Newspaper of Evening Star, February 7, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 7, 1857 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. A?rElT!?i.aa^t rsftrn.i> >? lsft *t tbb Orrtaa ?t 'til'i Jt , OT?cav;-i rmtx ?ir mot ?rr?A? rrt intTir. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. . "I1** or. THR Natiowal Thbatrb.?At about three o olock yesterday afternoon, the ?tartling cry was raised that the National loeatre wai on fire: and in an incredibly short period of time frum the discovery of smoke I issuing from the roof, the vast interior of the building wag in a blase, and sent up a column ot wreathed smoke and fl^me which attracted ?Mention miles away in the country. The 1?at, when at its highest, wa; sufficiently in ten.? to be felt as far as Twelfth st. So rar y dld tbe ?Pre?J {bat the wardrobe in the builll>ng. escaped with difficulty. This woman and two paint boys were, we bear, the only pert- ns in the build '-ig at tue time the fire broke out, at which time it made its appearance in the form of raeMe and flame, in the upper part of t^e ruilding. and almost instantly grew to a fall ing shower of fire upon the stage and floor of the house, from the burning decorations and combustibles aloft. "f course, the firemen, who were promptly on the ground, cou'd do nothing for the theatre, and their exertions were dcrrtal to saving the nion office and other buildings in fearful proximity to the burning building Fortu ??*ely the air was <salra a' the time, otberw ?# the most strenuous exertions of the firemen nnd eitusns would htre been unavailing to *t*y the fire in the confines of the edifi-c -*bere it originated As it was. the Union v.fflce was on fire seTera! times, and was only tared by prompt and vigilant efiorts The pan 10 spread to ;ne neighboring blocks, letLi" r*' M Tbir,'?th street people tT*,? Tn cleanrg out their valuables in *n Iwl .v" a cocfl?Sr?t?on which shculi VThile the flames were at , b* 8Lhl? bursting forth from every aper * bui,dinS- *?n 1 driving back the -wia of spectators to a respectful distance ,D^e8Jt W" feU iD tb? fal? Of the two bul.etiu boards displayed in th* niches A the front of the hou-e. and upon which the posters announed in large that Miss Fanny M rant baring recovered from her indisposi tion. w'.uld appear that night as Rc**Hnd in ^^^.vspeare s n!ay ol ' At Yoa Like it " The wal a cracked and crumbled with the heat .ue wooden entrance and the staircases in ir nt were coa.-umtd, and yet these frail bi*s ' n,Wf ,rr Fu8prr *"rk r,-??>?d unscathed, *il J7'i,whra ,be bu,'l"K reduced to a mere shell, they, to?, wer.t the w?y of all things combustible. ? .jVtloV t0 *h? I0/*** Messrs. Kunkel, Ford a 1 Moxley, is e?tinut*d ?t from ten to fifteen tbec?*nd dollars from three to five thousand * o-ilW"S ^>0l?1lbe now BrenerJ- * * , for the ymp^ic Devils, which ha* been in re hearsa! for rome time, and which was to hive been brought rut with great care on Monday nigh, next a this piece the company hi ped na^e up tr.e Ionm of tho season, they hav :ng been paying i.telj a* ? loss of one bun dreo do,lars & night Oct.-, the artist, lost bis *-^l.?. drawings, aiateruls*: , Smith* Vessey the carpenters, their entire ou'fit of tools- j <?r^t7^Wa,d^lhe ,c* ,3r(>f,lleo^bestra. lost a , Tloll? and much va!u*ble music, includin' ?he scores of several operm Almost the entire wardrobe and theatrical properties were destroyed A set of new stage s?Tei r ^ ?r "~?nes? costing $500 w is li.t?! haJ 00 ?a?urance, and it is be. mi L * ?? ,D^ur*^? on the building, hear that some weeks j?go a polio of inFuranc# to the ^xtent of 55 000. was mnde at for it in a Philadelphia compiny, but ' *i*?g u> tbe non-payment of the premium, the poi.;y was cancelled. The general opinion fcems to be ;hat the ! k of *a 'p *?ndiary, and it is aid that a penon who was turned out lrom .ae theatre lately for improper ccnduct made :cud threati of burning the building It i< doub'fu., howerer, we learn on in.iuiry, if his mdiviuua hss been in the city s<iiue dajs Ihe greatest sympathy is felt in our com tuuaity for the lessees, and far the eompanv |cus thrown out of rmiloyment We learn -cat an entertainment t r tee benefit of tho -oaapaoy w;i: fce given at Odl F.!! ,wr Hftu next, week, and h*7o n<i d->ubt that such an one will be snbs'antially beneficial to the funerers. ? Jbe Baltimore Clipper of this morning ssys The news was brought to Mr Ford, at his e, trhere he has been confined the past t?owee*3 l>y sickness, just as he was about cording a cotirar: Mr Harrison, of f t/Dr!n(1 troupe, for the leising f 'he Theatre. Mr U*rrii?on, wo are in lorued. immediately tendered his gratuitous ^ rricej ti Mr Fori for a benefit or testimonial f a bis assistance on the occasion of bis loss." The National Theatre, it will be remem bered, was destroyed by fire on the iih of ll?-eb. IS45, tho erening after the inaugura tion of F'reailent Tolk.acd w*b rebuilt ill the advec? of Jenny Lind. Tbb Bjapd or Trc^tee* of public school?, held their re^uUr meetini; on VVrdnfl-dny af ^ern >on Present. Mes<r<> A'Lee, President protfn . Dav ? Diekit'on. Harkne^s. Magru der. McKira. Morgan. Pcn?ile:?;n, Pjlk Wheel er and Wilson. A letter of resignation was received from M i*9 M Q Wtlls Pri uci (i Primary 8 "ho 1 So. 1. First District; whist was accepted. Communications were received from the teachers of the f male department of the Fiiet and Second Distr ct schools, and from t: e Fr-.ncipal of the Fmrth Di-tri-t rchool, and from tbe teacher of the female department of the same school, a-.Mgrint: their reasons wb>, v. tbeir opniens ?? ?