Newspaper of Evening Star, January 14, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 14, 1857 Page 2
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kvkvfng star. WASH I NG TON C I T Y: WIOHIIOIY J aweary 14, 1M7. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS The lnt9lhgenctr ujl: "We understand that the Committee on Territories in the House of Representatives are prepared to report against the memorial praying the creation of a new Territorial gov ernmeut orer the inhabitants of the MetiIJa purchase The objectionfs that the popula te, Tanously agtoated al from two tJ ten thousand. is Jnent to Justify the ex pense of such ? government. lhe committee are of opinio. that relief can be afforded the ettMU in another way, and hare prepared a bill to provide for the appointment of a Sur 7Vi0'. ?ieUe i and settle conflicting land Ules, and also to provide for a repre SSw Mexiw pCOpl> in th# L?g"l*tnre of "The same committee are also prepared lo report again* the separation or the territory u3r!S.u * lrom tbe jurisdiction of Ltah The reason assigned era that this ar rangement would make California too on wiel Jy, and that relief csn be afforded to the memorialists by the proper enforcement of laws contemplated to be enacted against dc lygam/." The Union, publishing a communication from 44 Henry," in defence of the New York Young Mens' Christian Association's interfer ence in politics, again contends that that body have dctio wrong. Washington news and gossip. The Impeachment Caaa.-The great im portance of the questions involved in this case lnlu.-ts us, in fulfilment of a principle and policy in eonoection with such subjects, long aince laid down for our uwn guidance, as all know who ba?e been constant readers of the Star, to ka?p it before Congress until what we deem to be proper action upon it on their part ?hall have been ordereJ. For our part, we cannot conceive whit may be the difficulties in the way of the action prayed. Memorial after memorial, praying f>r an investigation into the official conduet of this district j?dbe of Texa^, has been pro ?ented, barked up by the action of the Legis lature of the State t-j the same end. The en tire de.egation *?f tue State in Congress are also virtually petitioners to the same end We know that great difficulties exist in the way of earryirg an impc.tchment to a succefiful ter mination. Indeed, it is said by some that it is useless to impcoch?that an impeachment is a farce, li so, way Jo our legislators allow it te remain t?o ? und upon what ia sush an asser tion based' Within our history there have been bat two of the impeachmont of federal judges-Chase and Peek. In the ? we of Judge Chase tha c ffances alleged were tyranny and abuse of power. Iu the case of Judge Pack, a tyrannical abuse of power; in a oontempt-cf-court case, in which the party was offered his privilege of purging himself by diaavowing aay intentional contempt, which he declined doing, Even in this case the vote of the Sena a on the question stood about ?lua'ly divided 44 Air. Senator, how ssy you ? Is the re ?pondent, James 11. Peck, gciltv or not guilty of a high misdcme isor. as charged in the ar ticles of impeachment ?'* Tweatyonc voted guilty; twenty two not guilty In neither of ties: cares w*s corruption ?barged. But here we have charges of abuse of pomer, corruption, *oi the commission of A most every heinous offence that ?. Judge in his < ffleial petition could perpetrate. Will a crir.m-.ttee of the IIou3e?will the Boa e establish a precedent that the difficulty ?nd the expense attending an impeachment Will prevent an investigation into the conduct of jui.c!al functionaries7 The enunciation of such a principle is absolutely startling! What a charter is here granted ' Tha penal statutes are not intended alone for the punishment of the guilty, but to det*r | others from committing the like acts of guilt And what is compounding a felony ' It is thus defined by Bouvier : " The act of a party immediately aggrieved, who agree:- with a thief or othrr felon that be will not prosecute him, on condition that he return him tha gicda stolen, or who takes a reward not to prosecute." A federal Judge by an abuse cf kis power aggr.evei a citizen of the Lnited States, and robs of a right. And shall a simple 44 return" of his office, without a censure, be the only penalty ? We put this question to every honest citizen It is no dvubt true that in su;h cases tha House is left "at perfect liberty to pursue the great ends of justice, uutrammelled by any other rules than those which reason and com mon utility prescribe " Hut it cannot be said by *ny gentleman cf our National Legislature that the great ends of justice would be aus taiced by smothering in the committee the charges preferred sgainst tha present accused. If Judge Watrous is innocent of the acts im puted to him, we axe. in this article, and in the position we hare taken in this matter, pleading his cause, in pressing far an investigation. If he is guilty we are pleading the cause of an ?utraged people?the whole people. The* charges, or the chief part of them, hare been made publie by tha press through eet the country; those contained in the memo rial of Mr. Jacob Mussina having beon pub lished in New Orleans in Augu?t last. It ia due to tha honor and credit of tha bench?we feel confident that we echo the voice of every higb and honorable functionary, whether of the inferior or Supreme Courts?that an inves t gallon be h*d. We now present (ha reader with a synopsis of the charges preferred by Mr Lliphss Sp? eer, whose in-atrial was ; reseated by Mr. Bel', of Texss. 