Newspaper of Evening Star, January 23, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 23, 1857 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAB, riBLllHIl) I5VEKT A f T KHIUUSi (EXCEPT SWNPAT.) 4* Ui 5t?r B*\l4%nri. urxr ?/ Mt??< m4 Ml****'* Itrttt, By W. D. WALLACE, Will he *rrM to mhscrttorn by camera at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, p**able weekly to Hi" Agvcts; papers a?Te<l 1b pv,kagea at e-n*? p*? month. To mall *nb*crioera the nb I'Mp'tc# price In THREE DOLLARS AND F1F rv CENTS a year ?? ?4*?nct, TWO DOLLARS t-f Mx irnnth*, an4 ONE DOLLAR for three ?*Mfca; for low thaA three moatha at the rate 9t 141 ?ent? a week. iZT SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. IX, WASHINGTON, D. ?., FRIDAY, JANUARY 23, 1857. NO. 1,254 TO A LL Til A T VALUE THEIR SIGHT 9?22^* WISH lis TO CALL THK ATTEN TION to all suffr with defective slaht, caused by age. slciiness, and particularly from S la sees laludknoa.sly selected. to hla superior PECTAOI.ES and carefully ground by himself to a true spherical accuracy, and bril H^nt transj>ar*?nrv, suited precisely and b?*neH ela'.ly t? toe wearer according to the concavity or convexity of the eye. Very numerous are the 111 effect* caused to the precious organ of sight from the commencement of using -lass-*s In not being precisely suited, by the use of an Opto -ntttr ? rind tae prattle* of many years enables him to meas ure the fr?<jai?iu^?se of tie ??/?, and such glass es that are absolately required will be fnralsn*d with precision and satisfaction JOHN YOBI\9 ac>D<nripj;e? the very libe ral encoi.agement alrrady obtained, aad further ?--?'.lcU* the paironaje of tho?-> chat hare not yet availed themselves of his aid Persons that cannotco tveale-ntly call, !>y *?*nd Ini the glassss In use, and -tate how mary lach M they oan read this print with their spue tables, can be suppJed with such as will Improve their sieht. isunmer.fhie te-ftlmontsU to be ~eea; and ref erenoos glv-.?n to many who hive derived the g/**?'??{ ri?< a <?! comfort iiovn his glasses. Circulars to be a d gratis, at hl< ofiice, No. ^''yKTril flfShiST, turn doors from OH Hill, ?p svaias. No*7olx, Septe mber 7, 1-31. f*lr?The Snectaolei yn rn-de for m* suit vcr. we i, aad ""Vrj .o hn /c Improved my sight more tiia any otter I har?j lately tried LiT7. W. lAZEWELfc 1 h?T- frlM a pair o?Ko^eta^Ioa obtnlnM from Mr Tobias, and 9ad th "*rft of great as^l^tanoc to my slgat, and corresponding with his description "f tb- f>cns. I rr^ornm-o* a' k\ :s a * kill fin op ?-Cl*v ilE\*RY A. WISE. Ilsv'ag b*?n ind'i- ?I *?; a fT'o-'d to vjslt'ae ef ts r?l'^iro<*r?t VM r ToWaf f^r ti:e purpose of try hi i irtass^s, I was .'uri' Thr t >?v him with 4 pair ali^Vljr c.olorcd iil ie, wht"h ha?c a'JordeJ nv- tn-re relW aad cra.'lJfeatlnn then any I Live *v?r 'rlei >1 / *!>ht, orl^' iaHy ?ery good, was laju'3-l or vl'iv ?-> i re;llng at night. fre quently a v*r, l?t * ir-nr: but vU'i th? aid of tliow^ i"," I <Mn study iim-;-itas !*?? m ever an l t.r\t toj wlta-it ti? pala 1 hav* rrcf . -uslv ? lfcrfd J.?A N '.VI f.8 ON, I.ateOi?a' = ?;?>-,rr tfea'l Land Oiiie. Dr?s??nll, Ic;-5 1 hw-5 at?d *Ir T^ Ja-.'.s fir thre. ">1 four mtaths, a-. 1 -??t pi?a?ar! la snv tug that I am nuch pi.*ase\ ttera 1 h*v* irsen m jch bjaeftt*?! by thena. May tfiloK I w?i re?o"?iae- le i to Mr. J-t** T<-bl?.a as j s^i'-f il optician, aid a* I havp evo* of renj3rh *3"? peon I tariff, l r?*s f>rv|flei to Snd rhst Mr ToMa? ?"e<n?i ?o compr-hend them by Inspire Kon aad sonjfl m*?isarem?nt, and ho has mii^m^apalr oi Sp^cta^tes that suits me ad mirably A. f. liiTLER. Jnlyll.i^M. ?VlLXi!ieTON, N C , Jan. 27, Mr. J T?a;k?: Pear r?ir? X am hippy to sa^ that thfl Spectacles w.ilch I obtained fronrt yoa tasi w<jck sre ??at1rHy s?.t|sfa tor/. From an lr.?qaal l*v In the ran<i> of my eves, I iisve hereto found ^reat diet ? i?ty in R^ttinj ^l^sca 0/ thj Proper focal dUuac# it jfor.Is me p!>a?:ire to ?talc that, by the aid of your^ptomele^thls dltfl cnlty hi, o?en happily obviate! o that thcla.-;cs yon faraishod m* ir? docideily th^ b#>st alapte<t lo my ey *s of any 1 have ever yet u?fd. V?ry reRpactfa.'y. yours. :i b l>R\Nt, ite-itor of Ja-qe)' I'lrink. Diuitmist or Irticoi, Msy 7, 1B55. From '.lataral defcct i nn\ the anequai range of Wiyeye3, I havj been cnmp^iled to use g;.a<sesfor several year*. I !ia?.~ tried different optlciana wlfhout ob'aln'n^ g!?ss^a p^rfe^tly fltted to my eyes Four imn'hseinr? V.t Tobias made two pilr< eepeclall-; for me, whl<*h I hare found to ?