Newspaper of Evening Star, January 29, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 29, 1857 Page 2
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EV !?; s S NG STAR. Iv a if h / v <: r u x_v1T r: thcksoay -3?",rT '29J 1<57' apt Kir <n' vh K vrj:l NI*G l'u hi{*' Tne Union g.-c ws indi<nnnt over an erroneous iUternsnt In ^ I ?te Jiuvtijf ofCommtrre eot ^rning the advertisements of the Govern - m#c; fron imagining that the mistake aro?e persistent mi'represtntaMons of the Uera!d ?poo the subject it would be well for our friend of the Union to take such things coolly. To attempt to stop the flood of the Herald's falsehoods would be m unavailing as the never to-be-forgotten effort of the dames of olden time who t;ied to sweep back the ?ca's tide with a bro->-*- Our plan Is fa- more philo sophic. Wa *? let cm slide;" knowing that it is impcsdblo t*> come in contact with the Merald't fil-h without being defiled. A com f pendent of the Union, over the sig nature of X. while e??iy!cg to make an argu ment in favor of tlie enactment ol u bill to lncroase the pay of the il.2o>u clerks in the Department- in this city pretty effectually defeats all ckanec for its triumph through the lack of common sense he evinces in his argu ment The InteH girr. the lite veneiablo and amiablo John Barney, that h? sa? a son of tho lat" Commodore Jo?hus? Barney, distin guished in t'ae aantil* of the Revolution atl the war cf lwl2 He served r-ne term as a Representative in Congress from Baltimore This w*>? frcm ls25 to Ir27. I'p to within a few da;. s ?? h:3 death Mr. Earcty appeared to be>inir b.ycnd ordinary example, the advantages .la' green old age." We also find in the inte//igm rr a ietter from Mr. J. V? >imcnton. the Wn-hingt. n correspondent ? f the New York Time-, in jus tification of bis orig:nai publication with refer ence to the integrity r f Congress, and LI? re ee~t course whei. undergoing examination bt lore the investigating committee. from which we extract as follows : ?'After answering to my responsibility l.?r All communications in the New York l>aily Times over the signature of my initial, ai.d especially of the letter in one issue of the 6th criticising certain details of the Minnesota land bill, I wa - a-ked whether I knew of aiy 14 ocriupt combinations to secure the passage or defeat of any bills pendir.g before tha pn. ent Congress ?" I answered unequivocally in the negative, and that I had never p:ol?j?r d to have Ar.J let ae r.j that tho cditanil article in the Times of the 6rb instant, which the committee m ike tbe iti'ial point of their investigates, distinctly st .ted that it-eh ir^s were based upon " moral cocvijtion*" i-lone; that the pro-'t of gtJil' tn those crises wa' near y or quite imr!-l*. The simplest and dearest inference of the artic e wa.- th.-t n*\ ab^re h!l other.-*, were not prtparcd to f jrnisb. by our individual testimony, evide^e tosue'ein the e oonvicticas ; ar:d rc gave the!?i to the public, therefore, for what they migLt be worth, cautious tc fa-ten public attention upon the subject aid provoke tLe vigilanoe which mignt detcot tac crime or deter men from irs consummation To deny that righr. and duty of the pre?1 is t?"> de?*roy utterly its power as ? conservator cf public moral?. 1 am re lieved, then, from the imputation of bavins made in the press unjut charges, which I must sustain by :pe<-i?c proofs, drawn from ay personal knowledge, in the legal sense. "After honestly declaring that I had no ?'knowledge ' r.f corruption, am I not right in ftssumirg that, under the rule- of evidence, XA#?. universal in the judiciary of every con stitutional Government, it was impossible for me to become in contempt in regard to the pending issue ' I'nder these rules of evidence it was not pertinentl->r me to give as te?titnoi.y anything that I u: 1 not know f^rs.>, how ever much i might believe it. Notwithstand ing this, the committee insisted upon my re* lating the uncertain, indefinite, disconnected Incidents or observations or suspicion which had tended to produce my convictions or opin ions Knowing that answers to these qnestiocs were utteriy and absolutely inftdmiseible, un der the whole practice ef the courts of law, and iDadmi-fible by evrry rule of justice, and conscious that, eveu if the committee bad any jad'cial poweia *'oatever, they could not ex ceed :ho?? of ihs courts themselves, I foresaw that they ha ! no right to and there!ore couid not properly ;ULi-h anything said in the r preaeuce wbi- h w^u'd not be pcrtir.tnt as evi den.e The commuted subsequently justified me in tbi' ?tew. thus 1 protested lormally and frequeotly .inst b^it.g called upon to give my opinions in tes'imony 1 ?.rged its iijustice ; me danger that I might publi? suspicion upon individuals in cou^tq'jence of the subtle aod urcontroll-iblc operations of my own juJgmeot wutout hufScient cause; and insisted uu the impropriety of disclosing my individual convictions when I bad not aud could not have t?? meatis of pta^tmg the same convictions in the breasts of others 1 plead with ear..C4>neaS on these points; fvr it was my rig'.t as a witness, {riortothe nassage of the law which doub less will ^ < IeIo opera tion to-morrow, not only to keep out ot the penitentiary, und u> av id prosecution in th^ Citate court* lor slander, but to s?y nett ing which should aubi?ct me to ui just Laperftions even, to ];xg as i wus not called upon to say it under tb^ common law In ansner to all this the cou-mntec assured me?and they will find the fact upon their record, if it is perfect ? I Jut t uhal'Xtr -+H v I'gul lisiunm-y would not rJ* m td- pucfic Cut t' styicL'ii out 99 0 ? * * ? '? T?ke t?.t w r'ti.e* of the of theie members, an J 1 only know tiiat iu au-e;s! hour they wf.1 err.pted, and :?at 1 know in confidence 1 tave no knowl uge ol' any fact to abow that tLf-y did Lot at otee repent of it 1 gave then, no opportunity to aay wholo thing ** j ke, and I do not know that they wouli not b^ve lepudiated it Lad I evinced a readinefs to disp -e of them ia tb*i market. Ten Mati -n is col ?:n God sav e us all if temp tat;<.