Newspaper of Evening Star, January 24, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 24, 1857 Page 2
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FVEVIXG STAR. W A Z U J .V a T U N CITY: ??? ? a ? ? SltCRUAV Jaaaary s24, l?ir. THS WEEKLY STAR la ihis week 5 ism* will bo found an excel lent story, entitled "lb? Perjured Goldsmith," from the pen of ?rofM?or J II. Itgraham; more chapters of readable gossip cotciru'rg remarkable man and things of the past, fnm the pan at Hon John Barney; fifteen colnmns of fresh Washington News and Qjssip ; doings of tbe United States Agriou tural Socie'y ; account of the brilliant festival of the Colutn bia Typrgraphical Socie'y; foieign and do mestic n?w?; sketches, humorous graphio, pathetic ell sorts; piqeant perioral itom. | gems of pot trj, news items ad in finitum, and all for three ccn'*, or *1.25 the year. 8P1KITOF THti MORNING PtiHSS The laUltiffHCf? diseases the recent pro ceedings of the licuse of Kepresentatives in an elaborate and very able article, mo9t of the suggestions of which eat not fail to find Approval in all weii-t a'anted and conserva tivd min is Its view< are so well-timed and forcible as that we put ande other articles t? day, in order to spread as much of them be fore readers this afternoon as p^s ?ible. f Lu-. we quote as follows t Ar.d ibis lea is us to rotnark, in like m inner that they who seise upon any particular in stance of real or supposed corruption in Con gress as tbe ground and justification of a ?ren eral attack upon the ii?Uj*rity of its legislation are committing an injustice of a still mora flagrant character, in proportion as tbe blow Which they ieal is aimed at a more vital part, while the derelictions which call it forth, if they exist at ail are manifestly wholly excep tional with reference to the gcnerxl constitu ents of Congresj. If it were the aim of tboeo who apply suca term3 of opprobrium to c ur Na tional Legislature, not only to destroy tbe confidence cl the popple in tho integrity of Congress, but also to impress upon that body the very character which is imputed to it, they could not have chosen a more efficient means by which to hasten and render inveter ate the very deterioration which they profess to deplore. Thus, when the Congas has once been stripped of the confidence repoeed in it bj tbo nation, it will be not uore&son*. ble to expert that only they who have but little character to lose will be forward in a5 piricg to its doubtful honors It is surely idle to hope that the honor and repute of Con gress can be raised by taking out of the way all incentives to honorable ambition, and by nndenninitg tbe very ground upon which ail pnde of character u built. THeTi>,?ndeECy oftbii general deoun ci ??on, should it succeed in destroying or ma ? ?? 7 *ff,,otlDK confidence of the People In their Representatives, may perhaps be most disco me i when we measure and appreciate its necessary or at iea3t probable effect on youn* and incxpenecccd members of Congress, who ium * C,r e?-td un(*er impree.ion that .?r E(1 creJ?t *?lt tc awarded to them for a purity of motive greater than is admitted to exist among their a*seotales, wiil be only the if*? i1*?1* to. rist SUPC*>?* to the level as signed them in the public estimation ? for no mas or association of men can afford, by thei rigor and auseritj of their native virtue, ?Li!fP?nS!i.Wlth thesa Pafe?'aards which are ?.hli1D ? f* fr"r"Ct uld *I,Pr?bation of the public. Custom, it ba = been truly said, ' is man s nurse, and whatever has the force r.f long-admitted prescription is deemed to pos sess a specie? of sanction or toleration, under whose shield it is sometimes attempted to screen from condemnation grave public mis demeanors. The dangerous infection of such an impression, wherever it becomes general mi tw vaD7 Cla" of office" Illustration in the spreading corruption which if said to prevail among certain officials under Ruropoan G-vernmcnts, which tolerate a farmirg of the public revenues, and lower til aJ,.i P/lv*to morality by allowing of * fiduciary trust to glean a Jf o **!?"?? from the perquisite* ?btL e"UBtrjr retched a critical period iSrahLif"!7 rD whic- ^ men con strained to decline its orn.-.* of trust under the th*1 P^tof honor is the pnva.e station, and that country strangely f tbe liberty when tbe very franchises witu which it is endowed areturntd into so many fixed figure? ?-w ' }' ot tce haad ?' "com I?.c int lii^nicwly moTiog dngtr at/ or when insensibility to in-ult shall he the first requisite t' the politician and the ruler That ,Mer,ivc ,r' ft**1 J poured out npon political opponents, tnd tbe miscon^trnc tion of motives h> graiuiton-ly and wantonly imputed to tbe incumbents oi ? ffi. ia| station, have a'ready tended to lower the standard cf ?h? "a,0L,? P?,5tic^ spirants, has been shrewdly suspected by many careful observers ? h,!t?,y; ai'd' if l?>cre be cny hTJdf^fkii ^ 1U? a Ite patriot caii hardly fail to discern in it au evil not only of present msgnitade, but of still more disastrous portent for tLe future alrearfl8iLtr,a ^as has been , 7 1 t.:at in a 'Utrrtentative Uorernaent hxe - urs it i3 impossible to Con ema the character of C< nirress without, at tie Mme time disparaging the character of the People themselves and the freo institution under which they live ; for the Congress cf the ^?lt?/d fc,,tate# 19 c^mi^'ed of those wh?.m ? Cl' DD,Jer tht or>??nic Uw of the and tojerye es their K^reirntatirea Shall H?i2Iifli!!Vhalthe p'opir :ire Th^.n i? fr vc 00Se rrrruPt raen to represent them in tbe Na'ioenl Legislature 7 Or ?hull Swe?iiV,e,p*-errer1t' Whicb- "I^icg [n I P1*--1-11 in l^^ds inctm peteut to administer it w sely ' it ^ difficult to M. ,ij one ?r ,Le olt,/of t*J ? h"1 riiy l??' - from t!,. ar i!?. .i k" ** *ho WlU,j inculpate the |tr.trtl chftr&ctcr of Coiigrcs^. ' The Union describe* tho snow blockade, announces the confirmation cf Lbenezer Wake ?J, of Wisconsin, to be an United States Judge for* Territory, vice James Uradley, resigned, and urges the insrease of the pay of cfficers of the Army oi the United States. C# We are indebted to Joe ^hillington lor thlTr'n f?r F*Lr?ry,as well as Instant' M'J Times' the 22d ThxFcxl Fan,),, -ThTcmd^ati Osrette si'i * ,h? f-" Instances of iLe^hftrets"1'^\ P*?nful Uti man c me out of an ?llev wiih - l - . V a on bis pL. uhlers lio t W0^ charged him wiib stealing!' ' l!a fcn The reply wBeJ Lave stolen it AI- chi. dren are nith cold 1 b.4veno w?