Newspaper of Evening Star, January 15, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 15, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAJR. THE HOUSEHOLD BAIT. it srr:? What a 1?r* t> hnman eves? Win It lang h?, or when *t cries, Whit a treasure. what a pnss Is the household baby ' He Its tamp* rt?Ir?' fclllig. la It coolag, crowing, calling, Tls the Hae 1?, prectous darling - la ihs household baby ' If the seens without be dreary. If the haarta within grow wearv, Dab* wakes, and all ischrery? What a rash for baby ' Mamma's eyes grow bright with Joy? Grandpa laughs, and " grandpa's boy" G lad If leave* hla last new toy To play bo- peep with bat>y ? Platers from their muaio run, Maud h&a caught14 the sweetest on?," Grate bee ds down In glrli'h fun, To make a hcrae for baby! Up to everything we know, Hands and feet " upon the ?o," H hat a funny creature though, la the household^ baby ! Brlag the puppy and the cat, Let her pur,and pinch, and pat, Pas* and pup were made for that, Made to please the baby ' Bring those china vases, mamma, Get ~the mirror and the hammer Anything to make a r lair, or, ' And delight the baby' Let It clang and dash away. Let It laugh, and shout, and play, And be happy while It may, Dear mischievous baby! What a joy to human eyes, Whit an angel In dlsguse, What a treasure, whu a pr1e?. Is the househo.d baby ! ARRIVALS ATTHE PRINCIPAL HOTELS Brawias' Hotel?t p. A M. nova. L F Pratt. Mass A Baton, Ct y Goild, do J U Maze, Va T G Will, NY J F Wiley, do W R prince, do L E Harris, Va A G Whe?ler, Md T 8 Wtalea, Pa Capt Drown Ry W T W Cramer, aid B Trutell. NY Mrs Cramer, dc f? W Wli?on * fy, Md J Hoff, do G A Martin, do Mlas Cromer, do M.s Moore, O Miss Matiier, do Tsmith, Va T H Johnson, Fa K C Hloben, Ind A Wagner, do KU Hamilton, Miss Haslett. do K H Gamjey, 111 Miss J N Stills. O J C Rowan, Md Mrs Kellogg, Mass Mrs Nowsn, do Miss Cobo, do H H Shide.l A lv, N J W 8 Cran, do J Brow l. do Mrs Klilson. Md * L Timmarman, Q Mrs J >nes, do I S Grsen, Md Mies Jones, da M iss Mloholson, da 8 C J rimes, N V' T Nicholson, do J S Coiner, Mass A H Jon?>s, d"> J R Fairehlld, di S S Griffith, NY 8 C Beldon, Fa Mrs fciitttth, do T A llelrn, do J G Grigson A ly, do J N Junlfer. do 8 S Stonetrut, do CK Smith, do Mrs Stoaetruth, do J Telrnev, H Campbell A fV, do W F BarjJey, 8 Stevens, do E Wilson, Fa N 9 Banko. NC ?' Newton. NY f L Hours, do J W WrlgAt, Pa W Stcojt. do W T Lamar, Md Mlsa Lewis, do J C Snider A ly, do Mhs Kent, do f Williams A ly, F". Miss Ellinor, do O T Tnppa'Si. H C Snr.lth, O e National duct. ??CT ft FRiSQf. H J Raymond, NY M GoJdsborouph. Md H S Olcott, do B M Rhodes, do A W Church. 9* 8 8and? do E B Davis, Ct J 8 Reese, do K Jackaoa, d? J Bu-hey, do J f Johns, Md L G Kemp, do R M Abb<*, Ct XV J Preston, do A P Hyde, do J 8 Barbour, V| C R Ramsey, Md N Burnham, Md W Mitchell, Pa Hon C James A fy, RI A W Smith, Md a B Blye, Md W Han agon, do J T Waters, do G 8 Karris, NY EC Adams, do K L Stansbury Mo W P Stephenson, do G Warring, NY G Duval I. do J W Rice, Md V Wilson, do R M Henry, do ETWiison.d* J Marcey A ly, Vn w Frailer, NY W Clark A ly, Md T W Wilson, Miss A A Bland i. d* J V Pace, N Y Dr Austin, do Gen Mitchell, Md J W Jenkins, Md J H Wells A ly, NY E W Belt, do R Carmicheal Md T B Turner, do W Carmlch'jal, do W H Brl'gs, Md N M11W, Va M Beott. Ky W Horsey, do J V Washington, v* C Flint, Mase W J Williams, Fe W Sawyer, W 8 Lyles, Md E Boswsll, NY T Marshall, do T Hanson, Ct W Worthing ton, d? Mrs Mcany, do A B Clagett, do H Rayner. NY T Dent, do WD batting, Iowa Mrs Trebe , Va 8 Htymakcr' Pa 8 H Powers. Vt L Woodman, O Dr Davis NC Mrs Stuart, NY J P Rodgers, Md Mr Rush, do Willartla* Hsiel-; C. a ? . a willakc. 8 Woedruff, Ct S Mortimer, ^ *Jl5!befU ?*Pt Bterrett? USN 2 J *,wlD1*' ? E Perkins A son, NY P B Swing di L White A. ly, tly J Sargent, Masa R r Garlard, USA H Bargent, do W P FMpatrick, N Y j ^ H Bartholomew, do o ? H Rohman A aou, Fa ? do T Mavlor, Mass ? 4 ly, N Y Mrs Maylor, do J J Cos tie A ly, do R b Clement, Ten m!** 1? Dr Harcav A *on, Pa *M l?a H arney, do J L Haaele, Pa G K Sweent-y, N Y ? * dayman, Md H Clover, Pa ? ,*J" D Ridd'.as, do DC Ferrsi A ly, NT J Frayaer, NY Miss Farren. do J Callander, do K H Dodge A son, Va J C Price, O 8 Man a A lv, Va H Mommeo, O Hi BorLrn k ly, O i.7 rp" W S L"?eil ? L1 *'7?^?". EWhittmad.Md 5 1 d* H w ?rlswoid, Mrs HoUlngrworth.Mas Hirhnssd Sloa?r.?J k \. u CiBKWOeo W ? Jones, C8A M C Fisher, Pa C Moore, NJ N T Powrra, V* W LVaasear. Va W Deacon, W M Buch do WD Madison Pa H WklSSTb', V. Mrs Harris, RI ' TMi INFHOTIB ftCTIOF TEETH. fl* LOOMI0, THE INVENTOR AND ' Looml?' Mineral Plate ggt*JS?. Teeth, having snoceseftilly lntrod jced JCiflK his .mprovernent in various cities, has^^IHy E^o?7tE"B*ntl7 ^bl,'ted himself In Wash rhleflv ln?riS^T*nt ot consists , 5 1 but one p'.eoe of mat^ ? ?n .h..- . trKU^ No metal ts is?4 In thel. oensuuctlon, and tbev are fher* fore free fion. galvanic arti^T,. 1 *L There are no U^m^s^ or partieiesof food. heno^S^^,?:1 b ?ol,*ture They are llghtw, stronger ie? rlia?' ptrfttn?* o^ntT?I?*tn nol!l .7 OAce on Pennsrlvanla avenue, hetw?>?n tit\ H*1? WreetS- two doors below' tffSBJSIS dec iM-tf D bmtai slrgeon. R B F. COSBY, PENN AVENUE BK tween Sltth and breath Kr^u ^^' ax i?*? formerly occapUd by Hr Van Patten, has just reoelvrd a very^?^? ***Ke lv of arUrie. petal si g to dentistry and respeetfouv invites the public to give him a call Having devoted his wnole tlm? to the pro fession, he is perfectly ?afe lndsclarin^ that he wi.. Ki?e entire satisfaction In every case The best professional icferences can be seen at hla of. nov 12 tMarcfavpe *KATI-MJFICK HEAT.?AN other lot of our MINCE MEAT ? KING A BURCHELL, Conner Vermont ave. and 15th sts h]? K* n?THA, fsr 1M7 I fie. KaroDun personnel of every Euxooa bv /Im >? ,HlP',rt*d_P?r st-amer wuofe^jrr^ (j*a5) FRaNCK TAYLOR. F,0^Va^ksNiii?Ml'ORT#' H OOD8, j^alou- Great F'anry.VvTS; between ?h a.ii Uih strep's f Stoss, No *J J McLAUqhi.iw 4 oo \EW YORE LEDGER FOE 7ais7r7iri 1* ITth; the Ruforees continued HartSr^r^Z Paper and all Ute Weekly.. Vagailnrs *e J"*- FKKeLj5?