Newspaper of Evening Star, January 27, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 27, 1857 Page 3
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EVENING STAR "" 'KTllTinilllTl ??'?LO IB Llrr ?I tub Otfic* it Cwaiva o'n?ct, I.; OTinwiu m?t iai mot trrui wa r?? mr dav. L 0 CAL I NT ELL IQENCE. SeABiaa Com ?We have received various inquiries whether th? bill wh'ch has been be fore Congress in varioas shapes for the last J**r: relating to depreciated Spanish and Mexican small coin, hrs become a law, and if ?o, when it goes into operation. Wo have to ?ay, that a bill fixing the rate at which these eoina will hereafter be received bj Govern ment, and reqniriog them to be tent when thna received to the mint for re-coinage, has gone through both house*, hut that in passing the House of Representatives amendment* were made to it requiri' g the further action of the Senate, and the bill is now before that b?dy. The bill provide* that it shall go into effect from and after the date of its cnact ?sent. The bill is not compulsory in it? pro visions, but it a?ems probable that on its pas sage the people of the country will take con certed action to drive this miserable swind ling carrenoy out of circulation In this city eome of our leading merchant* have, in antici pation of the final passage <f the bill, taken (he initiative in refusirg to take theao coins <tt more than the depreciated rates of Arc, ten and twenty centJ respectively. In New York city tho ferry companies have taken the same atep, and a similar movement is beirg made in Boston. Philadelphia, and other cities. The real value of Spanish quarters as eilver, making allowance for wear, Ac., is stated to be about ninety five or ninety ?;* cents to the dollar. On the twelve-and a half cent pieces the depreciation is from ten to twelve per cent, and on the six-and-i-quarter cent piecos frrm twenty to thirty per cent. We congratulate our readers on tho pros pect of a substitution of our own convenient decimal currency for this worn out stuff Sbcosd Wabd Meeting fob tbb Rxlikk or tbb Poob.?At an adjourned meeting of the citisens of this Ward, held in the Foundry church, on the 26th instant, for the purpose of devising mea'ures for the relief of the suffer ing and destitute. Mr Grafton Powell was called to the chair, and F. A. Tschiffely, ap pointed Secretary. The following named gentlemen were af pointed a committee to collect funds, and citi zens will be waited on by them for that pur pose, vii: Messrs Q. Ennis, In. F. Bayly, A. M. i^Biith, W. J Sibley, Win Pettibone, (J. Jil lard, jr , John Colburn, J. R. Rowe, and Capt Shields Messrs. Q Powell, T A Tscbiffelly, Wm. Boys. Jo?. Williamson. John Joyce and G W. Harkness, were appointed a committee to distribute wood and groceries, to the poor of the Ward, who will apply to either of these gentlemen N Callan was appointed Treasurer. The committees were authorized to fi!l any vacancies occurring hy the non acceptance of those appointed by the meeting. The pro ceedings were ordered to be published in the city papers. The meeting then adj >urncd. G. Powell Chairman. T. A. TscHirrBLr. Secretary. Tbb Wbatbbr?A correspondent writing, January 24, from I'rbana, Md , furnishes us with the following table of the temperature in that locality: Jan. 3, 1S5A. mercury stood at 4? above zero. Jan. 8,18^7,6 a. m. 44 4 44 ?? 18, 11 44 2 41 ?? 22, 6 p. m. 44 2 44 44 23, flam 4* 21 below 44 24, ft 44 ]2 44 ii beiog the greatest cold there (or the space of twentj-seven years He says that, though far in*o the laat half of his third score, be has never experienced such a snow storm a* thai of Sunday and Mon day, the lS'.h and 19th. addinz 44 Truly we are in a fix. The roads are blocked with snow end the mills with ice?tho hungry are longing for men' and the thirsty for malt." Or Uistbict Ixtbbbst ?In the House yes terday, Mr. Bennett, of Mississippi, intro duced a bill to incorporate .-?n insurance com pany in the city of Washington; which was rend twice and referrei to tne Committee for the I>>3tric: of Columbia. Mr. Muith, of \ irginia, moved a su*paxxaion of the rules to enable him to introduce a bill to aJioT? a slave and Ler two sons to inherit the property left by the father, a free negro, upon the condition that they be manumitted by their owner* He stated that the property was considerable, and unless the bill should pass it was a question wnether it would not vest in the United States fop want of heirs. The question was taken, and the motion to suspend the rules agreed to?yeas 131, nays 33, . Amatbir Co*<brt for tub Rbmkpok tbb Poob ?We under-tand that there is to be an }im?t?ur ;oncert this evening at the residence of Mr* Capt Eastman, on G street, No. 332, in which the most famed amateurs in Wash ington of both sexes will take part. The af fair is said to be under the direction of that accomplished gentleman, Professor Wai. U. Palmer. Four times as many tickets have already been sold, we hear, as were sufficient to ill the auditorium. It is to be hoped that many other similar entertainments will so, n take place in Washington, as the amount *o far raised for the relief of the immediate ne cessities of the poor of this city is very in adequate to their wants indeed. Bcbsbd to Death ?A hoy child of Mr Wm. Ellett, a resident of Alexandria ^oaDty, > a., near Drummond's toll gate, on the C< lumbia turnpike, was burned to death yester day. Mrs Kllett had stepped down to tie eprmg for, leaving her three children only for a mosent. On ber return sh* found this child enveloped in flames caught from the fire, and her e'dest?not more than six years old?dreadfully burned on the hands in his efforta to extinguish the clothing of his little brother. I he poor child died last night, every possible effort having been made in vain to save hia life. His age was about three years. Natioba l Tbbatrb?A disappointment was experienced at the Theatre last night in con sequence of the giving out of the gas, whereby the performances were interrupted. To night however, those who were disappointed in see ing the fine play of 44 Second Love*' will have another opportunity The performances con clude with the rich farce of 44 The Iloogh Dia mond, Mr. S