Newspaper of Evening Star, February 7, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 7, 1857 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. HI /V G TON C IT Y: 91TCROAY rehrunrj T, 1MT. TUZ WEEKLY STAR Oar issue for the current week?an admira ble camber truly?i? now ready for delivery at the counter Price?Three cents in wrap per?, or $1 25 for the joar. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PKHSS. The r'ttton jays of the recent speech of Mr. Clingmaa, after paying it high general com pliments : t^dIir.remMk,0f Mr C,icg?sa on the coolie J*?*#r? VTi]Wj*"pecul Mt'etitioD. His ex KS V "ck,J. hypocritical sentimentall , d? te*? ?? the condition of the ? utbern slaves, whilst it joes nothing repul ive to humanity and Christianity in prosecu mg.the slave trade in white men, is most Fow?rfully e.vp- *?d We hope he will cariy ' a*, tns purpose of introducing a resolution condemnatory of the coolie trnffic, and we hope that it will be as promptly and as gener ally approved a.? was that of Mr. Orr in con demnation of the revival of the African slave t**de. Whoever reads Mr CliDgman's speech will fini that there are blows to give as well Mto receive lo regard to the slave trade and rtflt the judgment of the civilixrd world msy jet be proncunsfd against the white slaveiy of British policy with even more unanimity than against the African slave trade." The lnte'hgtncir s*y< 0f the new coinage bill; # V j^here seem? to have been an unnecessary panic amongst the people in regard to tte effect of the new coinage bill before Congress and speculators will find a pans? in their prc *reaf Jf the House stou!d concur, ar doabtle e ?" 'if the amecdment ad pted by the Sar ate on Thursday That amendment provides that .or the ipace of two years it shall he law ful to pay out at the Mint the new cen's aa thonied to be ccined for the fractional parts the at their nominal value tf twertj- . fiTe cents twelve-and-a-half, Ac. It has be-'n 1 ascertained that the iipani-'h coins which are not deface! oi clipped are in reehtv worth I something more 'hac the American. The cb ;?ct seems to be to drive out of circulation the ! smooth light pieces so common ?u small deal ? but it i3 wisely concluded that in doing thu there is no necessity for a sudden move ment, which car. only enure to the benefit cf speculators All changes in the value if the circulating medium should be mad? wi*h proper deliberation, and this seems to be the course prescribed by tbe bill,;*.* amended and dow pending in the House of Reirssecta tivee." r WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSS1T. Businee* Congre?3 -Les? tVan fcar weeks of life is left for tbe present Congress Tet the mass of the b?;ine?s of tbe session re mams undisposed cf That is. of the business that cannot be left undone without greatly embarrassing the operations of the Govern ment. Tet we do not really perceive a dispo ?itiou on the part of the House to "buckle right down" to the work. However, the evil of procrastination iu their chamber, growing cut cf politics for the mo?t part, is no new ac quaintance of ours, for wc have witnessed its il-'-sfects for years and years and years. 0* t*n, too, hava we suggested the remedies Vu: remove all desks frtm the body of the hill> prohibit the reading cf newspapers there, or the delivery of speeches not germain to the ?abject legitimately before the body. Place desks behind the Speaker's chair to w.Vch members may retire who desire to write, and ?till be within instant rail when a rote is about to be cast. Fewer political Fpeeches will then be made, and no one will be called n n vote on any question amid eonfution worse eonf ucded Sooner or later the House will be compelled to resort to some such re* fcr*s, for the evil.- makirg them necessary in* crease with each succeeding session. Pennsylvania^ -Gen Wm F. Packer, of Pennsylvania, is at the National, in thi? e ty. During tbe late national canvass he was upon the stump a!mos? daily, nr.d exerted an ir flu. ence over the popular mind second to that of no other in the ' niun- Wh^n in Penn?y:va nia during the canvass, though it was net our gocd fortune to he?r him, we were forcibly sluck with the moral fuice of hi? oratory, a? manifested in the impress it left on his fellow citizens wherever he was heard. All -eemed to remember hi* points and to respect his ad ?i:e, as thoogh it was the testimony of a man in whero all confided, given from the witrem stand. It i? net wotderful, therefore, that he appear to be looked to by the ma,a of the Democracy cf the state a* their party e candi date for Governor in the election to come rff there next fall. ^ ^ e also find Ellis B Schnabel, E9j , at the National.-the champion of the Democratic cause in "the infected district _Wi!mot> before whom David, and othern of that ilk fled so ingloriously fr m every *turop Cabinet Xakicg is inst a> earnestly prose cuted at this hcur in Wa?hington as when Mr Butbanan was hare. Indeed, as the Fourth of March approaches, thoee-and their name-is legion?who seem ambitious to relieve Mr Buchanan ->f this delicate, responsible and ar duous task, seem willirg to redouble their labor* in this matter We hare seen s/> many Cabinet; made, or rather essayed to bs made, by outaiders for so many in coming PreaideziU cf both panes, as that over-anxiety on their part on the subj vt only serves to a*9-jse us; and we therefore look upon ?och scene* as now meet cur eyes at every tura with imperturbable in different thonga a-W4yj 4b,e ^ coatro, eurnsibilitits Fvery little fellow in the party ambitious to .Djoy the emoluments of even a meseeagership, baa. ? apparent,y, hia own ?late, the of which he extols to the ?kies to all green uas willirg to squander tinre in listening m iu praises Ificaratu* -W, have adnces from Kan Juan del Norte, by the ?Uam?hir Cahawba tc the 21sc ul? Col i-turges savs that Walke?'i potition i? not (federate , tbat be is about to retake the boats on the nxer, and that the Costa Ricans wete deserting to his standaid The Tribune say* " But we have information from at: tber source, which we consider more trustworthy, that dijeipates all probability tha'. reiLforce men'.