Newspaper of Evening Star, January 20, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 20, 1857 Page 2
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W A 8 U una TON c IT Y: Jl,"rT ->, 1?0T. SPIttlTOF THE MOKNING PKL8S The Cniorty diMuanag " Sectional Antago " ?nd looking for the cause of them, point* oat that there ia so real antagonism of materiel or political interest* between the dif ferent seotiona, end that the real antagonism ia on a question of morala, the North believing that African alavery is immoral and sinful, whilst the South regards it as consistent with morality and Christianity. But why, asks the Union, should the two aectioss of the Confed* eracy become agitated end arrayed against each otter on a qnestlos of morals? Was the Federal Qcrerr.mont instituted to take co^ni. ranee of question of morality? We believe that this, in the language cf the lawyers, ia *es adjudtrata. The framers of the Federal compact oocupisd antagonistic positions aa to the morality of slavery, yet they settled the conflict of opinion by leaving the entire juris diction of the morality of slavery to the States. They went a s'ep further, and provided that just so long as any State retained the institu tion of slavery tiie question whether it wa moral or immoral should not be raiaed by the Federal Government. The Ut*i?n urges, farther, that, as on the one hand, the people of the South have no right to complain if the people of the North differ with them ?a to this question of moral-. *o on the other the people of the North have as littlo right to complain if the people of the South differ with tbem as to the same question of morality. Bat difficulty oommence* whenever one section as sumes ta intervene, either directly or indi rectly. aj to the moral sentiment* of the other. The Cn\on holds up topojular detestation ' the three Judases'* who. elected by their c>nititucnt? to the Penncylvania Legislature aa democrats, had the lack of sham^ and honor to vote for bimon Cameron, the Repub lican candidate for U S Senator, and adds " It ij paid that these three Pennsylvania Judases will now be rewarded wnh place and power by the opposition We will .speak f->r the Republicans oace. and voncb that it will not be so. The old illustration i? not yet so trite but that it may be called into service again. The Americau colonies pointed the bnger of scorn at Benedict Arnold. The English gloried in the treason, but they ever deep<sei the traitor. So the American De mocracy to a man point the finger of worn at Lebo. Wagonseller. and Manear The Re publican party may rejoice in the fruits of the treason, but they will ever despi.e the trait ors." The lntel-igtmetr has no editorial t?; day The Embezzlement cros rna Nokther.v Railwav Compasv.?The Parisian journals contain tbe following paragraph The loss sustained by the Northern Railway Company, which was originally six millions, is now re duced to about four millions, inconsequence of tbe discovery of the shares deposited at the Bank of France, and the seisure of tbe monies which Carpentier had in his possession when arrested It :s not vet exactly known in what manner the shareholder* will have to sustain this loa#; but it is generally believed that it will not be aateosed upon a period of ten years only, in which case the bharee would only have to sustain a loss of cne franc per share upon their dividend during the period of the onoessiun, which woold reduce the annual reserve ot ten or fifteen centime* per share and per annum In both caaes the share holders will have little to ;u5>r by this unior tunate aflair. We perceive by the above extrac: from the Pariaian journals copied into the New York Herald of the 15th iast , that shares or certi" flcates of stock tto!en from the Northern Rail way Company cf FraLce by Carpentier, the abMO~dii.g cashier, whoee arrest is October lir- wa# iflVted by 8. M Ksigh', Ea^ , of tbia city, h-tve to the value of two millions of francs, been recently recovered. By the te ma of agreement entered into be* tw en the Rotbcbtlda acd the Northern Rail way Company of France with Mr. Knight, and mentioned is our issue of October 20, the aum of five per cent, upon all further amounts recovered, waa guarantied to Mr K. It is evident, therefore, that in Edition to the >2,100 already received, Mr. Knight becomes eatit ed, under the contract, to the per cent age named upon about 400.000 dollars, mak leg the snug sum of (20,000, with the asaur* anee of a like per centage upon all fntare monies or shares iecovered by reaion of Car pentier a arrest. PERSONAL ....Frank S^ule, tsq., has resumed bis can section wnh the Celiicrnia Chronicle. .... S C. Earney and family were among tbe >??r:eaBs jn Parid abcut the middle of I >?cember. ....George Law ha* given one thousand dollars towards tbe permanent endowment of the Dudley Observatory. .... It appears that. in apir? 0f the revolu tions and blockades, of which the unfortunate city of Mexico was and is Ptiil tfc. scene, tbe ? e*tvali troupe Lave done eaceedingly ^3|j Tbe fair manager achieved not oiTly K-eat triumphs aa Taucredt and Kumeo but cleared about *7,00o. .... Tbe Chicago Tribune of the 12th baa the following bit ol editorial go??aip : We un derstand that Mr. Oreeley will be in this city in the course of a week, en route to Iowa where he will pat the libeler of the State Ga ze*:* through a '? course of sprout*," if there i* any viitue in the Iowa Judiciary. - Dr Ckeeter, of the North Cbuicb. Buffalo, found under his plate at tbe kreaktaat uble on New Year a morn He .ound J200 in like manner on Christ ma" ~ l\r>r,^,ter America* * / .or!fc Churoh brethren tci/l leave money - lying ?n)aB<1 lo<,.e ,. hj e .... A Mrs J ;hn Wood. an actress of 1;,* TTeaUeVu'N.wTV *t Wallack'a ineatre in >ew \ork aa fanny Kllsler did in Baltimore fome years ag., ^he i- .ieJfr. aa a re?l y charming actress and bewltchine lookirg woman Her stj le of acting is of the free ai.d ea,y aort She aio-s a rood Li. dance* with perfect loo*ness.