Newspaper of Evening Star, January 14, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 14, 1857 Page 4
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c VEN ING STAK. RUB OR RUST *1 IBB<CR71S g!.l.T07T. Id e>r. why lie down to d.e ? Beiter tub that rn?t Bark ? tbe lark sings la tbe akv ? *4 Die when die thy mu*t' Dav H u sfclng, leave* are ihaklrg, Better rab thaa rust " la tfce ?ia*e there'* ?ieep enough ? Better rnb than rust D^atfc perhape la hunger proof, l)le when die :hou must: Mm are mowing. breeze# blowing, Better nib than rust. He who wiii not work shall want, Naught for naught la jojI? \\ oa't do, trust do. whim he can't, Better ?ib than rust ?te? are d .Ing. ?lotb la dying, Be.lex rtb than rust. A Strosg Kiss ?Tennyson, in hia poem of "Patiom," relate* the strcaire'i oa<e of auc tion within our knowlclge at present. Speak ing of a lover a k\*$, he saya, or rathar?be '?Lart nigh! wfc' p. some one *pok? his nen?->, From rov swept blood that went and rams, A thousand little ?baf.? of Ana* Were ib'.vmd la my carrow frame U,lo*e I), flrc! Onw Lfldtew, 1th ?ce !*Ofc' k!s?, my whole soul th: vu^h .My Hps, as a?'-nl!gti; drlnketh drw " Ihat'a the strocgen ?isa we ever read abuut and throws the 'p?vr tnau s piaster" coin pletely In tbe shade Pbmraa' what a >ac* tion the fellow bad. DisrvRiAXCB M BU.E ? A lawio^j ,ot break of a very tingalar <*hara??cr occurred in Mobile on tbe evening of the l!tir>?tant. The paper* of that are at variance as to whetbsr politicil feeling had anything to do with u or not; hut it appear a *r<?wi of men aMembled alter r.ig'at in the vi icity of the Mayor'a resilience, and iu consideration of tbe faet that tbo ottioer haddi?ini*seJ ail the chief police in tbe morning and forbid Jen the firing of squibs in the street*, covered tbe whole ?neighborhood with pack age* of exploding Chi ne'o crackers, Ac., and created an iutnon;e uproar generally, to the seri->u- alarm and annoyance of the M iyor s family, some of whom were lyu:g ill at the time. Ballasck Rom ?Some gen; recently exploring tbo neighborhood of the Chewacia Lime Queries, Russell county, foand a rock of aomo hundre 1 t ins weight so nicely balan ced that it could be moved by tbu band of a child, though no praclical force could be im agined wtich would throw it fr-ui it* base. Its motion w:;s bbout fix incbcs of spice. This curiosity u about two ruiiesfroic Young's, Russell couniy.?Montgomery Journal. AH RIVALS AT THE PKiyr I PAL HOTELS ftaiicnnl Qatel.?-UOY k BRIOAI G Q Thomas Pa M Hsrrlston, ?tn C 15 F tee and, do JO Walsh, Ml W Biaphan, do H C ia.tetr, do M L PiYrv, l'eia-i H HrydenA ly. Si." J W Sla.? n'.on, NY B D Sard ?.?, J J Evans, SC Dr O.-bitn, Md M Adams. Ct l?r Siss.-r, ?la Mlsa Adams, d* 7. tass^r, do O Oonover, DC ? H Berry, do J WUev, I'jAlO 'Jo; i>rio<4. do 1) C Brace, K W Mariner, do Col Kiimre', Md H Swi'x?r, l'a J Jonea, DC H Mltcnell. do Mrs Mitchell, Md ?i 8 Wa*d, Maj:^ A Mil hrll, do !? J Chivej. Tex is W tt H A Dyer, Ct 1M ? Haywood, do T h icfca.c?ot;, L\ V W Rallcrd, do Dr Burytn, Pa A Evans, do J L i?ua>eil, do W D Ander*:d, Va a Campbell, do Dr WJli'jouru. Silse J H Fraxer. NJ O Bans home, NJ ?i Spring Va F sm.ta, NH Dr Pren-l e. R Christie, NY J Marshall. Coi Bothorun, Md J W Cralc, \!d 4fillftr<la* Hotel? J c. .? b . * v. ILli'ii? J L. Pulton, NY J D Brov/n, U J 0 Bradley, va L D Harrower. NT D E Wlatcn 3c lv- Pa .Mrs Harr^'ver dr? N L Andfrson, U t; J Pierson Va XV 9 Jappard, V* ?; R!c .ird' i lv, .>id \V R LtwU, N Y W LC fax, mum* Mrs Lewla, do JC Alwriter A ]v,tN T K S Pnsh, do M(sa !*p*acer, d ? Mrs Frash, do ?? S Price fc ly, pj. Dr W Fl?h, v: LnotiMt. >Ia?? Mr Piah. do Mr Sherr.ll, y W F Joues. Pi Airs ^harr1ll1 Jo G P A Heny, Hon V \\>ed. do R B Bayard, DC Mm v.# derriiw-r, D B Morgan. NY A Hayae .. Ct L T Downea k ly, Kl J H Champllo, do Mr Couvenet. Mv? ?i B Lorlng ?;L? Mitt Convenet, do A J Lewi "do 8 J Newman, N Y Hi.i \V Cr^hA- do W B Lan?wood, do A Camler, U*i? A P Semmfi, Ten D Salmon, p* J (i Mtrrt-,t, Pa *ii?< f-??ni'r, C Loosoy, N Y J C towen, N Y Mrs Gibson, V a Oapt Sterref.. UJ ^ Mlsa Thonpicu, Mb' SIstrl,?r. r, i j , <s C V>ompaon, Md j Kit; eweii, \ia ? C W hart on, V a Dr Bui well, do H Marshall, La Dr J Mlg-'lns do W R Barber, luiy M Levy, ay A M Hall. Ten ti Barker, VI>1 O Moore. N V Sd Hobb'.us. N V ? R Clarke, do J C Lawscn.Md M L Parry, Tex S Flemirlne Va A K Plnman, NJ KBaermoIl, ?d M P Chand'er. do J K Turton. do J A Rowan Md T P Tnrton do J Hhounar, Beat M a Plurr mer. a., TR ^harp A ly. Va M ileaz-n, NJ ? W Uarrlrott, do b !?harpies.- Va W T Pepper, do Mlrkwssd II?uir.-j U.B KlCSWOOD O E W rods Pa Mia* Dua^iitury. Md J Mnan?r, d> -Msx Cra.\f?id. I a S F Jolcs, la vv Mldd^tnn. Md TO'.*eagh,Md .t >i ddleton da R J 11'.iner A friend,do aii??ne?. dr. T A B^J, Va u Hanli. do Ml? Belf. do VV H Shlrlas. Va Hon J t^ewSid. Ua Jnternatioudl lloft i- Pen. aveutu. ?or Johnson, Tenn j J Bta'y, Tean T X Ccx &. fim, C"f \V U Hag*erman. Pa V D Haason. Pa J T Connolly, .Md J T Benaon, NY B J Green, NY J Ha*er, Va L B Duncan, do *i R Draka Mr N G Starkweather, Aid ^ - ?_ 1 - - . .. TH? l>U'KOV!'u MiT? OK TEETH. Da;. LOOM IS, THE INVENTOR AND petectec of 4-LooniU? Ml?.c/rtl "' iT.ii a Taeta," havla^ sioceufully Infrod .ctd fL^Sm| his lmprovctneut Id v.-rloua cltie-, now perir^iLrr.ay tfcUVJshfd hitBMeif iu V. ash lnzu*n. Thlt ldQpn)vemf nt for Seta ct Teeih coni?lata chiefly In ranking a bet of but o&c plt*ce of mate rial, and tL*t indestructible ciiseral. No metal is c?ed !n ?he!r conatructlou, and they tcer** lore free fioui ta.vealc action and int aJic no The;e are no Jolnuto Uioo.iu hl>d with mcl^-ire or pcrtleiescf food, henc*j thev ate putt ar.d cIhuk. Th^y are llifhUr, stirnrer, clunky, aad.ia |L?,ltey^/MiMa ?' iritjkial JiuAs uct wiL; Ending cert in Dentlata. poaka?;ait?lthem, but ti.ey have not Lie right to riiike thvm, do not know h. w Ihey u^d, thar^fore do not ap preciate t*. OMi e od r*makv???in:a a?eniie. !?*tween 11th and l?i aueft? ? two doors below the Klrkwocd Hftuae ^ dec ?1 tl DENTAL ?IK;^UN. Dr H r COSBY, V?NN AVfcNL'B. BE twe? j Sixth at:d streets, m,**sa. at the fiace formerly occ>;,oU>a L-v ur Van Patt??o, na? Just r<ceiv?d a large ?^pi y of art!- ie? pertalai jj to'dentistry and re*pect/n!!v Invltosthe pubilc fo give him a call Having a?-vot?*d }>N whole tline to the pro fession. he 1* perfW>tlr a/e In derlarlnor that he will give entire ?.iti-faction In eve,y ertse The beat professional Mfctetici* can be see* s,t bis of ice no* l^ tMarrb/C* JNsiriTr**? ?t%tks 1 Corsoia?with dliection* cc xn^r.'b n?tv, shlp n>aa?