Newspaper of Evening Star, January 19, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 19, 1857 Page 1
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TELfc EVENING STAK, rVBUlUKD KYBHT Af.'BK.IOUP, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) 41 fa* St** Bwitiimri,mr?r ?/ /???*?*????? ?*???? u4 5.?*??;* ttrttl. By W. D. W ALLACH, Will be aerrcd to subscribe" 07 .arrter* at tf IA AND A UUARFfK CENTS, payable weekly to the Averts; pept:s iciTf-1 ia pykt^ea at 37# aerta per month. To mall aubacrlbera the aub CWlptloa price ia THR EE DOLLARS AND F iF 1Y CENTS ayaat i?*4**ntt: TWO DOLLARS f r tlx months, and ONE DOLLAR for three ??ntha; for lesa thaa three months at the rata ?t I'V eeata a werfc. \CT SINGLE COPiEF ONE CENT. VOL. IX WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY. JANUARY 19, 1857. NO. 1,250 THX VXSKLY STAR. H?Wi U ilalaff a rreater variety af la teraatlafi ?? be ftni ti tmy ether?It p?WM?iN Satar ?ay mtralajt Slag!e cepy, p* aaa J 91 W FlreeopH* Tweaiy OdpVm* 1 a m fj4IB> II 4IUHCI. Ml^tC (*? ^rappers) can be procn red **? uif, the laaua of the pa'?er. Price?Teaaa Canrs a sommlaaioa of tweaty per cart ? II6KRI ImproTtl Bewing Machints. To vhleb wa?grant#d :he Highaat Award of the Pari* Exhibition, thereby receiving the World's Verdict of Superiority. THE IMPROVEMENTS IN THIS Ma chine has simplified them In many respect*, tad they areoapableof executing twice theamoaal of worn they did formerly in any given time, Th*y are without question the only Machines ca pable of sewiag every variety of roods perfect; a thlrt bosom or heavy trace for harness can be lews by any of these raacbtaesby aslmplechaage of aeedle aad thread In such a manner that the alosest scr itlny cannot detect a fault. Man'ificturers, planters and families will find them the oal7 safe Machines to purchase, ?? they are built strong and durable, and not likely to get out of order. We have Machine* with {ranges attached, far blading hats,cap-fronts, gaiters, Ac. Silk, Thread, Cotton, Needles, 4a., asastaatly en hand, at the lowest rates Person* desirous ofl a formation re?*rd'.ag Sew ing Machlaes will please address I. M SINttKR A CO., Its Baltimore street, Baltimore N B?We are prepared to exchaagethese ma ahltes for old machines of any hind Terms lib eral. Persons who have oeea Induced to purchase aferlor macalae* under the pretext of belag cheap, will tad this e none it indeed. saar J?-ly _ CITABLE POR CHRIS r>l .S41DNEW Y E1HV PR ES EN tS. JOHN U. 8 4UOT, No 119 SOUTH SIDE Bridge ?tr*et. Geor^tftown, DC, has received a greit variety of usef il a id seasonable GOOD-*, to which ha Invite* the attention of both ladits aad geatien *3 ?no nny wish to mike a Christ mis and New Years' Present. EMBROIDERIES. Rich worked Cambric Seti (Collars and Sleeves) Do do Auslln di rt i Do do Muslin and Cambric Collars A gTeat variety (low priced) do Worked Line.i Set* and Linen do Rich worked Muslin Sieere* Black and white La?* Sets an 1 Co iars Work id ilan. aricand Mus in Binds Em^rolde'ed Linen Cam Vic Handkerchiefs Hemstitched, tu'-k-d and plain do Black Chantllla and French Lace Veils Worked, quHt?d and hooped Skirts. at.s<?? Moire Antique, Embroidered, Sarin and other Clonks Double ail single Brooha and other Saawls Rich Fan'y and B ar* S! ks Pren:s M-r!nns p'.ald Merino Plain and prln'-?i Mous L'de! lines Baat Parts Kid Glove?, all n-Tibers Rid aad Back Gauatle's Ladles, gent'a aad children's Warm Glove* Do Ho<de-v, of every kind Portmonnales, aad ladi**' C-bu. Gent* Llasa, Cambric Silk P cket Haadkfs Bask and fancy Silk Cravals. Scarfs and Tie* Gent* Saawls. Merino aad Woolen Scarfs Children's Knit Ti'inis and Hoods Ladles, geat* aad ooys' Couiforlj Ac With many other desirable goods, which will be sold low to cuh or prompt customers dee ti~ J. il SMOOT TO ALL THAT VALUE THEIR SIGHT WISHES TO CALL THE ATIr-NTION to all that suffer with defective sight, caused by a?e. sieXa?-?s, and particularly from gUsses Injudiciously selected, to nls superior SPECTACLES and 6 LASSES carefully groand by h'mself to a tra* spherical accuracy, aad bril liant trans^a-ep.rv. sn'ted pr??cl<r?ly ;md benefi elally to th? wmtm according to the concavity o< eoovexlty of the eye Very namsroas are the .11 effects caus-d to tne preclo is organ of sight from the M.-nsi -ncement of nsln^ n-^es In not being frreilsely suited, by the 'iseof *n Opiimtttr; aufl he practice of aiauy years 'nibles him to t&3as are the foaal dlsea?* of the ?yes, and such glass es that ire abaalatrty repaired w.ll be faruUhed with precision aad satisfaction JOHN TOBI AS ac ;nowied?es the very libe ral encoj rage meat already obtained, and further ?elicits the patronage of those that htve not yet availed *.h? ns elves of his aid Persons :nat cannot conveniently call, !>y *end laz the glassea In use, and state how may lach es they can read this print with their spectacles, can be supplied with such as will improve their ?ifht. Iaaum^rable teatimDnlal* to b? ?een ; and ref erence* given to many who have derived the greatest ea?? and comfort from his glasses. Circulars to b; had g*atls, at ut* afltoe, No. ? I? SEVENTH STREET, tkr$$ io-trt fro* Oii Ftllowt* Hi'.l, vr STaita. No*fole, September?, 1*54. Sir?The Spectacles you made fox me suit ver> wall, and seem to have improved my sight more thai aay othar 1 have lately tried LlfT. W. TAZEWELL I have tried a pair of Spectacle* obtalaed from Mr. Tobla* and find them of great assistance to ?y sight, and corresponding with hlsdescrlptloa of the focus. 1 recommend elm a* a skillful op tician HENRY A. WISE. Haviisr Mea indurei by a friend 'o vulttheea tablishmsna of Mr. Tobias for '.he purpose of try ing hit (glasses, 1 was farnlsned try him with a pair sllgatiy colored bl;te, whlcn na*e afforled sa* ?or reUef and era.ia .iti>a than any I have ever tried My sl^ht, ori^in^'ly very good, vra* lnjurM b/ writing end reidn? nt night, fre a aealiy to a very Ut? h-?ur; but with the aid of (ae%9 gla?