*reenleaf's Common S'ht"! Arithmetic ' ?h>.uM be rc-in*rrductd into the potliC schoola ?s a class book On motion if M: Mckim, "Qreeaieaf's Common t-shool Arithmetic ' kji adopted as a .ext b? a in the publi; schools of this city. At the suggestion of Mr P-^lk. the chair mar of tbe ommittee on the ex imira'i. n of teachers, Wednesday, the 11th isst . w*s ap pointed as tbe day for tbe et?oi-annual exam lnttion of candidates for tee<'h<rrs. The Secretary reported .hat Col W Uickey had furnished the copies of his work on the Coc'titution of the I"nit??d States, and tbe Bear J ordered that they should he presented to th^ pupil: f >r whom they are designed, on Wedn*?day, the 11th init , a: 2o'clock p m The Kev Mr Kih-jC r-re ent^d a copy of Lo?s ng's History of the I'nited States to each member of the B^ard. and made a few re marks on its merits Mits M K ^ tu nd.< w appointed aa asiis tant teacher io primary srho'd Xt> 5, third di.trict, and M m K*'e Sandeison to tbe suV> a^s'atant teacher in the ^ame district; Mi as M. J Ritchie ' i nncipal of prim try No I iir^t dis rirt, and Mi*s U H S'.ater to be assistat.t tescher in primary N firrt district, rite Miss P.itchi# promoted TLoccmm.ttee of the examination of teach ers made a report, which was adopted. Mr AtLre ffered the following Ktioh 'd, That the exercises be. a<id they are hereoy susfenJed. on tbe 4*h pr x'tno, tn tbe jusHc sehoul- of thitci'y The Board then adjourned, to meet on tho 5th f f March. r*ssevRr.A*rz Firr Cwnrasr.?The f/ ember* have be?n riected (fficera for the "Muing year John T Doun, preaideut; W W Grant, vice provident; H L. Harvey, jr , ?cctetary; Henry Jannev, trea?urer; O H Donn, captain of engine ; W. D Kurtz 1-t ecg-neer , Jas M Maddox. 2J do ; John 11. Faulkner. Si do., John R Pierce, captain of ho?*e ; Jas. 11 Harrover, 1st director; B. F. Throop. 21 do . <? T Done, 31 do ; Leon&rl Howell, keeper ? f apparatus; John T Donr, W W Orjnt. 11. L llnrvey, jr., R Grimes and W ?%'. L-cke delegate< to the United Fire Department. Fiakili' Fiait Cour*** ?The following gentlemen have been eleated tfficer-of this com^eay for the ecsn-ns year. Robert E. Doylfi, president, W U F?nmng, vice pr??1 dent: ti R Croesfieid. secretary, W H Beardaley. treasurer , W M Stansbury. op tain of engine; R M Downer, first assistant; Tao J Cimunston, >^cond do ; Tho. L Mar tin. captain of nose: Jno B Medley, first di rector; James B Moran, second do ; Henry Knight, third do. ? Tbb Coxfictiohbr's stand at the Mechan ics' Institute Fair hat been awarded to J. 0. W?avtr. Metropolitan F Aim.?Since <mr Iwt report the following persons have applied for speoe at the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute, to be opened on the Id of March : A. S. Jonas, New York, Crockett's leather cloth. Miss Adele Clare, Washington, tepestry work. Miss Clare, do , shawl. . W H. Johnson, Baltimore, cordage, twine, Sarah McConnell, Washington needlework G M White, do , furniture. J. A Hopkins, do., patent bee hives Henry Hartge 1 Co , Baltimore, p,ano. Sam'l Bootes, Georgetown, embroidery. M William, Washington, fancy goods Mrs Bogan, do., preserves and pickles Miss Reeves, do., pickles. Mrs G. H. Varnell, do., soap and pre serves . John M Young, do., crane neck rocknw,?y Mrs Fienner, "do , preserves. Miss Flenner, do , needlework. Mrs Robins??n, do., quilt. Marv Jane Clements, do., needlework B if. Stinemeti, do , hats, fars, A3 G. C. MacGill, do , quilt. L ?ura C. Fowble. Washington, watch cafes. C. W Conneli, do., horn basket. El!* Hcugh, do., worsted mats S I Powell, do., tutted chair. M Taylor, do , embroidered dress Mrs. Pennison, do , fan and needlework. Miss C Brooke, do , needlework. 0*en Munson, do , dentistry. Wm Crow.. do., picture. Wm H. llarrover, do , stoves Sjuu'1 II. Pook, jr , Boston, Mas.-., I models clipper ships. Amelia Burnett, Washington, worsted work. John Kulinski, do , patent car Mi.-s Jane Sbyne. do., baby's dress and cl^ak Mis< Jane Shyne, do., worsted ottoman. Eulalia Shyne, do , braided dress. Gardner Place, do., buggy. Basil Bounds, do , lamp ana patent sweeper. J A Weston Co , Baltimore, Fairbank's scales. Olivia Macgiil, Washington, needlework. Miss L. J. Boilings, do., do A G. Fowler, do , model of tilting wagon. Mrs A F Mills, do., counterpanes. J G. Weaver, do , confoctionery and cake. Mrs A R. Young, do., needlework. A II. Young, do., clothing I,aur* Ruppet. do , embroidery. Mr3 Utermehle, do , soap. Mr* Dutchman, Lehigh county. Pa , table cloth W. II Rhodes, Washington, lightning rods and twisted iron. U H Ridenour, do , case of confectionery. Mary Ellen Fowler, Georget'n, fancy work. Sarah Jane Howard, Washington, embroid ary Wm Marshall, do , 2 machines. Thomas Young, do , barouche and pbaeton. A report has been circulated that no article below a certain value will be received. We are requested to state that no ruch regulation has been ??dopt*d A committee will receive the articles as they are presented, and such as are deemed unsuitable for exhibition will not be admitted. A DELic.HTF-rr. Concert ?Theconcert given on Tbnrsd*y evenii? at Odd Fellows Hall, Navy Yard, by the Washington Harmonean*, for tho benefit of the poor of tbe Fifth and Sixth Wards, was very numerously attended, and passed off with great rrfat The instru mental part of the programme, executed by Withers' fine band, who kindly volunteered for the occasion, was one of tho moat pleasing features of the entertainment, and win re peated plaudits Tbo vocal part wis admira bly sustained by Messrs Hill and 0 Brien The violin solo by Prof Withers, the guitar performance by M' Keck, and the flute <o!o by Prof. Mimiri i, were exquisitely cxe^utsd. Indeed, the whole performance, vocal, instru mental and burlcsquo, wa; exceedingly well rendered Wo have never witne?sed a larger or mo:# brilliant audience of ladies and gentlemen in the eastern section of our ci:y ; and, thanks to a generous community, we are glad to be able to s'ate tha* the efforts of our esteemed young fiiend* the Harmcceans have been amrly rewarded. The handsome amount realized by this charitable undertaking will do much to relieve the distresses of the poor, to dry the tear of tbe widow and hush the cry of the orphan * and the Harminean* have now not only the praises of the public, but, what is bettor, the blessings of Heaven, for their laud able enterprise in behalf of the destitute ScinciOH or Larceny ? Yesterday, Mrs Chatain was arrested by watchmen Norwood and Ward upon suspicion of stealing *l"u, the property of Harriet V. H.Me, who boarded in the same hou-e with accused. The case was laid before Justice Donn, and occupied several hours in the examination ot witnesses and searching for the money. Mr. C. S W al !