Newspaper of Evening Star, January 1, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 1, 1857 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR, rVBLlSHKD BTERT iFTERKUVR, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) 4t >4? Sff BmiU*?C?.??*+?* ?/ Mraai **4 Ulttnik tlrttt, By W. D. WALLACE, Will be aerr?4 to aubaerlbera by carrier* at BIX AND A yUARTKR CENT8, payable weekly to the A?cnta; paper* aerrea la package? at 37% kou per month. To mall aubacfibers the aub arrlpt loo price IsTHRKE DOLLARS AND FIF TY CEN T8 a year i? ndrir.ct, TWO DOLLARS f ?r alx months, and ONE DOLLAR for tkre* ?norths, f*>r lrsi tbaa tbree months at the rate ti lit ceata a week. \ZT SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. IX WASHINGTON, D. C THURSDAY, JANUARY 1, 1857. NO. 1,235 THE WEEKLY STAB. Thli exeellttt Family u4 II aimlijt a greater variety af latereaCax raaAla* aaa be f*na4 la aay eihw?U 4ay aoralax fiua. Siatleeepy, par aaa am 91 ? ve inn. Fire copies H M Ten coj?leu ? ?? Twenty coplea ......M N HT'Oash, irvabiablt m t*u*ct. |?^SInjtle??rtea(la wrappers) can be praeoret at the counter, Imaaedlawit nftar the lasoe of tha paper. Price?Tnaaa Cants PoaTil a aeaas who art aa ajrenta w! 11 bealli acoasmlssion of twenty per cent -u. SIVTDKR ?c &ai?, Blikiri, Buy and selldomestic exchange, STOCKS. BONDS, and othes Securitlw receive Deposit*, furnish Drafts, make CoIlK tioas, and negotiates Time i'aper Id.VD WARRANTS. We are at all times buying and selling L*^ Warrants, aa?l will locate them, on commissi*, in Nebraska and Minnesota Terrltorya, Wiac* sln, Iowa, aad Missouri. M. SNVDKR & SON'S Bank, dec 1J Im No 338 National Hotel BuUdlof 1) HBIR'I Improved Sewing Machlntf* To which was granted the Highest Award of Ihe Paris Exhibition, thereby rMtinag the World's Verdict of Superiority. 'P?1K 1MPROVEMKNT8 IN THIS *A *- chlno kaa simplified them In many resp*^1*, end thry arecnpsbleof executingtwice the am" JBt <"( wor* th?v did formerly la any given They are without question the only Machine ca pable *f sewing every variety of goods perfcet; a skirt bosom or heavy trace for harness cia be sewa bv any of these machine* by a simpler ?i?ge ?f a^edle and thread In such a manner tk?t the ?i<y?st scrutiny cannot detect a fault. Manufacturers, planters and families will find them the only safe Machine* to purchase, a> they are built strong and durable, and not llt^V to get out of order. We hav? machines with gnages attacked,for Hiding hats,cap-fronta, gaiters, Jco. Silk, Thread. Cotton, Needles, 4o., ssirtaatly ?a kand, at the lowest rates. f erson*deslrpu? of Information regardlaf Sew ing Machines will please address 1. M. SINGER A CO^ 10j Baltimore street, Baltlsore. *%. B.?We are prepared to exchange th?? naa sh law for old machines of any kind Tem? lib eral. Persons who have been Inducedto pirchase aferlor machines under the pretext of being ?heap, will lad this a benefit indeed, mar IS?ly SOR1EE* O.YNSANTE. (1ROF. fl W. MUNDER TAKES 6dEAT pleas ire In announcing to bis friends, patrons, and public generallv, that the above social and delightful eatertain nifits will commence at Munder-s Metro politan Halt, corner9th and D streets, oa* WEDNESDAY EVENING, November AUh, at 9 o'clo k, and continue every Wednesday throughout the seasoa. Gentlemen wlMing to subscribe for the season can do so upon very favorable terms, by applying at the Hall oa Tues day and Thursday evening from 9 till IS o'clock. nov ai-tf BCl'K: BUCK.! buck: (set WsslT Hsss EN ROUTE FOR WASHINGTON D C. Three kntiredeer, largestever received In Baltimore, shot with Virginia rlfien?not revol?ers. BEAR MEAT, HAMS, SHOU.DERS, SIDES, fattest ever received from the Allegha nles. Constantly receiving from the West. *?<* Balti more and Ohio, Wlnchester and Potonac, Par kerabnrg, Central Ohio Railroads, VEN'ISON, POULTRY, WILD GAME, keg and ml BUT TER, CAP HONEY, DRIED APPi,fclS and PEACHES, and country produce genen ly. For sale by C. C. O'NfiL, Corner Howard and Pratt sreets, dec 3-Iib Batlmcre. DR. OIPRIE'I KK.tiCDI ES ar* the only effectual cure for External or Intenal Piles, Saltrheum, Ring-Worm. Ac. They ar unrival led for purifying the blood. 5o cents per box Ofllce 7ft Nassau ?:eet, New Will be sent by Ht* sale bv FORD A liRO., corner >f 11th st York Will be sent by mall H** sale bv FORD A UK< asd l'Cna avenue. oc 5K GAS F '? \TUHM. RH MILLER. SON fc CO, 1LEXAN ? drla, Va., keep constantly cn haid a hand ?owrarlcty cf CHANDELIERS, PENDANTS. BRACKETS, Ac , from the celebrated factory of Cornelius A Biker, whlcli they will g arantee to sell at the mm* prices charged to pivate pur chaser* at the salerooms on Chestnut sreet. rnil adelphla A'so, Drop-lights, Cut llass and decorated Paper Shades, in great varlty. Call and examine for yourselves. dec 1 51 IT AH LK FOR CHRISTMAS AND NEW T EARS' PRESENTS. JOHN H SMOOT, No 119 SOlTH SIDE Bridge street. Georgetown, D. C , :as received a great variety of useful and seascnahe GOOD?, to whl?h he invite* tae attention of ?oth ladles and gentlemen who may wish to mue a Christ mas and New Years' Present. EMBROIDERIES. R rh worked Cambric Sets (Collar4 rid Sleeves) ?"j do Muslin do do Jo do Mnslln and Cambric C'ilsrs A great variety (low priced) Worked Linen Sets and Linen to Rich worked Muslin Sleeves Black and white Lace Sets and Collrs Wojk'd ("am^ric and Muslin Bands llmbroideed Linen Cambric Haadk-rchlefa Hemstitched, turked and plain do lilac* Chantllla and French Lace V ila Worked, quilted and hoopwd Skirts. also? Moire Antique, Embroidered, Satk and other Cloaks Double aad single Brocha and o'herShawta Klch Fancy and Black Silks French Merinos, plaid Merinos Pidia and printed Mous L'delaine* Best Paris Kid Gloves, all numl>eft* Kid and Buck Gauntiet* Ladles, gent's and children's Warn Gloves Do Hosiery, of every k:id PTtwonnale*, and ladles' Cabas Gent*. Linen,Cambric and Silk Prrket Handkfs Black and fancy Silk Cravats, Scarf: and Ties Gents Soawls, Merino and Woolen Scarfs Children's Knit Talma* and Hoods Ladies, gents and boys' Comforts. 