Newspaper of Evening Star, January 23, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 23, 1857 Page 2
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KVKN'fNG STAR. IV A $ H j N (' T O iV C IT Y: Janaa ij, IMT. spihitof the morning press The Union announces that there will be a reception at the Executive Mansion tc-night, and attributes to a wholesome reaction in northern popular sentiment, the changed tone cf the Republican party in Congress. The Intelligencer la altogether a newspaper to-day. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Tie Law ?We were unable until last night to devote sufficient time to the examination of the project for a law to ompel disclosure? on the part of witnesses and punish contempts of the authority of committee* of Congress, yesterday passed by the House, and, there fore, have 80 far refrained from commenting upon it in exlenso While fully recognising the necessity for legislation?if a House of Con gress do not now possess the requisite power? to compel the disclosure of fuoh facts as the witness heid in custody by the Deputy Ser geant-at-Arms refuses to disclose though al. leging that he possesses a perfect knowledge of them, we are also aware of the usual impolicy of framing general law* to meet the exigencies of particular cases, as well as of the necessity for particular caution in enact ing this particular description of law?one proposing to punieh offences which all exist ing laws regard as misdemeanors rather than crimes, and which, from the days of Alog/ia Chnrtri to the present, have rarely been pun ished. without as wrongfully in aome instances as rightfully in other?, deifying in the popu lar mind the person puni'bed for them, as a martyr. The tone and temper manifested by the House yesterday in the consideration of the committee's bill, did cot strike u* favorably; because we thought wc discovered a general apprehension on the part of members that to insist upon a thorough scrutiny into all the points involved in the measure, might be popu larly regarded as an indirect eff rt to obstruct the inre<t:gatH>n with which the committee is charged?a at ate of the legislative mind that cacnt-t be to ma:i> deplored, when displayed oE an occasion so grave and really requiring far m^re than usual caution on tha part of the House. The fcrr tineud merits. which wore successful, conclusively pr?>ved that it was originally ha^tiv and very imperfectly framed j bus, one cured a defect which otherwise would have made it work an entire exemption of punishment fcr the crime* cf forgciy and perjury, while another also cured a uefect which violated a fixed principle of the juris prudence of eiery country governed l>y fixed law since civilization !? -gau. This prinoiple recognises contempts as misdemeanors rather ?han a* infamm* crimes Without curing this defect, we arc satisfied that the pn-posed statute could never have been enforced in this oountry, because it would have struck at a popular doctrine as old and as firmly routed in the minds of American society as the princi ples of civil liberty on which cur institutions arc based. Indeed, as i: now stands, it seems to us to be far frcm perfect?so imperfect as to oc like ly to prove a dead letter on the -tatute bock Thus, it delegates t?> on* court the power to contempts of the authority of another tribuca': a thing heretofore unheard of in ju riaprudense, if we are not mistaken The pun ishment cf ooiiteuip - is a ma'.ter of high pre rogat:\ e, and grsatdelicacy and responsibility, and cann <t be delegated, or there is no sound ness in the universal custom of the law which, up to this time, bar everywhere rigorously de volved that duty on the tribucal whose an - ttority is set at defiance in ihe particular ease. It makes it the duty of this other tri bunal to punish any refusal to answer any questiors whether asked by Congressional oemmittees in violation of the legal and con ? ituticnal rights tf ike individual, or not. In th s particular, it is both sumptuary and op pressive. and, therefore, cannot fail to become so un(opular as to render a conviction under it well nigh a matter of impossibility in ary case Three-fourths of the investigating commit tees mised by the Heme since the commence ment of the Government, have been nctaricu: ly but tricks of the jarty temporarily in the majority there t? make political capital against tbe opposite party. Su-h was the character cf the never-to-be-forgotten committees on which George P^iudexter and tbe Hon Henry A V, im figured so conspicuously many years ago. Such, too, was the character of the re cent Kansas Affairs investigating committee. It members labored, with might and main it seemed to u?. each to bring ont, not" the truth, the whele truth, and nothing but the truth," but merely . uch nominal testimony as seemed likely to damage the cau?e cf the opposite party io the late presidential canvass. Thoughtful and moderate men everywhere have c >me to lock on the labors of tuch partisan committees in the light in vhich we kere place them. This is evident in the fact that their (nomi nal: chocking developments have in every case been entirely forgotten by the public, wnile all public men cf all parties vote them 41 gotd enough ilurgan? only for the occasions giving birth to them N?m cf them have ever con ducted thc.r investigations up.,n etrictlv legal principles and rules governing ecurt, of law and it u net ungual for them to violate in carrying out their parti.? ends, the principle cf allowing the accused to confront the a. cuaer ?LUe the latter is giring hu teai " at J to have the benefit ofeeuLsd through*ut all the proceeding* affecting his rights and standing. Hence, in part, arises the universal want of eenfiden.