* from this side cau reach the now sur rounded and doomed filibusters. The forts on the S?n Juan river hare been put in thorough o der by tbe Costa Ricans, under the direotion of the Amerioan? arid Europeans*who are en gaged with tbem Fort San Carlos alone, with a garrison of 400 men, baa seven pieces of can cou?one or two of them carryirg 24 lb ball? and an abundance of ammunition, captured on board a river steamer, along with arms said to have been sent out by our fellow-citi sen, Mr George Law. The Castillo fort and I,!-? C, u U al lhe mooth of *?>? Sara '-60 0^Wlcl*? of "oa?? ?eoount iu the path f an invading party on their way up the ' J* ,d*? of r.covering the river boaU is ? delusion They have been taken op the barapiqai, a gr.^t part of the maehiaery taken ?ot.and a guard put on board with instruetions Jfr'^nmeau to set them on fire the in bT thl 2m.vU *dj d,Dfctr of recapture tl* fillibuaten. There remains at (irev * precarious aad fragile stern-wheel stesmer of smell capacity It could hardly a?rve to carry a fore? up the river, even were there CO hindrances Id the way- But, above all, it should not be forgotten that Walker cannot move from Rivae, or from St. George, two miles distant from Rivas, at one of wbioh places be now is. even to obtain the means of sustaining life. Tbe loes of the two lake boats, San Carlos and Virgin has deprived hi in of tbe mobility which for tome time had bean W? chief resource. The Island Ometepe, in tfie lake, fifteen miles from Rivas, and the coast of Chontale* opposite, some fifty miles distant, have supplied him with provisions ; but now, with his boats and schooner lost, the strong north-east gales which prevail on the lake at the olose of the rainy season and render its navigation impracticable to bungos, will ab? sofbtely confine him to Rivas He can no longer procure fcod to supply the men whom fever and the enemy have still left him We see no alternative for bim but to capitulate or starve." A Naval General Court of Inquiry.?Sev eral petitions having been filed at the Navy Department asking for a Court of Inquiry, under the recent act of Congress, the Secre tary of the Navy, with a view to granting a hearing at the earliest practicable day, has appointed a Court, to meet in Washington on the 20th instant. This Court is composed of Commcdore E. A. F. Lavalette, Commodore S. II. Stringham, and Captain W. J. McCluney. Tbe Attorney General is of opinion, as we understand, that, under the law there may be a plurality of Courts in session at the same time. Mr. Dobbin, however, as we learn, does not deem it necessary to appoint more than one at this tirce. The Fair ?The Mechanics' Institute Fair, to be opened in this city to visitors oo 'he 2J proximo, is to be the greatest exhibition of the kind ever seen in this immediate region. Tbe preparations made are on the grandest and most elaborate scale, and the concourse of stringers who are expected to attend the in auguration will attract hither, as exhibitors, men of scientiSe and mechanical eminence from all sections of the Union This i3 as it should be We know that our fellow citizens of the District of Columbia will vie with each other tc welcome them and to make 'heir par ticipition in the grand display as pleasaut at d profitab'e eventually, as possible. The Burning of tbo Theatrj-We are rery sure that our fellow cititen* sympathise deeply with Messrs Kunkel, Floyd <! For(', the young and enterprising managers of our lit? Natioi a' Theatre, in their misfortune, by which they were deprived of a considerble portion of the earnings of their many years of hard labor No other theatrical managers have so secured the confidence and good will of this community, who havo known them long?first as the managers of their former musical troupe, the Kcnkel Serer.aders. Their loss is nearly fifteen thousand dollars, on which, we hear, they had no insurance The readers will find in the Star's loial columns full particulars of the catastrophe. The Weather ?The spring weather that has been upon us f<>r forty-eight hours, though promotive of a flood of slosh in most of the thoroughfares of Washington, is mos. delight ful over bead. All the gay people in the city were out in full fdather yesterday afternoon, giving Pennsylvania avenue a ravishing ap pearance truly We question whether Broad way looks mere brilliant on such an occasion, the proportion of holiday-attired people here being much larger than any where else in this country, owing to the fact that Washing ton is m winter to the country at large, what Saratoga Newport, Cape May and the White Sjlphur are in cummer. The Politician*.?The departure of Mr. Buchanan has served as the signal for tbe de parture of hundreds of the noted politicians from a distance who some bow or other acci dentally happened to visit Washington imme diately after it was known over the country that he had wended his way hither. We no tice now, on our daily rounds, that the ma?s of them appear to have disappeared rs sud. denl/ acd as mysteriously as they ertainly arrived am ng us. </ Jlew Englanders ? Amorg the strainers of note aorv here, we notice Messrs B. F. Lutler and Fisfcer Ames liildretb, of Lcwel', Mas ., leading Democrat'; and also the merry face of Paul R Oe^rge. Esq., of New Hampshire: all of whom are well kcown to tbe politicians of tbe country They come, we take it for grant ed, to see how the land lies in the matter of the new administration. From Nebraska ? Omaha N. T., Jan. 20, 1557. Editor i*tar: The bill for the removal of the Capital of the Territory passed both Hr nte* of the Legislature last week, but to J%V wa? vetoed hy the Governoi Fr*m all appearances they will be unable to pass ?t by tw<--third vot^; consequently this question which agitated 'he fears of the peo ple o{ Omaha s-< wonderfully, is now obsolete. Tbe Country ? The roads leading into Washington from all direetioss are just now in worse condition than we ever before saw them. The immensity of the snow bank*, the rapidi ty of the thaw, acd the ;udden exit of the frost from the ground, together make them almost everywhere impassable. Dismissed ?Lieut. Charles E. Fleming, U S. N , late \he first lieutenant of the b.ig-of war Bainbridge (on the Brazil station) has >cen dismissed from the service in pursuance of the sentence in his ca.