*ch appeared as counsel for the prosecution, and Mr. G. L. Gibersoa for defence After able argument* of the counsel were heard, the Justice dismissed the case, the evi dence being insufficient to prove the larceny. WA9B1MGTGK Circl"s.?A gnat bill is ofieted to night for the farewell of that famous jester Jim Myers, when, in accordance with tbe many requests of our citizen*, he will repeat, for the second and la't tim?\ his remarkable feat of walking on the ceiling, head down wards, like a fly This extraordinary under, tifcing should be visited bv al! who are fond of the re*-velous Madame Tourniaire ap pear' in two new scenes, and all the company in a variety of r.renic acta ? auio:ng them Mr. E Woods on his four fljing steeds. Cask 8ettlxi> ?Gsorre Fasnaught, yes terday. appeared before Justice Donn, to an swer the charge of tiking a horso and riding him off without le ive. It appeared that the accused was intoxicated and playful A com panion put him on the how and he rode off. When b?f became sensible of what he bad done, be returned the horse. The explana tion was foficient to satisfy the owner of the animal that there was no felonious intent, and he requested the dismissal of the case, which was done ??? Accipz*t?Two horses attached so Maack's mineral water wagon ran away yesterday, on Capitol Ilill, and in their course threw the wagon against a block of marble near the Capitol, by which the vehicle was smashed, and tbo driver badly injured. Tbe driver was conveyed to his home, and medical assist ance sent tor; but at S o'clock last night he was considered ia a critical condition. On* Fillow .? Funeral.?Tomorrow after noon. the Grand Lodge and Grand Encamp ment of tbe I O 0 F , together with Colum bian Encampment aud Washington Lodge, No 6, of the same benevolent order, will at tend the funeral of their deceased brother, Henry Taylor, meeting at the Hall atl o'clock f it that purpose. ? - Election ?The following members were elected rfhe^rs of the Western Hose Active Association for the ensuing six month* : F J. Hr.ltiman, president; T J Parker, vice pres ident; J R. Spalding. secretary; W G B. Thorn, treasurer; J.R. Brown, J. H Biggs. J M Parker, and J. T. Modock, standing committee. To sight ? Do not forget to go to tbe Fair in Schneider's Building. The price of admis sion is very small Mexican (Quarters ?We learn that Mr. H Sera ken, Jeweler, i!30 Pa avenne, buys all the Mexican and Spanifh Quarters bo can get at 22 cents each * v,0L8v r*n*R ?AU who cont Jnin^?r k P3Pe" of tb? instant. iVtcil * I account of this horrible mur "J froiB A A damson, Seventh street, opposite the Post Office. ? hw'th'f MI?CD !?"? 'xc,TEr> to the Utmost degree by the proceeding, of the invest in the of. Dr Bur<leIl? of New Yor*. As the crowded state of our columns wou'd not ner mit us to give the proceedings in full, we refer our readers to the *>lica Gazette of this wee*, which contains the testimony in fan as f*r as the investigation has transpired. Tbe Police Gasette may be had at ShillingfoiTs book and stationery store. - * The Two Lovers-A story of the vicissi tudes of a young woman, one of a mercurial end generous temperament?confiding and ar deut, wbose marriage with a wealthy, but unprincipled, man is followed by events of e! most e tragic nature. To thoie who ere seek* log the refreshment of a novel delightful in the home life and private oirele this book will be particularly attractive. It ia for aale at Shillington'a great Book, Newspaper, and Stationery Establishment. * Watch Rutirns ?Last night the cells at the guard house were occopied by lodgers only. No oases wera tried. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE i Giokqetotvjj, Feb 7, 1857. I Our City Councils were in session la*t night, but transacted but little business of moment, j i\lr. English presented the r.ecountof ii. Hea ver; which was read and referred. The same gentleman reported from the com mittee ol ways and meanj a resolution in re lation to the Corcoran charity fond; which passed both Boards. A resolution in favor of Sara'l Smash passed both Boards also. Mr English, from the committe of waji and means, reported a resolution establishing the salary of the clerk of the commissioner? of the sinking fund Mr. Cropiey offered a resolution of instruc tion to the committee on market hou?e Both Boards then adjourned. Our city politicians (both parties) rxro all astir mustering their forces for the coming municipal election. It is generally conceded that the present incumbent of the Mayor's of fice, 11. Addison, Esq , will again be the can didate of the opposition or Know No'hing party, and we were informed this morning that R. R Crawford, E.?fj , was nominated by the Democrats and anti-Know Nothings as their standard bearer. Tbe contest will doubt* less be very warm one Neither will be like ly to leave anything undone that seems to further their cause. The beautiful warm weather of the last few days has pretty well cleared our streets of tho high banks of snow, and business is again be ginning to show signs of revival. Spectator . Dirr'trll*r I ozeoges and Kurnrr Jnmat* <-? Ginger, prepare^ by Fred. Brown. Philadelphia for sale ?t OILMAN'S New tlrn Store. 3M? Penn. avenue. Aithae Paste, a delightfnl article for coogh* a"d coidn Al?o, Pure Cod Liver 0:1, prepared by Samuel of Philadelphia, for *e> above, fett 6 lit |[TTIif ^arld's Oenefactar.? In nil time tbe true phy?1cian has been know n a? tbc'rlend of butaatiity, and In on r day* many naaame, but fcw draer \ ? the title. M r r. M.N. Gardner, however, la one of the few, for abe I ??i? rlcMy merited it In the production of the U*Mt? or I iriitTvoiir awn H o*hhoi;mi>, ? il< h haa wi ought rouM o. Ira'-u'o'ifure*, and Snally won for lt? 