Newspaper of Evening Star, February 3, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 3, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. w A 8 H I N O TO N C 1 T r: TCKSPAY rihrairr ?, 1*47. SPIRIT OF THE MOWING TtiESS. The Union announces that the public re reptiont at the Executive mansion are omitted this week The editor commends the views of the New York /'?.?* Ntir? i Meagher'* paper) opon the duties and responsibilities of the prass, a.- illustrated in the current controrer ?7 of the New York I'wi with all the rest of the papers in the country upon the immu mtiee, rights and proprieties of the press, Ac. Tae Intt/itjfgnetr is to-day deTOted to news, foreign and domestic. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSS1T. Tb? President Elect ?Mr Buchanan left Washington this morning on h:* return to hia residence at Wheatland. We feel at liberty to state, as a tact in wbich the public may place entire confidence, that he tcok bis departure from hence without baying finally determined upon anyone mem ber of bis Cabinet During bis brief s'jjurn here, he was called on by nearly every prom inent Democratic public man now at the Fed* eral metropolis, and li'trned with frank and cordial attention to all each one of them thought proper to say with reference to public affairs. In that way he has obtained exten tire information concerning the men of his party and the views of his political friends in ail sections of the I nion. much of which will doubtless be of material service to him in leading to a <agacious arrangement of his government and policy The impression he made on all wss most happy That is, all his political friends here fe*i well assured that he will make a Cabinet bent simply on aiding him to carry rut the letter aod spirit < f :h? platform of tb? Cincinnati Convention, on which he was elected. They are satisfied that with his experience, public history and julg. meet, ard the spirit he has ev?nc?d in fci? in tercourse with all ef them. hi? choice will fall on gentlemen ab'eand willing to make a thor ough Democratic party administration. wh;ch n all the sicceie fiieni* >f its oao rea eonably a;k We remark tfca? do n ember of the Cabinet ha? keen definitely retired on This is contrary tj the declaiatiun^ ot. the wonder ttongering pies?. Ye. it if. nevetthele-s, true, the reader may rely on it. In the course of his eojturn st b<o9 Bitce tie election, and dating Lis brief visit to this putt, we hare erery rta?on tt believe that h>? vie*? to his C.bmet have n*rr wed dowo to some ff teen or eighteen, cut of perhaps, a hundred gentleman, the propriety of whose selection he has bai occasion to considei While at Wheatland, now, he willdoubtler?chocse from among tbe fif.een or eighteen, referred to above, as far a? pofsible withou* further id vice, aclicitat onj or su~ge-ti ?> from si.y quarter wbattvrr, which, it i* understood among his immediate frer.ds, he is anxious to ?void, aa lively only to eml arras? and annoy him. A? he ha* certainly .-triven fully and faithfully to obtain all possible light ou the subject ever sicce the election all hi' real fr ends will appreciate tbe Wisdim ai.d pro r*frair irg fr.m trespassing upon him during the brief time left him in which to prej are h;e it augural and to frame his gov eiaaett upon the lights already before him H:? visit to Waebing'on has been as satisfac tory to a.l his pul.tical friend? from al! sec tions a? to h'm-?lf, and has, therefore. resulted 'n impreseiens which augur well f.r the har mony acd success of hi;- administration, and for tbe ccttiruarce of his party in power, which so evidently binges upon its fucceesand harmony. He is expected to return here nbcut the 2i:h intt., and on his return all will know who are to be the Cabinet. Until then no man but himself can possibly bo the wiser in this c.nnecti n, for everything the public ?ay htar to the contrary will be mere gues<* work. The French acd English Postal Treaty ? We bear that the Poet Office Department are expecting ly each succeeding arrival to re ceive an answer to tbe au.esdmenta proposed by the Postmaster General to the p'ropositions of the f renrh Government made to the United States, on the subject of international postage between tbo two countries in view of the alter anon in the eurrett r*te? ?| portage nnde necesaaiy hy the French and fcugl. h postal trea'y referred to not krg -mea in the Star. If these amendments are adopted, the new French and English postal treaty will work no discnm sati< n against letter 2nd papers tractpcrtei is, Aineiican chips "ur fear te. ar d we ytate it frankly an 1 can diJly, tbat the Frcnrh poc-tal department will hardiy venture a rej ly uutil it i, kaown whether or ant the Congress of the United Ftate; -Icteri^inc to decrea?*, permanently, the rpeei ci tae American tran -Atlantic mail steaccship? in whioh ease th?* de?ire??1 England to induce France to consummate with her the proposed* du* ritutnation in postage rates against us will probably tiiumpb It. was fumerly tbe case, letters and papers arete be s^nt in less :ime acrr<s? tbe oc*in on the Ameri em tban an Lp2'!*h ^bip'. or even in as sho;t ' 58 France ?n have no r?a?>rat> n-u-e f r refusing the fair propositions whi:h the Pest mister General ha- made to fcer. Tht Hiv# -There n u.u (I fcu tJ<1 anJ stir amnd the balls r{ :;ati<,nil, h,.t? last evening, rau'#d, d< ubMess, by the ?