Newspaper of Evening Star, January 19, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 19, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W A S if / X a TO N C IT Y: noil DAY January 19 1WT. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING TRUSS The Cnton of this morning has the follow fig in re'a'len to the rumcred oaanges la the proprietorship of that paper : Xew Editob or th* Washisgtos Usio* ? The rumor is current, although we think no definite arrang-men* to that effect has beoo consummated, that H n John Appleton, of Maine, isto^u^ceed Judge Nicholson as edi tor of tbo Washington Union. Wo are quite eertain that we are not mistaken when we say that Mr. Appleton's accession to the post named will he received with satisfaction by the entire Deino:ratic psrty of tha Union -He a gentleman of fine talent, familiar with publio lift?baring been in Congress, and ?erred as Secretary cf Legation at London while Mr. Buchanan was Minister?accustomed ?" editorial service as the ?inductor of the Bastern Argcs, a pnperof decided ability and discretion, and, above all, as ? qualification for the poeitiou whieb rumor asa>?us b'm,pos sesses sagacity and prudenoe He is well un-fc derstood to e'joy in a high degree the esteem and confidence of th* incoming President ? Albany ArgV*. The rumor referred to above is well found ad After the 4tk of Msrcb the editor of this paper will reiire. when the Hon John Apple ton will become sola editor and proprietor. The arrangements wh^th have resulted in this ebange bare been conrem&ated without the slightest d ffi.*oltj ; and wt sincerely congrat ulate our readers upon a re*ait which secures the services ot a gentleman whose eminent ^salifications are so truthful1/ sat forth iu the ?bore remarks af the Albany Argus Wo may be excused tor adding that our retirement is voluntary, and in pursuance of a resolution long sir-re in ide At present we deem further remarks unnecessary. The Inlilligtnctr says: J' The subject of an Increase of pay of aimp officers is beginning tj excite the attention af the press in various portions < f the country ; and, if * judgment . an be formod from tbs.' opinions expressed by the publio papers, tber<t can be no d ubt tbat such a measure wouH be in accordance wtb the intelligent eenti* ment of the country." rUKSOIaL. .... B P. R-per, proprietor of the Ropar H 'Use, at Mobile, died last week. .... J met M>orbead, E?a , senior editor of ihe?lnii*ia (P*) Independent, died on tha Oth ins:. .... Hon Z. Kidwell, of Virginia, declines being a candidato for te election to the ilouso ot Representatives. .... Two of Dr O'jfod's parishioners, at New York, bav?? bought him a snug country seat at Fairfield, Conn .... Wai. Maxwell. f>r many years a die tirgu:shed etiisen of Noriolk, Va , died on Saturday last, at Williamsburg. .... Mr Muriook has played eighty nighis at the Ufc^mirket Theatre, Londtn, and is ncT7 engaged fur twenty nighls mora. .... Th? London pipers received by the Am* announce the death of I>r Paris, the president < f the College of Physiciins .... Msjor Js'k Downing is preparing a history cai'e J " Tbir y Tears Out of the Sen ate." It goes ahead of Col. Benton's. .... Tha Hon. R .bt. McLtne of Maryland, and Han Saoi'I R Curtis, United States Sen ator eleot frum Iowa, are at Willard's Hotel .... We learn that Gov Ford is lying sick with inflammatory rheumatism, in Winona, Minnesota Territory, and will probably have to remain there tili spring. .... Mrs Fanny Kemble has given the net proceeds of her reading of Hamlet in St L*uis Iit the benefit of the Girls Industrial Fcbool in that city. Tbe sum amounted to 8?7V 55. .... The Hon. Jas U Thomas, formerly a distinguished member of tbo Uniud States Hou.e of Representatives is now in this city, ]n ??f>ndaso9 professionally, at the Supreme Court. .... Over Laura Keene's Theatre, on Broad> way, is a hotel This is an improvement on the usual custom Most theatres can only boast of a bar room, tut Miss Keei.e s ha* other and i^cre derided advantages-being both an eatir.g, drinking and sleeping estab lishment, to say nothing cf the acting .... The good people of Fulton, N B.. have been badly 'sold" lately. Large hand bills announcing tbat u J 11 Diamond's world re nowned trout*?" would giva "one of tbeir in imitable co? cerls," drew a lar^o audience When about ?40 had been collet ted. a man drove up in habte, and declared that Mr Dia mond, who had collected the entrance fee, would have to "look after that box himself" Mr D didn't know how to leave, but the box must he bad so be and his man, with the change in tbeir pockets, left, but forgot to re turn again to their patient audienoe. who soon f;oi impatient, and investigated the matter, to earn that the pirties bad been seen going South at a2 40gait. leaving the hotel koepers, Printers, and ail hands convinced that the Diamond is sharp .... T1 ickeray is delivering bis lectures on " the Georgr-,'' in his native country. Ttey aro reporte-i ;a the English papers substan tially the same c? delivered hire. They elicit but little comment, although some of the truths ken must sound strangely in English ears?sueb, f..r instance, as are curtained in tie f'llowiog p*r graph, taken from a sketch in a Liverpool piper . '? In 17*4 wueii the first ball was given in honor it ite prince who wrs entering upon his life long c urre of vanity another scene was enacting a the opposite side of the At:antic. W asbir gton, the patriot, was sheathing his sword a:ter a public lire of srotle^s purity, res gsfng the power which he nad ussd so no tlj.* and ft ? ff??c'u*lly. With a pK>werful con trast between the magnanimous acts and Mta pie Ihe.u:^ < t <<esr^e Washi^^ton and the fee_r les.