Newspaper of Evening Star, January 16, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 16, 1857 Page 3
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evening star. SW t?T<kranuTi taoeiB s* left at rn 0?rin st t?rin? o'ri.vl, H otiiiwt??t **t wot trNtl LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Lmited States Aoriccltcbal Sociitv ? Tbe resolutions introduced by Mr. Underwood of Kentucky, yesterday, in relation to the purchase of Mount Vernon were adopted, and M?wr< Underwood of Ky., G. W P. Custis of Va., and Benson of Ma., appointed a commit tee to communicate with the proprietor of Mount Vernon in relation to such purchase. Mr Frssee. Secretary of the N>?w Jersey Agricultural Society, wished to remark that in several newspapers. Mr. Calvert, of Md , was reported as having called the late annual ex hibition at Philadelphia a ?' miserable" ex hibition, and. as therein stated, the r#a^eJ might be led to infer that this Society bni tacitly endorsed the remark. Mr. Calvert said he had not used the word "miserable in that connection, and that reporters must have misconstrued the tenor and meaning of his rt Professor Fowler introduced the following resolution, which was adopted : Htiolvd, That the Hon H. F KrJ??h' ^ lf,e President of this Society. f?om .New Hampshire, be furulshed With a clreuiar ^ttCT Commeadlag him to the kind attention of agriculturalists in other lands, as a gentleman wnose position at home entitle* him to the esteem of all who pro mote the great -auseof agriculture; a cause whl^h has well been said to" know no limits of brother hood narrower :haa those of civilization. ' A boquet of exquisite beauty and fragrance was here predated to President Wilder, ac companied by the following note : To Hon Mu?uall P Wiluer, President National Agricultural Society: ?*ia : In token of vour leai and Inspiring ?x ample In the promotion of the cause of Floricul ture. please accept tals humble testimonial from one who appreciates the relaxation or an hour from the business toil of life to revei among na tare's bl ?ndlshmenta, In the outer courts of earth's fiultage. . Without there are nojrmti. Charles O. Pake. Washington, DC, January 15, 1337. Mr- Wilder gracefully disclaimed it as a present to himself, but accepted and aoknowl edged it in the name of the Society. The propriety of placing in tho possession of Mr Peabody, tbe i>ociety's representative at tv.3 meetings of the National Agricultural So cieties of England and France, the views of this Society respecting tbe shows of procreative animals to be held in Paris in June or July next, was discussed, but no aotion was taken thereon. Mr Lewis of Mass., from the committee upon agricultural statistics made the follow ing report: The want of accurate statistic*, ?:nd jellab'.e In formation as to the true resour es of our Immense country, b?s always oeen feit.and will i>s so un til some definite plan is devised whereby such Information can be obtained An actually correct return Is not expected at first, but If an approxi mate one can be obtained from year to year, and the average ascertained. It would prove of much value to ad?particularly to the agriculturist. The men bant or dealer In any article of pro duce or trattle, whether pork, cotton, wheat, w o! cr tobacco miy have au object to disguise the real quantity of tie merchandue he deals In, whether expoited or consumed, and often the un principled speculator wlli cause such quantities and pnclples to appear In the market as will mu lesd the public and suit bis purpose, the 111 ef fects of which no class in the community expe riences more than the producer. Not so with the agriculturist. Any one can tell pretty nearly what he raise*,or what stock he has ob hand at a given tlmt, ana If the schedule pro Losed by the commissioner Is presented annually v tue assessors la each town throughout the country, tas It Is already done In several of the States.) more reliable Information will be ob tained annus'.ly than from any ot ier source. We trust that the Governors of the several States and Territories, (where It Is not already done ) will recommend the table hereto annexed, to be adopted by their several legislatures, and co-operate with the 6eneral Government In carrying out this noble object, by annually for ward'ng eopiea of their returns to the Patent Of fice. wnare the whole may be properly arranged and presented to the public In the annual report, signed, W. 6. Lewis, * H. Wag En, J so. Carroll Walsh Mr. Lewis submitted tbe following resolu tions : Xt$olr*d. That the United States Agricultural Society cordially approve of the recommendation of the Commissioner of Patents in relation to ob taining accurate statistics of the staple produc tions of the Ua!ted States. RitelnJ. That we recommend the Governors of the several States and Territories to adopt the plan proposed, or take such action In lhe prem ises as they may deem expedient In relation there* to Hiiotv d, That this Society transmit a copy of theee resolutions to the Governor* of the several State* and Territories The teport ai d resolutions were adopted. *Y resolution was passed to the effect that the sessions between the hours of ? and li o'clock' will hereafter be devoted to the deliv ery of fie* J regies Tbe regular order of business having been disposed of, Mr i>. Jay Brown of the agricul tural bureaa of the Patent Office was intro duced to the Society for tbe purpose of giving the result of his experience and investigations in regard to tbe culture in the I nited States of the Chinese sugar c?ne. Mr. lirown took the speaker's stand, and a great number of (questions were proj?ounded to htm fr-rn all 4Uurters of the room, to which he responded with a readiness showing his thoroagu Umilianty wi;h the subject Sugar, he said, could sometimes be mado from the dried stalk/, but it is expensive. It contains saccharine matter as far north as the tnilky atate can be bad ; in Massachusetts it has .shown 23 par cent of sugar, here in W ashing ton 14 per cent. It requires a dry Soil and hot sun Should not ke planted so soon as Indian corn by several days Will mature in te^s than a hundred days from aowing the aeed. F?