> era. that Mr. Duchanar, pr po-ed to depart for Wheatland thi- m- ruiiig A large number ?f bis frerds and very mar"y Whose curiosity alone prompted thrm to se,k an tntervi-w *?-th him. availed themselves of % the occasion to p8j their re?j^ct4 to hiw. Hu ap.irtmt nt wa3 thus crowded from f. p q; until a lale b? ur. and many, inde?>i, went away disappointed in the wi^h to be of the number (? rtun??te enough to get to him in platoons of a dozen or twenty Tho?outeide eabiaet maker# were very bu^y ,n the hall-, urging the qualifications and recomcjenUa tions of their resp ective lUtce to little knots e f anxion; and generally dubious listeners We beard twenty programmes tbw diacusscd, each rne of them vouched for by more or less know ?ng rQes, net one of the aforesaid vouchers knowing any thing more with reference to the intentionsot the President elect, than ourself, wb' are only positively certain that we really know no more of them than the man in the moon In the matter of keeping his own coun sel. Mr. Buchanan haa achieved a reputation during his late visit to Waahington which has increased the respect of all here for him, as M tt* confidence of his political friends anxious only that hi may m^k* a succeasful Democratic administration, in his abiding M. moet necwcarj qualitcation in ? gentleman occupying the position in which he will find himself after the 4th proximo Funny.?A few days sine? there appeared in the New York Herald a dashing letter, pur porting to have gone from Washington per tel egraph, wbetein a flaming acoouat waiprinted of the dinner given on Saturday night last by the President, to the President eltct The name* of the alleged guests, their conversa tion, manners, appearance, <%c , were detailed in it with so unaffected gusto nnd minute par t'cularity, as that the reede' might well have imagined that the writer had fairly caught the spirit of Ponto, the pet of the White House?the Japanese dog brought to this country by Commodore Perry?who, having the run of the dining room on sueh occasions, of course wigs bis tail (while the hot and sav ory- mcliing things are on the table) around the chair of each ^smiling guest, seriatim, catches snatches of the conversation of each, and, take him all in all, ig certainly for the nonce the happiest dog in creation. Though it is a pity to spoil so pretty a story, so taste tully inspired, for the sake of the truth of his. t?y Wo have to say that a gentleman who was present informs us that the only person there, besides Mr. Buchanan, whose name appears in the Herald's whole list cf guests on the occasion, was the Postmaster (isneral' Indiana Politics?Tbe priveto despatch from Indianapolis noticed yesterday in the j Star, turns out to be incorrect in some of its particulars. Thus, the democratic caucus did not "unanimously recommend Gov. Wright for a place in the Cabinet," as that alleged Messrs. Bright, Fitch, Wright and Pettit were the candidates before the caucus for tho two Senatorial nominations. It boing apparent that the two first above named were strongest, on the night before the caucus nominated the other two patri? t ca'ly withdrew; and whon tho caucus met, Messrs Bright and Fitch wero unanimously nominated, and tho caucus a? unanimously recommended Mcs.-rs Wright and TetMt, fo" first class appointments, to the President elect. On th;s version of the matter we have *>vcry reason to pla<*e entire confidence Th? elec tion i* to he essayed 'ome day this week. I.ard Warrant*.? sweeny, Rittenhouse, Fant A Cr-.'s financial circular ?1 the 2d inst. says Land warrants continue active We 'juote a further advance of 1c. per acre. Tbe South ern mails for the past few days have brought in largo supplies, but tbe increasing demand in anticipation cf the soring trade is still in 'ices* of the supply. We look for a steady improvement. We give our buying and sell ing rate* as follows, vn . Sri lira . . |i n p?r *-te #??iper*-r# '"'?-?-r? "*Srr?L'? ... u<i ?? O, ?? ??*rr?n-? .... ?>* ?? 1 JO-?Te **TTaat? . . . M ?? ?, ?? Not Otucg ?There is no truth whatever in the story that Senators Rusk and Seward de sign "Labarkicg together, at the termination of th? session fvi a vcyoge arcucd the world, via .an rrancisc, tbe Sandwich Islands, Australia. Cisina. and the Lord knows where else. Senator Rusk returns to Texas, which is about as far ?(I from Washington as it will ever be his lot to go, we fancy. The Late Prpston S. Brooks ?We heir that a committee composed of gentlemen from each county or parish of the Congressional district represented by the late Mr Brooks, are ex peered shortly to come to this city to convey that gentleman's remains to their final resting place in South Carolina. The Instigating Committee.?The re examination cf Mr. Simonton, of the NewYork Times, before thin committee, did not take place this morning, as seemed to have been expected yesterday. The U 3. Frigate St. Lawrence.?Tbe Navy Department have despatches from this ?h:p, Commodoro Forrest iu command, stating that she arrived out at Rio Janeiro in forty soTen day-. All were well on board of her. Supreme Court.?Yesterday, CyrusK. Loid, Esq , of W isconfin, A D Labue. James M. Cavanangh, and John B Ocstine, Esqrs , of Miresota Territory, were admittel attirneji and counsellors of thh court No M Obadiah U. Piatt, plaintiff in error, t-t Chaunrey Jerome. In error to the cir cuit of the 1'cited States for the southern dis trict of New, York Mr Ju*tic Nelson de livered tho opinion of the court, overruling the tu ition to reinstate this case No. 4f> Frederick Schuckardt et al , ap pellants. rt Wtnthrop S Babbidge et al., claimunt* of one-half of tho proceeds of the ship Ange|tf|ue Appeal from the circuitcourt of the I nittd States for tho southern district ? ?f Nevr York. Mr. Justice Ncl?on delivered the opinion of ti e crurt, affirming tho decree <1 the s.;d circuit court in this cause, with N >. dj Mose?' M-irdecai et al ,:ippnllnnt? \\ ,inu N Lindsay, owners of the schooner Mary Lldy, etc. Mr. Justice Wayno deliver ed tn* opmioQ of the court, reversing the de cree <?