<!?a?f,'tM R??' CMTHINB niDETOOKOlR ^ 0 WALL A STEPHENS, . jJsj^^ssssr l0* ? DALLOONt, DOLL8. GAMES, ENGEAV Mayer** Office, ) Waihiktoi, Jan 7, iear. S PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED AT A this office op to li o'clock M on the 9th of Pebruery next, for grading, trimming, curbing, and laying the Brick and Flag Footways ana Paving the Gutters and Alleys In the First and Second Wards of t he city, forming one district; for the Third end Fourth Wards, forming the second district; and the Fifth, SUth, and Sev enth Wards, forming the third district, (each district to be bid for separately, and to be given to different contractors,) for the year, Ing the first day of April, 18T7, agreeably to the following specification*: . . ? . The curbstone to beef the beet New V ork river ourbstone, cr the best blue rock, in pieces of not lees than three feet long, and not leas than sixteen Inches wide, and not less than th'pf and a ha f inches in thickness, the upper surfice, or edge, and a sufficient depth therefrom to receive the brioka to be dressed to that thickness, and set In and well rammed to the proper grade, and the joints well fitted. The brick to te of the best quality hard red paving brick, to be laid on a bed of (harp sand, spread four Inches deep, on a bed of fine oieaa gravel, free from clay or loam, thiee 1 .iches deep with twocoursrs on edge next to the curb and one course on edge to the lnaer lice where the pavement 1? less than the full width. No extra measurement for brick on edge wlli be made. The stone pavement to be of common quart*, net exceeding four inches in diameter, except the stone on the outside line of the gutter*, which must be of six inches in diameter,and laid on a bed of otarsetand and clean gravel, Ate from any clay or loam, at least nine inches deep, and to be twi'* well rammed the second time after being well wet, and after being examined (and not be fore) by the Commissioner, to ba covered with fin** clean gravel or coane sand and the interatlon between the stones well flllid with li e same ma terial The flagging to be of the best quality blue rock or gcTetva, cr New York North river Slagging, in piece* of not le<s than two feet six inches long by eighteen inches wide, and not less than three lnche. thick for the blue rock or gneiss, and n? t less than f-ur inches thick for the New York North river stone, to bs laid on a bed of fine clean {[r ?vel, free from clay or loam or sharp sand, six nches deep, with clo*e Joints Ail grading aot exceeding one foot to be rated as trimming The work to be done in the beet manner and to the satisfaction of the Mayor, and to be corn meneed within ten days the order Is glvea to the contractor, and to be completed within the time named In the order directing it to be done, and warranted to stand twelve montta after its ccmpietloa. And upon the failure of the con tractor or contractors to commence the work or to complete It within the tlm9 named, or upon his or their failure to execute the work or the mate rials, and in tne manner herein required, the Mayor to have the right of employing other per sons to do the same, upon suen terms as he may deem expedient; in which eventtaecontractor or contractors so falling shal pay any loss or damage the Corporation may sustain in oowequence there of. Any repairs or reiaylrg whleh may be required belore the explratioa of the time for which the work s warranted to bland, to be done by the con tractor free of charge, within five days after no tice 'from the Commissioner of Improvements of the Ward; and upon failure of any contractor or contractors to m i ae euy repxlrs, c r to relay any parement within tive days efter notice aforesaid, the Mayor is to hava the right of employing any other person or persons to do the same ou *ucn terms as hv may deem expedient; ia which event the contractor or contractors so fa.ling shall pay any loss or damage the Corporation may sustain in con-equtnce tnereof. Blddrs will also take notice that the contractors will be required to oomp'.y strictly with the terms of the con ract and the provisions of law. For the due performance of the work and the furnishing cf the material* as herein required, bond and security to t^e amount of two thou and dollars will be required cf the contractors The bidders will state the rate* at which the curbing, paving, and digging will be executed, intruding materials. For selling new curb of New York, NorTh river curbstone, per running foo'.. For ?ettlng new eurb of blue reek or gneiss, per running foot. For laying new brick pavement, per square yard. For laying naw stone pavement, per sqtjare yard For grading, (wheth?r excavating or tiling,} per cubic yard. For trimming, per running foot. For spout-gutter, per foot. For laying down blue rock flagging, per square foot. For laying diwn New York North river flag ging, per square foJt. For laying live course of brick on edge in gut ters end alleys, per running foot. And the rates at which tue fallowing work, ex clusive of materials, eacept tie gr&vtsi and sand, which may be required : For setting new curb, including dressing, per r?aalng fool. For laying new brick pavement, per square yard. Fortaklnz up and relaying old brick pave ment, per tquare yard For taking up and resetting oM curb, pec run ning fcot. For taking up and relaying old stone pave ment, per square yard For faking up and relaying old flag fotKway, per square foot. N o bid will be received which does not Include an offer for ea.h separate item of work and ma terials ? Contracts will not be assignable. Bylaw the Mayor is prohibited from awarding contracts for the abote work to any person or per sons who are not practical pavers W. B MA6RUDER, Mayor. Jut 8 H'awtFebV ' Mayer's Office, / Wa*h;.t6To.i, JanuaryO, 1357 J Proposals in writing will be rk oelved at this office as to 1U o'clock m., on the 7th day of February next for making Pumps, Hydrant-, Logs for con veying water, and Sink* ing Weils, including all