Newspaper of Evening Star, January 19, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 19, 1857 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. ?r A?VMfllHT? MOCW M LETT AT T?B OTTI0B II T?v.n a'noaa, M.. rniTui rnr ?** ?? ?"?*? ? mi.Tii hit dii. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. A.nmvbksart Strrm or the Colin ria TrrootAPHi. ai. Sotihtv ? According to pre vious notice, the Columbia Typograpical So ciety eelebrated their Fortj.second Anniver sary by a supper at Coke1* on Saturday night last Considering the short notice given him Ceka bad accomplished wonders in the eatable line, and the table* were spread with al! those substantial* and delicacies which pleaie the aye and satisfy the banger of mortal man, printers not excepted. At 9 o'clock the guest* and member* of the Society entered the supper room and to??k their place? at the tables The President of the Society, Wm M. Belt, E<q., occupied the head of the table, supported on the right and left ty the following invited guest* : Ben Per ley Poore, 8. Yorke AtLee. L A Gobright, C. 8. Noyea, Col McNeir. H- Polkinhorn, James English, James P. Haliday, S W Glenn. A B. C lax ton. the officers of the Bookbinder's Association, and other* The Vios President of the Society, J. C Fransoni, Esq . presided at the foot of the table At the head of the room was noticeable the fine portrait of Franklin belonging to the So ciety, which was tastefully draped with the National flag. Esputa's Band was present, and contributed much to the enjoyments of the evening The subrtantials having been discussed and the cloth removed, letters were read from the following gentlemen, regretting their inability to b? present, and congratulating the Society on its prosperity : Col Peter Force, Jacob Gideon, Esq , Hon W W Seaton, George S Gideon, Esq , and Hon Joseph Ga!es. which, for want of space, we are unable to publish. The letter from Col. Force enclosed the fol lowing sentiment: A i ree Press?A blessing only while it sus tains gx>d morals, encourages and defends truth, and inculcates the duty of obedience to the laws of the land. Jacob Gideon, Eiq , sent the following r The Columbia Typographical Society?May it* future be as prosperous as its past has been. REGCL4R TOASTS. 1. The Forty-Second Anniversary of the Columbia Typographical Society-The pre cious value of our bond of union is developed in the lapse of years, and bids ii? halo with our gratitude the memory of its founders. 2 Benj Franklin?A true type ef the phi losopher, the statesman, and the patriot; the lightning's hand imprinted his glories on tht broad sheet of the firmament. This toast was responded to in finely oon eeived terms by T. C Connolly, E-q , who described che neglected appearance of the grave of Franklin, as seen on a pilgrimage to it, and warmly urged the erection by the typographical fraternity of a suitable monu ment to bis memory S. The Art of Printing the present Medium and enduring Record of Thought?The truths it at this day imprtsie* upon the frngile leaf will be pie?erved thereon when the marble columns reared in bonor of future heroes sages and patriots shall have perished, or sur vived the memory of their legends 4 The President of the United States?May each successive incumbent of this exalted sta tion prove by his act* that "the Pen is migh tier than the Sword." 9 The Printing Pre*3?The Archimedean levar that nerves the world and distributes the blessings of iaotr/edge?the ablest advo cate in the great -'as* of Liberty. 0. The Ftderal Union?In the language of Washington to his army, ' Our success must depend on a firm union and a strict adherence to the general plan " 7. The Authors of Amcrica?Iu the arena ef letters they have proven worthy champion* of their country's fame 5 The Constitution t! the United Sintes? ?>et by wise and patriotic founder*. >m posed on the hearts of the people, and Io'A*d ?p in their best affections 9 Labor and Capital?Equally essential in every department of industry Ihe public welfare is endan*erei when the rights of either are invaded. 10. The Declaration of Independence ? Good standing matter?a proo f sheet free from er ror*, and first rate cvpy for the ?etfrt up of Republics 11 The Memory of our Deceased Brothers Fresh and grateful ?3 the perennial 9,w of generous emotion in kind heirts that have ceased to beat, and pure a* the tears that hare bedewed their graves 1J Tbe Federal City?Founded l?y the lm mortal W^shin^ton and honored with his name. Miy ir soon emsrge from its magnifi eenee of distances, and become as magnificent in its architectural and sylvan beauty. 13. Woman? May her virtue* ever occupy I space than her skirts, and her faults be of a smaller type than her bonnet. TOASTS TO THE I5VITSD sreiTi. The Committee of Arrangements (through their chairman) proposed the following toasts, which elicited much applause : lion Rob t W. Johnson, of Ark . Chairman (f the Committee on Printing of the Senate? A distinguished statesman and legislator; may be continue to enlighten the people and benefit the craft, by his *? motions to print ' Hon M II Nichols Cbiirmtn of the Com mittee on Printing of the House?In revum; onr is~>ri he has justice for his ?t'u/et and gives us a favorable specimen of hi* (UstiHr/t tion. A G. Seamin.?By his skill in the art, and correct taste, he has left no space to im Erove tha styi? of pu'oli* printing Long may e be permitted to wear the honors he has so successfully won C irnelius Wende!!?As adversity oould not depras*, ro prosperity does not elate him. With a warm heart and ?n open baLd he is ever ready to share his rat inlet with the needy ani to encourage industry Miy his firm, well y -domed in the rhmeti prosperity, need no correction? when revised for the final edition Joseph Galas ?A bright of .e art preservative of all arts," and one of the father* of the American press ?Juige A O P Nicholson ?The Trnton of tbe States and the T'wion of toiling typogra phers have alike fcund him at critical periods taking a uand in defence of their rights, and at all times their consistent and unwavering friend . may ao good a sort never run oat Col W. w Seaton? A type of the old mettl, which wears well; which neither breaks nor bends, yet ever .'eaves a good impresstou. W D Wallach?The ?Sfar is the first of roftrenees, and hia star is a daily zs'erisk of interesting notes to tbe text of time *nd events. Responded to by Crosby b Noyes of the Star, who eiaimed for tha: establishment the possession of some <4 the very tallest, hand somest, and fastest, of that proverbially g >od looking. solid body of men-the printers of Washington John C. Rues?There is not on the "Globe ' a nobler specimen of a gentlemen ,l May bis shadow never be lea.'