*.iC4s and f.fiy tbat, from the first, characterised Pritce George of Eng I , j tci-." ay concluded amid*? the ap plause of the audience " Cojcmxbcc or An*xajrtaia ?Statistics, de rived from cui-tm-hoase returns, have been furnished the Alexandria Sentinel by Edward S Hvugb, Esq., t'uo collector of that poit, frcui wUich we learn that the amount of bieadfttufs thipped from Alexandria for for eign countries d iring the year 1858 sum up 31,6^9 barrels fiour, 2S>0 4?7 bushels wheat, arul 113 471 ou:ueis corn, Ac , valued in all at S&14 6o2- If tobacco and several other tun eellaneoua articles we added the above rum would be u.uch increased. Tho following ami.ur.ta of breadstuff's were aUo shipped ooast> wise during i ho year: Fijut, 70,815 barrels; wheat, 36u,031 buekels; Ouin, 224,711 bush el??valead at 81 242 T> this amount may be added from Uo to twenty per cent for Mies and shipmeuts for which return- could not be obtained?thus estimating the total exports of breadst-rffs at VI 500 000, which, added for foreign s..ipm<-at? from Alexandria lasi jear, uiskea k2 1U Fluid ExfLoaios ?Tne Janes;ill? (X. Y ) Standard givae tbe particulars of a sad acc ? dent mulling from tLe explosion ot a Hu d lamp The lamp aaj upoo a t*o!e iroui.d which the famil> of Mr. Busber were sitting, and suddenly exploded, tha fluid firtt falling ap^n ihe arms and side of a little girl lhe mother aeised the child to fave it, when Ler own garineoia took fire. A little boy ? f eight years UK*k the child and threw her out of the door into tLe suow. saving her life, but burn ing hia ? wd hand-. A twin brother of the boy also had hia bands burned by trying to e*ve their mother Mrs Busber at length suooceded in extmguunli.g tht flames ab' ut herself, but nottdlsbe was dreaJfully burned. |y Tie Richmond vVa) Whig has the fol lowing paragraph The eUnvr ol m? Warrentwn Whig, who was xeoaatly on a visit to Richmond, wa? informed by Messrs Dickinson, Hill 1 Co , auctioneers ot this city, that the gross amount ot their sales of negroes last vear reached the enor mous sum of two mt/Uonj ' The entire sales ot other houses of a similar kind in Richmond wtild make ibe aaount go over fov miiiioos. WAS M1NO TON NB WS AND GOSSIP. The Snow Blockade ?This, we take it, will pees for a good enough winter's day for this latitude. The plied up snow pats a stopper upon ali'sortsof loeomotiou. Tbe mail' %rt cut off; an embargo ie effectually all soits of current news; the Editor C is blockadtd in the conntry, and our offioe boy, lent to the Poet Ofioe for the mails at eight o'clock this morning, haenot been heard fnin up to two oVoekp. m ,-a!l of which m;st go to c* u?e newspeporial deficienoes in to day's issue- " ' The Great West -Some time ainoe we dis eases! the progress of the Great West in an article wherein wj inailentally commented apon the past, present and future of Bayfield, Wisconsin- In a late number of the St Paul Dtmoerat we find an article upon the current ooniition and probable future ef that impor tint poiat, aa that we republish it below, by way of bearing out our views in the same con nection. 11 We are informed by Messrs McCloud & Brother of this city, who have established a branch of their business in Bayfield, that they last week made the first shipment of goods direct to that place, by way of Taylor's Falls, from whence there is a good wagon road through to Bayfield. " Bayfield is situated ab^nt ninety miles east of Superior and directly opposite to the town of La Pointe, on Madeline Island. By the late land grant made to Wisconsin for railroad purposes, this place was mado the eastern termiuus of a railroad from St Croix to Lake Superior, a read equal in importance to any in the country, connecting as it will, the waters of the Atlantic and the great lakes with those of the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico " Without the aid of newspaper puffing or any thing calculated to sire an unhealthy growth to new places, this point has been built up by its own merits, where six months ago was the silent forest, has now become the mart of a prosperous trade, which give evi dence of the future city. Bayfield not yet six months old has some thirty to forty buildings and a fine hotel under eonstrue'ion. to be com Eleted by spring at * coet of 8 000; also an pisoopa! churoh to oust $3,MOO, and has in operation, night and day, a steam saw mill that can be equalled by few and excelled by none in the Western country. Situated on a site that gently risea from the Lake for a dis tance of three miles and surrounded by a c en try equal for agricultural purposes to any in the State of Wisconsin, possessing the finest lumber on Lake Superior, with the unrivalled fisheries of La Ponte, and tke beauty and fer tility of Madeline Island, d'reetly opposite, also its facilities for furnishing supplies for the pineries, and being in the heart of the mineral resources of the Great Lake. B ty field has a future in atore whioh the most san guine may scarcely imagine. '?A glance at the map of Wisoonsin will show that Bayfield has and will have a region of country for her trade, peculiarly her own, her interest not conflicting with those of any other pcint ; and being connected by railroad with tbe south, the east and also the west of the Lake as also being tbe terminus of the route of a line of first class steamers from Cleveland and Detroit, and also being direct ly in tbe rout* of all vessels sailing to the western end of the Lake go te indicate that a city of tbe first commercial importance will rapidly grow up at this point Invitation Accepted ?The President elect signifies bis intention, in the following letter, to be present at the Inaugural Ball on the 4th March next - Wheatland, January 15, 1857. My I>aar Sir: Many thanks for your kind invitation in behalf of the committee of ar rangements to tbe National Inaugural Ball! It is aoceptcd with much pleasure Frcm what has been published I have no doubt the Ball will do crodit even to Washington. From your friend, very