Newspaper of Evening Star, January 28, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 28, 1857 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. Viiifiininun aaorLS m lett tie Ornciit T,,lT| 0 ctoc*i " i OTI11WUI TUT IM ?OT iTPIil LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. The Board or ALPcnvt* met on Monday evening, and wt.< called to order at the usual ta^ur?the Vice President in the chair. A e^mmunicatirin wm received from the Mayor, announcing his approval of recent acts of the Councils Alfo, one from the Secretary of the Board, in relation to inquiries made of J II. Birch. Esq , relative to the trial and punishment of * servant of Dr Young ; which was referred to police committee Mr Moore presented the petition of J. ti. Jlobinson ; referred to the finance committee Mr. Fmory, from the improvements commit tee, reported a bit) for improvement of south front of Square 243; passed. Mr Busey, from the police committee, re ported the following reply of the Corporation Attorney, adverse to the bill to tax the stall owners in the Northern Market for gas ; and the bill was ordered to be published, and the committee discharged : Ovriri or CogratATio?! ATTrRSrr, ) January 19,1867 J Br. \a Sir . I return herewith the act levying a tax on stalls In tfce Northern Market for tfce n?e g" I am of opinion that the charter does not ?.u tborlie such tax I entertain no doubt that the ?treeta mav be lighted by pas, and a special tex imposed for that purpose, all In th* same way as In respect of the old-fashioned lamp post*, though I understand objection ba? been mad* to ?"?h taxee But the d' ??uity Is that the power la con lined to the streets. While, however, I deny tfce power to lav a sp-clal tax upon stalls already rent?d, or to add any new charge except upon content cf th?? re spective part ea I have no rfoubt of the power to introduce gas Into the market house, and to re quire those who chocse to use It to pay for It, leaving the others to their tallow cand'es until the present letting* run out, when tbe diacultv ca i be obvl?ted before n< w '?ontracta are entered Into. Very respectfully, J. M. Cselisle, Corporation Attorney. Dr. Busey, etc. The following opinion of the Corporation Attorney on the tax sale advertisement was read and ordered to be printed : Office of the Conron>TioN Attorney, ) -t. .v n WasMlHOTOM, Jaruarv 12, 1857. J To the President of tbe Por rd of Aliierrre.i ? 9ie : A resolution of your Board r o iests in to furnish '-sueh Instruction* as may eiab> ?he Collector of Taxes so to form kls advertisement as to render v?Md the sale of property of delin quent tax payers. " I beg leave to stau that no advertisement, fcn*. ever perfect, ran have tber tTvt of rendering valid th? tax sale*. for their T.a ioltv dep-ndr. unon a number of requisite* he*!d? s the adverfJ?otn?>nt Tbe advertisement, fcowf ver.fhculdbeinwrt'-d once In ezrh w.*E for twelresnr ersslve weeks In ?om* newspa-rr published in this city, and the e ?hcuid be full ?lghfy four days ?>?tween rhe first insertion and th?* day of sale, exricding th- latter from compulation. It should advert! e the prop erty i n tt e name or nam "s of the person or persona to wnom the sam; may b* assessed cn th?* books ef tb^ Corporation at the ilme cf such advert!s? - ment The pr->p?rtv advertised should be accu rately dt^crlbed l?v the number of the lot and sonar* (distinguishing het^eea original and sub division Iota.) and where it is a part of lot su-h part shculd be described bv rnetes acd bounds or otherwise accurately; and where theie are ?everal squar?s, lots, or parts of lots assessed to the same person. It would be well for the adver tisement to state that the wild parcels will be of fered in the order In which tbev are sdvertl'ed for tbe iatiafactlor of ?U the taxes and expenses 'ipon all the parcels asae^ed In the same name until a sutfi'-lrat sum Is received fcr thit purpose 1 do not consider that this Is absolutely essential provided the Collector In fact cfr-r and sell in the manner lndlcatrd, but 1 advise It as prudent. Noihlng further occurs to me as necessary to !>? su?ge#ted In general, the advertisements for ?om- time paa:. (in the time of the present Col lector and kls Immediate predeceiaor) have been conect. Very respectlu ?y, J M Carlisle, Corporation Attorney. The b.ll cla sifying the Board of Trustees of the Public School* wm postponed until Mon day next. Mr Bujey, frsai the police committee, pre dated tbe Register s certificates of deposits of Officers Mitchell and Dougherty. The Board proceeded to consider the nomi nations of H. D .ngherty and Joseph Mitchell as police officers of the fifth district, and they were confirmed?yead 10, nays 2 Mr tilery presented tbe petition of E. E. carnes , referred to the improvements com mittee. Mr. Smith presented a communication from Justice Jas H Birch relative to the punish meet of Dr Young's servant Mr. Bu?ey offered a resolution instructing the police committee to inquire of Justice Birch the precise provision of the law he refers to in hi* communication, and the penalty under that provision. Mr. Smith moved to strke out police com mittee and insert special committee of five Mr E.ans moved to l.iy the whole subject on the table; carried. Mr Smith, from asylum committee, report ed a bill for certain repairs and improvements at the A?ylum , passed Mr Riggs. from the finance committee, ask ed to he discharged from further consideration of the petition of J. O Robinson ; committee discharged. Mr. Miller presented a bill amendatory of ?n act in relation to a Biard of Health pre ferred Mr Moore offered a joint resolution to pur chase wood for the poor. Mr. Bayly offered one appropriating 51 4(10; uC,i 7" MC^P'e<i *' * substitute and passe 1 fr*m th? Common Council amendatory tliu ??.rkat*< ww '?