'If a place among renin -*r>l K-rn iy M?dlrlnesof tbe day, i? the care fur all affect'o.j* ?.f t;,^ Lur.-a. Mee-n Weeks A Totter, No. 1M WaehltirVnn street, Eo# ton, l.aneral Agent#. Kor aalo by W. H. rstlmau. Charles Htott, Nairn k Palmer, L. n. Oilman, and by Drn^,.^ gta r*lly. feb j-lw. fry*Brewn't Bronchial Tr?rhM.-.? W? hav? found them of great frvleefa allaying Bronchial Irrita tion, and In fobdnmg Hoar?ene?? prodT-e-1 by Oo'da^and 'lo onr clerical brethren a r*al f?vor In calling their attention to then!."?Zlon'a Herald. " We commend th-u to the at tention cf pnb'le ejv?ateers, ilpgera, end other" who are trontled with afertlo't* of the Taroat."?f^rletian Watrh man. "Fur Oong'uv AHhrat, a*., we eheertull. bear te?t(. mory from pereoaal kuowledg j 10 their efflevy."? Ball o'a Pictorial. " They are a gtnple and ele;*n' form for a'lraln ?nlerlng. In combination, eereral ir.edic'na' ?nb?tancee he'd ? general e-teepj amen.- Physicians In the treatment cf b.cirhial affection?.'?Dr. tt. F. Bigelow. (Iwliailf no oplnin or deltterloo* drngj, tiieee Loieugss can be neel freely by public npea*<w? and voc diets for ? learlnj and giving Mrengtll t? the vole#. Sold by all Drnpci<?* Oct li-tf JAMES N. CALL.AU, Ajeat. \'f~ important lo the l.a.ilrs'.--F)r. l?n POnOO'3 FKMAl.K PILLS.?Ibe combination cf Ingretfl. ecte In the nils are periec'.ly iMriuiee*. Tuelr effii acy and merit* are bae-1 npon an extensive pract ce cf over ti.S:;y yc-ra; and, where the dlrectloa* have ' etn elrlctlv fi! lowed, tV.ey never failed to correct a.I !r*egniatit1ee, relieve palsfal anddldQcnlt nienitrn?>!on, (p^rtknlarly,! at the change of life. They will rare the Whits*, and retmve all '.attraction* ar'.eing frn.a cold, exposnre or aay caueee; and may be nued encceerfilly ae a Pre"ntlve. Call Bpon the a<e->t, and iet a Clrcnler for piirtlcnlarw free. Trice tl per bog, with fnll dlrecilonp. Sold wholeealj and retail by OHAS. STOTT, Drngg'.at, Peereylvania avttne, SAMI'KL B. WA1TE, 63k Seventh itreet, Wa-?ilagton, O. C.; ?ufl K. S. T. OISSEI^ Georgetown; to whon; all ordsri m oh! be reril, and the Pills will be feet confidentially, by mrfl, io ladlee who enctcre thear, ne dollar. N. B.?See algnatare 02 tl.? box; toaonn'.erfellUlit for ?ry. Jea-lf ^[3^'^rHn<}retb,* fills.?The \T??i\lc, the Ootisomp'.'v.', R'.i?arnatlc,O'ttve, Blllon< and Delicate, after tome da; '* u?* will tlnd renewe?l rtr?n?th and life pervade every organ ? f tl.elr frame*. Kvery done maUea tiie blood pn.-er. The nerv?# cnmn-nre in the arterle* and terminate in the v?in?. Theee pill*, a* a flrat effect, a<-t npou tbe ar terial b.'ood. Increasing th> clrcautlon, by which Iinpurltlee are der>o?tted In the ve1r.?. and they thrr.w off each collec tions into the bnw*;?, which organ, by tbe energy derived f.-on Bi ar. lretb'" Pllle, exp?l? them from the ?y? era. Wi'.e-i !!r?; ne< the nlllt may crr?^ton griping, and even tn*V:e l'.it patient feei worse; thla uiu?' be b- rue with for the jo^d to come afterward* No greal *ood i? often achlevecl vrithor* time trouble la la attainment, Aisd th1? role applies t.i the re?-nvery of health. Tbe?j only occnr H'brre the body l:%a long (trn^glrd nii 'er a load cf impure, ten icloca hnmorn. A e,,asecntlr?- nee for a few dav? will ?all?fy the meet nohe'levlns of the great jood the pllle are doing. dlre-t'.out ahonld be carefaily etcdled. If uadaretix. 1 and followed, health and vigor will, in a majority of caeea, be e? enreo by tii? n?e of KRaNDRK TH'S Piil*. Bolti at t6 cent* per bos at 43 C*nal at:net. Brvidteth Balldibg, New Tork; by T. W. uyott .% Son*, 182 curlb Seroud alreet, PMladelpi.ia, by iLelT-liie jra'era .'* aliy. *??>* 2" -tf fflARRIED, Un the tth Instant, hy th*1 K? v Mr ^anisoo, JAMF.S THOMAS AIcBOWAN to Mis? yA R^H VIRGINIA UbLL, all cf tblsrltv. OIID, On theC*.L liLMtiul. Li.W A., wile ol Aa?>i>tuc H. Voss. The frltndR and relatives of the f4tn).'y are ??J quefi'ed to attend.the funeral, fro"< ne* re-; ?^enre, ueir the corner of l! and 7 h s.reets, ?t 'i o'cloc v p in , on ^anday, the 6th lest. * In 6eorj(ttown, on the7th February, at 3 o'cl k a. in , GLfKGK K. U Pl'KRM AN, non cf CLas. A. and tirice Uppermaa, aged 5 year* and '2 mouths. P?Uis funeral will take p ace To-Worrcw. (Su day) Afiernoon, at 3 o"c ock, frwni th% rtnidence ef his fatLvr, cu High "tret. The frlendu of the family are Invited to attend. * Or the evening of the G:h Instant, Mr*. LU CINDA DUVkk, aged i,5. The friends and acquaintances of the family Me Invited to attend tte fureral on Tc-Morrow, (Suiilay) Afternoon, at '2 o'clock, froiu the 15th -street Frsabyterlan Church. ? For Bale and Rsnt. A|H?. I.AMB. CORNER OF 3D AND C 1"A streets, and near the Trinity Chur-.h, haa three large Parlors well furnished to let with Hoard. ju?t vacated by families f-b 5 3t? FOR RENT?A FURNISH EH HOUSE, situated on Penn avenue, between 10th and l'Kh streets The advertiser being about to leave the city for several months, Is desirous of renting their house, which is comfortably lurnished, ana xuitable for afamily. To a gord and r sponsible tenant the rent will be moderate Possession yivencn tbe 1st of April next febo-'2w FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT ?MRS. G. ANDERSON has for rent three or four Rooms, which are comfortably furnished, ard can be converted into parlors or i harnber^, as may be required Penn avenue. -2d door east of the Klrkwood House. feb5-*2w PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH BOARD, CAN be obtained on the cornt of Mi?souri ave nue and 1# street, west side, No 15. frb 4-lw# FOR RENT ?A PARLOR AND~CHAMBER handsomely furnished, In one of the most desirabi? location* In the city, being In the v - clnity of the National, Browns', and Dfxter's Hotel The house Is r.ew, with all the modern improvements, water, g?s. Ac Also,several very pleasant Chambers AfplyatNo 15 Louisiana avenue, south sidv, near (Kh ttNft. feb 