Newspaper of Evening Star, December 31, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 31, 1856 Page 3
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evening star. ,LOCAL intelligence. Rvoit or tbb Con mi salon is or Public BriLDiROA roB thb tbab 1856 ?The annual report of the Commissioner of Pablic Building* preterits much interesting end valuable mat ter, which we regret not baring space to-day to give in detail. It presents a general riew of the repairs and improvements of the Capi tol, President'* House, publio grounds, ave nues. Ao ; renews the recommendations of the last report which were not acted upon by Cot. gress ris: An addition to the eourt-houae portion of the City Hall; the erection Bf a new jail; the improvement of Franklin square, the triangular spaces formed by the intersection of New York and Massachusetts avenues and Tenth and Twelfth streets, the triangular spaces on Pennsylvania avenue, between H and Nineteenth streets, and the space on the south side of Pennsylvania avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty-first streets ; the gra ding of North Capitol street, from C street to Massachusetts avenue; the removal of the naval monument, and the purchase of a lot and erection of a house for the keeper of the upper Eastern Branch bridge. States that a diversity of opinion exists as to the extension of the Capitol grounds west, wardly, but that there is general concurrence that squares numbered 687 and fie "I ought to be included in the eastern enclosure ; that the revenue arising from silts of government lots basceasel, and that means for making the improvements required by the 15th section of the city charter of 1820, and the 12th section of the amended charter of 1844, must be pro vided in some other way ; and that there has been a reduction in the price of gas tt> the government and private consumers. Commends highly the annual appropriation made by Congress for the medical treatment of sick non-resident pauper;, and expresses an earnest hope for its increase. Maintains the right of the government to re ibove tee Centre Market-house and take pos sesion of the reservations occupied by it Professes to have no knowledge of the move ments of the auxiliary guard, and insists upon the incongruity in their manner of appoint ment and payment. Argues to show that the fee simple to the avenues and streets is in the Government, and thai, as a consequence, the Government ought to open and grade such as lead directly to the Capitol and President's House. Recommends the completion of New Jersey ?venue from 1> street to New York avenue ; the grading of Delaware avenue from B to D i-treet north ; and the opening and grading of Sixteenth street west from K to Boundary street. Urges the importance of a civil engineer being attached to the office, and the necessity of an additional clerk, and gives due praite to the employes under the direction of the Commissioner for fidelity in the discharge of their duties ? Hood s Jewelry amd Mascfactcbiho Es tablishment.?Day by day it is satisfactory to note the evidences of the growth and pros Srity of the city as indioated by new manu sturing and business enterprises projected and carried out by companies or individuals. In a call lately made at the jewelry establish ment of H 0 Hood A Co. we were greatly pleased with a variety of beautifully designed articles of silverware, manufactured upon the premise*, and of a class the manufacture of which, wc believe, has never before been un dertaken in this city The patterns of many of these articles?such as spoons, forks, ladles, butter, fish and jelly knives, crumh-scrapers, napkin-rings, Ac ??re truly exquisite, and, as they are patented by Messrs Ho?>d A Co., can be procured nowhere else. We advise our readers to call and see for themselves. An Admirably working stationary engine upon the premises, manufactured by Wm. Brown, of Concord, N H . turns a rolling mill, which reduces the tough bars of silver to the requi site thinner, and also the polishing apparatus which brings the manufactured ware to a mir ror-like lustre Hood A Co. have also a large assortment of watches and jewelry ; but it is of their manufacturing operations we design to speak more especially at this time. Circuit Cocrt.?A very interesting matter was before the Court yesterday, erowing oat of a memorial filed by the Hon Richard W. Thompson, of Indiana, praying the Court to grant a rule upon the Secretary of the Treas ury to sbow cause why a mandamus of the Court should not isme against himself to com pel the payment of about $40,000 to Mr Thompson under an appropriation by Congress on Indian account, the relator was repre sented by Hon. Reverdy Johnson, who ad dressed the Ccurt for about two hours in sup port of the memorial, lhe ca^es sited upon which to ground ibe desired action of the Court were that of Stockton and Stokes against Ken dell, thatof Marbury Madison and Mrs Deca tur against the Secretary of the Navy. The gist of the huaorable pentlemaa's argument appeared to be the function of th.9 Secre tary of the Treasury ?u respect to the caaa in bard is simply ministerial, and in no manner or degree discretionary.? Inui!>gt*eer TbbDistrict i* Cosoress ?In the Senate, yesterday, Mr. Brown presented a petition from citixeos of Washington. D C , asking an appropriation for grading and paving Mary laad avenue, between Eleventh street we t and tbe Potomac bridge, in this city. The memorials set forth that tba oondition of the ?venue is one of great public laacnvenience and of ef pecial injury to the owners of prop erty residing on the same They say tiiki, there is no mode by wtL-h that pavement can be adjusted U tbe proper grade except by an appropriation troui Congress, the expense thereof le'r.ig properly charge\bie to the United States an l not to the Corporation of Washington, unless the Ml be borne by the holders of property, which wouii be manifest ly unjust, inasmuch a* Congress uuderto <k to grade the avenue, but left it in its present ij? creditable condition, Lsoause of the insuffi ciency ot the appropriation. Smitbsosia* isiTiTi'TB ?There will be no lecture to night The lecture of John R. Thompson, Esq , editor of tbe " Southern Literary Messenger," upon " European Jour n?!j." drew a large assemblago on Monday night. In the course of his