Newspaper of Evening Star, January 22, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 22, 1857 Page 3
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R-vr.N TNG STAR, *r Ar>*BBri*?M?9TS BHOVLO U LIFT AT TIC OrflCltT f >u>i o'cLocm, H . oiiuvui tkt mat wot Arra^m CMTIL Til HIIT DAT. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Tbe Skowt Term awd its Imcidemts ?Our oity yesterday presented the appearance of an ant-nes: or bee hive discomposed by some sud den calamity There was jast about such a perplexed bustle of setting things to nghts as is noticeable in a troubled hive or ant hill, and almost every individual of our sixty or eighty thousand inhabitants had something to attend to in the way of an entombed pump or wood-pile, a stray deg-kennel, or an unget-at able office, ttore. or pig-pen SSOWBHLlia, ETC. The weather turning warmer yesterday, the mow was speedily converted to a slosh quite unfit for sleighing purposs?, but just the tblrg for snow Walling material, a fact recognized and made the most of by the juveniles. A squad of them was to be seen at every corner planted behind a pile of ready-made ammu nition, which they levelled with the strides', impartiality at parsers by of all degrees _ Diplomats and statesmen were arrested in their cogitations upon the affairs of nations by an unflattering 4 bim ' upon the side of the h? td Proul ladies sailing along the side walks were vanquished in mid career and sent scudding homeward to repair damages. Any passing vehicle was sure to hare to run tho gauntlet through the rows of rude boys lining the Aveauf. The sport, in abort, was eiciting?exhilara tin I; and we took our stand upon a corner to get a good view of it " ilow exuberant," we soliloquised. " are the spirits of boyhool! What a fund of innocent et>j yment these sprightly youths find in this sport?innocent we say, tor he must bo nartow-aainded indeed who would allow any slight personal incon venience to rutflrf his temper or cause him to view otherwise than with placidiiy what uinkes ?o many young hearts happy Oay, sportive youths be merry while you miy in the spring time of life !" v , At this moment we experienced a shock up< n the back of our head of a stunning na ture, occasioning extreme pain and causing luminous sparks to p iss across the field of cur vision. Our first impression was that we had been struck by a thunderbolt, but reflecting that this was not likely, considering the sea son. we then conceived that we had been shot and looked hastily behind us for the dastardly assassin ; but heating a sniggering sound from a couple of boys as they vani:>hed around the I corner, it appeared to us that we might have been hit by a snow ball, and on placing our I hands to our beaJ such proved to be the tact, I and what we hal supposed to bo our brains trickling down the back of our neck was a dis- I agreeable mixture of snow and ice. The blow was to sudden and unexpected as to deprive us of the power to follow these gal lows-trained scoundrels, but we know their I villainous faces, and they sh<?il sweat for it I yet! If there is one infraction of law more I reprehensible than another it is this life-en dangering practice ot throwing masses of snow and ice at unsuspecting persons on the street. I If the police cannot protect our citiiens from jach attieka, then we m?ght .is well have no I police We trust the authorities will look to it rtxr lost. A pump is missing in the snow somewhere I on 2*?ew York avenue, between first street an 1 I Mew Jersey avenue The snow hereabout is I twelve feet deep It is suggested that the I Mayor should offer a reward for its recovery I or discovery. TO-DAY. The weather clerk gave another twist to the I meteorological crank last night, consequently I the face of creation is fit xen up tight as wax I to-Jay, and the sleighing carnival is revived I with accelerated spirit The inventive genius J of our citiiens in improvatising vehicles upon I runners is pretty well exhausted, but we nc- I tioe some new patterns creditable to the gc- I nius of our country friends who attend Centre I Market; for instance a ^pung' shaped affair, I the uprights of which are small evergreen I trees with the ?? browse all retained, I the concern, when in motion, a sort of " Bit- I nam wood coming to Dunsinane 1 sort of look. The occupants of the vehicle looked warm and I cosy in their moving bower. srrrKEitte prom the stoh* A pitiib'.e spectacle is presented at the City Hall, in the crowds of shivering poor people, mostly women. who are to be seen crouching I about the passages and besieging the door of I Mayor s office. Since the storm, at least two I hundred applications have teen made to the I Mayor for relief,'/or firewood more pertieu I larly,) but which he has no power to grant, I save from his own pockets Officers >?orwooa and Birch, while on a I r-jutd of observation yesterday, found, in a I bouse on Third street, a j>oor feeble old v/o man. at least eighty years of age. qufte alone, J and without fire or Juel. She was sitting in a state of torpor, and would, without douL.t, I have perished iu a short t.we but for the aid I afforded by the officers who energetically set about raising a blaring fire upon the cold I hearth THE travel. I Two passenger trains a day In each direction I are all that are moving between Baltimore I and Washington, instead f the four usual trains They started yester l.iy l'r.iu Ualtitn re I at W 1 j a m an i j 15 p m . and from Wash- I ington at % a. iu and 4 m p ui.. making tLeii I trips in but little over two hours time from I city to city Toe first train i" day from llil tiinore reached here at 11 o'clock Thus far there b^s been no communication over the road to Philadelphia, but travel was expected to be opened on it to-day. 