E Browne taking the part of Cousin J<>e, tnd Mr^ Proctor < her firft ippear ance) that ol Margery or Wirt.?Intelligence reached thta eity yesterday of lhe detlh of th# #J)tima. hie and venerable widow of the late William Wirt She died at Annapolis, Md , on Satnr dftj lajt Her retailbi will be brought to thu city to-day, to be interred by the side of those of her tllastrioas husband. in the Congressional barying ground ?Union. Tbb SLBiaaixe was at its height yesterday, and we rather think the Corporation law against racing wasn't enforced We think the officers should at least take in hand the young scapegrace* who line the sleighing track and greet the approach of every team wiih a yell calculated to a?toniah the nerves of the stronr aat-miaded horse, to say nothing of the scary ones 41 Boobs tbat arb Books" are daily pat ap by Pbilbriek for the lovers of learning' and presents that are presents given to the lucky turchasers; and while be deal* out choice gifts ountifully to his patrons the poor are remem bered Call and see him, benefit yourselves and he deserving and needy of our city, t Rblikv r?B tbb Poub ?The eommitteesap pointed by the ward meetings to collect anl distribute money for the relief of the suffering Kr, have afforded reli< f to many already. ? money is expended in groceries and wood, and is distributed in either or both kinds, as required Nabbow Ebcafb.?On Sunday, while Mrs. J W RejnulCd was dreasing her children near a stove, her clothes caught fire, and be fore the flame could be extinguished her arms and hands were badly burnt. A woolen gar aaent aaved her from aa7erer injuries. Slbet ?Mark where dwells the good man. On such a sleety day as this you shall see h>* sidawalij plentaoojl/ Btf?wn with ashes. Midlines' Irrtitutb Faib.?Tb? building in rapidly approaching completion, end appli cations for irp*c? are pouring in from various parti of the country. The master carpenter expect* the entire work to be completed and the building fit for use by the 20th February. The following appointments have be^n made of officers during the exhibition: Clerks Messrs James A Brown, Rob?t Israel. and W.J Fitzgerald Doorkeepers Messrs. Lewis Wright and Michael Reardon. Ticket sell ers-Messrs Peter M ro^rson sn'Uohn H. Kin* Nieht Watch?Jedediah Glidings. A. F Martin, aid tleo H Grant. Master Car penter?Mr. A Baldwin. Withers's Band of twelve performers were also chosen to play during tho exhibition. The opening address of the exhibition will be made by the Hon. Frederick P. Stanton, of Tennessee ??? ACCI0B5T ?Last evening, a young man named John Tucker was severely injured by beiog thrown from a sleigh, on the avenuo, near the National Hotel. His arnu, if not broken, were badly sprained. The horse was severely injured also. Washixoto!* CiRcns ? The next grand per formance at the Circus will be on Saturday night next, when the great complimentary benefit to Jim Myers comes off. Mr Myers will then perform his wonderful feat of walk ing on the ceiling, head downwards, like a fly. Another Wkathkk Changs.?Really the clerk of the weather should be seen to ! We have just barely succeeded in adapting the ridiculous quantities of snow he piled in upnr us to traveling purposes, and no* he sends u.< a warm rain, which is Flaying the sleighing with a vengeance. Too bad! Am for the Poor.?At the F rtrect Pres byterian church, (Kev L>r. (Jurley's,) on Sun day last, the sum of *223 was contribute ! by the congregation for the relief of the suffering Centre Market ?Rather a larger delega tion of producers from the country in attend* ance at the market this morning, giving evi dence of the improvement of the road?. A Resolution, appropriating SI,400 for the relief of the poor, passed the City Councils last night Watch Retcrss.?The u.~ual number of lodgers were accommodated Is?t n;ght. No other cases. Extraordinart ArrAiR ?A merchant of New York was charged, before Alderman Knue, at theMiyor's< flne.on Saturday night, by a young lady from Vermont, with the com mission of an outrage upon her person, about eight months a>ro, which was committed while she was under the influence of aa opiate. From the testimony before tho Alderman, given by the prosecutrix, it s-ems that she became acquainted with the defendant in this city, and tnat he accompanied her to New York, and while on the road to that place ho earnestly solicited her to remain there over night. She was en route for Vermont, and declined the invitation, being anxi<-us to get home. She, however, consented to take dinner .\t a hotel in New York. Before dinner, tho defendant prevailed upon her to rofrcsh her self with a glass of wine. She immediately became insensible, as she now believes, from the cffect of some drug in troduced in the liquor When she recovered her senses she found herself in a chamber, the gentleman standing near her. She asked him for an explanation. He informed her that she had fainted, and had been carried there Without suspecting foul play, she resumed her journey, but, to Her astonishment, found herself in a short time enceinte. Boing unable to account for her condition in any other way than that abovo indicated, she informed her friends, who have becu on the look-out for the accused for some time. Saturday it was dis covered that he was in this city, and the ar rest was promptly made. By tho consent of counsel on both sides, he wrs admitted to bail in $5,060 for a further hearing All the par. ties have hitherto been considered of the first respectability.?Philadelphia Hun, Jan. 26. INHALATION I!* DISEASES OP TOE LUNGS. iln. Hunter h Williams, Pbvsiciass fok Diseases of tor Cubst. 52i North Charles street, Baltimore. The great success which has attended tho practice of Inhalation by Dr. Hunter and his associates in treating every form of Pulmona ry diseases is now established beyond question. Dr. Williams, associato of the Baltimore oflice, may be consulted in Washington on the 12th and 2Uth of each month The next visit will be on Thursday, the 21)Lh instant. Office 2^0 Pennsylvania avenue, over Mrs. Voes's Jewelry Store I j[Tul Caaf : 1 Saw !! I Ceaqaered !!!"