Newspaper of Evening Star, January 30, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 30, 1857 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. w inmRnm mn* ?e L*rr at t>i orrica n *?!!.?? ? rWK*, OTIimr^t TMI ? VT ?ot ?rfui MTT1 T'll ***T MV. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. G i.e**'* Benefit ?Our friend, the public's friend, everybody's friend who otn appreciate genuine merit, 8. W Glenn, that "persecuted Dutchman," takes his benefit to morrow night, ?>a which occasion a truly Coll'>ssian array of *tt.action is to be piled up First will be given the drama of " Rosina Meadows1' with Olenn in the Yankee part of Jethro Baxter, after which Miss Morant will give a touch of her musical abilities (of which report speaks highly ) in the performance of a 8panisb March upon the guitar; which will be tallowed by the excellent comedy in two act.* entitled '* The Blind Violinist/' the whole to conclude with Glenn s irresistible, grotesque, ?side splitting, rib-$xpanding Dutch rersion of Richard III. Now who says the visitors at the National tc-morrow night will not get their money's worth ? We think they will. ?nd something *>ver, to ?ay nothing of the satisfactory feeling of having benefitted a worthy actor and capi tal good fellow The "M?rkib Bach it lops," comprising many of our esteemed friends at the Navy Yard, seem always to act upon the maxim, tbut whatever is worth doing at all is worth hieing wril They are none of your timid, ir resolute, half-way men. They go the whole figure, whether in politics, matrimony, broad* sword exercise, social reunions, or festive gatherings Hence, tueir ball last nitfht was jast what every body expected it would be?a splendid, a joyous affiir Several new and beautiful dance* were introduced, but per haps,the ito* attractive feature uf the tloor exercises w?s the Bachelors' March," wbi^h was participated in by the whole company, keepi?? time to the inspiring strain* of Pros per and Weber's combined cotillon bands. Teachers' Association ?This Association holds its monthly meeting at the Smithsonian Institute (apparatus room) at 11 o'eiock a in. ^--morrow, ani among other interesting exer riies a lecture will be delivered on ''Systematic Instruction in Elementary Schools." by J . E Thompson of the Fourth District School No person is better fitted than Mr. Thompson to fcaadle suoh a subject vigorously and thor "wghly in all its bearings, as he is a veteran an4 moat successful teacher. The public will find it worth its while to attend these interest ing meetings of tho Teachers Association. Parents, and those designing to follow teach ing as a profession, particularly would te benefitted by attendiEg them. Natiohai, TmEATrk ?Uur theatre gosrs are ?now fairly thawed out by the fmo wea'her, aid we shall think it passing strange if the representation to-night of Bu*kstono's admir able comedy ?-f " Married Life" does not dr.iw a g ud h ?uso. Miss Fanny Morant takes the part of Mrs Lvnx We are glad to see sterl ing comedies of this ca>t brought out out the National, ani are confident the company can ?p-rforni such handsomely The amusing f <rco rf " The Dumb Belle"' concludes the perform ances P. S ?We learn that in consequence oC the regretted iniiepositioa of Miss Morant the play of " All than Glitters is not Gold" bag been substituted t" r "Married Life." 0* th* Tapis'?We learn that a private subscription ball and supper, to come off early in February, is being started under the auspices of the young gentleman who go well conducted a similar one last year. From the charaeter of the gentlemen so engaged, ani that of the last ball, we are sure it will he a grand affair. None are t* be admitted but subscribers, and the number of theso are lim ited Pigeon Shooting?Thi3 morning, Officer Cooper arrested a ybung man n^mel Wm. Majors, for shooting pigeon; in front of the City Ball, lie was taken before J u-tice Bir-h, where ke stated that the Mayor had given him permission to shoot the birds in order to drive them fr^m the bnilling. where they are get ting to be a great nuisance The young man was held to security for a further hearing. Recoverv or Stolen (Joods ? Officer Yeat mao yesterday succeeded in recovering a lot of boots which had been stolen from Mr. II Thecker, Georgetown. The supposed thief, a man named Laird, went to a cook-shop in the Centre Market, to get his breakfast, where he left the gooda for a short time Whilo he was i> way the < ffi :cr en'erel and took the goods, Laird was not arretted. AasATLT and Battrrt.?L^st night ^two young men of the came of Stewirt went to the restaurant of C. Frankenberger. on Sev enth street, and excited a fight in which Mr Frankenherger and his barkeeper was badly beaten and injured The barkeeper wits struck with a stittoon and cut. tut not dangerously. The y^urg men were afterwards arrested but escapcd from the officer. Tub Ro vds ?To-day, quite a large number rf wagons arrived in the city from the sur rounding country ; drivers, teams, and car riages being covered with mud. The drivers report the roads in very b.?d condition, ai.d declare that necessity alone compelled them to make the trip at this time. Costlt SroRT ?A y^ung man, named F. Riley, was fined $1 and costs for throwing enow balls at an old man The sport is getting eo<tly at a dollar a hi', and will doubtless Le relinquished by the young 'uns Ths New York Ledger for next week, ani Harper s We?kly for January 31 st. received last evening at the Northern Liberties' Book Store, 327 Seventh street, above the Market ? The Fair ?To-day the fixture? for the Fair ? re arriving, aud are being arranged in the building. _____ The atte>tion of teachers and others in tested is called to the advertisement in an other cnlcmn headed " Notice to teachers " A Fi*e Lecture miy be expected tc-night at the Saihsonian Institution, by Rev. G. W Betiune, of N Y. The Assehblv of the Go^d Will Club, last night, was a grand affair. Watce Return* ?Andrew Kidwell. mali cious mischief; jtil. John Shekell. do ; do Several lndg?rs were accemmodated and dis miss this morning CjT A Dublin lady informs her charming customers that the has returned from Paris with an assortment of " Steel Petticoats !"