-e with wfcieh the public re reive the reports cf such tribunals. A glance at the report of the late Jwn<as iHairs investigating committee, will l,e sLtfc cient to satisfy tie unprejudiced of the found ness of our criticism in this immediate con nection ; for from beginning to ?nd, we can make nothing more of it than a series of fla grant attempts to make political capital above iaw and threugh undisguised violations of the rights of ail whoce rights seemed to stand in the way . f the partisan ends the committee was raised tj cin-ummata. ^et, pa*s?d by the House, this bill makes it as c bligatory ^n the c.>u.-t and juries of this istr.ct to punish ign> mini usly and severely refusals to anawer questions of tuch commit tees nc: strictly coz.fii.ed within the rules rov ?rnirg testimony given in e >uits if j*Wi as jn the grate case giving rise to its (the bill s) in traduction. fou'"a-004 ndiag the curiOLt investigating committee not partisan in its character, and, so far a* tha public know, baa discharged iti dutj under a proper sense of the obligations of the princl p'es of law and strict justicr; aiming only to vindicate the honor of the House by the dis. covery and exposure of the guilty members, if such there be, or to satisfy the world of tha groundlessness and utter mendacity of the charges against the integrity of tho National Legislature. This we tako to be the unan* inous judgment of all in Washington. We make these reflections and suggestions on tho subject, only by way of inducing the Senate ao to amend the bill as that, not being offensive to ordinary principles of jarispru dence and liable to become the means of work ing injustice and oppression, it may really cure the evil it aims to eradicate. Business bsfore tho House ?1 here are now but fourteen days of the session left in which to dispoce of the mass of bills of publio im portance yet remaining on tho calendar?that is, In the order in whioh they stand upon the calendar. It will be recollected that Mon days are dedicated to sueh business as can be got before the House by successful motions to suspend the rales, and Fridays and Saturdays to the consideration of private bills. It will be seen that, with the best possible manage ment, therefore, it will be impossible even to approach the consideration of much that stand* upon the general calendar; while, tak ing the previous history of the legislation of the IKu'e near the termination of a session as a just criterion on which t > base an opinion, there is a strong probability that many im portant ma'ters will be disposed of under cir cumstances in which more or le.^s members w 11 not be able to comprehend the ultimate eff.-ct of their votes The problem, how many or how few, is t?? be solved on!y by the solu tion of that if how many of the brief remain ing h>nrs of the seeMon are t-> be devoted to tho delivery of speeches for Buncombe! It is to be hofd that the country will note who amongthe members, under such circumstance?> is of opinion that it is proper that the legiti mate public busir.ees should be postponed to enable h m to lire oft' a politic;:! speech. Tho Inauguration ?From ail accounts in distdnt newspapers we are satisfied that the throrg in Washington in *hc fourth ot March next wiil bo twice as numerous as ever before on a similar occasion. J he following lrom the Baltimore if/in wi!l give the reader dome idea of the preparations being made to attend Extensive Preparations vok the Folrtii of Mari n ?The approaching inauguration of the President elect bids fair to excel ail others in the number of its witnesses We hear of the most enlarged preparations for tho event, and anrong other items of information we loam tha: the transportation lines leading to W ashington from all quarters are already run down with prop'-sitioijg to convey the expect ant crowd. Xhp Baltimore and '.'hio company, whose branch road f< rms the funnel through which is pourod all the Eastern. Northern and Western travel to the national metropolis, has arranged, it is said, with a number <?f politi cal, military, firemen and other assor iations, i to carry them from Wheeling and Baltimore to Washington on the 3J, and hack on the oih of March Tue company are further said to anticipate such -a pressure upon the day of the inauguration that they will not undertake to make special or exclusive provision for asso ciations on that day Among the parties who have secured accom modations on tho 3d are military corntariiss from Pennsylvania and New York and two tire companies ti\>ni New Yoik and Boston. A proposition has been made to tha c mpany, we unJeretand, to furnish an excursion party from the eastern states and JNew York city for eighteen passenger cars?s?y 000 people, who are to pass through Baltimore on tho morning and evening of the fourth, going and returning from the inauguration. We thus have in these projected journeyings of the people to Washington a foreshadowing of tho ma^s which will be presented on the 1th of March next to witness the great event of the f eaceful change of the administration, under the constitution of the country The Wagon Boad ?We are glad to per ceive that publio attention is at length being awakened to the feasibility of the construc tion of the proposed Military Road from some point in 31 ssouri to the settled portion of Cal ifornia, and to the fact