Newspaper of Evening Star, February 7, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 7, 1857 Page 4
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kvening star. A LAMEirr " *k*:i r,twm no m?t* to kit kontt, **itk*r f kail kit pit* know ki? vtoro " O, never more shall sunlight on my way Oleun u of oid all golden to mv eye ; Phadrwn have crept benr?fB me and the day, Lend ag a solemn hue to earth and shy. And ve bright blooming flower* 1 loved ?o well. Subtile magicians ><? to recall Joy* '*??? can some no more with me to dwell, Since o'er the deercst death hath oast its pall. Bird j wh^M sweet songs were fount*',n? of de light, fcre serrow taught my soul Ita pea?lve lay, Ye will return with Spring 'mid bloom and light, But have no power to charm our gTief away. Eop. wind* he loved eo well ye search in rata For our beloved ! He sleeps and may not wake! Around bis couch breathe out a solemn strain. Nor fear his dreamless slumber ye may break. F or us are gloom and silence and not b ars, And val*?, vain longings that will not be stilled. And crowding memories of departed years W 1th lulet Joys and deep contentment tile 1 B^t oar beloved hath restThe weary fra-ne Shall c icr b^r htm no longer with Its woes. He hath seen bood ' yet loving us the same, Bends to our sorrow*, *oothea us to repose. r. _t i i ?= ARRIVALS ATTHS PRINCIPAL HOTELS NRli?nsl Hotel.??CT A BAIOSS R Terman, NY J C McLenrose, 8C Dr Fenchtwan^er, do OH 8u>er, do R F. Browa, Va H Pratt, do 11 Phlrl, fa ? H Megennlss, Fte H McDonald. NY M Graham, NY D McLaughlin. Pa J T Hall, do L R Bower*, Md V o Hall, do J R Brlce iron, do N H Ford, Ala D C Diggs, do ? Pope, do H D Phmsoil Pa A J Stamps, do K I)eford? Md C E King A Iv, Ms* B P Deford, do Miss Rogers,do W C Peckham, NY ? R Spa j id lag do O Hussey, Md Miss Bjrbour, Va J H Beaaie, Al* J Barbonr, do W H Hance. do V M Borneis'er Pa ? II 6oldieg. NY E Col-man do W MeNell, Mlsa O VVKmire, nY E N Warren, La S Hambu tou. Md W H Terr ill, Mlw Dp Ponder, 6 a 0 Vnlaehl, La Miss A Beecher. Md C J Stel man. NY T S Pratf do R K Nelsjn, AIT M Llfp'it A, ly NY M Turner, Md Kev Malcon A ly, R I l> Sharwuod, Pa H A Swift, Ml A J Reeslde. Ark A C> Thorn, Iowa 1 OibM>n, NC R A Ja-kson, Vs 0 DulTes, La J \V ?ill, do Mrs Halbrook. Pa I Miller, Pa R C Mackail, Md ?Mrs Davie, do R Martin, Pa H A Corunt A ly, F A iV lllcr, Md Will?r4?' ileiel? l. c. & r. t. willasd. ? Swift. ly, N Y Miss Hall, 6a J B Hiar.'rd, Mass J A ?rlswrtld, NY D ML field, NY T Hill Md F A iweenv. son. NY B Joanson, V, H Gilbert, ly, do Co! Kollnfrey. Ms Miss Swl-wc-n, do CCouloa, va fc J Hensnu, Fa J E Cor.uon, do J Tsrly, ly. Xe TJ Taylor, Pa C Lessey, ly, do R Clare, lv, N Y Mlsa C Ussey. do J P Lcw;ey, do Miss J Litsey. d? S Lowrey, an Mrs Condon, do ? p HoUy, i7 i\u-h J J Perkins, ly, V* D Hunter, USA H S Clark, Pa Mrs Hun er, A H Pbarp, son, C A Mahaflfey, NY R Colbert, Wis A M Sherrum, do A .Vlanf >rd. Wl* JH Stephenson, Mass W M VViHard, do Miss i vVillard! do Miss Wli lard, do ? Augu.t, ly NY T Stujgeon, O J C Saeiton, USA Dr Crlm. do J Murphy, NY Mrs Hill, *?a 6 Hodges, Ma?s Mr Nlles,i danghs son, W J Kenton. Vo Mrs H Brown, ly, NY H H Mazzel, Ct Brown*'Utiel -t p t V notl. W B Mahon, fam, O P XV Jackson. A.a D C Roddick Mo C M Koche, Md ? W WiUlams, NC T M Roche, d . BSCtsey, Pa M Us Koche. de W A Mahood, Va Miss Filnn d? T Corb/, NY J S ?ray, fim, NY B B Lancaster, Md T H Ddoev, fani, Pa L Tlmaos, Mo a U s;od<Urd. do H A Martin, fa n, Pa Miss E Barn*s do J 9 Hvland, fam, Oa ill,? P Barnes, do W McLaae, NC T fiarrls, ly, NJ R H Locknurt, AU J Mchoison, fam, Md E Rodgers, do J Cams, ly, SC J L Aaker, do Miss Hepburn, do J McCormlck, do c >1 B >m; sler Pi 1 H Smith, Va E Coleman; do W Bouiwa/e, do J_E Mouiten, NH A T B adshaw, Teno If O Babrock, Md M Hrowa, do J Froet, Mass A * K Tucker, ly, Ml?s Miss Matoa. Va C Rldder. Mo E H DllliBgoam, NJ Dr J Smith 4 "??ee.-j mi cjmtwooo J B Dade Dr Lioghlln, Vn ? M Dabner. Md 8 P Brown, Md W Rodgors. do Or Baiter, N V ^ ?r WllUame, Md OMWtar.NV A M Jackson, NU { ****** NJ J P Brlcklv, Ind A Ivtson, iy, USA W P Bucofcy. lovra E A Keene, Pa HA Swift, i^mn w c Praipr, NY H Mvers. Pa ^ P MeDean, Va R R blitca. Miss J H Hobm. Mlsa T D McCrate Maw ? * Jbnley' Md J T Newman, Vt ? Williams, Va F T Ashhy do W J Browa. Md ? A Abbo-r Me J ? Long. d? b la?Tmm"V,mt svenae, R N Coleman. Pa j Rolan, Ct L F Ram/ay, DC T W James, do C ESpxatt. NC U R f>Urf?- O J Taylor, Md L H Perklni, NY J"ei.o?a, do I Bitex.dn I ' r""br M OAR MS FOR SALE-INTENDING TO ill tVYEZ the 'u^lbrr will *11 tne farm in Alexandria county, Virr?!nl? on Jt',"," '?*""'?<? "?(-? T, ^ and 19 ,,!uau*1 near Bail* x Roeds 3^ miles from the Georgetown Aqueduct ind 8 mu s from both Washington and Aiexan T^re are upon It a comfortable and w?U ?5 c?Uia:ns s!x rooms, il 1U' a ^rctotab'* house for hLra with , Ti, "large Bnd movement barn, with sUbliui; for six horse3 and as manv cor*; "ff ?a ?'?plecl?t?,rB (attached tothe barn ) a root cellar under the barn, to hold 2.000 bushels of roetafor market or stock fefdlng; lw honse spring house. smoke house . corn houv, a stone *nd'aet root boose, and a store house Also a **& mar the nomestead door, from the* *y*f Ikillog spring of which water is obtained for a-1 the r^q iirem?>nts of th* occupants There Uals> on U4> place an orrhard of more than a ?hoMeand thrift)- trees of different plantings cor -isUog of the cholce-t varieties cf peaches, ap JftfT' <dwarf *nd ?tandard,> cherries and ^ prtwen: fourteen acres are ef^ded Z ? rye' ?'* ln ??oO*T, (yielding -in ave Age of at leant two tons per acre fbur in ? IT* "'?'SfrKSiS: atl mentn v* and to nui k. !? . * tanner it remuner 5; kS >!I ?ppo??t fartner. oi . B'lneiy T.a?" r fo? .he^nt^rt? den<-e of a person doinv bn?,ir???. *ntlT r?