? Ezekang* It is now generally conceded that the fair Ophelia wore one of these greatcoats Hence, Hamlet says : ?'No, go?4 ir other, here's more attractive UT~ A Lowell (Mass ) newspaper asserts th*t the fecale operatives in that city receive a thousand to fifteen hundred love letters per diem, and that the town of Lowell can tain out ten miles of beaaty. We will take half a mil* ?Lou Courier. Tic) f'tt with the usual belongings, would do us. But we thought beauty; like sugar, was measured in ho;p9. ry A female writer says, ' Nothing looks worse on a lady than darned stockings Allow us to observe that stockiugs which need darning, look worse than darned ones ? Ex 'katgt Stockings look best, surely, without any "darned holes in them ? Low nana Cour ier. Gentlemen, you Lad be'ter attend to your "wd imittiHjr and let the itjuxj complained of Ai*/ itself ?Bjston /'<>?/. Yes, or you may get u unttd.? Wash. Star. jy Over a hundred loaves of light bread were seised at Montreal last week, and dis tributed to the poor I^TTbe judicial election in Georgia has passed off, resulting in the election of but one new judge?Hon E G Cabinis to the bench. ty Christmas had a singular effect in Tex as. The Indianola Bulletin says, "Our town bai been rather dull, owing to the holidays " Fit al Do?l at Ntw Orl*a*s ?Wa e?py the followiag from the Picajane of the 20th instant: Yesterday a do called affair of honor came off on the Metairie Ridgo, near the race oour*?. in whieh one of the parties was in stantly killed. The facts of tho oase, so far as we have learned, are as follows: The chal* lenger was Mr. George W White, a book keeper in a large hardware establishment, and his antagonist, (who was killed) was Mr. Parkecham t.eBlane, a deputy sheriff who at t?nded the Supreme Court. We last saw Mr LeBlane when he was engaged in reading the death warrant of Kennedy on Friday last. On the evening of the same day, as we learn, he went to a society ball at Masonic Hall, on St. Charles street, and found some difficulty in obtaining admission for a lady who accompanied him. This caused him to retire in anger, and when subsequently he met Mr. White, who was one of the acting managers of the ball, he deliberately spat in bia face. Mr White then challenged him, and. the challenge being accepted, the par ties met at 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon, to settle their difficulty with double-barrelled guns at fifteen paces " At the given signal Mr White fired, and his antagonist wts phot through the heart, but hi* finger was on the trigger, and in falling he discharged his piece, though without doing any execution. His body was then carried to his residence on Bourbon street, and an in quest will be held on it this morning. What became of Mr White after the fatal Issue we have not learned.1' Whits, Perfumed Breath and beau* tiful Complexion can be acquired by using the " Balm of a Thousand Flowers." Beware of counterfeits. The immense success of the " Balm'' has brought out hosts of counterfeits and imposter*. Be sure each bottle is signed FetriJge A Co., and for sale in this city at Shillington's bookselling and stationery es tablishment, Odeon Building, corner Four and-a-half street and Pennsylvania avenue. Gilman'a I nstantanesns Liquid Hair Dye be* pravsn Itself to all wlio have be?n f irtnnate enough to cse it to be the wr. rur* t?LT*a of *11 tie H AIR PTES?o-ly on* kind required for elt!i?r blacV or bro*?u Prepared l.y Z. D GILMaX, Washln^t^n, p. o.? and lold In Bait no>re by SETH S. HANCK. jau SO lw Came ! 1 Saw !! I Csnqnered !!!"? Thus write Jnllns Casar, Alexander or somebody else, to ? >me dlstlngulelied annate, and we have thongi t, with h<<w mueh more Irnib ni'ghi Mr*. M. N. Gardner, the celebrat?d Indian Poctre-ot, have written arch a sentence of hoisting, when with her Ba'sam of Liverwort ami Hoarhoncd alie came. mw, aud conquered Cods, Cough*. As hma. Croup, Bronchl?t? and Cocsamptiou. si etching doomed cues frtm the avsrfCTous i*w? of >*eath. Ma??r*. Week* A Potter, No. 1?4 Washington street, Boa ton. General Areata. For Sale by W. H. tSlliuen. Charles ?>tott, Nairn * Palmer, Z. D. Oilman, aud by Drwi<t> *?n Jan 57?lw. Ue ... very low lor ca?li or to punctual customers. British and Ft- nrh Plate r . -. 1 * ... IJ^Painls.Olls, W iid?w Glaaa.? A Inrg at c< ker t constantly m hand, an! will be *o!d very low tc ca?li or to punctual cnatomer*. British and French Plalr f r *>?rea at d dwelling* of any aiz?. however large, I >r **1* ?t import-rs' New Y> rk prices. Ornatnei tal and St?ir.ed (Ve-s uf every variety of pattern, Inrnlabed at short notice S.'.roplea ran oe seen at lit* stirs. I would e?p?cj.?lly call the attention of builder* and gen tlenien ehoiu ?re<*t|rg hui'dlTigs to tho above, a* by \tir r??a?In5 of the? will save *b?>ut twauiy fire per rent., l>? ? Me? trie r!*k of tramportAtlon, which i* *11 ltom worthy of <r?n*i'ierAtiou. 4?reeo-k>oa e %nd hot giant .tlweyn on ktnH *1 m%ijofictarcr'? priret. Z. D. Uiivax. Prnxjgi-t, j?tE 23 7t 350 Peun^jlvnu % tveune. JT^Brtwa'i Bronchial Vrackei.???W? bare found them of great *?rr1co ,n allaying Bronchial Irrlta tlon, and In Ko%r*enee* pr?,doced by Colds,^and d ? our clerical brethren a real f?rnr In calling their aU?utlon ti them."?Zlin's Herald. " We commend them to the at tention of pnbt'c epeeker*. ?lnger?, and otli?r* who are troubled with affection* of the Throat."?Cbrlet'an Watch man. "ForOoughs. A?thina, k<'., we cheerfully hear te*tl mony from p?r*o?al knowledge to tb*1r efficacy."?Ballon'* Pictorial. " They are a simple aad e'egaat form for admin l*tertng. In combination, eeveral medislnal ercbetanee* held In general eeteem among Phyeiciana In the treatment ol Bronchial affection*."?Dr. O. F. B1ge!ow. Containing no oplnm or deleterlon* drug*, tliene l>^i?ngea can be need freely by public speakers aud vocallnt* for clearing and giving etrenjth to the voice. Sold by all Drnggl't*. Octlt-tf JAMKS N. CALLAN, Agent. Importanl to the Ladles'.?Dr. Dn TONCO'9 rrUALt PILLS.?Tke comblpa'ion of Ingredi ent* In the PU!' are perleclly harmlee*. Their efficacy and merit* are b?s-.