Newspaper of Evening Star, January 23, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 23, 1857 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. W ttTnTwimn ii i?rr ?t m Orrw M T VILTI ? CLOCK, M., ?III?IH T?*V ??* IOT ?"?*? CVTIL T?B ?KIT PAT. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. AK!?IV*R8ART Me?TI*8 O T THS YOOO Mew s Chih*tia!* Associario* -Ikis Associ ation held it# anniversary meeting at the Smithsonian institution last evening. The exercises were opened with prayer by Rev Mr. Haskell, after which the retiring President of the Society, Mr O. C. Wight, proceeded to read his annual report. This in teresting document shows that the pest year h*? been one of increased u*efulne?j in the ?arions departments of labor in which the Association has been engaged Two lectures have been delivered?one by Mr J B. Gough ?which was a source of ?ome pecuniary g*in to the Association, another by the Rev Mr. Willett, of Philadelphia. The course ?>f ser mons in progress at the time of the last annual report, was completed, and proved highly sat isfactory. A similar courso cn the Bible is now in progress. Rev G ^ Cummins, Rev Mr Linahan, and Rev S. P Hill have al ready delivered sermons in this course, and others are to be given by Rev Messrs Has kell, Doggett, Ii?gester and K;kard. The finarces of the association ?re not in so good a condition a* is desirable, though stiict economy has been aimed at iu expenditure.-, and the Treasurer has labored indefatig*b!y. The hope is expressed that the pecuniary con cerns ot the society will soon bo satisfactorily arranged The library has received an addition of some two hundred volumes, making it? present number about seventeen hundred volumes. There has been a gratifying increase in the visits to the rooms List year there were re ported 2,72<i recorded visit.*. The register for 1?56 shows 3,7.V; and. a? many who frequent the rooms do not record their name?, the actual number oi* visits may bo estimated at j,000 The m.ssion Sunday school work has been continued with faithfulness and success, and clothing has been provided for chi!denin need of it, as well as instruction In conformity with the policy of the asso elation in its Sunday school operations to geek as fields of labor the destitute and unpro vided for portions of the city, and to with draw from those fields and seek for others as fast as the ground i> occupied by any evan felical church, school Nj ii formerly held on 4th street. Island, has been removed tj Ca ruci'e Saloon. School No I, on O street, will soon be changed to some other IoeiIiry The committee for visiting the Asylum hr<va continued their labors, and though their plan; have not all been carricd out, much good is be'ievel to have been accomplished A Bible Class has been formed cnler the instruction of Mr Thos t Walters, the cvercises of which are attract re and n?efu!. The membenhij cf the Association cm not be precisely staled. as tb? revision of the liit recently undertaken ha? Dot ye' been accom plished The third ar.nuil convention of the Christian Associations rf the 1 nitcd States and Brit:*b America w?s held in M ntreal in June Tbis Association was rej resented by Mesfr3. Lang don, Rhees, Wood, Easby. Bradly. Force, Vance, Southward. Grubb and L'.ndsley Mr Rhees was made principal Secretary of the Convention. and a memcer for this L?.strict of the Central Committee. Mr. Langdon was ap pointed with two others delegate? to the Chris tian Associations of Europe, where he has re cently gone. Upon concluding his report, Mr. Wight in troduced his successor to the Presidency of the Association, Mr Win J. Rhee*, who followed in a few remarks expressive of his sense of the honor conferred upon him, and of the respon sibilities involved, and then introduced to the audience Rev John C McCabe, of Baltimore. Mr. M)Cab? announced tue suijeot of Lis lecture to be lieniu*?its misfortunes and infirmities " Without going into a critical disquisition upon the naturc>,f genius it migh* be defined in genera! terms as the highest at tribute and point of mental po*er. Touching briefly upon the characteristics of art and taste as relating to genius, the speaker ea terod upon the more immediate subject of his lecture That m^ny errors accompany the cireerof men of genius was admitted, and it was doubtless wisely arranged thus to aff>rd a check to the pride of human intellect. The lives of men of genius thus marked were passed in review?of Chatterton, that marvel ous boy. poisessing all the elements ?nd attri butes of true geniU3, an infidel at sixteen and a suicide at eighteen ; of that nobleman of nature. Robert Burns, with a muse bold and vigorous as his native streams, and beautiful as the ft owers of bis native mountains, yet with faults too glaring to be denied, and who was doomed, through neglect, to end a life glo rified with conscious genius in quarrelirg with smugglers and gauging liquor barrels; of Cowper. tender, innocent ani confiding, with wit and humors' will, yet the victim forye-ara of the saddest melancholy?a species of reli gious insanity -and whose dying moments were eaioittered by a dread of eternnl punishment; of Byrcn; son of a profligate fither, of an ill tempered mother, who was crossed in his first love, and whose first literary eff ort was bitterly assailed by the critics, and who, uni.appy in marriage, chafed and goaded in spirit tied from home and country, and with health nd genius impaired by excesses, died among strangers; of Shelley, that aristocrat >>7 birth and y ? t firm believer in the nobiity of nun, that angel touched by lunacy, who lived in a storm ot bis own creation and [erished in ? storm raised by bis God ; of that strange an l won derful man of our own times, mighty in his weakness and weak in h s might, that modem Prr metheu-i chained to the reck of hi* malady that chili of sorrow and fcotg, Edgar. A. P-?e. Of these names, linked as they are with frail ties and follies, l'oe seemed to oombine the in firmities of all the rest Misfortune seemed to mark bim from the cradle to the grave. He rever krew a mother's Ijvc Like the Wandering Jew, his: j rit was continually cry ing for *urcea>a if ?