Newspaper of Evening Star, January 23, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 23, 1857 Page 4
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evening star. BBILLIART8. We cite a filament f/om an old dramatist, John M*r?ton. who thus uraphlcally expresses the sleep Huni of a fretful, d scontinaed spirit: I car net sleep, n?y ?>?*'neighboring ll?s Will hold r.o fellowship. O thou pale icbtr Bight, Then that In sluggish fumes all tense dost step ; jboa that glv'st sll ?he wor!d full leave to play, Usfcei d'at toe feeble veins of sweaty labor; The galley slave that all the toilsome day Tegs at tne car agalast the stab bora wave, #fralnlng his ragfc^d veins. sao res fast. Ths de^bg scythe ?*aa, that doth be*b 'he Thon may's* wink sure, |r night all ereatures Only the ti*aleontent, that against hlh fate Repicss abd quarrel*: ala-. he's Goodman Tell clcek; Blsswal'nw j 1 w bones sink with wasting moan; W hilst others*' bads are down, his pillows stor.e. HOPS. Ta- b heart '?the wat*r bul<Is again? A charmed life old goodness bath ; TV* tares mav petisli?but tbs griln Is not for dei'h ?od works In all things , all obey hist fl'?? pr?pul> ioa from the eight. wake and wjtcb '?the world Is grey With mortrlDg light [Tr*i(tter. <????? _ _L .m. EBB ARRIVALS AT THBPRl/fClPAL HOTELS Watisnal Hotel ?OCT a niSSI P Ellason. Md I A Wilson, R Betts do T Telpalra, Md L A Stone. Mess A S Kobt, l)r Buinweil, ind J Karma d, C Peafcodj, Mo 6 Turner, Va A M Fitch, Md G W Grain, Md M H Hat!, ie. K P Tavloe. Ga 9 8 N Harden*, If T A Walker, O Rrswni* Ueiet.-T r t M brows A J Done, KT A llrooke, Md J M Burkhara, F A Wright A It, do R*v J C Mot ah#, Md K F Be^rey-s, do D Hen, Fa T J Hart, Del r*H Marks, Ky B A Smith, Md J Brown, NY J Adarr i F TbeHrk. de Kirlt wood SPv?w*e -J t i l IiRSVOOD J W B yce, Va W Wall, DC C?m Jones, I'SN H P Hunt, Ms --i ? _ ?. ?j I'HAl'.lCeV WAKRINEtt, I VA TCH MAX BR, NO 34 I* STREET, SIGN oF THE LARGK and siuii Watch with Chain, near Shilling ?on's Perlodlral Depot, corner of PfnasylvaaJn raaae nnd street. WATcf?F*. JEWELRY Sit VER WARE. I'ATC'k KPA1 RING, Ac. Chronometers, H"pen Mas Wa'.chc*, Duplex, ffhntle Cftfcks, LWTi Jt^'ry, aod Hor laiital, Silver wjr? Musical, and KKtA?P KD. J EWE RV AND SILVER WARE mnde to order. llS~Ki'tnnvd from 370 Penn'-t avenue, Browns Hotel* to rbe above location Ha nov24en3qi c WARKINKR. CHINA, GLAIS AND QI KENS WAKE. Br H. MILLER. SON A CO..MUft Importers direct from Liverpool in#ilky A'tiandrla, beg lea ve to riH the at ten tlon of dealers, hofl keepers and ouicrs of Washington and Georgetown to their stock of GOODS, wblch, for extent and variety. "*13 ccmrare ffevorabl7 wj'h ai?v establishment !n 'Le Extern 'itSea. The cor:r.e.*ion of their sealer partner wltb the minuetan?rs cf Enrope er?d !1ie United States for upwards of 30 yc^r*" has gt?ea him advan tages ic the purchase of goo*s.equef. if nor supe rior. to nay hoase in the trade /tn laspec'lon of goMs and price* will satisfy all partitk that pur chases can be nude of them upoa the roost favor able terms French Chins Dlaoer S?<s. gilt and d^r.iv-t French Chtsa Dinner Sets, gold bind and ptmia wLlte Freach Chlia Vases Pitahers, Toliet Sets, Ae. Franch China Tea Sets, Cups and Saucers, and other artlclm of Toaware And Dinner Ware, separate from Mtfs ladi? Chin j Dinner b?ta,aad separate article* al wsi oo bond White Grani*e Wan la every v.ulety,ln sei^, and srpa/ate fri>m sets, as may be dew!red Blue Printed or Liverpool Ware, the saino Co|R?oa Ldzed. Wbl^eaad K(^StLnekam Ware In fall supply. Cnt. Pressed, Plala and JRevlded Glas* Ware ftem the best establishment* in the Eastern and Western States, which will he sold by the pack age or otherwise. EaperleaceJ packer* employed. *o?vt* put np by us caa be transported by any mode without treaiuge fl?by the steamboats from U asbiagton to Aalmost hourly, 12u ceaU eaeh way A quartet thus -pent may save many lotiara. dec 1 40 OOP Vt!&C9* TREES. AT TEN DOLLARS PEtf flTN fFHED?FOR s3-e at my Nursery, near Wssfeta4?.oa aa The ^b-ive trees are all of iae growth and VIP ?f the be*: select frcit Aiso. s een*;ra#as?ortirent of ORN AM ENTAL, EVERGREEN, SHADE, and FRUIT TREES. oc St ti JOSHUA PEIRCE BOOH BINDING. Ccrmtt E ewsii strut ** i Miry land assaas, near tk* Institution. pDWARD LTCETT RESPECTFULLY IN mj form*'he subscribers to Bsown's Bible and thak*pe*?e, row just completed, that he Is pre pared to bind ch^e works in a superior style of elegance, strength and solidity, and upoi much more reasonable terms than can be done In Baltl mcfe, PhllaJe'phla, or New York. A letter ad dressed fc'm ifer posn will eaable him to ei feibit to the ?"?bscr'bers sp?yrlTn'?n? of bis style of Mfld!?g Every kind ef Bock Hlo4in? ne?tlv ex ?uted_ sstf7-dm MANLAL or ETKIUETTE IN WASH 1NGTON. 'JlHIS MANUAL IS INDIRPENSABLE TO Members of Ongvaia and strangers sojourn Tne In "?V asbington. Every ledy and genueman ?hoaid have a ropy Jmt published a nd for sale rn the liook S and In the Capitol, and at the book store* In Washington dec -?i Jrn Rectifying Establiahmant. rr ?-'WMMWBD TAKES THIS * metboa of 1r;forix.'.ng liauor d?*a'en? that he UP a RECTIFYING ESTABLISH JNEN r in this city, arid Is now prepar<d ts sup ply a 1 thosr who may favor him with their c? ?Oin He has on hand a large stoca of Biantites Bin, Wines, and Old Whiskeys, which b* can ?ell h' as low i ti^ jre as tbey can be purchn^ed r>r either 11 BslUmora or PuJladelphla t N Th,> ?Jhscriber has also on hand, s larire ?f p.Jreicll ,r<| x>fTOeit|c cigars FETER FEGAN. "3 Lonlifacd avenue, near 10th ?t. ]iS 11 ?IT. ? O fitted ?t3te? Patent Office. > Wi.BTscTfs, Jsnuiry B. \ ^ of ELXFW"" nr T ferkins, ? hlltl itb S ?'; #rrt U McMahon, of ! nB*Fu?nIa, praying f<*r lb* ? x. ;>;w ^""Itoib'non <h* .Oh vstiz, sir* ?? -i' the eapiratlon of s%ld^>nf wj|7h f-VJL' on the 10 b dsy of A,lK^_ b ,ake" It Is ordered, that 'b* *sia r?^.ni^ .. the I'stent M.-r.| tV thl m V nest dt 1* o r'ors, m and .n March aoni^l t<, appear end show r!J have, wbysai^ petition on(;bt not to be " Parson. opF<-.tnv tbe exten-lon sr^ t? ? leln the Patent 0?r?