? Thu* wrcfe Julia* 0-"?r. Alexander or *'>m*body else, to some diatH,.'mated senate aud we liava tli' n?r>t, wlla how ru'ich more trnili might Mr* .1. N. Gardner, th* celebrated Indian Doctreea. have written each ? renteoce of boMtinc, wild. with her Balsam of I.I ver wort am! Hoarhnutid ?(>? came, mi, and conquer*,! Co <1*. Cough*. Aa hma, Cronj,. Bronchitis ?u<! Consumption, snatching do'duoi trie? frciii th* avar iciou* jea a of ir- .th. Meaar*. WmIi * rotter, No. 154 Washington *treet, Boa ton, Ganeral Agent*. For sal* l.y W. H. Oilman, Char lea Stott, Nairn A Faimer, Z. D. Oilman, and by Orngxlata ran rally. Jan IT?Iw. {[Traiau.OiU, W iadow Glaas.?A large atocg kept conatantiy <m haud, an> will be *old very low tor caah nr to pan 'tual rutimm. British ?n1 French Plate f r atorea m l dwellings <*i any r'.i'. however large, fjr aale at Importers' Vet V. rk pri"ea. Ornamental and Stsiued Olass of every variety of pattern. furnished at ehort notlre. Baicpie* c<tn be >M? at the it-He. I would especially call tue attention of bnlKer* and g*o tleinen about erecting buildings to the al>ove, aa by pnr chasing of me thay will tare about iwenty-flve per cent., be eidee the rlak of transportation. ?M(li la an Item worthy of cnaMeraUou. Oreen-hon e and hot bed glass ilwtjra on Land at biannfacUtr.'a priceI. It., Uruui.t, JuU 't 3,.? Feu:isylvan aatecue. |i7*Braiiiireth'? PilU.?The W?aii, ihe Consurrpt'vr. Il-?f Rtt'c,Coitlt>, Rllloito aa4 NllMt*, after ?om* (*j'J Use will find renewed strength ami life pervade every organ if their frame*. Every doae makes the blood purer. The nervea commence In the arteries and terminate lit the veins. These pllla, aa a fcrst eflect, art upon the ar terial blood, Increaalug tue circulation, by whicli impnrltle* are depoalted In the veins, and they throw off sneh collec tiena Into ti>e bowel*, which organ, by the energy derived from Bran>!retli'a Pllla, e*p?la them from the ?v? em. When lira; ne<-1, the pill* may occasion griping, and even make the patient feel worse; tlila must be home with for the good to rome afterward*. No great go<>d la often achieved wlthont some trouble In it* attainment, and this rnle arpllea to the rerovery of health. T!<?*e symptom* only occur where the body hat long straggled under a load of impure, teua-inna humor*. A roneecntlve nee for a few daya will satitfy the moat onbeiievlng of the great good the pll'a are doing The Uractloua ahonld be earefhlly studied. If nndareU>od and followed, health and vl^or will, <n a majority of ease*, be se cured by the nee of KKA NPRKTH 8 Fill*. Sold at 2f> c?nta per bo* at Canal street, Itrandreth Building, New Vork; by T W. I?yott A Son*, 111 no.-th Second street, Philadelphia, and by medlrlae dealer* gener ally. bot U?tf J^llr?wa's Branchial Treches.?'??We have foqnd the"? ?>f great *err1ca In allaylnr Hrortchtal Irrltv tlon, and In sotxtnla/ Hoarseueea pro<lrc. d by Coltte^and do our clerical brethren a real favor Id calling tlielr attention to them." -Zlon'e Hera'd. " We commrnd them to the at tention Of public speaker*, singers, and other* who are troubled with affection* of the Throat.**? Clirtellan Watch man "For Ooqgh*. A?t!n?a, A*., we eheerfnllr hear testi mony frrm perauaal knowledge to their efficacy."?Ballou't Flctorlai. " They are a simple and elegaui lorm for admln taterlng. In comhlDat'ou, eyveral medicinal aubetancee htid In general esteem among Fhyslcian* In the treatment of Bmncl.lal affection*."?Or. O. F. Blge'ow. Containing t# optara or deie^rloua drug*, theae I^'icnge* cao be vied freely by public sprakers and vocallet* for clearing and giving airt-ngUl to tL? voice. Rol l by all Druggiate. Oct U-U JAMKS 21. CAl.LAN. Agent. the Ladlu!?l)r. Du FONCIFH FsMAI.K riLLX.?If.e roraPlnatlon of Ingredi ent* !? !be Pllla are perfectly harmleee. Their efficacy and merltf ar? l aee-1 upon an extenalva practh ? of over thirty year*; and, where the direction* have been strictly fol lowed, tb?y har* never failed to correct all irregularities, relieve pali f'il aud dlflcalt menstruation, (particularly,) at the change of life. TLe> will enrethe Whiloe, and remove all ob*trnc.:!ous arUing fr?m cold, exposure or auy causae; and maybe na?d *nccee?fvily as a Preventive. (Jail upon the agent and get a Circular for particular* free. Flioe )1 per bog, with full direction*. Hold whnleeale and retell by OB AS. STUTT, Urngglat, Pennsylvania avaune, SaMCKL n. WAITK, ll< Seventh *tr*et, W?*hlugtou, D. C.; and B S. T. C1SSKL, Georgetown ; to wlmm all order* mn*i be eent, and the Fill* will be eent confldentlally, by mall, to ladle* who euclo** thean on* dollar. B. B.?See ilgoatore on th* bos; tocoanterfetllt la for srr le i-il mahkiku, In Npw York, on the JnsVtT' Dr Bellows M?Jor ROBfcHT 8 OARNK I I , to makianna EA8TUN, only daughter or tteo S. Ncit on, of tbln r!tv KLIZABETh' w "wirV" "Il'o'i J/Vh. Hon Wm Witt .-.v '*7> of th? the late wing, widow or tin Hon. Wm Wirt, la the 73d year of her aj<e On Krldav, the *ld lnatant, In Waahlnaton coun'y, D C., at the renldeoce of her ton in law, W H Dondas, Mr* HAKY W. UE8SKLIt?, In the 79th year of her a*e On the'.Hth instant. THOMAS TAUB8, ?on of Dr Barton Tabbs, of ?t Mary a county, Md. ! MM _ i ?. DR. V1LLAK1), DtsiHt, Latb or Cuicamo, ^17 0ULD *|S?PKOTr?JL,ia^ INFORM W the citlaena of the Diatrlct wd/JX ir^rm aU o,Oration,, in kis put?tSM, la tke moot ippio?< <1 stvle (bout approved style Uttce .No tW Peon, avenue, adjoining uat tl?'s. Jan Wiy For Bale and Rent. CM)R RENT?IN GEORGETOWN, ON 9D Frederick and 1st, a Brick House, with 5 room*, bitrment, kit.'hcn, and cel " Inqnlrc on the premi e*. jan 27 lw p?* R?NT-FIVK FURNISHED Room?, corner of 13th street and Massachusetts nHahKJ,rL*?l!?r Ie?l Tbey are sJtuated In the neighborhood of Franklin Row Inquire en the P""1** j\n >7-3t? PURNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT.?THE f, i. ha* 'or rcot a nest and comfortably furnished tw?