*??nd bf, achieved a legitimate sux-esa rihe will be the favorite for a while, atd then give war to a rewer frecher and unaccustomed face .... A \ ermont genius, by name Mead 19 yearp of age, ?nd with but lender opportuni ties for cultivating a remarkable art'stic tal ent, hua bten asu niching the natives about ^he fork !n the road near the Asylum. Brattle boro Vt During the night beforo Cbritt maa. by the light of a lantern, young Mead instructed of blocks of frtien snow, on which had beeD ? 'tatue of beauty, Tk ? i*tius alone could form or eonceive. ibe figure u said to repreeent a beautifullv ptured figure <A the Goddess of F-me, rataer Urge, than life ait*. The design ind' the iJir 1 ba* iuft recorded fide wlfii? t 1 ^1'en carelewly to her "?ta UL.lri her w ? holding the tablet, ?Dvn.^? b.,og fM ,l; 'hanging obifct* vL^ ? w h P-""0! ?D<J of tb# New York Comrnos two tZiL * effort a night or MMioa from Washington news and gossip. Diplomatic Correspondence.? The Herbert Case.?Below we glva some extracts from the correspondence communicated to Congress by the President relative to the refusal of the Netherlands Minister to permit its diplomatic agents to testify in our courts of law . mr Marty to mr Belmont. UEFARTWB5T OF STATK. > Washington. May 15, 185(5 ( Sib 1 regret to be under the neoessitv of requesting vou to invito the attention of Mr. Van Hall, Minister of Foreign Affairs, to the course ot Mr- Dubois, resident Minister near this Government, in regard to the melancholy affair which he witnessed in a public hotel in Washington a few days ago It will be sufficient for my present purpose to state that while he was at breakfast in tho public dining room of the hotel, a difficulty arose between a member of Congress and one of the waiters of the hotel, and a personal con flict ensued between these parties, which re suited in the death of the waiter, from a pis j tol-shot fired by the member of Congress. He ! appeared before the magistrates for the pur : pose of a judicial investigation, and the Dir trict Attorney, charged with the public pros ecution of the offence, invited Mr. Dubois to attend the court and give his testimony in the case. This he declined to do, and the in fluence of this department wss invoked to In duce him to waive his privilege under the law ?>f nations, and appear as a witness I have most cheerfully compiled with the request of the District Attorney, and have earnestly endeavored to convince Mr. Dubois that he would .not only contribute largely to tbe administration of justice by attending, but increase bis claim.* upon the good-will *r' ? bis ootnmunity, and greatly augment hi? means of usefulness to his Government. I regret that he has not been ab!e to view tho I matter in the light in which I have presented it to him This, perhaps, ought not to create surprise, as he has but lately arrived in the ?country, and is an entire stranger among us, and, in his embarrassment, it is not unreason able that he should have consulted his col leagues in tbe diplomatic corps. It is under go >d that they have advised nim to persist in his refusal to appear before the court. It is , not doubted that both by the usage of nations and the laws of the United States, Mr Dubois has the legal light to decline to give his testi ' inony, but he ia at perfect liberty to exercise , this privilege to the extent requested, and by ?doing so he does not subject himself to the ju* ! risdiction of the country. The circumstances ?of this ?a?c are such a' to appeal strongly to the universal sense of justice. Mr Dubois ? wa<<, it is believed, the only unprejudiced per son who witnessed the whole affair, and It is not probable that justice can be done in the ' ?"?8o without his evidence. If tbe accused acted in self-defence, as is alleged, be is inno cent ?f the orime chargcd, and there is a high moral obligation upon Mr Dubois to contri bute hi? testimony to establish the lact. But if on the contrary, he is guilty, the claims of justice arc not less imperative, and they are, besides, augmented by the interest of the whole community. These considerations have not bad that in fluence upon Mr Dubois to which they are believed to be entitled, and I hope they may Srove to be more convincing to the mind of [r. \ an Hall. In the event of his suggesting that Mr Dubois might give his deposition out of court in the case, you will not omit to state that by our constitution, in all criminal prose cutions, the accused has the right to be con fronted wilh the witnesses against bim, and hence, in order that the testimony should be legal, it should be rvveu before the court. I am. sir, rei-pecUully, your obedient ser'vt, W. L. Marct. August Belmont. Esq., Hague Mr Belmont replies under date of June 10, .1S56, that he has had an interview with Baron ^ Hall, of the Netherlands Government, ?and was informed by bim that the conduct of Mr. Dubois was fully approved of by his Gov ernment, at the same time he was authorised to testify under oath, at the State Depart ment, but that the character of Mr. Dubois, as representative of his royal master, would, <>n