Newspaper of Evening Star, January 10, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 10, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. The Dying Ye ?r'? Adiret* th? Soul Look hack into tb? Put, O Soul, look back ' "What hast thou seen within Its bl?ck, or dim, Or gleanlog ocean depths. 'trough which thy wing Hath rals* d the* up ' O soul, why but thou not# Crme sp to hear the midnight knell of Time Dim sounding o'er the solitary waste ? Why art thou thus foredoomed Jo know a pause Like this, srd hea' the knell of moments past Of hours, days, months, and years, rerohanee mlfspent ? )a It ? t?pe Resurrection, Poul * Why?wh>n the year has circled ont Its course? Wby do'it thou ?tand above tbecrowded fast, And te-jrard tha Future strain thy sightless eyes ? W bv on the wav?:e<s sea, aiouod thee spread. Lorast thou abroad to catch some wava.-ing form, O*. raise a silvery wave to glad thy sight ' T.Vby think to end a haven above the flood, That Is the treasure house of all the Fast, And fear to gat? duwn through the depths below* O 5*oul! looiv back Into the Past, look back ' Dcwa through Its dreary charntl chambers, look! What thing of rea> good, which thou didst make Is treasured there * Since thy young thought first knew Thy being's sat. what ha?t thou done of good ? Nongat?eo'j?ht: ?O Soul, 1 counsel thee afresh. Be thou, henceforth, aware of HI' Be good, And let thv good go forth for human kind ; Co when thv wing hath passed this orbit's verge? Thy paJe 11 ;so-covering fallen off, all dust, Thon sfcait anew, ay, and lor ever, take Another orbit, and awake, In strains Sublime. tLe praise of thy Creator?God ? arrivals at the principal hotels Mslisnal Hotel ?0D1 * BRIQG8 H Llndrley, DC t Nicholson. Md R c owu*. Md T Marbary, ao J H Andrews, NY C H Carter, do " 'J Moon, Pa A B Walk*:, Cal VJ Harlceart, III J a Wilson, DD B Babcock, Ct F Walla, io N 8 Carter, do N M Plerson, NY B TTenshard, USN Col Donsman, Wis J W Ram-ey, NY B W Brlstow, do W Hltlldry, Md R Chute. Mln J J H'.lllarv, do M Wllkins, Pa J Vandersdale, NY H Cassell. NY H Wolf, do C Fleece, Mass W D Walter, KT K Thompson, MT Capt White, do Capt Potts, Ark II I. Bateman, Pa Hon H Walbrldgc.Mleh J Randall, do D A Ambler, SO R E Handle, do R T Merrick, Md "W H Croethwalt, RI 8 K Rlxon, Pa H Nichols, de A D La Rue, Mln J Wells, do J A Cavenaugh. do A G Turner A ly, NY J Wallace, Md J M Roge-s,do W Abernethy, NY J MrGrooty, Ala M O Roberts, do C A MIUbanks, H'illanl*' Hotel ?J C. 4 B . A. WILLASD. e Togleinin, Md H E Hodges, USA D 8wa?sey, I?? L Weston. Ills W Swaasey, Ills J'j A Lewis. Pa G Richards. (> H S Heldrlca, NC K?P Bush A lv. 5* Mr O'kford, Eng W P Herrun, Va H I.Jones, 8 T Wood, NY R II Brown, Mass Miss VNchd, do C W Otbora, do Miss AiRman, do J E Stirling, do TL Tie-, Wis Hon E H Alien, 8J G A Berne. Ml Ml<y? Allen, do M J Evan*. Seyholt A. ly. N Y 8 Morris u ly, La E H Wright, N I ? Wheelwright, NJ F o Colt, do D E 8j*eers A *on, N Y ? 11 Elliott, USA H J Cii;tur, do G F Fmons, U8N 8 W Ur an. U~! 1. C Everttt A ly, NY G Msrtln, N V J Bennett, do E C do A A Belknap, U8N E Be'.knad^> EF Fiemin*, Md W P Trowbrldg?\MlCh J C West, NY 1 B^ll, NY G B Richmond, Mass W Craig, USA Mrs G Hodges, Vt A M Fe-.-nsi, NY Mla3 C Hodges, do Hrowua' Hetel.?T. T. k If. BftOW?. J Williams, Ten J N Mitchell, Md Mis* Williams. d"> W o Tabbort. do H Henderson, Pa 8 Cox, do H H Staut >n, do J adze Dlggs, do L L P -.s'on A fam, do Ur Barnes, A Bar.he, NY O Brent, Md Dr Wltmore A sis, Va A Barber, Pa G W Hatnway. NY M S Pendleton, Ma C K Kirby. Mass E G Crafton, do J C Dervenux, NY T M F irloag, Mats T W Gordon, DC ? P?ge, Va J E Payton, Pa J G .?iart'.n, do A Mattoek. Mo Miss Silman, Md T Barry, Md Miss Kent, do N Stonestrat, d"? Miss Welsh, do I Harris do International Hotel?Penn. avenue. G M Boouest. Md E Holmea, III W H Williams, do H Raymond, Mich CT Gilbert, do Rev/chipehon Md R Lcveale, NY C Colton. Md W C Rogers. Ct H T Lenox, do Dr F Van Moactslsker. A Fielding, lowa Md R Teaslale, DC R N J ores, Ind Kiikeeed House.?J 4 A. I. ElBKVOOD C A Freldnaan, Pa T S Banti, Pa J Monow, BC W F Smltn, do T H Brown, Pa Dr Boyle A son, Md Dr Hucter, N V WJBeall,do Dr Williams, Md 7. Beall, do G, do D R Spence, do WH. METZEKUTT IS NOW PRE. ? pa-ed to execute all orders for* tuning iefc at the Music Depot, cornerf, of Pennsylvania avenue and 11th street. J u?t received a new assortment of W m M lller's and Bacon and Raven's magnificent Pianos, jan (Mw CUAL KEPT UNDER CUTER. 2/240 Ihn to tk? Ton. NOW ON HAND. THE BEST QUALITIES of Wfci'e A*h, Red Ash aad Lenlgh COAL WatTanfd to g%w* tatitfmttton. Delivered free from dl.t, Also, Hickory. Oak and Pine WOOD. T J. A W. M. GALT, N V: corner lith and C streets, No 547, decUC-tf one square south of Pa. avenue. THE mpKOVZD SETS Or TEETH. UR LOOM IS. THE INVENTOR AND pa>ntee of ? Loomls' Mineral Plate Teeth,'' having sjoemsfnlty introdnctdL his iraproveroeat In various cities, has ^ now permanently established himself In Wash ington This Improvement for S^u of Teeth consists chlefiy In making a set of but one p!ece of maU. rial aad that lnd***tructible mineral. No metal is ;iseli2 their construction, s?ud they are there fore fre?j fiom galvanic action and metallc tas'e. Tnert a:c no lolntsic become filled with moisture or partlcits of food, henoe they are putt arid titan. They a*e lighter, stronger, less clumsy, and, !n short , the x<rfnt\on cy Artijir**i Ttttk; not ?^thstaadiag ^rtaln Dentist* speak against them. but they have nott e right to make them, do not knew how if they had, and therefore do not an* pserlate them <?SHon P?*nnsyimn!a ar?.ne, f>etw??en llth ? nd 12th streets. ?*ro doers below the Klrkwood ? .lee J4 tf INSTRItCTlONS TO L NIT ED STATES Lonsils?wlta directions to merchants, ship masters snd seamen, for the transaction of Con sular busings; erubrarjng th?> laws relating to tte appolatment, s^iarii-<) duties cf Consular I upw- ( onsnls aad Commercial Agents, oftclaJ fees and ointments, forms for the transaction cf ad consular business, wltn an historical account of tha consular estab:uhm^n? from the Admlnls tratlon of W ashlngton to the present time Price S2 50; can be Msnt by mall to any part of the United !