-su>ry and atlIc Brkk IJouBe< on H ^ 18th 8,reet Kent ?15 I*' mouth .J*n ? J C. McBU1RE. FOR RENT ?A LARGE PARLOR II v.WJ Bedroom attached, well furnished, and oin "Bnated on Penn. avenue, No. 219, opposite Wlllards' Hotel. Rent moderate. Apply on the premise*. jan 26-3w? STABLE FOR RENT?A GOOD BRICK ^ Stable on H street, between 13th and 14th, is for rent at a moderate rate, to a good tenant. Ap. ply at No. 40S New York avenue jtn'26-3t? POR RENT?A FOUR-STORY BRICK *- Dwelling House on 9th street, south of New \ ork avenue, on Square 403, with all the modern Improvements. Also, a Store Room, with ail necessary fixtures, with a room adjoining, and a food dry cellar, on the corner of 9th and 1 streets, nquire at No. S91 nth street jan25 3t? R. W BROWN. A FRAME HOUSE AND LOT FOR Sale ?n. On M street, between|AKh and 2lst streets, on Square No. 99. Term*?one third cash; the bal ance in two equal Instalments, of six and twelve months, with a deed given and a deed of trust taken. For further particulars inquire of THOMAS HAYS, ntar the premises jan 24-lw? r 0 KSTAURANT FOR SALE ?THE LEASE ? fana fixtures of a Restaurant, of goodilocation, situated on Penn. avenue, will be- sold' low for cash Inquire at this r.ffire. jm 23 lw* P??R SALE. ?A TWO-STORY B R I CIK 1 House, containing 8 Rooms, on I street north, between flth and <th, with good ystrd. Terms ? One-third cash ; the balance in 1, 8, and 3 yearn. Apply at 521 1 ttreet, be ween flth and 7th. jan 23-tf POR RENT ?THE STORE-ROOM RE J, cently occupied by E M. Drew, Merchant Tailor. No 516 7th street, immediately opposite toe office of the Nat'onal Intelligencer. For terms, apply n? xt door to GEO. W COCH R AN. Cigar and Tobacco Dealer. jan l?-tf TWO LARGE ROOMS SUITABLE FOR GENTLEMEN TO BE RENTED ?The? also, can be Boarded In the house if desired Apply to THOS l'O TEN TIN I, No. 279 Penn avenue, south side. dec 17 CHARMS FOR SALE?INTENDING TO .1 ?v'Tr>te a lar*tr **"*1, the subscriber wlil sell the farm In Alexandria county, Virginia, on which ne has resided for the past seven year*, it contains 51 ccr?s, and Is situated rear Balls x Koads, 3# miles from the Georgetown Aqueduct, and 6 milts from both Washington and Alexan dria. There are upon it a comfortable and well arranged dwelling house, containing six rooms, wita front and covered porticos, the former to by 12 feet; a kitchen ; a comfortable house for servants or farm hands; a large and convenient ocrn, with stabling for nix horses and as many cows, and an ampleclstern (attached to the barn; ) * root cellar under the bara, to hold 2,000 bushels or roots for market or .stock feeding; icehouse; spring house: smoke house; corn nouse; a stone mirket root, anil a More bo'ise. Also, a Rood dairy near the homestead door, froir. the never falling spring of which water Is obtained for all the requirements of th? occupants. There Is also en the place an orehird of more than <t thousand thrifty trees of different planting* con sisting of the choicest varieties ef peaches, ap ples, pears, (dwarf and standard,) cherrics and oulnces At present fourteen acres are reeded down to wheat snd rye; six In timothy, (yielding an average of at Ieist two tons per acre.i four in a market garden; four In clover; twelve re*dy to oe put In corn and oat* In the sprinz, and eleven w**lch there 1* an ample supply for all the purposes of the place fbla farm has been cultivated with care and is very productive, no pains having been spared to render it remuner ative, and to make it complete in all its appoint ments. lor a dairy man and market garden farmer, or a nursery man, or for the country resi dence of a person doln^ business In either neigh boring city who prefers a place already in all resp?( u highly improved it is superior to any other now for *aie *,*V?{,E.1,LADKN "ARM, (60acres) situ ated within less than a quarter of a mile of the Columbia and Leesburg turnpikes, the foraer leading to Washington, and the latter to Alex BU? .. ,rb1* I* In the immedlite vicinity of Bailey s >< Road.* (in Alexaiidria or unty, Va .) and is about nix miles from both cities named above. Ithasuponltanorcfcardofabc,nt350ctol. o P?f.' h trees, most of thein lately set out, a dwel llng-house that can be made comfortable for n farmer's family at small cost, some rtabllne. and one of the finest springs in all this region of country. There is wood enough upon the tract for its necessities. There is no better soil within thirty miles of Washington than that of this B'a den place; nor any such place that can be ren dered remunerative at Jes? cost by proper atten tion ; the land being In lice heart at this time. r or terms, for either or both theselarms, which will be made to suit the times, apply to dec 29 w. D. WALLACrf, Star Office. OR RENT -THAT LARGE AND AIR Y House on Penn avenue, between ?tb and 7th F _ ?? - *"*" " 'vuU4>j "tiTni *? lLl ACQ /IH streets, over A Hoover ft Sor.'s Sho,- Store, suita ble for a first-class Boarding-Hour*. It is now undergoing a complete repair Possesion ^Iv-en Immediately. InqaireofA HOOVKH /t i?ON, south s!de of Penn. avenue, between fith and 7th ,treet?- oe 30-tf H. C. PURUY, IMPORTER OF HAVANA CIGARS, AND ? dealer in PERIODICALS, STATIONERY ftc , receives the following Newspapers and Mas - aztnea, as soon as 1?su? d : NEWSPAPERS. allou's Pictorial, New York Ledger, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, Flag of ?ur Union, Wa?crly Magazinp, Ledger of tioinanre. Scientific Am?rkan, fiew \ ork Clipper. New York Picayune, Harper's Weekly, Police Gazette, # Dollar Newspaper, Porter's Spirit of the Times, Weekly Dispatch, American Union, True Flag, ftc , ftc. MAGAZINES. Haper's Godey's, Daliou's Dollar Monthly, Putnam's, Graham's, Peterson's, Frank Lewie's, ftc. Subscribers furnished by the week, month, or year, with any of the above Newspapers and Mag azlies Every thing In the cheap publication line can be obtained at U. C PU R O Y 'S Cigar and Periodical Depot, No l?ii Penn. Jan 28-2t *ve > und' r Washington House. COPARTNERSHIP iflTfCf. THE UNDERSIGNED HAVE ENTERED l. into partnership under the firm of GARDNER A rLAUK, for the purpose of carrying cn the business of Coach Making la all it branches,and would respectfully solicit the patronage of their friends and the public generally. Their Factory Is at 553 lsttL street,south of Penn sylvanla avenue. The stand formerly cccupled by T. J. Gardner. THO.MAS I. GARDNER jan *t-6t JONAH W. PLACK Lost ok stolen?about the *J3d Instant, near the corner of 22d street and Pennsylvania avenue, a LEATHER POCKET B? ?OK, contalnlmr a number of made out