Newspaper of Evening Star, January 9, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 9, 1857 Page 1
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f rHS zvmmo staji, * r fcVKKl AfTKMROUR, (KXCftf X SUNDAY,) <i I4? Srsr */ /?#???!??*?? MMM &?????<* l.'fMl, By W. D. WALLACE, A 1U be ??ttc?X to mbh r'.bcrs by carrier* at SIX A.^il) A qilAKTKft CUNTS, payable wecfc:j totbt A(aU; psp>-;? sem'4 1 a package* at 37% ?euis prr month. To mall subscribers the sab Mrlptlospricrli TURRE DULIiAKSAND FIF *V Ci?N rsimri? a4*a??rs, TWO DOLLARS l?? -tn rsoolhi, an<1 ONK DOLLAR for three ??athi; for lcri toaa three months at the rate of li% reals & wed. KT SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. v< n.. ix. WASHINGTON, D. C NO. 1,242 THE WEEKLY stap. this ri<-,i?at FMally as? News Joanui??ea aialBft a prr?a*T variety *f latorwtta* raa?la?thaa saa be dui la iiv ether?is piblUhsi ?> Satar. day ?*ra:a?. ? . ?aa?s. SURle eopy. pet taaiia 91 *? ?? sLtas. Fleeoopiaa t.? M Ten copies ot Iwenty cejies vf (ZT CasB, I!**AR'AlLT in ABTARCR. lCT*?*rleoople? (la wrapper* > eao be procure* at the counter, Immediately after the Issue of tbe peprr. Price?Thru Citits po ?t M 4 s* a as w bo act as a*enu will b^ai'.cw t * sroxmlsifioa of twenty per ceat. >1. SNTDKR * ION, Hasktri, BUY AND SELL DOMESTIC EXCHANGE, STOCKS. BONDS, and ofhes Securities, receive Deposit*, furnish Drafts, make Collec tions, and negotiate Tlm?? Paper. LAND VTAKHAyTS We are at all times buying and selling Land Warrants, and will lorate tbcm, on commission, la Nebraska And Minnesota Territory*. Wiscon sin, Iowa, and Missouri. M SNVDER Sl SON'S Bank, dec 15-lm No 398 National Hotel Building. SI flttKR'ft Zmprovtd 8?wing Machine# To which w&t grimed tho Highest Awardof the Paris Exhibition, thereby receiving the World's Vordict of Superiority. rflHE IMPROVEMENTS IN THIS MA 1 cbiae has simplified theui in many respects, aad they arecapnbleof executing twicc the amount of work the? did formerly in any given t'.me They are without question the only Machine* ca pable of sewing every variety of /oods perfect; a sblrt bosom or heavy trace for harness can in sewa by any of these machinc? by aslmplecaange ?! needle and thread in such a manner that the ?iosest scrutiny cannot detect a fault. Manufacturers, planters and families will ltd them the only safe Machine.* to purchase- as they are built Strang and durable, and not likely to get out of order. We have ousa'aes with ^aages attached,for blading hats.cap-fronts, gaiters, &c. Silk,'Thread, Cotton, Needles,*c.,constantly sa hand, at the lowest rates. i'ers > asdeslrous of information regardla^ 3tw lac Machines will please address I. M SINGER * CO.. 145 Baltimore street, Baltimore. M. B ?Weara prepared to exchange these ma ?hiazsfor old machines ot any kind Termsllb era! Person* who have been lnducedto purahast aferlor machine* under the pretext of being iheip,w'.llfiad this a benefit indeed. as*' 1 ??ly SUITABLE FO K CHRISTM \S A.N D N CW IEAK.V FKESKIfS. JOHN H. SMOUT, No 119 SOUTH SIDE Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C , has reoelved a gr??t variety of useful and ??asonable GOOD--, to walch he invites the attention of both ladles and geatlern^n who may wish to make a Christ mas and New Years' Present. EMBROIDERIES Rich worked Cambric Sets (Collars and Sleeves) Do do Muslin do do Do do Muslin and Cambric Collars A ^reat variety (low priced) do Worked Linen Set* and Linen do Rich worked Muslin Sleeves Black and white Lace Sets and Collars Worked Camaric aad MosMn Bands Embroidered L'.aea Cambric Haadkerchiefs Hemstitched, tucked and plain do Black Chantllla and French Lace Veils Worked, qnllted and hooped Skirts. also? Moire Antique, Embroidered, Satin and other Cloak* Double ani single B roc hi and other Shawls Klch Fancy and Bl".ck Silks French Merinos, plaid Merinos Plain aad printed Moas L'delaines Best Pari* Kid Gloves, all numbers Kid and Back Gauntlets Ladles, gent's and children's Wara: Gloves Do Hosiery, of every kind Pcrtmonnales, aad ladles' C tbas Gent?. Linen, Cimbnc and Silk Packet Hmdkfs Hiask and fancy ^ilk Cravits. Scarfs and Ties Gents Shawls, Merlr.o and Woolen Scarf* Children's Knit Talmas and Hoods Ladles, gents and boys' Comfort a 4c With many other desirable roods, which will be sold low to cash or prompt customers dec a- J H SMOOT FOR CHRISTMAS. Looking glasses, all sizes, will be sold low for cash JOHN WAGNER 255 Pa avenue, dec 17-im opposite Klrkwood Hoc TO ALL THAT VA LUE THEIR SIGHT [7"ISHES TO CALL THE ATTENTION to all that suffer with defective sight, caused by age, sickness, and particularly from 5la**es Injudiciously selected, to bis superior PECTACLES and GLASSES carefully ground by himself to a true spherical accuracy, and bril liant transpa'ency, suited precisely and benefi cially to the we-trer according to the concavity oi convexity of the eye. Very aumcrous are the 11) effects caused t<? the precious organ of si^ht from tne commencement ->f using glasses in not be*nu precisely suited, by the use of an Optotntttr; and the practice of many years enables him to meas are the focal disease of the eyes, and such glass es that are absolately required will be furnished " " " atlafa o iy < solicits the patronage of those that bore not vet - II .a . t _ ? i I ? ? ' with precision and satisfaction JOHN TOBIAS acknowledges the very libe rai encouragement already obtained, and furthei availed themselves of his aid Persons that cannot conveniently call, by send ing the glasses in use, and state how many lach es they can read this print with their spectacle*, can be supplied with such as will improve their eight. Innumerabletestimonials to be seen; and ref erences givtn to many who havs derived the greatest ease and comfort from his glasses. Circulars to be hsd gratis, at nis office, No. ?1 * SEVENTH STREET, tknt doort from Odd Fiiiowt' H*U, or stains. NoaroLx, September?, 1^54. Sir?The Spectacles you made for me salt very well, aad ie?iS to have Improved my sight more thaa any other 1 have lately tried L1TT. W. TAZEWELL. I have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained from Mr Tobias, and find them of great assistance to mr sight and corresponding with his description of tne focus. I '?commend fclm as a skillful ?n tlclaa HENRY A. WISE.' Havlag been Irtdnced by a fri?nd to visitthe es tablishment of M r Tobias for the purpose of try lag his slasse^, I was furnisued by nlm with a pair slight.y c ?4 blue, wj'.ch nave efforded me m^re reile? and gratification than any i have ever trl?d. Mv sight, originally v.?ry good, was injur si b7 writing and reading at Rl?ht, fre quently to a very late hour; b".t with the aid of tae?e glasses 1 can study almoct as late as ever, aad thai too w.tajnt the pala 1 have previously saitered. JOHN WILSON, Late '-?:omis*.oneT Gen'l Land Of Lec;aixr 11, IPS5. 