*l* horlng city who prefer, j'^ re.pecu highly improved tt U " 411 other now for sa^e perl or to any Also, THE BLADEN FARM /?o ated within less than a quarw of ? L* ? Columbia and Lee?burg t-irnplk-, ThL e? tb* Wtoklngton, and ttr latter * a!?? ardrla This place is In the lnun^dt -i ? . ^ . *t {,n A1?a '<?'i-cc,mtV,CVa T) and is aboui ?lx miles from both ? above It has upon it an orchard of about i60rt?i!l IM- h trees, most of them la'ely set out, a dwel^ Ilnir-hovi*e that can be made corafortable for a farmer', flunily at ima:l eoat. some stab 1b* and r?e ot U*e finest ?priBi;s in all thl? region of country. Phere la wood enough upon the tract fk?iU There is no better aoii within thirty miles of W ashing ton than that of this B a den place; nor any such place that can be r*n ?e ed remunerative at leas Coet by proper atten tion , the land being la ine heart at this time I- or terms fbr either or both these fhrma, which will b? made to ?ult the times, apply to W D WALLACtf, Stsroaoe ARTKUNT BICHLT, UUDBHTAKB1, 808 rHD'aarnai, a 9ih *** 10th ate. H aa EL/fcWJHIM8BLF WIT* a?4.?\zJrJLtrAlfT */gJ?cn,| II aece?*ry ceavealeacea for pre perl]) ecndacOng hL business ?n^n""^ 'nWlc Uwl k< IrSZf w p^r#<1 to all orders entrusted to hlia atthe^hortes notice and la the b^^r ' Tof fcKADY.MADE COPPiM* lLhU*rV1W4T" ?" ^ which Wli he f?,! a w B mo*1 foasoBsble terms ? ?? ?"? Proposals for Erecting the Xarine Hospital at Burlington. Iowa. Tunru DirAET*c!?T, 1 WtiHHoion, I)?Kerab r 18. 1856. j Proposals will b? received at this department until the 19ih day of February, A. D l*<i7, a*. W o'clock a. m , for tha construction of the Marine H?mpital an (horned to be erected at Burlington, Iowa, accordion to the plana and ?pec? flcauons prepared at this dspartmant; n il ptopoeals to be?ithsr or the whole baUd;n? or separate for the tiiffeiant kinds of w. rk; billa of iart?ls must in every ca?e aocempany rack bid, with the amount of each kind of work, and the total amount carried out; tr>e dej arrm-nt reserving the ngnt to reject or aseept the proposal* h-reby invitad, or any part* t?w?reof, wh?n it deim* the Uterest <?t the United S atea require* it; the def artment a'so reserves the nght to exclude thu bids i f a*y person or persons woo there Is just cause to believe will not 'aiihfully pert-tin ih^ contra-ts.or which thry iave nu-mptej to obtain by indirection ; ami all b.ds when thare sna'l be parties in interest wlu do not Join in the huts, and all b ds tha', upon iitvertigautn are b^low a fhr pries Jor ihe work. Bid? will not be received in gross, *nd nn conrau wili be awarded to a bidder unleu details are fur nisbed th* depa-wn- niof the prices of th? diffe e<it kinds of work and maierial-, which s> a'l b-mb Ject to tha revision of the department, so that It may adopt the whole or part of the bill, a * the iutere*tof the UnU'd State* may require. Ninety per cent. oi the amount of work lone and mater a:* delivered, according to contract pries, (said amount to beaiceiialued by the estima e of an ajeot of the dej a-iin~ntap;ointed for that purpose.) will b- ffitd fp m time to time, a' tha work nro uresseo ; and ten per cent, ivtnmed until ihe ocmple tt n of the contra :' a id a xe^iam-e oftUe work,4e , by the a^ent atore.-a d, and to Us forfeited in the ? vent ot non fulfilment ot cor tract. Contract* will lx> a warded only to ma ter builders ?i?l mechanics. a id the alignment thureof, except by ceofcea; of the Secret a: y of the Treasury, will be a lor eiture of the Fain-*. Fm. -Ji [>ropo-a m'ut be a-com jailed by a written gva ao!e?, sl>ned by two responsibl* persons, (cer t fi?d to be so by the United State* district jodt" or a tjrn?y f the raid district,} in the sum oj .'jri.OOO tor th*? whole work, or of a proportionate amount ii for a .y part, that the bidder will, when required, if bis jT^po-al he a-v*t>ted, enter into a contract aad bond, with prop-r and sufficient stcjriiies, for it* fa tvtul performance. Purm of b n.1 and eert'fka'e nqqlrod will be fur m-hed cn application to the department. T an", specification*, and working diawinr* will be r?a ivalter thlttv^ay*. when theyian be haJ on appli<a ion to the u? pa unent Ko bid fill he cnn?iriere<i vnlrtt it fully c?mpHr\ in all its ifrtciln irrtA thf rcquti emen.'c of thu aJcertne mmt. The proposals mn?t be sent to tins detwrtmett, adlr(w?ed t> th" Seero'a*y of the Treaiiiy an>l p ainlv endorsed " Proposal* for the B'trHntfon Ma rine fiotjrit il," and will b? opened at 10 o'clock, a m , of the (a t day cam d fo' n*ceinn? the >nine. JAM Ed GUTHRIE, SecretaT of the Trtamiy. Idee 90 - 3*wtl9ihFebJ Propotals for Famiihing Granite and Gran ite Work for the (forth Front of the Pat ?nt OflP.09 Building. P*r*Rr>tKNT or the I.ntrrtor.) Dec?' mb?'r 18, I8.S6- f SEALED PROPOSALR WILL BE REUBIVEI) 0 a-, this deps ment until th?. eighteen h ilav ot February next, 1*2 o'clock nt noo-, f>r turni^iiioz ench Granite a ni Gra-.ite Work a< mav be restored above the eiib ba-em ?nt siorv. in Hi*! erec un ol the north front oi the Pa-eat Mflfice but dine. The bi le mu?t b; in th- form of the following schedule, and cli nrly spjeiiy tlie pr ceslor rnatennf, hailintc, drt s-ing. a nl s-ttitit', inclu iin^aJI ?h-: ma e-hlnery and othrr eipens'-s. SfhethiU.. Cub: ston", per superficial fbot. Beds anl b:lli, dn do Ex'ra Cub- Htone, per cubic foot. Uornice in two brt.?, p?.r s>ip rficia! foot. Bl-vking comw, do do Frieze to entablature, do do Architrave, do do I'rop* to cornice, ptr 1 nea? foot. Tri glyphs. ?ach. t.^aps of pilnstere, e?-h. Cliannels of bisemenr, n'r 'ineal foot. Window sills, ptr superficial foot. The granite innst b-; equal in quality to that used in the construction of the wings of Hie biiiidinn soec:ni9ii? of which will be required to accompa-iv tha b.ds. 1 Ea^b bid wl'l s'ate in what time the work will b? com pi ted, and none will ba considered from omers tfcan those known to b^ of the trade and b liev-d to b- fully competent to fulfil in jtood faith ttte obiura tion? th?*y propose to a^uni<*; and no assignm -nt nt b d or contra't will b-. reco|(Rued, unless male with the approval of ih^ hea i of the dejar meni. Xiuc.y p-rcent. will bi paid from time to time, a i the work p^tre^e*., upon the estimate of the agent of the dej^a.-m nl in charge thereof', and ten p?r cent reserv d until the completion of the con tract and acceptance of ihe wor* bv ^ai-l a/ent. The department reserves to irselt'ilie right to re ject or accept th?i proposal* htr? by invited when it flitnn ihf iot<Tfft of ihe United oui6i rrnuire* it, w Wrli ai- IO ?-xcliir1e The bidH of a'iy p??r*>n or per sons who it has good reason to believe will not from a iy< ause. fa'thfully perform ihe contract F"la ?<. sp-ri?ica'ioiis, ar,?i working tliawin?