reapecttuiiy, Jamfs Bcchaxan. W. B Magruder, Esq. CONOR ESS ION A L PROCEEDINGS. Tag Skxate was not in session on Saturday. Is the Hoi st, the Committee of the Whole were discharged from the further considera tion of the bill of the Senate for the relief of the heirs of General Arthur St. Clair, and the bill was passed. A nuuAer of bills wore introduced and re ferred, ana a resolution was adopted asking the President of the United States to furnish a list of all tbo officer! of the army or other persons who stand charged with balances due on disbursements. Private bills were then considered, and a discussion of some length occurred on a bill for the relief of Asbury Dickins, (reported by tho Court of Claims,) giving him compensa ticn for his services as Acting Secretary of tbe Treasury whilst Chief Clerk of said Depart ment. The hill was supported, in an amended form, by Messrs. Haven and Pennington, and opposed by Messrs. Letcher and Giddings Whilst tho latter member was about closing an earnest spcech, ho was suddenly seen to sink into his seat by v?hat seemed to be a stroke of apoplexy; and, being borne from his place to the recesi,the House immediately adjourned. Proceedings of To-Day l'p to the hour of going to press, our report of to-day's proceedings bad not been received. py A B'oomer appeared in Boston Monday, but attracted such a crowd that she was glai to take refuge in a cab. Professor of History is to be appointed f< r tbe I'nivcrsity nf Virginia, on the 11th of Februa-y. py A new diffijulty has been discovered i'i Aritona Of the thonsa- d inhabitants in the purchase it ii said that enough who can read a ui wr.ta o into: be found to f jrm a leg isatars \3T Tbe number of deaths by small pox in Bostou. in 1859, was 179 in 1851 64; in 1852, 12 in 1353, 5. in 1854, 118, in 1855, 1?2, in 1856 78. During bo six months ending with December, 1856, there wore but four deaths. CotTLT Liri.fO ?The St. L ?uis Democrat Mys that the priee of board at Jeffereon City, thecapi'al of Missouri, has been raised to S30 per week since tho assembling of the Legisla ture Tho members receive only f 21 per week. Patal Mistake ? A lady ofhigh respecta bility. was f'itallr poisoned in Philadelphia, Saturd ?> night, by taking " black drop'' in stead of " black draught. ' Tbe mistake was that of a female assistant In an apothecary'! store sGvOD tKATifce.?The Lock llaven (Pa) De'mocrat says that two students, from Lewie burg. took a trip to their home in Clinton o uuty a few days ago, which thoy reached by skating on tbe canal, a distnnce of nixty miles. In six hour?. Nitw Gca.ho Isi.akds ?It is stated that a new gu<tno is and, o^lied Sombreno lying within eignt days' sail of New York, has been discovered, it i* assorted to contain over six uiUli .nscf tors of guano, of a better quality than has over been brought to this country. rho lierlin Journals ^tate tUat a man u cript ft about one hundred nages, of the philosopher Kant, which has hitherto rein lin ed unknown, had just been discovered in that city They also ,-i.tte that attempts are to be made in the ttoyal Library to photograph old manuscrtp*. " r A Strasgk 1?act.?1 he South Carolina pa pers speak of the arrest of three women in that State for stealing money from letters. What different conditions of things exist in South Carolira and kausas. Is tie former the women viola'a the mails, and in tie latter, if the shrieking letter writers tell tie truth! the male* violate the women. Tbleokaph Lmx ?A new telegraph line i? beii g bailt fr?m Petersburg to Norfolk, Va , al< a* tbe route of tho Norfolk and Petersburg railio~d. The new po*ta and wirea have a' ieidy been put up from Norfolk to within fif teen miles or Petersburg This w.ll piove of ma)h importance to me rob ante of Richmond, who have been so long inoommoded by tbe want of telegraph! j comjnunkat on with Nor folk. Letter raoM Jambs Maher, Esq , to tre Ubw York Tammant Sooibtv.?The Invita tion Committee of the Tammany Society re ceived the following letter from our fellow townsman, Mr. James Maher, in reply to an invitation to be preient at the anniversary meeting of the Society . Washi?>6T0N. Jan 7, 1657. Col. Daniel E Dej.ava n?Dear Sir Your kind and welcome letter, inviting me to par ticipate with the Tammany Society in the ap roaching nnniversiry of the ever-glorious attle of New Orleans has been received, and I regret to be compelled to inform you that a severe attack of rheumatism, by which I have been confined to tny room sinoe Christmas day, will prevent me from being with you in per son Bnt my heart is with yon. and is full of rejoicing on this memorable anniversary; for who would not rejoice in the reoollections of a day which was a terror to John Bull and all the Bulls. If Jackson was liviDg, he would be n terror to the ske Bull. It was not fox General Jackson alone that the bone and sinew were willing to spill their blood, but for the Union and the Censtitation, now and forever This is what tha Know Nothings wished to destroy Nor wag it for Buchanan alone, but for the Union and Con stitution? not for meu, but for principles, "by the Eternal"?that tho last victory?great as that of New Orleans or Yorktown?was achieved. Well done for two descendants from the Emerald Isle! How mtny names and isms have the opponents of the Deuiooraoy rallied under for the last forty years ! W at name will they adopt next? I'll give them one: 4 Down, Derry, down! Whom do we thank for our last grand triumph ? The bone and sinew of this free and happy land?tbe farmer, laborer, and mechanio. In pejeo they are useful?in war a terror. They have to work for ail, pay for all, and fight for alt when occasion requires it Gen Jackson told me. from his own lips, " Maher, fear not; the Union is safe in tho hands of the people, who cannot be corrupted by the money power; th? y love their liberties and