that to construct it will cover the real necessities of the case in volved in the plan of making a railroad over the route at tho cost of the National Treasury, directly or indirectly. For years past we have djL? our best to make these facts known to the public. W hile the Military Road, with set tlements every thirty miles or so along it, will afford a way for overland emigration parties to travel the route, it will securo theai from molestation by hostile savages and afford them the means of obtaining supplies, the want of which is so destructive of the property (cattle, hortes, >chi:les, Ac ) cf those who essay to make the overland journey either to Califor nia. or to Washington or Oregon Territories. Esbeas Ccrpcs -We hear that J W Si. mont'in has applied to the U. S. Circuit Court for this district for a writ cf habeas corpus, directed to Deputy Sergeant at-Arms, Flood! requiring him to show by what legal authority he holds the body of the said Simonton in cus tody, ?cd that the questions arising ur.der it are to be argued to-day by the Hon. Reverdy Johnson, bis counsel. The decision cf tho Circuit Court in this matter will rettle the point so ardently dis puted in the Hall, as to the extent of the ex ist'rg authority of the House to punish con tempts. 1 . S. At 11 a. m. to-Jiy no such writ had been issued. Latest ?At two p. in. no application for a writ of habeas corpus had been made by Mr Simonton, his counsel being engaged in exam iuing question! of law on which he would de termine whether or not so to proceed. The Inaugural Ball - Mayor Magruier ha- received the following fr>m Hon. John C. Bre.kiniidge, the Vice Pre.-idcnt oleot: ,v , Lexington, Kv , Jan li, l?w7 lo-l. : .. w*** 10 ywr letter of the frJ-n know nothing to prevent me ru?n i?S at lhc " Inaugu 1th of Mar i ' 8'ven v-n the evening of the Jour' Bateii "BJ-.I accept j c w?? 'iArr*Hi?SS "u btthalf cf the w B.'jUu ?, Court House and Po?t nt* V. mont -Th. Et!U,nd' Iiurch.?a the l?t ...n ,hl u?tthe?.i Centre and Court .traoU, containing tor the sum of ? u Blte fof ' ' pott "ffi *e at Rutland. 'I Lis site ha- t 1 _ ^ . 1 ^ COlii m-nding pisition, being on an eminence in the centre of the city, and from its central location will accommodate all classes of citizen# The beauty of the design for this edifice will make the building worthy of its position Pardoned.?John Moriartj, who was sen tenced to the penitentiary by the Criminal Court for this District, for two years froui tha 14th of January last, for maaolaughUr-hav ing killed hi? child, when drunk, by a blow, which wm not designed to kill?has been par doned bj the President on the unanimous re commendation and request of the jury that convictod him lie was pardoned on the 17th of January instant. Supreme Court.?Yesterday?No 34 Wm. A. Shaffer, pleint;ff in error, vs. James A Soudday. In error to the Supreme Court of the State of Louisiana. Mr. Chief Justice Taney delivered the opinion of the Court, dis missing this writ of error for want of jurisdic tion. No 50 The Commercial Mutual Marine In suranee Company, appellants, vs. The Union Mutual Insuranoe Company of New York. The argument of this cause was continued by Mr. Goodrich for the appellees, and concluded by Mr Geo T Curtis for the appellant. No. 38 Thomas Richardson, plaintiff in er ror, vs. the City of Boston The argument of this cause was commenced by Mr. Bartlett for the plaintiff in eiror, and continued by Mr. Chandler for the defendant in error. Ad journed. Court of Claims ?Yesterday, Mr. Blair re sumed and concluded his argument for the Government in the case of J. M. Thorno Mr. Vinton commenced his reply, and continued until the court adjourned. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department ?On ycterday, 221 of January, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the Treasury Department... V',U7I 01 For the Interior Department 12,210 01 For Custom.' 11,341 10 War warrants received nnd en tered 11431 War repay warrants received and entered 12,870 81 On account of the Nary 225 436 02 From Customs 40<> 341 20 From miscellaneous sources 0,830 % From Lands 274 1)91 'J2 ! CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. In thf. Ssvate, yesterday, after wo went to press, the debute on the Submarine Tele graph bill was continued by Messrs Pugh. Hunter, Benjamin, Busk, Thompson of Ky., Douglass, Butler, Pcarce, Bayard, Mallory and others, until after being slightly amend ed, it was passed?yeas 2!>, nays IS? as followi: Yeis?Mn?r* Allen, Bell of N H . Ilel! cf Tenn , Uenjindn, Hrodbed, Brown., Dodge, Douglas. Durkee. Fessenden, Flsb, Foot. Foster, Halt*, Houston, James, Jones of Iowa, Mallory. Pratt, Rusk, Seward, Stuart, Thomson of N.J , Touc y, Wade, Wilson, Wright and Yulec?*!' Nays?Messrs. Higus, Clay,Crittenden, Kvans, tl'/p-tr'ck, tfrye'. Green, !1> nter, Iverscn, Mi son, Pearre, l'u^ib, Rtid, 8Pd?ll, Thompson of hv , 'i'ocmbs, Trumbull, and Wcl'er?1-. The bill from the llouso to compel witnesses to teitify before Congressional committees, and to punish contempt of the authority Cou gress, was next referred t<> their Judiciary Committee. Shortly afterwards, on being reported back by Mr Toombs, who asked immediate action upon it, at tho suggestion of Mr. Wilson, it was laid over until to-day. Is Tns 11''Use, the bill last above referred to in tae proceedings of the Senate was de bated by Meters. Wa*hburne of Me., Grow, 11 Marshall ol Ky , <*rr and Dunn, ero being p.j?