Newspaper of Evening Star, February 9, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 9, 1857 Page 1
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the evening stab IS r I' BLUM CD K V IKY AVTBRNUUd, (EtCEPT SUNDAY,) AT TUK STAR BUILDINGS, l ?'M? #/ Pt*n*ilramia arrant and 11'* HfMl, ByW.D WALLACH, ana U serv?\l to aabecrlber* by carrier* at 81X AMD A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agenta ; paper* aereed In packagea at 37^4 - eota per month To mall subscriber* the aub ?crtption priceta IHREK DOLLARS AND PIP TV CENTS a veer t? ?4raa?,TWO DOLLARS for alx months, and ON E DOLLAR for three inontba, for leea toan three montha at the rate of 13* eenu a week. ^SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. FX WASHINGTON, ?? '?' 8 T A K. Thla e&oeUeat F tainln* a rreator a*. ?* raaan* oUer-l. pobttahe# ms: tbbm?* Sll|le copy, per aanum ??..???????Si N to rtciu Flea eoptea - W y Tfi eoptea ??? ?????? ? ????? H B^ Twoaty coplM.???? ? ?????? ?????? ?????? ???? ? ? ^ ^ II^Cui, IITitUIlT in abvahcb. (T^ Single coplea (in wrajpera) caa bepeeca*aB at tte reenter, inmedlatei v after the kmm ef the Paper Price?Taai* CsMTa. P oa t m a ? t a a ? who er t a* agent* will he l a coBcml?Ion of twanty par cent MONDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1857. NO, 1,268. TliK I'Ull'Ubli INSTlTDTKi FOR YOU SO LADIES. 44? Eleventh str-et, between G sod H PROF UKORUK HENRY STUtCKKATB, Principal, >1Im KuZ\BtrH L Wll, LlAMS. Vice-Principal,?A 1 ady eminently quitted to take the charge of the English De partment and the governic<?!!'. uuil discipline of the Retool. Theexercise* of the a^cooi wrm of the Instl lutt will commence on MOMUAV, the id day of Feboary proximo Applications tax admlaaion ?boold be made u early as possible. A HIGH SCHOOL. FOR YOUNG GEN TLK M KN , under tba direction of Prof Gioiai H Stcecxbath, a? Principal, to be located on F street, betwren 6th and 7tr streets, or In the vi clnet* of Trinity Church, will he opened on the ?th of Febnary. proximo Rev Dr. Cummins will d-llvei an tidr-vs on the opening cf the High School Earry application ah raid he made to the Princl rii at hla reald nee. Columbia Institute, for oung Ladles. 44* llth street, between 6 and H. Pr.?f Steuckraih \* authorise J to refsr to Rev. I>r Cum ml as, and Prof. Bache, Coast Surrey, jan ia-lm*_ ' RIKil'S PATENT STEAM ENGINE. These improved engines <for which patents hare been granted anl ttrst prise medals awarded to the lnvantor, both In the United States and Europe) continue to give su-h satisfaction, on aeooant of their simplicity and economy, that we have now established an extensive manufactory, a?d are prepared to de liver at the shortest notice engine* from two horse power and upwards. These engines have been accurately test?d, and have shown an eeoaomy of twenty per cent la fuel, and about th* same In oil and repairs. This saving Is effected by letting the steam In and out both sld< s of the cylinder through large openings removing the pressure from the valve and allow ing no steam to esca,te or exnaust from the pas sages ejeept from the cylinder alone ; also by re dsclng the weight and friction to about hair that of the ordinary engines We pla^e the smaller sizes upon aa Improved boiler with all the pipes attaehed, and the whole mounted with small wheels convenient to ship to any part of the country, and to avoid the neceaalty of an eiperl enced engineer to start them, they are all tested before leaving the factory. Rev.Ts Patent Steam Pumps are also coming In to generalu se on *teimbTiL?, In mines, and for supplylsg boilers, where they are now giving great satisfaction They are preferred to any In use because of their compactness and simplicity. These engines and pucpi rniy be aeen In opera lion, or further Information had, by calling or ad dressing REED A BiRKBECK, jan 12-1 m 9i Maiden Lane, M. Y. M