uece^ary materials and workmanship, in digging, leylng, fcxlng. and completing, in the best manner, and for keeping the same in perfect repair for constant use in the First District, oernposed cf the First and Second Wards; and intheS?:oad Uls rict, composed of theThird, Fourth, and Seventh Ward* ; and In the Third District, composed of the Fifth and Sixth Wards, (each district to be bid for separate ly. and to b- given to dlfl'erer.t < ontraetors,) for the term of one year, commencing on the 1st day of April, 18j7. agreeably to the following specifi cations. No bid from any but a practical pump maker wlli be considered, and the contractor will be required to cenform rigidly. POP WELLS Digging and \ Wells, Including materials aud removing the dHt, per foot, lineal The w.rl* to be four Inches thick, of goodh-rd brick. dialling out Wells, each. Sinking Old Weils deeper, per foot. Taking out Old Walls and putting In fame, per foot Cases of eight feet length, per foot. Cases more than eight feet length, per fcot. Covering New Wells, including materials , the covering be of best Eastern Shore J Mat, not lees than three inches thick, laid double. Paving New Wells, Including brlek and pump stone Opening Old Wells, and covering aarae with o]d materials, each Opening Old Wells, and covering same with new timber FOR PUMPS. Keeping the Pumps in repair, vlj stopping all leaks. Ac , when it can be done without taking out the pump, each. Taking ent and puttlr.g in Old Pump*, pei log, each. Making new joints in old logs. New logs put la Old Pumns. per fret. New boxes sad spouts In Old rumps, each. New Pumps, per foot Boxes and spauts for New Pump*, eaeh. Copper Chambers for Pumps. The top log of the Pump to be of the best season ed White Oak, and the remainder of the lxst Yellow Pint or White Oak. FOR HYDRANTS. Keep'ng the Hydrants In repair, via: stopping all leaks, Ac , all new valves and spouts, repairing the old ones, and repairing the old irons belong ing to them, when it can be doue wUbcut taking the H ydrant out, each. Taking out Hydiant* and putting In same, each. New tivdrants, per foot. Spouts for Hydrants, each. S cat Stones, each. Fainting Pain;* and Hydrants, each. IKON WORK. Handles, Axles, ttpenrs, Flatee. Bands and Re pairs per lb Spout and lower Boxlrons for Pumps, each. New Joints to old Hpeam New Spont and Valve-irons Cor Hydrants The work and the material* to be all of the beat quality of their respective kinds. No offer will be received that is not made by a practical pump-maker. Contracts will not t? assignable The person or persons whose offer may be ac cepted will be required to eater Into bond for one thousand dollsm, with two good sureties, condi tioned for the faithful performance of his or their contract: and should any contractor 'r contra <? lor* fail cr refute to comply with any of the condltioas or terms of hi? or their contract, or to execute any work within the time named In the order of the order of the Commissioner directing it to 1mdone, the Mayor Is authorised to employ any other per son or persons to execute the same, or to furnish the materials upon such terms aa he may deem expedl?nt; in which event the contractor or con tractors so filling shall be responsible tothl* Cor poration for any loes or damage It may sustain thereby, and the Mayor may at hla dlecretion an nul the contract of such ocntractor or contractors. W. B. MA9&UDER, JaaT-SnrtTebr Mayer. Medicines. PERUVIAN SYRUP, tkt emrt of Dftpapnm, Livtr Complaint Dr r jy, Nturalgxa. /, ipi,nt Diwloftkl Lnngtand Btonchiai taunts BiU* aJL tral DtbiUtv, ft. ^ ' "? This excellent medicine, which has attained a high reputation and been ex ^ US^Jn Bt?? arid other cltle^? Se tSiby 7 ,?r, /as?*aii<? ^now ?r^ f?' aaiebyZ 1) OILMAN, special agent,3?0Penn aylvanla avenue, aa al?o by the gencial ^ent oor ner of l and 3d street*, Navy far*. ' The proofs ef its efficacy are so numerous so weJl authenticated, end o? such peculiar charac ter, that sufferers cannot reasonably heeltate to re ceive the proffered aid. 1 ?????? to re The Peruvian Syrup does not profeaa to be a tun.all, but Its range Ik extensive, because manv dlseaaea, appattmlf unlike, are Intimately rel ,ln > Procetdlrg from one cause, mav be cared by one remedy. ' y ?* The clasu of diseases for which the Syrup pro ll SiUv.prrClSI17 'hat wblcl> so often baffled the highest order cf mcdlcal skill The facts are tangible, the witnesses accessible, and IblV 40v cf tlie syrop incontrovert tsi P?Tn?.n*l?,?d the preparation called inn ^V ;n !rJp' Tth Terence to the number ^A%rsv.rnb#tw^2-?n?d ,a and the durability of the compound as a pharmaceuti C m ? metallic compounds ofarsetlc antimony, mercury ar.d zinc are not present, nor Is It possible to detect In It the slightest Indica tion of any metallic and mineral poison Its or ? kC ^on8tltue?ti? do not include opium, or any ^K-m ?*y i g P?lsonou* principles The ??r>! t , ' vP*rated) arP not even acrid It Is a preparation scientifically and skilful.y compounded, po-ses>-lng all thedurabll ihi# fli/iii. lJ| tincture, without its objection able and th? activity of its leading con S' nn'nV frPrt*frV'*d lh'?a8*> J'ldlCiOUS^dip ta.ion of Its solvent. The point here attained has been frequently and unsuccessfully souglit after by pharmaceutists. Respectfully * A A HAYES, M P. i? r,A'r,Ver to State of Massachusetts ? .1,^ n?yl3t?a6^t, Boston, 3d Nov , ISM. DOT fi-Jm PILM-l?iLtS-PILK8. \\ E CALL ATTENTION TO ALL WHO .1 /,r,e h?lcte(1 wi'lh this dreadful complaint to the following sworn certlllcate from one of our moat respectable citizens, the father-in-law of the Proprietor of the ''Courier de? Etas Unls," and formerly Runmaker In Philadelphia: n r* Nkw York, Au^ 'i6th, 1859. Dr Dufhtk?.tear Mr:-| b*?rrbv certify that 1 have beer, altMc ed with the Piles for nearly sixty years, that 1 h -ve uscdHgbteen bottles of ti%rn?