>rrow He has gone to his grave but too recently to have his place assigned him. but his " Raven," had he written nothing else, would waft bim on its wings aero s the gull of oblivion It was a sad hour for Edgar A Poe when be selected a Griswo'.d for a biographer. This work, in its revengeful spirit, was contrasted by the lec turer with tbe generous tribute paid to poor Poe by bis benefactress, Prances S. Osgood, now gone down to the grave The lecturer claimed that we should treat tenderly the infirmities of such men. How different might their fate and career have been under more favorable circuinttanccs We should take int? consideration the morbid condition of literary men brought on by ex cessive application?of sinking spirits suggeet ingstimulants, bringing their train of evils. The moral urged by the lecturer in conclu sion was that, \ irtue?moral worth?not Ge nius is tbe true imoaorialiser. We must ad mire Genius, we must love, almost adore the Benefactor 'tenius is th? panoplied giant ; Moral Worth is the white robed angel. Mr McCabc's lecture *i? a beautiful lit ? rary tff.rt. and we regret th.t the severity of tbe eeather prevented so many of our citi zens from enj?< it lirstMU Disai roi*TM*\r ?A plump, rosy member of our City C< ua -i!e nas to have became " flesh of one flesh" with a Ujj 0f Hal'imore ? n Monday last, but the great en<,w storm up<*t the plans of a good many folks thise ot our friend from the Seventh Ward amongst others?and he was obliged to exer else his j alienee with the rest of mankind until communication were opened northward. Yesterday, he departed on the wings of love *,or perhaps it would be more oorrect to ??y, t>y the eailiest morning train.) to Baltimore, ?nd, we doubt n< t, is by this time fast bound in tbe " silken eords," Ac Aj , of Hymen, Jte , 1; Ma Etxtob Sir?Was here not erected, 10 the time of Polk. Ta}lor or Pierce, a building for the Inauguration Bill, in Judiciary Square ' Please answer, and oblige an old subscriber P. S Your answer ewl decide a bet P. Yes. fir-ee' there was You c?n lake in tkst bet ?? Ho?rj?LX ?We learn that an Indian, by the name of John K Kake was burned nearly to a cmder, at Meters Hotel, thii morning. It is not known how the accident occurred, as. be was alone at tbe time, but it is believed he fell in tbe fire while to * state of intoxication. American Colonization Society?The en nual report of this Society, the Directors cf wiicn are now in session in this city, opens ? tribute to the memory of the Hon. John Clayton, Mr Gnrnej of Londoa, Vice Presf dent of this Society, Rev Thomas Bond, and of ihe Rev. Asa Camming.1* The missionary ship, for the building of which lands weie contributed by John Ste vens, of Talbot county, Aid , has been com pleted and fitted up ae a permanent emigrant ship. ? Kefeiricg to the several State societies and other friends uniting their effort* to increase the income of the society, and thereby eEtend its usefulness?a sum of $100,000 or more be ing required?favorable responses have been received, which inspire hopes for the future and still more general, constant, and efficient support to the cause. The increasing value of the African trade f ?KrTv ?tt?ntion and the consideration of the National Government. Great Britain is sensible of its value, and while in 1854 the trade of the United States to Africa generally S^OQO mm'022- ^*taf -Great Britai" r?w to S2.> 000,000, or about six times that amount. A document, carefully prepared, mentions the increase in the palm oil trade in Liberia dcrir* fm,! ir?,onyean Preccdil"< I*" to have lee? K?1'038 ? year to 700 000, and that . thlrt* Vf8S,el8 were freighted Tbi'p-"SSS ^ ftyear have 8?nt 8,a?es to Liberia and paid liberally for their well doing under the auspices of this society Kichard floff of teorgia, fifty-four slaves, gave them liberal outfit and paid the Society *2,000, with a prom we of $1,780 more?in all $3 780 ; John Knickerbocker, of New York. (Waterford,) who sent in his check for S2 500, remarking, I take an interest in the c:iu?e and desire to show it; ' next David Floyd, of Georgia who sent nineteen s'aves and gave 51,225 ftr'thei? expended, after spending a large amount upon hern, next Mrs Mixabeth llolierness, of Co lumbus, Mississippi who sent fourteen slaves p,id u,"tHS7 Pr?Vided f0r lhcm- "d financial statement shows the receipt* i-5"^ -f.*n *? J*5 " ? ">? expenditures, ?f' and tae mdebtedness 524 138 7J. iae society has been fortur.ate in obtaining several legacies during the year, the payment ot which for some time has been delayod. The wholei amount from legacies is S14 *>75 : of this S^,0no is tho balance of the Graham legacy for the support of schools in Liberia ?JCRen*es of emigrants this year i'.w"w " mie"M Affairs in Liberia, in a political and reli gious vitw and the character of the emi grunts, next appear at length, all shov ing tne invaluable blessing = which have been conferred upon the race by this noble society. Ine table of emigrants shewing the cumber sent to Liberia by tho American Colonization ^vjiety and in auxiliaries from each S:ate, 4| J*5? inclusive Massachusetts v ' ,R^e Island 33, Connecticut i?, New \?tk 100, New Jersey 3.0, Pennsylvania 171?, Kil ilu rv ' irjr!a"d 610> P'STict of Colum bia 101 \ irgmia 3,31,s, North Carolina 1.1.>8 Tojuim- ^r?- A,J>\(ieor2ia 1 ??>0' Alabama H?4. Mississippi 536, Louisiana 261, Tenne.seo Ohio 55- Indiana 78 Illic. ?* nu H}"0? So, Michigan 1, Iowa 3 Tex .s 0 Choctaw Nation i?, Cherokee I California 1, t?tal9,o<L. Number of free 3,676 ; num oer that purchased their freedom 328, rum L!J.ri?