Newspaper of Evening Star, January 21, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 21, 1857 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAB, riBLHUID EVXKT APTKHNUU** (KJLCEl'T 8WNDA Y,) 41 lii 8??r ww #/ ftnuiflw mmm ?U Eit^tntk ttrtil, By W. 0. WALLACE, Will be aerved to tabeerlber* bjr cam en at 811 AND ? qUARTER CENTS, pijrable weekly l? (be Agffnu ; paper* fcer*cd In pack?fe? *<37)4 t-r.ta per month To nail subt?crlbor* tbe aub t **1 ptloB price la THK KK DOLLARS AND FIF TY C5KN T8 a fear ????*??<??<?, TWO DOLLARS f * Mi month", and ONE DOLLAR fof three <*">ntt*; for !?? ttaa three moathi at the rate ?l 11 ^ -ent? * Wffk. VTT SINGLE COPIB8 ONE CENT. VOL. IX. WASHINGTON, D. C., WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 21, 1857. NO. 1,252 THK WEEKLY IT A*. ?m ha tout ta aav ether-U paMtahed ae Sttar **T a?nik| , VIUI. PW UlUi?HIMIMIHIItMll|l H Five copies t# ?***? M ? ?m . * ***+*???eee?e???eeeee?e?e?????eee 0 ? wea.ycoplei,MM#MMM M ET Caw, x**aaia?Lf id a>ea?e>. 1WT*PP??) C?? he procured iLl^r pm!!' after the laaae of the paper, frloe-rani Cimi ? I'." *"Tk0\ct"**muwtUbeallf?wf4 a commlMloa of tweatv mm ? iReiR'i Improved Sawing Macbiiso. To whicli wu granted tha Higheat Award of tkt P&ru Exhibition, thereby receiving '.he World's Vetdict of Superiority. rri4E IMTROVEMENTS IN THIS MA a chlce hasslmpllfled them in many respects, azd they arseapabteof eiesatlng twice the amonat of work they did formerly In any given time. Th?y are without question the only Machine ca pable of sowing e*?ry variety of good* perfect; a shirt bosom or h?aT/ trace for harness can be sewn by any of ihese mschln'-s by a simple change ?f nefxTs aid thread In such a manner that the slowit scrutiny cannot detect a faalt. Manufacturers, planters and families will And tbera thrt only ?f? Machinc* to purchase, a* they are built stiong and durable, and a-t likely to get oat of oiler. We hs?3 machines with gni^es attached, fe? binding hats, cap-fronts, gaiters, Ac. S41k, fhread, Cotton, Needles, Ac .constantly ?a hand, at the lowest rates. Parson* deslroui of Information regarding Sew lag M?.ch.lao? will picas ' address I. M Sl"N 9KR A CO., It5 Baltimore street, lialtlmore *. B. ?We sre prepared to exchnngethese ma ? hiae jforold machines of any kind Terms lib eral. Persons who haveoeen Induced to purr base nferlnr raa.?hlae* under tbe pretest of being ih%tp, will Had this a benefit lade-d. nur J a?ly I'lTABLXKORCHRISfMtSAJIDJIEW VilAKV PHESENr*. JOHN H SM ">OT. No 119 SOUTH SIDE Brldg? str-et, Georgetown, DC, has received a greit virt"ty of ns*f ji aid s'asonnble GOOD*, to which h" Incites th* attention nf both ladles and g?at'em;a who miy wish to make a Christ mis and .N?w Y*irs' Present. EMBROIDER ICS. Rt<-h worked Cambric Set* (Collars and Sleeves) Do do Muslin do do Do do Muslin and Cambric Collars A 5reat viriety (low priced) do Worked Line a Sets a^d liinn do Rich worked Muilln Slecrrs Waik anl wjHe Lnc* Seta And Co'lars Worked <.*nm>rlr and Mms In Binds Km*rM4e*f?l b'n-m tiiin >rlc Hi iJkerchlef* Hem^'itrbed, t ?<*ked Mil plain do Hlack Chantliiannd Freocb l.ace Veils Worked, 1'illu.d ar.d hooped Skirts. ALSO? Moire Antique, Embrolde ed, Satin and other Cloaks Ponble anl slnglf U roc ha and other Shawls Klch Fan *y and B.ackSl.ks Prenci Mermn. p'a'.d Merinos Piald anl pnatel L?'d*?laln,,s lle?t Puis Kid Glo^e*. all nnmbers Kid and Knck Gauntlets Ladies, gent's and children's Warm Gloves Do Hodery, of "very kind Portmonnales, and UdW Csbos 0<?nt<. L'nen, Cambric and Silk Packet Handkf* L'la.k and fiacy Silk Craves. Snirf* and Tien Gent* Shawls. Merlioand Woolen Scarfs Children's Knit Taim is and Hood* La ties, gent* and boys* Comforts. Ac With manv other desirable goods, which will be sold low to cash or prompt customers der JS- J. H 8.MOOT. TO ALL THAT VALUE THEIR SIGHT W '1SHES TO C\LL THE ATTENTION to all th?t sud'er with defective sight, caused by a^e. sickness, and particularly from glasses Injudiciously select!, to his superior SPECTACLES and G ^AS^ES carefully gro.iad by himself to a trie ?p-ieiieal accuracy, and brll Jlant transparency, s ilted precisely and b??n*fl clally to the wearer according to the concavity ot convexity ot the eye. Very numerous a'e the 111 elfcita caused to the precluas organ of sight from the commencement of using glasses In not being f reclsely su.ied, by the use of sn Optomtttr; and lie practice of many years enables him to meas ure the focal disease of th*> eyes, and such class e* that are aosolately required will be furnished with precision and iatlsfactlon JOHN TUBi AS ac nowledg^s the very libe ral eienurageinent already obtained, and further ?olVr.Hs the patronage of tho?e tbat h<ire not yet availed ihemsrtves of his aid Perioa* tha: cannot con leniently call, by send ing tbe glas?e? In use, and state how many inch es they can reid ibis print with tb?lr spectacle*, can be supplied with such an will Improve their sight. Iannmarable testimonials to be <een ; and ref erences given to many who have derived the greatest and comfort from his glasses. Clrc liars kp be hid gratis, at als office, No. Mi SEVENTH STREET, thru doort from 044 ftiinrnt' Hail, cr ivtitl. NoavoLi, September?, 1^64. Sir?Tbe Spectacles you made for me ?ult ver> well, and seem to have Improved my sight more t&aa ;ay other 1 have lately tried. LIFT. W. TAZEWELL 1 have tried a pair of Spectacle* obtained from Mr. Tobias, and find them of great a*si*tanc; to my sight, and corresponding with his description of the focus. 1 recommend him as a .skillful op tician HENRY A. WISE. Ha*1*g be*?a lndnrM by a friend to vlsltthe c? ?abllshment of Mr. Tobias for tfce purpose of try In? hl? gla-<s<M, 1 wis furnished oy him with a pa'r slightly colored bine, which nave afforded ine morv refwanl gratialatlon than any 1 have erer tried My sl,>ht, orlglnaHy very pood, v.