2 Restaurant for sale ?The l ease and Fixtures of a Restaurant situated on Pa. avenue, (giod locality,) *111 be sold low Tor caeh. Apply at this < fflce. feb5-lw* I^OR RENT ?THE SECOND AND THIRD stories of the House over the Leather Store of M t.J O. ISH AFER, opposite the Natlonal Thca tre. Inquire on the premises. declO-cotf FOR RENT?NEAR THE NEW GOV. ernm-nt Printing uitt^e, a convenient bwel line House, containing six Rooms and Kitchen The House is sltiMted on Peirce street, beiwr*n M and North Cnpltol streets To a good 'enant the low rent of ?iu will be eh;trgfd Apply to the undersigned, opposite the premises, or at my stall at the Centre Market. jaa 30-tf CHARLES THOMA. Boarding. Board ?larre and pleasant Room* lr? * central location, near the Post Uttce, to let to gentlemen with or without meals Addrws Box Ml, Pest Otflce^ feb ft -3t* Board,&a.?mrs hates, on thes. w corner of Pennsylvania avenue and !>th stieei la prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms with or without board Every effort will be made to render tfcose comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. Transient or table board can be obtained. ap ?-tf VBW MUlIU, NJSW MUIII', NEW *|IJ. I* sic received eveiy w?ek and for sale at FERGUSON'tf, Jan SI- Seventh at. KNIFK C'LEANKHS, With ths latest ira prsvsmeat.?Every family and boarding housekeeper should have one. I Jm* 8. FRANCIS,7th?t. GRAND NATIONAL ANNIVERSARY HAT.T., AT CARVSTS SALOON, MONDAY ITENine, February 23d, 1M7. THE WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY would rwpectfully inform their Mend, and me cltliens generally that their TWENTIETH ANNUAL BALL will be given on tie evening of the above date when they wHl be pleased to meet them In cele brating the 1?5th anniversary of tbe birth of him who was " First m War, t\rst t? Ptact First in tke hians of kis Countrymen The event they commemorate and a regard for

the preservation of tfcat reputation which has ?trod fair through rjLng series of years, will cause extraordinary exertion to make It surpass all pre vious entertainments of the Corps The following gentlemen have been selected to act as MANAGERS. Tti* Ho Horary Memhers of the Corp?. ? W P Cimtia, C\?pl K France, Ja< Booth, bo. C>l P Korc, r.,.t J It Tale. Jtn Boidmu, kV|, Ool W W Haalon. Caj.t KCCarrlnjcton.Jnr. W Meade, Bnt Ike Contributing Mnnbtr$ of tke Corps. W II To4.!, u s GMeon, w KtMwIn. N H Hill, T J G.ilt, K I .1 nth_ ml m"7'/' Wf?n?yldi?f, H * tllsrh, A J Jxyem, J 9 finch J P Prpp?r. W H, K W IJovi, m/S'21'' M C,1Un. w ? X illy, j; * Hatch, jr. J St inlay, X . W J Dor.ohi, CWamrr. F J?-lT?.r?nn, J Owner, jr. W Xorzau W H Ward. T Goldaruitli, W hupi> Tt Williams, KI(M|in. Ur S C Smoot;, On tke part of tlu Citizens. O W A W Klrkwo<xl. J llHmlln. R W (irtltin, j, w H-lre. J M tjui:il?u, A J Kohinoon, C UusatU, j r ' J Shekel!*, K Kr ? nold*. 3E*>n(lass. W HcIt. (t N Hunt, C Calvert, J cinllln^ton, J VrMerhany, K k. Doyle. W w K rby J w Martin, J JR*Uey. C Cam Held, A Taw, J y roraen, ij,*?1' J Mi D<?rinott, C Marlfti T V Given, MT Gad.leg. On tke part of the Military. Col Hi ker Major Daros, Adj't Oher. ?<'P , /I : L Torl'?r. Cap! T H Key. Cap; J A Tail, Capt J Keete. Capt W Watt. Capt>rhw?rruan, Pa,,t E Bright. Capt R Kolrht, Capt M Ncherke U, Caj t Janjl'on, r?pt Me* Talt. Company's Executive Committee. C"PVlrTtI?!?r* V Parg't P Kiaher, J W Swooi. First Lt J Y Tu?ker, Itur Bf^n, jr( At 9 p m the Ball will open with a display bv A detachment of the Corps In rapidly execuiic:* fomr of the finest company evolutions, followed by the drill cf the Manual of Arms Withers'full Cornet and Cotillon Bsnl is en gaged . J'fc" Hall will be handsomely d*rora?cd ; and good >rdcr preserved. Tickets ONE DOLLAR-admlttlng a centle man and two ladles; to be iitd of J as Kelly: H ^?BOn?1,raKBtat; J Powers. Tobacct nlst; C Kloman; * odd ft Da-Is J ^hllllngt^n, J. Ijatnlln a; U'ucmell, Diu<:*t. ' , IPT Invltat ons will belssnrd throuch the Kxtciit ve Committee, to whom appMcatlrn must fcs m de , . . . " WILLIAM?, Trranirer feb <,7,l 1,11,18^0,21,23 fi: ^ "In Univn there is Strength."?The ToMlc ('o?d oar only Aim. ORAfTD BALL Union Fire Company, No 2, AT THE ASSEMBLY ROOMS, ON MONDAY, PFBKl'ARI M|h JHftT. ?TiriE COMPANY PLEDGE THEMSELVES -? to sparr no pains to mik* th?3 pleasant a: ? agr^'ab .-to all who will lavor th-in with th- ir p.itronaje. VJ l:hera' Pand Is engaged for the occasion, rickets ONE DOLLAK?admitting a rrentr man and ladies; t*> be hsd of tho members, and at the door on the evening of the ba 1. Cominitttc of Arrang-merits. Satn'l E Douglass, \V:n fa Maatln, Jas Kellly, J \\ Mooie. , ^n1?/?,lr>i Win B Mlckum. feb 'i- fit SECOND ANNUAL BALL MONUMENTAL CLUB, <1 rKEXOH HALL. -or. B|? ? L,\tc.. On JloXDAY, ffhrnary Oih, 1*537. 'pHE 1U EMBERS OP THE MONUMENTAL * Club beg leave to announce to their friends ar.d the nnb'lc generally, that their Second An t^ihI 15.11 will take place on MONDAY, Pebru ary Oth, 1857. ? sputa's celebrated Cctlllon Band has been era aged fir tbe occasion. S'ipper Br d Refreshments furnished bv an ex perienced Caterer. 'tickets ONE DOLLAR?admitting a Sen. tleman and!es. ( on/mitt$f of Arrcngtrn'Ms Jas O Withers, A Hutton, J v\ 8rd, Wm Barry, V Blabop, C Rupert. B Pranklln, C Al 1,1 tie, J Haeenn. J Donriln, M J-'toop?, J Tucker C Dlsmore, J fmlth, feb4-St? kfmuval of ori'h utokkT \f fcSSRS Kinw ELL ft LAWRENCE Take ??** ui.s nr ethod of lnforinlrg their custo iners that they hive it-moved the ir DKUtii S roith to Ij'h street, ncarth*' corner of Pennsylvania avenre, and opposite Treanry < extension, wh^re th-y will prt naro ard dispense .Medicines until further notice, h? it is ihere pur pose to ar/ange an att'actIre and complete store feb 5 OAK AND PINK WOOD. A LA K?E QUANTITY EXCELLENT OAK ''l u OOD, very long and well seasoned, at the !ow<>?t nrlfe JIT"* PINE WOOD (best quality) only ?5 per CHlt ' ID*" I"*?ir sale at the \ ird, southwest corner of Nln-h and H -trfe's feb 5-3; WflllD A Nl> i (ML AT THE OLD PRICES.