*!SS*"d in_?!of <> Ward ,MEET,*G SECOND W aro.?Jl/r Editor : Your " local," in no ticing the relief meeting of the Second Wa'd has been as unfortunate in his statement of facts as he has been unjust in his insinuations against the cituens of that Ward whether prominent or not. At that meeting there were present more than four persons, of whom were citizens?no police officer being present. And although the meeting wa^ very small comparing in point of numbers with similar meetings in the Fourth and F;fth Wards, ret there were a chairman and secretary ap. po'.ntca, and n resolution passed asking the Counsils to make a liberal appropriation for the poor (f the entire city There will bo a committee also appointed to collect funds to be^distributed amongst the poor of tho Ward Xhe Second Ward has always taken good care of its poor as well as its polities, and for many years has been foremost in its charities, not only at home, but for sufferers abroad. ?our article was so ex'remely uncharitable, exceptionable asd uncalled for, that I thought it but sheer justice to notice it, and place the matter right before the public. B. [The person from whom the inform*tion of the above meeting was derive!, left Harmony ilail after S o clock, and no account ef a meet ing taking place l.emg sent to tSe office the objectionable paragraph was written ] Fourth Ward ?An adj <urned meeting of the cituens of thi* Ward was held on yester day afternoon. Mr W A. Bradley was call ed to t^e chair, Mr L. J Anderson appointed secretary, and Mr. J. C Mcduire treasurer. On motion of Mr. was Kesotved% That the Chair appoint a com mittee of twelve persons to procure subs ?rip tions, and a similar committee to make distri nations, by orders on the treasurer. The Chair appointed the following gentle men on the committees: ro??.CweCriioDrrAfes-'f8- KimuieI> Leonidas L?^!?' W" ? poale, David Saunders, John W Hodgson, Thom .a Parker, Berry 1 ureell Lmcry, J. A Kennedy, J tiideon, Ldward ftsmmes and Wm U Baldwin Do Distribution?Kev Messrs Cummins >ampi<^ Krebbs, Sunderland, and Alig: Messrs Francis M-.hun, J 1\ Pepper. B j' ?r8, <Lln,?IJe- T M Udn*JD> J:- i-'racl,' and T. J. Magruder. The committees meet at the Aldermen's chamber, ity Hall, to morrow morning, at 10 O Cl OC K ? Preparations for the ForRrn or M\rth It is evident that th-msaods of lodging rooms, more than are at present for rent here, will t?e needed to accommodate the crowd of strangers to be in Washington during the in auguration times We advise all those willing to accommodate such guc>U at that time t?. commence their preparations to that end with out delay, and also to let tho publ c know through the Mar when and where their rooms will be ready Thu is the simplest and best way to secure a share <f the profits of the grand ceremony which must necessarily fill to housekeepers in Washington, as well as to st cure such lodgers for as long a time as possiblo. as it is said thai various cluba. companies and private parties from a distance are already seeking such accommodations through p and friends now on the spot Washinotov Clans ?There wiil be no per formance at the Circus to-night, in couio rfaence of Mr Jim Myers being unable to ob tain his apparatus in time for his great feat of walking on the ceiling, cau?e l by the inter ruption of travel between this city and New York, Ri also the detention of several volun teers, promised for the occasion: but on to morrow (Saturday) there will bo two grand exhibitions?afternoon and night?when a most splendid array of equestrian novelties will be offered Family tickets will be issued for SI in the afternoon This establishment is ad mirably beated. and quite warm in the cold est weather. Gaiety.? There was a grand, and we hear, a very pleasant bop at Browns' Hotel last night, attended by a large number of distinguished and fashionable persons, who enjoyed the dance and the society of each other, no less than the rr,. htrche. and capital aupper spread before them by the hosts of the bouse. At the Kirkwoods* there was a private din ner party, given by some gentlemen from Cali fornia, at which a crnpany about sixty in number are said '.o have been present. We a ear that they bad a delightful time of it, going oB in the most approved style. Amaclt anp Battery ? Charles Sauer and and n m llasti# were rrretted last night by Messrs. i: End II. 8. Ward of the auxiliary guard for a very violent assault and battery on Charles Edmonds. They were taken before Justice Dodd, who held Sauer to bail for eourt in S500, and dismissed Uastis. Tbe Vote in Georgetown?The vote in GeorgetowR, yesterday, on the poll-tax quar tion resulted in favor of thai measure, by about 159 majority About 1,000 votes weie cast. Seventh Ward ?The eitisens of the sev enth Ward met again last evening at Potomac ilall The collectors appointed the previous evening handed in 914 4 11, and orders for one cord and one dollar's worth of wood. Mr H A. Clarke was elected treasurer, and the following gentlemen distributor#: KIr*t district, west of Twolfth street, John Pettibone Second district, between Seventh and Twelfth streets, north of F street, John h. Semmes Third distriot, between Seventh and Twelfth streets, south of F street, P Hep burn, jr. Fourth district, botween Third and Seventh streets, north of F street, Jas. k?pey. Fifth district, the remainder of tho Ward, Samuel Pumphrey The collectors were requested to continue their labors The meeting adjourned to Tuesday evening next at 71 o'clock ty* In the notice yesterday the name of the chairman should have been Kev John k. Deale, and Mr Samuel Pumphrey's name was omitted in the list of collectors for the fifth distriot. The American Colonization Society held its meeting, according to announcement, at Wesley Chapel, last night. The meeting was called to ordor by J 11. B. Latrobe, k-q , the president of the Society. Rev Dr. Lee, of Richmond, and Rev. T. (i. Bnwen, missionary to Africa, were not present as hoped, being probably detained on the way by tho