*as Injured by writing and reading at night, f-e q n?ntlf to a very lit.'honr; bnt with the aid of ?aesj gi?s?f>s I can study almost as late as ever, aid that too without the pain 1 have previously ?n??red. JOHN WILSON, Late Or.nam asloa*>r^eai Land <>&:*. D?ceaberll, 18M I hav; used Mr Tobias's Spectacles for threj or four months, and take great pleasure la say* lag that 1 am moon pleased with them. 1 hav? been much b*aei:t*i by them Hay?ta,lM? ?EOR P SCA1BIUI. 1 was reeommeaded to Mr. Joha Tobias as a skillful opllclaa; and as 1 have eyes of remark* able peauflnrltv, I was gratified to find that Mr. Tobias seemed to them by Inspec tion and some slight meisurement, and he ha* mad* ms a pair vt Spectacle.; thit sulla me ad m nbJy A P. BVTLER. July 11,1936 WiLMinaros, N. C., Jan. 27, IBM Mr J T*biab: Dear Sir?1 am happy to say that the Spectacles w.ilch 1 obtained from yon last week are entirely satlsfa tory. Prom an inequal ity In the visual range of my eyss, I bave hereto fhund gr?-at dia- ilty In ^-ttlng glasses of tha proper focal distance It affords me pleasure to state that, by the aid of your optometer, this diffi culty has b**n happily obviated so that the glasses you furnished m: are dec de tly the b?st ad ipted to my eves of any 1 have ever yet us?d. Very respectfully, years, R B 1)RANK, Rector of St James' Parish. DiraBTMBiT or laraRtoa, May 7, ISM. From natural d?^fe:ts and tfce ungual range of my ey?*?. 1 have been mm^-lled to use glasses for ?e*eral years 1 have trl-d different opticians without obtaining glass"? p?-rfe^tly fitted to iny fyn Kwr months since Vr Tobias mnde two pairs eaoeclally for me, whlcn l have found to ?erve ?? perfectly. By the us?? of his optometer h- Is enabuM Mndart Glasses minutely to theey*. 1 mostcbtjerfuily recommend Mr Tobias to all bavtog occasUn to use glasses and bear my testi mony a? to his skill as an optician HENRY E BALDWIN, A wist Sec'y to sign Land Warrants. r 0 _OPERA ?LASSES of great variety. TELESCOPES A MICROSCOPES, WATOH MMIEK GLASSES, and many other articles In this iiae at very low prices constantly on haad. IT IB-lf LA*E WHITE KISH ? RECEIVED TO div. a lot of new WHITE F1 - H, in beauti ful order, direct from the Lakes. Foi sile by K1NU A BURCHELL, de- *J1 cor. 15th st and Vermont avenue The ahk\ican almanac kok i**j7 a poilttcil. stitlstl -ai. fi iinclal,corom Kill, historical, and scientific hand-b>ok of the past year ?? Jurpaaslag In comprehensiveness and value any similar oom >end in the worldiYnt Int. Talsdty waelved-prloe *?, pjsa^e Itt: jan 13 FRANCE T\YLOR. Door mats, bird cages, and bask eta cheaper than any piact in the city. Jan3 H J. McL\UBHL1N A OO Sj*H kTEt. ? A GOOD ASSORTMENT OF * men and boya' Skates for sale, by E. K. LU.NDV, No. lfib Bridge at., i Jan ?- Georgetown, L. J. MIODLCTON, D1ALU IN ICS, O&tt mnd Dtft- Southwest corner of F aid Tw-lfl> atr**ts. f(b 27.lf \f. ?. mktzkrottT (StCCKSSOK TO GKURAR tlll-BOS.) Agent *4 Karen k Hncon's and William Millar** CELEBRATED PIANOS. H\S ALWAYS ON HAND THK LARGEST stock of riANO* from ?175 up to *1,000. MELODEONH from ??5 to 8J5>, GUITARS, VIOLINS, BRASS 1NSTR0 MENT^, FliOTKS. BANJOES, ACCORD EONS, ar d SHEET MUSIC, cheaper than In any house south of New York. Music published and received every day. Pianos for rent nov t-tr OHKAT KKUUCT1UN IN THE PRICE OF BOOTS AND GAITERS I HAVE ON COMMISSION, FOR A PHIL adelphla manu facturer, a first rate -*<?wed or Pegged Call-Skin COOT at ?3 .*2, full r.s good ib those usually sold at S5 or S1: aid a French Calr Patent Leather GAITER it S3.50, as pood as any at ?J; a first rate Calf Saltorat $2 50, these ire the best goods that la (or ever wej?) sold la the District for the price; for the Jiroof, come and pee - or yourself. Texas positively cash. No extTa pr -nt charged to offset bad debts. Call at the .YEW YOliK HAT STORE, Seventh street, aear Pennsylvania avenue. injM-tf _ ANTHONY, Agent._ JOHN H. BTTHYIANNt Importer and Dealer in Wines, Brandies, Ac. P??h artntc, south silt, bet \%anrlt*th sts , 1 FAS IN STORK A VERY CHOICE AS I 1 sortmcnt of Champagne, In quarts and ? pints, of the most desirable brands. M Alao, sparkling St Perav, white and pink; ?9 Miderla, Sherry, Port, Teneriffe, Sicily,IS Rhine Wines, Moselle; French Wines, rea and white; Cognac, Scheldam tiln, Jamacia Rum, Scotch Whiskey, American Whlskev, Cur?coa, Anisette, and of his own preparation, Wild Cherry Brandy, Blackberry J nice, Stomach Bit ters. Also, genuine Absinthe, Klrschwassor. and Havana Cigars dea 10-;jtAwlm. Mayor's Office, > >> AsmnoTo.1, Jan. 7, ie57. ( P^mI>??als w,ll? bk received AT p . his office up to 12 o'clock M. oa the 9th of and "fw1 , r Rrad,nS. trimming, curbin J and laying the Hrick and Fiao Foetwav...h ^ Gutters and Alleys^ln the First 2nd , Br^8 ?f t be city, forming one district ? for the Third and Fouith Wards toimino ik1 second district; and the Fifth, Sixth. and*s? enth \.arda, forming the thl'd disirirf dUtrictbid to, and X K ttrst day of April, 1S57, &gre<-&biv to th#? fouowlny sp clflcatlons: ^ ' ?tbe *** curbaione to be of the best New York river curbstone, or the be*t blue rock, In pices of not ^hlwi^ree 'tf1 loa,K' and not le88 (ban sit teen v T S: ?^d noC leM ,han three and a half and ? toe npper surface, or edze and a sufficient depth therefrom to rccelv^ iV? bricks to be dresnea to that taickne?, and 4t ln and well ramm?d to the prop-r trad- and the joints well fitted **??