* their ^bjeetions ?et forth in writing, at least twenty d*y^fir! thedav of hearing; all testimony iled rnrty ro be use* afWld hearlru imist he ta?cn an.I transmitted Ip aocrHanro wtth the rrles of the of Bee which will be fi'rnlscea ~n application The u^ftmonv la tbe case will b* closed oa the ?Kb of March, deposl'l^ns and other rap* rs relied upon as t^.tim^ny, mus? befll^i ln'heollce on or brfrre the morning of that day; 'h^arpu menj*, If any. within ten days 'hereafter Ordered, also, that this notice be p ibilshed In the t nico, Intellikeno rand Evening Star, Wash Ingtcn, D. C ; Republican, Baltimore; , Evraae' Argus, Philadelphia, Pa , ai d Daiiv News, New York. N. \ . and Advertiser, Cln. clanatl, Ohio, oi.oe a week for three successive weeks, p.sficus to the oi March n xt. the day of hearing, CHARLES MASON. Commissioner of Pa'enta. F S ?Editors ef the above papers wili please e^pv, and send their bills to (he Patent 0?ce. . A,^ri^uiulnH notice. Jan lo Iaw3w (irMiTE#'?*K A1? "AHHIV, IUHB9 i. i>M' B*Jr 1 '?"'d Goods, Elegant EH" ?lVtlll< BruBkes, Hoh?m! LK^hs Work Boxes. Armeies la Gold, sllver^BrooM' vKn'tbomr Tortolshell. Papier Mache. Biscilt ^binf^or' ?elaia, Parlaa, Marb'e, and other matsrla"i,^ th >* we>t sty^s, and .ftbe late.t i^por.Uoa, X the lakes BAZAAM' >.a W-Iw Fa av.,bet id and 3d s'ts. It?r KEtKIVED? AN INVOICE OV lae TL-ted and French Papers Al?a Guilt - Bath Note, Ac. I^isusoiv? Tlh street, j Hifir1! Office, ) Washihstow, Januarys, 1?*7 { PROPOSALS IN WRITING WILL BK KB 1- celved at this oflce up to It o'clock m., on the 7th day of February next for Baking Pump*. Hydrant*, Logs for conveying water, and Slnk> Ing Wells. Including all necessary materials and workmanship, In digging, laying, fixing, and completing, In the best manner, and for keeping the Mine In perfect repair for constant use. In the First District, composed of the First and Second Wards; and la the Second District, composed of the Third, Fourth, and Seventh Wards : and In the Third District, composed of the Fifth and Sixth Wards, reach district to be bid for separate ly. and to b-! given to different contractors,) for the term of one year, commencing on the 1st day of April, 1857, agreeably to the following specifi cations. No bid from any but a practioal pnmrs maker will be considered, and the contractor w til be required to conform rigidly. FOR WELLS Digging and *Yailing Well*, Incltxllng materials and removing the dirt, per foot, lineal. The walls to be four Inches thick, of good lurd brick. Cleaning out Wells, each. Sinking Old Walls deeper, per foot. Taking out Old Walls and putting In same, per Cases of eight feet length, per foot. Caaes more than eight feet length, per foot. Covering New Weils, Including materials ; the covering be of best Eastern Shore Joist, not less than three Inches thick, laid double. Paving New Wells, Including brick and pump stone Opening Old Welle, aad covering same with old materials, each Opening uld Well/*, and covering same with new timber. FOK PUMPS Keeping the Pumps In repair, vfe stopping all leaks, Ac , when It can be done without taking out the pump, each. Taking eut and putting in Old Pump*, per log, each. Making new joints in old logs. New logs put In Old Puinns. per foot. New boxes and spouts In Old rumps, each. N*w Pnmps, per foot. Boxarand spouts for New Puinpe, each. Copper Chambers for Pumps. The top leg of the Pump to do of the best season ed W\Jte Oak, and the remainder of the brat Yellow Fine or White Oak. FOR HYDRANT*. Keeping the hydrants In repair, vis: stopping all leaks, Ac. , ah new valves and snouts, repairing the old ones, an*d repairing the eld irons belong ing to them, whtxi it can be dono wltbeut taking the Hydrant out, f.vt. Taking out Hydrants k*nd putting In seme, efch. New hydrants, per foot Spouts for Hydrants, each. S ost Stones, each. Fainting Pumps and Hydrants, each. IRON WORK. Handles, Axles, Spears, Plates. Bands and Re pairs. per lb. Spout and lower Boxlrons for Pumps, each. New Joints to old Hpears New dpout and Val *e-lrons for Hydrants. The work and the materials to be all of the b?wt quality of their respective kinds. N??otf'r will b? received that Is not mide by a pr*?lt*l pump maki. Contra.?'* will not he w?lgnal>le The person or persons whose offer mar bp ac cepted will be required to enter Into bona for one thousand do'iars, with two^ood sureties, condi tioned for the faithful performance of his or their rmtract; and shonldary contractor or contractors fall or *ef jse to comply with any of the conditions or term* of his or thfelr ceo tract, or to exfeute any work withlr/ "He time named In the order of the order of the Ccttimissloner directing It to be done, the .Mayor is authorl-^Mi to employ any other per son or persons to executt? the ssn c, or to furnish the materials upon such terms as. he may deem expedient; In which event the contractor or eon tractors so falling shall be responsible to this Cor poration for any loss or damage lit may sustain thereby, and the Mayor may at his dlecretlon an n>il the contract of such contractor or contractors W. B. A1A 5RUDER, Jan 7 2awtFeb7 Mayor. f No. 672 ] By the Pxeaidm of the United 8tate?. IN PU RSUANCE OF LAW. I, PRANKLIN ? I'fEKCL, President of the foiled State* of Am-riea, do hertby dec'ire aid ma ie known that ruMie fn'es will bi held at the undermentioned ?mrf io ihe Stats or Iowa, at the periods hrrriMfler designated, to wit: At the Land Otflce at Diioc, coiiisn-ncing on Monday, thefomih day of Alay tiezt, tor the disp-tral ol th? public aid situ*'sd within the following named to*n?<lijpa, v?: So.-th oj the hite ami *r**t of the fifth prinetmil meridian. Townships atnetynine and one hendred, of range ten. Townshiw mnetv-eigbt, ninety-nine, and one h'indtcd, of range e'er ft Town-hips ninety eight, nnie'y nine. and one hundred, of range fwdr*. To'vnshipj ninety nine and one hundred, of range. th . T-iwnshipi ninety nine aid one hundred, of raiga Township? ninety nins and one hundred, cfraig? t&e+n. Tow ash lp one hundred, of range rtrenfetn. Township one hundred, ot range hrento. Townships ninety eight andonehundrid.of range fhi Townships ninety four, ninety five, ninety six, m net v seven, ninety eight, ninuy-niuc, a id one hniklred, ?'f ige Ureiiy four. Ar flie Land Office a'. Fort Dodos, commencing on Monday, the fourth <Liy of May nent, for the di* potai of tue pubiie land situated within the follow ing ranted townships, via: Kmr ? of the hot* line anJ <ccit of the fifH principal meridian. Towns^pa ntnety-fjur, ninety five, nin'tv-sit, nmeif-seven, nireiv-eight, ninety nine, and' one' honored, of lange Townships nineiv-lour, ninety five, ninety six ninety se? ??. ninety eight. ninety nine, a id one hundred, of laige firmly?t. Township* ninety lour, ninety nine, and one htm dr?