*cd iu the following words?to wit. lie if tnuct'd. frc., Tbat any person sum mon* d a* a wltnem hy the authority of either Houcv of Congress to give testimony, or to Broduce papers, upon any mat*er before either louse or any committee of either House of C? n ?f''ss, who shall wilfully make defau t, rr who, appearing, snail refu e to answer any question p2rtlnert to the matter of kqulry la considera tion before the House or committee by which be shall l?e examined, ; hall, in addition to the p'ins and penalties covr existing. be liable to Imllc' mciif as fora mii-demtaror iuany courtof the Uni te i Mates having jurisdiction thereof, sad, on conviction. sba!l fav a Una not exceeding rnc tfcou-vdi.d dollars and net le s than onehmdrcd dollar*, and suffer lie prlsor inert la the common jiil Lut lees than iuc month nor iu"re thin twelve month* fee. 2 And be it fitrthnr 'nth ltd. That n? per son ex mined ami testifying before eiiher Hon m cf Congress, c r any c<-mmlttee of either Hons* ?baU be held to answer criminally In any ourt of iastlfc or subject to any penalty or forfeiture, for any fart or act touching which he shall te re quired to testify before titber House cf Cnngres*. or any commife* of either House, as to which fce snail have whether belon- or after the da e of this act: and tbat no statement made or ?8}>cr produi d by any witness, before el her louse or before any committee of either House, shall l>e compeeut testlaony In any crimlral pro:eedln^ agaict such witness in any ecurt of jjstice; and no wi'ness aha:l hereaf er be al xowtd to refuse to tentify to any factor produce any paper touching which he may be examined by either House of Congress or any cominl'tee of either House for the reason tbat Lis testimony touci lug such fact or the production of such pa pers lmy tend to dl?grece blin or otherwise render him lnfarmus: Provided, Tbat nothing in this act shall be construed to exempt any wl'ness from pro>ecutnn and punishment fur pe>jury ccmml' t>d by blm In testifying a* aforesaid Sec. 3 And be it further enacted, That when a witness shall fail to testify, as provided In the Erevlons sectl ns of this bill, and the facts shall e ret orted to tie Hou?e, It shall be ?hs d-ity <f the spewker of this House, or tl.e President of tts ??natr, to certify the fact, under the seal of the House or S-nate. to the district attorney for the Distrl t of Columbia, whose duty it shall be to bring the matter before the grand Jury for their action And then, aftor the trarsaction of some Ter ritorial business, the Ilr u=o adjourned. Proceeding* of To-Day Ik tue Sskate, to-day, after the transac tion of some morning hour business, Mr. Toornln called up the contempt bill, which was debated by Mr. llulo and Mr. Trumbull against features of the said bill, and Mr. Toombs for :'s enactment rs reported back by him, until the Star went to press I> thk Uoi'.se, they went into Committee of the whole lioufc, (Mr. Leiter in the Chair.) after the reading of the j -urnal, and, it being ol jection day, they were engaged in the con sideration (in all cases favorable) of such bills a* were not objected to, when the Star went to press. Book Notices Thk Pastors a*i> Chlri hes ok WASiuxuruJi, D. C., together with >00 topics of sermons, delivered in To thi3 is added a lift of all the church edifices and their locr. tioiiS by Lorenao D. Johnson, author of "Chaplains of the Government " In this little woik is contained much infoi mation in regard to the secular, moral, and s >c:a! c niitiou of Washington MixnasoTA and 1'BioTAii, in letters d'-s:rip tive of a tour through tho Northwest in the autumn of lf.">fi, with icformitii n relative to public lands, and a table of *tatiskics, by C. C Andrews. Published ly Robert Fnrc haui. of this city. A work of iutfcie**, particularly t?? i?cr^on? designing to emigrate We"t. BfRNi>?; Flujij ix Ceirch.?The se.\tuu of the Methodist Epiic ij al Church at Burrsville Uoeau county: (N J.) in hllitg one of the lamjs while barring, on Fridsy night la-t. over flowed it, when it took fire An intense excitement was iw-nediately created, and the corgregation, numbering some two hundred and lilty, were throwa into great excitement and confusion A rush was made for tho win dows, an 1 women and children cried for help. Every window w:.s broken out. through which the people tl eked tike sheep, injuring several in their ha*:e Fortunately, tho lamp was extinguished without damage. UP They arc grumbling about Church rnu sic in Buffalo, t >o. The Express says: On Monday ?veiling the new chimes' ol .>t 1 aul ?ont forth th*5 nol^innixiog strains of that sober piece of music entitled, "Pop (Joes the W et ?el," whereto the chime man tartly reulies that by request he also played '? Yankee Di,o die," ' Uud Save the Queen," aud the "Mar seillaise Hymn," and adds that "the steeple eor.tmlning the belle, though connected with the Church, is not the Church, and therefore any tune that may beohimed is not the Church music.' PIBSOHAL .... Charlotte Cusbman is in Italy, whence she will embark for the United State, prob ably. .... Col. Benton has agreed to re deliver his Union address at some early d*y at Rev. Henry Ward Beecher'a Church Every day, of course, will go to ocnvince the venerable Senator that there are ladies in Brocklyo as well as in the Bible and the Thirty Year3. .... The reason why Madame Rachel'* ho tel in Fans was not sold when advertised at auction, is ea'd to be that the staircase was built lung before the ladies' crinolines had at tained to their present dimensions, and not a single lady?or married one either?that came to look ?t the hoase conld get up