1 have used Mr. T obias's Spectacle" fer th.24 ?r fnnr months, a;<d take gr-.-at pi* .sure la er.y lag thit 1 am much pleased with them 1 have bee a much beaefitted b/ thtm. May Sth,l35J. SEOR f.SCAKBIKIfi. 1 wisrr- ommeaded in Mr. Joha Tobias as a skillful optician: aad ss i have eyes of reeaa/k able peculiarity, I was gratified to fir.d that Mr. Tobias seem-Jd to coinprebead them hy inspec - tloa and some slight meuturemcai, md he has made me a pair of SpeclaUes that sulu me ad mirably A. P. BV7LE& Jnl7l!,l85A W itM'.SST.nn, N. C., Jan 517, l^SJ Mr J T?sia?: Dear Sir?I am happy to say that the Spectacles wliich 1 obtained from you lasi week ??ntlrely satisfactory. Fromaninequal icy in the visual ranxe of my eyes, 1 have hereto found great difficulty in getting glasses of the proper local distance It affords me pleasur. to state that, by the aid of your optom?ter, this dl? calty ha> been happily obviated so that the glasses you furnished me are dec.dedly the beat adapted to my ey<*s of any 1 have ever yet used. Very raspectXally. yours, H B DRANE, Rector of St James' Parish. OaraETXXjiT or laraaion, May7, !S55 From natural defects and the unequal range oi my eyes, 1 have been c rnpolled to use glasses for several years I uav? tried different optician* without obtaining glaases perfe-.-Uy fitted to m> eyes. Four mouths since Mr. Tobias made two pair* especially for m?, whicl. 1 have found to serve me perfectly. By the use of his optometer he Is enabled to sda^(?ilasses mlaniely to theey* I most cheerfully recuzumend Mr. Tobias to al haviax occasion to nae glasses ind bear my testi mony as to nis sklil as an optician. HENRV fe. BALDWIN, Asalst. tfsc'y to sign Laad Warrants. P. 8.?OPERA GLASSES of great variety TELESCOPES A MICROSCOPE^, WATCH MAKER GLASSES, and many "ther articles lv this llae at very low prices constantly ^ bssd m^iv FLA1SKKU, A FKI>-fc ARTICLE, j wt received .ad f.?r sale, wholesale and re tali, by TYSON * SHOEMAKER , 3-eotw Pirtrma eutls:s,eor, 7tb and H ?ts L. J? ?IDOLKTON| DULEK IN ICS, OJle? aid Dtpsx?Sonthwest corner ot F and fw?'f!k ?tr*eU fata 47?tf COtFKCTIUMERT FOR Ttf* APPROACHING HOLIDAYS. Notwithstanding thk high price of sugr.r, 1 will sell my CON FECTION ERY at the usual prices, viz : PLM^ CANDY and MIXED DROPS at '25 cents per pound SUGAR PLUMS at 37# certs per pound, usually sold by retailer* at 50 cents French BON WON}*, Including all kinds of French Confectionery,at 50 cents per pound, u?uallv sold at 75 certs *nd gl p--r p'umd POUND and FRUIT CAKE, of which 1 ehall hive a larsre assortment, manufactured of the vo's- besi and freshest materials, orna met.ted fine and tastefully PI -rise give us a call, and don't mistake the p^ac", No 3M Pennsylvania avenue, between flih and 10th streets, next door to Ir -n Hall dec 15-lm GEO NuRHECK. * HRiST.1tAS ?'ONF?CTIO?!?KY. |"? HE SU BSCRI H till RESPECTFULLY IN I forms his customers and the public !n general that he Is oiepa ed to supply them with CHR1 TMAS CONFECTIONERY of every kind, fo elgn and domestic; also *vlth CANDY. PLUM and POUND c \KES. MINCE PIES, ORANGEY,F1HS.RAISINS, PRUNES, \LMONDS, Sec His stock of CON F ECTION - KR V Is very complete and such as he feels con flient will be foundo i trial, equal to any that may be offered for sale iu this city He will be happy to see his f/iends and customers on Christmas I'.vj an t duiiug tbe Holidays, ad his stock will be replenished until and after the New Year's F estiva; TOYS FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. The sub^riber also respectfully Informs ladies anu gentlemen desirous of procuring TO YS of my kind, as Holiday Presents, that he has im port d a'arge collection of German and French manufacture, which ar^ curious, cheap, and v^ell adapted to please children and young p?*ople of *very age His stock of TO S Is larger and uore attractive than ever, and cannot be excelled In any ot! er toy st^re In ibis city. Th-? subscriber would also invite attention to hi" Large assortment of Ch'na. ladies' Work Baskets, Combi, Perfumery, and other'ancy articles which are too numerous for specification in an advertise ment WILLIAM 6RUPE, No 415 south side Pa. av , bet 3d and4jf sts., dec 23-Ira opposite Jackson Hall. II AON I Fit'liNT MEDALLION CAKPKTS. WE HAVE STILL REMAINING TWO of those superb .Medallion Tournay Velvet Carpets, which for richness in colors and iste have not their equal in this country They will be now sold, to close them out,lower In price than we have been selling them; they are Ju the !-tyle of Louis XIV, ana will remain beautiful when other styles yet to be invented will have passed away. Also, a good variety of other new and rich Vel vet Carp?tings, adapted to smaller rooms and In s miller figures and Tapestry and plain Brussels Carpetlngs, with the R'igs and Door Mats match ing Also, a full and complete assortment of all kinds of Curtain .Materials, from the very richest Satin Brockatelle down to Cotton Damasks, with all the tassel-, crimps, cornices, side bands, Jbc., requisite to complete curtains aUo, just received 1 cartoons Rich Embroidered Swiss Lace Uudercurtalas, very cheap. 