-d,of ran-e t renty ?ei en Township one hundred, ofraige twenty eight. Township one hundred, of range twenty nine. At the Lard OCce at Storj* Uirr, commencing on Monday, the fourth Hft of Hay Her/, for the dis po?a if the jaNic lands situated within the follow, mg named towush'ps. v:*: ot thr bin hne end .res/ of thr tytk jt, meri>hi*n. Township ninety f?ur, of range thirty four. Town?hips mn<ay foor anl ninety fly*, oif tang^ thirty fu-e. Township ninety-flv?, of raige thnty-*ir. Townships nine, y-sn and ninety-seven, of r?iu? thtrfy-eifht Town hips nnety #u aid nineiy-teven, of raige thirty nine. ^ Township amety-aeveB, of range loiiy Townshi|?s niner-ei? and ninety s> v#n. of ian?e forty ???<? ' " Township ninety-six, of ran{> hityttnee. Township ninety-si*, of range forty foui. Township ninety-six, of range forty-rive. Township*, ninety five and ninety tix, of ranae J<01 TV ninety fir- and ntnety-?i?, of range F.a-Uonal townghipr,ninety fbur, nineu five, sid ninety six, of rangr forty ngnt. Lauds approprm ed Ky law for the ur?: of srhoola. rnili a'V aid other purposes, together with thane "saarap sud overflowed laids male ih?reby unfii fit cultivation," if anv g'anted to tlia S'ate by (lie a-t entitle! "An a t to enablethe 9 atc of Arkan?a> and oiher 8 etc* tn recla m the '.-wam,>lands' ^nn m the r lim i.?," approved S?pt?mb:r J^tn, l?.V>, wi'i b- cirlu ltd from the fa'ec. Th^ effrrmg of t?ie ab ive lands will b* crm menced on the days ap noted and will proroed in iht ot'er tn whim ihey ars Hlvsrtised. until 'h" wh<?le shall bave b*cn offered, aid t!?e sales thus cloee-li b jt no ?a'es ?l a'l bi k?-vt cpsn longer t' an two werks, aid no prita e entry ol any of ths lands will he admitted unMI a'ter the expiiation of two weeks. <; ven under my laid, a' the city of \Va-?hingt ?!>, thin flttovnlh day of December, Anao |)-<inim one thousanl eifht hundred a id fifty ?i*. FRA4KLIN PILRCK By the President: Thomas A n?. C nmii^ioflrr *>' ? fJerera' I. aid O.'fics Nont'RTM PKK-EMPTloN CLAIMANTS. F.v iv p-rso? entitled to llie right of pri -? m lion to a v of the laid* within the townships a id ,a*ts ot iiiAai>iip4 j,t> enmueratrd is required to es tab i li the ame to the satis a-non ot the regisfr ai<| r. r?i? r of the proper lan l office. >rnd ma' r /xiv >???111 thereby loon f,i offer ireine thin eiti id tt-fore ih-day ap3?anted for the c ni ni'-nei ni?nt ol tiw public ?ale of ih" la'ids #inbra i-u i ?? . a t ' U.m -.1; oilier ais? >u h < la in will b? forfcnel. THOMAS h. HKMDRICKS, drc ?. ,ilinu"w:n'!r ?: lhC ^enWM' l mWl ?IC r? t,ik REm *? s >mj> ALOF THKLANDOFpint,' from BKNICIA TO SAN FKANUISCO IN CALI FORN1A. tALl Ij accordance with the provisions of the aet of Congress entlthd 4 An act authorlilngehaniroa in the location of lind tffiapproved March 3 1-S1 It la hereby declared and made known that the land oflc? for the aale of public lands at Bknicia, In the State of California, will bare moved to tfce city of t?a? F aaxcisro, at at tarty a piriod at pratltcablt. Furthur no Ice of the preclra time of removal will be laaued by the register and receiver of the BenlcU Land Offl^e 6 ivrn under my hand, at the city of Washing ton, this iflth day of January, A D. 1537. By o/der of the Preetdent: THOS. A HENDRICKS, Commissioner of the General Land Oflkce Jin 17-lawflw Fine fapbr, in*, pbfir, and sta tlqnery In yenerah at )anrt? tfj7K0LAU6MLIN * fOf. Medicines. PERUVIAN SYRUP, Fbf emrt ?/ Dftytf *??. Ltatr offlf'jf, Diitsvi of tkt Lung? and Bron'kiil Fmtfgit, Si'ii, <??? tral Dtbilitm. tr. This excellent medicine, which has attained a high reputation ana been ex tenclveiy used in Beaton and other cities of tbe East, has been received and ia now offered fo? ?ale by 7. D gilman. special agent,350 Penn tylvanla avenue, a? al?o oy the general agent, cor ner of L and 3d streets, Nary Yard. The proofs cf its efflcacy are so numerous, so well authenticated, and of such peculiar charac ter, that sufferers cannot reasonably hesitate to re ceive the proffered aid. The Peruvian Syrnp doea not prcfeas to he a turt-nll, but its range is extensive, because mary disease**, aff????i/jr unlike, are intimately re lated, and, proceeding from one cause, may be cured bv one remedy. The class of diseases for which tbe Syrup pro vides ?cure, is precisely that which has so often baffled the highest order of medical skill. The facts are tangible, the witnesses accessible, and the safety ana efflcacy of the Syrup incontrovert ibif. I have analysed tbe medical preparation called the Peruvian Syrup, with reference to the number and kind of active substances contained In it, and the durability of tbe compound as a pbarmaceuti cal article. The metallic compounds of arsenic, antimony, mercury and xlnc are not present, nor la It possible to detect In it the allgbteat indica tion of any metallic and mineral poison Its or ganlo constituents do not include opium, or any of the drugs yielding poisonous principles Tbe constituents, when separated, arc not even acrid to tbe taste. It is a preparation scientifically and skilful.y compounded, possessing all tbe durabil Ity of a uplrltuovs tincture, without Its objection able qualities and tbe activity of Its leading con stituent Is preserved through the Judicious adap tation of its solvent. Tbe point here attained has been frequently and unsuccessfully sought after by pharmaceutist*. Respectfully, A. a HAYES, m D. Assnyer to State of Massachusetts no 10 Boy Is ton street, Boston, id Nov , 1b*5. nt-v ?t-3m .. PIWS-PIIE?