*'ates Jnst published, and for srie in Washington city by TAYLOR A MAURY, der Booksellers, nesr ?th street DENTAL SI KOEOM. UR B F. COSBY, PENN AVENUE, BE Iw^n Slith and Seventh ?freets, at fhe ple^e formerly occ -pied by Dr ( Van Patten, hs* just recHvfd a very large siyply of articles pertain| 'g to dentistry and respsctfnlly invites the public to give hln: a eall. Having devoted his wuoi?? time to the rro fe?wion. he is perfectly safe In declaring that be will glv^ entire satisfaction in every case The best professional references can be ?een at his of. flee nov 12-tMarchW* DR MUNSON. AT-"O0 PENN'A AVENUE. Is still makinz those beautiful ^ ecutin'ior.? ?U.V4 TEETH, called Ailea s Fatent. for the excellency of hZTTTT/ which over all other styles of teeth, many now wearing them in thiscl'y, will cheerfully vouch There is one l>eniist In this city who has been Infringing the patent, and made a bad imitation of It, against whom 1 hereby caution the public N B Whenever a l>ertl<t speaks against Allen s Patent Contln icus Gurn TcKh when Trortrly ton-imcf*, it is bf^.ose he Is ignorant rvf the process, lneom^tent to nsa^e the work, or s unwilling to pay for the patent. j? i#-tf FIRE SILVER WAKE. SOLID SILVER TEA SETS, SILVEK FORKS d.VD SPOONS SOLID SILVER WAITERS, ' PITCHERS, GUP LETS. f CUPS AL&O, EA.SC Y SIL VER WARE, fi'tablc for WEUDINO PRESENTS. The above are all of our own rnanuf&e'are. and waaaa.iTsl) run M. W. GALT A BRO., M" ?4 Penn'a avenue. Miyir'i Office. ) WAtHiRSTon, January**, 19S7 { PROPOSALS IN WRITING WILL BE KB * celved at this office up to 158 o'clock m.. on 7th day of February next for making Humps, Hydrant-, Log* for conveying water, and Sink ing Weils, lnclnding all necessary material# and workmanship, In digging, laying, fixing, and completing, In the bent manner, and for keeping the same in perfect repair for constant use. In the Firat District, composed of the First aDd Second Ward*; and In the Second Dls 'lct? composed of the Third. Fourth, and Seventh Ward* ; and In the Third District, composed of the F'fth and Sixth Wards, (each dlstrlot to be bid forseparate ly. and to b: given to different contractors,) for the term of one year, commencing on the 1st day of April, 1657. agreeably to the following speclfi - cation*. No bid from any but a practical pump maker will be considered, and the contraotur will be required to oonform rigidly. FOR WELLS Digging and \Vall'ng Wells, lncludLng materials and removing the dirt, per foot, lineal. The wa!la to be four Inches thick, of good h*rd brick. CUanlng out Wells, each. Sinking Old Walls deeper, per foot. Taking out Old Walla and putting In rame, r? foot. Cases of eight feet length, per foot. Cases more than eight feet length, per fcot. Covering New Wells, Including materials ; the covering be of beet Eastern Shore joist, not less than three Inches thick, laid double. Paving New Wells, Including brick and pump stone Opening Old Weill, and covering same with old materials, each Opening old Wells, and covering same with new timber. FOR PUMPS Keeping the Pumps in repair, vix stopping all leaks. Ac , when It can be done without taking out the pump, each. Taking out and puttlrg Id Old Pumps, per log, each. Making new joints In old logs. New legs put In Old Pumps, per foe New box?s and spouts In Old Pumps, each. New Pumps, per fcot Boxe? and spouts for New Pumps, each. Copper Chambers for Pumps. The top leg of the Pump to oe of Hie bast season ed W bite Oak, and the remainder of the b?st Yellow Pine or White Oak. FOR HYDRANTS. Keeptng the Ilvdiants In repair, vi?: stopping all leaks, Ac , all new valves and snouts, repairing the old ones, and repairing the old irons belong ing to them, when It can bedone wlfceut taking the Hydrant out, each Takirg cut Hydrants and putting in sama, each. New nvdrants, per foot. Spouts for Hydrants, each. S.ont Stones, each. Pointing Pumps and Hydrants, each IRON WORK Handles, Asles, Spears, Plate*, Panda and Re pairs. per lh. Spout and lower Boilron# for Pumos, each. New joints to old Spears New Spout and Valve-Irons for Hydranta. The work and the materials to be all of the beat quality of their respective kinds. No ofter will be received tbat is n>t ra'd? 1 y a practical pump-maker. Contracts will net ie ast-lgnaMe. The person or persons whose off^r may be ac cepted will be required to enter Into bond for one thousand do"irs, with two good sureties, condl tlonedfor the faithful performance of his or their contract. and shouM any contractor or contractors fail or refu?e to comply with any cf the conditions or terms of his or their contract, or to execute any work within the time named In the order of the order of the Commissioner directing it to b-done, the Mayor 1k authorized to employ any other p?-r. son or persons to ex?*c.ute the ssrr.e, or to furnish thy materials upon such te-ms as he maydeein expedient; in which event the contractor or con tractors so filling *hall be responsible to this Cor poration for any losn or damage It may sustain tb??reby, and the Mayor may at his dlecre'.lon an nul the contract of such contractor or contractors W.B MAGRUDER, Jan 7-2awtFeb7 Mayor. MANTELS. NEW AND BEAUTIFUL BTTLB. Slanafnrinred frem Slate Stone, ky lit West tJastletoa Slate Company, ft, 'pHESK MANTELS ARE ENAMELLED IN JL Imitation of the richest and moet expensive EGYPTIAN, LISBON, VERD ANTlqUK, PORPHYRY*, PYRENEES, BROCATELLA, AO ATE, SPANISH GAL WAY, and other rare and durable MARBLES. The Imitations are so perfect that they chalengethe closest scrutiny. They a;e so highly polished that they retain their beauty mush longer than marble; are not Injured by smoke, coal gas, or acids, and can be sold much cheaper than any others in market. Price ranging from ? 