great storm. Various extracts from the Society's annml report were read by Rev R R (iurlcy, show ing the general prosperity of the colony of Liberia Rev. Dr. Cummings, of Trinity church, ad dressed the meeting, and a remark by him at tributing the invention of the title of " Libe ria" to President Latrobe brought out that gentleman in a pleasant disclaimer, who ex plained tho part he reallv had in the matter while in the law office of tien. Robert (Joodloe Harper, when the subject of a name f*?r the new settlement was under discussion amongst several gentlemen present. Help this Poor.?Wo have been requested to state that fire wood in small quantities will delivered to the destitute from tho wood and coal yard on the corner of h and Ninth streets. To prevent impositions, applicants must bring a line from W. A Ross, former Police officer, or (ioorge W. Darkness, former commissioner of the Second Ward. This is the generous wffer of a gentloman of the Second Ward, and we trust others who arc able will follow his example. Thk Travel.?We yesterday stated that the road was open between this city and Bal timore Tc-iay we have to announce that it is c'.osod again The train which loft hero last night was obliged to return, and the Bal timore trains due hero last night and to day are thus far unheard from. Meantime the mails are accumulating at all points, and we pity the pott office clerks when the postal matter does begin to scattcr?that's all ' Military.? Laa1 night, First Lieutenant Oldfieid, of tho Montgomery Guards, after puttirg the company thr u^h a long and active drill at their armory, entertained the company at Cooke's restaurant, where a choice collation was prepared. Lieutenant oldfieid is an ex cellent officer, and will bo a groat acquisition to the Guards They expect to turn oet ?ev enty musket, on tb? 4 h of Marob next. St\rtt ?Yesterday morning watchmen Norwood and Birch came upon a man named McBride, who. having received about *1*0 was about to dispose of it all lor the benefit of a few sharks, ' who were following him. The watchmen succeeded in placing him in the cars and started him for his home in Penn sylvania A Scamr ?a colored man, named Brown, has been passing about the city imposing upon the charitable, by begging money to bury a child This game he has played for two months post but ho fell into the htinis of the Auxiliary Guard last nuht, and this morning he was sent to the workhouse. Stealing ?Christy Canter was arrested this morning by Officer King on a charge of stealing two hogs from Wm. Addison The hogs were found in a grocery store, and were identified hy the marks in the ears. Christy proved that she got them from a white woman, and Justice Donn dismissed the case. Acknowledgment ?Enclosed you will find five dollars, which you will please send to the widow spoken of in the Star last evening, who has two children, (and one of them blind ) National Thkatre ?Tho beautiful play of Seeond Love is to be rereated tr-night The performance will conclule with the rich farce of Perfection. Watch Reti'B.ns.?n. Brown, colored, non resident; securitv and costs. S Hubbard and Caroline Hubbard, vagrant?; workhouse ft!) days Mary Mahorney. drunk and disor derly ; do. married On the 1'Jth ir.htant, by the Rev. Mr. Rodgers, JOHN W BYRAM to EL1Z\ C KOIlfcRT SON, all of thin city. On the j2d Instant, by the R<?v. Mr. Boyle, THOMAS \v MILLER to JULIA A rlfju WA\ , both of this city. oibp, In New York, on the 22d Instant, WM A DICK, cf this city, In the 20th yejr of his a?e. For Bale and Rent. Restaurant for sale ?the lease ?and fixtures of a Restaurant, of good lec itlo , situated on Penn. avenue, wii! be v-ld low for cash Inquire at this offl .e. j ;n 23 ivr* F ,n>r SALE. - A TWO-STORY b R I ofk House, containing 8 Rooms, on I street north, between 6th and 7th, with good yard Terms : One-third cash ; the balance In 1, '2, and 3 years. Anply a' 541 I itreet, he ween nthand 7th. jan *?3-tf For SALE, OR FOR RENT ?THE Three story lire proof Building In the rear of Jack sou Hall, and known as Davis a Garret's Carpen ter *hop Apply to JOS. 11 BRADLEY. Jr. jtn'20-lw For rent.?a grocery store and House attached, in a wholesome and good locsllt/. The Store la now doing good business Any person wishing for a good business stand and cheap house aad store, would do well to call at thlsoSlce for further par lculara. Jan ltlw* Jjmlr RENT?THE storeroom RF cently occupied by E M. Drew, Merchant Tailor. No 516 7:h street, Immediately opposite the offl;e of the National Intelligencer. For terms, apply next door to GEO. W COCHRAN, Cigar and Tobacco Dealer. jan 16-tf rjUVO LAR6E ROOMS SUITABLE FOR 1 uentlkmknto BE RENTED?They also, can b^ Boarded In the house If desired. Apply to THOS potentin1, No '279 l'enn. avenue, south side. dec 17 f[?or RENT ?THE SECOND AND THIRD stories of the House over the Leather Store of Mr. J C. SHAFER, opposite the National Thea tre. Inquire on the premises. dec ui-eotf For sale or rent?that desira ble residence cn F street, between *20th and 21st. for the last eight ve:irs occupied by the late J M. Oliubo, Eso Possession given Immedi ately. Inquire of RIGGS a CO au 122-cotf A DELIGHTFUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE.?The subscriber has for sale a desirable Country Residence, about a mile and a qusrter d!s ant from the post Oflice, In a norths easterly direction, on Boundary street, between tfth and 7th streets east. The lot consists of about two acres of ground, and Is In a high state of cultivation The house u of frame, nearly new, and posse* sei many conveniences not usual In acouotry resi dence It Is forty-three :eet front and thirty-three deep, with a two-story kitchen attached. The situation Is elevated, perfectly healthy, and commauds a fine view of the city and surround ing country Belonging to the nr mlscs are a stable, car riage-house and wood-shed, all convenlentto the house and In good order The