bills and two noles of $:/j each, drawn in favor of the sub*?crrber. All pers0i.u are cautloued froin trad ing in the notes or paying any of the bi:ls, a num ber of which are receipted. janM-T* DANIEL MYERS. llANt'INd. SECOND LAST Ql'ARTER. l>ROF H. W. MUNDER, RESPECTFULLY * announce ;o his friends and the public generally, that his second and la-t quirter \)rlil commence from the 1st to the tttb of Feliruary. All thxt wi?h to prepare ror the Grand May Kenha', would do WIrL'?ifnter names Immediately. i , w*ey t*>l? seaion, will far excel any that has ever been i.itrolu ed lu this city by himself or any other teacher ills agr^eab e Soirees, which has been so ex tens I vely P* t rj>n! zed this setson. will continue everv WEDNESDAY EVENING, (weather per mltting) until further notice. jan 23-4w UTIIITK SWANAUDWN TIPPKT LOUT On Sunday night last about 7 o'clock, on F street, between 13th and 13th street*, in walking to Rev Mr Gurley'i Church. The finder wlfi be generomly rewarded by leaving It at thehou;e of LUKE LEA, 251 F street janVC- lt* (JO KEWARD WILL Ofi FAU TO A* Y VP'J person who will return to me, corner of Olive and Green streets, Georgetown my colored boy JOHN GRANT, whoelth e w-nderedor waadccovedfromhlshon>ecn Saturday before last. He was clad in dark! ?l and checked pants. All persons are forwarned againat harboring hiui under penalty jan GASAWAY WATERS. WEAR COR* VOLES, AND BL Y at ?-3t LAMMOND'S. AtTCTIOW BALES. ByJAS. C. MoSUIRK, Auctioneer. CORPORATION OP WAIHINHTOII and aFTk' ?*?<*??THURSDAY AFTkKNOON, January ?th, at 4 o'clock at Rwm?, 1 *dlNli/| neiiiwh Ji'nrE! torP?*tlon of Washington q'r. Stock ?i,000 do Alexandria Coupon Bonds

Terms cash?in currency. * _ j*n?7- JA?. O. McGUiRE, A act CATALUUUE OP PARIS CLOAKS, TO BE SOLD AT A UC TION, Ob TUESDAY, January arm, WITHOUT1KSKRVK, at the Store of CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY A CO. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock. JAMES C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Wortk. No 1 Hro MotreAntlqueand VelvetCloak, *50 No 2 Blue A blk Ve vet A M Ant, do 50 No :i Blk Velvet aid Moire Antique, do 3.1 No 4 Green Satin; very rich, do 50 No ft Handsome Brown Cloth, do 25 No 6 Black Velvet, very p.ais, do 4<> No 7 Tau Cloth and Moi?e Antique, do *21) No 8 Bro Cloth and Moire Antique, do '20 No 9 Kaucy Cloth Circular, do 20 No 1" Browa Trimmed ^aMn, do 25 No 11 Rich Si.ver Brown Velvet, do 4'? No 12 Drab Cloth, trlm'd with velvet, do '25 No 13 Blue Watered Silk, do 4* No 14 Drab Embroidered Cloih do 50 No 15 Brown do do do '22 No lfi Brown do do do 45 No 17 L't Drab Cloth A Moire Antique do 2> No 18 Drab Embossed Cloth do '25 No 19 Black Ciotl> Traveling do 10 No'iu Blk Moire Antique and Velvet (Shawl) do 22 Noil Do do do do i?2 No 22 Handsome Hlk Velvet (plain) do 5u No 23 Do Alolre Antique and Velvet do 50 No 21 Rich Black Molie Antique and Velvet do 56 No 25 Handsome Black Velvet do f>5 No26 Very elegant Blk Velvet do 65 No 27 Very elega'tt Blk Moire Antique do 75 No 28 Handsome Cloth Talma do 20 No 29 do do do 20 The above Goods mutt It soli. Terms cash. Several handsome Crimson Craj*? Shawl*, Cashmere Shawls, and Evening Dress Goods will be (fl'ered after the sale of Cloaks The Cloaks will be offered at private pale until the day named above jan'21-d J. C McGUIRE, Aurt. &7?The nheve tale Is postponed in coise quencc of the rain until THURSDAY, January 20, same hour J. C McGUIRE. jan2r-d Auctioneer. GREAT GIFT BOOK STORE. UNDER DEXTER S HOTEL. An Immense assortment of New Hooks will be, opened This Day, AND AN ENTIRELY NEW LIST OF FREBENTS will be distributed to our patrons hereafter. Members of congress, citizens, and STRANGERS will find our stork of Books worth their attention. It is the largest and most valuable assortment ever opened In this city, comprising Standard and Miscellaneous Works in all the departments of Ancient and Modern Science, Literature, and Art Also, all the latest Publications, Annuals of the Season Bible*, Prayer L'ooks, New Edition* of ihc IV ct>, Ac., Ac , In Turkey Morocco, Antique, Vel vet, and other rich aod superb Bindings', ele gantly Illustrated. * ' A 1? RESENT, worth frt>m 25 Cents to ?100, will be given (1m mediately after the sale) to every purchaser of a Book for %hlch w receive ?l or more. 117*5 per cent ef all our net receipts will he placed in the hands of His Honor the Mayor of Washington, to be distributed for the benefit of the Poor ef the city. At the old Stand, under Derter's Hotel, sJirn of the Ked Flag. * jan 9-tf J I'll ILBIUCK, Agmr. L1AIH Blll'SHLS, TOOTH, NAIL, HAT, 11 clothes, crumb, dusting, and other kinds Brushes; Comb*, fide, tuck, neck, pntf, fine, dressing and pocket Combs, Ac., Ac. h. j Mclaughlin a co _ J*n 17 No'20 Pa. ave_, bet. 8th and 7 h ft* TT7" G. MKYiSEllOTT Hl%~Nuwoil V v ? hand four Second-hand I'lanos r* Two for ?50, one tot ?75, and one forj7~i f|T ?100 Also a large stock of New Pianos at the lowest factory price*. Music Depot, corner Uth street and Penu ave jan 14 I'AOl'ER KKOTYPES. MR. A MoCARTEY RESPECTFULLY Informs his friends and the public thai slice his return from New York he has fitted up new rooms on Pennsylvania avenue, three doors east of 4* street, where he Is prepared to do as good wore, a? least, cs any artist in the city Da^u?-rieotypta copied lu oil, the size of life, in a superior manner, on moderate terms. jan 24 4t* EYES AND EARS. IN CONSEQUENCE OF THE SNOW, DR ? VAN MOst'HZlSKER, Oculist and Aurist, will be In Washington for a few days longer, and can be consulted on all Dlreates of the EYE and EAR, at the Nationed Hoiel. Dr. Van M. has the finest assortment of the best* Frencli Glasses. Glasses purchased of Dr M are warranted to suit the ex*-t Focus of the Eve, and not lcjure sight Accura'e examination made of b' th Fye by th? Optometer. jan '?13- Iw* I DENTALKUKOeON. DR II F. COSBY, PENN AVENTTK. BE tween Sixth and Seventh ?treats. . at the place formrrly occupied hy l>r Van Patten, has just received a vf ?y T *ir large supply of articles pertainl ijj to dentintry and respectfully Invites the public to gi ve him a call Having devoted his whole time to the pro fe*?lon, he is perfectly safe In d^-ciaring that he will give entire satisfaction In every ca*e. The Hest profe-slonal references can be seen at his cf flc?