125 to S12. Architects, Builders, and others are Invited to call and examine sample* at No. 512 Seventh street, 3 doors below Odd Fellows' Hall, up stairs. T. M HANSON, eelg-ly Ag^at. HRKAT REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OE BOOTS AND GAITERS I HAVE ON COMMISSION, FOR A PHIL adelphla manu facturer, a first rate Sewed or Pegged Calf-Skin BOOT at 83.92. full as good as those usually sold at 85 or 86: and a French Calf Patant Leather BAITER at 83 50, as good as any at 85; a first rate Calf ?altera: V2 SO, these are the best goods that Is (or ever were) sold in the District for the price; for the proof, come and see for yourself. Terms positively cash. No ex ja 5refit charged to offset oad debts. Call at the fEW YORK HAT STORE, Seventh strtat, near Pennsylvania avenue. mjil-tf ___ ANTHONY, Agent. PAK.I* I'HKnilM HATS. MODE DE P IN A UD. Todd a co. have received pe:r steamship "Arago" an Invoice of Gen tlemen's D K ESS H ATS from the celebrated establishment of Lavlile A Poumaroux, who ( received two first-class medals at the late Exp<)?l> tlon in Paris. Also, a beautiful assortment of Children' FANCY BEAVER HATS,for Mlssesor Boys. Ladles' KIDING HATS. FRENCH UMBRELLAS, very superior. TODD A CO., nov 3-6tAeotf west end Browns' Hotel. a C,I\ ft W. fl. y\ETZEROTT, (SrrCKSSOR TO rungOR HlLBl'S,) Agent mi Karen *? Huron's nnd William >llllir'i CELEBRATED PIANOS. HAS ALWAYS ON HAND THE LARGEST stock of PIANOS from 8175 up to 81,000. MELODEONS from 845 to 825j, GUITARS, VIOLINS, BRASS INSTRU MENTS. FlUTES. BANJOES, ACCORD EONS, and SHEET MUSIC, cheaper thaa In any hoose south of New York. Music publishtd and received every day. Pianos for rent nov 4-tr SELLING OFF. (^LOAKS?CLOAKS! J SHAWLS-SHAWL1'!! HOSIERY?HOSIER Y "! Toe subscriber lb determined te elo?e out bis entire stock of CLOAKS and SHAWLS by the 'iiKh of January, to accomplish which he will sell off a? ? very small adv.ince tils stock <f Ci??th Cloaks cannot be equalled ^..a.ny.?Morlint,nl ?is*-where In this District. His Velvets are superb. F. A. McGEK. dec M not 2lt Pa ave , bet. I8th and 13th sts. STANDARD SILVER WAKE. I AM NOW MANUFACTURING PURESIL r::'^n^Fo;k\L^ Butter. Fish, Pie, " ^ugar Shovels and JrHGravy, Mustard and ^a.t ^ poor.*, Ac , Ac , on my own premises, and do not palm off on the public. Northern man ufactured articles (which cannot always be re lied on as genuine) for my own, bnt every article made In my esfabllshment can and will be war ranted as above. WATCHES AND JEWELRY Of every description, enl In great variety, noa stantly on hand, and reoelving fre?h arrivals al most every day Flae (18 ks) Geld Watches from 8'4) to 8'i30 and warran'ed correct time keepers Coral, Uameo, Mosaic and plain Gold Bracelets, Pins and Ear-rings, fin sets or by the single piece,) Gold Vest, Fob, Guard, Chatalaln and Neck Chains, Seals, Keya, Lockets, Charms, and a general assortment of goods usually kept in a Jewelry Store Fine Watch Repairing done by an experlencM and competent worknran, and alf work warranted to give satisfaction at 339 Pennsylvanli avenue, dec 21- H. O HOOD. VKW1SO*. A FEW SADLES VERY H ANOSOME VEN IStJN just from the mountalas KING A BURCHELL, Sec ao oohmt Vermont avenue and What, Medicines PERUVIAN 8 YRl'P, 9f ,D?sT?T?i*> Li*9f Complntnt, r*? JUo *"*' T"nt Dtttaxti of ik* s.. 'Fll? ^X.CEJLLF'NT MEDICINE. WHICH ll0^ *hl?h reputation ani been ex pT^f *7Ul^ 'n Boston and other cities of the i w Tec?lved and is now offfered for SSiL F? D eil-HAN. special agent,360 Penn sylvania avenue, asalsoby the generalagent, cor ner of l and 3d streets, Navy \ ard. ... m e Pf^f" rf I1* efficacy are so numerous, so well authenticated, and of euch peculiar charac ter, tbatbiiffrrers cannot reasonably hesitate to re ceive the proffered aid. The Peruvian Syrup doee not prevfess to be a ntrt-all, but Its range is extensive, because many diseases, appartmly unlike, are intimately re lated. and, proceeding frcus one cause, may be cured by one remedy. The class of diseases for which the Syrup pro vide* a cure, Is precisely that which has so often baffled the highest order of medical eklll The facts are tangible, the witnesses scce.'Bible, and the safety and efflcacy of the Syrup lncontrovert 1 have analyzed the medical preparation called the leruvlan Syrup, reference to the number a>! j actiTe substancescontained In It, and the durability of the compound as a pharmaceutl cal article, rhe metallic compounds of arsenic, antimony, mercury and xlnc are not present, nor Is It possible to detect In It the slightest indica tion of any metallic and mineral poison its or ganic constituents do not Include opium, or any of tlie drugs yielding poisonous principles. The constituents, when separated, are not even acrid t"t,h/,t,a9te- '?I* a preparation scientifically and skilfully compounded, po-sewlng all the durabil ity of a splrltuoi s tincture, without its objection able qualities and the activity of Its leading con stituent Is preserved through the judicious jdan tatlon of Its solvent. Th# point here attained hat* been frequently and unsuccessfully sought after by pharmaceutists. Respectfully, A A. HAYES, M D. Assayer to State of Massachusetts. N<r 16 Boylston street, Boston, 3d Nov , 1866. noviU-8m PILES?Pi LKS?PILES. W'V CALL ATTENTION TO ALL WHO * " afflicted with this dreadful complaint to the following sworn certificate from one of our most respectable citizens, the father-in-law of the proprietor of the "Courier de? Etas Unlsand formerly gunmaker in Philadelphia: _ ? N*w Yoait, Aug anth, 1WM1. I)r Drpwia?Dear SirI hereby certify that 1 have bpen afflicted with the Piles for nenrly slity years, that I have used eighteen bottles of Dame*' Kile Lotion, and everything else I could here of, but all to no effect, for they did me little or no good. About two months since, I commenced using your remedies for the Piles, a^d have the happiness to say that they have had the desired effect. Laving cured me 1 con*idei this almost a miracle, for I am eighty years of age. I sincere ly recommend them to all afflicted with the above complaint. p. VALLEE, 7J Franklin st State of Nptv York, ) New York City and County.} I, Joseph (J. L;*.w;ence, do hereby certify that on the day of the date hereof, before me persona - ly came P. Vallee, to me well known, who. be ing by me duly sworn, did depose and say that the contents of the foregoing certificate signed by him are true. In witness whereof I have subecribod my tame, as Commi?