-fi|1t?, yt>h CALL ATTENTION TO ALL WHO .7 * afflicted with this dreadful complaint to the following sworn certificate from one of our most respectable cltliens, the father-in-law of tbe proprietor of the ?'Courier des Etas Unls,? and formerly guninaker In Philadelphia: nuw Yoxk, Aug. ;J8th, 1866. Drreib?Dear Sir:?1 hereby certify that i have been affllced with the Piles for nearly sixty years that i hive used eighteen bottles of Barnes' rile Lotion, and everything elue 1 could here of, butalltonoefi*ct, for they did me little or no good. About two months since, I commenced neine your remedies for the Piles, a?d have the happiness to say that they have had the desired effect, having cured me l considei this almost a miracle, for i am eighty years of age. i sincere ly recommend them to all afflicted with the above rem plaint. F. VALLEE, 73 Franklin at State of New York, ? New York CItyard County. < 1, Joseph c. Lawrence, do hereby certify that on the day of the date hereof, before me personal ly came P. Vnllee, to me well knowi\ who, b<v Ingbyiue duly sworn, did dc-pose and say tfeat tbe contents r.f the foregoing certificate slimed hv him are true. In witness whereof i have subscribed my tame, as Commissioner of deeds and as a Notar? Public of the State of New York, and haveaf. fixed my Notarial Seal at my offlce,ln New York, this 26th day of August, 1*56. JOSEPH C. LAWRENCE. Commissioner of Deeds and Notary Public of !fce State of New York. 67 Wall street, New Yorh. y>'f challenge the Medleal Faculty of th? Uni ted State* to produce a certlfli ate equal to the above. Ur Duprle's Remedies are tbe only pf foctual cu;e for Internal Piles. Only 5(? cents per POX ? Offlce?76 nassau street. New Yorh. Will be sent by mail to any part of the United States F0|*U * "HO, corner of 11th street and Pa. ave, Washington, D C. oc 23 ('. HATH HATSI .ON st A n i L Y ON HAND A FULL ' anpnlv of BKEBE'S NEW YORK STYLES, together with TAYLOR'S hats, of BA L TI mor k . The Wot black dress hats got up in lha latest style for #3.50, as good as those usually sold at ?6: and a good fashion able Hat at stl, worth Si; and a first-rate Hat, ffi 5ft. The best materials and tbe best wc: rman<-blp Is l?&0y(?-,0/rodnm a 95 liat? ?" po'<l ?3.s0. W e do a cash business, meet with no los ses, bul give cach customer full value for hla n?->ney. Pelt Hats unusually low. N B Agent for Drlscoll's Balna of a Thousand Flowers. Price 25 cents per bottle. anthon y, 7th street, near Pa.aveane, Ageal for a New V ork Hat Compaav. se s6-tf pkotkltion AND INDEMNITY prom LOSS BT FIRE! FIRE, MARINE, AND inland insurance. A-j'Aorirod CajnJai and 8wr/wuj . .s 1,3ft*, 1*1 13. FARMERS AHD mechanics' 1n8ur AltCE CO., OP PHILADELPHIA. Office norfiirrrt corner Pmmylvnria m-rnue awl j7lfc ?free/, Wath\ne,ton City, D. C. DIRECTORS. Hon. Thos. b. Florence, Charles i)inge?, Qcorg? II. Armstrong, Thomas Mawdcrfield. Charles A Rubicam, Edward R. lit iwbolci George flelnibold, P. Carroll Brewstci. b. n<*4ui, i*ii&c Leech, Jr. B- FLORENCE, PresUent. BDWARD R HELM BOLD, Secretary. LOCAL SURVEYORS. Charles Walter, No. 397 D street, opposite Clt? flail. 7 Jno. M Thornton,corner First streetind Virrista tvenuo, Island. Jamos Williams, No. 2! Fonr-and-a-halfstreet. John ri.'tlos, No 501 Thirteenth street, bHow Pennsy.-nnla avenue. MARINE SURVEYOR. Capt.J.P. l?-ry No. 367 Pennsylvania avenoe. nation*! ilotel. ob&eral superintendent. John Thoma*on. The busings* of this Company will compar- fa rorably w?th thf most succesr-ful of rimrtar institu tions tn th* I'ni'ed sfr???s. From tn? 1st day of August, 18.w, in m.>nth0, up m 1st January. 185T.. the premium, received amounted to the lar?'; sum hundred and eight thousand, one hundred and flfiy^>ne dollars, with only forty hundred and sixty six dollars iomc* eported V\lih these evidences of success and good nnn agem^nt, the .lirectors fscl j.ietifi?-d in solicitm* a ?tnr<- or public patronsfe, b. lievins; ihat the secu rity is air>j?i? and that all hir elaims will be adjii?tei: moreaccordingto equity ;han legal techni c%1111 (3 8 ? th^ company Isprepared to issne poli^i,^ against ^?r-<lbnn:w',hy ?f*on nwelliwcb, furni ifflnm ii V manufactories. WARE nay -*ks, all description* of ruildin08, and their orntents, or n!l kinds of m brciia NDISE tJB.Trv,rtfVLhy vkpbei.s. steamitoats, pa nal b'jats. RAfT,h?ia^s, snd the usit?.| con ^ any poruon of eurtipk an)1 E k i?. a, rnd on Ihe hull^ of PTE AM BOATS n.ivijfntirja th? western fa?sr? the rates of premium will be as low a? other eninp-tnl"", and In fixing th^m every imrrovi m'nt ?Xi?" "d b" | and promptly paid. Oflirr northwest c> rner Pennsylvania avoB:ie and pc^ent'enih str?et, Washington city, D. C. vvivt' ma? u efler/c,: nl Ofll f, Norths Tl oh-.ut and Stand Street*, Hi'al L "i n,b'*r.Principal cities of ihe united A l4 lyjn? offioers of the company. I.?.?.ta!,,da,lu slf.VEK WAHK. am now man U F ACTU r1n G pu R k si L r'.I 53rn*u ?:k?, Ladles, Butter. Fish, Pie, tan^-nv C, Kn,VM> Shovels #n?i Jnk"' Cream. Bravy, Mustard and ho ?,SPOO|n*' ?C ' ' 0n my own Pre?nl8es, and do not palm off on the publlo Northern man ufactured artioUs (which cannot always be re Med on as Kenulne) for my own, bnt every article ram?l as'nw'jbl,5h,nent ca" a"d wil1 bc war" WATCHES A\D JEWELRY * .r:rV1~fr,p<'0n aal !n ^real ^rlety, con ?tantl) on hand, and receiving fresh arrivals al from ?^rL jln f1"i (,y k8) r"ld Watches, KLr. r?and ^"rran ed correct il^e fn"4. jfwe^8^rtmcnt ?' g004t un^Y Fine Watch Repairing done bv an experienced snd competent work-ran, and all work wlrMn^ toklve sao^ctlonat^ Penn.ylv.nii .rS? Q6C H. q. HOod. pur* ?ilvth wahk. SOL1B BILfER TSA SETS, mn. .w* SILVER FORKS AND SPOONS

SOLID SILVER WAITERS, PITCHERS, OOBLETS, ( CUTS FANCY SILVER WA*RE. snlUble for^z,/>/;v(' fh^SEIfT8. are all of onr own manufac ure, aad w**>4iit?D rtTBB. ?ov * W- ?ALT k. BRO.f _ 384 Pena'a avenns A vkn. Medicine*. COUGHS?COLD B?H0AB8EH ESS. DR. TYLER'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF 6UM ARABIC; The moat Fleaeant, Safe and Speedy Care fjr VP hooping lough, Orocp, Asthma, Diaeaced Lung*. and Conaumption E+t*r*d ac<?t44*t I? Aft *fC ?ngr$?t}A- D- 1937. "IN AG AIN PRESENT! nG TOT BE NOTICE 1 of the public the above remedy, we feel that little apology la needed Vaat numbers in all sections of the Union are obliged to have recoarse to other sources of relief thsn the immediate pre script 01 of their family physician, and as each return of the winter season brings out a Lost of Kfrswrdly new specifics, some good, others u*e i, and many decidedly dangerous. It becomes as much a matter of duty as Inter?