4 Do do Muslin do 4 Do new style white Bands forUn d^rcurtains. Our stock in all kinds of Carpeting and Oil cloths will be found complete In all respects. Now Is the time for members of Congress and others who wish to furnish their tomes handsome ly without much oost to themselves. As our goods come to us direct from first bands we can afford to sell them for lets than the larger cities north of m. We Invite all who see this announcement to call and examine for themselves Goods sent to any part of the city or Goergrtown free of cost All goods sold to votoa distance carefully packed aid shipped free of ?-ost to the owner CLAGETT, DODrSON A CO. dec 'Jg-eol'it . BOOK. BINDING. CoriMr E.twnth strut and Maryland an**#, n*ar lk? Smithsonian Institution. Edward lycett respectfully in forin* the subscribers to Brown's Bible and Shak.;peare, now Just completed, tbat he Is pre pared to bind those works in a superior style of elegance, strength and solidity, and upo i much nore reasonable terms than can w* done in Balti more, Philadelphia, or New York A letter ad L-essed to hi an (per po-it) will enable him to ex blblt to the subscrioers specimens of 1.1? style of otndlng Every kind of Book Binding neatly ex ?cut*d ? se -'7-Am IHRKK PIANOS AT OREAT KABOA1N* I1TE H \ VE ONLY ONE PIANO LEFT AT W fiOO Iron frame, rosewood case, and war ranted. one beautiful 7-octaves, round corners, iron frame, rosewood rase Piano, worth $WU, and will be old fO' f?5U One L ul XiV style, magnificently carved cvu?e. iron fr m rosewood Mano, worth $55o will b?cold for |3)S The two tasi aimed Pianos are made by Miller % Curtaz, of B>?sion. ar? sold for no fauit, bat have oeen conslg ed to us and we are in?tructed to lores them off at great sacrifices in order to clo-e up tbe year* business Persons in want will do well to call and examine them They are truly grext barralns Aiso, a'wavs on hind, the larzest stock o:' Pianos In this ci.y, ranging from ?'2M? to SIOOJ. JOHN F ELLIS, dec 29 305 Pa avenue, bet. 9th and 10th sts. INT HO N T BCCHLT, UN DE RTASE H, Shop r.nd incidence 5o. S03 Penn'a a venae, south side, batween 9th and 10th its. HAV1N? PROVIDED HIMSELF WITH ?n ELEGANT HEARSE, . rj tad all necessary conveniences for r~ ' properly conducing hh business, would respectfully inform the public that he Is fully pre;?ar*d to nil all orders entrusted to him, tithe short*' notice. and In the best manner. A lar^csupply of READY-MaDE COFFINS ?fa.l sites, always on hand, which will be far ?lshedon the most reasonable terms. Ak pains will be spared t# glva ?itIre satisfaction on all occasions. N B.?Residing on :he premises, ardets wIU be promptly attended to at all hoar*. icbv-ty JOHN H. BL'THtlANN, Importer and Dealer in Winee, Brandie?,4c. Penn avtnut, south std*. b?t 4^ nn46tk *<*., H\S IN STORE A VER V CHOICE A3 so'tmest of (yhampagne, in quarts and pint*, of the most de"irable brands. Also, sparkllug St Peray, white aid pink ; Maderla. Suerry, Port, Tei erlffe, fejcllv L_ Rhine VN lnes, Moseile: French Wines, ren and wh'te; Cognac, Scheldam Gin, Jumacia Hum, Scotch Whiskey, American W hlskey, Curacoa, Anisette; and of bis own preparation, Wild Cherry Brandy, Blackberry Jolce, Stomach Bit ters. Also, genuine Abalnthe, Kirscbwasser, and Havana Cigars m dejJO-3tAw4m. VI9IT1NO AND >lEii!T CARD*. AND handsome Book", by the best barda. For Hol iday Presents In the Book line, call at FERGUSON'S, dec Zi ISO Seventh street. DBFS* CAPS?OHESS CAPS. WE HAVE NOW OPEN THE RICHEST a*iortment of DRESS CAPS ever offend to the ladies of \N ashlngton, consisting of every sty e and description of Dress, BreaXfart and Mourning Caps, from 37# cents to $5. Ladies please call and look at them, at CASSIDY'9, Jan 311 Pa av?? , bet. 10 b and llth st*. JUST P.fcCKI V Kl> KKOV1 THE PIB llshers?A splendid View of Old Independ en re Ha'l. Phllade phia F or sale cheap, trained or otherwise, at JOUN vv AGN E* 'S, dec ii?lui i!55 Penn avenue. Beautiful papiek machk work Boxes, Desks, Fo.los, Albums, Caid Travs. Card Ke elver*. *??, Ac , for sale ow at No ^0, between 8tn and 9<h s's dec/7 H J_MCLAUS!1L1N * CO. Mince meat ?wince meat.?an other lot of oar MINCE MEAT. KING A BURCBKLL, dec A- Corner Vermoat ave. and 15th sts. EW OFFICIAL C??NGRE?S UlRfcC - - TORY: cot.taii lng tbe Nam s and Resi dence of Senators a^d Members of the House of Representative for tbe prc->ont se^lon of Con ress, aud other valuable iijormatlon Just pub ch?d by TAYLOR A MAURY, dec *7 Bookstore otar 9(h street. N E OFFICIAL. GAS F ' XTUitES. RH MILLER, SON & CO, ALEXAN ? arli, Va., keep constantly 0:1 Laud a hand some variety cf CHANDELIERS, PENDANTS, BRACKETS, Ac , from the celebrated factory of Cirneilus A Maker, which they Will guarantee to sell ut the same prices charged to private pur chasers at the salerooms on chestnut street, Phil adelphia Also. Drop-lights, Cut Glass and decorated Paper Shades, In great variety Call and examine for yourselves. dec 1 DKNTAL SURGEON. Dr b f cgsby, penn twern Sixth and Seventh streets, jiy?a^ at the place formerly occupied by Or Van Fatten, has Just received a very JJ LJJ-r large supply of articles pertain! to dentistry and respectfully invites the public to give him a call Ht-ving devoted his wnole time to the pro fusion, he l-? perfectly safe la declaring that be will give entire satisfaction In every case The professional references can be seen at his of fice. nov 1'i-tiMarch'iO* Dr. munson. penn'a avenue is vtill mailng those beautiful ?ontluuoua GUM TEETH, calhrt Alieu'8 Patent, for the excellency of' which over all other styles cf teeth, many nov wearing them la this city, will che?rrullv vouch There is Dentist In this city who has been Infringing the r>*tent, and made a bad iinitatlou of U, against \vbcni I hereby caution the puhllo N. H Whenever a l>ent!st speaks again?! Allen's Patent Contlnnor.a Sum Teeth, when pTOffl# rcns!rueltd, it I* bceause he is Ignorant of 'he process, incompetent to make the work, or i u a willing to pay for the patent. je F li 11 E IILVKK WARkT SOLID SILVER TEA SETS, SILVER FORKS AND SPOONS, SOLID SILVER WAITERS, PITCHERS, GOBLETS, f CUPS ALSO, FANCY SILVER WARE, suitable for WEDDING PRESENTS The ab >ve are all of our nvu manufacture, and WiKUHlID PDEB. M. W. UALT A BHO., bcv jh Fna'a a venae. Tanscax Dspaetment, Not. 29, 1856. Notice iv hereby c iven to holoera of stock of the loans of th? United States, fiat this department will purchase the sam? until the 3d of March next, unless the sum of $1,500 000 shall be previously obtaneJ, and will pa addition to the interest accrued from the date of ihe !a*i semi annual divi dend of interest thereon, together with one t'ny's aiditiona' interest for the money to rea-.l* the v.