*c to sin U conviction ot guilt! Would 1 not be*at to every principle of honor it, thr .ugn ba-e fear of personal eon*equetices, I ah >uld ciiJk.eZ'. to dra.? tLe veil from such a confilence-a co: flienee which covers my hnowlcuge. not u a ciiuie, but of a tempts tkm onljr laai \ oLtaao is Vituixia ?V.'e notice a r?pr?ncnnb'.e disposition on the part of some of cur exsn^ng-i to Lo*x folks. Thus the KockicgLau He^isUt gravely states en " most reliable " authority that the shock of an ?artLquakc w?s felt iu Pendleton county.Va , *ome d?3 s ag<?, and tbat au apertcre has been termed n the moun'.Min, within twe or three mi I'M of Circiet lile, in thatc-unty, frcm which eclumeo of blaek aioke are it-sulr.^. and large etoncs Lave bewn tbioWL tc a great height! J3P* Tne pop'clat:-n of Kow icrk i* dying at aocut the rate of e.'ju it every seventeen minute*, day ;.nd night, uj the year round. Ibr Xew Y^ra ilera'd eaprcfres the opinion tuat tnc ti<ct or. of Mr Buchanan has desiv' yed both the Republican and Kne* NothKf parties Ihx Stv'RU i.N Nokis Cabolina.?TL. Mad? ison (RjckVgbam c-ULty, 2%. C ) .New* de desci toes tn? jate s orm us having been the severest that b?4 csurred there in tne men.' wry cf p?:eon- KTtatj jtars old. uh the exrepu<<c of a few miied ii Virginia tbe;? is n ? a connaeted line of rail road ail the way !r< m Uangor, on the Penob aeot to 2Aontgouserj, on tne Alabama, e:c long the cbai'j wi!l be extended to j<<ew Or leau?, thence fee be carried ivettward until il reaches the Pacific 13T The Xe? Y.ra paper? eju that tht Ciucipal t?-cber of tLe primary schuol a! aod.ll s , inland bsd pUL'.ahed for S'<me triv tai iu.action ? : the rules, by comjelling i cbiul to pai its tongue ou a ?.ot atove. 'lb? teaeiier a?knoaladges that the child put hb teagu* oa the store, but avars tLat the stov< Waa ft a very hot. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. The Ceremonies ?At an early hour to-day it became apparent that, notwithstanding the ^ s ate of the weather, the ceremonies to be per* I f >rmed at the Capitol oyer the remain? of the j late Preston S. Brooks?the programme of ! which will be foord in another column?were ! be attended by an immense throng of citi ! zens and strangers of all degrees and positions in society. Long before the two Houses met the galleries, rotunda, and avenues leading to the two chambers of Congress were almost blocked up by the living mass thus attraotcd into the Capito! building The delivery of tha eulogy pronounced by Mr Toombs in the Sanate chamber was cut short by the state of his feelings, which so overcame him as that he took his seat in the middle of the discourse ho designed speaking. The eulogies delivered in the House were able and eloquent efforts indeed. An allusion to the affiir in the Senate chamber between the deceased and Senator Sumner, embraced ia the remarks of Mr. Savage, however, gave rise to a manifestation of much excitement, and to no little conversation, on the part o* m.'.ay of the members in all parts of the chamber during the rece:-a it bide fair to become the subject of mu^h newspaper com* ment, we apprehend. 1 ho la*lit ? What do the ir?e Ua.j$ au-noi the House propose to do with refdience to tne iarifi ' ? ia a question being askrd, just now, on al! sidt'i We think ourself at liberty to answer, thai they will support, cordially, whatever the minority of the Ways and Means j Committee may endorse in the report whbh , Mr. Letcher it oh> rtly expected to uiake. | Though, a* might he evje.;ted, the views tf ; ihe minori'y of the ?*?>mmittee may not in ail respects meet tho-e of all the fret-trade party in the Hou;e? which comprises at least three fourtus of the Democrats of the body, and here 1 and there others ?they will adopt them as iho I platform on which they can struggle to the most advantage. Uur fear, from present sign*, ; however, if, that protection is largely in the majority of the chamber, and thus the real contest will be only between the d.Cerent ic tere:ts seekicg t> be beaefitsd in the effect of the new law in shutting cut foreign competi tion (in mai.ufacturef) to a greater or leas degree. There are not a few honorable Rcf. re^entatives even n >w willing to declare thcn> , selves i'_ favcr of the only sour.d and honest w.iy of supporting the Federal Governmgat. We mean by a retort to dircct taxation, and ? through that means alone. The number is not ye*, great enough, it seems, t-? warrant any in taking the initiative in the matter. Inose wh-? fav r thi- constitutional u.o4e of raising the j revenue can merely do their best to jtrip the ne? law from the many ultra protective fea tures thrt will be essayed, we fear with pros pect cf t? le engrafted upon it We *hall str The Prot?st ?lielow, the reader will And the protect of Senator Pugh againjt the cna:t ment of the law recently pastel, to punish contempts of tho authority cf Congressional committees. It is a document of great force, at?d cannot fail to impress itself upon the his tory of the time.9. Thus, it is a powerful expo sition of popular doctrines or principles at tho ba?is of cur institutions and system of govern ment, that cannot be safely departed