*1oner of Denis and as a Notary I ubll^ of the State of New York, and have af fixed my Notarial Seal at my offlre, In New York thls'Jflth day of August, l^.VJ JOSEPH C LAWRENCE, Commissioner of Deeds Notary Pubilc of the State of New York. 17 Wall street, New York We rhnllenge the Medical Faculty of the Uni ted States to produce a certificate equal to the Above. Dr. Duprle's Kemedles are toe only ef? fectnal cure for internal Piles Only 50 cents nor box. ' Offlce?7fi Nassau street, New York. Will be sent by mall to any part of the United States For sale hy FORD A HKO., corner of 11th street and 1'a. ave, Washington, D. C. or & PH1VATK medical treatise IK TI3 PHILOSOPHICAL VIEW OF KAKBIA0I, _ _ JIT ?' ?? *A fKOIX, M. Dm ALBANY, N. Y., li?/?f II CMd 1W Fiim, Flmim.mmd ?*ltrid kitk* ?grupkt Plain. P?:e? siiiT Twihtt-Fivb Cixra. of Postrce le ill parli ef tke Pi!t? ^REAPEST BOOK EVER PVflMSRED? and containing nearly double the quantity r( read lor mattsr In thf? of the FIFTY CENT OR DOL LAR PS BLI CATIONS. It treats on the PR YSIOL OWY OF MARR1A9E, and the Secret Infirmities sad Disorder of Youth and Maturity, resulting frcaifx 2Mres, which destroy :he physical and meats! pow ers. with Observations on V Maplage, Its duties and tlBUlUflnUoas. a?4 IKlLJ? P^^raphs.lllastniLlae ths V'Joi??7^nd the Re 0f * theirstructure, .1^ 'motions. A popular aidcomi'ehei ?lv? Treatise on the Duties aid CausalUes'cf clx L If*'d?arTl?d11'??*?ppyaadfnltful aUlaices. 2!2l2l!?,eeflV ^e*-Iafellcltous and iafertl.e f***-"11!*1' obVIitlsa aad removal ?lasportsKt klats te these ooateaslatlsg matrimony that will rvb,e^?" '?11 i ?e??' uSSSfASS take this lmpsrtaat step without Irstcoasaltias its pages?cemmextarles o* thedlsrasetaxd medlaal treatment sf femalet from infancy to old are. e?.eh .wegraahlcaUylilustrated l>ybeautlfullAhcgra. phlc plates?nervonj debility, its causes and sure, . J ?BCe 10 *?d effeetual that ftllnre Islmposilbln?'ties f.iMa:iy rassaee j?a, trlth prastl^ai V ** a,er a*4 "?ods ef treatment-precaut'.enary hints oa the evPs re swltiagfrona eauiirical practice?an essay on all diseasesarlslngfromladiicretioa.^wlth pfalnaid ?lmple rules by which all persons ca? cure them ;Tle"^T*:h,ont "?e'carr?iremedlw fir those aelf inflicted miseries and disappointed hopes so ui. fortunately prevalent In the young. It Is a truth rui adviser to the married and thosecontomplatins marriage: Its perusal lt> partlculailvrecorrm?nd ed to persons entertaining secret doubts of then Physical condition, and who are conscious of hav. !"**y\I*rd?dbeaita, happiness.and privileges to which every hurran being Is entitled Prloe TW EN TV - F J V E CENTS per copy,?, Five Copies for One Dollar. Mailed, free of post ?ie, to all paru of the United States ^Those who prefer may consult Dr. LA LROiX upon any of the diseases upon which this book treats,either personally or by mall. Medi cine sent to any part af the Onion according to di rections, safely packed and carefully ser ared from all observation. Address Dr. M II LA CROIX, No. 31 Maldei Lene, or Post Offlce Box 579 Albany, N. Y. ICT* Offlce ooen daily,from S a a to a ? m and ex Suada\ from 3 until 5 p m . R K?ovKl> from No si Beaver al a N*w Y.rk. *" 1 X T C.ll1uo, U^4TS! HATS J constantly on hand a full * supply of BEKBE'S NEW YORK STYLES, together with TAYLOR'S HATS, of BALTI MORE. The best b'ack dress HATS Rot r.p In ths latest style for S3. >0, iu good as those usually sold at to: and a good fesalor ableHatat S3, worth : and a first-rate Hat, U). The best materials and the Iwst wcrkuianshlp la ?u1L*i0y^7t',Jpr(>duce n 95 Ust> whlch Is sold for ??d k?. . 4 "'l8h meet with no los , STu4*11 customer full value for his 7 Felt Hats unusually low. N. B Agjent for Drlscoll's Balm of a Thousand Flowers Priced centa per bottle JnoUMn<1 ANTHONY, 7th street , nenr Pa. ayenue. Agent for a N?w York Hat Compasy. M v?-?tf THE HOLIDAYS A ' IS ^I'AL AT THIS SEASON OF TH year, I have made extensive arrangements to supply the public with every thing In my line, at the shortest notice and of the best quality In my assortment will be found? 3,?K) pounds assorted Sugar Plums, for conveni ence packed in pounds and ha'f batjs French Kisses, a large and beautiful assortment Bon-Bons, In sncks, Cornucopias Fancy Boxes and Baskets Boxes of Prunes, new and rich styles Scsall Cake of every description Pi' serves, a general supply On Monday, the 22d fn*tant, will be exhibited in my Saloon the largest and richest display of large fruit and pound Cakes probably ever wit nessed in this city, varying in price from *0 cents to *10each. ? very thing to be foand In a flrst-class confs' uoriery establishment can be had at ?? A la vllle c OAUriKR, Confectioner. oeo i* eolm Pa ave . bet Pith and 13th sts. ATTKMn?.?4!0 FKArH TREE* LTJ J? DO,i.l'ARS PER HUNDRED?FOR Tkp^knj !ny Nur"^ry, near Washington MA ?iss,r?rorg",w,t ? snd5 K V i*R'fi FtVZZ1 ^!ior,!ren {?f O R N A M ENTAL, and FRUIT TKEL8. " JOSHUA PEIRCE C p'mu CUP? AHU SAUCERS ISDldlW ?I*0 * Very iOW' &ad ^0ln8 FRANCIS'S, * 9mim Seveath street. Medicines.

KYKKs CHERRY PECTORAL, For the rapid Cure of COUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, BRONCHITIS,WHOOPING-COUGH, CROUP, ASTHMA, AND CONSUMPTION. Among the numerous discoveries Science has made in this generation to facilitate the business of life?Increase its enjoyment, and even prolong the terra of hu man existence, nonecan be named of more real value to mankind than this contribution of Chemistry to the Healing Art. A vast trial of it# virtues throughout this broad country, has proven beyond a doubt, that no medicine or com bination of medicines yet known, can so surely control and cure the numerous varieties of pulmo nary disease which have hitherto swept from our mlastthousands andt housauds everv year 1 ndeed there Is now abundant reason to believe a Reme dy has at length been found which ran be relied on, to cure the most dangerous affections of the lungs. Our k pace here will not permit us to pub lish any proportion of the cures effected by its use but we would present the followingand refer furtherenqulry to my American Almanac, which the agent below named, will always be pleased to furnished free, wherein are full particulars, and indisputable proof of these statements. Office or Transportation, ?I