no account, admit of his appearing in court as an ordinary witness, and of his being ?ub jected to a vexatious croee-examination. Mr. Belmont failed to induee Mr. Van Hall to recede from his position by telling him that by the proceedings prescribed by the constitu tion of the United States in criminal prosecu tions, any concession of Mr. Dubois, short of his willicgceis to testify in open court, and to be confronted with the accused, would not be of the slightest avail, as his evidence would only be admissable on such conditions, and by representing to him the vital Import&bce of the case, and the saored obligations it imposed upon Mr Dubois, whose testimony, ss per haps the only unprejudiced witness through out the whole disgraceful scene, might prove indispensable either to save the life of a fel low being, or to avenge the majesty of the law. Mr. Belmont transmits the letter to him ot Mr. \ an Hall, affirming bis decision offi cially, giving it as his conviction that tho difficulties of a criminal salt to be carried on in America, as a common witness, could not comport with the dignity of the character of a minister of the King residing at the seat of government of the republic, nor yet could it do so with the duties of bid office. In con concluding, Mr. Van Hall says: " 1 beg you, sir, to communicate this an swer < f mine to Mr Mircy, flattering myself that he will bo plea*ed to derive lr>m it :i conviction that, in the act of authorising i's minuter rc.-ident at Washington to give his sworn deposition to the Secretary of State, the government of the Netherlands did all that was rationally feasible under the circum a'ances, and that the government of the United States will appreciate the eentiments of cour tesy and friendly disposition which suxirested such an authority." Mr Dubois, under date of June 21, 18.V1, write? to Mr. Marcy that he ha? instructions to the same effect from his government, to which Mr Marcy replies that under our sys tem of administering law in criminal cases such a declaration as that proposed cnM n->t be admitted a? complete evidence. Postal Affairs ?We are requested to slate, for tbe information of the public as well At of postmaffers; that neither the act of Augu-t 30, 18*2, uor that of January 2, 1*37, regards newspapers or periodicals, regularly mailed to ?o,ta fide ?ubscribers, as " trannent printed matter." Agents as well as publiihers may, there!" re, regularly mail them to such sub (crihers without prepayment of postage, pro vided the agent makes and files in the mail ; iog & ? ? statement, signed by him, showing I IT" "f "" "?r?P?. of periodio*l? j Whi:b h# thu8 the i(Bees to which they are sent, respectirely, .C(i the uixmbtr of lc. tual subscribers to each, at each office to which they are directed. ??" CffiM ?? W.ncUor, , r, ?"""J uf ?>? Treasury purchatM tb. lot on th. north..,t ? ' . Centre and Court streets, containing one acre j lor tbe sum of 11,400, as a site for the new Post Office at Windsor. This site has a com manding position, being on an eminence in the 1 centre of tbe city, and from its central location | will accommodate all classes of citisens. The beauty of the design for this edifice wUl the building worthy of its position The Storm?The snow storm just experi enced was one of tbe severest on record in this part of the e^utrj, falling to the depth of perhaps twelve iaefces, aod whirled into drifts -1 '*?' 1 in gome instances from ten-to fifteen feet in depth Of course, all travel bj railroad or steamboat has bean out cflf, and no mails up to the time of going to preM have been received from any quarter since Saturday. ConftraatiOBi ?The Senate bare confirmed the following nominations: William Howland, Collector at Sackett'a Harbor. New York, vice Charles K. Loomis, removed Mathins B Andrew. Collector at St. Au gustine, Florida, vice Paul Arnau, resigned. Benjamin Stiles, Surveyor at Hard wick, Georgia, repppointed. William Maxwell. Surveyor at Snnbury, Georgia, reappointed. Supreme Court ?Yesterday, Ljman B. Smith, Esq., of New York, was admitted an attorney and counsellor of this Court. No 47. Joseph Fellows, survivor of Robert Kendle. plaintiff in error, vs. John Black* smith's administrators The argument of this cause was concluded by Mr Gillet for the plaintiff in error. No. 48 Archibald Babcock, appellant, vs. Edward Wyman. The argument of this cause was commenced by Mr. Merwin for the appe' lant. Adjourned The Current Operations of the Treamry Department.?On Saturday, 17th of January, there were of Treasury warranto entered <v the books of the Department? Teus debt warrants.... 54ft 12 For the redemption of Stocks.... 1,020 20 For the Treasury Department... 40 778 52 For the Interior Department..... 11,000 00 F r Customs 10,567 00 War warrants received and en tered 11- 0:1 70 On acoount of the Navy 103,111 34 Repayment on account cf the Navy 5,906 11 From miscellaneous sources 654 50 From Customs 7,255 71 From Lands 2,674 72 Mosday, January If, 1857. For the Treasury Department... *3 394 76 Interior Department 23 017 91 For Custom*..... 13,139 81 War warrant* received and en tered 250,272 49 From miscellaneous souroee 5,024 59 From Lands.... 