-od end ?o moncy The man from wh< m 1 have taken tlu has plenty cf w?od WL^n befer times come, I wiil go and (eii h.m what i ',av done and p-y fclm l( ,ca wleb to ^ in Mil. I will gc to the station hou^e with vmi withfuta word, but. sir for (Jod s sake A/ nit tale fAi* trooti honte firit I be other inMaocw was of a family near tie ?"g' n oftieoruo and Mound streets, who fue?irf wore w^nt their tri*^ f"?'i ^nseque;,.e of day ^ tbfll on ??*klrg on Sun hrl moSl. * i. fyx d lheir ,it,,e infaDt .M """?'?J J?*J t'?" Onvtns^irn b*nk, of il" *3 7c0,0OO J,?nuary amounted to in Macbiar, <7.600 (HH) laths ~ " ,eel of lumber, and ^reat ci^iuir^ni _ rr .Ve . <n Motd L crt*ated in Ban Sbenff forcibly brJ ctjL*"iuw of the JiWiiZirY6k?* Exchange I WA8Hfmtror rrEvrs and cossir. The Impeachment Case.?As a matter of interest to *.Qose who regard the bench and its purity af. subjects of grave concern, we re public, from the Richmond Emqnirtr of the l"<b inst , a few remarks, which go at once to the point. Speaking of tho impeachment of Judge Watrous of Texas, and the necessity of speedy despatch of tho case, tha Enquirer says : "No man who respects the bench can read the charges made by Mr. Spencer of Texas, and presented by Mr Boll, of that State, without feelings of indignation either against a man. who, wearing the ermine, deserves such charges, or against any man, or set of wen, who would make them falsely. Tha | ends of justice and the character of the ac cused, alike demand the proper settlement of the case. Although a matter of special interest to Texas, it yet affects the whole i oountry ; and now, while the enemies of law and the constitution are arraying them selves against the Supreme Court, Congress should be prompt to vindicate both." This article, from such a paper as the En | qnirer (and it seems to b? the centiment of the entire press) demands that an end shall be put to this matter by confronting the cccused and his accusera face to face. The sooner some steps are taken the better. it is only noee^sary for us to remark that the single charge published in the Enquirer is but one of many equally, if not m<?re ee vere, brought by others against Judge \Va trous, the Sovereign State of Texas being one <>f tbeso accusing witnesses. lue Minnesota Railroad Land Donating Bill.?The Hon Mr Hire, the de'egate from Minnesota, requests us to ropublish the letter to the Columbus (Ohio) Statesman herewith appended. We do a > with cheerfulness be ; causo rccGgniiing the propriety of affording the Minnesota friends of the bill to which it relates a full and fair opportunity to be beard by the public, as they allege that thair inter ests are compromised deeply in the charges with reference to the measure wlii'h havo given rise to the Investigating Committeo of the House now meeting daily. [Correspondence of the Ohio Statesman j Chicago, Jan 12,1857. i observe that during the session of tho House of Representatives on Friday last, the fo lowing r< solution was offered by Mr Kelsej : WLemaa, Certain statements have been pub lUhed, cberglnv the members cf this House with entering int > a corrjpt combination for the pur pese cf passing and of preventing the passage of certain inca ur<*s now before Congress ; therefore, Rriolv.d, Tbat a committee of live member* bs appointed by the Speaker, with pawcr to send for persons and papers to lnves igate said charges, and tbat the committee report the evidence to be I :: t .1 and what action, in their judgment, 1? mceasary ou the part of the House, wltbout un 1 necessary delay. The resolution wa? predicated upon some editorial articles whi'h appeared in the New York Times of the 6th, and I doubt not the articles were written and the resolution offer ed for the purpose of again ueteating the bill making a grant of land to Minnesota tor rail Kadi. New York railroad companies and New York land jobbers have heretofore formed the great impediment to the grant of land for railroads in Minnesota, and why I cannot di vine, as roads through our Territory would bo cf much advantage to the New York roads In this case it appears the bill will be kill ed with kindness, as the great charge appears to be that money was offered for votes for the bill?but why an offer of the kind should be made, except for the express purpose of get ting up a feeling against the bill, 1 am at a , loss to know Minnesota has an able, ener- ! gctic and efficient delegate in the House. ?om petent to represent the interests of the Terri tory, and nei her Minnesota nor her friend? wish tor the money or interference of the lobby ageuis of the New York speculators, and she certainly does not wish tho land to be placed under the control of any company outside the Territory. The bill, s: it stands now, gives the land to i the Territory, to be disposed of by the Legis ture of the Territory Why, then, this pre tended anxiety of certain parties in New York for the expenditure of money to secure the passage <f the bill? Because they are de termined to defeat its passage, and this is fcmoi.g the tactics used for that purpose. They do n t wi-li to see so large an amount of land dispcaed of where they can hope for no part. cipancy in its proceeds. But will Congrats be duped by this trick of the Now York sharks ? It is to be hoped not Lands have been granted to Iowr, W isconain, and Illinois, three great and prosperous States around