4c With many other desirable good* which will be sold lew to cash or prompt custoaeTs dec U- J. H.SMOOT. KTA.1DARU SILVEK W,KE. I AM NO W M ANUF ACTU RING JU RESIL 1 ver Spoons, Forks, Ladles, Buttei, Fish, Pie, Ca*e and Ice Cream Knlvew, Sugar shovels arwi Tongs, Napkin Rings, Cresm, Gra-y, Mustard and Sa".? Spoons, Ac., Ac , on my ow{ premise*, and do not palm off on the public Nothern man ufactured articles (which cannot alvays be re lied on as genuine) for ray own, but ?very article made in ir.v esubl.thment can and wlil be war ranted as af?o?e WATCHES AND JEWELRY Of ev?ry description, and In great nrlety. con stantly on hand, and reclvlng fresh irrWals al ruost e?erv d?v Fine (18 ks) G?U Watches, from to fvioOj and warran.ed ccirect ilme f-pers. Coral, Cameo, Mosaic and plain Gold {rxcelets, Pins and Ear-rings, (In set* or by the ? !n?le piece,) Gold Veat, Fob, Guard Chatalaln ?nd Neck CLains, Seals, Keys, Lockeu, Charms, infli a general assortment of ^oods utually kept In a Jewelry Store Fine Watch Repairing done bv an experienced and competent workman, and all work warranted to give satisfaction at Pennsylvanit avenue, dec St- H O. HOOD. POST OFFICE DIKEl'TORY, OR BUSI n?s Man's Guide to the Post Offlces In tlie L'nitsd Stat-??, containing the names of the Post aad Post Masters in the United States on tk- id July, with a vartety ot valuable in formation on Postal Affairs: a<??? a comprehen sive codification of the exUtln* Pontal Laws. Price ? 1 J ust published, and foi TAYLOR A MAURY'S l>->okatore, dec 1.- nea. Kb street. BOOK BINDING. CoTMtr Jt irtsl^ Kreil and Mtrflamd ?*????, n?tr tk? SmirS">*ia* Institution L"?DV\ AK'J lycett RESPECTFULLY IN l-i forms the siOscribers to Brown's Bible and Sbakspex'e, now Just completed, that he is pre pared to bind those works In a superior style of elegance, strength and solidity, and upon much more ruastxtub.e terms than can oe done in Baltl rw, PhlUdelphia, or New York. A letter ad t0 him (j?er post) will enable him to ex ilblt to tne s ibtrrl'oers sp^imens of his style of ulndlag. Every kind of Book Binding neatly ex I sr.iHed. se*/7*4m ORBITAL SLKGEON. UK U F. COSBY, I'ENN AVENUE, BK iwwn **lith and Seventh ttreets, st the place f<?rmeriy occupied oy Dr /an Patten, has Jnst received a very *arne supply of artl< les pertaiai g to dentistry ?nd respectfully invites the public to give him a c*ll. Having dfV'?ted his wnole time to the pro fession, he l? perf?rtly safe lu declaring th?' he will give entire satisficMon In every ease The -?est profe *1 >nal references can be seen at his of tie. nov h tMarch'A)* lI/A*iin??T01'5 EARLIER TEAKS, f vf t>\ Wa-hlngtnn Irving, with48 bsautlful I e-1 engravings, portr4it?. and landsc pe illus I t'ailons complete In one vmume , tnely bound I .j?t i?> ied, aad this day received, by I t?CM Y KANCK TAYLOR. L. J. miodlkton, dealer IN ICS, OJltt mnd Dtpat?Southwest corner of F aid vw^lftk streets. frb '/7_?f oahiek'S FKEJItH RESTAURANT, 354 Pa. ar> , betwen \i:k and 13tk tts. The proprietor of the above es tab'ilfdiment desires to call public attention to bis Increased and unsurpassed facilities for con ducting and supplying everything in his line of busineiM. He Is prepared to supply at a few hours' notice the largest DINNER*, BALLS, and parties with everything pertaining to the most fashion able entertainments, and oa the most reasonable terms. ENTIRE DINNERS and DESSERTS fur nished Families without any trouble to the fam liy and at moderate charges A FIRST-CLASS french COOK will be sent ts private houses at s2 per day; and market ing and such articles as they may wish purchased will be furnished at cost. Also, China, 61ass, Silver Ware, and Table ORNAMENTS. One or more " dishes" sent to any part of the city at short notice ? At my establishment will be found elegant suites of Parlor, Reception, and Dining Rooms furnished in the best manner, always ready. Mv Restaurant offers great advantages to gen tlemen rooming ont; they can be supplied with meals at all kours. Particular attention is deslred to my new style of superb co N F ECU ON ER y, which for purity and delicacy of flavor are unequalled. C. GAUTIER, dee 9- 252 Pa. avenue, bet. 12th and 13th sts. CONFECTIONERY FOR THE APPROACHING HOLIDAYS. Notwithstanding the high price of sugar, 1 will sell my CON fection ER Y at the usual prices, viz : PLAIN CANDY and MIXED DROPS at 25 cents per pound SUGAR PLUMS at37>f cents per pound, usually sold bv retailers at 50 cents French BON BONS, Including all kinds of French Confectionery,at 5(j cents per pound, usually sold at 75 cents ?nd $1 per pound. POUND and FRUIT CAKE, of which I shall have a large assortment, manufactured of the very best and freshest materials, orna mented fine and tastefully. Please give us a call, and aon't mistake the place, no 3l? Pennsylvania avenue, between ?th and 10th streets, next door to Iron Hall, dec 15-lm GEO. NORBECK. DR. MUNSON. AT :j3b PKNN'A AVENUE Is still making those beautiful sontlnuous GUM TEETH, called' Allen's Patent, for the excellency of i.i which over all other styles of teeth, many now wearing them In this city, will cheerfully vouch. There is one Dentist In this city who has been tnfrlnglng the patent, and made a bad Imitation at it, against wnom i hereby caution the public N. b Whenever a Dentist speaks against Allen's Patent Continuous Gum Teeth, when