Newspaper of Evening Star, January 13, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 13, 1857 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAB, rv?LI?HRI) SVKHY A PTfcK WOt> *, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) -1 f*? Srt' Pn%l4*nf$, m?ir ?/ ???*?? i-.h+tmtk itrlit, By W. D. W ALL ACH, WJU be *t**M lo subscribers l>y carriers at 911 A.NI> A t>UARTESl CENTS, payable weehij lo Urn Agents; pap* :? served In packages at 37^ aeats per month. To mall subscribers the sub i'irlpt]on price ti THR Hi DOLLARS AND FIF TY CKN TSayea: imadosmet, TWO DOLLARS ii| month*, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for lm thaa three months at the rate ?f 11A oeat" a wr<?h. |f7? SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. IX, WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, JANUARY 13, 1857. NO. 1,245. TEE WEEKLY 8TAH. This exoelleal Ks?Ur aH I eumg a greater variety el UWrartlag raaAlax lhaa miifiul ta aa? ether-is ptMMMN Satax .. t?a?a. Slagt. aopr, per aaaaas SI ? re tins. ?????? ? ???????????????????? ? I H ea i ui If c???, mniiiiLt ta iiuici lCT'SUKleeei>ies (la wrappers) oaa he precnrr4 at the oonater, lmm?>d4st*h aftej the Issue of the paper. Price?Thbbb Cants Post * a s r a as who act as aireats will acoastnlmlon of twenty per oeat. >1. S.1TDKR Ac SO51, Banker** BUV AND SELL DOMES TIC EXCHANGE, STOCKS, BONDS, and othes Securities, receive Deposit*, famish Drafts, make Collec tions, and negotiates Time Paper. LAND WARRANTS. Weaseatall times buying and sel'lng Land Warrants, and will locate them, on commission, in Nebraska and Minnesota Territory*, Wlscon sla, Iowa, and Mleworl. M SN Y D E R A SON'S Bank, dec IS- 1m No National Hotel Building. SI NfilR'l Improved Sawing Machines. To whieh was granted the Highest Award of the Pans Xxhibiticn, thereby receiving the World's Verdict of Superiority. The improvements in thi3 ma. shlaa has simplified them In many respects, ud the* are capableof executing twice the amouit of work the* did formerly In any given time. They are without question the only Machines ca pable of sewing every variety of good* perfect: a shirt bosom or heavy trace for harness can be ?ewa bvsay of these machines by asimplechange ?1 needle sad thread in such a manner that the Slowest scrutiny cannot detect a fault. Manufacturers, planters snd families will And them the only safe Machines to purchase, as they are built strong aad durable, and not likely to get out of order. We have machine* with usages attached,for binding hats,cap-fronts, gaiters, Ao. Silk, thread, Cotton, Needles,*e., eeastaatly ?a haad, at the lowest rates. Persons desirous of Information regardlag Sew ing Machlaes will please address 1 M SINGER * CO., 105 Baltimore street, Baltimore. li B.?We are prepared to exchange these ma* th'.BM for old machines of any kind Terms Ub> oral Persons who have been Induced to purchase nferlor machines under the pretext of belajr eheap.wlll tad this a benefit Indeed. aaar IS?ly (JIT AH L K FOR CHRISTMAS AND NEW TEAKS* PKKSKN TS. JOHN H 9MOOT, No 119 SOUTH SIDE Bridge street. Georgetown. D C , has received a greit variety of usef ji aid seasonable GOOD?, to whlzh he Invite* the attention of both ladies and gentlemen wno miy wish to make a Christ mas and New Years' Present. EMBROIDERIES. Rich worked Cambric Sets (Collars and Sleeves) Do do Muslin do do Do do Muslin and Cambric Collars A great variety (low priced) do Worked Linen Sets aod Linen do Rich worked Muslin Sleevea Black an 1 walte Lac? Sets and Collars Worked Cambric and Muslin Bands EmbrMde-ed l.lnan Cjir.bric Handkerchiefs Hemstitched, tucked and plain do Biack Chantilla and French Lace Veils Worked, quilted and booked Skirts. ALSO ? Moire Antique, Embroidered, Satin and other Cloaks Double and slagle Brocha and other Shawls Rich Fan^v and BiacK Silks French Merino, plaid Merinos Plain and printed Mous L'delaines Best Paris Kid Gloves, all numbers Kid and Buck Gauntlets Ladles, geut's and children's Warm Gloves Do Hosle-y, of every kind Partmonnales. and ladies' Cabas Geat? Linen,Cambric and Silk Packet Handkfs Black and fancy Silk Cravats. Scarfs and Ties Gents Shawls. Merino and Woolen Scarfs Children's Knit Talmas and Hoods Ladle*, gents and boya' Comfort*. Ac With many other desirable goods, which will be sold low to cash or prompt customers dec 43- J. H SMOOT. IDA LLTHA T VA L UE THEIR SIGH T y^TOBU?> W 'ISHES TO CALL THE ATTENTION to all that suffer with defective sight, cansed by age. sickness, and particularly from glasses lnJ'idTc.ousiy selected, to his superior SPEC fAv/ LES and G LASSES carefully ground by himself to a true spherical accuracy, and bril liant transparency, suited precisely and benefi cially to the wearer according to the concavity or convexity of the eye. Very numerous are the 111 effects caused to the precious organ of right from the commencement of using glassee In not being precl&ely suited, by the use of an Optcmtttr ? and the practice of many y?ars enables him to meas ure the focal disease of the eyes, and such glass es that are abaoiately required will be furnished with precision and satisfaction JOHN TOBIAS acknowledges the very libe ral encouragement a:ready obtained, aad further solicits the patronage of those that have not vet availed themselves of his aid Persons that rannot conveniently call, by send ing the glasses in use, and state how many lach e? they can redd this print with their spectacle*, can be supplied with such as will improve (heir eight. Innumerable testimonials to be seen; and refi erenews given to many who have derived the greatest east and comfort from his glasses Circulars to be hid gratia, at hla oflce, No. ? 