- nov 12-tMarclrW* VKRHU1U KAP1KNTI. MDEV1GNE, FOR MANY YEARS RES1 ? dent Physician In Paris, and now stopping in this city, will send, on receipt of SI, a recipe for SECRET DISEASES, and a'l aflVctlons of t e URINARY ORGANS, such as GRAVEL, ; Ac. It is a common plant that grew* in our garden^; is perfectly harmless, and with which ' he has cured thousands In London, Paris, and New York. It is Warranted to cure, and Is Inval uable to persons In the country. No one need feel any risk in this, for M Devigne hopes it will not j be considered In the light of the many quacks of ? the day. His remedy is made from a oarmles? ' plant, easily 'ound, and la the most wonderful of the age. He has % medal from the College d'lm perlale for the discovery Address, through Post Office. from any part of the United States j jan23-lw? M. DEVIGNE, Washington, D C. I th*LEIGH FOR SALE.?A HANDSOME | O second-hand Cutter, at JOYCE'S Carria-'c ' Depot Price ?5Q. . jan21-3:*' Dutch herkinh?just received, Holland Herring, new. JONAS P. LEVY, jan 24-lw No. 367 Penn. avenue. '|1HE PUBLIC'S FAVORITE; THE NEW A York ledger for31st January; Cobb's new ?tory decidedly best this season Buy the Ledeer at FERGUSON'S, I jan 21 480 7th street. JUST RECEIVED THE MAGAZINE^ Godey's Lady's Book, Graham s, Peterson's, Ballou's, Ac 'lo get Books, Magazines Papers. Stationery, ard everything In that line, call at j FERGUSON'S, 4*i 7th st MILK. AND CHE AM. j L^K Ev H MILK AND CREAM, BUTTER, I V CHEESE, EGJS, HONEY, and VEGE j TABLES, constantly on t.aid. In ujiy quantities, j from one of the boat Dairy Farms in Maryland, j at 18> loth street, near the avenue, by jm'21 Im* H. N. AMPUL'S I WDRU3. OST?YESTERDAY, BETWEEN THE I Hanking house of Messrs. Sweeney, Rltten house, Fant A Co., and Messrs. Ri?gs A Co.. a note drawn bv J%C Walker, payable to David Bone, and endorsed by him for S30\ dated 15t4 instant, at sixty days The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving the same with Messrs. SWEENY, KITTEN HOUSE, FANT A CO. Jan 24-3t WOOLEN UOOUS AT COftT.?DETER mined not to carry over to the spring, any ? f our Woolen Goods, we shall commence tola day, closing them otf at cost. Our stock Is worth your attention H. J. MCLAUGHLIN A CO., jan 22 20, bet. 8th and Uth streets ICE t'KKAlW At 37 u Cents Per Quart. OTELS, BOARDING-HOUSES AND others will find It mush cheaper and better than they make It. Fairs and other benevolent entertainments oan have It at less price, at the PENNSYLVANIA DEPOT jan 3-lm? Corner F and 12th streets. REMOVAL. J*ASAUEL CHILTON, ATTORNEY AT LA W, Ac , has removed his olttoe to the base ??*t of the house of Johnson Hellen, Esq on the corner of 5th street and Louisiana avenue dec *>-lm* H S AUCTION BALBB. THIS AFTKEHOOH A1TD TO-MOSSOW. By JAS. c. megu I RE, Auctioneer. I.URPHT1 RE AKD HOUSEHOLD Kf. 1 ferU at Pabli< Auitisa.?OnTHl'KS. DAY MORNIN9, Januarv, 221 at 10o'clock,at the residence of J. A Shet han. on 4th street, be tween Indiana avenue and north K street, I shall sell all hU Furniture and Ffi'ects, comprising? Rosewood Boudoir, Piano Forte and Stool Superior Mahogwqr Rockers, and parlor Chairs Marble-top Centre and Sofa Tablt* MabOKiuy Card, Dining, and side Tabitss Gilt frame pier and inamcl Glasses Cane and Wird?or Chairs, Lousgc W aln tit W hat not, fancy Chairs Dainisk and l.ace Curtains, Jrh'de* Mahogany trench and Cottage Bed?tcada Curled hair and busk Mattresses Feather Bed?, Holsie s. and Pillows Dressing and pL'ln Bureaus, Wardrobe* \Va*h*lands, fillet Set?, I,?oklng Glasses Superior Brussels, three-ply and other Carpets Stair Carptt, Ru^s, oil Cloth, Ac Granite Dinner Ware, China Tea Set Silver-plated Cat tors, Table Cutlery Glassware, Crockery.ware, Fire Iron* Excellent Cooklrg and other St?v?? Togethf r with a genera' assortintnt 'l Household and Kitchc ? Requisites Terms: 8*5 and under, ca?h ; over that sum a credit of 6u and 90days, fir satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest jan 16-d JAS. C. McQI'lRE, Auct. }f"7~ Thf al-orf Sr\Is is Postponed until WEDNESDAY MORNING. Jen. '.eth, sane hoar. Jan '21 JAS. C MrfiUIRE, Anc'r. By WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auctioneers LARGE ANU I'EKKHI'TORY halkoi Brandy, W biskies, Ac., at Fnblic Auc tion.?On THURSDAY MORNING, January 2Vth, we will at cur auction rooms (on ac count of whom It i.lay concern) a choice article of Brands, Whiskies, An., vlx: * \-casks 4:h-proof Hene?< y Brandy r. % dc tine Coynac do 4 ^ do do da do 21' cases do do 10 barrels jure Magnolia Whisky 1 -cask Jamaica do Also, at) boxes Palm Scap 10cheats Imperial tod Gunpowder Tea 10 bcxes Mculd Candles, Ac Together with a lot of other Groceries not here ir.entio-ed Sale positive Term >: a".d under, cash ; over that amount a credit of?!') and 90 days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, i.sarln" lnt? rest. WA1/L, BARNARD A CO, j?n2l-dts Auctioneers By WALL, BARNARD A CO .Auctioneers, (?in n/;n worth ok jewelry, 1 tt^wUU Oold Silver, and Mated, Hunting, and dp^r.-hefd Watches. ?,?ld Chains Ac..nt Pubi ic Anctlon?On THURS DAY EVENING, January iftid, (and every even Ing untl 1 the whole is din rosed of) we will sell, at "170, tinder Brawns' Hotel, the largest stock'f Jewelry, Ac, ever offered at public auct! on in this city All of which will positively he sold, without retard to cos'.. Consisting In pe.rt. vlx: Gold, Silver, and i'lated, Bunting, and Open f?c*d Watches Gold Ch i ns, ??old Bosom 1'lns, ard Ear Drops Do Cameo, Mosaic, and Gold Strnc Pins, and Ear Drops to match Gold Bracelets, Cameo, and Mosaic, all sixes Gold and yiiv^r Thimbles, Geld Lo ketsdo Cold Studs, Sleeve Buttons, and Ear Drop* Gold Finger Kings, Watch Keys and Fobs Also, Pearl, Shell, and Silver Card Caws Portiaonale*. Pea Knives, Ac. With mary oth<r articles too numerous to men tion. Terms: *'t> and under, ca^h ; over that amount a rvcjit of J??and fio dsvs, f??r n'jlcs fa;l*f<?clcrl!y endorsed, bearing In'orest WALL, BARNARD A CO , jan St d Auctioneer.; PUBLIC SALE. THE SUBSCRIBER Will oti'r fcrsale, at Public Auction, on FR1 DAY, the27th day of January