-d opoc aa ?il?rjiihe pi ?"t!ce of ov? r thirty yeara; aud, where the direction* hive been Mrlctly fol lowed, they have never failed to ? ->rreel all Irregr.iarltlee, r*ll?*e palafnl and dlQcalt ineu?:rn*:l<>n, (partlcnlarly.l at the chance of life. They will cere t?:e Whit ^*. and iem< . * alj o'oatrnctloc* arls'.ng from cold, exposure or au; cense*; ? nd may he used arc eeefally as a Preventive. Call cpou the a^ent, and get a Clrcniar for particulars free. Price tl per box, w'tb full directions. Sold wholesale and retail ty CH AS. Sll>TT. iirugglet, P., SAMt'KLB. Wa!TK,5J? Seventh stree', >Vashlngton, R. C!.f a id R. S. T. C1X"<FI., Oecrg'town ; to whom ill ord? r? r-nst be sent, aad the Pill* will be sent eoafdentlally, by mall, to ladlee who enclose them one dollar. N. B.?See signature on the box; tocooutsrfelllt It for; ?ry. 1* 1-tf tTBr?ndr*tli'i Pills.?The Weak, the C msunaptlve, Hhenmatlc.Coetlve. BIMone and Pellrete, alter someda>'s nee will And renewed streng'h aud life pervade every organ if their fratuee Kveryd .ee make* the Mood purer. The nervre coinmeLce In the arteries and terminate lu the veins. The*e pills, aa a first e.Te't, act npon the ar terial blood, increaelug the circulation, by which iKpnrltle* are deposited In the veiiia. an1 they throw off such ci,'lec tions Into the bow?ls. which organ, by the energy de-lved from BraudretVs Pills, expel* them f ?,m the sys eui. When flr?t us?d. the pills n ay occtalon griping, and even n.ak?r the patient feel w r*e; this ninst be borne with for the go; d to come aOerwarda No gteat good Is often achieved without some trouble In lu attainment, and thia rule appltee to the re<-overy of health. Tliese symptom* 'nly occur where the body ha* long ('.meg-led nnder a load of impure, tenacious humors. A - >neecative n*e f'ir a few days will satUfy itae most nnt>elievlr e of the gieat go^>d the pills are dolt g. The direction* should be carefally studied. If t.nderst< od aud followed, health and vigor will, in a majority of c>.??, bo S'> cured by the uee of KK VNDJiKrH'S Plils. 8?.ld at JS cei.t? per ho* at *i C<nal street, Brandret'i Building, New Vorit; by T. '.V. oyott * Sons, 132 north Secni-d street, Phiia<2?lpii:*, and by medicine dea'.er* gener ally. nov ?tf MARRIED, <>n the *23th Instant, by the Rev T W. Greer, Mr. COLLY \V BEAN, to Mira ELIXAltbTM FU9^, both of thin city ? On the 27th Instant, by the Rev G W. Samson, Mr. 16 N ATI US CLKMKMTS to Mrs JANE CUNNINGHAM, both of Georgetown on the iWth lnstast, by thf K?^?. G \V t-'anriHon. Mr LOGAN PRKC19E, of l>'fr*b?jrg. Va , to Mlsa CATHERINE 3.M1 ril. cf Le.'ab irp. Va OlSD, On Friday, the "JO'.h Instant, after a short, but aevere l!lr.<ss, JOtlN S. HAW, la the 21th >ear or hli age Hla f antral will taVe place onSu (lay afternoon, the lit of February, a: 3 o'clock, from Browna' Hote>, to which the friends of th-j family ?re re? apectfolly invited to zttend On Thursday, .he 29:b Instant, arer a short, bu' painful lUaem, Mr. KtUlILN BROWN, in the 18th year of hla The frlrnda and acquaintances of the faml'y are >ef pectfully invited to attend hla funeral on Sunday, the 1st February, at 2 o'clock, from his lite residence, No a~l 7th street. ? On the 27th Instant, by tbe Rlj;ht Rev Mr H>rne, Mr WM. U ELWOOD lo M1m MAR THA A LONGSTER, both of this city ? At the residence of Mrs Mary Fo?, Prlne* William's County, Va , on Monday, tbe 25tb Ir stant, M1NTA E., wife of Wm II. Pleaaants, and youn^eat daughter of the la eSamuel Smoot, of thl* ci y. At Parkersburg, Va , on tbe 19th Instant, DA VID GUTHRIE McCREARY. Esq , publisher of UiC Parkert,burg Gazette, In the 3lin year of hla age On the 2Sth loatant. Miss M. A PEARCE, aged '5 years and i ironths, a native of Virginia. 1UW, lYt A BEAUTIFUL WORK. OF ART FOR 9>ala?At HOOD'S Jewelry Store. Pern, avnue?A CAMEO LIKENESS OF WASH TON, peifect a* a portrait, and exquisite as a sptclmen of art it was e?ldentlv cut many years ago, and la the only thing of the kind In America. JaniW I'* IOST? ON THK2UI INSTANT, A I.ARGE J New'oandltrd DOG, about nlne^? mcnths old, awswers the name of Leo B^ly blaca and white, a white ring arouuU ite ueca, white feet and tall tipped with walte. A l.beral reward will be glvea by returning hliu to No 183 Pennsylvania avenue and 17th street j.n'^-at^ TH? KEl?NO SUCH WORD A* FAIL. IV[OTWITHSTANDING THE SNOW, WE are In dally receipt o' line. fre?h> OYS 1ERS And when you cann>ty get item at any other p.ace? we can aupp y you SC 'WAR/E k DRURV, jjn 29 3: 4 t) 11th at , 2d door above E_ NOTICE. TIME I It MONEY. (BLOCKS ?CLOCKS !! ? CLOCKS Call V7 at the ?r?at Clock Empoilum, opposl e a^ai Hrownm1 Hole), andiuethr a-iiorf- 14J1 meLjC' tol??lile of New York Hf I Good Clocks warrant!d for 50. AUo.all k,Snf * Clock Materials. OU?, Cords, Balls, Keys, Weights, 4c The trade auppllet at wholesale Pr'c^*.' ca ^or g!>ea In exchange for old Sl.ver or Gold Watches Also, go<>d atch's for ?ale low. Call and see for yourselves at J ROB1 Nt*ON'?*, Ml) l a av , jin27 im opposite Browns'Hotel. tUPARTNEKStMIH NOTlCC. 1M1E UNDERSIGNED HAVE ENTERED Into partnership under the Arm of GARDNER A PLACE, for the purpo e of carrying on the business of Coach Making In all it branches,and would respectfully solicit the patronage of their friends and the public generally. Their Factory is at 533 ltth street,south of Penn rvlvanla avenue. The stand formerly occupied b? 'r J Gardner. THO* AS 1. GARDNER, jii-* JONAH W. PLACE. For Bait and Rent. po* ?a three-story and at ?... Hr . House, on I street, between 6th and ? ? n n 4 *? 133 d<*P to ? alley. Price ?> 44 ^rrms: One quarter cash j balance In 1, 3, 4. and 5 years Apply at 521 i street, next door but one _ jan gb tf pOR RENT?NEAR THE NEW GOV! t? e'nnr,6Dt Printing Ofll-e, a convenient bwel ling House, containing six Rooms and rtltchen. The House Is tltusted on Pelrce street, between 1st and North Capitol streets. To a gool tenant v ^ rent ?' w11* ^e charged. Apply to the undersigned, opposite the premises, or it my atall at the Centre Market. janJO-tf CHARLES THOMA.