<<t on the table. Bill to refund 1- H^nna certain uxes erroneously paid, was referred toflnan.-o com mittee I etition of t Godfrey was referred to finance committee. Mr. Moore introduced a Kill authorxing tbe printing and distribution of correct li^ts of persons subject to school ta* , pis-ed Bill for the relief of S Sernmes was referred. am? . C'mUi"rn Council appropriating *1 000 to purchase fuel for the ,, Wr, was laid on the table. Joint resolution instructing the committee before Congress to aek the conveyance in fre simple of certain equarea and lota to this cor poration was passed A bill authorising the construction of a school-house in the third achool district was tftk&n up Mr Busey moved to amend by authoriiinz the Mayor to anticipate tbe revenue instead of ?0W'D* the *?onnt of $lu 000 ; adopted. t.Z:'hTr\m0T^U3 lAJ lhe eubject on the i^rnd W 'PeCi,l, ?r'ler f?r th? second Monday in March; carried Mr. Buscy offered a resolution directing the !T E'wTittt910 ,Bqaire wheth" "ith ">? And the reaolution was adapted. in theca-e ? w U. .Btrrh "P?? th? examination relatiye to Washirgton Nailor Preferred to tbe Z .ice c? mmi tee to be reported in propcr pusscd?ayes 8, nays 5 r ' I?ie Bond then adjourned. UASDaoMB OrFEH ?The Mavor v.?.. ?. received the following from tLe proprietor 'Jf the Washington Circus : 1 ro?'netor of U'a.sbiectoe Cihci h, Jan 27 lhi? Hoi \V /?. M-grmUr, Mayor of \Va*kii,~ loti : ? Mr-1 perceive that the citizens of Wast mgton ar? now engaged :n the laudable bu?i nes-of relieving the deititute of Washiuj: t^n during this inclement teason, and being anxious to contribute my mite to this noble enterprise of relief to the poor, I take the librrty r?f t?*n iering through you, as the chief executive(flj^er. a benefit for the poor, to take place on lhursday night week, to be given by my equestrian company, the proceeds of which 1 will pia< e in your hands or such others as you may designate, to be distributed in aid of ihitf charitable parpu#*. .*/m; (ie*r *ir' with gteat respect, your [ obedtent servant, Cokmlips Bbawem. T?? Reumt Mo7T77,t - Several very liberal donations have been left with the Mayor, for the relief of the poor, by persons who are not willing that their name, should be made public. Fob Cop?t ?Officer Wannell ye.terdav ar rested S. Westfal!. charged with assault and battery on hij wife lie waj taken before Justice ?>jnn, who, after a hearing of the tes uaony. held the aocwed te teeunty f9T coarL National Tieatri ? Permit me, Mr Kdi t(ir, through the attractive columns of the Star, to say a few words relative to the merits of the present accomplished manageress of I tbia establishment?Miss Fanny Morant?ana her excellent company. In order to form a good idea of her power as an actress. one should see her in that beautiful drama, bec ond Love." We were particularly with her rendition of the character or tlmor Mowbray ; a capital piece of acting, in which grace, dignity, earnestness and pathos were in an uncommon degree combined Much praise is due to the members of the company, who. without exception, act will their parts. Shall not Miss Morant be sustained by our citizens in her laudable effort* to establish for their entertainment the legitimate Drama in our metropolis? We really trust that the lady manageress may be well patronized and en couraged, and that the fact may become gen erally recognised that we have a Theatre among us. ??? ** Officeks Elected ?The following gentle men were electcd officers of the Washington United Fire Department at the regular meet ing held on the 25th inst : I're'ident?Thos Marcbe, of the Columbia. Vice Presidents?.1 T IIalleek, of the North ern Liberties; W W. Grant, of the Persever ance ; and T. W Cook of the Anacrstia. Secretary?Tyler Southall, of the Union. Treasurer?J. T. Chauncey, of the Netrc pclitan Hook and Ladder. Standing Commutee.?Columbia?J. A. Brown, B. F. Beers, and Fayette Martin. Union?W. 11 Hikes, James Kelly, and John C >rcoran. Anacostia?Wm. Dobbyns, S W. Cook, and Alex Eaton. Perseverance? W. W Grant. R Grimes, aiid H S Harvey, jr. Northern Liberties?James Ward, J. 11. God dard, jr., and T J Daws? Metropolitan Hook and Ladder?John T. Chaunrey, W S. Baird, and T. Stone American ll->ok and Ladder?W. F. Garrett, J. Thompson, and James Kenton. Western Hose?R. Mastin, F. N Holtiman, and Wm. Riggles. The Ikatgtratio* Visitor# ?The New Mirror has the following in connection with the proposed trip of the Albany Burgess corps to this city in March next: This fine body of citizen soldiery, composed of some of the most prominent citizens of Al bany and bearing a reputation for discipline second to no company in the Union, intend visiting the city of Washington on th? 4ih of March next to participate in the inauguration ceremonies of President Buchanan. On their arrival in this city they will be entertained by the City Wuard, and by them escorted to the Philadelphia cars. The corps will be accom panied by Dodwcrth's band. Mr Buchawa* SEiis.sADEn.?About twelve o'clock laet night, a large number of Mr. Bu chanan's personal and political friends assem bled in front of his quarters, at the National Hotel, a-corapaniea by Mar-oletti's brass band, and gave him a magnificent serenade. Afier leaving Mr Buchanan, the company proceeded to t'ue residence cf the Postmaster General?Juige Campbell?and awoke him from tho arms cf Morpheus by a repetition cf similar soul-stirring strains. I nicest.?Yesterday, Coroner Woodward held an lL^uest over the body of a colored boy named Frank Taylor, who died quite sudden ly at Mrs. Van Horn's tavern on Seventh street. From tha evidence, it appeared, the boy had been complaining