14 SEVENTH STREET, !ir<? doors from OH fillMfj' Hall, ir svaias. .. u Nokfolx, September7, 1^*94. ?lr-Tn- Spectacles you made for me suit very well, and seem to have improved my sight more than say other I have lately tried LITT W. TAZEWELL. I have tried a pair of Spectacle* obtained from Too' i i, and find thcia of ^reat assist arc* to my sight and corresponding with hie description of the tozdd. 1 recommend him as a skillful op HENRY A. WISE. Hevlag b-sea Ind jred by .a friend to vUitthe es tablishment of Mr Tobias for tfce purpose of try in* ais glasses, | was furnlshM by him with a pair sllgnt!y colored blue, which have afforded me more relief and gratification than any 1 have ever tried M ,? sight, originally very good, was injnrei by vrrltlng aad rwdlnjj at night, fre quently to s vwy late hour; but with the aid of ?&e?e glassji fc<rjn s:udy almost as late as ever, and ths: too wltaiat the pain I have previously ?offtred. JOHN WILSON, Late (?oflsna!*s!onf"Ge.s,l Land OMot. D -c'moer 11, 19S3. i have asM Mr. ?>bla*'s Sp?;taciM for three it To it mouth', aad take great pleasure la say la^ (hst 1 am icich p.eaaod with them. I have be*a much benefitted by them May*ih,la4>. GEOK P.SCARBVftfil. I w^erecomanaljJ t*Mr Joha Tcbiaa as ? akiUxui optician; aad as I have eyes of remark* Able p?wuitarlvy, l was gratified to find that Mr. aebtts seemed u comprehead them by lnspec tloal a id so.i?i slight measureaitut, he has made as a pat* Spoctaclci that suits me ad "KS'n.u*. _ 4 r air i T*L?Ln.l**r*au> N C-t J*n t7, . ' . j ,' '***' Sir?I am happy to say Spectacles w iich 1 obtained from you last U^~lS tb- v'?Mlyr^lUfa#tory Flomaninequal ?' ?ay eyes, I .ave hereto proper $xsi distance ' it affords* me pleasi/r ?tate that, by the aid of your optom'eter^ tSTdfi h" ^PP^y^^ated^lhat(heglasS; yea furnish^ me are decidedly the beet adsptod ?o my eyes uf a-iy 1 have ever yet ns?-d Very r<up-r.;tfully. yours, R B DRANE Rector of St James' Parish i>sraarMB<?y or larss:o>, May?, ibM. K<o? natural defects and the unequal range of tay eyes, I Lave been compelled to use glasses for several years. 1 liave tried different opticians wltboji obulfilng glasses perfectly fitted to my eyei Four mouth* since Sir. Tobias made two pairs especially far me, which 1 have found to *?rve m * perfectly. By the use of his optometer Ae is ea^biod to adapt Glasses minutely to the eye. t i*'?stcQfdrfuiiy riscor.imend Mr Tobias to all havkag occa-Ua to use glasses and bear iny testi mony as to his skill as aa optician. HENRY E. BALDWIN, Assist Sec'y to sign Laud Warranto. P- S OPERA GLASSES of great varleiv. *? VVATC& ii? and ma ay other article* la th.e 11 ae at very low prices constantly on haMl. P lb-lv FOR CHRISTMAS. | OOKING GLAS3ES, ALL SIZES, WILL s a bs sold low f<>r cssh JOHN WAGNER -255 Pa avenue, de? 17-1 m ?pr?osiUj Klrkuv<?od Bouse Miaiir El), A PHItlK AKTIiLK ? ist received and for salr, wbolesal- and re TYSON A SHOEMAKER, {lat-eoiw P urmi eutisUjCor. Tin aad H sU L. J. M1DDLKTON, DEALER IN ICX, OJici and Dtp01?Southwest corner of F aid ?wHftb stmets f?h 27-tf tO^KKlTHMKRl FOR THE APPROACHING HOLIDAYS. Notwithstanding the high price of sugar, 1 will sell my CONFECTION ERY at the usual price*, viz: PLAIN CANDY and MIXED DROPS at 25 cent* per pound SUGAR PLUMS at 37% rents per pound, usually sold by retailer? at 50 cents French BON BONS, Including all kinds of French Confectionery,at 50 cents per pound, usually sold at 75 cents and SI per pound. POUND and FRUIT CAKE, of which I shall have a large assortment, mauufactured of the verv best and freshust materials, orna mented fine and tastefully. Please give us a call, and don't mistake the place. No 318 Pennsylvania avenue, between Mb and 10th streets, next door to Ir.ui Hall. dec 15-1 in GEO. NORBECK. CHRISTMAS COUFKCTIONEKY. THESUBSCRIBER RESPECTFULLY IN forms his customers and the public in general that he Is prepared to supply them with CHRISTMAS CONFECTIONERY of every kind, fo elgn and domestic; also with CANDY .PLUM and POUND CAKES. MINCE PIES, ORANGES,FIGS,RAISINS, PRUNES, ALMONDS, Ac. His stockof CONFECTION ER Y is very complete and such as he feels con fident will be found on trial, equal to any that may be off-red for sale in this city. He will be happy to see his frieads and customers on Christinas Kv? and during the Holidays, as his stock will be replenished until and after the New Year's Festival TOYS FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. The subscriber also respectfu'ly informs ladies and gentlemen desirous of procuring TOYS of any kind, as Holiday Presents, that he has in porfjd a large collection of German and F rench manufacture, which are curious, cheap, and well adapted to please children and young people of every age His stock of TOYS Is larger and more attractive than ever, and cannot be excelled In any other toy store In this city. The subscriber would also Invite attention to his large assortment of Ch'na. Ladles' Work Baskets, Comb?, Perfumery, and other fancy articles which are too numerous for specification in an advertise. m?nt WILLIAM GRUPE, No 415 south side Pa.av .bet 3d and 1;% sts., dec 43-lm opposite Jackson Hail. W. O. IWKTZKKOTI, (Successor to Gkorar Hilbcs,) Agent mt Haven * Macon's and William Miller's CELEBRATED PIANOS, Has always on hand the largest stock of PIANOS from S175 up to SI .000. MELODKONS from *M5 to ??S0. GUITARS, VIOLINS, BK\SS INSTRU MENTS, FuUTES. BANJOES, ACCORD EONS, and SHEET MUSIC, cheaper than In any house south of New York. Music published and received every day. Pianos for rent nov 4-tr SELLING OFF. /^LOAKS?CLOAKS! V> SHAWLS-SHAWLS!! HOSIERY?HOSIERY !!! The subscriber is determined to close out his entire stock of CLOAKS and SHAWLS by the 2<Kb of January, to accomplish which he will sell off at a very small advance. His stock of Cloth Cloaks cannot be equalled by any assortment elsewhere In this District. His Velvets are superb. F. A. McGEE, dec20 20t 444 Pa ave , bet. 12th and 13th sts. BOOK. BINDING. Cornsr EJtttnih strut and Maryland, avtnui, ntartk* Smithsonian Institution. Edward lycett respectfully in forms the subscribers to Brown's Bible and Shakspeare, now Just completed, that he Is pre pared to bind those works in a superior style of elegance, strength and solidity, and ipou much more reasonable terms than can W done In Balti more, Philadelphia, or New York. A letter ad dressed to him (per post) will enable him to ex hibit to the subscribers specimens of tils style of binding. Every kind of Book Binding neatly ex ecuted. ne2?