<?? ana me The brick to l e of the best quality hard red paving brick, to be iaid oa a bed of sharJVald 'ourincbes df>ep, on a bed of fine clean irtthlL from clay or loain. ihiee inches deep w^h two courss ou fd^e next to the curb ^id one course on ed^e to the inner lice where the pavement is less than the full width. No extra measurement for brick on edge wil. be The stone pivement to be of common a i-arti not exceeding four inches in diameter except the -tone oa the outside <f the gMtter- whlch must be ofslx inches in diameter, and laid on a bM of ccarse sand and clean gravel, free from atv clay or loam, at least n'ne Inches deep and to bJ Sill'the second time after being . . * "amined (and not be fore) by the Commissioner, to be covered with flae c.ean gravfl or coarse sand and the intera ion b?-?? life slot,.. ??u flliedwltli the The flawing to be cf the be*t qaallty blue ,fMk.?f K""9; ?r New York North rivfrUagitlnir of n?t ??'? than two feet six inch^ ion J K ?^Tnw 2Ch^f wlde? and not le*s than three lriLn tKx. r i * blu* rock or and not iS!.L . r ,nc:,e,? thick for the New York ?r^Cel rT" ?f?ne' f? ^ Jf,d on a ^d ot A"' clean gravel free from clay or loun or sharp sand six Inches deep, with close Joints V ' X astlmm?dn?K ^ 0n? foot 10 *>? n*'1 "J'h? t? be done In tlie best manner a >d to the satis.a tlon of the Mayor, and to be com "he'e^u* lartnr11 'ejd<11,!af<Jr tfae order Is riven to the c^n.ractor, and to be completed within th? time named In (tie order directing it to be done and warranted to st>iud twelve montLs aft^r Its And upon the failure of tlie coa tr^ctor or contractors to commence the work or to or 7"h?P? V Wit|1,a tbM llm" namt'd. or upon hU or thtlr fillure to exe ute the work or the imte rlals, and In the manner herrii required t'ie Mayor to have the right of employing other r*r to do tne same, upon such ttrm. as be nay deem expedient; In which ev.-nt tee contractor cT contractors .o falling shal piy any lo2 or dam^e the Corporation nuy susuiu In co-^e juetce there Any repairs or relaying which mav be renins*?', wbTr^ work s warranted to stand, to b? done by the ccn tractor free of charge, within Ave day/aft?., ?. the Commissioner of Improvements of ti.e A ard , and upon failure of any contractor a contractors to make any repairs, or to reiav acv paveiTMjnt wltnlnflve days after notice aforesaid tte Mayor is to have the right of employing anv other person or persons to do the seme on such t??rms as hi may deem expedient: in whi-h event the contractor or contractors so fa-iinv shall oav any loss or damage the Corporation may sustain in consequence tnereof 1 Bidders will also tske notice that tLe contractors ,7r ftt ^ ""P1* ,tflctly w!ta the terms coniriet and the provisions of law. r.*,?rthedue performance of the work and th? rnlshlng of the materials as hertla required, bond and security to tue amount of two thoii an*i tkIVTJ- b" w4??red of the coaUactors The bidden Will state the rates at whl -h the ->nw^eS,:hde Vo,k'No,!h For setting new curb ?f blue rock or jrielss per running foot K ' j j4or UyloK new ?>rick pavement, p? Bquare yJd0r Uyi0g DeW "l?ne Pa,reinent. P*' 'quare ?????"?* ???'???.) For trimming, per running foot For spiut-gutter, per foot. fo?*rlaying d?Wn blU? '? k P? For laying down New York North river hav 8,BS> square foot. ^ For laying five cour-e or brick on ed^e la gut terj aud alleys, per running foot. And the rates at which the f dlowlng work ei wh.";rm?r "iiter,al"> 'xw,Pt the gravel and iand, which may be required : roL"nT'w """'"If' P" Foe laying new brick pavement, per square yard. For taking up and relaying old brick pave ment, per square yard For taking up and resetting o d curb, per run ning foot. For taking up and reUylntr old stone pave ment, per square yard For taking op and relaying old Mag footway per square foot No bid will be received which does not Include an offer for each separate Item of work and ma terlals Contracts will not be aaslgnable. Bvlawihe Mayor Is prohibited from awarding contracts for the abo^e wo:k to any person or per sons who are not praetieai pavers W. U. MASKV1)ER, Mayor. Jan 6 *awtP?b? Prop<*?lifor Erecting the MarineHoipital at 8t. Marks, Florida. TREASURY DF.PARTMfRT. I Waabixotok, December 97, i PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED AT THIS il-MWtm *nl until the V5lh Cay of Frhrnary, A. D 1S57, a 12 o'clock, n on, for the construc'ion ol (he Maine llcsptal authorized to b erectcd at St. .Ma Its, Flori a according to the plans and specif! < an in prepar id at this department; fa'd propot-n's to b : either f-?r the whole building or separate for the different kirds c? work; b.lls of parcel* must in every ease accompany t a*h bid; with the am Hint of ea rh kind of work, and the total amount carried out: the d< p irtm int resei ving the riehi to reject or accept thi ptopojal* hereby invited, or any parts thereof, when it detim the luterest cf the United Slat's re quires it; the depa'tm nt also reserves the r ght to exclude tlie b'd of ariy person or persons who there is just cause to belie vo will not faithfully perfoi in the contract , or which they l.avo attempted to cb a'.n t>y indirection; and all bids when there il all e par ties interested who do not join in the bid?, aid all bi s that, upon InVtstiga ion, are below a fair price for the worE. Bids will not b)received in gross, and no cintiact will bj awarded to a bi tder unless details are fu niched the department of the prices of the different kinds ot work and ma'erial , which shall be subject to the rt visian ot the department, so that it may adopt the whole or part ofth- bid, at the interest of the United Sia -s may re^ui e. Ninety per c?n'. ot tne am >unt of work done and materials deliv re.I, according to contract pr ce, (said aiu unt to be ascertained by th? estimate of ail a*entof he department, appointed f r : ha'purpose,) will be paid from tiiu'* to 'ime, as the work pre . zres es, a id t< n per cent, retained until the comple tion of the coritia-r, an 