Laurens, R. R., S. C., Aug 4,18.53 Dr J.C.Aye" Dear Sir,?MyTlttie son, four years old, has just recovered from a severe attack of maglign?nt Scarlet Fever, his throat was rot ten. and every person that visited Mm, pronounc ed him a dead child Having used your Chrrry Pectoral, In California, in the winter of 1840, for a severe attack of Bronchitis, with entire suc cess, I was induced to try It on my little boy. 1 gave hlma tea-spoon-full every three hours, com mencing in the morning, and by ten o'clock at night, 1 found a decided change for the better, find after three dayr use, he was able to eat or drink without pain. itsnse in the above named disease will save many a child from a premature grave, and relieve the anxletaai many a fond parent For all af fertiq^s or^l Throat and F.ungs, I bellev? It the best medicli e extant. A feeling of the deepest gratitude, prompts me In addressing you these lines,?bnt for your Important discovery, my little boy would now bave been in another world. 1 am y iurs with great re?pe:t, J. 1). POWELL, Supt. Trass., L. R. R. Rocky Hill, Somerset Co.. N. Somerset Co.. N.J,) July 21, 185S. f e your medicine has b" 1)r J. C. Ayer,?Since your medicine has com?' known here it hns a greater demand than nny other rotiph r^im-dy we have ever sold It 1? tpoken of In terms of unmeasured praise by those who h?ve used It, and 1 know of some cases where the best they can sav of it is not too much for fh?> good It has done. I take pleasure In selling it, heraus" 1 know that I am giving my customers the worth of their money, and 1 feel gratified In i e? Ing the benefit It corfeis Please send me a further supply, and believe me Yours, with respect, JOHN C. WHITLOCK. P. 9 Almost any number of certificates can be sent If you wish it. Windsor, C W., June 2ft, Dr.J.C Aye*. Sir?This may certify that I have used your Ch ikrt Pectoral for upwards of one year; and it is my sincere belief that 1 should have been In my g ave ere this time if 1 had not It has cured me of a dangerous affec tion of the lungs, and 1 do not overstate my ' on vlotlons when 1 tell you It Is a priceless remedy. Yours vsry r^pectfully, 1). A. McCLURE, Attorney at Law. Wili?barbe. I'a , September 29, IPSO DrJ.C.Aykr. My dear Sir ? Your medicine Is much approv.d of by tho*e who have used It here, and its composition is such as to Insure and maintain its reputation i Invariably recom mend It for pulmonary affections, is do many of am your friend, our principal physicians I am yoi: CHAS STREATKR, M. D Prepared by DR. J. C. AYER, Chemist, Low ell, Mass Sold byZ. D. G1LMAN, Wasiiington, and all respectable druggists. de ? S-4m COUGHS-COLDS?HOARSENESS. DR. TYLER'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF GUM ARABIC: The most Pleasant, Safe and Speedy Core for Whooping Cough, Croup, Asthma, Diseased Lungs, and Consumption Entired according to Act of C ongrtit.A. D. 1837. N A'iAIN PRESENTING TO TEfE NOTICE of the public tiie above remedy, we feel that little apology Is needed. Vast numbers in all sections of ihe Union are obliged to have recourse to other sources of relief thsn the Immediate pre script oa of their family physician, and as each return of the winter season brings out a host of I many decidedly dangerous, it becomes as mucb a matter of duty as Interest, believing this to be a remedy, combining the greatest fld pofessedly new specifics, some good, others use less, and mt matter of duty as ?the greatest ad Ions of any other In us", ;o make It as extensively known as prac ticable. That such Is Us character, is abundantly proved by the fact, that It has been extensively used the last twenty years with unparalleled suc cess- that its reputation has continued to spread and Its sale increase, with little aid from adver lining or published lists of certificates, (which all know can as easily be had for a worthless preparation as for a meritorious one,) that bv its own Intrinsic merit, with the recommendation of persons benefitted by its use, it has gained Its preient popularity; it is not trumpeted to the world as a specific or cure all, but as a valuable and scientific auxiliary In pulmonary cases, ready at hand, and one tint has been generally found to aflord relief wher? most others have been tried without material benefit As such, It Is recog nised by numbers of our leading physicians, who know its composition, and have been eye wit nesses of Its superior efflca^y, as well as by thou sands of our most respectable citizens, to most of whom reference is cheerfully permitted. Sold at '25 cents, or three bottles in one, 50 cts., by NAIRN A PALMER, and CHAS. STOTT, Washington; CISSEL, Georgetown, and PEEL A STEVENS, Alexandria Also, " TYLER'S GUM ARABIC COUGH CA NP Y D ROPS," the same composition in a portable form, much patronised by public speak ers, singers, frequenters of public assemblies, Ac , as th?y remove fell husklnesn from the throat and voice, and act like a charm on a troublesome cough. Price l*X and *23 cents a box. decft-ly STOP THAT COUGH ! The great remedy for coughs, Coldi, Crofp und WnooriNs CorsH PR. ROSE'S COUGH SYRUP Cure* Coughs of the worst kind. It also cures hoarseness, sore throat, weakness of the chest, pnln in the breast and lung affections Where ever there Is pain mix with the Cough Syrup 10 drops of Pain Curer, and you willflnd immediate relief !>r. Hose's Cough Syrup relieves and frequently cures a consumptive cough, and forti fies the system against further attacks. JO" In bottles at 50 cents and f I. TO CURE CROUP. The lives of thousand of children have been saved, by using Dr. KOSK'8 Croup Syrup. It gives instant relief vs cents a bottle. TO CURE WHOOPING COUGH Dr ROSE'S Whoopina Cough Syrup is the o;:ly certain cure for W hooping though. 