several days, but no one supposed he was dangerously ill. Yes terday, after partaking cf a little apple toddy which had been prepared at his reguest, he was seized with a spasm and diel. The ver dict of the jury was, that decease 1 came to hie death by some cause unknown to them. Silver Goblet.?A magnificent specimen of mechanism was shown us this morning, be ing a massive silver goblet lined with gold, bearing the representation of Washington's place of worship on one side, and on the other a correct view of Mount Vernrn. It is as beautiful as anything of the kind we ever saw. It was sent fr"in Philadelphia as a present to our neighbor Wm. S. Simpson, by his friend, "Will" At a* Ai?iorR5r.n Meeting of t'ie citizens of the Seventh ward, held last evening at Po tomac llall, the collectors paid over to the treasurer ninety dollars and eigh'y cents ; also, forty dollars received through the Mayor, making in all one hundred and thirty dollars and eighty cents received since the last meet ing. The proceedings were ordered to be pub lished, and the meeting adj jurned to first Wed nesday evening in February at 7i o'clock. Writiho axo BooK-XEF.ruia.?In the ad vertisement in another column, beaded " Im portant to young men," will be found matter well worth the attention of that class of our readers. Wo have seen the most ample and satisfactory recommendations of the gentle man who therein proposes to give lesions in writing and book-keeping, and believe that he is abundantly able to do justice to his pupils. Another Chance ?Rain yesterday?snow to-day?oh, tho weather?the weather ! Watch RBTtR5S ?Neal Doug'ass, drunk in the street, fined SI and costs; James alias Dump Jordan, colored, assault and house breaking, committed to jail for court; Nancy Smith, colored, drunk and disorderly, work house 9 days ; Thomas Proctor, colored, non resident, dismissed. INBALATlO!* I* DISEASES OF THF. LUNGS Dri. Hnnter Ac Williams, Physician?* for Dukasks or the Chest. 52J North Charles street, Haftimor*. The great success which has attended the practice of Inhalation by Dr Hunter and his associates in treating every form of Pulmona ry diseases is now established beyond question. Dr. Williams, associate of the Baltimore office, may be consulted in Washington on the 12th and 2^th of each month. The next visit will be on Thursday, the 2f.?th instant. Office 260 Pennsylvania avenue, over Mrs. Voss's Jewelry Store 1 91AKKIED, At Cornwall, Orange county, N. Y , on Tues day, January 2- th, by ihe Kev Mr. Wlle.STE PrtKN W WOOL), of Washington, 1) C , to CATHARINE CAROLINE BELL, daughter of the late Capt i.C Cunningham ? DiKD, On the 26th Instant Mr. JOHN SUTER.lnthe B2d year of his age. In Annapolis, on the 'J5th Instant, Rev HEC TOR HUMPHREYS. D D., aged59 years, Pres. Jdent of St. John's College. LO*T Oil STOLKN--ABOUT THE 23d lnstint. near the corner of ?&& street and Pennsylvania avenue, a LEATHER POCKET BOOK, containing a number of made out bills aad two notes of $.71 each, drawn in favor of the subscriber. All pernors are cautioned from trad lag In the notes or paying any cf the bills, a num ber of Wt.lch are receipted. jantf6-3(? DANIEL MYERS. IJKNTAL KUKMEOS). DR B F COSBY, PENN AVENUE, BE tween Slzth and Seventh streets, at the place formerly occupied by Dr $aS3 Van Patten, has Just received a very^"11^ large supply of articles pertain 1 ig to dentistry and respec tfully Invites the public to give him a call. Having devoted his whole time to the pro fession, he Is perfectly safe In declaring that he will give entire satisfaction In every case The best professional references can be seen at his of ace. nov Pi-tMarch*?* VERHIM SAPIfENTI. MDEV18NE, FOR MANY YEARS RESl ? dent Physician in Paris, and now stopping In this city, will send, on receipt of #1, a recipe for SECRET DISEASES, <nd a l affections of t e URINARY ORGANS, such a* iiRAVEL, Ac It is a common plant that grews In our garden*; Is perfectly harmless, and with whl^h he has cured thou?%nds in London, Paris, and New York It is warranted to cuie, and Is inval uable to persons In the country. No one need feel any flak in this, f,>r M Devlgne hopes It will not be considered in the il^ht of t-e many quacks of the day. His remedy is made from a ^armies' plant, ea-lly ound. and Is the most wonderful of the age He has a medal from the College d'lin periale for the dls-ovenr Address, through Post Offl~e. from any part of the united State* jan <3-1W M. PEV1GNE, Washington, D C. COPAftTNKKSHIP NOTICE. mUE UNDERSIGNED HAVE ENTERED 1 into partnership under the irm of u AR DNER A PLACE, for the purpo e of carrying cu the business of Coach Making in ail it branches,and would respectfully solicit the patronage of their friends and the public generally. Their Factory Is at 553 ltth street,south of Penn sylvania avenue. The stand formerly cc:upied by T J ttardner. THOMAS I. 6 AKDNEK, JanJONAH W. PLACE. Tor Sale and Rmt. For sale ?a three-story and at tlc Brick House, on I street, between flth and 7^h streets. Price 92 500. Occupied by R. G. y\iso, several Building Lota. One on 9th street, near New York avenue, and others on 11th street. The above f roperty will be sold on accommodat ing terms Apply to the subscriber, on llthstreet, near K street. Jan 28-lw GEO. H^LANGLEY. 1jjH>R RENT ?IN GEORGETOWN, ON 2D street, between Frederick and 1st, a Brick House, with 5 rooms, basement, kltrhen, and eel lar Inquire on the premi es. j?n27 1w FOR RENT?FIVE FURNISHED Rooms, at the comer of I3th street and Massachusetts avenue, Is for rent They are situated In the neighborhood of Franklin Row. Inquire on the premises jan5>7-3t? Furnished house for rent.?the subscriber has for rent a neat and comfortably furnished two-story and attic Brick Ho jse, on H street, near 18th street Rent J15 per month, janv?