1 accep'aoec of the work, &c., by the a^ent at repaid, and be forfeited in the event of non-?ulfiirn -nt ot coatiact C n rajts will be aw arded only to master builders and mechanics, and the a signm nt tli'iuof, except by ? unseui ot th* Stcrctary of the Trtasury, will be a forbi'ure of the ram*. Ea;h p op-), at must h ? accompanied by a written g a a itcc, signed by two responsible persons, (^er tifi iJ to bo s ? by the United States district j:idj;e or attorn- v of the raid district,) in the sum of J5 000 for tim wii le work, or oi a prop rtioi ate am uet If f^r any fan, that tlie bi Ider will, when tei|iiirt d, if iiis proposal be accepted, enter into acon'ractandbom?, wish pripar and sufficient sucuriti. s for lie faithful perf imance. Fom of bond aid certifi a'.e required will Ik- fur riished on ap .li a i in to the depart ment. I'la is, Fpec>ti< r ions, a'id working d awing* cai be ha I on a ppra'ion to the d- pa^m nt. Ao hid will be considered titles* it fiiliy eoinp/re* in nil i't d'lailt with Ike requirements of this advertise, ment. The proposals mun h" sent to this depar in^nf, aidr>ssed ti She Sccro-ary of the Tria-'urv, and plainly ei do-** d " Proposals fir the Marine Hotpital of Sf. Marki, Ha ,"am w It ln? opened a' oneo'cf rk, p. m , of the last (fay rani d for rrceiv ngrhe ? ame. JAMF.S GITTHME, dec99 3tawiF<b25t Peereia y< f iTrramry. Proposal! for Erecting the CuBtom-House Ac., at Plattsburgb, New York. Treascrt Department, ) Washinston, December 10.1656 < Proposals will be r e - celved at this department until the 18th dav of February, A. D. 1857, at 12 o'clock noon, for the construction of the custom-bouse, post office, and court-rooms authorized to be erected et Platts burgb, N V., according to the plans and speold eatlons prepared at this depar;mert; said propo sals to be either for the whole building, or s^par rate for the different kinds of work; bifls of par cels must in every ease accMnpanv each bid, with tne amount of each kind of work, and the total amount carried out; the depart ment reserving the right to reject or ;ac o*;H the proposals hereby Invited, or anv Carts thereof, when It dt-ews the Interest of tbe nlted States requires It; the department also re serves the right to excludc the bids of any person or persons whom there is Just cause to believe will not faithfully terform the contract*, or which they have attempted to obtain by Indirection ; and all bids when there shall be parties in Interest who do not Join In the bids, and all bids thrit, upon Investigation, are below a fair price for the wora bids will not be received In gross, and no con tract will be awarded to a bidder unless details are furnished the department of the prices of the different kinds of work and materlils, which shall be subject to the revision of the department, so that it may adopt the whole cr part of t&e bid, as the interest of the United States may require. Ninety per cent, of the amount of work done and materials delivered, according to contract price (said amount to be ascertained by the esstmate of an agent of the department, appointed for that purpose,) will be paid from time to time, as the work progresset!, and ten per cent re alned until the completion of the contract, and acceptance of tne work, Ac., by the agent aforeesid, and be forfaited In the event orrion-fulfilment of con tract. Contracts will be iwarded only to master build ers and mechanics, and the assignment thereof, except bv consent of the Secretary of the Treasu ry, will be a forfeiture of the same. Each proposal must be accompanied by a writ ten guarantee,signed by two responsible persons, (certified to be so by the United States district Judge or attorney of the said district.) In the firm of S5,0?). for the whole work, or of a proportionate amount, if for any part that the bidder will, when rcqulrea, If his proposal be accepted, enter into a contract and bond, with proper and sufficient stcuritles for its faithful performance. Form of bond and cerilflcate required will be fun lsted on application to the department. Plans, speciticatlons, and working drawings will be ready by the 12th of Janmry, when they can be bad on application to the department No bid will be considered unless it ful y com plies in all Its details with the requirement* of Uils edvertlsement The proposals must be sent to this department, addressed to tlie Secretary of the Treasury, ana plainly endorsed "Prcpoials for the PiattsbMrgk Cu*tom-hou*tar.d will be opened at one o'clock, p m , cf the last d.ty named for reseiv lnn the same. J AMES GUTHRIE, dec '.3 3awt!8Feb Secretary of the Treasury. PropoBal* for Furnishing Marhla and Mar ble Worx for the North Front of the Pat ent Office Building. DseARTMENr or the Iktieior ) Drc? mbir IP, 18r>6. J SK\LEI> PROPOSALS WILL HE 1UOEIVEO a' thfc Depa.-tm-nt until the eighteenth day of Fibriia y n' xt, 12 o'clock a; no n, for fumbliing such Marble a:id Maib e Work a- may be required in the erection of the north irontot the Talent Office b'liliing. The bid* must be in the form of the following schedule, and clta*ly specifying the prices for ma terial, hauling, dressing, and s? it ng, including a'l the machinery and ot- ? r expenses: Schedule. Tube st< ne, per superficial foot Beds and bills, do do Fxtia cub;: stone, per cubic foot t," mice in two b^ds, per superficial foot Blocking course, do do Fiiezetocntab a'.ure,do da Architrave, do do I) ops to cornice, per lint al foot, Trigtyphs,fa:h, Caps of [ ila -iers, ? a-b, t'ha inels ot ba eiuenl, per lineal foot, Marble tilinzr, per superficial IojI, Win low cills, do do