house Is comfortably furnished, and the furniture Is for sale with the premise*. Apply by letter or In person to Jan J 3w WM STICKNEY. noR RENT ?THAT LARGE AND AIRY r House on Penn avenue, between Oth and 7th streets, over A. Hoover a Son's Shoe Store, suita ble for a irst-clafs Boarding-House, it la now undergoing a complete repair Possession given Immediately Inqnlreof A. HOOVER A SON, south aide of Penn avenue, between 6th aad 7th streets ?c 30-tf Pibrch blait1c COR* SOLE!, far keeping the feet dry end warm. Also, gen. tiemen'a Shawl Pins, at ammonias i anttl-91 LAMMOND'S. AUCTION SALES. By A. OR KEN, Auctioneer. FDRNITUIK, DRV GOODS, PIAWO* fsrte English Walnuli, Ac.. itAictltr. Ob SATURDAY MORNING, the '*Uh instant, at 10 o'clock, I shall sell, la front of my store? A large assortment of Furniture, a lot of Dry Goods One very superior Odd Fellows' Regalia One excellent Pianoforte, two bags English Wal nuts China* Glass, Crookery Ware, Ac. Two excellent Cooking Stoves R '.dlator and other Stoves. It A. GRKKM, Anct. AUCTION f ALE OF CLOAKS AND TAL MAS.

THE SUBSCRIBER, DETERMINED NOT to carry over any of tils stock of CI.OAKS, will otter the remainder, uow on hand, 'or sale to the highest bidder, for rash, oa FRIDAY MORN ING , January 2-Id i'ale commencing at ill# o'clock, at his stor*,241 Pennsylvania avenue, beween Pith and 13ih strtets. m FRANK A McGEF. . P.S. From this time till the day of sale, he will offer his stock at less than co?t. Jan 19-41 F. A. McG. In c?nse<iuence of the Inclemency of the weather, the above sale is Postponed until MONDAY, January 97th?sale commencing at 1*2 o'ciock preclselv. jan 23-d J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auc'r. GREAT GIFT BOOK STORE, UND EH. nEXTERN HOTEL. An lainrnsr assortment of Flew Bosks lotII he opened This Duy, AND AN ENTIRELY NEW LIST OF PRESENTS will be distributed to our patrons l-ereafter. Members of congress, citizens, and STRANGERS will Had our stock of Hooks worth their attention. It Is tlie largest ar.d most valuable assortment ever opened la this city, comprising Standard and Miscellaneous Works in all the departments of Ancient and Modern Science, Literature, and Art Also, all the latest Publications, Annuals of the Season, Bible?, Prayer Books, New Editions of the Po ets, Ac., Ac , In Turkey Morocco, Antique, Vel vet, and other rich and superb Bindings, ele gantly Illustrated. A PRESENT worth from 2-> Cents to *100, will'be given (1m mediately after the sa'e) to every purchaser of a Book for which we receive *1 or more. per cent of all our net receipts will bf placed in the hands of His Honor the Mayor of Washington, to be distributed for the benefit of the Poor of the city. At the Old Stand, under Dexter'* Hotel, sjv:i of the R? d Flag. ' * J*n 8-tf J. PH1LBRICK Ag nt. rpiIE TRIKINK ALMANAC FOR 1-A7 ?A received and for sale at SHILLING TON Bookselling and Stationery Establishment I n addition to the us ual calendar pages and as tronomical 'alculatlons, the Tribune Alminac will contain: Very fml and complete flection Returns by State?. Congressional Dlstilcts, and Courtis* f< r 1H56, carefully compared with the return? of for mer years The important Acts of Congress, condensed The Government of th'- United htate? List of Members of the present Congress, and of th' next at. far as elected, classified pollt'cally. A concise statement of the doings In Ransas during the past year A naccountcf the remarkable Contes' 'or Speaker of the House An article on the State of Europe An account of the movements of Sea. Walker and his Fllllbuster Companions ia Nicaragua A classified list of tho Governors of the states', Timej of hold'ng Elections. Meeting of Legis lator?, ate Tho Platform of the Republican Party, with a condensed statement of these of the Democratic and American Parties. The Jetfersontan Ordinance of 17?i,adocum nt not generally accessible, and which had It been adopted, would have made Kentucky, Alabama, Mlsslsslp I. and Tennessee free Sta'es Three years later the Ordinance of 17-?7, applicable onlv to the Noitbweat Territory, wa? adopted. Single cnple; 12^ cents For sale at SHIM INGTON S Bookstore, Odeon Building, Jan 21- :: Corner 1^ street and Peon. ?ve. WASHINGTON AtADEMV OF MCS1C. OVBR FARSHAM ? BOOS'IOSI, PESW AVI , ENTRANrE O.V 11TH STKEST MR F. N1CHALLS CROUCH HAS THE pleasure to announce to his fiiends and pu pils that be will commence the first of his course of Lectures, on the histoiy of Music, at tie Rooms of the Irstitutlon, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, January 28th,te?icn<ng at 8 o'clock, and continuing ever/ Wednesday until fu tber notice As these readings are strictly private, and deliv ered for the purpose of Instructing the pupils and friends of the Institution, it will be necessary to Insure seats, that immediate application be made for Tickets to Mr Crouch. Vocal Director, with out which no person will be admitted. Tickets delivered every day between ? and!) a m and from 6 to 8 p m. jan 20-5t DENTAL SURGED*. DR B F. COSBY, PENN AVENUE, BE tween Sixth and Seventh streets, at the place formerly occupied by Dr j Van Patten, has Just received a very large supply of articles pertalnl >g to dentistry and respectfully invites the public to give hhn a call. Having devoted bis whole time to tLe pro fession, he is perfectly safe In d^.larlng thai he will glv* entire satisfaction lu every case Tb*? best professional references can be ?een at his of Id. nov 13-tMuch** KNIFE ? LEANCRS, wltli the latirst im provement.?Every fatnllv and hoarding housekeeper should have one. j m at! G FR ANCIS, 4911 7th st. Waibington Veterinary Infirmary, FOH HORSES, DOdS. fr , 253 D st bet. and 14th sts.. souib of Pa ave., JNO GRe-GSON, PROPRIETOR, Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, London. IE?" Horses examined as to soundness. Ac jan I'J-hn THE t O L I' M I) I A INSTITUTE, FUR YOUyr. LADIES. 