able portraiture of that powerful but soulless j mrnal, the Lon don Times, a passing allusion of the lecturer to the famous " Arrowsmith Hoax" elicited a heartiness of applause which indicated the relish with which Americans riew the fact of the '? great tbuoderer" being victimised ii? its greedy swallowing this series of astounding Muuehausenism to the discredit of this coun try. Pbbsto, cbasqe '?As one of tbe burlv bur ghers of a sister city was enjoying the Christ Baas hospitalities of a friend not long since, he deposited on the aiautle-sbelf a carefully locked box. containing a valuable model of & machine for dressing stone Tbe sreniog was jovially parsed, and when the visitor lett be nugged his box b?neath his arm remarking that he ?? took mighty good care of it." But wheu. on the next morning, he opened the box to exhibit its content* to a frUxul. he found that some magician had txiicuiui the contents and filled the box with a dark ^lass cylinder, containing a fluid substance Who <lvd put in that bottle ? Wsir case or Drimkiru Ece-Noea1?On Christmas day a woman named Thomas, who bad been drinking pretty freely of egg-o?gg, entered the house ox an acquaintance on 11th street, (Island,) and, without apparent provo cation, drew a revolver from under her apron ?ad fired two loads at a young man named Peter Doweey, scarring and blackening his face in the tu-.ti horrible manner. Fortunately j (he pistol was loaded only with powder, else a feartul tragedy might have been the result. PlSE PlCTCBES AT tSALTS JeWBLBV EsTIH lisshkit ?In addition to the magnificent ?tock with which Messrs (Jalt tempt 4- pub lic, a collection of English landscapes, ia 1 water colors by Philp, (of themselres enwugh to draw the attention of all our art-loving eitiieus.) cover the walls of their store, form ing a tout enstmUAe rarely surpassed even in the eities of Europe. RxaiSTBAnoB or Names -To-day affords the last ehanee for the registry of names omitted upon the poll lists. An impression Jirevails amongst some who have been dropped rom the lists that they are required to pay the school tax prior to being reiastatod This it not the case. An Explanation?The Intelligencer to-day republishes from the Union the late proceed ings of the Jackson Democratic association with reference to the approaching inaugura tion oeremooy, the oall of "Win. Selden, Chief Marshal," on " ail who approve of the election of Buebauan and Breckinridge to participate in the ceremonies, and the follow ing card which, beiog thus republished, re quires a few words from us: A CARD. To t/it Editor* of th$ Union : Gentlemen : Permit me to say through your paper that the account given in the Star of yesterday of the proceedings had at the Jaok son Democratic Association on Monday last is incorrect. I was not elected as marshal on the 4th of March next, but only nominated, and declined in faror of Col. Selden, who upon my nomination, was unanimously elected Respectfully, D Ratcliff* December 24, 185<J Insomuch as " the account of the proceed ings" referred to in this card was simply the official report of them, with the name of D. Ratcliffe, as president, and the seoretary who officiated on the occasion, appended to it, and was handed in over our counter by the latter in person for publication in the Star, no re sponsibility for the error which Mr. Ratoliffe corrects rests on us. As, from the wording of this card, the casual reader might draw a dif ferent conclusion, we deem this explanation due to our offioe. While we cordially agree with the Intelli gencer that no more effective and appropriate chief marshal than Colonel Selden could have been selected, we have to add that the act of oiectlng any chief marshal on the occasion in question, after the Association bad been reg ularly declared adjourned over to a day cer tain by the officer filling the chair, was at least a broad farce, if not a fraud on the ab sent members thereof; having no shadow of warrant either in parliamentary law or the rules governing their proceedings. Of course Col. Selden was in no manner responsible for it; as he was not present, knew nothing of his nomination or election, and takes no lot or part whatever in the squabbles for "position" that are at the bottom of the utter disregard if decency and their rules, ending at times almost in fisticuffs on their platform, which have of late served to render the name of the Jackson Democratic Association a by-word of derision in this community, to the infinite mortification of such of its members as are in disposed to see it used for any other than its original and legitimate purpose. Tub National undek Petticoat Govern* mest !?It is a fact not to be got over, that the most successful theatrical managers have been ladies?vide Madame Celeste, Miss Laura Keene, and others. This is rather a mortify ing admission for us of the other sex ; but it is a stubborn truth, and may as well be grace fully conceded. Well then, Mi?s Fanny M<> nnt, charmingly known to f^ma, takes the reinn. to night, of theatrical management at the National, and all the whispers, inklings, hints, givmgs out, and shadowings-forth of new plays, sew actors, Ac., tend to the con viction that a brilliant theatrical campaign will be oarried out by the fair lessee. We shall see! ?? Amusements To N?gbt ?Munder's extra brilliant soireo of to night will draw together all the young folks who wish to welcome the New Year in with appropriate honors A year begun with the prestige of innocent enjoyment may be counted on as a year of happiness through all its 365 days to the participants, and we advise all who wish to start right in 1857 to visit Munder's Metropolitan Ilall to night. The ball of the Active Association, Navy Yard, and of the Empire Club at Temperance Hall, already noticed in our column*, take place to-night. The Opening Night o*? tbe Cikcus ?We would refer our readers to the advertisement of the opening exhibition of the splendid equestrian troupe, in their new pavilion, corner of Seventh streot and the avenue, this evening The company is said to surpass any in the Union, and contains names of the high est celebrity In the niche of equestrian re nown, among them the celebrated Madame Louise Tourniaire No doubt but a crowded house will be in attendance We shall speak mure fully of this ompany to-morrow