*, believing this to be a remedy, cnnit'.niig the greatest ad vantages, with the least cbje lions <4 any other in us^", to mske it as extensively known as prac ticable That such is its chatacter, is abundantly proved by the fact, that it has been extensively used the last twenty years with unparalleled suc cess: that Its reputation ha* continued to spread and Its sale lncrea?e, with little aid from aiirer tiding or published lists of certificates, (which all Know can as easily be had for a worthless preparation as tor a meritorious one,) that by its own intrinsic meilt. with the recommendat on of persons benefitted by Its use, It has galnM Its pre?8at popularity; it is not trumpeted to the wo*Id as a specific or cure all, but as a valuable and scientific auxiliary In pulmonary cases, n-ndy at hand, and one that has been generally found to afford relief where moat others have been tried without material benefit As ?uch, it Is recog nised by numbers of our leading physicians, v ho know its composition, and have been eye wit nesses of its superior emca^v, as well as by thou : sands of our most respectable citizens, to most cl whom reference is cheerfully permitted. Sold at *5 cents, or throe bottle? in one, 50 cts., by NAIRN A PALMER, and CHAB. BT OTT, Washington; CISSEL. Georgetown, and PELL at STEVENS, Alexandria. Alw^'TYLEfi'S OUM ARABIC COUGH CANDY DROPS" the same composition in a portable form, mucn patronised by public speak ers, singers, frequenters of public assemblies, &o . as they remove all huskiness from the throat and voice, and act like a charm on a troublesome oough. Price 12# and 23cents a box. dec?-ly STOP THAT CODOM 1 .rpHE GREAT REMEDY FOR COUGH8, , J. Colds, Oxonr end WHoorms CotTsn DR. ROSE'S COUOH SYRUP ' Cures Coughs of the wor^t kind. Italsoenre* \ bonrsenes*. sore throat, weakness of the chest, 9 pain In the breast and lung afTreMons Where ever there Is pain ml* with the Cough Syrup Id drops of Pain Curer, and you wlllflnd Immediate relief I>r. Rose's Cough Syrup relievos and frequently cures a consumptive cough. and forti fies the system against further attacks. irT- In bottles a' SO cents and SI. TO CURE CROUP. The lives of thousand of children havp been saved, by using Dr. ROSE'S Croup Syrup. 11 gives Instant relief VtT> cents a bottle. TO CURE WHOOP ISO COUG H Pr HUSK'S Whooping Cough Syrup is thf only certain cure for Whooping Cough. It cure? In a xbert time, and allays all irritation of th' Lungs r?t' cents a bottle The above valuable medMne* ar?> recommer.d ed by Physicians who hft\e tried them In theli practice To be bad of all Druggists In Washington. Georgetown, and Alexandria. dec 10-4m HOW TO CUKE ALL TAIN. Pain is the pork,runner of most dlscanes?cure the Pain and check 'hedl?ease Dfi ROSE'S r AIN-C U R E K wlli cure Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Patn* In tbf Llmb?, Sides or Back, Sprains ar.d BnMwj, Lai | and Tooih Ache, Pain or Cramp in the Stomach for Bowel*, Pore Throat, Btrrns, Scalds. Ague oi I Lumps in the BreaU, Chills, Spinal Aff-ctiona, and Pains In the fee* Indeed, it cures all Pain. I ID" antl w r*n'" a bottle. E If you are Biil^us and have a bad Cold.tak? 1 DP ROSE'S RAILROAD OR ASTI-BIL IOUS r ILLS Tfcev cany off all bile and re move a ecld These pins go ahaed of all other Pills In the!* good eff'-.^ts. it/"" Boxes \'2X ar.d 515 cnts. Sold by all Druggists in Washington, Georgetown, and t Alexandria. declli-lm CHERRY PECTORAL, For the rapid Cure of COCCUS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, BR0KCHITIS,WU00PI!V'G-C0CGH, CROt'P, ASTHMA, AND CONSCMPTIOJi. Among the numerous discoveries Science has made In this generation to facilitate the business of life-Increase its enjoyment, and even prolong the term of human existence, noneenn be named of more real value to mankind than this contribution of Cht-mlstrv to the Healing Ait A vast trial of its virtues throughout this broad country, has proven beyond a doubt, that no medicine orcom blnation of medicines yet known, can so surely control and cure the numerous varieties of pulmo nary disease which have hitherto swept from our mla^t thousands r.nd thousands every year Indeed there is n?>w abundant reason to believe a Reme dy has at length been found which can be relied on, to curs the niOKt dangerous ifi'"itloi.s of the lungs Our space here will not permit us to pub lish any proportion of the cures eff ected by its use but we would present the following -.?and refer lurtherenquiry to my Amerlci-n Almanac, which the agent i.^low named, will always b? p eased to furnished free, wherein are full particulars, and indisputable proof of these statements. Omen or Transportatiom, j Laurens, II R., 8 C., Aug 4,1H33. > Da J.C.Ayrr Dear Sir,?MyTlttleson, four years old, has just recovered from a severe attack of magllgnin' Scnrlct Fever, his throet was rot ten, and every person that v'tlfd him, pronounc , ed him a dead child Having us^d your Chirr y t l'm roKAL, in California, In the winter cf IK50, ' for a severe attack of Bronchitis, with entire su - I ceas, 1 was induced to try It on my little boy. 1 I gavehlma tea-spy n-full ev?rv three hours, com mencing in the morning, and by ten o'clock at j night, 1 found a decided change for the better, and after three dayr use, he was able to eat or drink without pain. itsnso in the above n^mrd d^s'ase will save manr a child from a prematuie prave, And relieve 'he anxit-ty cf many a fond parent For all af fections of the Throat and Lungs, 1 believe it the best medlci'e extant. A feeling of the deepest gratitude, proropta me In addressing yon these lines,?but for v??r Important discovery, my little boy would now have been In another world. 