[ the ^?;d circuit court for tbe wint of jurisdiction m that court, and remanding the causc to ;he .-aid cu?uit court, with direc t-nut. t.. ?<rd the case back to the said district <? -art m the san.c condition that it was before the appeal to the circuit court, in ord^r that the said district court may proceed with tho "*?e to a decree. upon such a report as the Comm:c.-'..ner and elerk may make pursu ant to the order made by thesaid district court in this case No 4?> Augustus JIen;menway, claimant of the ship Independence, appellants, i t \\'m B Fibber Appeal from tho Circuit Court .,f tbe I nitcd States for the district of Ma^a hu *?tts Tbe decrees of the Circuit C? urt in tLis cau.-e affirmed, With costs. N .> ^i. i^aniel Tod et al , lihsllants and apj clients, r? Samuel P rr*tt, et al , claim ants of steamboat SulUna, <kc , and No. 5o Samuel F Pratt et al . claimants of bteamboat Sultana. .*c , appellants,t ?. Charles M Reed libeliant Tbe argument of the?e oases wns continued by Mr (Janson for the ] by Mr. Rogers for the claimant.-, end conclu ded ty Mr Sanson for the libelants. Adjourned. The Current Operations of the Treasury Dcpartment.?On Monday, 21 of February 'here were of Treasury warrants entered on tae b?.cks of the Lepartment? j J'-r the red^mrt ion of Stocks.... S2S.017 So i or the Treasurj Depar'ment... 2 18 . For tu-toiei' 17 822 38 Kr?m I ?3i.nnxa ?2,!H7 81 . *r^m Lands nn To he junded in U. b. Sleeks" per act 28,h January, 1847. o9 00 CONGK ESS ION A L PROC&UDINOS I* Tne Sbsat*. yesterday, after we went to prew, on motion of Mr. Bigler. a resolution providing for tlie aj pointment of a joint com mit'ee to make the neoe*s?ry preparations for | counting the electoral votes for President and j Vice President was adopted . and Mes<r<> Bigler, Benjamin end Foot were appointed j thereon i he hill to establish a Law Department was ' debated at tome length by Messrs. Adams, I Crittenden and Seward, and was theu pott poned until to-day The Indian appropriation bill uemg next taken up, was amended and passed Aud tnen, after referring many Houte bills, they adjourned. In Til Hovil. Uum. Jones of T?umm, Washburn of Me-, Fuller of Pa., Leiter and Bocock, were appointed the oommittee on the pail of the House to make the ne:es*ary ar rangements for counting the electoral votes for President and Vice President, on the 14th inst. On motion of Mr. Fuller, of M tine. the House resumed the consideration of the motion to reconsider the vote by which the bill es tablishing tke collection districts oT the United States, and designating the ports of entry and ports of delivery in the same, and fur other purposes. had been postponed until Deaember 9, 1857. The said motion t?> reconsider was debated at length by Messrs Fuller of Me , Walker, Washburne of III , Letcher, Jones of Tenn , Boyae, Stephens, ero it was agreed to -ye?s 122, nays 24 An ineffectual motion to lay the said bill on the table was then tuade Mr Pelton, under a suspension of the rules, reported from tbe Committee on Commerce tho bill to authorize tin President cf the United States to cause to be procured, by pur chase or otherwise, a suitable steamer, to be stationed at the port of New York for a revet ue cutter, and for the purposo of affording re lief to distressed vessels, their passengers and crews, and recommerded th .t the House con cur in the amendments of the Senate thereto And the question being taken, the amend ments were ngreed to So the bill was passed. Mr H. Marshall of Kentuoky, under a sus pension of the rules, reported from the Com mittee on the Judiciary Senate bill to divide the State of Texas into two judicial districts ; which was read e third time and passod. Mr. Barbourof Indiana, moved ? suspension of the rules to enable him to report from tta Committee on the Judiciary the following rest lution : Ktso/ved, That John C Watrous, United Stated district judge for the district of Tex as, bo impeached of high crimes and misde meanors Pending the motion to suspend, the House adjourned Proceedings of Tc-Day In the Senate, t<-lay, aftor several pr g v ite bills were paBsed, th* resolutions of in quiry concerning the number of causes of desertions from the N'avy of the United State? was again taken up, and Mr Houston wa3 addressing the Senate against the amendment of Mr. Mallory, when the Star went to pre.".*. In the Horn*, after resolution* from Sta'a legislatures, of do general interest, wero pre sented and referred ? Mr Dodd reported frorn the district of Co lumbia Committee tho Senate bill to extend the charter of the Firemen s Insurance Com pacy 'if this Disttict , which was passed with out amendment. Mr D-?dd reported from the same o tn rnittee the h'.ll to incorporate the Granite Manufacturing Company of Washington c ty, with an amendment, which wa? under consid eration as the Star went to press. Washington, Feb 2, 1357. 