properly constructed, it is because hi* Is ignorant of the process:, Incompetent to make the work, or ? unwilling to ptry for the patetU. Je 1ft-tf IRON HALL BOOT AND SHOE AND TRUNK ESTABLISHMENT. JUST RECEIVED, A LARGE ASSORT ment of ladies' gent's, misses, and boys' Boots, Shoes and Gait ers. For Lariiet. White. Satin, a Kid tfeel Con gress Gaiters (rallied Cassi merand Silk tial ters; Buckskin-lined Winter Gaiters. For Gentlemen. Patent Leather and French Calf Boots French Boston, and Congress Calf and Patent Leather Gaiters French Imported Shoes, all style?. For Boys and almu My assortment is very large ; ail style*, qualities and prices. My slock of No 1 Sole Leather Trunks, and Iron Frame Traveling Trunks, Ladles' Hat Cases and va! ices can be examined at any time, and as for cheapness and quality cannot be sur fiaased All In want of good and cheap articles or cash will please call ai s. P HOOVER'S, dec 23-9w Pa. avenue, bet, flth and 10th sts. COAL kept UNDER COVER. 2,240 lbs to the Ton. NOW ON HAND. THE BEST qualities of White A-b, Red Ash aad Lenlgh COAL. Warranted to give satisfaction. Delivered from dirt. Also. Hickory. Oak and Pine WOOD. T. J. a w M. galt, N W. corner ltth and C streets. No 547, dec 20-tf one square south of pa avenue ANTHONY dl'CMLT, UNDERTAKER, Shop and Reiidence No. 303 Penn'a avenue, ioath tide, between 9th and 10th atg. HAVING PROVIDED HIMSELF WITH ss ELEGANT HEARSE, aad all necessary conveniences fori properly conducting hlf business, would respectfully Inform the public that he is fully prepared to fill all orders entrusted to hi in, at the shortest notice, and ?n the best nttnner. A large supply of ke AD Y-M ade COF f1n S ?fail sixes, always on hand, which will be fur aithedon the most reasonable terms. As heretofore, no pains will be spared ?s give en*.rr satisfaction on all occasion?. n. B. Residing on the premises, srden will he promptly attended to at all hours. ieb 7-lr or.EAT REDUCTION IN TEE PRICE OF BOOTS AND GAITERS | HAVE ON COMMISSION, FOR A PHIL A adelphia manu facturer, a first rate Sewed or Perged Calf-Skin BOOT at s3.02, ?" k??d as those usual! y sold at ss or S?; aid a French Calr Patent Leather gaiter at ?3 50, as good ss any at 95; a first rate Calf Galterat S2 50, these are the best goods that is (or ever were) sold in the District for the price; for the froof, come and see . ar yourself. Terms positively cash. No extra profit charged to offset bad debts. Call at the NEW YORK HAT STORE, Seventa street, ?ear Pennsylvania avenue. ? m-tf ANTHONY, Agent. All of Thalberg's Compositions A T W. G. METZEROTT'S dec i# MUSIC DEBOT. FOR CHRISTMAS. Looking glasses, all sizes, will b? sold low for cash JOHN WAGNER. 955 ?a avenue, dec 17-tf opposite Kirk wood House. PURE SILVER WARE. SOLID SILVER TEA SETS, SILVEH FORKS AND SPOONS, SOLID SILVER WAITERS, PITCHERS, GOBLETS, f CUPS. ALSO, FANCY SILVER WARE, suitable far WEDDING PRESENTS. The above are all of oar own manufacture, and WAHi NTRD foa*. m. W. GALT A bro., nov 19-if 324 Penn'a avenue. WOOD?WOOD?WOOD. Hickory,oak and pineofthe best ? uallty constantly on hand, at JOHN W. M VERS A CO. Office and Yard corner G and 23d streets, Fiist Ward decfc tf take notice. i"h G RIDGELV respkctfully in Us forms his customers who have accounts at his store in the First ^ard ?thst they wlU be 4raurn off ami refldy for deliver* on New > ears t?r he earnestly requests a settlement by cash ToZ wh'c "I deducnon of 5 per ?nt will be (on. wu i-u , t. ^ek in January. o kiiiskly, dec 24.7h? Drugglst_Flrst^vard^_ ( s,ft books for the new yeah-a SPECIAL NUT1CK. THOSE OF OUR CUSTOMERS WHO hare accounts with us are notified that they are made off and will be rendered to the 3l?t In stant We do earnestly request that they will come forward as early as possible and settle by cash, or notes at short dates, as It Is very Impor tant that all accounts should be closed to 1st Jan uary We take this occasion to return our thanks to those many custom?rs who buy liberally of u j for cash, and those who pay their bills promptly, and nope to merit their Increasing confidence and liberal patronage by giving our strict attention to business, and keeping eonstantly in store a well assorted stock of goods of the best class. To those who do not settle their bills promptly, when requested to do so we shall discontinue. COLLKY A SEARS, dec 27-6t 5?i 7th st ., 3 doors north Pa ave. PIANO PORTE TU1IHW. BF DENNIS,TUNER AND REGULATOR ? of the Piano Forte, fr.?m Chlckerlng A Sons, Boston, begs leave to call the attention of the public to tnr following recommendations from JThalbofg and Gottschalk: This Is to certify that 1 can with great confi dence recommend Mr B. F. Uennls as a superior Tuner ol the Piano Forte. The 6rand Piano ns*d by me at my concerts In this city was tuned by Mr. B. F. Uennls, and, in my opinion, he Is fully capable of sustaining his present position, as cue that thoroughly understands his profes sion. S. Thalbrso. Washington, December 2fith. I certify that Mr. B. F. Dennis is an excellent Tuner of the Piano, and most competent In reg ulating pianos. Itaflbrds me great pleasure to recommend him most particularly to the public and the profession L. Ootts chalk, Washington, December 22d. Orders to be left at R. Davis' Music Store, Pennsylvania avenue. dec S7 Iw BUH.VS HAND-BOOK OF WASHINGTON. This book should be in the hands of every stranger sojourning in the, city; be ing a complete guide with a panoramic vie w of the city, Public Buildings, and Statuary. A new Map of Washington with all the new Improvements, Ac., for sale in the Capitol, at the Book SUnd, and at the Bookstores, dec 23 lm CHRISTMAS CONl-ECTlOftEKY. TBESUBSCRIBER RESPECTFULLY IN forms