next, on the prcm ises, the valuable fnrm where he now liv#>, near the Great Falls, being part of tbo fsrra formerly owned by Lawson Littleton,containing 132X acres. The farm is in good condition, well proportioned I for Plough, Mtadow*, and Timber laud: beau<i- | fully watered wtth never falling sprlnss ; has on It ^ood bui'dlngs, an apple orchard, and a nom^i of peach trees, a very drsira* leeountry resldenee. Also, the farm n.iljlining directly north, the re maining part of the said Littleton Farm, eontaln ing 71 acres Also, the personal property cf the subscriber, consisting of Household Furniture, Beisand Bed lng, I Cnw, a span of Hordes. Harness, 1 Pleasure NNagon, Farming Utensils, Ac ,Ac. Terms cf ? :'e male known on the dav of sale. If it should be st rmy on the day designated the sale will t.ike j>lace on the Wr-t fair day dec)0-li.vts N. D WILLS. By J At*. C. M? ijUIRF. Auctioneer CIOKPORATION OF washington Six / Per Cent. Stock.?Th?! subscriber has for sale 95,0 0 Corpc ration of Washington Six Per Cent. Stock, in sums to suit. jan38-'it JAS. C. McSUIRE, Auct. 11HE HORKKH, VEHICLES, ARD OTH . cr Mcrctandite heretofore ?-old on the square at the corner of 7th street and the Avenue will be discontinued and hereafter sold in front of our store C. R. L. CROWN A CO., jan ll-'2w Auctioneers. II 3 SECOND-HAND MELODEONS, BUT in use a short time, for sale or rent, very low, at our great Piano Store, between 9th and loth streets jau 22 JOHN F. ELLIS. ^.tW WjKKUAKl) ?? IUBK PAIIt FOlt the apprehension of my Servant Man, FREDERICK BOOTH, who left home on Thursday. 15th last. He is a bright mulatto about thirty fi?e years old, five feet J live or six inches in height, full buck whiskers, which Le will r.o doubt U.k.*ofl", of a. sullen coun tenance when spoken to He ts well acquainted la Washington, and Is no doubt lurking there at this time, particularly with a free family, who left the neighborhood a few weeks since, by name Butler 1 will give the above reward for the apprehen sion of said Servant no matter where takm pro vided he Is secured in jill so tfcat 1 get nim aizaln WM. d.. G WYNN, Sm. jan 17-eotFelil Piscalaway, Md. SPEMAL NOTICK. npHOSE OF OUR CUSTOMERS THAT JL have not settled their bills, as rendered to 31st December, are requested earnestly to do so by the 95th Instant, by eash or notes at short dates We tbink tbls a very reasonable lequest, and If not complied with we shall be compelled to discon tinue tfcelr accounts We aijaln tender cur thanks to these many cus tomers who buy of us for cash, and those who pay tbelr hills promptly, and shall be happy to serve them at all rimt * with a well assorted stock of GOODS, of the best elass for g-eneral family consumption. COLLEY A SEARS, No. 523 7th st., 3 doors above Pa. avenue. janl7-*;o?t DR MUNSON. ATlOe PENN'A avenue. Is still making those beautiful continuous GUM TEETH, called/ Allen's Patent, for the excellency of' which over a!l other styles of teeth, many now wearing 'hem In this city, will cht'crr.illv vouch. There is one Dentist in this city who has been infringing tha patent, and made a bad Imitation of It, against woom I hereby caution the public N. B. Whenever a Dentist speaks against Allen's Patent Continuous Gum Teeth, when proptrlf consirvciedy it Is because he is ignorant of the process, incompetent to make the work, or a unwilling to pay for the patent. je 16-tf_ FRANCI5 THANKS A OEREK.?'LS J* public for the liberal and Increasing patron age he met with the past year, and especially those kind friends who, as occasion oflVred, nave dr< p ped a word in his favor. HL< motto is Omwut'I, and the coining vear he hopes to see his old cus turners often, and l>e favored with many new ones. Good articles, low prices, and fair tieu'ilnc shall characterize nlsstore G. FRANCIS, jan 3 4'vo Seventh st. "notice. Vy E ARil COMPELLED TO REMIND i v many cf our customers whose at counts were sent to them '.jefore the Hist of the new year that their bills have have not yet been settled We are much in want of the monev, and hope that all who owe us will at once call or send us settlements for the amount of their ludvbudcc^ and thereby anuoyanc? both to the in as well us us. Many thanks to those who have already so promptly responded to oar first notice: It Is a pleasure to us to serve all such. l.. i?-d.Kf^':LAUt: rT- ?<>? 1\ NIEE CLEANERS, with the latest iua J.V proveineat.?Every family and boarding housekeeper should have one G FRANCIS. 4S0 7th st. PUKE ULADES UlTTEK?TWENTY kegs of very supe.ior Gludes Butter, In store and for rale low, by hartley a brother, jan23-2w 101 Water street, Georgetawn^ Alchohol, camiphenk, ktherial Oil, Lampt;. Ac Also, Artists' Materials and Brushes. The trade supplied at low?st market pric?i by HOWELL A MORSELL, jan 13 No. 323 C st bet, ftib 7th. Books, rooks, rooks, mazazinki, Papers. Ac.?The rlgk1 place to get the i above article* is at "VKKGLiiUN'S, | jan 19 i^Beventb street. TELEGRAPH NEWS. FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRBM. BY HOUSE PRINTING TKLMOKAPM. The Atlantic Telegraph. Ft. Jobr, n p j?n. 27,11 o'clock a. Cyras W Field. Esq , National Hotel, Wash ington * I thick you will approve of tho res s?ns in favor of Trinity Bay for the landing of the Atlantic cabla. (Signed,) A. Sua. {The above meraage vu received at the House Printing Telegraph ofioe in thia alty, at 10 o'clock am] Steamship Afhore ritiwcBTOWJ*. Jan 27 -The steamer R B Forbes reports having* seen yesterday a large steamship ashore near Ssnscet Head, Kae Incket. with a ncnal of distress tying, and supposed to be a European steamer The Forbes took off the crew of the hark feland City, from Galveston, before reported, anchored in distrera, off Nantaeket. Inauguration Ball at Philadelphia Philadelphia, Jnn 26 ?The great event of the seaeon in the fashionable world waa the Inauguration Hall at the Academy of Mario this erening. Toe tbrong waa immense, and the dreMes surpassed in brilliancy any ever witnessed here Baltimore Markets Baltimore, Jan. 27 ?There is nothing ing in the market to-iay. All qualities of flour are quoted nominally at $6 37i Wheat nominally 51 48a$l 5>0 for good redr, and ?1 58a*l 61 for good whites Corn nomi nally 6.1*64 *. Whifky 2">a27c , without sales. The weather ha> moderated and rain hat been falling aince ten o'clock Kew Tork Market* New York, Jan 27.?Flour in declining; sales of 5,000 bbls; State $6.35a9t> 45, South ern 20 Wheat is quiet and nominal. Cern tends downward; *ale? unimportant; mixed nomi nally 74c. Pjik is firm ; mesa *21 Beef ia steady at 5I'?aS15 50. Lird is nncbacge^, bbls. Itto Wb..