-6m MANTELS. NEW AND BEAUTIFUL STYLE. Manufactured from Slate stone, by the West Castleten Slate L'enspanyt *!? THESE MANTELS ARE ENAMELLED IN Imitation of the richest and most expensive EGYPTIAN. LISBON, VERD ANTIQUE, PORPHYRY, PYRENEES, BROCATELLA, AGATE, SPANISH GALWAY, and other rare and desirable MARBLES. The Imitations are so perfect that they cbalengethe closest scrutiny. They are so highly polished that they retain their beauty mu^h longer than marble ; arc not Injured by smoke, coal gas, or acids, and can be sold much ch'Japer than any ethers In market. Price ranging from Sl'25 to $12 Architects, Builders, and others are invited to call and examine samples at No. 512 Seventh street, 3 doors telow odd Fellows' Hall, up stairs. T. M HANSON, s* 12-ly Agent. T1IKEE F1ANOS AT GREAT BAK<4A1NS UfK HAVE ONLY ONE PIANO LEFT AT V V #200, iron frame, rosewood case, and war ranted. One beautiful 7-octaves, round coraer<j, Iron frame, rosewood rase Piano, worth fl?0. and will be sold for *250 One Louis XIV style, magnificently carved case, iron frame, rosewood Piano, worth ?550 will be sold for $325. The two las', named Pianos are made by Miller A CurtdZ, of Boston, are sold f?>r no fault, but have beea consig-ed to us, exd we are Instructed to force ttiem off at vrtat sacrifice* In order to close up the years business. Persons In want will do well to call and examine them. They are trulvgreat bargains. t Also, always on hand, the largest f.t.wk of Pianos in this cliy, ranging from 9200 to 91000. JOHN F ELLIS, dec 20 3"6 Pa avenue, bet. 9tb and 10th sts. ' ANTHONY BLX'HLY, UNDERTAKER, Shop and Residence Ho. 303 Fenn'a avenoa, ?oath gido, bstwsea Oth and 10th sti. I f 1VING PROVIDED HIMSELF WITM II an ELEUANT HEARSE, and all necssary conveniences Tori properly conducting hl> business, would respectfully inform the publlo that he la fully prepared to fill all orders entrusted to hint, at the shortest notice, and in the best manner. A large supply of READY-MADE COFFINS ofall sises, always on hand, which will be far aished on the most reasonable terms. As heretofore, no pains will be spared t? give ?Miresatisfaction on all occasions. N . B.? on the premises, srders wlli be promptly attended to at all hour*. leb 7-ly JOHN H. HLTHV1ANN, Importer and Dealer in Wines, Brandies, &o. Ptnn aeenue, south SiJt, bet ill., HAS IN STORE A VERY CHOICE AS sortment of Champagne, In quarts and a pints, of the most desirable brands. M Also, sparkling St Peray, white and pink; B Msderla, Sherry, Port, Tenerlffe, Sicily,? Rhine Wines, Moselle; French Win?s, red and white; Cognac, S< beldam Gin, Jamacla Rum, Scotch Whiskey, American Wbtskev. Curacoa, Anisette; and of bis own preparation, vVlld Cherry Brandy, Blackberry Juice, Stomach Bit ters. * Also, genuine Ahslmhe, Kirschwasvr. and Havane Cigars dec 10-ttAwIm. POST OFFICE DIKEt'TORY, OR BL Si nes* Man s Guide to the Post Ofilces in the United Mates, containing the names of the Post and Post Mast-rs in the United States on the 1st July, 195?. With a variety of valuable in formation on Ponal Affairs; also, a comprehen sive codlicatlon of the existing Postal Laws Price tl J ust published, and for sale, at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore, dec 11- near 9th street. JUST RK( KIVEU FKOVI THK VlB lishers?A splendid View of Old Independ ence Hail. Ptallade.phla. For sale cheap,framed or otherwise, at JOHN WAGNEK'S, dec *2.1 ru 255 Pen a. avenue. Proposals for Erecting the Marine Hospital at Bnrlington, Iowa. Triasi ry Department, ) Washington. December 18.1856. i PROPOSALS WILL HK RECEIVED AT THIS department until the 19th cay of February, A. D 1857, a*. 9 o'clock a. m , for Ihe contraction ot the Marine Hospital authorized t# b<} erectrd at Burlington, Iowa, according to the plan? a id i paci fications prepared ai this department; tad pioporals to be eitber or the whole buildiug or separate for the different kinds of w.rk ; bills of tarcels mu?t in ?very case accr mpanj' each bid, with the amount of each kind of work, and the total amount carried out; tie Jej artment reserving the light to wject or aooept the proposals hereby invitwd, or any part' thereof, whwn it dei mi the interest ot the United j? iiea requires it; the department also reserves the right to exclude the bids of acy person or persona who there is just cause to believe will not aithfully pert^rin th>'contracts. or which th?y lave ait mpled to obtain by indirection ; and all bids when there ?ball be parties in uteres: who do not join in the hi>is, and all b ds tlia', upon InvestigatJCii are below a fair price for the work. Bid* will not be received in gross, and no contran will be awarded to a bidder unless detatls are fur nished the depar'ment of the prices of th* different kinds of work and material", which si all be nib jRCt to the r*viak>nof the department, so that it may adopt the w tide or part of the bid, as the interest o! the Unit-d Stales may require. Niueiy per cent, ot the amount of work done and materials delivered, according to contract price, (?aid amount to bea<cer'ainei by the estima'e of an ajent of the depa-fm*nt appointed fort hut purpew,) will b* paid IWun time to time, ai the work rro rresse*; a id ten per cent. retained until the comple tion of the contract and acceptance ot the work, 4^ , by the a^ent aforesaid, and to ba forfeited in the event of non fulfilment ot contract. Contra ;U will be awarded only to ma ter b iilders and mechanics, and the assignment thereof, except by consent of tlic Secretary of the Triasoiy, will be a for eittire of the fame. r.ach proposal must be acccinpa*?ied by a written guatantee, ?Dned by two responsible persons, (cer t fiei to be so by the* United States district judg* or a tornrv f the?aid dictrict.) in the sum of $5,000 for the whole work, or of a proportionate amount if for a iy part, that the bidder will, when required, if his i-r'po-a1 be accepted. ent*r into a contract and bond, wiih prop r and sufficient securities, for its ta thtiil performance Form of b nd and certificate required will be fur ni-h"d on application to the department. Plans, ?