>r sugar it flourishes best o* poor ?oils, but f? r tattent?g animals on rich Suiu j For sugar Ji should b* harvested, or rather cut, late tu the season, but (W ,seed should be cut and therefore planted earlio*. As a fod der crop Mr B.o^uilered it aa makm* 4 rev olution in cattlt-looi all through the Union Tue seed can be proua-*d at the prica ot oats, I at the raL? of fitty ot sixty bushels to the *cre and c?u be converted iftto bread or choc ilate. fed to lowli, Ac. It will give 1,300 gal ions of vinegar to the acre The most nortt erly point of its growth is Minnesota. If the ?e?i oe cut off it will sprout again and bear double, a? last ye^r in South Carolina. Mr. Walsh reported taat, having had occa sion to call on the President of the United States, the President had said be would be happy to >see the members of tba socitty, either collectively or individually, at iuf hour before a in the eveaing The invitation from Prof Bache to visit tho C<<ast tiarvey office was reported and acknowl edged. A resolution of thanks U the Kev. Doctor Morris for his admirable lecWra on Wednes day evening, was carried. Mr. l>yer reported from the committer on Oregon fruits as follows : committee to whom was referred a collec tion of apples ?rom Oregon regret to repoit the unfavorable coadUJon of the fruit. From the pretraclcd journey at 'h*s season It bad la a great measure iost its fiavor, an/1 acquired a foreignone from the material In which X was packed some oS tee varieties were misnamed as mentioned neiow i he fruit was evldcn ly o<lgt,;ally very tar re and fair, but the character could wiUj 110 accu/ary be a?rerulued 1 he apples ore the feJlowlny - HI* Pearmaln; the Rhode 1? and ?. xeeujng, proved to hj* tfie Gloria Mundi , tae Groen New;*>a pippin provedU> be the \ e.low ? tbe -ppl* called the Hubbartaton Non such Wus an ap;ril?named and unha^wn to (be coinmitue The K*liowat*rer, WInewp, and tsopus Spltienberg we^-e correctly named, ahe Pound P?ar proven to be ?t Get soaln Prof lienry prsHanted a report from Prol. Webster, ?.n pho*pW>rus id its relations ty tbe animal and vegetable kingdoms Jdr Prinze "tiered a resolution on tbe sub ject of procurtug a library t-r the Society. The resolution was passed The Chair presented a paper irvOi Dr Hare of PhilaJelpbia, on manures Tbe then adjourned to nine o'clock this morciDg, to call on the President of tba Catted states, tn compliance with his invita tion Tuuifc par The sneeu^ vas called U < r ler at V o clock this m^ratng by Frcsident Wilder In cor sei>ue&>:e of the abseDoe of Mr C. L Flint, of Miss , who wv appointed to read his addresa upon grasses this aorning, the Sooiety proceeded to transact some miscellaneous business A diploma was granted to Rich'd S. Peters, of Atlanta. Georgia, for hia specimen of syrup manufactured from the Chinese sugar cane. The following resolution wu offered by lion i Henry Wager, of N Y , to the Smithsonian Inati tution, as follows : Resolved, That the thanks of the Uaited States Agricultural Society are due and are hereby ten dered to thr Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution for the use of their rooms, and for the valuable co-operation which the Society has re ceived from the Institution. A rote of thanks waa paaaed also to Lieat. Maury for hia invitation tendered the Society to visit the United States Observatory at any time, day or night, during their stay here. Mr Lewia, of Mass., introduced the follow ing resolutiona: Resolved, That a committee of Ave be appointed by this Society to inquire Into the origin, effects, and extent of a disease in this country denomi nated the Hog Cholera, now said to prevail to so alarming an extent lu some of the States. Resolved, That said committee be directed to ascertain the most approved modes of treatment for swine affected with this disease. The resolution* were adopted. Prof. N. B Webster, of Portsmouth, Va., read a paper on '? Phosphorous, and Its Rela tions to the Animal and Vegetable Kingdoms, " which was referred to the Executive Commit, tee. Hon. Mr Underwood, of Ky., rose to pro pose that a request should be made to Prof Henry for permission to incorporate in the proceedings of this session a paper read at the last annual session of the society by Prof. H. ujon " I he origin and action of oower as ap- I piled to the vegetable kingdom ' The proposition was adopted, and Prof. Henry courteously acceded to the request Mr. Flint, Secretary of the Massachusetts Hoard of Agriculture, wa? now introduced to the society, and proceeded to read a raper upon " The Grasses of the United State- " accompanied by valuable tables. The value of the annual hay and grass crop of thia coun ty ?"? estimated at three hundred millions of dollars. Mr frazae, of N J., offered a resolution T o *a3 ftdopt?J? tendering the thanks of the Society to Mr Flint for his very instruc tive and interesting address, and a copy of toe same was requested for publication iu the transactions. Mr. George I' Hodges, of \'t , presented to the society, on the part of the author, several c>l les ot L.nsley's works on the Morg in breed o; horses which were accepted and tue thank* of the society voted to Mr. Linsley. Prol Henry, whose appearance was greeted with hearty applause, addressed the sooiety upon the system of meteorological observa tions instituted by the Smithsonian Institution in connection with the Patent Office and was speakiDg whan our report closed. Taking Obskrvatio.ts.?We obaerved the Loiiimifsioner of Public Buildings on Wedne* day morning last, in company with the Com mittee on Public Buiidings, in the Circuit Court Mom, which was altered and improved under the direction of the active and popular L mmissioner during the late recess The committee expressed themselves much pleased with the appearance and arrangement of the room They tnen visited the clerk's offi*e, where they were joined by the estimable clerk, .