* OAK W OOD DELIVERED AT per cord Pine do do .?5 do COAL oI all kinds cud the best quality AH rrJerj left at P. J STEEP '> St^re, No Seventh street, rr at our Office, will be promptly fllled SL'iiO jounds given to the ton. JOHN W MYERS ft t:o , Office and \ ard corner of U and 2Jd sts . First feb 5-2w oINTERS AT Si.25 PKK GALLON ?. IV* strive t? ment your Patronage. After the Potomac was closed we wert the firnt to supply our/ custom with OYSTERS from otheiV so irces. Now we are the llr?t to re duce the price*, and are beillni: the BEST OYSTERS In this city, a'. 81 25 per gal lon ; and as the roads Improve we will continue to reduce the price We receive our Oysters by express, and warrant them always fresh Oysters In the shell, by d<~z?n or bushel SCHWARZE ft DRURY, feb 5 3t 1^0 Eleventh st . 2d ibove E_ CITY OF KKOMLK (I^WA) KU!?Ul. The SUBSCRIBERS AGENTS for THE tale of these Bond", request the attention of persons wlshlni: to make safe Investments, to theae securities They can be ?cld so as to pay it> ptr cent per annum interest. The Coupoas are- pav ab.o in New \ ork, and also received in payment of Taxos lo the city of Keokuk j and the "rior.ds are secure-1 by an equal amount of tne stock of the Keokuk and Fort Des Moines Railroad and may be converted Into sild stock at the option of the hoider. We regard them as one of the ve. v best securities In the market , PAIRO ft NOURSE, feb 5-lm 15th street, oppo. T.easury Dept. French novel*, iIumekuihly illustrated, piice 15 cents each. By Baltic?Louis Lambert; La Vendetta L'Enfant Maudlte. Le contrat de Marriage : Une flled'Eve, Albert Savarus; La VMlia faille Ma*slmllla Donl, La Mai^on Nuclo^en; Ua Prinze de la Bohemc; and otiiers ' By Eugene hue Les s?ept Pechea Capltaur ; Deleytar , La UournrandUe ; Lc MarquUde Le to?iere, and otters. Br Bum is?Ptrre lc Cruel; Un Bal Masque; Prax?de; Bernard, Le Capltaiue Marlon ; His t -lied'ui. Mort; La Main Drolte; Le Kent, and others 1 And manv of the Novels and Romances of Ja cob. Paul Feval, Colet, De Sieadhtl, Berthet De Munset, Romleuf Ca^tille, and other writers this day opened, direct from Paris ' ,eb5 FRANCK TAYLOR. 1 LANO WARKAN1S LOCATED. 1HE SUBSCRIBER, A RKSIDENT OF St. l Paul, M. T , having an extensive knowledge of the Government Lands in Minnesota, Wiscon sin, and Iowa, and having great experience In locating the fame, Is prepared to enter Warrau'-s to great advantage to thane wishing to Invest Particular attention given to procuring lands contiguous tc Railroads when they become sub ject to entry. Lands and Lots,in and about tbe cities of Super lor. bayfleid. and St Paul, for sale i H. L1NDSLEY, Klrkwood House, jan29 1m Washington, D. C. Vf IHt ROPE. '|1HESUBSCRIBER HAS BEEN APPOINT M. ed agent for !ae sale 01 this valuable article, and will supply lt either a single rope or suflclent quantity to build a bridge. lis use has been ad ipied to many purposes, and It has been found to be cheaper, auu to give more satisfaction, than the hemp rope Samples are to be seen at the store, where further information will be given to parties wishing to purchase. Pilcea guaranteed the ?ame as the manufacturer. JOS. L SAVAGE, SUo of 0iltSaw, Pa ICth* llthsta. feb a-it 1 AT7CTTOH BAUB. By BONTZ 4 COOMB?, Auctioneer^ WIGS, CURLS* HAIK PUTTI, Vnrmi tin,ftc.itt Aactioa.?On MONDAY, the 9th Instant, at our A action Rooms. 7:h street, near the Northern Market, on account of whoao It msy concern. a g- te-al assortment of Wlga, Cur's. Hair Ptatta, Furniture, Ac , to the highest bidder, for cash. \\ la Mak-rs and others are Invited to attend. It BONTZ A COOMBS, Aucta. By A .6RKEN, Auctioneer. PAW .1HHUKKK %?Al E?I SH A LL SeM, at try store, corner of Seventh and 1) streets, neat W EDNESDAY MORNING. 10 oelrek, February 11th. to Gold. Silver, and tillt Wstebes. 15 Gold, Fob, Vest, and 6uard, Seals, Ac. Terms easu The articles will be sold po*!tlvelv without re serve. J ROBINSON, Licenced Pawnbroker. 7-"*t A 8RKEN, A act. ByC W BOTELER, Auctioneer. SALE OK RICH JEWELRY A!*D ELE. (ant Fancy Goads at Auction On FRI DAY MORN iNG, February 6;b, commencing at 12 o'clock, 1 shall sell, st my salesroom, Iron na'.l, sn Invoice of elegant Jewelry and rich French Fancy Good*, consisting In part of Fine Gold Ear-rings. Bracelets. B-east, ins Finger Rings, Hair Pins With ror.ny other rirh articles of Jewelry Crystal Boxes, and a large collection oi he viiy Gilt Fancy Gocds Altogether form'ng the handsomest variety of Fancy .Goois we haye ever 'ft'jred for sale at auction". The goods may be examined tt any time pre viously to the sale The Indies ar?- particularly invited to attend. C. \V. BOTELER, feb 3-d AuctlcDeer. [J" The above Sale will be Continued on MuMDtY EVENING, Febiuarv 9. commenc ing at 7 o'clock. feb 7-'2t C_W. BOrEI,ER.Aic'r_ By A GREEN, Auctioneer. STfl'K OF GROCER IK* AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY, the 14'h February, at ten o'clock a m , al the st?re No. 529 Ninth street, opposite the west end of centre Market. The - tock consists of main of the usual articrs in e grocery store, and aie alt fresh acd ^f gcod qoai ity. The Store Fixtures will also bo told, together with a wry valuable new lire-proof Safe, ai.d three Chinese Images, sj"h *'? are used in 1 ? a ftor-s Tetms ca?n. febi-d A. GREEN. Auet. By A GREEN, Auctloaecr. lltrSEKR' < SALE ? By virtue of d deed of trv?t dated February 0, ls-53; and duly record ed In Llbtr J.A S . 7S of tbe land record-. of Wa^lnpton county, District of Coi'imK<t and s; thewq-iest cf parties intended, 1 shall cell,, t fubilt sh'p. In front of t' e p'cml'rs, at 1 o'clcck p in , on WEDNESDAY, the "3'h of Feb'uary next, pirtof lot No. li, in iqiare or reservation 10, with the lir.pioveir.entr.. being a lwo-tt' ry Brick Dweilln;;. fire proof, frnitn,: we6?avou* V5 f--"t on an al.ey, and In th? t??? i t 'k? .?vk-on Hall Terms: f!,?(?? cash ; the balance In antiurl payments In one. two 0iid three years, with In terest. secured Oy a deed oi truci. CRAVEN AS-HFOR D, Truitee jan 31 lot A GREl'N. Auc'loacer I NOTICE. T t >1 E I * MONEY. / ?!