*^s I'- tn a:udv aiaa>st <as late as aver, aad taat too without Uac pila 1 have pr^vl iurly nfc'rl iUd;'l WILSON. Latr C "ata'ssloie/ (Jaa*l Laud Ofilce. D?ce?lberll, 1?U I taven?i?d Mr Tobia^'j Spscta-les for threi m four ravnths- and tat ) great rleasurj la say lag that I aaa m ich pleased with them 1 ha?s baea mash b-aeltted by them. Mayfta.lW ?EOR P. 5 JAKE 7.11H. I was recouia^aded to Mr. John Tcblas as a ?klilfal natlclaa; and ss I have eyes of remark able p<?3a*tarlty, 1 was gratlted to tnl that Mr. TohlSa 'ejta^d to comprehead team by lnspec tloo and some slight mfa^uremcat, ;;nd he has made me a pair of Spectacles that suits me ad' mlrably A. P. DV tfLBR. JulvlI.HM Wit.*:.t4ro?. .N G.,J?n J7. IW Mr J T#nai: Dear S!r?1 am happy to say that the Spectacles w.iicfc 1 obtained from youlasi week are eatlrely satlsfa tory. From au inequal ity in the visual r*a?e of my eyes, I have hereto foaad great d!A:ulty In getting* of the proper local distance It afforls me pleasure to state that, by the aid of your optometer, this dltn calty has been happily ouviated so that the glasses I'au furnished me sre dec.dedly the be*t adapted 9 my eye* of any 1 have ever yet us??d. Vary respo3tfully. yours, K B DR ANE, Reclo.-ofSt J lines'Parish. Diuitsni or Isrtmon, May 7,1?55 Fr>m natural defects and th- unequal range of my eyes, I have beea '?nupe'.led to use glassesfo; ?everal years 1 bave trie! d'-ff-rent optician* wlthoat ob'.tiniag glssses r- rfeotly tltted to my eyes Four inxitha aluce Mr. rotiiaa made two pairs ejpecUlly P>r a.t. walc.i I have found to ?arve at perfec.ty 11/ the aof t'.a op:ometef he Isea^b ad t > adtp! Glaase* ir.ln itely to toeey* I m>at-;h*.-rf a iy recomin?ad Mr. Tobias to all haviajg o?o*?i^ i to uae g!a*a<rs and :?ear my t^stl oia.i)- as to his skill a* an optician. 1 il EN R Y K BM.DWIN, a?tl*l Sec'/ to sl<n Land Warraau. P S ?OPL.dA fc-LASSLd of arA?t variety TELEiCOPEi A MlCnoSCOPKS, W A TLB M A AEi. OLA5*KS, and many other articles la this il aa at vcr/ Ijw prices constantly oa haad. 1/Klf LAkK W3IH ri>M*-RKOBIVBP To day, a lot of new Wl ITE Fl H, In beiuti f jl order, direct from thf .,ake* Foi sale by KI .G A Bl'RCHKLL, de: *4 ''or. 14Us * . and Vermont avenue T" I HE AMtKICA!* AC MAN A< POH I"*7 a political, ?*a'.tat><al, ft ianTial, romin~rrial, historical, &nd scleatllc hacd-Wih of the past year. ?? **rpasalag la compreheosiveaeM and value any sladiar com send la the world."?iVar Int. This day received?price pos'oge 10c. Jaa 13 FRANCK TiYI.OH. Door mats, bird caues, and bask eto cheaper than anv piaee In the elty. jaa9 H J. MoMUBHLIN * CO Srates. ? a good assortment op men aad boys' Skate* for sale, by E. R. LUNDY, No lie Bridge st . jaat- beorgetown. L. J. .1111) D LET ON, DIALER 19 IC1, OJict and Dtftt?Southwest ooraer of F ni rwHfth streets f#b 17-tf CHRlST.Hil COIKKCTIONKRY. THE SUBSCRIBER RESPECTFULLY IN forms his customers and the public In general that he Is prepared to supply them with CHRISTMAS CONFECTIONERY of every kind, to elgn and domestic: also with CANDY, PLUM and POUND CAKCT. MINCE Plr.S, ORANGES,FIGS,RAISINS. PRUNES, \LMUNI)S, Ac (lis stockf f CONF ECTION ER Y is very complete and auch as he feels con filent will be found on trial, equal to any that may be offered for sale In this city. He will be happy to ?ee his friends and customers on Christmas Eve and dmlng the Holidays, as hi* stock will be replenished until ar.d after the New Year's Festival TOYS FOR HOLTD AY T RESENTS. The subscriber also respestfu'ly Informs ladies and gentlemen desirous of proc uring TO YS of any kind, as Holiday Presents, tint ns has I a peitdd a large collection of German and French manufacture, which are curious, ' heap, and well adapted to please children and voung people of every age His stock of TO vS Is larger and more attractive than over, and cannot be excelled In any ot .er toy store lr this city. The subscriber would atso invite attention to hi" large assortment of Ch'na, L.adle%' Work Baskets, Combs, Perfumery, and other 'ancy articles which are toonumarous for specification in an advertise msnt. WILLIAM GRUPE, No 413 south side Pa av ,fcet 3J and1J< sts., d<*s*2J-im opposite Jackson Hail. Vf. O. ttETZEROTT, (StJcc*?soa Tj Gioros Hilbus,) ifcent o4 Haven It Macon's and William Klllir'i CELEBRATED PI A N0 S . H\S ALWAYS ON HANI) TilE LARGEST stock of PIANOS from 8175 up to M ELUDE'INS from *15 to f25 ?. GUITARS, VIOLINS. BRASS INSTRU MENTS, FuUTES. BANJOES, ACCORD EONS, and SHEET MUSIC, cheaper than In any house south cf New Yort. Music published and received every day. Pianos 'or rent cov 4-tr SiCLL'.NO OFF. CiLOAKS?CLOAKS! / SHAWLS?8H AWLS!! HOSIERY ?HOSIERY !!! The stibscrlfcfT Is determined to clo e out bis entire stock cf CLOAK-* and SHAWLS by tlie 2<tb of January, to a-.xompllt>h which he will sell elf at a vary small advance Hi* stock ( f Cloth Cloaks cannot be cauallcd by any assortment elsewhere In this District. His Velvet are superb. F. A. McGEE, dec *8-2<K SU Pa ave , bet 12th and I3th sts. BOOK BINDING. C?rn*r E ?c?nfA ft rat and Maryland annul, ntar Ihs Smithsonian Institution. EJDWARD LYCETT RESPECTFULLYIN -i forms the subscribers to Ku wa's bible and Shaks.Dcare, now Just completed, that he *.s pre pared to bind thoje work* In a superior style ot ;legaisce, strength and solidity, and upo^ much axon* reasonable terms than can be done in Balti more. Philadelphia. or New York. A letter ad L-eas^d to him (p -r post) w4i enable him to cx Libit to the subscribers specimens ef 11? style of binding. E*ery kind of Book Binding neativ ex xut?d GREAT REJIUCTIOH IH TKS FBICE OF BOOTS AND 8AITEBS | HAVE ON COMMISSION, FOR A PHIL I adeiphla manu facturer, a first rale Sewed or Pegc-id Calf-Skin BOOT ai f:j.l5i, full as good as those usually sold it 95 or 80: a id a French Calf Patent Leather GAITER at $3 50, as good as any atS5; afrsdrateCalf ttalterat S'i 50, these are the be~t goods 'hat Is (or ever were) sold In the District for the pTlce; for the proof, come and see for yourself. Termt positively cash. No exua Droit charged to offset bad debts. Call at the NEW YORK HAT STORE, Seventh street aear Pennsylvania avenue. t?