Newspaper of Evening Star, January 8, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 8, 1857 Page 1
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VftlntSM.l'Bt -4N1 Hatef** rotter Tirloty of UtefotUac noiv that ** W ttu4 te UT ?ttW to ? ?tttr ?iBffte ?pj, p? mm 41 M NUIU. paper. Price?Thbbi Cbnt* . - 5-!^ _ T " ' Tb 0 * f11 * NT u wt 11W11 e w r4 ie?nml?loo of ramty per eeat WASHINGTON, D. C., THURSDAY. JANUARY 8, 1857 ML I.1TOKK fe SOI, Baiktri. Buy and srli. domestic exchange, STOCKS, BONDS, and othes Securities, receive Deposit*, furnish Drafts, make Collec tions, aad negotiates Time Paper. LAND WARRANTS. We are at all times burin? and selling Land Warrants, and will locate them, on commission, In Nebraska and Minnesota Territory*, Wiscon sin, Iowa, and Missouri. M SNYDER A SON'S Bank, dec IS-lm No JsH National Hotel Building. II NBIH'I Improved Sawing Machines. To which wa? granted the Highest Award of the Paris Exhibition, thereby receiving the World'i Verdict of Snseriority. THE IMPROVEMENTS IN THIS MA chins has simplified item In many respects, aad they arecapabieof executing twice the amount of wora they did formerly In my given time. They are wltuoal q uestioc the only Machines ca pable of sewing every variety of goods pcrfect; a shirt bosom or heavy trace lor harness can be ses^bv anv of these machines by a simple change ef fl&die and thread 1c such a manner that tie alosest scrutiny cannot detcet a fault. Manufacturer.!, planters and families will fad them the only safe Maahlacs to purchase, as they are built strong and durable, and not likely to get out of order. We have manhlnes with gnages attached, fer binding hats, eap-froats, gaiter*, Ac. Silk, thread, Cotton, Needles, 4c , semstaitly en hand, at the lowest rates. Persons desirous of Information regard! ag Saw lag Machines will please address I. M. SINGER * CO., 115 Haiti more street, Baltimore. N. B.?We are prepared to exchange these ma* shines for oid machines of any kind Terms lib eral. Perscas who have been Induced to ptBfthase cferlor machines under the pretext of being aheap, will Ind this a beneftt indeed. tar 1??ly SORlEEs UANSANTE. Prop, h w. munder takes gre\t pieasare In aanounciag to his friends, patrons, and public generally, that the above social and delightful entertain ments wl 11 commence at .Munder's Metro politan Hall, corner Oth and D streets, on; WEDNESDAY EVEN 1N6, November' ?J5:b, at 8 o'clock, and continue every Wednesday throughout the season. Gentlemen wishing to subscribe for the season can do so upon very favorable terms, by applying at the Hall on Tues day and Thsraday evening from 8 till 10 o'clock, nov *21?tf DA. DL'PKIE'A KLHKUIK3 are the only effectual cure for External or internal Piles, Saltrhsum, Ring-Worm. Ac. They are unrtval led for purifying the blood. *) cents per box OiBceTft Nassau street, New York. Will be sent by mall. For sale by FORD A BRO., corner of 11th st aad Penn. avrfnug. <*? '?> GAS FI.1TIKM. RH MILLER, SO$ A CO, ALEXAN ? drla, Va , keep cojfttantly on nand a hand some variety of CH A N DE LI E RS, PEN DAN TS. BR ACK E rs, Ac , from the celebrated factory of Oornellus A Baker, which they will guarautee to ?ell at the nam* prices c hated to private pur chasers at the salerooms on (Taestnat street, Phil adelphia Also, Drop-lights, Cut Glass and deiorated Paper Shades, la great variety. Call and examine for yourselves. dec 1 SLITAULiK FOR CHRUTMiS A.1UNKW TEARS' PRESENTS. JOHN H SMOOT, No 110 SOUTH SIDE Bridge street. Georgetown, DC, has received a great variety of useful and seasonable GOOD*, to woieh he Invites the attention of both ladles and geatiemen who may wish to make a Christ mas and New Vears' Present. EMBROIDERIES. Rich worked Cambric Sets (Collars and Sleeves) l>o do Muslin do do Do do Muslin and Cambric Collars A great variety (low priced) do VV orktnl Linen Sets and Linen do Rich worked .Muslin Sleeves Black aad wh'te Lace Sets and CoUars Worked Camorlc and Muslin Band* Embroide-ed Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs Hems'.lt bed. turked and plain do Black Chantllla and French Lace Veils Worked, quilted and hooped Skirts. also? Moire Antique, Embroide.ed, Satin aad other Cloaks Double an 1 single Brocha and other Shawls Rich Famy and Black Silks Prencn Merinos, plaid Merinos Plain and printed Mous L'delaines Best Paris Kid Gloves, all numbers Kid and Buck Gauntlets Ladies, gent's and children's Warm Glovra Do Hosiery, of every kind Portmonnates, and ladles' Cabas Gent-i. Linen, Cambric and Silk Pocket Handkfs Black and fancy Silk Cravats. Scarfs and Ties Gents Shawls, Merino and Woolea Scarfs Children's Knit Talmas and Hoods Ladles, genu and boys' Comforts. Ac With eaaay other desirable goods, which will be sold low to cash or prompt customers ? dec O J. H SMOOT STANDARD SILVER WARE. I AM NOW MANUFACTURING PL'RESIL ver Spoons, Forks, Ladles, Butter, Fish, Pie, Cake and Ice Cream Knives, Sugar Shovels and Tongs, Napkin Rings, Cream, Gravy, Mustard and dan Spoons, Ac , Ac , on my own premises, and do not paim off on the public Northern m-n. ufictirad articles (which cannot always be re lied on as genuine) for my own, but every article made In my establishment can and will be war van ted as above watches and jewelry Of every description. an1 in great variety, con stantly ?a hand, and receiving fresh arrivals al most every d'v Fine (19 ks) Gold Watches, from |<0 to |iw, and warran ed correct time keepers Co*al, Csmeo, Mosaic and plain Gold Bracelets, Pins and Ear-rings, (in sets or by toe sln?le pie*.) Gold Vest, Fob, O lard, Cbatalaln aad Neck Chains, Seals, Keys. Lockets, Charms, and a general assortment of gooda usually kept in a