the Territory of Minnesota, and in the name of justice we ask that the natural advantages the now possesses for political prosperity bo not legislated away from her Congress beckons her into the Union, and it is hard to suppose that Congress intends to cripple her, to check her settlement, to bind up her resources, and to limit her prosperity at the- moment she is ar ked to assume the respon sibilities of a State organization Like the States around her. Minnesota re quires the development of her rosourocg. She, too, has lands that should be opened to settle ment?she, too, wishes to increase her popula tion, and would provide employment for the laboring flashes within her limits?she, too, wishes to extend her commerce and provide additional agricultural facilities for the inte rior settlements. The States around her receive five percent on the sale of the publio land Congress has enablwd them to opan to settlement, and must Minnesota, in the mfat^y of her State organi z ition, I e debarred the benefit* she should derive from a fund obtained lrom the same resource ? Mu~t Minnesota bo legislated into the ne eefsity of building up towns in the States ud jciuir.g her. while her own commercial points I are doomed to decay and ruin? Wiil Con 1 gress biLd up hor prosperity while that of her j neighbors is bountifully expanded ? We ?an i.'.t believe that even the cunning of the New York land jobbers, and their agents at Wash ington. will be able to consummate so gross an act of ii justice Minnesota, although peculiarly dependent upcn Co: gresj, asks nothing that has not been fieely accorded to her powerful neighbors; but she does ask that the may have the satno privileges, the same advantages and the same benefits that the States around her have re ceived Minnesota has never asked for the expenditure of one cent that would not put a thousand fold into the United States Treasury. She has sever caused an expenditure for In dian depredations aud Indian wars, and no Territory has ever, in the same length of time, eo liberally contributed to the national fund She feels, therefore, that she is now entitled I to be placed by Congress upon the same foot ! ing, and that >he should have the same facili ties afforded for opening her lands to settle u?eut that has been afforded her neighbors. There is, there can be, no doubt that tho r*|u:%l cf Congress to aOord the facilities to Minuesota for opening the interior to settle ment will prolong her Territorial Condition |Iow can it be otherwise ? Wisconsin and low* both havo liberal grants, which will i fettlemeiUof portions of those States heretofore inaccessible to tho settler. They lc<,uc^nta for settlement, and ? L . \l Ui\ t,ui^?ion, while Minut est, destitute Ot ihfc aieaus for internal in> ; provemeuts of any kind, mtt? stalior . 7* Her prosperity heretofore has been unJJ, pvsed, and with the ??.e f Bering c"r"D"t r.r.s been extended over ber ne?*t>h.? ? destiny will be ouwurd liut east her aaid" refuse her the means ncte.oury for the devel opuient of her resources, tie ber down by j,?r tial legislation, and hor future is dark and nr. promising Will Congress ar.-ume to grave a responsi bility? Will that enlightened b*dy be si grossly duped by a few unprincipled land tobbera7 It is to be hoped not. Let even itnded justice prevail-let the rights of our citiiens be protected?let our Territory have the same legislative advantages tbat has been bestowed upon her neighbors, and Miuneaota will soon become one of the finest States in tho West. A Mi.nmisotiak CoitoB-HooM and "Poet Office at Dflbaque Iowa ?The Secretary of the Treasury has purchased two lots on the corner of Ninth and Doust streets, in Dubuque, as a site for the new custom hou3e, authorized to be erected in that city, for the sum of $20,000 Thi? lot, being in an angle between the two prinoipal streets of the city, and eqai distant from the principal hotels, is peculiarly eligible. and cannot fail to give satisfaction to all classes of the citizens of that city. Land Warrants?The Financial Circular of Sweeny, Rittenhouse, Fantl Co., bankers, far January 24, says: " In consequenoe <>f the snow storm, no mails hare arrived for one week North or South, (until this morning,) which has prevented the usual supply of Land Warrants from coming into market, and the Western orders referred to in our last, not having been previously filled, prices have jumped up two cents per acre, and may be quoted active at the following rates, via : Butihs. Sellimu ??icre w*rr?oti . . . . ?1 1? per ?cr?. *1 1JH p?r??r?. 80 acre warranu .... Si " ? *| lW tcn warrant* .... #1 ^ ?? u 16u?cr* warrant# .... ? " K?vololi"U?ry Scrip ... 9. ' It 00 In New York the market is equally firm Joseph L Chester ?See the House proceed ing?, this morning, on the esse of this gentle man, who, having been arrested, was at the bar of tho House. The Contempt Law was signed by the pre siding officers of the two Houses cf Congres*, and has gone to the President for his signa ture Supreme Court.?On the opening of the Court yesterday morning, Mr Chief Justice Taney remarked as follows : Uentlemkn or the Ba?: Mr Carrull, the Clerk of this Court, has suffered a painful domestic affliction in the sudden and unex pected death of a son who bad just grown up to uianhood. The members of the Court, as a mark of their reppect and sympathy, pro pose to attend tho funeral, which will take place tc-day at one o'clock. We shall, on that uccount, adjourn at half-past twelve. 3J> Ubadiah H. Piatt, plaintiff in error, v3. Cbauncey Jerome Tho motion made on Friday, the Wth inst., to re instate this cause, was argued by Mr. Foster in support thereof, and by Mr. CJllamer in opposition to the same. Adjourned. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department ?On yeterday, 23d of January, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the Treasury Department... SI,343 60 For the Interior Department....