rights, and will defend them " lie never told me a lie. and thank God it is so. I hope it will be s> forever God has an overruling hand in this country, the home fcr the distressed of all nations, with a " raid mefie falthur " Accept tho inclosed sentiment, with the warmest regard of Yours, trnly, James Maher, Puolic Gardener. By James Maher : The Union ?General Jackson said, " It must and shall be pre served " The people, in the election cf James Buchanan, have reiterated the glorious senti ment. The California Repudiation ?Gov. John son, of California, in reply to a latter from a meeting held a San Francisco, asking him about the late decision of the Supreme Court, of that State, repudiating the whole State debt, except *300,000, says : 44 I shall urgently present at the forth coming fetaion of the Legislature, to that body, the propriety ar.d necessity of speedi ly passing a law ratifying and adoptiug our Funded Debt already created, and to make ample cartain provision of means to p^y interest and prir.cipul as it may maturj? this law to be submitted to a vote of the peo le at our next general election (in Septem cr,) and tbe result cannot be a matter of doubt. The people wilt ratify it. There is among the mass of the people, the press and the Legislature elect, but one sentiment? " Psy what we have already contracted to pay, but go in debt no more. ' "Sam" on his rounds?The New York Express, one of Sam's o gans, says: Gen Sam Houston visited the Mayor's oflioe about two o'clock on Monday. The hero of San Jacinto attracted much notice?even before his name was announced?by his eccentric ha biliment??a top coat, with a red woollen com forter about his neck; brown gaiters, "a la Pickwick;" a cudgel, of sufficient proportions for a tip top cattle driver; and above all, a covering for the head of a mou'e color, with fur some six or eight inches in depth lie hnd been at the Court of Sessions to hear Mr. Bra dy's argument i;i the Huntington ca*e The General remained ab >ut an hour. Nxw Music ?Wo are in the receipt of tbe " Josephine Polka,composed for the piano by iliiam Withers, Jr , of this city; and the " Mary.^rille Polka," by Charles Pape. They may be obtained at Metserott's music depot. New Publications.?From the publishers we have odetf & Lady's Book for February, most profasely illustrated. Through Franek Taylor we have received from tbe publishers that admirable puhlica tlon, the A m'rtcan Attuanac, containing a vaet amount of statistical matter relating to the Government, finances, legislation, public institution", internal improvements and re sources of the United States and the several States. 15 is for sale hy Franek Taylor. Whitj Tecth, Perfumed Breath and beau tiful Complexion can be acquired by using the " Balm of a Thousand Flowers." Beware of counterfeits. The immense success of tbe 14 Balm" has brought oat hosts of counterfeits and impostcrs. Be sure each bottle is signed Fetridge & Co and for sale in this city at Shiilington's bookselling and stationery es tablishment, OJeon Building, comer Four and-a-hall street and Pennsylvania avenue. 13^ It is said that England drf.wi from us annually some *>500,000 for steel pen?. J M Device, who was recently tried for homicide, and acquitted, has been reelec ted mayor of San Antonio, Texas, by 12* ma. jority. The Puritan Recorder sam* up the 8ta!i.?tics of evangelical religion in our country as fol low*.?Over thirty thousand working minis ters of the go?j el, sustained by four millions of communicants, and heard by sixteen mill ions of church-going people Church proper ty, seventy millions; religious contributions, twenty four millions per annum The fechooner Jamestown, which left City Point, (below Petersburg,) V?., on the lflth ult , for a Northern port, his not since been heard of it is believed she was either driven out to sea or has been lost. The erbr. Sarah and Emeiine, bound for New York, also sailed from City Point on tbe 11th December, and has not been heard from since. She was loaded with 1,100 barrels of flour. , EF" A MM has been introduced into the New York Legislature declaring that day? of grace shall not be allowed on bills of exchange and drafts payable at sight, nor upon those that are payable on a subsequent day, if drawn upon a bank or banker. The Evening Post favors tbe entire abolition of 44 days of grace " It says it is an old custom, behind tbe present commercial age. tW A wild cat was killed on Thursday la?t in Martic township, near Prospect Hill, which was about five times as large as an ordinary domestic eat. It was shot by Henry Shoal, who we# out with a fox-hunting party on that day. The dogs were on the trail of the animal about an hour, it keeping but a short distance before them, but the dogs were all afraid to touch it. The first shot only wounded it, when it became furious as a?wild cat It was vis ited by a great many persons, being a great curiosity in that fection A person who mw it says its 4 paws" are as thick as a stout mau's wrists ? Lancaster Express. In a case before the Mayor's oourt, Philadelphia, in which a man was charged with setting fire to his own house, among the witnesses a young fireman was called nnd de clared that he " knew considerable about it " He had related a long yarn about the first and second plugs, when the Court requested him < to come to the point (< Well, jou see, alderman, I am coming to that pint, and 1 want to tell you all about it. i ou see while Jonea<y and our fellows went round to take the other plug, the door was busted op?n and Iput the first water on <In ' " Well, ia tbat all you know about it' ' inquired the alderman, striving to suppress a !ku*i i" TimQder! yes," responded the en thasiastio runner wid der maoheen; " ain't that eaough? didn't J putt As first u-Uer on tvS ' V . Jke witness was informed 1H h hU which he did amid ? general snigger. |y