*4 *f ANTHONY, Agent. MANTELS. NEW AND BEAUTIFUL STYLE. tlanafartarsd fr*m Mate Stone, by the West Castl^ten Slate tsapsny, Vt. 'pilESK MANTELS ARE ENAMELLED IN I. Imitation of the richest and most expensive EGYPTIAN, LISBON, VKHD ANTIQUE, POIPHYKV. PYRENEES, BROCATELLA, A?ATE, SPANISH GALWAY,and other rare and desirable MARBLES. The Imitations are so perfect that tbey chalengethe closcst scrutiny. They are so highly polished that they retain their beauty main longer than marble; are not Injured by sraoke, coal gas, or acids, and can be sold much cheaper than any others In market. Price ranging from 9115 to *12. Architects, Builders and others are Invited to call and examine samples at No. 512 Seventh <treei, 3 doors below Old Fellows' Hall, up stair* T. M HANSON, seia ly Agent. IHTHUNT Bl'CHLT, UK BE STAKES, lb?p and Residence No 803 Penn'a avenne, ?cnth tiie, between 9th and 10th sti. Having provided himself with an ELEGANT HEARSE. and all accessary conveniences for properly conducting his business, weald respectfully inform the public that he Is fully prepared to fill all orders entrusted to him, at the shortest notice, and In the best manner. A large supply of uEADY-MADE COF FINS ?fall fixes, always on hand, which will be fur nished cn the most reasonable terms. As heretofore, no pains will be spared ta give trU'resatlafactlon on all occasions. N. B.?Kesldm^ on :he premises, eiders will be promptly attended to at all hours. feb 7-1 y I >'JST <> FFlt'K DIK ECTOR Y, OR BUSI I nes3 Man's Guide to the Post OIHces In tlie United States, containing the names of the Post Offices and Post Masters In the United States on the 1st July, U456, with a variety of valuable in formation on Postal Affairs; also, a comprehen sive codification of the existing Postal Laws. Price SI. Just published, and for sale, at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore, dee 11- near 9th street. J CRT RECEIVED FROn THfc PUB lisbers -A splendid View of Old indepsnd ence Hall l'hllade pbla. For sale ehemp, framed or otherwise, at JOHN WAGNER'S, d?*c 24-1 in '255 Penn avenue. Fine woolen comforts, hoods, Opera Cloaks, Mi's, Sleeves, Gloves, Ac, , Ac., at on- Gr**t !? ancy and Variety Store, No 5k) \ between Hth and l>:h streets lan * H J McLAUGHLIN A CO VIEW YORK L KDGEK FOR JAWUAR* 1^1 S<th ; Cobb's n?fW story, Karnel the Scout, a tbrlllln^ tale Reed It! read It' jinU- FERGUSON, 7?h ?t Books, hooks, ujokn, mazazini*, Papers. Ac ?The right pla ^ to bK the aMve articles is at FERGUSON'S, jui 10 IcW.-eventh street. JOS* HKI'KIVFU?A N IMVOICK OF line Tinted and French Papers Also. Guilt I letter, Usth Note, Ac *rKRGUBoSl, j? b mgAVCLHIU AND PACKI5IO THI NKS. 1 Hat Boxes, Vslices, Carpet Dags, Satchels, Ae A large asenrtment t"*t rece ved, which we graselling verrcl^J'LL t STEPHENS, m Pa sveaue, between 9ik and loth sts. Jan 13-M (Int.News) BOYS' WWTEB. ?U>THI*G, cf er*ry 022 Ps. avenue. betw<*>n Oih and i0th su jan 13 W (Int.News) Proposals for Erecting the Marine Hospital at St. Maries. Florida. Tltum DkPARTMKHT, ) Wasiiisoto*. December 27, 1856. i 1>K01*0SAL8 WILL BE BECfclVRD AT TiilS department until the ;5ihi ay of February, A O i857, a 13 o'clock, n on, fur the construction of the Mhmjc Ucs&ital authorized to 1?3 erccted at Ht. Ma-ks. Florit'a according to the plans and specifi f H'i^is prepare a* this department; said proposes to b; either f.'r the whole building or seja ate I'nr the different kinds cf work; b.lls of parcels mn?t in every case accompany < adi bid; with the am >unt of each kind cf work, and the total rmount carried out; the d* p-tmnent refe ving the rlnht to reject or accept ths proposals her? l?y invited, or a?v parts thereof, when it ?!??? in< the interest of the United Ftat*sre. quires i?; the depanin i.t a'so rcKtvei the right to exclude the b d of a y person or forsors who 1here is just cauac to believe will nor'aithfully perfo. mthe contract , or which they l arf attempted to r b a;n by indirection; and a'l bids when thers si all e par ties interested who do not Join in th>- bids, a ad all hi s tlia', up >n investifa ion, are below a fair price for the worg. Kids will not hsreci iv^din gros~, and no cintiait will b* awarded to a bi irier unless details a'e lur nisht d the de[arim*nt of the prices or the different kinds ot wort nod nia erial , which si.all he .subject to the r> vision ot the deparm nt, so that it may ad-ift the whole or part of ih bid, at tho interest of the United miy re;ui e. Ninety perc^n .ot iUe am met of work done and materials deliv red, according ?o contract pr ce, (ki d ain unt to be a et-r rained by th? estimate r fa-i a?<*nt<if hedepa ;m*nt a>ponitedf r 'l a- purpose,) mi1> b?s paid from tini: to im%a< tie work pre gres es, a id t? n jmt cent- retained until the < cirmle tion of the cont>a,,t,an'1 acf p auce 01 the work, ke., by the apnt nr retail, aid be forfeited in th^ ev?nt of non- clfllm nt of co-tra t Con racts will &t awarded only to ma-.:er builders and m chancs, a nl th?* a rigiitn nt thereof, except by t r.iiscni of tu ^c i rary of the Tr. a?ury, will bo a f.irf t'ur* cf the ?ame Earn p op i a'm ist h acroin anied by a written 8 a a 'tee, ?ign"d hy ?w? persons. (cer titi^d to be s by the United Htaf- district judge or attorn y < f;he tail district,) in the sum ofJ5 0(0 for Uie wh le w irk, or o> a pron r'.ioi a'.e ain unt.If f< r ar.y rar\ 'bat the bilder wil', wh^n reqirr-d, if his b ancep!ei?,? nterinto aeoiria^tandbond, wi'h pr ?p riuid sufficient ?ecuriti?