I1AULK FOR CHRIST >1 AS AND NEW TEARS' PRESENTS. JOHN H 8MOOT, Ne. 119 SOUTH BIDE Bridge street, Georgetoara, D. C , hu received e grett variety of usef j1 and seasonable GOOD.H, to which he Invites the attention of both ladles and gentlemen who may wish to make a Christ mas and New Years' Present. EMBROIDERIES. Rich worked Oambrle Set* (Collars and Sleeves) Do do Muslin do do Do do Muslin and Cambrlt Collars A great variety (low priced) do forked Linen Sets and Linen do Rich worked Muilln Slee res Black and white Lac* Sets ani Collars Worked Cain arte and Nulla Bands Embroidered L'nen Cambric Handkerchief* Hemstitched, tucked and plain do Black Chantllla and French Lace Veils Worked, quilted and hooped Skirts. also? Moire Antique, Embroidered, Satin and other Cloaks Double and single Brocha and o'her Shawls Rich Fancy and Black Silks French Merinos, plaid Merinos Plain and printM Mous L'deialnes Bast Paris Kid Gloves, all numbers Rid and Bnck Gauntlets Ladies, gent's and children's Warm Gloves Do Hosiery, of every kind Portmonnales, and ladles' Caba* Gent*. Linen,Cambric and Silk Packet Handkfs Ifcack and fancy Silk Cravats. Scarfs and Ties 9eala Shawls. Merino and Woolen Scar ta Children's Knit f almas and Hoods Ladles, gents and boys' Comfort*. Ac. With many other desirable goods, which will b* sold low to cash or prompt customers dec a- J. H SHOOT. IINHIR'I Improved Sawing Machinas. To which was granted the Highest Award of the Paris Exhibition, thereby receiving the World'e verdict of Superiority. The improvements in this ma ohlae nas si in nil tied them In many respeets. aed they arec ipableof executing twice the ?. mount of work they did formerly in any gl/on time. They are without question the only Machines ca pable of sewing every variety of goods perfect; a shirt bosom or heavy trace for narness caa be sews bv any of these machines by a slmpleehaage sf needle and thread in such a manner that the slosest scrutiny cannot detect a fanlt. Manufacturers, planters and families will And them th* only safe Machine* to purchase, aa they are built strong aad durable, and aot likely to gel out of order We have mashlae* with gnages attaehed.fer blading hats, cap-fronts, gaiters, Aa Silk, thread, Cotton,Needles,*d ,ssastasUy en a aad, at the lowest rates. Person* daslrous of laformatloa regarding sew lag Machines will please address T M. SINGER * CO., ltd Baltimore street, Baltimore N . B.?W e are prepared to exchange these ma sklsesforold machines of any hind Terms lib eral. Persons who have oeea Induced to | hire affcrlor machine* under the pretext of beta* eheap, wlii had this a beaelt ladeed. mar !? ? ly STANDIRD SILVER WARE. I AM NO W MANUFACTURING PURE SIL ? vwr Spx>ns, Forks, Ladlej, Butter, Fish, Pie. Cake and Ice Cream Knives, Sugar Shovels ana Toags, Napkin Rlags, Cream, Gravy, Mustard and Salt Spoons, Ac , ki , on my own premises, and d) not paltn off on the public Northern man ufactured artleUs (which cannot always be re lied on as genuine) for my own, but every article made la toy establishment can and will be war ranted as above. WATCHES AXD JEWELRY Of every desoripttoa anl In great variety, eon stantly on hand, and receiving fresb arrivals al most every day Fine (19 ks) ?i?id Watchec, from SA) to ?->50 and warranted corre:t time keepers Ciral, Cameo, Mosaic and plain Gold Bracelets. Pin* and Ear-rings, (in set* or by the single pl?