According to th? late census the nairS ber of Proteet?nt? in Hungary it 2 792 72$. fy The Mayor of Paducah. Ky , has iasued a proclamation ordering all the free negroes to leave that place instanter. A general mi gration has takan place fy Got. Shannon passed through Lexing ton, Missouri, a few days ago, on his way to Kansas, it is his intention to loeate perma nently in the Territory ty The Democrat* of Brown county, Ohio, elected a sheriff on the .?1 day of January, by a majority of 1*0 votes. The Brown coun'y Democrat rtyle* it " the firat crow for 1857 " fy A letter from a merchant at Cardenas says?" All the sugars and molstses, partic ularly the molarses, which will arrive at this port for some month* to come, have been pur chased at very high ratea." Au entirely new mote over which a journey from the 0<*r?on Valley to bait Lake, was made in only 17 day.', had ju?i been dis covered. The distanoe i? said to be three handrel mile^ shorter than any ro-jta prev iously discovered. ty The Montreal Herald says that the river St. Lawrence has ''taken ' within the last few days fally a mile higher up than has been known for saventy years. The celebra ted Lachine rapids have wholly disappeared,

owing to the rise of the water The Havana papers mention the ex* traordinary occurrence in those regions of a fall of snow, near Villa Clara; the people in the fields are said to have taken it for salt, and to have been very much surprised on see ing it melt away in their hands. |y The municipal elections in Brantford, Canada, were attended with shameful pro ceedings. Mr. John Cameron. we are told, bad hid arm broken; Sheriff Smith was knoek ed down, and several others were injured in the several fights which took place. However, Mr Matthews gut returned by onf> vote. iy In London there are sixty two George streets, fifty five Charles streets, and forty five John streets. There are five hundred and seventy-one streets that possccs bnt seventy seven names. The city authorities are now employed in reviewing the names of the streets with hope of improvement. Rbsiqwatioh.?Sir Henry Halfourd, the eminent London physician, says: ?' Of the great number to whom it has been my painfal f.rofc?si Jiial duty to have administered in the ast hours of their lives, 1 bavo s metimes felt surprised that .?o few kavr appeared reluctant. to go to ' the unducovered country from whose bourne no traveler re'urns.' " Abolitions* De< likixqAn exchange paper has the following : The Boston Liberator commences its 2Sth volume with new type Mr Garrison says that the number of its subscribers is no greater than it wa* twenty years ?go; its receipts during the lait year have diminished, snd its number of eubsoriben reduced [y Among the queer things that havo al ready taken place in 1857, we notice that the bar of Lower Canada has had a baby A Montreal paper gives him this first rate notice "George Baby, Kiq , after a highly credi table examination before the council, w is ad mitted to the bar Mr Baby g'udicd under 'he Hon Mr I>rummcr.d, iate Pttorrjoy general for Lower Canada ' Acorss for Breap. ?A French chemist takes acorns, hulls them, arid boils them in a weak solution of carbonate of ui/da for about half an hour, then taksn cut and washed This operation removes the astringent taste from them, after which they are dried and ground up Into flour. Mixed with an e jual quantity of wheat flour, it is sail to make a palatable and nutritious bread. POSTPONKMENT ?THE FRANK J.IN FiRE COMi*ANV hfrrbv an nounce to the public that on rcconntof tbe in c'emeocy of ihe weather, the Ball advertised for tills tvrnlng will be postponed unt'.! further notice. It WOOD WILL IIK UIVKN TO a llml ed amount in small quanlti *, to Destitute Widow* only Appty to C-treet. The applicant will plpa*e bring a Hoe frcin some respe uoie clt!zen, to prevent Imposition, jan 9-3t THE RIGHT HKV. J. McGILL, Bishop cf Richmond, w.ll preach the second of blastrlejof Doctrinal Discour-es at St Mathew's Church, on THURSDAY EVENING, at 7 o'clock Subject?" The Origin ard consti tution of the Church." Jan 19 PUBLIC MEETING AT FOkRE?*T PsJST^HALL, IN UKOK8KTOW.N, d c., ON WEDNESDAY NEXT, January *lst.?In ronformllory with a resolution parsed In Town .Meeting, held on the8'h of January last, we in vi e tb* ci>irensof Georgetown to mettat Fomst Hall, on WEDNESDAY EVENING next the tflet lnat , at 7% o'clock, to ronalder the act of Congress grmtin^ to every white male, a cltlx^n of tbe UrilVd States, of *1 yearn of axe and np wvda, who ba?. res ded In Georgetown one vear, the rlsbt to vote upoo paying a tax of ?t, for the use rf tbe Schools, wblcn act the people are to vote on Thursday next, wether it meets tbelr nrf probation or not. JOSEPH LIBBEY, WILLIAM H EDES, JOSEPH N.FEARSON, Jin,19-'3t Committee. A MEETING OF THE YOUNG Men's Christian Association will fce held at their Rooms, corner of Pcan sv nu? and 10 h street, on MONDAY, the 19th Inst, at 7# o'clock, Several addresses may be expected. Members and friends of the Association are re. spe tfBllv Invited to attend. By order : Jan 17-2t CHAS. H. liOLMEAD, Rer, ge t ?^&EXTRA NOTICE.