Tlie ma b!e in list b : sini 'ar in kind and quality iO that used in the construction of the i ajt and w.>t wings of the building, specimens of which will be required to accompany the bids. Fach bid will state in vsbat tim the work will be cotnpl -tcd,a id none will bt considered from others tha-i those Known to be ot the tia le a id believed to be fully competent m fulfil in gcod fa th the t b Ra tion* tney pro|?<x*c to a anin?;aid no a<^i?niiiei)t of bid or contract wi!i b : recognised, unless ma I; ith the approval of the bea I or the f)ej a-im nit. Ninety |?er cunt. wi!l b :p? I from tun ; to tfm?*, as the worK proere3se?, up^n the estimate of the a^ent of the Drpartm nt in cha ge tliereot, and tin per cent, reeerv-rt until the rempl lion of the c<>n ua-t and a -ceptance ot the woik by sanl a-jent. Xh? Deparim nt reserves to itselt the rigln to re jector accrpt the pr.-poials hen by invited, when it de? mi the interest of the United states requires it n-' well as to exclude the bids of a y person or |>er sons who it las g ?od na?on to bliiv<: will not, tn-ni ar.y <ause, faithfully tH-rtbim the cnntiact. Ila is, speeiftcauons, and working drawings can tie ex:iiu.ned, and otb?r|iufoima'ion ob anted, onap plieation at tlr: office of the superintendent T.'ie propo als, which mist besint to this de i armtnt. a Id reused to the j'ecreia y of the laurior, (endorsed " I'ropoi als for the erection of the north front of the Patent Office b nlding,") will be opened at 1 o'clock, p. in , of the ia-t ?1av nain-^d for re ceiving the lAtni. R McCi>ELLAND, dec li?-gawtl8 Febt Secreta-y of the Interior. CAST OFF CLOTItlHO BOUGHT A1%D sold at 79 Louisiana avenue, opposite the Hay Market N B. W1U caU for the? by addreaslng as above thioug* Port oflbe. decW-eoim* -j 20 000 PEACH TAKES. ATTEN DOLLARS PER hundred?fok sale at my Nursery, near Washington The above trees are ait of line growth, and' of the test select fruit. a Ai&o, a general assortment of ORN AMEN 1A L, VERG&EEN,SHADE, andFRUlT TKELS cclWtf JOSHUA FK1KCE OFFICIAL. TfcaAscar DiPiKTMBirr, Not. 99, 1856. Notice is hereby Riven to holders of stock of the loans of the United States, that this department will purchase the sam j until the 3J of March next, ' unless the suin of $1,500 000 shall b^ previousl) obtained, and will pay ia addition to the interest accrued from the date of the la?t semi annual divi- j dend of interest thew?on, together with one day's , additional Interest for the money to rea^h the v.-n dor, the followinr rates of premioin on faid stocks: ' For the stock of 1842, a premium of 10 per cent, i Far the stock of 18i7 and 1S48, a prrm nm of 10 ' per cent; and for the stock of ltkO, commonly called Texa? Indemnity Stock, a premium of6 per cenr. Certificates ol stuck transmitted to the depart ment, under this notice, must be assigned to tin United S-ates, by the party duly entitled to receive the proceeds. II sent between date hereof and the 1st ?'ay of Jaiuvy next, the current half y- ar's in terest must be aligned by the present stockholder, or it will bi payable ai heretofore, and a corres ponding deduction b? male irom the amount pay able for the stock. Payment for the stocks so aligned and tiaifmit ted will be ma lo by drafts on the Assistant Trrasu rrrsat Boston, N?-w York, or Phila lelplra. at the option of the parries entitled to reccivc the money, which should be expressed in the letters aceninjm the certificates. JAMES GUTHKIE, Secretary of the Tr< a.?ury. dec 1?dt.'IdMarchJ Hanking House of Chobb Brothers, ) Washiwrtom, January 1, 1857. 5 JOHN D BARROW ANDHENRY HOLMES arc this day admitted a* partners In tbe Bank ing House of Chubb Brother*. The Hrm frem this date will be composed of Cba*. St. J . Chubb. John 1). Barrow, and Henry Holmes. 'I he House In Davenport, Iowa, Is composed of Cbas St. J. Chubb, Wni II. Dougal. and Alexander H . Barrow, under the firm of Chubb Brothers, Bor row A Co CHUBB BROTHERS, jan 1-tf DK. DUPRIE'S REMEDIES nre the only effectual cure for External or Internal Plies, Saltrhfum, Ring-Worm, Ac. They are unrival led for purifying the blood 50 cents wr box Office 76 Nassau street, New York. ill be pent by mall. For sale by FORD A BRO.,corner of 11th st aad Penn a?enue. oc 23 S. DORLODOT REIMS CHAM PAH RE, ?'TRESOH DE BOV7.Y'? AND tllXL rI^HE UNDERSIGNED IS SOLE AGENT M. for this city of Dorlodct's " Tresor de m Bonzy," a champagne celebrated throughout Europe, aad esteemed by concois?eurs as of the hl^'hest grade, and unsurpassed by any ? other product of the champagne country, which bis obtdlr ed a high position* In the aristocratic circles of Europe ard America. Also, a large stock of other Wines, Liquors ard Clears. JONAS P. LEVY, Jan 5 tf No. 36? Pa. ave , epp. Na'lonal Hotel BRITISH ALMANAC AND < 0 >1 ('AN IO N for lf>7; giving the House of Lords: House of Commons; Church ; Judiciary; RoyalHouse h"lds; Imports: Exports; Governments of Ire land, Scotland and the Colonies; Foreign Minis ters In England; British Ministers abroad; Ea>t India Company ; Chronicle of the Parliament cf lb56, abstract' of Parliamentary Documents ; ?.b ? tracts cf Public Acts; valuable artlclej on ?be Decimal Coinage Question ; on the Postal Sys tem at home ana abroad; on arbitration in trade dispute*; rn the material progress of British In dia; on Architecture and Public Improvements; on the Metropolitan Communication* and Bridges; on the Russian War, and much other useful mat ter. I vol of 311 pagct; price 81 50. Imported from London, by _Jang FRANCH TAYLOR. GAS FIXTURES. RH MILLER, SON A CO, ALEXAN ? dria. Va , keep constantly on hand a hand some variety of CHANDELIERS, PENDANTS. 