*-:e.) Gout Vest, Poo, Guard, Chatalain and Neck Chains, Seals, Keys. Lockets. Charms, and a genera'. assortment of g<>ods usually kept la a Jewelry Store Fine W ate a Repairing done bv an experienced and competent workman, and all work warranted to five satisfaction at ITS Pennsylvania avenue. Uec *t- h. O HOOD BOOR BINDING. Cirsif E tlfiil nnd Maryland *sif lis Smtksoniia Institution tl*D WARD LYCETF RESPECTFULLY 1N J furms the subsorloers to Ba>wa's Bible aad ShAk^peare, now just completed, that he is pre pared to bind those works In a superior style of elegance. ?Ueagth and solidity, and upon much more reasonable terms than caa be done In Balti more, Phi lad;! phis, or New Yor*. A letter ad dressed to him (per post) will enable him to ex hibit to the sui*tcrl>>er? specimens of his style of binding. Every clad of Book Binding neatly ex ecuted fU'-in DR M UN SON, AT 338 PENN'A AVENUE, Is still making thoee beautiful aoattu iojs tiU.M TEETH, called Alleys P4U.ut.fjr the excellency of ?- - - ? which over all other styles of teeth, many now we-uin{ the-n in this city, will cheerfully vouch. There is Dentist In this city who has been lafrin/ia^ the uatent, and made a bad Imitation of It, a<ain*t whom f hereby canUoo the public N B W uenever a Dentist speaks against Allea's Patent Continuous Gum Teeth, when ffoftrl i c inuntettd, It 1? because he Is Ignorant of tue Dr-jctss, lncom^t?st to make the work, or s uu -fL.1. '.g to p<iy for the patent. Je 16-tf WOOO PE \CH TKKES. A TTEN DOLLARS PER HUNDRED?FOR ?le at my Nurjerv, near Washington. The above trees are all of tne growth, and VIP of the best select fr j r 1 Also, a general assor me it of OR N A M ENTAL. EVERGREEN,SHADE.and FRUIT TRets. ^ JOSHUA PEIRCE Waihisiua Vetenaary loftrmarv, FOR HOHSES, UOUS, tc XS3 D st bet 13and Utb sts , south of Pa ave J NO OREGSON, PROPRIETOR '* ?1 ember of the Royal College of Veterlnarv Surgeoas, London Iv^Horsea ezimlnel ts to^oundnei*. Ac jan 11-lm TO ALL THAT VALVE THEIR SIGHT WISHES TO CALL THE ATTENTION to all that suffer with defective sight, caused by age. sickness, and particularly from abuses injudiciously selected. to his superior SPECTACLES and GLASSES carefully ground by himself to a true spiierleal accuracy, and bril liant transparency, salted precisely arid benefi c tally to the wearer according to the concavity 01 convexity of the eye. Very numerous are the ill effects eaused to the precious organ of sight from the commencement of using glasses In not being precisely suited, by the oae of an Optomitir; ana the practice of many yean enables aim to meas ure the focal disease of the eves and such glass es that are absoiateiy required will be furnished with precision and satisfaction. JOHN TOBIAS acknowledges the very libe ral encouragement already obtained. and further solicits the patronage of tnose that nave not yet availed themselves of his aid Persons that cannot conveniently call, by send ing the glasses in use, and state how many inch es they oan read this print with their spectacles, can be supplied wlln such as will improve their sight. Tnnumeratoletestimonials to be seen; and ref erences given to many who have derived the greatest ease and comfort from his glasses. Circulars to he had gratis, at nls office, No. 11* SEVENTH STREET, thru doort from Odd Pillows' Hall, wr sraias. NoaroLi, September?, 1?54. Sir?The Spectacles you made for me suit very well, and seem to have improved my sight mora than any other 1 have lately tried. LIT?. W. TAZEWELL. I have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained from %ir. Tobias, and find them of great assistance to mv sight, and corresponding with his description of the focus. 1 recommend him as a skillful op tician. HENRY A. WISE. Having been Induced by a friend to vlsitthe es tablishment of Mr. Tobias for the purpose of try ing his glasses, I was furnished uy him with a pair slightly colored blue, which nave afforded me more relief and gratification than any I have ever tried. My sight, originally very good, was Injured by writing and reading at night, fre quently to a very late hour; but with the aid of these glasses I can study almost as late as ever, Land that too without the pain I have previously 1 vuffered. JOHN WILSON, Late Commissioner Gen'l Land Oaoe. I* December 11, 1855. 