stair?. .... The Lecture Committee of Indianapolis has refused to irvite Rev K II. Chapin. of New York, to deliver a lecture in their winter course, on account of bis religious views Mr. Chapin is a l: oiversalin, which, in the opin ion ot the g<>od people cf Indianapolis, dis qualifies hirn from expressing a correct opinion of the character of Christopher Columbue. .... M Alpb^nse de Rothschild, the second son of the Parisian Plutus, is about to marry his cousin, the daughter of Lionel de Roths child, of London. M lie. de Rotschild is a lady of great beauty, of the Oriental Jewish typo. At London many have been seriously enamored of herself, but they have not been trusted, because her millions have been sus pected of inspiring their passion. She figured in the recent fetes at Compiegne. and after a stag hunt, she bad the honors of tu jnt'e on a silver iilver. ....There is a esse now pending iu the superior court, Boston, in which the plaintiff, Barnabas B Bayley. seeks to recover for ser vices a* a singer while engaged by Ossian K. Dodge The defendant refases to pay for these services because there wa.- an agreement that if the plaintiff used ardent spirits he should forfeit f 100 for each drink; and the defendant alleges that the plaintiff has used ardent spirits five separate times and claims as a set jff $500 If the plaintiff loses the case he had better exhibit himself as the man

that paid $100 each for five drinks. .... Old Bill, a negro belonging to Mr Sampson, Hunt County, Va , was raised in Virginia, and served in the American Revolu* tion, a portion of the time as servant to (Jen. Washington, whose autograph letter of permit or " pass" given upon one occasion, is still in the possession of his master. He has regu larly descended as a sort of heir-loom of the s ime family, from his original master to his present owner Mr. Sampson says the tradi tional history of his family report him to have been at work for eighty years past, and that ho has now arrived at "the wonderful ago of one hundred and fifty. He has been totally blind for four years. Ho still looks compara tively stout and hearty, and bids fair to live some time yet The Fuel Famine. The Louisville papers of Friday last aud the (-insinn&ti papers of Saturday continue to de tail the deprivation, measures directed to re lief. and other incidents growing out of the scarcity and consequent high prices cf fuel in those cities Other town- too. dependent on the same or similar source* of supply, in the West, are suffering severely At Cincinnati an announcement that coal would be served at twenty five cents per buehel. by a commit tee at the Council Chamber, collected a crowd of mechanics and traders, the very " bone and sinew" of the city, that resembled a great public meeting. The Commercial says . It was really fearful to contemplate a scene uhere so l irge and respectable a body of men were struggling in a mass to approach the committee for tlie purpose of paying the ruin (U3 price tf twenty five cents a bushel for what, in ordinary times, will not command half the money The Gazette of the nine day also speaks thus : Yesterday we took occasion to walk through the wood markets, and we venture to eay if a man should be dropped down from a region not reached by the new ; of cur suffering?, into the midst of una of these public places, it would be impossible to convince him that j eo plo had frozen, and are still sufiering in the city for want of fuel We counted in the three markets no less ibr.n me hundred end forty buds of wood Most of it ne found had been wagoned in fr^m the country. Several teams were driven fifteen and twenty miles. Our agricultural friends beard of our distress and fourteen dollars yet cord for rcood, and they promptly came to our relief. The fuel committee expected to receive last night five hundred cords cf wood by the Ham ilton Railroad, and a large quantity by the Indianapolis Railroad. Yesterday but a few orders were given out, there beirg already a hundred orders issued nbove the quantity of wood on hand. Monday, however, there will be sufficient to meet all preying demands. By these and other paragraphs in the same papers we observe that on Saturday there were strong hopes of an early relief from th s extrac rdinary deprivatior, but bow far those hopes have been blasted by the rcccnt terri ble snow etcrm it is fearful to contemplate. It has been colder in Florida thn win ter ban was ever known before Br The coal production of Great Britian annually is forty million tons. & In the State of Iowa, out tl a popula tion of jflo 6'jb, there are only 271 colored per sons tjjPAt a recent book sale in New York city a. vi lume of Bsr jamin FranklinV'Poor Rict ard sold for 562 50 1ST The C minercial Bank of Ken? ucky has declared a dividend <f five per oent. on the business ?/f the l ist six months. l^'The parents of Emilie Murr, the victim of the infer.;al practijes of Dr Riegler, at Buf falo, have sued him for 56,000 for seduction. 1ST The Arkansas Legislature has extended the time for completing the first section of the Me tjiphis and Little Rock railroad to Decem ber, 1853 At a ratlle in St L uis, 3'r- Sttckney by investing 510 for a chance, won a pair of Morgan horses worth 52 500. Two hundred and forty-nice other fellows were not quite so lucky. Uhitbd States Sejcatobs to he Ele< tbd. During the present month United States Sen ators are to be elected in the following States: New York, I ; Indiana, 2; Wisconsin, 1 ; Cal ifornia, 2 Total 6 It is proposed to have a Convention of I r ,prietors of newspapers, in Virginia, to be held a' Staunton, for the beic-fit cf the press, and to endeavor to introduce the cash system, for subscriptions and advertisements. Paper in Missouni?The LouisDeruo. c-at mentions that until the closo of la^t year that city was d'p^cdent on Cincinnati and other ci'ies lor its supplies of paper, and tint hundreds and thousands of dollars ha* been an: u illy cent abroad for papar The first pa er-mill in the viciidty ot St Louis has been ut lately established, and is likely to be well patronised Prof Hitchcock, ?