." George S. Gideon.?A leaf trom a (itr tnan text prayer book ? the more he is studied the better he is appreciated May it be long before he is placed on the shelf in Time's li brary. Col. John F. Carter?Endeared to the pro fession by bi* gentlemanly deportment, we hail his presence with gratification a* a ?? laborer in t>.e cau.*e of tbe " Union " Hon John T. Towers?Honored as an ex Mayor cf the metropolis, esteemed a* a worthy meuibtr of the craft, we welcome him to our festive board. Samuel Yorke AtLee ?The rising genera tion, whom he has so nobly served in promo ting the cuuse of education in our city, will well ap(rove the respect and affection erer entertained for him by his brethren of tbe X1Y%rapbie art ^ A?L?e re*i onded in some eloquent ri ?>?rks, in which the value of the oemmon school system?a subject nearest the tpaaker'a ??art ?was w truily touched upon. Mr At Lee. before reeommg his seat, jelled up Mr * ? Jefferson, of the City C ,uncils Mr Jefferson expressed bis embarrassment in replying to the call, as from the nature of his avocations, setting up or translating other people s thought*, he was never presumed to hare any thoughts of bis own. Mr J notwithstanding bis modest disclaimer, pro ceeded to give some very telling and appro pnateoff haad remark* in the oourte of which, he urged that the man who prepares imself t > be a good practical printer, is prepared for other positions in lift. He ru going to be raeh enough on thia occasion to break the rule against divulging State secret* and tell them that if he had not been himself a practical printer, he should not now occupy a place in the State Department. Maj. Ben Perley Poore?Who is not a ?? poor Cr/," but baa given the world a proof that is a 44 pearl of great prise" by his wheel barrow exploit, which his fellow craftsmen re gard as nonpar ul. The Major responded in his happiest styla, making some sharp hits at those members of Congress who treated the press disparagingly in a late debate : told some capital stories, and kept the assemblage in the beet of humon while he was on his lew The Bookbinders of Washington?We greet the presence of some of them here as an xndex that they are still bound to u* bj clasp* of fraternal feeling. Responded to by the President of the Book binders' Association; aad by J. C. McGuire, Esq , who thought that if printers follow " the art preservative of all arts,M the bookbinders may claim for their art that It is preservative even of printing A B. Claxton?Though temporarily away from his stand, we still find him sitting with us on our festive occasions: " May kin shadow never be less;M and long may he wave. Mr. Ciaxton rose and produced a speech, which he averred he had found on his way to the festival, and which he presumed some typo had prepared for delivery on the ocoa* sion. and had lost it on the way. Mr. Claxbon proceeding to read it, it turned out to be a very good one, and muih sympathy was ex pressed for the unfortunate loser by the com pany. L A Gob right, Esq.?An apt ili/tstrattott of what the prrst and the trltgraph together oan do : May be continue to go Irrght in his ure. ful career. Mr. Gobright said be had not been so for tunate as bis iriend Claxton in finding any body's speech, but if any one had a speech which they did not mean to use, be would be obliged to them for the loan of it. Mr. G. proceeded to give tome interesting reminif* cencies of past celebrations of the Society. James English. E<q.?Upright as a man, ac complished as a printer, be is a proof that even in Washington 44 Worth makes the man, and want of it the fellow." Responded to briefly and humorously bv Mr English Maj McNeir?The Nestor of the typographi cal profession, and the accomplished editor: Long may his presence encourage the younger members of the craft to imitate hi? worthy ex ample. Major McNeir, in response, expressed the gratification it gave him to meet the members of a Society which he had long held in high estimation lie claimed to have given to the Society one of its distinguished member?, the lamented W. W. Curran. Thos. C Connolly?The schoolmaster, prin ter, editor and agriculturalist. May he suc ceed best in his last undertaking Mr Cjnnolly, having in brief but felicitous terms responded to this sentiment, read an ode, written for the occasion by Thomas S Donoho, Esq , which was received with great applause. ?lames F. Haliiay?An ex-President of the Columbia Typographical Society He has never failed to deserve the confidence reposed in him by hi? fellow craftsmen. Mr Haliday in responding to this sentiment paid a touching aud beautifully conceived tribute to the memory of cherished members of the Society who have passed from Earth. In allusion to the rapid flight of tine he said he had hoped to pass for a young man on this occasion, but hardly thought it worth his while to attempt it, now that he saw an old appren tice of his (Mr. Beltl presiding at the head of the tahle. S. W Glenn, Esq.?The printer turned player: Having left tae box or stars, may he prove a star to the boxis. Mr. Glenn proposed in lieu of a speech to give a Dutch story, wh;ch he proceeded to do in his usual irreeistahle maimer. A number of spirited volunteer toast? were given, for which we have not space to day. A number of songs capitally sung by Mr. tilenn, Mr Clark. Mr. AtLee, Mr. Penman and other? added infinitely to the zest of the entertainment The festivities were continued until mid night with unabated enjiyment The Supper was indeed a perfect success, passing off with net a single occurrence calcu lated to interrupt the felieity of the occasiou. Smxtbsosias l.BCTi'BES ?The lecture of Friday night wa* by Prof Benjamin Peirce, of Cambridge, Mas? ; subject: ' The National Univer?e, considered