Arpbutko?This mornieg Officer Veatman arretted D P. Kurtz, who, at the last term, forfeited his bonds for appearance at Court. He was delivered into the custody of the Mar shall. ? ? Watch Returns.?Mary Burke (colored), improper conduct, reprimanded and dismissed; James Smith. George Dowe, Edward Solomon, Charles H Brown (colored), disorderly gath ering, fined each S5 and costs; Thomas Dado, alias Pearoe, beastly drunk, sent to jail as a runaway. A Perfumed Breath?V? ha weald have a elssgreeable breath, when, by using t>i La Cole. Balm or Tit Whits Watch Lilly as i Dei.tifrice, U can te tendered sweet, and leave tbe teeth whiteas Alabaster' Pat ? drop no your tooth-brcsh and wash tbe teeth liigbt end itorniog. A JtSAUTIVCL COMPUJXION may easily be aoialred by otlng Dm La Coi'S'a Balm or tub Whits Watmb Lillt. It Will remove tan, pimples, and freckles from the skin, leaving t cif; aud roey. Wei a towel, p< ?r on two or three drop*, and wash tbe face night and morning. SHAV1NU MADK KASV.?Wet yonr brash andpouron two or three <1 rope of Dt La Cora's Balm or th> Whitk Watfi Lilly, rub tbe beard well, and H will make a bean Wful soft lather Pr1>-e fltty wec^s For sale by Charles Mott, Washington, and by drug jista gatLgral!/. Dec 31-Uan 11 j^TBrewn'i Jdroachiai Treaties.??Wt hare found tbem of great service In allaying Bronchial Irrita tion, and In iabduln? Hoarseness produced by Colds, and do our clerical t>retlir?u a real favor In calling their attenUon to Zlon's Heral.L * We commend them to the at tention' ct f.bllr speaker", singers, and others who r.ea troubled with ?Jec:1crs of the Tnroat."?Christian Watch man. "For Ocughs Asthw As., we rheerfnlly bear testi mony from personal kuowled** to Uu;r e-tca* y."?Halloa's Pictorial. " They are a simple and slegeS* l*r+, ?d uln latarlng, In combination, several medicinal kabstaaca* Uei^ In general esteem among Physicians In the treataient of Brncl.lai affections."?Dr. O. P. Bigelow. Containing no op'am or deleterloas drags, tiieee Luceuges can be ased freely by public speakers aud wcalisia for clearing and giving itrength to tbe votes. Sold by all Di agitlst*. Oct lt-tf JAMES N. OALL AH. Agent. Important to the Ladle*:?Dr. Da POkiOO'S ts^ALI Pl.'.LS.?The combination of lngradt euts In the P'Jls atm vctly harmleaa. Their sltcacy aud merlla are based upon an -itt^i've practice of over thirty friars; and, where tb< dlreenol^ been strictly fol ow?s, fhey hate nevsr fallod to correct all tr^c'.vrltles, rollers paiofu! and dlScalt menstruation, ij artk-uUrly, i at till <jf life. They will cars tbe W Litis, a .d rumors all oUuac^oaj lrt>0 cold, exposure or ar.y causes; sad tmf t% u-?T itcCsSsf-.i!' ee 4 1'r-ventive. Call upon t .e ageck, apd .cat a?;:rcalar ft,- j*rvlcsl?rs ?re?. Pri y* >1 par bog, with foil Election*. AjM *bo!s<<-.l<? and retail by OKAS. SIOTT, Uragglet, P?r.inylv#i,U etea*,3, SAMt'EL 11. WaITK, 6J* Sevttitb etr??t, Washington, I). V.i aud K 8. 1'. CISSKL, Georgetown ; U> whom all orders in est be eaut, and U><* Pills will be eent confidentially, by mall, to ladles who eucloas them one dollar. K. B.?S?s signature bb the box; to300oterfellit ts for try. Ja *-U tfT" Wfp that Barkln*."?'? Take time by tbe foralocetf' tnc era that noi y coa^b H<move It or It will remove you. fat U cries aloud lu every bo>ly's ?ars, " Make way for the Ooiieuiiiftlun. l?is uauno: 's iUuiab Balsam of Ll\erwort aud Uoarhouod will silf'n<.e its noise, stay Its evil, and give yon sweet repose lor yoot pregobt ? leopleoe nights. Moa?ro. Weui k Potter, No. 1^4 Washington street, Boa. tun, lienors! Agents. For sale by W. H. Atlman, Cborleo Nairn A Palmar, Z. D. UliiuaO, and by Drogglsta gen eiaiiy. doc M?Iw. t?7*Uraa4rotk'e Pillt.-Tka Weak, the Oonsumptlvo. Kbonmstlc. Coetix, t'lious ar.d Dallcsto, after aouie day'e use will And reuewed strousU, an;* life pervade every organ it their frauiee. Every doee luakes iMUMi urer. The nervre commenco In the arterivs and terminate In tbe vtios These pills, as a flrst offect, act upon the ar toriai biooO, !^craastng tba circulation, by wlilrh Impurities are dapoelted in iUo veins, and they throw off sucb collOc tlono Into the bowels, eluij rgau, by the energy derived from Brandreth's Pills, expels them fry/u the sys em. When first noe^l, the pills may occasion grlplnjr, aud a. en %ake the feel wo roe ; this must be borns with for the t ome akw/Tards ho gi eat good is often achieved without 1 some trouble lu l.'s att ktnment, and this rule applies U> the 'ecovery ol brsllh. sympluics ouly occur where the t>.>dy has longgtrnggl>-(i nndor a toad of Impute, tonaclons buasors. A < oosoi-attve use for a few d?y* will satisfy tha L-'jal unbelieving of tbe greit good the p.ils a/a d^lag The diracxioba ghoul J be careisliy studied. If uuderaiowJ au4 foliowad, health akd vigor will. In a Ba>ority of caoac, be rv cared by tbe use of BH .?Oi<KTH'? fills "Id at u cents per bos at it <<tns. street, Brandratb Building, York; by T. W. Oyott k Hone, 132 uorU. Sw 'U'l streai, Philadelphia, and by ue<llclue dealers gener ally. nov IS?tf MAHKIKU, Oa tba. w Uwcetbber, bv the Rev. Father Aeon, Mr THU*. T VAKNKLL to MIm UKURUl AN A BARNES, all of thi- Clt, * DIBS. Or? 30th December, after a short and pain ful lUnees, J AMES BUCHANAN, aged fl moatha and Ul iays, ouly son of David and Chxtetlana Uloea The friend* of th? fapall* u? rwpectfully In vited to attend bla funeral on Thursday 4 o'clock p. ra., from the residence of hHparenis, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Twentieth street, First Ward. 9 On the night of the 30th Decembet, CHRIS* TI AN A IDA, daughter of James C and the ute Janet Deilltt, in the 3d year of her age Onthe?*h December,DAVID KOONE8,aged 7*J years. On the -i?th December, MARGARET, daugh ter of tbe late Alexander %nd C. Wltenaur, In the 7th year of her age. For Sale and Rent. Fo R RENT ? A NEW TWO-8TORY *ul?ble t0T * ?mall family, on *1 ?^vv u E *tr0et *ent t?50 Ap M?r Nrw VAfk ' No 384 l3th ne?r York avenue. den* F?^^8 f BKOROOM?A LARGE, * nJSSSESf frnt rc?m' at No 435 8th ?"*?