> irfcifi^i'ion", and working drawings will be r?a ly ater thirty day, when they i an i?a on application to the Of pa uuent A'o hid u ill he atnxidrred utiles* il fully complies in all ii* detail* wrth the requirement* of this tulvcrti -e inent. The propotals muM b? sent to this department, a I Ire-red to the HeeretaiY of the Tr?a*uiy a*1" p ainly endorsed 1'iopofil* Jor the Hurlin^ton Mu rine fit*pit il,'' and will b ? opened a' 10 o'clock, a. m., of the la-t day ram d for receiving th- rame. JANK* GUTHRIE, Secretaiyof tli? Treaiuty. dec 20- 2awtl9thFeh| Proposals lor Furnishing Granite andGran-1 ite Work for the North Front of the Pat ent 0fliC9 Building. Department of the Interior,) December 18, l?5<i t SCALED PROPOSALS Wlt.L HE RECEIVED a. this departm nt until the eighteenth day ol F? bruary next, U o'clock at noon, for furnishing such Granite a id Granite Work ar may b required above the sub-basem -nt story, in the erection ot the north from of the Patent Office buildinz. The bids must b; in the foim of the following schedule, and clearly specify the pr ccsfor material, hailing, dresung, and setting, incluJingall the ma chinery and other expenses. Srhethile. Cub> stone, per superficial foot Beds and bills, do do Extia Cube stone, per cubic foot Cornice in two beds, per superficial foot. Blocking course, do do Frieze to entablature, do do Architiave, do do AjrO[>s to eoriiice, p r lineal loot. Trigiyphs. ? ach. I 'aps of pilasters,?a h. Channels of bioemisr.f, per 'ineal foot. Window sills, pei -uperfioial toot. The granite must b ? equal in quality to that u<ed in the cousf.uciioM of the wings ol" the buildinss, specim n- of which ?dl be required to accompany Ihe bids. Each bid wi'l sfa'.a in what time the work will b-? completed, and none will bt; considered from other tfcau those known to b-? of the tiaJe and believed to b- fully competent to fulfil iu good faith tne cblu;a t oni they propose to assume; aud noassi?nm.;iu of bid or cOMtract will be recognized, unless mai/e with the approval of the heal of the departmeni. Ninety p r cent, will be paid from time to time, a* the work protre?ses, upon the estima'e of ilie agent of the de|?arimjnt in charge thereof, a-nl ten per cent reserved until the completion ot the con iract and acceptances!" the worn bv taid a^ent. The deparimetit reserves lo itself th? right to re ject or accept the proposals hereby invited when it deems the interest of ihe United States requires it, as well as to excludw the bids of any person or per sons who it has good reason to beliuve will not, IroHi any eause, faithfully perform the contract I'la-s, specifications, and working drawings can be examined, atid other information ob ained, on appli a ion at the oflice of the superintendent. The proposals, which in 1st be sent to this depart ment, addressed lo the Secretary of the Interior, (endo sed ?' Proposals lor the erection ?f the north front of the Patent Office buil.ling.") will be opened at 1 o'clock, p. in., of the la->: ?iay named for re co.ving the same H. McCLELLAN'D, dec 19-2awtl*FebJ 8e retary of the Interior. Proposals for Erecting the Post Office and Coort-houseat Springfield, Illinois. TR?A8URT 1)?PARTMK?IT. > Washikgtoii. December 17. S * fJROPOSALS WILL HK RECEIVED AT JL this depar'tnent until the 17th dav of Febru ary, AD, 1857, at 1? o'clock a. m , for tLe con stiuctlon of tbe;PoBt O 111: e ard Court-house atuhor i/>-d to be erectedat Sprin^fleld, Illinois, accord ing to the plans and ?pecllicatlons prepared at this department, said proposals to he either for th ?; whole building or separate for dlfl'erent kinds of work ; bills of parcels must in every ta*e ac company each bid. with tbe amount of earb kind of work, and the total amount carried out; the department reserving the right to reject or accept the proposals hertby Invited or anv parts thereof, when It deems the interest of the United States rwi ulres it; the department al?o reserves the light to exclude the bid* of any person or rersoqs who there Is Just cause to believe will not faithfully perform the contracts, or which they have at tempted to obtain by Indirection; and all bids when there shall be parties In Interest who do not join In the bids, and all bids that, imon Investi gation, are below a fair pi Ice for the wcr* Bids will not be racelved In gross, and nc con tract will be awarded to a l ldder unless details aire furnished the department of the prices of the different kinds of work and materials, which ?hall be subject to tbe revision of the department, ?o that It may adopt the whole or part of the bid, as the Interest of the United States may require. Ninety per cent of the amount of work done and materials delivered, according to contract price, (said amount to be ascertained by the esti mate of an agent of the department appointed for that purpose,) will he paid from time to time, as the work progrei?.es; and ten percent retained until the completion of the contract and accept