/?CK3*-Cl OCRS V ?CLOCKS ' '.-Call at the Orrit Clock Eiaporlutr. oppoi|if y ? Brov.ns Hotel and t>*e th" cre&tebt a?sorf mes.trf CLUCKS tM? sijfe r.f New York ifef Cord Clocks warrant'd for *'..?0. .V.?o,aii kinds Clock Materials, Cords, Balis, K-y, VN tights, Ac The trade supplied at wholesale p'lces. Ca h or Clocks given In exchange for o'.d Silver or f?o;d \\ a"hes Also, good atch^F for sale low. Call and see for yourselves, at J ROBINSON'S. 3ll? Pa av., jan'JT-im opposite Browns' Hotel. STOCK IN THE OLD RON!fNION fOAL COMPANY, KAIAWIH COUNTY, VIRGINIA. Subscriptions will be received at the Banking House of Chnhb Brothers for the remaining stock cf the above company, bc lng three hundred share* The capital stock Is $i(.o ooo (dollars.) cf which ha? been Hubscrlb-d. The mines are row prepared for ac.ti'e operatlcns, and ^ per cent Inttre-t will be 6ii'.r?.nte??d upon to? ?tnrk new offi rtd for ssle ythecr'glnal stockholders, for 'h" period (f tw years" Particulars In regard to tbc ?t"tk. and its pros pects, will be rratle known upon application to CHUBB BROTHERS ^ Jan 27 IV P PANDRIDGE, A^ent. INTE&FST AI LOWED ON DKP0SITE3 MONEY zo LOjlNon STOC K F EC r R J TIK S . BilKfiS Opposite the Treasury THF. HOUSE OF CHUBB BUOiHKKS, WftshiDgton, Is comi>o?ed of CH A3. SiJ CKUBU, JOHN D BARROW. HENRY HOLMES. THE HOUSE OF CHUBE BBOTHBF, BABB.0W & CO Davk.npcrt, low*, Is compose! of CH AS ??TJ CBI BB. ALKX'R H BARROW, _ J?n i^-tf ;A' M a DO U G A J,. P I R K SILT Eft WARE. SOLID SIEVEK TEA SETS, rnr w. SII.YEH FORKS AND SfOONS SOLID SILVER WAITkRS, PITCHERS, (10BLET3, f CVPS ALSO, ^ ?A NC Y SIL VE R WA R E. suitable for WEDDING PRESENTS Fhe above ar' ail of our own manufacture, and war:u?ted PfKK. yi W. GALT k. BR(?., nov lJ-tf 3^1 Poen'a %v?nue UOTATOK!?1(101' BUSHELS PRIME J wMte MKRCKH POTATOES, in store,and for sale in let;: to scii pur^La^err PETER BERRY, Jan 27-tf J5 Water otreet, Georgetown | AAA KE4S AVALON NAIL S, now on " t hand and will r - ?o!d at a small id vance to cash or pnnctcal CJi?tomcrs JOSEPH L SAVAGE, Sign of tbe Gilt i'w, feb g.St Pa. av , hot. lotb a: d Uth st FKESK VENISON. JUST RECEIVED FROM THE WEST. A large lot of superior VENISON Families and o'.heis can be supplied by the saddles, or quantity to sul? purchasers Also received, a fresh supply of superior OYSTERS. Families and others Fupplted at tbe lowest price, corner of Penn avenue and :id strort, Union Refectory feb6-lm B. SCHAD RETURN OF N1R. FABRONIl'ft, ArTiM. rpilE PUBLIC ARK RESPECTFULLY IN 1 formed that Mr. FABRONIUS, will la a few days arrive In this city, at the request? f numer ous persons wishing to'pcn?essthtlr LIKENESS ES IN CRAYON,#xec?ted by bltn?11* visit be ing for or.e month only The number cf Portraits will be limited to 15 Perrons wishing t? secure th" same arr r? quested to make early application at Mr CASPAu IS'S, Capitol Hlil, for terms and particulars feb fi iw* More light.?the subscriber has now on band, and will b?*retfter constant'y keep, a full supply of SPERM and ADAM TINE candles for sale at the lowest prices, at the Lamp and Oil Store of j r mcgre^or, feb 4 -Iw 534 7th street. ClilEAP WOUD.-P1NE WOOD FOR Sale > at S'2 25 per cord, o*er the Eoag Bridge, at Lieut Hunter's Upper Farm, above the Toll Gate, In Alexandria county, Va. feb 4-1 w WESLEY CaRUN, Agent. STILL SKLLI.^O OFF AT COST FOR CASH. |UR ENTIRE STOCK OF FANCY DRESS 1 Silks, Plaid and Plain French Merinos all wool, Moussellns, ani, la fact, all Fancy Dress Goods will be sold /or the next two weeks atco*t, and many for less, to close them cut. Also, a ltt of Cloaks and Shawls. We have now in store, a fall slock of superior Bleached and Brown Shirting and Sheeting Cot tons, Superior Sbirtirg Linens. Table Biapers, Napkins, and Toweling, all ? f s?blch we shall sell at our usual low price--, notwithstanding the great advance in many of tne articles named. COLLEY A SEARS, Jan 2. -eoiw 523 7th St., 3 doors above Pa av. DR. VILLARD,.Realist, Latc kf Chicago, WOULD RESPECTFULLY INFUKM the ciiliens of the District and vicinity, that having located hiluselil in Washington, htt Is now prepared to( ?- - - ? perform ah operations. In his proi'esaian, In the most approved styie Office .\o iWJ Penn. avenue, adjoiuing Can tier's )an '20-'T CHANREL1ER WE HAVE FOR aALE AT A LOW PRICE a very haudsome Wilt Chandelier, with six branches, and can be fixed to burn any kina of Lampa. , , __ Also, a tne Horse ard Buiigy for aaif very low, at HOWELL JkMORSELL'S, feb 6 No. 3? Cat., b??.?th and 7.h, O' TELEGRAPH NEW8. FROM THE Af'fOClATED PKBSS. THBEB DATS LATER FROM EUROPE. Arrival ef III Africa. Nan Y.,Rk. Feb. f> ? The Cunard iUts?r Africa, with Liverpool date# to Jannarj 34, arriTcd here this evening The London Morning llersld announces that * cabinet council war held on the 21?t, when the fubjeet of a reconstruction of the cabinet wa? c.issussed, end that offer* of another coali tion nag made some week* ago. Among other charge* it ii *aid that Gladstone will be re placed in the exchequer The crew of the Confederation, ashore in the Mersey, hid been saved. It waa feared the vessel woald prove a total loaa The merchant* of the principal commercial cities of France bad appealed to the Emperor on behalf of the French citisens who suffered by the destruction of Greylown by the Amer ican frigate Cyane. Tho I'.ritiah feet had captared the fori* of Busbiek and the Island of Harnack, in the Persian Uulf. It was rumored, alio, that the Raieiacs bad occupied Astrucan. Later advices from China state that the Chi authorities continuing obstinate, the British had taken and destroyed the ?