^Tva m- porfy tty. u7 the use of his optometer h* Is ea?b???d to adart Glasses minutely io theey?. I most cheerfully rccomwend Mr. fob'as to all having ocAi~si??n to use ^lasv:s and i-ear my testi mony a- tc his s*lil na optician. HKNRY K. BALDWIN, Assist. Sca'y t? ? !gn Land Warrants. P Sj?OPKHA OLASSKS of great variety. TfcLKSCOPKS <k MlCROrfaOi'Ktf, WATCH MAS8R SLASit1*, aad many other articles la this Jao at vcr7 low prices constantly on hand. Jy tt-ly UTABliE FOR OMKIST.IIa? A51D NEW TKAK.V PltKSEK f S. JOHN n 3>IO<?T, No 119 90UT1I SIDE Brlige street, Oeorg^own, D C , has received a grett variety of usef jI and seasonable Gt>OD-i, fo walc'a he Invites the attention of both ladles and gentlemen who may wish to make a Christ Q143 aad New Years' Present. fciUBROIDKRIES. Rich worked Cambric Seti (Coliara and Sleeves) Do do Muslin do d) Do do Muslin aad Cambric Collars A great variety (low priced) do Worked Lloe i Sets and Linen do Rich worked Muslin Sleeves BUi;k and white LaO- ^ets ani Co'lars Work-d >'amorlc and Mas in Bands Kmor->lde ed Lln-n Cambric Handkerchiefs H-?m?tltch?d. tucked ar.d plain do Black Chanttlla and French I^ace Veils Wrorkel, quilted and hooped r?kirts. ALSO ? M lire Antique, Embrolde.ed, Satin and ether Cloaks Double aal single Bror'aa and o'her Shawls Rich F*an^y and B.ack SUks French Merinos, piald Merino# Plain print-* 1 Mons L'delalnes B'st Paris Kid Bloves, all number* Kid anl Back Uauntlets ladies, gen'.'a and children's Warm Gloves Do Honle- y, of every kind Pertmonnales. and ladles' Cabas Gent Linen, Oambric and Silk Packet Handkfs Bia?k and fancy Silk Cravats. Scarfs and Ties Sea's Saawis, Merino and Woolen Scar's Children's Knit Tslinisand Hoods Lailes. g?>nts and b^iys' Comforts. Ac With many other desirable goods, which will be s >id low to cash or prompt customers der 2l~ J. H S vfOOT IMUR&'I ? Improvtl Sowing Machines. To whicli w?f granted the Highest Award of the Pari* Ech'.bHion. thereby recoiying the World'? Verdiet of Saperiority. ^HB IMPROVEMENTS IN THIS MA . ehlae has ttmplU'd th*na In many rcspects, ?ad they srecspiMeof ez^m'ting twice the a mount e< worh they did form-riy la any gives time. They are without question the only Machines ca pable of sewing every variety of goods perfect: a shirt bosom or heavy trace for harness can be ?o1*? bv any of these macclnes by a slmplechaage ?f aw?ie and thread la *uck a manner that toe aiosest scrutiny cana&t detect >. fault. Mtnafact ire.-s, planters and fzml'les will Bad them the only safe Machines to purchase, as they sre ballt stroag aad durable, and not likely tc get oat of order. ' We have aacllaes with gaa^es attached far blading haU.caa-froita, gallers Ae ?tik, f bread, Coiloa.N-^dles, Ac , aaasuatly aa aaad, at the lowest rates. Parson*4estrans cf laformitloa regardlas ??s? lag Machines will please addrras I. M. S1NUER A CO . Its Baltimore street, Baltliaoie N B - We are prepared :o etchunge these ma shlaes for old machines of any hind Terms lib eral Persoas who have oeea Induced to pure bass af*rlor maealnes uad-r the pretext of being ?b*ap, will lad this a beaelt Indeed. near Jt-ly Lark white ra?H.-received to day, a lot of new WHITE F1 H, In beautl ful order, direct from the Lakes F01 sile ??r KING A BL RCHKI.L, dec M eor. 15th st and Vermont avenue T TtflS A 1KKICA1 ALn 1N4? FO 1 |S47 a political, statistical, 1 lanclal,coanm rclal, historical, aad sdeatltc iaud b>ok of the paet year. ??inrpassing In coiil^re isaslve teas and value nay stofllar oomnend la tae world JV<ii Int. This day received?prloe passage 10c. jan 11 -FKANCK faVLOB. OOR MATS. BIRD CA^ES, AND BASK ecaofceaoer than any plac* in the elty. jan3 H J MeLAUQHUN A CO CEATI?.-A GOOD A3SORTM KMT OF k-5 men and boys' Skates for sale, by E. R. LUNDY, No. life Bridge st.. )?a t- Geotjjetown. D Mayor's Office. ? Washington, Jan. 7, 1837. J Proposals will bk receiv e? at this office up to 1'2 o'clock M. on tie 9th oi February next, for grading, trimming, curbing anl laying the Brlca and Flag Footways anc Paving the Gutters and Alley In iLe First and Second Wards of t be city, forming on* district fjr th<- Third and Fourth Ward*, forming th< second district: and the Fifth, Sixth, end Sev enth Wards, forming the third dlst.ict. (eack district to be bid for separately, aad (o be giver to different contractors,) for the year, commenc ing the drst day of April, 1057, agreeably to tbt following sp clfl'-atlons: The curbstone to be of the best New Votk rlvei ?iirb.-rtoae, cr the best blue rock. In pieces of noi lM than three feet long, and not '?>ssthan si.teeti laches wide, ard not less than three and a ha I laches la thlckuesM, the upper surface, or edge, aud a sufficient depth therefrom to receive the bricks to be dressea to that thickness, and set in and will rammed to the proper grade, and the joints well fitted. The brick to ke of the btst quality Lard red paving brick, to be laid on a bed of sharp *and, spread four laches deep, ou a bed of fine clean gravel, f.r?" from clay or loam, three iuchcn deep with two rourms on edge next to the curb and one course on edge to the inner line where the pavement 1* less than the full width. No extra measurement for brick on edge will be made. The stone pavem-nt to be of common quartz, not exceeding fuur Inches In diameter, except the stone on the outside liae of the gutter-, which muit be of six inches In diameter,and laid on a bed of coarse sand and clean gravel, free from any clav or loam, at least nine inches deep, and to be twi e well rammed the second time afte; being well wet. and af?er b?iig examined (ana not be fore) by th? Co*nml*?lon-r, to b; coverrd with tia? cltMn gravel or course sand in l the interatlon between the atones well IllUdwitn the same ma terial The digging fo be of the best quality blue ro k or gnless, or New Yo-k .North rive; tl lgging, In p'ecc-s cf not le^than two tee' six inches long by eighteen inches wide, and not le*s than thre? iriche* tblck for the blue rock or gnels?, and not le-M than f.ur lnc::es thick for the New York North river stone, to b" laid on a bed of fine clean gravel, free from clay or loam or sharp sand, sir Inches deep, with cios<c Joints. A il gmllng not exceeding one foot to be rated as trimming The work tobs done In the best manner and to th" satisfaction of th? Mayor, and to te com menced within ten days the order is zivers to the contractor, and to bo completed within the time narm-d ?