> ?l ouc' central, very quiet, "d wry convenient to the Feet and Pat?t Offl dee 3151* J>0?MSPOW RENT ?TWO LARGE PAR Bedrooms for rent, furnieked or un furnished, on the corner of 18th and L at nets Eaqalrettthe Grocery Store dec 3l-2t* FRIIJ5,NT?SBVERA^ LA*6E FDH.N * roeme, lighted with gat, with or with - ovt board. In a new three-story brick house near Si'^ES* ? App,y ut No *** I2tb ***** ? f*w tttpe below Penn avenue dec 31 -eo3t* fOR RENT?A COTTAGK~HOU-E CON J 'alnlng sewn rooms, handsomely situated on .New York avenue, No IBS. and three aquares from and la fall view of the Concessional Print lng Offlce It has a fine flower garden and fruit trees Apply loWM. POWELL, No 1*? New > ork avenue, next door dec 3l-eo3t* FOR RENT OR 9ALK. IN THE FIRST WARD ?In a beautiful situation, on K, be. tween ?>th and Slat streets, a Brick House. con tolnlng six room*, with a large lot belonging. Persons wlahlng t?? view the premises can do so by applying to Mr. John Clark, living opposite the property. For terms apply to ANDREW SMALL, No. awl C street north, between ?tb and 10th streets. dec ?-3t? Farms for sale?intending to cultivate a larger farm, the subscriber will sell the farm In Alexandria county, Virginia, on which he has resided for tlie past seven years. It contains 51 acres, and is situated near Balls x Roads, 3)f miles from the Georgetown Aqueduct, and 0 miles from both W ashingten and Alexan dria. There are upon It a comfortable and well arranged dwelling house, containing six rooms, with front and back covered porticos, the former bX i i kitchen ; t comfortable house for servants or farm hands; a large and convenient barn, with stabling for six horses and as manv cow*, and an ample cistern (attached to the barn;) a root cellar under the barn, to hold 2,000 bushels of roots for market or stock feeding; Ice house ; spring house; smoke house; corn house; a stone m irket root house, and a store house. Also, a good dairy near the homestead door, from the never falling spring of which water is obtained for all the requirements of the occupants. There is also fn the place an orchard of more than a thousand thrifty trees of different plantings, con sisting of the choicest varieties tf peachea, ap ples, pears, (dwarf and standard,) cherries and quinces. At present fourteen acres are needed down to whfat and rye; six in timothy, (yielding J an ave-age of at least two tons per acre,) four In a market garden; four In clover; twelve ready to ! be put In corn and oat* in the spring, and eleven i In wood, of which there Is an ample supply for all the purposes of the place. This farm has been cultivated with care and Is very productive. I no pains having l>een spared to render it remnner- ? alive, and to make It complete In all its appoint- ' ments. For a dairy man and market garden farmer, or r. nursery man, or for ih? country resi dence of a person doing business In either neigh boring city who prefer* a place already in all respfcts highly linprovid It Is superior to any I other now for sa'e. Alto, THE BLADEN FARM, (?0 acres) situ- i ated within less than a quarter of a mile of the Columbia and Leesburg turnpikes, the forreer leading to Washington, and the latter to Alex- ! a'idria I his place Is In the Immediate vlcinitv | of Bailey s x Roads (in Alexandria crunty, Va .) ; and Is about six miles from both cities named I above. Itfcasuponltanorchardofabout:J50cholce ' pea< h trees, most of them lately set out, a dwel- ! ling house that can be made comfortable for a farmer's family at small cott. rome Mabling.and one of the finest springs In a'l this region of j country. There is wood enough upon the tract for Its necessities There is no better soil within thirty miles of Washington '.ban tuat of this Bla dea place; nor any such piace that can be ren dered remunerative at Jess cost by proper atten tion ; the land being In fine heart at this time. I For terms for either or both these farms, which will b- made to suit the times, apply to dec W. D. WALLACH, Star Office. CJUITES OF ROOMS furnished AND ^ unfurnished. Private Tables, Ac , at 538 17th street, opposite the War Department, dec 27-2w* For rent-that large and haniT some three-story Brick II ouse with back build Ings, Ac , Ac , on the corner of Hth and H streets It Is completely furnished throughout Posses sion may be had Immediately. Apply to E E vv"*? 4 *-0 > Grocers, Loulsiani avenue dec at-tf TW? LAUGK ROOMS suitable FOR 1 GENTLEMEN TO BE RENTED- They also, can be Boarded in the house if desired Apply to THOS POTENT1NI, No '279 Penn ^venue, south side. dec 17 F?UR, vEuNT -T?iE I THREE Story 7. House, sUuited on the corner of lu'th and H street, containing 10 Rooms, with Coal cellar and Bath Room Inquie of JAMES W. BARKER, next door to the Lutheran C urch nov 2-tf C^OR RENT?THE SECOND AND THIRD -JL stories of the H ouse over the Leather Store of Mr. J C. SHAFER, opposite the National The* tre. Inquire on the premise,!. dec lu-eotf POR SALE OR RENT ?TUAT DE8IRA M. ble residence on F street, between 20th and i for last eight years occupied by the late J M. Chubb, Esq Possession given Immedi ately. Inquire of RIGGS A CO au 12-eotf FOR RENT.?A LARGE FOUR-STORY Brick House, with tine ftabllng and Car riage house situated on the corner of 16th and K streets Possession given Immediately Annlv to JOHN ALEXANDER, No. 240Penn.avenue dec 10-ec3w Rooms ton RtsNT ?t w u Larue, finely furnished Parlors and Bedrooms for rent, with or without Board, at FLINT'S Hotel near Union office. dec2-Uanl A FIRST-CLASS RESIDENCE IN ^ GEORGETOWN |) C , FOR RENT ? lhe subscriber oil'era for rem tier late residence at the corner of Fayette ai d Fourth streets, Georgetown, Immediately opposite the Convent of the Visitation. This is one of the largest and best finished houses in the District of Columbia, having all the modern improvements contained la tum a;* houses of the Northern cities There Is attache* a 1<mu? clam/* i?i the yard, carriage-house, and stable for several horsas. vkinftymP Pureit waun in tue immediate The loia;ity is high and salubrious, and In a quiet and highly re?j**.uble uelyhborhcod. Pos^cftticugiven immediately. For further particulars Inquire iifxt door to the premises, of Mrs. ANNE R. O'NEAL. pt)R tt^NT -THAT LARGE AND AIRY . "Calk* tin i en j avenue, between ?th aci 7tli h.reefs, over A- Ijooyrt A Sou's Jjhoe Sitori*, j^ulta ble Jor a first-clafs Boarding-Hpuce. 