>rsaud aeamea, for the trr.nsGt"Uofi of Con aular >usintk?; embracing the iawj relating to the appc.'ntmeu:, salaries, and duties ct Coasu ar Pupils, Co.^'uls and Co?innertl*i A^fnts, o?clal and raiOkan!*Mi, forms f^r ii?e iraTMctioB ?f Ai consular uoii.ttw. wltii an historical asc^uut otf th? eonouiar from tbe Admt ii? tratlon cf WashlaKtou to ?i?e pres?nt time I rlce ? 90, Ca/i b^ ?*-rit by Rjail P??ft of ti e United s?ai?t< Jo*t pj??u^aed. a***! for sale lr. Waihiagtoa ,tty by .TAYLOR ft 17AURY <tec M- >i-yr Hil'-ru ??b st?*et d,MNL WOOLEN Ca> ViF'?RTsTTi 0 0~J fT F Oj^ra ClaesH, MHa. ^eevW,'(Tiovca *c ' . atao - Lr^ht Ka.icyand Variety Store, No flb b^w?"/-a rfth and s.fc stres s J"t H j MeLAI BCUg ft co VMKfc. LllHiKK f?;k JaNLarv ? ^ l"tb ; toe H af i^it^cmtlnu. d Harptr's a, w ra^r and ail tue V, rekiyn. "? a^>*/!ui a. Ar Jan ? _ Kl'KfilMiN, 7th M Balloons, doll oamk^s, fnurav* ifi^, ia 3 A CO S " Ma?se's Office . f WA?HlWrtTOI?. JBl 7, l"& J Proposal* with bf. rkafived at this otsee op in if o'cl^k M on the ?tb of j Fe->marv re*t, for gmdtng, trimming, curbing. ' and I*>in? tbe Brio* and Flag Fnotwavs and i Paving th* Gutters and Alleys In theFintaod Second W ards of t be city, forming ona district; for tb? Third and Fourth Wards, foimlng tbe j MCoad dlstrist; and the Fifth, Sixth, and ?*?*" enth Wards, forming th* third dlatrlct. (each district to be bid for separately, and te be given I to different contractors,) for the year, commenc- | [ leg tbe first day of April, 1357, agreeabiy to tbe I fouowir.g sp-clflcatlo?: .. . The curbstone ti> be of the best New \ ork river curbitoDf, cr tbe bwt blue rock, In of not less than three feet long, and not leaa than aLxteen Inches wide, ar.d not ie*s than three and a ha f Inches In thicaness, the ipoer surf?ce, or edge, and a sufficient depth taerafrom to receive the bricks to be dres-ed to that tclckness, and set In and well rammed to the proper grade, and the I joints well fitted The brick to ?e of :he beat quality hard red paving brick, to be laid ua a bed of tharp sand, j ?ipiead four Inches deep, on a bed of fne clean gravel, from clay cr loam, three inches deep ; with two courv s ou edge next to the curb and | one course on edge to the inner line where the pavement 1* leas :h;_a the fall w'.dtb. Nu extra measurement for *rlck on adge will be made The stane pavement to be of common quarti, not exceeding four luches In diameter, exc. pt the stone on the outside line cf the gutter *, wlilah mu-t beef six inches in diameter,and laid on a bed of o< ajse aand and clean gravel, free from any ciav or loam, at least nine Inches deep and to be twl ? well rammed tbe second time after being well wet, and after beieg examined (and not be fore) by the Commissioner, lob* oovared wUh an- clean gravd or coarse uind and tbe interation oetweeo the stones wall fl'itd with tlie same ras ter la I Tbe (lagging to U? ef the be*t quality blue rock or guTus cr New Yotk North river tlagging. In places of not le-s than two feet six Inches lor.g by eighteen Inches wide, aud not less than three Inches thick for the bite rock or gneiss, and not less than f ,ur inches thick for the New York North river stone, to be laid dn a bed of fine clean gravel, free from clav or loam or sharp sand, tlx Inches deer, with clo*e joints All grading not exceeding one foot to berated &j i ioiinic^ 1 he wj; to I** done la tiit be-t manner aud to the sitis/a tlon of the Mayor, and to be com menced wltbin tea uays theorder Is given to tbe c ntrartor. and to be completed within tbe time named In tbe order directing it to be done, and warm:!ted to stand twelve months after its completion. Aud upen the failure of ttiec9n tr?< t.>r or contractors to commence ;be work or to complete it within tbe tim? named, or upon bis t r their fjilure to execute the work or tbe mate rials, and In tee manner herein required , t ie Mayor to have the right of employing other per aons to do the same, upon aucn terms as he may deem expedient; in whl^b event toe contractor or contractors so failing ?hal' pay any loss or damage the Corporation may sustain In oon>equence there of Any repairs or raiay'.ig whloh may be required before the expiration of the time for whicn the work a warranted o stand, to be done by the con tractor fr.^e of charge, vsithin live da vs after no - ti.-e from the Commissioner cf Improve meats of the Ward; and upoa failure of any contractor or contractor* to m <a* any repairs, cr to relay ai:y pavement within five dnr.s ^ter uotlce aforesaid, the Mayor is to Lave the' rl^ht of employing any other person or persons to do the same on s*uch terms as h? may deem expedient; In whl> h t vent the c ntiactorcr contractor so fa ling thai! pay any loss or daruag - the Corporation may sustain In con^-queace tuereof. Bidd rs v. ili al -otike uctice that the contractors wll be rfqui'ed to comply strictly with the terms of the caa ract and toe provisions or law. Forthcd'ie performance of the work an 1 the furnishing cf tbe materials as herein required, bond aud sec'irity to toe amount of two thouand dollars will be requind cf the contractors The bidders will stats the rates at which the curbing, paving, and flagging will be executed, including ma.srlals. For setting new curb of New York, North river curbstone, per running foot. For setting new curb of blue ro?k or gneiss, per rttnnlng root F*r laying r.?w brick pavement, per square yard. Per laying new htone pavement, per r-quartt yard. For grading, (whether excavating or tilling,) per cubic yard. For trimming, per running foot For sp-mt ,{u?t -r, foot. For laying d.iwn bine mk flagging, per square foor. For la?ing diwu New Yora North river !iag glng, r>?r -.quare li?jt. fr t r laying 5ve course of brlr.k on ?dge gut tera and alky, per runnlDg foot. And tb ? ra'. ?*? a' which t',e f >lios?lng work,ex clusive or materials, txcept tee gravel and snnrt, which may b^ inquired : Kor letting new curb, including dressing, per roualng foot. For laying new b;!ck (iaveraont, per square ysrd. For taking up a??d reliylng old brick pave ment, per square yard For taking up and rs*?uing o!d curb, per run ning foot. For ta;lng up and rslayinv o-d stone pave ment, fwr tquare yard For tailiii; up ani r?.aying old Qjg footway, per square fcot. No old will be rfct-ilved which does not Include an offsr for ea- h separato item of Work ar.d ma teriah ConfrarMt wl l rot be d^al^nalle. liy la * ite .Mavar is prohibited from awarding contrncts for the above work to any person or per sons who are not praetlca! pavers W B MAbKlUtR, Mayor. j-& : u aw:P,st,y .