atceof the work, Ac , by the agent aforesaid, and be lorfeited in the event of non fulfilment of the contract Contracts will be awarded only to master build ers and mechanics, and the assignment thereof, except by consent of the Secretary of the Treasury, will b? a forfeiture of the same Each proposal must be acccinpanled by a writ ten guarantee, signed by two re-poaslble persons, (certified lo be so by the United States district judge or attorney of the said district,) In the sum of !*."),(>0?t for tbe whole work, or of a oroportlon a'e amount if for any part, that the bidder will, when required, if his proposal be accepted, enter into a contiact and bond with proper and suffi cient securities, for 1U? fdlthful perfoimance Form of bond and certificate required will be furnished on application to tbe department. Plans, specifications, and working drawings will be ready after thirty days, when they can be had on application to thedepartment. N'.btd will tcn*i lrred unUss it fully ton y I it $ to all ?f? ditaih \?i:k iht Ttquirtmtnis of this advertisement. The proposals must be sent to this department, addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury, and plainly endorsed ?'Proposals for tki S}'ringji?ld Host Ojfin and Court-house," and will be opened at 10 o'clock a m of the last day named for receiving the same. * JAMES GUTHRIE, Secretary of tbe Treasmy. dec 18 ?iawtlrfFeb^ 14KT Off CLOTHIRU BOUGHT AND ?old at 7# Louisiana avenue, opposite tbe Hav Market ... !N H W 111 call for them by addressing as above through Foal Ofiloe. dec ?-eo!m? C OFFICIAL. Trihurt DiPARTMiifr, Not. 29, 1856. Notice i9 hereby given to holders of stock of the loans of the United estate*, tl:ai this de^artnaciit will purchase the sam- until the 3d of March next, unless the sum ol $1,500 1)00 shall b" previously obtained, and will pay m addition to tne ioterest accrued trom the date of the la-<t seini annual divi dend of interest thereon, together with one day'* additional interest for the money to reach the ven dor, the following lates of premium on taid stocks: For the stock of 1842, a premium of 10 per cent. F r the stock of !8i7 and 1848, a prrmium of 16 per eent.; and for the stock of 1*50, commonly called Texas Indemnity Stuck, a ptunlum of 6 per cent. Certificate*of stock transmitted to the depart ment, tinder this notice, must be a?signe J to the United 3'ates, by the party duly entitled to recOv? the proceeds. II sent between da'.e hereof and the 1st day of Jaouvy next, the current half y< ar's in terest must be assigned by the present stockholder, or it will b: payable as heretofore, and a corres ponding deduction be male Irom the amount pay able for the stock. Paym-nt for the stocks so assigned and liau mil ted will bmade by drafts oil the AssistantTr^asa rerssi Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, at the option of the parties entitled to receive the money, which should be expressed in the letters accompa nying the certificates. JAMES GUTHRIE, Secretary ol the Trtastjry. dej 1?dU'JdMarchJ DH. DI PKIK'S KEMKUIES are the only effectual enrefor External or Internal Piles, Saltrlieum, Ring-Worm, Ac. They are unrival led for purifying the blood. 50 cents per box Office 76 Nassau street, New York. Will be sent by mall. For sale by FOR 1? <k IIR'J., corner of 11th st aid Penn HYppne. or fl'rs firs furs ::: Todd & co, under browns' hotel, b<?g leave to announce the arrival from Lon don and Pari* of th?-ir splendid collection of RICH FURS, made in the most fashionable styles from seasoned Soft-dressed Skins They wonld Invite particular attention to th*lr elegant and much-admired MANTILLA TALMAS, PFLLFRINE VAN DYKKS, VICTOR I N KS, wfth Muffs and Cuffs to match, of HUDSON BAY SABLE, MINK. STONK MARTIN, FITCH ft MOUNTAIN MARTIN, SIBERIAN AND RUSSIA SQUIRREL, LONDON LUSTRF.D, BLACK LYNX, and ERMINE; RICH FUR TR1MMIN6, for Cloth and Velvet Cloaks; SWANSDOWN TRIMMING; KLEGANT SIBERIAN SQUIRREL ROBES, for Cloak Linings, or cut for Trimming; Ladies'and Gentlemen's FUR GAUNTLfcTS; Gentlemen's TRAVELING MUFFLERS, of Beaver, Otter, Nutria, and Seal Fur; CARRIAGE ROBES, of Bear, Fox. and Buffalo Skins. TODD A CO for the past twenty-live years have devoted much attention to this branch of their trade, purchasing exclusively for cash, sell ing at moderate price*, and by adhering to their determination to dea1 in no article that would not bear the strictest scrutiny, they have secured a large and increasing trade from all parts of the country. Purchasers are invited to visit their establish ment and examine the most extensive STOCK OF FURS south of New York. oc:jl-:3tAeotf S. UOKMIUOT Kl.nis CHAHPAONE, ?'TRESOK DP. BOUZY" AN It "/.XL." '3>HE UNDERSIGNED IS BOLE AGENT J for this city of Dorlodot's "Tre?or de ? Bouzy,'" a champagne celebrated throughout JL Europe, aid esteemed by concois?eurs as ol H the highest grade, and unsurpassed by any H other product of the champagne country, which has obtained a high position in the aristocratic circles of Europe ai d Am?r'.cu Also, a large stock of other Wines, Liquors ard Cigars JONAS P. LEVY, jan 5-tf No. -JtJT Pa ave ,opp. National Hotel. British almanac Anot o >i pan ion fot 1357; giving the House of Lords; House of Commons; Church ; Judiciarv; Royal House holds; Imports; Exports; Governments of Ire land, Scotland and the Colonies; Foreign Minis ters lu Englar.d; Brlti h Ministers abroad; Flast India Company : Chronicle of the Parliament of abstract of Parliamentary Documents ; ab stracts of Public Acts; valuable article* on the Decimal Coinage Question ; on the Postal Sys tem at home ana abroad ; on arbitration in trade disputes ; cn the material pftigress of British In dia; on Architecture and Public Improvements; on the Metropolitan Communications and Bridges; on the Russian War, and much other useful mat ter. I vol of 341 page*; price SI 50. Imported Irom London, by jan a FRANCE TAYLOR. CHINA, OLASS AND QUEENS WAKE. SR. H. MILLER, SON A CO Importers direct from Liverpool