31 16 CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. I* the Se**te, yesterday, the Prwdcnt laid before that body the credentials of Hon. James A Bayard and Hod. Martin W Bate", who were recently ejected Scnatrr' by the legislature of Delaware Tho Senate pro:eedcd to the consideration of tf\e bill from tho House making appropria tions for tho consular and diplomatic expenses of the Government for the year ending the 30th of June, 1858; *vhich, after discussion, was amended and passed. llcuso bill authorising the establishment of a naval depot at Brunswick, on the coast of Georgia, was taken up, but the Senate ad - jonrned ere disposing of it. If the Hoist, tho bill for the relief of Robert Davis was passed. The further consideration of the tariff bill was postponed until Friday next, so that Ter ritorial business may be considered to day, to-morrow, and Thursday. The Select Committee tu investigate alleged charges of corruption against members of Con gres? obtained loave to sit duiing the sessions of the House. The first Tuesday in February was set apart for the consideration of business relating to the District of Columbia. A number of resolution* ware adopted, call, ing upen the President and the heads of the different executive departments for informa tion in relation to various matters, ere they adjourned. Proceedings of To-Day I.1* the Senate, to-day, after tho presenta tion of several unimportant private petitions, a message waa received from the President making known the offer of the Legislature of Kentucky to make over to the General Gov ernment the homestead cf General Jackson on oondition that a branch of the United States Military Acaiemy, Ac , be established there Several other matters were also made known at the same time, including the return of the barque Resolu e to the British Government As , together with oopies of correspondence between Capt Hartsteine and the British Gov ernment. The oceanic telegraph bill was passed over till to-morrow. Mr. Clay introduced a bill repealing the Codfish Bounty law; which waa referred to Finance Committee. A Private bill was under consideration when our report closed. lit the Hocre, reports relating to territorial business were received from the standing committees; and when we went to press a dis cussion was in progress on a bill for the pay ment of volunteers engaged in the recent In dian wars in Oregon and Washington Terri tories. CuRioi:s. ?The 21st verse of the 7th chap ter of the book of Ktra contain? all the letters of the alphabet. Twenty-five young ladle", pupils in the tipringtield Famale Seminary, Ohio, hsv-s recently united in the communion of the Church. (y Capt. E. B. Ward, an eld navigator of the Western Lakes, has sold his fine steamer, the Planet, to the Milwaukie and Chicago Railroad Company, for S100.009, and retired. I3f The Rev. Joseph B. Johnson has a.'ked and obtained a dissolution of tho pastoral re lation existing between himself aod the Third Church and Society of the Pilgrimage, in Plymouth, Mass. A Rev ark able Feat by Sasta Ci.ats ?On Christmas day a new and beautiful marble pnlpit wns found in the First Baptist Church, <Rev Mr. Caldwell's,) standing in the place of the former desk ?tixngor Whig. VST The Shenandoah, Va., Tenth Legion, says, that Col. Albert of that county, a few days since, killed a hog, weighing 543 pounds net, and his neighbor, Mr. Joseph Sheets, killed one weighing 563 pounds Aristocracy at a Discoi rt ?The Grand Jury of Alleghany county. Pa , have found a true bill for swindling against " Lord Artbur John Uuison." whose exploits in the Jeremy Diddler line lately went the round* of the press. Hcrthgtuk's Estate.?Judge Clark ye? terday granted the application for the appoint ment of Trustees, to take charge of the estate of Charles B Huntington, imprisoned in the State Prisou fur a term less than natural life. Trustee* to be appointed on lurther ocn^ulta tion ?N Y. Miyror. The Liverpool Times of the 21ih ult., observes "In rpite of capital punishment, the crime of tuurier increases in almost every quarter of tho I nited Kingdom Judges may sen* tence to death, chaplaine may exhort, and Calcraft in pinion upon improved princi ples, draw tho fital bolt, and usher murder ers into another world, but this will not stop the bloody deeds of barbarous assassinr." QTlnN aples, King Bomba has recovered from his fright The fracture made by the bayonet of the assassin, Agerlas Milang, is cured It was not great because it waa so amall, but would havo been greater but for an admirable shirt cf mail worn by his Majesty in oompliment to the loyalty and affection of his faithful subjects. Milang was a soldier in a rifle regiment, armed of course wfth a rifle and a sabre bayonet. Chigago, with 80 000 inhabitants, pays ita Mayor a salary of *1 200 a year; Phila phia, with 300,000 people, pays its Mayor 000 ; New York, with 620,000 people, pays ita Mayor $3 000 ; Boston, with 165,000 peoi pie, pays its Mayor 14,000; Baltimore, with 200,000 people, paye ita M?yor $2 000 a year; and Cincinnati, with 210,000 people, pays its Mayor $2 000. The polioe of Chicago oosts ?87,248 a year; that of Philadelphia $545, 345; that of New York *825 500; that of Boston $182,286; that of Baltimore $45,000 ; and (hat of Cincinnati $78,103 a year. gy For washing infanta and children, in Fontaine's Cream of Wild Flowers. It makes them healthy, pretty end aweet Sold by the agents, druggists and fanoy stores f Rocon Faceb a*i> CBArpsn Hahds are the natural aocompanimcnts of wintry weather To remove tboee Fontaines'1 Cream of Wild Floncr.