-IN CONHE q ience of some caies of the eye who rame from the vkiMty rf Washington to consult Dr. VON MOSCh/lsKhR, OctM-d and Aurlst, the I'octor will remain here a f w dw* loug^r, and those who weie not able to see him to con sult him. either on tbe eye or ear, or to puichase G!as es, will now have an opportunity to do so. Dr M wll! see patients on Sunday from 9 a m. to I p m only National Hotel, t til e N-v 57. Entrance by the ladltK' entrance J*n 17-1t inauguration ball ?the Highlanders will give a grand Inaugu ration Ball, at the Asskmblt Rooms, on WED NESDAY EVENING, the 4th of March As the Com ? ittee of Arrangemeath will be composed In pait of our bclt'ze. s. to aid the Officers of tke Company, the public m*v res: assured that noth ln i will be left undone on their part to insure p'.eisure to all who will favot them with their pretence. Tickets?TWO DOLLARS, j.nn 6EO W. FLOOD, Sect C L IRVING'S VOCAL MUSIC CLASSES will be organised on MON DAY EVENING, la" 30th, at 7 o clock, In rcu'iperasce Hall All wishing to join hla Classes will please beprompt In their attendance. Terms?l.esaons- SS 00 Refers to Rev J 6 Bloney, D D, President Co lumbia College; Rev P D Gurley, D D; Rev G D Cummins, D I); Rev Alfred Holmead, D 1>; Rev D S Dogg'tt, D D; Rev Byron Sunderland, D I), Rtv S I* Hill; Rev J 6 Butler; Rev Samuel Re verter; Or Owen Munso?; Leo Coyle, Esq. A r p I nation can be made to M r I ? r i? o tnrongb tbe poet Office jtn I7-ftt? Georgetown January 11, I14T. >^>s.AN ELECTION WII.L BE HELD &vJ^T^ln Georgetown on TBUHSDAY text, thr '>21 Instant, fcr the purpose of ascertaining tbe sense t.f the people of Georgetown on the quer tlon of the propriety of the extension of the Right of uflY'ge to all free wblte male citlz ns of the U llted St it wao hive resided within the town twelve months previously (vagrarti, paupers, persons non compos mentis, and per.-ons convict ed of an lnfciu:us crlmr, exct*ptsd ) upon the payment cf a school tax not excetdlng one 4ol!ar All white male citizen of Georgetown of twen ty-one yens of age, and upwards, who shall have re*ided In Georgetown twelve moaths previously (vagrant*, paupers persons ron compos mentis, or convicted of an lnfarroutcrlme excepted) have the privilege of voting at such election Those in favor of such extension of aeffgage will vot? by ballot, uAye," and those opposed to such extension will vote, by ballot, " (No " jtn 17-5t HENRY ADDISON, Mayor. ?-^2^PHlLADELPIII A CAKE AT PHILA ?lelphla_prlces, at the Philadelphia Ice Cream Depot, corner of 1'Jthand F streets, ice Cream 9I,M per gallon. jan 10-1 m* .WHAT WE WANT THE PEOPLE TO KNOW I?HO USES FURN ISHED ?We want Housekeepers and those about to commence Housekeeping t?* bear In mind that the irst, second, third and fourth rooms of our large and sparlous warehouse are filled to their utmost capacity with every description of CABINET FURNITURE and House-furnish ing Goods generally, to which we reapectfully invite <he attention of those in want of bargaina. House* furnished throughout wl h every article !u the housekeeping line vaav chkaf ?oh ca?H, or to punctual dealers at the usual credit Call at the " HousiKEKfBR's EKPoaiwn" and examine our stock before purchasing. Oar motto 1?? " Quick salti and tm+Jl wraMis.*' BONTZ * COOMBS, 7th street, between 1 and K. Bracelet lcst.?lost?a golden BRACELET Tk? 1M? will to well rs wardrr upon m*nn?1ng tt to the ow??r at WIL LARDS' HOTEL. lt? Lost.-on Saturday niout, the 17th instant. ? v.luaUe *usalan Ha hie FUR TI PPET, lined wltfc dar% ?11k about three Tarda long. It ia supposed to baee been dropp^di be tween Wii lards' Ho el ?nd tho Bank of the Me troroll* II <eA fi* 191 I stmt, a liberal reward will be given Jra 19 *te HElflH*?SLE'WHS?IHIUMI. ONLY A FEW MORS OF THOSE VERY superior Northern Catt'n left, and for sale bv A. J. JOYCE. Coach Maker, j m 19-T* Corner of Hth and E treet* Sl.EIRHS?SLEIGHS. SLEIGHS FOR SALE, AND MADE TO order at the shortest notice, at THOMAS A GRAHAMS', Coaeh Vlaker*, Jan !9-2t? 477 9th treat, pearl) AVEBCOATfc, DRESS AND FROCK " " Coata, Shawls, Pantaloon*, and Veita. A ftne assortment always on hanl, cheap WALL A STEPHENS, jin 19 3t 32 J Pa an , bet oth ard 10th ata. DOY? D atnel In atylca, quality, and prices WALL A STEPHFNS, jan 19-7t Pa ave , bet 9th and 10th >t?. {CLOTHING MADE TO ORDER, IN THE mo^t superior style of workmanship, at much chesper rates than th? nsnal eltv prices WALL A STEPHENS, ju?19 3t 3?? Pa av , bet. oth and .0th sts ' CLOTHIPO.- OUR PRESENT atoeh offers every Inducement to purchasers, AUCTION SALE UP CLOAKS AND t AL MAS. THE SUBSCRIBER, DETERMINED NOT to carry over any cf tils stock of CLOAKS, will offer the remainder now on hand, for sa'e to the highest bidder, for rash, on FRIDAY MORNING, January *Jd Male commenclug at 10# o'clock, at his *tor .241 Pennsylvania avenue, be ween 12th aad 13lh itr eta FRANK A McOEE P. 8 From th'a time till the day of aale, he will off^r his stock at leas than co-t. Ian l'J-4t F. A. McG. MR W. II. PALMER'S PIANO FORTE ('LMSE9. There are now several vacan clea In a Primary Class for beginners Ap ply Immediately to Mr Palmer, at the Academy of Musi?, over Farnham's Bookstore, entrance on Uth street Application for entry into the < las*a to be mide between 3 and 5 o'clock on Tuesday or Friday. Term* pc q lat-r of twenty let ?ons. EXT HA NOTICE An Evening Class for gentlemen la forming. Apply as above An Evening Clasa for tie study of Harmony and Through Base la alas formleg for ladlea and gentlemen. Apply aa above jin lt-eolw MR. ANDREWS' NEW WORK. MINNESOTA AND DACOTAH, In Lnttrt Dftcriytir* of a Tour through tk* Northwest in th* Autumn of By C C. Andrews, Esq This book combines interesting incidents cf travel with observadona on the aoclotv resources, and political economy o' Mln nesota ano the West, with lnformitlon reJaMve t public lands, the method of pre-emption, and valuable statistics. It also con atns a description of the proposed Territory of Dacotah ; pp *16. On remitting 81 It will be sent to purchwrsby mail, free of exp#ns*. Just p^bllrhed by ROBERT PARNHAM, j*u 19 2t* Penn avenue Fanny Morant's National Theatre A CARD. M'SS FANNY MORANT. HAVING RE turm d to this city, after an absence of two WdeU*. cauaed by engagements of a professional nature, entered into before the leaslcg of this Theatre, respectf illy announces that On MONDAY E> E1HO, Jaaaary 19th, she will have the honor of re appearing In the new (Omedy by Pslgrave Simpson, recently so successful In New York, entitled "SECOND LOVE;" and that from and after that date the 'I heatre will be Immediately and entirely