Jewelry Store Fine W stch Repairing done bv an experienced aad oompe tent work Tan, and all work warranted to give satisfaction at 388 Pennsylvania avenue, dee 04- H. O HOOD. POST OFFICE DIRECTORY, OK BUM neas Man's Guide to the Poet Ofltoes In the United States, containing the names of the Post OMees and Post Masters la the United States on the 1st July, ltJSi, with a variety of valuable in formation oa Postal Affairs; also, a comprehen sive codiftcatloa of the existing Postal Laws. Piloe 91 - J ust published, and for sale, at 1 AY LOR A .MAURY'S Bookstore, doc 11- near 0th street. boo a BiNome. Csrate E srsatA strut and Maryland atissi, mar lac!o?ia* Institution. tj^DWARD LYCETT RESPECTFULLYIN ?i forms the subscribers to Brown's Bible and Skakspeare, now ju*t completed, that he u pie pared to b'.ud those works i i & superior style of elegance, strength and solidity, aud upoi much more reasonable terms than caA be done In Balti more, Philadelphia, or New York. A letter ad dressed to htm (per poit) will enable him to ex hlblt to the sjtMfrlbers SDtclmeas of Lis style of blndlag. Every kind of Book Blading neatly ex e<-?t*d isSMn THREE PIANOS AT OREAT BARe&|<<9 TTTE H AVE ONLY ONE PIANO LEFT AT Yv fjoo, Iron frame, rosewood case, and wa* tanted. One beautiful " octaves, round cotaers, iron fraats, ros?'WiK>d case Piano, worth #10U, and Will be sold fo' %'&) | One Louis XIV style, mazniflceiitiy carved raae, Iron frsme. rosewood Piano, worth ?35o will be sold for t>J5 The two last named Pianos are mad" by Miller A Curtax, of Boston, aro sold for no fault, but Lave been coaaitfiiei to us, aad we are ln?ructed to force tiuem off at greit sacrlices In order to da?e up tue years business Persons la want will do well to call and examine the.n. They are truly great bargains. Also, a way* ou hand, Jbe lar^rfst stock of Pianos in this city, ranging from SAW to SlttO). JOHN F ELLIS, der JO Pa avenue, bet. OtL and lOih su. hohn-s HAND-BOOK 0* WASHIN3T0W. rpBIS BOOK SHOULD BE I.N THE HANDS X of every stran/er sojoaralug in the city: be lng a complete g aide with a panoramic view of the city, ra'jll-i rfalldlny, and itusry A new Map of Wa'Ulngtoi with ill the rew Improvements, Ac., for sale in the Capitol at the Book Stand, and at the Bookstores dec?3 1m Flaxseed, a prime AaTitta jist received aad for sale, wholesale and ir Ull, by TYSON A eHOKVtAKEK Jan 5-eatar P arma eutlsts cor 7th and H sts. L. J. ailDDLKTOll, HALES II I c I, Of ct and Dspot?Southwest ooraer of F tid WwFlflbetTwtB f?h *r_tf OAUTIIK'SFRKNCH RESTAURANT, ?ifl8 Pa. av , beti?t*n 1 itk and 13th sts. HPHK PROPRIETOR OF THE ABOVE E9 A tabll-Aiment desires to call public attention to his Increased and unsurpassed facilities for con ducing and supplying everything In his line of business. He is prepared to supply at a few hours' notice the largest DINNERS, BALLS, and PAR TIBS with everything pertaining to the most fashion able entr rialnmenu, and oa the roost reasonable terms. ENTIRE DINNERS and DESSERTS fur nished Families without any trouble to the fara liy and at moderate charges A FIRST-CLASS FRENCH COOK will be sent to private houses at f 1 per day; and market ing and such artliles as they may wish purchased will be furnished at cost Also, China, Glass, SHver Ware, and Table ORNAMENTS. One or mote " dishes" sent to any part of the city at khort notice At aiv establishment will be found elegant suites of Parlor, Reception, and Dining Rooms furnished in the best manner, always ready. My Restaurant offers great advantages to gen tlemen rooming out; they can be supplied with meals at all hours. Particular attention is desired to ray new style of snperb CON F ECTION E R Y, which for purity and delicacy of flavor are unequalled. C. GAUTIER, dee 9- iSi Pa. avenue, bet I2tb and 13th sts. CONFECTIONERY FOR THE APPROACHING HOLIDAYS. rVTOTWITHSTANDING THE HIGH PRICE Is of sugar, I will sell my CONFECTIONERY at the usual prices, vix: PLAIN CANDY and MIXED DROPS at 25 cents per pound SUGAR PLUMS at 37cents per pound, usually sold hy retailers at 50 cents French BON BON8, Including all kinds of French Confectionery,at 50 cents per pound usually ?old at 75 cents ?nd 81 per pound. FOUND and FRUIT CAKE, of which I shall hare a large assortment, manufactured of the verv best and freshest materials, orna mented fine and tastefully. Please give us a call, and don't mistake the place, No 31? Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th .and 10th streets, next door to Ir>n Hall. dec GEO. NORBECK. CHRISTMAS CONFECTIONERY. THE SUBSCRIBER RESPECTFULLY IN forms his customers and the public in general that he 1? prepaed to supply thern with CHRISTMAS CONFECTIONERY of every ktnd, fo elgn and domesMc; also wifh CANDY, PLUM and POUND CAKES. MINCE PIES, ORANGE*.FIGS,RAISINS, PRUNE8, ALMONDS, Ac. His stock of CONFECTION - E R Y is very complete and su.