11 cures in a short time, and allays al! irritation of the Lung* 30 cents a botUe The above valuable medlclnrs are recoinmer.d ed by Physlclani who ha'-e tried them in their practice To be had of all Druggists in Washington, Geortelown. and Alexandria. dec 10-4m HOW TO CURE ALL TAIN. PAIN IS THE FORERUNNER OF MOST diseases?cure the Pain and check ?he disease DR ROSE'S PAIN-CUREll will cure Hheuma'.lsra, Neuralgia, Pains in the Limbs, Sides or Back, Sprains and Bruises, Ear and Tooth Ache, Pain or Cramp in the Stomach or Bowels, Sore Throat, Burns, Scalds, Ague or Lumps in the Brevt, Chills, Spinal Affections, and Pains in the feet Indeed, it cures aU Pain. JD- 14#, '25, and 50 cents a bottle. If you are Bilious and have a bad Cnld. take DR ROSF'S RAILROAD OR ANTI-BIL IOUS PILLS. Thev cany off all bile and re move a ccld. These Pills go ahaed of all other Pills in their good effects ID" Boxes 12k and 85 cents. Sold by all Druggists In Washington, Georgetown, and Alexandria. dec 10-4m THE GREAT CURE GONORRHEA, GLEET, fee. PERSONS SUFFERING WITH THEabove comp aints wlU be cured in a few days by using Qti ROSE'S FRENCH SPECIFIC, $1 per bottle _ . For Kidney a-d Bladder Affections use DR. POSE'S BUCHU COMPOUND. 50 cent* set tle it gives lm.necMau relief. Sold by all Drug Jists-ln Washington, Georgetown and Alcxan ria dec 10-4 na Proposals for I rooting the Post Office and Court-house at Indianapolis, Indiana. Ti*A?r*T Dtr4?T*?ifT. i WilHIRSTON, DfT'IUbfl 17^ IW J PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED AT this department until the 17th dayof Febrn ary, A D 1S67, at 12 o'clock, noon, frw the con "Unction of the Poet Office and Court-house ?u tkorloed to be erected at Indianapolis, Indiana, according to the plana and specifications prepared at this department: raid proposals to be either for the whole building, or separate for different kinds of work; hills of parcels must In evory tmt accompany each bid. with the amount of each kind of work, and the total amount carded oat; the department reserving the right to reject or ac cept tue pro; omus hereby Invited, or anv parts thereof, wht;n It deems the Interest of the United States requires it; the department also reserves the right to exclude the bias of any person or per sons who there Is Juat cause to believe will not faithfully perform the contracts, or which they have attempted to obtain by indirection; and all bids when there ahall be parties in Intercut who do not join In the bids, and all bids tbat, upon investigation, are below a fa'r price for the work. Bids will not be received In gross, and no con tract will be awarded to a bidder unless details are furnished the department of the prices of the different kinds of work and materials, which ahall be subject to the revision of the department, so that It may adopt the whole or a pait of the Md, &* the interests of the Unite?d States may re quirt. Ninety per oent of the amount of work done and materials delivered, according to contract price, (said amount to be ascertained by the esti mate of an agent of the department appointed for that purpose ) will be paid from time to time, as the work progresses, and teu per cent retained until tLe completion of the contract and accept ance of the work, Ac , by the agent aforesaid, and b? forfeited in the event of non fulfilment of contract. Contracts will be awarded only to master build ers and mechanics, and the assignment thereof, except by conseat of the Secretary of the Treasury, will be a forfeiture of the came Each proposal must be accompanied by a writ ten guarantee,signed by two responsible persons, {certified to be so by the United States district judge or attorney of the said district)) in the siun of 85 000, for the whol?* work, or of a propor ate amount, If for any part, that the bidder will, when required, If his proposal be accepted, en'er into a coutract and bond, with proper and tuffi clent securities, for Its faithful performance. Form of bond and certificate required will be furnished on application to the department Flans, specifications, and working drawings will be ready after thirty days, when they can be had on application to the department. ,Yo hid trill eonaidetrtd unlrss it fully com plies is all us dttails wttk tkt re^uiremmH tkis advertisement. The proposals must be sent to this department, addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury, ana plainly endorsed 44 Proposals for tkf Indianapo lis Post Uflce and Court-kouse'' and will be opened at lo o'clock a m., of the last day named for receiving the same JAMES 6UTHR1K, Secretarv of the Treasury dee lf>-fiawtl7Feb Proposals for Erecting the Cnstoic-Houae, Sic . at Galveston, Texas Treasury l)irartmrkt, > Washington . December 10. 1PM ( Proposals will bk received at this Department antll the 12th day of Feb'U ary, A D. IM7, at 12 o'clock, noon, for the con struction of the Cnstoni-House, Post Office, and Court Rooms, authorized to be erected at Halves ton, Te*as, acrordlng to the plans and specifica tions prepared at this Department, said propo sals to be either for the whole building, or sepa ra?* forth* different kinds of work, bills of parcel* must In every r?*e accompany carft bid, with the amount of ea<-h kind of work, and the total amount carried out; the department reserving the right to reject or accept the proposals hereby in vited, or any parts theeeof, whan It deems the In terest of the United States requires it; the depa;t ment also reserves the right to exclude the bids of any person or persons whom there is Just cacse to believe will not faithfully perform the eon tracts, or which they have attempted to obtain by indirection; ant all bids when there shall be par ties In Ihterest who do not join in the bids, and all bide tbat, npon investigation are below a fair price for the work. Bids will not be received in gross, and no con tract will be awarded to a bidder unless details are furnished the department of the prices of the dlflerent kinds of work and materials, which snail be subject to the revision of the department, so that it may adopt the whole or part of the bid, as the interests of the United States may require Ninety percent of the amount of work done aud materials delivered, according to contract price, [sild amount to be ascertained by the esti mate of an agent of the department, appointed for that purpose.] will be paid from time to time, as the work progresses, and ten per eent retained until the completion of the contract, and accept ance of the work, Ac , by the agent aforesaid, and be forfeited in the event of non folfilment of contract. Contractswlll be awarded only tomas!