-n dor, the Inllowinp rat*-* of prtm ^m on *aid rtocks: For the stock of 184*2, a pr? minm of 10 per cent. F< r tha stock of 1617 and 184?, a pp-mi'tm of 16 per cent; ae.J for the stock of lKTiO, comm >n!y ca'.ie,! Tcxa* Indemnity St'ok, a premium offfper cent. Certificates of stock transmitted to the depart ment, under this notice, must bs aligned to the United S'ates, by Uie pa'ty duly entitle-; to receive the proceeds If pent between date hereof and the 1st day of Ja iua-y r.ext, the current l alf ytar's in terest mus be aligned by the present stockholder, or It will be ;>ayao,ea? heretofore, and a corres pond.^ deduction be ma le Irom the amount pay ab'e for the stock. Faym nt for the stocks so assigned and t;a f mil ted will b<* ma ! by drafts cn the Assistant Treasu rers** Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, at tlie option of the rarties entitled to receive the money, which should be expressed in letters a'-compa ny.n^ the certificates. JAMES QUTHK1E, Secretary of the Tr-astuy. d<-c 1?JtiMMarchj DR. JJUPftlE'S REMEDIES are the only effectual cure for External or Internal Files, Sa'-trhcu.-a, King-Worm, Ac. They are unrival led for purifying the blood 5o cents per box Office 7rt Nassau street. New York W ill be sent bv maii. For sale by FORD k BRO.,corner of 11th st t*d Fcnn awmw. oo 2:1 Fti KS!?FURSFI RS ill rfH)l)D A CO., UNDER BROWNS' HOTEL, t beg leave to announce the arrival from Lon don and Paris of th.-ir splendid collection of RICH FURS, made in the most fashionable styles from seasoned Soft-dressed Skins They would invite particular atlentioa to their elegant and much-admired MANTILLA TALMAS, PELLERJNE VAN DYKES, VICTOR I NES. with Muffs *nd Cuffs to match, of HUDSON BAY SABLE, MINK. STONE MARTIN, FITCH A MOUNTAIN MARTIN, SIBERIAN AND RUSSIA SQUIRREL, LONDON LUSTRE!), BLACK LYNX, and ERMINE; RICH FUR TRIMMING, for Olotb nnd Velvet Clocks; SWANSDOWN TRIMMING; ELF.GANT SIBERIAN SQUIRREL ROBES, for Cloak Linings, or cut for Trimming; Ladles'and Gentlemen's t UR GAUNTLETS; Gentlemen's TRAVELING MUFFLERS, of IJeaver, Otter, Nutria, and Seal Fur; CARRIAGE ROBES, of Bear, Fox, and Buffalo Skins. TODD A CO for the past twenty-five years have devoted much attention to this branch of their trade, purchasing exclusively for cash, sell in? at moderate prices, and by adhering to their determination to dea: in no article that would not besr the strictest scrutiny, they have secured a large and increasing trade from all parts of the country. Purchasers are Invited to visit their establish ment and examine the most extensive STOCK OF FURS south of New York. oc3l-3tAeotf CHINA, GLASS AND QUEENS N7ARE. R. H. MILLER. SON A CO. Importers direct from Liverpool ^o( Aiexsndrla, beg leave to call the at tention of dealers, hotel keepers and others of WashiLgton aud Georgetown to their stock of GOODS, which, for extent and variety, will compare favorably with any establishment in the Eastern cities. The connexion of their renlor partner with the manufacturers of Europe and the United States f< r upwards of 30 years, has given him advan tages In the purchase of goods, equal, if not supe rior, to any house in the trade. An inspection of goods and prices will satisfy all parties that pur chases can be made of them upon the raont favor able terms French China Dinner Sets, gilt and decorated French China Dinner Sets, gold baud and plain white French China Vases, Pitchers, Toilet Sets, Ac. French China Tea Sets, Cups and Sauoert , and other articles of Teaware And Dinner W are, separate from sets India China Dinner Sets,and separate articles al ways on hand White Granite Ware in every variety, in sets,and separate from sets, as may be desired Blue Printed or Liverpool Ware, tke same C .ni'*on Kdijed, White and Rockingham Ware, in fulWupply.

Cut. Pressed, Plain and Moulded Glass Ware from the beet establishments In the Eastern and Western States, which will be sold by the pack age or otherwise Experienced packers employed. Goods put up by us can ue transported by any mode Without breakage Fare by the steamboats from Washington to Alexandria, almost hourly, 1-ijf cents eacn way A quarter of a dollar thus spent may save many dollars. dec 1 THE IMPROVED t?ET$ OF TEETH. OR LOOMIS, THE INVENTOR AND patentee of 4 Loomls' Mineral Plate Teeth," having successfully Introduced his Improvement in various cities, has now permanently established himself in asb ington. This improvement for Sets of Teetu consists chiefly In making a set of but one piece of mate rial and that indestructible mineral. No metal is used In their construction, and they are there fore free from galvanic action and m; tallc taste. There are no joints to become tilled with moi?ture or particles of food, hence thev are pure and than. They aie lighter, stronger, less cluinsv? and, In short, the ptrftetioH o-~ Ariificxnl Totth ; not withstanding certain Dentists sp?ik against them, but they have nott'se right to maki* tnem, do not know how If they t^d, and therefore do not cp preclate them. office cn Pennsylvania avenue, between lltb and litth streets, two doors below the Klrkwood House. dee 24-tf Proposals for Erecting the Marine Hospital at St- Maries, Florida. Treasury Df.partmkbt , ) YVashisoto:*, December 27, 18.S6.) PROPOSAL8 WfF.T, BF! RECEIVED AT THIS ^department until the i5th cay of February, A. I) 1857, at 19 o'clock, non, for the conttrue'ion nl the Marine Hospital authorized to b<: erected a? St. Ma-k?, I'lrtiOa according tr? ;he plan- and srcc-ifi <??1*1,9 prepared a: this dcra-tm-nt; aid proposals to b? either for the vvfcole building or 9t{ara'?? lor the different kinds nf work; b.llsof parcels must in every ca^e accompany ta?h hid; witb the an >i:nt of each kind''1? work,and thetora! ninvrit earn;d out; the dt p uim-nt ref?