* 412 07 For Customs 2,H62 85 War warrants received and en tered 12,748 75 On account of the Navy 22,106 50 CONG It ESS ION A L PROCEEDINGS. 15 toe Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, the bill to punish contempts on the part of witnesses before Congressional Committees, was further discussed by Messrs. Bayard, Sew ard and Hale, and by Mr. Pugb, who present ed a minority report from the Judiciary Com mittee against its enactment, which he read for the information of the Senate Mr. Seward moved to amend the bill by In serting the word "material," so that it would read, "if any person snail refuse to answer any material question," Ac ; not agreed to? yeas 8, nays 3V After several other ineffectual motions to amend the bill were made and disposed of, it was passed?yeas 46, nays 3 Shortly afterwards the Senate adjourned. In the House, the following bills were re ported baok from the Committee of the whole House with recommendations that they do pass, viz : A bill for the relief of Van Rensselaer Hail; Senate bill making a re-appropriation from the Burplu9 fund for the relief of Lieut. John tiuest, U. S. Navy, and others; bills for the relief of the children of James Pholps, a rev olutionary soldier; of Wm. Walton and Chas. Parish, soldiers of tho war of 1812; bill direct ing the pension due James Huey, deceased, and Juno Huey. deceased, to be paid to their sole heir, Alex. H Huey, of tia.; bills for the relief of the surviving children of Sarah Van Pelt, widow of John Van Pelt, a revolutionary soldier; of the heirs or legal representatives of Jos. Bindon, deceased, a revolutionary offi cer; of Elijah Close, of Tenn ; of Elizabeth Hiker ; of Araos Armstrong, of Ohio; of Mary Hooker; of John Huff, of Texas; Senate bill for relief of John 11 Home ; bills for relief of Capt. Thos Duncan. U. S Army; of the legal representatives of Edmund H. McCabe, as signee of Antoine SouUrd ; of H T Mudd, of Mo.; of the heirs and legal representatives of Jeremiah Bryan ; of Mary Woodbury, Eliza beth Udell, and < tliors ; Senate bill for the re lief of Tho?. J Churchill; joint resolution for the relief of Israel B. Bigclow, bill for the relief of James Belger of the L". S Army. And then, after referring back a fow private bills, they adjourned Proceedings of To-Day. In toe Senate, to-day, Mr. Wilson present ed the credentials of Hon. Charles Sumner, re elected II S. Senator from Massachusetts. After disposing of a few private bills, they next took up District business, and, ere the Star went to press, had passed the bill to in crease tho salaries of the several Judges of the Courts of this District, and a bill to incorpo rate the Granite Manufacturing Company of Washington city. In tue House, on motion of Mr. Faulkner the Committee of the Whole was discharged from the further consideration of the bill for the relief of C . M R Kennedy. Mr. McMuilen moved to reconsider it Pending the question on this motion? The Sergeant-atArms appeared at tho bar with Joseph L.Chester, the W ashing ton cor respondent of the Philadelphia Inquirer, in his custody, arrosted for contumacy as a wit ness before the current investigating commit tee Mr. Kelsoy moved that he be interrogated by the Speaker, that if willing so to do he might purge himself of his contempt of the authority of the House. Mr. Letcher moved that he be required to answer in writing, and under oath. Mr Todd opposed that motion, and Mr Ste phens advocated it briefly; when it was agreed to. Mr. Wade asked leave to move a resolution | directing the discharge of Mr. Chester from the custody of the Sergeant-at.Arms, if he will answer such proper questions as the Committee may put to him. But Mr Stephens objecting it was ruled out of order. Pending the preparation of the papers ne cessary in questioning Mr. Chester, under the resolution that had passed in his case? Mr. Jones of Tenn , addressed the House against the bill for the relief of C B R Ken nedy, on the pending motion for its recommit ment. A Perfumed Breatii.?What lady or gen tleman would remain under the ourse of a dis agreeable breath when by using the " Bjltn of a ikon land Flowers1' as a dentrifice would not only render it sweet but leave the teeth white as alabaster ' Many persons do not know their breath is bad, und the subject is so delicate their friends will never mention it. Pour a single drop of the "Balm" on your tooth brush and wa?h the teeth night and morning. A fifty cent bottle will last a year For sale at Shillington's, agent for Washing - ton, and iJl Druggists. 1^* A trotting course has just been opened on the loe on the Connecticut river, just abovo the North?mpten toil bridge, and the fast men and horse# conalderable use of II last ? ".fcrnTTtm of* the (Prot. Epis ) on H street oeiween VIA and l?>th Rev Henry Stanley, Rector. Services ?? very SUNDAY, at 11 i m , and 3# p. m For ptwj o> seats tpply to the Sexton. It* ,THK SERMON TO BE DELIVERED WA to the Yi-urg Mens' Christian Associa tion, by the Rev T N Haste.), Is indefinitely postponed on account of the severe oold weather, and the unfinished ? ondltlon of his Church, it F STREET PRESBYTERIAN church -To morrow morn I NO, at 11 o'clock, the paster of this chcrck, the Rev Dt '? urlkt , will preach a Sei tnon on be half 'f the suffering poor, and a collection will he tak n up for their rell?f_ It .DISCIPLES' MEETING ?THE DIB clpies will have Divine Service in tbe Old Tiloltv Church, on 5th street, on Lord's day, the *5th In tant, at 11 o'clock a m , and at 7 o'clock p m Preaching bv Elder Cnsllen, of Philadelphia The pubiio are cordially Invited. Jin '21 It* ^SECOND WARD RELIEF COM MIT I KE.?