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A new Map of Washington with all the r.ew Improvements, Ac , f^r sale In the Capitol, at the Book Stand, and at the Bookstores, dec 23-lm P~OST OFFICE DIRECTORY, OR Busi ness Man's Guide to the Post Offices In the United State*, cor.talnlng the names of the Post Offices and Post Masters In the United States on the 1st July, 1956, with a variety of valuable In formation on Po?ul Affairs; also, a comprehen sive codification of the existing Postal Laws Price 81. Just published, and for sale, at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore, dec 11- near 9th street JTsT RECEIVED FROM TI1E PUH lishers?A splendid View of Old lndep *nd ence Hall, Philadelphia. For Bale cheap,framed or otherwise, at JOHN WAGNER'S, dec 22.1m 255 Penn avenue. Fine woolen comforts, hoods, Opera Cloaks, MPs, Sleeves, Gloves. Ac, Ac., at our Great Fancy and Variety Store, No 20 between 8th and 9th streets tan2 il jl Mclaughlin a co New yohk ledger for January 24th; Cobb's new story, Karnel the Scout, a thrilling tale. Read It! read It! jan 16- FERGUSON, 486 7th ?t THE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. Dr. loomis, the inventor and patentee of ' Loomis' Mineral Plate Teeth," having successfully Introduced, his Improvement In various cities, has now permanently established himself in Wash ington. This Improvement for Sets of Teeth consists chiefly In making a set of but one piece of mate rial, and that indestructible mineral. No metal is used in their construction, and they are there fore free from galvanic action and metallc tas'e. There arc no Joints to become filled with moisture or particles of food, hence they are furt andclean. They are lighter, stronger, less clumsy, and, In short, the jttrfection o7 Artificial Teitk; not withstanding cerlaln Dsntlst# speak against them, but they have not the right to make tnern, do not know how If they had, and therefore do not ap preciate them. Office on Pennsylvania avenue, between 11th and 12th streets, two doors below the Klrkwood House dec 24-tf PORTE MONIES, OPERA GLASSES, Eye eiasaes, Card Cases, Memorandum Books, Ac., Ac. ... . ii j Mclaughlin a co , jan 10 2) Pa ave , bet Rib and 9th sts HARPER'S WEEKLY PAPERS ONLY five cents each; New York Ledger received regular, and all the back numbers on hand, at LUNDY'S, No. 123 Bridge st , Jan 6 Georgetown. Books, books, books, mazazikbT, Papers. Ac.?The right pla'e to get the above articles Is at FERGUSON'S, Jm 16 4^8 Seventh street. JUS* RECEIVED.?AN INVOICE OF fino Tinted and French Papers Also, Guilt Letter, Bath Note, Ac. FERGUSON, Jan 486 7th street, EVENING STAR. [WRITTB* TO* THE ?TAR THE ORIGIN OF NAMEB The origin of language is a subject which has engaged the attention of many distil guished men. To those who are fond of tract porting tho imagination to the first rule peri ods of society, and delight in tracing the grad ual rire and progress of this wondertul art. tte writings of Manboddo, Harris, Adam Smith, Home Tooke, and others, mast be familiar. Nothing can be more interesting than the col jsclural speculations, or theoretical histories as they have been called, of the two last met tioned of these celebrated writers. It is not in our recollection to have read any history of the origin and history of surnames ; aud it is with a view of exciting foine attention to this subject that I am induced to submit the fol lowing remarks to yonr notice. Except Dean Swift's ironical discourse con cerning the antiquity of the English tongue, to ridicule old Dr Bentley and the other quib bling commentators of that period, I know of no essay on the origin of the natneg of persons. If any such exist, we sLould be glad to hate it pointed out. Many of the observations In Smith 's ingenious Essay on the Origin of Lan guage m?v be applied to the origin of sur names I'he assignation of particular word* to denote particular trades probably was the first step in siviognames to the different mem bers of a civilised community Accordingly, wa find nouns, substantives and tiie uames of trades and occupations to be the most common and universal. The next obvious source of Burnamcs is from the most familiar surround ing objects?as animals, birds, fish and vege tables. Another class and assortment of names seems to bave been farmed fr* m the peculiar quality of any fbjest. and the relation in wliich it stands to other things; hcnce the common niui?* of the different colors, metals, points of tho compass, A c Those things which are visible cbjects appear to furnish another class of surnames; and the various compounds of these have afforded noinconsiderablo additicn to the list The invention of a numerous clasa of surnames for the Christian name and toe term son. being joined together, wa.- probably of recent date when compared with the other distinctions. Six grand divisions ni?y thu.- le made, aud the names of persons may be de rived hence. 1. From the ordinary employ - mints of men. 2 Fiorn the animal and vege tible kingdom- 3 From the pecu'lar <4*?li?y of kc>di? objects 4 1; rom the titles ol p?.mo things in common use. 5 From tho obvious or whimsical combinations of familiar words employed in ordinaiy discourse acd, lastly, from the addition of the word son to the ter mination of the Christian names, thus 1 Trad?.* and <J> cup. it ton s?Barber, Butch er, Baker, Brewer, Cook, Cooper, Chandler, Carpenter, Carter, Fowler. Fisher, Fuller, For mer, Glover, tlilder, Hunter. Harper, Maeon, Miller, Merchant, Porter, Potter, Planter. Ploughman, Sawyer, Shepherd. 2 Animals?Bull. Bullock. Buck. Beaver. Cat. Doe, Fox, Hart. Hog, Hobby, Lion. Lamb, Otter. Pig, Ram, Babbit, Squirrel. Wolf, Ac Pith - Salmon, Cod, Mickerel, Sturgeon, Ronch, Pike, Whale. A 3. Trees, .Vr?Ash. Apple. Beech, Birch. Elder, Oak. Plum. Wood, \\ heat, Ao 3. Birds?Cock,Capon, Crow. Dm-k, .Drake, Goose, Gosliu, Eaglr Lark. Partridge, l>ove, Finch, Goldfinch, -'ay. Swallow, Peacock, Martin. R<>ok. Haven, Robin. Hawk. Falcon, PjrTot, Nightingale, Swan, Spsrrow. Quail, W.?odcock. Wren, Ac. ? Colors, ?Vv? Brown. Black, Grey. Green, Scarlet, White, Copper, Gold, Silver, Ea.