*. Ting ? hp ri?ht to reject or a eept th? proposal* her? by Invited, or a- v ;>ar3 thereof, when it rf ems the interest of the United Stat-q re quires i ; th? departtn nt a'so reserves th" r ?h: to exclude the b i! of any p-r oii or re-son* who then is ju*t cause to bcli? ve will not aithfully perfo m ?h? contian , or which they l ave attempted to cb aln hy indirection; and all bids when tbere nl at! ? e ra ms interested who do not Join in ill" bid", asd ail bi 8 ibat, upon li.vestlga ion, are below a fair i.ricc for the w<i'k. J Rids will not b?receiv#d in gross, and no c intra-? will b) awarded to a bidder unless dcails are tjj-- | m>htd the departin-nt of the prices nf the diff rent hinds ot work and ma erial , which shall be subject to the n vision of the derarim nf, so that it may . 'Vr wl,o!p or P?rI cf,h" b,J- " the interest of toe United &a:rg rn iy rt mi e. Ninety per ceir. o: ih<s am iuot of work dojie auH materials delivered, acccrdi.-iir 'o contract rrre (>aid am unt to be a-certained bvtfn c?tima*?* ot an agent of hedej a-tm.-nt, appointed f r In' purpo^, 1 w:l! be paid fr< in urn". to im-. as tfce w.irk pro tres es, a id ten per cent, retained until the cttnple tion ot the eontiaet. and accep'ance o? the w ,rk &c . by the ajent af repaid, and be forfeited i.i the event of lion- cJfiim-ntot't Con ra-t- will awarded only to ma-ier builders and m cliaoic -, aid the a signm nt thereof, exrcr?t h.v ""isen, of the flic clary of the Tr.a?urv. w .Ji be | a forfeiture of the same. Ea-fi p oposa! must h* aecom anie-J byawri::cn , g a a iter, lifncd f?y iw i res:>oiiMhle percons, (err ti.ied to bo s by tiit; United States disrut judge or attorn' yof the ra. i district.; wi the tutnof f5 iflQ for t.?ewli lo work, i-.r o* a prop rtioi ;at>- am et, tf for any part, that tlie bi JJer will, when rwju r d. if bis pro|M.-a! b accepted, enter info aeon'ta 'tandbm.', with pr.ip^r and >u?iic<er.t securities for t .? faithful perf ,i mance. Fonn of bond and certiii a-er< quir?d will be fur rishe.d co ap, lira'i<-ii hi :h?: de^arni fiit. ria is, specifh a' on-, a-nl hi rkir.z Jiawmgs can be rvA on a pi t n'if?:i to the d ; ar m -nt. Wo biii will be rontiderni nil est it f, >!y coir.j.'ir. i,i all i's dHaiU with the requirements of ihU udvertiie merit. The proposals mmt b ? *.-at to this depar.m?nf, n Id re..bed to the ??i 're.ary of th?? Tna ury, ano p.a . !v end'.r-d PrOjM'unr. f rthr Murine Hotvifal ? it v. lfrt?/ t. H,1 ,V?T1 W I. lie opened a onen'cl ek, p. m , nl ih?! last cay cam 1 f'?r r 'ciTinj'h' ame, , ? J \MRS GKTHKIL, uec29 .Jia.viF bir. F ( re a vef th-j Tr a my. Propoealg for Erecting the CastonuUoiu'* Ac., at Plattsbnrgh, New York. TEHAStJRT I 'KP a rt m bk t , ) Wasuinoton, December 10,l?Srt J D tt O P O 8 A L 8 V/ I L L B K R E - L ^ived at this departtr.*-?!t until the lr-th day of February, A. D lo57, nt 12 o olcck noca, for the construction of'he'om-Louse, po:st oflire p.nd eonrt'r omsEutborlzed to lieerectM at Piatt*-' bi-r^h, N Y , according to the plans and speciti catlons prepared at this debarment; sald^ropo sala to be either for I he whole bnlldln?. or sepa rate for the diflereiit kinds of work; hills of fvir cels must In evtrv rare accempar.y each bid with the amount of each kind of work. ar<i the total amouat carried out; the dep rt rrent reserving the il^ht to reject or ac cept the prop?-!!* l:ereby Invited, or any parts thereof, when ltdtfetpg the Interest of the Ur.lted Statesreqni.-u; it; the department also re serves th ? rl^tt to exclude the olds of uny person or persons whom there Js just cause to believe will not faithfully perform the contracts, or which they hare nttempt *d to obtain bv indirection ? aiid all bids when there shall be paftie*;;i interest who do not join in tha bids, and all bids thu* upon investigation, are below a fair price for the vor t ? Bids will not be received ia cross, end no con tract win be awarded to a bidder unlef ? de'ails are famished the department of tht prices of tbe different kinds of work and niater'.ls wuich shall be sabject to the revision of the >:epartmei;t, so that it may adopt the v. hole or part of tbe bid, as the iulerest of the United States may require lnety per cent, of the amount of work done and mater'.axs delivered, according to contract price (said amount to be ascertained by the csstmate of an apent cf the ?upartment, appoints for that purpose,) will be paia Trom time to time, as the wcrk prr>s/res*er, aud ten percent retained until the completion of the contract, ar.d acceptance of the work, <fcc., ly the acent aforesaid, and be forfi ited la the event of nou-fulfliimcnt of con tract. Contracts will be ;iwarded orlv to ma?ter hiiiid ers and mechanics, and the assignment thereof except by consent of the Secretary of the Tre,^.u.' ry, will lie a forfeiture e,f the same. liach proposal must be accompanied by a writ ten guarantee,signed by two responsible persons, (certified to be so by the Unl'ed States district judge or attorney cf the said district.) in the mm of #5,U00, for the whole work, or of a proportionate amount. If for any part that the bidder will when required, if h's propos-al be acc-pted. enter Into a contract and bond, with proper and suillclent se- uritlei for its faithful performance. Form of bond and certificate required will be fun i?hed on application to the department Plans, specifications, and working drawings will be ready by the 12tl, of January, when they can be bad on appii -ati 'n to the department No bid will be considered unless )t ful y cotr plles In all its details with the reqrireaiects of tills advertlseiuent The proposals must be ser.t to ids department addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury, aud plainly endorsed "Proposals for the Piatt?lurg\ Cm-tom-koustard will be opened at one o'clock, p m , i f the last day n^med for recelv lnnthesaine JAMiiS GUTHR1F dec !3 3awtl8Feb Sccretar/ of the Treasury. Pr.posak for FurDi3hi^g Tiarblo ani H-r ble Woru ior .ho ^orth Fior.t of the Pa. en: Offico Building. f)i.I ARTMtNT or THE iHTfRtdB ) Dsci mber 18, lbJU. / ^1?. M.MI) PUOI'OStLri WILI. I1E Kiil^IVGi# & at this Dejar in .nt ut.uI tiie c Kbtee:.ih cay ol l'? b ua y iv xt, 12 oVlock at no n. for t"urrii>hine such Marble and Ma o e Work a? may be required in the er.