1; is now undergoing a compiett repal; Posaesslon glyeii lrcn.ediaUj,. ?ii4uiieof A. UOOVfiM A SON, south of Penn. avenue, between ttth and 7th frtreeta. oc 30-tf R. P. JAf KSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Oifiee No. lift Bridge street, <ie?r?eto'A'ii. WILL ATTEND Tu CASES IN TrifKCIR cult Court and the Court of Claims; to the examlca'lon of Titles to Property, the Investment of Money in Real Estate, Conveyancing, and all nther business requiring the services of ?n At torney.^ dec26-2w Balloons, dolls, games, engrav ings. 4c., at McLAUGHLIN A CO.'S. joun f. bmms, Attorney at law and commis sjoreror the u, S Court of Claims for th^ District of cotcrnoi*. Othce No 2*2'Louisiana avenue dec27-10t I BEAUTIFUL PAPIER MACHE WORK ? J Boxes, Desks, Folios, Albums, ('aid Tray#, Card Re elvers. Ac., Ac , for sale low at No 20 oetwMn _tli ant) '':h sts. doo 27 'Mi. MoLAygHUN k Cp. jVEW OFFICIAL ? ONtiRJKSS U1K tl _ 1 v TORY: containing the Nam s and Resi dences of Senators and Members of the bouse of Representatives for the present tesMon of Con gress, und other valuable Information Just nub Ustu>d by 'fA^ LOR A MAURY, ' AwC Bookstore near U:h street. OPE< 1AL NOT ICR.?THE SUBSCRIBER ^ having made some Important changes in h!s business, it becomes absolutely necessary that all unsettled accounts should be closed either by cash or notes at snort dates With this view, all persons having bllla with him will have them rendered previous u. the ljt of 'anuary, wUa toe hop? th?u they will pjompUy lespouded to, and save him the expense and annuyance of resorting to other meant of collecting JA*. C. McGUlRE, dec 27 6t Auction and Coinmlttlon Merchant. Mince meat??minck mbat.-an ptjxer lot of pur MINfiE MEA'r. UING A BLRCUELL, dec 24- Comer Vermont avw. and 15th tts. VENISON. A FEW 8ADLES VERY H AND80.ME VEN. 1SON Just from the luountalns. KING A UUJKCHELL, dec 20 corner Vermont avemxe and Bth tt. UY VOUR HOLIDAY GOODS of dec to Mclaughlin a co. b AUCTION SALES By WALL, BARNARD A CU , Anetloneer*. L>OORS. BOORS. AT AUCTION We

MJ Will comirence Pratt's nineteenth annual sale of Books at Store No. 370, nnder Browns' Hotel. ??1? ?c?uPl?i bv T. Galllgan A Co., on SAT URDAY EVENING, 3d Instant, at6w o'clock, and will continue every evening until the whol* "'Cr.k i, disposed of. This stock Is the largest and bast selected of any stock of Books sold in this city for years. Mr Pratt has had twenty years' ejperlence In the business, and selected this stock from the New York and Philadelphia trade safes especially lor this market. All Books warranted perfect and nold without renerre Fi?e editions of Standard Works In great variety of binding, English and American editions Bcoki at private sale during the day WALL, BARNARD A CO , dec 31-41 Auctioneers. *? MERCHANTS AND OTHERS. 'fH? UNDERSIGNED TENDERS HIS Ser A vices as Collector, and to e*ecu???any descrip tion of writing with neatness and dlspitch. bills entrusted to him will receive prompt at tention and Immediately upon the receipt of ?ion ?y. retwns will be made ?,?rd?"JB,,y ,efl at the stationery Store of 1..? Pennsylvania avenue, b- tween llth and 18 th streets, or at my residence 10th, be twe?n G and H streets dec!7-6t JAMES F. TUCKER N E\i YEARS'G1FTS FOIL THE LAI)ICS. \| a jam e hri bram a daugutkr gi ye iVA ihelr thanks to the ladles of Washing- ~ - i ton atd Its vicinity for their patronage, aud A [ lr.forti them that they have received a flne/J^r stock of Velvet and Fancy BONNETS, cnda new style of HEAD-DRESSES, which they In tend to sell for gifts, *t co?t price They also have % portion of very handsome Bonnets, from Si 59 to 85 No. $77 Pa avenue, bt-twten 10th and llth st?. dec ??-tlstJan SPECIAL. NOTICE. 'PHOSE OF OUR CUSTOMERS WHO A have accounts with us are notified that they are made off and will be rendered to the 31st in stait We do earnestly request that they will cone forward as sarly as possible and settle by casa,or notes at short dates, a* it Is very Impor tant that all accounts should be closed to 1st Jar - uaiy. H e take this occasion to return our thanks to thsse many customers who buy liberally of us for caih. and those who pay their bills promptly, and hope to merit their Increasing confidence and literal patronage by giving our strict attention to business, and keeping constantly In store a w?ll assorted stock of goods of the best class To those who do not settle their bills promptly, when requested to do so we shall discontinue COLLEY a sears, dec 27-fit ^23 7th St., 3 doors north Pa. ave. PIANO PORTE TUNIN^T BK DENNIS, TUNER AND REGULATOR ? of the Piano Forte, from Chickering A Sons, Boston, be^s leave to call the attsntion of the public to tne following recommendations from Thalberg and Gottschalk: This is to certify that I can with great confi dence recommend Mr B F. Dennis as a Miperlor I'uner of the Piano Forte The Grand Piano us?d by me at iny concerts in this city was tuned by Ml B. F. Dennis, and, In my opinion, he Is fully capable of sustaining his present position, as one thai thoroughly understands his profet *:?V v. S. Thalbmo. Washington, December J6th. I certify that Mr. B. F. Liuinls is an excellent i >:ner of the Piano, and most competent In reg ulating pianos It affords me great pleasure to recommend him most particularly to the public and the profession L. ottschalk. Washington, December ?2d. IJT Orders to be left at R Davis' M usle if tore, Pennsylvania aveoue. dec-.7 lw ONE DOLLAR ! OAGVERREOTYPES 4- AMBHOTYPES, IN NEAT CASKS, FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS, will be made at V ANNEESON'S GALLERY, until the Firtt of Jnsfsry. PATENT AMliRO'n PES, In Fine Silk, Velvet lined Cas?