<lr Smith, who conducted them through the .-everal rooms of his office and showed them the exposed condition of its valuable records. Ilie committee, we learn, readily acknowl edged the necessity for further and better adapted accommodations for his office, and also for the Criminal Court We are induced to hope from this visit they will sanction the recommendation of the Commissioner for an extension of the Court-house portion of the City Hall. From the Clerk s office the committee pro ceeded to the jail, accompanied by the Com missioner and Engineer Coyle. They inspected every department of the jail, and we learn condemned it a? shamefully insecure, destitute of ventilation, and in every respect discredit able to the metropolis of the country We think from the representations these gentle men will make of the condition of the miser able old jail, that this session of Congress will not be suffered to pass without makiug an ap. propriation for the erection of a new jiil more m character with this enlightened and hu mane age. ??. Rall of the Western Hose Company ^o. 1, on the occasion of opening their new Hall, on Tuesday evening, the 13th instant, a well-tilled room met the eyes of this indefati gable company, and all went off with the greategt harmony and pleasure to every one engaged in it Mi?s Matilda Carroll presented the Company with a beautiful National Flag. The following are the addresses : Gentlemen of the Western Hose Company? It is with feelings of the deepest pleasure that on this occasion I am here to present to your worthy association this Star-spangled Banner; and allow me to say, at the same time, that I am filled with the deepest conviction that you will preserve its folds untarnished, and its galaxy of stars undimmed, and, in so doing, prove yourselves true lovers of your country, and followers in the foo stcps of the fathers of by-gone days. The President of the Company having re ceived it, made the following response : Respected Lady- In behalf of the Western Hose Company, and with a just appreciation ?-f their heartfelt thanks, I accept this gift It is to us a pro id aud gratifying reflection that we are deemed worthy of mis handsome offering of the fair sex, and by those whose smiles, like the stars of tuis glorious flag, illumine our pathway, and cheer us wpward to the performance of duti\ Be assured, kind lady, that we shall cherish this proud emblem of the '? free and the brave." and guard its stars and its stripes its a noble memento, a beautiful token, of the generous regard of fair and lovely woman. BuOk Stealing at tub Cahtol.?A young man of very genteel appearance was detected yesterday by one of the Capitol police in stealing a booi. in the crypt under the rotunda. He is from a distant estate, and has only been in the city for a few days So many depreda tions of the kind have been comrnittod that it wa> Jscmed necessary for the protection of public pro^.-^y stored in the crypt to station an officer in that p!<?ce It may be well for the light fingered gentry io know this fact, as they may rest assured that no similar depre dation r m e^capo detection, and that when so dete<.t?4 the culprit will be handed over to the prop** authorities to be dealt with ac cording law. Washixgto* Circus ?This e*Utli<bmen* re opens to-night, and our citizens may antici pate an equestrian treat of the first order, abounding with new aud brilliant acti of Horsemanship, and acrobatic and gymnastic feat#, both wonderful and pleasing. The fa mous Uerr Von Beck will also make his ex traordinary asceoaioc op the spiral column. A grand afterm?on performance w;IJ be given to-morrow, commencing at 2t o'cloca, when Madame Tourniaire. Uerr Von Beck, and all the company perform Tbe manager has adopted a system admit ting families to the afternoon exhibitions for one dollar We have no doubt he will find it a pri Stable and p?fkla,-Idea. Remember to night. ? The Gra.ko Imatgcratioji Hall.?We un derstand that the committee of strangers and citizens here having this affair in charge, have determined to erect on Judiciary Square a suitatno building for the purpose. It is to be a grand ball, by 65 feet high ?-in the clear ' of the story, ^t'p.llel and adjoining It is to be erected a suitable s*ppp* room. teet long The whole is to bo papered, Jjsfo rated, warmed, ?c , so as to make it eomfort- I able, convenient and elegant indeed The tickets are to be ilo each, agents are now so liciting subscriptions It has been determined to make it the most splendid entertainment ever coming oti in this country. Some 34'U UCkttts have already been taken. SriAMflg, but * *1 k. ? 'Tis strange how Pbilbrick can afford to mi^t j^ch costly and superb presents to his patrons of rlcn auC el*, gant jewelry and other artieles (as thousands of our citUeos and strangers will attest) while selling ilia rtoek of bw^Jis less than they can be obtained eisav&ere, bit* 'tis true that thousands of eostly and 4*elul a^tisl^ have been distriduted among those who ^ajroni^e him. And judging from bis immense stock of books and choice presen*s '' Tbens are many more left of the same tort." Tbr Qallawt Old "Franklih" i!f rna Fiki.p. -This veteran companj gives its 30th ball nt Caru?i? Saloon on Monday evening next, in h<jnor of tha birthday of the immortal Franklin Xh? committee of ar rangement? have been actively engaged for a long time in making adequate preparations for the oocarion, and are now prepared to re port most satisfactory progress in addition to the ordinary attractions, the coming ball will, we learn, be enlivened by the pretence of numeroas delegations from cities north and south of Wasbington. Look out for something creditable from the Franklin Firemen on Mon day night! __ How DiLiOHTrcL to the senses is the luxury of writing with a pen that will always make a neat, imooth and nniform writing. Every merchant, clerk, and school-boy will attest to this We say this after having used for some time a spendid gold pen from the establish ment of J. Shillington, who has them of all sixes for sale at very low prices Try them.