14tf Eleventh s?r< et, between G and H . PROF GEORGE HENRY STUECKRATH. Principal; Miss ELIZABETH L WIL LIAMS, Vice-Principal,?A lady eminently qualified to take the charge of the English De partment and the government and discipline of the School. The exercises of the second term of the Insti tute will commence on MONDAY, the 2d day r f Febuary proximo. Applications for admission shot: Id be made as early as possible A HIGH SCHOOL FOR YOUNG GENTLE MEN, under the direction of Prof Geohgi H Stueckrath, as Principal, to be located on F street, between 6th and 7tu stree's. or In the vi ?-lnety of Trinity Church, will be opened on the 1th of Febuary. proximo. Early application should be made to the Princi pal at his refcldmce, Columbia institute, for Young Ladles, 116 llth street, between G and H. jan 12-lm* FmESCH BOOKS, FINE EDITIONS, to be sold at c< st, by order of the owner la Paris, to close a consignment: ?Euvres dc Kegnard, four volumes, octavo, full calf 4*2 25 <Euvres, d'Alrxsndre Duval, nine volumes, oc tavo, half c?lf, 82,75. Annates du ParlcmentFranoais,eiL'ht volumes, sir all folio, half calf, 8 10.50. Lavatar; Cart de Connutre les Homme* par la rhysionromle, ten volumes, octavo, full calf, filled with engravings, *22 Saint H liaire; Cours del'Histolre Naturelledes Mammiferes, one volume, octavo, half calf, en gravings, 75 cents. Gay-Lussac; Cours de Chlinle, two volumes, octavo, ha'f < alf. SI, 37 l-angler; Ccurs de Chlmle ge.ierale. three vol umes octavo, half celf, SI 87 Coudlllac; tEuvresCompletes, sixteen volum?s, octavo, full ca f. gilt, 823. Dlscours, Allocutions, et Responses de Loula Phllllppe, Hoi des Francais, three volumes, cc tavo, half calf, *1,50 Lettres de Henry VIII a Anne Boleyn, cne vol ume, rctavo, haif calf, *51,37. D'Aiembert; <Euvres Ccitpletes, five volumes, octavo, lialf ca f, 84,75 Montgallalrd ; Histolre de France, nine vol umes, octavo, full ca'f, *7. Cabanls; CEivres, Completes, ive volumes, octavo half rair. SI 25, (Euvres Completes de Mesdames de la Fayette, de i'enclaetde Fontaines, five volumes, octavo, full calf, 82,37. Voyage Plttoresque des ilea de Malte, el de Liparl, par Jean Houel, Pelntredu Kol.four volumes, large folio, filled with tinted engravings, 816 Glannone, Istorla Civile del Regno di Napoll, eight volumes, l>ound In four, 84^8. Opere d'Isocrate, Fecate dal 6rcco nell' Itillano ldloma, two volumes, octavo, 88 cents Single copies only of most of the above jan21 * FRANCK TAYLOR HAIR BRUSHES, TOOTH, NAIL, HAT, clothes, crumb, dusting, and other klada Brushes; Comba, *ide, tuck, neok, piff floe, dressing and pocket Combs, Ac., Ac. h. J. Mclaughlin a co , Jan 17 No Ho Pa. ave., bet. 8th and 7 h ats REMOVAL. Samuel chi lton , attorney at LAW, Ac., has removed his office to tke base ment of the house of Johnson Hellen, Era , en the corner of 5th street and Louisiana avenue dee 30-lm* AUCTION BALBB. THIS jfcFTKBWOON AFD TO-MORROW. By WALL. BARNARD* CO.. AuctK^T" NEW AND IKrOND.HA5ID CARRIA. fesat Aictl.n?On TUESDAY MORN INS, *Oth ln? tant, in front of our Waif room (Haslnp A We-den's building, corner of C and !?:h struts, we will *ell? 1 deuble Carrla e, new ard of the very best build I Pb.e:on, new, Jnfshed very handsomely, and suitable for a physician 1 second-hand Clarence Carriage, built by Hook A Co , of thl? city This is a very ban fseme vehlele, and in first-rate order 1 serorrl hard Roekaway, in lir*t-rate order . built Pgfitand strong It ba* been u?fd but a v"y short time, and 1# as good as new, Terms t One-font h nsh ; the remainder in 30. * au<1 '"'days, for notes satisfactory? endorsed, and hrarlng Interest WA1.I,, BAKNAKU A CO, jjii if. dta Auctioneer*. 3r?-The ak?T? Sale is Pestpsacd, ?? ao. ?vJ5 ?? f.,?eal!,er'until SATURDAY MORN ING, the 2'th, at '2 o'clor k, jtn "ALL, BARNAku A CO., Aucrs l?y JAS. C Met!l>1Ri;, Auctioneer. Ar^RK tllAJICB TO 8KCIKK A Vain* able Business Stand aud a PrciitaMe Business.?1 Ue undersigned Intending to en g*ge in other buslne.?s, will sell, at cub ir auction on FRIDAY EVENING, January 23d, at ^ o'clock, < n the premises, his leasehold (which bas ten years and six months to run) oa that valu able property on tte r.or.h aide of Fern ..venue, te'.ween 12th and 13.h atreets, occupied by him mcces firly as a Restaurant and Eating-House. An excellent Dwelling is atta bed to the Restau rant, rerdeTing tte property desirable as a resi dence and 6tar.d for any other business if pre ferred . Persons dulling to examine the premises may do *o bv calling on the subscrll>er. Term* of ssle : Oue-fourih cash; the residue in 1.2, or J years, for satisfactorily seemed notes bearing Interest HbNKV KL'li l.w Jan lit d j AS. C. McGUIRE, Autt By JAS. C. .McGUIRE. Auctioneer. AUCTION SALE OF A VALUABLE Let ? f Old and New .YliKcellnueeus Bosks and Engravtiigs? On W EON E S D A Y , THUbMJAY, and FRIDAY EVENING?, January 21st, isfd, and 2>i. at the auction rooms, 1 ehall sell, at 6 o'elock precifery, a mojt desire - ble collection of old ard new London Books. Kn gravlngs, Ac Tie aale will commence with a < holce collectionof Architectural Woks, Boo^s on ?i;dustojy and Morhanlcs.lEnglneerlng, Ac . which will be followed by a collection of various old and new London and American publications, amongst which we dliec' attention to Mr Ken rey's Indian Tribe*. Cy- opedla of Arts and Sc! eiiee, 15 vols . Ito, Nlles's Register, Ac I'lie sale will be terminated by a due collection of Engravings, Lithographs, Ac , from Lumley, l.aido.i, Ac Terms cash. JAS. C. MrHUlKE, Jin 11-dts Auctioneer. CATALOUIE OF PARIS CLOAKS, TO BK MJLD AT AUCTION, On TUESDAY. January 2?th, WITHOUT ?SsEHVF, at tl^e Store of OLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY ft CO Sale to commence at 12 o'clock 'AMES C. McGUIRE, Auctloteji. ? 'TerlA No 1 Bro Mo're Antlqueand a elvetC.'