__ P?.R ?ALE ?A THREE STORY AND AT M. Uc Brick House, on 1 street, between 6th and . h streets Price *2 ?ro Occupied by R G. Hyatt Also, several Building Lots.?one on 9th atreet, near New York avenue; ecd several cn 11th street Tbe above property will be eoid on accommo. dating terms Aptly to the subscriber, on 11th street, near K street Jan 2*3-lw GEO. T. LANG LEY. P*OR RENT ?IN GEORGETOWN, ON 2D ? street, between Frederick and 1st, a Brick House, with 5 moms, bussmtnt, klt:h"n, and eel? lar Inquire on the premises. jan 27 lw A FRAME HOUSE AND LOT FOR Sale? On M street, betweenjimii and 21st streets, on Square No. 09. Terms?nne third cash; the bal ance In two equal Instalments, of six and twelve months, with a deed Riven and a deed or trust iaken. For farther particulars Inquire of THOMAS HAYS, near the premise*. Jan 24 -lw* For rent-the STORE-ROOM Re cently occupied by E M Drew, Merchant Tailor. No 516 7th street, Immediately opposite the office 0f tj,e National Intelligencer. For terms, apply next door to GEO. \V COCHRAN, Cigar and Tobacco Dealer. jm 16-tf TWO LARGE ROOMS SUITABLE FOR OENTLEMEN TO BE RENTED ?They also, can be Boarded In the house if desired Apply to THOS POTENTINI, No. 279 Penn. avenue, aouth side. dec 17 For rent.?the second and third stories of the House over the Leather Store of Mr. J C. SHaFER, opposite the National Tfcea tre Inquire on the premises. declO-eotf For sale or rent?that desira ble residence on F street, between 20th and 'or tlie last e'?^t Ve^re occupied by the late J M. Chubb, Esq. Possession given Immedl ately. inquire of R1GGS A CO au 12-eotf Farms for sale?intending to cultivate a larger farm, the subscriber will sell the farm in Alexandria county, Virginia, on which he has resided for the past seven years. It contains 51 acres, and Is situated near Balls y Roads, 3% miles from the tfaorgetown Aqueduct, and fi mil. s from both Washington and Alexar drla. There are upon ft a comfortable and well arranged dwellng house, containing six rooms, wita front and back covered p. rtlcos, the former 38 by 12 feet; a kitchen ; a comfortab'e house for servants or farm bands; a large and convenient barn, v/lth stabling for six horses and as many cows, and an ampleclstern (attached to the barn;') a root cellar unrirr the barn, to hold 2,000 bushel* of roots for market or stock feeding; Icehouse; ' spring house; smoke house ; corn h'iuse; a stone market root house, and a store house. Also, a good dairy near tbe homestead door, from the never falling spilng of which water !s obtained for all the requirements of the occupants. There is also cn tbe place an orchard of mere than a thousand thrifty trees of different plantl-gs con sistiag of the choice?t varieties tf pesches, ap ples, pears, (dwarf and standard,) cherries ajid 3uinces At present fourteen acres re reeded own to wheat and rye; six in timothy, (yielding an ave.agc of at lejst two tons per acre.) four in 'a market garden; four in clover; twelve ready to be put in corn and o?ts in the sprln*, and eleven In wood, of which there Is an ample supply for all the purrosea of the place This farm has been cultivated with care and is very productive, no pains having been spared to render ii remuner ative, and to make it complete in all its appoint ments. For a dairy man and market garden farmer, or a nursery man, or for the country resi dence of a person doing bnslne?s in either neigh boring city who prefers a place already ia all respects highly Improved it is superior to any other now for sa'e Ai?<\ THE BLADEN FARM, (BO acres) situ ated within lejs than a quarter cf a miie of the Columbia and Lecsburg turnpikes, the former leading to Washington, and the latter to Alex andria This place Is in the immediate vicinity of Bailey's x Koadsjin Alexandria cninty, Va .) and Is about fix rnllps from both cities<?d above. 11 has upon it an orchard of about 350 chol< e peach trees, most of them lately set out, a dwel ling- ho>s?e that can be made comfortable for a farmer's family at small cost, some t tabling, and or.e of the finest springs in all this region of country. There is wood enough upon the tract for its necessities. There is no better soil within thirty miles cf Washington than that of this B a den place; nor any such place that can be ren dered remunerative at lean cost by proper atten tion ; the land being in fine heart at this time. For terms for either or both these farms, which will be made to suit the times, apply to d?29- W P. WALLACH, Star Oflce. FOR RENT-THAT LARGE AND AJRY House on Penn avenue, between flt'. and 7th streets, ever A. Hoover 4. Son's Sho ? Store, ?nlta ble for a flr?t-class Boarding-House. It is now undergoing a complete repair Possesion given immediately. Inquire of A. HOOVER A SON, south aide of Penn. avenue, between Uth and 7th oc 30-tf THE FIFTH ANNUAL BALL MONTGOMERY GUARDS WILL BR (1IVKN AT THK ASShMRLY ROO MS, on Loitisiani Avnw, TUESDAY KVKNMO, February 3d THE MONTGOMERY GUARDS PLEDGE them.-elves to spar? no pains to make thl< pleasant and aereeable to all who will favor them with their patronage. Esputa's Exceiknt Band Is engaged for the oc casion No hats shall be worn in the Ball Room except by the mlliuuy. Ladles invitations will net be Issued, but In lieu thereof a gen- ral invlta'.ion is extend -d io their lad/ friends by the Montgomery Guards "I ickfts ONE DOLLAR?admitting a gentle man anl ladled. Cornmitti* of A^ran^rm-mi. Lieut G S Old Held, IMv 1. M? one, Lieut Jas K 'lleher, Corpl P Carroll, Sgt T Mc.Enlry, t^'r M 'r J Miher. Ensign T Wall, jan 21 dtb STOCK IN THE OLD DOM I N ION COAL COMPANY, KANAWHA COUNTY VIRGINIA. mURSCRlPTIONM WILL IIE RKCHVED ^4 at the banking House of Chubb Rrotbers for the remaining sto^k of the above company, be ing three hundred shares. The capital etock is ftco ooo (dollars,) of which 870,000 has been subscribed. The mines are now prepared for active operations, and 6 per cent interct will i?e guiranteed upon tbe stock now offered for sale by the original stockholders, for the period of tw-> years Particulars in regard to the stock, and Its pros &l7BROTHta?S"OWn ? J?n-7 P P DANDRIDGE, Agent. CARD. 