-e of the naval court martial recently in se-sion at Philadelphia. Tbe Remains of Preston S. Bra: kg ?The oommittee from South Carolina, appointed to take charge of the remains of Hon. Preston S. Brooks and accompany them home, have arrived in this c'.ty, and er* at Browns' Hotel. A brother of the deceased acaomf anies them The Current Operation* of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, 6th of Febraaty, there were of Treasury warrants enteral on the books of the Department ? For the redemption of Stocks... . $627 64 lor the Treasury Department... 15 563 79 For-be Interior i>opartment..*?* 10,564 43 For Customs 9,052 65 War warrants received and entered 11,472 27 War repay warrants received and entere i 228 83 On acooant of the Navy 42 191 0i> From miscellaneous sources ..... ']gy 33 Supreme Ccurt.?Yesterday, R Rose, Esq , of Washi&gtun. was admitted an attorney and counsellor of this Court No 252 Daniel A J Baxter and Levi M W illiams, plaintiffs in error, rs the President, Directors, and company of the Bank of Hillt well In error to tbe supreme oourt o tbe Territory of Minnesota. On motion of Mr. E. B Washburne, counsel for the de endants in error, this wrii of error was dockeed and dis missed. with costs. No. 61. Robert Tavlor, plaintiff in error, r.t. Nathan T. Oarryl, who survived Wm J. Ward. Tbe argument of this oause was cos eluded by Mr Cadwalader for the plaintiff in enor. No. 70. Glim end Daniel R. Garrison, ap] ! ptllwU, vs. the Memphis Insurance Com- I P*D7 Thw OHM was argued by Mr Ewin?. ?ppeUMi ** "d * Mr "'?? ">5 Adjourned CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS I* the Sew ate, jf sterday, after we went to press, the bill for the relief of Mrs Mary Ree side was taken up on motion of Mr Bigler. The question being on the pending motion to reconsider the vote by which the said bill had beea amended, it was debated at length by Messrs. Bieler, Brodhead, Adams, Benia rain, Bell, of New Hampshire, llale, Toombs, Pugh, Noaree, Stuart, Weller, Butler and others; when The question was taken by Teas and nays on striking out the amendments, and decided by large majorities on each. The bill wa* then passed in the precise shtpe in wliich it came from the Hou->e of Re presentatives, by the following vote : Yeas?Messrs. Adams, Allen, Bell of N H > Bell of Ter.n . Benjamin, Bigler, Brodhead' Brown, Coliamer, Dodge, Douzlas. Durkee,Flsh> Foot. Foster, Green, Hnle, ilarlan, Houston, James, Johnson, Jones of Iowa, Nourae, Pugh. Rmk, S-baatlan, Stuart, Thomson of N, J , Wade, Wd'cr, Wliaon, and Yulee?31 Nays?Messrs. Bavard, Blsjes, Butlrr, Clay, Fvans, Fitrpatrlck, H'-nter, Jones of Terinewie<', Mason. Pratt, R;id, Slldell, Toombs, and Trum bull-ll. Tha bill for the relief of Jedediah Lathrop, late navy agent at Washington city, was then passed ; and the bill for the relief of Charles Newbold'a heirs was rejected by a rote of 21 to 14. Shortly afterwards tbey adjourned. Note ? In the course of the morning hour, Mr. Brown presented a memorial, very numer ously signed bv resident citizens, merchants, and others of Washington, ?ettirg forth that the paved carriage-w*y of Pennsylvania ave nue, from the Capital to the Treasury build ing, is greatly out of repair, and that now and annually hereafter a large expenditure of money will be neecssnry to keep it in tolera ble condition Tbey cay there is a radical de fect in the plan of the pavement, which tbe eiperisnee of our own principal cities and those of Europe has long sinee condemned from sanitary a* well a? p^enniary ronjidera lions rrd ask Congress for an appropriation for the repavement of the same upon tbe plan known as the " small block" or ' Folginn pavement," which, thoy ?ay. has been fully proved tc begeod, permanont, economical, and cleanly. # Also from persons employed to attend the ?'draw'* of the Potoma* bridge, dating the inadequacy of the pay to tho services per formed. and asking an increase of their ocm pensation. Mr. Pearce presented a petition from farm ers. gardener*, and other propertv holders residing in Montgomery county. Maryland, setting forth that in approaching the roetropo lis with their produce tbey are compelled to use the Washington plank road for a distance of five miles from the Maryland line to the said city, subjected to the payment of heavy tolls within the District limit*, in addition to the tolls and taxes thoy hare to pay for the support of roads within their own State, and ask that Congress wi>l therefore afford them the same facilities they have extended to resi dents of Prince Genrge'scounty by making the District plank road free. 15 this House, a large cumber of pirate bills were duly passed. Proceedings of To-Day. In rns Sewatb, tc-lay alter passing a bill t.5 constitute Selma, Ala , a port of delivery, several private bills were passed. On mrtb-n of Mr Hunter, a resolution was ad- j ted inquiring <~f the Secretary of the Treasury whether ho would recommend at y change in the plan of