>i'U)or's Office. / \V Asinxiion, January6,1957 ^ FKOPoh A 1> i .\ W K I 11N b WI LL HK K K cetved at this cdice in to 1*2 o'clock in., ou the 7th d.iy of February next for maKiilif r'umps, H^d'ar.t , I.,-.g-for convevltig Water, and >iok ing Wells, including all necessary mu?'r!als and workmanship, in u^, laying, hxlng. and completing, :n the beat manner, and f. r keeping tbe Mtn.t in perfect repair for constant use. In tee I !rst DUttlct, composed cf th- I- i'?i and Second Wards; and iather*9~oad l?ls rlct, comp >st?d o? tbe'liiirl, lourtbaad t^eventh Wards; an<> in the third District, compwd of tne Fi/ta and S'.tt; \\ ?rd<?. O ach dMrtcr to b." bid f<,r separate lv. c.idtob ^ive.i to diit 'ren: '-ontractors,) for IL?- term t f o:;e >ear, comu.enclng on the 1st d^.y of Apr:l. ISjT. cgrevL-biy to the following specltl catlons. No bid from any but a practical pump ma^er will be considered, and the contractor wi.l be required to conform rigidly. FOR WF.LL?. Wigging a ,?i Walling Welle, Including materials and removing th? dirt, per foot, Unenl The wstls to be four inctien thick, of good hird brick. Cltanlng out Wells, each. Pinkmg Old Wells deeper per foot. Taking out Old Walla and putting in tame, foot. Cares of ei^ht feet length, per foot. Cas?s more than eight feet length, per fbot. Covering New Wells, hicludlng materia'* ; the c.overirbe of bi?#t F.astern ^h<?re Jol?t, not less than three Inches thick laJd double. Favlcg New We if, Including brick and [<ump stone Opening Old Wells, a:td covering Mine witb oid matejlals, en' fc Opening *>Id W^lly r?nd coverlet same with new Umbt:, F 011 PL .\1 PS. Keeping tbe P >mp* In repair, via stopping all Waks, Ac , when it ran >?e done without taking out tbe pump, each. Taking o;U and putting In Old Pumps, per log, ?ach. Making new joints in old logs. New logs p.", in Old Pumr s, per foet. New b.iics and spo.its in Old Pumps, each. I New Pumps, per font Boxes and spcuts for New P imps, each. Copper Chambers for Pumps. The tcp leg cf the Pump to be of tl.e best season ed W hite Oak, ard the remainder of theb**t Yeilow Pine cr White < *ak. FOR HYDRANT1J. Krr-p'.ug the Hydiants In repair, via. stopping all l?Mks. A.c , nil new valves and snouts, repairing the old cues, and repairing the old irons belong ing to then, when It can be done without taking the Hydrant out, each Taking cut Hydrants and putting In same, each. New hvdrants. per foot. 8ponts for Hydrant?, each. ? rat Stones, each. Paioting Pumpt, and Hydrants, each IRON WORK Handles, Axles, Spears, Platee, Htn4* ant} Re pairs. per lb Sp.mta;:d lower Irons for Pumpa, each. New Joints to old f*pears N?w Spout and valre-irons for Hvdranta The wsrk and the materitls to be all of the best qaallty of their respective klidp. Nooffrr will be received tbc.t !s not lua^e by a practiral pump-maker. Ccctracts will not t? aasigntUe rt? per^oii or pe^soas wnoitd oi^'er mav W ac cepted will Le required to e.iur Into bom* fgr one thousand doLjr*., t'Uh t^'o good sureties canti!. tlooedfcr the falthfut p*rft>rinarxe of hla'or their contract, and should any contractor of coat raptors j-jU or refuse to comply with any of tus con4itloi?s or tentf* cX his or their contract, or to an> ?ork wlttlri tfce time ranted in theorder of tbe order of th* Conl*uis,>lon?'r directing it to bs done, Oie M?yor ia authoriied to employ any other p.;r non or per?wu* to execute the ssme or to furnish j the materials upv," such terms a? he may deem I expedient; in which e^e^it the ? ontractor or con- I -'tor. r>o fuillnK shall be re^-s'.ble to thla C??f. porsi^jr for any loss or dataige tt M.a,- f us tain tbereb/, ana ;)-e Mayor may at his dierretioh an Qui the coatrar? oS such contractor or con tractors W. B. MA6RUUKR, ^an T-iawtF^b * Mayor. PKKCVIAN 8YRIP, *f pw'x'pun f-??" Drfit tjri-ttt /J#/ iA< {,n*g*nn-i Rrnnckial i '?'in, b'? <ra/ UthilHf, ft. This excellent meimuink. which has attained a high rrpatatlon and been ex lar.slvely used In Boston and other cltle* of the East. ha* been received and la now offered for ?ale by Z D ttILM AN. special agent,360Penn sylvania avenue, as al?o by the general agent, cor uer r>{ l. and .Id streets, Navy ^ The proof* of Its ctflcacv are so nuoMtoot, so well authenticated, and of such peculiar charac ter, tiiat sufferer* canr.ot reasonably healtate to re ceive the proffered aid. Tha Peruvian Syrup doe* not profess to be a tun-all, but !'s range is extensive, because many diseases, aj^partmly unlike, are lntlmatnly re lated. and. proceeding from one cause, may be cured by one remedy. The clan of difeeses for which the Syrup pro vide a cure, la pr^-'sely tha' which has so oft-n baffled tne highest order of medical skill. The facts are tangible, the wltne^e* accessible, and tbe safety and eAcaov of the Syrup Incontrovert ible. ? l have analysed the medical pr^paratloa eaiied the Peruvian ?yrup, w'th reference to the number and kind of active substances contained In lUand the durability of the compound as aDhermaceati ral e.rtlcla. The metallic compounds of arsenic, antimony, mercury and tine are not present, nor is it possible to detect in it the silabtite; indica tion of aay metallic and mineral poison its or ganic constituents do not iaclude opium, or any of t.'iedruJ#>leldln? polaoiio .!? principles 'ihe i-onstltuents, when separated, ar n>~t ev?n acrid to the taste It Is a preparation scleti.itically and skilfully compounded, po>gonsing alt thednrabll lty of a spirituot s tincture, without its oljectlon ubie qualities and tLe activity of '.s itadiu^- con stituent U preserved through toe judieious baap tatiou of Us solvent. The point hero retained has been frequently and unsuccessfully sought after by pharmaceutists. Respectfully, A A HAYES. M. D. Am.yet to State of Mass:icha?e:u No iti Boylatan street. Boston,Ud Nov , 1S63. n? v 2X-3m PILES? PI LCK -PILES. \%, E CALL ATTENTION TO ALL WHO v f sir* afliieted with this dreedfu! complaint to tbe following swo^n certificate from one of our most re* pw table citizens, t>:e J;;tber-1n-iaw of ?b?* proprietor of the ?'Courier de* Ktes UdIi." and formerly gunmaker in Philadelphia: Nkw York, Aug a#th,lt?5d. I)k I)trp?.tK?Dear Sir:?1 hereby certify that ( have been utfliced with the P)!