from urder any plea of pre'ent necessity whatever. Every honest nan in his s^^ses agree? with the able author of this minority report, as to the necessity for some legislation to secure answers to legal questions put by a Congres sional committee charged with such a work ae ha* been devolved on the committee now in btlog. Yet we . incerely believe that tbe views embraced in this report will be adopted by the country at large, with great unanimity, on sober second thoughts Senator Push's O'j*rt,ou to the New Lav.' (. Testim'tny ? .ATinority Report of the Jndtnary Committee The undersigned, a member of tbe Ccratti; tee 0:1 the Judiciary, dissents from the recorc. menditinn of his colleagues in favor of the House bill entitled 14 An act more effectually to enforce the attondarce *-f witnesses on the summons of either ilouse of Congress, and to c -mpel them to diejover testimony," retorted the 22J inst ' * Tbe second section of the bill contains threo propositions, together with a proviso The propositions are 1 "That no persons examined and testify ing before either House of Congress, or any Committee of either House, ?<hall be beli to answer criminally in any Court of justice, or subject t. any penalty or forfeiture. f * any fact or act touching which ho stall be required to testify before either House of Congress, or tuy Committee of either House, as to which be shall have testified, whether before or af'.er the date of thi" act; 1 And that no statement made or paper produced by any witue.-s, before ei'bcr House, or before any Committee of either House, shall be competent testimony in any criminal pro ceeding against such witness ,'n any Court of justice ; And n?i witness thall hereafter lie allowed to teiuse to testify to atjy fact, or to produce any paper touching which he shall be ex amir.c-d by either House of Congress, or any Committee of either House, for the reason th u his testimony touching such fact, or the pro duction of such paper, may tend to disj;ra:e him. or otherwise render hica infamous " These are all in alteration of th? rule? of evidence, according to the common law. a administered iu our Courts of justice. I be last proposition is to deprive a witness of his undoubted privilege to decline to an swer any question when the answer itself Would prova him to be infamous The unier signed oaanot agree that any tribunal should be empowered thus to torture a witness, and compel him to the alternative of perjury, or exclusion from the regtrd of his fellow-men Our judicial court* have never found this to the ascertainment of truth, or the administration of justice. It can be requisite only to the gratification of a wanton curiosity, or of a dei-ire to oppress and ruin the witness' In the casj of a congressional committee, ?specially, is such a power to bo denied, be t'U'e the emmittee is not confined, as courts are, to a specific issue, but may exercise an unlimited freedom of investigation. The fir?t two propositions are objectionable ai?-?. At common law, no witness can be com ? I elied to answer any question, when the answer ?ouiu subject htm to punishment, or afford evidence a^ainet bim in a criminal prosecu tion Ihebe propositions design to take away tt-ttt privilege, and to substitute (first* au im PUcish??&tto the witness lor all exekiw? k\.U1 dli0,03ed> ^d (second) an t at v c rim it ai^ " ?Wn et,lem#nt as evidence in , any onuiital prosecution. The undersigned oHects fur two reasons : unaemgueu ' several V ? *? ???*?ai s>a.ei, n>r nrescrioe anv mi. ?r ; 5^ - ifup'iout, Jut =..??r,ar, of , UWD cnai*. b P. bl tray al of tntir less c uipable associates It is ; the system, frequ^tiy practiced, of grant ing P'rd?n to that one of two or more prisoners who will testify for the prosecution?? system the mischiefs ct which are so enormous as to have induced a geaeialopinion that the great est knave is the fiist to become the Stated evi dence. Tbe underiigued is thoroughly convinoed, as tho result of a l his professional observe tion, that the testimony of accomplice*, spier, detectives, end the like, to eecure which alone this sectlonof the bi'l can bo required, amounts to mere falsehood nine times iu ten The undersigned is anxious to confer on the committees of Corgress?and esptciaMy a com mittee like that which it is understood the House of Representatives has now appointed? all such powers as are necessary to proper and rightful investigation ; but he cannot consent to artu any commit'ee with the powers of a court of high commission, or a court of the star chamber, and far less (as here proposed) with powers which exceed those claimed by the most arbitrary of English tribunals If the second section were omitted, and a verbal amendment made to each of the other sections. the undersigned would give the bill his cordial indorsement Respectfully submitted. G E. Proa. A New Continental Postal Troa.y ?The last arrival from England brings us private advices that the postal authorities of England and France have very recently agreed upon the terms of a new postal treaty or arrange ment between the two Governments, the pur port of which is to charge less English and French postage on letters carried from and to this country by the Cunard steamers than on those transported on the American ships. We are satisfied that sucn an arrangement has been entered into between those two Goveri moot? What dot3 it mean ' What has given rise to it7 Ey it the letters per Ounard line ate re duced to at) centimes or Hi per Single letter ci * ounce or 7i gramtac3 to the American port The tax hitheito has been 130 centimes or 131 Per Collins lino the tax is reduced from ^0 centimes or Sd. to :?0 centimes tr id. to and from shipboard at British ports. Thus as the American tav is maintained at 21 cents per Collins line and five cents per Ounard, the total postage by the former line if to be 10 cent.