1. That John C. Watrous while he was the aoie providing Judge cf the Federal Court of Texas, acquired secretly and under cover of another man s name, an iuterest in an eleven league grant, with notice tbet tbe land covered fey said eleven lesgue grant was in tbe actual adver?<) possessicu, under a claim of title, of your mauioriaJut aud other peisons claiming title to said land. 2 That tU? said John C. Watrous, while Judge as aforessid, made the purchase or ac 3uirod ac interest as aforesaid, with tha un erstanding and iulenlion of litigating and determining iue validity of said eleven league {rant in the Federal Court of Texas, of which e was the sole presiding Judge 3 That the said John C. Watrous as afore ?aw, counselled and procured tha entire ap parent legal title to be made to a non resident of the State of Texas, t ereby to confer juris diction on tbe Federal Court ?f Taxes to hear and determine any suit that might be brought to test the validity of said eleven league grant 4 That suits were brought in the Federal CotA't of Texas on or about the llth day of Janaaiv, A i> l3ol in the name of * resident citizen an the Slate of Alab%ma as sole plain tiff agaiuet wemoralist and other oceapanta of said land, in all consisting of eleven cases, in which suits various crders were made, the setd Watr as feeing then and there the sole presiding Judge ?. That said John C. Watrous, Judge as aforesaid, while said suita were pending m his oourt as ifviiuid for and during niul; (our Gars, fraudulently and corruptly coneealed l interest in the subject matter of litigation 6 After the detection of the interest of aaid Watroua in said suit#, ha caused an order to be entered, ot record therein, changing the ?enue 7 That after the removal of said ?uit?, the title of the plaintiff* to the said eleren league grant, was attempted to be tuaUined among other documents by virtue of an inatrument in writing purporting to be a power of attor ney, which said instrument if a forgery and known ai su?h to the parties offering the same, all of which was done with the previous knowledge, advice and assent of the said John C Watrous as aforesaid. We cannot conclude this subject for to-day without remarking that, assuming the accused from his great unpopularity alone to be unfit for the teat whioh he occupies, on the princi ple " that to be impartial and to be univer sally thought so are both necessary to the giving justice a free, open and uninterrupted current," it has been said that, in extreme eases of this kind, as in surgery, the imme diate use of the knife becomes absolutely ne cessary. But the cases are not analogous; for when the diseased limb is lopped off by the sargeon's knite, there ia an end of it. Not so with a learned and high judicial functionary He may be again appointed to the same or some other high judicial position ; and in this view of the case?that ho is a diseased limb of the judiciary?we plainly see the policy of the law which make? the act compounding of a felony a penal offence. An impeachment? the right of trial by impeachment?is guaran teed ly the Constitution tj the accusers and to the accused. And we ask, what member of the House, what member of a committee, will acknowledge that he shrinks from or evades a high, imperative, sworn duty because it is somewhat difficult of performance ? The Pennsylvania Senatorial Election.? Up to 12 m. yesterday, the politicians around the Capitol seemed unusually unconccrned wi;h reference to the probable result of the struggle whioh all knew was to come off ere nightfall, at Harrisburg. But with the receipt of despatches by the opposition calculating strongly on the election of General Cameron, and others by the Democrats, admitting the pos sibility it not probability of that result, excite ment arose suoh ns we have rarely seen sur passed in the purlieus of that building. When it was announced that General Cameron had actually been elected there were no bounds to the exultation of the opposition, or to the vehe ment manifestations of chagrin on the part of most of the Democrats, who could find no words too severe to be applied to theso of their nomi nal friends who failed to aland by the action of the Democratic party caucus We will not conceal the fact, however, that some of the Democrats appeared scarcely lees pleased with the defeat of Col. Forney, than his polit cal opponents. Their hostility to hia eleotion was on personal grounds. He la beaten?and in his stead the nominally democratic legia. I it lire of Pennsylvania have elected an indi vidual who, in 1854, in answer to the Kirkpat> ri.k letter, pledged himself to every ultra positiou of the Republican party upon the slavery question, and. since, hat (to the pub lie) consistently maintained those pledges ; 1* never before in the course of a very long pub lic life having remained a? long consistent in political position in any other connection. The result of the bolt at Harrisburg sends to the Senate for aix years a man of great shrewd ness and energy of character, now as emphat ically involved in the war on the rights of the Siulh under the constitutes, as Mr. Reward or Mr. Sumner. The contrary positions and ?ruly consistent conduct of the Democratic nominee upon the sectional question renders the result of this election a very unfortunate one, indeed It was brought about by the influence of secret affiliation with