the treasury department building <>n motion of Mr. Rmk a resolution passoi asking a statement of the Secretary of ths Treasury of the duties remitted ou railroad iron, for what road and at what time. If* the House, on motion of Mr. Orr, a res olution was adopted according to the widow of the late Hon. Preston S. Brooks the pay due to bira for ?e:rices as a nember of the House. The bill to authorize the Delaware and Pot towattamie Indians to sell the right of way for a railroad through their reserrations, was laid on the table. A bill creating throe land offices in Kansas wa? passed. The bi'l to authori?e the creation if the of fice of Surreyor General of Public Lanis in the Territory of Minnesota was under consid eration when the Star went to pros.1;. PERSONAL. .... Cheralicr Wyki.ff is "bobbing arouud" in this city. ....Col D B Pierre, of New Hampshire, a brother of tbe President, is at thi-? time a guest at the Kxecutire Mansion .... H">n Shelton F. Leake, of Virgin;?*, is among the distinguished strangers now in Washington .... The D ?renport (I<*wa) G^e?tto advo cates tbe election of the Hon. J. Thoring^on (of K.) tothc new'y creatcd Iowa Ststc Judge ship. The Wiigbt?ville Star states that tt? President elect '? . ooted" that part of his j xu? uey fr.>m that town to Lancaster on his return from Washington on Tuesday. A STATED MEETING OF THE _ Columbia Typographical Society will be held THIS KVEMNG, at 7* o'clock. Jt ?-^S5hUNITARIAN CHUUCH ? PltfcACH ?s25^trig TO 11 o'clock a in , by Rev. Mr H e*. e r , In Temperance ilatl,E str< et between 9;h and ar.d Ktth streets lt? THE RIGHT REV. J MoOILL, Btthop of Richmond, will preach In Mathew;e Church, on SUNDAY next, th- "iih Inst ,at 11 o'clock a m. It ?j-rr^RELICIOUS NOTICE?THE Regu lar annual Missionary Meeting will be held In McKendree Chaeel, on SARBATB.tbe nh Instant. The Rev. John Lanahax. P E., will preach In the morning at 11 o'clock Th1* friend* of Ml?slon? and the public generally arc lavltcd to attend. it* ?-^a?HOiN. REV. SYDNEY DEAN, OF ^1? Connecticut, will Preach, (Providence permltlng) at Union Chapel M E. Church, 20th street, on SABBATH MORNING, the -th Inst , at 11 u'c ock. At 7 p. in , preaching by Rev. Jno L^ihai, presiding elder of Potoma? IMstrict During the evening service the Annual Mlaaloaary Collectl n will be taken. lt? DISCIPLES' MEETING ?THE DIP clpica will have divine service In the West Room of Temperance Hall, on TO-MOR ROW, (Lord's day,) at 10 o'clock a. m., and 7 o'clock p. m Preaching by J. T B* rcla?, late Missionary to Jreusslem. The public are eordl ally Invited I * m ^^VRANKLIN FIRE COMPANY.? a^JSk An adjomned meeting of tbla Company will bi held at Harmony Hail, on *'ONDa\ EVENING, February 9th. A full meeting la d'oired. By order f b 7-'it P. P., CROSSPI ELD, ??C m ^ThK WKSTERN HO?K COMPANY, PJTNo. I. will plve th?ir First Grand Bat? f-n WEDNESDAY EVKMNG, March 4th 1?57, at their Hall, i n 2-11 atreet, bV.ween L aiM M Particular* In fmure advertisement f?b 7-3t U FA'S BAND. - PERSONS wish _ lng t'.l? Band will p!ea>e leave their f? <ifm at ELLIS'S MUSIC STOKE, on Pennoy! vcnla avenue, between ?tn and 10th streets, aa ht hat moved bis hesdqusrters to that store, feb 7-at? ^3^THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF ?Cflk the Washington Bu'ldlng Association w'U meet at Flint's Ho el, ou MONDAV EVE M V?, the 9 b lust., at 7 o'clock, to receive dues from Stockholders feo 7 2 ? J. P. DICKINSON, Sec. L t MA < ION RIFI F.S ATTENTION-You A Atie hertby i?.ifi^d to attend a meeting of uf f, the Comp'ny, to be Leld at Teinperan'-e W ri Hall, on MONDAY, the 9.b Instant By Older JAS L FOXWELL, Orderly Sergfant. \4/M A S O N I C?TH Ell E WILL BE A ^??ap*?Ul meeting of -t. John'i Lodo? N>. ^^11 on TO-MORROW (tundav) at 1 o'elk ? S 'J? att*nd *ke funeral of our late brother, J. B F LOYD other I>0<1Ke? are cordially Invited to J jIu with ua ou the occaalon *j order of W. M : 11 TH. H. BAIRD,8ec. ? MISSIONARY ANNIVERSARY ? Mark Trafton, Member of Cob cress from Mass , will preach in the Methcdiet Episcopal Church, Dunbarton street, Georgetown on SABBATH next. ?t 11 o'c oek a m. l'be an nual collection In behalf of M lesion* will be takes op both morning and evening. feb 6-'it* .NOTICE ?THE REGULAR Monthly m ctlng tf the Sixth Ward Jackion Democratic A>so Jatlon will be held at Anaceatla Hall, 011 MONDAY, Pebrnary 8th, at 7o'clock I'unr'aal attendance Is requested, as basinets of importance Is to be trarsacied frb6-3t LEMUEL GAPDI9, Sec PUBLIC SCHOOLS?TH^f SEMl" annnil examlnatai (of candidate* for Teasher* la the Public schools we 1 be held In the Aldermen's room. In the City Hall, on \V ISDN BSD AY, the 11th Instant. at ? o'clock p m . when all persons desirous of an examination will pre-ent themselves punctually. Also, at the same time and place, the premiums of a copv of the Constitution of thejUnltedSt; Col. Hlck ey. will bB presented to the pupils to whom they were awarded it the late examination. M>f-dtI'2th S. A. H. McKlM, Sec. .THE PAIR AND FESTIVAL OF the Ladies of the Sixth Presbyterian Church, now being held In Schne'der's Building, south side of Pe .n. avenue, between 10th and 11th streets, will continue during the present week Some of the ladies will be Dresent during the day, from 2 p m , to dluose of articles to those wao may wish to purchase and who cannot mskelt convenient to attend at night feb S-31 .PHILADELPHIA CAKE AT PHI LA delpbln prices, at the Philadelphia Ice Cream Depot, corner of lath and F streets. Ice Cream ?l,5u per gallon. Jan 10-1 m* ^CONCERT FOR THE POOR ?Any competent amateur Instrumertallst wi'. ling or deslrcus to jolu the regu ar orchestra for the Ccncert to takep ace on MONDA Y, the Ifl'h Instant, are respectfully invited to leave their names and address at the "Academy of Music," Pd avenue, over Farnham's Bookstore WM H. PALMER, feb 3-tf Conductor. .