his customers and the public in general that he Is prepared to supply them with CHRI3TMAS CONFECTIONERY of every kind, to eign end domestic: also with CANDY, PLUM and POUND CAKES. MINCE PIES, ORANGES,FIGS.RAISINS. PRUNES. ALMONDS, Ac. His stockof CON<?'ECTION KK Y Is very complete and such as he feels con fident will be found on trial, equal to any that may be offered for sale In this city. He will be happy to see his friends and customers on Christmas and dining the Holidays, a* his stock will be replenished until and after the New Y ear's F cstl val TOTS FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. The subscriber also respectfu'ly Informs ladies ana gentlemen, desirous of procuring TO YS of any kind, as Holiday Presents, that he has Im ported a large collection of German and French manufacture, which are curious, cheap, and well adapted to please children and young people of ever/ age His stock of TO*S Is larger aid more attractive than ever, and cannot be excelled In any other toy store In this city. The snhscribcr wculd also invite attention to his large assortment of China, Ladies' Work Baskets, Combs, Perfumery, and other fancy articles which are too numerous for specification In an advertise ?en* WILLIAM 6RUPK, a 1?,"?uth sIde Pa av ^d and 4)1 at*., dec 43-lm opposite Jackson Hall yiSITIWO AND .-UKRIT ~CAflDS. AND ? handsome Books, by the best bards. For Hol iday Presents In the Book line, rail at . FERGUSON'S, ^ 1SB Seventh street. [ \o 673.1 By the President of the United States. TN PURSUANCE OF LAW, I, FRANKLIN PIERCE, president of the L'nited States of America, do hereby dec are and make fcniwn that public ?ales will bo held ai the undermentioned Lawl offirenin the State o? Iowa, at the periods nrreir after designated, to wit: At the Land office at Ojioe, commencing on Monday, t>ir fourth day of May next, tor Uie disposal oi th? pub.i.- .and situated wiihm the following named townships, vii : 6 South of the >a*e line and we 4 of the fifth principal meridian. ^Towrubipe ninety nine and one hundred, of range Township- ninety-eight, ninety nine, and one hundred, of tang* eleven Townships ninety.*right, nineiy-ninc, and one hundred, o| range t<vetre. Townships nlnet y nine and one hundred, ol ranee thirteen. 8 Townships ninety-nine and one hundred, of la-is* fourteen. ? Townships ninety nine and one hundred, of ?anee fifteen. 6 Township one hundred, of range nc-entoen. Township one hundred, ol larige twenty. I cwnsliips ninety ei*tt and one hundred, of range twentythi ee. ' 6 'lownship* ninety four, nineiyfiv, ninetv sit nnety seven, ninety eight, inmty-inue, anu one htiii'ii< d, ?.| innpe twenty four. At the Land "thc< at Fokt Donor, romm"nciiij? on Monday, the fourth .lay of May nert, tor the rfis p?*al ol the public land situated within the follow ing named townships, viz: A'or h of the bate hnr and .re* of the fifth princ ipal meridian. Towoshij* ninety-f,ur, ninety five, ninety.*,x iuceiy-?rven, rir?*..y. eight, ninety nine, and one' hDailit'd. of langr t rmtu-fire. Townships ninety-lour, ninety ft v.-, ninety sit ninety sev o, nm. ty eight, ninety nine, and ore huo<it<'d, of la'igt? tuienty-nj:. Towr.ships ninety tour, ninety nine, and one hun dri*ii,of ratine twenty set en Towuxhip one hundred, of range twenty-ei?ht. Township one hundred, of lauge twenty nine. At the Land < iffice at Sinrx City, commencing on Monday, the fourth day of May nert, for the dis posal of ihe public lands situated within the follow ing-r.ained townships, via: South of the Ixtsc line and ueit of Ihe fifth jnincipal meridian. Township ninety four, of iang^ thirty four. Pownships niriciy four and ninety-fiv*. of latieu thirty five. Township ninety-flvs, of range thirty-eir. Townships ninety six and nineiy-eeveii, of ran<*e thirty-ri^ht. Town.hips ninety-six and ninety-aeven, of ranne thirty nine. Township ninety-seven, of rante forty Townships nlneiy-eix aad ninety seven, of range forty one Township ninety-six, of range forty three. Township ninety fix, of range forty-four. Township ninety-"ix, of lange forty-fire. Townships ninety live and nictty-eix, of range forty -vir. Townships ninety five and nincty-jix, of range forty teven. Fractional towmlup* ninety four, ninety five, and ninety-six, of tange forty eignt. Lands appropria'ed by aw for the uce of schools,

military and other purposes, together with those ' 'swamp and overflowed lands made thereby unlit for cultivation," if any. granted to the State oy ihe art entitled "An act to enable the sitatejof Arkansas aim other State^to recla m the 'swamplands' with, in their liinsts," ar pr?.ved September 2itn, 1850, witl be excluded from the sales. The offering of the ab ive lands will be com menced or> the days ap-ointed. and will proceed in the order in whicn they are advertised, until the whole sfall bav* b;en offered, and the sales thus closed; but no ^les shall be kept open Idnger than two week*, and no prh ate entry ol any of ihe lands will be at'muted until a'ter the expiration of two weeks. Given under my hand, a! the city of Washington, ?bis fifteenth day of Deceinbsr, Aiibo Donum one thousand eight hundred and fifty six. FRANKLIN PIERCE. By the President: TUOllAS A HkNDRUKS. CVmmi>?iioner<(' ? General I and Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Kv^ry person entitled to the right of pre tmption to aoy of the lands within the townships and parts of townsiiip* ab jve enumerated is required to es tablish ihe same to the iatisla;lion of the register and receiver of the proper land office, end make pay ment therefor a* iooii ?? practicable after teeing I hit notice, and b-fore the day appointeu for the cr>m in -iictm*m of the public rale of ihe iands cmbra< - iiu the iia -t e aim'd ; otherwise su h ? ia m wi'l be fo;ft.ited. THOMAS A. HENDRICKS, Commissioner oi the General Land Oftct. I dec 96*lawl3?