-ak, J*50 No "J BlueA blk Ve vet AM Ant, do 50 No 3 B'k Velvet a^d .Moire Antfqne, do n No 1 Orr*?n Satin very rich, do yj No & Hand ome Brown Clotb, d?? 2-5 No B!ac < Velvet, very plala, d<> 40 No 7 Tan Cloth and Moiie Antique, d<> m No 8 Bro Cloth and Moire Antique, do 20 No 9 Kaney Cloth Circular, do V0 No 1" Brown Triruined J*a'in, do 25 Noll Rich Silver Brown Velvet, do No 12 Drab Ctoth, trlin'd with velvet, do js No 13 Blue Watered Silk, do 2? No 11 Drab Embroidered Cloth do 15 No 'o Brown do do do t.i Nol? Brown do do do 50 No 17 L't DrabCloth A Moire Antique do 22 No IP Drab Kmbossed Clcth do 25 No 10 Black Cloth Traveling do so No 20 Blk Moire Antique and Velvet (Shawl) do 22 No 21 Do do do do No 22 Handsome Blk Velvet (pia'n) do v? No 23 Do Moire Ant: j :e and Velvet do 50 No21 Rich Blsck McSie Ant!?jue and Velvet do No 25 H andsome Bla-k Velvet do r?5 No2? Veiv elegant HIk Velvet do ^5 No 27 Very eleyar.t 111k A!olre Antique do 75 Nn?fl Handsome Cloth Talma do No iy do do do 20 The above Goods mutt fe <o!'l Terms cash. Several handsome Crimson Crape Ehawls, Cashmere Shawls, and Evening Dress Goods will be cflVred alter the sale of Cloaks. The Cloaks will be ? ffated a! private sale until the day n*med above jan 21-d J .C McGUIRE, Aitet. BfWALL, BARNARD A CO , Au< ticaeers. ^ I O nnn WORTH OF JEWELRY, V? J 6?UUU (laid Silver, aid Flated. HKntinf. and lipen-faced Watches, <7?lu Cliaius A ?? . at Patole Auction ?(Mi TH t!R? DAY EVEN ING, Jannary 22d, (?nd every even ing until the whole isdi?po?-fd of) we will sell, at 3"tt. under llrowns' Hotel, the largest stork f Jewelry, Ac , ever cflVred at public aunlon m thlxeiiy All ff which will positively be sold, without regard to cost. Consisting in part, vii: Gold, Sliver ard Plated. H inting, and Open f^e :d Watches Gold Ch^ n?. <Jold Rosom Pins, and Far Drops Do Cameo, Morale. *nd Gold Stone Fins, and Kar Drops to match Gold bracelets. Cameo, and Morale, all sires Goid and Siiver Thimbles. Goll Lockets do Ciild f'.uds. Sleeve Buttons, and Ear Brrps Geld Flnaer Kings, Watch Keys and Fobs Abo, Feerl, Shell, and Silver Card Cases I'ortnonal'-s, Fen Knives, Ac. \\ 1th many other article* too niim?rous to men tion. Terms: ?3 > a.nd under, cash ; over that amount a c elit ef 30and C'.? davs, for notes ra'lsfactcrlly endorsed, l?earlr g interest WALL, BARNARD A CO , jdn -i d Auctioneers BvJAS C M. GUI RE. Auctioneer. FUKNITI'RE AND HOUSEHOLD If. feets at Fnhlic An tian.- On THURS DAY MORNING, January, 221 at 10 o'clock, at the residence of J . A Sheehan. on 1th street be tween Indiana avenrc and north E street, I fhall sell all tils Furniture and Ellects, comprising? Rosewood Houdolr, Piano Forte ai:d Stool Superior Mahogany Sofa, Rockers, a d parlor Chairs Ma*ble-top Centre ax;d Sofa Tables Mahogany Card, Dining, and side Tab'es Gilt frame pi-rand min'cl Glatses Cane and Wlrd?or Chairs, Lourge \\ alnut Whatnot, fancy Chairs Uam^k and Lace Curtalcs, Sh des Mahogany French atid Cottage Bedsteads Curled balr atd husk Matt testes Feather Beds. Bolste s, and Pillows Dressing and plain Bureaus, Wardrobe* Wa^hntands, Toilet Set", Looking Gla."?e? Superior Brussels, three-ply, and other Carre's Stair Carpet, R igs, Oil C.otn. Ac Granite Dinner Ware,China Tea Set Silver -plated Castors, Table Cutlery Glassware, Crockery-ware, Fire Irons Excellent Cooking and other Stoves Together with a genera assortment of Household and Kltehea Requhitts Terms: |t5 and under, cash; over that rum a credit of 60 and 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, beating Interest jm 10-<1 JAS. C. McSl'lRE, Auct. l?^The ahove Sale Is Postponed until WEDNESDAY MORNING. Jan. ?.?th, sair.e haur. Jan 21 JAS. C. Mc6UIRE, Auc'r. By WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auetlcneera. 'I'HH (iREAT SALE OF Standard Eng 1 llsh pnd American Bocks wilt be continued THIS EVENING, at store No. 370 Pennavl vnnla avenue, under Browns' Hctel; also, floe Family and Pocket Bibles In thericbest bindings, Letter and Note Paper, Gold Pens and Stationery of all kiads. A lot of ine Engravings and OH Paintings in Frames WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auc'ri. N. B Books at priva e sale during the day, Including Dr. KaneX and other valuable works, very reduced prlcc* jin20 6t_ f lottlS) By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. rpKUSTEE'S SALE?On THURSDAY the M. 19th day of January, 1S57, at o'clock p m., In front of the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust to me, dated May 12th, lSwl,and record*din Liber J. A S , No 7>, folios 4&5, Ac , one of the Und records of Wathlngton county. District of Columbia,*Lot No l.ifqiaie No. 430, having a front on Third street west of 15 feet 9 Inches, and 75 feet on G street south. Terms cash All conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. J. H. GODDARD, frn*ee jan i7-3tftd? A GREEN, Auet'r. rnHE HOKSKS. V*H?CLE?, AW? OTH. ft er Merchandise heretofore sold on the snuate at the corner of 7th street and the Avanne will ae discontinued and hereafter "l* l? w?* ou* ?tore. C. R.L OHOWN A CO., jan H-?w Auctioneers, TELEGRAPH NEWS. Railroad Communication, Ac Philadelphia. Jan. 13 ?Five mails from _ 'm"r? arrived laat night in n York tr*in ,art '???lng U not Thl^r b** drift?(* ?b track again a tholaBH ^ ro*d ta-ini bl?ck?d up, and etera varying from zero to 3?w bslow A dis. j.i'rJi Troru Boston Mji that at 7 o'clock thii .inning the registered bridge Observatory indie&ted 16? below aero^* Baltimore. J.mrry 2': ?The train .kui. started from Philadelphia at V o'clock Tenter Jay m .rning, laa-hei Ralliniore at 11 'doe* this morning Tf i' the eolJeat of the niiob. Ther unmeter, at T o'clock, five deg below rero Philadelphia, Jan. 23 ?The Baltimore road wa> blocked up laat night, bj drifting <now. between the tSaf<{aehacaa river and Baltimore. It baaagain been cleared, and no further trouble u anticipated From Kansaa bt Lot is, Jan 22.?The Convention at La compt-?n k*n?a?. adjourned on the Uth in atant, after pafsirg resolutions embodying the views and principles of the party hereafter to nVi!