* R J. Tcrnrb's Concert.?This gentleman, at the solicitation of numerous friends, has consented to give another Grand Concert, at Odd Fellows' Hall, on Saturday evening Every one present last night was perfectly delighted ; in fact, they oould not help being pleased, as he sang superbly. Remember his concert on Saturday, all who wish to pass a pleasant evening Riotous?Three young men were last night disposed to be riotous and threatened to burn, sink and destroy the Island or Seventh Ward. Watchmen Davis and Evans made an entry among their company and there was a scattering: one was arrested and taken to the guard house. Columbia Institute ?Attention isdirected to the advertisement of this Institute. The vice-principal is a daughterof Judge Williams, and a lady eminently qualified to take charge of the government and discipline of any insti tute. ' Cobrectios.?A lew days since the name of J no. Nevins appeared in the watch returns. For fear of a mistake, we now say that it was the name of a person before unknown in W ash ington. Colo Weathkk?The thermometer at sun rise this morning was 4 deg above xero. Criminal Coubt.?Yesterday, this Court was adj jurned until the March term Watch Returns ?John Reeves, disorderly: workhouse WO days. 1?7* An Old friend to the infferins is Jlr?# thVenre V-lV*1' H*l,,m of Liverwort and Hoarlmaii.l. for tut cure of all rongl.s,, crnnp, Jkc. Tills preparation eCIr .Tl'l it 'V aud now auJ ?. i. ' ou,l?.ll?l. u ,,for b ? druMlaU w i I'" U'l,,d ?"?' British Pr..v lores. I^ 4*" fu '7V.1 M Washington street, Boston, Wbole u. U lw WMhlnft?n,s,? i., agent. A,,hm*: Kr?n< hiti#': Con . I . *" "u,"?r " tlifct lifii |? li?lr tu ? . J/ f 'TMl lBclUn Keim-dy, knouu as -Mr. \| \ bAKl.*. K HUMAN BlUlAHOt Ll VI liWUKTAM, ll..A?M.?t SI.' ?in.terful, rr?e,ived by t:.e u,r?t ?,,!rit to V1 V- *>?U.U?..a.ul., haicwpleted m'rarles . No. lt? Waelnngion b". !<)?, 'ieueril A^:iU. For br W. n rtllinim I'U.'-i HV.U, Na!ru A Palmer, L. D., audi* nrn'^.u"^' '? J an 1??lw. ICTllrandreth's P.M.?The Weak, the Cousutnptlve, Klienmatlc. Costive. Ulltons and Delicti aft?r inrw Th n Every d ,.e make. tl,e bl-od \n tll eel. . Ti '? *"? trlerles and terminate ?'r ^hr? -, ri'e"e M a tlrst effort, act np?n the ar IrV tie wil'd intl,e ctr",?llo". by which lmpurltlee ill", ?L , "'I"' f*1 U"fJ' tUrOW ??)< Collar, tl m? Into the bowels, which orga.., tijr tu- energy derived H.".tr^r*iU',i ,.1 ? ,bem f""" "?? "y? ?"? V,"ben ttist c?ed, the pill* may ... r??)?n (jrlplnjc.atM eveu tu?ke the I.?.lent ter! w.,r?? ; uiu-t be b..rxi^ with for tha K.v>.| to coxue ?fterw*rrt? grent good U <.fteu arU.evml without eouie trouble In Ita ?tUlniueut. enH tbt* rule *P{.li.-, u tt,,. hfdVflil' Tho,e ?y"JI,<oni" r>uly occur wi,-re lb body hu long ?trUic^.e.1 uuder ? load of hnpurr teu .-'on. .uraore A cnae- ntlre use for a l-w will iatldfy tbe 5i ?? ?* !* "fth* *"?? non-1 the plllx are doln< The Jlrert.oui ebould b<> carefally ?tu.11e<J If underMoo.J and followed, hea.tb and vl< .r will, hi a majority of caae* be cared by the o.e of KKANUKkTH'S Pll]? ' Bu^nc N.;enYorSrrbybT. W.V.yoUA^V' Second itreet. Phlladelpbla, and by medicine deiler? geneV MT J??tf ICTBrewn't Mrenchlal Trochei.-uw* bare fontidtbenoiof great.ervica!aallaylnr Bronchial Irrlu ' ' *n^ "Molng Uoanenea* produced by Cold* ^nd do toth m - /b,r"tl'r'U * f?*' f*vor 10 calltng their attintlou t * Her*'d- ' w* commend them to the at iV? ? 'Ingeri, an1 othere who 4re troubled with affection, of the Tbroat."-Ct.rl,tl?i, W.fch man. For Coughs. Aethtna, A?., we cheerfully baar te.ll rnony from peraoaal knowledge to their efflr*cy."_U,llou'a P1 turl4]. Th^y *re a ?iiupie au<1 ?l%c%Qt toriu for adMlo l.terlng, In combination, eeveral medicinal held llr/uw-ktiaj V,7.m In the treatment ..f Bronchial atfectlooi?Or. O. K Bigelow. Conuinlug no opluru or deleterlona drugs, the.* Lozenge, cau be n.ed freely by public .peakere and vocalist, for clearing and giving atre-jgth to the voice. Sold by all Orugri.t. ??tl4tf JAMES N. OA LI. AN. UmL UjT Impertant t? the Ladle*!? Ur. Dn PONCO'8 FKMAI.K P1LL.8.?The combination of lugredl ei.UIn the Pllla are perfectly harmlees. Tl.elr elflcacy and ti erlt. are based upon au ezteuslvj practice of over thirty years; and, where the directions have been stilctiy f..l u they have aever failed to correct all Irregularities relieve painful and difficult menstrnatlon, (particularly i at the . Of life. They will cure the WhlUa, and reiov. I a.l obstruction*. ar1a<n|( froaj cold, exposure or any causes and maybe used succaeafully as . Prevents*. Call udou the agent, and get a Circular for particulars free Price )l ;^r boa, with full dlrettlons. Sold wholesale and 8AMLKL ? "wAir/aSri.DrPeu??>Iv?;'''? -veune, j. AITK, L>?* Sa?eii(h gireei, W^ijluvtdii D v ? and K. 8. 1. CIS8KL, Oeorgelowo ; to whom all order's uibM be seut, and ttie Plili will sent tonfl.lentlally, by mill to who eiicloM? tiitsiii oue dollar. ' N. B ? Sea signature on the bo*; to joanterMtit 1* for "T1 la t-tf ' . _ - MARRIED, At Trinity Church, on the 15th Instant, bv ifce Rev Mr Cummins, l\lr. J AM fcS 15. SHAw of Texas, to Miss MARY BONNYCASTLE tlsughter of the late Prof. Bonnycastie, of the University of Virginia On the 15th lustant, In the Methodist Protrst ant Chuich, wth street, by th<> Kev i'. JJirbt Wilson, Mr- >AMUKL KAKKO.N COOpEk to Mls? MAK Y JANK lilKKHKAU, all of this city. (bsltirnore Clipper please copy.) ? 01U>, On the 15(h insunt. Mrs. ANN HOTKLhK Io the 43tb yar of her age. For Sijle end Rent. CV>K RKNT? THK STOKK-ROOM RK. JL cent,!v occupied by E M Hew, Merchant Tailor. No 516 7th street. Immediately npnooHe the offli'e of the National lntelllKenc?