-eu ;ii of ilie n ?ith ir.->nt o. the i'aiei.i t)tli e b'tildinc The bidj n.u-tb? in tin foim of the followiug schedule, End clta ly i,.;city ng the prices for ma terial, hauliiij?. dressaing, and setting, includ:i.? all flie machinery and ot:. r exprnses: Schedule. Cub- stone, p. r tup> rt1eja! f.?ot lied"* and b lis, do do Kxtra cube ^toiie, per cubic ?' mice in ttr?> br;os, \h r superficial foot blocking cours:;, do do Frieze to entab aturc,do do Archmave, do do L/.ops to cornice, per lineal foot, Triglyph* ?ach, Caps ot'pila^ers, i ach, Channels ol bu^meui, per lineal foot, Marble tiling, per superficial lout, Window bills, do do. The ina ble must b ? similar in iind and uualiiy to that used in the construction f.t'the ? act and wot wings of ilie building, specimens of which will bi r? q-irred to accompany the bids. 1 a:l? bid will Kate in what tim the work Will be conipl.-ted, a id noc.c will be con-ldered frr m others ihautlioert Known to be of the tra le and belit viwl to be Hilly crmpeient to fulfil in g'i?d taith tbe ob'iga tions tuey tirojrsi^ to a sum^tand no asyifrment of biJ or ? fcntiau wili hi recognise. , unless nul lj with tin approval tf the hea i of the !?epari mem. Nint iy per ci nt. will be pa d from time to time, as th'- work proeresaes, up? u th? estimate of the ageut of the I)e| anm nt in cl.a je thereof, and ten per cell', reseived until th^ cunpl lion of the con iiaet and a-ceptauce ot" she work by said ag< nt Tuc De|artin"ntrrseives to itself the rich, to re ject or a ' the pr pot tils hen by in\ite.t, uhen it dei ins the interest <?f the United .-states requires it, m w ell a< to exclude the bids of diy p? rson or per-' sons who it las good r'a?>ii to beli-ve will i;ot Ire m .ii y caufce, faithfully nerfoi tn the cont! act ' Plans, specifications, and working drawings can he eiatnined, aid other^iisfoimation oh ained onap plit a'jon at the office oi the supertntendent ' Ttie propo als, which must be sent to this de I a' liK'Ui, aldre-aed to the eeoreia y of the ln:#ru,r, <Hn ion;eU J rop..,aU lor Hie er-ctnu. of the north front of the 1 a ent Office bjiloing,") w:ll bo oiensd at 1 o'clock, p. ci , of tko last dny named for re cetvin* the *m ? r. M.cLELLAKn, dec iJ-.awrtfc F.b{ Serreiay of Hie Inter or. ESS, UACK9AMMCN, AND DKAUbB > bOAhi>ri,at (ja"5-lw) THE LAKES. EVENING STAR THE FASHIONS. [Coirrspondenoe of the Journal of Cominercr Paris, December 1, 1856 During tbo last few months sevoral Con gresses have been held in Par if A Congrea of Proprietors for the reduction cf all rent under 500 franr?3 ; a Congress of Epicures t( deliberate on gastronomic*! questions; an< lastly, a Congress of ladies for the purpose o taking into consideration the means to b ad'pt??i tor bringing to a termination thi fe';inotine mania The meetings wero hel< in the snlon.? of ono of the brilliant hotels o the Faubourg St. Germain. A fair eountcs was tho Pi est dent^, nnd a Princess tho Secie tary. Various resolutions were offered anc means proposed. Tho only one which me: with the approbation of the assembly was thai of exaggerating the fashion to su*h an exton! as to render it too ridiculous to last Conse quently. our charming dsliberatresses resolved to appear hi tho streets and in the salon: with under skirts cf fifteen feet in circumfer ence requiring thirly-fivo yards of material for the skirt of a dress. Tnoso who will not, or cannot follow the mode in its exaggerated phnse, must of necessity be obliged to return to tho narro* skirt3 < f tho first empire. The Aolumincus petticoats date several centuries bark. The fashion is of Spanish origin, and thcro wis an omeute at Madrid in 1634 a promos of theso phenomenal skirts. In 1639 a a edict was proclaimed in tho capital, which con demned a woman who possessed one of the proicriteJ garments, to pay a fine 2U.UoO ma ravedis va . mall coin ) and to tho confiscation of the petticoat. Tbo edict w:s ftrlctly exe cuted ; a journal of the tlnio telis us tnat two oonfi-.&ted tour nitre, t were exposed on tho balcony of tho prison, much to the am us* ment of tba population. But indepenu* eDco braved "he dagger, and a few yerr? liter a struggle took pltrcc in th? str-;eM of Madrid btlweeD the women and the police, who en deavored to enforce tho obnoxious law. and bl?od was sh^d in tho defence ot tie gigantic skirts. It was only in 1660 that the amLiticua bulging of the skirts disappeared under the ri/ors of the law, aided by the satires cf tLe theatres and the journals. in the great number uf Leautifui toile te? T??r iho approaching se.ison uow exhibited by Madame b'anvtt, 4 Fine dti Alenarn, tie fol lowing are worthy of description A blue moire aniKjtif, with a double skirt. At the o-lg-j of eaen skirt there is a band of velvet n g.tlloou ornamjaled with bugle tnssels On ull the joining; of tl e widths of the double skills, two b;.nds of the sarno velvet axe pi iced, with a similar galloon between them, f. e corsage is high, with lappets fo;ming^e plaits all r ^und ; the ?'.coves are tight to the arm ; two flounces or j> jkeys tail fr< m the top lo within about lour inches of the elbow; the>e trimming ^re bordered with velvet and bugles. Another Iress Las pattern flounccs on a ma roon grrani. Sep rate an i plain fljinccs ara eewed on to the skirts between these with a pattern. With this robe a :hort and close fit ting jacket is worn, embroidered with steel, and having indentations all round tho edges. A <:rcen with largo black .