* or id. more than per Cunard's. The New Naval Reform Law?We learn that the Secretary ol the Navy has referred to the Attorney General for that functionary's opinion as to the proper construction to be given to Its tcveral provihiens, the act reecLt. ly pa-aed, amendatory of the law to promote the tfficic;;cy of the navy of the United State?, Jtc The public will, we doubt not. appre ciate the wisdom of this course on the part o^ the Department. The duties to be devolved on the new naval court under this law are of g:eal responsibility and very delicate indeed, and it is meet, in view of the t;.ct thEt the law teems to Lt> contradictory in mtre or less of its provisions, that those duties and responsi* bilities shall be clearly defined and well un derstood before they commence their labors. Th* Submarine Telfgraph ?The pressure j to Fecmre the enactment of the Submarine Telegraph bill is nnumally jrrea*. Tho-e out side, who take an interest in it, bcicg even, if possiblo, more ?olteitcuj th.m tho host who eie attor huvicg particular features of the pro posed new tariff l*w framed to ,-uit tho par ticular interests they represent. Much jcal ousy cf this Submariuo Telegraph bill, by tho by, exiits in the minds of gentlemen in and oat of Congress, who have no relish for per mitting the control of our commercial affairs to rest even more exclusively than at present in the hands of the British Government Mr Buchanan, we hear, dired with Senator Thomson of N. J., yesterday. He (the Presi dent elect) continues to be the object of great attention, in this city, just now. A large number of public men have called on him As a matter of oourso, he can hardly be so fortunate as entirely to escape the tender sr licitude of cfliee seekers of all descriptions. As yet few of them have annoyed him in this c:ty by their pressing attentions?so few, as that those of them who have dons so, have in stantly become subjects for the jeers of the men about town. Supreme Court.? lesterday, Charles P. Curtis, jr , Erq , of Massachusetts, was admit ted an attorney and counsellor of this Court No. i5. William R Post et al , claimants, ??c of the sLip Richmond, vs John li Jones et al. Appeal from the Circuit Court of the Lnited States for the southern dis'rict of New York Mr Ju tice Grier delivered the opinion of the Ccurt, reversing the decree of the said Circuit Court, and remanding the cause for farther proceedings in conformity to the opin ion of this Court No. 2^ Adolphus Durant i? Samuel Law rence et al The argument of this eau-<e was continued by Messrs. Merwin and Loring (or the appellee Adj urned. The Curreat Operations of the Treasury Department ?On yesterday, 2?th of January there wore of Treasury warrants entered on tbo books of the Department? For the redemption of Stocks.... >.>,824 03 For tho Treasury Department... 10 428 .'18 For the Iuterior Department 83,745 02 For Customs 108.222 04 War warrants received and en tered 37,094 J6 War repay warrants received and entered 3 GO 1 72 From miscellaneous sources 4 y7? so FromLands 400 00 Oa account of the Navy aol 02 CONOR ESIS ION A L PR OCEEDINGS. In the Senate, U-lay, on coming together, they took a recess until the expected message from the House embracing the announcement of the death of the late Hon. Preston S. Brooks, of bouth Carolina, should be received. The said message having been delivered, appropriate and eloquent and affecting eulo gies upon the deceased were pronounced by Messrs Evans, Hunter and Toombs, ere the Star went to press In tiie House, ufter prayer by the Rev chaplain of the body, the journal was read. Mr. Keitt then announced the death of his late colleague, the Hon Preston S. Brooks, in a suitable obituary, closing by moving the resolutions usual on such occasions. Pending the question upon their adoption, Messrs Quitman, Campbell of Ohio, and Cling man delivered appropriate eulogies on the de ceased. Mr. Savage al3o delivered an eulogy upon the deceajed. Resolutions beiug next adopted, they took a rcoess for an hour, at the conclusion of which t"e funeral ceremonies were to oome off in tho hall A EBAi'TifCL Coaj-LEXioN may easily be acquired by using the 44 Balm of a Thousand F/ui?trs." It will remove tan, in ,nplt j, and fretkUs from the skin, leaving it of a soft and roseate hue. Wet a towel, pour on two or three drops, and wash the face night and morning. For sale at Shillington'^ agent for Washington, and all druggist*. Rocuhness and Dbymsss or the Skin is occasioned sometimes by sudden changes of the weather, sometimes by indigestion, and not unfrequently by application of hard water and soap. The use of Burnett's Kulhston, or Orient IVuter will remove all unpleasant sensation, and render the skin delightfully toft and fair.? LVtfou Traveller. For sale in this city by Naien A Palmeb, Seluv Pahk eh, and the dealers generally. 13f Florida papers say that the orange and tenon crop in that state is good this aeaaon. Farther California Newt. The California files contain the following additional extract* of intcre?