-r For terms, apply next door to (iKO VV COCHRAN Cigar and Tobacco Dealer. jtn 10-tf ' 'po LET?THK COTTAGE PRAM K Hon>e A on N street north. l?etween 14th and 15-b Btreeet? we?t Rent 810 per mouth Kcuulre of J P. Hilton, 14th street, near Pennsvlvanla ave nue, No 481) j p. HLLTON. Jan 15 lw For rent?a comfortably fir. niihed two-story Orlck House on H Mreet near IStU Address Box 12,8tar0?c? jan 13-lw 'PVVO LARGK ROOMS SUITABLE FOR 1 GENTLEMEN TO BE RENTED ?They also, ran be Boarded in the house If desired Apply to TWOS POTENTIN1, No 279 Penn. avenue, south aide dec 17 For rent.?the second and third stor1e? of the House over the Leather Store of Mr. J U tii/AFi'B, opposite the National Thea tre. I aq.iire on the prenUao d,c 10-eotf For sale or rent.?that desira ble residence on F street, between '20th and 21st. for the last eight years occupied by the late J M. Chubb, Esq Possession given Immedi ately. Inquire of R1UUS A CO au lV-eotf For rent-one parlor and cham b?*i vr;;l, aflO'.her small bedroom Joining co aether, neatly furnished .ud le.y c?n"elnent sr for rent. Pennsylvania avenue,'oppo-it^ Wlilardu Hotel, No '215. Apply at tbe premlste. Jut 14 eo3t* ADEL1GH I'FUL country residence FOR SAI.E?The subscriber has for sale a deslrablt* Country Resident, about a mile aud a omrter dKfant from the Post Office, la a north ^ direction, on lloundary street, between Oth and 7th streets S4?t TLe lot consists of about two i.Lrtj ci rround, and Is In a blgh stite of cultivation The bouse Is of frame, neiirly new, and posses ses many conveniences not usual la acountry resi dence It Is forty-three leet front and thirty-three deep, with a t?o-story kitchen attar.Led. Tbe situation Is elevated, pt-rfectiy healthy, and cou.mard" a tine view of the city and surround ing country belonging to tne pr- ? s44bv, car rlage-house mul wood-stcd, ull convenient to the house and la good order. The house Is comfortably furnlshwl, and the furniture Is for sale with the premises. Apply by letter or In person to

Jan3-3w WM ST1CKNEY. I^Ott RENT?THAT LARUE AND aTry * Houk on Peuu avenue, between ?th and 7th streets, over A Hoover A Son's Shoe Store suita bly for h first-clara Boarding-House, it is now undtrgojug ? C0?i<picts reral' Possession ylven Immediately. Inquire of A. HCOVE^ A bON south side of Penn avetfue, between 9th and 7th street*. oc 3u-tf 1U?T KKIKIVKU AN INVOICE OF ?I fiie Tinted and French Papers. Also, Guilt lienor, Bali. 'Note, 4c FERGUSON, I* a 8 f?67thstrwt GREAT GIFT BOOK STORE, UNDHK PhXTUK S HOTEL ?w Utiki JST OF An Imnrnir nsaartmrtii ?| will A* o)>?ttrd This Dam, AND A.N ENTIRELY NKW Lis PRESENTS will be distributed to our patroas hereafter Members of congress, citizen* and STRANGERS will find our Btock of Booka worth their attention It Is the largr?t ard iroit valuable assortment ever opened In this city, comprising Standard and Miscellaneous Works In all the departments of Anc'ent and Modern Science. Literature, and Art. Also, all thn latest Publications, Annuals of the Season. Biblej, Prayer Books, New Editions of the Po ets, Ac., Ac , In Turkey Morocco, Antique, Vel vet, and other rich ao'd superb Bindings, ele gantly Illustrated. A PRESENT, worth from 25 Cents to ?IOo, will be Riven (1m mediately after the sale) to every purchaser of a Book for which we receive SI or more VZTS per cent of all our net receipts will be placed In the hands cf His Honrr the Mayor of Washington, to be distributed for the ben;fit of the Poor cf the city. At the old Stan?l, under Dexter's Hotel, sign of the Red Flag. jan 9-tf J. PH1LBR1CK, Agfnt. ("f FRANCIS THANKS A GEXKRHDS public for the liberal and increasing patron age he inet with the past year, and especially thote klrd friends who, as occasion ofl'ered, have dr?>p ped a word In his fivor. His motto Is Onward, and the coming year he hope* to see his old cus tomers often, and be favored with many new ones. Good articles low prices, and fair dealing shall characterize his store. G. FRANCIS, jan 3 49(1 Seventh st. Washington Veterinary Infirmary, FOR HOUSES. DOGS, ft ,' 2511) st bet. 13)< and 14th sts.. south of fa ave., JNO GREGSON, PROPRIETOR, Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeon*, London. 1?7* Horses examined as tosounduese, Ac jan I" l !n NOT HE. Transportation Orjicr, > Alsxani>ria a Washington Railroad \ ON AND AFTER MONDAY, THE 5TH of January, freight will be received at the Lepot of the Alexandria and Washington Rail road, between the hours of 8 a in., and 5 p. m , to be forwarded to Washington cltr?ana also, bjween the same hours, at Long Bridge Station, to be forwarded to Alexandria Freight on all articles forwarded from Alexan dria must be prepaid jan 9-eolw (IntelAUnlon) tHMIHIY WAHKMEK WATCH MAKER. NO. 34 4* STREET, S1UN l?F THE LARGE and *mall Watch with Chain, near Shilling ton's Periodical Depot, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and street. WATCHFS. JEWELRY SILVER WARE. WATCH REPAIRING, Ac Chronometers, Repeating Watches, Duplex, Mantle Clocks, I?ever, Jewelry, and Hot zontal, Silver Ware Musical, a I'd REPAIRED JEWELRY AND SILVER WARE made to order. Removed from '170 Penn a avenue. Browns Hotel, to the above location o# nov 24 erlm C. WARR1NKR CARD. ISAAC HERZBERG, LIC ESS EL) PAWNBROKER, Will loan 810,000 income to ?ult, on any articles cf va'ue No 420 Pennsylvania avenue, betwt en :id and 4% streets. jan 7-et3m* THE COLUMBIA I.M^TITI'TE, FOR YOUNG LADIES. 44G Eleventh street, between (i and H . PROF GEORGE HENRY STU F.CK RATH Principal; Miss ELIZABETH L WIL I I^MS, Vice Prlnclj-al.?A I adv" eminently q'jaliKfd to take the charge of the English De partment and the government and discipline cf the School. The exercises of the second term of the Insti tute will emmenr; on MONDAY, th^ 2i day of Febuary proximo Applications for admission should be made as ^arly as po??il?ie A HIGH SCHOOL. FOR YOUNG GENTLE MEN, under the direction of Prof Uiorse H Stukckrath, as Prl ic(oa). to be lo ated on F street, between tith and 7ti streets or In the vl rlnetv of Trinity Church, will be opened on the 4th of Febuary. pioximo. Early application should be made to the Princi pal at his reaid-nce, Columbia Institute, for Ynnnv l.adies,4lti llth street, between G and H. Jr. tt lm* TO CONFECTIONERS. PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED UN tll the 1st day of i-Vbrutry next for the exclu sive privilege of selling