as a machine, as a work of art, and as the manifest work of God :* being the first of a series upon "Potential Physics." The audience was a large one, and we no ticed not a few of the juveniles, who hrive listened s'j delightedly to the humorous, anec dotal lectures of Dr Morris upon Entomology, and who we guess were taken a little aback by the scholar like and slightly transcendental effort of Professor Peirce We heard one llt'le ten-year old ask his maternal parent if 44 po tential physics" was ,4 castor oil and such f" Premising that we cannot expect from the geometer those graces of wit and sentimeut which charm a popular audience, Prof Peirce went on to say, that these are in nature the three worlds of science, poetry and religion ; that while there are narrow-minded men is each who have no life but in the world they live in, there are others?8-ieotifi; men poets, and holy men of God, who can rise to a s?nso of the claims of the others In the actual world we find no arbitrary division of the three. Every where we eee inter mingled development of science, marks of beauty, motives to devotion. This union of intellect, religion ar.d beauty is shown in mythology; which, (mythology) despise it as we will, affords the strongest argument for natural theology that can be found. The vedas of the despised Hindoos, those old books, written ? thousand years before the time of Moses, recognised the existence of a Supreme Bsing, who was the Soul of the un;vt?r-e, all* wise, all power's! and existing through all time. The lecturer proceeded to read numerous extracts from tho Hindoo Vrdas in corrobora tion of this sta ement That this was an an terior revelation is die-proved by the clear, striking defects found mixed op with these passages Thus an almost Pantheistic belief was expressed in these b.ooks ; a belief in our absorption in Deity after death. The antiquity of the Vedas is proved by the fact of the men tion m them of the polar star. In all ancient literature no reference is made to a polar star till you go back to the time of the pyramids. It is not mentioned once even in the Old Testa ment In fact there was no polar star from 2 500 years before the birth of Christ until ab?>ut three centuries ago Twenty-five or thirty five hundred years before the birth of Christ there w*s a polar star (not the present polar star) and as this star is mentioned in the Vedas they must have been written at least one thousand jears before the time of Moees The facts connected with the histjry of this belief in one God and its declension first to the worship of light, aad finally to the worship of various idols, were deemed of importance by the lecturer in showing the true bearing of ihe first chapter if Genesis. The scientific teachings of this chapter were of comparatively li:tle value to its religiojs teaohin^s At the tiiue M *es wrote, the Jews were in bondage, and naturally had imbibed from the idola'rous Egyptians views antago nistic to the true belief: aud the aim of Moses was to bring them back to the true belief. The Egyptians worshipped light. Their three highest deities were Morning. Evening, and the Sun Naturally, Moses taught that light was not an object of worship, for God created it Did not Moses, in speaking of 41 Morning and Evening." have especial reference to the Egyptian gods? The firmament, the earth, the ocean, the sun, the moon, all worshipped under different names by the pagans, were all . declared by Moses to have been created by God, and were consequently not objects of worship. Thus M"?es atruck a blow at once at all the ancient philosophy and anoient mythology Caicac* Siealino ?James Shields aud his wife, colored, were arrested by effier Ketse for stealing a number of chickens from the premises of Mr Bondinot The chickens were taken alive, bnt were killed and for sale in market on Saturday morning The parties accused were taken before Justice Goddard and committed to jail for eourt tiJo" ?f "" t " ***??? Crutehett, ?u? of our meet en terprialiig citizens, ha* entered into a contract th. vhn A proprietor of t? ? ernon e9'*te. for several thousand ftl* ? r#M on th# ori?'n*I l?nd% be JHm?. t0^r,e,Deral Wwhington Mr. Crut fittedjrup' n#ar the "ilroad depot, a ?paemi. manufactory with steam powe^d f5!'*?amb?r of ?nd okh?r mtohine ill J purpose of converting these trees into mementoes of the Father of his Country, ue win shortly oommenoe the manufacture cf eanae, picture frames, Ac , the former will be ,. ?t ^at used by Gen. Washington ranker fJ110'* W'N be stamped and wnr rinked of Mount Vernon wood, accompanied ? certificates of Col Washington and the cU7; At tae PrtleDt proprietor f amount \ ernon has bound himself to sell no w *>t to others than Mr. Crutchett for several fifa.M ? c0,me? th? public may rest assured that all article*, if any should be in the mar fce_> 2re "purious unle?s accompanied by a certificate from the parties named, and by Mr. C. g own signature " Wa8hixgt?!? Ciacrs. ? The next grand equestrian performance at this establishment will be on Friday night next, for the clown's benefit, Jim Myers, when ail the equestrian efforts of the season will be surpassed. The novel antipodean feat of walking on the sell ing head downward will be introduced. The elMrta and popularity of this famous jester deserves a full house, and will doubtless equal his most sanguine expectations A grand afteraoon and night performance ^'VeD "n Saturday, for which great preparations are making. PAiSAOE Thieves.?Saturday, one of this class of the fancy was arrested by Officer Bus* IterafinLerring dwellin? of Emery and !. g/ n tSr* Pas8aK? ? pair of gloves be to 1? t: ?Wftr(! The Doctor h*d 8cn? to visit a patient, and left his gloves in the p?9ner> who 18 ? tinker, named 20nnri"'J.wtSlt in appropriated the gloves, and walked off Upon searching him, a pillow ca?e with a worked border, and a .1 * , _ * ? ?cu uuruer, anu a sffizzstiaz^ He ?? z -t. s upon a charge of larceny of goods belonging to Mr. R. Farnham. The prisoner was taken Th?offi "ICf<i0dd,rdHDd committed to jail iST "1 indu,,triou. search, suc \*Z i? ? ?t 'fng Rliarg? of g?ods' consist if ? R Ld P?nci,9? P'Jrt monnaies, ,^niifi?HD1Ve8; C0Ul?bs; *c- s ,01e have been identified, and most of the remaining article? them identified by private mark* ur.on ?