*: The weather throughout the State for the last fortnight ha? been favorable to mining, in consequence of the fall of heavy rain*; there have also been very severe storm* The indi cations are favorable to a prosperous season The prinoipal topic of interest has been and will continue t<> be the United States Senato rial elec't-m. The Legislature was to meet on Monday aIter tbe steamer sailed, at;4 it was suppose.! would organire immediately, as there waa not likely to be any serious contest for the speakership or clerkship in the Assem bly. >r the secretaryship of the Senate. The first business after the organisation of the two bouses would no Jrubt be the election of two United States Senators The principal candi dates are Messrs Gwin. Weller, Latham and Broierick. The result is exceedingly doubt ful, and it may pos-ibly be that so election at all will take place The President's annual message had been received in California, but attracted no great attention, as politicians are filled with anxiety to ascertain the course ot' policy to be pursued by the r.ew Administration The excitement concerning the unconstitu tionality of the State debt has died away, as, whatever uncertainty may have been felt at the time the court pronounced its opinion, has yielded to the unanimous sentiment that the docision imposes no obstacle, legal or moral, to its prompt nnd faithful payment, to the last d >llar A bill ha? already be?n framed, which will be introduced into the Legislature at an early day, to refund tho debt, and submit it to a vote i>? tbe people, in conformity with the require ment of t&e State constitution. The bill will, it is not doub ed. pacs almost unanimously

through the legislature ; and when it comes before ?he puopic there will be no opposition, but all men, ol every shade of politics, will, in their ex?ui< us, emulate each other in its ad vocacy. Of course tbe refunding or oonstitutionalixing of the debt will not render it any more obliga tory on the State to pass it, but it will satisfy tbe holders of tho State securities that there i; ro disposition on the part of California to avail herself of her own violations of her own laws to avoid the payment of money which she obtained contrary to her constitution S'>me excitement has been created by the discovery of a system of peculation on tbe part of tho treufurera of some of the counties and otl>er < flicers charged wi'h the collection of the State revenue, in paying into the trea sury depreciated State warrants, instead of the cash received by them for taxes This fraudulent pi*ctice, it is believed, has been carried out quite extensively, and consequent ly the State and tho tax payers have been wronged ouc of a lar^e amount Legal pro ceedings have been eoaimenoed against the officer*. P2PS0ITAL .... Ge>. N. Sanders, of New York, is in town. .... Mrs. Coliins. an old resident of Norfolk, Ya , .-aid t > be 102 yt>ars old, is dead .... The Parkcrsburg, Ya., Courier comes to us dressed in mournirg for the death of its senior publisher, J C M Croary. .... L'.rd Napier, tho British minister, who h shortly cumin* t? Washington, is a b?<*he lor. 36 years old. Look out girl? ! I .... Dr. John Harris, eminent among tbe Dissenting Ministers of England, and author ? ?I -Mammon," ''The <*reat Commission." Ac., died at bi? residence in London, on 'he 21 rt < 1 December .... The Charlottesville, Ya , Advocate pays: ' Wo are pained to lesrn that the Hon. Andrew Stevenfon, who has been confined by ill he>ilth at his Blenheim estate for several month?, now lies very dangerously ill, and but little hope is entertained for his recovery." ....John T Ford, E?q , wa? nominated last nuht, by the Twelfth Ward American Council of Baltimoro, as the American candi- ! date to represent that ward in the first branch of the City Council, to fill the vacancy occa sioned by the resigr.aticn of James W Alnu-.t, Esq. .... The eccentric Orientalist, M. Hamiuer Purgst .il. wlio ha? dbd recently i:i Germany, was exceedingly attached to his wife On one i of he.r 1 irthdayp. when she chanced to have been confined t<- her bed with a serious illness, he presented her with her t >mb-jtone?date and age left blank. .... At a rccent private of noble Memen and others, held nt the residence of Lord Sbaf'esbury, in England, it was resolved to employ Mr. l/art. tbe American sculptor in F!"rciice. to execute c bust of Dr S>uiUwood Smith, iis a memorial of bis service* in the preservation of the public health Ihe bu?t is to be presented to some public institution .... The new Senator from .Michigan Ilou. /achariah Chandler "gin a" upon the occasion of bis election, but one of his dark Republican friends. Attorney General How ard, instead of atterdine sent the following " Lansing. Jan. 14, 1837 Mr Howard has received Mr Chandler s invitation, and respectfully declines it " .... At tbe Christmas meeting of tho "E?sex Head Club,"' in London, our countryman,Mr. Murdoch, wa?. by a unanimous vote made an honorary member of the same, as the resolu tion pets forth, " in token of the high apprec - ation entertained fur his talents as an artist, and his estimable qualities in private life." The President of tbe Ciub, in submitting the ino'u;D, spoke in high terms of the professional su co s of Mr. Murdoch since his appearance in London. .... Hyde, formerly manager of the American Exchange B.?nk," Gaorgetown. D. C . and recently connected with the Amer ican Bag M inufacturing Company, New York city, arrived at Chieago, 111., on the 20th in stanj, iu custody of officers, having been ar rested at Georget >wn. on the 16th. He is cbnrged with illegal banking, for which his partner, C. Maitland James, has been con victed ami sentenced to th*.; penitentiary. .... The new English Quarterly Review, in a sketch of Mr Buchanan's personnel, says : " He has tho habit (that hinorians attribute to Alexander the Great; of holding his head | 8 imewbat inclined to one side, and sometimes partially closing one eye, as if to prove, what was undoubtedly tbe case during his mission in this country, that he could see a va-t deal more with half an eye than all our Ministers when they opened both theirs to the fullest extent, as they had to do more than once, if all tales be true, during the course of their * transaction of business* with Mr. Buchanan." meeting was held in favor of Wal ker ut New Orleans on tbe 29th. at which $1,? 