1 am yours with great re-pect, J. D. POWELL, Supt. Trans , L. R. R. .iN J l 2. t Iclne has b * Roeai Hill, Somerset Co July it, On. J C Arna??Since your medicine L?. come known heie it has a greater demand than tny other <ou/h remedy weihave ever sold It is rpoken of in terms of unmeasured praise by those who have nstd it, and I know of some cases where I be best they can say of it ia not too much for the i;ood it ha:< done. I take pleasure Inrelllng It, i>ecau*e I know that 1 am giving my cuuomerx the worth of their money, and 1 feel gratified In seeing the benefit It confers. Please send me a further supply, and believe me Yours, with respect, JOHN C WHITLOCK. P. S Amost any number of certificates can be sent if you wish it Windsor, c W , JuneiW, Dr. J. C. Aria. Sir?This may certify that I have used your Cukkry Pictoral for upwards of one year; and it Is my sincere belief that 1 should have been in my g ave ere this time if 1 had not It bascu ed me of a dangerous affec tion of the lungs, and I do not overstate my con victions wheu I tell you it is a priceless remedy. Yours very respectfully, D. A. McCLURE, Attorney at Law. W ilk<barki Pa , September 29, 1850 Da.J C.Atkr My dear Sir?Your medicine Is much approved of by those who have used it here, and its composition is such &?* to Insure and maintain Its reputation I Invariably recom mend It for pulmonary affections, as do many of our principal physicians I am yonr friend, CHAB BTRHATER,M D Prepared by DR. J. O. AYER, Chemist, Low ell. Man ' Bold byZ D OILMAN, Washington, and all respectable druggists. de ? 8-4m CLOCKS !?CLOCKS!?CLOCKS. THINK OP IT,-GOOD CLOCKS from SI M) up to S30,?all . warranted to go right;?over IS different sty es al Clocks to^WUdBfl| select from Also, Clock Cotds*^^?^^^^"* Weights, Keys, Balls. Oils, and everything In Ik* material line. Call and see for yourselves, at J. ROBINSON'S.Pennsylvania avenue, op potfM flrowiurlfoeei. oafH-9m Information for Trivilan. WASHINGTON BRANCH E41LHOAB. Trains leave Washington for BALTIMORE at ? and P# a. m , tad 3 and p.m. (Jo Sunaav at 4J{ p. m Leave BALTIMORE for WASHINGTON at 4jf and 9jy a n .and 3 and 5* p. m On Sunday at 4%' a. m Fa*sengera for Philadelphia and New York will take Trains at 6, sjf, and 4#. For Annapolis will take irain* at 8# and 4J{. For Norfolk will take Train* at 6 s **d 3 For the Wewt wll> ukeTralnaat 6aad4^; con necting at the Washington J unotion jan ft ;f T. H. PARSONS, Ageat. FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. BALTinoKBANOUHIU HA1LKOAD. Nftr and Imjnored An angemtnts. Three trains daily fro* balti more, for Cumberland, Wheeling, and all parts of tb? West. 1st. The ACCOMMODATION TRAIN will leave, (except Sunday) at 6 44 a m , connecting with trains from Philadelphia, flit train from Washington (.it Junction) ?will itt>p at way ata tlons and arrive at Cumberland at 4 oVloct p. m. 'id The MAIL TRAIN leave* Camden Sta tion dally (except Sunday) at 8 30 a. m , and reaches Wheeliog by 4 a. m , connecting at Ben wood with trains for Columbus. Cincinnati, Cay ton Indianapolis, Louisville. Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, Ch'.oago, St Louis, Cairo, and Interme diate p.'lnts Ud. The EXPRESS TRAIN leaves daliy at 7 I-, m.,connecting with express trains for Cin cinnati, St. Louis, Cairo, Chicago, find Interme diate p'acev Tlie distance to Cincinnati ard other central and southern places in the West, Is nearly 100 miles shorter than by any other route. The time to tt.esc places is also unequalled. IfT Baggage checked through to Co.umbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, a d M Loula JET Passengers ar.d Baggage transferred a', all points free THROUGH TICKETS will be so'dtoalltke large towns In the W ?*t, at tke lowest possible rate.*, at the Ticket OAce, Camden Sta'tcn, ar.d at Washington city A second class car 1* attached to the Mall Train. l'aasenger* frortiJRaUlmore or Washington may new tke entire road bf diyltgkt, by taking Ac commodatlon or .Mall Tkin. and lying over at Cumberland or Q&klani. They resume next morning by the Kxpre?<* Train, which "save* CumSeriand at 3 50a. m ; and rcaches Wheel ing at 3 p. m PjK*eugers from Wa^hlng'nn have ample time for meals at Wasbirgton Junction. This 1?< the onlv route by which Through Tick ets and Baggage Cheek* can be cbtalnrd In Washington FOR WAY FASSE\fiF.RS Th? Acccmtnodtttlon Train at 6 15, will sto? at all nations eatt of Cumberland, and the Express at sta Ions between Piedmont, gol g we?t Fa?t wardly the Mail Train leave* Wheeling at 7 IS a rn , and Aof^mmodaMvn leave* Cun.b^rland nt P #?t. reaching Baltimore at 5 IS p m The FREDERICK I I! AI \ Mart* at 4 p m , (except Sunday) stopping at way s'a'lon* Lr?vr* Frederick at 9 a m , arriving at Baltimore at 14. 30 noon. The Ef.LICOTT'S MILL9 TRAIN leave* Camden S et!*n at 4 a m and 3 30 p m Leaves fcllicott's Mills at 7 30 a m. and 7 30 p m , ex ceptPnnday* W.S WOODSIDB, jan l<Mf Master of Transportation. THK STEA>1Etl HEOKOE WASHING. ? TON will depart at the follow Ing hours: Lrave Aleaandrla 7,fc,?, 11, I#7T Leave Washington * IV, \4, 5. nov u_d JOB COKSON, Captain. 3RANCS A ALEXANDRIA BAILB0AD Or eat Boot barn Mail Lina I ?rTWICR DAILY fl (Ft.voxr nights bicefted) Belwpfp WathinKfcn City and the Sooth! VIA : alexandria, ? ORPONSVJLLE, RICHMOND, PAN VILLI. GREENSBUROUGH,N.C. Leave Washington at............fl o'clock, A M Leave Washington at ....7 " F. M. Leave Alexandria at 7 " AM. Leave Alexandria at... B ?* P M. OMNIBUSES and BASGAGE WAGON? ?lil be at the Washington R-tilroed Depot teco?. vcv PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE, FVm ?/ Ohmrgt. to STEAMER GEORGE- Jr? - PAGE, for Al EXANnRlA.gdlr-Jfflto. ?aoe of six miles, allowing ample time fot NMlr Fare fr^ra Washington to Richmond li M Fare '? 14 Danville 11 00 Fare '? " Greensboro ugh... 12 00 Tickets rr<s?nred on ?he boat. Expedition and Comfort are secured by this ? onte.asitisa Linaov viaav run aaiLaeaa noil ALEXANDRIA TO DANVILLE. THROUGH PASSENGERS aad bAGGAGL tarried without cost to tke Depot of the Petersburg Railroad. JAMES A. EVANS, se 1 Agent, Alexandria. Va. THE HEW Y0EE AND LIVERPOOL ff*X VN1TED STATES > JMk ^ftWi ITEAMEKI.