*pots, has a velvet side piece, with bugles down cash tide of the skirt On the plaiu, high body, there is a black vdvet berthc, tuuad btbind a cut in rour. led points fr>.m the shoulder 'i'ho sleeves aro tigbt and h^vc twoflcunccsfall'ng Hum ihe shoulder i have sean pretty novelties in the show rooms of dLidame A!pit on si tie, 12 line du llelder, for winter bonnets and evening cul tures. The bonnets continue to be made very small, rather forward on the forehead, and thrown hack at tho sides Curtains are cut of a semicircular shape and excessively long. The strings are of very wide ribbon. For full dress there aro bonnets of pearl grey royal velvet, trimmed wiih blonde and iuara bou's Another is of pink terry velvet, trim med with blonde and having a row of large black pearls along the cage of the front. A bonnat of maroon velvet, ornamented wiih a 1 t:g tail, ruched and rounded at the edges Above the curtain, there i' a large ruche of plain tulle Another medel is composed of white and orange vol ret anu decora bad with curled feathers. On the right, fiiie, at the edge of the front, is a tun :a cf t_s3-,ls made of orange silk Theie are other*, for car riage wear, composed of gofferod *h.te crupe; the front of claret v?h et. Two pieces cf vel vet cross each other on ihe crown; the curtain is bordered with velvet a::d blonde, and comes very low, forming a point, a black Lee is placed above tho curtaiu. and is turned back on the crown Outride uu the right, there is a tuft of eblack lueo mixed r. iih loops of velvet; im-ide, n the left, tht-re is a bunch of mulberries, alto formed of claret velvet. 1 may mention a novel lancy. which is a Striking in>tar. :c of tho extravagance of the present d iy. The costly boqueta of hot-home dowers, waen thrown on the stage, to favor ite uctri^set, aro enveloped in ja.-ds of costly lace. The splendid barbes, narrow flounces, haudkerjbief Ac , of point d'Acgieterre, and point d'Alencons, irom the manutactory ui Tamen (14 Boulevard Montmarte.) and the other celebrated lace makers in France, are twined round and round ths flowers, and form a new and thrice acceptable beouct band. In ouier garments there is u gre at variety of patterns, disp'.cycd in the favorite lingerie and dres3 making etta^lishmenr. a la liafuyeitse, i l'laa Veudcme, No. 4. Tuo shawl cloak, loth ot plain an 1 spotted velvat, is a very large shawl, embroidered with guipure or j.-t, aiit fringed with chenille or s^aull b^i!s Tliero are full taknas with sleeves; short cloaks ending in a p ,iut bel.iud, and bordered with a deep iluunee uu: either lias or the <tra;ght way of tho material, fall enough to firm lar ;o h' Pow plait-?, and termina ed by a guv-are or deep tringe; thL pattern i.~ also worn* t cloth, in which ca^e it is tiimmed v. ith very hro i galloons, and ka; * c- ltiT.t buttons on the ci. ? j ot the shawl poi. t. falling over the Ail outer garments for lull dress toi'vtte, whcthei velvet or sila. ar^ trimn edwi'J la-e or frii.go , these o: eluth ara ornameaied w:'a vary broad bunds of velvet Gray ' .. i r instance, may be trimmed with a garnet col ered bias baud about live iuche.j wids i'Le sleeves are very wide at the botto.u, in the pagoda style, and hanging behind the ara:; too col In r is square, and, like the a'eevea, is surrounded by a velvet band. There are nLo sh; rt cloaks, in tho scarf style, coap ce 1 of embroidered velvet and surrounded by .i deep lace, which covers half the ^kirtof the dress The iirat denbourgs aod buttons cf robes, cloaks and mantles f.. rrn a very co-tly pait of the toilette. Gold and precious stones aro tLe materials nsed by SSanuzm in the formation of ali fasteuiegs. Cameos, dark enamel, and wrought gold or silver buttons, add much lu the beauty and richness of a mantle, or the cordage of a dress ; these ornaments are some times continued down the front of tho skirt. i*ady Coventry, the celabrata 1 beauty, killed hertelf with paiutiug. She bed.:uted herself with white, ro as tc stop the p?iipira tion. 1^1*?. Durbin, the gre?nt Methodist orator, once attempted to preach from tho text. "Re member Lot ? wife," and mide a failure. Afterwards remarking to Dr. Pond that le did not know the reason of his fiiln'e, the venerable doctor replied that he " b?d better thereafter Ut other people's wives a/ouf-1' Tho Boston Journal reports that Ant. och Collrgo, Ohio, of w'. ich Horace Mann is Piesident, us being in a flourishing condition, and fatt rising above financial difficulties. The experiment of admitting female s'ndents i,4 a groat success, it has been four.d th?i the female students actually diminish tha !_? bor of tho teachers. Mr Spirueon i.ithe Pi lpit. ? We succeed ed one morning in getting into Exeter Hall. The appearance of the audience was very re markable The usual proportions were rever sed, for tiro-thir&s were males, and a great proportion were young men The preacher did not appear so young as the registry of hi* birth infer?. He tud celectcd the first chap ter cf St I'etor's first epistle; and he paused before proceeding to read, and said that if any Armenians were present they had better put off their Armenianism at once, because they must do so after he had finished the pas _ The announcement resembled an in sinuation that they had never previously read the first epistle of Peter. We mention the circnm^tance becsuse it appeared to ua m"ro <>ut of the common path ttian anything else done or said during the servioe His discourse w is not that of an orator, it was not very eloquent in any particular. 11 did not display Srosl gcaiiu, except in an occasional aptitude ot expression, in the quaint style of the early English divines, whose works we presume that he has read It did display great earnest ness. It wj? difficult to suppose he who spoke did not also believe. IIu influence r^sts much on the basis of earneslnets. Hit bearers conclude that bo is anxious to aecota plii-k all that he says He u*ually deal? with truths as they merit, and as if they were what they are. dread solemnities Then he abound? ?v;tu illustrations, or with j a.