<i the ord?T directing it to be done, and warrantei to sMnd twelve months after it* completloi. And upon the failure of tliecon rrirtor or contractors to commence the work or to i omplete it within the time named, or upon Lis or their frilt:re to execute the work or the mate rials, and in the manner herein r quired, the Mayor to Lave toe right of employing other per soil* to do the ism?, upon such term* as he may deem expedient; in which eventtje contractor or contractors si falling shal piy any loi# or damage the Corporation may sustain In couse'juence there of. Any repairs or relaying which may be required before the expiration of the time for whicn the work a warranted to stand, to be done by the con tractor free cf charge, within five df.ya after no tice 'from the Commissioner cf Improvements of the Ward; and upon failure of any contractor cr contractors to make any repairs, or to relay any pavement within five days after notice aforesaid, ? he Mayor is to have the right of employing :.ny other person or persons to do the same on Mien terms as h? may deem expedient; la whl^-h event the contractor or contractors so failing shall pay any lass or damage the Corporation may sustain iu consequence taereof ilidd-ra '"111 also take notlc that the contractors will be requl-ed t> comply strictly with the terms of the contact and the provisions of liw. For the due performance of the work and the furnishing cf the material* as herela required, bond ruid^cenrity to the amount of two thousand dollars will be requlr.d cf the contractors. Theblddeis will state tne rates at wal~h the curbing, pavlug, and flagging will be executed, including materials. For aetdng new curbof New York, North river curbstone, per running foot. For setting nev^Parb of blue rock or gneiss, per running foot Fo: laying new brick pavement, per square y ird. For laying new atom pavem*n% per square yard. For grading, (Whether excavating or filling,) per cubic yard. For irlmmlng. p?r running f .ot For spjut-giuter, per f??ot. For laying down blue ro k flagging, per square foot. For laying down New York North river flig glng, per square foot. ' For laying five cour-e of brick on edge la gut ten and alleys, per running foot. And the rate* at which the f mowing work,ex clusive of materials, except the gravel aud saud, which may be required : t or setting new curb, Including dressing, per ruanlng foot. For laying new brisk pavement, per square yard. For taking up and relaying old brick pave ment, per tquare yard For taking up and resetting o'.d curb, per run ning foot. For taking up and relaylnc old stone pave ment, p*r square yard For taking up and relaying old tl ig footway, per square foot. No bid will be recel ved wh'.ch does not include an offer for earh separate Item of work and m?. tf rials Contract* will not be assignable. By law the Mayor Is prohibited from awarding contracts for the aboe wo.k to any person or per sons who are not practical pavers W. II. MAO RUDER, Mayor, jtn 8 *<1 awtFebi) MREAT KKIM'CTION IN TH5 PRICE 01T BOOTS AND GAITERS I HAVE ON COMMISSION, FOR A PHIL I adelphla manu facturer, a first rate Sewed or Pegged >oT aI Calf-Skin BO 13 . fill as good aa thoae usually sold at f3 or fC: a^d a French CJf Patent Leather WAITER at n 30, as good asarv atS5; a2rstratcCaff ?alterat*2 50, these are the lert goods that ls(?refer were) sold la the District for the price; for the proof, come and see for youraelf Terms positively caab. No extra profit charged to cfift bad debta. Call at the XEW YOJlK HAT STORK, Seventh street, aear Pennsylvania avenue. rai4-tf ANTHONY, Afent._ W. U. MKTZKKOTT, (SoccKssoa tu liaoRan Hii.bc>1.) Aaeat 94 Kavia fc Hacsa'i bad Wtlliam .Till l? r'a CKLEBHATEU I' I A N O S . HAS ALWAYS ON HAND THE LARWES1 atook of PIANOS from ?175 up to fl,Ut?. MELODEONS from ?45 to ?25). Is U IT A K S, VIOLINS, BRASS INSTRU MKNTS, FlUTI'^. BANJOES, ACCORD KONS, and SHEET MUSIC, cheaper than In any house souih of New York. Music published and n-celved every day. Pianos for rent nov 4-tr JOHN H. BUT If tl AN Ni Importer and Dealer in Wines, Brandies, Ac. Pt%* actmnr, touik ?i<f?, b*t 4% n*d?tk *ti , Has in stork a very choice as sortineat of Champagne, In quarts and a ploU, of the most desirable brands X Alao, sparkling St Peray, white And pink , ? Msderia, Sberrv, Port, Tenerlte. Sic My ? Rhine VVlaea, Mo^le: French Wines, red and white; Cognac, Scheidam Gin, Jamacia Rum, Scotch Wbiakey, American Wblskev, Curaeo. Anisette; and of his own preparation, Wjy Cheery Brandy, Blackbarry Juloe, Stomach Bit Alao, genuine Absinthe, Klrachwasaer, aad Havana Clgara das l<>- )tAw4ip. L. J. MIDOLKTUn, " SI ALII IV 10*, OMtt and V*0t?8o?tkweat ooraei ot V aad Vw?L*k Mieela. lik ?7-l| Proposals for Furnishing Marble and Mar ble Work for the