~h as he feels con flient will be found on trial, equal to anv that may be offered for sale in this city. He wiii behappv to pee his friends and customers on Christmas Eve and dutlng the Holidays, as his stock will >?e replenished until and after the New Year's Festival TOYS FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. The subscriber also respectfaily Informs ladies I and gentlemen, doslrous of procuring TOYS of I any kind, as Holiday Presents, th*t he has Im ported a large collection of German tud French manufacture, which are curious, cheap, and wdl adapted to please cclldren and young people of every age tils stock of TOiS Is larger and more attractive than ever, and cannot be excelled In any toy store in this city. The snl?scrlber would also invite attention tohl? large assortment of China, Ladles' Work Baskets, Combs, Perfumery, and other fancy articles which are too numerous for specification in an advertise nwnt WILLIAM GRUPE, No.415 south side Pa. av.,bet 3d and 4* sts., dec ij-lm jopposlte Jacksoa Hall. .UAOillFlC^lIT MEDALLION CARPETS. WE HAVE STILL REMAINING TWO of those superb Medallion Tournay Velvet Carpets, which for richness in colors and taste have not their equal in this country Tliey will be now sold, to close thew out,lower In prire than we have been selling them; they are lu the *ty)e of Loui* XIV, and will remain beautiful when other styles yet to be invented will have passed away. Also, a trood variety of other new and rich Vel vet Carpetings, adapted to smaller rooms and in smaller tgures and Tapestry and plain Brussels Carpetings, with the Rugs and Door MaU match taf Also, a full and complete assortment of all kinds of Curtain Materials, from the very richest Satin Brockiteile down to Cotton Daunts**, with all the t\ssels, gimps, cornices, side bands, Ac., requisite to complete curtains. Also, just received4 cartoons Rich Embroidered Swiss Laee Undercurtalns, very cheap. | 4 Do do Muslin do 4 Do new style white Bands for Un dercurtalns. Our stock in all kinds of Carpeting and Oil cloths will be found complete in all respects. Now is the time for members of Congress and others who wish to furnish their homes handsome ly without much cost to themselves As our goods come to us direct from first hands we can aff jrd to sell them for l?>s than the larger cities north of us. We invite all who see this announcement to ca'l and examine for themselves Goods sent to any part of theclty or Goergetown free of cost All goods sold to go to a distance carefully packed and shipped free of com to the owner CLAGETT, DODSON A. CO dec :M-eom 1KTUONT BUCHLT, UNDERTAKER, Shop and Rsjidaace Fa. 803 ?enn'a avenue ?oath tide, hatweea 9th and 10th iti. Having provided himself with an ELEGANT HEARSE, and all cecesaarj conveniences fori properly conducting hit business, would respectfully inform the public that he is full7 prepared to flU all orders entrusted to him, at the shortest r.otlee. and In the best manner. A lar^esappijof READ Y-MADE COFFINS ?f*tXeV*lways on hand, which will be fur alshedon the most reasonable terms As pains will be spared te five ?aAire satisfaction on alj occasions. N. B.?Residing on the premises, erteis will be^rom^Kiy attended to at all hours. JOHN H. Bl'THtlANN, Importer and Dealer in Wines, Brandie?,4c. Pea* avtMHt, south sids, bet. and\ith xts., HA8 IN STORE A VERY CHOICE As sortment of Champagne, in quarts and m plnta, of the most desirable brands 1 Also, sparkling St Peray, white and pink: ? u w?CTil'. Sb?r5/> Port> Tenerlffe, i?clly,B Rhine V\ ln?s. Moselle: Freoch Wines, red and t*^heldam Jamacla Rum, Scotch Whiskey, American Whiskey, Ouracoa, Ar.l wtte, and of nls own preparation, Wild Cherry Brandy, Blackberry Juice, Stomach Hit ters. Also, genuine Abiinthe, Klrschwasscr, and Havana Cigars ^ 10-3tAwtm. MERIT CARDS. AND ? handsome Books, by the beat bards. For Hol iday Presents In the Book line, call at . FERGUSON'S, dec a 1s6 Seventh street. SK ATKS ~A?THER LOT Till** Day received, and for mu? bv K TUCKER A CO., dec? 833 Pa. avemue. VKESS tAfl-DKKSI CAPS, ^"E riAV*E NO W t>PEN THE RICHEST ?TTk Vr""1" BRESS CAPS ever offered l"Jle? ?f xv ashlngton, consisting of every Mourn,11 ^e*crlFt>on of *>'??> Breakfast and Mourning Capa. from 37* cents to 15. ? es ptea-.e call and look at them, at Jli?sIeS*AKULED FRO*? THE Pi li en ce Hall. PhluftSjJJJ VI-5oTs?fi ?l>d ,nafP"d "?ir.'"'** JOB.? WAONKk'S, aeciU'"" awpenn aveuie ? lEAUTIFUL PAPIFk MACUK \vill k Ca,di?A??icFTc': f?bX\wadt between tui and tfch sts. ? al ISo H. J. SfcLAUGHLlN 4 CO. Mince mkatmince^w*at other lot of oar MINCE MEAT KING * BURCHKLL dec <2- Corner Vermont and ijcJ' Ka> Bi??T?, BASKET STANDS, CAMAS Satchels, PortmooiM.?Tears will be skeii when seme learn what they have lost by not buy lng their presents at 4ec*i FRANCIS'S. NKayj IBESJ uvnvuL. Tecisdrt D?pabt*c5t, Nov. 39, 1BS6. Notice is hereby givns to holder* of stock of the loan* of the United States, that this department will purchase the sara .' until the 3d of March next, unless the sum of $1,500 000 shall be previously ob'ained, and will pa addition to the interest accrued from the date nf the ia<t serai annual divi dend of interest thereon, together with one day's additional interest for the money to rta h the v.-n ?lor, the following rates of premium on <aid stocks: For the stock of 1849, a premium of 10 per eent. Fcr Itie stock of 1817 and 1848, a premium of 16 per rent.; and for the stock of 1850, commonly ca'led Texan Indemnity Stock, a premium offi per cent. Certificates oi stock transmitted to the depart ment, under this notice, must be assigned to the United 3'atea, by the par;y duly entitled to receive the proceeds. It sent between date hereot and the 1st day of Jaiuw next, the current half y? ar'n ia terest must be aligned by the present stockholder, orltwiil b? playable as heretofore, and a corres ponding deduction be ma le Irern the amount pay able for the stock. Payment for the stocks sc assigned and traemit ted will be ma.l'i by drains on ttie AssistantTreasu rers at Boston, New Iwrk, or Philadelphia, at the option of the parties entitled to receive the money, which should be expressed In the letters accompa nying the certificates. JAMES GUTHRIE, . , Secretary of the Tr? asury. dec 1?dt3dMarchj WOOD-WOOU-WOOB. Hickory, oak and pink of the best quality constantly on hand, at JOHN W.MYKR8 4CO. utlice and Yard corner G and 23d streets First XV?rdj dec 16-tf FOR CHRISTMAS. Looking glasses, all sizes, will be sold low for cash JOHN WAGNER. iK fe avenue, de>- lT-tf opposite Kirkwood House. FUK8!