%r build ers and mechanics, and the assignment thereof, except by consent of the Secretary of the Trea sury, will be a forfeiture of the same Each proposil must be accompanied by a writ ten guarantee, signed by two responsible person*, (certified tn be so by the United States district judge or attorney of the said district,) in the sum of S5,000, for the whole work, or a proportionate amount, if for any part, tbat the bidder will, when required, if his proposal be accepted. enter into a contract and bond, with paper andscfflclent securities for Its faitful performance Form of bond and certifflate required will be furnished, together with plans, specifications, and working diawlngs, on application to the department No bid will beconsldered unlesa^t fully torn piles in all its details with the requirement of this advertisement The proposals must be sen! to this department. addressed to the Secretary ot the Treasury, and plainly endorsed " Proposals for tke (j a if s ten C us torn-hov*4,}1 and will be opened at one o'clock p. m , of the last day named for receivia# thesame JAMES GUTHRIE, dec 13 2awtl2Feb Secretary of the Treasury. Proposals for Erecting the Custom Home, &c., at Dnbuqne, Iowa. Trbasttkt Dxpartmbnt, ) Washington, December 17, 1854 . t PROPOSALS WILL BE RECK1VKD AT this department until the 17th day of Feb ruary, A. D. 1857. at J) o'clock, a m , for the con struction of the Cu<tom-house, Post Office, and Court-room, authorised to be erected at Dubuque, Iowa, according to the plans and specifications prepared at this department; said proposals to be either for the whole building or separate for different kinds of work; hills of parcels mnst in every case accompany each bid, with the amount of each kind of work, and the total amount car ried out; the department reserving the right to reject or accept the proposals hereby invited, or any parts thereof, wnen it deems rtie interest of the United States requires it; the department also reserves the right to exclude the bld> of any per son or persons who there is lust cause to believe will not falthfnlly perform the contract, cr which tliey have attempted to obtain by Indirection; and all bids when there shall be pities in inter est who do not join In the bid*, and all bids that, upon investigation, are below a fair price for the work. Bids will n">t be received in gross, and no con tract will be awarded to a bidder unless details are furnished the department of the prices of the different kinds of work and mateiials, which shall be subject to the revision of the department, so that It may adopt the whole or a part of the bid, as the Interests of the United States may ac quire. Ninety percent of the amount of work done and materials delivered, according to contract price, fsald amount to be ascertained by tV.e esti mate of an agent of the department appointed for that purpose,) will be paid from time to time as the work progresses; and ten percent retained until the completion of the contract and accept ance of the work, Ac , by tiieagent aforesaid, and be forfeited in the event of non-fulfilment of the contract. Contracts will be awarded only to master bul'd ers and mechanics, and the assignment thereo', except by consent of the Secretary of the Tr asury, will be a forfeiture of the same. Each proposal must be accompanied by a writ ten guaranty, signed by tworeso-.nsible persons, (certified to be so by the Italted Stales district judge or attorney of ibe said district,) in the sum of 95,000 for the whole work, or of * proportion ate amount, if for any pert, that the bidder will, when required, if his proposal be accepted,enter into a contract and bond, with proper and su ill cient securities, for its faithful performance. Form of bond and certificate required will be furnished on appllcatlou to the department. Plans, spe -titrations, and working drawings will be ready after thirty days, when ihev eon be had on application to the department No bid will bt considertd unless it fully com plies in nil its details with tkt requirements of tkis advertisement The proposals must be sent to this department, addressed to the ttecretary of the Treasury, and plainly endorsed " Proposals for tkt Dubuqnt Custom-koustS' and will be opened at 10 o'clock, a. m ,of the last dav named for receiving the same. JAMES GUTHRIE. dee 18-*awtl7Feb Secretary of the Treasury. VISITING AND MEKIT CARDS. AND handsome Books, by the best bards. For Hol iday Presents In the Book line, call at FERGUSON'S, dec S3 480 Seventh street. Baskets, basket stands, cabas, Satchels, Portmonies.?Tears will be shed when some learn what they have lost by not buyj tng their presents at deejrt FRANCIS'S. HARRISON'S COLUMBIAN PERFUM ERY, at (JaaJ-lw) THE LAKES. Information for TriTtlm. The steadier george washing. TON will depart at the follow lag hours: I/eave Alexandria "??, 9. 11. lj^ \ I-e?vr W?*hirgton , 1?. ft, n j aor II -d JOB CORSON, Csptala. ORAKQR A ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. fiRIMISa gr?at Boathern Mall Lin# I frlWICK DAlLVn <SWNDAY NWNTS EICEFTMD) Between Washington City ccd ihf Soolfc ! VlAt alexandria, ?ORDON9VILLE, RICHMOND. DAN VlLLhGUKKNSBOKum.N C A!*D DAILY TO TBB VIRGINIA SPRINGS. f*,Tf ^aahlagtMl ?* o'clock, A M. Leare Washington at ?? P.m. Leave Alexandria at ?? AM Leare Alexandria at 8 ?? P M Trarellers will find the Morning Line la con nection with the Virginia Central Railroad, tha Cheapest, most Pleasant and *?' xredltloua Ruote to THE VIRGINIA SPRIN6S, Greenbrier White Sulphur and Pattquier While Sulpbur.Warm, Hot. Alum and Ca|>on Pprlaga, Weir'a tare, Natural Bridge, Lexington, ?c OMNIBUSES and BAUkASfe WAGONS will be at the Washington Railrocd Depot to coa rer PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE, FVss s/ 04srgf,to STEAMER GEORGK.