* can be e*ainine?t. and orh^r mforma Ion r.b aii ed, on ?Pp?i a ion ar ih9 oifice of the Hup^rintendent. The j rop >?als, w?,i< h m touus ^epart m-int, a<litre?sed to the Secretary of the Interior 1 enlo *?*! " 1'r-ip saJ^ !or the erection of the north tnai" offi ? |*tt enr lirtire bll!Mln(r,,,) wi'l be f>pen?d a 1 o'clock, p. m.,of the last dav named f.r re ee-viBf the same K. McCLELLANU, d?3 l'.>>AwtlaFeb* Beiretary of the Intenor. Proposals for Erecting the Post Office and Coart-honseat Springfield, Illinois. Ta*aara7DirABTMK^T. ) PWiiHiitflion, December 17. I8S6 t ROPOSAL9 WILL BE RECEIVED AT this department until the 17th dav of Febru ary, A I) , 1857, at P o'clock a m , for the con struction of the; Post t>ill:eand Court-houaeauthor laed to be erected at Springfield, Illinois, accord laz to the plans and specifications prepared at thto dtp'.rtmsnt; said proposals to be either for th^ whole building or separate for different kinds of work i bills of parcels must In every case ac company each bid. with the amount of each kind of work, and the total amount carried out* the department reserving the right to reject or accept the proposals hereby Invited or any parts thereof when If deems the Interest of the United Stated requires It; the dspartment also reserves the right to exclude the bids of anv person or rersons who there Is Just cau-e to believe will not faithfully perform tbe contracts, or which they ba?c at tempted to obtain by Indirection; and all bids when there shall be parties In Interest who do not Join In the bids, and all bids that, uoon Investi gation, are below a fair price for the wor* Bids will not be received in gross a i4 no con tract Will be awarded to a Mdder unless datal'a are furnished the deportment of the prijys of the different kinds of work and materials, which ?hall be subject to the revision of th- department, ?o that lt may adopt the whole or part of the bid as the Interest of the United States may require ' Ninety per cent of the amount of work done and materials deliver*!, according to contract price, (said amount to be ascertained by the enti mate of an agent of the department appointed for that purine,) will be psld from tlmeVotlme, as mr:i* ProKr^1,*e*? ?nd ten percent retained until the completion of the contract and accent *S ? b>rth*' ^ent "^resald, and be orfelted In the event of non fulfilment of the contract Contracts will be awarded only to master build ? era ana mechanics, and the assignment thereof except by consent of the Secretary of the Treasury! wll 1 be a forfeiture of the same. Each proposal must be accompanied by a wrlt i?11 two responsible | erions. ^certified to ?>e so by the Ualted States district S SSd*SJ1?!9a,dudist'f^.) ln the sum lit *5,000 for the whole work, or of a i.roportlon a e amount If for any part, that the bidder will, when required, if Lfs proposal be accepted, ente^ Into a contract and bond, with proper and sulfi clent securities, for lu filthful performance Form of bond and certificate required will be furnished on application to the department Flans, specification, and working drawings will be readv after thirty days, when they can be had on application to thed-partment. S-> bid will be considered unlets it fully eom pltet mall th details t?i?A the uquirtmrnts of thu advertisement. The proposals must be sent to this department, addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury, and m ?f tl"iMt "*v JAME8 GUTHRIE, 4ec if- *2awtl7Feb 8ecretarJr of th? *'??ury. N?su!VAL Of'V^iTa1 Mn To THK RK eENE8Efc To t^^lCK FROM IGAN ? In accordance wnh ,V?A W? 1N MICH ? act of Coagress. entitled '' i? P^v.slona of the changes In the locatlonof land. a,,1lthor'z>n? March 2, l95*J, n ls kerlb?}!?0**,'"?PProved known that the land e?ce fJm. , and ma<1? be removed to the town of Bast iAK*n,w111 aald State, at as early a ptriod as ,n Further notice as to the precl.e time will be Issued by the reglfter and r^iie7Tf?t?1 Genesee Land Ofllce. 'reiver of the Gi ving uader my hand, at the city r f Waahln? ton, this 14th day of January, A. li. 1847 ^ By order of the President: THOS.A IIKNDR1CK1, Lommlwloner of the General Land Oifice j an lfi-lawfiw VrOULCN (HIODI AT COST?DETER * v mined not to carry over to the spring, any of 9?SdB' "h*1, Mmmenre tlla day, closing them off at coai ?ur stock la worth roar attention. H. > McLAUGHUN Ik CO . ?,*,&* an* fitksiWs. , Modioinos. PILES?PILEB-PILES. WE OALL ATTENTION TO ALL WHO are afflicted with this dreadful com plaint to the following i*om ccrtlllcate from one of our most respectable cltixens, tbe fatber-lc-lawof the proprietor of the ?*Conr1er dee Et&s Unls," and formerly guamaker in Philadelphia: Nkw York, Aug. ^Oth, 165?. Da Dupata?Dear Sir1 hereby certify that 1 have been affllced with the Piles for nearly sixty years, that 1 have used eighteen bottle of Barnes' Pile Lotion, and everything else I could here of, bat all to no effect, for they did me little or no good About two months since, I commenced using your remedies for the Piles, a*d have the happiness to say that they have had tbe desired effect, having cured me 1 consldei this almost a mlrarlo, for I am eighty venrs of age. 1 sincere ly recommfead thom to all afflicted with tbe above complaint. P. VALLEE, T1 Franklin st State of New York, ) New York City and County. S I, Joseph C. Lawrence, do berct?y certify that oi the day of the date hereof, btsfore me *^ersonal ly came P. Vallee, to me well known, who, be ing by me duly sworn, did depose and say that the contents of the foregoing certificate signed by him are true. In wltn w whereof I have subscribed my time, as Commissioner of Weeds and as a Notary Public of the ^tate of New York, and have af fixed my Notarial Seal at my office,in New York, this 26th day of August, 1356 JOSEPH C. LAWRENCE. CommUs'oner of Deeds and Notary Public of the State of New York. 07 Wall street, New York We challenge the Medical Faculty of the Uni ted States to produce a certificate equal to tbe aboTe. Dr. Duprle's Remedies arc tee onlv ef fectual ctre for external and internal Plies. On y 50 c*?nts per box Office?76 Nassau street. New Yorlt. Will be sentoy mall to any part of the United States For sale by FORD A BRO..corner of 11th street and Pa. ave, Washlnfrton? D. C. oc 93 PERUVIAN SYRUP, Jbr tkt run of Dyspipst*. Livtr Compliint, l)r pjy, !t*uralgia, In ipieni