7*o Editor of the St'ir: ?' British Monopoly" is the answer to a ques* tion propounJed iq your paper odo day last week, wherein you stated that ?"The postal authorities of England and France have very recently agreed upoa the terms of a new pos tal treaty or arrangement between the two governments, the purport of which is to charge less UnglUh and French postage on letters csr ried from and to this country by the Cunard steamers than in those transported on the American ships We ars satisfied that such an arrangement has been entered into between those two governments. "What does it mean ' What has given rise to it' '* What it means is. that the British Govern ment intends to monoyoh z* the ocean mail business, and pursues a policy which must, unless met by a vigorous effort on tho part of the United States Government, make her ef forts successful. Prior to this new postal ar rangement there wae a difference of 6 centa in favor r,f letters between France and the United States, carried by the Cunard line The postage was 5 cents to the T'nited St*te? Government for inland postages, and 13 pence or 26 cents for the British ocean and inland por tage, and ihe delivery in any part of Franne. By the Collins line letters for France p?y the United States Government 21 cents, and the British and French postage ei^ht pence or six teen cents, thus mskicg the i estate 37 cent! by Collins line and 31 cents by Cunard line. I The new postal treaty reduces the postage 1 by the Cunard line to 21 cents, including 5 cen'a United States inland and 8d or 16 centa British ar;d French postage, whereas the post- I age bv the Collins line is 4 cents United S:ates J inlard and rcean postage, and 51 or 1(1 centa British and French postage: thus making a letter by the C-dlins line to France 31 cents, but t>y the Cunard line only 21 cents. The effect "f this arrangement will be to draw all I the French letters to the Cunard Ulp I The postage on a letter to France by the Uoited States line direct to Havre is 20 cents, I Uni'cd States inland and ocean postage, and j the French Government collect 12 rents on all letters of i ounce ar.d 21 csnts for all letters of i ? ) that the postage on a letter of ? ounce by the United States line to Havre ia 44 cents. Let us recapitulate : The postage by the j Cunard line ia 21 cent" to any p-irt of France ; by the Collins iir.e, 31 cents; ty the Havre line, 44 cents. You Hsk what has given Ti.-e to this state of affair* ? The reicon is obvious. The British gov ernment aro determined to sustain the Cunard line of steamers in order to run off the ocean the Collins line--the only line that has suc cessfully competed with them?and thus mo nopolize not only the mails, but the pa Mer ger* and freight between tho United and Europe, uad build up an ocean steam ma rine l?y th* ?-imo means, that must necessarily drive America ? steamships from the ocean. The remedy is in tho iipnds of our <ijvcrn mei.t Sieam line-- to Europe must bo estab lished by our Government with sufficient com pensation to enable thorn to compete ruece"* l'ully with tho lines sustained by tho British government. This being accomplished, a law should at once be enacted requiring of ? ur Government promptly to reduce tho | rice of postage in American steamers to tho price charged in the Cuuard line That is, let no body ui derscll or underbid us ; arid this being done, then demand of England and France a postal treaty which ?'hall place the threo na tiona on a footing of pcrfect equality A PKEqfKN'T i;uRBBSP"??i>ENT WITH UaVF* Cart IIattstkin ?Wo have seen a letter from the Secretary of tho Navy, congratula ting Caj-t Hartati in, his officers and men, <>n their a*te return home, and the successful ac complishment of tho duty assigned to tbem. It is stated that the President, after examin ing the correspondence and reports, cnoeuis with tbe Department in approving his course. Capt H. is requested to make known to the oOicers, the great satisfaction expressed by the Department, at hearing from best sourcei, ot tbeir excelieut bearing in co operating witb him Capt Ii. is now " waiting orders." and leaves to day for his home in Savannah.? N. Y. Jour. Com. Bt RNXTT s Kaluston.?Lelterjfrom a dis tinguished Physician in Massachusetts : Messrs Jos. Burnett! Co , Boston-(Jen. tlemen : Agreeably to your request, I have carefully examined the formula which you employ in the manufacture of the article to which you give the name of Burnett's Kallis too, and 1 am happy to say that I find the in gredient* comprising it to be such as medical men would approve of, for ameliorating the condition of the skin in cutaneous affections. The combination is entirely judicious and com patible, and well calculated to promote a healthy eondition of the skin. I am glad to perceive that Glycerin* is one of its compo nents Aa a Cotmetic, your Kalliston must be very desirable, aa in addition to iu efficacy, it is a delightful perfume. Respectfully yours, For sale in thia city by Nairn A Palmer, Bit it Pamir, ao4 the dealers ge&eraUy, rnsoirAi. .... O P Baldwin and John Mitcbel are lecturing in Charleston, S C. .... Wm Holland, a young Knelhh in New | buryport, has fallen heir to S12 000. .... Rev Dabney C*rr Harrison baa been chosen chaplain to the University of Virginia. .... The Louisville Times of the 22d says the venerable George D. Prentice has aban. doned the Jottrnal and gone off