, magnificently carved case, iron fr*me. rosewocd Piano, worth ?350 will be sold for S3^5 The two last named Pianos are made by Miller A Curtaz, of Boston, are sold f?'r no fautt, bat have been consigned to us, atd we are Intttucted to force theiu off at great sacrifices in order to close up tbe years business Persons in want will do well to call and eiamlne thetn. They are truly great bargains. Also, always on hand, the largest Mock of Pianos in this ci y, ranging from S'^00 to S1009. JOHN F ELLIS, dec 20 3uG Pa avenue, bet. 0th and 10th sts. NOTICeTI^THK UNDERSIGNED WOULD most respectfully notify his customers that their respective account* wiil be made off te De cember 29th. and he conidently expects that they will be prepared to settle the same, either by eask or with notes at short dates. He would also return his sincere thanks to his numerous cash customers for their liberal patron age, and hopes, by strict attention to business, to merit a continuance of the same. WM. R RILEY, Corner 6th street, and opp. Centre Market. dec 89-6t _ THE CONGRESSIONAL BANE. Conor of Louttana *v*nut amd 7tk *frs?i, WASHi*eT0*, D. C., WILL RECEIVE l)*.rOSIT? AND I!AKE Collections on all the principal cities 1b the Union, and promptly attend to any business in Its line. E. JARD1NE, 4tS*3?3ra Catfcfer, Amusements WASHINGTON CIBCUS, C?ra?r ef Hrrn ti d U? 1NA VG UR A TION NIGHT cf Ihf Q1AHD EQUESTRIAN fO^VIKI ION. Ob THIS (Wrdartdtv) ITfiNINfi, Ore ??(, When will be offered to th# elttsmis of tkt Dl? trlct the ront Brilliant Display of Fqoestr'ae. Acrobatic, Musical tad iivmsintlc ArtUtee tw brought together on tbti Ooiitrnt Anorg them will be foui>d MADAME LOUISE TOURMAI* If, THF FKRRANTI FAMIL\ , MONS DEBACH. W'LLK i M!LIE, And the famcus Je?ur. JIM MYERS. With a host of others equally celebrated gy Bee Bills of the day. _**e 5,1 NATIONAL THEATRE Mm Fakkt Mas ant. ... Lessee and Direct re? a CARD.?The public are respectfully Informed that the accomnllsbed and popular favorite, MISS FANNY MO RANT, hsvlng become the Leasee and Dlrectreaa. will ? ereafter aatutre the msnsgr-ment of the National Tieatre Entertaining the belief that theconnect on with t a? Interest* or the estabf lab moot of one so ami ? nently qual'fled by taate and experience to cater fo> the amuwmeat of the public will be folly ap predated, the proprietors have no doabt that ?he public will ebeerfully give a gaoeroua rapport to the new Leraee, certain that no efforts will be wanting on her pert to desenre It The Theatre will be closed Monday and Tue* day evening*, to prepare for the opening on WEDNESDAY EVENING, December Slat, whan the accompll<hed end favorite actress, MIS9 FANNY MORANT, will make her first appearance aa PEG WOFFINGTON, in tha new drama cf M ASMS A1VO FACES* To be followed by the new and aareeeaful Local Extravaganta. now nightly actlae In Baltimore with peals of merriment entitled THE MUSES BY STARLIGHT ! Among the incidental merriment* of this piece will be foutd the two American trained elephants, James Buchanan and Millard Ftllmort. the successful competitors of Albert and Victoria. " CaMlLLB" Americanized, Glance at Washing ? ton, Irish Boy and Yankee La?s, My Mary Ann, Apoiheoels of Washington, Ac. . Thursday, second night of Miss Mo*a*t. Wants. w ANTED?TWO SMART MEN TO CAN va*s the District with a popular Print Ac - plTImmediately to JOHN WAGNER. Oi1d?r 2Z5 Per.n avenue dec 31 2t* WANTED?A WOMAN TODOGENKRAL Housework* Including Washing acd Iron lng. Good waves given. Apply at tills oAce do- H it WANTED IMMEDIATELY ? A KM ALL Furnlahed Houteln Wanhingtoa or George town Addreaa "G. Hthrough the city Foat Offi-* dec SV-tC* WANTED ?THE HIGHEST PRICES paid In cash for Old Silver, at HOOD'S 811 ? T?r Ware Manufactory, 316 Penn avenue, snr 9th street dec 30 WANTED-A COLORED BOY AS W AIT er in a pri rate family. Applyat Na. tI3 H street, between 13th and 19th streets dec 3c-*ta WANTED?BOYS TU SKLL THE PAT ent Office ard City Register; also, the Na tlona' Catalogue ef the Museum and Bine Hook of the United states, and a mtn to solicit advertise - menu Apply on 10th sUeet, next to the Baptlai Church. A HUNTER dec ?