-KI)RS:i-Fl'K8 !!! ^pODF) A CO., UNDER BROWNS' HOTEL, a. beg leave to announce the arrival from l^on den and Paris of :h-lr splendid collection of RICH FURS, made in the most fashionable style* from sr-asoned Soft-drossed Skins They would Invite particular attention to thtlr elegant and much-admired MANTILLA TALMAS, pellerink VAN DYKES, V ICTORINES, with Muff's and Cuffs to match, of HUDSON BAY SABLE, XINK, STONE MARTIN, * FITCH* MOUNTA1I* MARTIN, SIBERIAN AND RUSSIA SQUIRREL, LONDON LUSTRED, BLACK LYNX, ... and ERMINEs RICH FUR TRIMMING, for ('loth and Velvet Cl( 8WANSDOWN TRIMMING: ELEGANT SIBERIAN SCJUIRR EL ROBEf for Cloak Linings, or cut for Trimming: Ladies'and Gentlemen's FUR GAUNTLETS: Ueutlemen's TRAVELING MUFFLERS, of Beaver, Otter, Nutria, and Seal Fun CARRIA6E ROBES, ' ' of Bear, Fax, and Buffalo Skins. TODD A CO for the past twenty-five years have devoted much attention to this branch of their trade, purchasing exclusively for cash, well ing at moderate prices, aiid by adhering to their determination to deal In no article that would not bear the strictest srrutlny, they have secured a large and Increasing trade from all part3 of the country. Purchasers are invited to visit their establish ment and examine the most extensive STOCK OF F URS south of New York. oc31-3tAeotf CHINA, UL1HS AND QUEENS WAKK. SR. H MILLER, SON A. CO,My\ Importers direct from Liverpool Alexandria, beg leave to call the at teutlon of dealers, hotel keepers and others of Washington and Georgetown to their stock of GOODS, which, for extent and variety, will compare favorably with any establishment In the Eastern citle?. The connexion of their senior partner with the manufacturers of Europe and the Unite* States for upwards of 30 years, has given him advan tages In the purchase of goods, equal, If not supe rior. to any house in the trade. An Inspection of poods and prices will satisfy all parties that pur chases can be made of them upon the most favor able terms French China Dinner Sets, gilt and decorated French China Dinner Sets, gold band and plain white r French China Vases Pitchers, Toilet Sets, Ac. French China Tea Sets, Cups and Saucers, and other articles of Tea ware And Dinner Ware, separate from sets India Cblnn Dinner Sets, and separate articles al ways on hand Whits Granite Ware In every va*1ety,ln sets, and separate from sets, as may be desired Blue Printed or Liverpool Ware, the same Common Edged, White and Rockingham Ware, In full supply. Cut. Pressed, Plain and Moulded Glass Ware from the best establishments In the Eastern and Western States, which will be sold by the pack age or otuerwlse. Experienced packers employed. Goods put up by us can be transported by any mode without breakage. Fart by the steamboats from Washington to Alexandria, almost hourly, 12# cent* eaoh wny A quarter of a dollar thus spent may save many dollars. dec 1 THE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. OR LOO MIS, THE INVENTOR AND patentee of 1 Loomla' Mineral Plate Teeth," having successfully introdiictdjt^Maa his Improvement In various cities, bas'^-LrLLLF now permanently established himself in Wash ington. This Improvement for Sets of Teeth consists chiefly la making a set of but one piece of mate rial, and that Indestructible mineral. No metal w used In their construction, and they are there fore free from palvanlc action and melallc taste. There are no Joints ui become Hied with moisture or particles of food, hence thev are purt and clean. They are lighter, stronger, less clumsy, and, in short, the perfection or Artificial TtttK ; not withstanding certain Dentist* f.peak against them, but they nave not the right to make them, do not know how If they had, and therefore do 'iot ap preciate them. r Otflce on Pennsylvania avenue, between lltb and l'ith streets, two doors below the Klrkwood House. dec 44 tf DENTAL SURUEON. DR.B F. COSBY, PENN AVENUE, BE tween Sixth and Seventh streets, at the place formerly occupied by Dr j Van Patten, has just received a very large supply of artic les pertalnl .g to dentistry and respectfully invites tne public to give him a call. Having devoted his waoie time to the pro fession, he is perfectly safe In declaring that he will glveentlre satisfaction In every case. The bes: profeit-lonal references can be seen at his of. Ace nov Pi-tMarchvQ* DR.MUNSON. AT:?8 PENN'A AVENUE Is ctill making these beautiful ?ontlnuous GUM TEETH, called/%?25L Allen's Patent, for the excellency nr <11 / ttTY wulch over ail other styles of tetth, many now 8 them In this city, will cheerfully vouch. 1 here Is one Dentist In this city who has been Infringing the natent, and made a bad Imitation i?? ^ail??t whom 1 hereby rautlon the public ./*? , Whenever a Dentist speaks against Allen s Patent Continuous Gum Teeth, wh?n j?rof?r/jr constructsd, it is because be4s ignorant of the process, Incompetent to make the work, or