* French Folly Fort," and were bombarding Canton Tho Chinese had fired the foreign factories The Oriental Agra and Mercantile Bank' were abo burned. The "aheliing" of Canton Oom menccd ja;t as the steamer was depart itg The Liverpool cotton market was unchanged, though some circulars claim an advance of id Sales of the week 41,500 balea Bread stuff- wore duil. and the quotations show co ehan^e since the departure of the Baltic. The Burdell Murder New Yob*, Feb. 7.?Yesterday'ateetiniony in the Burdell murder case was n?ar>y tf fague as ever. Witnesses testified to Bnr dell's frequent expression of fear* of violence and anamination firm Mr* Cunningham. and other? that Burdell wn at Saratoga at the tiueo! tbe alleged marriage Writ* of babes* corpus, in behalf of Mr* Cunningham, Scod gr-js:. aM Eckel, will be argued to-day. Ifew Crleana Markets, February 7.?8ale? of 10 balep of cotton to-day , middling 12ial2| ct* Sales for tke week. 50 500 bales; receipt* for tb? w?ek 37 000 balet. against 41,000 b;. .oafor the cHiue week last year. T< tal receipts to fate in advance of last year, 42,500 bale* Sugar is firm at 10 cents for fully fair. Ereadetuffs tend downward?ro xed corn 6* ct" ; r?d wheat *1 60. white SI 70. P -rk if dull, mess S?0 C ffee i< ?t?v?dy; prime Ri? lOjalO+c. Salea of the week, JO,500 ba;? , receipt* f> 000 haga Baltimore Marketi. Ealtixcpe Feb 7 ?Flruria steady at >0 25 for tlowar<l street and Ohio Wheat is unchanged; red* SI 40aS1.45, white ?l Jlill 53. Corn is scarce; white at *5?67c WbiFky 2*>4a?$5. J*ew York Markets N'rw Yore, Feb 7 ? Flour i? steady :al?s 3,500 bbl* ; State S^ i5aS<5.50. Wbrat lends downward, sale; of X 000 bush el* ; white SI 80, red SI 00 Corn is firm ; sales of 20 000 bueheh; mixed 69*73:. Pork is dull and lower ; mem ?21 50. Beef i? steady; repacked Chicago SleaS 15.75. Lari i? cnc'aange'?; bMs. 13.: 0. Ohio whidky 2*c. Financial Naw York, Feb. 7 ?Stocks are active and higher. Chicago and Rock Island 99. Illinois C?ntr:.l stares I39J; du bonds 99j; rigbta 145. Michigan .Southern 791; New York Central i*li; Heading SI 1 Michigan Central 91; Erie *1: Virginia 0's 92v, Missouri #'* *5 6te:!ing exchange is firm. PROFITABLE AND HONORABLE EM PLOYMENT FOR THE W1NTEK ?Pea sons 'n town or country In ?ee?rb of emplovrnent ana Kcuree cf income. or to fill up their ielao?r boo'*, may hear of au h byenclostngtwo statrpa, to pay j oauEf, to Profcaec r J A M KS T HORME. Box No 1 5.S1 :>fw Vork Post OBce. Theem FULLY ! A ploymeai la fitted to either *ex ? statkn in lljeim material. It is an article cf dally cons irnptior, ard can be iranufactured in any peraort'a dwal lint-; secured by copyright; eales aa permanent aa flour. An a^cnt i? wanted In every town tn the Union. jtu l-Vlw* ?1KIM. SECOyD ATil> LAST QUARTER. PKOF. H W.MUNDER,RESPECTFULLY announces o h!s friends and the ~ public eerier ally, that his second and laat quarter vrlll cou merce frcin the let to the fttu ofKei.ruery All tnat wish to prepare, for the Grand May Festival, would do] well to enU-r their hames immediately. The Fancy i> rcet> thla eea<on? will far excel any that has ever been introdu ed In thla city by hirmclf or anv other teacher HI' e.?r**?et?le >olree?, which ha? N?efi ?? e* te?i?ir* ly p?iron'zed thla season, will eoatlnn* evi?rv VV LibN ESDA Y K V EM N G, (weather per mittlng) nntll further notice Jan ?l-4w OAS FilTUIlU. Rll MILLER, SON * CO, ALEXAN ? dria. Va , k?p cor.ftan'Jy on band a hand som v irle;y ol CHANDELIERS, PENDANTS. li K AC ?% KTS, * f. . frorn the celebreted factory ot Cornellii- ft Baker, which 'h?*y w-U guarantee to sell at the nam** prlrx1* c.h iiyed to private pur chasers at the mlerooms on Ches'nnt rtreet, PrJl ddelptl? Also, Drop-l^ht#, Cut 6las* aud decorated Paper Shades, n? great variety. Cal> a .d examine for vonrwelvts. dec. t ALtllOH 'L ( AMI'HENE, KTHERlaX (?'.l, Lamp8. Ac Also. Art'.sth' Materialsar.d Brush** The t-arte supplied at lowest market prices by HOWELL ft MORSELL, JanW No 'Mi Cm. bet 6th and 7th Rectifying Establishment. HE UNDERSIGNED TAKES THIS method of l?forming iiquot dealers that he ba>* fitted up t RECTIFYING ESTABLISH MENT in tbl* city, ard la now prepared t* sup ply all tboae who mav faror him writh their r?* 'or> He h^o on hand a large stcca of B<andlee, Gin", Wlnts, and Old Whiskeya, which he can tell at as low a flgure a* ibev can be purrhaaed for either In Biltircore or Philadelphia N H. l'hc subsc;'ber ha* alan on band, a large lot of Foreign and Domestic Cigars. PETER Flk< A.N No. 9't Loulslann avenue, near loth *t. Ian ll-Sm* einBK S HAIK MANUFACTORY, rrnn. nr*nu?,betfrn%'>ik and lur* itretlt. TT7-IGS, HALF Wi BRAIDS, CURLS. W B^iidtAu*, Fr'ix ? Cohere,fte , alwar*on hand, and m?de to orde -tafew hours notice Ladlr^' Hair D>od, Sfcdia ,1b the woe* complete manner. All acrta of Toilet Article* from the best French and fcng iah hou>e? No JO5' Pa avenue, upstair*, over Davia'Moalc Store N. B ? Hair work repaired or taken in ex? change. Jan 2&-*w AR%Y'S UUNFECTIONESYT i\u. 84 Bruig' Street, Georfetoicn, 3. C., WHF.RK ALL KINDS OF ENTERTAIN menta are furnished with the best loe Cream*, Cakes, VV*ter Ices, Confect, ftc , at the shortest notice, and on the most moderate term* Medal awarded at the laet exhibition cf Metre pclltan Ve< hsaica'InatKu'e. Jan31-tf (Unlonftlntcl ) SrANIMl tOI> WILL BE TAKEN AT par for HARDWARE, ftc, and prices will be guarantied it* low a? any bouse in this I'la trlct. JOSEPH L HAVAGE, Sign of the #?llt Saw, feb i-'it l'a av , bet loth and 11th street*. MONEY TO LOAN N GOLD AND BIL^S'ER HJi8.1? JKWELRY, GUN?, PISTOLS, and ail va'^' ^jOHN ROBINSON, Pawn Broker, feh l-vm ? if Pa av , opp Brown*' Hotel. CAKiTThaVING MADE A CHANGE In my 11 becomes lmi cratlve upon mc to clow? previous tran; action* with the utmost dispa ih Therefore, al person* Indebted en open rfccuat or by note l>lng over are ruqneated to make immediate aettlt ment by caah or accep tab e p?per. feb^iw N. M. McGREGOR IHAWLII SHAWLS! 1 LARGE AND S E L E C T STOCK OF ? ft lot la and other atylea at Shawla, euUahlelsr the approaching Sprln?, now oa haaA.iwwlU be a >id at a vciv liw price, by the aubaonber, Penn avenue, tc.ween isith and l?k ?&???? feb 3-eolm FRANK A. McGEE AHANGE AND ALBKANDEIA RAIL. U road alx Per Caat Bonda f? *^7 jaa W-*wlm EIwwS m CO. O A