1 have used Mr. Tobias's Spectacles fer thiei 9T four months, and take great pleasure In say* ingthat I am much pleased with them. 1 havs been much benefitted by them. May 5th,IBM. HEOK F.SCAEHVRfil. I was recommended to Mr. Joha Tobias as a iklilful optician; and as 1 have eyes of rema?k able peculiarity, 1 was gratified to find that Mr. rob las seemed to comprehend them bv lnspec - Hon aad some slight measurement, and he has made me a pair of Spectacles that suits me ad mirably. A. P. BSTLER. July 11, IMS. Wilminston, N. C., Jan. 27, 1b54 Mr. J. Teams : Dear Sir?1 am happy to say that the Spectacles whic h 1 obtalnedfrom you last week are entirely satisfactory. Prom an Inequal ity In the vlsnal ranee of my eyes, 1 have hereto found great difficulty In getting glasses of the proper focal distance. It affords me pleasure to state that, by the aid of your optometer, this diffi culty has been happily obviated so that the glasses you furnished me are decidedly the best adapted to my eyes of any 1 have ever yet used. Very respectfully, yours, R. B. DRANG, Rector of St James' Parish. DiraETMinT or Imtiiiob. May 7, 1855 From natural defects and the unequal range of my eyes, I have been compelled to use glassesfor several years. I have tried different opticians without obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to my eyes. Four monthsslnee Mr. Tobias made two palts especially for me, which I have found to serve me perfectly. By the use of his optometer he Is enabled to adapt Glasses minutely to theey?*. I most cheerfully recommend Mr. Tobias to all having occasion to use glasses and hear my testi mony as to his skill as an optician. HENRY E. BALDWIN, Assist. Sec'y to sign Land Warrants. P. S.?OPERA GLASSES of great variety. TELESCOPES ft MICROSCOPES, WATCH MAKER GLASSES, and many other articles in this llae at verv low prices constantly on haad. J? 18-ly THK IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH. DR LOOM 18, THE INVENTOR AND patentee of '? Loom Is Mineral Plate? leetn," having successfully Introduced/ his Improvement In various cities, has now permanently established himself In Wash* Ington. This Improvement for Sets of Teeth consists chiefly in making a set of but one piece of mate rial, and that Indestructible mineral. No metal ts used In their construction, and thev are there fore free from galvanic action and metallc taste. There are no Joints to become filled with moisture or partlclesof food, hence they are pun and chan. They are lighter, stronger, less clumsy, and, In short, the pirfection o* Artificial Tilth; not withstanding certain Dentists speak against them, but they have not the right to make them, do not know how if they had, and therefore do not ap preciate them. Office on Pennsylvania avenue, between 11th and 12th streets, two doors below the Klrkwood House dec 24-tf S. UOKLOUOT REIMS CHAMPAONE, "TKESOK DE BOUZY'? AND *?IXL." THE UNDERSIGNED IS SOLE AGENT for this city of Dorlodot's " Tresor de Bouzy," a champagne celebrated throughout Europe, aad esteemed by concoissenrs as of I the hlgnest grade, and unsurpassed by any I other product of the champagne country, which has obtained a high position In the arlitocratio circles of Europe and America. Also, a large stock of other Wine*, Liquors ar.d Cigars JONAS P. LEVY, Jan5-tf No. 'K7 Pa. ave ,opp. National Hotel. COAL KEPT UNDER COVER. 