-3t J C. Mc6UlRE. Rooms for rent ?alarge parlor with Bedroom attached, well furnished, and lighted with gas slanted on Penn avenue, No. 219, opposite Wlllards' Hotel. Rent moderate. Apply on the premises. jin26-3t? STABLE FOR RENT?A HOOD BRICK Stable on H street, between 13th and 14th, Is for rent at a moderate rate, to a good tenant. Ap p'y at No. 405 New York avenue jm 21-3t? FOR RENT?a FOUR-STORY BRICK Dwelling House on 9th street, south of New York avenue, on square 4113, with all the modern Improvements. Also, a Store Koom, with all | necessary fixtures, with a room adjoining, *and a good dry cellar, on the corner of 9th and 1 street*, inquire at No. 391 9:h strett jan25 3t? R. W BROWN. A FRAME HOUSE AND LOT FOR Sale? On M street, between|20tli and 21st streets, on Square No. 99. Term1*?one third cash; the bal ance in two equal Instalments, of six and twelve months, with a d<?ed given aad a deed of trust taken. For further particulars inquire of THOM AS HAYS, near the premises. Jan 24-lw* Restaurant for sale ?the lease Jand fixtures of a Restaurant, of good,Ioc*tlon, situated on Penn. nvt-nue, will be sold low for cash. Inquire at this office. jm 21 lw? For sale.-a two.story b r i cik House, containing 8 Rooms, on I street north, between 6th and 7th, with good yard Terms : One-third cash ; the balance In I, 2, and 3 ye?.rs. Apply af .V2i I ?treet, be ween fith and 7th. jan 23-tf tjlOR RENT?THE STORE ROOM RE cntly occupied by E M Drew, Merebar.t Tailor. No .*?if? 7th street, Immediately rppoaPe the office of tte National Intelligencer. For terms, apply next door to GEO. W COCH R AN, Cigar and Tobacco Dealer. jan ifi-tf mwo LARGE ROOMS SUITABLE FOR 1 GENTLEMEN TO BE RENTED ?They ?l?o, ran be Boarded In the house if desired Apply !o THOS POTENTINI, No. 279 Penn. avenue, south side. dec 17 LjH>R IlLNT.?THE SECOND AND THIRD 1/ stories of th** House over tbe Leather Store of Mr. J C. SHAFER, opposite the National Tbea tre. Inquire on the premises. dee i<t-eotf FH)R SALE or RENT?THAT DESIRA ble residence ou F street, between 20th and 21st, for the last eight* occupied by tbe late J M. Chubb, Esq Pnasr.?-,ion gl7on Immedi ately. Inquire of RIGGSA JO au 12-eotf I^OR RENT?THAT LARGE AND AIRY House on Penn avenue. between ?th and 7tb streets, over A. Hoover A Son's Shoe Store, suita ble for a first-class It is now undergoing a complete repair Possession given Immediately Inquire of A. HOOVER A SON, south side of Penn avenue, between fith and 7lh streets. oc 39-tf BALL. OF THE MERRIE BACHELORS, ODD FELLOWS' HALL, NA V Y YARD, On T HUKSUAYi January 29th, 1?57. THE MERRIE BACHELORS, BEING DE strous of contributing their share of amuse ment to the lovers of the dance, beg leave to an nounce that their Third Annual Reunion will take on THURSDAY, January 29, 18A7. The usual Invitation Tickets of tbe Merrle Bachelors have bf en dispensed with,and a general Invitation Is hereby exterded to their lady friends to join them in the festivities of the occasion. Weber's ce'ebrat d and uarlvalled Cotillon Band has been engaged, and wlil open the ball with '? The Merrle tfa. he ors' March, composed for this occa?l n Tickets ONE DOLLAR. Supper and Refreshments by experienced ca terers. Committee of Arranztmenl?. J Craln, Henry N Ober, J Trlay, F Prosperl, Jno Vaulk, W W Browning, V Connor, Geo Padgftt. Jan 22,23,24,26.27,28,29,-71 THK FIFTH ANNUAL IIALL. or THK MONTGOMERY GUARDS WILL BR OIVKN AT THK ASSEMBLY ROOMS, on Louniani Arenw, TIES OAT EVENING, February 3d. rp.HE MONTGOMERY GUAKDS PLEDGE * themrelves to spar- no pains to mike tbls pleasant and agreeable to all who wlil la vor them with their patronage. Esputa's Excellent Band !s engaged for the oc casion No hats shall be worn In the Ball Room except by tbe milltaiy. Ladles Invitations will net be Issued, but in lieu thereof a general Invitation is extended to th? ir lady friends by the Vlontgcmery Guards ilckets ONE DOLLAR?admitting a gentie man and ladles. f'orrmit'** ff Arrangrmfntx. Lieut G S oidrt?*ld, IMv I. Me ore, Lieut Jas Kclleti^r, Corpl P Carroll, Sgt T McEnirv, H'r M'r J Mah^r. Ensign T Wail, Jan 21 dtb BANKING HOUSE CHUBB BROTHERS. nKPOSITS.-DEPOSITS RECEIVED AND Checks paid without charge Drafts oti the northern seaboard cit'e* receiv<>d on Deposit ^t par, ard Exchange on said Clt'e* furnished to de positor-* without r targe. Intfrkst on Deposit*?Interest will be al lowed on Deposits at su ;h rates as may be agreed upon. DKP0S1TS IN VIRGINIA ANN UN* t'RRSNT Mo !*kv.?Deposits in Virglnliand other Uncurrent .Morev received to be cheeked for, payable in same funds, or in specie, we charging the regu lar Exchange. Dis< ot'.nts ?Notes, Drafts, and Bills of Ex change will be discounted, and Loans nude on Stocks, Boeds, and Securities, at the market rate Lkttkf? or CRKnrr.? Letters of Credit will be furni-fced, negotiable in the different Cities of the United States,on Deposit of Money or Collat erals, and Interest allowed If Money Is deposited, and charged if Collaterals, on such terms as nny be agreed upon Traveling Bills or Exciiangk.?Travelers will be .'urnlshed with drafts in such sums as may be desired negotiableln the different Cities of the Union. Bills and Letters or Credit on England, Irki.sND and EuKori ?Bills of Exchange and Letters of Credit on England, Ireland and Eu rope. furnished at the market rate for Exchange, In sums to suit. Bonus, Stocks. Ac?Bocds, Stocks, and Se curities paying from ?