*s, ftcm s> to S15. VANNERSON'S GALLERY, (over Lane A Tucker's) dcc 16 lw* No 424 Penna. avenue. jVOTICK?WESHALLAS USUAL, PRIOR f1 to the 1st of January, make an Indiscriminate issue of all open accounts on our books up to the tf?th instant These who prefer not to have tbem ser.t to them will find their bills re^dy for deliv ery at our desa It is hoped that all wl;l without del-.y settle lhe same, according to the terms on which their pinvha*es were made dec a lot CLAGETT, DOD8QN A SON. NOW KECKIVINU, jlf ANY NEW AND DESIRABLE GOODS for the present season, which we shall run od at greatly reduced prices. As special bargains we namo ? " lot) pieces rich Fancy Dress Silks 5 do blue, brown, purple and black Moire Antique Silks 5 do rir h strlp'd, plain and fl^'d Bl'k Silks e do black, browu and u.ue wide Silk Vel vets lo do more of the same sort rich Lustre Plain Black Silks, at our usual low prices 3 pieces superior plain Black Mourning Silks. \N 1th many Fancy Gco^s, to which we ask the a.tentlon of citizens and strangers to examine be fore making their purchases. COLLEY A SEARS. <too?eo2w 323 7th st , 3 doors north Pa av. Trare chance. HE SUBSCRIBER HAVING DETERM lned to retire from the Dry Goods Trideofren his entire stock for sale upon easy terras. The stand is the oldest ei.taolishfd in the town, unc a ?urgr ana profitable business has alwavs been and can still be done in It nowLHgh(!Ck 18 c0,nP08fd of StaPle Goods, and Is To any person of energy with small m?ar:., tuis presents a rare opportunely fr r money J E CARTER, ace 4i eo7t Bridge street, Georgetown lkK. VAN PATTEN, DENTIST, PRE seats the compliments of the season to his friends and patrons, and begs tlioso in arrear- for services rendered to can their ear!jest conveni ence ar>4 settle, after which hp will ue pleased to ser.e then* agaiu. OdLce at his resldv-nce, No. 10 Pennsylvania avenue, near Georgetown ds.: <fV?dllt & A LL UNSETTLED ACCOUNTS WILL ?^.i^nPr?ese,nv.te1 !? i,lir customers, without dls tlr.c.lon, by the 1st of January, when we earnest ly hops that ea.-h and every one having account? with us will call and settle without delay WALL A STErttEMi, No 3*-i Pa. Rvenue. b$t. *.th and 10th ;ts dec a?-3t [WlANewsj S^hCIw 'l> T?? SUBSCRIBER u finds it absol ute'.i*necc?Hary that all his friends Patrons and customer: m general, who are in debted to airi:, will call and tettle, either by cash or notes at short dates, their accounts by the 31st Instant Hoping thit by promptly responding to the above notice, they will save him ami .hen selves expenses and annoyance "jy r?utortlng to other means of collertl?|g. Jec HERMANN H VOSS **?*?* #? the STAR REPORTS ALL RJQttV I PJALL AT LEVY'S. Nx Pa. AVENUE, V opposite leshoflal Hotel, where you will find th?* following fine artleKs? Fresh selected Figs and Maccaroni Layer and Bunch RaiUns Fine soft and ha?d shell Almonds Nantz Currants, Sweet Ol! Fancy boxes of Pruua*. Stem and Pie Prunes, port Wine j* ;re Jalcfe Madeira W lne Sweet and Dry Malaga Wine 100 boxes of Tallow Candles, fl's and b's. R My customers who Lave unset jcdpMh^^tied accounts (to prevent dunning\ "3^MFw ll please call and settle tL^lr bills, , ' . which are nov: re^y io receipt, aud be ready for tue nyW coming vear. JONAS P. LEVY, Wine, Liquor and Grooerles, dec atMw 317 Penn. avenu?. SELLING i IT, / 1LOAKS? CLOAKS SHAWLS?SHAWLS!! HOSIERY?HOSIERY !!! The subscriber Is determined to clo>e out his entire stock of CLOAKS and SHAWLS by the fcwh of January, to accomplish which he will sell off at a very small advance His stock of Cloth Cloaks cannot be equalled by any assortment elsewhere lo this District His Velvets vt superb. F. A. McGEE. dec aa aot 844 Pa ave , bet 12th and 13th sts /^Asr orr clothing bought and sold at "8 Louisiana a*enue, opposite iho fiav Market N B. Will call for them by addressing as above through Poet oaice. dtc 'J8-eolm? COAL?COAL?COAL OF ALL KINDS AND OF THE BEST quality always on hand, at JOHN W. MYERS A CO. Yard corner O and %id streets, First Ward dec M-tf JUST RECElVElT FROM TOK FtB ll?.her".T'f, BPlendld View of Old Independ ence Hail, Philade phla. For sale cheap, framed or otherwise, at JOUN WAGNE ^ s. Penn avenue. AUCTION BALHB Cj THIS AFTgRyOOW A.WD TO-MORROW. Bv J AS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer CATALOGUE SALE OF A VAST AS J t?abli|f ?( Excellent. Ci?fait and Or* ntmtattl boki ud Prints. mt received ((?? Lamia*. ef I eadea.?-On TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY EVENING. Dumber 30th and3tst. commencing precisely at 6 o'clock, at the auction room*, 1 shall Mil. without reserve, a valuable invoice of London Book* and Punts, just received from the celebrated Edward Lum 1-y; comprising work* on Dlvtnltv, the Artf, Sclancaa, HI?torv. Belles I et tres Anatomy, Chemistry, Surgery, Voyages, Travels Grammars, Ac. In Greek, Latin, F-encb. AfabSr. Hebrew, and German Also, works on Architecture, Antiquities. Mathematics. Mu?l ? Drawing, Astronomy, Poetry. Zoology, Fiction Ornamental Illustration*. Geography, Astrology Metaphysial. the Drains Painting, Sculpture Education, Elocution, Writing, Army. Nayy, Ac. Sale peremptory, without regard to weather or prices. Terms cash Catalogue* uiav be had by calling at the auc tion roons. JAS. C MGUIRE,, dec 2ft-d Auctioneer By WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auctioneers. Large sale of choice family Grocsri's Cigars, Ac , at Aactisn.--On FRIDAY MORNING, January?, at W o'clock, we will sell, at our Auction Rooms, a choice a* sortment of Family Grocerlew, ac We name la part? Imporial, Gunpowder, and Black Teas HO boxes Brown and Palm Scaps A) boxes Mould and Adamantine Candlt* 30 boxesS>i nratus. Chocolate, and Olives 20 drz Buckets and Brooms )0 boxes Macaroni aud Vermicelli 15 boxes (US lbs each) Figs 'Hi boxes Stxrch and Indigo Blue *J,000 Cigars 20 boxes pipes, 75 bundles Paper 78 doz Blue and Black Ink In boxes 5 barrels Vinegar, baskets Olive Oil '.tokens pure W'hi'e Lead, Ae. W 1th manv other article* in the grocery line not here enumerated. Sale positive. Terms at sale WALL, BARNARD * CO.. dec3i-dts Auctioneers By WALL. BARNARD A CO , Auctioneers. Extensive sale or bratoies. Whiskeys, and Jamaica Spirits, at Aac tisn, (su 2 and 4 msntlia' credit.)?On FKI DA \ MORN IN**, January 'id, at 10 o'clock, we will sell, at our Auction Roc ins, a large consign ment of choice Otard Brandies, Whiskey, Ja maica Spirits, Ac 4 3k casas fine Otard Brandv 3 it do do 1 St cask Cognac do 2 % cask Plnet do 1 % cast old Jamaica Spirits 2 barrels old fourth-proof Gipson's Whlskt-y 'J <lo old Monongaliela VS bis!;ey 2o d( mlfohns (1,2. and 5 gallons) old Rye WhiK key The attention of hotel keepers, restaurants, and others is respectfully invited to this sale, as the articles are of excellent quality, and must be sold wlthuot reserve. Terms : ?10 and under, cash; over that amount a credit of two and four months, for notes satis* fac'.orlly endorsed bearing interest WALL, BARNARD A CO dec 30 dts Auctioneers. By JAS C. M< GUI RE, Auctioneer. Furniture and household *f fects at Public Anetiea.?