upon a lectur ing tour .... Hon. Reverdy Johnson. of Baltimore, has received from the Pension Office a warrant far 1*0 acres of land, for services rendered in the war of 1P12 .... Moses Sheppard, ? retired merchant of the Qaaker persuasion, died at Baltimore on Sunday morning, leaving 5600,030 with which to found an insane asylum. ....S:x clergymen of Manchester N. H. have remonstrated to the directors of the Man chester Lyceum againnt employing Theodore Parker to lecture beforo that association on account of his ultra views. ....Tbe Trustees of tho State Library, Albany, N Y , Lave just caused to be hung up in the Hall of the Library a fine portrait of Gov. Marcy, preiented to them for the pur* p:se by several gentlemen dt that city. .... Last night a public reception was given to Mr. Peabo-ly at the Maryland Institute at which speeohes were made by the Hon. Joshua Vansant, Thomas Swann and others It is said that Mr Peabody will shortly make a visit to Zanp?ville. Ohio, to see his relative* residing there. Ilia only brother living, and whom he has not seen for near twenty years, resides on a farm within a mile or two of Zanedvilie. .NOTICE?THE LI BERTY CLUR will give their Third Cotillon Party, at TemfrHanck Hall, on MONDAY EVENING, February 16,1657. lt? ^PUBLIC SCHOOLS?THE REGU l*r monthly meeting of the Board rf Trustee* of Public Schools will be Le'd at the City Hall, on WEDNESDAY, the 4tb Inst., at 4 o'clock p itw 8. A. H. McKIM, fch2-2t Secretary. >THE MARKS OF THE CHURCH. Tbe lecture on thla subject, postponed because of the weather, will be given on TH U RS UAY NIGHT, the 5'h Instant, at 7 o'clock, by K?v J. McGill, Bl*hop of Richmond. fab 3 ^CONCERT KOR THE POOR ?Any comf r<ent amateur Instrumentalist wi! Mng or de<lrou* to join tbe rcgu ar orchestia for the Concert to take p ace on M ON DAY, tbe 16th Instant, are respectfully Invited to leave their names and addrsm at tbe ''Academy of Music," Pa. avenue, over Farnham's Monasters WM. H PAL.MFR. 4'eb3?tf Con due to'. ^LECTURE-A LECTURE WILL be delivered In the Foundry (M. E ) Church, corner of lith and G streets.In beha'f cf the Ladle*' Mite Society of that station, by Rev. H 1> K iniiAwit, of Baltimore, on WEDNES DAY E VhNI NO. Febiuarv 4th, at o'elock. Subject "The Glory of Young Mtn ; their Strength " Tickets 12)? c*nts. 'o be bM at the door feb 3 *? _ f ATTENTION, NATIONAL G' ARD? ,Tbe members of the National Guard are It requested to attend i meeting of tre Corp ,on WEDNESDAY EVEN ING. the Db In srant, as busine.-s of Importance will b*! brought before fhem for consideration feh 3-2t* R H GRAHAM. Sec |i i NATIONAL GREYS, ATTENTION ? fi A ^ ou nre hereby notified to attend the regular (ifP monthly meeting of the Company, to b? fl A held at the Armory, oa WEDNESDAY. Februiry 4rh, at 7 o'clock Punctual attendance In rrq ies>d, as business of Importance will fce

b'fore yon for vour consideration By order febl2r* LEM. TOWERS, Chpt. ..MEDIC A k ELECTRICITY. SHOCiiLESS AND SALUTARY, (lit. WM il WAh?fcT, 4rt9 We?t Fayette Baltimore, ?rd C07 Pe. ar , n?ar 1 %' st , Washington, D. C. A'tn..'t\ >!* all Franrht* of th? Frof'tt'on Esp^ru attention Is given for the ecu* of CHRONIC DISEASES, having through a dtro-g"i yen-cut System ?uch constitute? the largtr class if all Chronic Affections are often under the almost im*ned>at? control If ap propriately applied ELECTRICITY. ([IT The following are some of the modifica tions thereof. a? employed by Pr M.: First A I M,>8PH?t IC Et.ECTKICITY,af f jrdlng <?lverelfled and opposite result* ; and Secondly. GALVANISM, only employed p*r se tole oinp^e, oras a DISOUTiKN'P.jbnt sus ceptlfc e of n.anv conditions, the results of elec iriciy lih'raied ar.d ti? motion, force of these ure ava.led ft as fo lows :? lit. ELECTRO.MAGNETISM, generally known *? tbe secondary current end requiring only a Bittery and H-lix 2d EL.EC i KO-.M AGIN ETIC INDUCTION, by whl^h PoL a rit v ran bt induced and main tained tn any organ, thui restoring lost motion pttman'nily offn lettkmnn Kour-ani causing impaired organ* to resume thtir ktalthy funt lion.' tpeedtly 31 E 1. k t; T R I C A L BATHS; embracing Pl.criGl a^d AtfOfloif, cold, I'pid, or hot. Ih Ki.ECTRO CHKM1CAL B A T H S, or thoif appropriately medicnt'd 5'.h bi-hCTKO TRANSFUSION; combln lny the meant by rekirh th* Active Proprr TiRs ? T Medicines are iransft red to the t at of the. iseas* within the s\stjm ; and 6th ELECTRO EXHALATION, or tho?e met< oda by whl",h Mijceral Poiaoss or Metal lic Drposits wltliln tbesystem a eie:om;osei, vaporlned and er haled there fr om N. K?KLKOTRD BaTHS, Mkdicatro or F?n?LKXT, direct-d when required at the ra! of the patient LADI F.S' ROOMS neatly furnished. t 'fflce hour* from 0 a. m., to 3 p. m , and 4 to 8 p m. _ It jTHK HEGULAR ANNUAL MEET i^.j; of tbe Merchants' Exchange Asse cia'-lcn wilt be held at their rooms, mrner of H>th street ar.d Pennsviv?n1a avenue, on TUESDAY EVENING, February 3d. at 7 % o'c'ock SAMUEL. BACON, f-b 2-2t President M E. A ?f3a?FESTI VAI THE FESTIVAL FOR ~the benefit of the Sixth PresbyUrlan Cliurch, will open on TO-MORROW (Tuesday) EV EN ING, at 7 o'clock, la Schnelder'a Build Inr. Penn avenue, between 10th and llth stress, ? ">uth side. feb2-2t NOTICE -HAVING DECLINED th? agency of tte Northwestern Insur ance Company, "or reasons which 1 deem impor tant to all concern'd, I wruld give notice thit I continue to insure In several lar^eand tru-tworthy companies, alw jys re.tdy to pa los?rs promptly. 