'Pire Wood will bo given to a limited anount, iu small quantities, to destitute widows cn'y Apply ti 2U0 C street. The applicant wil! please bring a line iroin soiuo res ratable citaen, to prevent imposition." Tae abote advertisement appoared in the btar on Monday, and by noon jesterdiy the entleuian (Mr K I ward Rimms) hal over one unlred applications. Having a small quan ti'.y over h's own w ints he generously give it away, and delivered the wood at the doors of the applicants In every instance he had the gratification to know that it was assistance timely given. W e trust others will follow hi) example, as there are a hundred persons in this coaiiuunity who can each give a email quanti'y. and not miss it from their big pile, and bj so doing alleviate much suffering. > a nos al Thkaikk ? We presume our rea<? era are naogry by tb:s time for something iu the theatrical line, the theatre having necet sarily suspended cpertlioc* in consequence of the storm, and will avail themselves of the re-opening cf the establishment Ptres have been kent up through the day, and the house will unuout'.e-lly !,e warm and Comfortable ti-night lUe perf.rn.ance will commence with the fine domis _? drama, which has been t ime time tune in ri-'iearsal, entitled "Seeond Love. Miss i annj M rant taking the part .f tier.or Mowbray The ?? Vermont Wool Deal er, a laughable farce, concludes the per formance ?-? Oli> Time Ilkes ? A lew nights ago. anum ber of musical amateurs of this city had a gathering, at whi.-h the performances consisted of pieces popular from 17^0 to lbo7, and no piece ?ucg was le-s than fifty years old The performaL-e. *hUj|rr from (is novelty or the intrinsic w?rtii of the music, was a decided succe-s, and many loud calls have been made for its repetition. Public concerts, in which nothing but old time music has been performed, (and with the performers in old time costume.) have been in vogue for s->me years past at the North and have never failed to attract crowds. Such, we have no doubt, would be the case here wero the experiment tried. Amkuicax Colonuatiox Society. ? The public meeting connected with the anniver sary of the American Colonisation Society Will t ike pla~e this evening, at 7 o'clock. In Wesley Chapel. corner of Pifth and P streets, i.itracts from the ai < u .1 report wilt be read, and several address mide Unless pre vented by the state cf the roads, we learn that Rev Dr Lee, cf Richmond, and Rev. T. G. Boweu. a missionary fr m Yoruba, will be present and speak on the occasion. Tub Imaioratiox ?The A>exai.dria Rifle men have determined to come to Washington on Ihe 4 .h of March to unite in the ceremo Dies of the inaoguratiou of the President elect Tib Ward Meitieos called last night, to take measures for the relief of the suffering poor, were not go fully attended as they de served, bat such m were present are men of the right stamp, and the measures initiated by them last night will we are certain be the meana of affording relief to many a needy one. First Ward ?At the meeting, last night, in this Ward, Tho* P. Morgan was appointed ehairman, and D R Hagner secretary. The following gentlemen were selected as the col lectors and distributors of the Ward : First district, between 15th and 18th sts.? . Z M P King and James P Tuitin, collectors;] Robert Ricketts, distributor. Second district, between 18th and 20th sts A II Mechlin and Win. McDermott, collec tors; Charles Sioussa, distributor. Third district, between 20th and 22d sts ? Sam E Douglas and John B Turtcn, collec tor*; John W. Easby, distributor F urth district, between 22d and 24th at*.? I Dr S. A Storrow and Jossph Hubbard, col lectors; Thomas P. Morgan, distributor. Fifth district, between 24th street and Rock creek?Dr Wm (J. H Newman and Thomas Lawn, collectors; Wm J. Herbert, distributor. John W Fasbv wis appointed Treasurer. The citiiens of the Ward are earnestly re quested to make their donations to any of the above-named gentlemen as early as possible; there being at this time much suffering and destitution among the poor that needs to be immediately relieved. Second Ward.?The meeting for this Ward was attended last night by the two polico offi cers of the War l and two uther citiiens. F?ur parsons in all If it had beea a political mtet mg wo have no doubt some of the prominent citizens of the Ward would have been present. Is there no sympathy for the suffering in the Second Ward t Third Ward ?At the Third Ward meeting on the night of the 221 instant. Dr. W m Gun ton was appointed chairman. Mr G. Savage treasurer, and Mr Thomas C Connolly secre tary. A committee was appointed to solicit sibscriptions in the several districts assigned, eonaisihogt of Messrs. A Buchly and 8. P. Franklin, who are to collect south of Pennsyl vania avenue; Messrs G Savage and B 0. Shekel), between the Avenue and E street; Mr J W Davis between E and G streat?; Messrs. Joseph Bryan, Wm T. Griffith, C Wannall, H N. ? tsby and B. ilennine, be tween G and M streets; Messrs. F S Erans and H. O'Nealc, between M street and the boundary west ot Seventh street; and Messrs. A Shucking and Jerome Diggs between M street and the boundary oa;t ot Seventh street. The following gentlemen were selected a committee to ascertain the wants ot the poor, aud to give to the deserving written order? on the Treasurer, who will distribute the funds : Messrs B F. Gittings, J F Woll&cd.J 11 Goddard, Asa Gladmon, and M Hoover. The p?or south of New York avenue will apply to Mewrs Wollard and Gittings ; those north of Mid avenue and oast of Seventh street to Mr. iioddard ; and those north of said avenue and wont of Seventh street to Messrs. Easby and G1 tdmon The committees are requested to proceed at once to the execution of their duties Book* of subscription will be furnished at the Bank of Washington. Fourth Ward ?At the meeting in this Wurd, W:u A Bradley was choson chairman There being but few persons present, an ad j.urruient until tc-Jay at oi o'clock, i>. tu., wje agreed upon. The meeting will take place in the Chamber of the Board of Alder men, at which, it is hoped, there will be a large attendance. I'iftk Ward.?At the meeting held in this Ward, (John P. lng!e, chairman, and J. M. Grymes, secretary,) it was Resolved, That Dr Grymes (physician to the poor of the Ward) be authorized to call upon the rsbiients cf the Fifth Waid and so licit subscriptions and donations for the above purpose. Dr Grymes notified the meeting tiat he would cheerfully comply with the resolution Sixth Ward.?Viom thif Ward no report has been received. Seventh Ward?At the ineeti&g in this Ward, the Rev Wm. Deal? was appointed Cnairman, and John H. bemmes Secretary On motion of Thos Lloyd, the Ward was divided into five districts, and a committee ot three was appointed for each district to solicit contributions for the relief of the poor of said Ward On motion cf Thomas Lloyd, the following gentlemen were appointed upon said commit tees, viz : 1st district?John Pettibone Thos. C Wells Joseph A Gill ; 2i district?0 Bo?, well, Geo W. Garrett, John II Semmes; 3d district?Robert Mahoncy, P. Hepburn, jr., Wm R. Riley; 4th district?William Wise, Henry Lee, James Fspey , 6th district?Lewis Wright, John M Lloyd The meeting adjourned to 7$ o'clock this evening. Thi Weather ?Range of the thermometer from Thursday noon. Jan. 15, to this morning : Morning Noon. Night. Thursday ? 