-s for I's fni bul ;? -rf imane. Fo-m of bond a'id corlifi a*e required will bo fur nithed on ap. li' n ion lt; the- deq a-iinent. P!ai<, .-p :ofi a :on--, a id working d aw'njs ran be bad on a pi ? a'i >n to the d-rar,ment No ki<l will br i tntidcrai in lean it fultu rnmvlie\ in til i7i HHcih u i:k th* rtq'ilrcmtnls of thii a^niiiit tnerJ. Th* proposals in tu be sent to this de; ar m?n*, allr- ssed to the Secie arv of tho Tna ury. and .'a'l.Iy endorse d " Propotnh f rthc Marine lioiyital at SI. Markt, Flu ,"ai t w I V opcr.ed at oneo'cl ck, p. m , ofth?- lait^ny nam d f??r receiv ins'he ?ame. GUTHRtE, dec 29 3ta vtF' biSJ; Secre * vrf the Tr a ury. FropogaU for Erecting the Coitom-Houae, Ac-, at Plattfcburgh, IfewYork. P ... TaEASURT D1PAKTMK5T, > _ >> ashihoton, December 10.1856 < R O P O 8 A L 8 WILI. HE R ? . ceivedat this department nnfll the l?:h da / of February A. D 1S57, at 1? o'clock nocn. for the construction of the custom-house, pout office and court-roorr.?authorl?ed to be erected st Platts ? arordlnp to the plans a*?d sp?^lfl M lOM prppjrM at this department; said propo sals to be either for the whole buildir". or sprajr rate for the different kinds of work; bills of rar c*da must In every care acc?mpanv ea< U bid tne amount of ea-b kind of work, an<< the total amount carried out; the der,"rt ment reaervlEg the rf-h! to reject or ac eept the proposals hereby InviteS, or ar.v Tin^f i' Wt,cn 11 detms >lie Interest of the Uni.ed^. ti.e#requires It; the department elso re serves t^? rl^ht to exclude the bids rf any person or ptrsoniwhom there to i?elieve wi'l not faithfully ;erform the contracts, or which thev have attempted to obtain by Indirection and all bids when there shall be parties In interest who do not join In ths Lids, aad aU bid-; that upon ln/ent!';aUon, are be-low a fair price for tbe wor* Bids will not be revived In gross, and no con tract will be awarded to a bidder unless details are furnished the department of the prices of the different kinds of work and materiil* which shall be subject te the revision of the < epartinent, so that It may adopt the whole cr girt of tte bid, ns the interest of the United tat< g m iy require Ninety jiercent.of theamo'intof wo.-k done and mntfrldls delivered, aewrdlng to coct/a,;t price (s<dd amount to be ascertained by the ea^tji^i'e of an agent of the department, appointed foi'that purpose,) will be paid from time to time, a.sthe work progresses, and ten jn-rcent ra alned until the r4>mpietlon of the contract, ard accer lanre of the Wiir*. ftc., by the atep.t aforesaid, aj-d be ftufelted la tne even: of non-fiiliillmci.t of con triet Contracts will be awarded only to master bulid ers and mechanics, and the assignment thereof except hv consent of the Secretary of the Treasu ry, will be a forfeiture of the same. Each proposal must be accompanied by a writ ten ^uarantoe,signed by two responsible persons, (certified to be so by the United States district J'-diie or attorney of tbp said district.) in the mm of f.r?,0W) for the wiiole work. or of a proportionate amount, lffjrany part that the bidder will, when required, if bis propo-ai be accepted, enter into a contract and bond, with proper and sufficient securities for Its faithful performance. Form of bond and cmiflcatr required will be tin lshcu on application to the department. Plans, specifications, and working drawings will be ready by the 12th of Janmry, when they can b'- bad on application to the department No bid will be considered unless it fal y com piles In all its detail? with the requirements of tills edverlisemeiit The proposals must be sent to this department, addressed to the Secretary ef the Treasury, and plainly endorsed " Prcj>osals for tht PlatUburuk Cuttom-Aoujt," ard will be op?ned at one o'clock, p m , cf the last day named for receiv Inn the same JAWKB 8UTHR1E, de? i3 SawtlBFeb Secretary of the Treasury. Proposal* for Furnishing Marble and M?r> bfe Wore for the North Front of the Pat ent Office Building. DxrARTMSNT Of TUB IWT'RIOR > Dccrmbnr 18. la.VJ. f ^EALED PROT?>3ALS WILL RK KcCEIVED ^ at ihij I>t|ar'in< lit until ttic cigbtfcntb day of Frb i>a y n. xt, 12 o'clock at no n for furnishing su^'h MaW?; and Ma b e Work a- may be required ia ihc erection of ibe north iront ot the I'atent Ofli:c biil'ling. The bids n.u?t be in the form of the following schedule, and clea-ly speciiying the prices for ma teria , hau.uig. dressing, and settuig, in-jluding all <he machinery and ot ? r ?'xpensct: Schedule. f'ub ? 9U DC, per superficial foot Hed* and b lis, do do Extra cube stone, per cubic luot tj.rnice in two bids, per tujicrficial feot Blocking course, do do Frieze to entab ature, do do Architrave, do do Drops to cornice, pcrlinra! foot, Ti igly;?hs, each, Cit,w of piia ters, ? acb, l-'hainels cf ba ement, per lineal fool, Marble tiling, per superficial fo ??, Window sills, Co do The ina b'.e nnat b : rimi'ar in kind anil qi'a<ity ** thai u-cd iu the con^tmction of the ra?t aad w?>t