'HE SUBSCRIBER ADOPTS THIS Means of making known to the citizens of Washing ton, Georgetown, and the surrounding country, that he has now in store a carefully and well s? lected stock of the be* ENGLISH HOSIERY of the most celebrated and be<t mtkers in CO T TON .THREAD, MERINO,SILK,and LAMB'S WOOL; also Hretell's celebrated SILK UN DER GARMENTS. Particular attention is paid to the purchase of Children's Hosiery which h :s been so difficult to tind good here, heretofore. As it Is the intention of the subs3jiberto dev.-te Particular attention to the HOSIfcKY BUSI NESS, he feeis confidence In saying ttat he will always have on hand in season, everything in the line of Honle'V that may be required. and~at very reasonable prices A "bare 0f your patronage Is respectfully sollcfcd. FRANK A McGEE, Jan 2H Steo 241 I'a av , bet 12ih and 13th ste SPECIAL. NOTICE. THOSE OF OUR CUSTOMERS THAT ,f not ??ttled their bills, as rendered to 31st ' 8re re1lie?'ed earnestly to da so by the ^ath inetant, by cash or notes a? short dates We thin* ibis a very reasonable lequest, and If not complied With wesiiall be compelled to discon tinue their accounts e again tender our thanks to these many cu? tomers who buy of us for cash, and those who pay their bills promptly, and shall be happy to "/TwIi iTiw8 f ,, nr}e< with a wp'l assorted stock of GOODS, of the best class for genenl family consumption _ COLLEY A SEARS, No. 5-^3 < th st., 3 doors above Pa. avenue janl7-eo?t T' I)OTATOES?1000 BUSHELS PRIM F I white MERCER POTATOES, In store ar.d for sale iu lota to suit purchasers PETER BERRY. Jan 27-tf 85 ^V ater street, Georgetown Dutch hkkking._just received Holland Herring new. ' JONAS P. LEVY Jan 24-1 w No. 387 Penn. avenue. plKE HLAOES BUTTER?TWENTY * kegs of very aupeilor Glades Butter, in store and for tale low, by HARTLEY A BROTHER, jan 23-2# 101 Water street, Georgetown. AUCTION SALES. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer POFFEE, WATCHES, ENGLISH WAL. ~ at AucU#?.-On

SATURDAY, the 31st instant. I shall sell, In lr,ont.- my..8u*e' corn*r of 7th and D street*, No 5'X, at 10 o'clock a. m ? 13 bags Java Coffee 2 bags English Walnuts IS new Wardibbes 4 Dry cane and w od wat Chalra 1 Sleigh, which will be Bold to the highest bid der, on account of whom It rray concern Mahcgany Sofa*, Dressing Bureaus 3 second-hand Gold Watches 1 do Sportsman's do With a large ass rtmeatof other ar iclei to* nu m*rous to enumerate It A. GREEN, Auc<lo:>err._ By WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auctioneers. WE INVITE THE ATTENTION OP booV-buyers to the sale of English and American Books, which will be continued THIS EVENING, at 7 o'clock, at Store No. 370 Penn sylvania avenue, Browns' Marble Building. Books for examination and private sale during the day. WALL BARNARD A CO , Jan30-3t Auctlcneers. 'l'RlSTKE'S S\LE OF "IHOBR'S OUT 1 Fishery. "?By virtue of a decree of the Cir cuit Court for Charles county, Maryland, sitting a* a Court of Equity, the underelgned, ss trustee, will off.* at Public Sale, In the City tf Alexan dria, Virginia, In front of the Mayor's office, on THURSDAY, the 5th day of February next, at 12 o'clock m.. those two several pieces or parcels of Lmd, situated in sa'd county, called >? Wheel er's Palm" and "O'borne's Haziard," contain ing together some 210 acres, more or le?s, with that well-known and valuable Fl'hlng Shore at tached, on the Potomac Klver, commonly known as 1 ? Thorn's Gut." and all the rights, privileges, and Improvements there o b? longing, of which Samuel Lunt, late of said city of Alexandria, died possessed The tenns of sale by the decree, ate ss follow? One-fourth of the purchase money to ije pi id in cash on the day vf sale; and the remainder in equal instalments in six,, elijhtten and twenty-four months, with lntere*t thereon from said day of sale, to be secured by the bonds cf the purchaser, with sure ies to be approvrd by the Trustee; upon payment of which the Trustee is authorized to convey the property JOHN \V. MITCHELL, Trustee ITT the CREDITORS OF SAM'L LUNT, 'ate of the city of Alexandria, deressed, sre here by notlfl'd to file their claims, with the vouchers thereof, ii the effire of the clerk of the Circuit Court for Charles county, within six months from the day of sale of the above land. JOHN W. MITCHELL, Trustee. THE UNDERSIGNED IS authorized to off r for s*le, at the time and place above specified, a pcod and complete Fishing Fix, In cluding Seine, Boit, Ac . a fart of which Is now upon the above place, and the rerralnder In Al exandria The t-rms to b? made known at the sale jan 3('-eoi* JOHN W. MITCHELL. CATALOGUE OF PARIS CLOAKS, TO BK SO LD AT A UC TIO .V, On TUESDAY, January S7thi WITHOUT PESKRVg, at the Store of CLAGKTT, NEWTON, MAY A CO. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock. JAMES C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. ivoma No I Pro Mo're Antlqneand VelvetCloak, ft SO No 2 Blue A blk Ve vet A M Ant, do 5M No 3 B:k Velvet a-id Moire Antique, <lo 35 No 4 Green Satin; very rich, do 5.'? No Handsome Brown Cloth, do 25 No 6 Black Velvet, very plain, d<? 