*s f? r r*e,iriv slxtv spar*, that I bm** nwd eighteen bottles of Barnes' Vise Lotion, r?ni everything els? I could hereof, but nil to no ettdct, for they did me little or no ?ood. About two mouths siuce, 1 co.air.euccd using your remedies tor the l'iie?, a d have the h ipplnesr to say that t'uey have '^ad tue desired effvet. having cured me I considei this a mirjcle, for I am eighty vears of age. i slnceie ly recommend them to all afflicted with tbe above complaint. P. VAJ.LEE, 7.1 Franklin at S'.::te of Nevr York, ) New York City &< d County. > I, Joseph C. Lawre. cc, do hereby certify th it on i'? lay of the dV.e hereof, f<> e m" person?.'. iyc iwiep. Vailee.t* me well known, who,b-* ln^- bv me duly ?wor?, did di*jx?e and ^ay that th<* conteri's i f Uie foregoiug certiUc.' signed by him are true. In witness whereof 1 have gubscrib'd my - ,ti>e. as Coiumlaalon^r of Ueeds a^d as a Notary i uoilcof the .-taff1 of ^w York, and jiaveef ?x?\t my Sc tnr'.! Se?i at iriy ofli't,ln l\ew Yonu, thh 2Sth d?v cf /..ngust, l-'5 JOSK.Pll C. UWKKNCK, Commissioner of Heeds n^d >iot*ry Public of ihe Sta'.e of New York. Well street, V'W Yor* We clia"lefl>?e the Mcilc. 1 F'amltv of tfc?? V 1 U d Statu to pr. a certificate "equal to the abr/e Dr. Cupne'a Remedies are tee only ef fectual cure for luU-raai Piit ). Ouly 0" certs per bos. Odlce?Tfi Na*i.?u street, New York Will be arat by msii to sny |...rt of the United States F or sale by i'UKi) * U K t> , < ornot of 11th str?-?t uid l*s v. tshlr.j'ton, L>. C. oe 2ii fiil >' Va' ? ?lKiilCAL IliilaT ?' ?E rEILOSOPHlOAL VIRW OY ULH2UQU IV x. a. s* a suy u. x. v., I.LiSANY, ti. Y., tif >A+H a>td IT? ftmi, f9l*n? iicl s+rmphi ?n.-i Fm:u. w>;i.T -Jwhutt-Fiv* I iv* of i'otter.i ?? ili ptf'J ef tiiO f ulaa i ixsrju'CCT boox f5vr* p^sLisaaB? V :.z.i cc"?-i.1alr~ r."?rly dru'olo t-c ^nar.tUv of i i?n laattar 1 -i th.ii "A > z FlV'TY CENT ?H DI> ? LAR P^Li^JCATiOiNL. it triiti Oft tiitf I'M YSIC op" t."v l. aaa tho b'ccret In;irmi^^ and L-lBOider of Yonth fat.' Maid/ily, resaiti'i^ freaiiex eesBes, wuirh tfealTcy th*t physlcs.1 aad ts-j .Ui ;?ew cr?. with ObservetiPiw or. Marriage, lta duties ?-.cA JllacuiilScttJoar, a? i tnrirremedies: with LitLofaiph3,l!Jtt8ti .ting -l?r Aav.oayaad rhytiok-;-' .r.nd nts, ' ta: 'tc predustlve Oigsss ef \ th ?ete"s; taeir str?xctu; ?, ?ea,*. l-netioat / jiy?ai?r *r.d eompr?-h"T ?tve fraallte oo the i>atle^kud *u ^!e aad atsiTlsdllio- -happy aadfiOitJulciil-iacfa, Mode of^t&rlig thaw? jjiallOKua* c.u\ iafa<tl:s ?kes?tfcei; odv12?!j? ird raatuTal - impsrtaat kiauta tb?35Coat'l.r???laU}?|r rxa r*woay, thettri'l ?verae*.6 objoatia/is k* it 5 c%*.e, i.oTe%?. ?h 3ald takfl this i*i--8:iiat ~i?f>tfi\.. Jt:11:1tr.0a1n.tla2Kj pages?c' .-.irtioatarica oc th-. dlisuei iad mc J ica^l tre^taeatc!re<*a2ea:;ci!il??axcyte old irt,tz.e\ ?aso gia?hlcallyli'.**-'.riitec. : y oc^utlfilUih^^r: phlc plaWj??:rvo-fcd,?b]lilj,,iti c^ui'.t ii t * ;i9, by a pr^'iess at oaoe vo s.aplc, safe, fad :iutu? ib^tall*Iel^lJ*P?**lLl<?? ?2ietior dally wmage. meat?aa esstf oa bp rAiiiii'iiiaa, ^raailatl abiefvatls^:' omthe*ato; aad :i.&iesUwtt*'Mf&inodf ?f treai^ftcui?*tesi !*!?;? u-, 1 ? nv;i?re ?ultlsgfroDt emoincai prviitj?--* 'auy oa ell dlrca?c? urliiAj; frou la liscn it*, a j ". *1.i q . i% 1.5 ^ ?lrapie lido* b? which ?.11 UiitJOuo ca 1 cure thfor ?elves Tvilhout *?rcor/?t raedlfs f a iuo;o ioi/ Inflicted rule tries and dbuppolausd hooes ft iin. fortuoaieiypra'aleat .a ihe yoar.g. It Is a tratc. ful adviser !?> th? mirrlod ar.i ifc -scconteiEpIatir.* marrlr v,f 1^3 perasal 1 j particularly recommtu.i ed to persca-i eatertalni vi- secret doubts cf physical uondltlon ami wti aieco???clou? f. lag kaastdidlr * ht .??U'.VL.. 5. j'-.t'.d pri\ to which cvr.y fcui..u:. .: cxititfcd. 1'rlce T W EN'/ Y *? i-'IV il CLXTJ3 per ccyf. cj Five Copies for Cvlur. Mallew, tic~ oi (itn age, to all parts of th3 Ualiod Slat.a. N. B.?Those Kir prefer wtsy cr.asuii liz. LA CRO!X upen aay cl its disesaea- poavrhicb this book treats, elth"r p.roonally 0: h> Kali. iUe61 ciae seat to any part at the Oalcnzccordla^toci rect'.ccs, safely pt-el^ed aadcaxtiuilysoou/ca I.ojs. all obaerratlcn. Addxesri Dr. M B C.A CEOli, No .11 ."Hide* Lane, ov Post Office liox 479 Al'ifl 1^. I*. V. !{T Ofta opt.n dally ,from -i a u to 8 re. u4 ta Baadav from 1 until5p. ro. IP" OJfece KEj4C?V LL? No 55 fiixvarct. t*31 Xsid** L**t, Xit0 Yik. d^M-ly LA7&; 1IA1K1 (10S?IAi.Vi,Y ON HA Nil ' supply of BEEHF.'S *mff jNEW YOilK t<r\uLb, %rt< tezether with Ta YLOK t> ???>;>? HATS, of B A J. T I - -1. 4k,V JL M O K K . Tic olaek | dre? HATS ji?ot i-p la *' th? latent slyle fcr iO. t.t, good as tfcooe uacsliy sold at ; and a jood faealou able Hat at Sii, wcriu aud a ?r*t-rat. K^t, 8'.' ?>. '***?'* The bt*t mit?rl4lB tae bei-t 'vorsmeasulp Is employed 10 produce :. t5 Hat, wali;h lu sold lor f).|A We a~. a c??b business, sneet with no los ses, but give each customer fall value for his money. r>lt ilato u:.usually low. N B A;;ent for Drluooll's Uali* of a Thousand Flowers Price *6 cer.ts per bottle. ANTHONY 7th street, near Pa avenue, Aftat for a N*w York Hat Comoaay. *e ifrt-tf ?m GK.CCAT Hi?UDt;TIOJ? IN THE PSIICK OF BOOTS AKD 0AITKK8 I HAVE ON COMMISSION, FOR A PHI L adelphla manu facturer, a flfst rate Sew^d or Pergcd Calf-8?ilii BO(> r at S3.0*2, full as good aa tboee uanally sold at $5 or a-.d a French Calf Patent Leather GAITER at S3 50, as good as any at *5; a first r-t:'Calf 6 alter at 9^ Su, these are tliP best goods that Is (or ov^r sold la the District lor the price; for the urcof. come and i^e for you/sflf. Teliae poeitlvety cash. No eittt ? It ehara?W ojfsei bad debt^. Call at th* NGW YOii.lL B It HT^ae:, Seventh ?tr.?t near !Vtm.?v vania a<?QUtv m at ti Y, Agent. COAL UlCf I'MDtR l OVtK. ?j.*Jio Itj in tht Tea.