700 were subscribed, aud resolutions were adopted calling on the government to take nt* tice of the conduct of the British fleet in th-i lata teisnreof the river steamers by Spencer. Tub Teeth ?How few people consider the importance of preserving the teeth ! and how many would give thousands of dollars oculd they regain them after the loss has become ir reparable The mcuth should always be thoroughly cleanaed before going to bed, and after each meal?especially after eating or drinking what is sweet or sour, as the action of either, iu connection with the secretions of the mouth, act upon, and in time destroy the enamel of the teeth. Bcbxett's Oriental Tooth Wash, prepared by Messrs. Joseph Burnett A Co., Tremont Street, Boston, is not only a powerful detergent and oleanser of the teeth, but, by its vegetable cstringent proper tie?. a;ts directly upon the caries, thereby most effectively arresting decay, and forming a protective and almost impervious ooating in the cavity, even where the nerve is exposed Its action is also most beneficial npon the Gams, keeping them firmly attached to the teeth, and preventing the bleeding and soft ness which is now-a-days ao eommon. The Oriental Tooth Wash is moreover one of the pleasantest remedies in the world; searching, pungent and aromatie, it imparts to the breath a peculiarly olean and delightful fragrance We advise oar readers to try it. For tale by | druggists generally. /THE SERMON ANNOUNCED TO be delivered this evening in St. Mrh (*'i Church, by Right R?v. J MnGMl, vr'll not take place on acount of tf* lncjrn-,enry # f tb? weather. tt [jollity itself ONCK more. _ The members of the JOLLY OLOB take plessur# in announ< log to their frier d? and the public generally, that their Second Grand Aiserr.blv will ulr place on MONDAY, the M day of F?bruary, 1?57, at CoLcmb.a Htn, Capitol Hill '?lekets?FIFTY CENT?. Jan 2#-ThSM3t? COMMITTEE MATTENTION, WASHINGTON HIGH LANDERS?Vou are hereby notlted to attend a special me?tln? of tbe Con.panv. to b? held at your Armory, on FR1UAY EVENING neit,?th Instant, for the purpose of completelng arrangement* for tbe Inauguration Ball, to be given at the Assembly Rooms on tte 4th of Ma?cn next It Is rsqiested that overy nmabw will be present By orderof Jmo. Watt, Captain: U. W. FLOOD, Jtn 90 >t Secretary. ^-t^OKFIC^ OF THE NORTHWEST BoS^krn insu r ance company, OSWEGO, January ?!h. 19S7.? Notice la hereby given, that the Agency of tbl? Company has been withdrawn from tte bands of J O Lewis; aid that no risks hereafter, on a count of this rom C any,taken by him will be considered bindltig vtnem S. B. LADLO*, jin^ -lwo Seere ary m ^aRluHT REV. J McGILL, BISHOP of liichmond. will preach In St Matb ew's Church cii THURSDAY F.VKNING at 7 o'clock Subject?'4 Marks of the Church " Jan ri7-3t C L. IRVING'S VOCAL MUSIC Bv ft CLASHES we?eorganized last evening at Temperance Hall The d?y class for ladies und Gentiemen will meet at the Hall every MoN DAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY rVEN 1NGS, at 4 o'clock The night c'asi for Lidle* and Gentlemen, will meet at the ??me olace everv MONDAY and THURSDAY EVhNINGS, at 7 o'clock, until farther notice. Terms for elthfr clars-22 Le-sons? 85 Refers to Rev J G Kinney, D D, President Co lumbia College, Rev P L) Gurley, D D; Rev G D Cummiuf, 1) D; Rev Alfred Holme^d. 1) D; Rev l> " Dojg'tt, D D; Rev Myron Sunderland, I) D; K< v S P Hill; llev J G Butler; Rev Samuel Kt ge?tt*r; OrOwen Munson; Leo Coyle Application can be made to Mr. I a visa through the Post Oflcc jan 87-lw* 3f-^5?PHILADELPHIA CAKE AT PBILA delphln prices, at (be Philadelphia Ice Cream Depot, corner of Pith and F streets. Ice Cream SI,50 per gallon. Jan 10-1 m* INAUGURATION BALL ?THE Blghlandcrs will give a irmnd Innugu ?atlon Ball, at the Asskxblt Roosi, on WED NESDA\ E VENI NO, the 4th of March. Ax the Com ? lttee of Arrangements will be com^oeed In part cf our lust cltlrens, to aid the Ofllc-r* of the '"oinfany. the public may re.u assured that noth ing will be left undone on their part to secure pleasure to all who may favor them wit'i their presence. Tickets?TWO DOLLARS. jan 17-WASilt GEO. W. FLOOD, Sec. THIRD GRAND ASSEMBLY~~ or THE O'lOD WILL CLUB, AT HARMONY HALL, 4>n THURSDAY, Janaary 29th, IS4T. Tickets?FIFTY CKNTS?admitting a Gen t!eman and ' adies By order of the Ijin I7,*i,? t I ,27,W-fit COM MI TTE E^_ Bf-^S^WHAT WE WANT THE PEOPLE "TO know:? ho uses FURS IS HE It ?We want Housekeepers and tho??e about to commence Housekeeping t" bear In mind ?bat the flirt, second, third and fourth mom<< of our tare? and spacious warehouse are Hlied to 'a^lr utmost capacity with even* description of CABINET FURNITURE and House fnmi:?h Iiir: Goods generally, to which wc respectfully Invite be attention of those in want of bargains Houses furnished throughout wl h ev*ry article In the housekeeping line vert chf.? f for cash, or to punctual dealers at the usual credit Call at 'he '? HorsKfciKPEk's Empobiwx' andexamlne ou? stock before j-urcbasln*. Our motto la " jmck sain and small profits " BONTZ A COOMBS, dec l-3m 7th street, between I and K. AMERICA* ALMANAC?Complete from its commencement in 1830, down to 1853. In cluding 24 years. A single set of the above, rare ly to be met with. Is for sale by the underslgted, lr. nf.w uniform, fine calf * lnding Price *<? Jan 29 FRANCE TAYLOR. DOG LOST?WENT OFF LAST NIGHT from CapUoi Hill, a white DOG,< with yellow ?p >;s. He had cn a collar* with ?iie naT"* cf ? ? V Casonnt" on U /ny one r?turnlrg the dor to the Meu.derfc'Room, C pitol, will b?