24* 1?? Kri'Uy 4? 18 2fl Saturday 22 30 30 Sunday... 6 2 4 Monday. H 16 12 Tuesday 2 1ft 28 Wednesday....* 21 30 22 1 bur*lay ............. ^ ?? ? Average height of the thermometer in the mornings from 16th to 22d January, inclusive, 10* 02'. Note.- New w on Sunday, January 25, be tween ft and ft} p m Sunday, the Irt:b, heavy snow at>fm; 19th, snow fell Potomac still fast bound, and i-now on the ground B. GEORQ8TOW5, Jau. 22, 1857. A Cask ok Great Nkckssitv.?This fore noon there was brought to our knowledge a truly d--serving esse of great necessity?the case of a mother with two small children, one of them blind, deserted near two years since by their natural protector. They have been for three days almost wholly without food or fuel, owing to the poor woman's illness and consequent temporary incapacity to ply the needle. We appeal to the charitable to afford them 8;u.e relief?coal and provisions. On applying at this office any one disposed to aid them can ltarn where they may be found. In such a esse tho value of assistance is in its beiug promptly rendered. ARimsTin ?Watchmen Norwood and Birch yesterday arretted a colored man named Solo mon Dunmore for an assault and battery on a boy named Jemes Dement. He struck the boy on the head with a piece of coal, inflict ing a severo wound The Mayor, happeuing to le near at the time, drecsed the wounds of the boy, and ordered the urrest of Dunmore. The prisoner was taken before Justice D >nn. and held to bail for court. PibE ?On Tue?Jay evening a fire took place at the small briok building just this side of the Park on Seventh ktreet. burning it to the ground Our fire cimpjnies, with indomi table perseverance, dragged their apparatus through the drifts to the fire, but were not able to reach the ground in season t<> afford any assistance. Cbstre Market ?This morning the supply Was very delioient Most of the country uea' cr* are unable to attend, in consequence ot the condition of the roads, and the markets are supplied by the butchers and huoksters. Provisions of all kinds sell of course at a high figure. ??. Christy's World-renowned Minstrels appear to-right, at Odd Fellows' Hall, in a Kreat number of mirth-provoking songs, dances and burlesques. The Hoon Will Cli'b have their thirl a? sembly at Harmony Hall t(-night, at which a good time may be expected. iouR Fionas cmrivalled colored fashion plate iu Godey a Magazine for February. It also contains numerous engravings of French a.broidery We understand it is noif for sale at hhiilingtcn * bookstore Mr Shillingtou has sent us Graham's Magatine and Ladies National M*g?zint? for February, highly em bellished Our literary friends ?**n always be accommodated with the latest publications, at Shillington s, corner of 4} street and PennsyU vania avenue. ? Watcb Retcrms ?Last night, seven per sons were accommodated with lodgings. The only case for trial was Henry McBriae for an attempt at house breaking paid costs, IlT" Why will ye die when ?liiictlltat iu?dl<-*ne 1* it hand. whereby mil L.QDC Piaaaae* are etfcrta ally cnrMf The great Balsam or LiftiwoiT ami> Hh* norm>, originally prepared by Nalituaonltah, mi Indian ma'deo of the Ouelda tribe, who a.tei ?ard? berame Mr*. M. X. Gardner, haa *?ved and eured ita ten* of Ihooaanda, and written upou thankful heart* more than <>ne hundred thoc? and real certificate* M?*? ra Weeka k Potter, No. XM Washington (treat, Baa ton, General Agent*. For aale by W. H. adman, Charlea Stott, Nairn k Palmer, Z. D. Oilman, and by Dr-g*M* gfD ra?7. Jen IS?lw. lD"Thfr? Yen ?? Again.?tall in al Por DY'S CIOAK AND PKRIODICAT. DEPOT, No. 4?0, Pennayl vanla avenue, and -apply yonraelf with come of tboae flne Hnrana Cigar*. They are certainly the beat ertr brought to ihli market. Ton can alto And all the lata Pkbiodicals and NEwiPArtka, an.l al; kind* of Htatiomcbt. He recilee* Lie paper* regularly, nntw itbttandln* the anow iWrnia. Re member, iw Pennsylvania avenue, betw?kn *d and <4 atreeu. under Washington H< tel. Jen SO-31 UTAoOld Friend to the inffaring iiMrii Gardner * Indian Balaam of l.lverwort and Hoaihooud, for the cure of all cough*, cold*, cr.up, Ac. Thi* preparatlou has stood the t?*t for the j aat twenty years, and now abd ever will auud uutlvailed. It la for aale by all druggUt* throughout the Cnlted States and Brltlah Province*. W?H k Potts a, 1M Washington atreet, Boatoa, Whole aale Agent*. Z. D. Qilaa-w, Waalilsctju, Special AgeLt. jan l?-lw IX^Brandreth't Pi lis.?The Weak, the OoD*nmptlve. Bhenmatic, Captive, Billon* and Delicate, after aom* day'* nae wi. find renewed strength and life pervade every orgau cf their frame*. Kvery do*o make* the blood purer. The nervna cnmmeccs In the arterle* and teimluat* in the rail!*. Tbeae pill*, a* a tlr*t effect, act upon the ar terial blood, Increasing the circulation, by whleh impurities Are dsposlttd In tbs vein*, and tliey throw off such collec tions into the bowels, which organ, by the energy derived from Braiidrith'a Pill*, expel* tiiew from the ?yg eta. When dr*t used, the pill* may occasion griping, and even make the patient feel worn* ; thla meat be hornn with for the good to oowe aftaranrili No great good i* often achieved without I some trouble in It* attainm*ut, and this rule applle* to the recovery of health. Theee ?yniptnm* only occur where the body ha* long struggled under a load of Impure, tenaclou* huaior*. A coaaecutlve u>>e for a few day* will gallafy the l m?