*t, West, North, South X Things?Buckle, Boot. Beehive, Bell, Beer, Berry, Box, Barn. Coal, Head, Hill, Dale, Fountain. Chalk. Ginger. Rice. Horn, Stcne, River, Kettle, Hedgo, Lie, Kitchen, Parlour, Hall. <irove, Mountain, Hand. Ac. 5 Compound Xames?Birdwbistle, Drink waicr, Drinkmilk. Fair weather, Mcrryweath er, Hailstone, Fcatherstone, Philpot, Strange ways, Lovt j ;y, Lightfeot, Heavyside. Little wood, Smadwood, I'ndcrwood, Archdeacon, Armstrong, Goodenough, Toogood. El?egx>d, Galhercoal, Goforth, Ironside- Manypenny, Overall, Otterway, Hitchcock, Allcock Crow foot, Ramsbottom, Kcttletop, Penncfeather, Greensides Cruiksidcc, Lorjgshanks, Long sides, Longcars, Smallbones, ljasebcnes. Grcj mill, Waterfall, Wclibeloved, Weatberill, Ac. 6 Christian Nturu* Comyouiulrd?John son, Tomson, JaekEon, Robinson, Roberts* n, Rolson, Wilson, Williamson, Harmon, Hodg son, Richardson, Dickson, Peterson, Pierson, Nicolsoi;, NickSvB, Jameson, Jacobsou, Hugh son, Benscu. _ __ L B. About Coffee ?There are some curious fav ts regarding the preservation of coffee. It is said that the berries readily imbibes exha lations frcrn other substances, and occasionally acquire an unpleasant flavor. Sugar placed near tho berries, it is -aid, in a short time im pregnates them and injures their flavor A few bag3 of pepper on board a ship bound from India to England, spoiled a whole cargo of coffee The process of roasting berries requires care and skill. If burnt, the coffoe is spoiled, im parting a bad taste, and making it heavy and indigestible when dr<tnk. Again, if under done, the wnter fails to extract the nourishing material of the coffoe, and its infusion is so weak as to prove unpalatable. In all Cairo, in Egypt, there whs said to be but one good coffoe p.ircher The berries should be roasted until they become of a uniform brown chestnut color. No family should ever purchase ready ground coffeo, which is liable to adulteration with chicory, beans, corn, ryo, Ac The ber ries should he bought green, and p rched and ground at home a- wanted. C"ffee is found, on chemical analysis, to contain a highly nutritious element known as caff tin. This component part of all good coffee is found to contain a larger proportion of nitrogen than any other vegetable princi ple, and in this respect equalling some of the most highly aniinaliaed product*. Caflem does not putrify, however, like animal ma er Thus, chemists have discovered by anaij-is that ccffce contains an element of nounsn merit similar to animal matter, or? ? which renders it nutritious which chicory is wholly ' ' ^bsti its useless and injurious cbar_ . n JUimal ta.c for coff.e Xh"" Sri ft"wwbblx " " ""???*? whtn e"od ,nd pure. The Aui hytbiom of the Feast.-A corre spoudentot the (Potter's) Spirit says ho heard n circumstance the other day, in which a friend of our's was participator, to wit: (N P. Willis,) which struck him as being good enough to send alorg. N , which stands for 44 Jeems," went to dine at a newly estab lished restaurant, and, through some inadver tency on the waiter's part, was shown into a room in which a party of gentlemen, all friends of his, were dining. As soon as he appeared inside the door, there was an unani mous call that he should j^in theiu. He ac cepted their invitation; but not knowing who was the host, waited a short time after the soup was discussed, in the hope of finding oat At last, feeling it necessary to propose his en terminer's health, he asked a gentleman upon his loft, who (from my .own experience,) 1 know, was never celebrated for wit or educa tion " I say, Tom, just point out the Ampby trion, will you?" 14 I'm sure I don t know 1chtre it is," said Tom, " but I think you find it t/t t/uit lUa<k battle'" VisGT-tTH ?Our old friend Maik Beaubicn, who used "to keep tavern like tj?u? Frenchman, was yesterday mado tbe affec tioaate 44 parient" of the twenty-first: child, i eleven boys and ten girls, being tke cUntum [ of his blesilngs.?Chicago Journal, HOW bahddsky IAV1D no. Am Historical R*?tnle*.-C,. [F.em 14? Itwfmle Rep%klit j One of the moit agreeable duties of j0I,r nalisrn l? to chronicle the heroic deed* of those whom chance or unusual natural develop, rnents hare rendered benefactors to the hu man race It is a part of our legitimate province to rescue the fame of such individual* from oblivion, and by enacting the part of the hi*ton an, to band their name* and the record* 01 tteir achievements down to the admiration end gratitude of future gener tions. The vil ? ?go philanthropist, or the benofactor of a local community, u as njfc-h a part of the history aac^d t!"" " Lh? toeroM or as tfce P?iasaES"RhuBe/?btIin? the rock Tsr "ur dutv^n^hm* r?ai th? *orrore of a sack th? Pr???nt instanoe is to relate a hZi" occ"r???. tr.n.rir.4 B..?r Years agone, when the course of trade ran m a counter direction to what we nn. i^iLm owing to a severe drought, the Citv of ^*n' dj.k, underwent * *?I cf th^hnl i Wa,.er 0nutt# bar 11 tht mouth ct the bay whs so low that vesseli ble to rcach the port and as there was no land transportation at that time which could bl relied upon in a case of sudden emergency it appeared as it Providence had foreaken tke place entirely and that its inhabitants mu*t soon perish. *or days and weeks their stock of provisions hid boeu gradually disappear ing until soon all w*s gone, and their oily re liacce was upon the few fisb which they were enabled to obtain from the waters cf the bay i fh? ? D T?