- reward?d lt? A BEAUTIFUL WORK OF ART FOR Sals?At liOOD'S Jewelry Store. Penn. av-nut?A CAMEO LIKENESS OF WASB I ON, peif.>ct as a portrait, and exquisite as a spicimen of art It was evidently cut ninny years ago, and Is the only thing of the kind in America. Jan99 3t* IOST ?ON TBfcttlst INSTANT. A LAKOK -A NewfoindUnd DOG, about nlne? months o d sw^wers tbe name of Leo B idyb'.acn and white, a white ring aroaua ibe neck, whl e fret and tail tipped with white. ? l.beral reward will oe given by returning him to No 183 renn?yl7anla avenue and 17th street Jan2?-3t? THE EYE, EAR. AND GLASSES. Deufnffs and all Disease* of the Eye. DR. VON MOSCBZISKER, OCULIST bud Aurls', an be c -n*uked for a few days longer, at the National Hotel Those who wi.h to have G1 sses that will be warranted to suit their Eyes and not inj ire sl^bt thould purcna?e themcfDr M. Jant9 3t* pi?RAL JEWELRY.?WE OPEN THIS morning a iarg? Invoice of very elegant Coral Jewelry cf the newest styles. Al*o, Stone, Cameo, F iorentlne, Mosaie, ftc To the above, a& well as to our large assort ment of Dlamocd Pearl, and o>her rich J tweiry, we Invite the attention of porch.sers. M. w. bAL'f A BHO .Jewellers, jan*<iv-3t J24 Pa. av , bet nth and 10th si*. THKRC IS NO SUCH WORD AS FAIL. JVjOTWITHSTANDING THE SNOVV, WE is are la dally recilpto. line. frekh/?^ OYSTERS And whtu ycu cannsts get them at any other ,*:ace, we can aupp;y >ou SC^WAR'ZS A DRURY, j 'ii '29 3c 4 !l 11th st . 2d door above E. IVAYCH KKPAIKIilQ A*D ENURAV Tf lag.?Watches, inroscmettr*, and Pocket llnevecpers of eveiy description repaired by stlliful wcrkmea and warranted t-> perform ac cutatelv. Engravlrg cf every dejcrlp'ioa doac In tbe b<st style, Including the cuttlug of arms, crests, mottoes, and initials'on stone **? Visiting and Wedding Cards elegantly engraved and primed M. \V GALT A BEO., Jtwel'ers, jan TJ 3t 9Q1 Pa av , bet 9th and 10 h sts. yOTlCE. TIME IS MONEY. LOCKS ! ? CLOCKS !! ?CLOCKS !!!? Call S at tbf Great Clock Emporium, opposl'e | Browns' Hotel, and s?e th~- greatest s?*ort meU of CLOCKS tfcl? side of New York Good t.'locks warranted for SI.?0 Al??',all kinds Clock Materials, Oils, Cords, Balls, Key<, Wel^'bu, Ac The trade aupplie: at whole*.ite P'i es, for rath; or Clocks glrea la exrbange for old Silver or Gold Watches Also, good Watches for ;a!e low. Call and see for yeiirselv?s, at J ROBINSON:i49 Pa av., jan'i7-'im opposite Browns' Hotel. LAD'ES WINTER HATS AT CMkl. M U VV , Wfc H UTCH1NSON A MUNRO BEING 1>F termined to close out, If possible, their entire stock cf Winter Hats, so that none be left ^verto another season,have marked tLtmy^r down in price, and will commence frcm tntsday. to sell them off at cost, for cash only. To all charged, in per cent wlllbeaddtd. ALo, a tine assortment of French Flowers, Plumes, hibbons- Ac .for sale very low at tbe Fancy Store of HUTCHINSON A MUNRO, jan *9.tFebl 810 Pa.&v.,be^9th and 10th sts PUKE SILVER W AKE ? SOLID SILVER TeJt Sits, Silver Forks and Spcon3,So:id Sil ver Walter!-, Pitchers, Goblet", and Cups Also, tbe largest variety cf Farcy Sliver Ware, snltnfclc'or Bridal, Birthday, und Anniversary Presents. Every description of Sliver Ware manufactured to order,and particular attention paid to tie getting up of teiUino'&:s, richly wrought with apprc pnatt deigns M. W GALT A BRO., Jewellers, jan 19-lt 334 Pa. av , bet 9ih ^d 10th sts. LAN" WAR* AN.S LOCATED. THE SUBSCRIBERS RhSIDENT OF St. Paul, M 'I' , having an ext?n?ive knowledge of the Government Lands in Minnesota, Whoon slu, and Iowa, and having great experlemo In locating the ?ame, U prepared to enter v\ ariants to great advantage to those wishing to Invest Particular attention given to procuring lands contiguous to Railroads when tbef become stb J- ct to entry ? Lands and Lots,In and abont tbe cities of Super lor, Bayleld. and St Paul, for ssle. H. L1NDSLKY, KUfcwood House jan 89 1m Waahlrgtoa, P. C. DOCKS, BOORS* ROOMS, MaZAZINIS, D Fapsrs. Ae?The rtght pla. e to get the above artloles is at FERGUSON'^, ju 1? iMeeventh attest. Amusements Fancy Xorani's National Thrall*. M'?i r*??T Moi?iit....|if?>*fa(rd Procter** THIS EVENING, Jdnuaiy vf, Will be pretested the drama cf imir?e fetevVM. b, John Ta icr, K.q . entitled K ETKIBl .THIN. Madame de Beau pre Miss Fsnnv Morant. Concluding with the new com?dy of MY WIM'i MIR???R MIh f Udell ..Mi** F. Mcraat Mr Uickett...... Mr C II RU1 In preparation, th? Grttd V^'.ravagaLza of OLVMPU DEX IL>. UPTIME ALTKR ED - Door* opened at ? %, eurtain rtses at * paat 7 o'clock Washington Cireni and Ampitotitre. Coraer of Seveath street i?d the Aveia*. TLe ORAM) COMPUMENTAR V BENE FIT to JIM MVI.K3, the Clown,will take place, rain or ahine, OB Beat SATURDAY MHHT, Jaa. Slat, wben a mimmoth dlspiay of all thit l* B f.autiful, GAY, ASD ASTO\1 shixu will be offered, e* h act *urp***lng the e<her lb tiaascendent brilliancy and grandenr JIM MVKRS in elx New Acta! JIM MYERS In hi* wonderful Feat wailing ?? th' h'fi dotr^wurii* LI*K A FLY. (For tue first tine ) The 7WO?PANI?RCLOWN8 and a hoot of Volunteers will appear for this great night Coxe* 50 c*nts ; Plt. 543 centi Children, hu i pi'.je. Ticket* ran be tiad at all the princi pal hotels Jaa 97 THALBER6'S FARFWELL CONCERT. at cakusps saloon, Ob MONDAY A V til I SIC, February 9d. THE PUBLIC ARK RESPECTFULLY IN fanned tiat It fcas now been drclded that Mr THaLBKK?. afer having given a llml'ed number of Farewell Concert* In Philadelphia, Baltimore, Wasbtnf-fn, New York and Br* on, will depart for the Weat In March, *nd wll far Europe in May next. Mr. THALBCR6, Madam* D'AROHl, ftl|. A BEL LA, Mlaa HlTHILDK D'AlVfiRI wlL make her first appearance on th1* occasion Mr THALBKK6 will play The Andante; 1st time, Tie bugeoots; 1st (lite, Masanlello, Ma'che Fuaebre. ?? Hum*, Swett Hoaoe Madam* D'ANGRl will slog Arias from ra?