tuA^y Alexandria, ne^ leave to call the at tention of dealers, hotel keepers acd others of Washington and Georgetown to their stock of GOODS, which, for extent and variety, will compare favorably with any establishment in the Eastern cities. The connexion of their senior partner with the manufacturers of Europe and the United States for upwards of 30 years, has given him advan tages In the purchase ?./goods, equal, if not supe rior, to any houce in the trade. An inspection of goods and prices will satisfy all parties thai pur chases can be mado of them upon the moat favor able terms French China Dinner Sets, gilt and decorated French China Dinner Set-, gold band and plain white French China Vases, Pitchers, Toilet Seta, tic,. French China Tea Sets, Cups and Saucers, and other articles of Teaware And Dinner Ware, separate from sets India China Dinner Set?. and s. parate article* al ways on hand W bite Granite Ware in every- variety,in sets, and separatefr >m sets, as may be desired Blue Printed or Liverpool Ware, the same Common Edged, White and Rockingham Ware, in full Mipnly. Cut, Pressed, Plain and Moulded Glass Ware from the best establishments in the Eastern and Western States, which will be sold by the pack age or otherwise. Experienced packers employed Good* put up by us can be transported by any mode without breakage. Fare by the steamboats from Washington to Alexandria, almost hourly, IS,# cents each way A quarter o' a dollar thus spent may save many dollars. dec I hTANDAKD SILVER WARE. 1AM NOW MANUFACTURING PURES1L ver Spoons, Forks, Ladles, Butter, Fl?h, Pie, Cake and Ice Cream Knives, Sugar Shovels and Tongs, Napkin Rings, Cream. Gravy, Mustard and Sail Spoons, Ac , Ac , on my own premises, and do not palm off on the publio Northern man ufactured articles (which cannot always be re lied on as genuine) for my own, but every article made in my establishment can and vfill be war ranted as above. WATCHES AND JEWELRY Of every description ani In great variety, con stantly on hand, and receiving fresh arrivals al most every dav Fine (lb ks) Geld Watches from S'iO to 8250, and warran ed coirect time keepers. Coral, Cameo, Mosaic and plain Gold Bracelets, Pins and Far-rings, (In sets or by the single piece,) Sold Vest, Fob, Unard, Cbatalain and Neck Chains, Seals, Keys, Lockets, Charms, and a general assortment of goods usually kept In a Jewelry Store Fine Watch Repairing done bv an experienced and competent workman, and all work warranted to give satisfaction at 33* Pennsylvania avenue Aertt- H. O HOOD. GAS FUTURES RH MILLER, SON fc CO, ALEXAN ? drta, Va., keep constantly on hand a hand some variety of CHANDELIERS, PENDANTS BRACKETS, Ac , from the celebrated factory oi Cornelius A Baker, which they will guarantee to ?ell at the same prices charged to private pur chasers at the salerooms on Chestnut street, Phil adelphia Also, Drop-light*, Cut ttlass and decorated Paper Shades, in great variety Call and examine for yourselves. dec 1 Aki: WHITE FISH ??RECEIVED TO i day, a lot of new WHITE FI -H, in beaut! ful order, direct from the Lake* Foi sale by KING A BURCHELL, dec 44 cor, I5lh st and Vermont avenue. L EVENING STAR. Mr Curtit on the Female Novelist!. [From the Hartford Press, Jan 7.J Mr. < artis lectured last evening before the Young Men s Institute upon 44 The Female Novelists''?so the bills said lie commenced bj quoting an imaginary remark by a forgot ten hero of a forgotten English novel, who held everything masculine in w<>men to be a derogation from the womanly character, and who said to Madame de Stael, " We would forgive you being so much wi*er than our. selves, but being so, we cannot forgive your pettiooats." Men are all like this hero. MrTremaine; we never forgive the pettiooats, placing lite, rary women on a par with quack doctors We remember Mistress ilannab More, and shud der Blue is a lovely color, but on a woman's foot it startles us We never think of Cinde rella's fairy foot in asure silk, but always of Mrs JellyV.y s hoof in clumsy indigo woollen; and Mrs Hannah More is probably the woman of all others whom it is most repuguant to men to think of wedding, she being not only a blue stocking, but an entire pair of blue pantaloons Then followed a sketch of life, works and character of this excellent woman, the lectu rer treating her memory to a handsome sol respectful eulogy. The ChiLcse thought it a missionary's beet .joke when he said that wo men, too. have souls which may be saved. <Md English literature is singularly Chinese in this respect Shakspeare's delineation of wo man Mr C. justly and highly extolled, but after Shakspeare, for many years, men otly I spattered women with bombastic compliments, and made laws treating them like serfs. The manner in which women have been served iri literature is but a .rue reflection of their fate in real life. Every woman of strong character, high intelligence, broad nature. J and truer, fuller heart than common, fee!* gnawingly the need of a career. Few find it. 1 but many fail ard wear out disappointed lives Florence Nightingale found hers, but all women with her wants are not so fortunate This protest against the cramping woman in life?this cry of religious democracy which demanded that a woman should be honored as | a woman?this agony i:nd indignation which for years hid been gathering, but had been pent up in the heart of woman?all l'ound vent in that wonderful novel, the moet search ing and prodigious ever written by woman, the 44 Jane Eyre" of Charlotte Bronte, alias C'urrer Bell. The story of her cad. quiet life and death. Mr Curtis finely told, and her writings he loftily praised She had had many imitators, nnd the Miss Kavanaghs, the \ Miss \ on^es, the Miss Sewells, he sharply and properly ridiculed. " Nathalie*' he took as a specimen brick, and pitched into it satisfacto | rily The moral of