winga ul the biil.iing,-peeimens of which will be required to accompany th?* b dr. tacb b.d will Mate ui what tini the work will be complied, a id none will be considered fn m others than those known to be of :he tia ie a id heli? vsd to be tul!> c mpM?'nt to fulfil in g od la tb tbe ? b'ita uoaB ta?*y propose to a sum"; and no a<sigainer>t of oi t or rautrajt w tli b-? recognised, unless ma | ? ^iih ibe Hjip/ovu' of the ht a | ot the I*>'i .I'lin -iii Niuety per ccst.wtflbjp* d from nm ? to Uiae.ui the wo in pnigr^s?^*, u|??.n ib." estimate of the tisrnt oi thr liepttrtiu-ni in , |,a ?e thereof, a ul I. n ner cent, rwnv.'d uutil tho <? mp! t ion or the con I'is-t uaa ^ -ceptance of the work by said a -r ?t The Onartin-nt restive. lu itseli Uj?> ri?h to ro jeet or a :c?pt the pru,?ats her. ? v intitod! when it deeiiM the interest of (he U?i|fd MatM ' , , a* w. || a< to exclude the bids of a^y pfr?mri nr tttr kons wh > u I a? good i<a^>n to h.-litv* w II not tn in any cause, ta thlully iierfoiu. the eniitiact ' I'la IS, specifications, .in J workiuy drawinga "r*n ??? exatiiuied, aniothsrjinforiiiationoliained ona i |diealiiNi at the oflier oi ihe supc-riuteiraptit ' ' l litt |>ro??o als, which must he nut to ibu de tartiu -ui. a hlressed to the ?ecre a y of the Iuterior (endorsed ?? Propo?a!s lor the erection of the north front oT the i'alMl Ofllce builuiue?,") Will b? owned at 1 O'clock, p. Ill , of iho ia<t ?;ay Lamed for re oeiviog the lanii. R MsCLELLANl), dec Itt -SowiJe Feb) Secreta y of the Interior. PAST ovr CLOT HI NO BOUGHT AND " > sold at 76 LooMitia aveno*, opposite Ihe Bay Market .... N B Will call for them by addressing as above through Post Office. dec *-eolm* OFFICIAL. TgiisiRT*Tr, Nov. 29, 1&56. Notice 13 hereby givca to holders of stor k of the loans of the United States, tnat this iW, arm :nt will purchase th. nana? until the 3d of next, unless the cum of $1,500 000 shall b" previously ob'ained, and will pay ia a idition to the interest accrued from the date of the la-=t si mi annual divi dend of interest thereon, together with one day's additional interest for the money to reach the v t n dor, the followinr rates of premium on raid stocks: For the stock of 181-3, a prrmmm of 10 per cent. F.?r the stock of 18?7 and 1^49, a premium <?f 16 per cent; and for the stock of 1850, commonly ca'led Texas Indemnity Slock, a pum' iin ofC per cent. Citifioa'rsot stock transmitted to the depart ment, under this notice, mnst be a*sigrcj to the United 9'ates, by th; pa ny duly entitled to receive the proceeds. II sent between dat" hereof and the 1st day of Ja iua-y next, the current i aif y> ar's in teres; must be a .signed by the present stockholder, or it wifl b3 payable as heretofore, and a corres ponding deduction b : ma ic from the amount pay ab'e for the stock. Payment for the stocks so assigned an J tra" emit ted will b" mai* by drafts on the AfsisiantTn asu rrrsat Boston, N'ew York, or Philaielphia, at the option of the parties entitled to receive- the money which -ftTil! b" expressed in th<* letters aecompa nyin^ths certifl a!<*s. JAMTS 1UTHRIE, Becretasyof the Tr?a?ury. d? 1 -dt.ldMareht KKKU S PATENT ftTKAU ENGINE. 1MI KSE IMPROVED ENGINES (FOR whlrh patents have been granted and first prize medals award* d to the Inventor, both in the United states and Europe.) continue to give ftu^.h saMrfaction, on account of their simplicity ard rrom-mv, thit we have new pstaHI?h?d an extensive mnu.'actorv, nrd ure prepared to de lv?i at the fhertest notice erglnes from two hor?e power and upwards. Thes? engines have been arcuratclv tested, and ha^e shown na economy of twenty per cent In fuel, and about the fame in oil and repairs This, s .vlng If < ff 'r f?d by lettlnc the steam in nd out both sides < f the cylinder ibroughla ge opening? removing the pressure from the valve and allow ing no steam to escape or exhaust from tfce par ses except from the cylinder alone ; also by re d'icing t??e weight and friction to about hair tbat i cf theo dinarv engines We place tbe smaller sizes upon an improvrd bo'.ler with all the pipes attached, ar.d tbe whole mounted with small wheels convenient to ship to any part of th" country, ard to avoid the necessity of an expert enced eugiueer to stait them, they ate all tet/ed before Icavicg the factory Reed's Potent Steam Pump* ereaUocomlrg in to generalu se o-* steamboats, in mines, and far supply! g bcilers, where they are now giving great satisfaction They are preferred to any in use because of tfceir compactness and simplicity These eng'nes and pumps n av be seen in opera tion, or further infj>mtit!o > had. by calling or ad dressing REED A BRKBECK, Jan 12-lm 95 Maiden Lace, N. V Banking House of Chubb Brothers. > Washington, January 1, 1657 > JOHN D BARROW AND HENRY HOLM EH are tbls day admitted as partne s in the Bank ing House of Chubb Brothers. The firm from IfcFs date will be composed of Chas. St. J. Chubb, Jchn D. Barrow, a-d Henry Holmes. The House in Davenport, Iowa, Is composed ofChas St. J. Chubb, wm It. Dousal. and Alexander H. Barrow, under the lirm of Chubb Brothers, Bar rew ft Co CHUBB BROTHERS. j lu 1 -tf DK. m'PRlE'S REMEDIES are the only efi'ectual curcfor External or Internal Piles, Saitrheu>n Ring-Worm, Ac. They arc unrival led for purifvinnr the blood. 50 cents per box Osfiee 7t? Nassai street, New York Will be rent by mail. For sale by FORD it BKO., corner of 11th st tsd i'enn evenne. o^ ?1 sT?ORLODOT REIMS CHAMPAGNE, " TR ESQ R DE BOUZV" AND "1XL." PHE UNDERSIGNED 18 SOLE AGENT i rr I ft r tbls city cf Dorlodct's "Tre?orde Bcuzy," a champagne celebrated tbrougbort Europe, ? d r-s'eemed by concclsseurs as tf th'' highest grade, and unsurpassed by any' o'hf r product of the champagne country, whie h ha- obtained abl?h position la the aristocratic circle* 1 Europe a. d America. Also, a large '?o^k o 1 other Wines, Liquors ard Cigars. JONAS P. I.fiVY, jan 5-tf No 367 Pa ave ,op.o. National HcHel Bi\ I T ? S ?! ALMANAC APJD ? 