^yfi rpHE SHIPS COMPR1SINV THIS L1NB A are the ATLANTIC Capt. Kldrldge. BALTIC Capt. Comctock. ADRIATIC Capt. Jas. West. These ships having been bnllt by contract ex pressly for eovernmrnt service, every care has been taken in their construction, as also in their engines, to insure strength and speed; and thair accommodations for paaaesgers are aaeqnalcd for elegance and comfort rrlceof passage fr3m New York to Liverpool in Irat cabin, S130; in second do., S75. From Liverpool to New \ crk. 30 and SO guineas An experienced surgeon attached to eacn ship. Ne berths can be seen red nntll paid for. The *hlps of this line have Improved water-tight btuk head*, and to avoid danger from Ice wilfnotcroes the Bank* north of 43 degree*, ontll after the 1st of Angust. #VtiaJV?i? Tiri. frwm Lfvcrp*si IMS. 1956. Saturday Apr IW Wednesday....May 14 Saturday May 10 Wednesday....May 28 Saturday May M Wednesday....June 11 Saturday .......June 7 Wednesday....June M Saturday....... June "J1 Wednesday ....July i Saturday July 5 Wednesday ....July *3 Saturday July 19 Wednesday....Aug, (I Saturday ..Aug 2 Wednesday....Aug, 20 Saturday Aug. 1? Wednesday....Sept. 3 Saturday Aug. 30 Wednesday....Sept. 17 Saturday Sept. 13 Wednesday ....Oct, 1 Saturday Sept. rt Wednesday ....Oct, IS Saturday Oct 11 Wednesday ....Oct, 89 Saturday Oct.24 Wednesday....Not. M Saturday Nay. 8 Wednesday....Not. M Saturday....... Nov. Wednesday.... Ore. IS Saturday Deo S Wednesday ....Deo. M Saturday Dec. 84 For freight or passage apply te EDWARD K. COLLINS * CO.. ?ft Wall street, New York. BROWN, SHIPLEY * CO., Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNARD A CO., & Aaatla Friars, London. B. 6 WAIN WRI6HT A CO., Paris. The owners of these ahlps win not be aoooaat able for gold, silver, bullion, specie,Jewelry, pre cious stones, or metals, unless bils of lading are signed therefor, aad tke value thereof expeeeaad therein. m 1-tr ANTHONT HI CULT, CRDERTAEBH, Ihop and Eeaidonaa Ho. SOS Penn'a 4TM14, ioath side, bctjreen 9th and 10th sts. Having provided himself with aa ELEGANT HEARSE,. and all necessary conveniences fori properly conducting hi# business, would respectfully inform the public that he la fully prepared to All all orders entrusted to him, ?t the shortest notice, and In the best manner. A large supply of READY-MADE COFFIN ?fall sixes, always on hand, which will be fur* aiahedon the most reasonable terms. As heretofore, no pains will be spared te gl*? aatlresatlsfactlon on all occasions. N. B.?Residing on the premises, erdara wlL bej>romj>tly attended to at all hoars. D'lVERNOIS HOTEL. MR e. D'lVERNOIS BEGS TO INFORM his friend* and the public in general, . . that he has now opened his new Hotel on Pennsylvania avenue, between 17th aridJEB 18th streets. This Establishment Is newl v and elegantly fnrn lshed on the most modern ana Improved principle with Salooja and Private A pert most* The Bar la sm>pUtd with the choicest Wines and Liquors, Clga;s, Ac. Game and other delicaciet In sea on Private Dinner aad Supper Parties promptly supplied and attended to in any put of the cltj. Table d'hote at 3j{ o'clock, on Sundays at ?. nov ?4-eo3m New stock or brushba, combs, and Toilet Goods, jast opening at our great Fancy Stcre, Pena avenue, between ?th and 4th streets jaa io a. J. Mclaughlin a co pORTE MONIES, OPERA GLASSES, a Eye Glasses, Card Cares, Memt^andum Books, Ac., j MeL4UGBLlN A CO . jaa 10 *) Pa. a^s , b44.0th 4?d ?tk sts. Proposals tor Iracttag the Hartee Hospital ?t Gfloaa, Illinois Tiuwit ntttrrim. > Warat??To?, number It, llkf> \ PROFO?AL0 WILL HK Ut'KITRn AT Till* de^ar in-nt ant'l the l?h day of February, A D. 1837, at 9 o'cle-k, a. in , for tne nominftio* ol ihp Marine lio-pitai authoriaed U> he etwtewl at G* lean lllmov, according to the ylaat an4 * eeifica nona preja'eO at thla rtrpa" m??t; prcprwi (1 b? cither for the whole b.i.lding cr aaparate fr?r -it tnrent kiuda of work, btJIa <f (ucrli m ? at ia ev?ry oaae necom^ary ca b bid, with the a am on- of u kind of work, and tbe totfc am'-uot earned cot; it. department reaervmg tb? right to r?J<*t tr r rp the propo?ala hereby invited, or any |a u thereof, whan it deema tbe interest al tbe C alted 8<ac? i> qtiiraa it; ?if departra at alio fc*wv#i ib? n*ii: tr ?iclnde the of any peraoa or p*ranaa wbo there la ju?t mu? to li? ve will mi tanhfuily pecIWn. ? K* contract*, rr wliicbib<y lav? attempted 10 obta n hy indirection; and all Utda a hen there ab*ii U I a t'o- <? inier. at who do not join ta thf It da. >??! aii b;d* tlml upon invention, art b low a lav pii-e for the work. Rids will not be reaeiv?d >a groaa. aid aw r<intra** wi I b ? a* arded to a U>UW unle? a detad? are fort - i?b>'d tbe di pai m-ot oi ib? price* of the ci^-H't kiad* of work a d materials. whuh alia I br ?nb; ?.? to tbe revi-imof the d'|*rim*nt, ao tliat n m y b lopt the whole or a part nf th- bid, a* thr interest of the United 8ta o? may require. Ninety percent of tbe amount of work U??n< ac,-? material's delivered, ar oc.ling lo contract price, (??aid amount 10 be aacnai?ed by tl?e raiaana'e of an ag :nt of the depar m*nt appointed for thai |*?t poee,) wi I be p?u :?m- i<> time aa tl?e vrk, progrrwa ; and ten p^r cent re?a<ued nn'il i)i?mh p'euon of th? erntra;t nd t eep*anee ?f ih<- w-*,, lie., by the agent afor-aaid. and be Kwf it**! ki t! event of non fulfilment of rontrnet Contracts will b ? anarded to maatet-bi.'H ?? and, ami lie a-aignin*Ml ib? r nt, ? vc ? by ?ji>*rNt of ibe Secr? a.y ot the Tna u jr v* be a forf< itiur ot me ?am ?. Vacb piopxai inuat hi ivrni|4,,i d by a v ti(t? n gua anMfneJ bjr two r*>p?i aiHe prrwv*, (ca. liflol lo l>? so bjr tbe IT. ited Uta'^a <n?tnc< juJrr <>r niorm y tbe rai l riiaimt.) in the midi <?i f-?r Uie whole work, or nt aprfpv tot at- amaant, U for a-iy par*. t?.at the bidd* t w 11 wli^n r? naire?i. if bia proposal b : accepted, enter mo a malla'ni b^rxt. with proper and ruffloten! wronilr#, for i * faithf jI p-rrfom m-* Foim of l> nd and cortiAraw renui?*i wjl t> r rni?bed on a^plirt-t'ion to the da; anD'-nt. Plana, apecitirationa. Aid wort. iu?r dia*vn>K< ?? iU h?t r< a ly aOet tinny dara. when th jr,ar.h : a l??( ap>'iraiK?n to tUt- urjarttii'-nt. Xo bill trill be i-rnytufcrcf ur.U*i U /uUy eo?mU< ? t . oil lr-pert* with thr re<p*irrr?r,u* a/ o/t-rrfi moil. The propo?^l? mtat be aent to tbi* <'fa"?'in addrew-d to the r?e -reia r of the Tr*n mt. ar .t pia nly endo ^ed " rr?/?o*<jfc/or *Kr <?*/en? V./r-- ? and will bi ftpri>t>H at 10 o'eloe^ a ( uf uie la?t day natr.ed for recetnacthe tain" JAMLcirrvRic. Seer taty of tb?Tr< a< 'y. dec 13-?awtl9thFeb: Proposalif^r Erecting the ru?tom-Hou?e, &c , at Por'smouth. Hew Hampshire. TKUvm DiruTurKT, I WatMi^oroa, fHcaiab t Ifi l*H,{ I>R TO?ALfl IVILL KK KBCCIVRD AT T! H d*i a *m lit umil i l:a 10th day I F> br: a v, t. IJ-. I??"? < a 9o'c ock,a m . f?r tne c*?r>-tructi.?r of the Cn?t< m hot?e*-, P?ft Office, ???{ Co?