> to 12^ rent , always for sa'e. or bought In tbe different Cities at a com mission of a ^ i" cent Where Mocks are bought upon orders, we reserve the right to call for a de posit of 10 ??? cent, on the cost. Bonds or Stocks will be ordered by telegraph Kaii.road, City, a i> Statk Bonds?Rail road, City, and Mate Bonds can be placed In our hands for i rgollstlon either in this country or Europe Railroad Iron purchased for cash or with Bonds. Land Warrants ?Land Wairants bought at the market rates All Warrants sold by us are guaranteed In every respect Land Warrants located on commission Land Warrant quotations regulaily furnished If requested Warrants will be forwarded to Western Houses on orders, or sent for sale on commission to re sponsible parties Heal 1- ?tatk ash Insurances ?Real Estate bought and suld, and Insurances effected Claims on thk United States, Covet or Claims, C o s << E k s s?Claims on the United States, before the Court of Claims or Congress. Intrusted to us, will be prosecuted by able and prompt attorneys. CHUBB BROTHERS, jin 27 Opplslte tbe Treasury. VAL. UAV1UEL CHILTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Ac , has removed his office to the base ment of the house of Johnson Hellen, Esq , on the corner of 5th street and Louisiana avenue, dec'JO-1 in* \\f MITE SWANSUO WN TIPPET LOUT. v v On Sunday night last, about 7 o'clock, on F street, between 13th and 15th streets, la walking to Rev. Mr Gurley's Church. The finder win be generously rewarded by leaving It at the hou?e of LUKE LEA, 261 F street. ju M-3t* ATTCTIOK SALES. s By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. PAN or FINE YOUR <4 HORSES AT Aaetlon?On SATURDAY, the 31st Instant, I shall Mil, In front of my store, at 10 o'clock a.

m., a pair of handsome voung Horm, dark bar-', which work well In double or slnelt harness and ride well Term* of rale : One-fourth cash; balance In fit) and 90 days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing Interest. A.GKEEN, jin*9-3t Auctioneer. By J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. ~ I^iRPIlTtBE AND HOUSEHOLD EE feci* at rahlic Anrtion.?On THURS DAY MORNING, January, 22d at 10 o'clock, at the residence of J. A. Sheehan. on 4th street be tween Indiana avem-e and north E street, I shall sell all his Furn'ture and Effects, comprising? Rosewood Boudoir, Piano Forte and Stool Superior Mahogany Sofa, Rockers, and parlor Chairs Marble-top Centre and Sofa Tables Mahogany Card, Dining, and side Tables Gilt frame pierand man'ei Glasses Cane and Wir.dsor Chairs, Lounge Walnut Whatnot, fancy Chiirs Damask and Lace Curtains, Shades Mahogany French and Cottage Bed'teads Curled hair and husk Mattresses Feather Beds, Bolste s, and Pillows Dressing and plain Bureaus, Wardrobes Washstands, Toilet Sets, Looking Glasses Superior Brussels, three-ply. and other Carpets Stair Carpet, Ru^s, Oil C!oth, Ac Granite Dinner Ware, China Tea Set Silver-plated Castors, Table Cutlery Glassware, Crockery-ware, Fire Irons Excellent Cooking and other Stoves Together with a genera' assortment cf Household and Kitchen Requisites Terms : #25 and under, cash ; over that sum a credit of 60 and 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, beailng iatere?t jan 15-d JAS. C. McSUIRE, Auct. The above Snle Is Postponed until WEDNESDAY MORNING, Jan. S?th, sane hour. jau -21 JAS. C McGUIRE,Auc'r. |C7"7he rboTf sale is further postponed unili TUESDAY morning, February 3. same hour and place. JAS C McGUIRE, jan 28-a Auctioneer. GREAT GIFT BOOK STORE. UNDER DEXTERN HOTEL. An Immense assortment of New Hook* wtfl hr opened This Jhiy, AND AN ENTIRELY NEW LIST OF PRESENTS will be distributed to oar patrons hcreiftcr. Members of congress, citizens, and STRANGERS wll! find! cur stock of Books worth their attention It is the largest and most valuable assortment ever opened In this city, comprising ffandard and Miscellaneous Works in all the departments of Anc'ent and Modern Science, Literature, an* Art. Aiso.sll the latest Publications, Annuals of th? Season, Bible?, Prayer Books, New Editions of the Po ets, Ac , Ac , i;i Turkey Morocco, Antique, Vel vet, and other rich a;.d j-upcrb Bindings, ele gantly illustrated. A PRESENT. worth from 25 Cents to ?10u, will'be given (Im mediately after the sale) to every purchaser of a Book for which we reeelTe 31 or more. 1H7*5 per cent of all our net receipts will fce placed in the hands of His Honor the Mayor e,f Washington, to be distributed for the bent tit of the Poor of the city. At the old Stand, under Dexter's Hotel, slim of the Red Flag. Jao B-tf J. I'HILBRICK. Ag'nt. fpHK HLU< KADK LIFTED?And A Shillington, the great dealer in Literature and News, has received all the New which have been detained by the late storm. He has Harper's Magazine for February . Putnam's ?* " Harper's New Weekly for January 21 Harper's {?tory Book for February Household Words " Knickerbocker " New York Journal <? Schoolfellow ? Mrs Stevens' New Magazine for February. He has now arrangements complete by which he receives all the New Books, Magazines,Week ly and Daily Ne wspapers, as soon as published. Subscriptions taken for all the Magazines at pub lishes'prices, at SHILLING TON'S RookseUlng Establishment, Odeon Bui dine, jan 27-3t Penn. ave , cor. 4)^ st INTEREST ALLOWED 05 DEF05ITES. MO iVEY to 1.0 AS on STOCK' SECUR 1TIE* minis. Opposite the Treasury THE HOUSE OF CHUBB BB0THEES, Washington, is composed cf CH A3. Si J. CHUBB, JOHN D. BAR ROW, HENRY HOLMES. THE HOUSE OF CHUBB EB0THEK, BARROW & CO , Davenport, low*, Is ccmpo*el of CH ^tJ . CHI'BB, ALEX'R H BARRO'A" jan 27-tf WM. H. DOUGAL. I)AM IKO. SECOND A A* l> LAST QUARTER I>ROF H. W.MUNDER. RESPECTFULLY announces to his friends and the public generally, that his second and la^ quarter vti'.l commence from the 1st to the nrh ofFeSrairy. All that wish to rrepsre ; for the Grand May Festival, would do^ well to enter their names immediately. The Fancy D rees this season, will far excel any teat has ever been introdu ed In this city by himself or anv other teacher His ngr?eab'e Soirees, which has Seen so ex trnslve-ly patronized this season, will continue everv WEDNESDAY EVENING, (weather per initting) until further notice. jan23-1w KEWAHD WILL HE PAID TO ANY Vf> person who will return to ine, corner of Olive and Green street*, Georgetown, my colored boy JOHN GRANT, whoeitb e wandered or was decoyed from his home t n^ Saturday b-fore la?t lie was clad In dark Ja et and checke'd pants. All persons are forwarned again*- harboring hinn under penalty JuS?