*t unbelieving of ibe great good the pill* are dolrg. The dlractlou* eliould be carefully ?ludled. If nudereU>ud and followed, health and * Ignr will, In a n.a>>rlty of be bd cured by the oae of KK ^NWHKTH'H Plila. Bold at .6 cents per box at 41! atreet, Rrandretb BniUHag, New Yuik;by T. W. Oyolt k Sou*. Mi uorth Second atreet, Philadelphia, aud by iue<ilrlne dealer* gener ally. UuVS*?tl I^iJmwb'i Bronchial Trotbea.??" Ws b?ve found them "f great eervlce luallaying Bruurhlal Irrita tion, and In auivlolug Hoai ao'i-VM produ e.l by Colds ?and do oar clerlo,| biethrau a real favwr lu calling ihelr altenUoU t? thaiu"?iloo'i Herald. "We commend them ??? ll.e at teiktlon i.f public speaker*, alinrem, aud others who are troubled with atlect'otia of the Throat."?Christian Wat. h uian. " for CuBglia, Aatlilua, A*., we cbetrlullr bear toatl itiouy fr. tu pL-;*owal knowledge to their etUcai y." -Hallou'a Pletatrlal. " They are a *lm|)le and elegant ?bnn for ..Irult, ietarlng in couiblnatlou, Hoveral medicinal anbrtance* held iu general ealeeiu ?iu i,ig Phyalciaua lu the treatment ??? bronchial *ff?oil?.u?."?Dr. tl. K. Biga'.ow. (bnUltiing no <>plutu or deleterious drugs, thea* l^i>.engee can lu card ireely by pul-'.te spanker* add v.?c?iuu for cleai ing aud giving stieugth to ilia voict. Sold by all Drugglat*. Oct 15 If JaMK^ N. CAM.AN, AgeoU [{T'lmpirlant to the Lndiis!?Dr. i?n PONCO'S rKMAI.K PII.LS ? Tie combination of lngredi ?ntaln the I'lllaara perfectly harmless. Their efficacy and xerlta are based up- ti an exteni've practice of over thirty years; and, where the direction* have been strictly fol lowed, they Lave never failed to correct all Irregularities, relle% e painful an4<*IQcall menstruation, (pi.rtlci iarly,) at (he change of Ufa. fnay will cur* the Whlt<3a, and remove all obatruetloe* frs;n cold, exposure or any caraea; aud maybe na-d *u ca**fal!y a* a Trevstilive. Call npon (he agent, and jet a Olronlar for parllcaiara tree. Prloa tl pe. Imix, wilb full dlre-.tlona. jJold wboloitela and retail by CH AS. STdTT, D. ngglat. Pen'iaylvan'a avenue, 4AMI KI. B. WAiri., S2< Seventh a reet, Waahington, 0. 0.; and K. S. T. C!:44KL, O^orgevown; to wiiom all ordvia nmat be aei t, aud the Pill* will be sent confidentially, by mail, to ia-lien who ?r close the;n one ??ollar. N. U. ? 3?a clHa?iure va the box; to jonstarfallit ia for ary. te ?-tf I?lAKHIti) CJn tlio 2lFt instant, by the llev ?' 1) Uurlfy, I) I). Mr JAMt-3 M WlTllliUOWloMiN WANDA. A HILTON, all of this city. ? In this city, bv the Ktv Andrew G. r'arothei?. Mr WKSKiNU TURNfcR to Miss KLI.KN V ES-fcX, da'i^iitef of Jcslali t^ex, ,bvth ? f tfci* city. i> I EL', On ;up 19:h instant, WILLIAM THOXIAS CARROLL, jf , lu the.l'h ve*r his On tLe aut ljistant, 1 RA'SLlS MA81, i-.i the ??:h year of his a^e On board the U S Ship Constellation, at Con ntantinople, on the l#th of \ovember, Iwift, a^od 10 years and 1 unntha, M idohliiuan It .MhAUK (iRAHAM, second son of Lieut Col. James II. Urahain, USA. BOVI' SLKIOIIS, RIM KIN 4 HllRSfcS, v\ heel-liarrows, 4c , at jan 20 LAMMONU'3. THE IUI,U)IBI A INSTITUTE, VOR YOUyti LADIES. 446 Eleventh atreet, between G and H . PROF GKORUK HKNK Y STU KCKKA'l H, Principal; Mies ELIZABETH L WIL LIAMS, Vice Principal,?A Lady eminently qualified to take the charge of the English De pirtinent and the government and discipline cf the School. The ejerclse? of the second term of the Insti tute will c^romenco on MONDAY, the 2d day of Kebuarv proximo. Applications for admission should dp madr* as early as possible A HIGH SCHOOL FOR YOUNG GENTLE MEN, under the direction of Prof GFoaax 11 Stckckrath, a? Principal, to b<? located on F ?treet, between 6th and 7iu streets, or in the vl claety of Trinity Church, will be opened on the 4 th of Febuary, proximo. Ear y application should be made to the ?al at his r?*id?nce, Columbia Institute, f. r oung Ladles, 446 11th street, between G and II Jan 12 lm* I)1 tR . MUNSON. AT PENN'A AVENUE Is still making those beautiful ?nntinuous BUM TEETH, called! Aller.'s Patent, for the excellency nf ? . , f . which over all other styles of teeth, many now wearing them In this city, will cheerfully vouch. There is one Dentist In this city who has been Iniilnglntr ?.h?'patent, and made a bad linltatlou of it, against whom l hereby caution the public N. B Whenever a Dentist speaks against Alien's Patent Continuous Gum Teeth, when propeily constructed, It is because he It Ignorant of the proefce, Incompetent to make the work, or ? unwilling to pay for the patent. je lfl-tf AUCTION SALE OF CLOAKS AND TAL MAS. milE SUBSCRIBER, DETERMINED NOT J to carry oxer any cf Ills stock of CLOAKS, will ^ Bci the remainder, now on hand, for sale to the hlghett bidder, fur rash, on FRIDAY MORNING, January 2id ^ale commencing at 10)4 o'clock, at his stor ,'241 Pennsylvania avenue, btweeii l"2tu and l'Jth fctrtets. FRANK A AlcGEE. P S From th!* time till the day of sale, he will otter his stock at les? than cost. Jan lW-4t F. A. McG. i SPECIAL NOTICE. have not xettled their bills, as rendered to 31st Dtct iuber. are requested earnestly to dj .?o by the * 5th instant, by cash or notea at short dates We think ti ls a very reasonable request, and If not complied with we shall be compelled to discon tinue their accounts We again tender our thanks to these many cus tomers who buy of us for cash, aud those who pay their bills promptly, ai d shall be happy to serve them at all times with a well at sorted stock of GOODd, of the best class lor ger er^l family consumption. COL LEY Sc. SEARS, No. .?23 7t'u ??t., 3 doors above Pa. avenue. jinl7-etd; I SPLENDID t'AKPETINOS AT ItEDCL'Ell ' PRICES. IN CONSEQUENCE OF THE AL'VANCED ! sta; e of the season, we have determined to I sell for a short time, any or all of rur stock of ' flne and superior Carpetlngs at cost for the cash ' Any In want of a bargain will do well toav-.Jl ; themselves of this opportunity, as without dr-iiM ? most of Ih^rn were purchased by us at much lowerUgures tlian the sam^go^d> (iacoustquence of the advance In the price of wool) can be had wholesale now. I We have In s ore two of those superior Tourfiav Velvet Louis XIV Medallion Carpets, the most magniflcent article of the Iind ever seen, and which cannot be matched in this cuntry. Also, on the same terms,20 pieces elegant Satin Delaine, Satin Brocatel, and Orapery Broadcloth with all the centre, side tassels, oands, i ornlces, [ pins, gimps, Ac , to match AKo, a superb lot of Sw lss Lace, and Muslin, i and Embroidered Under Curtains, Gllt-b idtr?d ' Window Shades and Shade Linens Also, superb Table Damasks, Napkins, Clotbt, Overlays, Dollies. Toweiliigs, Dusters, Qullta, Plsno Covers Ac. Members of Congre^E und others will flr.d It to theii adv^nli'i? \o iuake their purchases of us nt this time Jan Sii-eoflt CI.A QETT, PODS ON A CO. HEWAKD w ILL UK PAIOKOK the apprehension of my Servant JtM Man, FREDERICK BOOTH, who left home on ThurMlay. 