*s> irile Lotion, and everything else I could here of, bntaU to no effect, for they did me little or no good. About tWD months hlnce, 1 commcnced using your remedies for the PUes, a^d have the happiness it? say that they have h::d toe desired effect, having cured me 1 considci this almost a m.racle, for l am eighty years of aire. 1 sincere ly recommend them to all afflicted with the above complaint. h. VALLEE, 73 Franklin st State of New York, > r v ,Nrw Vo:k CitV and County. C Eawrenco, do berel.y ceriifv thai 'v Vr "re?r **forernt> personal ly cam* P. Vmlee, ti, me well known, who, be ing by uie <M!y?w rn, <lld d'poseand say ttnt th? contents rf t,ic fcre^oln/jeertlflcate signed bv mm are true. In wlfresa whereof 1 have imtscribed mv Bame, as Commissioner of Deeds and as a NotarV ? ^hf of New y<,rk? ''?ad haveaf a? . ai Se!l1 at my ??ce> 1? New York, this 20th day of August, tej# ' , JOSEPH C. LAWRKNCE, Lommlss.oner of Deeds ard Notary Public of t\ie state of Ntw \ ork. <J7 street, N.?w York. ?JVlc!,aIIfn^e lhe Medlcal Faculty of the Unl ?w? ?, pr',<i!lfena rertl3cate equal to the above Dr. Duprie g Reraedie?i are tee "alv ef. f^tual cure for internal Piles, only 59 cents per J,J^2e~7H ^aw,au 6!reet: New York. WlU be ?enf by mall to any part of the United States y F uP UHO t corner of 11th atreet aiid Pa ave, Wakhingtonf D. C. oc i'J rKJ?ATK MSOICAL TRKA71SS PHILOSOPHIC A L*Y IK W Of HABSIA6I, _ . . ?T ?a. B. 1? A CROIX, R. o., ALU ANY, N. Y M ?? Tarts a%s 18? Ham, Fl?i*,a*4 etl?ri4 A<rk? frafk* and Plant, P?i?? amy 7v7imtt-Fitb Cikti. Brut Fre? at Parttfe tt all Mrta ?f tk? Vnl?i ROUS EVKR P*fBllCHED? v a?d e^at%ialRg cetrly deub?ft the qcantlty of resd i?f ??tter In that of th? I IF?Y CKN? OR DOL LAR P0B LI CATIONS. It treat* on the PHYSIOL OGY OF MARR1ASK, ?nd the Secret Infinnltiea, *ad IMsorder of Yocth and Maturity, reaultlnjr frociex o?a?es, which dfftriy the v N physical na? roratal p?w era, with Observations %iFiAr'rlJ.ta *utl-K *Dd dIM22lilsaii?#3, ui ? Physiology, and nireasesof the Re fnL>'?*,uof tuelr, , fuectloaa. a popular tad comprehea T? ''?all?e on the Duties aed Cauer.Itles of tia. XXir?? i:*?~hkPPy Mdfraltfd l alllaace.. thifr <,1}e**~l'afellcltoua aal lafertUa *eAr aad removal ? laaponaat J V*t? theae or,ate*plctlag wnlrtaanay, that will V 115 aone? however, Ktake th.t .iap9rt?st aUpwithcut^ratooMAitii^its 8.-<??i?eiUrles ok the dlecw aid m-dfea" tat At at fesaalea fropt lafaacy to old aee. etsh ?ase graphically lllvvtratal by beantlfullithorra phle pUtaa?aervoiis debility, its cauaea aad sore 11 #*ce 40 aaft, aad elbatnJ ikat fall are lal.vjpo valblo?rvlea for daily aaax a# a r7*? Ma;i*fLa ^r^^^storrhea, vrithpractical V 88 ? ** r'a/^ raoreaufaaawa! a*cdi *ftreit?ieat--preoaatl4aar/hltti r* thoeriir re ?lnx .row '?plr'.cM prictice? a zisy " I-al.:cretIoa, with pftlaaa'd ?Iraple Ptlea ,,,'W/i!oh al! personaraa cure t -i?m ?elvw without wercury-remediea f>r theses?. iorli. f i"1"? ^^PPolnted tones s-?Ur fortuaatfiy prevalent In tha young, it is truth ful advlaer to th<; marrlcdand tbr,Reconlem,;ln,in* marriage: its p?-r j%l is pertlculailyrecomm-n^ et to persons entertatain? eocrct dcubta cf their Phy.lcalcoadlt!on,and who!on- of ha". tftliifi1" neaTta, happlaess. and prlvlieMa to whlcn every human bring is eatltied Price TWENTY-FIVE CENTS per C007 ar Five Conies for One Oollar. Maiied,?ree ofpo'at to ?11 pvrts of the United Stite*. ,1t?Tkc*e who prefer may coasult !)r La ?noix iFon RayofthBdis?3se.*uponwhlob thla book treats, either personally or by mail. Mcdl *fnt Part the unionaccordiag todi aH obaervaMon pk<5kc<l ,nd ?*r2'ally ?ecured fiow Addrean l\t. M B LA CROIX , Nft. 31 Maldea Lane, or Peat Offl'-ci]ox57? Albany, N Y. tt/- CMce open daily from 9 a a to ) i ? a?a ??Tundav from 3 until i p ra ' *4 .*??TrO^fe?KMOVE"ft0ntNe Beaver at in W " 1 Tatk. HAT*! UAT3J CONSTANTLY ON HAND a Fl'Ll of BEKBK'fl ft LI. NEW YOPK STYLES, togethw with TAYLOR'S "ATS, of BALTI MORE. The beat black dre^a HATS got up in tni latest style for S3 ftU, aa good as those urtially aold ?t W; and a good fashion able Hat at ?3, worth ?4: and a flrat-rate Hat, 9* 50. J^^l'UT.MeTlz}n An'1 tbe b?,,t workmanship la M 2l0y^i?/rod,,c? a w Hat' wb?' h IS aold for S, ? ?oacl8h mi-et with no loa aea, bat give each customer full value for hia ?oney- Felt Hitaunr.aually low. N. B Aj'er.t for Drlaooll?a BaJra of a Thousand F , >rlce 25 centa per bottle. fof, (JiL?v Yi ?b neaT r*- *venne, Agea! for a New \ ork Kat Compaay. ae iftTtf (1RBAT REDUCTION I?f THE PRICS OF B00T8 AND QAITERe I HAVE ON COMMISSION, FOR A PHIL adedphla manu facturer. a first rr.t? Sewed o? Pegged Calf-Skin UOOTit'2. full as gocd aa those uaujuly'bc id at Si or SO: a-d a French Caif Patent LeatherGAlTER at S3 80,aagoodaati^y at St; airatrateCalf ealuratS'^W, these are the beat gooda ?hat la (or ever weie) sold la the Dlalrlot for the prlco; for the Eroof, come and see

>r youraelf. Terma poaltlveiy cash No extra P^o4t charged to oK?*t V?ad debts. Call at tn* NEW YORK HAT STORE, Seventh atreet, aear Pennsylvania avenue. jiMtf ANTHONY, Aaent. N COAL KEPT UNDER COVER. 3/240 Ibt to tkt Ton. OW ON HAND. THE BEST QUALITIES of White Asb, Red Aah aad Lehigh COAL. Wxrranttd to ftv? tatitfatiion. Delivered free from dlit. Alao, Hickory. Oak and Pine WOOD. T. J. at W. M GALT, N. W corner 11th and 0 streeU, No 647, dec SO-tf ooa aquae tonib of Pm. tvtaue. Medicinal. &rats CHERRY PECTORAL, For lh? rapid Cure of COUGHS, COLDS, HOARSEXESS, BRONCHITIS,WHOOPIKC-COCfiO, CBOCP, ASTHMA, AXD COSSBMPTIOS. Among the numerrus discoveries Science bu made la this generation to facilitate the business of life - Increase Its enjoyment, and even prolong the term of human existence, nonece.n be named of more real value to mankind than thU contribution of Ch'in'Mrv to tbe Healing Art. A vast trial of Its virtues throughout this broad country, has proven beyond a doubt, that no medicine or com* blnatlon of medicines yet known, can so surely control and cure the numerous varieties of pulmo nary disease which have hitherto swept from our midst thousands endthousandsevery year 1 ndeed there Is now abundant reason to believe a Reme dy has at length been found which can be relied on, to cur* the most dangerous affections of