-3t* GASAWAY WATERS. IMPORTA ST TO YOUNG MEx H KRt'ANTSLE A?D WRITI!??4 AND BANK Htftffc-K EKPINtt ACADEMY. rpHE IMPORTANCE OF A CORRECT A knowledge of the science of Mercantile Book keeping by double entry Is indispensable to ever) man wno sets out in mercantile life, and no young man can obtain a prominent position in a mercan tile house without the knowledge of this valueble sc i enc.e A gentleman from the South, havln-r business here that may deU in him, and with tfca highest testimonials of ability and character v?lll give in struction. and (farantee to make perfect in the principle or no charg* Also, BANK BOuK KEEPING in all i's va rlous forms, with the principle of Mercantile Writ ing, Ac., if a c!a*s of fifteen can be obtained I'he Instruction will commence immediately For the accommodation of those who cannot de vote time in the day they can attend at night. For term?, Ac., which will be moderate, apply al No. 490 Tenth street, between Pa. avenue and C street. P. S.?Merchants and Young Men generally, and Parents or Guardians are invited to examine the system, vouchers, he. jan 27-2t* No. 307 Pa avc., opptsite National Hotel. II JONAS P. LEVY, 1MP0RTFR AND DEALER Ijl FIX* WINES, BRANDIKS, GROCERIES, AND CIGARS, AS Ifi STORE A VERY CHOICE As sortment of Champagne in quarts and pints, I XL; and I'resan de Batiney, auu other desirable Brands; Brandy in cask and bottles. Vintage 1777 to iSlO; Rums of all kinds; Whiskeys lfelu to 1?56 ; Holland Gin of a'l kinds; Claret Wines of all brands Burgundys do do Saturne do do Sherry do do Maderia do do Port do do German do do Hock do do Italian do do Hungarian do do English Ale and Porter of all brands Cigars do do Cordials do do Cross A Blackwell's London Pickles and Preserves cf all kinds Coffee Sugar, Teas, Ac , Ac 367 Penn avenue, opposite National Hotei. jan '/3-ly JONAS P. LEVY. TkUTVH HEHHINH,-JUST RECEIVED, " "Tonp. levy, Jan *>4-lw No. 367 Penn. avenue. MILE AND CREAM. I?RE-H MILK AND CREAM, BUTTER, I CHKESE, EGGS, HONEY, and VEGE TABLES, constantly on band, in any quantities, from one of the best Dairy Farms in Maryland, at 485 loth street, near the avenue, by jin24-lru? H. N. ANDRUS. EAR CORE. BOLES, AND RUT at Jan?-3t LAMMOND'B. W TELEGRAPH NEWS. FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS BY HOUSE PRINTIXO TELEGRAPH. FOUR DAYS' LATER FROM EUROPE. Arrival ?( the Arago THE SWISS QUESTION SETTLED New York, San. 2S.~The steamship Arago has arrived from Havre and Southampton 11th inst. Liverpool dates are to the 13th. The news i- highly important. Hostilities continue at Canton, in which the Americans hare been again engaged. The Swiss question is fettled Prussia ac knowledges the independence of Neufcb tel, and Switzerland has released the rojaliat prif oners. The Russians have met with a disastrous de feat in Circnssia. The ship James Buchanan has been wrecked on the Irish coast The Portugese Cortes met on January 1st. Don Pedro expressed hi? thanks to the govern ments of England and the United States for the succor offered to the inhabitants of the Capo Verdes. A second submarine Atlantic telegraph com pany had been organised in London to go di rect to the shores of the United States Telegraphic advices, via Trieste, are from Canton, Nov. 2i The French admiral at Macao had sent orders to all the French ves sels belonging on the station to join him im mediately. Thp explanation of the engagement of the American forces in the renewed hostilities, is, that the Chicc-o having offered a price for heads of Englishmen, some American heads were sent in by mistake There is nothing further. It is rumored that Ru?sia has further re monstrated against the Anglo French oc:upa tion of Greece The Acglo Saxon, from Portland, arrived out on the 10th, and the Canada, from Boston, on the 19:h. The difficulty between Spain and the Pope is settled There had keen terrible snow storms in the Asturias The mails and all other communi cation were stopped for several days. Prussia also suspended all military prepa rations. The Rusinn? were attacked nenr Bayuk b tcn thousand Circassian*-. and forced to retreat with the loss of two thousand men and their ai ti lery The West India mail company s steamer, Tyne, was stranded on the 13th inst. in the Bri'isb Channel. Th<* E st India and China Arso^iatiotg have addrersed a letter to the Earl ot Clarcndou on Chinese affairs, expressing the h >pe that if Admiral Seymour fails in his efforts to f>pen Canton to foreigners that Her Majesty's got ernineiit would adopt prompt and effective steps in the matter, so as t<> preclude future collisions Lord Clarcndflr* icj lied that the subject shall receive fr.'in the government the attention which its importance demands. COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE The Liverpool cotton market was quieter and all qualities had declined Th:*circulars are conflicting variously, quoting the dccline a'. I to It>J, and i to id The sales of two days were only 6.5C0 bales At Manchester quotations were barely main tained. Breadstuff* were generally quiet and ut oharged Provisions were without change. Consols for money closed on the l i'.h at a?.'t, The English money markot was firmer, ow ing to speculativo purchases. Consols for ac count .'WJa'Jl Exchange bills firm at par and upwards. Foreign ttocka were more active. 