s unwilling to pav for the patent. j? All of Tlialberg's Compositions A T W. 0. METZEROTT'S dec 18 MUSIC DEPOT. PURE SILVER WAR. E^ SOLID SILVER TEA SETS, SILVER PORKS AND SPOONS SOLID SILVER WAITERS, PITCHERS, GOBLETS, f CVPS. ALSO, FANC Y SIL VER WARE. suitable for WEDDING PRESENTS. The above are all af our awn manufacture, and i W11I1NTID FtTRI. M. W GALT A BKO., aov J24 penn'a avenue. Proposals for Erecting the Marine Hospital at Burlington, Iowa. Tuaihi Depaktmknt, > Washington, Dscemb^r 18,1H5A. j PROPOSALS WrLI. BK RR< EITED AT THIS department until the liKh day of February, A. D 1W57, a; y o'clock a. m , for the const ruction of the Marino Hospital authorized t* be erected at Burlington, Iowa, according to the plan- and cpeei ficaiions prepared at ibis department; .ad p: owl* to bs i ither or the whole building or separate for the different kinds of w. rk; biiia of : aroels mu?t in svery <**; aoccmpany ? ach bid, with the amount of each kind of work, aud the total amount carried out; tbe department reserving the light to reject or aooept the proposal* henby invited, or any part* thereof, wlun it derm* the i^tenut of the United Sates requires Jt; the def artment also reserves the riaht to exclude the bxlarf a iy person or persons who there is ju?t cause to believe will nut aitlifully perl' im the contracts. or which they I ave a'.t niptcd to obtain by indirection ; and all bids when there shall ba parties in interest who do cot join in the l?i is, and a'l b.dstha*, upon investigaticn arc b;low a fh'r pric* for the work. Bid* will not be rece'vei in gross. and no ccntra:t i will be awarded to a bidder unless details ate fur j nohed the d<-j arini -iii ot ihn pii^< ? of the tfitfe.eit kinds of work aud mateiial*, which tla'l be ?ub jeer to the lev.siouot tbejepa tmeot, so that it tnay adopt the whole or part of the LiW, as the interest oi th? Unit'd States may require. Ninety per cent, cf the amount of work *one and mater'ais delivered, according to contract prie?, (?ail amount to be ascertained by tbe estimate ot an a^ent of tbe department appointed for ihvt purpose,) will be paid from time to time, a? the work t ro erees- s ; and ten per cent. istained until the o mple tion of the contract and acceptance of the work,*;., by the a^ent aforesaid, and to bj forfeited in tiie I vent of non fulfilment of contract. Contracts will be awarded only to master builders aad mechanics, anu th? assignment thereof, except l?y consent of the Secretary of the Treasury, will be a tor eiture of the fame. Ea-h propoMi' m ist be a'crnva*i?d l.y a v.*ri::en euaiaii!? ?, sbned by two resforMible persons, 'cer t fled to 1-e so by the United States dlstri t judt" ?* aitoM.f-y f the ?aid di-Uict.) ia the sum of .?5,000 for Hie whole work, or of a proportionate am uot if for a y part, that the bidder will, when required, it his i,r<?p i al be accepted, entjr into a contract and bond, with prop r and sufficient etcuiili' .-, ifr ;ts faitblul performance. Form of b,nd and eertifica e required will be fur ni-li'-d on application to the department. I'Jati-', s,?KCiflca?ii>n<, and working drawings will he r<aly after thirty''ay . v.h-;i th'ytaa bu I,el on applira.ion to the depn-'in -nt X i bid will I* rontidcred rnile^ it fully ccmpliet in till i/> I'ctaits i. Hh thereqii:.. >nmt^ nt (ak a/lreitiie ment. The propota's m-m b? 3Cnt to this department, addressed to the Weeretay ot tne Tria ury a-u p ainty endorsed liPro)>o*J< Jot the Hurlinglo.i Mu rine /7o?pir-il,'" and wi.l b : opened at 10 o'clock, a ui., of the la-t day tarn d fo- r.'c^ivinrr th? '?me. JAME* GUTHRIE, Secrete y of the Treasury, dec 90 - 3a wt i 9th FebJ Proposals for Furnishing Granite and Gran ite Work for tho North Front of the Pat ent Ottice Building. Department or thk Interior,) December 18, 1KVJ. f EALED PRtiPOSALS WILL, BE RECEIVED 1 a'this depa'tm'nt until tiie eighte^ntii day ol 'Ffbrnaty next. 12 o'clock at noon, tor lumi.-inittg such (irinite a nl Cranite Work a - may bo requin d above tiie ^ub-basem nt s:oi\', in the erec ion ol tiie nvrtli front of the i'a'ent fmice buodiuz. The bid* must b* in the form of the following schedule, a:id cl.arly specify the pr ces for material, haaliux, dri s-ing. a .d sritHig, including all rtK ma chinery and oth?r expenses. ScSedult. * Cub3 stone, per superficial foou Bedi> and b its, do do Extra (#ub? stone, pur cubic foot. t'orrnce in two b.ils, per supuriicial foot. Btovkiiig course, do ,j0 Frieze t? euiaWaturc, do ?{?? ^rchitiave, do do to eomioe, p r lineal foot. Irigtyphs. each. ? 'at** ol" pilasters, each. Cliannels of bisiuneiit, p^r lineal loot. Window sills, per sui*s?ficia! foot. The granite must u ? ef|ua! in quality to that u?>-d in the construction of the v. mgs cf :1i>- b.iildines, stiTimwi of which will be required to accompany the bids. Each bid wi I state in v .?ar ;uanr the work will b? cornpleteil, and runie will be considered froi? others than tlios" known to b.f of tbet:ajc and believed to b ? fully competent to fulfil in go<x< faith ti e cbliga tions they propose to assume; and no assignment ot bid or contract will be rccogniaed, uiil< ss made with the approval of the htai of the d*[artmenr. Ninety p r cent, will be paid from time to time, a* ;he work pr'?tresses, u|k>u the estimate of the agent of the deparim ot in charge I hereof, and ten (??r cent r.<serv d until the completion of the con uaci and arcep'nnce cf the work by tatd agent. The de[*rtm?nt reserves to itself the right to re ject or accept the pro|tocals hereby invited when it detms the interest of the United btates requires it, as well ae to exclude the bids of a:.y person or tier sons who it has good reason to believe will not, from aiy eause, faithfully perform the contract Plans, specifications, and working drawings ean be examined, and r>th<r information r.b ained, on apnli a-ion a' the office of the "iipTintendent The propos*!-1, which m'ist be sent to this dejwrt tnent, addressed to the Secretary of the Interior, (eiido s?d u Prop-isals lor the erection of the north front of the Patent Offiee bulMing,") will b? opened at 1 o'clock, p. m.,of the last day rained for ra ce vin? the sum.