-kj is steady; Ohio2bc. Financial New York, January 27 ?Stocksare hither, hut dull; Chicago and Rock Island 994, Cnm hor'and Cul Co. 20; Illinois Central shares, 122i; do. bonds 98J; New York Central 94i ; Pennsylvania Coal Co., 1011; Reading 82; Missouri 6's 87. Sterling exchange is firmer Tka vm'ak?>t Bit soar?fob. champed hands: superior Pomade, Bary's Trlrrphfrous, i yen's K :tbairion, at jan :tt UMMOWP'S TUB FIFTH AM.1l AL BALL or THE MONTGOMERY GUARDS WILL BE eiVEN AT THE ASSEMEL Y ROOMS, en Liutriamm lw*w, TUESDAY EVENING, Febrenry M 11HB MONTGOMERY 6UARDS PLEDGE themselves to spar: no pains to make this plcii-ant and ajirciibie to all who will favor them vrSth ttelr patrons}:**. Esputa'a excellent 'Jund Is engaged for the er ca>i< n No haU shall be worn In the Ball Room except by eh<- military. Ladles invitations will net be Issued, but In lieu thereof a general Invitation 1* extended to their lady friends by the Vontgcir.erv Guards. Tickets ONE DOLLAR?admitting a gentle man and ladles. Commit:** aJ Arra%frm>nt*. Llrut 6 ? Old Held, l'/lv L Me oue, Lieut Jas Kelleher, Corpl P Carroll, f^t T McEnlry, tfi M'r J Maker Ensign T Wall, Jan 24-dtk THE COLUMBIA I N NT ITllTIi FOR YOUNG LAD IKS. 4M Eleventh street, between G and H 1>ROP GEORGE HKNRY STUECKRATH, Principal; >lls* ELIZABETH L WIL LIAMS, Vice-Principal,?A Lady eminently q'.ialifl' d to take the charge of the English De partment nnd the government and discipline cf tbe School. The exerclr^s of tbe s-cond term of the Insti tute will coramencs oa MONDA V, the 24 day of Fefcuary proximo. Applications for admission should be made as earlv a* possible. A HIGH SCHOOL FUR YOUNG GENTLE MEN, under the direction of Prof Geoeoe B. Stceckratu, as Principal, to be located on F street, between 6th and 7to streets, or In the *1 ?Inetv of Trinity Church, will be opened on tbe 4tn of Febuarv, proximo. Rev. Dr. Cummins will deliver an address on th>* opening of the High School Early application should be rr.ade to the Princl ? pal at his reeid'nee. Columbia Institute, for Young Ladles, 44rt lltn street, between Band H. Pr..f ftteuckrath is a itborl*e?l to refer to Rev. l)r Cummins, and Prof. Bache, Coast Survey. jnnU-lm* SPLENDID CARPETINGS AT REDUCED PRICES. IN CONSEQUENCE OF THE ADVANCED stag<- of tbe season, we have determined to sell for a short time, any or all of our stock of 2ne and superior t;arpetings at cost for the cash. Any In want of a bargain will do well to avail themselves of this opportunity, as without doubt most of them were purchased by us at much lower figures tlixn the same go > is (In consequence of the advance in the price of wool) can be bad wholesale now We have In s ore two of those superior Tournav Velvet Louis XIV Medallion Carpets, the mo?t magnificent artlc> of the ?lnd ever se?n, and which cannot be rratcted In thiacuntry Also, on ttr same terms,580 pieces elegant Satin Delaines, tfr.rln Bro< atel. end Mrapery Broadcloth, with ail the centre, *ide tasscla, b&j.ds, loralces, pins, gimps, Ac . to match Al.-o, a superb lot of Swiss I .ace, and Muslin, and Kmbrotdered I'nd.r Curtains, Gilt-bordered Window Shades and Shade Linens Also, Fu,?erb Table Darnnsk*, Napkins, Cloth*, Overla\s, Dollies, Toweling*, D-sters, Quilt*, Piano Covers, Ac. Members of Congress and otherm will tnd It to tbeli advantage to make their purchases of us at thi? time jxn:*Ueo6t CLAGETT, DODSON A CO. No- 367 Pa ave., opposite National Hetel. JONAS P. LEVY, oiroRim and uuna in rtRB WINES, BEA50IKS, OBOCEBIKS AND CIGARS. HAS IN STORE A very cboice as sortment of Champagne in quarts and pints, 1X L; and Trepan de Banxey, and other deslrabie Hrinds: Brandy In ca*k and bottles. Vintage 1777 to 1810; Rums of all kinds; Whiskeys 181? to 163fi : Holland Gin of ai kinds; Claret W lnes of all brands * burgundy# do do Saturnc do do Sherry do do Mader!a do do Port do do (ierman do do Hock do do Italian do do H unearlan do do English Ale and Porter of all brands Cigars do -v do Cordials do do Cross A B lack well s London Pickles and Preserves cf all klnela Coffee Sugar, Teas, Ac., Ac WT Penn avenue, opposite National Hotel JanSMy JONAS P. LBVY. RKEU'ft PATENT STEAM ENGINE. T1KKSK IMPROVED ENGINK8 (FOR which patents have been granted aad flrst prize medals awarded to tbe Inventor, both In the United States and Europe.) continue to give such satisfaction, on account of their simplicity and economy, that we have now established an extensive manufactory, aad are prepared to de liver at the shortest notice engines from two hcrse power and upwards _ Tbe*c engines have been accurately tested, and have thown an economy of twenty per cent. In fuel, ^nd about the iuw in oil and repairs This sivlng Is efl'ected by letting the steam In and out both sides of tne cylinder throughlarge openings removing the pressure frono the Taive and allow lag no steam to escape or exhaust from the pas sages except from the cylinder alone ; also bj re duclng the weight and friction to about half tkat of th? ordinary engines We place the smaller sizes upon an Improved boiler with all the pipes attached, aad the whole mounted with small wheels convenient to ship to any part of the country, ar.d to avuld the necessity of an experi enced eogloeer to start them, they are all tested before leaving the factory Heed'a Patent steam Pumps are also eomlng In to generalu se on steamboats, la ;mlnes, and for suppiylogbo lers, wnere they are now glvtw great satlsftctlon They are preferred to any In use because of their compactaens and simplicity These engines and pumps may be seea la opera tion, or further information had, by or ad dresslnsr REED A BiRkbhCfc. Jan 13-1m NMalteLaac, N Y everybody kuih to the circu. J latlng Library, and get Books ; the terms aie next to nothing. FERGUSON, Neta the number, ?<*, idt, seventh st. Jan 26 E