under her control and direction She trusts that the public villi overlook any faults or deflc.encl s that may have occurred dur lag kcr, pledging herself for the future that she will endeav. r by ill means In her power and the strictest attention to busines*. bcth uwn h"r part an-! that of the company, to merits contlnuence rf the encouragement extended lo her on Ler recent appearance Every exertlcn will b- iradc to render the Theatre warm and comfortable jan IV 3t THK COLUMBIA INSTITUTE, FOR YOUS'ft LADIES. Ill Eievenfh street, between G and H. ROf GEORGE HENRY STUECK RATH, Principal; Mlsa ELIZABETH L WIL 1 1AMS, Vice-Principal,?A I a<!y eminently qualified to take the charge of the English De partment and the government and discipline of the School. The exercises of the second term of the Insti tute will c tumecce on MONDAY, the id day rf Kebuary proximo App ic.itIons for admission should be made as *arlv ts pcs?lble A HIGH SCHOOL, FOR YOUNG GENTLE MKN,nnder the direction of Prof Gaoana H SruiCKaaTti, as IM icla*'. to b* lo-ated on F street, between 6,h ard 7i.? stree's. or in the vl rinety of Trinity Cbuicb, will be opened on the 4th of Febuary, proximo. Ear y application should b? rrade to the Princi pal at his resld nee, Colombia Institute, for Voimp Ladles, 448 11th ftreet, between G and H JkQ ft-lm* _ DR.MU.NSON. AT3TO PENN'A AVBNUB Is Etlll nvtkiug those beautlfal ?ontir.uous GUM TEETH, called] Miens Pafnt.for the excellency -1 i r * which PTer all otber styles of teetb. many now wearing th*?n In this city, will cheerfully vouch. There Is one Dentist in this city who has beea Infringing the patent, and made a bad Imitation of It, against whom 1 hereby caution the public N. B Whenever a Dentist speaks against Allen's Patent Continuous Gum Teeth, when proj>?rlf construct**, It Is because he Is Ignorant of the process, Incompetent to make the work, or ? unwilling to pay for the patent. je lft-tf P1 EYES AND EARS. DK. VAN MOSCH'/ISKER. OCULIST AND AC R 1ST, of Baltimore, who u now on a soi,tuern tour, will remiln for a w.ek in this cltv He has room, at the NATIONAL HOTEL, (Guv A Brings'.) corner of Pennsylvania avenue and street, where he can bo consulted on ALL DISEASES OF THE EVE AND EAR. from 9 a. m , un 11 3l| p m , dally Visitors can pa s through tbe Ladles entrance of the Hotel to tbe Do-tor'i offlre ARTIFICIAL ElES INSERTED. GLASSES.?Dr M. is tbe only apent In the Union for Chevaliers and Dubois, of Paris, best Glasses He has a fin-assortment of them, acd will suit tbe focus cf bot. eyea with their Glasses after accurate examination of them bv m*?ns of Chevaliers'Ophtham*tor 1?n 12-1 w Rectifying Establishment. TlHE UNDEacIGMED takes thib method of lrformlng liquor dealers that he has fitted up a RECTIFYING ESTABLISH MENT in this city, and Is bow prepsrrd t* sup ply all those who mav favor him with their cur iom He bss on hand a large stock of Bmndies, Gin, Wines, and Old Whiskeys, which he caa sell at as low a figure as ibcvca<t be purchased for either In Baltimore or Philadelphia N B. The subscr ber lias also on band, a large lot of Foreign and Domestic Cigars PETER FEGAN. Jaa 14-ftiu* No. 95 La ave., near 10th st. REMOVAL. SAMUEL CHILTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Ao , has removed his ofloe to the base ment of the house of Johnson Hellen, Esq , on tbe corner of 5th street and Louisiana avenue dec 30-lm* CALHOUN WHISKY 1 CALHOUN WHISKY :-THE FUB3CRI bers have been appointed agen's for the sale of this celebrated WHISKY. It Is packed in quart bottles Incases of one dr*?n each It Is very e'.d and oily, and only ueeds to be tiled to be aprreclated by all lovers of a really puie and gooa aiticle. For sale by SAM BACON A CO . Jan 13-01 J19, cor. Pa. ave. and 7th itreet. AT LAST ARRIVED. THE FRENCH PEAS, MUSHROONS. and TRUFFLES, so long delayed by the cold weather, have thla day been received, vis: 2 cases 3uo half cans Ptftlts Pols, Billet's make 2 44 Uj0 do Cbamplsnons, do 2 ?? aoa whole do Petite Pols, do 2 " 200 do Champignon*, do 1 " 100 half cana Traines, do Also, of a later lmportatloa thaa the above? 1 De Foies Gras in Terrlma, and 4 " celebrated Worcestershire Ssure. For s.Je by JAMES H SHEKKLL. jan l(i-3t [lnt ] 270 F st , correr 13th. _ Alchohol, camphene, etherial Oil, Lamp*. Ao Also, Art lets' Materials aad Brashes. The trade supplied at lowest market prices by HOWKLL A MORSELL, Jan 1M No WO?t bet.0thand7th. onn importku canary birds 6UU with Nlghtlagale Boats, also, GOLD FINCHES and LINNETS, for sale at Mr. C. SCHAFER*S Hotel, 9th fltlWt. Ha 17 9t? Amusements lerait'i Hafiesil Tkfttw. Mim FiXVT Weuif,...LMKil4 Dlreetre?? Puny K*-.ipp*Ar*nrf ?f Mi?t Fmmmf Af??-<s?<. THIS B V KNIN?7 Will be k(?4 tbe ?fw donarstic drams. a??w per forming with brilliant success at ?' Laara Ke?e\< Th?atre," entitled SECOND LOTS. M i" Movttny Miss Fsany Bw To conclude with THE LADY AND THE DEVIL. Zephyrlaa Mta? Faaay Hmmi 11^ TIME ALTERED: Doors opened nt ? %; curtain rlras at % pa?t 7 o clock i a Waihington Clrcai and Ampitkeiti*. Corner of I**ntli street tad tk< Amtw. Tfce urxt Grand Equestilan Ebtritainamt at this cstabll* bment will I e for 'hs CLOWN '8BKNBPIT JIM MYERS, being his fa re we 1 prior to bis departure for Ea lope, when will be ctrered AN A R E N I C DISPLAY rurpessiag any ?*er oitwd la tbla city. Amcng the features of the evening will Mr M ^ ERd extraordinary ant'pofioan feat of n"aUtnc on the Ceiling ll'ad Downward, LIKE A PLY! The public ma* reat assured that he will a'eoaap llah tb is bltterto Impossibility: bo haaabog; If he fklls he will return the me-iey. FIVE CLOWNS IN THE CIRCLE, and the TWO TRICK CLOWNS from New York, with other noveltle*. See bills Oa SATURDAY AFTERNOON A NIMT, Ancti er Grand Equestrian Fete will be given, for which the moat extensive preparations are mak'ng Jaa 1S m i ?? i?i?ir. a. ~ ???