- K. McCLELLAN'D, dec 19-0awtl?Feb* Secretary of the Interior. Proposals for Erecting the Post Office and Coort-house at Springfield, Illinois. Tsiasukt Dxpaktmbnt, > Washington, December 17,1SV* < Proposals will be received at this department until the 17th day of Febru ary, AD, 1S57, at 9 o'clock a m , for the con struction of the;PobtOiflreand Court-houne author ized to be erected at Springfield, Illinois, accord ing to tbe plans and specifications prepered at tfcL* department; said proposals to be either for th? whole building or separate for different kinds of work; bills of parcels must In every case ac company oach bid. with the amount of each kind of work, and the total amount carried ojt; the department reserving the right to reject or accept the proposals hereby Invited, or any parts thereof, when it deems the Interest of tbe United States requires It; the department also reserves the right to exclude the bids of any person or persons who there Is just cause to believe will not faltbfnlly perform th* contracts, or which they hate at tempted to obtala by Indirection; and all bids when there shall be parties in interest who do not join in the bids, and all bids that, uuon investi gation, are below a fair pi ice for the work. Bids will not be received In gross, and no con tract will be awarded to a bidder unless details are furnished the department of the prices of tbe different kinds of work and materials, which shall be subject to the revision of the department, so that It may adopt the whole or part orthe bid as the interest of the United States may require. Ninety per cent, of the amount of work done and materials delivered, according to contract price, (aaid amount to be ascertained by the esti mate of an agent of the department appointed for that purpose,) will be paid from time to time, as the work progresses; and ten per cent retained until the completion of tbeoontract and acoepf a?ce of the work, Ac , by the agent aforesaid, and be forfeited In the event of non fulfilment of the contract. Contracts will be awarded only to master build ers and mechanics, and the assignment thereof, except by consent of the Secretary of the Treasury, will be a forfeiture of the same. Each proposal must be accompanied by a writ ten guaranue, signed by two responsible jiersons, (rettilled to be so by the United states district judge or attorney of the said district,) In the sum of 85,000 for the whole work, or of a proportion ate amonnt if for any part, that the bidder will, when required, if his proposal be accepted, enter into a contract and bond, with proper and sutfl clent securities, for its faithful performance. Form of bond and certificate required will be furnished on application to the department. Plans, speciflcatlrns, and working drawings will be ready after thirty days, when they can be Lad on application to the department. N<> bid will bt eonsidertd unitss it fully com llits ia all tts details with the requirtmtHts of this advertisement. The proposals must be sent to this department, addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury, and plainly endorsed " Proposals for tKt Sprinkfitld Post Offict and Court-house," and wili be opened at 10 o'clock a m. of tbe last day named for receiving the same. JAMES GUTHRIE, Decretory of the Tioasurv. dec 18 ?iawt!7Feb 7 CAST OFF CLOTHING BOUGHT AND ?old at 76 Louisiana avenue, opposite the Hay Market. N B. W ill call for them by addressing as abc ve through Post Ottce. dec*-eo:in? EVENING STAR Lift Of Patents.?The following Is the lilt of Patents issued from the United States Pat* ?nt Office for the week ending January 6, 1857?oach bearing that date : John Broughton, of Chicago, III.?For im provement in door springs. James Culbertson, of Covington, Ky.?For improvement in grinding mill. Wm. Cady, Eaton, 0.?For Improved cross cut sawing machine. Tristram Cnmpbell and Henry Li. Poormsn, of St. Louis, Mo ?For improvement in bullet moulds. J. Perley Derby, of Boston, Mass.?For im provement iu bosom sludi John Q Krnst, of Harrisburg, Pa ?For fire hook. Jaines Fern al<l. cf Boston, Mass ?For im proved method of attaching filters to supply pipes. . - Russell W. Gates, of Himer, Mich ?For improved machine for upsetting tire Charles Green, of Bethel, 0.?For improved mortising machine. Andrew B Gray and Alex. II. Brown, of Washington, D C ?For improvement in ve locimeters for vessels. Anson Hardy, of Dorchester, Mass.?For improved rotary shears. C. Jillson, of Worcester, Mas# ?For manu facture of animal traps Henry Loewenberg, of New York, N. Y ? For improvement in traveling trunks J. J. Laubach, of Easton, Pa.?For im provement in forming joints for sheet icetal Evan Morris, of Phiadelphia, Pa.?For im provement in hats. Josiah B. Pomroy, of Chicago, III.?For im proved method of adjusting circular saws to any required dish. L k Selden, of Haddum, Conn.?For im provement in folding umbrellas. James Smith, of Cleveland, 0 ?For im proved weather strips for doors, windows, Aa. James Ii. Thompson, of Newark, N. J.? For improved raking attachment for reaper* Andrew Teal, of Aurora, 111 ?For improve ment in metallic crow tie? and chairs for rail roads, as a new manufacture. James Tuoilingx, of New York, X. Y.?For improvement in maintaining power t >t time pieces. Seth Ward, of Prinoeton, Ind.?For im provement in riding saddles. llenry S Wentworth. cf Napoleon, Mich.? For improved self-regulating wind director for wind mills. George P. Woodruff, of Watertoen, Conn.? For improvement in buckles Jos. 1). Greene and Edward Ivers, of Phila delphia Pa., assignors to Jos. D. Greene, aforesaid.?For improvement in air heating fumaoec. Daniel S. Beardslev, of New Haven, Conn , assignor to John D. Umberfield and Daniel S. Beards'.ey, of same place. ?For improvement in chip's cooking stoves Benjamin Clarke, of Oriskany Falls, N. Y , assignor to K L. Ferguson and C. B. Clark, of same place ?Fur improvement in