**l0naJ me"Ser?urp|y of gaxefrom j the nei^htonng forfrt. Al l.Le ,iiro of which we write the woods in tor!, o1,:in,,jr' *cd ,D fact throughout the Wee tern Rc-crve. were frequented ty vast num ber, of wild hogs which obtained a bountiful . ubsirttence an 1 grew fat upon the*haci whi-h 7e^where abounded These hogs were nfVh ongll,"n7 but the sparse ne?? of the population ID the interior and the rapidity with which they multiplied, rendered them aracgers to man and very shy of hii* pretence During the drouth, of which rnen ? ** alr**d^ made, li?rge drore* of these animals wended their way to the lake iu the neighborhood of which they continued to remain Sandusky Bay in particular wm a favorite resort for them; in" the water* of i '? tb?J ^oro accustomed to wallow aft?r i1 ,V^Vh,t^ Tbo#* wb" ooqVa.nt e . wi.h the locality tf which we ape^k, will remember the annoyance to which the early sutlers were exposed in the of a fine, red sani which covered the beach, and which, in times of high wind, was not only exceed ingly tr^alles" me, but dangerous Thou sand* of hog?, in consequence of frequenting thjs spet, became totally blind ; but still, with ail thu cunning which belong* to this perverse race in their natural state, they continued to elu4c the hunters ?ne day when the famine in the city war at i ? height, and when it was apparent that even the strongest must soon succumb, Joe ? ?own bis 8un and res lved to make a last effort to rescue his wife and little ones .ni a fate tbe most horrible of which the mind had any conception All d?y long had their sunken eyes and shriveled hands im plored him in vain for bread?and alas! ha knew too well that not within the whole oity was there a mouthful to be had. though he were to offer in exchange thrice its weight in g>ld. I^erved to derperation by tbie re flee Hon, I at still with leeble steps, he took his way to the forest, resolved not to return with out relief in some shape. For a long time be bunted in vain, travel ing miles of weary pathway, without so much as seeing a single evidence of animated nature, until he was on the point of yielding to de spair. At this moment a noise, as of approach ing foo?stepe, attracted his attention and be paused, with every faculty rendered keen b? hunger, to listen. Nearer and nearer cam* the tramping, and just as Joe. to screen him sell from observation, took sbeltor behind a tree, a wild hug emerged trom a thicket, ad vancing uirectly toward him, followed imme diately by another and another still. Tho bunter. trembling with anxiety and excite ment, raised his gun, but suddenly paused In astonishment at the singular phenomenon be lore him. The drove (for drove there wa?> *4< approachinghim in Indian file, and headed directly for the Bay. The second hog held in h's mouth the tail A the first, the third that of the second, and so on, to the number of sixty and upward, each was holding fast to the caudal appendage of his predecessor, and all were leisg led by the foremost of the drove, ard he. being the only one that oould ace, was thus convoying his afflicted comran ions. ? The hunter comprehended the scene in a moment, and instantly decided upon his course* liaising Lis gan deliberately, he fired, nnd severed tbe tail ot the leader close to the r<x?t*. llis aflrighted leadership, with a loud squeal, bounded into the thicket and disappeared, while bis companions came to a dead bait. Joe quickly divested himself of his boots and crept stealthily up to the first of the band, which stood quietly holding in his mouth th*> amputated tail of his former conductor. This the hunter seized and oommenced gently pui ling upon it. First one hog started, then an other. then another, until soon, like a train of cars, all wcro in motion, and, without pausing to rest for a single instant, Joe led them quiet ly into a huge pen near his residence, where they were soon slaughtered, and the city tea* savrd ' [ j? Pedlars arc swindling iu bogus Brus* sols and Chantilly laoes, in Ohio. They pro loss to be connected with respectable city houses. Our devil sajs that when you see a young man and woman walking down street, leaning against each other like a pair of badl* matched oxen, it is a pretty good sign they are bent on consolidation. Ihe Brenham Ranger gives an aoocunt ot some fun amung the boys of Brenham, who didn't like the operation of an Israelitish auc tioneer who was sojourning there They in duced him to shut up shop. ? Ttxas Exchange Tho boys, no doubt, offered very powerftl inducements. There is a great sarcasm in the obser vation of Napoleon, that the world knew too much now to be humbugged " Wonder is the effect of ignorance," said an old author, and hence that no man is a hero in the eyes of his valet. The mystery of a woman's dress enhances her charm, and really makes tha distinction of sex [ J- The New York Tribune says the daily reoeipts ef poultry for the Isst ten days of I860 averaged 200 tons a day, making 2.000 ton*, or 4,000.000 of pounds of turkeys, geese, ducks, fowl* and game birds. Sales are dull at 75a87t cents a pair for grouse, (prairie hens,) an 1 $1 75 a dozen for quails Partridges are selling at 75 cents a pair. CF* Here is an account of a fellow, who. viewing marriage as a suieidal aet, rather than stand upon the order of doing, " went and done it " Ichabod Griggs, a sober, and industrious man, in easy circumstances, hung himself near Danville, Va. No cause it known for the rash aet, exeept that he was to have been married on tbe next day; tbe li censo was found in bis pocket. I3P* The tit Louis Intelligencer ealls Jef ferson oity, the capital of Missouri, the muet heathenish, unrighteous place on earth It says : 44 When Gov. Polk, who is a most ex emplary man, was inaugurated, not a Bible could be found in the region around the State House for him to swear by, and the imposing ceremony had to be suspended until a oopy otlke good book eould be procured tr\ n. wher? ? the penitentiary '