confectionery ar,d other refreshments (except Intoxicating brinks) at the third Exhibition of the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute, to be opened on the 21 and elos* ?bout the 30th of March ne-t. The ylouer mast *-*Yee (o at up the space allot tfd to him In a creditable style and in harmony with the geneial dtcorution of the hall. He must also give satisfactory evidence of his ability to furnish articles of the best qualltv. Address the undesigned, Superintendent of the Exhibition, at h s otilce, 401 F s reel, cor of 7?h dec 27-eotFebl CHAS. F STANSBURY. Dtt MUNSON. AT J38 PENN'A AVENUE Is still making those beautiful continuous GUM TEETH, called I Aliens Patent, for the excellency of ? , , . ? which over all other styles of teeth, many now wearing them In this city, will cheerfully vouch There is one Dentist In this city who has been infringing the patent, and made a bad imitation of it, against whom I hereby caution the pnbllc N. B W hesi^ver a D^itut spuaas u"ainst Allen's Patent Continuous Grm Teeth, "when frojpt. ly eomtruetid, it is becatise he is ignorant of the process, incompetent to make the work, or a unwilling to pay for the patent. je 16-tf EVES AND EARN. OR VAN MoSCHftlSKER, U(- UlIST AND AL'RISTyOt Baltimore, who Is now on a southern tour, will remain for a week In this city He has rooun at the NATIONAL HOTEL (Guy A Briggs',) corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 6th street, where he can be consulted on ALL DISEASES OF THE EVE AND EAR from 9 a. m , until 3* p in., dally. Visitors can pa?s through the Ladies entrance of the Ho*e< to the Do-tor's otfir,; k AHTtFiCIAt. EfhkS iNShRiED (it. ASSES.?Dr. M. Is the only agent in the Union for Chevaliers and Dubois, of Paris, best Glasses He has a tine assortment of tliem, and will suit the focus if both eyes with their Glasses after accurate examination of them by means of Chevaliers' Ophthametor j4n i2_iw DISSOLUTION NOTICE. 'S1HE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE * ex'sllug under the firm of S. HI EN A CO ., y *l*,?0v?d ?>/ mutual consent All outstanding debts due t.? late Urm will be set tled by Samuel Blen, wiio Is alone authorised to settle the buslueas. Washington, Jan 2 S. Hi EN A CO. Hie undersigned will continue the business at tlie old stand, and, in order to make room fora new.tock ord>rerf, will, until their a,rival ctfer a4.d FROCK coato, i AiJTS, \ Es'tfj, and Gents^ Furnishing Goods generally, at cost Thankful for the literal patronage bestowed the late tirm, the undersigned respectfully solicits a i ontinuance SAMUEL BIEN, Jan 5-2w [Intel] No 42H Penna avenue. ilankion H?uu of thnbb lirallters, > Washinuton, Jauuary 1, 1857. < JOHN D BARRO W AN II ft H^LMkS lag | _ thin date will be composed of CLas tbla uay ?qinuted k^parFriM jn theBaiik House of Chubb Brolhcrs. " The Arm froxa J. Chubb John D Barrow, and Henry Holnus The House in Davenport, Iowa, is composed of Ch?j St. J. Chubb, \\ m H Dougal. Aleaandtrll.' Barrow, under the $rw of Chubb Brothers llar VI1UBR BROTHERS. ATTOTTOir 8AL3f>. _ By WALL. BARNARD A CO . Auctioneer*. NEW AMU SECUND-H AND (AKKIA. ges at Aactlan.?On TUESDAY MORN INS. WOth instant, In front of our Warerooni (Haslup A Weeden's building, corner of C and 9th streets, we will sell? 1 double Carriage, new and of the very besl build 1 PbTton, new, finished very handsomely, and suitable for a physician 1 second band Clarence Carriage, built by Hool A Co , of this city This lsaveiyhandscun vehicle, and In flrat-rate order 1 second band Rockawav. In first-rate order, built llgntand strong It bas been used but i very short tims, and Is as good as new, Terms : One-fourtb cash ; the remainder In 30 f>0. and vu days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed and bearing Inter* st. WALL, BARNARD A CO, jm 16-dts Auctioneers. By J A3. C. McGUIRK, Auctioneer. AdTlON SALE OF A VALUABLE Lei ? f Old and New >ltscellanr eus Beeki and Engravings.?On W E D N K 8 D A Y , THUhfDAY, and FRIDAY RVENINGS, January iilst, Wd, and 23d. at tbe auction rooms, 1 shall sell, at 6 o'elock precisely, a most desira ble collection of old and new Loddon Books, En gravings, Ac Tee sale will commence wltb t choice collection of Architectural Wotks, Boofci on Industorv and Mecbanics.|Eoglneerlng, Ac , wLlch will be followed by a collection of Vatlout old and new London and Amerlcsn publications amongst which we direct at teat Ion to Mr Ken ney's Indian Tribes. Cycspedla of Arts and Sci ence, IB vols , 4to, Niles's Register, Ac. The sale will be terminated by a tine collection of Engravings, Lithographs, Ac , from Ltimley Landon, Ac Terms cash. JAS. C. McGlIRE, j,nitidis Auctioneer. By J AS. C. Mi til! I RE, Auctioneer. FIUKNITUHK AND HOUSEHOLD IK fertsnt Public Anitlin.?OnTHUKS DAY MORNING, January, Sid at 10 o'clock, a tbe residence of J . A Sheehan. on 4'h street be twe< n Indiana avente and north E street. I shal sell all bis Fum'ture and Effects, comprising? Rosewood Boudoir, Flsno Forte and stool Supeiior Mahogany Sofa Rockers, aud patloi Chairs Ma'ble-top Centre and Sofa Table* Mahogany Card, Dining, and side lab:es Gilt frame pitrand miD'el Glasses Cane and Wlrd?or Chairs, Loucge Walnut Whatnot, fancy Chairs Damask and Lace Curtains. Shides Mahopany French ard Cottage Bedit ads Cnrled hair and husk Matt;esces Feather Beds. Bolste s, and Pillows Dressing and plain Bureaus, Wardrobes Washstar.ds, Toilet Set?, Looking Glasses Superior Brussels, three-ply, and other Carpets Stair Carpet, Rugs, Oil Cloth. Ac Sranlte Dinner Ware, China let Set silver plated Castors, Table Cutlery Glassware, Crockery-wnre. Fire irons Excellent Cooking ard other Stoves 'I ogeth?r with a genera' assortment rf Household and Kitchen Requisites Terms: $25 and under, cash ; over that sum a credit of 60 and 90 days, f-?r satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest jttW-4 JAS C Mcbl IRE, Auct By WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auctioneers Books, hooks, at ac?ti??m.?wf. will continue the sale of Books, TH IS EVEN ING. at