Now ON HAND. THE BEST qUALlTlF.S of White A*b , Red Ash a/vd Leul^h L'OAl. Warrant'U to girt satisfaction. Dellveieu t ee from diit Also, Hlcaory, Oak and Pti>? W OOD T J. A W. M ?ALT. N \N corner 12th and C streets. No 047, dec uo ti one &euare ??outh of Pa ivenue Medicines. ?1 JETER'S CHEpY PECTORAL. For tike rapid Cure of COUGHS, COLDS, H04R8LNESS. BRONCHITIS,WROOPING-COCGH, CBOFP. ASTHMA, A\D CONSUMPTION. Among t he numer us d'sccverles Science has made in this generst'on to raciiltate the business ' of life ? Increase Its e?joyin~nt, and even piolong the term of human existence. none can be nn rned of mem*real value to mankind th'.n this contribution of Chunlstrv to the Healing A?t A vast trial of Its virtue* throughout this br ed country, Uk nroven beyondc dr ub!, that co medicine or coir,, blnation of medicines yet Rnown can soir.reiv control and cure tii" uiunerons vaMeilfs of pulmo n<>ry disease which have Lltheria ?wept fiom our inidstthoimndsaadthcusandseverv year I nd-ed there is now abundant reason to believe aKemo d v a*? at length been found which can be relied ! on, t<> cur-* the most dangerous atfactlor.s of the ' lungs. Our space here will not permit u* to pub lish any proportion of the cures effected by It* use ?u* we w-md present the followingand refer i ? urtberen^uliy to my Amert< ?n Almanac. which tne a^"nt below umed. will always be peastdto 1 fuml.thed f*??e, wherein a'e full particulars, and ! !ndifc|-JU!b;e proof cf the^e statements. Orr'ri or Tras^fortatip*. > I aureus. R R., S C., Abp t, 1053. > f k J.C.atk" IJcarSIr,?Myllt*.!eson,f<mr v> .;rs oid, has just recovered from u revert attaek of magllgit 'nt Sc.arkt Pev?r, Lit threat was r?< >n. and every person that v'#lt<d him, pro.iour.e i cd him a dead cbt'd Having used yo tChihrt i Pk<tofal. In California, In ike winter of if.,0, ; f,nr a sever* a'tack of Bronchitis. with entire ?nc I cess, i was induced lo try it ni mr !irtl^ ;->ny. I ! ^avehlms Mi-spo n-ftil!(v?ry!!? rwhww,t?m j menclncj in th", ::nd by ten o'e'oeic ?r nisrht, i foifd s decided change for ti.e better, .*rd after three davr .ue, he was able to eat or drink without pain." IfHUN,* 1 . tt ; above n*mc.t d'.s asa will ?av? many a ch'.ld from a premaiu.-e grave, and relieve t'ne nnxWv ?I i. ? ny a fond parent For a' 1 af fections of lae 1 uroa: and L::n<>, i t?:ieve it the t?**,t ir.< dlci ewxirn*.. A f?-e?!nj> o? the d-epe*-t ?(laMtude, prom pts ine In addrcsFElrtg von these lines.?but f >r vi' r important discovery, my little bny would now have been in another world. I am yours with /reat respec-, J. 1). POWELL, Sup:. Trans., L. K. R. Uockt Hill, Somerset Co , N. J ,) July *21, 18.V2. \ Un J. C. A t?b .?Since yo u medicine his bJ com? kr.owr ?;"fcit hnrc floater demand than ! any other cou-'h r-trieay we b tve ?-ver sold It in ; ' p-iken of a b ?tns of iirtne?-:ired praise bv those ?vhn bt - ? nsid it, and J * r'jrcfffime&igrt wfc^rfl ? the b: ? thf y e^n say of It Is net t o n: ,c.h for the ? irood !t has d< n* 1 tar.e pleasure in telling ltv I 1 k::< w th..t 1 a.m rlvlnr; rnv cu?;ornnri, l the w "'tli cf the^r money, aad 1 feel gratilied lu t to* inn the benefit It confer.-! Pi.'aee send mo a further supply, and believe , u\e Votirs, *.vlth wpfft, JOHN O WHTTLOCK P ?* A m v t any miniher of cc-rtUicates can be ' -qeut If y?r.i w.i'i It Windsor, O W., Jnne irf. i-?d Da. J C. .* trr. Sir,?This mavcertify thet I Lave u-?d ycur i'hii;?jry Pfctouaj. for uuwards of oiidyeur; aiid It \* my ?-incere belief' that 1 , khoHld bavo la mv {{ av*- ^,e this time If l I Lad ?!0! 11 ha-; cuied. me oi a dan^^rous afl'es tlon of the liters, (i 1 do uoi overstate my rou I vlctloils when 1 U ll vou It 1? a pr. el?ss reniedv. \ onri verv respectfully. II. a . MoOl.11 RK. Attorney at I.v#. W tt.sfu* ? it e I'a , !*epu?uibcr le.r? L't ? avr.k. iMv?tcar?;f?Yourmedlctiw is niuch i rrov.- \ r{ V.v tno^e \?;.:> htve avd it her?. .ind :> ?. '?i.ipc-.-';,. a is if.u ifi? -jrid l.'.a'nli-.: ..I i;';.:;Ui.;>i! ! '? :Var^bly rer.:?#?-? iii? ud it /or rniincionarv etf.*ctiuar. us do a:srv o? onr, al ph-?.riapf< f niii yocr frlc::d, t iiA'j :sr.RKAiii?:.:.i.i) Prepared by DR J O. A V'"fl. ?'h:n.i>t, l.ov*. eil. Mass Sold by'/. i). OILMAN, Washington, and all respectable druggists. de? M-4m COU 0 H8-COLDS?HO A B. SilNSSS. u::. vvlkk h COMPOUND SyRUP 0:- GUM ARABIC: The moBl Pleasant, S'.fa ail 6i>eody Cnro fvr WLooping cough. Croup, Astkunt. Tiaeai^d Laxi^a, and C'oiiBuniptiou knurt i aecjtjin;: t* Act cf cangri;sr a. i) It f7. i"s A'iAIN PRLSKNTIN8 TO i'HE NOTICK of the* tl c sbovo remedy, wc feej th?t litrie apology is reed.d V-s; numbers la all se?*tii>ii? r>f me lnioii are cb!.g.'d to h -vc reco^rs** t?; other sources vf rei;' ."th<>n t; ? immed'atc pre script oi cf their fam'iy physician, ard as each return of the win:er season brin^.? cut a ho .t of professedly new sfeclflcs, snnie ?;oov ??h?rs u-e ?ese, and niaay decided'v dar.^erous. it u^comes as mnch a matter of dufv a" iat?-resf t^llevln^ thl ? to be ?. r?;m?dy. cos.t'rln?? the greatest p.rt" vantajes, with ti e b ust obj.- tlonsof any ntfcer ill U*>-, to ?r?:- ;e It us fXtepjrively knOV.T. nI"I!', tlrslite. 'iLats-i?ii Is ? t-4 (ha^ci'ter. isabnr.dart'v proved Ly' ti-?- fact, that it ?>as been evefu??veiy used th<' i*nt twenty v? irs with u .paralleled snc c<"*s ; tb-tt Its leva'stinn ha." coa'.l:i..eil to sprrad and its sai?- in' rea-e, A'itb 'ittleaid f.'im rdver tislpjj or published lints of cer,il'/'?.tes (v/nlch all ir.ow c^n as ee.riiy h?? bad for a worthless preparation as !oj a meritorious oas.) that uv it?? own int.ii.sie iiierit, with the leconimerdat on </ persons beiellcfed bv Ifo It ha- crained p?ent popularity; it n't tnimneted to tn" wo*ld 3i- u '-pe< 'll~ or cure all, but as a vnh; -bie tiid i-rifntiMc aixlil^ry in pulmonary ca-ns reai." ?*i" 3 A-d ? ;hut L':? bet-n K?'ner; ,.y lo'tt.d to <3tf?rd it'.i '-"'u.rJ' toi-.-'t oth-'n have been trKd without tauter.?! lietit >?* suri.. It rf fo.^ ;>1?-Pd by nur.i j, i-x oi our K-ndlo^ y'byilcluns, w?a hnow its compositlen, ?.id nave be^ii eye wit nesses <-f lis strie*'or eilica v, a* well &<? by tnou sanci'. 'if me -? rc*spectahl'? citlT^i *. to most cf Wicm : Is cr-ecrfuilj r.ern.lti?d. Soid a*, ^.s cfptr ,.?r tfcre? l>ott'e*? ir. one. fit) rts by \A1UN ft 1'ALULrf,and LliAS. STOTT, V? ibhliirtrn; CISSKL, tieoT''et';\?n, and ??EKL * STKVKNS, A!<?audr?e Also, "TYLER'S gvm AHA3IC covoh C A 'ii) Y I) ho f ,V." the same con {.o^itlon In a porta'-jiM form, bbi t h patronised by ,.^;.]Je. sp. jz ??rt sliders, fm-jo ate/ of public ss^mb.ies.A'V. uiIhtytrmovi ;.U h.>.tlneKa from uhe tiir<?at a;id voice, eud act l?kc j? ^harm on a tr nhienome con^h. Price 15>| and ?? <!ent< a box. '4?,clA-ly STOP THIT CU( OH 1 rJ"i5U CII15AT KKMEDV FOR COl'fiRS. *- Coma, Caoar tad Whoo?iS? Cot*uh du.'s covuu syrup Curti Cou^h3 of the won t i I a. It also cures hoar?eness, sore threat, weoi?