^L,L01T A ^iRE?Accidikt.?About twelve ed to fi k ni!gbf' #0Iae P?r8on attempt. I A J a r hu,ld'Qg belonging to Mr ? ? *f?ex ?n I, between sixth and Seventh streets, by placing fire between the weather boards and plastering It was discovered in time to prevent a serious conflagration by gentlemen in the vicinity. While they were at work subduing the tire one of them using an a*e accidentally struck Captain J. H Uod dard on the hand and split one of his fingers. Rohrbrv ?On Saturday evening, about six 0 clock, some daring thiet enterod the board whgi?t?r.,?f Ck' fSUr En'lding. ) therefrom t-n " aljuPPer. ?"d stole 1 JZ ?f ? ? overcoats and a hat the prop erty of two gentlemen boarders One ol" the to^LVi ?enraS a double coat, and mav lead to the detection of the thief from its singular appearance, and from the fact that there are not mora than two of the kind in the city. Inacqcral BALt Buildino ?The oommit ban^nPrthPArrHaJUiUuble 8a,?0n for the ball on the 4th March next, have determined to construct it at the west end of the City Hall and extend it to Fifth street The length i* to be 280 feet; width, 63; height. 24. The supper room will be equal in length, and 20 tact wide. The managers are exerting them selves to make a truly grand affair About ten o'clock this morning, one of the servants rooms in the National Hotel took fire and caused considerable excitement in tLe hotel, though it was extinguished with out conn ierable damage to the property The firemen deserve to be applauded for their ef forts, they were promptly on the spot with tuejr heavy apparatus. having dragged it from their engine houses through the snow drifts. Serious Assault?Watchmen Neit* and Davis arrested a man named John Higgins last Saturday, for an assault and battery on a boy named Norris The attack was made with an axe, and Norrie had his head and hand cut. Justice Donn committed the prisoner in default of security for court. Isr;CB8T.-On Friday, a man named JoLn Uiggi died suddenly at his home on the Island His friends seat for the Coroner to hold an in- 1 quest, which was done, but the jury coul l not determine what was the particular cause of death, and returned a verdict according to the fa:ts elicited. First Arrival from t*xoR<>Erov. s.?This morning at 12 o'clock, a siedge of the Union line of omnibusses drawn by eight horse* passed our offioe on its way to the Capitol, b^-' ir.g the first vehicle that passed over the street from Georgetown. Accn?B!*T.?On Saturday, some persons w?re amusing themselves by wrestling. In the .Sat enth Ward One of theui, r.aaie l BaTtiel* had his leg broken by the sport. Ho was re moved to his home by his friends. PoSTroxEMBWT.?The ballot the Franklin tire Company, announced for tonight, has been postponed until further notice, as will be seen by an advertisement in another column. The Formation of the singing classes of Mr. Irving, at Temperance Hall, has been post poned until Monday evening next, in conse quence of the inclcmency of the weather. Watch Retirns.?Jas Clagctt, (colored,) disorderly, fined S5 and costs; Joj J. H Hill, do , do.; George Summers, do , do. ItlAKKIEU At Albany, N. V , on the 15th Instant, by the Rev. Mr Pitkin WILLIAM U GALE, Ksq.,of Marlborough, Mm, to ANNA, daughter of Nicholas t^ iackenbuih. of Washington, P O OIBD, On the 18th Instant, WM. SMITH, In tl.e Wth year of hla age. His friends and relatlveaare respectfully Invited tonttend hla funeral frcm the lesldence cf his brotter, Geo B Smith, corner of 3d and N streets south, on W edne?day at 2 o'clock ? On the 18th InsLint. ADKLINE HOWELL daughter of Sidney and Mary J. U?Camp, a*ed ? years and 3 months. The friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully invited to attend her fuaeM from the residence of her father, 281 1'enn. avenue To-.Morrow at 3 o'clock On Sunday morning, the 18th instant ELLEN' DO*NEL, aged ? year- and 4 m >nlh.?. daughter o.' Barton Key !: /" An " I t Friend r-> the auffsrliiB U ntr?? (?trtlMr'i lu<liau Liverwort ?n<l Ho?rliooii<l. for all'oiizlin. *.Mf, r, .np, Tlil* preparation liaa ?t x i1 tb* Kit |. r th? \ ??i v?.?r?, an4 now au<l ever Will *UuJ UPiiTallo.1. It i.< for *?le by all drurvlft* tUrotujbuni the I nlt-wl Staiea au<l UrllUh Pio\ liicee. , "***.* '? 161 Wa?,?iun.>u Uliret. ia, Whola M|? |V"|W ';il UroaehttlsJ! t?n "i6 *1' :',n"*r " !hlt i* h?-ir to," ar. i* ** u lu<11*" known aa "Mr* M. N Tkl. i nor LlVKKU OUT Akl> UjiHNul?? ?? inia w.fcl.rui uie-lirloe, na'? ?<1 by tue Urr.i "la , ?u ul.udiwI NaUmeocltah b*i . :?t ni'raclva ;S!i '?" ? ? Jw i?-lw. _ H^Braaareih'a 4-m,?ihT'Wftk thm Oouaatnptlva. Hbeaiuatlc-, Coaflve, Bitlou. auJ Dsli, *te a/ter aoma day a u?? will Bad r?r?wc<t atranftb aud life nervida .^ryarj.utf Ihalr framaa. Erary d?a ,l? bl^S [ha nerve. -mai.Bca Id thi%rtarl* an* terainTu TWe.p1"". ?? ' rtr? npon tba tarlai blood. laTaaalug tbe clr< nlatlon, by wblrbluiDurltlL aj-a dapoattad In tba Taiua, and they tfcrow off .neb co iT lioia Into th-? boweli, which or*?u, by tba an*riy dar ltd from Brandrath'a Ptlla, expel, them from the ay. tm When ttrat naed, tba ollla may oe^aslon frlpli?^, and even th? patient feel woraa ; tbla oiu.t ba b< rua Willi for lUa aood to w>roa attarw?rd. No great food u otlea ach'aved wlUieut *oma Irt'aMe In IU attainment, aud thla rnle aptillea to tha reroTery of health Tbeaa aymptoaia only oerur whara tba body baa lonj airng*l?d audar a load ol itupure, teu?rloiia It amor.. A ^ona^'Dtlva naa for a few days will aatUfy tha ??Ml unbelieving of tbe great good tbe pills are dm,.K The dlrectloua aboald be carefal<y .ladled. If'id and followed, Lea It and . Igor will. In a majority ot caaee ba aa oared by tbe uae of BEAMOBETB'B rill*. Hold at IS cent i per bos at 4t Canal straat. Brar.ireth Bolldlng, New York; by T. W. Oyott A Boni, us north ?a?o*4 atreet, rbiladeij.bla, and V7 medlrlae dealers ^ener ?U/- DO* tf U7~Br?wi'i Branhial Treche*.?*W# bar* finnd thata of graat aarrlealn ilitftni Bronrblal Irritv lion, ao<l to igb4glo| Hnirftnm prMncod by 0?ld?,??nd dj ta nalHac tkalr attaoUoa to fhrm. ?Ziog*( BfrtM. " Wccnminral tb?n to tb* ?V taatlon of pobltc ipuktn, ?lu*tra, 131) other* who irt troabia4 with aSaotlooi of tba Taraat."