^ATIUNAL INAUGURATION BALL. COMMITTEE OF INVITATION. Ilor? .1 K Thompson, MsJor Wm W Ku*?ell, Hon George E ''ugh, R J \evin, Hon J Glancy Jones, D W Mahon, Hon C J Faulkner, A II Stoughton, Hon Jno S Phelp?. Chas W Welsh. The subscriber* to the National Inauguration Ball are requested to lcav?. at the stationery store "fV.'m P. B-iyly, No 27? Penn.sylvnnln a venue, the name* and places of residence of the ladl *s of tiielr families f?r whom cards of Invitation are de sired, or transmit them through the post oflce to Major VVra. W. IIvmbll, Chairman of the Com mittee. A subscrlpMon book mav be fou"d at the store of Mr Bayly WM W RUSSELL, JwlMa Chairman. ?-^^INAUGURATION BALL ?THE VvJSk Highlanders will give a grant! Inaugu ration Ball, at the Assemblt Rooms, on WED NESDAY EVENING, the 4th of March As the Comtrltfee of Arrangements will be composed in p.nrt of our *>est cltliens, to aid the Offcers of the Company, the public may rest assured that noth ing will be left undone on their part lo secure pleasure to all who may favor them with their pretence Ticket*?TWO DOLLARS Jin 17-WASllt By order of the Commlt'ee. WHAT WE WANT THE PEOPLE TO KNOW ??HO USES FURS IS HF D ?We want Housekeepers ar.d those about to commence Housekeeping to bear in mind tba' ?he first, second, third and fourth rooms of our large and spacious warehouse are filled to their utmost eara~-ity with ev?:ry description of CABINET FURNITURE and House furnl-h ing Goods gen-rally, tn which we respectfully Ir.vlte 'he attention of those In want of bargains Hou?cs furnished throughout wl h ev*ry article In the housekeeping lint vkpt cskap for cash, or tc? punctual dealers at the usual credit Call at the " Housbkebtbr'" Empokivm" ar.dexamine our stock be/ore purchasing. Our motto la? '? Quirk salts and small j-.roftts." BONTZ A COOMBS, dee l-3m 7th street, between I and K. [/Af.ENTITIES, WHOLESALE AND KI * tslhat feb 7-3t LAMM'JND'S. C?LITAHLE rOK PRESENTS ? FANCY Notions and Tovs, at fcb7-3t LAMMOND'S. jHKPIItK DV fUO>l I?9 DROADWA Y, 5 New York, 1 ave just recetv,d an aasoit , iment cf newest style litad l>rest-e?,Break I fa?t Caps Illusion Capes, Ulowcrs, Rib- _ bons, Mour. Ing oUsrs and Sleeves, *e . 4.0 , at PARKER'S Fancy aid Perfumery Store, under feb 7 3* Nation il Hotel. trins 'RTOniVFKHTirE THAT THE I. subscriber hath ob'a'.nrd f'Oir the Orphan's Court of Weshlngton county. In the District of Columbia, !e!tf rs 'e?tam;ntary on th? rersmal es tate of Nancy Mittlngly, late of Washington county, decea?el All persona ha?1nc! cla'ms a^atnt tha said <1 ceased '.re hereby wsrned to exhibit the fame with the voucher* ther of. to tlie subscriber, on or before the *2d day of Deceir. ber next; they rmy otherwise bylaw be excluded from all benefit of the said estate. Given rny bar* this 7 b dnvof February, 1657. LUCY E. MATTINGLY, ' feb 7-wlw* ExecJtrlx. HARPER'S WEEKLY, NO. 6 FOR SAT urdsy. February 7th Contents; The New Brltl?b .Minister; Variety the Splcncf Life; Jus tice to the K!' h ; Highway Kobb?ry in IVrw York; The Man auout Town ; Th ? Birth of Com monwealth ; What are we to do for!Sigar; Cfa't; Literature ; Dorresti; Intelligence; Fo e'gn Na*?*; Nores and Queries; Agricultural Items; Notes on the Art* and Sciences; Things Wise and Otherw se, ftc , Ac. Price five csnts per nuinb-r or ?2 50 pe? ye^r FRANCK TAYLOR, feb 7- Agent for the PlNhttr*. DR. C. S. OUODMA.1, Dentist, and IQnnnfactnrer of Artificial Teeth. Those wi;o ahe so unfortunate a-i to rf] iire Arrlflciat Teeth,will find,wltho"i any non? ense or humbug-, gery, Teeth net upon a metallse '/ss"' or pla'e %'a'erla's pure and properlyconstTue'ed, as btl< g superior t<? all ether modes JJTh" varl< m ?p rations of Dentl-fv fiithfully and pmpeilv execu'ed Tender Te? th rendere.1 ireful for life, by new mc^ns T=eth extracted carcfu lr, ea^i'y, and ?-k1ilfiilly Ify Oflcs corner of '?th "nd Avenne f-b 7 3m NEW SUPPLIES JUST OPENED. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED OF THI? season's importation? 5 > p'.eces fine white Brilliants, at l^c , wh'ch are very cheap, and a very superior ar'lcle for ladles and children's wear SO pieces frasli figured colored Brilliants end French China's 40 pieces fine plain and flald Frrnch and Scotch Gln&hams A large lot ol small figured Mou*aellns A Cbal l*v dc Lalns 100 dozen Lad'cs' Linen Pocket Handkerchief*, ranging in price* at ft ;.0. 00 a^d S'J 5 1 ner doien, all which we know fo be exceed ingly cheap p'aln BeWalget and Mousa Jins, a*. 12 v. ?. With a lartrc assortment of superior Snlrting Llr>.on? Tib e DlupeM, Towels, and Napkins, extra fire t ? iridium bliachcl end Brown Shir.lng Cottons Selling oh our er.ilrc Stock Fancy Dress Silks at rvst, to close them out; ar.d all winter gooes ;tt grestly reduced prices ' he sv>vclal attention of purchasers Is cor diai<y invited to examine our slack. COLLEY k. >EARS, 521 Seventh st , 3 doers north Pa avenue. febT-et-Jw VALENTINEK, WHOLESALE AND RF tall, the largest stock in tnls ci y. No. JO, between 8th and OUi ?treets jan 39-tf H. J. McL^UGIILIN A CO. ^VLVANUS COBB'S WKEAT MOIIY 14 ?3 lr. the New York Ledger for Feb. 7th Buy it at FERGUSON'S, Jan 31 4?"$ Seventh st. New YOKK LEDGER FtIR llth Feb.? Cobb's arratest and most deeply interest:, g Story continued. Buy the Ledge-r at K nilGUSON :8 feb fi ion Seventh atreet. LKBOI TON FOt THE LAfMES~ ALL the Mu-;8*!nes, Weekly and Dally New York Papers FERGUSON, Jia :W 4So *eventa st. HERO'S PORTRAITS AND ALL Compositions for sale at MKTZEftOTT'S Music Decot The sale of secured scats on Sai urday. ? 111 commence at 10 o'clock a m. Jani' FRESH ARRIVAL. WE ARE RECEIVING TO DAY, FRESH Cove Oysters, Freeh Lobjters, Fresh Fine Apples, Fresh Peaches, Fresh Tomatoes In hei metlcallv sealed cans; and Apricots tn jar*, all of the most superior quality. KING A BURCHELL. feb 3 Cor. Vermont av and 15th street PINE PAPER, INK, PENS, AND STA* tlonery in general, at law 10 h j Mclaughlin a co >8. Ladies* gazette of fasmion, Harper's Journal, and all the Weeklies at fib < FEJieUtOft'B, 4M 7th atraet. T^l \i. hl.C LIST or LKTTEHl RimsnMNf in tki Pett 0?c, Wtthtngfn, D C , Ftbr?rn 7, 18?7 fO;d? red to be Inserted 1b the Evcxixe (ra: It oelag tke newspaper having the largest circu l*t1on of any dally p?per published In Washing - con ] Vr?n?ii?pflTti| forlettars Is IkafollewlBgliat, will plsaaaaag tkej *r* adtutiiu. LADIES' LIST Arnold, Mary GodmaB.MIaa MAH Mllfr. HIM F BC Araaatroag, Htrr A GoMea, Ml* II A 3 HalleaeB. J And*r*or, Mr* T Galnney, Mlaa 11 MorU?er, Mia* I Oillett, Mr* Loalaa MhlMh Ellea - Helta*, Mr*