15ih Inst He is a bright JP mulatto about thirty flve years old, Wve feet liveor^l\ Inches In height, full black whiskers, which he will no doubt takeclf, of a sullen coun tenance when spoken to He is well acquainted In Washington, and Is no doubt lurking there at tlii* time, psrtlcularly with a free family, who left the neighborhood a few weeks slnco, by name Butler 1 will glv? the above reward for the apprehen sion of said Servant no matter where taivn, pro vided he is secured in j til so that I get nim a^alu WM. ri UWYNN,Sa. jan IT eotPebl Piscataway, Md. NOTICE WE ARE COMPELLED TO REMIND many of our i ustomers whoae a counts were sent to them before the 11.-st of the new year that thflr bills have have not yet l?ce.i settled. We are much In want of the money, and hope that nil who owe us will at once call or send U8 re:tle.nent? for the amount of their Indebtedness, and ihereby save annoyance Ipth to them as well us US. Many thanks to those who have aJready so promptly responded to our first noihe; It Is a pieasme to us to se*ve all such. CLAGFTT, DODSON if CO. jai'WdtFebl AUCTION BALES. Hy WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auctioneer*. CIO flflfk WORTH or J It WEIR Y,

v IwjvUU Oeld, UlTtr. and I lated. Hunting. and ( pen-faced Watches, ?eld Cht Ins *c.,at PabTc Anctltn?On THURS DAY KVENING. Janunry 2*2d. (end every even InguntU the whole Is dl?posed of> we will fell, at 370, under Browns' Hotel, the largest stock 'f Jewelry, Ac , ever ?flared at public suction In this city All cf which will positively be sold, without regard to cost. Consisting in part, vii: Gold, Silver, and Plated, Hunting, and Open facfd Watches Gold Chains. Gold Bosom Pins, and Ear Drops Do Canr.eo, Mosaic, and Gold Stone Pins, and Ear Drops to match Gold Bracelets, Cimeo, and Mosaic, all sli's Gold and Bi.ver Thlmb!es, Geld Lockets do Cold Studs. Sleeve Buttons, and Ear Drops Geld Finger Rings, Watch Keys and Fobs Also, Pearl. Shell, and Silver Card Casss Portmonales, Pen Knives, Ac. With many other articles too numerous to men tion. Terms: S30 and under, cash ; oveT that amount a c-edtt of 10and 60 days, for notes Ea'lsfactorlly endorsed, bearing interest. WALL, BARNARD ft CO , jan 24 d Auctioneers. For Bale and Rent. FOR SALE, OR FOR RENT.?THE Three story lire proof Building In the tear cf Jack srtri Hall, and known as Davis A Garret's Carpen ter ^hop Apply to JOS H BRADLKY,Jr jan 20-1 w IIOOMS FOR Rl.NT?A LARGE PARLOR I k with Bedroom attached, well furrl?hed, and lighted with gas si.uated on I'enn avenue, No :i-y. opposite Wlilards' Hotel Kent mc,derate A pplv ob tbe premises. 20 3t* \RARE CHANCE ?FOR RENT.?A Store with a small stock cf Groceries, and l-lx tiiie , and Gwod Will, in a very favorable 'ora tion It is an establishment having a tine run of ctif torn, and where a great business can be done, ai.d la^e profits realized Favorable teim* will be ottered tbe purchaser. Inquire at No 121 lli.h ?,: ect, between G and H. jan / tool) GARDEN FARM FOR SALE?The " * subscriber invites proposals for a "ardtn farm, Ivln? a short distance west of Georgetown, near the Potomac river, known as the 14Hunter Farm,*1 containing fear twenty acres i f laid. This po sition is well knewn to the neighborhood a* pro ducing of the be?t fruits, c*ntelu|:es, Ac. The foil Is much improved and very productive. :i:.d the buildlag8 on the place are suitable for sicail families following tbe occupation of gar dening. The terms will be made known cn application tome. (j in 40-31) RICHARD SMITH. FOR RENT ?a 6ROCERY STORE AND House attached, in a wholesome and good locality. The Store is now doing good business Any person wishing f.-ra good business stand and cheap house and f>t?rc, would do well to call at this c tflrv? for further p-.r It ulers. j<in IT l\v* L'Olt KENT ?THE STORE-ROOM R F * cently occupied by E M Drew, Mercha-1 Tailor. No 616 7th street, irr.medlatelv oppcsl'e the office of tbe National Intelligencer. For Wms, apply next doer io GEO. W COCHRAN, Cigar and Tobscco De iler. jan ltt-tf fpWO LARGE ROOMS SUITABLE FOR I GENTLEMEN TO LSI'. K EN TED.?They al"0, <aa br Hoarded in 'be house If desired Apply to THUS POTENT1NI, No 470 Penn. avenue, south side. dec 17 \ DELIGHTFUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE.?Tbe subscriber Las for ?ale a desirable Co'intry Residence, about a mile a d a quarter distuat from the Pest Office. In a north easterly direction, ?>n Boundary street, between f?'h and 7th streets east. 1 ue Li*, consi'is of oout two acres of ground, Slid la >11 a bigh state of cultivatlo.1 Ihe i* of frame, nearly new, and possev s3* many conveniences not usual la a country resi dence It is forty-three ieetfrontand thirty-three deep, with a two-story kitchen attached The situation is elevated, perfectly healthy, ard commands a fine view of the city and surround ing country belonging to the pr< mints are a stable, t ar rlage-house and wooa shed, all convenient to the house and in good order The house Is comfortably furnished. and the furniture is for sal? wltb the Apply by letter or in person to Jan3-3w WM STICKNEY. IIHIR KENT?THA I' LARGE AND AIRY House on Penn avenue, between 8th and 7 th streets, over A. Hoover A Son's Shoe Store, suita ble for a first-class Boarding-House. It is now undergoing a complete repair Possession given Immediately. Inquire of A. HOOVHRASON, south side of Penn avenue, between 6th and 7th streets oc 30-tf GREAT GIFT BOOK STORE, UND EK I) EX TEKH HO TEI. An Immense assortment of New Koeks nu 11 be opentd 'This Ihii/, AND AN ENTIRELY NEW LlsT OF PRESENTS will b<> distributed to our patrons hereafter. Members of congress, citizens, and STRANGERS will Hid o?r stock of Books worth th^lr attention It Is the largest and mo it valuable assortment ever opened in this city, comprising standard and Miscellaneous Works In nil the departments of Ancient and Modern Science. Literature, and Art. Also, all tbe latest Publications, Annuals of the Season, Bibles, Prayer Bocks, New Kdltions of the Po et", Ac , Ac , in Turkey Motocco, Antique, Vel vet, anrt other rich atid superb Binding*, ele gantly illustrated. A PRESENT. worth from '25 Cents to 8100, will be given (lm mediately after tbe sale) to every purchaser of a Book for which we receive SI or more. |XI7~0 per cent of all our net receipts will be placed In tbe bands cf HU Honor the Mayor cf Washington, to be distributed for the bent tit of the Poor of tbe city. At the Old Stand, under Dexter's Hotel, sign of tbe Red Flag. jiuHtf J PHILBRICK. Ag nt. T HE TKiUUNK ALMA.1AC EOK 1?