-saees not easily forgotten. Miny Le.?rers, we are confident, -reuse their?eives of '? forgetting the sermon ' Tuey have not been supplied with tho mean* of retaining it The general argument, em ployed uy th'.s preacher remains in our mind still because it was enforced by beriea of illus trative anecdotes or pointed peculiarities of exprccci.'n. 1'erLaps. then, the; c- me:,ns should not be peculiarities. If tho object of argu pjc-.t. of explftraiiva, of persuasion, requires that tbey ah uld fco remembered. lawful m ans, w.i presume, should be employed for purpose Once or twice?perhaps turice ? source of the>e expressions tr illustration provoked a .-mile, or a repressed titter, among Li* congregation, but they were all aptdied skilfully. ? 'Vatt s MclquZius. '"It Ta*ks a Hobs to U*dersta?i;? the Skripters!"?Clark, the editor of theKniok erb ckor M.gaiia*, tells tho f lluwiL* atorv jb'. il a North Kivcr boat: " j ue other day, g'?ing down to town on the IV Juii(h, (our favorite boat par excel i 6ince her recent improvement* s* f-5t a summer as there is on the Hudson river.) v:e irneex ?ccdiagly amu.-ei with a half-sens ( rer it. dividual who was trying to 4 play sober.' Ho would ?x his la^k lus're eyes t?pwy<u. pur^e up his mouth, tue orners of which were stained with cigsr juico ; si and up so straight that he le anel 0F0r ihe way : and swayed backward and forward like a loose ? liberty p V ia a gale of wind. He had a 4 iong nice' clgair between hid tscth, the upper end wciohw u- cru hed into tee semblance l>. a tobacco quid it had hole* in it, evi<*cntl~ * for n tnoking it he played upon it a, Hamlet played upon the pipe; he governed the vent gave it breath with Vis mouth, and it d:sgorged m<.st execrab'.e perfumes He spa; upwa it; rolled, unrolled, and re-nlled th* wrapper* of it; and patched it with piaees ot dirty (Id newspaper While thus er.^-ged, a white-neckcloth'd clergyman came forward to lcok after his carpeubag. 4 UUlo!' ejacu I 'el the inebriate, ' that a Dominie b ? He a a smart teat, hut ho u"n't? Mornin . Dominie D ?, goin' down t' New York? ' ^es?;bat is ny purp le.'answered the min ister with digni:y. 1 tf.^d ! ?o be I?and d-d glad to get Rood eompany. I gay, look o' here Dominie. I hear i yoj last Sunday: you preach pcoiy go.-d, got a good woice. and your word? is as smooth as ile; but you don't understand the Mkriptere. Now, I've read the Skriptem and I know what, they be. I read "em twice I. whsn I was a boy, and once sense I tell you wha. lis. Hominie, it a hos* to untltT' siaiul tiif SLrtptm " The clergyman relin quished the rearch tor bis traveling-hag, and very suddenly retreated townri the ufter-cab bin." Which '? Mu. Smith ?m?A domestic bomb shell has recently scattered discord, if not desoluiicn, about the quiet firwides of the many families rejoicing in the name of Smith in Birmingham An advertisement appeared t to days successively in tho Birmingham Joarnal, addressed tj '? Mr. Smith. Birming ham. ' and calling upon that individual to " pay the amount left duo by him at the 0;era II L >w street, Cuvent gardes," aocotupa ni d by the significant hint that if it were not done tpreJv retribution would follow. 4 Thi.^ adverttsoment will be repeated, and 4 further particulars' given of the transaction " The ,c further particulars" evidently implied "a lady ?n the cage," and, as every individual of the hundred 4* Mr. Smiths of Birmingham'* is a business man, and in the habit of fre quently traveling up to London on 44 urgent business, tuy d?ar!" at one hundred Mrs Smiths of Birminghim wert> mnde first suspicions aud then nrserab'.e No less than twelve Mr. Smiths wrote to settle the aec-.-ant rather than be worried, and four called in person two days after the advertisement; but the 44 right Mr Smith" had remitted by the way of post, and the ^initial ' of Mr. Smith of Birmingham still remain0 a painful bat in* sorutable mystery ?tC<mh>U Faptr. A**ci>ote or ArnrBoH ? The grear cn.a ralist wasoa the 1 okout for red headed wood peckers, and was very ?nxious to obtain a specimen. Seeing one fly into a hole in a tr*j? a 1 -r.g way up, be pulled <-fi" bis coat, and c'imbed with that energy of his that *?ierer failed him. Fuffiug aud sweating, be reached i?. at last, and, putting hi? hind ti seize *he bird, to hi i ??wr. di^^i: y a snake st j"k his head out of thu bole a: d hissed in hi* lace Thi." was s unoxpocted :.nd frightful tliatAudub <n let go his ho!d, and tumbled to tje ground a: ra dead than alive His ermpanion **ame ruuniug to Lint, and seeing that tn* ivitiralist wa? not hurt but wai dreadfully alarmed, said t<> bim * ? Ah' you are vety much frightened, Doc tor '* No, s ,h I" replied the docU>r, quite offend el, 44 no, sib; but if you want to bee v<>n t*m beared snake, just g - up dare!" Urkat B?ll ?The great bell of Westmin ister, ir.tcnied for the c ock tower of the ne w iiouscs ?;f Parliament, and knows as 14 Big Ben," has been solemnly tested Mr. I>en> son, its designer, and a great company of tho curion?, were present Tho bell wa? noting place, but witnin a bordering at the base of a t-"?wer Tbe clapper, of twelve hundred was on tLi^ occasion swayed to aed fro by t ight laborers. The note struck proved te ba E natural, the note it wjs designated to give forth. The bell is devriee I as a ?? pej> fect pioce of easting : ' and its po^er of t??o surpasses that of a'l other belh., native or foreign. Tue New Ceet.?The slang phrase.14 not a rod esnt," must shortly become obsolete, for the new cent Is "bite *s silver- It is made ihiifly from nickel, and ;g about equal in cir cumference and we ght to ihe prefont. half cant, and is thicker torn that coin. It boar.-* on its faco a flying e igte, with the d^te ?l iia is.-ue, and on its obverse a wreatb of maiae eneirclinj the words 44 One Cent " it bas no ring, ar.d is a great improvement on the pres ent coin. It seems, from statistic*, that the ladies of Louisville, Iky., did not emfcf ?ce tbe golden opportunity givea tbem by leap year to so ?-cat an cxteat as was within their reach, he rec< rd shows marriages in 1854, und ordy??4 in 18i6, a falling off. This arguee favorably for their retiring modesty, Dot wish ing, we presume, to presi their claims.