~u ~~~~i ? ODD FELLOWS' HALL, IWIIMR. POSITIVELY THREE NIGHTS ONLY. commencing Wednesday Evening, aaaary dial, IS#?* rfTOE ORIGINAL, WELL-KNOWN AND 1 only CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, (orga nized In 1844 ) The first and oldest established Band In the World, now tinder tbe direction and management of J. W Ravaonand E H Ptaai a. For eight yeara the above Company have per formed at 472 Broadway, New York, to bowses crowded n'ghtlv, and were nnhesitatingly ac knowledged by the pre?? and the public tbe ''Nt Ptmi Vltr i" of ail similar ente tainments They ;e'oeftfullv announce a ahort -erles of th? ireba?te and fi?hlonable Musical Sol'ee? as abeve. l.oor? open a? ttv ?to commence at o'clock. Tickets TWENTY-FIVE CENTS janlT It T J. DONNELLY, Ageat. Wants. WANTED ?A GOOD. CLEANLY COLOR ed Boy, at the Ice Cream Depot, come' of ltth and F streets Jaa 10 WANTED -A WHITE WOMAN WHO 18 a first ra a Co< k, Waaher ard Ironar One wbo can brii g good resommendatlo <a can app y at No. 4^3 5th street, between E and P. jtn 17-710 House wanted -i wish to pub cbsse, for a Ffi"-1** rraldenw, la Wa hiag t^n,a p*d Brl k<r Frame Hto?e, having pas ? ee, ard not le*a than six Rooms lemon* wishing to ?ell. will plea e addrra? J . 8 J., Box 566 City Post Office, ttatlag terms, lowest price, locatoa, Ac jsn 17-It* WANTED?A BODY MAKER AND Whiel and Carriage Maker. Two good hands may o> t?ln a p- rmanei t situation by ed dr*?s1n<r S FLYNN A CO , 3*1# D atret jan 16 3ta WANTED IMMEDIATELY? ACOLORtD Man to take cba'ge of a Dining Room Ha Hotel None reea apply but hose thai cant ring good recommendations. Apply at this oSoe jun 10?3t WANTED.?A PURCHASER FOR A Two storv and Atiick Brick Henae on I street north, betweenfith ard 7th. Terma : Oae-thlrA cath : the l-alanc* in 1. S, and 3 year Apply at >he Star Cffl?e. |an 15-1 w Profitable AND HONORABLE EM PLOYMENT FOR THE WINTER ? Per sons in town or conntry In search of employment as a a.urcecf Income, or to 111 ap their leisure hours, may near of su h by enc'oslng two stnv pa, I to pay postage, to Professor J AMES T BORNE, Box No 4.551 New York Post Office The em ployuoent Is fitted ?o either sex~siatl n la life Im material. It ia an article of dally consumption, and can be manufactured In any pe-scn's dwel line; secured by copyright; sales its per a an at as Hour. Ac agent Is wanted In every town In tbe Union. Jaa ll-lai WANTED. ?TBE HIGHEST PRICES paid In cash for Old Sliver, at HOOD'S Sli ver Ware Manufhctorv, J38 Penn avenoe, n*ar ?th street. dec 30 Boarding. Board.? gentlemen desiring Board can find very comfortable accommoda tions. at 3lrt Pennsylvania avenue, be;wton Oth and 19th streets, over Mr. Ridenour's Confectlon oiy dee 30 lm OOARD.Ac ? MRS. BATES, ON TBE 8 W D corner of Pennsylvania avenoe and 9th street Is prepared toaccommod ite gentleman with rooms with or without board Every effort will be mads to render thuse comfortable who mny favor her with theJr patronage Transient or table board oan be obtained. apt-tf ????????mm???m HiRPER'S WEEKLY?THIRD NL'M her-Received this miming Jan 1? FRANCE TAYLOR. Hobbyhorse*, prop?llo&s,tabs? Cages, Uo brellas. Car e?. Ac . Ac , at j\n p- h. j Mclaughlin acq s. Hair brfshes tooth, nail, hat, clothes, crumb, dusting, and other klrds Brushes; Combs, tide, tuck, neck, puff, fine, dreving and pocket Combs. Ac . Ac h j Mclaughlin a co , Jnn 17 No ?t> Pa. sve . kw-t ?th and ' h at*. SHOKTS?;UORTI. BUSHELS OF HEAVY SHORTS for sile at my Mill or Store. Also, one twe-storv Brkh ?lou?e for iea?, situ a'ed on Market rtieit. WM . H EDES, Jan 17-3t* Georgttown DISTRICT OPCOLIMBIA, Csanty af Waakingtso. to Witt?This is to aertlfy that on the ltth day <f January, 1857, Win Brown,of the Countvof V\ atbiDgton. brought be fore me tbe subscriber a J usttce of Peace In and f ?r the county se afor slid a lliht red COW , two bind legs white, a white stripe down her back, blue in her forehead no hotna, right bind leg sore, and about 10 jears old Sworn to before me Given under my hand tbla 14th day of January. 1857. W. A MULLOY, J P. This la to notify the own*r or owners to <-ome forward, prove property, p y charges, aad take her away. WM. BROWN, Jan 17 ?t? Residence No 373 3d street east 6000 SPECIAL NOTICB. Those of our customers that have not settled their bills, as rendered to 31st December, are requested earnestly to do so by the ? 6th lnsunt, by cash or notes at short dates We think Olssveiy reasonable tequest, aad If tot compiled with we shall be compelled to discon tinue their accounts We again tender ou' thanks to these many cur tomfrs who bqy of as for cash, and those wbo pay their tills promptly, and shall be happy to rerve them at all tlme< with a well at sorted stock of 600DS, of the best class for general family consumption COLLEY A SEARS, No 5-^3 7th si., 3 doors above Pa. avenoe Jinl7-e?6t GREAT GIFT BOOK STORE. U.XDER DEXTER ? HOTEL icill be opened This Day, AND AN ENTIKELY NEW LIST OF PRE8BNT8 will be distributed to our patrons hereafter Members op congress, citizens, and STRANGERS will find oar stoch of Books woith their attention It is the largest and most valueble assortment ever opened la this city, comprising Standard and Miaeei>.atous Works In all the departments of Ancient and Modern Science, Literature, and Alt Also, all the latsst Publications, Annuals ot the Season, Bibles, Prayer Boohs, New Editions of the Po eta, Ac., Ae , in Turkey Morocco, Antique, Vel vet, and other rich aad snperb Bladings, ale gantly Illustrated. A PRESENT, worth from 93 Cents to tIW), will ha gleas (Im mediately after the aale) to every pu. chaser of a Book for which we receive SI or more. 5 per eent of all oar net soeeifta will bo placed la the hands of Hla Honor the Mayor of Washington, to be distributed for the benefit ad the Poor of the city. At the Old Stand, under Dexter'* Betel, sign of the Bed PIm JwM J. ruiLBRICK, A?rs<.