'OH for 13)7; giving tbe House rf Lords; House of Commons; Church; Judiciary; RoyaiUouse h<-ld*-; Imports; Exoort*; Government1; of Ire land, i*cotlsnd and !heColoni?s; Foreign Winis ttrsln England; Britikh Ministers abroad; Ea>t India Con:pany ; Chronicle of the Parliament rf 1^50, abstract, cf Pprlltmentan' Dccuments; ab stracts (f Public Acts; valuable articles on th" DMmil Coinage (Question ; on the Postal Sys le n at hon.c and abroad ; on arbitration in tride disputes ; rn the material progress of Biitlsh In dia; on Architecture and Public Improvements; on the Metropolitan Communicationsnnd Hrid^e?; on the Russian War, and much other useful mat ;er. 1 vol of Jit p<ige?; nrice 91 50. Imported from London, by jaIiS 1 FRANCK TAYLOR. IHINA, OLAS^TANlTliLKENS WAKE aR. H. MILLER, SON A VO.,?T) Importers direct from Liverpool to Alexandria, beg leave to call the at tentloc of dealers, hotel-keepers and ^ others of Washington and Georgetown to their stock of GOODS, which, for extent and variety, will compare favorably with any establishment In the Eastern cities The connexion of their senior partner wl?i the manufacturers of Europe aud the Unite* States for upwards of 30 years, has given him advan tages In tbe purchase of goods, equal, if not supe rior to any house in the trade. An inspection of crooks and prices will satisfy all parties that pur chases can be made of them upon the most favor able terms French China Dinner Sets, gilt and decorated French China Dinner Seta, gold band and plain white French China Va?e? Pitchers, Toilet Seta, Ao. French China Tea Sets, Cups and Saucers, and other articles of Teaware And Dinner Waro, separate from seta India Chinu Dinner Sets, and separate articles al ways on hand White Granite Ware in every variety,in sets, and separate from sets, as may be desired Blue Printed or Liverpool Ware, the same Common Edged, White and Rockingham Ware, in full supply. ?ut. Pressed, Plain and Moulded Glass WTare from the best establishments In the Eastern aud Western States, which will be sold by the pack age or otherwise _ , Experienced packers employed. Goods put up by us can be tiansported by any mode without breakage Fare by the steamboats from Washington to Alexandria, almost hourly, 11H cents each way A quarter of a dollar thua spent may save many tfo&ars, dec ? OAS F11DUI. RH. MILLER, SON fc CO , ALEXAN ? drla, Va., kftep constantly on band a band some variety of CHANDELIER#, l'EN ? i BRACK ETS, Ac , from the celebrateMTCmfY y? Cornelius A Baker, which they will gnamntee to ?ell at the sam? prices charged to prltate.yir chasers at the salerooms on Chestnut , i AI.O, Ulop-llghtB, Cuts'... ..J decorateil Paper Shades, in great variety Call and examine for youiselvea. ?? COAL KEPT LUDER' OVKil. 2,510 lbs to Ik* Ton. -ii. #,^i it and THE BEST t^UALl IIES in "wriMK;"' WarraMtd to sire satufncttoH. Dell fr<M?ollHlckoiy. oak and Pine WOOD. Also, nicaory. f ^ ^ w M yaLT, m \v corner 12th and C streets. No 51 <, dec iiO-tf one square south of Pa. avenue. niu^ p(jKTEMONAIES, LARl> CASES, faoier Mache, and Pearl OrnameuU, at n5 h j. Mclaughlin aco'8 jan BOHM'S HAHD-B00K OF WABHIWOTOIf. This boor should be in the hand* of avery stranger sojourning in the city ; be ln>f a complete guide with a panoramic view of the city, Public Buildings, an* ?UJLaarv. A new Map of Washlng'on With air the new impiovements, Ac., for sale in the Capitol, at th Book Stand and at the Bookatoxes. dec-J im [EVENING STAR. Longitude 180? Wes* WHERE TWO SCKBAY8 COUE TOGETCkR (From Carrlngton>? ConiB.Uslo.alre ) Sundays together ! What nonsouse"' said Mrs. 1 eta. Her best Sharpc's naedlc. m midair stayed, p iat*l due North, uulmi u* enced by the local attraction of the fiat-lror on the table beside her. "What nonse/,.* ? What do you ?-xpcct to make out of such a head ac that ? 'and she pulled that last gray hair as sho spoke. * Airs. P. holds, with Captain Priest, "that ail the fee ret j of navigation are contained in email compaa* and are easily learned a* to tite a needleful of six-cord. Neverthele.'s. Mrs Penn is do navigator, albeit she doe compass much with a small needle. She i? seaman enough, though, to "let go everything > and '* scud,' when a squall strikes ? her ?3rt froiii the second ?torj back | But we are taking too much latitudo for our longitude ; let us come back to our cours ihanks to common schools and the electro I?,LCt*raJ *? m?5t ?on? 8horo men understand that a difierence in longitude m.ikes a differ ence in the time of day : that a me.S8.urc goinr westward arrives at us destination before IS apparent hour of starting ; or. as Pat would fh"meN..'?;rhe * ^ Orreries have taught our youngsters th'A as the earth turns towards ihe tun, at tho point which is-full ?aceM to tho luminary i is nigh noun; while at one quarter of the caitn s circumicrence towards tne wost, it is just fiurrise ' This diCcrenoe of time is (at the equator J just four minutes for each degree of longitude ?equal to tix hours (three hundred ^nd six v minutes) for the ninety degree,, or quarter circumfcroEce above noted. iii04, at St. Louis, fifteen degress wcet of ?e.v r", It is sixty minutei earlier than with Ui? or, 11 o'clock when it is 12 here ? and a ship circumnavigating the globe, goine weetwardly, thus gains on apparent time (lap* over on to the next day) four minutes for each of the three hundred and sixty degrees of westing-?*or twouty four hours in all In otaer woras, going west atd carrying the day ot the week on which she starts, of arriving hack at her port on what, to her, is Monday, sno iinJs that it is Tansday there ' r to *'?>??*'v Ojing eastwardly. the ca:e is reversed, aud arriving from tho weet, she writes Tuesday on her log, whan to-morrow is Tuesday to tho toaru.nge tiiier. The rhip then doubles Tuos- 1 day. anu cries quits But many scamea cor- i rnint sceuilb* passing the half-way po nt /. ou reaching l?0" wost or east of their governing meridian ; a day is dropred or repeated, and the ship arrives without tw itz in next week, when she should be in thi* Landsmen s ignorance of these facts caused seme amusug scenes on steamers en the I'a Clue The ''New Orleans ' (the first passenger steamer that ever crossed the Pacific (> e.?n) was going from San Francisc ? to Svdnev "with a cargo of gold hunters, including a lew like county men. whose nautical educa tion was limited. Our friend the Purser had posted his usual bulletin of latitude. Jr,ne: tuda distance run, &c?always na mteres-tin.' episode in the history of a day. on a sea voy age?dated, say Monday, tho loth. The ,/exl day it stood Wednesday, the l-'th?tho 180th degree havi; g been passed meanwhile, and tho intervening day duly dropped. The at parent l lunder caught the eye of tho caser r pders at once. - Halloo' Purser, what's * u; j ? VJ ?,u vc. aad;? a in'stake : you'vo dated thu Wednesday. ' ? } es, sir! That's al! wF I v Al! ' Why yesterday was 51ouu3v ; ,:ere s the bulletin up yet." " Yd ! that right to^. ' ' Right, too' Where'^ Tuesday . ? '? ICaockcd out" '-Oh come, now,- s.