Disetses o f tkt Lungs and Bronchial Passant!, BHif, titn tral Debility, 4*e. 11HIS EXCELLENT MEDICINE. WHICH has attained a high reputation and been ex tensively used In Boston and other cities of thf Ea?t, has been received and Is now offered foi sale hy 7, D tilLMAN. special agent,350Penn sylvania avenue, aial^o fcy tbe general agent, cor ner of L and 3d streets, Nary YaTd. Tbe proofs rf its efficacy are so numerous, sc well authenticated, and of such peculiar charac ter, that sufferer cannot reasonably hesitate to re celv; :he proffered aid. Tbe Peruvian Qyr;ip d'** not profps*tobe a rvrt-all. but Its ren^e Is extensive, because many diseases', appa'tnily unlike, are intimately re lated, and, proc-edlng from one cause, may b? cured bv one remedy. Tbe class of d'seav* for which the Syrup pro vides a cure, is precisely that which has so oftt n baffled the highest order of medical skill. The fact* are tangible, the witnesses accessible, and tbe safety and efficaov of the Syrup Incontrovert ible. 1 have analyied tbe medlcel preparation called the Peruvian Svrup, w'.th reference to thennmOei and kir?d of active .-ubsvtnce*contained In It. and tbe durability of the compound as a pharma^eutl cal article. The metallic compounds of arsenic, antlinonv, mercury and rlnc ere net n;esent, noi is it possible to detect in It the s!lp;htest Indica tion of anv meta'llc and mineral poison its or ganic constituents do not. Include opium, or say of the drugs yielding poisonous principles '1 h? constituents, when s?j3iratei, are not even acrid to tbe It Is a preparation scientifically and sklifuliy compounded. po*ses*lnK ai! the durabil ity of a spirituoi s tincture, without its objection able qualities and tue activity of Its leading con stituent Is preserved through t>e Judicious adap tation of its solvent. The point here attained ha* b-^en frequently and unsuccessfully sought aflei by pharmaceutists. Respectfully, A A HAVES, M.D. A ssayeT to State of Massae.hui.ett* No IC Boylston street, Boston, 3d Nov , 1^55. n? v '/_-3m DK. DUPRlK'f* REMEDIES are the only effectual cure for External or Internrl PIlej?, Saltrbeum. Ring-Worm. Ac. They are unrival led for purifying the blood. 5n cents per box. Office 7? Nassau street, New York. Will be sent by mall. For sale by FORD A BRO., eorner of 11th st. tad Penn. avenue. oc '23 W. O. MKT2KROTT, (SlTCCKBSOB TO GlORSI lill.BPS,) Agent o4 Raven Se Karon's and William Miller's CELEBRATED F I A y O S . HAS ALW AYS ON HAND THE LARGEST stock of PI A NO*i froin S175 up to SI .?"00. MELODEONS from *45 to S'J5>. ?U1TARS, VIOLINS, BRASS INSTRU MENTS, FL.UTE8. BANJOES, ACCORH EONS, and SHEET MUSIC, cheaper than In any house sou'h of New Yor* Music published and received every day. Plaoos for rent nov 4-tr PROTECTION AND INDEMNITY PROM LOS5 BY FIRE! FIRR, MARINF, ANI) INLAND INSURANCE. .lvtKojiteJ Capital .irut durplut.. .Sl,34S?151 13. FAEME38 AND MZCHANICS' INSUR ANCE CO., 07 PHILADELPHIA. Offlrt north"-ett corner Pennsylvania avenue and 17tA 'treet, Wa'.hinnton City, D. C. directors. Ron. Thos. B. Florcnre, Oeorg? II. Armstrong, Charles A Rnbicam, Grorge HelmboM, James E Neall. THOM Afl n. Chail?? Dinger, Thomas Mandeifield, Edward R. F. Carroll Brewster, Ivaac Leech. Jr. FLORENCE, Pro-ideal. ?DWARD R (1 EI.MUOL1). Secretary. LOCAL SURVEYORS. Charley Walter, No. 397 D street, opposite City Hall. Jno. M.Thornton,cume: Firststroetand Virginia aventi", Inland. James Williams, NY.22 Fotir-snd-a-half street. John Ricelcti, No 501 Thirteenth street, below Pennsylvania avenue. MARINE SURVEYOR. Capt.J. P. Levy, No. 367 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Natioiiti hotel. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT. John Thomn^on. The business of this Company will compare fk vorably with the most successful of simftar icbtitn tions tu the United ritates. From the 1st flay of August, 1855, In five months, op tu 1st January, IBM, the premiums received amounted to the large sum of one hundred and eight | thousand, on<* hundred and fifiy-or.e dollars, with only torty-six hundred and sixty six dollais losses e ported With these evidences of success and food man aeem-nt, the directors feel justified in soliciting a *harc ofpubUe patro'iaafe, belifvin? that the seca riry offered if ample and that all fair claims will be adjusted more according u? equity than lej^tl techni calities. The company is prepared to issue policies a^ainbt loss or damage by fire r?u DWRLLING8, PCRNi TURK, MILLS, MANUFAOTORIIS, WARE qOU3ES, all do^cripiioris of itU!LL)INCH, and tneircontent*, or all kinds of MFRCHANl)IK?, tranfp??rtcd by VESSELS. STKAMB0AT3, CA NAL BOATS, RAILROAHS, ami the u^ua! con veyances to or from any portion of EQROptf and AMERICA, and on the hulls of bTEAMB0AT8 navigating the wet-tern waters. The rates of premium wiil be as low es oih.Ji companies, and in fixing ihem every improvement in construction and arrangement will be taken into consideration. All losses speedlfy adjusted and promptly paid. Office northwest c< rner Pennsylvania aveaue and Seventeenth street, Washington city, D.C. Intitranrt may aLto be effected at ike Home OMct, NorlKwe t comer Walnut and Seconal Streets, P\ila ielfJiia, and in otb?rr principal cities of th?' Uniied States by authorised ou'io< is of the company. Jel4-ly| AMSKltAN ALMANAC?Camplete fraio '"It' cpmmencemaat in 1830, down to 1953, In Fi tA h? ,A ?*t of the above, rare* il wIUij 'or ?al? by the undersigned, ? TL WBl' ^ binding. Price $30. J?? FRANCK TAYLOE, Medicine, STOP THAT COUGH I THE GREAT REMEDY foR COUGHS, Colus, 0*ou? and Whoofisb Cough DR. ROSE'S COUGH SYRUP Cor?* Coughs of the worst kind. It also curat Jjoajseness, sore iLro-it. weak i ess of the chest, pain In the breast and inng affection*. Where rrer there is pain mix with the Couch Syrup 10 drops of Palo Curer, and you will find Immediate relief Dr. Hose's Cough Syrup relieves and