the lungs. Our space here will not permit us to pub lish any proportion of the cures effected by its use but we would present the followingar d refer further enquiry to my American Almanac, which tbe agent below named, will always be pleased to furnished free, wherein are full particulars, and indisputable proof of these statements. Office or Tbaxsportatio*, 7 Laurens,R. R., S C.,Aug 4,1853.1 Dr J.C.Atb* Dear Sir,?My little sen, four years old, ha* Just recovered from a severe attack of magllgn^nt Scarlet Fever, his throat was rot ten, and every person that visited him, pronounc ed him a dead child Having used your Chirry Pectoral, in California, In tlie whiter of I860, for a severe attack of Bronchitis, with entire su. C'fis, 1 was Induced to try it on my little boy. 1 gave hlmi tea-*po( n-fullev?rv three hours, com mercing In tbe morutng, and by ten o'clock at night, 1 found a decided change for tbebet'er, oi.d after three daye use, he was able to cat or drink without pain. Its use In the above named disease will save many a child from a prematuie grave, and relieve the hnxletv rf many a fond parent For all af fections of the Thront and Lungs, 1 believe it the best medlcl- e extant. A feeling of the deepest C;ratltnde, prompts me Ir addressslng yon these lnes,?but for your important discovery, my little boy would now have bten In another world, l am yours with great ie-pect, J. D. POWELL, Supt. Trass., L. R. R. Kockt Htt,l, Somerset Co , N. J., > July 21, 19,M. f Dr J C. At ir,-Since your medicine has be come known here It his a greater demand than any other courrh remedy we hsve ever sold It is spoken of la terms of unmeasured praise by those wh-> heve ustd It, and I know cf some cases where the best they can say of It in rot too much for the good It has done. 1 take pleasure in selling it, 1 oca us? 1 know that 1 am giving my customers the worth of their rr'jnev, and I feel gratified in te? lng the bent fit it confers Plea: e tend me a further Fupply, and believe me Yours, with respect, JOHN C WHITLOCK. P S. Amort any number of certificates can be sent If you wish it. Windsor, C W., June 26, 1R52. I)R. J . C. Aykr. Sir ?This may certlry that 1 have used your Cusaar Pictoral for upwards of one year; and It is :ny sincere belief that 1 should have been in my g ave ere this time if 1 had not It bes cured me of a dangerous affec tion of the lungs, and I do no', overstate my con victions when 1 tell vou it Is a priceless remedy. Yours very respectfully, D. A. AlcCLURE, Attorney at Law. Wilksbarre. Pa , September 29, IPSO Dr J C Atfr. My dear Sir?Your medicine Is mucu approvtd cf oy thone who have used It here, and its composition is such as to insure and maintain Its reputation I Invariahly recom mend it for pulmonary affections, as do many of cur principal physicians 1 am your friend, CHAS STREATKR,M.D. Prepared by DR. J. C AY KK, Chemist, Low ell, Mass Sold byZ P. OILMAN, Washington, and all respectable drugglste. de: 8-4m COUGHS-COLDS?HOABSEITESS. |IK. TYLER'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF GUM ARABIC: The Pleasant, 8afe and Speedy Cure f;r Whoopinfj fengh. Croup, Asthma, Liceascd Langs, and Consumption Entered according to Act cf Congress^ AD. 1937. IN AGAIN PRESENTING TOTtfE NOTICE ol the public the above remedy, we feel that little apology Is needed. Vast numbers In all sections of the Union are obliged to have recourse to other sources of relief thsn the immediate pre script oa cf their family physician, and as each return of the winter season brings out a host of professedly new specifics, some good, others use less, and many declded!y dangerous, it becomes as much a matter of duty asInt.-rest. believing this to bo a remedy, combining the greatest ad vantages, with the least objections of any otner in us-, to make it ?s extensively known as prac ticable. That such Is Us oha'acter, Is aburdantly proved by the fact, that It has been extensively used the last twenty years with unparnileled suc cess; that Its reputation has continued to spread and 1U sale Increase, with llttie nid from adver tising or published lists of ecr.ificatcs, (which ail know can as easily be had for a worthless preparation as for a meritorious one,) that bv its own Intrinsic merit, with the recommecdat on of persons benefitted by its use, It has pained Its pre?ert popularity; It is not trumpeted to the wo ld as a speed" or cure all, but as a valuable and scientific auxiliary In pulmonary cases readv at hand, a;.d one has been generally found to aft trd relief where most others have been tried without material benefit As such, it Is recog nised by numbers of our leading physicians, who know Its composition, and have been eye wit nesses of Ps superior eilca<*y, as well as by thou sand" of our most leapectable cltitenis to most of whom reference Is checrfully permitted. A STEVENS7A1 eran\Ma Also, " TYLER'S UUM ARABIC COUGH CA WD Y DROPS," the same composition In a portable form, much ratroulse.l by public, speak ers, 6lngers, frequenters of public assembllef, Ac , as they remove all hu&klness from the throat ana voice, end act like a charm on a troublesome cngh. Price 1?X and art cents a box decft-ly STOP THAT COUGH ! 1MIF. GREAT REMEDY FOR COUGHS, Cot.Ds, Cnopp and WHoorjjfo Cotoh DR. ROSE'S COUitH SYRUP Cures t oughs of the worst kind. Italso cures honvness, sore throat. weakness of the chest, pnln In the breast und lung .