North Front of the Pat ent Office Building Dbpartmint or the Interior ) December 18, 1(J.">6. J SE \LED PROPOSALS WILL HE RECEIVED at th? DeiarimMit unlit (be eighteenth day of F?bma-y next, 12 o'clock at no'n,for furuichmg such Marble and Ma'b e Work a* may he required in (be erection of the north irontof the i'atent Office building. The bids must be in the form of the following schedule, and cha ly specifying the price* for ma terial, hauling, ilreseinr, an.I setting, including all ( the machinery and ot ? r expenses: S< h&lule. Cub" clone, per superficial foot Hed* and b ll-, do do Extra cub* stone, per cubic foot Cornice in two b ids, per Miperficial font Blocking course, do do Frierctoentah a'ure,ilo da Architrave, do d.i D-ops 10 cornice, perlinral loot, Tritlyphs, each, ? aim of pila-ters, ? ah, ('liMinel* of ba? mem, per lineal foot, Marble tiling, per superficial foot, Window sills, ?'o do The ina<ble m ist b ? rimi'ar in kind and ?ji.a'i y ?o that iis< d in the construction of the < a<t and w-m wing* of the building, specimens of wbicb will be required, to icci nipa'iy ibe b its. Each bid will state in what tim* the work will be completed, a id none will h j considered frr in others than those known to be of the trale a id hulit ved to j lie tnlly competent in fulfil in gcod 'a th the ob'ign tioii* tn* y propose to a-sum . a id no a?sigr nieiit of bi'l or contract will b? recognised, unle^ ma I j with the approval of the brad of the Uej ar;m^nt. Ninety per cent. wiil b < ja'd from titu : to tliii", as the work procresnes, upon the estimate of the *??Mit of ibe Departm ~nt in change thereof, a-id ten per rent, received until the rempLtionof the con liactaid a-ceptaiceof The *ork by said a?ent. The Heja-tm *nt res? ive# to itsell the n?hi to re ject or a cept the pr>potal<< ben by invited, when it ?ii m i the interest of th>- United Stales ri quires it, a. w < II a* to exclude the bi Is of aiy person or p> r H'>n? who it 1 a< good r>a?on to l>eli> v<* will not, In in any can*", *a thfully perforin the contiact. l'la is, -peciftca ions, and working rfrawnifs can ' l>e examined, aothMrjiiformaiion oh aincl, on ap plication at th'j office of the suiierinteffdent To ? projKi at', which in i^t lie ?en? to thi* de I a> i in nt, a Idrcssed to the recre a y of the Interior, (endorsed " I'ropnaU for the erection of the north front of th# I'a'ent < XTiee building,") will b> opened at 1 o'clock, p. in , of the a t i'ay ramed for re ceiving the-ain >. R Med.ELLANl), d?*c 1 !*-9n'.vt!8 fVb[ Secretary of ihe Interior. Proposals for Erecting the Custom-Hoase, Ac, at Plattsburgh, Now York. Tikastry Dipaetxknt, ) Wasuisoton, December 13, IBM j PROPOSALS WILL UK Re ceived at tbis department until the ISth day of February, A. D. 1R57, at 12 o'clock noon, for the construction of the custom-bouse, post office, and court-rooms authorized to be erected at Platls burgh, N. Y , according to the plaas ard specifi cations prepared at this department; said propo sal* to be either for the whnle building, or separ rate for the different kinds of work; bills of par cels must In every ca?e accompany each bid. with tne amount of each kind of work, ana the total amount carried out; the depart ment reserving the right to reject or ac cept the proposals hereby Invited, or anv parta thereof, when It deems the Interest of the United States requires It; the department also re serves th<* right to exclude the bids of any person or persons whom there Is Just cause to believe will not faithfully perform the contracts, or which tfcey have attempted to obtain by Indirection; ana all bids when there shall be parties In Interest who do not join In the bids, and f'.ll bids that, upon Investigation, are below a fair price for the WO! * Bids will n*?t be received In gross, and no con tract will be award"d to a bidder nnlef-s deta'is are furnished the department of the prices of tbs different binds of work and materials, which shall be subject to the revision of the department, no that It may adopt the whole or part of toe bid, as the Interest of the United States may require N lnety per cent of the nwint of work done and materials delivered, according to contract prlcc (said amount to b<> ascertained by the rwtmate of an agent of the department, appointed fi?r that purpose,) will be paid frc:n time to time, as the work progresses, and t^n per cent r?.* rlned until the com^Ietl. a of the contract, and acceptance of t':e wor*. Ac , by the a^ent aforesaid, and be forfeited In the event ofnon-fulfillment of con tract. Contracts will be awarded only to master build ers and mechanics, and the assignment thereof, except by consent c f the Secretary of the Treasu ry, will b? a forfeiture of the same. i-'.ach proposal must be accompanied by a writ ten guarantee.signed by two responsible persons, (certified to De so by the United fctate* district Judge or attorney of the said district.) In the (uin of ?j,C?00, for the whole work, or of a proportionate amount, if for any part that the bidder will, when required, If his proposal be accepted, enter lnio ] a contract and bond, witii proper and sufficient stcurltlej for Its filthful performance. Form ef bond and certificate required will be fur.ilfhed on application