*e3i of the ch st, pnIn in the breast aad .::i^ rffectlons Whotrf ever tc?re Is pain m'.x with i^e Coath ?vmo 10 drop?j of Pain Curer, and you wllldnd immedla^ rolief Or. Rose's Cc.i^h byrup relieves and freqaently cur^s a cousuniptlve ecuj'h. ar.d foitl fies the system against fuilhcr at*at.aa. IET" In bottles at 60 cent., aud ^1 TO cuh r croc P. The lives of thousand of children h :vebeeu saved, by u-dnj.' Jr. KOSL'fe O/oud Syrup. It Rives instant relief V5 i enfs a bottle. TO t'URK whoop 1nu COVOH l)r RUSK S Whooping Cough Syrup Is the only ceitaln cure for Whoopln" '.'ongh. Itcure^ In a short time, and allays all'oa tf the Lun^s 30 cents a bottle The above valuable medl' !nes are rec?>mmetd ed by Physicians who ha e tried them iu their practice To be had of ?ii Hnisriflsta in Washlnirtoa, Georsetowu. and Alexandria. de.- lU-ira P HOW VO CURE ALL. PA IK. Am IS THE FORERliNN'ER OF MO?T diseases?cure the Pain and cfcecU *bedl?ease nii ROSE'S PAIN-cukfk will cure Khetimatum, \e..ual^ia, Patas in the Limbs, Sides or Hack, Sprain-., artd Bruises, t ar and Tooth Ache, Pain or Cramp In !h? Stomach or Bowels, Sore Throat. Rums. Scalds, Ague or Lumps in the Breist, Chills. Spinal Affections, and Pains in the feet Indeed, it cures all Pain. ID" mx. 25- and 50 cents a botile. if you are Bilious and have a bad Co'd-take vi'. rosh-'s pa1luqau (it: anti-bjl 10\ls P tn.# TLev <_sny otjf all bi.e and re move a ccld: These Pills jjo shaed of ail other PliL-? In thel- pood efi<?*ts Boxes 12^ and '25 c nts. Snld by ell Druggists in Washlngt-jn, Georgetown ' zzd Alexandria d??cio-4m L'Lilvh* .?V l.w<-?>S ?? l-LOs-iki. ONLY THINK OF IT,?GOOD CLOCKS from ?1 5i? up io all ^ ^ winanted ti right;?over ^ 6a ditterent styies of Clocks to selectfrom Also, Clock C^rds Weights, Kets, Balls, Oils, and everythlrg in the insterUl llae Call and see for vour.ielves. a: j ROB I.N SOU'S, 31V Pennsylvania avenue op po?lte Browns' Rote; DovlM-Jm ! Pmpo;%Js for Erecting ths "PosT Offie* Outfit hua?? at ledianapolta, Itdin*. Tl IA?lf? r DlfAITVIfT , I Wt?im?TO*, December 17, 1*?. J PROPOSAL* WILL BK RKCEIVKD AT I this department until the 17th day of Febrn ary, A I> 1857, at IS o'clock, noon, for the con struction of the Foot Office and Court-house au ttcrlaed to be erected at Indianapolis, Indiana, according to the plana and specifications prepared at thVs department; fatd prcposala to be either ior the whole building, or separat? for different kinds of work; Mils of parca's rau?t In every case accompany each bid, with the amount of each kind of work, and the total amount caried oat; the department reserving tbe right to reject or ac t\pt toe pro(>omls hereby Invited, or ant parts thereof, when tt de?ms the interest of the United ^tate* requires it; th% department also receives tie right 10 exclude the bias of any peraon or par: tons who there Is just cause to believe will not felthfully perform 'he contract*, or which they have attempted to obtain by Indirection; and all olds when there shall be parties In Interest who do not jo'n in the bids, and all bids that, upon Investigation, are below a fa'r pilce for the work Rids will not be received in gross, and no con tract will be awtr *ed to a bidder unless details arc furnished the department of the prices of the dill- rent klnd> of work and materials, which shall be subject to the revision of the d*-per meet, so that it may adopt the whole or a pa*', of the Mc, as .he Interests of the United States may re quire Nluety p* r cent of the amount cf work done anl ii .iterials delivered, according to ccLtract, i said amount to be ascertained by the estl Tout? of au agent of the department appointed for tee? purpo.e ) wlli be paid from time to ilrrte, as the work p. ogresses, and ten p?r cent retained until tbe t ompletlon of tb^roatraet ai d accrpt of the wotk.Jrr , by the a^cnt .iftresatd. and be forit'iteU la the eveal wf nou fu.ttaueut of Contrai t Contracts wlli oea? aided only to master build er* and mechanics, and the as*i>{nrueot thereof, except by consent of the*e;retary of the Treasury , wltl be a forfeiture of tbe <>ame bach proposal must be a< compar ed by a wrl* tfn guarantee ?tgn--d by two responsible persons, (certitiedl to be so by tbe United States district judge or attorney rf the said dlxtrlct,l ?? the sum of 95 OO'J, for the whol* work, or cf a propcr ate amount. If for any part, that the? bidder will, wfce (i required, if his proposal b- accepted, enter into a coutract Hnd bond, with proper ant Miih cient seeoritle*. for its faltLfui j<erforman??. Form of brnd and eertittmte required wl'.l be f'lrnHlwnl on aM)ilrailon to the department Flans. specifications, a*id working drawing* will b? r^ad / aff?r thirty d^.ys, w^n they can be had on appllca inn to tfce department .Vo Kid irill bt r ontidtr. rt units* it fully rom l-li** m all it* d'.taila with tk' Ttquiremtnti of mi n<lvtrtittmrnt ? he proposals rr.ust be sent to tbl* dep irtrr.ent, eddr<*??edto the Secretary of tbe Treasury, ana nlMnlv endorsed " Fropttsal* for tk? Indninayo. In t'os.1 Offirt ml Court-Koutt,?? and will be opened a- 10 o'clock a m., of the last diy named /..r r ?cclvieg :he same JAMES UUTHKIH, Secretin of the Treasury. dec 18-t%?ti?reb Pr> pesa's for FrecMug the Cui,om-Ho*u??. Sec., at Galveston, Tezag 'IRHASTKY D*fABTMF!*T, > Wash i x<? tos . December !0, 1?-M \ >ROPOSAL8 WILL BK ItKCEIV. 1) ,\T t .is Uep-rtn-ent nutii the 12th da?-of l-eb':j a?y. A I), irfij. at 12 o'cloili, noon, fcr thecon ? rac'.!o:i of the Onstom-House, l\>*t Otfco , a:.d Court .iocms,antL( rlzed to he erected at Gal vef> t <n Tevas, acr.ordin^ to the piacs and ?prxifl"a tions prepared at Depjitrrent; salrt p?op>o sa s to be eltbf r for the whoie building, or sepa ra: ?? for tbe different kinds of work; bill? of parrel.* rr.UHt in every ease accompany ?a-a bid, with the amount of e-.tch kind of work, and the total amount carried cut; the department reserving the risat to reject or accept the proposals hereby in vited, or any pertstherecf, wh?i it deems the in terest of the U nlted States requires it; the depai t rrent aiso resenti tLe riyht toeulnde the bids anv person or persons whom there Is ]ust cauae to beii?-v? will not fdlihfully perform theeon trarts, or whl?*h thev have attempted ?o ot.taln by iidireefion; an ? ail'bids wfcen her?shall be par ties in interest who do not join la the bids, and all bi is 'hat, upon Invertlgation are below a fair price for tbe wortc Elds 'vlll not be received In gro?s, and no con ?rart will be awarded to a bidder unles-? detsl s are furnished the depirtnu-n? of the rricas of the fl!^'--?