^ffectlins Where ever there Is pain mix with the Cough Syrup 10 drops of Pain Cuter, nndyou wlilfind immediate relief Dr. Rose's Cough Syrup relieves and frequently cures a consumptive cou^h, and forti fies the system against further attack*. YOT In bottles at 60 cents snd ?1 TO CURE CROUP. Tbe lives of thousand of children have been saved, by using Dr. HOSE'S Ctoup Syrup. It gives Instant relief v'5 cents a bottle. TO CURE irHOOPING COUGH Dr ROSE'S Whooping Cough Syrup is the only cer'ato cure for Whooping Cough. Itcures in a short time, and allays all irritation of the Lungs M cents a bottle The above valuable medicines arereccmmerd ed by Phyulclans who ha\e tried them in their practice To be had of all Druggists in Washington, Georpetown. and Alexandria. dec 10-4m P HOW TO CUHE ALL PAIN. AIN IS THE FORERUNNER OF MOST diseases?cure the Pain snd check 'he disease DR ROSE'S PAIN-CUREK will cure Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Pains In the Limbs, Sides or Hack, Sprains znd Praises, Ear and Tooth Ache, Pain or Cramp in the Stomach or Bowels, Sore Throat, Burns, Scalds, Ague or Lumps in the Ureist, Chills, Spinal Affections, and Pains In the fen Indeed, it cures all Fain. iO" 1*X. *?!?,and 30 cents a bottle. If you are Bilious and have a bad Told, take DR ROSF'S RAILROAD OR AWTI BIL IOUS PILLS. Tsev cany off all bile and re move a ecld. These PI Us go ahaed of all other Pills In their good effect*. 1ET Boxes 12tf and 25 cents. Bold by all Druggls.s In Washington, Georgetown, and Alexandria. dec 10-4m clocks :?clocks:?clocks. ONLY THINK OF IT,?GOOD CLOCKS from SI SO up to S30,?all warranted to go right;?over 05 different styies of Clocks to* select from. Also, Clock Cords Weights, K?vs, Balls, Oils, and everything In the material line Call and see for yourselves, at J. rob in son'S,34? Pennsylvania avenue, op posite Browns' Hotel. no* M-tai Proposal* for Erutin* tki Cuataahouse ** , at Galena, IlliaoiT TUiinT Dwawwi, . W asuufarea, Dectmhti it, lgj,. i PROPOSALS WILL RE RECEIVED AT Thia A department until tl* lfch day of PtbrMr i D. If5?, at 9 o'clock a. m., for Uie cotmuuct on ?f the Custom l?cu??, Fo?t Offlre and Court room ?v tncrte^l to b*? crectfd at Galeca, Illinois, aarnrd:ne to the pinny and specifications prepared at thta d*. pari meat; mid propos?.e to be either for the whole ho lding, or wpn ate for difft-ent kinds af work; a lie ofrnrcato inu?t in avaty caw a oempany caoh old, witii the amount of each kind ot work, and tha to ad amount carried out; the department reserving the right to reject or accept the proposals h*reby io lhereof ??hen it deem- the inter eat of the I nitad States rsqulrea it; the dejartment al o reaervp? t*?e right to exolode the bite of nor arrrys??? whoJfcm h^rr. will not fhithfnl'y p.rform the oontracta, or wbieh n tn,*'n by indirection ; and do noMnThfn.^CLC?kan be in 'ntarest who f - "??J ?!e h,d>' a8<? *'l bids thnt, upon liivee. 'Sta'JJP b*'?W " {a,r '?* ,k. ?,iUK? DO! rect,v^ ?n ??*?. and no c-ntract nish^ , -f * ,0 n b,dder unlaas de-ails are fur kinnM^? dtpHnJm*nl <* Knew ot lue ,l,fferent to the anr mHterml*' w?'ich atial be eubject it w .K w-? l"e d''l*??n"nt, ?o that it may adopt the whole or a part rf the bid, aa the intere?t). of the United 8iate* may re?u,re ""?*??*? Nmety per emt of the am nut of work rfon? and mater a.* deliveied, according ?o cont-a-t price (?aid amount to be ascertained hv the ???? '.*'2 *> "?? ?? ?"? ?LTw C*IU- r?ta'ned until the re m if hl?h and ?cc,%P:*nca of the won *c , by the arent aforesaid, aod he forfaited in event ..f non fulfilment of extract ,n!^Cl^tr3^t, Wi" b* ?w?r^d ooty to nuurar huHdera nd m-chanics, and the a^ignrn-nt thereof eicent by conwnt of the Secretary of the Tna?ry wiil L a forfeiture of th? sam? J' Each proposal must i>a arocmpanied by a writt-ui *?"?* by two responsible pertn.^eT tified to lie mi by th- United Plata* diatrist ladre or fvw?Py k i di*trie?') 1" tha itm of $5 000 for the whole work, or rf a proponionae amount f j*a'iypirt, that the biddar will, whan required if bis prepoia be accepted, eot*r into a mSetiand ,,u,fio,ent -ec^ ^ Flnn?, apfcificationa, and workm* diawinn win *7?.y *?y 'blrty f'nya, when thry cm?behj!! ftp lirQucn to the curnr'ni??nt ..A? hif}^ b* consider id unlm U fu'ty frnmhn mi ne?t. VlM 'kr TeVutrr"xcnU ?f ^ aSrerti**. - Jir P?f>?*n''' m",t be aert to thla department, aldre aed to the Herretary of tho TVa-ury a-i S?v^fm d tfc T V* at LW ?'clni h a ra- ?f 'b Gay ' nm ? 'or rtc< ivm? ?he tame JAME-* GUTHRIE, dec 90 -Pawtifrh yt ?f Ui* Tre**,ITT' PropoaaU for Erecting the Po?t Office acd Court-house at Rutland, Vermont TrSASCKT ntPARTMIMT I ^ASMtNuTo.v, DwenibtrlS, iai6 } pKOroSALS WILL BE RECEIVItn \ (' THIS L> liT?i^nV. 'T1 th* 36tb ta" ' f Febroa F? A. tiePmruifi j i' m^for the eoa?<ructi?ia cf v?Ur,hO09* ?utb?*i*?d to b arf?" cnnt Wtifm-i, Vermont, accordiog to (he plane an I eptc;fira ion* pre]a'ed at U>ia t* a (men ?a rf i ro^m < to b, eitt.c- f,n tne whol,. b.nldirz or a^ate f.,r Oirterent kinda ot work ; bill* 0f ,m* i, m iat hi evrrv ca e a^tompanv e?ch bid, with the CaKh k'Dl o; m'rk>?al the to a> amount carried ou|; the tlera-tment re^HivinK th-rtcht to rej-et or accept the prop<?ala hereby invt'd or UnUTs.'. e ' Wbe" " d*" mi lh- of the Lnlt-d f-tate* required it; Ui? depar tn^nt aUi r?v aetVM, the rirht ti exclude the b.d* of any per?on or P?.nf^t,Wh',lll>'re ^ iu-t ?*uae to b !ity? ^T,|| rot et'fmn YJ.' S1 "r Which thcybave Lk' Pk iot ',tLa,n hy indir?ction; and all b.di 1 in in?hrCi, H /arli.e8 ln 'atereft who dn not J in in th<" bids, aid ail bids that, upon iriVMHra u n. are b?low a fair pri?c fo. th? worn. Bids will not lie rtoejved ia groaa, and no rcn SnUhiJ m" aw*rdrd to " Wdder unlaaa details are ftarniahed the deFar ment cf the price* of the diffv? nt kinds o. work and materials, which nhall b* subject io the rs Tision of the dejiariment, on <? mny ad rt the whole or part cf the bT^fbe E?r* e^tofthe L ited Stafa may requre. Nine y percent, ot the amount of work done and matena.s deliv?tr?<i. a-jordine t.? c*>titra?t price 'feaid amount to h^ a?certai.,ed hv the ?ti.iS?rf agentoftha^pnrtm-atappointed for that purpore ) Will be f-H'j from um-! to time 4* the work pn f onTrVi :p" p 'rct"nt w?'n'd until the cHnpla uon of the confer** a reptance of the work Ac oL H,ore>ai '? ?*1 ?