to the department. Flans, specifications, and working drawings will be ready by the 12th of Jauuiry, when they can be had on appll Motion to the No bid will be considered unless it ful y corn piles la all Its detail* with the requirements of this advertisement. The proposals must be sent to this department, addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury, and plainly endorsed " Prcfosals for the Platt*b*rx\ C**tom-house," and wlil be opened at one o'clock P m , cf the la^t dny named for recelv lnn the same. J AM LS bUTilRI E, daa 3awtl8Peb Secretary of the Treasury. Proposals for Erecting tho Iilarine Kospiial at St- Marks, Florida. Trkaiit.y Dkpartmkst, ) Washinorot, l>ec? mb/r27,> ( IJKIiPortALS WILL UK RECUVEl) AT liiiS t I depirtinint until the VOlbeay ol February, A II 1857, a 12 o'clock, u*on, fwr the consirucioii ol the Ma- lit llespiUI authorized to bi: erected at St. Ma krf, Florida according io the. plans and specifi ! a i^i.s prepar ti ai llr.s depa'; raid prop.^a s , to ij : f iih* r fur Ihc wno'.i: b nldin? or uej arar?; t >r the diflt r?nt Kinds ctf work; b.lls of parcels miu: in 1 every case accompany < a'li hi 1; v\ itn tb>: am Mint of J ? a li kind rf work,and thetoiul amount ca riedouf; ' Hi* Ji pinm :ntr?;'eivingtherl-ihtio rejector aerept ih< p<?-p . als bep by invited, or a-y parts thereof, < when it d' ? nn the interest of the I'uited Slates re- 1 quires r; the depariin r.t a'sy reserves ilie i ght io 1 exclude I lie b d of any per.-on or persons who thrie J i<ju>t cause to believe will not'a ihfully perfoi in the contract , or which th?-y l ava attempted io i b ain { by indirection; and all bids w lien there st all e | ar ties interested who do not Join ill the bids, a*ct all bi s tl:a\ upon ii.v.stlga ion, are below a fair price for the wors. liuls w II not Im received ill groi*, and no c intra"! wilt b awar>Iedto a b: Ider uulewi details are lur nish*d ibe department of the prices of the differ*nt kinds ol wori and tna'enab, which shall be hubject to the r< Virion ol the department, so tbat it may a l ?i i the whole or |>art of Hi* bid, a i ibe interest of the. Unit I'd *?*'** >u:y re^ui e. Nine'y percen'.oi tne am mot ol work .lone and ma eriais ib-'iv red, a?c? riling io contraei pr ce, am unt to be a c-rtaim d by Ills er'nnat- ol an agent of bedepa tin>:iit.a nsnnted I' rtl.a1 purpose,) wdl be paid fr in liin t to lin ?, as ibe work pri ? /res es, a u t! n per ceut. retained until the i omplc the com*a *t, airl accep'aoce ot the work, kc., by the ajfiit a! retail, arid he foifiitedin the evnit of non-tii'tllm nt of eoatia *t. C 'ii raet-i will be awarded only to iiia'iter iiuilders and mechanics, and the a signm lit thereof, ex. ept bv consent of the Stc_eiary of the Tr?a?uiy. will he a ti rf-i'ure of ilie sains. Ka*h propo-al in j?>t b ? a.'cvmi a'lied by u written 5 a a'ltee, kiuned hy two res.ioiitil le |*iMiii<, (t*er tilled to l?j s by the United State* iti?*rii t jtidee or attorn* y < f the r aid district,) in ilie sum of }:"> yfo for the wh le work, or oi a prop rum ate aur ui> for a iy [art, that the hilder will, wb> n teiju r?<1, if his propo. al b ae epte.i,< nterinto a< on*ia t and bond, wi'h proper and >uflicieut securiti s for I s fai hitl p-rfimanee. Fo'in of bond aid certificate required will be lur uished on ap, In a ion to ilie dc| artm *nt. I'la sprcifi. a ionp, a-id workine d.awing* can

lie ha I on a pin a'ion to the d^rariin 'nt. So bid rill It i-otuulerrd utleu it Jolly loniylin in ill if* drtath uritA the r?/nire>nrnt? of l/ii? alcerlitf went. The proposals inu-t be sent to this deg ar:ni-nt. aIdressed to the Secre ary of ihe Tna ury, aii plainly erdo sed " PmjiOsahf^r the Marine lloijntal ut SI. Mark*, Ha aat w ll b? op?;ued a- one o'cl ek, d in . of Ihe la?t (Jay nam- d for receiving the . atne. * * JAMES QITHRIE, dec 29 3tawiFeh2S: Secretary of the Tna-ury. /UftT urr C'LOTRINU BOUGHT AND Vv sold at 7? Louisiana a?enu?, opposite the Hay Market N B Will call tor the? by add?e?slng as above through Poet Oflbe. dec 8?-eol?? ff'H KI I Iml OFflVlAL. Thiascrt DiPARTMKirr, Nov. 29, 1856. Notice it hereby given to holders of atock of th loans of the United State*, thai this dcpartmer will purchafe the Mm- until the 3d of March npi utiles* the sum of $1,500 000 shali be previonel obtained, and will pay in addition to the intere: accrued from the .late of the last semi annual div dend ol interest theveon, together with one day a Iduional interest for the money to reach the ver dor, the following rates of premium on paid stock? For the stock of ld42, a premium of 10 per ceni For 111* stock of 1817 and lb'48, a premium ?>f 1 per cent ; and for the stock of 1&">0, common I called Texa* I-idemnity Stock, a premium of6 pe cent. Certificate*of stock transmitted to the depart ment, under this notice, must b<- assigned to th United 8?at*s, by th.- pariy duly entitled to receiv the proceed*. It sent between date hereof and tin l*t day of January next, the current 1-alf y< ar'x in tertst inue: be a*ai([ned by the present stockhold< i or it will bj jayable as heretofore, and a coxre. ponding deduction be male from the amount pay able for the stock. Payment fur the stocks so assigned and transmit ted will be mill ! by dratis on the Assistant Tr? asu rerun Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, at th< option ot the parties entitled to receive the money wliidi should b'? expressed Jq the letters accompa nying tho certificate*. JAMKS GUTHRIE, ^ . oj u Secretary of the Tnasury. doc 1?d?3dMarchJ Wanking lloaie ?