frequently cure* a consumptive cough, end forti fies the system against further attacks. irr In bottles at 30 cents and #1. TO CURE CROUP. The lives of thousand of children have been saved, by using Dr. HOSE'S Croup Syrup. It gives instant relief -iS cents a bottle. TO CURE WHOOPING COUGH Dr. KUtfK'S Whooping Ceugh Syrup Is the only eeitaln cure for W hooping Congh. Itcures In a short time, and allay* all Irritation of the Lungs 5U cents a bottle The a bovt; valuable inodlclnrs arerecommecd ed by Physicians who ha*e tried them la their practice To be had of all Druggists la Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria. dec 10-4m HOW TO CURE ALL PAIfl. PAIH IS THE FORERUNNER OK MOST diseases?cure the Pain and check the disease DR ROSE S PAIN-CURER will cure Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Pains In the Limbs, iMdes or Hack, Sprains and Bruises, Ear and Tooth Ache, Pain or Cramp in the Stomach or Uowfls, Sore Throat, Burns,Vcalds. Ague oi Lumps In the Breast, Uhllla, Spinal Affections, and Pains In the feet Indeed, It cures all Pain. ID" *5, and 50 cents a bottle. If you are fJlll< us and ha?e a bad Cold, take DR ROSh'S RAILROAD OR ANTI-BIL IOUS PILLS. Tfcev cany off all bile and re move a odd These Pills go ahaed of all other Pill* in their good t ff^ts Boxes 12)< and cents. SMd by all Druggists in Wafchington, Georgetown, and Alexandria. decKMm COUGHS-COLD 8- HOARSENESS DR. TYLER'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF GUM ARABIC: The most Pieaeant, Safe and Speedy Core tjr Whooping tough, Croup, Asthma, Diseased Lungs, and Conaamption Enteredartording to Act of Congrttt. A. D. 1837, N AtiAlN PRESENTING TO THE NOTICE of the publlr. the above remedy, we feel thai little apology j*5 needed Vast numbers In all sections of me Union are obliged to have rero<irs? to other sources of relief th?n the immediate pre script on of their family physician, and as ea^h return of the winter season brings out a host ol firofessedly new specifics, some good, others use ess, and many decidedly dangerous, it becomes as much a matter of duty as Interest, bellevlnt this to be a remedy, combining the greatest ad vantages, wish the least obje tlonsof anv ctbei in us.-, to niako it as extensively known as prac ticable That surh is Its character, Is abundantly proved by the fr.ct, that it has been extensively u-^d tbe last twenty year* with unr-ara'leied suc cess; that lis reputation has continued to spread ?nd Its sale increase, with little aid from adver tlslng or published lists of certificates, (whlcl all tnow ran aa easily be had for a worthless preparation as for a meritorious one,) that bv It own intrinsic metlt, with the rccommendat'on ?i pe-sons benefitted by Its use, it has gained Iti pre-cnt popularity; it Is not trumpeted to th< wofld as a specific or cure all. but as a valuable and scientific auxiliary In pulmonary cases, read' at hand, and one that has heen generally fount to aitord relief where most others have been trlet without material benefit As such. It Is recog. nlsed by numbers cf our leading physicians, wh< know Its cempasitton, and have been eye wit nes?es of Its s'ljxjrior efl^a'-y, as well a* by thou sands of our most respectable citizens, to most o whom reference Is cheerfully Permitted. Sold r.t 2S cents, or three bottles In one, 50 ct* by NAIRN A PALMER, and CHAS. STOTT Washington: CIwShL, Georgetown, and PEE1 A STEVENS, Alexandria. Also, "TYLER'S HUM ARABIC COUGf CANDY DROPS," the same composition la i portable form, much ratronlfed by publlft speak e*s, singers, freqnenters of public asM?mblle?, Ac as they remove all husklness from the throat an< voice, and ?.ct like a charm on a troublesonu OOUgh. Price and 25cents a boi. dec ?-lv I CHERRY PECTORAL, For the rapid Cure of COUGHS, COLDS, II0ARSEVESS, BRONCHITIS,WHOOPING-COUGH, CROUP, ASTHMA, AND CONSUMPTION. Among the numerous discoveries Science has made In this generation to facilitate the business of life -Increase its enjoym-nt, and even prolong the term of human existence, noneean be named o| more real value to mankind than thl*contrlbuilon of Ch-ntlstrv to the Healing Art A vast trial of Its virtues throughout this broad country, Las oroven beyond a doubt, that no medicine orcom bination of medicines yet known, can cosurety control end enre the numerous varieties of pulmo nary dlM*a?e which have hitherto swept from our mldfctihou*andsandthcusar.dseveryyear Indeed there Is now abundant reason to believe a Reme dy has at length been found which can be relied on, tocur> the most dangerous affnctlons of the lungs. Our space here will not p'-rmlt us to pub Hsu any proportion of the cures* fleeted by its use but we would present the followingand refer further f no ulry toiny American Almanac, which tae agent below named, will always be p'.eased to furnished f'ee, wher* in are full particulars, and Indisputable proo! ct these statements. s Laurens,R R., S C., Aug 4, 1?53 , Dn J.C.atb* Dear Sir,?My ilttle son, four years old, has just recovered from a severe attack of maglign:<nt Scarlet Fever, his throat was rot ten. a^d every p.-rscn that visited Mm, pronounc ed hlta a dead child Having used your Ckirry Pectohal, in California, in Ute winter of 1*.?0, for a severe attack of Bronchitis, with entire suc cess, I was induced to try It on my little boy. 1 gave him a tea-*po<.n-fml evtrv three hours, com mencing in the morning, and by ten o'clock at night, 1 found a decided change for the better, ar.d after three day? use, he was able to eai or drink without pain. Its use la the above nmned dls-ase will save many a child from a i>remature grave, and relieve the anxletv of many a fond parent For all af fections o/ the Throat and Lungs, 1 bellfcve it the best medicl' e extant. A feeling of the deepest rratitude, pton.pts me in addressstng you these lines.?but for your Important discovery, myllttle boy would now have been In another world, i am yours with great respect, J. D. POWELL, Snpt. Trans., L. R R. Rocaf Hill, Somerset Co , N. J , > July 21, )85'j. C Da. J C. Atrr.?iMnce your medicine has be come known here it has a gTeater demand than any other ccu^h remedy we have ever sold. It 1* spoken of In terms of unmeasured pralse by those wh? have ?s<d It, and 1 know of some cases where I he b'-gt they ? an say of It is not too much for the good it has done. I take pleasure In celling it, uecause 1 anew that 1 am giving my customers the worth of their monev, and 1 feel gratified Id M^lng the benefit It confers. Please send me a further supply, and believe me Yours, with respect, JOHN C.WHITLOCK. P. 8 Almost any number of certificates can be sent If you wish it. Wmosoa, C W., June 28, 1852 