^ H ao* i l x i -1\ u PIO HUMBUG. TO PRE8KRVE, CLEANSE AND BEAU tify the Teeth and purify the Breath, use Moare's Soap Dentifrice, it Is a superior article, and is warranted as represented. CHATPED HANDS AND LIPS. cured by one application of Moore's delightful Olyeorlne Cream. Sold only at his Drug Store, No 113 Pennsylvania avenue. First Ward N. B. A supply of Brown's Bronchial Troches and Dr Smith's Dyspepsia Cordial for sale as above. dec aO-?o?t E? ehant parlor and chamber Furniture.?Just received at Warerooms No. 5JO Seventh street. Ave PARLOR SUITE* of ruperlor quality, in French Brocatel and Plush! H " A MO. A great variety of SOP AS, TI5TE-A-TKTES, DIVANS, LOUNGES, and CHAIRS In hair cloth Rosewood and Walnut CENTRE TABLES WHATNOTS, ETEGERF9. Ac. Fine French-plate MIRRORS. ALSO, Enamelled HHAMBER SETS Solid Oak and Walnut SETS Rosewood and Mahogany SETS Fine HAIR MATTRESSES and FEATHER BEDS SALAMANDER SAFES, best quality. All goods warranted to be zs represented, and prices put as low as any other establishment, d*cll-eo3w N. M McGREGOR. D'lVERNOIS HOTEL. MR G. I)'lVERNOIS BEGS TO INFORM kis friends and the public, in general, that be has now opened his new Hotel on Pennsylvania avenue, between 17th and? ISth streets. This Establishment is newly and elegantly furn ished on the most modern and improved principle with Saloojs and Private Apartments The Bar is supplied with the choicest Wines and Liquors, Cigars, Ac. Game and other delicacies in sea?on. Private Dinner and Supper Parties "promptly supplied and attended to In any put of the city. Table d'hote at 3% o'clock, on Sundays at 2. nov?5-eo3m JiULN H. BlTiniANN, Importer and Dealer in Wineg, Brandies, ftc. Pemn avenue, south sidi, bet. andftth stt , AS IN STORE A V ER Y CHOICE As sortment of Champagne, In quarts and pints, of the most desirable brands. Aiso, sparkling St Perav, white and pink; I Maderia, Sherry, Port, Teneritfe, Sicily, I Rhlre Wines, Moselle; French Wines, red and white; Cognac, Scheidam Gin, Jamacia Rum, Scctch Whiskey, American Whiskey. Curacoa. Anisette; and of bis own preparation, Wild Cherry Brandy, Blackberry Juice, Stomach Bit ters. Also, genuine Absinthe, Klrschwasser, and Havana Cigars de? l0-3t&wlm. PARIS PRfOl I I'M HATS. MODE DE PINAVD. ^ODD A CO HAVE K ECEIV ED PER steamship "Arago" an Invoice of Gen tlemen's DRESS HATS from the celebrated establishment of Laville A Poumiiroux, who i received two first-class medals at the late Exposi tion in Paris. Also, a beautl'nl assortment cf Children's FANCY BP!AVER HATS, for M'.ssesor Bov?. Ladles' HIDING HATS. FRENCH UMBRELLAS, very superior. TODD A CO., nov :j-?tAeotf west end Browns' Hotel. CLOAKS?CLOAKS?CLOAKS. SELLING OFF. AT REDUCED PRICES. From this date, dkclmbrr istii, the subscriber will commence to run cfl his large and well seized stock of Velvet aid Cloth CI.OAK*, SH LS, Ac . at reduced prices, as It is his to keep none over. Strangers before buying would do well to give him a call btfote purchasing FRANK A McGER, declfi-eolm 214 Pa ave.,bet 12tii and 13th sts. CHAUNCEY WARKINER. WATCH MAKEK. NO. 34 4X STK KET, SIGN OF THE L A R <jE and Muall Watch with Chain, near Shilling ton's Periodical Depot, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 1% street WATCHES. JEWELRY ST'.VEWARE. WATCH REPAIR IN -. , Chronometers, Repeating Watches, Duplex, Mantle Clocks, Lever, Jewelry, and Hor ior.tal, Sliver Ware Musicnl, and REPAIRED. JKWElRY AND SILVER WAHH mud" to order. JJ7" Removed from 370 Penti'a avenue. Browns Hole i to the abave location ""V# no' 24 ec3m CMVARRINER. Proposals for Famishing Granite audGraa He Work for the Rorta Front of the Pat ent Office Building. Department oe the Ivtkrior,) December 18, ltoG. f CJEALKD PKUPOSALH WILL HE RECEIVED a*, tins department until the fighietmh day ol February next, 12 o'clock at noon, (or fuitieliine such Grarite a>id Gianiie Work a~> may be required above the *iib-basempnt sfory. in lite erection of the north front of ihe Patent C'."nee huiidimr. Tlie bids must b r in the f'irn of ih?? following schedule, and charly sp?city the pr cesfor material, hauling. dressing, a.d set tin?, including all >h: ma ? hinety and etli'r expenses. Schedule. Cube stone, per superficial f?o;. Beds and bills, do do Exira Cub-j stone, per cubic foot. Cornice in two beds, per superficial foot. Working course, do do Frieze t<? entablature, do do Archiltave, do do Drops to corniee, p r lin? al foot. 'fc'rigtyph*. each. Caps of pilasters, *arh. Channels of basement, per >in?-nl foot. Window sills, per siiftertlcial foot. The frramte must be equal in quality to that used in the consttueiio<i of tne wingb of ihe buildiucs, specimens of wluch will be required to accompa y the bds. Each bid will state in what lime the work will bs completed, and none will lie considered from others than those known to be of the trade and believed lo be fully ci nipetent lo fulfil in pood faith the nblijra (ions tliey propose to assume; and no a^eigum-nt of bid or contract will b: recognized, unless made with the approval of the head of the de|artineni. Ninety per cent, wiil be paid from time to tune, a< ths work progresses, upon the estimate of the agent of the. de|iartiri^iit in charge thereof, and ten pt-r cent re?ci vud until ihe couipletion of ihe con tract and acceptance of the work by >oid agent. The department reserves to itself tin right to re ject or accept the proposals hereby invited when it deems ihe interest of the United States requires it, as well as to exclude the bids of any person or per sons who