?CbrtstUn Watch nan " ror Oo?ch?. Aithat, *a., wa cbaarrallr baar taatl ?1007 from p*r? >a*J koowladffa to tb?(r a?<-*cy."?Balloa's Pictorial. They are a atmple anl elaicaa' form for admln totrrtnc, In comblaatino, aevaral m^dlrlaal snbataocaa bald In *anaral among Physicians In tb? tr?atui?at of Brooeblal affrrtloBa."-- Dr. A. T. BU-low. Ooatalalng no opt am or daletarl?a* <lrn?*. thaa? L^izaugaa ran ba tM frealy by pabllo apaakera auJ vocalists for claartas an1 giving strength to tba Toiea. Hold by all Dragglat* Oot U-U JAM 18 W CALL AW, Agaal |[T l?HrUnt t* the LtdUi!?Dr. Ob POMOO'B rr.M ALK P1M/8.?Tba combination or Ic(rM1 MM In the Pttla ara parfartly hartulaaa. Thalr aBicacy and merits ara baaod upon an aitaBslva practlr* of ow thirty years ; and, wher* the dlrarttoaa bare ba?n (trlrtly fol lowed, tbay hava never 1*1 lad to correct all Irregalartttee, relieve palatal and dtfflcolt menstruation, I particular iy, > at the change of Ufa. Tbay will rare tba WIiH-js, and remove all obatrnotloDi arising from cold, erpoeare or any ranaoa; aud may ba ueed sacceeafally as a Prevent!ve. Uail apo* tba l|*nt, and cat a 01 rcalar for p .rtlcalars fraa. Price )1 p?T bos, with fall directions. Hold wh<ilraals and ratal! bv CHAS. STOTT Druggist, Pennsylvania avenoa,

BAMURL B. WAITK, KM Baventb street. W ^l.lugton, U. a; and B. B. T. 0183k L, ?arrgatown; to all orders tenet ba eeut, and tha Pills will ba aant cvuidautlally, by mall, to ladlaa who euoiuee tbem oua dollar. N. B.?Baa signature 00 the box; tooomterfettltla f.?r arr. !? For Sale and Rent. FOR KENT.?A GROCER V STORK AND House attached, in a wholesome and good locality. The Store Is now doing gor>d business. Any person wishing for a good business stand and cheap bouse and store, would do well to call at this o thee for further pur lculars. Jan 171w* yERY DESIRABLE FURNISHED HOUSE ^ OR REN T.?The subscriber has for rent a very comfortable and wall furnished House on E street, lu the immediate vicinity of the Pos! Of fice Department, which will be let to a satisfactory tenant Immediate possesion c lven Anex'el lent Cook is at pesent engaged at the Hcuse, and can be retaieed by the person tenting Apply to J AS C. McGUlRE, Auction and Commission Merchant. Jan 17 3t For rent ?on m street, between 12th and 13th streets, a desirable three story Brick House, with a Pump of gocd Water in the yard, and Stabling for carriage and horse*, in qulre atthe next House, No. 4ffl jm!7-4t* For rent?a desirable store, wirh Dwelling attached. No 5)0 Penn ave nue, n*rth ? ide, iid door w? t of Adims A Co s Express Otfice; a ecod location for a Shoe, Cigar, or Fancy Store. Inquire at the Auction House of Mr. CROWN, corner of 1th strcetand Penn. ave nue, or aH W 8th street, between F and G. Jan 17-n* For rent ?the store-room re. cpRtly cc.noied by E M. Rew, Merchant Tailor. No 516 7ch street, immediately opposl'e the offlce of the National Intelligencer. For terms, apply next door to t*EO. W COCHRAN, Cigar and Tobacco Dealer. jan 16?tf TO LET?THE COTTAGE FRAME House on N street north, between 14th and J.3:h streeeU west. Kent #10 per month Erqulre of J. P. Hilton, Uth street, near Pennsylvania ave nue, No 4feo. J. p. HILTON. Jan 15 iw IjVjR KENT?A COMFORTABLY Fill niched two-story Brick House on H near leth Address Box 12 Star Ofllce jan 11 hv Two LARGE ROOMS SUITABLE FOR HKNTLEMEN TO BE RENTED.?They al*o, can be Hoarded In the house if desired Apply to THOS POTENTIN1, No S79 Penn. avenue, scuth fide. dec 17 Fork en ivt he second"\nd third stories of the House over the Leather Store cf Mr. J C. SH AFER, opposite the National TTiea tre. Inquire on the premise?. dec 10-eotf For"sale oiTrent.?that desira" ble residence on F street, between 20th and 21st. for the lis' eight years occupied by the late J M. Chubb, Esq_ Possession given Immedi ately. Inquire of RIGGS A CO au 12-*?tf For rent^OiVe parlo"r~and cham ber with another small bedroom Joining to gether, neatly furnished <md viry convelnent a?e for rent. Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Wlllardi' Hotel, No 215. Apply at the premises. Jin 11 eo-"U? Farms for sale?intending to cultivate a larger farm, the subscriber will sell the farm in Alexandria county, Virginia, on which he has resided for the past seven yeirs. It contains 51 acres, and Is situated near Balls >< Roads, 3# miles from the Georgetown Aqutduct, and 6 mtlrs from both Washington and Alexan dria. There are upon it a comfortable and well arranged dwelling house, containing six rooms, with front and Vack covered porticos, the former 38 by 12 feet; a kitchen; a corrfortab'e house for servants or farm hards; a l^rge and convenient barn, with stabllne for six horses and as many cows, and an ample cistern (attached to the barn:) u root cellar under the b?rn, to hold 2,000 bushels of roots for market or stock feeding; Ice house; spring house: smokehouse; corn house; a stone nurket root house, and a store house. Also, a good dairy near the homestead door, from the never falling spring of which water is obtained for all the requirements of the occupants. T) ere Jsa'si rn tbe place an orchard of more than a thousand thrifty trees of different planting con sisting of the choicest varieties cf peaches, np ples, pears, (dwarf and standard,) cherries and Juinces At present fourteen acres are seeded own to wheat and rye; six In timothy, (yielding an ave age of at l^ist two tons per acre.* four in a market garden; four In clover; twelve ready to be put In corn and oats in the spring, and eleven lu w.->od, of wllch there Is an amine supply for all the purposes of the place. This farm has been cult vated with care and Is very productive, no pains having been spared to render it remuner ative, and to make it complete In all its appoint m?nt?. For a d?lry man and market garden farmer, or a nurser'* man, or for the country resi dence of a person co'.ng business In either neigh boring city who prefers a place already in all respects highly Improved it is superior to any o her new for sa'e Alto, THE BLADEN FARM, f?0trr.