-9t? WANTED-A COMPETENT CHAMBER maid for a Boarding-house?liberal wage* , also, a tldyctlld'a nurse Applyat MRS REV NOLD'S, corner of Penn. avenue and street. Immediately. dec 30-*t WHO WANTS employment?A FEW gentlemen of fair education, and mature age. who would be willing to . anvass a county or two, on a useful agency, tu-.t pavs liberally, will find employment by calling on the undersigned at No. 467, corner 9th and E streets, before 1U a. m , or after 3 p. m , or sddresKing (sttmp en closed.) Dr. C. ALLEN, Washington, D C. dee il-eoiw* WANTED?BY A VOUNG WOMAN WIRO is a competent seamstress, a situation to da light Chamber work or take care of cblldsfcn, and srw. Please call at 1?4 I, tear he corner of flat street She can bring good recommendations dec 30-ita Nurse wanted.?an american. English, or German 61rl, to take care of children Tne best testimonials of character capacity, and fidelity trequlred. Apply at T45 1 street, opposite Franklin Square dec SJ-tf f*; ANTED?PERSONS DESIRING TO Vv give prrvate dinner parties can be supplied with a first class Freoch Cook at 93 for his servl ces on application at GAUTIER'P R ESTAU RANT, 253 Penn. avenue, between l*th and 19th streets dee t Boarding. Board. ? gentlemen desiring Board can find very comfortable accommoda tion*. at 304 Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th and 10th streets, over Mr. Ridenour's Confection e y. dec 90-lm Board?a desirable room, with BOARD, can be obtained in a private fami ly, on the lat of Jaituaty, 1?S7, by applvlrg at 4W 13th street . _____ ^-'t* SEVERAL LARGE ROOMS, with BOARD. can be found at Mrs. CLARE'S, over the Bank of Washington dec 99-4ta Board?first class board, with or without rooms, can be secured by Isamedtate application at No 414 9.h street. > orner ?f H. Situation Is very htaithv and central, being with in * few mom til's walk of the Patent and Post Offices. d?e?9-3t* Board, ac.?mrs. bates, on the s w coruer of Pennsylvania avenue acd Wh stree; Is prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms with or without board. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor bat with their patronage Transient or table board can be obtained ap e-tf MRS C. R REYNOLDS HAVING COM* p'eted her arrangements for opening a first class Bcardlng-Houte. deslies &!1 wao may be In search of superior accommodations In every re spect. to call and examine for themselves. wher? they will find attentive and obliging servants at their command. S E. corner Pa avenue and 4? street. dec 10-tlatJaa GRAND MILITARY AND CIVIC BALL, or TKI GERMAN YEAGERS, 17 CAKUSPS SALOON, THURSDAY, JANUARY 1st, 1SST. THE GERMAN YEAGERS RE8PECTFUL ly announce to their friends and cltixena, that they will give a Grand Ball on NEW YEARS' NIGHT, to < ommence at ? o'clock Weber's Band has been engaged for the occa sion The supper and refreshments are In the hands of an ex | erlerced caterer Tickets one DOLLAR; to be had ef the members of the company or at the door oa the evening of the ball. F W Stllhaufei. J KUttan, F Stinting, P Richter. F Gelcr, dec ' With willing hearts we hasten to Assist H Ohm *au?"? tlx OI4 Vur oil; Cob* due* lb* New Vnr In , Colli* dkln* all Dlflil, till l#If?d (UfltcWt. A bit IxJUir writ* tli* jlrl* FIRST GRAND ASSEMBLY or ran AHIR1CI1I UUUK AND LAODKI ACTIVJB ASSOCIATION. The members of tuk american Hook and Ladder Active Ataoclatlon take pleasure In announcing to their friends thot they will give their First Grand Assembly at Onn Fellow's Hall, Navy Yard, on WEDNES DAY EVENING, December 31st, lbM. The Cotillon will be opened by the preaenta tloa of a beautiful Silk Flag to the Aaaoaiatlon by a lady. The Committee pledge themselves that neither time n?r expense will be spared to render this an agreeable night to all Tickets FIFTY CENTS?admitting a gentle man and ladles. N B.?Coaches will >aw the earner ef Sixth street ?nd Pennsylvania avenwe far Odd Fallow's Ball every tea minutes 4ae *4 PER STEAMSHIP ARAGO A AOAHS'L Express, EUROPEAN GOODS suited for P ? v * eats' Presents, just received at wsc ? TMS "