it has good reason to b-lit?ve will not, from any < ause, faithfully perforin the contract. I'la'is, specifications, and working drawings can be examined, and other information < b anted, on appli ation at the office of the superintendent. The proposals, which must b- sent to this depart ment, addressed to the Secretmy of the Interior, (enlo sed " Prop, sals lorthe erection of the north front of the Pa'.ent Office buiMing,") will be opened at 1 o'clock, p. m.,of the last day tamed tor re ceiving the sam*? K. MeCLELLAN'D, dec 19-'2awil?Febt Secretary of the Interior. cor FINS?COFFINS. Mm. WHITE,BOLE AGENTFOR FISK'S ? Airtight Metallic Coffins for the city of Washington, wishes to\ Inform the public that ha has now on hand a large supply of all sizes, similar In form to the rlcnest wood coffins, and beautifully finished In imitation of rosewood They can be sold at the same rates as a well finished mahogany coflln. These beautiful Airtight Coffins can be ready for use In thirty minute* for transportation to any part of the United State*. the under signed attends to DNDER TAKING in all Its branches, at all hours of day or night Also on hand a supply of READY MADE W OODEN CO F FIN fe Purchasers are respectfully Invited to call and see for themselves, at No.4a7 Pennsylvania ave nue, south side, near the corner of Third street, doc 8 eolm* M. M. WHiTK. : RARE CHANCE. THE SUBSCRIBER HAVING DETEmM ined to retire from the Dry Goods Trtde offers his entire stock for sale upon easy terms. The stand in the oldest established in the town, and a large and profitable business has always been and can still be done In It The stock Is composed of Staple Goods, and is now light. To auy person of energy with small means, this' presents a r jre opportunity f^r ma^l^rao^y dec tt-eoTt Wdge sue*,Georgetown. ? EVENING STAK. Tit a Mator's Varo or thx School Bill.? Below we give the important veto message cf the Major, in relation to the bill appropri ating 510,000 for the erection of school build ing* in the third school district, an J which ha* been crowded oat hitherto by a press of mat ter: Mator'h ClrPirt, Deo. 22, To tkr Hoard of Aldfrnun . Qestlshw: I regret that I cannot, con sistently with my own convictions of r'>?htand my obligations to those whoso agent I ir. in my official position, give my approval to tbc act which < rigiuated in your Board, " to pro vido suitable accommodations for the pu< lie schools in the Third School Distriot." No citizen of Washington is ic?re earnestly friendly to the public schools cf the city than 1 am No one has given them a warmer cr a more consistent support, and none would go furthar than 1 would no* to promote their prosperity and usefulness in efe*y proper manner. But I have other interests commit ted to my care which 1 am equally bound to foster, and with which I think (be execution of this act would seriously interfere. No loan is authorised, nor any extraordinary method of raising the means resorted to, to meet tbc outlay provided for by it; but the treasury ot tho city, whioh is not in a condition to spare without serious inconvenience, so large a ?-uri as ten thousand dollars, is drawn upon ; and, indeed, it would not only be inconvenient, bat impossible to pay it cut of the funds of the Corporation The back account, which will ho transmitted to you to day, will *b<>w that there is but thirteen thousand dollar* to the crcdit of tho Corporation, and that, nl taough that belongs to the Wards for local improvements, it will bo nbscrbol on the first of the approaching month to pay a quarter's interest and other liabilities of the Corpora tion, leaving 'he treasury utterly empty ; and there is no pro-pect of any considerable nccs sion to the funds of the Corporation, certainly not enough to pay its current txpca'cs, until after the oxpiration of the current fiscal year, as most of the liccn?cs arc already taken out, and but little will be received from taxes un til tho tax sale, and then no more will be ac cessary to meet current expenses and accruing interest; ar.d this, I must be permitted to say, frentlemen, is a state of things against which you were warned, and having failed to pro vide means to avert it, you ou^ht now. ia justice to tho tax-payers, to practice that economy in your appropriations which alone could justify fixing the rate of tnxes as it now stand*, with tho expectation of meeting the public wants. But there are other seriou? objections to this biil. 1 think it may be well doubted whether it would be wife, in a sparsely populated lo cality like the third school district, to make the first experiment of following the New York plan of bringing a large number of ?cboo!s to gether for the sake of economy. Tho object of the public schools is to furnish tho means of acquiring a substantia! education to all, :.nd it may well be doubted whether you accom plish this object in such a community a* that which makes up the thirl district, spread as !t is over a wide extent of our city territory, t.nd that, perhaps, the worst drained of all, and affording as few facilities to tho pedestrian. This sy6tem may work well in New York, where the population is so compactly pressed together that a large number of children may be coliooted in a very small space, and indif fcrently clad children may. though badly pre* vided with shoes, go fr?m their homes over excellent pa; eraents to a school house perhaj s adjaccnt, but even if far off. without wetting their feet, and find a more comfortable place than their own purcnts lircside; bui thU will not bo the case in the eastern scctiou of ihe city for many years to come; and, until it i? so, it seems to me that it would be better to pursue- 11 b a t in