^*"*. PA9E for A I.KX ANDR1 A, a dla- AcfifeEBK aace of six mIlea, allowing ample time for M Fare from Washington to Richmond S3 fto '? " Danrllle 11 M F*J* '' " ? reenaborough...l2 UQ Ticket? procured on the boat. Expedition and Comfort are aeenred by thia Route aa It la a liriov f:b?t cues BAtLBaat raoM alexandria T DANVILLE. THROUGH PASSENGERSaad BAGGAGE aarrled without coat to the Depot of the Petersburg Railroad. JAME8 A. EVANS, M 1 Agent, Alexaadrla, Va. THR HEW TORR AND LIVRRPOOL VNITEDSTATES MAIL STEAMERS.; f>HE SHIPS COM PR KING THIS link A are the ATLANTIC Capt Eldrldge. f Capt Comatoek. AURI#0||jt. Jm. W^il, These ships baring been built by contract ex pressly for Government aerrloe, every care haa been taken In their construction, as also la their engines,to Inaure strength and speed; aad their accommodation a for passengers are unecualed for elegance and comfort Price of passage from New York to Llrerpoel in irst cabin, S1W; In aeeond do., #75. From Lireroool to ,\pw York, 30 and liOgulneaa. Aa experienced surgeon attached to s*ch ship. No berths can be secured until paid for. Tbe shlpa of this line hare Improved water-tight bulk "d to a*oId danger from Ice wlllnotcrosa the Banks north of is degrees, until after the 1st of August. Ft?m Ntw Tar*. PVmn LssarpasI ISM. 1654 Saturday ..Apr * Wednesday..'..May 14 Saturday May 10 Wednesday....May *8 Saturday May ?4 Wednesday....June 11 Jrre 7 Wednesday....June 24 Saturday. JuneiH Wednesday ....July ? ?\lur2?y J,,1y 5 Wednesday.... J oly 21 Saturday July 19 Wednesday....Aug. ? Saturday Aug. 2 Wednesday...Aug. 20 Saturday Aug 1? Wednesday....Sept. 3 Saturday Aug . M Wednesday.... Sept 17 Saturday Sept. 13 Wednesday ....Oct. 1 Saturday Sept. Yl Wednesday ....Oct. 13 Saturday Oct 11 Wednesday....Oct. ? Saturday Oct ? Wednesday...Nor. la S?pirday Nor. 8 Wednesday....Nor. a? ?\tnI*"y Norn Wednesday....Dec. in ??* ? *v?laeeday ....Dee . M Saturday Dec. 90 Ferfreight or passage apply te Eli WARD K. COLLINS A CO., . 5" Wall street, New York. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO., Llrerpeol. STEPHEN RENNARD A CO., f} Aaetia Friars, London B G. WAIN WRIGHT A CO., Parla The owners of these ships will not be accoaat* able for gold, allrer, bullion, specie, Jewelry, pre cious stones, or metals, unless bill* of lading are signed therefor, aad the ralue thereof expressed therein ?1-tr FOR HARPER'S FERRY, Vta Cmsapmki * < Okie Cnnnl. THROUGH JM TWELVE HOURS' TH*"EW AND SPLENDID PACKET ? BOAT ARGO. Capt Chas. H. MaaaiLL, 8FOIB?rnwrkli1l*T',rIr1f' GEORGETOWN and the abore Point, oa Mo? dav. March 27th, lh? ' ? e H?** WlU tb? wtoar* of W H A H . ?. Eitter, Georgetown, D. C., erery Monday, Wed aesday, and Friday morning, at tl o'cloek Returning, she will leare Harper a Ferry erery Tuesday, Thursday end Saturday mormlBs at o clock. Threnf h Tlckats, f "a Ltnturg tl including ikt Stngt fr?m Edwntdt' Ftrrp Famillei latendlng to rtsltthe VlrglnU Springs the coming season willlnd this by far the most aare, pleasant, and cheapest route to Berkeley Capon, Shanondale, White Sulphur aad Warrea Meals serred on board at moderate rates. A coach will always be In readiness in George Z2J 2.C?vTey Pa^-engersto and from the Boat Per further ^rtleulars Inquire at the store of PROTECTION AND INDEMNITY fROSl LOSK BY FIRE! FIRE, MARINE, AND INLAND INSURANCE. JiiiKoriMtd Capital and Surj>iM?...Sl,3#S,lil 13. FARMERS AND MECHANICS' INSUR ANCE CO .OF PHILADELPHIA. Offlc*northireit romrr revn*yl?*nui ?imut mmi I7t% rtrffi, Wath-nel-on City, D. C. DIRECTORS. non.Thoe. B. Florence, Charles Dinner, Georgs II. Armsttonc, Thorns* Manderfleld, Charlo? A Rubi<*am, Edward R. Heimbold G^orije Helmbold, P. Carroll Brewster, James E. Neall. Isaac L?*erh. Jr. TIK?MAS R. PI.oRENCE, Presideal. IDWARii K IIEi.MROLD,Secretary. LOCAL S1!RVEYt?RS. Charles \\alter, Ko. 3*J7 D street, opposite CHy Dall. Jno. M. Thornton .corner Flist street and Virginia arenue, Iciand. Jamoc William*, No.?9 Font snd-a-half streej. John Riffles, No 301 Thirteonth street, b?d*isr Pennsj-lrania arenn?". MARINE SURVEYOR. Cnpt. J. P. Lery, No. 367 Penn?ytranis aresae, opposite National Hotel. GENERAL SUP3R1NTENDENT. John Taomason. The bustn?*s of thia Company will eompair Torably with the mo?t nucct^sful of similar insula* tions In the United Suites. Prom the 1st day of August, 18.V>, ir five months, np t > lM January, 1856. the pr? mitims rer^irod amounted to the larae sum of one hundred end eight thousand, one hundred and fifty one dollars, with only forty-fix hundred and sixty six dollars losses teported With ther'e eridences of success and fcood man agement, the directors feel justified :n soliciting a share of public patroiage, beherin* that the secu rity offered is amplrv and that all fair claims will be adjusted more according to equity than legal tt cluu calities. Tlie compeny is prepared to is?ue policies against loss or damage by fire on DWELLINGS, FURNI TURE, MILLS, MANUFACTORIES. WAKE nOlTSEH, a:: I'ltzciipnon* of BUILDINGS, and their contents, or all kinds of MERCHANDISE, transported by VKSSELP, STEAMBOATS, CA NAL BOATS, P-AILROADS, and the u-ual con reyances to or from any portion of EUR' >PR and AMERICA, and on the hulls of STEAMBOATS narifrating the western s-aiers The rates of premium wiil be as low as other companies, and in fixing them ererr improrrment in construction and arrangement will be taken into consideration. All loase? speedily adjusted and promptly paid Office north west c?rner PcmiKrlrania aresue and Be vent* enth atroe i, Washincton city, D.C. Inturance tnwj ali0 he effecieH at tkt Horns Offl.f, Northircst comer H'nlnut and Secor.d Street*, PktLa ielphxa. and in other prin??pal cities of the United States by authorized ?fPcers of th?* company. Je 14-lft rLocus:?('locks:?cloiki. OKLV THINK OF IT,-GOOD CLOCKS from SI SO up to ?*?,?all wirranted to go right;?orer 65 diflerent styles of Clocks tOi ?elect from Also. Clock Cords' Weights. Keys, Balls. OIL*, and ererythlng in the material line. Call and ase for vouraelres, at J ROBINSON'S, M# Pennsylvania avenue, op posite Browns' Hotel. nor -2\ tm Lake white fiamZrlceivfd To day, a lot of new WHITE F1 H.lnbeautl ful order, direct from the Lakes Foi s<ie by KING A. BURCHELL, dec 84 cor. 15th at. and Vermont avenue Apiano-secono.hand, run t)i, at JOHN F. ELLIS'S Piano Store, d-c 'J4 Alb (J w s, ALBcn?, alhims.-Ta magnificent selection of Albums, Autognph Books. Annuls, Ac., at dec IP ferguson'S WttT'hrt. JETERS' PERFUMERY, at Jan5-lw THE LAKES.