>rt roctut a ith rr-d t? b ? arreted a* Pott*in >ntb, Ttfe* Uauip ' ahue, a 'eoidins lo the p an* and apccifl< a icji# ? i-h) t thia d?-pa?'ni*nt;-a'd prcpo. a'atr b -rflhrt tor lhe wl^lr b litdx g orae|a a" lorCitT real kind* of work; b :|< "( \ arcela miM in ?v.ty>a<a ae ctn anya-h b d, with the ain iunt of Varfe kit d of work an I the tn,a am mnt < mi? d out ; ibe d?> pirtment re?e v.rg the right to u-ject or aec??p! th' pr**poeai? her*by ineit-d or any (a'ta theteot, Kb*i it*de? tn? the jmw of tbe f tait d t* ate* reqairr^. it; the dr^af nient a>?r?eerTeatl??- right to ??icludr ih?^ bid# ol a v pt on ??r pf-raona w|:o therr i? jtivi ram to b?U? v wi l not a hftrly p-rfotm ibe coottae* or which th?y I ave a t? rn^teti to r b ain by Mirt tion ; and a i hut when there nh II b* pa ilea m m terest who iso not join In the bii4":. aid all b:<i? tfa-, ?ipon inv?^t:|a i-?n, are b?(ow a Ia?r ptice for tK wrtfc, Bi-iawill not b- recHred in grora aid oocontiart will b - awarded to a hdler unlee. oetatla are fur iiM'ied the de;artm?iii of the prices ot tha different ki. d? ol work and mat-nab, which all ha anb eel tothenv.Mon of the department, no tl at |t a'?opt the whole or part of tha bid, a< the intrrrM th^ United H'ate* may recairo Ninety jer eent nt tt e am->ant of work 4<M?e a* * ina'er ma deJiverctl, a-^curding to coaiiaet pr?- <. ? fa d amount* to b* a?*cer a:ned by tiw eat nut?? <1 a a?- nt *.f Jie do; a tmeni appotated for tl at p> i pose.) witl b; ta d from fme to tun- a* the wo k projr?as?e?; a id l*n per cent retained uatt' the c? n. pl<-Uon r.f the contiacl and accep-aice of the w a.e . by th* a?ent a'breia <t. and be forfeit, d ?n :b* tTrnt ol non fu fi m -nt of eont a-t. C^ntiarta wi I bv aaar led onlr to mat't ba?l^*r? and m;craaie>.a<id ibe a?Kgi in?in il.ere? . . by ccn-ont of the Sacrr a y of ibe Tr?a u<y, will b. a forferure of the >ame. Fach propo-a' moat be a c-tn ?ni?4 by a wrfet. pia aite?, rignao by two i e?|? ?i?aible peo.iu*. (cer tified to he ro by |b? L'nit d f* a'aa di trict in?tce ?.r aforni v r:f th?- aaid < imrlct,) In tha arnt of ja."tta?n fur the whole work, or of a p>opor anrat* ano'-at, it b?r aiy |art, that the bidder will, wl m r.< i: hia pntpo al b* accepted, eater into a c.iur?*5t arwf bind, with proper and rufScient aecuiiu**. f? r rs faithful perfo mane. Font of b"iid aid certifica'c required wil' Im ulehej en ap(*ll? a'brn t?> the dej a Plans, I'peciflratii'tii and working d'awirg* wi:| bi ready arter thirty ('ay*, a hen tb? y ? aa be lad cai applkation to tbedriar meat. Ao bH will be,-onrulerintie*t it fully romp* c? tu all itt ,letail% vith t\t revmrerrota ?t lku aS>* ti + mm/. *?*be proposal/ mu-l bf rent totb>a di jar'in-nt a Idteraed to ibe (frcre a>> of ib?; Trea u.y. a-d pa lily endorsed ?? Propotalj fnr thr Peri*nn>utk CmWohi koust," and will b ? openrd at lOb'ilocl. a m , ol ikt 'ait ("ay tamed for receiving ib?- tame. ,? ?. . JAMEai GOTHHIK dec 19-9awtl6F?b{ Sccre.ary of the Tne n y Proposal* for Erecting the Post Offioe and Coort-house at TVindsor, Tcrmont. TktA9t.iT Utr kTarar. ? Wistniam, l>?c<mber 16, IiCi( { |>f;op( 8AI.S WILL BK RKi K1VI 1> AT Till-* a department utit-.l the 16th day of F> bruny, A. I). IWi, al 9 o'clock am, for the c-aatra-Hion <>! Hie l''fl t'fnce aid Court b >aae authorn? a tr Im ereeftd a* Wtndaor, Vermont, according to <X?c l.Hn. and *p? r:fii ati- ns pr? ja-e<i a tha de. ar wr.t; ?? d " prnpo a'a to be either lor ibe a hole b'nl.itng r r *r i a*n*e for diTer* nt k.nda of work ; b l'a of ;ar ria Hi iat in every caw a e? m; any ra-h b ?. a. r. th amount of ?acb kind of work.' the in a! am -ur; carried aut; the d< payment latmug the ntH; -0 reject or accept the prop,*a'a hereby lavftetf, *r a-y tarblbcrciif, when It ilnmi th? initrmt <if ih< United ^tatep requires it i the deianmem aie< ie aeirca tbe right ta eielu<l? the bida o any p- r?an r.r person* wbo tlure is jum ia i?c to b-lHVe ? di tot faithtuily perform the eon-?ae'*, or a Inch they | av ? atb mp e.i to??h am by irdirec'ion ; aid a I bida wticn there al alb' pariiei. m latereat who C? not jem ui the biif, aid a l bids tr-av upon iaT.-atira :or, a e b -low a ?kir price ft>r the work. Fids will not b ? received in groat, and no em tract will b a ? arded to a bid?er nnlesa ae Ri|. a ? furni liH .lie deia'tmut r.f :|ie;nce? of ih? d<fTe entkinda of a>?rk aid ma'er<ala, which el a' bj aub ecttothe rrvwoaoi tha 'menL -otlat it m y a lopt the ?h< leor | art ofthr bid, a* the >u tereatofthe United $tat?e mavraqaire. -nnTl? n 5e.r* ?'-.ln# a," 'um <* ?"?k 4aac aid mater aWdelivered, accordtug to crM.! a~t inic* aaid am>Bit ta b ? a^ra ned by th? ? t mate n v.eJr?.M h/?""???? ""Pointed fot pf|I. !." 4 * m "m ? ' ?n ?" Ibe Work .'i" d,rnP retained until the crni fc hi- 1" ?n'T' *"* "** P ??" ^"??c aork , fve? oflo Tr? * '*id- b tu ttir event ot non tulfi m?nt of eonfaet "? ? *?' ardei only to nw r-bn l hv r!?"1 IS L* * th'" ?* '^Bir""I 'hereof, ?i? t ,4 by consent of the ?ecrea y^f ihe Tr?.^t'v w ,7 be afcrfietnreofih-rame* ?? firiY?t^T* mr ^ by a wrnt. a fit ?? ? ' b> ,wo reapaaMbtr yer* a..(a ^ tlfieil lo b by the Cniled Kut?. dtotrtct lu lr? * fhe WI, 4a m ?'1 th' ,Um ?? *?' ' ' f^r a .v t . * 1 r 'P0?*1 ate amount, it n^.n ^ W,U n h'" " 'rb.s prop n a bea.i epted ent. r into a eonfa i a id b .nd ZSZ'X; '*?' <" ??? P!aii .-p* ciii a:iona, aid w.trk mg d'aanif. wnl berradvao-r ih.riy c.y., ahm tbey i^Tal' hi a?p'i a t n tothe de,a-na-at. 7 U* "U*r?der*t H full, e+niri?t w ?i. tU tela t ? ?Uh Ibe Tft'remen't ?/ tkii arfeerf/e The pro [mi al< mu-i be aent to Una dem-in.-nt aldnaacdioihe ^teta.y ?.f .he Tr a* r an pal endoreod * Pro^aJ, ,ke H ^ ^k"a' mnd Wi" b' ?? '? th^a^nie ' r"m^ ,or ?" ?=? ??? tn? a?me J AM * < <;u rn*i f IMTRrcriOll. To UNITED ITATEa tha appointment, aalaheTVla ",0* PunlLa (!nn?ni. 1 dutlea of Cop Ml a' , Mina, ana aat?e* of C PttpUs, Coaaals and Coaaaaarctal Ageau, oEclal teas and em ol amenta, forma for tbe traaaactton <4 v'l coaaulax bualneaa with aa btatortaal aeoouni if tbe oaaaalar eatabilahmeat from the Adtr.tai* ifklloa (( Wuklaataa i? ?? ?? -- uMn lar aaiTiVBl* ration of Waahlagtoa to tbe preaeat tlma Prtee n so; can be aOot by mall to aay part of toe United (Hatea Juat pabllahed, and ft* m* lo Waablngtoa elty b^ ^jATLOIIJk UAUKV, Htyy* fAWM ONLY ^ ( LUNDT'B, No. I? tfrld^a at ,