* is the most desirable article in usa It is a complete sahatitate for soap, and for cleaning teoth, giving sweetness to the breath, or softness and delioacy to the hands, ladies will find it equally valuable. Sold by the agents, druggis's and fancy stores. Whita Truth, Perfumed L!rea:h and beau tiful Complf xion cab he acquired by using the 'Balm of a Thousand Flowers." lieware of counterfeits. The immense su-JCts* of the " Balm " Las brought out hosts of counterfeits and impostors I>e sore each battle is signed Fetridge A Co.. and for sale in this city at Shillington's bookselling and stationery es tablishment. Odeon Building, oomer Four and-a-half street and Pennsylvania avenue. Bprmtt's Kallistojt ?Important Testi monial. Marlboro', July 11, 18?6 Messrs. Joseph Bcrsett Co. Gent: The package of Kallut>n came to hand last even ing, and I am glad to hnve an opportunity to state t6 you how much we value it. My fami ly have used it almost daily for more than two years, and now they think they cannot do without it. A single application has repeat* edly removed the freckles from the face of my little boy, leaving his skin smooth rnd fair. And in all cases of sunburn or irritation of the skin, from whatever oause, it has thus far proved itself a perfect and very pleasant remedy. 1 can, if you desire it, refer you to several cases of obstinate cutaneous disease, in which I know the Kalliston has had a won

derfully good effect; one in particular, the daughter of Mr. P?, one of my neighbors, had suffered f<>r many years, from eruptions ard painful inflammation of th? tkin, (prob ably tbe effect of bad vacine virus.) leaving it !? several p'aces puckered and quite red A few wscks ago I recommended to him your Kalliston, ho ha' *ince informed mc that the eff.*ct of its use h?? been vety marked and beneficial, that the skin has become soft and smooth, and the it A lternation and redness bar. nearly disappeared. This is on important c.lsc, and I will tell y.-u more about it when I see yu 1 owe it to you to state that I did not believe in tbe tffi^acy of any cosmetic until I tried your Kalliston, nnd I cheerfu'Iy gire my testimony in its favor Your?, respectfully, J M. Eqvd. For sale in this city by Nairv A Palmer, Selb* Parker, and tho dealers generally. Sis ,THE ANNUAL MEETING OF THE Ame:lcan Colonlzttlon Society whl h wai to have been held THIS EVENING at the Wesley Chapel Is postponed until further notice. M II. R GURLEY, Cor. Sec. /THE COMMITTEE TO GET UP the National Inaujura'.lon Ball are re queued to meet THIS (Tuesday) EVENING, J auuary -20th, at 7 o'clock, at Dr. O Boyle's room, on 4,^ street, 'wo doors north of Penn avenue. It THUS. J. FISHER, Sect. NORTHERN LIBERTIES' FIXE COMPANY ?The members this Com panv are ordered to meet at their Hall, TO MORROW, at 1'2 o'clock, to attend the funeral of their lite member, Wm Smith TLe different Companies are respectfully In*fed to attend They will please mre! e.t th- Northern Liberties' Engine Hctisc, la uniform, at 12 o'clock It* S E CULVKRWELL, S?ct. MONTGOMERY GUARD-, ATTEN TION ? You are hereby notified to meet at your Armory,on THURSDA Y EVEN ING, the 22d lust , for Drill AK tbe members of the Company ara rrque&ted to be present. By older of Capt. Kit : THOMAS McENERY, O 8. The Montgomery Guard's B 11 will be given on THURSDAY EVENING, tte3d of Febuar , at the Assembly Rooms. Jan 2?'.3t >FIRE WOOD WILL BE GIVEN TO a 11ml ed amount in *maU quanltlee, to Destltut? Widows only Apply to *90 C street The applicant will please bring a line from some respectable t lf.ten, to prevent Impoeltlon. tan !?-it THE RIGHT REV. J. McGILL, Bishop of Richmond, will preach tbe second of his series of Doctrinal Discourses at St Mathew's Church.onTHURSDAY EVENING, at 7 o'clock Subject?" The Origin atd consti tution of tte Church " Jan 19 PUBLIC MEETING AT FORREST HALL, IN GEORGETOWN, D C., ON WEDNESDAY NEXT, January 21st.?In conforraltory with a resolution parsed In Town Meeting, held on the 8:h of January last, we In vite tL? citizens of Georgetown to mettat Forrest Hall, on WEDNESDAY EVENING next, the *2Ut Inst , at 7% o'clcck, to consider the set of Corgre*? granting to every white male, a citizen of the Uiilt-d States, of 41 year* of age and up wards, who baa res ded In Georgetown one year, the rl^ht to vote upon paying a tax of SI, for tfce use cf tbe Schools, waich act the people are to vote oa Thursday rext, aether It mee:s their apj probation or not. JOSEPH LI8BEY, WILLIAM H EDES, JOSEPH N.FEARSON, Jan 19-^t Committee. THIP.D GRAND ASSEMBLY J"-.!?* OF 1BI ?(tOD W ILL ? LI'H' AT HARM OJN Y HALL. On TlithSDAT, Janunry 29ih, 1?57. Tickets?FIFTY CENTS?admiring a Gen tleman and Ladle* By order of the J n 17,*J,? 21/27,29-fit COMMITTEE^ EXTRA NOTICE.?IN CONSE quence of some cases of the eye who oame from the vlt initv cf Wa?hinpton to consult Dr. VON MOSCti'/ISKKR, Ocu'Ht and Aurlst, the Foctor will rem tin here a f w davs longer, and those who were not able to see him to con sult him, either on the eye or ear, or fo puicha.*e Glasses, will now have an opportanity to do so Dr M will see patients on Sunday from 3 a m. to 1 p m only National Hotel, offl-e N?. 57. Entrance by the ladlts' entrance ian 17-1t INAUGURATION BALL -THE Highlanders will give a grand inaugu ration Ball, at the Assexblv Kooxs, on WED NESDAY EVEN ING, the 4th of March. As the Com-T'lttce of Arrangements will be composed In part of our citizens, to aid tbe Officers of the Company, the public mav re?t assured that noth ing will be left undone on their part to Irsure pleasure to all who will favor tbnn with their profence. Ticket*?TWO DOLLARS. Jin 17 GEO. W. FLOOD, Sect. PHILADELPHIA CAKE AT PH1 LA delphia jjrlces, at tbe Philadelphia Ice Cream Depot, corner of 12th an J F streets. Ice Cream SI,SO per gallon. jan lu-lm* Ue?r|?UWS, January IT, 1SA7. .AN ELECTION WII.L BE H El D in Georgetown on THUilSDAY text, the'-Ml Instant, for the purpose of ascertaining tbe sense ?