these books was tainted by what the teacher of Lowood school told little Jane Eyre: " 1 have a little boy younger than you who knows six psalms by bean, and when you ask him which he would rather have, a ginger bread nut to eat or a ver-e of a psalm to learn, he says : ' 0. the verse of a psalm ' 44 4Arjgelssing psalms 1 .Says he,?1 wish to be a little angel hero below ' lie then gets two nuts in recompense for his infant piety " l This is not the m ;ral of life ; and againn its falsehood Thaekeray and Charlotte Bronte ! are earnest, indignant protestants The lec ture closed with a flowing apostrophe to the authoress of Jano Eyre I The New British Miniiter. The New York Kvening Post give-"us a his tory of the Kigut Hon. Charles 1'elham Vil liers, who has been appointed British minister to this country, and may soon be expected at Washington. The new minister, who has just entered his lifty-sixth year, was educated for the bar. and for many years held the position of one of the Examiners in Chancery, an office of great re j spectabili'y and responsibility, and affording a moderate emolument. He has been engaged in various other public duties ; most of them, b wever, having reference to his professional training and experience, and for a great num I ber of years has represented the borough of IV- lverhamnton in the House of Commons As a legislator he was distinguished for the pertinacity with which, year after year, he brought forward his motion for the repeal ot the Corn Laws. His opposition to this meas ure, long ante-dating that of Cobden and the Anti-Corn Law League, was distinguished by great ability and courage, at a time wben it required some fortitude, and subjected a mem ber to no little ridicule, to make a motion of this character He was so identified with this opposition, and occupied himself bo exclusively with his annual motion and its. fate in the House, that someot his opponents nick-namcd him ,l single-motion" Villiers We are not aware that Mr. Villiers has had much, if any diplomatic training, although he belongs to a ?lip lomatic family?bis father, the Hon. John Viliiers, having been minister to Portugal, and the services and capacity of his distinguished brother being well kn< wL; but his discharge of the delicate and arJuour du ties pertaining to the r. .ffiee of Judge Advocate General, which he now holds, justifies us iu supposing that he will prove entirely cimpe tent to succeed *lr Crampton. The duties require a considerable legal experience, which Mr \ iliiers is Juiowu to possess in an eminent degree. Air Villiers is about the middle height, of spare frame, with light brown hair, an-i is de scribed a? a goo<l specimen of the Lnglich gentleman. He is 4 given to hospitality,' and may be expected to be received at Washing ton in a manner in accordance with the tr* li tiorjs of the British Legation He is a bache lor ; but whether h? is destined to meet the lato of other single gentlemen who have come from abroad as ministers to this country, rests of course with the 44 women," as Mr. Benton would say. it is rather a sit gular circum stance that the majority of the ministers sent by Urcat Britain to Washington of late years have been bachelors The list includes the names of Mr Fox. Sir Henry Vaughn, and Mr. Crampton, to which must be added that of Mr. Villiers. The Buffalo Debutante. The New York correspondeat of the New Orleans Delta thus notices the antecedents ot Mrs. McMahon, who recently met with an unfavorable reception in the Buff ilo theatre.-: The last dramatio sensation has been caused by the announcement of the debut of a lady, well known in New York, both from her an tecedents and her own position in the fashion, able world Her mother was the beautiful daughter of a New England clergyman ; w as seduced, and afterwards became the most no torious courtesan in New York, under the name of Julia Brown. This daughter (her only child,) was brought up in the country in profound ignorance of her mother's character and mode of life. When she was about twelve years old her mother married Jack Harrison, a notorious gambler of this city, and the original of "Snui Seldon." in 41 The Mystertea and Miatries tn :\t\o York She then brought home her daughter from the couutry; and made Mr Harrison a most exemplary and devoted wile until her death During the better pari of her life ?he was a devout attendant at the Episcopal church, and remurkable lor her profuse, but quiet and unostentatious charity. At the sale of the pews in Grace Church she bid for and obtained one for $1,000. The saints who occupied the neighboring pews soon found out who the occupant was, and immediately signified their intention ot leav ing rather than be brought in contact w ith such a sinner A committee was theie:ore appointed to wait upon her and cfler her a handsome bonus if tne lady would give up her pew, which sho did for 510,000. This money she devoted to charitable parpoeea, and Mill continued to go to church with untiring ccn stancy and devotion. Soon after the mother's death her daughter was married to a Mai. who, within one week, proved false to her, and a divorce was obtained through the agen cy of a promising youtg lawyer, who, a? ?oon as it was granted, married her himself. 