-s) situ ated within le*s than a quarter of a mlic of the Columbia and Leesburg turnpikes, the fortrer leading to Washington, and the latter to Alex andria This place Is In the lmmedl.te v'cinity of Bailey's X Roads (in Alexandria crnnty, Va .) and Is aoou' six miles from both cities named above. I? has upou It an orchard of about 350chol. e pea h trees, most of them lately set out, n dwel ling-house that can be made comfortable for a farmer's family at small coeit, tome stabling, and one of the flnext springs in a<l this region cf country. There is wood enough upon the tract for its necessities. Tnere Is 110 better sell within thirty miles of Washington than that of this B a den place; nor any huch place that can be ren de'ed remunerative at less cost bv proper atten tion ; the land being in line heart Et this time. For terms for either or both these farms, which will b? made to suit the times, apply to dec 29 W. D. WALLACH, Star Ofllce. A DELIGHTFUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE.?The subscriber has for 6ale a desirable Country Residence, about a mile and a quarter distant from the Pest Olflce, In a north easterly direction on Boundary street, between 6th and 7th streets east. The lot consists cf about two acres of ground, and is in a high state of cultivation. The house is of frame, nearly new. and posset set many conveniences not usual In acountry resi dence. It is forty-three feet front and thirty-three deep, with a t wo-story kitchen attached. Tee situation Is elevated, perfectly healthy and commands a fine view of the city and surround ing country. Belonging to the premises are a stable, car riage-house and wood-shed, all convenient to the house and in good order. The house is comfortably furnished, and the furniture Ik for sale with the premise*. Apply by letter or In person to Jan 3-3w WMSTICKNEY. FOR RENT ?THAT LARGE AND AIRY House on Pens avenue, between fith and 7th streets, over A. Hoover A Son's Shoe Store, suita ble for a first-class Boarding-House. It Is now undergoing a complete repair. Possession given immediitely. Inquire of A. HOOVER k SON, south side of Penn. avenue, between 6th and 7th streets. oc 30-tf ti FKANTIS THANkS A bKNEtitll'S l"a public for the liberal and Increasing patron age he met wl'h the past vear, and especially tho*e kind friends who, as occasion ottered, have dr p ped a Wvird in his favor. His motto is Onieanl, and the coining year he hopes to see his old cus tomers^ften, and be favored wi th many new on< s Good articles low prices, and fair dealing shall characterize his store. G. FRANCIS, jan 3 490 Seventh ?t. BIVALVJBlT. Now that times are so dull, and living so high, Pray, what shall 1 do, and what shall 1 buy T Why husband, your means?your small earnings foster, Eschew Butcher's me%t, ar.d live on the Oy?f#r But, where shall I get them when the Potomac is closed. And stern winter is here with his frost*, and his snows? ... Ah ! never mind, that tho' he should storm like a Fury, You'll a/wayi find them at S<Au?arze'a f Drury. fiood too, and fresh, tho' brought from afar. For so vou may read each day in the " Star." So come take my arm, we'll walk up and see, At 480 Eleventh street, one door above ii. Jan 14-ec3: W?. MBTZKKOTT HA* N??W OSI ? hand four Second-hand Pianos Two for WO, one for *75 and one forfT^^^n 9100 Also a large stook of New Pianos at the lowest factory prices. Mnslc Depot, corner 11th street and Penn ave. Jan 14 AUCTION 8ALB0. By JAS. C NcGUIRL, Auctioneer. ARAHR CHANCE TO SirVEK A Tata. ?kl? Baiiawi Stand sad a Prtfitaki* Baal at t? ?The undersigned lstendlng to en K?se in other buslnets, will sell, at public auction, on FRIDAY EVENING. January 23d. at 4 o'clock, ? n the premise*, hla leasehold (which has ten ytars and six months to ran) on that valu able property on the aor.h side of Fean avenue, be ween lata and 13Jt streets, occupied by hi ra successfully as a Restaurant and Eat Ian House. An excelleat L)Welling l< a'tabed to the rant, rendering tbe property desirable aa a resi dence and stand for any other business It pre. fened. Persons desiring to examine the premlaea may do ao bv calling on the subscriber. Terma of saie One fourth cash; the residue In 1.8, or 3 rears, for satisfactorily secured notes bearing Interest HKNKV KUHL. Jan VJ d J AS C. Mc6UlRK, Auct. Bv A. 6HKKN, Auctioneer. TmtSTKK I SALE.?On THURSDAY the '.?:h day of January, mS7,at4X o'clock pm.. In front of the premises by virtue of a deed of trust to me, dated May 12th, 1901,and recorded In Liber J. A 8 . No 77. folios ?tS, ftc , one of the land records of Washington county, District of Colntnb'a, Lot No 1, Square No.5lH, having a front on Third street west of 15 feet \i inches, and 75 feet on G street south. Terms cash All conveyances at tbe coet of the purchaser. J.H GODDARD, Irustee jm l7-3tAd< A GREkN, Auct'r. F By WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auctioneers I'R^iTt'RK AND HOUSEHOLD BP fects at Anrtlon. ? Un WEDNESDAY MORMNO, January *2Jst ar Hi o'clock, we will sei,at the residence of Mr W 8 Clary, No. 1"9 H street between ll'th and llth, a general as sortment of Ho'i?e-fumishlr>g Articles. We name la part? one P auo Forte and Stool Mahogany Sofa.spring seat Chairs ard Rockers Maple Cottage set. Wcrdrobe, and Rocker Mahogany centre, side, and rard Tables Do Hit Rack. Hall Lamp Do Bureaus, Mirrors, ana Vases Slnple and doubl? Bedsteads and Mattr< sws Feather Beds and Bedding, Curtains and Shades Cane and wood-teat Uhsir* and Rockers 'I hre--ply. Ingrain, and o?her Carrets Excellent Cook Stove. Parlor Moves Del/, Crockery, and Glassware With* general assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Terms : f-?5 and under, 'ash , over that amount a credit of slx'y and nicety days, for notes satls factoiiiy endo:s??d, bearing Interest WALL, BARNARD A CO., jan 17 dts AncM neers By WALL, BARNARD A CO . Auctioneers Larue assortment ??f fhekch, fierman.and American Paintings and Erg'nvtng*. Lithographs Ac., ot AnctUn. OnMONDAV EVE\1N8 January 10th. com mencing at fijf o'clock, we will ?eli,atSto e Room urd r Browns' Hotel, a genera' variety cf Religious. Historical, Political, and Comic En gravings, Lithographs. Paintings, Ac., In alia very neat assortment and which will positively be so'd without reserve. Sale positive. WALL, BARNARD A CO , j<sn 17 St Auctioneers. By WALL. BARNARD A CO .. Auctioneers. New and second-hand i aiuih. crsat Anctioa. ? Oa TUESDAY MORN ING, 20ih instant, In front <>/ our Wareroom (Haslup A Weeden's building, corner of C and ft.h streets, we will seil ? 