>f Amherst College, b is just opened a l-tr^e collection Ifuui old Nineveh. 1'hey contaiu some line things, among which is a king seven feet high, lean ing ou his sword and offering incense. A gen tleman cf Amherst has agreed to build a Nit eveh gallery next spring, largo enough to hold all the college specimen?, errunged, as far as possible, as tbey were upon the walls of the old palaces. Rut un Fa< ics am) Cbacpbu Hand-. are the natural accompaniments of wintry weather To remove these b'oulaiues' (Jreaui of Wi/d I'lotpers Is the most desirable article in use It is a complete substitute for soap, and for cleaning teeth, giving sweetness to the breath, or softness and delicacy to the hands, ladies will find it equally valuable. So'd by the agents, druggists and fancy stores. A Beautiful Complexion may easily I e acquired by using the " Balm of a Tkuusaud Flouvrs." It will remove tan, pituples, and frecklea from the skin, leaving it of a soft and roseate hue. Wet a towel, pour on two or three drops, and wash the face night and morning. For sale at Shillingtou's, agent for Washington, and all druggists. t kSECOND WARD RELIEF COM MITTEE?Tb? following gentlemen will romprlrc tbe committee for collecting *ed distributing funis for the re lef of the poor < f the Second Ward. Mears Chw L Col'min ?eo. W Harkaeis, Wm Orme, Gregory Ennls, B. W Reedt Wm. Fettiboae, Grafton Powell, ad Wm. J eibley WM F BAYLY, Chslrvan. GEO. W. HARKNBfS, iiecretary ,THK COMMITTEE ON THh Na tional Inauguration Ball are requas'el to meet at Pr C Boyle's rooms, on SATURDAY EVENING, January 2Uh. at 7* o'clock jan 22 TUQ9 J FISHER, Sec .THE RIGHT REV. J. McGILL, Bishop of Richmond, will preach the second of his series of Doctrinal Discourses at St Mathew's Church, on TI1UR9DAY EVENING, at 7 o'clock. Subject?" The Origin and consti tution of the Church." jan 10 (PHILADELPHIA CAR ? AT PH1LA tlelphla prices, at the Philadelphia loe Cream Depot, corner of 12th and P streets. Ice Crtam SI .So per gallon. jan 10-lm* C L IR vim, m VOCAL MUSIC _ 'CIjASSES will be organixed on MON DAY EVENING, Jan. *>tb, at 7 o'clock, la Temperance Hall All wl*hlng to join his Classes will please be prompt In their attendance. Terms?Lessons? 95 00 Refers to Rev J G Blnney, 1) D, President Co lumbia College; Rev P D Gurley, D D; Rev G D Cummins, D D; Rev Alfred Holmead, D D; Rev D 8 Doggett, D D; Rev Byron Sunderland. D D; Rev S P Hill; R?-v J G Butler; Rev Samuel Rt gester; Dr Owen Mnnson; Leo Coyle, Era. Application can br made to Mr. 1 aviito through the Post Offlce. jin 17-Stw fS5?wHAT WK WANT THK PKOPLE TO KNOW 1?H O U S E S FURN ISHED? We want Housekeef<ers and those about to eoasmence Housekeeping t? hear In mind tb?t tbe first, second, third and fourth rooms of our large and spacious warehouse are filled to their utmost capacity with everv description of CABINET FURNITURE and H.nise-firnlah Ing Goods generally, to which we respectfully Invite ?be attention of those in want of bargains Houses furnished throughout wl'h ev??ry srtlcle In the housekeeping line vkst cntxr rot ca*h, or to punctual dealers at tbe usual credit Call at tbe ?? HorsKKKBPiK'* EKroaiVM" and examine our stock before purchasing. Our motto le? ?? Quick salts and imall ?ro/lr?.? BON TV, A COOMBS, dec 1-hn Tth street, between I and K. A1 PPLE1?APPLES.-4u BARRELS Prim* k. Appies, In s'ore and for sale low, by HARTLEY A UROTHER, jan V I 3t 101 Water utrat, Georgetown PUKE GLADES BUTTER TWENTY keg* of very supclnr ?l*d?? Butter, in store and for ?ale low, by HARTLEY a BROTHER, i?l Water street, Georgetown. rFt'LLY IA EYE* AND EAR *. IN CONSlqUENCE OF THE SNOW, DR ? VAN MOaCf ZiSKER. Ocullstard A u 1st, will be in Washington for a fe*v days longer, end ca l b? consult?*d >>u all Diseasej of the E V E ai d I AR , f.i 'Le Naiknal Ho'cl. Dr Van M his the fuent asr.crlment of the bcs? Frci.c!i GLsse*. (ji>u*e* purchased of Dr M. are wa-ranted to ?ult the ex at Focus cf the Eye, and j.iot irj ire t lght Acura e ex*T I atlcn m de of both t yc by the Ontnanutor jau V3-l w* OANcme. SECOND AND LAST QL ARTER. PROF H. W. MUNDER, RESPECTFULLY announces o his friends and the public generally, that bis second and la.?t quarter vlil commence from the 1st to tbe bth ofFebruiry. All that wish to prepare, fo-the fiiasd May Festl'a , wculd do< well to enter their aantes lmmrdlatelv. The Fancy D : ccs this sen?on, will far excel any that has ever been lntrolu ed la this ti:y by himself cr anv other teacher His ar,r?eai? e boirees, which has bean ro ex tensively patronized this secsm. will continue every WEDNESDAY EVENING. (weather per mltting) nntll farther notice. Jan 5C3-tf VERBUM SAP1ENTI. -If rDEVlSNE, FOR MANY YEARS RES1 ^?a? dent Physician ia I'^r.'s, and now Mopping In this cit,*, will seLd on receipt of SI, a re. Ip for SECRET DISEASE'S, t 1 affections of t e URINARY ORGANS, such as GRAVEL, Ac. It is a common plant that grsws in our girdens; Is perfectly harmless, and with which h? has cuied tbousacds In London, Paris, and New Yoik. It w=irr3nt?'d to cure, and is inval uable to o?rsons lu the country. No one need feel any rbk in this, f>r M Devi^ne hopes It will not be considered In tbe 11 ^ht of t e many quacks of the day. His remedy Is ratde from a uarmles p'aat, ei-ily ound and is the most wonderful of the aire He has a medal from the College d'lm psrlale for the d!s^p:y Address, thr nigh Post Ofll~e, from any psfTof the United States jantt-lw* M. DEVIGNE, Washington, D C. Na. 367 Pa ave , oppsslte Natleaal Hatel. J D .IAS P. LE' Y, l>tf ETtK AM) PtiI.ER IX Fiva WINES, BEAND1KS, GROCERIES. AND CIGARS, IT AS IN STORE A VER\ CHOICE AS , so.