11a ha? since become quite distinguished, and en joys a practice worth fl? 0<M? a year, and lire? in splendid style. The lady, therefore, has no reason for going on the stage but her paaaionate love for it She has been studying for the last two years, under the beet matters, and her style ft saia to be superb. In person she ia rather inclined to be *inhonj*oint, with fair hair, blue eyes, and decided exprefc-ion. iy Irpper Texas is said to be suffering from a very severe drought. . tmall pox, which has been prevailing in Shenandoah county, V* , is ^ying out. t? The Jails of I'nion, Centre a ad Potter counties are now vacant. .CP3 There was good sleighing at Wythe ville, \ a , from the 1st to the 8th inat iy The number of students thia year at the Medical School of Paris i? exactly otie thousand. tsr a irard College, at Philadelphia, now Jtpnorts an<! educates regularly three hun dred and fifteen boys, all indigent orphans iy* About two hundred new business firms ware announced in New York on the 1st of January The Pret-ident cf the New York Board of Councilmen, Jaiues N. Phillips, is said to he a Jev. ty There are now < ne hundred and fifteen counties in the flourishing State ollexar. and territory for as many more. J The Gift section of the Georgia and Honda Railroad wan opened from Americua to Sumptcr city, ?.q the 1st in*t ty Tho Savannah papers are having their annual row about who caught the first ahadof the tea=ou. tjrJ A colored mfcn was found in a state of intoxication iu Easton, on New Year's day, and wnittwashed by a set of rogues. Lfi* \ r"' position to build a bridge from New York to Brooklyn, Is discussed in the New York papers. Not a single death has occurred in tha village of Paris, Me , during the past fifteen months ti' An ordinance *.a.-> been published a' Wurt-iburg, prohibiting dancing at the wed d ng of widows .ind widowers |y*Five churches are now building in Chi cago. Two ot them are of stone, whose esti mated cost is ?60,0<H) and 540,UO0. Geo. Smith, a young man from Wa?h iegton county, Md . died recently id jail id Kansas lie was confined for stabbing a man. ?y Horace Greeley says this is afree coun try, and a man isn't obliged to use common sense unless he hat it. !>? G. Mitchell (Ik Marvel) was lec turing successfully out West, but his iungs gave out, and be had to stop 1ST Jbe i^te soundings of the river above Niagara Falls have developed a harbor there of something like two hundred and fifty acres, giving from twelve to fifteen feet of water ty After all the ?' going, going,Kaobel s hotel in Paris was rot sold at auction; but Girardin announced to the bidders assembled that the tragedienne reclaimed the property The rivers of Michigan have become incapable of sustaining the lives of fish, and multitudes are said to be thrown dead upon the banks. The cause is entirely unknown The Governor of Pennsylvania has ve toed bills to authorize the New York and trie railroad company to build branches in Sus quehanna county (y In New Orleans they make the theatres assist in providing comforts tor the lick poor The Charity Hospital receives So,000 annual ly from each of them. ty The Petersburg Democrat says that seven or ten Know Nothings of that city ap peared wearing cr-ipr on the day after the an nouncement of the death of the " Angel Ga briel," in grief for him. iy Pennsylvania claims the honor of orig inating the first Agricultural Society in this country after the Revolution, it was found ed in 17sj, and Judge Richard Peters was its president, and an active promoter and patron. Wait for the Wagos?It is a singular fact that the duel and suicide are unknown among the Turks Believing in predestina tion .they are opposed to "shuffling off this mor tai ceil" by poison or ginpowder. There is a great contest for a United St.ites Senator from Wisconsin One of the candidates delivered one of silas Wright's orations twice as his own, and had it published as such |jtf Two resurrectionists, Patrick Lillis and Wui. Cunningham?the former an Irishman, and the latter an American?have been arret ted and held tit bail in Cincinnati for procur ing " subject*" for tbe doctor-. A man in Berlin, l'ru^sia, who was la boring under pecuniary difficulties, cut aphis wife and two children with a hatchet, and then '-ut his own throat The next day a lottery ticket which he held turned up a priie of forty thousand francs | An aged woman, nauied Baker, disap peared Irom the village ot Lock s Mills, Me . abouf a week ago Three days afterward* her dead body was found in :tn adjacent pond. She bad attempted to crou upon the ice and war lost. A Cincinnati paper states, as an illus (ration of the difference between talent and humbug, that *' Lola Montes. under the man agement of Mr Jones, realised, in this city, six thousand dollars in ten days Miss Stanly, with tie same manager, a lady of decided talent, has not paid expenses." The annual renting of pews in the Ply mouth Church, Rev 11 W Beecher's, Brook 1 >n, N Y., took place cn Tuesday evening Tbe 202 pews rented brought a premium "f >3,000 over the appraised value of 510.W)0. The whole amount of rent last year was $10,000. py Dr Valentine Mott performed the opc ration last month,for the forty fourth time,of tying th? carotid artery in the living subject. Tbe Napoleon of surgeons is now 71 years old, yet is as straight at ever, *nd as young at heart as when fifty years yoi nger He does not even wwar glasses when he operates and the man is not extant who ever ?w his hand tremble Land speculators appeir to have got on a full head ot steam ;n Kansas, and we may soon expect to hear an explosion A letter from Leavenworth **ys that " a lot containing 30 acres, lying half a mile from town, * )ld at private sale a day or two since for 511,000; ore of 53 acres for $12 0OO, one of 16 acres for *3 000 Single lots 24 feet by 110 are selling from $200 to $2 '<00 Small t-ftse buildings rent for 5600 a year." SisGi'LAK Cikccusian? e ?Last Tuesday both wires of the House Telegraph Line to New York were broken, at the same time be tween this city and Providence, yet the line worked well, and their business was transmit ted without interruption. The lower wire broke first, and one end crossed the upper wire Shortly after the up uer wire wat broken, and the ends crossed tbe lower wire, thus making a good circuit though both wires were broken Such a combination t >ld m oc.-urs, and is worthy of note as a cu? rioiity iu telegraphing ? Hostou Tim.