-f the peop'e of Georgetown on the ques tion of the pr-p lety of the extension of the Right of if uflV?ge to all free white male citizens of The Unlted State* who h we rontdnd within the town twelve months previously (vagrants, paupers, persons non compos mentis, and persons convict ed of an infamous crime, excepted,) upon the ment of a school tax not exceeding one dollar 11 white male citizen of Georgetown of twen ty-one years of age, and upwaids, who shall have resided la Georgetown twelve moaths previously (vagrants, paupers persons eon compos mentis, or convicted of an Infamous crime excepted) have tbe privilege of voting at such election Those In fBvor of such extension of suffrage will vote, by ballot, "Aye." and thore opposedto such extension will vote, by ballot, " No " Jan 17-5t HENRY ADDISON, Mayor. ,WHAT WE WANT THE PEOPLE TO KNOW !?H O D S E S FURN ISHED ?We want Housekeepers and those about to eommenoe Housekeeping to bear In mind that the first, second, third and fourth rooms of oar large and apaeloua warehouse are fillad to their utmost capacity with every description of CABINET FURNITURE and House-furnish ing Goods generally, to whleh we respectfully Invite the attention of those la want of bargain*. Houses furnished throughout wl h every article In the housekeeping line vbbt chkap for cash, or to punctual dealers at the usual credit Call at the 11 Housekeeper's Empoeivx" and examine our stock before purchasing. Our motto la? " Q%iek $al4s and small vvajut." BONTZ * COOMBS. ?NMi 7tk street,between landk. "I C L. IRVINQ?8 VOCAL MUSIC _ CLASSES will be organised on MOP DAY EVENING, Jan 2Stfa, ?t 7 ?'clock, la Temperance Hall All Wishing to join his Classen will please be prompt In their attendance Term*? tt l.moni- $6 00 Refers to RerJ 9 KlntT, D D, President Co lombia Colletr; Her P D GurWy, D D; Kev 6 D Cummin#, DP; Rev Alfred Holmead. O 1>; Rfv H 8 Doggrtt, D D; Rev Byre a Sunderland, O D; Rtv 8 PHill; Rev J G Bailor; Fev Simuel Rc getter. DrOwen Mniw?-i Leo Coyle. Esq. A pp. lectio* can be m?de to Mr I ftrtno taronch the Poet OAce jan 17-St? Mayer's Office, > Wam!is?toi, January ilOth, 1SJ7. J The inclkmency of the weather la producing ao much Buffering smoagst tbe poor, and tbe provision for tbetr relief la ro lim ited. tbat I dtem It my duty to call upon ibe beneto eat to take proper mea-urea to ratae m'sns to allev'ate tbat suffering ss far as It may be done. For tbat purpose 1 respectfully Invite the clt'.z*cs of the several wards to inert In their respective wards on tbe evening of WEDNESDA v? tbr tflat Instant, at 7 o'clock, at the following p'acee, vix: First Ward?Unlrn kaglne House Second Ward?Harmony Hall, D street, b? tveen 19th end 13th Third Ward?Franklin's Building, ecrcer of D and 9th streets Fourth Ward?Council Chamber, City Hall Fifth Ward?Casparls's Building Sixth Ward?Anaccsta Engine Hcu?e ??eventb Ward?Hall over Clarke's Apothecary Stop WM. B MAG RUDER, Jm"? *'? Mayor. BOYS1 SLEIGHS, RULEIN.i HORSFS, Wheel-Barrows, Ac , at J?agQ 3t LAMMOND'S SOAPSTOPIK GRIDDLES THE CAKKS can be brownel handsom* v on these Griddles without grease and smoke jan 6. FRANCIS, 49u ?th st. KNIFE rLEANFRS, with the latest in pr?veme?t.?-Kvery family and boardii g housekeeper should have one G FRANCIS, 4W 7th st. WAFER. IRONS, WAFFLE IRONI, .Meat Cutters, Mincing Knives, Chopping Trays Apple Pain rs,Ac.,?prices always low. at jin*> FRANCIS'S, Tth st I OST?ON FRIDAY EVENING LAST, * J at the President's Lev. e, a long UROCHA SHAWL, with preen centre A suitable reward wlllbe paid If left at thl^offl<-e. jtn?0-3t* EM9V9D.?O N FRIDAY MORNING, AT -l the Depot, a small amount of MONEY, walch the owner can bave by proving the amount and paying for this advert^ ement. It quire at fri Penn avecuc. jan 9) DR. VJLLARD, Dentist, LaTa or < hicaoo, WOULD RESPKOTI-ULLY INFORM the cltixers cf the District and vicinity, that having located h!in<elf' In Wa*hl"gton, he la now prepared to ^-TT perform all o;ieratlon*, in his profe*t-ion, in the most approved etyle Office No 250 Penn. avenue, adjoining Gan ger's jan 90 y pL? V?S, SUAP8, BRISHE*, r:)MBS ! "J Coltery*, Cabis, S\tl*a < arv^d Good*, Elegant j Fancy G?ols. Fenter Du?tlng Brj*he?. t'obenr , an G1.66 G<">ods,Poilem<,nles, Lienks Work Roxe?. ! Drrsing Censes, Card Cases,Cigar Cases, Fancy : Artlc'es in Geld, Silver, Biorxe, lVa?l. Ebony, 1 Tortolshell, Papier Mache, Bi?cult, China, Per celain, Parian, Matble, and other materials in the ntwast styles, ait-4 of the latest i reputations, st THE LAKES IJAZAAR, j*n SO-lw Pa av.,bet td and 3d str. TRRKIBLK STORM. AS A REMEDY TO KEEP WARM, CALL at STl N KME'l 7,'S YJtl Pennsylvania avenge, near the corner of 13th s'reet, and buy a Bvffilo Overcoat, only 912 Tiger Rugs for Sleighs. St Coon Robe do f li. Vou will also Hid Rent's Mtfllers and For Gloves, Sleighing Caps, Ac Also a few more Ladle*' Furs, Mrffi, Victo rlncs, Ac , left, which will be sold cheaper than ever, for cast only. j1ti *P-3t NUTICK. WE ARE COMPELLED TO REMIND many cf our ustomers whose accounts were sent to (hem before the first of the new year that their bills have have not yet btea settled We are much in want of the mone?, and hope that all who owe us will at once call or send us settlementi for the amount of their indebtednesa, and thereby save annoyance brth to them as well *s us. Many thinks to those who have already so promptly responded to our first ao'l:e; It Is a pieasBTc to u* to serve all such. CLAGETT. DODirON A CO. jar 20 dtFeb*.' WASHINGTON ACADEMY OF MUIV1C, Ovi* Farxham "s Hooxstorb, Pa*!