-nt kh d? of work nnd materials, wblrh! be subject to th-revMn of thederartirent, ?n 'b-u\ It ma / adopt tb'* whole cr part of the bid' 2y tfcp Itit-r of the United J'tjt s mav rrqulre Nlne'v perrert of the amount of w?>rk done ar.d r?,v.teriils delivered, aecordlrtf contract prle?, fs-Jd arn' to be aac<-rta<nt-d bv the ??.r| n a;-.- ?.f an of 'he department, appol.-.frd f >r tha' purple,J will be paid from t!me .o time as thr -.Tors p."V'!f??es a d ten per c;nt retaiii?^l ?irtll tbeoiupietlon of the coctraet, ai.d accept ance of the work, kr , by the aL'ent aforeKaid, s id be forfeited 1 r. tLe cvt;nt of n.,n fulfilment or oontract. ?jontractswlllte -.ward^ cn'.vtom'ssterbuild ers a"d nv ebwrilcs snd the assignment tho'ecf, orccpt bv consent of the Se rotary of the Trea sury, wll! be a forfeiture of th? same taeh propos 1 must be accompanied by a writ ten iuarantee, flpned hvtwo responsible person-, (certified to be so by tie Called Ma'es distMrt jnd^c or attorney rf :ae ?zld dlvtM.-t,) in the sum of S5.fnti'. f r th" whole w. r<, or a proportionate amount, if rcr tav part, that the bidder wl i, when rejulr^d. ?f his prop^scl r?e eri opted. enter lnt > a contra'-t and V.;nd, wit!) paper o.ndstdicjent ae.,uritlet for It*- faliful perl 'finance. Form of bond a-'d certidiitr .equlied will be furnisLed. tog'ther with p,lairs, specifications, and worklr c d.awir pi on apolicatl -'a to tie iep*r ment Nob'.d will be . on^ldered unless it'y corn rites In all Its details with the requliements cf this odveftitement The proj-oBdis must be i-ent to this department, addressed to the Secretary ot the Treasury, and plainly e idor-ed ?? Prcpanli for the Gaim:cm ('u and will be op<-n?d at one o'clrrk p. m , of the ia?t dav ncrn^d forrece'vlrtf tbe same JAMKS UUTHItlK, ^dec t'j -iawtHKtb Secretary of the Treasury. Fro^osuis lor Erecting tLe Cusiom-Houie, ac , at LaOuque, Iowa. Tksilscbv DcPARTirs.-*r. > \vASUttfaTOM. Uecernl>er 17. WW. J PKoPOSALS WILL UK RECKIVKft AT this departme it until the l?th day of Feo ruarv. A 1) 1957. at t? o'rlock. a n. , tor the con ? Mruetlon of the Cu tom-hcuse. post <)thee and Cnurt-rmautcorlzed to beers:te*l at Dubuque, lowBa<vord;rs-rti the plans and speclllcatfons pre -ared at tais departmetit, ?ald proposals to be either for the whole Liiildlny or separate for ditftreut kinds cfw.-.rk; ?Ills of parcel mustlr. every ca.-e a* .?o"ipHny ea^h bid, with the amr ant of eich kind M work, and the to'al amount car ? rledout; tie d?parrme-t re*ervin^ the r!gt:t to r^-Je* t or accept ih? propw?%is berebv Invited, or uny parts tfceronf, *. ueu it deems the Interest of tfc* L'tiiit-d States requires It; the department also K'fcvTves tie right n> exclude the bids of any per son ?.r persons who there is ta>t caus?' to believe W.I1 m t f<?.i'.'.if iliy peif .;m the contract, or wblch thoy have attempted to obtain ov Indirection bU'i sll bidr when there shall be partl?sin in^r! eat y.ho do if.t jcln In the bid-, aud all bids that, upon investigation, ure fc?U?w a ??.lr price for the work. Hide will n i be riccived In ????, *n<l ao con trjrf '*111 be swarded to a bidder unlet.* details are 'urtrl.-h?si t:.e deptrt ji?nt of the piicea of the dlfi'eront kinds of work and mateiials, which shall be subject to the revision of the department so thtt it may adopt the wuolecr a pwt of the bid, as the Interests of tha United Suties >yay j?. quire. Ninety per cent of the amount of work done and mater uls delivered, according to contract price, rsald amount to be ascertained by the e*tl tnate cf an avrent of the department appointed for that purpose.) will be paid fr.->m time to time as the work progresses; a:.d ter. percent retalntd until the ccmpMlou of the contract and accept ance of the work, Ac , by theagert cforesald.and be* forfeited in the event of non-fuifllmvn' of the contract. ('on'rac's wlli b-awarded only to maater bu'ld ers and mechanics, and the :isfei^nnrent thereof except by consent cf the Secretary of the Tr a*ur.-J will be a foifeiture of the ?ame I Itch prop-?sl must iie accompanied bf- a writ tefi guaiaut ?, signed by tworesn .nslble persons (certified t. b." so hy the United States di?tr{ct juiite or attorney of the said district,* in the auto of #5,(KK? for the whole work, or of u proportion ate nmjunt, if for any part, that .he bidder will when requlrfd. If bin proposal be ?iccepted,etrfj Into a co/itra.t and bc .ord,. With proper and surti cient se ur'.tlec. fot ^ts taV.hfol pa^forirance Forrn oil bon'i and <"?.ttia'?.ie rtqulred will b? fu'n:-hel ouapplication to thede. artmrnt PI ins, aperlftcutlcns, end working dnwinus wlil be ready af er thirty dtyi, when they can be had on nppl.ration to the departme nt A ? Lid will t/t co*%idtred vnltss it f ully > om t-'l ?? ih mil its d*tnili u>tt/i*3 ?y tkii adrsrttxt mint. the proposals mu?t b? ?i,n4 to this departmeat, "ddres6ed tp the Seeietary of the Treasury, end pla.nly endorsed " Prcpot*l> for tk* Uubuuut | ( ustom-kous?,'' and will be opened at id o'clock, a. m , of the last dav named for receiving tt? ? Mine. JAM ks G ii TH KIK, dec 1<?-awil7Feb Secretary of the i |e&*ury. MI*CE MtAT!?ailMCIC rdKAT?AN Otio; la 4 wUS MIN CK M K AT. KING A BUROHKLL, dec 2d- Corner Vermont ave. and 15th ?.ts. A^M V"tA<-H ?K BOTHA, far 1M7; gtv lag the households and peraoanei of evrrv Earop--an tJovernment. Imported per a? .^eJ fiuropa, by (jan 5) F H ANP^ If LOR. 'P? *?KT THE IaTi1ST ANU BKST i UU'JKtfjCall at ihe clrculaticy Llbiarv J?8 7t^ at, Irfcrra^t^u f<v T'm>r?. rnHK HTM MEH ttFOHOK WAkHIKf.. 1 TON will depart at the follow P^tT?a. Ing hours. lifiw ilfundtUf#.*, II. 1 *7TT Lmw W anblc-gtrn e Af, I#, 1*. S tov 11?d JOB CORtM?V Captain ORANGE ft ALEXANDRIA KAILP.OAj Gk?at Southern Mail Lid* | J^- T WICK DAILY ??? (89NDAY NIGHTS EZCEPTkVI Btttreeu WaihiDrtoo City *nd IU <ou:h! VIA: ALEXANDRIA. ?ORDONSVILLK. RICBMU.1D, Ua.V V iLLh GKEENSbOROUGH, V C t>atLT to TBI VIR61MA ? f H I N tt 9 Leave W ashicgton at ...? o'clock. A *. Leave Washington at........... " " P M. Leave Alexandria at " " A M. Alennd'ta it ' ?* I'm Travellers will tnd the Morning Line la con , nectlon with tie Virginia Central Ktllr<.a4, I CbMlxat, mom P i and v xpedlllous Hucieu, tnn VIRGINIA SI'R ING*1. ' Urecnbrt*"* White ?lphnr tnd rauqaict K kite i WiiphMi, War nr., Hot. Al-im and Capon Springs, Wetr'a Cave. Na<taral Bridge. Le\1n?ton, Ae OMNIHU^Ks en J BAtfvUut. A AtiO'iS wlli be at Ihe WasLJiaton Rr.! *.