Moody, Mary A Phipa, Mary P*BU, (MTtfc A Peabo4y, him J I It ook*, Ann M Bird, Marls Brook*. Mr* L J **rry, Sarah Bmb. Laura Jan* Brown, Laara K Hyroo. Ana o*ii*tt, mi**or Grl*t, Mr* F Huti, Mr* L ?all. H*!*a M ?all, Sarrah Hant MIm Vlrglila rnor, Catkar!** Brady. Mary Ellea Rarrold, Ml** C Qtan, Mary rorkway, Ml?* L Hateheeoa. Mary Qala*, 44*Hb* A Baeley, Martha A Horaemoa.MI** B T B?*t*. Mr* X Brady, Elliabeth ? Blckok, Mr* 8 B brawn*r,MraWtnH H*ll*a, Jar * B Brannaa, Miea L O Hardaa, Jalla A I Cnrrail, Mkrgt A Harleea, Mr* W I Co*. Ml** J Baath. Mr* G A Cook*. KPxa T Jouca, Sarah Aaa Oorkeu, M** Mollis Jon**. Blliat atk Ooleai.n, Calla Jon**. Amanda J Uollla*, Ana R M JonM, Aiaa Curli? Mr* CP JonM. Charlotte Ckappell, Mr* W? Kerr, Heurtat'.a Cra* ford, Mr* O Bee4, Mr* B Bob*bmb. Bat* Mr* L >a,M ri Boott, Bearletta Soghn*. Kiiaa SaleKI*. MIm S B BherwooU, Mary ? borte*. Ban a ah Hawaii, Maria Hp*Bc*r, Jana Tanaer, Mi** C O Conn*', Mr* D*)e, Vlrglala Door*. Jalla Doheity, Mary H Duvail, MIm S K Dacgherty, MIm T Da**, Mr* Baonca, Mary A I TIiqbod*. Mim A Kennedy,Oatkarlae Tvlaafarro ABB Lnundy. Mr* H i.talon, Kl en Lenin*. Kia*b*tl> Lorkett. Mi* M T Leaver, Mr* M A Lasn?y, Mim M Ooherty, M*ry H O Law la, MIm V OeForeat, Mr- J Ebbaworih, Maria Flnnla, Mr* FI mlng, Mary Oal*. Mim B O Gott. Mr* K Uro??, MIm Mary Archer, W B Arnold, Wm ? f <ler*oa. Tb** L Andrew, 0 A Alexander, Mr An4er*oa, Janes Aaln*. Jdo A Abbott, Geo C A lam*, (ie-> H A ball, Cr.l D H Allen, D Armour, Adits AoderiAa, Uan A 1 Adrian. Goo W, H Berry,L 5 Srldgea. Or Z B B?eoa, W W bolt, W L Bo d. W n? Hryai t, Thos C Baldwin, Sylre?ter Bnrroajb*, s M Uurcbe, R W Butler, Robert Bcibuill, R W Bnrke, Patr!'* Bradf'ite, O B Baarh,K N Ma ike, M i Bo?(U, M 2 Bialr, Lewi* M ? Hraiidt, Hi Baraey, Capt L flninagm, J no W Buit* John B Bnraetj, Be ? 1 J Bineey, Ju? Brown, Jo* Baden, Jansa* B**too, Jar>** Brownln*. Ja? K BItc'i, T W Bower, Jno 9 Bookman Henry brauham. H L Barker. U W B'oVa'.n, H O Bankhead. Lt B C Barber, Hiae Brown, Geo K 3r<w?r, ? 0 Bn?s?, Oe? farr*. F Beale. Frelar'rk Bu klee, 0 J I Bowling. He '-ard Bow '1 itc. ^a* ueattv, Cyrna F btirgt-M, Cb?c Bryant Cna* C B?all ri Bcbr, Baylor Butdlck, v H 1 Brlr^a, A l? B-echer, Abrarn T B mcc* . A Bailanre, Cba? Cralc, Li Wm i Cooke, W H ? C .email. W Cm*, 1 h i,* C'i'hm tn, f* O Clarr, Cooke, ri J Child*, s V r I by, 6 B Clark, K M Chouteau, R Carbone, R Craugl*, M C'irti*, Mr Ceo*. Oe?) M*??3 Crane. / M Colli u*. John Cobm, J M Ccri Mob. John Oi*p?'. /.?? k Chi on. John Clark, Jlo li Clark, J G Carr, Ja8 2 Cooka. Lt J w Cole, Or la**>' Otoaa, Hlr?m B (ViDkltn, H K CoatM, Col Ke.MJ Corli**. Geo H Ctmp, E F Cinlt, F. O C '*1*110 Edward Cla.-k. D D Oo.ey, A H Oozier. P ft I?en ey. P W Dreper. Parker I?*Tia A siieitlln Dnun. M F OufT, Geu Jno Ouffsy, Juliu II -dire, Jotm* S I> nn, J C T l'*l'liS, Jamea C Oil Is, Harrl*on Oeaiorde, K A Oent. Bri:r? ltooell, B F l>rnry. Mr IturHjr, Allen Oiiuliarii, AI ? a l> arerlek. C Er ?. Tho? J Eninc PR Elliott. Lt G B Talbart, Clarl*** I. Llhom*. Mr* G V Wrl(Lt, MIm L'.aita Walak. Mr* Wm Watt*, Mr* F A Wall. Ml * ? Wool. Mr* M L Wa k*r, Mr* Wbttaay, Mr* W m Mara hall. Ml** M B Wb tn-y.Cath'B* M Millar, Mr* H B Wearar, Mary 1 Martla, Ma(gt* Wauar, Abb A Mara hall, Mt** M W.lllam*. Abb Ellta Ma'ooay, .Vary B T?bb(, Mri J H OEXTLBUilVB LIST. Lawl*. Mrs M M Lynco, Mary A Fare*. Datilal Krailer. C Z Pie d, C Fee wick, B W Fetch. A pL? u* > Greao, Gan 1 J 1 Gal aeher, T t Co Gallast. W G Gidl*y, Bobai t OraatniB, Pe er Galne*. Xcrmlle, Jra Kewton, J 0 X rthep, fl N< tm, Gao ? Xobb. G W Xob e, O A X tea. Jno ASaaa O Xaala. ? S Olmetaad, Mo*e* C E Pab t, 1 Grareman, Mlohaal Parcbaaa *tl OaraliB. J me* GriTay, Ji.e GUI'*. J>oh Graliois, B Gantt Geo W G.rrett, Geo W Garner, tie W Gribam, Prank A G!lle*ple, A R Hayden, Wm Hun*er, Tbo* R Pollock. W? Paraoa*, Ttoi t Pita, Bokert P'eaMDta. Jo* B Patcb, Jo* Paxlea, J Potter, Jno P Pent, JnoJ Page, H^nry Power*, ? H*Rrr Pckhtrdt, B*arv Hat-aw*y, Bate! - Park*.-. Geo T Harriaoa, 8 a Hnyeley. Pa|?r Horrlean, P Haltdae, Le? '* P Runtt, L Ball, JD' E Barrl*, JaieM P'K JamM M HacioB, Jno Bcnae, Ji<9 1 Ha ? h, Israel T Pelhani, Geo B J PLel. *, Geo P Patten. Geo T i Pal'ray, Geo Palc?, Baron J?a P?rry, Lt A J Potter, A Pono, A B F Hln.a. William RltteoLu iaa, Bem*l Baadnlph, P V Belleman, L' Jnl'i* RanMy, Mr Hey^ood, J C Hilleary, Jat Hu<he*. Jas Hnuter, Jno W Hanna, Jobr Ho'tstoa, JisB Hujo, J P H.ibart, H C Harper k Bro H*n*y, H Bennlnj, Geo E HwtV ote, Gao B?!bert*r, F J ^orner, K Hebbeu, E C Hatnm*r*'.e;, E Huntre**, f A Hyam, B D J H.l!, Mr Irwin. W M Icce, Geo } InfrahaB!, Geo R f Joue* W W. ir 1 J"Uaeton, Wui Jay. V H Joi mac, Tho* Jolmaoa, Col 8 M Johnson, K I. Joopfret, Mr Jaulu. Louia Jame*. Jno R Joyes, Jobo Johnaoo, J I Janntnga D W K a'enaoyh, W B Kalloi;, W -a Ktncbler, Dr Tho* Koo k ;ory. 8aml Kcox. Park* - Klug, Martia Kealeliu. M Keller, .'