-id P he, on the look cut for sailor-' tricks t>n green hands, " that wen't do Y< u cant'come that. See here, bovs! the Pur ser 5 a regular horse marine?gene and drop ped a day out of the week." Bets were finally t-iken, to he settled :tt Sydney ; end when the pilot boarded them, the papers showed the I urser to be rjght, and that it was the 16?h in Australia, while P.kc was a day short in the slnnanac , On "the other tack," tho "tolden Age," ' irom Sydney t" Panama, on reaching the ISO0 ' posted her bulletins Sunday, the 5th, and the ? next u:ty t:e same Here was another fass : } the John Lulls on hoard w^r? cspcci^Hy dic- ' gusiei with Capt Porter. "All'umbue. Two ^undrijs! Captain Porter is a very clever inan. no doubt j but that won t do, d ye see ' r,o \inkec trieks on ns " The Captain in sisted, with the intimation that that was the timo woen his notes fell due, and he was ready to meet them, if presented. And thus we have endeavored to explain how honest Jack has real time in his eye. and means what he says when ho offers to accept your tail, payable l< when tvro Sundays come together. Arkansas correspondent of the New Orleans Picayune gets off the following : I heard a conversation just now : First Friend?Well, I suppose you have been oat to look at Texas-did yeu see anything of our old friend out there ? Second Friend?Yes, gone deranged i irst Friend?Gone deranged! the devil ' How, what does he do ? Real crajy' ; Second Friend-Yes, indeed ; they say he didn t know his own hogs from his neighbor's. But hero ia the best thing I have heard fur seme t.rne?another dig at our State. In a northern parish the district court was in ses sion. The criminal docket was large. The jail had some half dosen offenders in it?one lor horse stealing, one for hog stealing, one for murder, and to on During the sitting of the court a young man was arrested and brought int'> court for whipping his mother ' He was ordered to jail by the court to await the action of the grand jury When the sheriff opened the door cf the jail ho was astonished to find all the prisoners with their mana?les upraised, standing at the door, whereupon the spokes man addressed the sheriff as follows ;. " Look here Mr. Sheriff, what we have done is bad enongb, if you can prove it; but we have not yet forfeited our right to be called mm ; but, sir, I am authorised by my honor able friends to say that i:o miserable rascal who has Ins motfvr can lodge with us ; and that * talk enough '" The sheriff remonstrated, and had to threat en them with the poese before they would yield As the sheriff locked the door and started away, the ?pokesman called to him : ?? Seo hero, Mr. therifl, you will please to tell that Judge ho may scratch out that continuance in my case?1 ni reajy for trial." 1'RENk ii Levitv. It is stated that during ' the whole of Louis Philips'a reign, it was found impossible to make the Chamber of Deputies , discuss the Persian question, for this whimsi- ! <*al reason : In the early part of his reign, a pompus orator took the tribune, and in an ore , 'otuvdo voice, snited with the importance of the subject, said?" Mttsienrs le Si huh vent i yrtndrt I Herat '* the Shah wishes to take Herat: or the cat tries to catch the rat (/* ? chat vent prendre le rat ) The giddy Cham- i her caught the pun instantly, and explosion followed explo?i>>n of laughter. The orator was confounded, and the Persian question banished forever from the debate. Isn t that French ? Pleasant Dkeams.?A chemist in New York city is advertising ? ntwty UtsioverinJ artccle, under the above name He guaran tees, or the money refolded, that4? five drops on a piece of sugar, taken on retiifag to bed, will secure the most delightful dreams, and the sweetest sleep ever enjoyed by mortair." Burnlug the Dead The sprightly Parts corresponds of the New York Times .ays . The subject of burning the dead Mill occu pies the public attention, George Sand end Ltmarlino have given in their adhesion to the f r ject. Madame Sand exjresies her opinion very ttgongly in favor of it; the wishes to be burat~:iU opinions are respectable; let her be burnt therefore. As for other defuncts, it would be well at letui. to have their opibk.a beferc proceeding to change the present state of things For myself, to rot in one common earth, or to be barnt into rshes and sealed in an urn decorated with a label anauuncing my name, place of birih, qualities, etc., eto ? these two alternatives seem to me equally de void of charm, and pluuge me into melancholy lor the present I bequeath the subject to my heirs But another plan is proposed for disposirg of the dead?a plan whicti is cleaner, more elogant and more chemical. ilj means of a hideous paraphernalia of crucibles, alembics, exhausters and poisons, the bodj is auseepti ble of being reduced to ao indefinitely small solid substance, of which a ring may be made in variegated colors to wear around tha finger The di.