*? t"e N?iion?l Democratic party. ? v. ? *?f> aches of the Legislature repudiate that portion of the (Javernir'a message relat ing to the of obnoxious enactments i.>0-pMongers t<-day crowed the Mississir ? pi at . . Louis on the ice, and wagons will probab.y do so tu morrow. The weather is in teD^ciy cold No detention of tr&in& Fire at Lake Village, IV H Bo.nTOk, Jan 23.?The machine shop,engine houge, and four locomotives belonging to the KosU n, Concord and Montreal Railroad Com pany, at Lake Villaco. N H., were burnt thismornirg L.>aa S lO.iwO. War in Ilorida ' ?ABtlsrcx, Jan Is ?The steamer Caro lina h?s arrived, with Jackaonville dates to the 15.h instant Gen iiarney had with drawn ull the flags of truce, and declared war against the Indians The English Minuter K>* loaa. Jan 22 ?The London corres pondent of the C uitnercial Advertiser inti mates that Lord Napier will be the new American Minister The Storm at Charleaton. Ch*pl*#to*, Jan. 19 ?There was a heavy gale and taow storm tfeiay, with the ther mometer at 22 degrees above rero. Baltimore Marketa Baltimore, January 23 ?There u nothing doing on change to day 9 hew York Marketa* Naw York. Jan. 23-Flour tenda down ward sa e of 4 000 bbla; State 94 40afi? 5S Southern S7aS7 30 Wheat ia buoyant, sale* of 5 000 bush white SI 82: rod $1 63| Corn ia dall with a downward tendency; aalea unimportant Pork is buoyant; meet S21. Boef ia firm repacked Chicago ?15a?15.SA. Lard ia firm Whitky is buoyant; OLio 2?c. Financial ^ ^iKyrn0KK ^an* ^ Stoeka are higher but dull. Chicago and Rock Inland W7{; Cumber land Coal Co. 21 j; Illinois Central bonds 96 Michigan Southern 87*; New York Central I?eadmgB2i. ^Sterling exchange ia firmer and quoted 10*i 1 5 brown suoak. ?' *? HOLAB8ES *> bbls GOLDEN SYRUP. In More, and for sale by Jaa 21-ec3t BARBOUR A 8EMME3. ICE ('IlKAM At 37^ l>nta Per Quart. H otl^ri ^7i'aii0.fRD,wNG*li0USBe ASU ? iil A ^ ?nch cheaper and belt** they niskp Jt. Pairs and other ? entertainment* can hare It at leas price at the iaia .?? FBNNSYLVANlT fiS?>V _ jan 3-1 m ? Corner F and 1 >th street? HEED'S PATENT STEAM E5I?T?IE~ T" v.8uE PROVED ENGINES (FOR . patents have been granted and tint prize naeda.a awarded to th" Inventor, both in aitedttateaaud Europe.) coatinue to giv* -j on aToont of thetr slmplKltv and economy, that we have now established an extensive minufaetorv. aid are prepar?d to de 'iver at the shortest notice epglne* froin t\f? uor.-r power and upwards. These engine* have been accurately tested. and have jhown an economy of twenty percent In xuel, ard about the tao*e in oil and repair* Thin Kiyu^i8 'Ij'C'ed by letting the steam In t-nd out both s.des cf the cylinder through latgeooenlne* removing the pressure from the valve and allow ing no steam to escape or exhaust from tfce pa* ? aage? eicept from the cylinder alone : also bv re rtt'clng the weight and friction to about half that of the oril.narv engines We place the smaller sues upon an Improved boiler with all the pipe* attached, and the whole mounted with small wtarrls convenient to ship ta any part of the country, and to avoid the necessity of an experl cacrd engineer to surt them, they are all trs-cd befor? leaving the factory Kced s Fttent *teain Pumps are alsooorr.lny In to generalu ue on steamboats. In .mines, and f >r supplying boilers, where they are now glvln" great satisfaction They are preferred to any In ut?e beoausc of their com pact aess and simplicity 1 hese engines and pumps may be seen In oper.i tion, or further information had. by ealline or ad dressing ft EK1) A BIRKBECK, |an 12-lm 95 Maiden Lane, N V DR MUN?ON,ATJ38 PENN'A AVENUE. Is still making tho*e beautiful aontlnuous SUM TEETH, calledM|^BK Allen's Patent, for the excellency nf{<U which over all other styles of teeth, many aow wearing them in this city, will cheei/ullv vouch. There Is one l>e:itlst In this city who has been Infringing the Detent, and made a bad imitation of it, agafn?t whom 1 hereby caution the public N. B Whenever a Dentist speaks agalnat Allen's Patent Continuous 6um Teeth, whea proptrlf conU'ucitd, it is because he is Ignorant of the process, Incompetent to make the work, or s unwilling to pay for the patent. je 14-tf NOTICE. WE ARE COMPELLED lO REMIND many of our cuatomers whose accounts were sent to them before the first of the new year that their bills have have not yet been aettled. We are much In want of the money, and hope thai all who owe us will at once call or send us aettlemeuts for the amount of their Indebtedness, and thereby suve annoyance both to them as well tis us. Many thanks to those who have already so promptly responded to our first no'ice; It Is a pieasuic to us to serve ali such. CLAtiETT DODSON * CO. _jaaj?jltFeM "A BAGS KIO COFFEE. II do JAVA COFFEE 10 do WHITE COFFEE 25 boxes ADAMANTINE CANDLES. In store, ai d for sale by tan 2l-eo3t UaKBOL'EA SEMMES. >1K W. H PALMER'S PIAlfO PORTE ( L>*?SES. THKRK ARE NOW SEVERAL VACAN cie? in a Prlmanr C ass for be^lnam Ap ply immediately to Mr Palmer, at the Acaden.y of Music, over Karnhsm'* Bookstore, entrance on Nth street Appllratlon for entry Into the clanes to be nude b-tween 1 and 8 o'clock on Tue?4ay or Friday Term* ?S per quarter ef twenty les ,onw * EXT HA NOTICE An Evening Class for gentlemen Is forming Apply as above. An Evening Ciass for the study of Harmony and Through Base la alao for mi eg for ladles and gentlem-n. A pply as above j*n 18-oelw Books, rooee, rooes, mazazimi, Papers. Ac?The right place to get the above artlclee 1a at FKRGUBON'0, jan 1? 48* seventh Q FRANCIS THANES A SES??M U. public for the liberal and lnef*sJn? patron Sm* ke met with the past year, r* ad friends who, aa oeceelon oSrred, heve Arep ped a word In his favor His motto U and the coming vear be hopes to soe hU oia ou* tomers often, and be fhvosod with nuf asw ?was. Good articles low prioee snd f11r desJl*? ? t characterise his store. ? F RAWllP, jaa 3 49i