-The following gentlemen will romprhe tbe comm ttee for collecting and distributing IcnJs for the re lef of the poor <f the Second Ward Me*er* Chas L Colt man, Geo. W Harkness, W m Ornie, Gregory Ennis, a. W Ko*d, Wm. Pettlbone, Grafton Powell, and Wm J Sibley WM F BAYLY, Chalr? sn. GEO. W.IIARKM Er 3, ikcretaiy jan 23 2t f-^^THE COMMITTEE ON THE NA kJL tlonal Inauguration Ball are requestel to meet at Dr. C Boyle's rooms, on SATURDAY EVKN INW, January 24th, at 7* o'clock jsn 22 TWOS J FISHER, Sec {-^^PHILADELPHIA CAKE AT PHILA KJ5 deipbla prices, at the Philadelphia loe Cream Depot, corner of 12th an 1 F streets. Ice Cream 8l,5? per gallon. Jan 10-lm* _ . . C L IRVING'S VOCAL MUSIC CLASHES will be organized on MON DAY EVENING, Jan 26tb, at 7 o'clock, in Temperance Hall All wishing to join his Classes will please be prompt In their attendance. Terms -22 l.esaons?S5 oO Refers to Rev J G Blnney, D D, President Cr Itirnbia College; Rev P I) Gurley, D D; Rev G D CninmlriF, 1) I); Rev Alfred Holmt-ad, D D; Rev D s l)ogg?tt, D D; Rev Byrcn Sunderland, D D; RtvSPHIU; Rev J G Butler; Re* Samuel Rt ge-:ter; Dr Owen Munson; l.eo Coyle, E?q. Application can be made to Mr Irving tnrongh the Post OBre jan 17-Hte t INAUGURATION BALL -THE Highlanders will give a grand Inaugu ration Ball, at the Amemblt Rooms, on WED NESDAY EVENING, the 4th of March. As the Committee of Arrangements wilt be composed la part of our bsst citizens, to aid tbe Oficers of the Company, tbe public may teil assured that noth ing will be left undone on tbelr part to secure pleiture to all who may favor them with tbelr pr?ence. Tickets?TWO DOLLARS. jan 17-WASllt GEO. W. FLOOD, Sec THIRD GRAND ASSEMBLY or tHi GOOD WILL. CLUB, AT HARMONY HALL, On THU RSDAY? Janaary 29th, 1S4T. Tickets?FIFTY CENTS?admitting a Gen tleman and Ladles By order of the jan 17,20,22 24,27,2fl-t>t COMMITTEE. KS^WHAT WE WANT THE PEOPLE Kr'fO KNOW!?HO US ES FURN ISHED ?We want Housekeepers and those about to oommence Housekeeping bear In mind that the first, second, third and fourth rooms of our Urge and spacious warehouse are filled to tbelr utmost capacity with every description of CABINET FURNITURE and House furnl?h tpg Goods generally, to which we respectfully Invite the attention of those In want of bargains Houses furnished throughout wl h every article In the housekeeping line very cheap for cash, or to punctual dealers at the usual credit Call at the " HouasnKKPE&'s Emporium" andexamlne our stock before purchasing. Our motto la? " ( talis and small profits." DONTZ A COOMBS, d?>e l-3m 7th street, between 1 and K OLF.IGH F O K. SALE.-A HANDSOME ?5 fwond-hand Cutter, at JOYCE'S Carriage Depot Prl e S5 J Jan 24-3t* Dutch herring just received, Holland Herring new. JONAS P. LEVY, JsnM-lw No 367 Penn.avenue. IHE PUBLIC'9 FAVORITE; THE NEW York Ledger for31st January; Cobb's new story dec* dedly best this season Buy the Ledger -1 FERGUSON'S, jan 21 436 7th street. [UST RECEIVED THE MAG4ZINE?, 1 Godey's Lady's Book, Graham's. Peterson's, Halloa's, Ac '1 o get Books, Magailnes Papers, Stationery, ard everything In that Mae, call at jan'.4 FERGUSON'S. 40* 7th at MILK A*D CHKAM. f^SE H M.LK AND CREAM, BUTTER, CllKESE, EGGS, HONEY, and VEGE TABLES, con-tat.tly on > a'd. In any quantities, from one tf the best Dairy Farms in Marv!anJ, at 4s > lOtb street, near the avenue, by jin'J4-lm?_ II N. ANDRU3. IOST?YESTERDAY, BETWEEN THE J BanMn? bous^ of Messrs Sweeney, Rlt'en Louse, Fant A Co. and Messrs. Rlgg* A Co., a note drawn by J C Walker, payable to David Ben*, and endorsed by bim tor ?30', dated 15th Instant, &t sixty days The finderwill be suitably regarded by leaving tbe same with Messrs SWEENY, KIT! EN HO USE, FANT A CO. jan 21-3t UAOL'EKKKOTVPKS. MR A McCARTEY RESPECTFULLY informs his friends and the public that since 1.1s return from New York he has fitted up new room* en lenntylvanla avenue, three doors east of 4)4 street, where he Is prepared to do as gocd work, at least, as any artUt In the city Daguaneotype* copied In oil, the size of life, In a superior manner, on moderate te<in?. jan *4 4t* THE FIFTH ANNUAL BALL MONTGOMERY GUARDS WILL BI GIVEN AT THI ASSEMBLY HOOMS, on Louisiana Avenui, TUESDAY EVENING, February 3d. rpHE MONTGOMERY GUAKDS PLEDGE 3. themselves to soar- no pains to make this pleasant and agreeable to all who vtrlll favor them with their patrons i?e. Eeputa's Exce.lent Band Is engaged for the Oc casion No bats shall be worn In the Bali Room except by tbe milltaiy. l.adles invitations will not be la*ued, but In lieu thereof a general In vitation la extended to their lady friends by tbe Montgomery Guards 'tickets ONE DOLLAR?admitting a gentle man and ladies. Commiitie of Arrangcm-nts. Lieut GS OW field, P,lv I, Me one.

Lieut Jas Kelleher, Corpl P Carroll, Sgt T ivl c En try, <4'r M'r J Maher. ELslgn T Wail, jan 24 dtb PURE GLADES BUTTER TWENTY keg* of very supe lor Glades Butter, in store and for tale low, by HARTLEY A BROTHER, jan 23 2w 101 Water street, Georgetown. Books, books, books, mazazinb*, 1 I'apera. Ac.-?The right place to pet the above articles Is at FERGUSON'S, jan 16 480Seventh street. FRANCIS THANKS A GENEROUS *? public for the liberal and Increasing patron age he met with the past year, and especially tboee kind filends who, as occasion offered, have drop ptd a word in hla favor. His motto Is Onward, and the coming vear he hopej to see his old cus tomers often, and be favored with many new ones. ; Good articles low prices and fkir dealing shall characterize Lis store G.FRANCIS, jan 3 4tt? Seventh st. NOTICE. WF. ARE COMPELLED YO REMIND litany of our customers whose accounts were sent to them before the first of the new year that their bllis have have not yet been settled. We are much In want of the raoner, and hope that all who owe us will at once caH or send us settlement* for the amount of their Indebtedness, and thereby save annoyance both to th< in as well B4 ua. Many thanks to those who have already so promptly responded to our first oo'.i.e; it is a pleastiie to us to serve nil such. CLAGETT, DODSONA CO. jan20dtFeb2 I INSTRUCTION IN MECHANICAL DRAWING. A LIMITED NUMBER OF PUPILS WILL be received by tbe advertiser To Machin ists this is a rare opportunity for obtaining knowl. edge of an art essential to success la buslneee. Tbe terms will be moderate, ai d will be made known on application to G C H U M PH RI ES 207 Cftre*t,south side, between lltb and 12th, from 8 till 0 pm. jin22-3t* Knife CLEANkrs, with the lateatla. pravemeat?Every family and boarding houtekeeper should have one. j*n20 Q FRANCIS. 