>cred'; l*t time. Belly; l*t time, Yaltz d'oiary; lat time, Rcndo Ceneieotola. Miss MATH1LDK D'ANGRl will t'.ng Aria from Macoetb, and a Daelt with Madame _ D'Angrl. Reserved Seats, 81 S1 and ft Tb? Ticket offices are at Melxerott'a and at Davis's Mu?lc M^res, where the sale will com mence on Fricav, J innarv 30 On Frldty and Satordsy will be aold the SI on.*; on Monday the *1 a'r.d the remaining f ( jo .-eats. All se.itaun'oUl mavbe hid at the door lu tbe eve*nlng. Diera cpcn at 7%'; to commence at S. Jan 77 Wants. WANTED-A MANTl'AMAKER WA!tf| a ?lttistlon bv the week. Can do plain sewing also Rerinmtrendatlana given Ad ?ire? M, Star Offlre. it* WANTED?A SERVANT WOMAN TO Cook. W**h, acd Iron for a ima'l family Apply at No 11? Pth street, between K and "L oireete jan 29 < ? WANTED.?A CHAMBERMAID?TO A first-rate one. tbe highest wage* will he glvea Applvat LLOYD'S Union Ho'el None bat wh'te girls need r pplv jan W St WANTED IMMEDIATELY ?TWO Girls OneaaNnrtp; tbe other a* Cook. Washer, aid Irooer Recommendations required Nor? but Protestant* need apply,?at 4"2 >. corner nf h and 11th streets. jan 86-3.* WANTED ?A PURCHASER FOR A NEAT two-story Frame House, sltuat'd on D street, l>e wein 14th and 15th streets, near Penn avenue Address, by no:e, H P., at this cflce with name and addres*. jan *3- 3 ? WANTED-A PROTECTANT WHITE Woman as Seamstr?*>*, d d to take charge of Children Sbe must have *atlsfaetorv recom mendations, and give refeieace la Wa?blngton. Appl* atW4 Penn avenue. iant7-3t* A HOUSE WANTED ?A GENTLEMAN desires to rent a cemfortab'e ard convenient tw:-?to:y. f.irrlsbed Brlrk Hon?e, wtthla two blocks of so of Penn avenue, between 3d and 14th street*. By applying to the l-dltor of tbe Stai tbe addres* of the advertiser can be ascertained Jan ?7-tf \URSt WANTED ?COLUK KD?W IT b I* good rocoanmenletions Apply immediately at No 5W4X street. jan *7-3t* HOUSE WANTED T<? PURCHASE.?I wish to purrbi?e a dwelling containing not less than eight rooms on the io th side of Penn avenne, and not further north 'han M streat Price not to et-eed %t.5iv Address J M J Box 53* City Post Oltce, stating price, terms, Ac J4n <7 3t? PROFITABLE AND HONORABLE K.?l PLOYMKVT FOR THE WlNTfeR ?Per sons in town or country In search of employment as a s urcetf Income or to fill up their leisure hO'irs. may iiear of ?u h bv enc o> Ing two atao p* to pay postage, to Profe?s?<r JAM F.J* 1 HOR N E Box No 4.551 New York Post OSce. The em ployment Is urt^d to either ?*ex?statl n In ll)e lm material It is an article cf dally consumption , and oan be manufactured in any 'persen's dvi ? liny; secured by cpyrlaht; sale*, as jernan ot a* flour. An ag^nt is wanted in eveiv town In the Union. an li-lm WANTED. ?THE HIGHEST PRICED paid In cash for Old Silver, at HOOD'S Sil ver Ware Manufactory, :tb- Penn avenue, n?ar 9th street dec ?? Boarding. BO A R D - GENTLEMLN 1)ESIRIN? Board can find very comfor able accommoda ? tiona.at3(U Pennsylvania avenu>*. be?w.en J?tL and lt'th atreetH, over Mr. K :denour-,i C nfectlon eiy. Uu 1m Board, ao ?mks. bates, on the w corner of PenaKylvanla avenue and 9th %tree4 la prepared to accommod tegentl* men wit ^rocm* with or without b^ard Every effort will tx? made to render th.ise coo fcrtable who may f?ror her with their patronage Transient or 'able bot.d oan be obtained ap ^-tf ? dl PL BLIC M KETUIQ. temperance dkxonstratiox KECHABITES KN TUE FIELD! SIXTH FKEHBYYKKIAN CHIRIK, cottlir mj. fi*?i e*rA it., THURSDAY NIGHT, at \ past 7 o'clo. k. The independent ordkr of recw AB1TES, of the Island, will ho'd a pubik TemperaiKe Meeting at the above time and plac** Tt>ev Invite a'.^ tbe a^ed and the young, maia aad female, to nttend Their olject 1* to do^aod To the quetd^on "Can ar.y f od thing c??a out of Natareth ?" they reply, ''Ccire vd sae M J?n?-MWTM DAUlKRHKUTYPttl. MR A. MoCARTEY RE8PECTFULL\ Informs his friend* andtha public that slree his return from NfcW York he ha* fitted up new room* on Pennsylvania a*eaue, three door* east of 4 W street, where he Is prepared to do as good wora, at least . ?s anv artwt In the city Dagueneoty pes copied in oil, the size of life, lb. a superior nuuner, on ncderate terms. ,aa<l 7t? 1TALE5ITINES, VALENTINES?W bale, v sale and retail, at jan 86-3t LAMMOND'8 itock in the old DOMINION roiL COMPANY, KANAWHA COUNTY, VIRGINIA. Subscriptions, will be receive* at the tianVicg House of Chubb Brothers for the remaining stock cf the above company, be ing three Uuudred shares. The capital stock Is ftluO.MI fdoUats ) of which f70 UU) has been subscribed The mine* are bow prepared for active operations, ard ? per cent interest will b* guaranteed upon tbe stock now effpred for ?ie by the original stockholder*, for the period or tw* years Particulars In regard ta the stock, and Its pros Bfeta, will be maJe known upon application to HUfeB BROTHERS Jaii*7 P. P DAN PR 1DWE, Agent. ICE CRBAM At ST)( Caats Per Qaa>l. Hotels, boarding-houses and others will And It much cueaprr aad betts* than they make it. Fairs and other benevolent mtartalMMBts can have It at leaa prlre, at the PENNSYLVANIA DEPOT, laa S- .?? Corner F aad IStk streets