<J Oqiot toe j m FASSKN6EUS ?u*l hn, t. c/??a,loSX.?:AMi:?l G!ORGL 1'iB j j | for A 1.1- XAM?RIA,a 6li ? xic -itc.z rcll Nt.aLowia:* aranl** tltoTfoiMTvv t ire ftvia Wanting' a V> RlehnvaB f J fe Kaxe '? *? Oinvliic n m fas* " " Gi'iasbcrvugh... Ufa f.ckt ts mccbH cb the boat Expedition and Comfort err ?ecu.od by IhU Koule.asitLaa usici fiksr CLaat Mialiti ribV ALEX ANL>R IA to UANVILLK. THROUGH rA9SfcN?KK?aa? HA9fi'^|. aarrtedwlthcutocst tolhe Jitpoluf tie t Railroad. JxtfiH* A. EVANS 1 Agf-Lt, Alexandria. Va TEE KLW TUF.K AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES Vtf-1** ' STEAMKKI.^*^. IUIE SHIPS COMPRIMNtt THIS LINlI A are the AT!.ANTIC C?p? FJdrtd?e. BALTIC Otpt. Ccmaluck. ADRIATIC Capt Jas Weil fbnf?h!p( kafls:^ t< en bfclit by ctntraetei (ttily for Gost ranirr.t ??rvlce, every carv- Lu Into t .ken la their con?'ruct;oa. **? t~*o In their ejcl&ci,to inaare st.ength ai.d'f td, and their ?wC.*xiir<jdp.lU'asfor passenger* ire nnequa^dfa trance ar.c icmfor 1 rleeof It >tn New York to LWrrpotl la flrs: caVm. SUM; !n see. ;;d do., S~5. I ron. Liverpool to New \ o k, >?> et.d *?? guineas Aa expvftenoed surgeon attached ;o eaih ?toip Nj brrtlui ccj 'oe setuicii ucil! peld If r. Tee uLIim { th't* Hue huve lnipro\ed ^ater-tlcht hulk heads, aad io a*o!?i da-;gtr frcu: ice willaotcrt-ss ike H<uiks north of \t degrte-, anal alter the In cf Ax:gT!?rt. raorcfte tint or ra::.i*? ItcaJVni It*. It*. i st turd ay Apr X. Ud'.siaty.t. May II | Sbtur<*-ay May 1?< Widue?da>.....Vay ?.? | 4.iuir<!ay Kny V iLitrday....Juce I <atrrdsy I ? wMatnday....J'_r ? *. i r-aturday* laatSl WedacadcjrM*.Jdy ? Saturday July ft v* ^dnevday ....July *.. Satcrdav ....July IV W edne*''. ay.... A Saturday Auf*. * ^ cdm*d4!V....Ai<r. Saturday A , c:. /" y ,: t Saturday Atu. 36 W tar.ttd^y... 8<pt 17 Saturday t?cpt. n Wedoesdr.y ....Oct. i itoUrday H? p:.87 Wednesday ....Oct, IS Hatutday Oct 11 Wednesday ....Oct tt Saturday Oct '.5 W ?d exda>.... > t v 1? Saturday.......Nov. b W ed:iesday....^or. JiC .Saturday.......Nov Ui Wtdncsday.... Dec. lt> AaturiUy Dec 5 Weduteday ....i>ec M Saturday Dec. 30 hot ftelpnt or rissa|te apr!y to ki/WAKD K. COLLINS h OO , :?? W all >irtft. New Yoih. BROWN. SiilPLEY A CO .1 'verpool STEPHEN KLNNARD A CO., 37 AuUi Erlare, Loadcn D ? WAIN WRIGHT A CO , TlxIi The owners of these slips will net be acco.* ? able for gold, sliver, bnlllou. socclf. Jewelry, pit clous stones, or metal' unless bills of lading ste signed tkert-for, aad the vniue thereof eipresse? tbereln r* 1-tr MAR ftR'S FERRT, r?a Cktraf tnti ? WtW-? trrnfc OktoCmnai. BUE .gRfV THROUGH 11! TWELVE HOURS' THE NEW AND SPLENDID PACIKT BOAT ARGO, Capt Cass H Mihktll, will comm<-nce makinx htguiar Trtpt betwetu GEORGEIO W N and the above Polat, oa Mon day. March 27th, ih66. The Boat will leave the wharf of W . H IRA, Rltter, Georeetown. D C., every Monday, W'nA nesday, and Friday tncmlnt, ate o'clock Returning, the will leava Harper's Ferry every lueaday, Thursday and Saturday o'elock. Thraagb I Ickata, f u.ftA. 7$ Ltubmrf tl <>2%,%ncin<ttng ia? Staff /raw Edttardf' >i??| Families intending to vlsMthe Virginia Springs the coming season will And this bv far the mo-t 8Lfe, pleasant, and cheapest route to Berkeley apon. Shanondale, White Sulphur and W arren Meals served on board at moderate ratas. j A coach will always be in readines* In George town to convey paasengt rs to and from the Boat Far further particulars lnculre at tfce store of W. H A H G R1TTER, Georgetown, asB JOHN V AVIS, Jr, Parper'a Feri7( Va. maris?tf i. 1 U. PKOTKI T10> AND INDKMNITT rKOH LOSS BY Vika:: riRS, M Mil MI, AM) ISLAM; IN^l'RANCR JlUkmzeJ Capital znd flsr^hi . Jl,3i?,lll FAHMERS AKD MECHAXICS' IKSOk. AHCE CO.OF PHILADELPHIA. 0/A.c iiortAtresf . orner Pen*r^i*cnut ?ve\*ut >.u t .r\ Uitel, H'askinetoii VUg, D. C. DIRBCTOR8. floa. Thob. B. Plort ccc, Charles Lingee, Gear** II. Arnu;roa?, Tboma* Mar.tleruelJ , Charles A Rubicam, EdwarJ R. H-lu.bol.'. G<wf. IMmb-'U, F. Cnrri|| Fr **?t? r Jamei E. Neal!, Isaar Leech. Jr. THOMAS B. FL< "HENCE. I*r> ?.de?4. ?DWARD R HRLM BOLU. Secr> tary. LOCAL HI dVLVOHb. Charles Waiter, Ho. 3s#7 I) sirt-et, ur>r*>-..<? ruv Ball. Jno. M. ITtorutou,corner Fir^. ititfiud Vlf?:i.^ avenue, Island. Jannfii Williams, Vo 2-2 rmi^iilm-kialtiir-ei John fifties, So 5bl Thirteenth s;r??t, b<a?v Penusj Ivania avenue. MARINE Sf'KVEYOR. C^apt. J.P. Levy No. jfi? Pennsylvania avtix, o,->rotfitc Nnuonai Rout. GENERA 1. SUPER!VT?!*r>Ljrr. J'?on Tn?>r;^on. The vRsineor tUia C.mipany w.U /ompan* Viirably with the ntiet sycee ^fui of ? m. ai iu-:.' - ti.inp In th<- I'niieU State*. From the 1* d,y OI Ai g-t?i, Id?5, in G?t .. np ti lit January, lCSa, itj? nr**v.ium? r?c??>i-J a;n??unt?^l to the lar;? nm of Li r./?. ! a,<4 r i*"t thoUMud, on.- huadred ard My^ . e doJJarv. wilt on y forty >n auntlitd ai>?l sirt'y ?u dollat# lo^> n i?$OTt0d. ?Vuh uiese cfi imt.'t uf auccecf * no c' ' d a^eui^ut, the diii'Ctaaa !<? ,>n?m:<-o s r-lionitz k share of public patruna*. bc K t t.g w,u( ih. ; ci ray offned Is auijilr. a?d .!,et th.r elaiaaaa ^.11 ad.tu-ied more according to e^hy u.u. J?^l ic fh-i eaal'jsa. Tlie company iaprepar?-j| to issue itssxair. < !^ro^ hy fireI'WILLIXC6, n\ S J IFrSfca oL, ' *AN? FACT* iilh.-. VAhK ttOLSKS, ali de^rti? ot U J1LM w!.., e^.J their e^nt. nu, an ku d? ci ^ht.ClaAi.Dirl-, VmZiFJ/SP*'*; aTRAMLOATS, CA NAL BOATS, HAILROAO, and th. m *pp> r^'i'K 1 r c z ? amtkm A, t?a On tb? ou.ii o. SVLAJlijCA'O aavgatingthe vr.^uru vatsr Tiie n'fj (niciuiii ?* ;! i?r a* iuw as otgir r comp*>ra, Bid iaflunn .k?K..v.>y <K(.r"? us. ?>. i" coasuuctiuu aiit*. a< rax/t nt vi'u b- sv> All looses arfjuMed and pmtrptlf ra- . Oaice nua^weet e* n.. r l>msylvaiiin it ate i ..? S?.>?*at*? stref, Wash>n*t?m o;tv. k>. C. Auvr**^ e may ai-9 be at lf.? /tome i,f% 2*or<A?ee?r corner Walnut ami StctwU Street*, i V - ieJj'kia.l nd in other pnn?pa! cine- cf she Uu.. ? Suites bv authorized vft.avrs of the ccw.pu?>. J? 14-lfX rt&e iilyck will, , SOUi; aiLYBR TEA SETZ, ? 'OLIO S,L&,'waIKIs**" MTCHERS, tOBLETS, t VCPU FANCY 8ILVKU WAKE, suitable f.?r . WELtiilNO PHEiBMTt fb? abova are all of ojr own rr.anuiauMv, ?at./ WARlANTIO PTfc L n?v 10-tf M w UALT * *RU* mlM 3*4 Ps?>-a ^Yenor a 000 PKii< H* *KKK*. AT TEN DOLLARS Pi; A HLNDM kD-Foa !"y near WaahinfftDa MX*. The^above trees ?ii of fine jjt^u ru auavP of the be?t aeiect fruit ?A ?. v a,,*f1nn**%- *''? A M KNTA L l!'\?d?^EN,bHADhi, and KRUI t fK'? ^ '?*=* tf JIKSHUA r*Alatt>. VK?a?^os * A VERY ttANMOMK VhN ISMN Just ftom the a^i-.inuiias . ^ RING A BUKCHKIA. V5 *} vnci Vermaa. av-.nue and ii- m.