4? No 7 Tan Cloth and Moiie Antique, do 20 No 8 Bro. Cloth and Moire Antique do 20 No 0 Fancy Cloth Circular, do 20 No 1" Brown Trimmed S?'In, do 25 Noll Rich Mlver Brown Vel?et, do 4' No 12 Drab Cloth, trlm'd with velvet, do 23 No 13 Blue Watered teilk, do 4% No 11 Orab Embroidered Cloth do 50 No 15 Brown do do do 22 No 1? Brown do do do 43 No 17 L't Drab Cloth A Moire Antique do 2? No 18 Drab Embossed Cloth do V5 No 10 Black Cloth Traveling - do 10 No 20 Blk Moire Antique and Velvet (Shawl) do 22 No 21 Do do do do '/i No 22 Handsome l?lk Velvet (plain) do 30 No 23 Do Moire Antique and Velvet do 50 fto 21 Rich Black Moire Antique and Velvet do 56 No 25 Hnndsome Black Velvet do 65 No26 Veiy elegant blk Ve-1 vet do t"5 No 27 Very elegant Ulk Moire Antique do 75 No 2S Handsome Cloth Taima do 2-) Novo do do do 20 The above Goods murt le sold. Terms cash. Several hand>omc Crimson Crafe ShawW, Cashmere Shaw's, and Eve ning Dress Goods will be i ff-red after tie sale of Cloaxs The Cloaks will he (tiered at private sale until the dav named abo?e jan2l-d J.C MeQUIRE,Auct. T?7"The nl>;ve sale is postponed in rese quence of the rain until thursday, January *9, same hour J.C McGUIRE. jm27-d Auctioneer. The Sale Is Postponed, in cons qrenc.e ?.f the Inclement we.ther. until TUESDAY, February 3, same b( ur and pla* e jin30-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, A??c r. ICE CREAM At 3?Cents Per Quart. Hotels, boarding-houses and others will find It mu:h cheaper and better than they make It. Fairs and otiior benevolent entertainment* can have it at less price, at the PENNSYLVANIA DEPOf, Jan 3-!m? Corner F and Pith streets. S. P HOOVER'S IKON HALL BOOT, SHOE. A Till IK K4TAIK.imo! t >!T. ? HAVE ON HAND A LARGE ASSORT * inent of La dles', Misses and Cbilircns' white Satin and Kid, heeled and wlth ou heels, Gaiters and Slipp<?rs; La dle black bronze' and c. lored cloth. button, he?led Gaiters. Morocco Boots, Buckskin, Double-sole. Water Proof Gait ers, Quilted Silk, Alpine Boots and Gaiters For Gentlemen Boys, ar<l Youths, French Imported Patent Leather and Calf Long and Short, Double and single sole Hoots and Congress Gaiters. / lso, a splendid assortment No. 1 sole leather Trunfcs, Valines. Valine Carpet Bags, Ladies Hat Cases and Trunks; being a larger stock at this season than usual. 1 will sell my heavy goods cheap for the cash, and cash only Call earlv at S ?\ HOOVER'S, jin2?-2w pa ave., bet 0th and 10th sts. CHAUNCEY WARRINER, WATCH MAKER, NO. 31 4* STREET, SIGN OF THE LARGE and small Watch with Chain, near Shilling ton's Periodical Depot, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and \% street. WATCHES. JEWELRY SILVER WARE. WATCH REPAIRING. Ac. Chronometers, Repeating Watches, Duplex, Mantle Clocks, Lever, Jewelry, and II or zontal, Silverware Musical, and REPAIRED. J EWE RY and SILVER WARE made to order. 1T7"moved from 370 Penn a avenue. Browns Hotel, to the above location nov 21 er3m C. WARRINER TO CONFECTIONERS. Proposals will be received un tll the 1st day of HVbruary next for the exclu sive privilege of selling confectionery and other refreshments (except Intoxicating crlnks) at the third t-xhibltion rf the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute, to be opened on the 2d and close about the "Kith of March next. The bidder must af-rvn to fit up the spare allot ted to him in a creditable style and in harmony with th? gene al decoration of the hall, tie must also give satisfactory evidence of his ability 10 furm-?h articles of the best qualltv. Address the undersigned, Superintend) nt of the Exhlblt'on, at his office, 401 F street, cor of 7th dec 27-eotFebl CilAS. F STANSBUKY. INTEREST ALLOWED 01? DEPOSITED. MONEY to LOAN oh STOCK SECURITIES. times. Opposite the Treasury THE HOUSE OF CHUBB BROTHERS, Washington, <? AAmnOFAtfl of CHAS. stJ. CHUBB, JOHN D. BARROW. HENRY HOLMES. THE HOUSE OF CHUBB BROTHER, BARROW & CO Davknpokt, low., 1 Is composed of CHAS. StJ. CHUBB. ALEX'R H. BARROW', )aa*7-tf WM. H. DOUGAL. AUUT1QW THU AFTSMTOOS ATP tO-KO??QW. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. SriN OP FINK TUIIJle HOKSKI AT k? Auction.? On SATURDAY. th" Hat Instant 1 nhall sell, In front or my store, at 10 o'clock a m., a pall of bandsom- young Hon**, dark bays, which work well In double or single harness,and ride well Terms cf Mle : One fourth cash; balance in?o and 90 days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing ln'erefct. A. GREEN, jan*S-3t Auctioneer. By A.tiRKEN, Auctioneer 'pKI'STEK'S SALE.?On THURSDAY the I 2??tli day of January, 1*57, at 4 ^ o'clock p m , In front of tbe premises, by virtue of a deed of trust to me, dated .May 12th, 1851, and recorded In Liber J . A S . No 77. folios 4P5, Ac , one of the land records of Washington county. District of Columbia, Let No 1, Square No.5?9, having a fiont on Third street west of 45 feet 9 inches, and 75 feet on G street scuth. Terms cash. All conveyance* at the cost of the purchaser. J* H. GODDARD, trustee jan 1. -.)!Adf A GREEN, Auct'r. 117* The above Sale Is Postponed. in eta* sequence of inc einent weather, u=tll THURS DAY . the 12th day of February next, same hour and pi; ce. by oider of the Trustee jan k9-3tAds A. GREEN, Auc'r. By J AS. C McGUIRE, Auctioneer. SUPEKIUR PIANOS, FURNITl RC, and Household Effects at FuMic Sale.?On WEDNESDAY V.OKNINtf. February 4th. at 10 o'clc-ck, at the seminary and residence of the Rev. Wm. J. Clarse. on fc street, between 8th and !t:h, 1 shall sell his furniture and effects, com ? rising? ery superior rorewocd Chlckerlng Pianofor'e, Cover, and Stool 2 excellent mahegany case Pianofortes W rim it J-of*, Paticr and Ro~k'ng Chal.'s Walnut Bookcase, Whatnot Plush Arm-chair, Tables Handsome Pictures, in gilt frames ; Books Brussels, three ply, and lnsraln Carpets \V ain't Wardrobes, Dressing Bureau, Bedstead*. and Wasbstands Mattresses. Bolsters, and Pillow* Looking GDssts, Chairs. Tables Gas Pendants and Fixtures. Bookshelves Cooking and otber Stoves, Tin Safe Together with a general assortment of kitchen utensils Terms: ? W ar.d under, cash ; over that sum a credit of 6 > and 9:? davs, for satisfactorily cn dored notes, bearing interest jan-29-d JAS C. McGUIR E, Auct. By WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auctioneer* IAHffE AN O PERKY1PTORY RALE OF -i Brandy, V> hiskies, Ac., at Public Auc tion.?On THURSDAY MORNING* Jaruary 23th, we will tell at our auetl n rooms (on ac count of whom it may concern) a choioe article of Brtndv, Whiskies, Ac , vl?: 2 V-casks 4:h-nroof Henecey Brandy ft lif do fine Cognac do 1 V do do do do 2>? cases do do 10 barrels pure Magnolia Whisky 1 \ -cask Jamaica do Also, hoxe* Palm Soap 10chests imperial and Gunpowder Tea iU bcxe* Mould Candles, Ac Tcge'her with a lot of other Groceries not here mcniioced Sale positive Term*: ard under, ca?h ; over that amocnt a crtdlt of rt'J end SW days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing Interest. WALL, BARNARD A CO , Jan 21-dts Auctioneers llj~ The nbore Sale it Postponed until SATURDAY MORNING, list Inst , same hour. WILL BE AtDED, 5 eighth casxs Brandy, 5 14 do 5 kegs do All of which will be sod to the highest bidder. _j n ."J WALL, BARNARD A CO., Aucs. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD F F fects at Pnblic Auction.?-O n THURS DAY MORNING, January, 22d at 10 o'clock, at the residence of J . A. fcbethan. on 1th street be twern Indiana aven;-c and north E street. 1 shell se'l all Ills Furniture and Effects, comprising? Rosewood Boudoir, I'iano Forte and Stool Superior Mahogany Sofa, Packers, ar.d parlor Chairs Ma'ble-top Centre and Sofa Tables Mshojany Card, Dining, and ride Tables (nit frame pi<*rand min'el Glasses Cane and wli d'or Chairs. Lourgc H alnut Whatnot, fancy Chairs Damask and Lare Curtains, Shrdcs Mahogany French ar d Cottage Bed'leads Curled Lair ar.d hu >k Mattres>es Feather Beds, Bolste s, and Pillows Dressing and plain Bureaus, Wardrobes Washstands, TQllet Set?, Looking Glasses Superior Brusse s. thioe-ply, and other Carre's Stair Carptt, Rugs, Oil CIctb, Ac Grznite Oinrer Ware, China Tea Set Silver plated Castors, Tabic Cutlery Glas. ware, Crockery-ware, Fire Irons Excellent Cooking at d other Steves Togeth r with a general assortment cf Household and Kl'chen'R-qul'-ltes Tfcrms: f'i.i and tader, cash ; over that aum a credit of r.o and 90days, fursatisfa-'orily endorsed notes, Ije.nJpg interest jxaJG-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. The above Sale is Foatponed until WEDNESDAY MORNING. Jan. iSth, sane hour. jan'il JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auc'r. IC/^'lbe Rbove sale is farther postponed unai TUESDAY morning, February 3, same heur and place. JAS C. McGUIRE, j in 2^-d Aucticneer. By WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auctioneers. C* I o nnn worth of jewelry, V o?ld, Silver. and Plated, llunliug. and tpeu-fneed Watches, Mold ihuins Src.. at Public Auction?On THURS DAY EVLINING, January 22d, (and svery eveb ing until tfce whole is disposed of) we will sell, r?t 370, under Browns' Hotel, the largest stock cf Jewelry, Ac , ever rflVred at public auction in this city All cf which will positively be sold, without regard to cost. Consisting in part, vlx : Gold, Silver, and Plated, Hunting, and Open fined Watcbes Gold Ch* ns, ?.old Bosom Pins, and Ear Drops Do Cameo, Mo ale, and Gold Stone Pins, and Ear Drops to match Gold Bracelets, Cxmeo, and Mo.aic. all sires Gold and Sl.ver Thimbles, Gold Loi kets do Cold Studs, Sleeve Buttons, and Ear Drops Geld Finger Kings, Watch Keys and Fobs Also. Pearl. Shell, ar.d Silver Card Cas^s PortTjonales, Pea Krlves, Ac. With many otter articles too numerous to laeu t!on. Terms: and under, cash; over that amount a cedlt of iOand CO days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, beating interest WALL, BARNARD A CO , jan 22 d Auctioneers. No. 3b? ra ave., opposite National Motel, JONAS P. LEVY, IMPOUTER ASD DEALER 1?C TIM AVINES, BSANDIRS, 0B0CERIES AND CIGARS, HAS IN STORE a VERY CHOICE As sortment of Champagne in qiwta ar d pin's, 1XL; and Trcsan de Bausey, ana other deslrab e Brands; Brandy in cask and bottle*. Vlniate 1777 to 1340; Rums of allkluda; Whiskeys 1@'0 to 1850 ; Holland Gin of a'l klnda; Claret Wines of all brands Burgundys do do Saturne do do Sherry do do Maderla do do Port do do German do do Hock do do Italian do do Hungarian do do English Ale and Porter of all brands Cigars do do Cordials do do Cio?> A Black well's London Pickles and Presews cf all kinds C?.tf;C Sugar, leas, Ac. , Ac. CG7 Penn avenue, opposite National Hotel, jan V'3-ly JONAS P. LEVY. DANcma. S eco so ANU LAST QUARTER. PROF. H. W.MUNDER, RESPECTFULLY announces o u's friends and the *? ft public generally, that his second and la.?t quarter will commence from the 1st to the of February. Ail that wish to prepare for the Grand May Fesllsa1, would do' well to enter their names Immediately. 1 The Fancy D'.rces this season, will far excel any taat has ever been lr.trodu ed In this city by himself or any other teschcr. His agreeable Soirees, which has been to ex tensively patronized this season, will continue every WEDNESDAY EVENING, (weather per mitting) until further notice. jan a3-4w T TO C< TTON PLANTERS* HE ADVERTISER IS DISPOSED TO remove further south a force of Negroes 1 will join seme gentleman pwulng laid In Ala bama, Mississippi, or Texas in Cotton Planting in copartnership A correspondence is invited with persons so inclined, and witb a view to it The name to address of the advertiser Is left at the desk of the S:ar Office. jm2fl-eolw CARD. ISAACHERZBERG, licensed pawnbroker, Will loan 910,000 in sums to ault, on any articles of value No. 4*29 Pennsylvania avenue, between 34 and streets, jan7-eo8m* TELEGRAPH NEWS. FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRI BY HOUSE PRllfTINO TKLEBKATH. Recruits for Walker Niw OiLiing, Jtonirj 28 ?The f??i sailed this morning wjlb 4H imi and * ItrRi amount of arms ammunition for W alker Striger, the hack robber, hy been arretted at the month of the Mississippi Haw York Jan 2y - The steames Tennes see Failed hencs thU afternoon for Si# Jiw. with 26# reenaita for Walker. Arrival of steamera Naw \<>Bk,J*i) .10 ~Ths steamships Phila delphia, from Havana Tia Old Point Comfort. ?nd Quaker Citj, from Havana 25th inetan', have arrived. Bo^tor. Jan. .Iff?The Arabia, from Liver pool Tin Halifax, hu arrived. ller mails will on forwarded Sonth in the afternoon train. Vermont Legislature. &'osrpiti?, Vt , Jan. 28 ?Gst Fletcher ha? i??ued a proclamation oonvening an antra session of the Legislature <>n February 18, to determine measure* for rebuilding the State House, which was recentlj burnt down. Found Dead. Pitts si* rgb Jan. 2V ?Wm Kidd, a book keeper in the Citizens' Bank, was found dead this morning on the ice, having, it >? supposed, either fell or jumped from the bridge. Naval. Nxw York, Jan 