Know-Kothingism, be yond all question Henry D. Foster, cf West moreland, whose friends openly held out against the nomineo of their party's caucus, had been a great favorite with the Know Nothings. Indeed, they were his supporters; though he had cautiously avoided joining their lodges. He has sympathised with them, and they with him, for two yean past. Mott if not all of thoae who stood out in his favor bad been members cf Know-Nothing lodges. Three nominal Democrats, all of whom are said to have been Know Nothings, (if not all Know Nothings now,) voted directly for Gen Cameron. Via: Messrs. Menar of York, and Waggonseller and Lebo of Scbujlkill, the two last having actually voted for Col. Forney in the caucus! One moral to be drawn frcm this result is, the folly of Demo crats when they elect to such places persons notoriously sympathixing with Know-Nothing isra. Tie truth is, with those men reaJy to sell oat their principles on the first convenient moment, the Democrats were really in a mi nority iu the Legislature of Pennsylvania; and it would have been far better for the future of the Democratic cause in t'ue State, if the party in their respective districts had permitted avowed Republicans and Know Nothings to have been elected to the Legislature in their stead. It is to be hoped that Democratic constituencies everywhere will profit by the lesson which this Pennsylvania Senatorial ?lection conveys. The Great Souther* Mail Boute ?It will be recollected that when arguing in favor of the transfer of the Great Southern Mail from the river (Potomac) route to the land (Orange and Central Railroads) route, when that policy with reference to it was determined on by the Post Office Department, we took occa sion to urge the fact that it involved an inaur ance against the interminable difficulties and troubles interfering with the prompt and reg ular transportation cf the great mail of the oountry at such a season a< the preaent. The Alexandria Gazette of yesterday, in noticing the ceaaation of navigation on the Potomac, bears out our anticipations alluded ti above, to the letter, sayirg : 14 The wisdom, indeed the necesaity, of hav ing the great Northern and Southern mails cnuveyed by railroad, is now apparent to all. Were they now, as formerly, carried by river, we should have had no mails for more than a week, from either the North or South, whereas we now have them regularly?there only hav ir.g been one or two failures during the winter. The Aquia Creek steamer, on Saturday, at tempted to make her way from Washington down, but was unable to get through the ioe, and was eompolled to return. Kvery exertion was made to proceed, but the ice had become ?o thick, and in aome instances, banked up, that it became an impossibility In thia con nection, we should atate for the benefit of traveler*, and thoae who desire that the mail tboald be again tranaferred to the old route, tbat the trains on the Orange and Central roads did not atop running at night when the night mail was ordered to be suspended, but have been continued regularly every ulgbt and day ; the company not being able, had they desired it, to atop running the niaht '-ram on account of the amount of travel. I Gea Houston. - Wo are informed by thif I distinguished gentleman that >he stories float ing in the press of the Southwest just Dor charging him with having said that the Amer ican (Know Nothing-Eo ) party mast be merged in either the Democratic or Republi can party, has no foundation in truth. The idea of the propriety of the disbaudment or dissolution of the politioal orgarijation with wkicfc he is affiliated has not entered his mind. The Hons* Investigating Committee were ?gain in session this morning. It is said that t^ey examined H J, Raymond, editor of the New York Times, (who is now at the National in this city,) the Hon. Messrs. Paine, Edwards and others. They sit with closed doors, and will, as far as possible, keep their proceeding? from the public until they may be formally reported to the House Andrew Johnson ?This distinguished man, now the Governor of Tennessee, is at present in this city, at the international Hotel., His long former connection with national public affairs gave him a host of personal friends at this point, all of whom will be glad to learn that he looks as well, as vigorous and ener getic as ever, in old times. The President's Reception ?The Presi dent gives the first public evening reception at the Exocutive Mansion on Friday evening next It will be remembered that these re ceptions begin at eight and conclude at ten o'olock. The English Mission.?According to a Lon don correspondent of the New York Evening Post, Mr. Villiers has declined the English Mission to Washington, and Lord Elgin will probably como hither in his stead. Court of Claims.?On Monday, 8. G. George, of Va-alia, Tulare county, California, was appointed commissioner to take testimony, i Judge Blackford delivered the opinion of the court in the case of Hanway Holgate, on the facts Favorable bill ordered to be re I ported, allowing the claimant the sum of 5996 ol, being a part of the amount claimed. On that part respecting whish the opinion was adverse a reargument was orderod. Judge Soarburgh delivered the opinion of the court on the facts in the case of Wm H Russet Favorable bill ordered to be reported. Judge Scarburgh also delivered the favor able opinion of the court in the following cases vs. 1 he United States?Judge Blackford dis senting in each?via : Thomas EVjlintin and Joseph B3ttelle, allow -ng claimant $1,158 40; A Atkins, allowing 5.