'J,'440 lbt to tki Ton NOW ON HAND. THE BEST QUALITIES of White A?h, Red Ash aad Lehigh COAL. Warranted to givi satisfaction Delivered free from diit. Also, Hickory. Oak and Pine WOOD. T. J A W. M. 6ALT, N. W. comer 12th and C streets. No 547, dec-20-tf one square south of Pa. avenue. .MILE AND CHEAM. FKE-H MILK AND CREAM, BUTTER, CHEESE, EGGS, HONEY, and VEGE TABLES, constantly on ba^d. In any quantities, from one of the best Dairy Farms In Maryland, at 4o5 10th street, near the avenue, by Jan 24-lm* H. N ANDRUS. mats: hats? CCONSTANTLY ON HAND A FULL J supply of BEEBE'S NEW YORK STYLES, together with TAY LOR >S HATS, of BALTI MORE. The best black dress 11A T S got up la the latest style for S3 50, as good as those usually sold at ?5; and a good fashion able Hat at ?3, worth S4; and a first-rate Hat, 82 50. The best materials and the best workmanship Is employed to produce a ?5 Hat, which is sold for S3.50. We do a cash business, meet with no los ses, but else each customer full value for his money. Felt Hals unusually low. N B Agent for Drlaooll's Balm of t Thousand f Mce 25 cents per b^tie. ? kivnout, - .arcane, Ageal A I iwwtfri. rrice 25 cenu per boitit ANTHONY,7th street, nearTa.-T?? t,r aNewVor* Hut Company. seW-tf 1C^7 AMERICAN ALMANAC'?BOS # ton-and repository of usefrl knowl edge. The ?h year of its publication Con taining all the Important Statistical and Political Information of the country. For sa'e In Wash ington by TAYLOR ft MAURY, jan 14 Bookstore. nea~ (Kb street. OPERA ?LASSKB, SHU ?W AND CIGAR Boies, line Goeds for Presents, Ac , at H. J MCLAUGHLIN'S, Jan 30 tf No 20, between *th and ttth sta. 1MFOKTABT TO ttUlTAK AND PIANO FEKFcK MKRS. This week rb0E4VEd a large sup. ply of new and fhshloaable MUSIC for the Guitar, Piano. Flute, Ac , at oar great Piano Es tabllshment, iufi Pennsy.vanJa aTenue betweea 9th aad lOta streets JOHN r. EL.L.19. i an J0-tf OFFICIAL. Trrasort Dipartobnt, Nut. W, la50. Notice is h'-reby given to haldera of itock of the loan* of the United Statea, that this department will purchase the sam? until the &1 of March next, aniens the rum af $l,5ou 000 shall be previously obtained, and will pay tj addition to the interest accrued irom the date of the last aemi annual divi dend of interest th^recn, together with one day's aidiuonal interest tor the money to reach the Ven dor, the following rates of premium on rtid stocks: For the slock of 1842. a prf mi urn of 10 per cent. For th? stock of 18i7 and 1848, a premium of 16 per cent; and for the stock of 1850, commonly called TVrn Indemnity Stock, I premium of6 per cent. Certificates of atock transmitted to the depart ment, under this nouee, must be assigned to the United States, by th.* party dulv entitled lo receive the proceeds. If sent between ?!a:e hereof and the 1st day of January neit, the current half year's in unsi must be assigned by the present stockholder, or it Mill b? ;ayab'? as heretofore, and a corres ponding deduction be male Irom the amount pay able fnt the stock. r.i> m*nt fur the stocks so assigned and ua ?mi> ted will b- ina li l?y drafts on the AssisiantTreatu rersat B.?fon, New York, or i'hilaislphia, at the option of the parties entitled to receive the money, whiA should be expressed in the letters aeenmpa nying the Certificates. JAMES GUTHRIE, *? I?d(3dMircht ?f "" T" BANKING^ HOUSE CHUBB BROTHERS. FhEPOSll-S deposits received and aecklJ?aM wlthoiitetar^e. Drafts on the Korthern seaboard clt'es received on Deposit at par, ard Exchange on said Cities furnished to de positors without charge. i 'ilSW OJ? ^*??osfTs -Interest will be al upon^ Deposits at such rates as may be agreed viiKP0.;IT" V* YIRSIfIA UNCUREBMT Mo " *,eP?8lt81 in Tirginl i and other Uncurrer.t Money rwlved to be checked for, payable In "aMEx^ha *?e?r Specle' we charK,nK 'be regu Discou.trs ?Notes, Drifts, and Bllla of Ex Yj^ discounted, and Loans made on rate **0Rd8> a!?d Securities, at the market . ?? Cbbdit.?Letters of Credit will .1 net??tlahle In the different Cities o: the United States, on Deposit of Money or Collat erals, and Interest allowed If Money la deposited, and charged If Collaterals, on such terms as mav be agreed upon. 1 ?.miRk OF e*chanob ?Travelers *>e furnished with drafts In such sums as ^ ? d neK?t,ahlein the different Cities of the Lnlon. Io-',LLS AND L*TTBRHO?CRKDITO!lEl?aLAXD, Irkland AXD Lcrop* ?DiUs of Exchange an<i Letters of Credit on England, Ireland and Eu rope. furnished at the market rate for Exchange. In sums to suit. * ? 