Dr. J. C. Ayrr. Sir.?This may certify that 1 have used your i-fkrrt Pbctorxl for upwards of one year; and It Is my sincere belief that 1 should have been In my g ave ere this time If 1 had not It has cmed me of a dangerous affec tion of the lunt's, and I do not overstate my con victions when I tell you It Is a priceless remedy. Yonrs very respectfully, D. A. >lcCL.URE, Attorney at Law. Wilkssarur. l*a , September 29, 1830 Da . J . C Atezi My dear Sir ?Your medicine Is much approved of by those who have used it here, and Its composition Is such as to insure and maintain its ic-pjtatlon 1 invariably recom mend It for pulmonary affections, as do many ol our principal physlclms l am your friend, CHAS STREATER,M.D. Prepared by DR. J. C. AYfc-R,Chemist, Low ell. Mass Sold bvZ D. GILMAN, Washington, and all respectable druggists. de: 8-4m VENISON. AFEWSADLF.S VERY HAWDSOME VEN ISON Just from the mountains. KING & HURCHKLL, dec 20 corner Vermont avenue and 15th st. L. J* MIDOLETON, D K A L E B IK ICS. OMtt mnd D*r$t?Soutkwe* toner of F amd VwiLfUiatroeta. fcb r.? Information for Tranlin, THE HEW YORK AND LIV1BP00L UNITED *TATEa MAIL ITCinua. The 9kipt comprising this Lint arc : The ATLANTIC Capt Oliver Eldrtd?e. The BALTIC Capt Joseph Conutock. The ADRIATIC Capt James Weat. These ships having been built by contract e? presaly for Government serviee, fwy care has been taken In their construction, as also la their engines, to insure strength and speed: and their accommodations for passenger* are unequalled for el< gence and com! ?rt. Price 01 passage from New York to Liverpool, In flrit cablo, f 13C; In second do , S 75; exclusive use of extra sl*e state rooms. C3?5. From L ver pool to New York, and *0 guineas An expe rienced Surgeon attached toea' h stilp. No berths can be secured until paid for The shlis of this line have Ira prove J water-tight bulk heeds, and to avoid danger from Ice wiy not cross the Banks north of 43 degrees, until after the 1st of August. PROTOSED DATES OF SAILING. FEi>B HKW T(JRK. , FROM LIVKKPOOL. s?' nrd*j', Jtunt! y J, I?*. W#<1n*(>d?T, January T, ls?? 8?tnrd*y, Jauuar* it, i<i; Wa.ii.M4a;, Jancary J1, IMT Saturday, January ai, 1,4: ?>d?nJay, Pabi uary i, )?J7 Saturday, FVI ruary 1?, 18..7 Wa.lDe0.la7, F*br?ary IS, 1*ST Saturday, Marrti 14, IMl V?lo?1<T, Sirrb 4, 1WT Saturday, Aj.rU 11, 1<4T i|Tll 1, laST Saturday, M?y ?, 1?;.T Wr^tu.aJay. April If, US? Saturday, Mar '-'J, la".? Sa nrrtay, Juti? fc, l*?7 Saturday, J u .? S?t l?ST M?tnrd?y, July 4, 1?ST Saturday, Ju'y U. 1*57 WV.In#?1a> . May J*. 1S47 WeJi *? lav, Juna It. 1**7 W?tuw1ay, Juua *J4, 1M" We.lnea.lay, July *, Its* Wntneaday, July ii, IU. For frelabt or pasea e apply to EUW'DK COLLINS, No 16 Wall-s'. , N. Y. BHOWN.SHipLEY A CO , Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNARD A CO , No 27 Aas tin Fries, London B G WAIN WEIGHT tt CO., Pari*. . The owners ?>f the?e ships will not be arccun table for gold, liver, bulllen, sprcie, j'welry, precious stones or metals, unless bit s rf lading are signed therefor ard tt? value thereof expresa ed therein fen i WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. Trains leave Washington for BALTIMORE at 0 and p% a m , and 3 and 4.\ p. m. On Sunaav at 4# p.m. Leave BALTIMORE for WASHINGTON at 4 If and Bjf a m .and 3 and 5? p. m. Ou Sunfriv at 4^ a m. Passengers for Philadelphia and New York will take Trains at ?, and \%. Tor Annapolis w.ll take I ruins st H),' and 4^. For Norfolk will take Tmlns at 8)$ at.d 3 For the West wll take rralnsat hand4)*; con nects? at the Washington Junction jinlfi tf T. H. PARSONS, Agent. ""for all parts of the west. BALTniOhEANDOHIU ttAILKOAD. New and Improved Arrangementt. Three trains daily trom balti uiore, for, Wheeling, and all parts of th* *Vcet. lit The ACCOMMODATION TRAIN wPl lcavr, (except Sunday) at ft 45 a m , connecting with trains from Philadelphia, first train from W ashington (at Junction) - win stop at way s'u tlcns and arrive at Cumberland at 4 o' -loc* p. m. '2d. The MAIL TRAIN leaves ?,arr.den Sta tion dally (except Sunday) at f 30 a. m , an1 reaches wheeling by 4 a. m , connecting at Ber. wood with trains for Columbus, OinclnnaM, Pay ton Indianapolis, Louisville. Cleveland, Toitdo. Detroit, Chicago, St Louis, Cairo, and interme diate points. :Jd 1 he EXPRESS TRAIN leaves dally at 7 i?. m.,connecting with express t;&!n* forClr cinnatl, St. Louis. Cairo, Chicago, and interme diate paces. Tnedi?tance to Cincinnati and other central ard southern places in the West, li nearly WO miles shorter than by anv other route. The time to these places Is ai?o unequalled. f?T Bsjjgace checked through to Coiumbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, ard St Louis Paasenpers and Baggage transferred at all point* free. THROUGH TICKETS will be sold to all the iarsye towns in ihe V. est, at the lowtst posslbU rate<, at the Ticket Oifice, Camden Statlcn, arid at Washington city. A eecor.d-ciass car Is attached to the Mall Train. Pas er:gen froraJRa'timore or Washington may viet* tie entire > oad by daylight, by taking Ac commodat.oa or Mall 1 Mln. and lylRg over al Cunr.le land or Oakland. They resume next nomine bv the Kxpress Train, which 'enves Cumberland at 2 SO a.m.; and reaches Wheel ing at * p. m P*?se> gers from Washington have ample time for meals at Washirgton Junction. This Is the onlv rouu? by which Through Tick ets and Baggage Checks can be obtained In Washington FOR WAY PASSENGERS The Accommodation Train at 6 45, will stop at all stations eat>t of Cumberland, and the Express at sta lons betwfen Piedmont, golrg west. East wardly the Mall Train leavee Wheeling at 7 IS a m , and Accommodation leaves Cumberland at 8.20, reaching Baltimore at 5 45 p m. The FREDERICK TRAIN starts at 4 p. m , (except Sunday) stopping at way s'ations Leaves Frederick at 0 a m , arriving at Baltimore at 14. 30 noon. The ELLICOTT'S MILLS TRAIN leaves Camden Station at 6 a m and 3 30 p m. Leaves hlllcott's Mills at 7 30 a m , and 7.30 p m , ex cept Sundays. W S WOODS1DE, jan 10-tf Master of Transportation. 