( Chubb Brothers, > WASHi!VGToif, January 1, 1E57. J JOHN I) HARROW ANDHENRY HOLME.' y are this day admitted as partners In the Bank ing House of Chubb Brothers The firm from this date will be compesed of Chas. ?1. J . Chubb John I). Barrow, and Henry Holmes. The House in Haven port, Iowa, Is composed ofCbas ot. J. 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MV.VUV4 ac^oi 6 to the alliance, nor did she reject it, she sin j *vl ? ?I-1 1-J 4 I a ... - y . ?? 9 rue D ply yielded to her brother's desire that should be consummated Professing. an doubtless feeling, the complete indifference I her husband, she soon ettered upon a care* of intiigue and infidelity. Lafon. the bri liant juung tragedian of the Comedie Frar jcaise, was one of her first lovers This cor nection became public then, and has becom historical since Bonaparte soon formed the plan of repress ing the insurrection of the blacks in St Do mingo. An immense fleet was formed, c which Villaret Joyeusa was made admiral Leclerc obtaining the appointment of genera! in-chief, with thirty-five thousand picked me under his command. Pauline was surprise' and alarmed at receiving a requisition?no from her husband, for that she wonld hav treated with derision?but from her brother to accompany the General upon his expedi tion. Leclerc himself would gladly have dis per.scd with the society of his faithless an capricious, though beautiful, wile But th< First Consul dreaded the possible reaodi which her conduct would occasion, if lef al^ne, and accordingly insisted upon her fol lowing her legul guardian to tho tropics '? (Hod hoavens ! ' she said to Madame Junot " how can my brother be so hard-hearted and wicked Me to send me into exile among sav ages and serponta Beside?, 1 3in ill., and I shall die before I get tbero " The spoiled child here sobbed with ru-h violence, thai Madamo Junot knew of but one means of con solalion. She accordingly took her by tin hand, ar.d told her tlf-.t she would be queen of the island, and would ride in a palanquin that slavos would watch her looks ana exe cute her wishes, that she would walk in grove; of oraugc trees, arrayed in the bright colors of a Creole costume By thi? time. Paulino's hysterics had entire ly ceased. " And do y?.u really think, Lau retta, that I shall look prettier than uBual in a Creole turban, a short waist, aud a skirt of striped UiU>lin?" She then sent for a pack age of bandanna handkerchiefs, one of whi:h M.idaine Junot fantastically knotted her hair lier delight was unbounded when fclin fouud that the country where she had expected to be devoured, might be the c,e?o of new tri umphs in the toi:et, and afforded her an oc casion fjj innovations in faebion. uOh' those lovely mountains," she exclaimed, *? we will havo a fete every day, and a ball every night." While the General was organising hi? fleet, Pauline waspreparing her wardrobe. Madame Garmon, M'lles De^paux and 1'Olive, Ler<y, Copp, Foncier aud Biennais, contributed, each in their department, to tho more har:n!cs> of the two batteries which the quadr>?n was to convey across the seas Had thefl'g ship I'Ocean been c iptured on her way, the enemy might with good reason have wondered at the prodigious store of articles < f female apparel and adornment they would have found com prising her cargo?a singular equipment for a ves-el bound upon so severe an erratd Th^y might also have expressed surprise *t the luxurious arrangement of the ship?at it? Inudoir, its conservatory, its mirrors, its pan try lis lovely passenger meant to have no possible desir? ungmtified. and her reluctiut husband and her indulgent brother were wil! ing to her inclination* She sailed from Brest i'i December, lfel'l. the whole squadron con ? isting of twenty-twj frigateo aid thirty five ships of line 4 The First Consul wi-hed that hi' lister," says de S<ilttues, "like another Cleopatra, should embellish with her presence and her charms ths admiral's vessel; iu spite of her refusal, she was taken to Brest, and there jut on shipboard This rigor of Bonaparte to wards a sister whom he .-.eerncd to love tender y, astonished tho paHie. bat justification was "ound in the assertion that the pricceeJ wes violently in love with a young and brilliant comedian anl Bonaparte saw no surer remedy than to put 1.200 leagues between the beauty end hc.r lover " Two poets were sent out with tho squadron, MM Esmenard and Norvins. Tho latter has left an account of the voyage and the cam Eaign, too poctic to be altogether reliable la represents Paulino ps reclining upon tho (UariT deck, and surrounded by her court? tao ?f!