1 Intend to do liu?ine?K for no others, and boj-e to be able to give genera' satisfaetlon, as for many yetra p?l. J. C LEWIS. P S ?1 declined their business first In March la?t. but was perHiiaded to commence for them In June, since which we have done c iniiiaratl*e!y little for them. We shall not act again '?r any fire insurance company doing a marine buslntss. feb *-lt? PHILADELPHIA CAKE AT PHI LA delphla prices, at the Pnlladelphla Ice C'eam Depot, crrner of 12th and F s'roets. Ice Cream ?1,5<? per gallon. jnn 10-lm? ()FFICS OF THE NORTHWEST ERN INSURANCE COMPAN > , OSWKG<?, January tfith, l?'?7.?NoUce ta hereby given, that the Acency of this Company hasbt?n wUhdrawn from the hands of J i) Lewis; ar.d that no risks hereafter, on n ccunt of this Com pany, taken by hlin, will be considered blr.dlr.g by them S B. LaDLOv^, jllM-l?e Secre ary ,1ATI > a l inai gihation HILL. COMMITTEE OF INVITATION. Hon J R Thompson, Major Win W Russell, Hon George E Fngh, R J Nevln, lion J Glsncy Jones, I) W Mahon, Hon C J Faulkner, A B tMoughlor, H? n J no S !'help?. Cbas W Welfih The sub?crlbfrs to the National lnaucurrl'on Bail .*>re requested to lejiwa at tbe stationery store of Wm F Bayly, No 278 Pennsylvania avenue, the imrnes and places of n aldence of the ladles of their families for whom cards of Invitation are de sired, or transmit them through the post office to Major Win. W. RrtssLL, Chairman of the Com mittee a subscription book mav be fourd at the store of Mr Bayly. WM W RUSPELL, jan30-d'.f Chairman. .WHAT WE WANT THE PEOPLE TO KNOW!-J/O USES FURN ISHED ? We want Houaekeepera and those about to commence Housekeeping t? bear In mind that the first, second, third and fourth rooms of oar large and spacious warehouse are filled to their utmost capacity with every description of CABINET FURNITURE and House furnish ing Goods generally, to which we respectfully invlie he attention of those in want of bargains Houses furulbbed throughout wl h every article In the housekeeping line vmt chbaf foe cask. or to punctual dealers at tbe usual credit Call at the " Housekrrpxr's Ekfobivm" and examine our stock before purchasing. Onr motto is? " Quick sale* and tmall prejlM." BONTZ k, COOMBS, 7tb atiMi, between I u41. Shoeing the amount at kts credit i* the Treasury, wit4 JfMi?rr?ri and 4?h|uiW rfe. foiiliriDi, *nf ??? the Mint and hranrhe*. by retumi reretred ?? Mondny, J???sry 3K(*. 1HJ7, t4i for teAtcA drafts hare been i *swd, but unpaid, and th* *m*unt th>n r?nti*i?( subject to draft. Shoving, also, the amount of future transfers to amd from deyoetfner, ns ordered by the Secretary of the Treasury. I in what place Amount on De posite. Draft* bmto fore drawn,! but not yet Amount ?uh)?, paid, though to draft. i r*r*bi* Treasury of the United State*. Washington, D C.... Assistant Treasurer, Boston. Massachusetts.... Assistant Treasurer, New York. New York Assistant Treasurer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.... Assistant Treasurer, Charleston, South Carolina Assistant Treasurer, New Orleans. I.a Assistant Treasurer, St. Louis. Missouri Assistant Treasurer. San Franc'sco *113 8*$ 10 | Depositary at Buffalo, New York Depositary at Baltimore, Marvland Depositary at Richmond. Virginia Depositary at Norfolk, Virginia 4 800 09 Depositary at Wilmington. North Carolina Depositary at Savannah, Georgia Depositary at Mobile, Alabama Depositary at Nashville, Tennessee Depositary at Cincinnati, Ohio Depositary at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Depositary at McJvestnn, Texas Depositary at Cincinnati, (late) Depositary at Dubuque, Iowa Depositary at Little Rock, Arkansas Depositary at Chicago, Illinois Depositary at Detroit, Michigan Depositary at Tallahassee, Florida Depositary at Tallahasste, (>ate) Depository at Ore??n City, Oregoi 6,t8o DO Assay office of the United Slates, New York Mint of the United States, Philadelphia, Penn Branch mint of the United Mates, Charlotte, N. C-... Branch mint of the United States. Dahlonega,Ga Rranch mint of United States, New Orleans, La Branch mint of the United States, San Francisco, Cal *7*0,** 31 3,OP7.434 79 7,913,'03 71 419 ft* ftl 14'.ft15 76 | 1.I35 981 VP 9W 617 78 ! 1. two I I ? I ?V ??31 41 ? It8,575 (>? ! 18.1 <9 2a | 99 9J7 II IN 3'?4 '? . 88 191 78 I 7i ! 14,680 49 .vr,00? 79 I I4.05B 52 I I!!,Ill 20 39 149 Kfft 21 I m 991 48 I 2t 181 18 , 148 495 79 1,M6 91 ?1l 25 2,344.5<MOl . 2.202,354 1? . 3',"00 on | 27.960 tO I. 1 Q20,970 04 i. 1,5H> 0U0 0? I. 54 4CI 69 74 651 ft* ?ft*, ftft 01 feh f-74 Oft *? 41 314,432 41 126,IRI 10 1.114.897 43 5,213 4* 3.811 96 1 819 49 103.85s 1? 1.906 *5 H 314 ft3 48 06* 31 4>-3 47 9 821 91 2.8M 77 1 331 16 ?779,118 M 3,022,791 II 7,161,037 67 331,561 53 113 4 5 11 71 ? ,54a 8* ?37,4:j 6e "iijiria 135,843 14 16,3 8 8J 32,77'? 65 .1 1> ft 4,4e7 72 19 918 84 467 33 11 75 6 (95 09 16,498 01 21.877 1" 5 jn 40 14.V06 OS 48, 84 86 11.*08 7.S 7,785 54 S 77.953 8* 17 996 4ft 188 i?l 94 1 5 8 4* 618 50 2,M4,600 - o 2.20* 354 1* 31 (KM) 00 27,850 On 1 858',870 M 1.60(1 08t> on Deduct overdraft. 131.9 8 09 934,088,386 81 | 93.G74.474 91 | 921,538.784 <2 123 912 O Add difference In transfer*. 21 4'4 191 93 98.000 t? Net amount subject to draft ?2' ,496,881 9.1 Transfers ordered to treasury of the United States, Washington. D C Trantfers ordered to assistant treasurer of the United States, New York, N V Transfers ordered to ss'stant treasurer of toe United Mates, Charleston. S C Transfers ordered to assistant treasurer of the United States, New Orleans, La...