8?c"? *cStocks, and Se curities paying from 6 to 12 ^ cent , always for sae. or bought In the different Cities at a cora of * * V cent. Where Stocks are bought upon orders, we reserve the right to rail for a de posit of 10 V cent, on the cost. Bonds or Stocks will be ordered by telegraph. R/Ii?0AD? ClTY? A D Stati Bonds ?Rail, ri^d, CKy, and State Bonds can be placed in our hands for negotiation either In this country or w?thSan<UC<' Ir?H purcbased for cai'h or . ^AND Warrants ?Land Warrants bought at the market rates All Warrants jold hy us are guaranteed In every respect. H*nf W*rr*nta located on commission if r*j!ie*u*rrant <luotmt,on8 r??al?ly furnished Warrants will be forwarded to Western Houses on orders, or sent for sale on commission to re sponsible parties. ? kJ^*v.L felTATJ* a"? l**tf?AiicBs.?Real Estate bought and sold, and Insurances effected (,tC"LA'X8r,OM THB Uj*itbi> Statbs, Court of V?Nu E ,8# ~CIalm" on United States, before the Court of Claims or Congress. nronm* aiivl U8' WiU ** P'?*?oted by able ana prompt attorneys. CHUBB BRUTHMR, J" *7 Opposite theJTreaaury GREAT GIFT BOOK STORE. UNDER DEXTER'8 HOTEL. An Immense aaaartment af New Books tvilf be oyrmed This Day. AiMD AN ENTIRELY NEW I.lST OK PRESENTS will be distributed to our patrous hereafter MEMJ*o?5 OF CONGRESS, citizens, and STRANGERS will find cur stock of Mooks worth their attention It Is tfie largest and most valuable assortment ever opened In this city, comprising Standard and Miscellaneous U orks In all the departments of Ancient and Modern Science, Literature, and Art. Also, all the latest Publications, Annuals of the Season Blblej, Prayer Books, New Kdltlons of the Po eta, Ac., Ac , In Turkey Morocco, Antique, Vel vet, and other rich and superb Bindings ele gantly Illustrated. "?iags, etc A PRESENT, worth from 25 Cents to *10u, will be given (Irn mediately after the sale) to every purchaser of a Book for which we receive 81 or more. U7-5 per fvent of all our net receipts will be placed In the bands of His Honor the Mayor of Washington, to be distributed for the benefit of the Poor of the city. At the Old Stand, under Dealer's Hotel, sign of the Red Flag. R J" 8-tf J- PHI I,BRICK, Ag? nt. Na. 367 Pa ave., appasite National Hatel. JONAS P. I.EVY, IVtPOkTIR AND LEALRR 1* FISR WIHES BBAIfDIRS, OKOCERIES AND CIGARS. f.IAS IN STOKK A VKKlf CHOICE AS iv, 8?rtI!nlnt ?' Champagne In quaits and pints, IX L; and Tresaa de Bausey, ana other desirable Brands; Brandy In cask and bottles. Vintage 5 ilSlu?i,R!SB?.i.of SUWadaj Whiskeys ldlo to lbo6 ; Holland Oln of ail kinds ; Claret Winea of all brands Burgundy* do do Satnrne do do Sherry do do Maderla do do Pert do do Uerman do do Hock do do Italian do do H unitarian do do English Ale and Porter of nil brands Cigars do do

Cordials do do Cross A Black well's Locdon Pickles and Preserves cf all kinds Coffte Sugar, Teas, Ac , &?. JttTPenu avenue, opposite National Hotel. Jaa 13-ly JONAS P. LEVT. S?MP?JIVOVKR'* 'ft0* boot" ' It TKt'^K KiTABLISHMk.lT. I uintKor?L!i.HANU A LAR(iE A8SORT dles' .Misses and ? Cblldrens' white Satin and Kid, heeled and wlth ou heels, Oaitera and Slippers; La dle ; black,bronie and colored cloth button, hAled Oelters, Morocco Waterproof Gait ers, (Quilted ^ilk, Alpine Bootsand Gaiters For Guntieinen. Boys, and Vouttis, French Imported Patent Leather and Calf Long and Short, Double and single sole Boots and Congress Gaiters a lao, a splendid assort men'. No. I sole leather Trunks, Vallccs, Vail e Carpet Bags Ladles Hat Case, and Trunks; b.lng ? larger *?1Vt this reason than usual. I will sell my heavy goods cheap for the cash, and cash only. Call earlv at ' . ^ . ? P HOOVER'S, Jan?Miw Pa. ave., bet Vth and 10th sts Q SECOND-HAND MkLODkUN?, BUT f !n use ? short time, for sale or rent, very low. IV Kreat Piano Store, between ?th and l(uh i(rc?ti. .J?.B.