>? forfeited in the evert of n n-fuliilmriit 01 contract. .nV?ntr\Ctt' w''i he ai%arrf-d only to master bo!Her atiiiii'C aiu^s, a:id tht a-?ign^-ent t'ereof ?i??? by coi aent of the. ^-r.te.ry of the T^Iurv wirZ a forfeitu-e cf th" rome. reasur>, wll. b? Each proposal mnat be acsomranied hv a wnrren R?tantee. signed by two re,ponFble tified to b * by the L'nited 8>e km district jude? mr ?'n.rT:n,he'ad <3,ttr,rt') >" tba J If?SoS * w.?,k' or of a preportkmaui amou^T if for an) patt, tt?t the bidder will, when required' h S prf?K accept-d, enter into a rontr?t and fcumupnt -cun^. ^ ~m b - i .an-, m?? cifi at ona. and working drawian *-<11 !?? ready a ter U;.ny ays, v.h.!a ,heT t ^ U^.io application to thedrpar ment. j*?o?tnoi .?.] ^ v*}1 ir red uiileu; it fully com*li~ i wtM *rt,A tUc TeV> rem?ntt./ Om ^rfferfLe. The proror?h must be sent to this deiartment addressed to the *?>cre;n'y of the Trta^ury ami 02 ?<wAl'Jr!r,*'5/'w ,K*Ruu-* p** Op<x*nA Lonrt-Aotrse,^ and will bs op-ned at 10 the Mini. JAMES outhrik rroposals for Erec Ing tho Cuitom-houae, &c , at Offdensburgh, New Tork. Txti?rtT Dir*tT*t?cT. > Wa?iiih?;on, i>ecemb'.*r 17, lf56. J Proposals will bb received at this deia'iir.ent until the 18th ray of February, A. D. 1857, ai 9 o'clock, a m . for the con8truction of the t'ustom-liouse, Post Office, and Court-rooms aut'ionz^d 10 be erected at Ogden^ burgh. New York, acco-ding to the pla"1* and apeeiticaiiona pieja't J at this deparimtint; tatd propofals to b? either lor the whole b ?ilding or s^parat. for the dilTeient kinds cf work; bills of parcels must in ereiy ca?e accompany each b d, with the amount of ea-o kind of work, aod >he to;a' amour.t carried out; the de par; iixni rtsi; the rieht to reject or accept the propora'a hereby invited, or afty pacts thereof, whon itdeems the interest of th? I niied plates require* it; the ?ioparini'int aSo re?erv- s the r'ght to exclude th bids of any per-on or person* who thera is Juat cause to believe will not la thful'v perform the con tiare, or which tliav 1 ave att< tripled to obtain by ind rcction ; and all bids when there st>*M be par ties in >utcre6t who do not Join in the bids, and ail bids <hat, upon inve*ligation, ure b- low a fair pricc for the work. Bids will not b"> received In gross, and no contract will be awarded to r bidder unlcaa detaila are fur nished the depa-'m-nt of the price* of the different kinds of work and materials, which shall b-^ rub> Ject to the revision of the department, ao ti:ai#n may aicpt the whole or pan of the bid, as the inter est of the United Sta'es may require. Ninety per cent of the a nouni of work done and materials delvered, according to connect price, (faid amonnt to b-j a^certn-iied by t^e estimate of an B5??iit of the department appointed for that pur P'tse,) wi 1 b- i aid irnro lime to ume as the work p.-ogn?MH; a-?d ten per c?*nt retained nniii the c*?m Vlet:<m of the coniraoi and accep ance cf the work, Ac , h|' ihe a tent afomaid. and b? forfeited In the event <<f non-fulfilment of contract. Contracts will b" awarded only to master baildera aid m?ct>enlca, and the asaignment iher?of, ezoept by consent of the Secre'a y o< the Treasury, will b-i a forfeiture of the v*tn>: i ach proposal m ist b ? accompanied by a written guarantee, signed by two respoueible persons, (cer tified to be so by the United 8iale? district lunge or a torney of the said district,) ia the sum of $5,0C0, tor the whole work, or of a proportionate amount, if for any j art, tha' the bid-ier wi!l, wiien required, if his propotal b: accepted, enter into a cnnuact and b ind, with proi>?r and sufficient secuiitias, for 1 a faithful performance. Foim of b ind and certificate required wttl be fur nisned on applica ion to the derailment Plans, srH-cificaticns, and working dtawincs will be na iy after thirty days, when they can be bad on application to uie depa tment. So it i ttill he canti&crrd unlers it fully ccmpliet in all it* detail* with the requirement* of thii advertise ment. The proposals mnst be sent to this department, addressed to the Hecreiary of the Treasury, nad plainly endorsed " Propotals for the Ogdentburik Custom houscS' and will b? orened at one o'clock of the last day t amed for receiTini th?* same. JAME8 OUTHUIE, 8ecreta?y of the Triasury dec 19-3awtFebi8| imTRVCriONI TO UNITED STAT*? A Conaula?with directions to inerchinta, ahip maaters and seamen, for the transaction or Con sular business; embracing the lawa relating to the appointment, aalarlea, and dutiea of Conaular Pupils, Conaula and Commercial Agents, oSeial fees and emolamenta, forma for the transaction of all consular business, with an hlatorlcal aooount of the consular establish ment from the Adminis tration of Washington to the present time Price ?2 30; can be sent by mall to any part of the United Btatai J oat published, and for Bale in Wubl&guin city bjr.AYLOR HAURV< dec 30- ' Booksetiers, near 0th street Information for Trmlm. rlB ITIAMEa HEUHOK waihii??. TON will depart at the follow JFk lag hour*: js?2?jun? Leave Alexandria 7H, ?, |L 1 Leave Washington , it It, *k, 3 11?4 JOB COKSON, Qpdla. 0BA?K A ALIXAWDBI^^jjgAi; Or Mt Bout horn Moll Lino I 0>TW1C I DAILY II (BWNDAT NIGHTS EXCEPTEDI Betweti WiUlagtoi City and th? SeoU! mwMma*1** ALEXANDRIA, ?OEf??,NAYILLIi< RICHMOND, DAN V1LLL 6RKtNSUORUL'SM , N. C, *1" BAILY to t*? VIRGINIA SPRINGS. Leave Washington at n ?'clock, A M. Leave Washington at u p.m. Leave Alexandria at ?< am! Lear* Alexandria at g ?? P M. T rami ere will find the Morning Line la oon nectlon with the Virginia Central Railroad, the Cheapest, mo?t Pleasant and t-'xnodltloua Ruote to THE VIRGINIA SPRINGS, Greenbrier White Sulphur and Tauquler White Snlrhc, Warm, Hot. Alora and Capon springs. Weir'a Cavo, Natural Bridge, Lexington, Ac OMNIBUSES and BAGGAGb WAGONS Will he at the Washington Railroad Perot to cor vee PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE, t><* ?