-cousidate wife or husband can thus preserve the souvenir of a dear departed part ner to the end of their lives ; and if the bur. den of their grief ah >uld push them to a de sire to j tin the lost one. they would have but t?crusn the ring and swallow its pieoes in or d?r to rcroinpli-h a hasty and we suicide This mourning by chemistry this petrifaction by death, has soire hingso fantastic about it thit one caunot avoii a certain titillation of curiosity in talking of it. It would be a con aerv.itios uf rolics by compression. A widow might have her husband mounted in the frame of a bracelet, which would recall to her the hymentil chain A husband might mount his wife in a pin. which would ^>e pi quant For the academicians an appropriate human conservation would be a garniture of coat buttons. Th*re is still another process, which I only mention tor the benefit of future historians. Au eccentric Frenchman who filled, a few years aco, the tcnctions of a dr gnu an at one if tho large cities of the Oriont. coLceived the fcroeiovr idea of making of the venerated ekin of his w if-j an article of wearing apparel, which I should inme in Latin if 1 knew whit the Romans called breeches. But the process is savage. This species of sentimental tannery would have tho air of iror.i:al reprisals. Ui'inT hvr.D.?1 am inclined to believe that most person.", when they gase upon a near ob ject with both eyes open, habitually neglect the image formed by the left eye, and employ that of the right to fix the visual direction?in fact, that we are right-eyed. Moreover, that cases sometimes cccur whrre the left eye is u-ed for this purpose, and in such exception-l instances the ibservers may |be formed left eyed. A boy shoots marbles with both eyes open, and a sportsman not unfrequently bring" down his game in the Fame manner; but 1 ap prehend that, in both instances, the aim is a. truly taken a* if one eye was shut; and that either the right eye or tholef* gives the range while the other is passive. if it is true that the right eye, under the circumstances mentioned, poaassei a superior ity over the other, the fac: wiuld be in strict a;c>idricce with some other physiological phe - nomcui We are all aware of tho pre emi nence whish the right hand has over the left, either from habit or otherwise llow mu'h more ready nnd quick it is in all its motions, being the fir*t to advance whenever the hand is needed So marked is this characteristic thit we term expertces? and activity of mani pulation dexterity. Right-bandedners con stitutes the law; left handedness the excep tion The -aae fact is observed in respect to thefeet In the game of foot ball, for instance, the right foot naturally comcs first into play, and is decidedly more active than the other. The superiority of one organ of vision over the other would Lot, therefore, constitute an anomaly, neither would it be surprising if the s.ime phenomenon should be found to exist in respect to one or more of the other senses ? Ptuj. Hiorltlsyy. DnixKiso at Dinner ?Not seldom do we hear the opinion advanced, that drinking dur ing a meal is an obnoxious habit; but quite wrongfully; for the gastric juice may be dil uted with a considerable quantity of water without losing its dissolving power in the slightest d*Lrree. Only a superabundance of water would diminish or arrest the pecuiiir action of the matters contained in the diges tive fluids Large draughts of water, there fore. will be the most injurious with aliments difficult of digestion, like the fat; and hence the drinking of too uiuch water after fat pork, for instance, is properly avoided; but in coun tries where .ioup does not constitute a rentier part of the mca!, drinking water is positively to he commended. Bear and wino at dinner are also hurtful only if taken in excess; for in the latter case the alcohol coagulates the al buminous substances, not only of the food, but also of the digestive fluids, and then disturbs digestion. If taken in a moderate quantity, these beverages are calculated to cause tho meal to hold out longer: for the fact that we are not no eon n hungry again after a meal with wine than if we have taken only water with it, is to bo accounted for by the slower c^m oustion of the constituents of our body, inat much as the alcohol we imbibe takes possess ion ot inhaled oxygon llence, wine ^wiih a meal is extremely useful when a long journey or work in hand renders it impossible to take food again r.t the usual time; bo much the more so. as such detention from food itself usually causes an acceleration of the metam orphosis of the tissues, whieh beer and wine efficiently obviate ?Orr's Chemistry of hood arid Ditl. ? Fashions in N*w York ?The Albany Atlas has a chatty female New York correspondent, "Grace" by name. In her last letter she talks in this wise: In spite of high winds, cold weather, sloppy walking, and vindictive editorial remarks, hoops crinoline and trains hold their sway It is enough to cause many an economical heart ache to watch the progress and ruin of the rich moire antiques which start in pristine frarity and gloss from Union Square, to literal y sweep Broadway If Eugenie were to be subjected for twenty-frar hours to the incon veniences which her followers here bear so pa tiently she would at once crush the traue in stiff skirts. , , , Brown is tkr color: the dress a shade light er than the Fischer Hussecapeend muff Dou ble skirts supercede fl?unces for the pro nade, the edge of the upper skirt l? the knee, and both are trimmed with plush, or an imiution of chinchilla fur, wove* in the ma'erial of the dress ClNDKr-KLLA'S SUPPE* JJ] ?Two centuries tgo, says 44 Notes and Oueries " furs were so rare, and therefore so valuable, that the wearing of them was re ?.tri-ted by several sumptuary laws, to kings S&2-, in .ho., f.w., ... c.ll.-l rair and was the subject of eountless regula tions. the exact quality to be worn by persons of different grades, and the articles of dress to which It might be applied, being defined most strictly. Perrault's tale of "Cinderella orig inally marked the dignity conferred 00 her by the fairy, by her wearing a dipp**? ***'? Jt privilege then confined to the nighest rm ^ priQOXM An error "f th. ** iom. in,.t?r?t., eh"!"? Li ?Tthe nassage over it of aa immense together, weighing about fl. ten tots