*.. Transfers ordered to assistant treasurer of the United States. St. Louis, Mo Transfers ordered to assistant treasurer of the United States. San Frauclseo, Cala .. Transfers ordered to depositary at Norfolk, Va Transfers ordered to depositary at Lltt'e Kork, Ar* Transfers ordnsd to Mint of the United States, Philadelphia r?-Bs?vV-*s?'a 200,000 00 563 (W0 on 5 .000 ??? 775,000 (10 Mti^on ??o jth.Ou"! un 125,10(1 (St 3 408 ' ft I, on .con 9I,?57,?00 (JO Tra?i?feis "idered from assistant treasurer, Boston. Ma?^a* husetts .. .. 6<5.?mo 00 Transfers ordered from assistant treasurer. New York. New York 2 C8S.800 00 Ttaasfe's ordered from assist nt tre??u?e?. Charleston, tf C Transfers ordered from depositary at Dubuque, Iowa Tran^fers ordered fro*n depositary at Chicago. Illinois Transfers ordered from defsjsitarv at Detroit, Michigan.. Transfers ordered from mint of the United State*, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania . ... Transfers ordered from branch mint United States at New Orleans, Ls 1 .0W? mm 8" 000 00 n nt> 5.nn< nn .*..<?00 (?? 1.S0 ?*?? <<? Feh *1 It ? V ft* C OIM1 < BAUOAOE CHECK FOUND?IN THfc Capitol this morning, for baggage from New Yor* 'n Washington 'i ne IO">*?r can i^dltbv calling at the Star ? ?1Bcp and paying for'his ad ulliiwit shawls: shawls:: A LARGE AND SELECT STOCK OF Stella and other styles of Shawls, suitable f.t the approaching Spring, now on hand, and will lie sold at a verv low price, by the subscriber, M! Peon avenue, between 12th and '.3th streets feb 3-eolm FRANK A. McGEE. Losr?on mo day. the 2d instant, i a Buckskin PURSE, containing a five dol lar gold piece, and about one dollar In silver. Th^re wan also a paper of needles in It The floder will be snltooly rewarded and will also confer a favor by leaving It at the Star ofice. feb 3 lt? ArAKl).-HAVlN6 MADE A CHANGE la my bus1n?iss, it becomes lmieratlve upen me to close previous transections with the utmost dispatch Therefore, al persons indebted on open arecun' or by note lying o?er are requested mike Immediate setth m?nt by cash or accep Hb e paper. f b3 ?w N- M. MsGRESOP. PRIZE BEEF ! THE ADVERTISER WILL HAVE AT HIS Stalin, >o 5 and 7. Western, Market, on FRIDAY MORNING, and at t?'all No M. Cert re Market, on SATURDAY some of the finest. beefe?er offtml In this city. They were brought here by Jack! in Smith, from Virginia. feb3-li* WM. L1NKINS. TH ALB ERG'S SECOND AVID LAST FAREWELL CONCERT. CARUSI'S SALOON, THURSDAY, Feb. It, First sad only arperance of the celebrated Ger man Prima Donna NAD&ME JOHANNsEI. Nr. THALBERO, Madams D'AHGRI. The sale of seats will commence on Monday, February 8th. feb 3 THE INAUGURATION. THE MOST EXTENSIVE PREPARATION Is being made ?>r cltl**ns and strangers in the wiv o? TO I LETT E ARTICLES, such as SOO new pattern Hair Brushes 10 d i"n India Rutiher Dressing Combs 5 gums of Br.iwn Windsor Scap 10 gross of KngMsli Honey Soap 1 case of Farina Germa . Cologne Ac., Ac,, *c , At PARKKR'S Fancy Comb, and Perfunrery Store, under National Hotel. feb 3 3t? J. BOTLE, Ft n nvnrt. benrtin 17f^ "nd l^tA jlre?t.?, WISHES TO INFORM THE CITIZENS of Georgetown and Washington. that he Is prepared to furnish with great facility all kinds of CONFECTIONERY, JELLIES, CAKES of every variety, all made of the best materla's, at d equal to any found io the District Parties, IMnners. Balls, and Private Entertain ments stall particularly engage his attention ; and on all tucn occasions. Hi? skill may be re lied upon as poeseseing a thorough knowledge of the business ?nd by promptness also, desirous to all Ice Cream S'2 per gallon. feb 3-3t* ' In I'bIod >h?r* Is Strength."?The Pnbllc our snir Aim. OBAND BALL OF TUB Union Fire Company, No. 2, AT THE ASSEMBLY ROOMS, ON MONDAY* FEBRUARY 9th 1MT. 11HE COMPANY PLEDGE THEMSELVES to spare no pains to mak* this pleasant and agreeable ta all who will lavor ?h?m wl'h their patronage. VV libers' Band Is engaged for the occasion. Tickets ONE DOLLAR? admitting a gentl man and ladifs; to be had of the m-mbere, end at the door on the evening of the ba I. CommxlUt of Arting *ntnir. Sam'l K D< ugla?s, Win E Mastln, Jas Rellly, J w ?1"?re' Jno Mutt, Wm B Mlckum. feb 2-6t ~THir NEW YORK A"D LIVIBPOOL rSITED STATES mail ateamehs. Thf Skipt comprising tktt Lint mre The aTlaN riO Capt Oliver Eldridge The BALTIC Capt Joseph Comstnck The ADRIATIC Capt James West These ships having been built by contract ei pressiy for Goverrment ee'vlce, every care has been teken In their constiu?tlon, as also In liel* enp.lnes, to Insure strength and speed and their accommodations for pa^engcrs are uceq ialied for cl? gance and cemf ?rt. Price o? passag* lri>m New York to Liverpool, In flr^t cabin. ?13', In second do , $75; '*ciu?ive ose of extra air* state >ooms, 53<5. From u ve: pool to New Yoik, 3)?nd SO guineas Ap expe rienced Burgeon attach?<i to each shlo. No berths can be eecured until paid for i i line have improved water-tight bulk head , ?nd to avoid dancer from Ice will not cross the br nks north of 42 degrees, until after vhe 1 -t of Augus.. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING F8UM >CW >OKK. , FROM LIVKSrOOI. f aturdav January 3, IM* W*dn?.day, J?"rj 7, I4J7 1S.-.7 Wedo??day, January SI, 1S*7 I #..7 i Hado?