*47. received and for sale at SHILLlNGTON'd Bookselling and Stationery Establishment In addition to the usual calti.dar pages and as tronomical calculation*, the Tribune Almanac will contain: Very full and complete fclection Returns by States, Congressional Distil L-ts, and Counties for 1H56, carefully compared with tbe returns of for mer yeurs Tbe Important Acts of Congress, condensed 'I he Government of tfc?- United States List of Members of the present Congress, and of th* next as far as elacted, classified pollt'oiUy. A concise statement if :he doings in Kansas during the past year A n account of tbe remarkable Contest 'or Speaker Of tbe House An article on the State of liurope An account of the movements of bea. Walker and his Filllbuster Ouinpini ms la Nicaragua A classifl-d list of the Governors of the elates, Timej of bold'ng Elections, Meeting of Legis lator, Ac The Platform cf the Kepub ica'i Party, with a condensed statement of these of tte Deimcfatlc and Ar. erlcan Pa-ties Tbo J tlf-rsoatan Ordinance of I7s4 adecum nt not generally accessible, and which had it been adopted, would have made Kentucky, Alabama, Mississip i. and Tennessee free states 'lbr*e years later the Ordinance of 1787, applicable only to the Northwest Territory, was adopted. Single cople i 14# cent* For sale at SHILLING TON'S Bookstore, Odeon building, Jan 41--3t Corner \ % street and Penn. ave. WASHINGTON ACADEMY OF Ml'MC. Over Fahnhavi's Bookstorc, Pknh avk , ENTHASCE O.V 11 TH STREET R F. NICHALLS CROUCH HAS THE . pleasure to announce to his friends and pu pils that be will commence the first of his couree of Lectures, on tbe history of Music, at the Rooms of the Institution, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, January'28th,beginning at& o'clock, and continuing every Wednesday until fu ther notice As these readings are strictly private, and deliv ered for the purpose of instructing the pupils and friends of the Institution, It will be necessary to Insure seats, that immediate application be made for Tickets to Mr Crouch, Vocal Director, wlth ! out iBfhlch no person will be admitted. | Tickets delivered every day between 9 and V a. m and from 6 to 8 p m. jan 40-St OKNTAL SLROfcO!*. DR. B F. COSBY, PENN AVENUE, BE twi?n Sixth and Seventh streets, at the place formerly oocupled by l)r MM 1 Van Patten, has Just received a very^^1-1 l&rge supply of articles pertain 1 >g to dentistry, and respectfully Invites tne public to give him a call. Having devoted his wnole time to the pro fession, he imperfectly safe In declaring that he will give entire satisfaction in every case. The best professional references can be seen at his of Uce nov 14-tMarchvo* Kvn t'LK&NKKt, with the latest im provement.?K very family and boarding housekeeper should have one. Jaa -jo r G. FRANCIS. 400 7th st. Wa?hln?t?n Veterinary Infirmary, FOR HORSES, l)OGS, ft , 5J53 D st bet. 13X and Utb sis., soutb of fa. ave., J NO. GREGSON, PROPRIETOR, Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, Loudon. inr Horses examined as tosoundne^c, Ae jaa 13-lm M1 b N AUCTICB BALES. rATALOUI'E or PARIS CLOAKS TO BK ' SOLD AT AUCTloy, On TrKSD&Y, Jaaaary U7th, WITHOTT1IIIRVI, at the fe?or# of CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY A CO Sale to ccmir.enre at 12 o'clock. JAMES C. VcGUIRE, Auctloiesr. ?? tTortA. No 1 Hro Mo'.re Antique and Velvet Cloak. S5J No a Blue A blk V' A M Ant , do 50 No 3 Il k Velvet a id Moire Antique, do >6 No 4 Green Satin; very rich, do 51 No ft Handsome Brown Clotb, do 25 C5? - ?lack Velv?L very plais, do 40 a Xan ?loth and Moire Antique, do tt? No 8 Bro Cloth and Molre Antique, do 20 No 9 1 ancy Cloth Circular, do SO No 1? Brown Trimmed s-a'tn, do 25 No 11 Rich Silver Brown Velvet, do 4?? No 12 Drab Cloth, trim d with velvet do >5 No 13 Blue Watered Silk, ' No 14 l)rab Embroidered Cloth do <5 No >5 B.own do do do as No 1# Brown do do dt. Noli L t Drab Cloth A Molte A utlque do No 18 Drab Embossed Clotb do No 1'J Black Cloth Traveling do in No 2() Blk Moire Antique and Velvet (Shawl) do No 21 Do do do do No 22 Handsnme Blk Ve vet (plain) do so Noi'3 Do Moire Antique and Velvet do so N>.2I Klch Black .Voire Antique and Velvet do Stf No 25 H *nd-?.ome Black Veivet do No2K Veiy elegant Blk Velvet do j-5 No27 \ ery cle^aut Blk Moire Anliquedo 75 No 5elt Handsome Cloth Talma do 2u Nui'J do do do JO The above Goods mvzt 't sold Terms cash. Sert ral handsome Crimson Crape bba*li>, Oa?bmere Shuwis, and Evening Urte&Ucods will be <ff>red after tie sale rf Cloais The Cloaks u:ll be ttf-red at private sale until tli* dny named above jaa 11-4 J. o. McbUIRF, Au^t By J AS. C. M< GU1RF, Auctioneer. ,M ItNITt HE AND HOUSEHOLD r** fectsat Public Au-tion.- On THl'RS DAV MORNING, January, 224 at 10 o'clock, at fUe residence of J. A Sheehan, on 4tb street be twecn ];.dlaiia avmreard north E street, I shall sell all his Furn'ture and F Beets, corrprising? Rosewood Boudoir, Piano Forte and Stcoi Superior Mahogany Scfa, Rocke:?, ar.d parlor Chairs Ma'blc-top Ceutre arid Sofa Tables Mahogany Card, Dining, and side Table* Gilt frame pLrand inan'cl Glasses Cane and Wii d<or Chairs, Lourge Walnut Whatnot, fancy Chairs I'amifttv and Lace Curtains, ?b d?s Mdboeany French a'd Cottage Bedsteads Curkd Lair ard lir*k Mattiesres IVatb?r l!ni->. Bolsle s, and Pillows l?reg.-i;5g and plain Bureaus, Wardrobes Wa Lstar.ds, fillet Set?, Cooking Glasses Superior Brisks. tbree-piy and other Carrets ^Inir Carpet, Rugs, Oil Clotb, Ac Granite Dinner Ware, China Te* Set silver plated Ca-tors, Table Cutlery G las-ware, Crockery-were, Fire Irohs Cxoel cut Cooklrg and e ther Stoves 1 oy h> r with a geacra1 assortment of Houvehold and Kitchei Requisites IV rms : S25 and under, ca-h ; over that sum a credit of 6(t and tto days, ^satisfactorily endorsed notes, hearing intere?t ja:il?