-On MONDAY MORNING. January 5, at lu o'clock, at tnc resi dence of A. J. Ueutly, Esq , No 308 Eighth street nut, Let?een K and L streets north,! shall sell all his furnituie and effects, comprieing ? Mahogany hair ?prlng Tete-a-tete ?ufa, Rocker a-,d Parle r Chairs Marble-top Centre Table. Window Shades Handsome colored Lngravings In gilt frame* (iilt Cendelabras, Mantel Vas^s, Lamps Titne and wo<vl-seat Chslr#, Lounge Mahogany Secretary and Bookcase .Mantel Cloche, Dining and jtLei Taole? Three-p y and Ingrain Carpets. Oilcloth Hair Carpeting. Rugs and Mats Go d-uand Tea Set, Granite Dinner Ware Glassware Castors, Table Cutlery Mahogany French and Cottage Bedsteads Dressing and Plain Bureaus, Wardrobe Wa*h*tands, Toilet Sets, Splttoorc Husk and Cotlon Mattreaset, i?o?stersand Pillows Comfort'. Blanket*, Sheets. Ac Superior Walnm Swing Crib, one do on castor* Cooking Stove, excellent air-tight Chamber Stoves Tin Safe, Tubs, Kitchen Tables, Ac. About two cord- of wood I erms : 920 and under cash ; over that sum a credit of 60 and 90 days, fur satisfactorily endorsed r.otes, bea-Uur interest dec W-d ' JAS. C MrSCjRE, Auct. The ho'ise Is for rent. Inquire of the auctlon netr. By BONTZ A COOM BS. Auctioneer* 'pKI.'STEE'H SALE OF EXCELLENT 1- and Wall-kept Farait^e at Pablie Auction.?By virtue of a deed of trust duly re corded, Ac , 1 snail sell, on FRIDAY, January 2d. it?a7, at 10 o'c.ock a m , at No. 491, on Mas sachusetts avenue, between 4th and 5:h treets, (the flag will designite the house,) a large a-d general assortment of excellent Furniture and Household Effects, consisting in part as follows : 1 dcxen solid mahogany spring seat Chairs 2 mahogany spring-seat Tete a-Tete* Mahogany Sofas and Lounges Marble-top Pier Table and Ornamental Frame Mirrors Castor Chairs and Rocking Chair* Hat Rack and Whatnot Mahogany, Walnut; Jteaay Llnd, and other Bed steads Walau; fejite-.sion and other Tables Marble-top and other Bureaus Marble-top Centre Tables, Card Table-. Cane and wood seat Chairs Do do Rocking do B?>ds, Bolsters and Pillows 7m attresse* A large lo; oi Carpeting, Oilcloth, Ac. Cocking and olher Stoves Comforts, Blankets, Sheets, Pillow Ca*es, Ac. Handsome Window S ades Writing Desk, xMahogany Frame Mtrrois A targe and gep.wal assortment of Cklna, Glass, and Crockery Ware Together with many articles too numerous to mention. The above furniture has all been purchased In the last sixty days, free from any injury, and the sale is w< 11 wor'hy the attention of housekeepers and others. Terms All sums under S30 cash ; over ?30, a credit of 30, 60. and 90 day*, fo? noUs satisfac torily endorsed, bearing Interest J. W bAUPTMAN, Trustee dec29-d _ BONTZ A COOMBs, Aucts. try WaLl. BARNARD A CO., Auctioneers HIST EE'S SALE OF BRICK HOUSE ana Lst in tna First Ward at Pat*tic Auction. ? On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, January 13th, at 3# o'clock, in front af theprem ices, by virtue of a deed of trust dated May 14, 1853, and duly record-d U Liber J. AS., No. 104, folios 1J4, 13>, and 136, one of the land re cords for Washington county, we will sell the North?:a ??ait of lot No 12, In square 116, front ing is fefton voth atm-t west, between M and N streets, and runnlrig back 74 feet ta an alley. The Lot contains 1IS4 fe^t. more or less, w'tli the Improvements, consisting of a comfortable Brick House Terms ?. Oue-iblrd ca-*h ; the remainder In tlx tzd twelve months, bearing Interest, and sa^urfd by a deed of trust on the property. B W REED, Trustee. WALL. UARNARD A CO . dec 12 Auctioneers. Jl/TAS*SttAL*A SALE?IN VIRTUE OF A wilt of fieri faci?*, Issued from the Clerk's OQIce of the Circuit of the District of Columbia for the County of Washington, and to me direct ed, I shall expose to public sale, for casfc. in front of the fourt-hou*edoor of said County, on MON DAY, the 12th day of January next, ls57, at 12 o'clock m., all defendant's right, tit e, claim and Interest in and to Lot No. 6. in Square No. 551#, as laid down on the plat of the city of Washing ion. D C , together with ail and singular the in: So Yemen's thereon, seized and levied upon aa e pioperty of Andrew Bothwell, and will b? sold to satisfy Jndl-ials, No. 331, to October term, 1956, Alfred Ohapman e.? Andrew Both well. J. D. HOOVER. Marshal dee 17-ts for the District of Columbia. MARSHAL'S SALE?IN VIRTUE OF writ of fieri facias, Dsued frotn .be Clerk's Oifice of the Circuit Court of the District of Co lumbia for the county of Washington, and to roe directed, I shall ex^uw to pablie Hale, for ca-h In front of t?e Oourt-house door of said county, at V' G'cioek m , on WEDNESDAY, tue 7th day of January, 1857, all defendant's risht, title, claim, and Interest In and to Lot No 10, in Equate No. i5e, together with ail nnd singular the im provements thbreon, seized and levied npon a* the property of Allison Nalior, aud will ?>e nold to satisfy Judicial, Na. 170, to March term, 1856. Bank of Metropolis vs. Allison Nallor J. D. HOOVER, Marshal dec 13-ta for the District of Columbia T MANUAL OF ETlt|UETTE 1H WA*<i? INGTON. rriBlS MANUAL IS INDISPKNBALLE TO A Members of Congress and strangers soJiut. ln? in Washington. Every ledy .>rd gectieTrar. should have a copy Just pabllalted and for sa. at the Book Stand la the Capitol,and at theboo* stores in Washington^ dec m DASRKTS, BABEET STAN ON, CAUA&, AJ Satchels, Portmonles.?Tears will be shed when som? learn what they have lost by not buy r their presents at "t TELEGRAPH NEWS. FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS BY HOUSK FRIXT1HO TELSORAFH ARRIVAL OF THE FULTOW. Fear Day* Later (r?a Earepa. Nkw York, Dee. SI.?The steamship Vol* ton from Havre and Southampton 17th luat , Las arrived. The steamship Hermann had pat hack to Southampton, in a damaged condition The steamship Niagara, from Boston an?l Haliftx arrived at Liverpool on the 14th. and the City of Washington, lrom Philadelphia on the 10tb There is no confirmation of tba raoort af the arrival of the captain and fifteen of the paa ******* the Lyonuaire at Bordeaux. M are threatened between Spain and PioSMa. feri>.n fira.aily aoeepu theisrglieh declare tion of war. The Br.tish have taken the islands of Or uii' ami Karack, in the Persian (Julf. * The Russians have retaken Sonjottk-Kaieh after a de^perat* resistance on the part of the Ciicisaians Thesteau?hit> Washington touched at South ..iiit'ton on the 14th last en ronte for Bremen '! he Hermann put back to Southampton on fhe 14th in?t , with a broken shaft Her mall* an i passengers were transferred totheFalton Tba Arctic exploring ship Keeolata was at Cowos fttjtj had beon visited by Qaaan Vie t >ria, accompanied by the royal tamity, the American consul, and American officers In jK,rt, and a large number of distinguished j)er?onrigc?. All the American officers who 'vent out in tbe Kes/.ute have neeo invited to. ibe (jueon's palace in the Isle of Wight. COMMERCIAL. The Liverpool co-ton market *?aa tnter, hat ?