#day, *?hiuaty ?. ItiT U:T A'a<in?iiliF II Saturday, January 17, ttaturlaj, January SI, Saturday, February li, 8?iur<l?y, March U, Saturday, April 11, Stturday, M?y 9. Saturday, Maj SS. Saturday, June S. Saturday, June -???, K?ttird?y, July 4. Saturday, Ja y la, ISo' Wvdaeaday, February 1?, is* 7 - - li4. 1So7. W aduaaday, llarrti 4, 1UT. Wadraada*, April 1, 1S5*; W?da**day. April ?, 1kS7 lit? 1*57 In* 7 la47 W?dr.?ad?;,. May S7. Wd aaday, J una is, WsdtiMdar, Job* M, Wednaaday, July S, Waduaaday, July n. IU7 la?7 1?7 >S V ISf' ii V For freight or pasea e apply to EDW'DK COLLINS, No Wall-at.N.Y. DROWN,SHIPLEY A CO , Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNARD A CO , No *7 Aus tin Frla b. London B G WAIN WRIGHT A CO , P*'J? The owners of the?e ships will not be aeeoun tabie for gold, liver, bulllsn, sD'ele, jrW*'ry precious stones or metals, unless .bii s (1 lading are signed therefor and the vaine ttert of express ed theieln _ f ADIES' CABAS* ANB LIATH11 UMHOSP-S. Amusements Fanny florast'i National The aire. Mia* F?f??it Mobamt I/esse*'and Directress THIS EVENING, Will be acted Sir E. B*ilwer Lytton's plar of THE LADY OF LYONS. After which A K1S1 IN THE PARS. In rrertiatlon the 6 rand Extravagam c?f the OLYMPIC DEVILS. Doors open at?,%; curtain rises at 7^ o'clock. Washington firm and Amritaeatre. Coraer of $?vr?th fttreet ud the Area**. GRAND GALA ENTERTAINMENT. Oa T'TADAY NIGHT, ffbraarr 3d. l^T, Whfn all tbl? STAR t'?L" ESTRI AN TEOUPE Will appear In a 6RAND CHANGE OP A REN 10 BEAUTIES', ATHLETIC AND GYMNASTIC DISPLAY, surpassing all former ?fTrort* Madame Tenrniaire, Jim Mjira, Ferraati Famllr, Mrs J. Weed*, Jim Bart, f 9l?vi> Al ?ffCEOf AtC f IB Hf W Aflli THURSDAY NIGHT, A grand entertainment for the benefit of the Poor will take place. fab t G3AND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT! run THE BINBFiT UK THE POOR: >|f O ld Pelleted Hall, A'et-y Yarrf, february fltb, 1*37. OWING TO THE SEVERITY OP THE weather we, the undersigned, having wit nessed numberless families in a state of dest.ti tlon. and knowing no ether available means of assisting them In their want*, we bave conclude d to give a GRAND VOCAL AND INSTRU MENTAL CONCERT for the purpose of pro curing the reressltle* of life for iho^e Miff>rtng creatures who, we are e.svired, cannot a*sls? themselves Wefee confilent that none can rc fuse to assist us in ibis laudable ucder'aking The fol owing ta'.ented gentlemen ha?e kindly ?-olunteered their services: J Pumpbey, J O Donald, A Balse. C Hawke, T St. ne, C McDonald, J Keck, C Matlock, Mr Scott M O'Brien, Al-o. Prof Withers and his eelebratel Ba- d have kindly volunteered ft-r the onas'.on. Mr. Angello MammlrM. the great Fluti?t of Prof. Withers' Ba^d, wlil favor us wl h Mine of his chotce solo* Tickets can be had of any of the Committer or at the >loor on the evening above mentioned. Concert to cctntaerce at o'clock Commttiea. Wrn A Mullov, ??eo K Barre'l, M Mareeron. J?s R Dobb>n jtn 31,feb 2 3,5-li* CONCERT FOR THE POOR This focal and instrumental CONCERT, tinder tie management of Mr W. His at Palm ?a, will be given on MONDAY EVENING, February l?tW. atCARrsrsSALOOy A FUL . AN") SELECT ORCHESTRA La* been engaged for the occasion, and no effo t wl'l be apartd to render thla the most brilliant ami popular Concert of Hie season (O-Tlckete ONE DOLLAR?to be obtain, d at tne Music Stores of Mes?rs Davis. John F. , Ellis, and MeUerctt. Pa avenue, also at the Hook ; Stores of Messrs. French Taylor, Farnham. and Taylor A Marry, Pa. avenue. lebt-tr Boarding. Boarding ?a suite of rooms, wt h or without B^srd, can be had at No 473 a*fa l rtreet, between D and E streets. flrb J-Jt? Board, Ae ? mrs bates,on the s w corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Wh street Isprepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms with or without board. Every effort will be nude ?o render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. Transient or table board can be obtained. ap&-tf (lOHYTON ON PATENTS, 1 vol; Curtis on J Patents.! vol, Robb'a Patent Caw*, decided fa the Supreme and Circuit Courts of ?bs United States*, 4 vols; Htndmvcb on Patent Prlvlle^, I vol, on Pa'ents, 1 vo>; God>on'a Lav of patents, 1 vol. London; The Patent Laws of all Nations, 1 vol, Manchester, England; Record ' of Patent Inventions 1 vol, l.ondor: Holroyd on the Law < f I'etents. 1 vol, London; Billing and Prince a Law and Practlceof Patent?, 1 voi, l.or don, fpcrce on t%e present State of the Law of Patents, pamphlet. Loudor. B'alnecn 'he Lavs of Artistic Copyright, patuphlet, London; Hard* i on the Law ai>d Practice of Patents, 1 vol, I^?a don; Carpmael on the Law of Patents, t volume, London; Turner on Copvrlght In Design, I vol, London; Davles on Patents, 1 vol, London; Johr M>n'a Patentee's Manual, 1 vol, Londor; Smith on Patents, 1 vol. London; List of English Pat ents for inventions, from 1*11 to lb45, 1 v?U, Lor don For sale by febt FRANCE TAYLOR. look YO YOUR INTEREST. For it is the interest of all whobuy OY'STEES to deal with k us! As we are the only dealers who can supply you at all times. We are the only dealers who do not raise the prices on regular custom rs We are the only dealers who are prepared to ftll the largest oiders at the shortest notlcs And a* wc are now supplying the largest pur tlon of the city, our Oysteix are never left to get stale C1Y8TER8 received Aallv by ex prats. SCHWA1ZE A DEURY. feb 2-3t 4t8 11th atreet, ad door above E. VALENTINES, NEW STYLES. Whale, v sale aad retail, cheap. Jul* LAM MOM D.