0RAH0E A ALEXANDRIA HAILB0AD Q-ront Southern Mail Lint I T W ICK DAILY *61 ISWNDAT NIGHTS EXCEPTED) Between Washington City und the Sooth! VIA: ALEXANDRIA, ? ORDONSVILLE, RICHMOND, DAN VILLE GREEN8BOH OU6H,N.C. Leave Washington et ? o'clock, A M. Leave Washington at ......7 " P. M Leave Alexandria at ....7 " A.M. Leave Alexandria at 8 '* P M. OMNIBUSES and BAG6ASfc WASONt will be at the Washington Railroad Depot tocon vey PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE, Fret e) Charge,to STEAMIER GEORGE PAG E. for A LEX A N1? R1 A. a dls a?ce ox six miles, allowing ample time for Meftls Fare from Wafhisgton to Hlcamond ?..f# 5C Fa?e 14 " CanvlUe U Of Fare " 14 Greeasboroogh. ..18 0C Tickets Tectrred er the boat. Expedition and Comfort are reenred fcV tkli Route,a&ltlea liriov Fikst class VEOM ALEXANDRIA TO DANVILLE. THROUGH PASSENGERS and BAGGAGh tarried wttkom cost tcthc Depot of the Petersbura Railroad. JAMES A. EVANS. *e 1 Agent, Alexandria, Va. OR EAT REDUCTION IK T5S PrfICE 07 B00TB AND 6AITEB8 1HAVE ON COMMISSION, FOR. A PR1L adelphla mfnu facturer, a flrst rale Sewed or Pegged Calf-Skin BOOT at SS.ft'J, foil as good aa those usually so?<t at 95 or S6: aid a French Calf Patent Leather GAITER at S3 50, as good as anv at *5; aflrrtrateCalf Galterat W.50, these are the best goods that Is (or ever were) ?old in the District for the price; for the firoof, come and see or yourself. Terms positively cash. No extn Sroit charged to ofket bad debts. Call at the rEIT YORK HAT STORE, Seventh street, near Pennsylvania avenue. mtttf ANTHONY, Agent. MANTELS." NEW AND BEAUTIFUL STYLE. Hannfactnrsd frsna Slate Stone, ky the West t^astlstsn Slate Corspany, ft, THESB MANTKLS ARE ENAMELLED IN imitation of the richest and most expensive EGYPTIAN. LISBON, VERD ANTIQUE, PORPHYRY, PYRENEES, BKOCATELLA, AGATE, SPAN^H GALWAY, rnd ctherrare and desirable MARBLES. The imitations are so perfect that they chalcngethe closest acrutlav They are so hlehiy polished that they retain theli beauty much longer than marble; are not injured by smoke, coal gar, or adds, and can be sold much cheaper thau any others In market. Price ranging from S125 to 312. Architects, Builders and others are Invited to call and examine samples at No. 512 Seventh street, 3 doors below Odd Fellows' Hall, np stairs. T. M HANSON, m i*-ly Agcat. DRESS MAKINO IN THE MOST MODERN FRENCH stvles, and at the shortest notice. ON HAND- FRENCH BONNETS, with real Laoe Trimming, which will be sold very low to reduoe stock. M WILLI AN, Market Space, between 7th and 8th Jan S7-eolm streets. JUST RECEIVED THE MAGAZINES, Godey's Lady's Book, Graham's. Peterson's, Ballou's, Ac To get Books, Magaslnes, Papers, Stationery, aad everything la that line, call at jan* FERGUSON'S, 4? 7thst. Proposal* for Irattlag the Put Oftce U< Court-hooae at Iadianapolis, ladia&a. Waiaiaavor, December**,* W | Proposals will bk received at this department until tn? 17th day ef Febn ary, A D 1857, at 11 o'clock, noon, for tbe con struction of the Poat Office and Court-house su th:>rleed to be erected at Indianapolis, Indiana according to the plans and ?pe* Iflcatlcns prepared at this department; ?ald proposals to be Hthw lor the whole bu id; n*, or separate for different kinds of work; bills of parcels must In evsry rasa accompany each bid, with tb? amount of p%oh kind of work, and the total amount car? led oat , the department reeervlng the right to reject or ao cept tne proj-osaia hereby Invited, cr anv parts thereof, when It deems the Irterest of the United States requires It; th% department also resetves the right to exclude the bids of any person or p<?. eons woo tkere Is just cause to believe will not faithfully perform the contracts, or which they have attempted to obtain by Indirection; and au bids when there shall be parties In Interest who do not join in the bids, and all bids that, upon Investigation, are below e fa'r price for the work. Bids will not be reo?lved ta gross, and no cob tract will *be awarded to a bidder cniess details ar? famished the depertmtnt of the prices of the different kinds of work and materials, which shall be subject to the revUlon of thedepar ment, so that It may adopt the whole or a psitnf the bid. aa the interests of the United State* mar re quire. Ninety per cent of the amount of work done and materials delivered, avoiding to contract price, (said amount to be ascertained by the ?stl mate of an agent of the department appointed for that perpose ) will bt? pala from time to time, s? the work pro^resees, and ten per cent retained until the completion of the contract aid accent ance of the work, Ac , by the agsnt sfor<?aVd. and be forfeited in the tvect of non fulfilment of contract Contracts will be awarded only (o ir aster bnl d ers and mechanics, and the assignment thereof, except by consent of the Seen tar 7 ,'f the Treasury, will be a forfeiture cf the nme fc.arb proporal must oe aeeompmled by s wrl? ten guarantee, signed by two responsible p~?sons, (certified to be so by the United r?ta'es district jt:d 'e or attorney of the snld district,) t the sum of S5 OltO, for the wbcl- work, or cf a propor ate amount, if for any part, that the bldd- r will, when required. If his proposal be accepted, en'er Into a contract and bond with proper and Cient securities /cr It* faithful performance. Form of b^nd and certificate required wlil be furnished on app.lcatios to th? denannrx ct Plana, specifications, and working drawings will be ready after thirty dcys, wi>en they c-n be had on appllca lon *0 the depart nK?.t So *i? fill he rontider'd unUft it fully etm phrs in ail ft> dttatls witk tk* fquxr* tn' nt< rf I kit adrerf sewnt. The proposals must be sent to this department, addressed to the Secretary* of the Tr?