490 7th at. Il/OOLKN GOODS AT COST.-DETER, v Y mined not to carry over to the aprlng~anv of our Woolen Goods, we shall commence tnla *?7, closing them off at coat Oar stock la woith your attention H. J. MCLAUGHLIN A CO , . jan 22 90, bet 8th and 9th sheets I ?rr fasking .- .. Y.l?* op'letters Rtmmtntng imthe Past Ofirt, Watk%*gf. DC January *4, ISA7 [Ord red t? be Insert d ie the Lvimso * tab: It oelof tie newspaper having the large* circu latino of any dally peper published Id Wi tea J ? rmuif pflylt for lottora ta U? folio wi t| Mat, win Hautatr tkoj or* t?TMruu. UIIII' LIST. Djdooa. MM* Millar. Mary ??4m. Mary Ana ? crh* a?>.Mir; A MrPberoon. Btloa icU*4, Mia Wb McOor*lefc.Mro LI Morlo*. Ml a Ella Nutoo Kupby r?i*adKl. Mra C ? Power, Mtaa B A W B*od. Mra a Aadaraea, Mra E DjdooB. Miaa Ja Atoll. Mra S P t Kdwarea, Marfl Atwater, Mn CH Plo. Aik iad?riaa. Mra Abb Foliar Mra ? P t A atariou.MortbaA Poloy, Mlaa M A Boll. Rie* L Proo*?n. Mary Blaka. Mlaa It M Polay, Mra Blake, Julia Urlet, Mra P Hlrd, Maria Oroeoo B?ry Browo, airaMB Uwod, Jane M Bxttra, l.ydla UmM, Mtaa ? H Khubtlb M reaver, Oorolto BlackaUin,Mar;B > Ulbbe, Mary A Beg.oy, Mary Brewer, Mlaa C M Bra war, Mr* C U Bolt a. Bridget Barker, Mra B Bottob, Mary A Bonnet MUa Olorp, Cbke A Cable. Mra C K Cor?er. Amelia A Crooauiau, Mia M CUotlMian S t olieu, Mr* Kmll Cbapinan, K> ta Doaraa, Mtaa N Douglas,. Uary DowJen, Mra Wm Danlat. Mtaa B Raweos, Bllaa B Hoy q^tdUm Oar ret t Auuta B RlcBArSooB.bBronU tiraolnjar,Caroline B?fa?r. Mra J W Uramm-r, Mtaa M Blaly, Aaa Orabam. Mra Ellta BumoII, Mr* M Harper, Mra Sarab 9lm?aa. Char lotto Blpfctna, Mary L School. Mary BiCflay. Baaaa P Scott, KM* ? Mlcfcek, Mr* C A Snydor. Mlaa ? t Matchor, Sorab M Shorter, Ell?both Irdaila, Mra M A klaoai, Mary A Jobuaon.Mra 3arab Ma ?r neon, Mra Dr J Key, Mra M 8prla?ar, Mra H M La?, Mlaa Sloab B Vod Htpp.e, Mra B l-yno, Mario B Vrt|kt, Mary I Lwugbborou(ti, M Wbiio, Abby I anmund. kary < Wallace, Mrs B L.araatar.'ne Wataia, MUa A B Lan*loy, Marat Wvaaaa, Mra N Oanla a, Mtaa MRS Mnrrta. Oocalla W11,lama. Mtaa M 0 ?oy?. Salama J Morpby, Pranda A Waatoa, AJototde B Dai ten, Mia Suiaa OKNTLBMBN'ft LIST. Adlaoo, Waltor Aa.lrawa. K s Arthur, B<bt Ave y. k a Alckaodar, Oacar AU'lraxa, J O Arnold, J't At butt, O C Alltnewoitb, O Allan. B H Buurk, Wm C I Ujrrno, Wm Bsllew, X in Blackburno, T W C Balle, Solomon Hal ley, Sam I W S Blgler, Simou l-nkuitu, a D B..urk, Patrick Bryan, Jm Bllaa, J no Bryaul, Capt J 8 BroWu, JHiuea M Broome, Ll J L Bronka, Ool J Brown, J an: an Barkrlay, Dr Jaa T Bowcu, Jaa L Berkley, Jaojet Bright, J J Brit, Joa D Bookauui, H D Bennett, UIrani Blaiulia, K T Barrett, Kionry Drier I jr. Ca|it Bow ling, C U Baldau, caail Buteler, A B Crausbaw, Wm T t'loBOa, W Craig, Lt Wm Clark, Wm 01 aagli, 1 lira A C leman. 8 G C<iolidga Sidney C'oopor. Haml, jr a C'oanall, Pauit k Cjaodlar, W Cti?j.inin. Lt O Coona, Mr, Lt J no C ? Cain, J Fendall Cola, Joo A Caa pbalt, Jaa B Caveaagh, J no Cbrta I.b, Joa Cameron, Juo Calcic, H C Caoale, Qiovaol Chambara, B U Caafmati. K Ooriidou, B Clay, Caaaiat M Dewart, W L Dyer, Tarbe 1 Ualaney, TUoa B Daltz, Uakad Donnelly, Jamea Davta, Jno U Daiigerlteld, Ira P Dahla, John Daolary, U t Duval I. Geo Deberoiae, Cbaa Daggett, A W Duke, A M Kroaat, W H in aa, Tboa B*ad, Joo Kgluton Cbaa Koater, Ridiod Kord. Millar January 2?, U&7. Prancta Ji o P Pot boa, Ool We? Pi lead. D J Ft. raud, B Par. Buali Greta, G?B Tboa J Groae. 11.wo B Garnatt, Maj B a 1 Gldley, R R Graham, Joa Galbialth, John Goodlag, Jacob Giin- J a Garvey, t C K I Gayanu, B D Goodell, Cheater Grlar, a 0 Howe, Win Hardewlcko, 9 R Horrtgan, Patrtrk Hawea, Capt Mori a Ua<ua. Jainea Hanklr a, J B Helakall, Jamea Ha-kina, JOG Hunter, Jno T Harrtaon, J Bo W Hugbea, Jainea Hnatoii, Jouea Hall, H B Haebecbaaaa, P*a 4 u ea. G W Hum, Lt B b Mofere, G HaBitltoii, k W lloogland, Bdward Holt. C W He Irtok, Prof B B Higboy. A Jamea, Wm J Jaoka. Wm Jolioaon, H W Jocaa, H L King, Joahuo H King, Dr Jobs Klein, Jobs Kerabaw, Juo Kana, Jamea J Kallay, Dr Kdwla Kllgore, David Kloi. C K nig lit, Cbaa C Lea tar. W W Lawrence. W A Long. Bobl O Lyncb, David 9 Lorrab.a. C M Padgett 1>ta Fugu, Tb-a Pkltp, T P.tlli)* 9 H Para bl, SotomaB Poi tor, W Piilllpe, J W Potior, J J Patwraoa. Jobs B Por.or, Jaa M Paige. Harlan Potter. B D ? Pottle. B B Pierce, Borl H yulun, A T Kuaoel JobB L KlBg. iku Molt/, Wm KoblBOOB, W 0 Blchard*on. W A Ke?poe, J Read. J M Babbitt, Tboo C MobtnaoU, Joltu By ob, J bo Rayuor, J W Boai, Joa Royce, Tboa B Bald. M T Roblbatu, Bi Co* Morgan, Martin, Tboa Marrlwetbar, R Morrle, Patrick Moaoa, Perry Millar. O a Millar, Jneho* Moore, Dr J I Matuooo, H C Maxln, Harry Porrta, E J Moras, B Morgau, D S 2 Mluot, Cbaa I Moeuan, A J Miller, Aaroa McRae. Alex McCaaa in. Co fit A McGlocklln, D M^Groary.S . McKannay.Rov W t Wtiaon', Martin McGutrk. Wb Waal. J Solby Riding. Frank Rodonborg, Cbaa Bkiuoer, Was Spencer, Ool Wa Btowart. Wm BandJvrd. Wm M t Swain, W W Stuart, T So vey. R W Melgan, P H Btorkwaaibor. H G 8 agma'.r, M Smith, Lyman B Sothort, Mr SLgor, Joa > Stewart. Col J M Bomma. Jbo Smith, Jaa Sheffield, Jo? Sol lock, M Seymour, He ratio Siepbena. G W Hteuart, Cap 0 B Stop iobo. B B Swift, C F Stewart. Chai Taalatro, L F Thomaa, Jack Taber, BT TUompaon, Edward vptou, w a l ulmana, C J ?all Cbaa H Ward. Wm H Walaon. Tboa Wbaaier, Thoa c Winalow, Dr J G WUIlama, Thca 1 Walab. Tboa Woodaon. 