1 dr.uble Cerria e, rew atd of the very best bul'd 1 Pbrrton, new, knitted very handsomely, and suitable for a physicl in 1 second-hand Clarence Carriage, built by Hook A Co , of to Is city This Is a very hanlscme vehicle, and in first-rate order 1 sccotd hand Kocaaway, in first-rate order , built llg lta^d strong it has been used but a very short time, and is as ^ood as new, Terms : One-fe mth cash ; the remainder In 30, i?0. and days, for notes satisfactorily endoised, and bearing Interest. WALL, BARNARD A CO , jan lG-dts Auctioneers. By J AS. C. McGUlRE. Auctioneer. LTTION SALE OF A VALUABLE Let ? f Old and New Miscellaneous Beaks and Engravings.?On WEDNESDAY, THUhSDAY, and FRIDAY EVENINGS, January 2lst, xv'd. and 23d, at the auction rooms, 1 shall sell, at 6 o'clock pn cl?ely, a most desira ble collection cf old ard new London Books, En gravings, Ac Tie sale will commence with a i hoice collection cf Architectural ffr 'ks. Boo s on fndustorv and Mechaulcs JKnglu'erlng, Ac., which will be ledlowrd by a coilectioa of various old and new London and Americ n publications, amongst which we direct atteatlon to Mr Ken ney'sIndian Tribes, Cft epedla of Arts and Sci ence, IS vols . 4to, Nile? s Register. Ac. Tbe sale will be terminated by a fine collection of Engravings, Lithographs, Ac , from Lumley, Lardon Ac Terms cash. JAS C. McGUIRE, j .n 16-dts Auctioneer. By JAS. C. Mi GUI RE, Auctioneer Flknitlre and household ir. feet* at Public Auftion.--0n THURS DAY MORNING, January, 21d at 10o'clock,at th<* residence of J . A Sheehan. on 4th street be tween Indiana aven.e and north E street, I shall s>eil all Itls Furniture and Kffects, comprising? Rosewood Boudoir. Piano Forte and Stool Supeilor Mahogany Sofa, Rockers, ard parlor Chairs M.i'blf-top Centre and Sofa Table* Mahogany Card, Dining, and side Gilt frame pi:rand man'el Glasses Cane and Wi; dsor Chairs, Loucge \\ alnut Whatned, fancy Chairs Damask and Lace Curtains, fchtde* Mahogany Frcrch ard Cottage Uedfteads Curled tslr h-wk Mattiesse'* Feather Beds. llolste s. and Pillows Dressing and plain Bureaus, Wardrobes Wa*hstards, Toilet Set?, Looking Glasse* Superior Brusteis, three-ply, and other Carf ets Stair Carpet. Rugs, Oil C oth. Ac Granite Dinner Ware,China Tea Set Silver plated Cantors, Table Cutlery Glassware, Crockery-ware, Fire Irons Excellent Cooking and ether Stoves Together wstb a genera assortment of Household and Ktt< he Reqci-lUa Term*: *??> ana under,cash; over that rim a credit of ;:3<1 JMdays, r?rsalisf.tctorlly endorsed notes, bea:ing Interest JinlC-d JAS C McGUIRE, Auct. 1HE MORIKI, VEHdLRS, AND OTH L er Merchandise heretofore sold on the square at the corr er of 7th street and the Avenue will te discontinued and hereafter sold In front of our store C. R. L. CROWN A CO., jan H-'iw Auctioneers. A1 I MANUAL OF ETIQUETTE IN WASH INGTON . T^HIS MANUAL IS INDISPENSABLE TO . Members of Congress and strangers sojourn ing In Washington. Every Irdy and gentleman should have a copy. J ust published and for sale at the Book Stand in the Capitol, and at tbe book stores In Washington. dec23-lm MUSICAL I'AKU. PROF J. E SCHKEL RESPECTFULLY Informs the musical community of Washing ton and Georgetown, that his professional service* may be eng?g?*d for Prlva'c Parties. Soirees, Ac He has a ready supply of the most fashionable European and American Music Any additional Instrument furnished If dealreii Rejerenrrf ?Gov Seware*, Col. Cooper, Ac. Orders left at his residence', No 462 llth street, or at VV. G Metx?rctt's Music Store, will be promptly attended to. jan 15-3t* N*w YoRX,2Sth December, IP5? Dear sir: ? in answer to your order rec eived a few days since, we havettila day shipped to you one of our finest fiulshed, sweetest toued Pianos This beautiful instru ment is full seven octaves, serpentine mouldings, aud octagon carved legs, ar?l manufactured from the bast ma erlals, anl the rosewood part cannot bo surpassed We take great pleasure in warrant lsg and guaranteeing this l lano to you, aud have no doubt you will meet with ready sa'e for It. Yours truly, A A H Gavhlk A Co. Third avenue. To John F. Ellis. Washington, D. C This magnificent Piano, one of the best and prettiest sver sent south from this celebrated es tablishment, Is now on free exhibition at our store and will be sold up^n reasonable terms. Also on hand, the largest stock In this city of Pianos from Hallet Davis A Co., Boston; Mason A Hamlin's Melcdeona, and all kinds of Musical Instruments. Old Pianos taken la exchange for new. JOHN F. ELLIS, jan 12-iw 30fl Pa ave., rear 10th st DENTAL SURGEON. DR.B F. COSBY, PENN AVKNUE, BE tween Sixth and Seventh ?treets, 0*^^^ at the place formerly occupied by Dr JEmsSK Van Patten, has Just received a very -LM XSJ large supply ot articles porta!nl -g to dentistry and respectfully Invites tne public to give him a call. Having devoted his whole time to the pro fession, he la perfectly safe in declaring that be will glv? entire satisfaction In every oase The best provisional references can be seen at his of ftce. nov 12-tMarchO* 1CC7 AMEH1CAN ALMANAC?B08 IoOi ton?and repository of u*e/ul knowl edge. The 8feth year of its publication Con taining all the Imporunt Statls'loal and Polloaal la/ormation ot the ooan"ry. For w e 1b Wash ington by TAYLOR k MAURY, Jan 14 jiorkstore, sear 9ih -tree'.. TELEGRAPH NEWS. PROM T?R AS???OIATKO BY HOUSE PRIXTIlfO TELEGRAPH ARRIVAL OF TBS 8TIAKIK AVXE1CA* Days Ltttr fr*a Eu?yt. Ualifaa J?n 19 ? The Canard steamship America, from Liverpool 3d instant, arrived xt1 *<l intelligence ia interesting The news of the attack upon Canton by tta British is fully con#rmed. The Americans bad alao baan engaged ?g?ir?t the Chinese; the sloop of-war Porto mouth baring destroyed a fort, in eoMoqaeaea af en Insult to the American flit The Congress of Pari, u progressing eati?. iSCt >r.!y. 1 ha Swiss dificalty u slaanng ap. COMMERCIAL In tqe Liverpool cotton market an advance ot M had been experienced on the week. 7ha tales of ten days were 26 000 bales. Flour was steady. Wheat hai advaao* 4 oi , and com 1?. Provisions were dull. Cocsoli for account olosed si 