-\?ury, and plainly endorsed " Proposalsfor tkt I*4> map?. lis Post Office ant C?mrt-kou$t." and wlli be opened at 10 o'clock a in , of the la?t day named fbr receiving the same. JAMES GUTHRIE, Secretar) of tfce Tremscry. dec lS-Sawtl7Feb Propoialt for Erecting the Ca?'oxn-Ho"t?, fcc . at Galveston, Torai Taiasrar P*r a bt** xt, I WasHiMsrotf. December 10, Proposals will be received at this fiepirtrrent until the l*th dav of Febru ary, A D. 1?V. at Pio'cloca, noon, for 'he con struction of the Custom-House. Post t>lb/?, and Court Koctus. authorized to be erected at Galves ton, Texas, accordlry t-? the p'.ax-s and rpeclfloe tlons prepared at this Department; ?ald propo sals to be cither for the whole building, or sepa rate for the different kinds of work; bills of rarr eii. must in every c?se ..ccoinpeny ??? o bid, with the amount of each kind of work, and the total amount carrl-d cut; the department reserving the right to reject or accept the proposals hereby in vited, or any parts the:er% when it deems the in terest of the Li nlted States requires It; the depait ment also reser?es the right to exelude the bids of any person or person* whom there is just catse to believe will not fjphfully perform the con tracts, or which thev have attempted to cMatn by indirection ; tnl all bids when 1 here shall be par tie* In ihtereet who do not join in the bids, and all bl is that, upon investigation urc below a fair prke for the wor*-. Bids will not be received in grcss, and no con tract will be awarded to a bidder urles? details are furnished the department of the j rices of the different klrd? of work and materials, which snail be subject to the revision of the depart ment, se that It may adopt the whole or part of the bid, as the Interests of the United States may require. Ninety percent of the amount cf work done and materials delivered, accord'ng to contract price, [sild amount to be ascertained fcv the esti mate of an agent cf the department, appointed fv-?r that purpose.] will be paid from time to time, as the work progresses a d tec per cint. retained until the completion ol the contract, and accept ance of the work, Ac , by the agent aforesaid, and be forfeited in the event of n?.n f j.'ftlment of eon tract contracts will be awarded on'.v to master build era and mechanics, snd the assignment thereof, except by coiiseut of the Secretary of the Trea sury, will be a forfeiture of th* sarrn hach proposal most be aecompaniel bv a writ ten guarantee, signed b> two responsible person-, (certified to be so by th<j United Sta'es dlstiict Judge or attorney of the said district.) la the sum of t5,W(0, for the whole work, er a popoitlonate amount, if for any pert, that the bidder will, when required, if his proposal be ?ceep'ed, enter Into a contract {.nd bond, with peper and scSclent aecurltle* for it* fai'ful Form of bond and certiflate lequlted will be furnltihed, together with plans, tpeclflcatloris, and wor king dtawlrgs. on applicsti in to the deparment No bid will be considered unlesk It fully com plies In all its details with the requLeme its cf this adveitbement The proposals must be sent to this department, tsddres-ed to the Secretory of the Treasury, and plainly endorsed ?' Ptcpcfals for tkt Galr?tt?% r?jtcm-Ao?f<," and will be opened at one o'clcch p m , of the ia? t dav named for rece'vlr g the same J A M El* GUTHRIE, dec 13-2awtl2Feb SecreUry of the Treasury. Proposals for Erecting tho Custon-Hcas*, &c , at Dubaqae, Iowa. Ti'iiirxr DtPAarMFNT. } WasHircoToit, December 17. I8j? { Proposals >vill be received at this depMtnjejjt antll the t7th dav of Feb riarv, A. I> 18?7. at 9 o'clock, a m,rortheco? sttuctlon of the Cu-tom-hou?e, Po?t t?fli'-e, ind Court-room, author'.c?d to be ere- ten at Duuiique, Iowa, according u* the plus ax:d M-eclficions prepared at thutfepartn.eiit; seld ^roso*&j? to be either for the whole or separate for different Mnds of werk ; tills of parcels must In every c?-t accompany each bid. with the amount of etch kind of work, and the total amount err rledont; the department reserving therlgiit to reject er accept the prupop..-Is herebv- invited. ? r any patta thereof, wnen It deems the interest of the United Statesreauiiesit; the deprrtmei.t aiso reserve* the rlgot 10 exclude the bias of any per ? son or persons who there Is lust canoe to bclle%e will net faithfully peiform the contract, or wbtch they have attempted to obtain by Irdlaection ; ana all bids when there shtll be parties In Inter est who do not Join In the bid*, and all bids that, npon investigation, are beiow a fair price for ^ work. Mids will nit be received in gro?s, nnd no coa tract will be awarded to a bidder unle?* details are furnished the department of the prices of the dWerent kinds of work aud material* which shall be subject to the revision of the department so that it may adopt the whole or a part of the bid, as the interests of the United Stniea may re quire. Ninety per cent of the amount of work done and materials delivered, according to contract price, (said amount to be ascertained by tbe esti mate of an agent of the department appointed for that purpose.) will be paid from time to time a* the work progresses; and ten percent retained until the completion of the contract and accept ance of tlie work. Ac , bytheagent aforesaid,and bs forfeited in the event of non-fulfilment of the contract. Contracts will be awardedon!v to tnaster-bnlid ers and mechanics, and the assignment thereof, except by consent of the Secretary of tbe Tr asury? will be & forfeiture of the r.u;e Each prop<?sal must be accompanied '^y a writ ? ten guarant-e, signed by twore?-p nsibie persons, (eertlfled to be so by the Uolted stales district judge or attorney of the *ald district,) In the sum of ?'i.tiOO for the whole work, or of ? pr<T>ortlon ate amount, if for any part, that the bidder will, when required. If his proposal be accepted, enter into a contract and bond, with proper and sufll ciest securities, for lis faithful performance. Form of bond and certlfirate required will be urnished on application to thede. artment Plan*, specifications, and working drawings will be ready after thirty days, when ihey can be had on application to tbe department No bid will bt rpnmd'Ti 4 unlets it fully tom plmin all its detesilt with tkt requtrenunis 0/ tkts advertisement. The proposals inu?t be sent to this department, addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury, and plainly eodor?ed " Proposals for tk* Dubuque Custcn-kom'and wlil be opened at 10 o'clock, a. m .of the last dav named for receding the same. jAI1ES GUTHRIE. dec l?-Sawtl7Ftb SecreUry of the Treasury. DKNTAL SURGEOW. DR.B F. COSBY, PENN AVENUB, BK twee a Sixth and Seventh streeta,, at the plaoe formerly occupied by Dr./ Van Patten, has just received a very ? large supply of articles peitalnl >g to dentistry, and respectfully invites the public to give hi* a oall. Having devoted his whole Uine to tlM peo fesslon. he Is perfectly wife In declaring thai ha will give eatlre satisfaction in every caae. Tha ?J? prefewloiul reference*