extension tables. Cornall Bradley, of Manchester, Va ?For improvement in valves for steam eogicej. A B Crossman, of Huntington, 2T Y.?For improvement in rudders. John W. Crannell, of Olivet, Mich.?For improvement in carriages. Francois Durand, of Paris. France.?For improvement in looms EJwin Daniels, of Lafayette, Wis.?For improvement in tanning hides Thomas D. Dalton, of New York, N. Y.? For improvement in anchors Henry Eddy, of North Bridgewater, Mass? For improved mode of constructing stalls for horses. Robert H Fletcher, of Brooklyn, N. Y.? For improvement in operating slide-valves of rteam engines. James Jones, of Rochester, N. Y.?For im provement in instruments for measuring boards. Benjamin W. Jewett, of Gilford, N. H.? For improvement in artificial legs. Orwell H Needham, of New York, N. Y.? For improvement in milking shields Samuel Wetherill. of Bethlehem, Pa.?For improvement in processes for reducing sine ores. Nathaniel Whitmore, of Snmerville, Mass., assignor to G. W. Keene, of Lynn, Mass , and N. Whitmore, cf Somerville, aforesaid ?For improvement in cop tubes Samuel H. Little, of St. Louis, Mo ?Fer improvement in hemp brakes O. W B Gedney, of New Y'ork, N. Y.?For improvement in pumps. James P. Cramer, of Schuylerville, N. Y , assignor to Hiram Cramer.?For improvement in cultivator teeth. Designs ?Abner J. Blnnchard, of South Reading; Mass ?For design for upright stoves. John 11 Knapp, of New York. N. Y.?For design for ever-pointed pencil cafes Charles Chinnock, of S'ew York, N. Y.?Ftr design for clock case fronts. Ueorgc Bruce, of New York, N. Y.?For design for printing types. |3^Rev Mr. Williams, a clergyman of the old school?a good man in his way. but a little queer?came to Salem to preaoh on exchange with one of the citv ministers. On going to the house of his broner minister to spend the noon intermission, ho desired to lie down, and not to be interrapted while he should refresh himself with a grateful anooie To guard himself against being intruded upon, he aaid to hi* friend's daughter : " 1 am going to lie down. If St. Paul comes himself, don t you disturb me ' Mr. Bently, who preached in the East Church, who had been very intimate with Mr. Williams, but had not seen him for several years, hearing he was in town, hurried off after dinner to give his old frien<i a call. '? Where is Brother Williams?" he inquired, as he met the daughter. "He can't be disturbed, sir, even if Saint Paul should cail." "I must see him!" was the impatient re joinder, in the inimitable manner peculiar to Mr. Bently. Resistance to such a mutt was out of the question. The room of the sleeper was desig nated. With no gentle voice, and a cone ponding shake, Mr. Williama was aroused lie was delighted to see his old friend Bently, but was rather taken aback when Mr. Bently said to him : u I think, Brother Williams, that you are a littft inconsistent." '?llow so, Brother Bently"' 41 Didn't you tell our friend's daughter you was not to be disturbed, even if Saint Paul called' Yet you appear very glad to i?ee me " " No. no, Brother Bently, not inconsistent at all 1 was?I am glad to see you. The Apostle Paul' why, 1 hope to spend a b'.es-ed eternity with him; but you, Brother Bently, 1 never expect to see you again." A Good Jokk,?The New York Picayune pictures a philosopher in snectacles, going to the Tribune office, asking for a number, tut not knowing which one, replies : 41 Well, I don't cxactly know ; but it is tho number that contained an article on Kansas ' fir We learn toleration fr^m children, (lays Punch ) for no man can have his whisk ers palled by a young brat without feeling what an intolerable nuisance he must have been as a child himself. py Gov. Pollock, it is stated, will be a can didate for re-eleotion, if nominated by tho Amerioan party. David Wilmot is talked of as the Republican candidate. ? Erek*ngf. py The height of impudence Is, kiting another man's sweetheart, and then protest ing that you ouuldn't help it. Onto.?The Ltgblitnn of Ohio convened oo Monday in adjourned session. Hon Lester Taylor was chosen preaident pro tem m the Senate # Tbe mew ago of the Governor is mainly de voted to >tate affairs lie reooootiii the organization of a board of railroad ooma ? liooera to exeroise roper*.'ion over the eeu tinuation and operation of the railroads of the State ; urge* the resumption of the ge<-iofieal ?urrey of the State, and reoommeads that provision be made for the payment of the public debt The exhibit of the finances of the State shown that the expenses of the fiseal year, ending November last, were less by over ??>0o,000, than the Tear preceding. He recommends toe energetic prosecution of the public works, a revision of the militia laws and tbe law* relating to married women, ani also that increased compensation he allowed tbe judiciary The Governor thinks that Ohio should give expression to a demand for retrenchment and reform ia the adaaiaistratioa of tbe National Government. Within the last two months he has receivei several appeals from Ohio emigrants ia Kan* sae, asking for protection and aid. lie had addressed a letter to Ggvernor Geary in he half of tbe prisoners, deeming that <?hie waa entitled U leuiand for her citiseas emigrating to the Territories free ingress and egress by tbe ordinary routes, and complete protection from the inrasion and usurpation of the law less If the General GoverUMBt refuses, he does not doubt tbe right or duty of the State to interfere. He hu now good groands to hopo that tbe worst is over In respect to Gov Geary, he says he now feels n disposition to respect *nd protect tbe ? ights of the Free State settlers. A Distiuctiok a rmorr wcca uirrraxsc* Msjor Haskins wss p-stmarterof a retired vil lage in Ohio He wss a stanch democrat, and withtl e bit cf a wag Bat tbe freesoil and Fremont sentiment had swept over the commu nity, so that he wa* almoet tbe only man left in the region who remained true to the ad ministrate. As he found it quite impossible to brea?t the current, he thought it betf. as the Hi an said of his note and tbe boy s*5d of tbe molasses, to ?? let it run." wh'fe be !ay I>w and waited for better time*. One day a knot of village politiriaus were discussing tbe question of Uic day in bis cfice Cap* tin Joham was a ~ol?y fellow, ani not mtel f*r & knowledge of hi.