/ Okmr jr?. to STEAMER G EOR GK PAGE, for ALEXANDRIA, a dli-Hgnam^'. aaoe of six miles, allowing ample time for M**1* Fare from Washington to Richmond S5 S-"1 Fare ?? ? Danville 11 W Fare " ?? Greensbor?v,;h...l2 W Tloheta procured on the boat. Expedition and Comfort are seenred by th:s Route, a* It la a linxov tiaar run talLtcat raoK ALEXANDRIA TO DANVILLE. THROVGH PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE tarried without coat to the Depot cf the Peters berg Railroad. JAMES A.. EVANS, ac 1 ? Agent, Alexandria. Va. THB llEW YOBK AND LIYEBPOOI. UNITED STATES t!HAIL STEAM BE 8.; The snirs comprising this lini> are the ATLANTIC Capt Eldrldge. BALTIC Capt. Comatowfc. ADRIATIC Capt. Jaa. Weet. These ship* having been bcllt by contract ex pressly for Government service, every care has been taken In their construction, as aiao In their eaglEes,to Insure strength and speed; and their accorr.modcttorsfor paasengera are nnequaled for elerance and comfort rrlceof passage frm New York to Liverpool In fret cabin, f 110j in second dc., >*5. l'rom Liverpool to New 1 ork, 3" and uw guineas. An experienced rargeon altered to ?ac^? ?hlp. No berths can be sccured cr.t.:l paid for. The i Lips of this line hi?e Improved water-tlpht nulk head.-, tr.d to avoid danger from lee will noicte?^ the Banks north of 42 degrees, until after the let of Angus;. raorcan mtn or sa:lih? Frtmlft** Y?*k. Fr*m Lfrjfl 1*5?. 1WS?. Satardnv Apr Wednesday... R*ay It Saturday May 10 Wednesday....May tS Saturday May 24 Wednesday....Jone 11 Saturday ..June 7 Wednesday....June S5 Saturday June SI Wednesday ... July V Saturday July S Wednesday ....July %'t Saturday .......July 1? Wednesday....Aug. f> Saturday....... Aug. 2 Wednesday.... Aug. 2>? JJafurday Aug 1ft Wedcet-day....S?pt. 3 Saturday Aug. 30 Wednesday....Sept. 17 Saturday ..Sept. 13 Wedr'aday....Oct. 1 Saturday Sept. 47 Wed:; 'day....Oct. IS Saturday Oct It Wedce. day ....Oct. & Saturday Oct.?5 Wedncsoav....Nov. It Saturday Nov. 6 Weda<?Iiy....Nov. *6 Saturday Nov. id Wcdnei<5ay....Dec. 1? Saturday Dee G Wednesday ....Doc. *4 Saturday Dec. St For freight or passage apply to ? EDWARD IT COLLINS A CO., Wall street, New Yoik. BROWN .SHIPLEY A CO., Liverpool. STEPHEN EENNARJ) A CO., *7 Aaitil Prlojs, Londo? B G. WAINW RIGHT A CO., Ptrft The owners of these ships will not be noeor nt tblefor gold,ailver. bullion, specie,Jewelry, pre etousstones, or metals, unless blAs of lading are algned theiefor,and the value thereof expressed therein. n 1-tr VOK M A E P E E' S VSfttV* &SSk * Ti?r irni THROUGHINTWELVE HOURS! The new and silendid packet boat ARGO, Capt Cha*. H. Miikiil, will commence making Rtgulcr Trtpt be'wecn GEORGETOWN and Ihe above Point, on Mon day. March 27th, I8fi? The Boat will leave the wharf ofW .H ft H. ?, Eltter, Georgetown, D. C , every Monday, Wed tesday. and Friday morning, at # o'clock Returning, she will leave Harper's Ferry every Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday moraine, a: o'clock Throng h T? LttsbH'g Cl.nJi,t?ei?dt?c *A? SMgt f*?m Edwardl' ftrrf Families Intending to visit the VirrlnlaSprlnrs the coming season will find th'.s by far the mo- k afe, pleasant, and ohtapest rcute to Berkeley tpon. Shanondale, W hite Sulphur and W'arrea. Meals served on board hi moderate rates. A coach will always be In readiness in Gecrge lown to convey peasengers to and from the Bont. For further puticulars inquire at U.e store of y*- E. ft E. G. R1TTER, Georgetown, and JOHN V. AVIS, Jr^ Harper's Ferry, Vt. mar IB?tf PEOTECTION AMU 1KUKM NIT I fKOTl LOSS BT FIRE 1 FIRE, MARINE, AND INLAND INSURANCE, ?duttariserf Capital and AvrpUu.. .81,348,141 13. FABXEBS AND MECHAKIC6' IJI8UB. AKCE CO., OF PHILADELPHIA. Otfxt norihirttt corner Pnv? Unr. a m envt and 17fA Hrcc', WatKinefon Cify, D.C, DIRECTORS. Hon. Thf*. n. PJoren-e, Charles I):ncef.. George H. Armstrong, Th<maa? Ma:>4erfi< Id, Charles A Rubieam, Edward R. Helmbold George Helmbold, P. Carrol; Brrvtster, James E. N-all, f .aac Lrech. Jr. THOMAS It. FLORENCE, Pres.doat. RDWARDR HELMBOLD. Seen tary. LOCAL Si'H'. EYOR8 ^Cb**les Wa.ier, No. D street, opposite Oiiy Jno. M. Thorn ton, comer rirst street and Virginia avfntie, Island. James Williams, No. ?2 P?ur-an<1-a-haif str?-^t. John Rlsrice, No N)1 Thirteenth atr? et, b<tow Pennsylvania avenu". MARINE PURVEYOR. Oapt. J. P. Levy, No. 3?17 Ponnpylvania a venae opposite National Hotel. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT. John Thomason. The biis'n? ?? of this Company will compare ft vorably with the most successful of bimjiar instna tions tn the United States. Prom the 1st day of August, 1856, in five months, up t ? 1st January, 18?fi, the pr< mums received amounted to the large sum of one hundred and ??jghi thousand, one hundred and fifty-one dollars, with only ft>rty-?ii hundred and sixty-six dollars loiwt* ie?orted Whh these evidences of sur^eesand good man agement. th^ diicctor? ferl jusufled in soliciting a share of public patronage, behrvinn that the ascu rity offered is arnpl^ ai.d thai all fair cia>m? will b? adjusted more according to rquity iban legal teehni entities. The company is prepared to luni polieies aram-t loss or damage by fire on DWELLINGS, FURNI TURE, MILLtJ, MANUPACTfjRIItP, WAKE. aOUSEb, all descriptions of BUILDINGS, *i,d leir contents, or all kinds of MERCHANDISE, uumorted by VESSELS. 8TEAMBOATS. CA NAL BOATS, RAILROADS, and the usual con* T<2^,.fw,i.oorfro,n "T Fort>en of EUROPI and AMF.KICA, and on the hull* of STEAMBOATS navigating the western v atsrs The rates of premium will be u low a? oibrr compauies, and in ?xina th? m ? v? ry 'mprnvement in construction and arrangt ment will be .aken into consideration. All losses speedily adjusted and promptly paid. Office northwest c< rner Pennsylvania avenue and Seventeenth street, Washington city, D. C. huwanct may ai*o U tflecud at tK* Horr* OtlIf. corner Wainut and Second Streets, J-kila ' deipAta, and in other principal cities of the United State* by authoriaed ??cers of the comoauv jeld-lyt ' PURE IILVEE WARE. SOLID 8ILTER TEA SETS. SILVER FORKS AND SPOONS SOLID SILVER WAITERS, oruuNS, PITCHERS, GOBLETS, f CUPS. FANCY SILVER wl%RB. suitable fOr The above are all ot Hr WilliKTID PC1I nov lt-t# * W" GALT * HRO, *44 Pena'a avenue SO 000 PEACH TRKEI AUel? SV nLARS 1,15,1 INDEED?FOR it/Si" ^LNur*7' n?*r Washington J?'2ss,s^r " rrowu' "dal E V ER B o'ORNAM EN TAL, sL<n s#*EBN?ADE, and FRUIT TREEs! ????? JOSHUA PK1EQR A_d,??. TEGISON. l?2rBi5?^ VERV HANDSOME VEN ISON Just from the mountains RING ft BURCHELL, Vermont twamtud lMfet4.