-d JAS C. McSOJRE, Auct. ir7"Tiie above Sale is Postponed until WEDNESDAY MORNING, Jan. vSth, sane hour Jan 21 JAS c McGL'IRE, Auc r. Ly U ALL, BARNARD A CC , Auctioneers. '?Mil. CRfc.A't SALE OF -Standard i;n^ " lbh ?ad A merlcan Hooks will be rontlnufd THIS EVENING, at store No. 370 Pennsyl vania avtnue, under Browns' Hotel; also, Mne Family and Pccket Blblesln tbericbest bindings, l.etter and Ncte Haper. Gold Pens and Stationery of all kiads. A lo: of line Engravings and Oil Paintings In Frames WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auc'rs N. B Books at prlva e sale during the day, Including Dr Kane's, and other valuable works, vtry reduced prices Jin 20 6t [Intti5: J By \\ ALL. BARNARD A CO., Auctioneers. K'-V AND SKI OND-HA.NO 4 AKKIA ^eaat An< tion.?On TUESDAY MORN ING, 2<)th instant, In front of our Wareroom <Hasiup A Weedcn's Luiiding, corner of C and 9lh streets, we will sell? 1 double v arrla; e, new ar.d of the very best build 1 Phteton, n?-w, lir.ished very handsomely, and suitdble 1ot a physician 1 second-hand CIarenee Carriage, built by Hook & Co , of tnis eity. This Is a ?eiy handsome vehleic, and In tlrst-rate order 1 secci.d hard KocSaway, In tirst-rate order built llgtitand strong It has been used but a very short time, and is as yood as new, Terms : One-fturtb rath ; the remainder in 31), r'.O, and days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, and bearing Intf rest WALL, BARNARD A CO, Jin 10-dts Auctioneer". 89-Tfts abeva Sale is Postponed, on ac c unt of the weather, until SATURDAY MORN IN ti. the 2Uh, at ^2 o'clock, m. Jin 20 WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auc'is By WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auctioneers FURMTI HE AND TIOI'SEHOLP EF fects at Auction. ? On FRIDAY MORNING, J anuary at 10 o'clock, we will seii, at the residence of Mr. W S. Clary, No 4?* H street, between K th and 11th, a general as sortment of House-furnishli.g Articles. We name in part? < ?ne Piano Forte and Stool .Mahogany Sofa,spring seat Chairs and Rockers Maple Cottage Set, \\ ardrobe, and Rocker Mahayauy euntre, side, and rard Tables Do Hut Rack. Hall Lamp Do Bureaus, Mirrors, and Vases* Single and double Bedsteads atid Mattresses Feather Beds and Bedding, Curtains and Shades Cane and wood-seat Chslrs an! Rockets Three-ply, ingrain, and other Carpets Excellent Cook Stove, Parlor Stoves Oelf, Crockery, and Glassware With* general assortment of Kltcben Requisites Terms : S25 and under, cash ; over that amount a rredH of sixty and ninety days, for notes satis factorily endorsed, bearing interest WALL, BARNARD A CO., jan 17 dts Aucti neers ily JAS. C MrGU IRK, Auctioneer AKARK CHANt K TO SECCRK A Vain ahle Hasiness Stand and a Profitable | Basiacss.?'I be undersigned Intending to er- ' gU-e in other bu?ine>s, wtll sell atpablic haction, on FK'DaY LVKNING, January 'i-'id, at 4 o'clock, < u the premises, hi* N.isehold (which cas ten yean, and six months to run) on that valu able property on the north side of Peon avenue, between 12th and 13.h streets, occupied by him t uccesifuiiy as a Restaurant and Eating-House. An excellent Dwelling is attajhted to the Restau rant, rendering the prorertv desirable as a r? si dence and stand for any other business if pre ferred . Persons desiring to examine the ptemlsej may do yo bv cnlllni; on the subscriber. Terms of sale: One-fourth cash; the residue in 1.2. or:i vears, for satisfactorily se< ured notes bearing Interest llbNKY KUHI. jan ltf-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. rPRI:STKE'S SALK.-On THURSDAY the A VMih day of January, 1-57, at 4^ o'clock pm., in front of the premises, by virtue of r?" d*ed of trust to me, dated Mav 12th, 1NJ1, and recorded In Liber J . A S . No 77. folios 4S5, Ac , one of the land records of Washington county, District of Columbia, Lot No 1, Square No.SW, having a front on Third street west of 45 feet 9 Inches, and 75 feet on G street south. Terms cash All conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. J. H. GODDARD, kruotae. jan 17 3tAds A. GREEN, Anct'r. L'y JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Auction sale of a valuable Lot of Old and New Miscellaneous Bs>iks and tag ravings.?On WKDN E S D A '/ , THURSDAY, and FRIDAY EVENINGS, January 21st, *2d, and 23d, at the auction rooms, 1 shall sell, at G o'clock precisely, a most desire ble collection of old and new London Books, En gravlngs, Ac. Tee sale will commence with a choice collection of Architectural Works, Books on Industory and Mechanics,fEn^lneerlng, Ac., which will be followed by a collection of various old and new Loadon and American publications, amongst which we direct attention to Mr Ken ney'sIndian Tribes, Cyc op.dla of Arts and Sci ence, It) vols , 4to, Nllei's Register, Ac. The sale will be terminated by a tine collection of Engravings, Lithographs, Ac , from Lumley, l.andon, Ac. Terms cash. JAtS. C. McGUIRE, j ?n 16-dts Auctioneer. rpHE HORSES, VEHICLES, AMD OTH X er Merchandise heretofore sold on Die square at the corner of 7th street and the Avenue will he discontinued and hereafter sold In front of our store C. R. L. CROWN A 'JO , Jan 14-2W Auctlc neero OST.-OM FRIDAY BVENIN? at the President's Levee, a long BRC CHA SHAWL, with green cenire A sulUble ?' ward will be paid if left at this oA e >in<o-it* L TELEGRAPH NEWS. FROM THE ASSOCIATED PKF-* wv house phitrriNe tmle&ha ph. Wiscetiin S?nktor?hip Madison, (Wi? ) Jan 21 ? A oaucoi of Re publican member* of tbe Legislature held thia afternoon nominated J. R. Doolittle for ^?UoUed SUiM Senate. The DemoeraUof tbe Legislature bar# nom I' atod Judge Dunn for U b Senator. Sirakoach at the Academy of Mule Naw } ore. Jan 12 ?Tha Academy of Ma* *"* WM opened la?t nigbt for operatic parform aices, under the management of Maanoa Stra kiacb. There wta a very fall attendanoe and a tumult uoua reception. Parodi aad Tlberinl were the principal artiatea. TLa Weather Moderating LjIIsville. Jan. 21 ?Tha weather hat c nsiderably moderated at all point* la this d'reotion. and tha ica ia beginning to braak ap. I: i? feared there will be a number of steam b <at? irjured, as many of tbem ara lying In exposed atd dangerou? poaitiona. Bail road Communication Pbiladrlphia, Jan. 22 ?Tha Baltimore road ia open for travel, atd a train started at s clock this morning, the regular hour Tha Western track ia still obatructed. Prtaidakt of the Bank of Miaeoarl St. Lor is, Jan 21 ?James M Rufbei t>q , h?f been chosen praaident of tha Stat* ?'anW > f Missouri by the Legislature of thia ^tate. - Fire at Louiaviile LjrisTii.Lt. Jan 21 ?The eitenairu jew e'ry arsMiahment of Mr J. Esterle*, la this city was entirely de* rtyed by lire thii tort. >??