store No. J70, under Hrowns' Hctel. lately occupied by T Galilean A Co , ai.d will <ontlnue every evening until the whole are die posed of. This stock was selected with care from the trade sales and from the publishers direct All Books warranted perfect and to beso'd with out reserve American and English editions in every style of binding. Books at pr!va'e sale during the day WALL, BARNARD A CO., jan 14-1t Auctioneers. By C. w . BOTEi.ER, Auctioneer. An extensive and valuable . < ollection of Oil Paintings at Anctisu. On WEDNESDAY EVENING, January 11th. bt o'clock, I shall se!!, at my Sales Room, a large and valuable collection of Ancient and Modern oil Paintings, comprising sp^ cf tbe fo'lowing old misters C^ulntln Maiseys, '? The Witches'' The l?st moments of Richelieu, by Van Loo Old Silenus, by Jacob Jordans And others by Poussin, Salvato Rosa, Ciprlannl, Brawer, Vandyke, Ac. Among the modern masters will b? found ciicice specimens of Singleton. Mrrmnd, Corbold. Williams, Burkeil Pyne. Barlun. Willis, Lewi*, Ac. Forming altogether the fine t collection ever i ffered for sale in Washington The paintings will be on free exhibition each day until the day of sale, from 9 o'clock a m. tc 9 o'clock p m. Gentlemen wiil please mark their ^auiejrues,as tte Paintings will be t><ken from the walls one hour previous 'o the *a!e The sale ts positive, and every painting will be sold with the frame Terms: All sums of *50 and tinder, cash ; over that ?urn, a credit of Go and 90 days, for satisfac torily endorsed note's, hearing interes*. C W. BOTELER, Auctioneer, jinu d Spaclo,is Auction itoom, Iron Bali In c?nsequence *t the inclemency ?f the weather, the above -ale is postponed to SAT URDA Y EVENING, January 17, same hour jm 15 d U . Wr Bt) TELER, Aw r 1M1E HOKMES, VEHICLES, A!*D OTH. er Merchandise heretofore sold cm ibe >^une at the corner of 7th street and t??e Avpnii- wU ke discontinued and hereafter sold in front of our store C. R. L CROWN A CO , jan U-'iw Auctioneers. BOH N'S HAND BOCK OF WASHINGTON. rilHIS BOOK SHOULD BE IN THE HANDS 1. of every stranger sojourning in the city ; be ing a complete guide with a panoramic view of the city. Public liuildlngs, and statuary. A new Map of Washington with all thp new Improvements, Ac , for sale in tte Capitol, bt the Hoofc Stand, and at the Bookstores. dec *?)-lin K EE OS PATENT STEAM ENGINE, rpHESE IMPROVED ENGINE* (FOR 1 which patents fc-xh granted and Hrst priz? med?.ls awarded ?.) the inventor, both In the United States and Europe ) to give ' surh satisfaction, on account of their simplicity and economy, that we have now established an extensive rmnufactory, a?d are prepared to de liver at the shor.est notice erglues from two hor?e power and upwards. These ennlnes have been accurately tested, and have shown an economy of twev.y percent In fuel, and about the eame In oil and repairs This sivlng is eti>cted by letting the steam In . ud out both sides of the cylinder through la'geopenings removing the pressure from the valve a: d a.low ing no steam to escape or exhaust from tte pas sages except from the cylinder atone ; also by re duclng H e weight and friction to about hai* that of the oid'nary engines We place imsui^lier sizes upon an improved bo ilk, w'.th ad the pipes attached, and the whole i^ountcd with siua:'. wheels convenitoi to s^lp to any part of the country, ana to avoid tbe ufcessity of an experi enced engineer to start them, they are all tested before leaving the fritory Heed's Patent Steam Pumps j>re also coming in to generalu se an steamboats, in ml.a s, and for supplying boilers, where they are now v^vUg great satisfaction. They are pref;^* to any in use because of tlelr com^jw*# andsluipllcity. These en?'ines pt.m^.s mdtv be eeen in oper ? jloti, m f?ntn?r iutormHtion had. bv ending or ad dressing REED A Bt R KB EC It, jan 13-1 in 95 Maiden Lane, N . NEW DKlti STOKE. mHK SUBSCRIBERS RESPE'^V? ULLV i lnfc-rms their friends *5^ ?*e publk-^.o that they have ente^f^ iuto ? opartnershlp<63^ for the purpas'.; *?! Conducting tbeDKUt? \g and APOTHECARY business, and Uve4* ,~aken the stoT<! on the corner of 7ib a:??t H streets. Tlrev have m?t opened 4U exoeilent assortn ent of FRESH DRUGS, MEi 1CINES, FANCY AR T1CLES, and PERFUMERY Physicians' Prescriptions carefully compound ed, In the most sclentifl; minner, at all hours of the day or night. TYSON A SHOEMAKER, jan 5-eo-Jw 1'harama e tU^i. KKMOVAL. O AMU EL I'H;LV0N, ATTORNEY AT i^ LA W, Ac , hab rerhoved his otHre to the base ment of tbe bouse of Jobiuoa llellen, Esq , ou the corner of 5th street and Louisiana aveno?. dec 30-1 in* VKKY V'ULO. 11/E HAVE VfcT ON HAND A tfOOD i,up|i<y vi STOVES <or t-oftl or Wood, aud still reieitiqa dally frvsh supplies for those that havunot yet been supp.led, ntw patterns Coal or Wood Also, a new style FLAT TOP COOK ING STOVE just recelxed with other kinds We are now selling our Stoves and other Goods \ery cheap for cash, at No 31$, sign of Grates, and Houtefurnlshlnir *eood?, "U? C. WOODWAKii A >ON, jan 10-6t 31b Pa. ay , Vet loth and 11th sta ICE CREAM At 37 Cents Per Qnn't. HO T ELS, BOARDl|^ UOVSES AND others will ilnd it cheaper and better lhau they uuke \!. ?'mts and otner beut vuient entertainment oAit have it at less price, at the PENNSYLVANIA UEPOl\ i janJ-lm* Comer F and Hfch ?*rt*ts Door mats. bird, cages, and bask e's cheaper thin an* place in tbt city Jan3 H J. McLAUttHLlN A CU TEI .EftRAPH NEWS. ?/?