>00; A. Munson. Rollins k Co.. allowing wl l94.' A.yner k Co-' allowing $408; John MioheJ, Allowing $381; George W. Wale.- al lowing $3,394; T. B Wale-. A Co, allowing 9i,002; Samuel J. Way, allowing $171; Stan wood A Reed, allowin* $1 444; J. D. A M Williams, allowing $1,965; Udolpho Wolfe, al lowing 5299; Wclfe A Co, allowing S31I Daniel Wood, allowing 52.103. Joshnp Mandiville 4 Co. In this case testi mony was ordered. In the case of Nathaniel Williams. Mr. Blair* the Solicitor, presented his argument The counsel for the claimant declining to ar gue tie case, it was thereupon ?ubmitted Cadwalader Wallaee. Mr. Vinton opened the argument in this case, and before con cluding the court adjourned. On Tuesday, (yesterday,) testimony was or* dcred in the case of Thomas Ewing, jr Judgo Blackford delivered his' dissenticx opinion in the case of Minge, Ellicott A Co. Mr. \ inton resumed and concluded his open ing argument in the case of Cadwalader Wal Bl*ir, the Solicitor, replied, air \ inton closed the argument, and the ca?e was submitted. Adjourned. Supreme Court.?Yesterday?No 33. Wes ley Williams, garnishee of Edward F. Mahone. plaintiff in error, ti Hill, McLean and Co, In error to the District Court of the United States for the middlo district of Alabama. Mr Justice Campbell delivered the opinion of the Court, affirming the judgment of the said District Court in this cau3e, with costs and interest. No 28 Jean Louif Prevost. plaintiff ia error, vs t/has. E. Grenaux, Treasurer of tho State of Louisiana. In error to the Supreme Court of the State of Louisiana Mr Chief Justice Taney delivered tho opinion of the Court, af firming the judgment of the said Supreme Court in this cause, with costs No 44 John Bell, plaintiff in error, vs. Columbus C Hearno et al. The argument of this cause was concludcd by Mr. R. Johnson for the plaintiff in error. ifo. Kb John Brown, plaintiff in error, vs. Duchesne. This cause wai argued by Mr. Austin for the defendant in error, and submitted ^n a printed argument by Mr. R. . Dana, jr , for the plaintiff in error. Ad journed. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, 13th of January, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of Stocka.... 512,242 29 For the Treasury Department... 024 00 For the Interior Department 3,114 96 For Customs 18 402 3$ war warrants received and en tered...... 11,495 00 rrom miscellaneous sources...... C24 00 From Customs jy 375 03 On account of the 21avy......... 4,500 00 CONOR ESS ION A L PROCEED IN OS. In THE Senate, yesterday, after wo went to press, the bill for the relief of Mary Reeside was debated until a late hour, when, on mo tion of Mr. Bayard, it was amended by strik ing out the words "witti interest thereen from the 6th December, 1841"?yeas 22, nays 20? as thus amended it wae then passed ; and the Senate adjourned. In the House, at the conclusion of the speech of Mr. Bingham, the annual message and accompany documents were committed and ordered to be printed. Going next into Committee (Mr. H. Manhall of Kentucky, in the chair,) the Tariff bill was taken up. and speeches were delivered by Mr Campbell of Ohio, on the bill before them, and Mr. Bowie on general politics, ere the Commit* tee rose, and the House adjourned. Proceedings of To.Day. In the Senate, tc-day, the Military (West Point) Academy appropriation bill was passed. Mr Foster moved to reconsider the vote by which the Senate had on the day before en acted the bill for the relief of Mary Reeside ; which said motion wa3 duly entered on the journal. After the transaction of some morning hour business, tbeepecial order, the pending Rev olutionary claims bill was taken up. and Mr Clay was addre^ing the Senate as the Stur went te press. In the House, various bills were introduced and referred, and reports were made and com. mitted, during the morning hours, none of them having so far reachcd a position in which they are of interest to the public. The House ??ere engaged in the traLsuction of this busi ness when the Star went to press Mrs Myra Clarke Gaines has instituted another suit in the United States Circuit Court of Louisiana, against the city of New Orleans, H E Lamyre, Charles Hopkins, Dom ingo Laurta, and L. Lalland Ferrier, claiming forty ari>cnta of land and a number of lots, all located in thecity, and which defendants hold in potseseion, and are now the reputed owners. Recent letters from Liberia represent the suffering from scarcity of food, especially in . mou county, to be veiy great The Board tinnt?!,*e" k New York State Colonisa tion Society have directed an appeal to the K?? ben#?0,?