all the outer portions of the city, the same policy which nas heretofore worked to well, of carrying the facilities of educating his children to almost every man's door, even if it does costfa little more money to do so; and 1 will checrfully exert all the pf wer vested in me to procure, either by rent ing purchasing, or building, suitable school rooms iu the place of those which are described as so dilapidated as to be utterly unfit for use. One of the buildings now owned by the Corpo ration, and known as the " Old Odd Fellows' liall,' wai purchased only about three years ago, and was then repicsented as all that could be desired in a scnool bouse, but is now described as never having h#vn well adapted to public school purposes. I am sure there a much truth in the remarks of the Secretary of the Board of Trustees, in his communication to the Councils of tae 23th of November last, that " there is not a building iu the third dis trict strictly eutitled to be styled a school hou*e," and the remark could well be applied to the other districts. The district tchool hou.-o iu the first district, for instance, is an old building, formerly * siabie. situated at the corner of <> street north and Fourteenth street west, and covering, with the exception of a very narrow alley, all the ground appro priated to it. Why, then, when this difficulty is so general and the city treasury so much embarrassed, shall wo begin tho erection of an experimental class of school houses, at a most iuauspicious set son of tbe year, and in a portion of tho city in which they are less likely to answer than perhaps any other? I suggest, then, that we husband our mean*, and provide comfortably f ir all as we are able, and, instead of resorting to the already overburdened funds raised by the general tax, that the fiscai year be mado an epoch in tho history of our public schools by beginning a new system of raising funds for their support, independently of the geaeral fund and the money which ought to be applied for local improvements, by retorting to the power of the Corporation to lay a direct tax for the special purpose of supporting tho schools, and providing suitable accommoda tions for them. Another objection to this act is to be found in the manner it is directed to be executed For the first time in the history of the city and its legislature an important work is au thorized to be dono, and the chief executive officer of the Corporation is pointedly excluded from i articipation in its management. The individual who is held more directly responsi ble for every act of the Corporation during his connection Vith it than any other?name ly, the Mayor?is not even to be consulted, while the larger portion of the committee (composed as it is of gentlemen very remotely responsible to the people) are, by the law, au thorized to purchase a lot, to contract for a building, to take bonds in behalf of the Cor poration, and the Mayor, who is held by the^ community responsible, is to have nothing to do with tbe whole thing but pay tbe bills when properly audited by the committee, whether there is money to do it with or not, or to have the credit of the city impaired by declining to do that which he is unable to do. I do not know who the author of the act is, but I feel well assured that, whoever he may be, he was not aware of the practice of the city government in placing all acts making appropriations directly under the control of the Mayor; and, even when they have been thus under his control, it has rarely, if ever, happened, in the c instruction of school bouses or other public edifices, that the ex^enditum has been confined to tbe amount appropriated; and, although the gentlemen composing this committee are, without doubt, characterised by great probity, it can hardly be expected that they will feel any more bound to be gov erned strictly by the law and its appropria tion than those who have gone before them in' similar undertaking*, who were directly re sponsible. for all they did especially when tney are known as the friends and originators of th? gfheme, and have been in the habit of askiug &n?l freely receiving tbe Deeded appro priation* fr tn the Corporation. While I feel constrained, for the above rea sons. to return the bill without my approval, which I do the lea# reluctantly as it ia not bow a prvper season t r buiMmg, I trust, gentle men, that we shall be able to " provide suit able accommodation* for ibe public schools in the lhird school district in another and equal ly u eful and comfortable manner Juring ihe proper season for building now approaching. W. B MA?RrnRU, Ma*or. Burial of Sir John Moore The following letter in the last Southern" Literary Messenger from U. P R. James, Esq , M>ts happily at rest tuo question, started not long since by the Criterion, as to the author ship of the ?' Burial of Sir John M ere " It turns out. just as wc expertcd, that the French version ot the Mcawlf, given in the Jul/ number, was but an imitation of (be English original: British Comsclatk. Ki? hmord, I November 17, ItSft f My Vsa* Sir :?In s-me lute numbers of tbe Southern Literary Messenger, I hare seen re newed a discussion which began and tormi nnted ?n London many years ago, in regard to the originH?ty ot the oelebratei Poem of Mr. Wolfe on the ??rial of Sir John Moore The poem is uud<"nbtedly hi# own, and waa never denied butiiije-?!. Not loc^ftor Mr Bently the well known pat>li*her. started his Miscellany, the very beaut it ul French imitation (for translation it can hardly be railed.) which you have re printed, appeared in that periodical, with a kw lines in prose Impugning Mr. Wolfe'a claim to originality. Moat people moving in literary