*? Klttridgr. Geo W ; Klacoford, Re* K l^e*1ng?toa,TCACo? Smi h, E Rne** l, Mr R??d Ja* M 1 Bnp t, Jacob BtM. Jaa Rlcbardaov.Cal Jaa Roblraon, Jno L ?a. Jno B F Rom, John RsberttOa, 0*9 Bisher, F C h- iger*. Franria Ran ?erfcerg, Cfcaa RoM-aonGo- Cfef t Riad, Thoa K ?penaar. Col Wa Saeford, W B Htmmr. W Gllarre Swift, W C *< Bonnenachm'dt, W Sllloe*, Coa'r T H Spencer, B*nb*n St*r?-i *>lob*el 81<-k!ee, D E Stephen*. L G Smith, L O 8 later, Lewi* t? fc'hneernarun, J F Hchlerogt, Joa Steirb?n*on, Jno BhaonoB, Jno W 8owora. Jas B Hhaw, Joo S Tipaon, Cap! J It Sharp, J L Bnlll-an, Jaa 8mlfb, Ro?*kl*b ?w1f-, H A KiryMlPg t Bowe'l Skat?, J M atealey, Geo Striker. G H Manltti Geo A 8te< ena, < ,ao btewart. P tJ Lyon, 8 E Lee. Prof B B Ix>??1oy. Owaa l.epiey, Mr Liberriaa, M J !<??. Major Stewart, Chas 1 Kcbalk, Fred Tay, Reary ?lire-ton. Thoa 1 Towe *,SA Tbo?ne, J ' i?tug*ton,Mortm'rTreror, J l.or.khoart. Jaa laylor. Ji?o I.alued, Juo R Trl lot*, J K Latham, Hue Taylor, Jeroaae I.orios, Or Geo B .1 Toabey, Bugh T^ooard. Ella* Tucker, Belrea Lewla, Or B J Thooo. R L-*vitt, D f Thorn**. Geo G Lynch, Maj Oaald LaDue, A D Lompkln, F l^ugdon. Be* W H Tnrner, Ch?a Meeker, W B J Tiabale, A 8 Thayer. E I Thuiap*un, EdwM S Tncker. C B Morgan, W K Miller, Wm Merr 11, T.:oa ? Merrar, Com B Mead*, R K Montgomery, Mr Mal juey, Cap' M Merrtiaw, L Morria, L M Marpby, J J Marrl it. J C Magrade', Jt.o F M ii Her, Joban Mnrptoy, Jo* B Mi era, J ho Mooie, Ja* F M" gan, Geo R Merilal, Gns'a- B* Mayaciano, F Marx, Peler Murry, E Miwzy, A W Mitchell, Cel A 0 ?>IcBugb. O K'liiiOnetou, G8^?rlel MoRe-, Dr J F K1a, n, F MrFar and,Pr J P Ely, C A rdgeitoa. ? r Flai:ev, Wat Ksnwi k, Mr Freeman. W F Kenteo, K B F garreae, ?/ r Fennel 1, L K.oyd, Go? Jre B Far. :a*on, Jolia Ford, Thea g Fep'lor. H Ford. Geo Flaettl. G M F*.'gu*on, P M Ford. F. K Kebiuary 7. |*|7 McKee. J H Mrlutoah, J** M''Donald. Jaa M< lilheDT, Jn" T Mi-O B^. Mr MrG.I', P M McKeuury, Rn'us McCie'.lao. R X J Tli g e. A E I Bd*rwood,W*rne* Van Brant. Geo F ? Varden, R W Varnntc. Ool W M Vardea, B T V.u E.e.k. 0 9 Vella, Geo C Walker, Jno C Withaa.a. Willi* L Wallace,Dr W L Wheal' B, Wm William*. W ?> ton Wll.on. Wataon William*. Thoa 1 Wor.enoraft,!* Oil WatermaB, L B 1 Wil,?n, J P WiddlSeld, J I. Wi?e. Dr J*mea Watroua, J 8 S We'ker, Jo* Wiliiem*, John Will ama. J H W;||ett, Or J F Whltliei. J?s M ? Woodruff, Oapt J E Wbltiey, J P WhltlBg, Ja* W llco*, Jacob Willi*. J w Wlkoff. H Winter*, Geo Wltuaa, Geo a McLeati. Wtr Fi an'# Wllkenaon. Goo MrCHntock, Wro s Waeblngt in, Gea McXaw. W F Moytague. L S Xelaou. K B XI oa X bewlla, X Xewromb, Lt J AS. W Ward, Oapl fber Webb. Edward Wright, Gan R O K H i.eon, Cal Beni o bebbett, p. m. A CARD. I TAKE THIS OPl'ORTUNITY OF IN fjrm'ng tbose o! my canome^ who not I compiled villi my terncs of seUlin?,on the firat o 1 Jki iiary that a Collector wM call on all three who do no> ca'l and aet'le wlthla tea dava. N. W. hiLBRON. feb 7-3t* Navv Yard. 1*1 A T T R B ISIB OF EVERY D ESC RIPTIO V, >1 a nofpr'ared at the Fairvlew Steam mill, Albxabobia, Va. WE INVITE THE ATTENTION OP THI trade of Washington and vlclr.ity to tb< I large as^ortmant of MATTRE98E9 bow cr. hand, comprising Patent-Spring, Hair, and several hundred Musk >tnd Cotton, cf varlom b'zba, to meet the demand of the coming *ea?on Orders b? m-ill or otherwlfc promptly attended to, fn-i o.i? df'lvered t Ba tlm-?r?? rates. Address feb 7-lfU FITZPA t RICK A BUKN* WATCHE1-TNE LARGEST ASSORT ment ever offered ?? enr Customers.? Those In eearch of verv superior tlme-keep?r' will find our stock to embrace all tbemorecele^ brated makers, suitable both for ladles and gen tlemen. Confident that our assortment is as eomplet* ai any In this country, and poases-lng every advan tage In petting It up on the b?si terms, we are prepared to offer unusual Inducementato purchas] ers. Members of Congress and strangers who dr sign purchasing Wa'ehes would do well to make an earlv selection, that their quality may be *bo< roughly ttstcd before leaving the city 1 M WlALTiBRO., febT - fit Pa. av.. bet. 9th ard 10th sts New BOOKS AT TAYLOR A MAURY'S. Just received? Wordsworth, a biography, by Edwla Paztoo Hood, 9i The Colonies of Australia, by Samuel Sidney, profuseiy Ulua'.ra'ed, 81 A Book about Naughty Boys, by Chamiflury, 81 6re.fce and tbe Greeks of the Present Day, bv Edwin About, gl tilatoiy or 'he Jewish Nation, by Rev. Alfred Kri?r>hf<m. 8160 Toe liazit Tales, by Herman M lvllle, 81. Wild Sports of the Far West by t rederlck Gerstaecker. 3f cts Tbe Haunted House, by Ftedk. Gerstaecker 29 ce"ta. The First Lieutenants Btcry, by Lady Catherine i?ong. oo cents. Margnatlte de Valols, by Alexander Dumas, 60 0fnt8. My Cousin Nicholas, by tbe Aathor cf the la goidaby Legends, 39 cents. Bothwall, or the days of Mary Queen of Scotts, by James Grant, 50 oeats. Our Shilling MUoellaay, edited by E H Yates, 2#eents Also The Golden Dagon, or Up and Down the Ira M American California Indoors and Oat, or How we Live, Mine and Farm In the Golden State,by KUxa W. Taraham, 81. Oriental Acqtudntance. by J W De Forest, ?7 eats, at TAYLOR A MAURY'S fife? Reokstore, near ttfcst. Amusement* THALBER6 5 SECOND AND LAST FAREWELL CONCERT. CARUBI'B SALOON, THURSDAY, Peb 1?% Pint aid only appearance of the celebrated Ber man Prima Donna MADAME iUUANR?ER. Mr. TMALB1RO, Mtdtwi P'AMPRI Mr. THALBERG will play first Uim) Ella! t A more , Soags wttbou! woid?; ?irtmi or Prussian Airs-first time, Prayer of Moan Mm IVAN?R1 will alng Arlaa from Saffj; Casta Diva; Donna <1*1 Sago Mm JUHANNBKN will sing Arlaa from Der Frei'x; Robert de Diable; and tier man Lied by K ueken Madame D'ANGRI and JOHANNSEN WU1 ?log the Grand Duo from Semlramla Conductor Ply A bill* Price cf Admission?$1 so and 91 00 Theaaleof seats will crmverce on Mendai, Pebruary 9tb, at Metxeroti'a and Derlt'a Music B teres. Doors opea at 7fc'; to commencc 8 o'clock feb 7-td rpiHt IALK OF TICKET* P*?R 'tiALKERO'lC 'PirCKT will comirtence'oo ?ONDAY, February 9th. at METZEKO 1 'S MUSIC STORE, corner of 11th stnet and Teca. avenue. All his Comfoaltloaa. Conceit Bccka. acd l'at. traits for ra!e. It ODD FELLOWS' HALL. TtJRRPAT EVKWmo.FitnarT 10, 1?