*. tor contributions on poor people, A vessel is now toulf ii r r V? Vork' "faith offers to take freight free for this object. PER>0H4L ( .... Col. Fremont is preparing a revised edi tion of his explorations I .... B U. Mussy, a we'll known publisher or Boi^'n, died in that city on Monday. { ....One of the most prominent Israelite! in New York, Samton Simson, died on Wed nesday last ....T D Rise, the "Jim Crow" delineator, was slang-shotted end robbed in New York, Friday night, of 970. ....A correspondent of the N. 0. Delta, writing from Haven a on the 1st inst , say a : 441 am sorry to add, that the health of Dr. Kane, who is stopping at Mr*. Almy's, is eo rery bad, that strangers are not permitted to see him. I am told there are but slight hopea of his recovery." ....Oar English exchanges announce the death of Mr Hugh Miller, the well-known writer on geology and editor of the Witness newspaper. M*. Miller had been found lying dead on the fl >or of his bedroom, shot through the heart with a pistol bullet That he died by his own hand there seems to be no doubt, but tho circumstances under which the mel ancholy event happened do not lead to the supposition that his death was an aot of inten tional suicide. For sometime put ho had been in the habit of bating a loaded revolver in his room,?an attempt having been made lately o break into his museum. .... It is seldom that a case of such contin ued prosperity can be chronicled in the histo ry or any mercantile firm as in that of the Mesirs. Howland A Aspinwall. noticed by one of our cotemporaries. About thirty years ago the commercial firm ofG. E. A S S Howland was formed in New York citv. They were en gaged principally in the West India Trade Ten years afterwards the partners retired from business, wealthy, leaving behind, as special partners, f200 000 for their successors, Messrs. Howland & Aspinwall. A few yeari further on, and the members of this firm also

retired, leaving the same amount, as special partners, to a junior Messrs. Howland & As pinwall; and recently, these latter have, too, retired, leaving 5200,000 for still younger members of the same name and atyle of firm. The American Mission Declined bv Me. Yillier*.?Ihe New York Post learn) from a friend in London, who is likely to be well ' informed upon the subject, that Hon. Mr. Vi! liershas declined the appointment as minister to Wasbington. The correspondent writes: '? Villiers had the Amerioan mission offered him and was on the pointof accepting it The pay was raised to ?5,000 to induce him U> take it, and all the cabinet urged it on him with tho exception of his brother, Lord Clarendon, who advised bim to decline I don't understand this; it would seem as if Lord C did not an ticipate that affairs would move on as smoothly us all anticipate." Tbo correspondent adds : "Tho Prusso-Swiss affairs look bad. The 1 impression here is that there is a plan to par- I tition thi country, in which the ingrate Louis 1 Napoleon joins. I think, however, it will en-1 in compelling the Swiss to abrogate their con stitution ef '4a, and go back to that imposed upon thorn in '15. I am told that Fay is ao- ' tive in urging the S*iss to submit to the de- ' mind* of Prussia, which is nbt unlikely, con- . sidering his antecedents. If true, I vote for taking his scalp with a rusty knife." We find the following io the posteoript of the correspondent's letter: 44 Lord Elgin is moat likely to get the Amer ioan appointment. Some one will go out soon." Death or 14 Country Thompson." ? Tbe Baltimore Sun of this morning says: *'Last night, at 11 o'olock, we called at the residence of this man, known as 4-Coun'ry Thompson." and found him in the article of death. Ihe attending physician, Dr. Bussey, did not ex pect him to survive more than an hour or so. From this gentleman we learn that ruaois current yesterday that Thompson had been j poisoned are without foundation, there being ' no indications to warrant such a suspicion. ' The probability with the physicians is that a small biool vessel was ruptured io tbe brain upon the first attack of vomiting, coma imme- , diately supervening The real cause of his sudden prostration can only be determined by I a post mortem examination in tbe event of his death. Since the abovo was written, we have re ceived information that Thompson expired at tbirtj-fivo minutes past twelve o'clock 1 ty Buchanan's official majority in Tennes see is 7,4S7. t^A bill has been introduced io the Leg's iature of North Carolina to admit negro testi mony in cases where persons are tried for ex-, citing insurrection. A Mammoth Scheme.?The New York Her ald says, a scheme is on foot to fuse the two great Railroads in New York?the Central and Erie, each built at a cost of forty millions Tben it is proposed to increase their stock to one hundred millions, to obtain the Hudson River Railroad, and finally purchase the Erie Canal and its branches, which cost forty mil lions This done, tbo Herald believes that State will be a3 much under the control of this vast corporation as New Jersey is under the control of the Camden and Amboy Railroad. VST The Norlandsposton, of Stockholm, says: " The which we reoeive from Lapland is very deplorable. Tbo severe cold which prevailed in the month of August destroved nearly all the orops, which ia an ir remediable misfortune there, where there are no means of communication. The Laplanders arwin great alarm, foroseeing a famine in tbe winter. The temperature in Lapland presen ted most extraordinary variations this year, revere cold having prevailed in July and Au gust, whereas September and tbo beginning of October were as warm as summer." ur a frog supper was given at Boston, on Tburs lay evening last, by a distinguished ban vivant,to a few friends. Tho 4' game" was of his own procuring, and of tbe right kind? having a pond manor of the same near Chel sea The frog business is becoming one of importance, and as many as 1 000 fat green hiaers are procured a day by good sportsmen. They sell for S2 50 per hundred; and when they bocomo known as a table delicacy they will command a still higher price No taste has to be cultivated to enjoy them, says tho Boston Times, when properly eooked. Rough Faces ANn Chapped Hands are the natural accompaniments of wintry weather. To remove these Fontaines' Cream of Wild Flowers