circles, woll understood that the whole matter w?v a mere joke; but it gave pain to some of Mr. Wolfe's surviving friends, and, happening to tup wltk the author of tbe imitation, known to the pubftc by the name ^f Father Prout, I mentioned the fact to him. I know not whether he has ever glvanhla real name t<> the world. Kut suffice It that be waa a clergyman of the Church of liome, a moat erudite, and also a most amiable man, the last person in the world intentionally to in dict a und upon any one He told me had been grieved to hear aome time before that he had given pain , and be proposed to corrcct any wrong impres<ic?n, not oy a bold avowal of tbe jest but by carrying it ? n to euch a pitch as to make it retutf itself. IIis pian wae to write several notice* of the poem in the character of different literary men, etch claimtrg the origin for a different nation, and each giving a version of Mr. Wolfe's poem in a different language Ha showed me twa if not three of these versions which he had already written. One. it I re member right?for I speak of things that oc curred many years ago?was in German and one in Greek ; and each was aa perfect and as spirited as the imitation in French Whether be ever carried oat his intention of publishing fcheie in the way proposed, I do not know ; tor a few d.iy-- after that pleasant ar.d memo rable evening, I left England, and wu absent fur acme years ; tut tbe marvellous oombina ti m of learning, genius and wit in Father Prout, can never be forgotten by, Pear sir, yours faithfully, a. P. K Jamb*. The Word "Csward "?The origin of tbe word canard. (French tardus*.-) whan employ ed to signify some unfourHed itory, ia not generally known The following are the terms in which M. Quctelet relates, ia the An nuaire de 1' Aoademie, tbe manner jo which the world became uwl in ita new -enae: " Te give a sky lift a'the ridiculous pieces of in telligence . wbiah the journals are in the habit of publishing every mornirg. Comeliseen staled that ;tn interesting experiment had ju.-t been made calculated to prove the ex tr ifrdir.arv v-T^city of ducks. Twenty of these animals ha* been placed together, and one of them having been killed and cut up into the smallest p >ssible pieces, featners and all, and thrown to the other nineteen, hadbtoa gluttonously gobbled up in an exceedingly brief space of time. Another was taken from nineteen, and being chopped small like its predecessor, was served up to the eighteen, and at once devoured like the other; and Boon to the last who was thus placed in tbe position of having eaten his nineteen companions in a wonderfully short time. All this, most pleaa santly nirrnted, obtained a success which the writer was far from anticipating, for the story ran the round* of all the journals in Europe. It then became almost forgotten for about a score of years, wiien it oam% back from Ameri ca, with amplification which it did not boaet of at the commencement and with a regular certificate of the autopsy of the body of tba surviving ammal, whose esophagus waa de clared to have been found seriously injured Everyone laughed at the history of the canard thus brought up again, but tho word retains its novel signification." ouarp Practice.?Dr Mott os tbb Wit ness Stand.?The other day, the venerable Dr. Valentine Mott was brought up as a wit ness in one of the New York court#, to prove the value of some surgical services, when the following scene occurred Mr Northrop (William W.), counsel for defendant?How long have you prac tice, I>r Mott? Dr. Mott?Do you ask that out of euriuaitjr or as a piece of impertinence* The Court (Judge Slow on ?- Ob, we all know Dr. Mott. Dr. Mott.(to Northrop)?I have practiced fifty years as a surgeon Pray, how long have you a? a lawyer' Northrop?Six years. Dr Mott?1 should think to. < Laughter. ) Northrop?Doctor, you may go. I have had quite enough of your facotiousness. * Dr. Mott?I presume you have, and I of your silly impertinence. ty If you would rise in the world, you must not 8top to kick at every cur who barks at you as you pass along fy A man named Cannon, of Long Island, took a deranged "Spiritualist" into his wagon to give him a ride, and was by him shot through the head and killed. jy The New England Pin Co., of Win stead, Conn., have just started a new machine for sewing pins upon papers. It seleots the little indispensable from a pile and sdtohea them in a continuous row upon narrow strips of paper at the rate of 300 pe'r minute. |y The following is said by the Cambridge Chronicle to be a true copy of a bill rendered to a gentleman in Boston. It is calculated to establish a new style of compound double en try: "Mr Patrick Dealyhas worked for Mr Sam uel Byde four Days setting some trees two Days seating treeb two Days turning manure t^iree days worked at A^ple* And four days worked about tbe garden And Mr byde 5 Dollars worth of hay ? 2 Dollars in boston one Brl of apples and my cow was in your pastor to two month And Siwed 5 1-2 Cords of wood. $6*7 cent South Carolina Legislators has passed a law prohibiting the circulation of en graved paper resembling bank notes; also a law to confer upon alien widows the right to take and hold real estato. A bill4- toencour age and promote matrimony,' has been intro duced into the Legislature of North Caroline. A bill ia before the 'Arkansas Legislature, te compel all free negroes to leave the Stele, under penalty of immediate sale into slavery for life The Baton Kouge (La ) Advocate expresses the bolief that the next aeasion of the Legislature will be asked to pass an act t-rohibiting farther emancipation of slaves in Louisiana; or, at least one forbidding their routining in tha State a Her emancipation.