-T. Grand Mi^ceUnnroos Enffrhiomrnt For the Ben* fit cf the DRAMATIC COMPANY OF THE NATION AL THEATRE: SUFFERERS BY THE LATE FIRE Tickets 5) Cents etch?to b* hrd ft all the Hotel* and Music Stores Par* eulars In email bUls. feb 7 Washington Cirns and Ampithratre. Coricr of Sseeath Street and Ike Areavt, GREAT BILL FOR SATURDAY NIGHT FAREWELL OF JIM MYERS. wben he wll'., In re*ponre to the pubMc w1sv|T?e* form for the 'id time In this alty hi? gre t feat of Wcf/img cn the Cfthrg, Herd Dotrmrardi LIAK A FLf. recel'-rdcn P.apiivloua rcpressn's'lon by a crowdf d house. Mr. E. WUOPV for the 1st time on hi* 1 Fifing Steel*, MADAME TOVRNIAIFE, onf alt /*? Cefpvny ?? A'?w Actt. RRAPD APTARNOOW, SATIBUAV, Ccmmenrlnc at 2 If o'clock Family Tickets, admitting p*rcnta with tt<?lr children, only il feb 6 - ?"' ? a??? . ~z CARUSrS SALOON FOR THREE NIGHTS ONLY, Cmaaidij MONDAY, Pebmary 9. EMMA STANLEY, (LATE OF NIBLO'S Garden, New York,) In tbe SEVEN AGES OP WOMAN, In which abe will appear In TWENTY FOUR DIFFERENT CHAR ACTERS, including Po;ymeloa, (by way of epii^ue,) Illustrating vocal eketcbts in Turk'ah, Swiss, Spanish. French, and Scotch, concluding with the Marseillaise Hymn Conductor and Planlat, Mr. J B. Whbato*. 'iickets FIFTY CENTS For ablest all the Silnclpal hotels and mualc atoraa, and tt the oors In the evening Doors open at , commence at 7)f SHERIDAN CORBkN.Jn , feb l-tf Mantger CONCERT F0 R THE P00B This total and instrumental CONCERT* under tie managexent of Mr W. Hex at Pal* - ie , will be given on MONDAY EVENING, February 16tk, AT CAKT ^rS SALOON. A POL.. AND SELECT ORCHESTRA ha> bten engaged for the orcaalon, *nd no effort will be anartd to render this the most brilliant aad popilar Concert of the season [TTTleketa ONE DOLLAR?to be obtained ?t tae Mualc Stores of Mearrs Dav1?. John F. Ellis, and Metzerott, Pa avenue; al*oatthe Book Storr* of Mesera. Franck Tayior, Farrbaro, and Taylor A Maury, Pa. avenue ;eb2-tr Lost and Found. COAT LOST?ON YESTERDAY AFTE3 ro>n, the advertiser who la a lofraVf of :b? Columbia Fire Company, left hla BLACK CO AT wltn grxv plu?h lining, In a atore on the nor.L atdV of Penu. avenue, between llth street and the fire; the atore not recollected by him. Anyone having the coat will confer a favor upon tb-o *ner f v leaving It at thla oEce !:? LOST?YESTERDAY, A SMALL FEMALE DO??. with long hair on the back of ^ her neok . brown head, lets, a~d tall.^g55^ which curls over the bark ; tip* of the feet waits A libe. at reward will b*- paid for f>e retu n of the ?ame to 1)4 I atreet, between llth and li'fc street. it* LOST .- S3 HKWA1UJ.-A VALUABLE Ntwfru d and DOC. Answer* t< ) *he name of Hollo He is a large dog. entirely b'ark. with the eiceptlon of his frj^ feet and breaat. vblch arc white TLt"**~* above rewa'd will be given If d? ll?e**d to the ?ubacrlber at tie Ebbl'.t Ho'?e cn F atr?>et, be tween 13th *r.d llth. feb?-3i? C W DOWNING Wants. House wtanted? between in and 5th atreeta Massachusetts and Pern ave nues Rent not to exceed $'2^o per / nnum D'ie t an t?to F S TALMAPGE, Da^uerrean Artlat, opposite Market. It* WANTED.?A GARDENER FULLY COM ^ftent to under'ake the enr e charge of Fruit, rd Vrpe able* Apply at 533 13th ?.treet. bet??;n t and C. l>lind A so, a Colored ?cy at hou*e aenant. feh 7 -#,? 117ANTED ? A WHITE MAN, ON A Farm v? thre? mile* from the city To a a' g'e man who understands farming la all Its bra- tho>, 1 beral wage* will he giv?n. Nafe encu ie quired. AfplytoGEORGE D LIVlN?>TON, no^r ?ove:ninent ln?ne Asylam, on the PI cat*, war road flpb 7 2t* WANTED-AT NEWTON'S MANSION House. Alexandria, a II's' -ate Cook, ma'e or female; threeChami ermalda.,ard three Wsah era and Ironers; a settled woman to Nurse, and four Waiters. Aop'y at once. feh 7-3t WANTEU TO PURCHASE^FtlR CASB, a Hr?usc wc rth from 82.000 to 92.5 0 Ad dress W J a , through tbe Star Office, glvleg location ?nd pr'ce feb 5-1 we WANTED IMMEDIATELY ?TWO PRO test?a? Sir's. f>ne as Nur e, and the o?hfT as Cook. Wester, and Ironer. Muat come weli recrmnneided Arply at No. corner of H and llth stree'e feb9-3t? Hands wanted ?Wanted, girls to work In t'sct'iy, ?ome under Instruc tions. with pay GEO. RALB. Foreman for Wall & Stephens, No 3?l Pens avenue, between 9th and lOth streets. feh 4-4t WANTtD ?A COLORED SERVANT, TO do general Housework for a small fhir.ilv Hlave pieferred. Inquire at No. <57 fth street, between D and E. feb 5-3t WANTED -T W O"KIRST-CLASS-C!'T* t*fa None need apply but oompetent per sona. GEO. KALB Foreman for WallASte pheas, No 321 Pern, avenue, between 9th and 18th streets. feb 5-4t WAM'bD-BY A YOUNG MAN. WHO can bring good recommendations, a Situa tion at Sstesir.aaor Agent, or la any ?lKllarca pacify where he < an make b'mrelf uaeful Ad dreaa r :> w.,C1ty Po?t OClce. feb 3 it* SPANISH AND MEXICAN COIN WANTED f AT HOOD S SILVERWARE MANUFAC TORY ?Tbey will Ne taken (inexc?:a?pe Ibr all kinds of floe go d jewelry, fine gold .rd wll - aer watches, plated w.ire, tc ) at the folloarlo^ rates, vlx : Ha ft* at M> c'? , quarters at cU , ehllllnca at 12^ ct* . and llpa at ? eta e^h. at No. 338 Pa av (feba] H O. HOOD. Ahousf. wanted ?a gentleman desires to rent a comfortable and convenient two-?tory, furnished Brick House, within two blocks or so of Penn avenue, between 3d and Htk street*. By applying to tbe Editor <4 the Star tha address of the advertiser can be ascertained Jan t7-tf \jkj ai\ i au. ? lot, MibHbSl *f paid la cash for old SUver,atHOOD,BBU m Ware t are Manufaetorv, 386 Penn. avenue, aeai 9th street '' dee Si 0L? "CCE PEN RACES, invaluable fet v t??e uae, for sale at ... TAYLOR * MAURY'S Soehntere, aear 9th K.