is the most desirable article in use. It is a complete substitute for soap, and for cleaning teeth, giving sweetness to the breath, or softness and delicacy to the hand3, ladies will find it equally valuable. Sold by the agents, druggists and fancy stores. A Beautiful Complexion may easily be acquired by using the 41 Balm of a Thousand Flowers." It will remove fan, pimples, and freckles from the skin, leaving it of a soft and roseate hue. Wet a towel, pour on two or three drops, and wash the face night and morning. For sale at Shillington'e, agent for Washington, and all druggists. Burnett's Oriental Tooth Wash ?This Elixir for the Teeth and Gums combines, in a concentrated form, the most desirable cleans ing and astringent properties, at the same time it contains nothing whieh can possibly injure the most sensitive and delicate organi zation. It arrests decay of the teeth. It cures canker in the mouth It acts as a detergent after smoking. | It renders the gums hard and healthy. It neutralises the offensive secretions cf the mouth. It imparts to the breath a fragrance pecu liarly aromatio and pleasant. It has reoeived the sanction and patronage of the most eminent of tbe dental and medi eal faculty. Prepared only by Joseph Bubnstt A Co., 41 Tremont street, Boston, and for sale by all Druggists. kSMITR90N!AN MATURES -Tkla WEDNESDAY EVENING? j?1 *!? will gl?? a Lecturejthe last of Us'conrse) en Entomology connected with Agriculture " u ,L?m?K OUT FOR THE MBRRY BACH KLOR8-They give their ?n?u al Ball at the Odd Fellows' Hall, Navv Yard oa the 99th January, 18?7 Particular* la future advertisement Jan 14-3; LELIGIOU8 NOTICE.?THE D18. clples will hold a meeting In the Con tr*Rational Church, (old Trinity) oa 5th stree*, com mend off on FRIDAY NIGHT, the lfthlnst., ?tr* o'clock. Flders Challen. of phlladepklr; Oo??. Coleman, and Pettigroe, of Va., and Dr. Barclay, late Missionary to Jeni?alem, will be la i The public are cordially Invited. JW* I%^|w M MONTGOMERY GUARDS, ATTEN TION ?You are hereby notltfel to attend * meeting of the Company on THURSDAY EVENING, the 1& last , ror the election of commissioned and non-com missioned officers of the Company, and to make farther arrangements for the Ball, which will take place on TUESDAY EVENING, the 3d of February, 1857, at the Assembly Rooms. By order of Capt. Kay: ?-3t THQ8- McENIRY, Sec. ?-^S?COTILLON PARTY?THE Fcurth Cotillon Party of the Northern Liber tu iToX> W"1 take Pl?ce at their ball, on THURSDAV , the lith instant. Hv orlrr of fanli 3t* COM ?F ARRANGEMENTS. _ _ ^PHILADELPHIA CAKE AT PHILA delphla prices, at the Philadelphia Ice Cream Depot, corner of l*th and F streets. ^Ice Cream 81,50 per gallon jan 10-lrr.* ,FINE EXHIBITION OF PAINT ? ING8.?The Ladles or Washington are respectfully lnvitel to view the large ard splen did collection of Paintings, by masters of tue old and moderen scho >ls. now exhibiting at Iron Hall. The Hall is comfortably warmed and brilliantly lighted every night, and is one of the most agree able places of resort nrw open In Washington Open from 9 o'clock a m to 9 p m. Admission free The Paintings will be sold at Au*tioa, by C W Bcteler, Auctioneer, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, January 14th, commencing at6w o c!ock- Ian If-U _ _^WHAT WE WANT THE PEOPLE TO KNOW \-ho vs r S FURN ihhed?We want Housekeepers and thow about to commence Housekeeping t? bear In mind thut tha llrst. second, third and fourth rooms of cur large and spacious warehouse ar* filled to their utmo*t capacity with every description of CABINET FURNITURE and House-furnl?b lng Goods generally, to which we respectfully Invite 'he attention of those In want of barpalns Houses furnished throughout with every article In the housekeeping line vibt cheap roa ca?h, or to punctual dealers at the usual credit Call at tte " Housixasf br's Emfobi**" and examine our stock before purchasing. Our motto is? <? Quick saltt and small pro am.?? , . _ BONTZ A COOMBS, di'C. l-3m 7th street, between I and k. TOST. DURING LAST WEEK, AN OVAL ? Corneleaa SEAL, Inscribed with rumerms Hebrew characters 'lhe finder will be n warded by leaving it at ihc Star Olflce. jan 14-Si* W?. MKTZEHOTT HAH NUvToN ? hand four ?eccnd-hard Pianos . " Im Two for 850. one for ?75 end one fcrTT a f r 8100 Also a large stock of New Piano* at ti e lowest factory prices. Music Depot, corner llth street and Pean. ave. Jan 14 J CC7 AMERICAN ALMANAC-BOS ? ton-and repository of uWul knowl edge. The 28th y*ar of Its publication Con taining all the Important Statistical and Political Information of the coun'ry For sa e In Wash ington by TAYLOR A MOJRY, J*P 14 Bockuore, neir 9 h rtree*. tjTRAYED OR &TOLBN?A SMALL 8ET ^ TER SLUT about four months old, w- ? _> answering to the name of Flora She-?