2 WEEKS LATER FROM CALIFORNIA. Arrival of the Illinois. New York, Jan 2?.?The steamship Illi nois. with the California mails of January 5. and $ 1,170 (JOO in treasure arrived at 10 o>:ock thi? morning, from Aspinwall January 19. She connected with the Johu L Stephens which brought down upwards of SI.600,?00 in treasure. The Stephens ?p\-ke the Golden Gafe Jan uary 9, -nd the S'>nora January 17, both bound up. The British mail steamer Thames arrived at Aspinwall, tiom Greytown, report' W.ilke with a fiTce of five hundred men. surrounded i>y enemies, who ha I offared him term* of ca p tulation, which he would probably accept. The sloop-of-war St Mary's was to leave Panama on the. 20th, for San Juan del Sur The Illinois spoke the Oeorge Law on the 25tb ; all well on board. The principal consignee? per Illinois are, Drexel A Company S250.000 ; Wells A Fargo *iyu 000; Metr< p>lit=in Bank, $150,001; Wil li ?m H?^e, SIOO.OOO. The Pannna Star contains details of the se:*ara rf Walker's steamers, but gives noti iag of importance in alditiou to what is a. ready ki.own here. The Magdaleni Com pany's steamer Anita foundered off Sabanella Decenber 211, and twelve men, including the chief engineer and m ite perished. TheMagdalena Company's steamer. Anita, foundered off SaVnnilla Dec 2.'ii, and twelve men, including the chief engineer and mate, periled. Revolutionary movements are in progress both at Cartha-'nna and Bjgota. The oi-ject is to foim a federal government, and to upset tho Ospina administration. Two heavy .-hocks of earthquake woro fel at Panama on the 13th of January Advices ne from Callao to Do- 26 and Va - paraiso to Dec l?? Tbosloop-of w ir John arrived at Va' paraiso Dec 10th. Commander Pontwe I was daugerous'y ill rind bad been irdeiei home A cnsuUr convention between Chili and the United States had been signed by the reprt s-jntativc* rf the two countri-s. Two m:ni?tPT? fr^m Costa Rica were expect ed in Chili, to organiie. jointly with Chili Aid Peru, for opposition to fluouster invasions. The revolution in Peru had become general, Gen. Vivanco having obtained possession of every port on the coast, except Callao lie has issued a proclamation, as supreme chief of Peru, annulling the decree ef President Cas tilla. which suspended the payment of interest on the national debt. Professors Francis and Moore, of Icwa, stinted on the 6th of December on a scientific expeditionjto the interior. There is nothing exciting from San Fran c's;o. Business was extremely dull, and rates un changed. Arrivals of duet from the interior were in creasing. but bars were ncarco. Messrs t'ook, Folger <t Cj , and A J Dow ner had failed Nicaraguan Affairs. New York, Jan. 28.?The Times pays that Spencer, the reputed agent of C*m Vander bilt in Nicaragua is Sylvanua M Spencer, who was tried for murder at sea of Capt. Frazer, of the ship Sea Witch It is rumored that the U. S Marshall will arrest the filibusters going in the Tennessee Arrest for Mail Robbing Allentown Pa., Jan. 27.?Col. A. Hughes, ?pecial agent of tho Post Office Department, with deputy marshall Jenkins, to-day arrest ed James McFeteridge. a fugitive from justice from Cincinnati, where he is charged with rob bing the mail They left here this afternoon for Philadelphia McFeteridge was arrested at Cincinnati in July last, but forfeited bis bail and fled. From Kansas St. Locis, Jan. 2"?The \\ estport, Mo., correspondent of the Republican, under date of the 21st, says that the Kansas Legislature have repealed the law against the circulation of incendiary documents A resolution had also passed both Houses under which a con vention will Ue called at an early day to frame a State constitution. Mora Snow. Oswego, N. Y.,Jan 26 ? There was a great snow storm here yosterday. Over two feet of snow fell on a level, It appears to have ex tended over ten miles around. Baltimore Markets Baltimore, Jan. 2S ?Flour is unchanged , j sales of Howart 8t at ?6 25aS6.;il ; nothing doing in Ohio or City Mills. Sales of white Wheat at $1.60, mixed $152, and red at 51 46. Sales of whit* Corn at 65, old yellow at 66, and new yellow at 61o. Whisky is unohftDgwl; sales at Hew York Marietta Niw York, Ju Flour U declining; *ales of 3 MM) bbls; Stataf*,30af? 45; South ern $7af7 30. . ? Wheat ii dull And oooinU. Corn t#rdp downward sales of 15#500bushels; mixed <3c, white 74c. yellow 7.*ic. Pork is haoTiot at J?l 25 for ow Be*? '? steady at *15**15 50 for repacked Ckiesgc. Lard is firm at I.V Whisky is heavj , Ohio Tiuieiil Nrw York, Jan 28 ?Stocks are lower tad activa; Chicago and R<*k Island 99, Cumber land Coal Co. 19}; Illinois Central shares 1-H. Michigan Southern*21; New York Central 94i; Heading SI j; Canton Co. 22;; Virginia 6'? 93; Miss >uri fi's Sterling exchange is dull and nominal. __ JUi l 1 L -L L . .. .? apcxiOk a^uuaB. THIS ATTKBHOON AHD TOMORROW. ( llv JA8 C McGUIRE, Auctlc ?UUtrOKAT.'ON OF VTASHI1IVTON It* ~f Per Cent. Stsrk.?The subscriber ksa for ftpie ?5 ??:o Corporation of Washington 1*1* Pei Cent >*ork, In sums to solt. jaaH-tt JAK C.Mr8UlRK.Aoct. By WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auctioneers I AK(.t: AID PEREMPTORY IALK U P ? ' Brandy. W hitkiM, kr., si Public Auc lion.?On THURSDAY MORNING, J an vary 22th, w? will ss!l at our auction roems (en ae ooutt of whom It mar concern) a chniee article of Brafidv, Whiskies, Ac , via: * h ca?ks tth-proof Henf" y Brandy "if do fine Cognac do ' '? do do do do 2? rates do do lo barrels pure Magnolia Whlskv 1 cask Jamaica do ' Also, :*( botes Palm foep lo chests I mpeiial end Gonrowder Tea 1# bcxe* Mould Candies, Ac Together with a lot of other Groceries net here rrrntioacd Sale positive Terti ?: S3? and under, rash ; ovur that amon a credit t.f ?'