8 ? Wo-ma, N G Welbora, N J Wtiaon, Hatkan'l McLotblen, M Newton, W B Norr aa, Capt B Morrle, Bon) 3 Oaaloger. P G Hare, Michael Wentworth, J oho Walker, Jackoon Wabotor. Hetcber Warreo,E A Wright, D a Warder, Barney JAB. G. BBHRBTT, F. M. TUM A*AVAL BALL OP THB FRANKLIN FlRt COMPANY, Announced for munday, the >otb Instant, and postponed on accoant of tbe se ver; storm, will take place at CAKUSI'fl SA LOON, MONDAY EVENING, January S6. 1847. Every neces?ary anan^ement being ccmpleted tbe company promise all who may honor tbem with their presence an evening of aialloved en joyment. Jen 11^1^5 BALL OF THE MERRIE BACHELORS, ODD FELLOWS* HALL, NAVY YARD, On THl'ttSDAY, Jannary iVMh, 1837. THE MERRIE BACHELOR8, BEING DE alrous of contrlbutloe tbelr share of amuse ment to the lovers of the daace. beg leave to an nounce that their Third Annual Reunion will take on THURSDAY, January 89, ]857. The OMial Invitation Tickets of the Merrle Bachelors hove been dispensed with,and a general Invitation Is hereby extended to their lady friends to Join them In tbe festivities of tbe occasion. Weber's ce;ebrat-d zwd nnrlva'.led Cotillon B^nd has b**en engaged, and will op*n ih?? ball with The Merrle Ba> be ors1 March," composed for this occa*l n Tickets t?NE DOLLAR. Supper and Refreshments by experienced ca ferer?. Committee of ilrranaeynmfi. J Craln, Henry N Ober, J Tilay, F Prosperl, Jno Vsulk, W W Browning, V Connor, Geo Padgett. Jan ?,2:1,24,^,27^,20,^ EYES AND EARS. IN CON9KQUENCE OF THE SNOW, DR VAN MOsCFZISKER, Oculist acd Auilst. will be In Washington for a few days longer, and can be consulted <>u all Diseases of the EYE and EAH, at the National Ho el. Dr. Van M has the tlnest assortment of the best French 61?sse.4. Glasses purchased of Dr. M. are warranted to suit the exact Focus cf the Eve, and not Injure tight A ccura'e examination made of b th Lye by the Optometer jan v3-lw* DANCINWa SECOND AND LAST QUARTER PROF. H. W MUNDER, RESPECTFULLY announces o his friends and the public generallyrlhat his stcond and ia>t quarter will commence from the 1st to tbe 0th of February. All that wish to prepare for the Grand May Fr*tl\a', would do] well to enter their names Immediately The Fancy Duces this ssaion, will far excel any ttat has ever been lntroiu ed In this city by himself or anv other teacher His a?rouble Soirees, which has been to ex tensively patronized thl? wesson. will continue WEDNESDAY EVENING, (weather per jan*3-4w FULLY & every milting) until further notice. VEKBUM SAPIENT*. MDEV1GNE, FOll MANY YEARS RES1 o dent Physlclanfln Paris, and now ttopalng In this city, will send, on receipt of SI, a recipe for SECRET DISEASES, and al affection* of t e URINARY ORGANS, such as GRAVEL, Ac lt Is a common plant that grews In our gardens; Is perfectly harmless, snd with which he has cured thousands In London, Paris, and New York. It Is warranted to cure, and is Inval uable to persons In the country. No one need fa*l any risk in this, for M Devljgne hopes It wtll not be considered In the light or t> e many quacks of the day. His remedy Is made from a (.armlesa filant, ea-lly ound, and 1b the most wonderful of he age He has a medal from the College d'Im. perlale for the discovery Address, through Post Office, from sny part of the United States jan23 lw? M. DEV1GNE, Washington,D C ^AARKWARDWILLUR PAIDFOK the apprehension of my Servant Man, FREDERICK BOOTH, who left home on Thursday. 15th Inst He isa bright mulatto, about thlrty-loe years old. tve f llverrrlx Inches In belgnt, fu:l black w which he will no doubt takeoff, of a sullen coun tenance when spoken to He is well at qualnted In Washington, and Is no doubt luiklng there at this time, particularly with a free family, who l?-ft the neighborhood a few weeks since, by name Dutier 1 will give tbe above reward for tbe apprehen sion of said Servant no matter where tafcsn, pro vided he 1b secured In jail so that I get hlin again. WM. H GWYNN, Sa. Jan 17 eotFebl Piseataway, Md. UNREAL ESTATE OPHCE. A FULL DESCRIPTION OF ALL PROP erty left with me for sale, will be entered on my Sales Book, and receive my personal atten tion, and if a eale is effected, a reasonable com mission will be charg -d on the amount of sals I will also personal attention to the Rent ing of Dwellings and other Property, for reason ible fees The public may be assured that all business left In my charge, will be attended to with promptness and idellty ; and that lt Is my iMtea lon to mik* my oAcea place of great value to all intere?ted In Real fcstate But leers respectful]* solicited. r flee at No. tit ( d story) 7th street, opposite National Intel lgencer OlS e. Jan W- eo3m POLLARD Wi BB ? . 1 ' ? Amoiimefits Fiiiy Mtrtir* Nalitial Tfctaira. Mm* Faw*t Moiiit..., L>M?#r and Ulimtim THIS KVENIN8, Will be repeated (by nqiu t) tbe beautiful B'.gb'" w.?., receive* with bi q a* lined ip probation, of SECOND LOT P. L llnor Mowbray .NJaFuay Mmui To eoaelc4e?Hh I PLKilANT RBISHIffl. Christopher 8loop..Mr 0 E Bnvif la prrpira loo, the Urand l ilriTiftiia of OLYMPIC DIULI ICT TIME ALTERED : Doon Ofeaed at ?*; eurtaia rtMi at put 7 o'clock. Wasfaiigtoa Circoi aid iHritbcatrt. Conor af Mmtli atreot tba ivraao. TWO (i RAND PERFORMANCES fill VAT. (SATURDAY,) January *4th, APPCHNOONA NlMMT. Family Tlchele, admitting porosis with ibetr children, will be istued for the afternoon jetLr a - aace, for Sl_ HEIR VON BECR, Tbe Ureal Gymnsst, will astonish the citizen* wt b hi* miraculous ASCENSION OX THE SPIRAL COLUMN ? A* i e'formed by b'm on tbe occasion of tbe Ocr c nation of tbe Emperor of R use's MADAME LOUISE TOUBNIAIRK In two (.ear scenes of Equlttatloa. JIM nYERI AND JIM BURT, Tbe two Clowns, In a blaxe of Mlrtb, Sentiment sad Sc ng All tbe Comraay In new snd sttr&ctlw Irene Scenes ? Afternoon, commencing at (.'clock ; Even ing. caamsfilar at o cla.'E ICT Boxes 59 cent* i Pit, ? tents; Children ban ptW |MR A CARD TO THE PUBLIC. IN CONSEQUENCE OF THE WEATMEK ? and tbe delay of tbe Cars, betereen Mew York and Washington. Mr. MYERS, the Clown, will n?t t?ke bis benefit on Friday