\cers cf the stuff?and reminding all iinvcrsant with the clas ics of tha maritime Ve-U3 and tl e Galatea of the Greeks. The expedition was disastrous in every sen'o. Gen. Leclerc proved totally incompe tent, and the tplcndid army under his com mand was wc'.l nigh destroyed by batile and fever. The General died of a lingering dis ea-e, and Pauline cansed his body to he em balmed and placed in a triple cdar Cvffin. In this c< IBn she concealod htr jewels and treas ures, ^nd embarked with them on board tho aifiiure, homeward bound. She returned to France in a costume very different from that in which sho set out?she went in bandanna and returned in black. On reaching Paris she g ive way to paroxysm of grief snd despair, which seemed too ostenta tious to be tincere She even cropped her luxuriant hair, and for a time refused to be comforted Society doubted the rcali'y of her affliction, while Napoleon operly scoffcd tit 4* Has Pauline cut iff her bnir?"he asked '' Then it is because she knows it ill grow again, richer and thicker than ver. ' Napoleon desired that she should wear hor weeds with propriety, and consequently placed her under the care of his brother Joseph and his wife, lier inclination for retirement did not last long, and eho reproached Napoleon ehemently for keeping her in confinement. Ob dear me !" ehe said, 411 shall certainly sink under thia If my brother determines to shut me from the world. I shall put an end to my existence at onco. To this, Gen Junot, ho was present, replied that he had often heard of the Venus de Medici, of the Venus \nadjoiuene, but never of a Vouus Suicide. This comparisr n revived the disconsolate beau ty. and she requested her former suiter to come and see her frequently. In 1803, Bonaparte's plans for making him self Emperor were nearly completed. An op ortunity now occurred of accustoming tho reneh to princely honors and titles in his family Don Camillo Borghese, the heir to the finest villa, palrce and pi-*ture-g llery in Italy, the representative of one of the most llu?ttiou< Italian families bjiog compelled to leave Heme for political reasons visited Paris and was presented to Bonaparte The latter conceived an affection for him, made him a French citizen and Maj >r if a mounted regiment in the Consular Guard, and speedily arranged a match between him and Madame Leclerc. The prince was under the middle site; his countenance was handsome, but with out expression His education bad been much negleoted, and hi* principal accomplishments were those of a skilful swordsman and an ex perienced jockey. The marriage took place on the 6:h of November, 1803 Pauline was thus the first of Bonaparte's family to wear a coronet The faubeurg St. Germain smiied and said, "Well, one of them is a real prin cess after all." . . I Tke ceremonious presentation of rauune, after her marriage, to Josephine, was an epoch in her frivolous and fantasti: life. Her detestation of Josephine?so ill-eon cealed as to be notorious, and which arose from jealousy?led her ojj tbie occasion to j THE WEEKLY STAB. Tkta unUwi PiallriX Unn J avail alnlac a greater variety eflateraetlag reeAla, m to feaad la n? ether?la piMlefcadea I *?T mora lag VUH> Slagle eofy, per mmam. I C Tea ooplrs Twenty copies L~J~ Cill, IRViiiAiM ia iiriarfe IT^" Single copies (1b wrappers) cu h? pro at the oounler, immediately after Ik* leeue < paper. Prloe?Tnuaa Cbkts Pear it a evaas who ar t aa agent* wilt feet II aoommlaidon of tweety per oe?t. j^?A=sfcrjs Josephine, in her domestic differences Pauline. acted *>lely on tie defensive accepted a content forced upon her. and m she did nothing to provoke. On this oeci (one which, from the circumstance of he ter-ic-law > marriage, foreshadowed the i destinies of the family,) abe reealved to pate with her at once the nalm of beauty the supremacy of taste Tie presentation to take place in the grand aaloon of St CI the furniture and decorations of which i blue and gold She adapted her toilet to condition of the accessories in the midi which she was to appear. She wore a dre? of white India muslin though the sc .son was winter. The skirt more ?oluminoua than the prevailing fas warranted. This innovation was one of own suggesting The lower hem was trim ? . * t?* of HI ?f ti?e width ol (fl.g?r, ^he budioa was heavily drape. thick folds and lastened upon the ahoul by two gulden lions' heads, seat in bl enamel The girdle, embroidered with a was attache 1 front by a claep of bl enamel and gold. The sleeves were short full, descending but little below the shouh ai>d displaying the wearer's remarkably hi some arms. lier head dress was that represented u antique cameos ; her hair was gathered ini knot upon tbo top. and enclosed in a net w if gulden chsius, crossing each other at ri angles, each squaro containing a black cn ele i r ecite . her necklace, bracelets *ni< rings were of the same material Bonapa >n coming into the saloon, was struck by beautiful though severely simple attire, kissing Josephine on the shoulder, siii : ? Why, I shall be j?alous, Josephine; h you defigrs on any one ?" *? Oh. no." she replied ; " I knew y?u li! to see mo in white, and I bare dressed white?nothing more ' " Well, if you did it to please me, you hi succeeded " Madau.o B rgbe^e was expected at ei, o clock but as she had not made her appe tnce nt ualf past eight, Bonaparte lost tience and retired to his cabiaet Th? pr cess, with her firstchamberiaiu?the flatter title given by tbe public to her husband rived at a quarter past nine, and consequen did not see her brother The splendor of 