* avi entrance o.v uth street Mr f. nichalls crouch has the pleasure to announce to his friends aad pu pils tbat be will ommence the flr?t of his conn e of Lectures, on ihe history of Music, at tie Rooms of the Irstltutlon, cn WEDNESDAY EVENING, January 98th,beginning ate o'clock, and continuing ever* Wednesday until fu tber no tire As these readings are strictly private, and deliv ered for tbe purpose of lnstruc'ing the pup'.ls aad friends of tbe Instttntlon, it will be necessary to Insure teats, that inmediate application be made for Tickets to Mr Crouch. Vcral Director, with out which no person will be rdmltted. Tickets delivered every Jay between 3 and it a m and from 6 'o 8 p m. j,n Jo-4t S rLKIUII) IAKPKTINOS AT REDUCED PRICKS. INCONSEQUENCE or THE ADVANCED stiie of the season, we have determined to sell for a short tlm*, any or all of our atork of fine and superior Cerpetlngs at cost for the cash Any In want of a bargain will do well to av*il tbetn-elvea of this opportunity, as wlthont doubt mos. of th'm were purchased by us at much lowerfigure8 than tbe sam?go)ds (Inconsequence of ihe advance In tbe price of wool) can be bad wholesale now. We have in s ore two of those superior Tournay Velvet Louis XIV Medallion Carpets, tbe mo*t magnifl.ent article of tbe Mod ever seen, and which cannot be matched In this c-un'ry. Also, on the same tprms,40 pieces elegant Satin Delaines, t?ailn Brocatel.and Urapery Broadcloth with all tbe centre, side tassels, binds, tornlces pins, gimp*, Ac . to inat;h Also, a kuperb lot of Swiss I,ace, and Mnslln, and Lmbroidered Under Curtains, Gllt-bordercd Window Shades and Shade Linens Also, eu4r>erb Table Damasks, Napkins, Cloths, Over lavs, Dollies. Towellngs, D sters, Quilts, Piano Covers, Ac. Members of Oongre-s and others will find It to theli advantage to make thtlr purchases of us at this time Jeofit CLAGETT, DOD8QN A CO. Washtagtnn, D. CM Jaa. 2^, 1-4t7 TO THOSE AFFLICTED WITH ACUTE AND CHnONlC DISEASES. 1 HAVE BEEN INDUCED TO OCCUPY Rooms In a Private Dwelling, on Pennsylvania avenue, No o!>?, between Four and-c-haif nrd sixth streets, /or n mentA, or longer, a* rircum stanrtt rtqvirt. Those interested, more especially such who have been laboring long, under dls?a*es hitherto supposed Ircurable, bave now an opportunl v to consult me. To the citizens of Washington I deem it but necessary to announce mv presence, and intended short stav with them, flatterlag myself that to them, at least, I am no mere stranger, aad re quire no better evidences of success than those manifested in the persons of maay of both sexes re?iding here; but. if there are thoae who, as' 8t?n8fri?. require more, they can be satisfied N B ?1 attend In nearly all branches of the proft-sslon, but giveatteutlon chiefly in CHRON L*M JuK?<P*i?Dsr to the DIS ^ of FEMALES, and If an extensive practice of fifteen yesrs and an enthusiistlc de vrtion to the studiea of my profeaaion, entitle ine ? J"dge, I must say that for the more speedy and permtnent restoration of ?u*h ti health and har mony with the natiiral laws, 1 hive yet to leirn of any system of medical practice equal to tbat I employ, m st certain'y none mpe ior, or I had ed >pted li. ' Dttfrc hours, from 9 a m. lo 3 p m , and ftom 5U??[.m WM R. MASSEY, M D , _ of Baltimore, Md SLEIG HA?SLEIOHS?ILBI6HI. NLY A FEW MORE OF THOSE VERY superior Northern Cutters left, and for sale yi ,?> A- J JOYCE. Coach Maker, Jan H>-3t* Corner of Uth aad K streets SLtElQHS?SLEIOHS. CLKI6B8 FOR SALE, AND MADE TO order at the shortest noUce, at * eRABA?n'^?y^*^;? oigF&s&.mA??z*3 v'jtri fine asaortment always on han 1, cheap .. ^ ... u WALL A STEPHENS, jaa lt-3t pa. ave , bat oth and 10th sts. DENTAL SURGEON. 0* ? p? COSBY, PENN AVENUE, BE 1"^ ?nd Seventh streets, O at the place formerly occupied by Dr Van Patten, has Just received a very large supply of articles pertain! >g to dentistry and respectfully invites the publlo to gfve him a call. Having devoted his wnola time to tbe pro fession, he is perfectly safe in declaring that be will give entire satisfaction in every case The best professional itlbrosooa oaa be seen at bis ot ?oo. sov 19-tManfctO* I Finny lertit'i Hitioul Theatre. Miss Fnxi MoinT....LMHr ud Dlifctms R'-appearance of Mt?t Fanny Movant. In consequence of the very severe ?torn, vklch hu pevnted the arrival of i?mf members rf (be company who were to have appeared this e*m leg ted ilto ob toooaat of tbc suMcs tU psb> ful Indisposition of two of tbe artistes present, No perfsimaace will heglvea Tblslr?ilt? WEDNESDAY EVENING, Jaa tiv Tbe beautiful comedy of . * BCm 0 LOTS! will positively be prod need, together arltb the favorite comedietta entitled . *"? lady and the ditil la both of which Miss Faaay Maraat will |?7*TIME ALTERKU: Door* opened at ?*; curtain rt*e< at fc past ? o'clock Wiihinglon Circm and impitkfitre. Coraer af toieilfc Street ike Areas*. The orxt Grand Equestrian Entertainment at this establishment will te fl?r be CLOWN '8 BENEFIT JIM .UTERI, being his fsrewe 1 prior to his departure for En tope, when will be offered ii? A R E N 1 C DISPLAY surpassing any erer offered la this city Among the features of the evening will Mr. MY ERS extraordinary tnt'pM^an feat of WaUtng on th? Cfiling }{md Do^rntnttrtds, I.IKE A FLY ? The public ma> rest assured that he will a eoma llsb this hitherto Impossibility; no humbug; if ha falls he will return the rneney. Firs CLOWNS IN THE CIRCLE, and the TWO THICK CLOWNS from New York, with other novelt'ei. See bills Oa SATURDAY AFTEttROON k NlfetftT, Grand Equestrian Fete will be given, for which the mo?t extensive preparstlons are making j,? is ? ?' ?? ? ? in ? ?