? and 9<i days, for note* saUsfkctor endorsed. bearing Interest WALL, BARNARD A C** Jan 21-dts Aorti 5S CATALOUIIB or PARIS CLO^kS' TO RK SOLD AT ACCT^N, OU TUESDAY, JaM*r? 8,,h? wirHonT *a?rsv? gt (i?e Su>re of CLAGKT"r? NKWTON, MAY A CO. ?-??* to ccmtnenre at 12 o'clock. JAUKS C. .VrGUiRE, Auctioneer. Worth. No 1 Bro Mo'.re Antique and VelvetCloak, 940 No 2 Blue A blk Ve vet A M Ant, do 5<? No 3 Blk Velvet and Moire Antique, do No 1 Gr?>?>n Satlr very rich, do S? No * H nd'ome Brown Cloth, do 25 >o " Black Velvet, very plats, do 40 No 7 Tan Clotb and Mol.e Antline. do an No s Bro Cloth and Mol'e Antique do *o No !* Fancy Cloth Circular, do *n No 1" Brown Trimmed PiTln, do 25 Noll Rich Silver Brown Velvet, do 4* No 12 Drab C otb.trlm'd with velvet, do 25 No 13 Blue Watered Slik, do 4* No It Drab Embroidered Cloth do No 15 Brown do do do 22 No 1? Brown do do do 45 No IT LTt Drab Cloth A Moire Antique do 2* No 1** Drab Embossed Cloth do 95 No 1!? Black Cloth Traveling do 10 No 20 Blk Moire Antique and Velvet (Shawl) do 22 No 21 Do do do do 22 No 22 Handsome Blk Velvet (plain) do 50 No 2*1 Do Moire Antique and Velvet do 50 No 21 Rich Black Moire Antique and Velvet do ?R No 25 H ".ndsome Blark Velvet do a.s No26 Verv elegant Blk Velvet do P5 No 27 Very eie^aat Blk Moire Antique4m ?S No 28 Handsome Clotb Talma do ?0 N o 'it do do do V) The above Gocda mutt tt told. Tfnr? ca?h. Several handsome Crimson Crape Shawl*. Cashmere Shawls, and Evening Dress Goods will I >?* < fl'-red after the sale of Cloaks. The Cloaks will be eff-red at private aale until the dav named above janxl-d J. C. McGUIRE, Auct. (??-The nbeve sale Is psstpsned in cause quenceof tLe rain until THURSDAY. January 29, same hour J C McGUIRE, jan 27-d Auctioneer. By J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. CMIRPHRATION OF WASHINGTON and J Alexandria Stacks?On THURSDAY AFTKK NOON, January 29tb. at 4 o'clock, at the Auction Rooms, 1 ?hall sell, in sum* to suit? ?3.fOO Corporation of Wuhlngton q'l. Stock ^1.000 do Alexandria Coupon Bond* Term* cash?in currency jan 27- J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auct By WALL. BARNARD A CO , Auctioneers. CIO nnn ??kth or jkwelry, V I A?vUU Osld. %llver. and Plated, Hunting, nnd <>pen?fared Watches, Meld Chains Tubi&r Auctlan?On THURf 1JA Y EVENING, January 22d, (and every eveo Ine until the whole is dl?posed of) we will sell, at 370, under Browns' Hotel, the largest stock of Jewelrv. Ac , ever offered at public au"tlon in this city All cf which will positively be sold, without regard to cost. Consisting In pert, vli: Gold, Silver, at d Plated, Hunting, and Open f?C(d Watrtes G- !d Chi ns. Gold Bosom Pins, and Ear Drops Do Cair.? o, Mosaic, ar.d Gold 8tcne Pins, and Ear Dropa to match Gold Bracelets. Cari'.eo, and Mosaic, all siaes '.io!d and Shver Thimbles, Gold Lorketsdo Cold Studs, Sleeve Buttons, and Ear Droit* Gold Finger Kln^s, Watcb Key* and F"l>? Also, Pearl. Shell, and Sliver Card Cam Port< Pen Kolvw. Ac. With many other article* t >o numerous to men tion. Terms and under, cash, over that amoun* a ceJltcf Wand Wi days for notes sa'lsfhctorlly endoispd, IrtTt-sf WALL, BARNARD A CO , j-in 44 d Auctioneers N SELLING OFF AT A GREAT REDUC TION IN I'HICKk. IN OIIDER TO MAKE ROOM FOR EAR I ly Srfln5 pnrclias-a, wa are offering our pres ent stock at prlcoi he'ow the actual cost. We are selling all- wool plsid Werlncs at 5Jc ; Unlo i do fine DeLalnes from 12 4 to 20r : A >aif>e lot of French Merinos, plain, at 02l4 ana 75c i u*ual prices and 91 25 Shawls, cloaks and Biaakets at a reduction of from 25 to 50 per cenl. In fart, all of our Winter Goods will be sold at a sacrifice, a? we arc determined to close It out. J NOXON A SON, *? New York Cask Store.*' janro3t* -121 Pa avenue, s. side. CARD. ISAAC HERZBERG, I LICENSE It PAWNBROKER, Will loan 910,001 in ?um? to suit, on any articles of value No 120 Pennsylvantaavenue, between ?3d and 1 ^ street*. Jan " oo3m* CUAII4CEY W ARRINER, WATCH MAKER. O. 31 lj| STREET, SIGN OF THE LAR6E and stiiali Watch with Chain, near Shilling ton's Periodical Depot, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 4)f street. WATCHES. JEWELUY SILVER WARE. WATCH REPAIRING, Ac. Chronometers, Repeating Watches, Duplex, Mantis Clocks, I/ever, Jewelry, and Hor'zontal, Silver Ware Musical, and REPAIRED. J EWE. R Y AND SILVER WARE made to order. Removed from 370 Penn'a avenue, tfrown* Hotel, to the above location ~a? nov 21 -enJrn C. WARR1NER TO COPirBCTIONIRi* Proposal* will be kkck1 vbd un til the 1st day of Febru.iy next for the eiiclu slve privilege of selling confectionery and othev refreshment* (exceptfntox testing drinks) at the third Exhibition of the Metropolitan Mechanics institute, to be opened on the l e d >ose about the 30th of March next. The bidder must egree to It up the *P>oe allot ted to hlra In a creditable style and In harmony w itb ths genetal decoration of the hall. He must also iMve satisfactory fvldecce of his ability lo furnish article, of the best quality Add re-# the undei signed, Superintendent of the Kxhlbltion, at his office, 401 F street, cor of 7th. 4ec gr-eolFebl CHA9. F STANSBURV. AttMOHOL, CAMPHKNB, KTHERLAL Oil, Lamps, Ac. Also, Artists' Materials and Brushes. The trade supplied at lowest market prices by HOWELL A MUR8KLL, Jan 13 No. 323 C st bet ?th aad 7iii. ICE 4 RKAiU At 37 v Cents Per Uun't. OTELS, BOARD1N8-HOUSBS AND - others will find it much cheaper and better than they make It. Fairs and other benevoie; t entertain men is can have tt at less prtoe. at tt? PENNS Y LVAN1A PR POT, Jan 3-lm* Oorner P and URh soaett. H