^*^K has yellow eirs and curly white bod v. and i*i' She is somewhat flea bitten about the feet. She strayed or was taken from Thomson A Reese's Restaurant 01 Monday. A sui'abl* icward will ba given for Its return to 53i Peaa. ave. jan 14-3 Rectifying Establishment. THE UNDERSIGNED TAKE 4 TH?S method of li forming liquor dealers that ue has fltted up a RECTIFYING ESTABLISH MENT in this citv. and la now prepaid to sup ply ail those who ruav favor him w!?h their cus tom. He has on ha^d a large Moca of H andles Gin, Wines, and Old WhlSkeys, which he rail sell at as low a figure as they cai be purchased for either la Baltimore or Philadelphia. N B. The subscriber has also on hand, a large lot of Foreign and Domestic Cigar* PETER FEGAN, Jan 14 8m* N a 95 La ave , near loth st. BIVALVES. Now that tiroes are eo dull, and living so high Pray, what shall I do. and wnat shall I buy f Why husband, your mean*?your small earnings foster, * Eschew Butcher's ixeit, and live on the Opsttr But, where shall I get them when the Potomac is closed. And stern winter with Lis frosts, and his snows ' Ah ! never mind, that tho' he should storm like a Farv, You'll always Ind them atJSc/kwafss'a f Drury. Rood too, and/rut, tho? brought from alkr. For so you may read each day in the ?' tar " So come take my arm. we'll walk up and see, At 1?9 Eleventh street, one door above E jan 14-303: A Lt'HOHOL, t'ANPHEflK, ETHER 1AL a* Oil, Lamps. Ac Also, Artists' Materials and Brushef. The trade supplied at lowest market prices by HOWELL A MORSELL, Jan 13 No 3?3Cit bet. 6thacd7lk. rpHK AMERICAN ALMANAC PGR 1S47 A a political, statistical, inanclal, commrcial, historical, and sclentiic hand-book of the past year. "Surpassing in comprehensiveness and value any similar comoend in the world "?Nat Int Tfclsday received?price 8N postage 10c. _J?n 13 franck Taylor. v* nshlngten Veterinary Infirmary, IFOR HORSES, LOOS, 953 D st bet. 13* and 14tb sts.. south of Pa ave . JNO GREYSON, PROPRIETOR, Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeon*, London. 117" Horses examined as tosoundneas, Ac j*nl3-lm ' r^ENTLEHEN'S DRESS AND B LSI - va ness Clothing ready-made, at low prices, or made to order at much cheaper rates than the u#ual city prices. WALL A STEPHENS, ?? ., a< aveaue< between 9th and 10th sts. Jan 13-Jt Hnt, News) CARD. ~ " ISAAC HERZBERG, * ? . mtn?lf.BNSSD pawnbroker, V\ 111 loan <10,000 in turns to iuit. on any articles of value No 429 Pennsylvania avenue, betwf en 3i and 4 ttreets. Jan 7-e<Sin* CALHOUN WH18EY! SU BSCRI |^ALHOUN WHISKY ?THE SUBSC bers have been appointed ngents for the sale of this celebrated WHISKY. It is packed in quart bottles, in cases of one dozen each. It is very eld and oily, ?nd only needs to be tried to be appreciated by all lovers of a really puie and good article. For sale by SAM. BACON A CO , jan 13?gt 319, cor. Pa. ave. and 7th street BOTE' WINTER CLOTHING, of every desarlption, very cheap, at WALL A STEPHENS', 322 Pa avenue, between 9th and 10th sts. Jan 13 3t (Int,News) eyes and ears. Dh VAN MOSCHZI8KEK, OCULIST avu aurist, of Baltimore, who Is now on a southern tour, will retnala for a week In this cltv. He has rooin< at the NATIONAL HOTEL, (Guy A Briggs',) corner of Pennsylvania avenue and t>tU street, where he can be consulted on ALL DISEASES OF THE EVE AND EAR. from l)i. m, un'U 3* p m., dally Visitors can pa-s through the Ladies entrance of the Hotel to the Do*tor'? ofice ARTIFICIAL eyes INSERTBV. GLASSES.?Dr. the only agent in the Union for Chevaliers and Dubois, of Paris, best Glasses He has a tin-assortment of them, and will suit the for .is ef both eyes with their Glaives after accurate examination of them by means of Chevaliers' Ophthametor jan lt-lw T**V?LIN? AND FAC'EINMTKONES. E Hat Boxes, Vallces, Carpet Bags, Satchels, assortment |u?t received, which we are selling very cheap ^ _ WALL A STEPHENS, 3*1 Pa avenue, between 9th and 10th ?ts. 13-3t (Int,News) /1AED AMD OTHER ENflRAVIRU. ^ We are prepared to execute Is the beat mea ner every deacriptlon of engraving, Including the catting of Ainu , Crests, Motto?*, Ac , on stone Card printing promptly done. M W GALT A BRO., Jewellers, 324 Pern avenue, between 9th jan 13-91 and loth streets. Amusements Penny Morant'i Katiooi! Theatre. Mias Pa>T Mmi?.?.LWMt mi Direct rata ?< IT DOBS PA\ " Groat Success of the aaew? A ???-? can Cornet THIS KVRNINB, Third time In this city of original Am?ricaa Comedv, written by Mrs Sldaev Fraccas Bile bmb, entitled I B L r ! la whlahtkefOUowiag artistes will appear -M*. Jeha Owens. Mr S W Glenn, Mr S E. Browne, Mr. C Loveday. (kit ftm appearai at thla theatre.) Mr* Mellnda Jones. Mrs J at tblsfhaatre,) Mrs Mellnda Jones, tfrsJB Phillips, MIm EUeo Moraat, Mlaa Mary Carr, and outer members of thla talented compeny To conclude with the laughable farce of lUIHIR AND CRASH Eft. UPTIME ALTERED: Doors opened at ? %; curtain rises at # poet 7 o clock Washington Circus and Amj>ilbrelre. Corner of lereatli Street aad the Areaae. SPECIAL NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. In consequence of nltermtlona making for the convenience and comfort of the audience, the Manager respectfully announces to the public, that this establishment will be closed for a few days, when It will be made the Warm* $t amd most remfortmbl* Plmtt cf mtut ia ike City. It will unpen on FRIDAY mad SAT?JKDaV, Jan. I6aad 17, Botli AFTERNOONS and NIGHTS, witn the grates: UALA1Y O P EQUKSTHIAN TALI11 ever p escnted in this city. On which occasion the celebrated Gymnart, HERK TON IClh, will perform bis aatoundlug ASCENSION ON THE SPlHAL COLUMN. As performed before the Emperor Aliunde: oa the occasion of his CarnaUun at Moscow jin 12-41 Wants. A T1TANTED?B Y A MIDDLE-ABED WO VV inan, a Situation aa Nuree aad feamstrws Sh? understand- her bualne?s well, aad can come well recommitted WANTED?A GIRL ABOUT 14 YEARS of age, to Nurse. Apply at No 481 1t);h street, be-ween D and E streets, near Mc^u're's A.ittion Store. J&n 14-Jt* WANT ED-AN INDIVIDUAL, WITH capl'nl, to take an interest In a valuable in vrntlm. (Kulrotd Car Courier, liprorounced by jad??*s ihe beat now bslcre the public An Inter. ? cw can be had with th? inventor hy cal' np at T. G. Clayton's Patent Agency om,e, 43# ?th s'.'