evening The ? Iilav on wbk-b be walka Is on tbe cars. Due n*:ee wlU be glean of this accasloa. Look oat for fan. janSt-Jt Wants. WANTED ?INFORMATION WANTED of Charlotte Slmms, (Color* d) wbo by cal ling at tbt? ?fibre will receive Information of beat ? lit to her. M WANTED IMMEDIATELY.?A SERVANT to do general Housework In a small family. On* well recommend* d will lad permaaeat em ploy. Apply at 181 K street, tetweea 17th aad :8tbL Jan M-lf WANTED?A COLORED BOY, BE tween the ages of Id snd 1), to work la the Kltcken, and to learn the French Cooking aad Pss'ry builnets A slave preferred Apply a: D'lVERNOIS'S HOTEL, Penn aveaue be twetn 16th and 17th otie?ts Jen M-M (COACHMAN WANTED ?AN Experienced J Coachman Is wanted Immediately Non n'her than a sober, experienced, white man need app'y at 418, corner H acd 11thstreets. Jan 44-It WANTED?TO PURCHASE, A NEAT and convenient Brick Dwelling, coatalaln? 5 or 9 Rooms, within ten minutes walk Centra Market For witch a part ca?l> will be paid, and the balance In monthly payments. Inquire at tkla tfflce Jaa94-3t PROFITABLE AND HONORABLE EM PLOYMENT FOR THE WINTfeR ?Par sons In town or country In search of employment aa a s urpecf Income, or to 111 up their leisure hours, may bear of ?u h byenc o>lng two stav'ps, to pay poatage, to Professor J AM ES T HORNE, Hoi No 4,551 New York Post Clce. 'I be em ployment Is Itted to cither sex-stall n la lljelm material. It la an article of dally consumption, and cau be manufactured in any person's dwel Unp; secured bycopyrlrht; sales as peraan?at as flour. Aa agent lc wanted in every town In the Union. jan 13-lm WANTED. ?THE HIGHEST PRICRC paid In eash for Old Stiver, at HOOD'SStl ver Ware Manufactory, 33b Penn avenue, near 9th street dec 3u Boarding. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN CAN BE Ac commodated with Board and Lodging in a small gen'eel family, oa 10th street south,No 931, wl bin one minutes' walk cf tbe rtm'tbsontan Irat'tJ a. )utl-eaf Boarding can be obtained by the day or week, at No 447 Massachusetts ave nue, letween 6tti and 7th streets. jaa 2l-5t* Board. ? gentlemen desiring Board can And very comfortable accommoda tions, at 3t>4 Pennsylvania avenue, betw< en Vtb and 10th streets, over Mr. Ridenour's Confection e: y. t dec 3u lm Board,Ae ?mrs bates,on thes.w corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Hh street is prepared to accommod-tegeniiemeu with rooms with or without board. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may hvor bet with their patronage. Transient or table board; can be obtained. apfi-tf SPLENDID CARPET IN OS AT HIOl'CEO PRICES. INCONSEQUENCE OF THE ADVANCED sta*e of tbe season, we have determined to sell for a short time, any or all of our slock of fine and superior Carpeting at cost for the cash Any In want of a bargain will do well toavtll themselves of this opportunity, as without dtub: most of them were purchased by ur at mar r. lower figure* than the sama goods (In consequence of tbe advance in tbe price of wo .1) can be baa wholesale now We have in s ore two of thoeesuperlor Tournav Velvet IjOuIs XIV Medallion Carpets, tbe most magnificent article of the ?lrd ever se?n, and which cannot be matched la this c tuntry. Also, on the same terms,9? nieces elegant Satin Delaines, Satin Brocatel. and Drapery BroadclnO . with all tbe centre, side tassels, bn.ds, cornices, plna, gimps, Ac . to match Also, a superb lot of Swiss I are, and Muslin, and Embroidered Under Curtalna, Gilt-bordered Window fhadee and Shade Linens Also, superb Table Damasks, Napkins, Cloths, Overlays, Dollies, Toweling*, l> steri, guilts, Piano Covers Ac. Members of Congress and others will find it to tbelr advantage to make their purchases of us at this time Jinao eodt CLAGETT, DODSON A CO. SPECIAL NOTICE. Those of our customers that have not settled their bills, as rendered to 31st December, are requas'.ed earnestly to do so by ibt *-5tb Instant, by citsh or notes at short dates We think t?ls a very reasonable >equest, aad if not compiled with we shall be compelled to discon tinue tbelr accounts \\ e again lender our thanks to tbcae many cu? - torn* rs who buy of us for cash, and those who pay their bills promptly, and shall be happy to serve them at all times with a well assorted st.K k of GOODS, of the best class for gerer?l family consumption COLLEY A SEARS, No. 593 7th st., 3 doors above Pa. a venae. jaa17-ocK D R. MUNSON. AT 338 PEN N 'A AVEN^a. Is atlll making those beautiful ooatlnuous GUM TEETH, calied/Pjfi^^m Alien s Patent, for tbe excellenry ot\grTWy which over all other styles of teeth, many now wearing them In this city, will eheeifuil? vouch There la one Dentist la this city wbo has been infringing the patent, and made a bad Imitation of It, against wbora 1 hereby caution tbe publte N. li. Whenever a Dentist speaks against Alleu's Patent Continuous Gum Teeth, when proptrif couttrucud, It Is because he U ignorant of the process, incompetent to make tbe work, ?r a oawllllng to pay for the patent. )? la-tj 3AECOND-HAND MKLUUKUN|~Unr in u?e a short time, for sale or rent, very low at our great I'i&no Store, betwetn 9th aad HNb' streets JinSM JOHN F. ELLIS. M' IM MahIK, ladles* Headdrosser, Im . forms ibe Ladit*s of Wasbingtoa, that she ban a quantity of Kl -wers. Hoed-1 drettsini, and hsliwort.Jwfhl< L sb^ U.tend* to sell t heap, fnr the purpose of making room for some new goods 256 Penn ave., near Mr. Cautler a. jan *4-Jt* SOAPSTONE OKIUDLEI TKE~CAKES can be browned handsomei v on thete GriddLen without grease and smoke, G FRANCIS, ^.99 7tk at. LA IIU EAT IT oil IN 7 ME C.TT, OP Plsnos, GuiUrs, Violin*, Aocord<wns. Music, ae.?Ac,at JOHN F ELl.lS's J*n Piano at:d l^luslc Store. Rtf"' B ASSETS, CAGES, i ^CT*, ci*!""i rs. rerfumery, Ac , ai J"** mclaugmlin a Co ?a_ WIPER IRONS, UAfPLK IIONf, Meat Cutters, Mlnclag Rnlve*, t bcpplmr Apple Palrers,Ac.,?ptKs?w al<rsy? low. at J*?** FRANCIS'S, Mot.