- mother tongue, though be m ide use of tbe longest words be could get hold cf, often without much regard to their meaning He was biasing out agsinst the m?asuresof government, and wound up by declaring that the existing administration ws moltpesti/mtiii. u What'sthat?" demmded the postmaster; '? what did yon call it"' 44 i said the administration was ptstiten tial." " Don't say that again, sir; don't u?e that word pesti/mtial\ take some other word, or I'll?'' Here h- doubled his fist, and made a feint to assail the captain. u I meant to say," stairmered the frighten ed man, M that this is a rascally administra tion.'' # "Oh, very well, yon may say tha* as much as you please,*' replied tbe mollified pott* masters: 44 bit yon shan't caT! it by that other tiams when I am present.'' Nsw York?The Legislature of New York met on Tuesday and organised by the choice of Dewitt C Littlejchn, Republican, Speaker of the House, wbon ti e Governor's message was received and read Governor's King's message is a very able document. His summary of the financial condition of the State is favorable. The total receipts of the treasury for the year inclu ding the balance from last year is nearly Sid.000,000, and tbe expenditures nearly S15 000.000, leaving a balanoe of upward of S3 000.000 The canal debt at tha close of the fiscal year ending September 30, was up ward of $22,400,000. Tbe receipts were %2 - 750,000 The whole length of the canals of the pub lic works is W02 miles, and the entire cost when completed will be $50 000,000 Tbe State banking system is in a sound and baaltby condition. Tbe Governor alludes to tbe im putations cast upon tbe Republican party put forth in the President's message, which he declares to be wholly groundless, and he pro ceeds to give at large the views of that party on tbe great questions of tbe day. In this connection he alludes to Kansas A Railroad Snowbd Usdsr ?The Long Island Railroad track was snowed under when our first snow storm came, and has not yet re appeared in all its length The trains got as far as Cutchcgue?some eight miles this side ofGreenport, on New Tear's day, and hopes were very strong that the remainder of the way would be onencd by to-day. Tbe snow fell quite deep, but that was not tbe worst of it. Snow has a trick of blowing badly on tha east end ; and as the Isl ind surface is almost a dead level, wn jrever there is a eut for the road it dritts in. There is but a single track, and consequently where there is a bit of a hill to cut through it is something of a jab to get tLo snow out What remains to be dug out now must come out by the shovelful?snow pi ws make stout as much impression upon It as they would butting against the City Hall. Urooklyn Daily Prtst, Jan 3. U*A harmless craiy woman who runs about Rochester, entered ihe immaculate Con ception church on Christmas, during divine service, and took a seat. W ban the contribu tion plate wa* passed, she suddenly seized it from the habus of tbe oollestor, and emptied its contents into her bosom. Amid mu"h ex citement site was taken out, and by threats of knprisonment, was finally induced to"ihrink,'* end shake tbe money out ot her clothing up n tie floor St. Locis ?A German paper published in St Louis, called the Anicigor des Western, savs that the constituent part of the popala ti >n of the city and county of S: Louis, as ai certained by the recent caucus, may be esti mated thus- Americans, ?3 009; Germans, j0,000 ; Irish, 3a ouo ; French, 4 000 ; Eng. lish and Scotch, 5,000; fta' ans Spanish and ether nations, A,000 : Bohemians, 5,000 The Right Spirit.?The ereat scarcity of partridges in every jectinn of Virginiahac in du *ed all true sportsmeu to enter ?n'o a sol emn pledge not to shoot < ne of them this sea son, and to use their best endeavor- tipreveut other* lrom doing so In vLw of the almost total destruction of this species of gtme birds frim cold and starvation lest winter, true sportsmen in all sections of ti*e country cugui to tike a similar p'edge. German girl, named A ielirs Wclca, has Loen arrested at Enfield, f r?rea!?ng la dies irocses, Ac , In and ab^ut that part cf Hartford county. She Jays she was in love with a young man, and thought be wruld uiarry her if she appeared to him in a band some dress, but, unfortunately, the Shenfi had a stronger attachment for her tbmi the ' other fellow.* py A correspondent of the JcfTer* nville Democrat, writing fmn Keokuk r*y? thtro ara three railroads under cons(rti-tfrom that place tj interior counties 0.-?r 1 aoo buildings have been erected in K??oVv- in-mg the past eacon, and it is expectcd that at least 2,000 more will be put up durirg tae coming spring. L^~ A correspondent of the Bridgeport Standard complain* that the Gas Company, by pouring their refuse ooal tar in the harbor, has killed or driven away all the eels, oysters and eoollopr. by tbe catching of which many poor families were supported. ty The 44 National American,'' heretofore published semi-weekly in Richmond, will hereafter be published as a daily penny paper.