-'-t, where the mode', can be rem it* s ? HICkCK, Ir.venter UTANTED?A WELi< QUALIFIED OVS ter Sucker at the kubfcibrr l-'er fartaer information apply at J HOI' LAN tiLK'C, on t? s*rt-<*t, bttween 17thand lrtb streets, ae>rths War It? artinent jtn 14 3t ArOOK WANTED ?AN AMERICAN OR German Woman. On? who enderstardaher b'lslce**, and c?n coirewell reccicmt i ded mav apply at once, at No 3V7 I3th atuet, between G and II. _ j*a 13 4t* TTTANTED.?A COOK, OR A WOMAN, VV who can make herself oene^lly u ?^ul, cat heir rf a comfortable situation by applyirg at No IIC Wh atreet, betw? en m and I a ?l?ve wo min wriniA be p*efemd jia 13-7t YOUNG LADY, LATE FROM PARIS, who baa b?>en educated by srw.c of the heal prof?*, and i? competent rf toasting the French language, together with Vm-lc and "ieg Intr, Ac , Ac , wishes a Hltuarlon ?a Coverse** in a respectable family. or to alee French l.e*?ons Please address 4V'? 13th street jan I3-H* WANTED?A YOUTH OF FROM 16 TO 16 vetrs of age, to atend In mv office. To one competent, writing a '_'ood hand, ajd a ho can come well recommenced, a avrable oppor tunity 1? rffe ed to acquire a general know edge of business, Introductory ton profea?ion. Apply ?t the office cf CHARLES De SELDlNtt. No. 3U7 Seventh street. jan 13-3(? WANTED - A YOUNG MAN AS SALES man In a Diy 6oods Store One acquainted with tie business preferred. Appv at .v'o 294 Penn avenue. Jan 13-*t? ftOLORED SERVANTS?v\ ANTED BY A a family in Washington, two good Servant* One as Cook, and ?ne as general help. Must cc me thoroughly recommended for boemtr and brhavior To such a good place will he given. Apply, by note, to Box 301 Port Office, with lei ertnoe jan ll tf PROFITABLE ANI> HONORAULL EM PLOYMENT FOR THE WINTER -Per sscs in town or country in &earch of emplovmeni aa a scurce of lacome. or to ftll up their leisure hours, may near of su h by enc oding two stRmpa, to pay postage, to Professor J AMES T HORNE, Box No 4.S51 New York Poat OAce. The em ployment is fitted to either sex?nation m ll)e Im material. it is an article cf dally consumption, ?nd can be manufactured tn any person's dwei Un?; secured hycopyrloht; sales ss perman*at s? flour. An agent is wanted in ever? town la the Unioh. jan 13-lm House wanted-wanted to pur chase. for a prlv te residence, a good Brick or Stone House, in Wa-htntton, with at least 9or 1? Rooms Persons wishing to sell will fleaae address the undersigned through the Star I Ace, giving lrcat'on and price. Jan li-tf PALU3 VAVER. Arespecable youno person wishes a situation ss None. Phe can bring satisfactory recc mm ends '.ions. Address Rox 14 at this tfllco jan 3 Wanted.?tbe highest prices oald in cash for Old SUeer, at HOOD'S Sil ver Ware Manufactorv, 316 Penn avenne, near ?th street dec Sti WAN TED?PERSONS DESIRING TO give prrvate dinner parties cen be supplied with a first class French Cook at ft* for his servl. i. on application at GAUTIER'* RESTAU RANT, 'Hi Penn avenue, between l*th and 11th streets. dec * A Boarding. T THE RINGGOLD HOUSE, NO 4 ?, ?, corner of 9th and H streets, firu-class Board can be secured, with or without Rooms, be Im mediate application. The altuatlon is one uf the most healtt>y, central, and desirable, being near the Patent and I'oet Offices Rooms are large ana newly furnlahed. jinfc-?iA Board. ? gentle.mhn desiring Hoard can find very comfortable accomm-Mix tions atHul Penn^ytvanla avenue, betw?en ?tb and lUth streets, over Mr. R-.denov.r's Confection eiy. dec 30 lm Board, Ac ?mks. bates, on thes w corner of Pennsyivanla avenne and tKh s tree I is prepared tn tccomm^d te gentlemen with roomu with or without b^ard Every effort will be made to render thoee comfurtai...e who may fever her with their patronage. Transient or table b<v.r? oan be obtalued. ap a-tf ft a iui<? LOVERS OF tiOOD OYSTERS !J WE CALL YOUR SPECIAL ATTENTION to the qualit) of the Oys'ers we, now .'?? on hand, believing them to; be far superior to any now in tbe city, and lndejd, as good aswegetwh^-n navigation Is open; E.nd,in fact, fresher, as we take them out of the water the day previous to aale Try thim SCHWAR7E A DRURY, jan li-eo3t 46911th at. ad door above E. Naw YoRK.aeth December, Dear sir:?in answer to your order received a few days since, we have thla day shipped to you one of our ftnest ftnlahen, sweetest tooed Pianos This beautiful instru ment is full seveu octaves, serpen, ice mouldings, and octagen carvtd leva, acd manufactured front the bast ma erlala, ana the rosewood part cannot be surpassed We ukegrent pleuure in warrant lag and g't&rantfrlng this Flano to you, and have no doubt \ou will meet with ready aate fbr It. Vouri truly, A A H.GaxhlsACo. Third avenue. To John F. Ellis, Washington, D. C. This magnificent Piuno. one of tbe test prettiest ever sent scutb from this celebrated e? - tabllahmeat, Is now on free exhibition at our store and will be sold up.<n rettst nable terror. Also on band, the largest stock In lUfc e\ of Pianos from Hailet Devlsft Co., Boston; Mason A Hamlin's Melodeons, and all kinds w Mustral Instruments. Old Planoa taken la exchaaga for uew JOHN K. ELLIS. jan lg-lw JQfi Pa ave., retr loth at HEHOVAJ*. SAMUEL CHILTON, ATTORNEY AT LA W. Ac , has removed hit office to the base ment of the house of Johraoa Heller., to the corner of Sth street and I<oulslaaa avenue dec 39-lm* FINE PORTEMONAIES. CARD CASES Papier Mac he, and Pearl Orr.ameata, at Jan ? H J. McLAUtiHLIN ?QO"> Door matb. bird cages, and babr caahSAf er than any p ace in the city )as3 B. J. MaLAUGHLIN k OO