1 equipage was unprecedented since the co uiencemeut of the Revolution, Ler esrriai lailt for her uew dignity, and decorated w the aruis of tbe B.jrghese family, was dra' by six h an r,r:?rider before and anoti te"iir.d, and three lackeys bearing torches cc pleled the pomp atia tbe cavalcade T p ince and ths princess were announced by usbcr who forgot the republic and foresaw t empire, for be <*ried : *' M^nse'gneur le Prii et Madam's I<* Princess Borghese " The c??i pany assembled in the parlor rose to th feet. Josephine stood directly in front of 1 chair, without advancing to meet her guest and on the appearanre of her resplendent * ter up.jn the threshold, showed, by a pstssi fiush uj?on her cheek, that the lovely a gorgeous apparition had sent a pang to I hen't. Pauline waa that night a marrcl beauty and a miracle of effulgence. Ihe rube was of pale green velvet T fr?nt and hem of tbe skirt were absolute lor>dci with diamonds ; the bodice and sleet Mere embioidored with diam*-nd wreaths a diamond clusters Diamonds encircled h neck and enlaced her arm' lier diadem w composed of emeralds set in diamonds, ai her bouquet was formed of emeralds, di mond* and pearls Uoleonda had been rifl< f ?r this incrustation of gems; and the prince who bore the burden was worth, on this met orable oco s.oa, exactly three millions ai three quarters in jewels alone! Josephine promptly recovered from tl fhock of l'auhne's unequalled loveliness, ni the conversation became general. The fc lowing diulogue ensued between Pauline ai Midame Junot, who whs present at the intr duction : "Well," s?id the former, '? how do I lor to-night ?" " Delieioucly At once beautiful and ma nificent 44 Oh, you love me, and so you spoil me." ' No ; I mean what I say, child. But wb did you come so late? ' "Oh, I arranged that ?.n purpose; I w sfraid of finding you at table I do not mil missing Napoleon; it was Josephine that wanted to mset and crush. Oh, Laurett Liurette, see bow disconcerted she is' Ob, am so happy!" 14 Hush You may be heard " *' What matters that1 1 do not love be She meant to annoy me, just now, by not a< vanciug to meet me, and thus making a cross the salon, but she did me tbe greate favor, on the oontrary " *' How so, pray '? Because my tram w^nld not have had tin cr space to unfold had she greeted me hal way : as it w?s, every one could see and a< mire the whole of it. After all, Josephine well dressed While and gold make a fii contra-t with the deep blue of the furnitui and hangings. ??h. dear me! Ah! mo L'isu '? Why, Puulette, what is the matter 44 Why did I not think tf the color of th room 7 And why did not you, Laurette?yo who are my friend and sister?why did yo not put me on my guard ?" "You knew as well as I that tbe grand s? Ion of St Cloud is blue " 4' Yrs. but in my anxiety and hurry I foi got it, and so 1 have come here in a gree gown to sit d >wn in a blue chair ! I am sur I must bo hideous' (ireen and blue! Wb* is the nfetnc ?f that green and blue revolutiot ary ribbon ' Oh, I remember : 4 Prejuiic overcome I must be very ugly, dear* .m not ! The reflection of these two colors mu4 ruin me Well, it can t be helped, now Com with me back to Pane, Laura ti, to-night ''Ob. no. Think of your husband and you honeymoon that 1 should interrupt.' 44 Honeymoon! Honeymoon with that idiot You areiesting, I suppose " t4 No. I was serious. But, if I shall no break in upon a Utc-a-t?le, I'll aooept you invitation, and return with you to Paris ' The prince and princess soon set off fo K( me, where Pauline's eon by General Lee lore, and the only child she ever had, sick encd and died It was at this time that Can ova executed the statue of the princess-per haps his rhtf d'ouvr* It is a semi-nude flg ure, modelled from life, and represented a half reclining upon a couch , the manner ant expression strongly recall the Venus of Prax itiles The statue is known as the \ enus \ ie toiious Pauline, whose audacity in replj was often as remarkable as the irr* ^ ularity o her conduct, furnished Rome, and, indeed Europe, with a theme for wandal, by a re mark made in reference to this statue, mani years later, to Madame Junot The latterex pressed her surprise that the prinoass shoulc have submitted to such an exposure of he person "What, you, madam, you were your self the model, and in Canova's studio ?" '*( dear me. jes; why not' there was a good fln there!" The sister of Napoleon suppoeed tba Madame Junot referred to the inconvenienc* of the exhibition and not to its indelicacy "There is, in this reply," says Capefirfue, '*i dash of that cynio impudence of the Roinai women in their decline, which theindignatioi of Juvenal has branded by his "Oannit in am plexu."* . The young bride soon tired of her who, in a measure, seems U> *Y- 5ia at St who, in a measure, seame humiliating title she bad given him at St ^n'1 She oould not be prevailed upon U i ? " ions d behind her. one b??~. ? _ mission to follow, or te stay away just *'? v- the latter. Cloud. She could not &0b remain in Rome, and,^ |#aTiDg dob CamiH' hastened back to Paris, leaving A/Ukl behind her. She graciously granted him per ssion to follow, or to stay away just as b c b(?se For a time he choae the latter. l*u u ceirrusvso im or* w%w J