{UoUtions were without change?tales of two ? lays 15 000 bales, of which 4DM were on rpeculation and Kr export. The market cl ?sed firm. Messrs Richardson, .^penca X Co. quote orea.ifituffii generally dull and lower. Wheat i*d declined 2d ; red ; white fteaV.*6d. y oar had declined til; Western Caral 31.-a31 ? ?>1 ; Baltimore and Philadelphia 31sa32*0i ; Ob'o Corn had declined Provisions were very dull, and witkoat cbsuge in prices ihe London moD?y market was unchanged. Console for money closed at V3ia93{. Fire at Patergon, N. J. Patkrsob, Dec 31 -Light stores, on Main rr:ot, were burnt latt night, together with .l.t ir er.tire content* They were <?cupiad for fb** f*lc of dry goods end fancy articles, and contained upwards of a doton tenants. Sev er ! buildings in the vicinity were also in ?U'ed. Tbe ion t? stated ?i ?5fl,?00. Relic of the L}oanfciae. Halifax, Utj 31.?The brig Beauty, ar i?vcd here, reports on her outward passage having picked up a boat CcntaiLiog a cask of w.:tcr. and a life buoy marked 44 Lyonnaise;" *!.-o a white shirt and a fine cambric handker chief. marked " L E. * Political a> RA> use, Dec. 30 ?Tbe Convention of the North Americans which was held here to-day adopted steps preliminary to a reunion with tne American party. Arrival of the Kangaroo. 1'hiladblphia, Dec. 31 ?Tbe screw steam ship Kangaroo, from Liverpool 17th infant, has beeu signalled off Cape Island. Non-Arrival cf tbe Niagara. Halifax, Dec. 31.?Nu feigns of ike steam ship Niagara, now eleven day* out from Liv erpool. New York Markets New York, Dec 31 ?Breadstuff* art very dull. Flour unchanged; sales of 2,600 bbls.: State 56a$6 35; Southern fft.90a$7 16. Wheat is drooping but unchanged, sales of 8,000 bushels; white Sl.76aSl 78 Corn is de clining; sales of 9 000 bushel*; mixed 70c white and yellow 74c. Pork is firm at $20 fur mesa, Beef ii%teady mt all 50aS14.75 for new repacked Chicago Lard is very dull and lower: I2|c in bbls Whisky is lower; Ohio 27e. Finanoial Naw York, Deo. 31 ?Stocks are dull bat fl-m; Chicago and Rock Island 94, Illinois Central shares 122i; do bonds 97$; Michigan Southern S7j; York Cenral 93}; Penntrlvania Coal Co 100, Reading S6i Sterling exchange is dull. PHILBRICK is Here Again j (FromT~ andTV Broad wa>, New York,* BOOKS AND "pREfeENTS. At the Uld Stand, under Dexter1* Hotel, comer af Seventh street ai d Louisiana avenue. HE WILL OPEN THIS 1)AY, AN IMMENSE STOCK, Comprising the largest and most valuable as sortment of BOOK* ever offered In this clt>. consisting cf a splendid selection of Standard Works lu ail th? departments of ancient and mod e?p. Science. Literature and Art Our OlFT BOOKS luclud- every variety, In superb, uniqu? and costly bindings. elegantly Il lustrated. A PRESENT wor'h from 26 Cents *o flOo, will* be given (lm ir.el'.ately alter the ?*le) to the pu-chaser of even' Book for wh'c?i vre receive ft or mere. Each purcJaast r i f a Book will be requested to select a SEALED ENVELOPE containing the name of one of tbe list of present* wh*eh mav b" found la our small bills pe: cent of ail our net receipt* will few rUced In the bands of His Honor the Mayor of Washington, to be distributed for the bent lit of the Poor of the city We sell our Hooks Invariably as low as the* can be bought anywhere, and In many caves t'> rent cheaper. We elve ail who buv onr Books handsome Presents, but we with It dlstlnctlv understood th it no purchaser of n Book will have any valla claim upon us for a Pre ent,?the only cons'.dera* tloa we receive Is the money paid for our books. All we ask or accept for the Present* we ?>lee Is the thanks of the recipient* and their lnhuence in aldtajg us to dispose of our stock. We extend a cordial invitation to our o'd frtand* a.i.l patrons, and the citliens generally, to ca;l and see n? at THE OLD STAND, under Dexta 's Hotel, (corner of Aevcnth street and Louisiana avenue,) Sign of the Ked Flag and Olft Bookstore dt-cSB-tf T. PHILBRICK, Ag?ai GIFT BOOK SALE. JVOW OPEN AT No 34 LOUISIANA AVE-, i 1 opposite Centre Market, between ?th and srh streets, with a splendid assortment of BOOK* and GIFTS for tne holid&vs Hare Inducements are offered to Insure a rapid la a present worth from *5 cents to tOu glvan to the purchaser of eech book at the time the book Is sold Books sol<l as low as usual prices, many for less. Our stock comprises a great variety, and em braces most all braucbes or literature The public are Invited to call and examine ocr merhoa of selling Books and glvln?awa/ OohS arid Sliver Watcher, Gold Locnets, Pencils, Ear rings, Breastpins. Parlor Tlmeplcces, Ac . Ac Principal Store 40? Broadwav, New York dec ?is-vwe EVANS A CO. TO C'ONKKCTIONKR*. Proposals will be received tl! tbe 1st day of Kebruiry snt tor the exeln sive privilege of selling confectionary and otksr refreshments (except lat#xleafin^ Orlaks) at the third lMhibllU>n of the Metrop> uai Merbanlcn* Institute, to he opened on the id and ( lose about the :MKb of March next The bidder must aeree to flt up the space allot ted to blm in a creditable style and In harm/??v ?ltn ths ^' decoraiion o: tbe ball. He must also give satisfactory evidence rf his ability to furnish articles of the best qualltv Addiaan the unde-signed, t?uperlntrodent of tbe fcjhlbitton, at h>s ofllce. ?01 F street, cor of ?*h dec *7-eotFebl CHAS. F STANSBCKV. ANO BUTT041 K*1VK?. ivstf TabieL Sewlag Birds, Seissars In easts, Packet Kuives, cheap, at FRANCIS'S, dec H Seventh street. DBNTkSTHrT JW. McOEE, DOCTOR OF DENTAL ? MJRUERY, has located himself " permactly In this city. Dr .*cGee ?? s graduate of R)e BaitlmoreCul ?u? *. f /uT7nv Dental Surgery, and has had ov?r . ^tlve vears practice otfi-e r-moved to th? residence wf his fatL?-r, Rev T. McGee, (for '.he pieseat,) 8:h street. U twen t a-.d K streets doc S-lut EW Y*JAR'i PRESENTS, at dec V McLAUttRLl.N ^ N