2S ?The U 6 aloop-of ?war Jameatown arrived at Monrovia, Africa, oa the 2Sth of November, from Sierra Loone, and railed fof Cape Pal in m December 2 If aw York Marketa New York, Jan. 30?Floor is droopiog ; salts of -1 000 bbls; State tS.30a$6 40; South ern S7aS7 20. Wheat is dull, sales unimportant. Corn tends downward; sales of 12,000 bushels mixed 69a73j. Pork is stendj; mess $21.25. Beef is firm: Chicago repacked SIjafld 50. Lard is steady at13al3?c Whisky is firm; Ohio 2*a2sic. Financial Nkw York, Jan 30 -Stocks are dnll and lower. Chicago cud Ilock Island 99, Cum oerlmd C<>al Co. 19j; Illinois Centml bonds iJ9; New York Central 94; Heading 801; Vir ginia fi s 91J Missouri 6's S4i Sterling exchange is dud and unsettled. A pRRPETi'al ilovtRtnR ? It seems that owns to the blundering of the lest Legisla ture of Mississippi that State has a perpetual Governor. The Natchez Free Trader of Tues day 1 last say? : " In this late message to the Legislature on this subject, which we publish this morning. Governor McRae says that ho is Governor for life. We should have no objection to his be ing Governor of Mississippi for many years to come, but the organic law of the Stat? pro vides that the Governor shall be elected every two yens Bat it necros that the botch work '?f the Legislature ff 1854, in submitti changes to the con*ti'ution having manag to make the term of governorship perpetual, and no one can tell when the official term of the judges and members of the Legislature will expise The whole affair is iu mud, and for curself we can't see who is to decide the point in question." rpHh 1 Pi LAND WARRANTS LOCATED. E SUBSCRIBER, A RESIDENT OK St 'aul, M 'A , having an extensive knowledge of the Government Lands in Minnesota, W iscon sln.andiowa, and having great expeiieuce In locating the rum*, prepared to enter Warrants to treat advantage to those wishing to Invest Particular attention given to procuring land* contiguous to Railroads when they become sub ject to entry Lauds and Lots,In and about the cities of Super lor, Buyfle d. and St Paul, for sale. M. LINDSLEY, Kirk wood House, jan i:9 1m Washington. D C. ('tth\L JKWELRY.?WE OPEN THIS J morning a large invoice of very elegant Coral Jtwelry of the newtat styles. Also, Stone, Cameo, Florentine, Mosaic, Ac To the above, as well as to our large assert n?ent of Diamond, Pearl, and other rich Jewelry, we Invite the attention of purchasers. M. W UALT A BRO , Jewellers, jan 2#-3t 321 Pa. ?r , bet 9th and 10th *t?. CHAFINO DISHES. day opened, an assortment of high and low covered block tin Chalng, Gain.", and Moat Dishes Price* reduced C. W BOTELER, ian 2?-eo3t House Furr.lsnlngStore, Iron Hall AU HUM. L,lA>H HKtK, ETHLKI&L Oil, Lamps, Ac Also, Artiste' Materials and IJrcshes. The trade supplied at lowest market prices by HOWELL A MORSELL, jan 13 No. 323 C at bet. ?th aed 7th. OlLVKK PLATED GOODS I HAVE ?^j'lst received several heavilv pi ited Tea **ets after the most approve! English Sliver Patterns which 1 will sell at great bargains Also on hand. Plated Castors, Spoons, and Forks, Wait ers and Ten Trays, Cake Baskets, Ac , which will also be sold at a trpri-nziv low price* C W BOTELKR. Genera' House-furnishing Store, Iron Hall, jan 27-lw DENTAL SI RUEON. DRB F. COSBY, PENN AVENUE. BF twe* n Slith and Seventh streets, at the place t< rm?*rly occupied by Dr Van Patten, has just received a very large supply of artl'-les pertainl to dentistry, " the b perfectly _ will give entire satisfaction In every case The and respectfully Invites the public to give him a call. Having devoted bis whole time to the pro fession, he Is perfectly safe In declaring that he best professional references can be seen at his of. lice. nov l?!-tMarcb*i?* F MILE AND CREAM. RE-H MILK AND CREAM, BUTTER, CHEESE, EGGS, HONEY, and VEGE TABLES, constantly on bard. In any quantities, fiom ore of the best Dairy Farms In Marvland, at tSS mth street, near the avenue, by jan 21-lm* H W. aNDRUP DRESS MARINO IN THE MOST MODERN FRENCH atvles, and at the shortest notice. ON HAND - FRENCH BONNETS, with real Lace Trimming, which will be sold very low to reduce stock. M WILLI AN, Market Space, between 7th and 8th jan iT-eolm streets (1A>1 E TO THE SUBSCRIBER , ON THE J 9th ?f December, living on the cor-f s^.. W ner of 2d and H streets south, a ReiRj^v.^ BULLOCK, with wide horns; and . Red COW. The owner Is requested to com^or ward, prove property, pay charges, and take them away, or they will be sold ontheWth of Febuary, to ihe highest bidder, to cover charges jan2fe-Jt* JOHN E MILLS. SELLING OFF AT A GREAT REDUC TION IN PRICKS. IN ORDER TO MAKE ROOM FOR EAR ly Spring purciiasrs, we are offering our pre* ? en*, stock at price.* le.ow the actual cost. We ar*> selling al:-wool plaid Merlncs at Sic ; Union do. 3?X '? line DeLaines from 12 4 to 'J0c ; A large lot of French Merinos, plain, at Mand T5c ; usual prices $1 and SI 25 Shawls, Cloaks and Blankets at a reduction of frrin 25 to 40 per cent. In fact, all of our Winter Goods will be sold at a sacrifice, as we are determined to close it out. J noxon A son, ?? New York Cask More," jan 2T-eo3t* 32? Pa avenue . ,VI, ? , s. side. REMOVAL. tJAMU EL C H 1 L T >kIJii O LA W , AC ,has removed his cfiosU) the ba*. ment of tke house of J?hssoa Hellen, Esq , on the corner of 5th street and Louisiana avenue. dec 3U-lm? dr. VILLARD, Dentist, Latk or Cnicaoo, WOULD respectfully INFORM 0?e cltls'ns of the District and Vicinity, that having located hl^MCS in Wa?hl"gton, h? Is now preparedio^Llj t ttT perform all operations, In his profession, in the most approved style Otttce No 250 Penn. avenue, adjoining Gas tier's _ jan 20-1 j GIBBS'* HAIR MANUFACTORY, Ptn%. artaae, bclwttn 9<4 and 10(4 sifMt*. WIGS, HALF W1HS, BRAIDS, CURLS, Bandanus. Frizscd Rollers, Ac., always on hand, and made to order at a few hoars sotloe. uidles' Hair Dyed,Sbamrooned, Ac ,lnthe?ost complete manner All sorts of Toilet Articles from the best French and English houses No 30? Pa avenue, up stairs, over Darls'Musk Store N. B ?Hair work repaired or taken in ex change. ;a??tw