-tinent of Cbimp'gne In quilts and ptnts, L; and fre<an de Biutey, ana other desirable IIrand.s. Brandy In cask and bottles. Vintage 1777 to 1610; Rums of all kinds: Whiskeys 1910 to 1-55 ; Holland Gin of a 1 kinds; Claret Wines cf all brands Burgundys do do Safu'ne do do Sherry do do Mader'a do do Pert do do Gcman do do H a c do do Ita.lan do do Hungarian do do English Ale and Porttr ef all brards Cigars do do Ct rdlals <io do Cro<s ? Black well's Loadon 1'lckles and Pre ems cf all kinds . r???, Ac , Ac cC/ Penn avenue, oppoelte\ational Hotel. Jjn v3 'y JONAS P. LEVY. United States Pateat Office, ) Washinbtow, January 21. 1837 J f"|N THE PETITION OF DANIEL FITZ VT cerald. of tte City of New York, praying for ttie extensi m of a patent granted to W cn In?, "pi*7 uf J"nu,avy' lfi"? i'nproveiient In " Flre-Prcef < hrfts ?nd Saf^," for seven years from the expiration ef said pitent, v/hich tikes place on the list dav of June, J857 : It Is ordered, that the said petition be heard at the Patent Ofllce on MON DAY, the Sh of ?Mo?,V^t'lltl2o,cloc,k m : and*u Per*onjl are no.ified to appear and show cause, If any thev have, why said petition ought not to be granted. Tre?u 9 ?PP?8lngJ^e extension are required to file In the Patent Oflce their objections, sperlallv ?et forth in writing, at least twenty daysTefore the day of hearing; all testimony filed by either JJf fiiiSiSS V * Mlf hearln? must he taken and transmitted In accordance with the rules of S.W will be furnished on application. The tttUmony In the case will be closed on the 15 n of May next; deposltloas and other papeis re lied upon as testimony must be filed in tbe oflce on or before the morning of that day: thearitu mente, If any, within ten days thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notlca be published la the Union, Intelligencer, and Star. Washington. D. O.j Repub loan, Baltimore, Md : Pennsvl?s nlan, Philadelphia, Pa ; Dally News, New York, and Post, Boston, once a week for three succes sive weeks previous to the 2>th of May next, the day of hearing. * ' CHARLES MASON, Commissioner of Patents. P. S ?Editors of tbe above papers will please Con\ ,and send their bills to the Patent Oflce, with a papai containing this notice. jan *3-law3w IG'IT AMKICAN ALnANAC?B04* i , ton -and repository cf useful know! fdge. The *8th year of lis publication Con tiluln^ all the Important gtatlstlcal and Political Information of the coun'ry. For sa'e In Wash ington hy TAYLOR A MAURY, Jan 11 Bik k tore, reir '.?lh street. TRUTH II STRANG E?STRANGER THAN FICTION! Bur still more strange is the fact that SCH WARZE A DRURY/fl^ have always on hand a good, ull,^^ and fresh supply of OYSTERS, when all others are out. Call and see ? at 4W> nth street, 2d door above E. tin SI-It OC BBLS. iVl AH TIN'S WI1ISRY, Just received, and for sale by Jm?i-ec-Jt Harbour a semmes. I .A"flKST ?N THK CITY, UV "l*nos, Guitars, Violins, ^ccordeons, Music, *e,Ac.,tt JOHN F ELLIS'a -|in Piano ind M uslc Store. M?? MARIfl, Ladles' Headdresaer. la. forms the Ladlea of Washlagtonf_j^ uiat she has a quantity of Fit.wets. Head *re8*?e, and Haltwora,(which she Inter di^8W to sell cheap, for the purpose of making room for some new goods ate., near Mr Gantlet's, jan SS-3t* A llhohol, camphine, bthcrial ? OU, Lamps. Ac Also, Arttats' Materials and Brashes. The trade supplied at lowest market price* by MO WELL A MORSELL, Jaa 13 Na. 93 C at bet. 0th aad ?hi. Puny ?oraat'i Ratiaaal Tkcatn Vni Fanwr Directress lit-iyiHitranet ?f Nt?? y Mo> ami. THIS F.V BNIN ?7 Wtil be repeated the new domr?tlr drama, SOW perform I eg with brilliant nrorw at ?' Lun Keeae's Theatre." eatltled SECOND LOVI. tllnor Mowbray Mlw Fsany No?e*? To conclude with PIRfECTIUW. Kat ? OSrl-n Miss Faeay Morant with the FifiKh ipwh from " Los Horace, and a *pani-h inarch on the guitar. In prepare ton, the Grand Extravagaata of OLVMril DEVI LB. Cy TIME ALTERED: Doora opened at ?*, eurtain rlrea at 4 pax 7 o'clock. ? r ; Washington lirrn* ant) ^inj ituralre. Corner af Seventh Street and the Arena*. POSTPON KMKNT In consequence of the Interruption of travel?e tween thla city and NewYtrk,Mr JIM MVEK9 la unable to obtain hla apparatus In time for the performance of hla preat f at of ?? Walking on the Celling" as announced Hla bereft la therefore unavoidably postponed until further notice, there will be no performance on <hla Friday night, but to-morrow SATURDAY, Janiary <411, IM, TU'O (.'HAND EXHIBITIONS will be given AFTERNOON* IllflHT, when the most novel, unique, and bea:t*ffa1 EQUESTRIAN DISPLAY of tbe season will take p!a-e Family Tickers will be Istued f-?r the a'ternoon performance, admitting parents and their child ren for SI. Jan 2J ODD FELLOWS' HALL, S'.vfutk Slrttt POSITIVELY THREE 1!?HT8 0*L%. comment Ing Wednesday Evening, ununry Slat, 1*5?. THK original, well KNOWN AND only CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, (orga nised In 1812 ) The first and oldest established Band In the World, now under tbe direction and management of I. w Ramon and E H Pita<a. Korelvht years the above Company have per formed at 1.2 Hroadwr.y, New \ork, to fcoun^ crowded n'ghilv, and were unhealtatirgly ar. knowledge* bv the press and the public tne " ,V? Plus Ultr *" of all similar entertainment* Thcr rospectfulfy announce a short ?erlee of thelrcfca.?!? and fashionable Musi-a! Sol-ee? ?