94sW4f. The bull on in the Bank of England bad de. created ?2So 000. The Storm in Philadelphia PuiLAPZLPRiA Jan. 19 ?The storm here yesterday and last night was past description. The weather was intensely oold The drifts in the neighborhood of tke city were in roms instances ten and twelve feet in height A woman and child were tound frosen to le vh in a milk wagon near the Market street briUe A wouu n wa> also fiosen to death a the Nineteenth Ward The snow cont n< e? fa 1 ng, as it ha? done f< r the last twenty four hours The Storm in Baltimore. Baltimoki, Jan I9h -Snowhas beenfall irg all night, with a violent gale Tbere are heavy dtifte in 8<?me jlacts from six to ten toet deep, and the ?now on a Jevel is abcat 1WO feet in depth The streets are impassable for vehicle* The thermometer is 14 degrees .ibove icro. The train which left Washington last night, arrived ut about 7 o clock thi? morning New Terk Market* Nbw York, Jan. 17 -Jlour has advanced; tales of 1 700 bbls.; State $6.30af<J bi South* em $7aS7 30 Wheat tends upward; sales of 4.500 bust, els; holders demand an advarce of '&?. Corn has advanced; sale" of 20,000 bushels; mixed 75*. P< rk i* better; mefs $21 Beef li firm; re* parked Chicago $15. Lard is buoyant at 13c. Whisky is has advanced; Ohio 30c. Financial. New York , Jan. It' - Stocki are firmer but <iul'? Chicago and Rock Island 99j; Cumber '.hi. J Ccal Co. lit; Illinois Central ahar* ? 122e; d> bonds W7t; Michigan bout hern 874, New York Cent al *5;; Keadirg Railroad 814; Car* on Co. 2Mj: Virginia 6's 90; Missouri ? S4|. Sterling exchange is dull jewklry: IJMNGER K IN tit*. EAR RIN6t?, BROOCH es. Bracelets and Chains; Breast, Caff, Col lar and Ch*>m'*ette Pins, Muds. Meeve Buttons, and Jewelry la seta, with diamond* a'd pear.s, in cameo Morentlne.Roman, ard Golds tone, Mosaic, Leva, Coral, Onlx, Opal, Jet, Gold. En amel, Ac., of the best gold and ixateriala , war rant-d as represented, and of prices which obai lenge competition Bridal Sets, precious stones, Ac., made or ?e? tr order Clocks from *2to SiO each, at ?THE LAKES." Fancy Baraar.SOl Pa avenue A Watchmaker and Jeweler wanted. Jan 13-lw tHAt'NCF.V WAR HIKER, WATCH MAKER. NO.11 1* STREET. SIGN t?F THE LARGE and ?n.all Watch with Chain, near Shilling ton's Periodical Depot, corner of PeansylvanTe avenue arct 4,^ street. WATCH*S. JEWELRY SILVER WARE WATCH REPAIRING, Ac Chronometers, Rept&tlsg Watches, Duplex, Mantle Clocks, I?ever, Jewelry, and Hot zontal, Silver Ware Mu?lcu!,ard REPAIRED. JEWEutY AND SILVER WARE made to crder. Removed from 3*0 Peon a avenue, Browns Hotel, to the above location nov 24 e*3ni C. WARRINER TO tOKreCTIUKERV PROPOSALS WILL BK RECEIVED UN* til the 1st day of '?"ebrmry next for the exclu sive privilege of selling confW-tlonery and other refreshments (except Intoxicating drinks) at the thlid inhibition of the Metropolitan Mechanics* Institute, to be opened on the XI and cloee about the 30th of March next. The bidder must aijree to It up the apace allot ted to him In a creditable atyle and in harmony with the dicorat'.on of the hall. He must also give satisfactory evidence of his ability to furnish articles of the best qualltv Address the nnde;signed, ?nperlnlradent of the Exhibition, at h<? ofllce. 401 P s'reet. cor of 7th. dec 87-cotFobl CHAS. F 8TANBBUEY Wafhin?ten Vetertaary Ishratry, FOR HOHiSES. DOGS, ft ,? illDtt bet. 13<{ and l4t& am., soutb of Pa. ave , J NO GRf.e^ON, PROPRIETOR, Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Snrpeons, I/ondoa. Horse* examined as to soundness, Ao. jan 13-1m ________ HE < REAM At 37)f tents Per itaart. Hotels, boarding-houses and oti ers will find It much cheaper and better than they make It Fairs and other benevolent entertainments e^.n have It at lew price, at the PENNSYLVANIA DEPOT, jsn3-lm? Corner F and 12th streets REW ORt e STORK. rpH K SUBSCRIBERS RESPECTFULLY e?2 e 3 Infirm? the?r frl^nl^ and the public that they have entered nto c partnership < for the r tup ere of conducting iheDRU*? and APOTHECARY bu?l e*a. and have. taken the atore on the coiner of 7th and H street* They have just opened an excellent aseortirent of FRESH DRLG^, MEMCINE8, FANCY AR TICLES, and PERFUMERY. Physicians' Preerrlptlons carefully compound ed, in the mo^t ?elentifle manner, at all hours o? the dav or ulgbt. TYSON A SHOKMAEER, Jan S-eogw Pharsmaoeutista I CARD. 5A ACHERZBER6, LICEXSED rAWyBROEER. Will loan * 10,00?in turns to ?ult, on any artlclee of value No 4? Pennsylvania avenue, betwcea 3d and \<i ttreet.-. Jan T eoSm* HOW IT IS DURE. ll/ECATCH AND OPEN OUK OYSTERS Tf to day, express them to Wash ington thai night, aru have them on\| Hale tnenext morning freeh, pure, and lucslous Why will yoti buy scalded OYSTERS after being hawked about the streete for days, when you c*n g?t these for the snme price. SCHVtARZE A DRURY, jaa Id eoftt 489 llih ttreet, Vd door above E. U YBTfeK!* REWARD W ILL RK the apprehension of my Man, FRANK BOOTH. who left to liu run rvant aeon wX. : whiskers, PAIU POR ? Servant , 'home on Taursday. the 15A Instant. Helsabright mulatto about tl'lrty-l?e years old,lve~ ' lire cr fix inches In height, full black w which he will no doubt takecfT of a sullen coun tenance when spoken to He is well acquainted In Washington, and is no doubt lurking tbere at this time particularly with a free fkmliy, who left the neighborhood a few weeks alnce, by name Butler , , ... . ?- _ I I will klve the above rewrard f?>r the apprenen slon of *nl<t Servant no matter Pf?; 2K " "" wi "OWYNN,K Jan 17 eotFebl Mscateway, ^ A. METROPOLITAN FLOURIR? MH.L, *' ik* eormtr of 1*'* ****** *** tk* ? H NOW BARRELLING. AS WELL AS 1 bagging, the following gradoa of Ptour, via : EXTRA FAMkxxra SUPERFINE The flour from this ?M la admitted to be ubstit p^hif CO R N M E A L is of a superior quality and worth mo'? to the conau mer than any other offered In thi? market All orders promptly attended to. jan 17-eoJt PARIS Fi 11l)M HATS. MODE uE PINAUD. T>DD A CO. HAVE RECEIVED PE? ateamahip "Arago" an Invoice of Gea tlemen'a DRESS HATS from the oelebratod ma establishment of La villa A Pouaaaroux, who received two ftrst<laas medals at the law Ei poal? PANdY BEAVER HATS,for Mlaeoaor Boys Ladlea'RIDING HATS FRENCH UMB*ELLA1^?P5? aovretAeotf ho*.