<?? THE ASSOCIATED PRKSS BY HOVSK PRINTING TKLtGRAFH. Lat* nnd Impor ant from Nicaraffna Nkw Oelkars, Jan 15?The stesmship leiM, from San Juan, arrived U. day, bring >ng lat# and highly important intelligent Irom Nicaragua of the TeiM reports that the Los.a Kicans, protected by the tnfli.h fleet. river**' eT#rj """boat * th7San Juan ?..C?,i.L?CknJg*-.Wlthtwo hundred and flfly men. ha J romaaMKn of Punu Arena, bat m C? su Rican force of one thouaand men held every ether point on the river It i? stated and confirmed that G?n Her ningten bad beaten the Allies at Grsnada and joined \\ alker at Rivas. Walker's army is represented to be in eood spirit?, although fighting among themselves Ihe steamship James Adger, with the pa? ?engers taken from the Tennessee at Norfolk, arrived at San Juan on the Wtb, but in eonae quence of the difficulties on the Transit route failed the next morning for Anpinwall, to for ward her passengers by the Panama route Ihe James Adger would return to San Juan, and will be due at Naw York aboat the 22d mat _ Ona Day Later from Europe Xiw Hik, J?b. 15 ? The steamship Ltaeu urnved here this afternoon from Havre, with ate- to the 2sth of December?one day later than our previous advices. A despatch from Berlin states that the war ride* 'Vhl?l/s*,,,.er'.lll^d is increasing on all . ' I f . , r >WI" U"?oi has been or ganised for defence An appeal bad baen made to the women for the organisation of ? inbulants. The I>iet had received from N? for an arrange ? -sent of the difficulties. ? The ?? Suissa of Berne says that a meesir,. <>f diplomatists, relative to tha ,-wisa difficult/ took place at the residence cf Mr Fav ih? American minister, and that the hngli? *nd American ministers acted as ir.temediates be tween the diplomatists and the Federal Coun cil. and throughout evinced the greatest kind ness to fcwitterland. A ?fierlin paper says " it is rumored that the Neufchatel question will be arranged bv a conference, ladependent of that of Paris at which Switzerland will be admitted " ' Disunion Convention. Worcrstbr, Mass , Jan. li._A disnn.on convection met here to-day to discu.-s the questions of the k*,,aration of the free and slave state* Kev f. W ii Gnrrison, Wendell Philips. Abfy'Keily aJd other male and female notorieties are preaent. Non-Arrival cf the America i ,iALIKf *? Jan- ,6- 1 P m ?The weaker u* clear, with a light northwest wind. No signs of the ,team?nip America, now entering on her fourteenth day from Liverpool "cm From Port au Pntcs New \oax, Jan. 14 ?Advicesfrom Pert au ""'I . ? U,L' *tate th#t lh? c??J was very healthy. The coffee erojs were abun scarU m*ncar' Pr^uce plenty and money The California Deb . Sew York, January 16 ? Messrs Welrt Jt rargo, notwithstanding the decision by tbe | uprcrue court of California, will pay the >>a?auce ol the January coupons *n the Cali tornia debt. ___ Senatorial Nomination At (icsra, Ms., Jan. 15.?The Republican* have nominated Gov Hamlin United State* Senator for the long term. The lamination tor the short term is pending Legislative Vacancy Supplied New Orleans, Jan. 14 -Mr Pootfcrid* American, ha? been selected t:> sunalv a va' cancy in the Legislature. Maine 8enatorahip Atgcsta, Mk , Jan. la.?Amos Nourse has been nominated by the Republicans for the short term iq Ue United States Senate New York Markets. N?w YoRK.JJan. 16?Flour J* dull and ?3;KI" . st.f ?? m? .t? 40, Southern steady at f# 95&S7 25 Wheat is firm, but maetlve. Com la very ?lull; mixed nominally 72c., yellow 75c., white ?o<3 Pork is buoyant, urns S20.50. Beef Arm, repacked Chicago *15 Lard has advanced t'Ols l.(e. Whisky is buoyant; Ohio 26jc. Financial 4 jan; 16 ?Stocks are firmer fc*c .! r Island Cumber laud Coal Co 17|; Illinois Central ahares 1224 do. bonds V, A; Michigan Southern 874: New I tVn'n* Railroad HI i, Car - I Vrg,n,a 6 8 y?i Missouri 6's 84J Sterling exchange is dull. bWVERfc or 1 (ion OYSTfc.K.S* WK CA LI, v OU It 8FKCIAL ATTKN flOK *? quality of tb?? Oysteia ve ^ aow La\r c>u hand. b^U-vln^ thein to ImA i?e far superior to any now In the etty and Indeed, aa trood ax Wf g^t wkni navigstlon la open; and, In faet,frei>t)er, as we tale tbtm om ?f thf water |h?? d*v Previous te pale, riythoan 8i:h\VAK7.F: k. URURV - J" ?9?|_l lth at. Ud door above t J ftC W i^(iH Y1 C'lNtf ER RI.N08, EAR Kl.\b8, BRU4M7U - X es Bracelet a and Chains; Breant, Ca*. Col lar and Chemisette Tins; t<tud?. bJe**e Mutton* and Jewelry In ^ets, with diamonds ard ptarla* la cameo Florentine, Rom&n, ard Uol^atoae ' Montlr, I.ava. Coral, OnU, Opal, J^t,tiold, En amel, Ac , of the beal ^old and materials ; war ranted as repre>euted, and of prices which cha ?enge c.u?i*tliiou. ltiMai Sfti, precious *tones, Ac., nude or * r ?o oroex. Uocka from .*tfto f40eaeh, at "THE LAKES." ? . w w Fanry **a avenr^. A Watchmaker aLd Jeweler wai ted jan 13?lw Alchohul, campmk**, ktmkrtlL OU, Ac AKe^AMlat* Materialaand BraaAee *he trade aupplled at low?ai market nrirr* *yt 6o\vkll a I J&n '{ No. 3K* C at birt. 6th aad Tia SVtV^?IT P SMALL 8KT~ TER 8LIJ T about four months old, answering co the name of Flora 8be^^^tv has y?kLlow ear-and curly white bodv.'.na u? dae is aom?wbat tlei blttea about the feet She Res^Liir?ntW?in fr0m Th0,,1*>? 4 Ree?e ? Kes aurant on Monday. A sultabl-toward will be k. vea f0/ m r<.;urn t0 5j2 peaa aTe JM H a C tALHOt'K WHIMLvl "JALHOUN WHISKY!?THE ?CBSCBi " fl* b!Tn,aPP?lnl?l ???*>? Tor the ?a>r Vu ^ \ZkbTV(d h ISKV. It 1. paclad la quart bo.ties. In casts of ?ne dcten eaoh It la very and oily, ani oaly need* to be tried to be aprrectated bv ail lover? of a really pare and good article For sale by F SAM BACON A CO . ??** ^--^t 319, cor.J1*, ave. and Tth ?treef N4VALV ICS. Now that tin;#* are so dull, and living *0 high, Fray, v?W shall I do, and wfcat shall I buy * W'V,, ausband, your mean^? your > mall earning* foster. Eschew Butcher -a .neat, and l;v?* on the Of tut But, where.shall I get tfeeir,when tbe Fotonaae \? rloaed. And stern winter Is bete with Lis frosts, and hi* snows ? Ah ' never mind, Uat tho' be should storm likes Fury, You':i ? flnd them st;s.A?rarte s f Drurv ?n?d too, and fn*k, tbo' brought from ^iar. a>"or so vou may read each day in the ?* star " 8o come take my arm. we'll walk up and *ee At 4BV Eleventh street, e?f dcor above li jan 14-eoS: ?A.*?(1AL OF ETIitt'ETTF IN \f AS lT 1NHTON, rTU?Si^N^?L 18 "NDIBFENSABLlt TO ,r. 5? J*,?* ^oo^iws and strangers sojoern ^ Every Irdy ti d KebUeman aLuild have a copy J u,t publlsned a ad for sale stores la?wuwilhr Caplloi'*nd"l stores in \\ ashlngton. dec tt) |m <kATtV-A ?OOU ASSORTMENT OF men and hoys' Skater for sale, bv E. It. LUNUY, No Ifc Hrldve ?t . *??o?geiowa.