/ Tha ln?-s is eev*rea by insuranca New Orleana Market*. Nkw Orleans, Jar. 21. 7 p to.?'ibe talcs of cotton to-day ware 11,000 late*, at on ' banged prices. Sales cl molasse* at 62-% White wheat SI <>5. Me?spork$21. Lard in I b's. 12fc. Freights on cotton to Liverpool ial7-32J. Sterling exchange 7. New York M&rkett* New Vodk. Jan. 22 ?Flour ia quiet, sale* of 5 500 bMf; Stat* $5.40a$6 ?0; Southern ?7a$7 30. Wheat has advanced, sales of 4,000 bush.; red II 63t Corn is dull and nominal. P?rk is dull aud easier; mess $20 $7i Beef is buoyant; repacked Chicago Sl&a$15.60 l.irrt is dull and luwer; bbla. 12fe. Whi-ky is unsettled; Ohio 29c. Baltimore Market*. Laltimorc, January 22.?There ia nothing diingio Breadstuff's t'-d?y. S:?les of Wb'fkey at 27 cents. Financial Nsw Yore, Jan 22 ?Stocks are lewer and dull. Chicago and Rock Inland i/7i; Cumber Ian 1 Coal Co. 20, Illinois Central shares 12U, Michigan Southern ?7j; New York Central J ',",, KeadingS2j; Missouri 6 s h5J. Sterling exchange ia flat. . 1^*7 a n *Tld?y ?< Pittsburg the trial of L^rd Arthur John Hudson," for petty iwind l nR (mentioned some weeks back) was con eluded ||18 "Lordship" CoIldact#d bim##lf alter tbe most approved fashion of the gectrv was suave, self-possessed aud fascinating Th!u ViV ? sill Of the penitentiary* 1 h. dgh bu. a bogus nobleman, Lord John ia evidently of the best of the English " swell mob He was convicted. ty* It is stated that the "Free SUte Leg i-lature i) ?j em bled at Tope k a Kansaa onth. 6th but "Gov Robinson ' wasn't there and Lieut Gov. Roberts wasn t there Th* L S. Deputy Marshal, howeve?, wLThere lith a writ from Judge Cato. upon which he arreet el seven of the "members," and had a pre ? ,ltk? twenty-five or thirty more ot tnia "deliberative assembly," if he could find them. Fire on a Train or Cars.?A gentleman connected with the railroads in thta city in forms us that this morning, about 4 o'clock Conductor McCtur*. Miami Railroad, while at L'nion, diacovered that the baggago car of a train on the Indian apel is road was on fire He gave the alarm, and the doora were forced open The fir* had alreaJy gotten " under weigh, and the 0 y of a man, name unknown was found in a charred condition. There two or thrwe freight cars also damaged by tbe fire. It ia supposed tha* the in the baggage car h id been murdered, anl the cars then *et on ?Dayton (O ) Kmv*re, 1 bth. ICE 1KKAM H, -w. .+1 37* t<BU Fer U rtLS, BOARD! NG-HOUSE8 AND ct? <>rs will find it mucb cheaper and better tban tley unkelt. Fairs and benevolent entertainment!* ran have It at leas price, at th* PENNSYLVANIA DEPOT, Jan 3-lm* Corner F and 18th Mrmw RRtO S PATENT STKA* KMlBIJIlT THKPE IMPROVED ENGINES (FOR A which have been granted and first prii* medals a\vard<d to the inventor, both la the United Mates and Europe) continue to give tU"U ^atl^f?lCtion, on arco>uit of their slmplT ltv and economy, that we have now established an eiUT.?lve manufactory, ?ed are prepared to do lt vt-r at the shortest notice engine* from two hor'e power and upwards. These engines have b?en accurately tested, and ha*e shown an economy of twenty percent In fuel, and about the ?ame In oil and repairs Thla s ivtng U t ffectcd bv letting the steam In ?nd out both Kldes if the cylinder through la<geopening* removing the pressure from the valve anda'low ln^' no st?.am to esrajie or ethaiMt from tfce pa?> f-a^e* except from i&e . vlluder alone ; also by re dtvlng tl.e weioLt and hlctlon to about half thai of the ordinary engine* We plare the smaller *Izp? upon an ImproT-d boiler with all the plp?? attach"d and the whole mounted with smaji whe-ls cor.verteiil to ship to ar.y part of country, aud to avoid tbe u'Ctoalty of an eiptv: enced engineer to surt thf ei, they are all tet.^4 Lcfi re leaving the fsctory Reed's Fttent Meam Puinpa are also contlng in to generala se o ? ^teamb-^ats, la .mlnea, and for hiipplyirg boilers, where they are now giving greet ?at!?faction They are pref.T'ed to any in 1 use because of their compact**-** aad simplicity. 'I he*e englnss and pumps may be seen in oper.i ilou, or further Informallot had. bv ceiling or ad dressing REED A B1RKBECK. Jau 1'2-lm W5 Maiden Lane, N. T MANUAL OK FTIQUKTTK IN WASH IHGTON. This manual is indispensable to Membern of Congress and stranger* sojourn ing In Washington. Everv li dy ai d gentleman sho iid have a cony. Ju?t pjbll*:ied and for sale at the Book s and In the Capitol, and at the book htores In Washington. dec'A-lm Rectifying Establishment. THK UNDHkMUNKD TAKES THIS J- method of 1 fermlng liquor deaier* that h* has fitted up a RECTIFYING ESTABLISH MENT in this city*, and is now prepnrM t* sup ply all those who mav favor him wl'h their cus loin He has oa hand a large stocfc of Biandie*. Gin, Wine*, aad Old W hl*keys, which he ran >tll at as low a tit ore as thev^can be purchaaed for either (a Baltlmora ot Philadelphia. N B The subaor.ber )ta? Elso on Land a large jot of Foreign and Lomestie Cigars PETER FEGAN, No. 9j Louisiana avenue, nfwr loth at. Jan 14-em* (^LUVII, SOAPS, BKlSllfc:*, x Cultery'- Cebas, SwSs Carved tioodv Klegact Fancy ?oo Is. Feather Uu?tlng Bru?hea Bol*,mi an Gliss Goods,Portemonles, Desks. Work Boxes. Dres?lng Cases. Card Cases.Cigar Caae? Fancy Articles In Gold, Mirer, Bronze, 1 earl Ebony, Tortolsbell, l'apler Mache, Biscuit, china, Por celaln. Parian, Marble, and other materlalain the ??? " Jan <t)-Iw Pa av.tbft 2dand3d*ts. j tirriklk storm. ' a S A REMEDY TO KEEP WARM, CALL I 2\ atSTINEMETZ'S *38 Pennsylvania avenue, near the corner of 13th street, and buy a Unilalo Overcoat, only Si* liKer Rugs for Sleighs, fr* Coon Rob? do 912. you will also find Cent's Mumer* and Fur 4iloves, Sleighing Caps Ac. Also, a few more I*adie*' Far*, Molts, Vict? 1 inea, Ac . left, which will be sold cheap?r tban < ver, for cash oolv jan ?'-? 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