< ab< v? 1 oor? open at 6k ?to commerce at 7o'clock. Tickets TWKNtY-FIVK CE\TS Jan 17-?t T J. DONNELLY, Apent. Wants. SlIUATION WANTED?BY A RES PEC tible Wonran. Ju*t arrived in Wash'ng on. to do the general Ho?sewo?k of ? small family Good references can b=> 1 iven. Ap;ly at tkt? of flee between the hours -?f 9 ard H?, ??n T# M? row Morning It* WANTED IMMEDIATELY ? VT THK K>rkwood House, two good sober F lremen. For such, gcod wate? wl'l g.ven lm 21-3t J H A A:W KIRKWOOn. WANTED-BV A YOUNG MAN, A SiT uatlou He la thoroughl> acquainted with tl e grocery bus'ncis. and can command eonsid ersble cDy ca?(om. Address "C," Box 5 Stat 0?* tanfil-Jt* WANTED ?A SERVANT WOMAN WHO can do go<~d Plain Cooking, and the hcaae held Work of a family consisting of three per sons. Inquire at No. 3R8 12th street, between Masa avenue and M street. jan 21-3te A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, from New York, wishes a Situation in a pri vate family, as Chamliermaid, and to assist la Washing and Ironing. Can be seen for three dtys at No 555 H street, corner of I4th. jan 21 -3t* PROFITABLE AND HONORABLE EM PLOYMENT FOR THE W INTER -Per sons in town or country In search of employment as a scurce cf Income, or to fill up their leisure hours, may hear of ju h bve&c oslng two stair ps, to pay postage, to Professor JAMES T. HORNE, Box No 1.551 New York Post OAce. The em ployment Is fitted to tl'her ae*- statl a in UJe im material. it la e.n article of dally consumption, and c?n be irauufactured in any persru's dwel ling; secured by copyright; naies a* permanent a? flour. An agent is wanted In everv town In tbe Union jan 11-1 m WANTED. ?THE HIGHEST PRICES paid In cash for Old Silver, at HOOD'S Sil ver Ware Manufactory, K8 Penn. avenue, n^ar 9th street dec 30 Boarding. B CARDING CAN BE OBTAIN ED BY THE ' day ?-r week, at No 117 Massachusetts ave nue, l-e<wee? #th and 7th streets. jan 2l-5t* Board. ? gentlemen desiring Board can find very comfortable acromm<ida tlans.atOtM Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th and loth streets, over Mr. R:denonr's Confection* ery. dee 30 lm Board, Ac.?mks. bates,on the s. w corner of Pennsylvania avenue aad 9th street la prepared to accommod <te gentlemen with rooms with or without board Every effort win be made to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. Transient or table board can be ob'.aiaed. ap fi-tf BALL. Off THE MERRIE BACHELORS, ODD FELLOWS HALL. NAVY YAR I', Oa THURSDAY, January 29th, IWL 1>HK MERRIE BACHELORS, BEING DF alrous of cottrlbutlrg tLe'r shaie of a mure rr.ent to the lovers of the dance, beg leave to an nounce that their Third Annual Rennlen wlUtal e on THCJ R>DAV, January 29. 857 'the urual Invitation Tickets of tte MerrW I'ncbelors have been dispensed with,aad a general Invitation la hereby extended to their lady frlenfl* to join them in tbe festivitUs of the occasion. Tickets ONE DOLLAR. Supper and Refrestm-nts by evpetienced ca tneri. r<t/.mi$ue s/ J Cnln, Henry NObeT, J Tilay, F ?rosperl, J no Vau'.k, W W Biownlng, V Connor, Geo Padgett jan 22,2JAft 27,^,^9 -St OAA IMPORTED CANARY BIRDS, <?UU with Nightingale Soogs ; also, 6OLD FINCHKS aid LINNETS, fot sale at Mr C. 8CHAFER B Hotel, 9th staeet j a 21 3t* DR. YI1LAKD, Dentist, Latx or 1 nicAuo, WOULD RESPECTFULLY INFORM the citizens of the District aad vicinity, that having located himself/ In Wa?hl-gten, hs is now \ rspared to ?-u.jj-? peifoint all o^eratlon?, In his pretfession, in the most approved -stele USce No 250 Pen*.-avenue, adjoining Ga' tier'a.^ )an2?)ly LAW K OhS.-WILLIAMS ON REAL Proper y 1vol. New edition; Tidd's Pr?c tloe 2 vols Fourth edition; Burrill on Clr cumstmtial Evl?l nee 1 vol ; Greesleaf's Over ruled Cases Revised edition 18;6 , Sugden cn Powers 2vols Newedilon; Index to English Common Law ReporU. 2 vols Justpnblished Halted s Law of Evidence 2 vols Jan24 FRANCE TAYLOR WOOLEN OOOOS AT COST ? DETER mined not to cany over to the spring, any of our Woolen Goods, we shall commence this day, closing them off at ce>st Oar stcckls woith your attention H. J. McLAUGHLlN A CO , jan 22 29, bet 6th and t?th streets A CARD TO TUB PUBLIC. IN CONSEQUENCE OF THE WEATBER and th* delay of the Cars between New York and Washington, Mr MYERS, the Clown, will not take his benefl' on Friday evening The Celling on which he walks Is on the cars Due nettlce will be given of this occasion. Look out for fun j an 22-3t INSTRUCTION IN MfiSCHARIt AL DRAW INO. A LIMITED NUMBER OF PUPILS WILL be re eived by tlie advertiser To Machln !sts this is a rare opportunity for obUinlag knowl edge of an art essential to sweeaa in huslaees The terms will be moderate, aad wlQ be msde known on application to 6 C BUMPHRIES fit: Cstreet,south side, between llthaad ifith. front till ? p m. )uik2-3t* DOTS* SLEIGHS B A SUITS, CAGES, 13 Dusttra. Scla crs, R< a ra. Perfumer?, Ac , at janti Mclaughlin A <bo 3 SECOND-BAND MELUUBUNS, BUT In use a abort tlaae, for sale or rant, very low. at ear great l'iano Store, between Sth and 10th atresia. Jm? JOHN r. ELLIS WAFER IBONS, WAVVU IRONS, Meat Cutlers, Mtrcing Knives, Chopplag W" t,inn-kc-iiS!^r^r