- ?E?? ODD FELLOWS' HALL, Strtnik K(rM(. POSITIVELY THREE NIUHTS OILY. cam?rlag Wedaesday Evening, aaaary -Jlat, I?4T. THK ORIGINAL, WELL-KNOWN AND only CHRISTY'S Ml SSTR E LS. (er*s nlced in 18-P.i ) The first and oid~t established Band in the Wn-ld , niw under the direction mad managfmentof J. W Kivioa and E H Ptaa<t Forelpht yearn tbe above Company have per - formed at 472 Broadway, New York, to toases crowded ntght'y, sod were unhesitatingly ae knowledge! by tbe pre** and the public the ??>> Plus Ultr *" of all similar entertainments They respectfully announce a short ?erles of th? irchaste andftsbionable Musical Solfe? at above 1 oors open a* ?to at 7u o'clock. Tickets TWENTY-FIVE CENTS Jan 17-?t T J. DONNELLY, Ageat. Wants. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPEC k' t*ble yc.ting \\ oman as Chimbermald er Child s Nuiw Can bring good rerommeads tlons Apply at No I'.* nth street, between G ? ni H >tre ts. It* WANTED.?A WRITE WOMAN WHO It a Urn ra> Cook, Washer end Iroaer One who can bring good recommend ltlo a can apply at No. 4*3 5th street, between E and F. Jia 17-Jta HOUSE WANTED -I WISH TO PUR chase. for a private residence, In Wa-hln^* t*,agordBfl kcrFnme House, having pas ?*1,ud not than six Rooms Persons J? 'eU' wIU P,p*'e J ? ? J Box 45S City Post offl'*, rtatlng terms, lowest price, locaton.ftc )%n IT-St* \\TANTED.?A PURCHASER FOR A Two YY storv and Attl:k Brick House on I street north, between6:h ard 7th. Terms: Oae-thlrd 1 th? "jjlaice in 1, and 3 year . Apply at ihe Star Oflcc. j sn li- iw PROFITABLE AND HONORABLE EM l PLOYMENT TOR THE WINTER ?Per sons in town or conntry In search of employment as a s-ureecf Inrome. or to fill np their leisure hours, may uear of m h bveac orlng two stair i* to piv post.ige. to Professor JAM EST HORN*, Box No 4.551 New York Post OAce. The em. plovment is fitted to either scx-statlrn in ll)e im material. It is an article cf dally consumption, and can be manufactured In any person's dwel ling; sheared byc?pyriztt; sales as pern an at a* flour. Aa agent la wanted In every town in tbe Ua<? jan 13-1 m Wr A N T ED . ? THE HIGHEST PRICES peld in cash for Old Silver, at HOOD'S Sil ver Ware Manufactory, 336 Penn. avenue, near 9th street. 30 Boarding. BO ARD.-.GENTLEMEN DESIRING Board can find very comfortable accommoda tions at a/l Pennsylvania avenue, be; wren ?tb and loth streets, over Mr. R;denour's Confection P'Y dr?30 1m_ BOARD, Ac.?MRS. BATES, ON THE8 w corner of Pennsylvania aveaue and tth street la prepared to accommod te gentlemen with rooms with or without board Every effort will be ? to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. Transient or table board can be obtained. Sp s_tf Lost.-on Saturday ni6ht, the 17th instant, a v.luable Ruwlan Sable FUR TIPPET, lined with dark silk, about three yards long. It is suprosed to have txen dropped be twren Wlliards* Ho el ?tid the Bank of tbe Me tropolls. If left at 191 I street, a liberal rvward will be given jut 19jf MR ANDREWS' NEW WORK. MINNESOTA ANU DACOTA II ? Lstttrs Dtscvtpttvf of n Tout thr"*tgk the Northictst tn th* Autumn of 18??. By C C Ahdiiws, Eiq rpHIS BOOK COMBINES INTERESTING A lnc idecta of travel with observations on tbe society, resource*, and political economy o: Min nesota and the West, with iufjrmitioa relative ts public lands, the method of pre-emption, and ?aluab'.e statl^Mw. It elso c^n a'a* a dm^rlptlon of the prnpostd Territory of D^cotab : pp aifi On remitting; *1 it will be 'eat to pure has* ra by mall, free of exp ns-. ' Just pnblhhed by ROBERT FARNHAM. Peaa aveaue Fanny Koratt'g National Theatre A CiHU. MISS FANNY MORANT, HAVING R? tunKd to this city, after an absence of twe weeks, caused by engagements Of a prrferalo*a! nature, entered into before the leasing of *hls Theatre, respectf ully announces that On WEDNEbDAY ENINC, Jaa. 81st ?ke will have the honor of re appearing In the new comedy by Palgr&ve Slmpsoa, recently so lucrttsful In New York, entitled 4<8KCONf> LOVE;" and that frorr and after that drte the ? heatre will be Imtredlately and entirely nndrr her control ard direction. Public alii overlook any faults or deflclencl s that may have occurred dur i?St tot the futnre that she arlU endeav r by r 11 means in her rower and the strictest attention to business brtb u^?n her part and that of the compaliy, continuance tf the encouragement txteaded to w ker.reCent Every exarticn will be trade to rentier the Theatre warm a-d comfortable j in 18 3t auction BALE OF CLOAKS AND TAL MAS. HPHE subscriber. DETERMINED NOT A to carry o^er aav ef his nock of CLOAKS will offer the remainder now on hand, for t* the hlgbe-t bidder, for rash, on FRIDAY J?nu?rv -JM Sale commencing at 10* o'clock, at hlsstor .*?! Pennsvlvaals avenoe beween l?th and 13;h ? tr. ets ? ^ FRANK A McGEE. PS From th's time till the dav of mi? k* will offer his stock a? less than eo?t. F A McG. HA IK BRUSHES. TOOTH, NAIL, MAT. clothes, crumb, dusting, and other kt>a> Brushes; Combs, Mde, tucK li dressing and pocket Combs, Ac , Ae ' h j Mclaughlin a co Jaa 17 No fy Pa. ave , bet 9tb and 7 h sts, ?HORTI-SNURTS 6000 S.u^r??uri^t BHO?T? ?**"?** Stxpum, Wt!"BfUi Yeterlaary ??<? " 0?. JSJJST' Surwons, London. "*** ^ v??laary 0i"lST rX%mM M tosonadoeas, Ae. r?LOTMIR?MADS VOORO EK~in cheop^rravS^h0' Vv1' of worklMI?*lilp,at muck cnos per ratea than the usual city prices tan 19 It jaa 19-M WPiar, bet. Kb and loth * a,