*L JOHN K. ELL18. ^OOLLM GOODS AT A SUHIfllK EVENING STAR. An Incident in the Life of a Statesman [COItCLtTDKD. J i could not avoid looking at a very old man whom a grandchild, apparently, waa trying to amuse just in front of us. 44 How hard the lesson is to learn to know how to grow old wisely and gracefully,5' he said, and seemed to mnse for a few moments. " You have your boys at school somewhere out bore, have yon not? Charley tells me he got his trip to the city to day because he bad learned bis speech so well " 41 Yes, air," I replied ; they are at R Grammar School. It is an exoellent one, being kept by a well educated and able man from Edinburgh Happy for me he is a Scotchman, or I fear 1 should be separated from my boys, my husband seems so desirous of sending them abroad." 44 Why should you object to that?" he asked. "I have my own ideas about education," said I; " I think it is as much obtained at the doinestio fireside as at the school room ; there is nothing like the memory of home in fluences for a man. I am a native born Amer can of the old Puritan stock; so are they, and 1 should like my boys to be happy in every situation in which it should please God to place them To obtain that, they must be educated in thecountry where they are likely to live. The habits, customs, and influences ot places have so much to do toward reconci ling us to our fates if they should be adverse '' "True; a well grown treo finds it difficult to be reconciled to a fresh soil and atmosphere. There is much in what you say. Madam," he replied 44 If," I continued, "there wa* a probabili ty of my boyt' future being for a permanen oy in China, for instance, I would go there with them now. If it was to the remotest West, I should not lose a day in rnoviDg out there. But to me it would be a sad tima to leave them to be impressed with scenes whose col ors should not be warm hometints?to have them rent abroad so young, and then returned to their home with foreign notions and ideas, and feeling a contempt for their early friends, their country, and every thing around them." " Ye*," he said, 41 you are right. I have often thanked God that 1 had the memories of fond hearts at bome to fall back upon when mankind have disappointed me " We continued the topic for a short time Charley, in the mean while, was emptying his pocket into my lap " Mamma," he said, "do you believe. 1 have only one penny left!" 44 How many had you, Charley'" asked the gentlemen. 411 had fifty-nine, Sir!" 44 llow did you get them'" he asked 441 worked for them," answered Charley, II housing potatoes and pulling up weeds. Mamma pays us six cents an hour; butlcould never work very long; and then, you know, we must have luncheon, and I spend most of pennies for cake!" 11 Stop, Cbarley, said Fred, '? yuu meant to say molasses candy. We take cake always from home " 41 That s right, my son," said the stranger, 44 be ever exact and particular in all your statements. Love truth next to your mother '' 44 Mamma says," answered Charley, ?? we must love it before father, and mother, and all." "She ii right," be said. 41 You should love her the mure for her teaching you such an excellent lesson Now what are you going to do with that one penny, Charley'"' " Spend it a3 soon as I get a chance," re plied Charley, How he laughed! After a few moments he Said, 41 Suppose I tell you what I did with a pen ny once ; how long 1 kept it, and what it did for me. Shall 1 tell you" 44 Oh do!" cried both boys 41 We do love tales so much Mamma teils us one every evening." [' Mamma must have a fertile brain. I'm thinking, to find sufficient novelty to amuse the minds of two such active fellows as you are, ' he replied 14 Oh' ' said Charley, 44 she tells us she has a wind-mill in her bead, andean grind a new one every time we want one " Then he laughed merrily. 44 But let me go on with my story, ' he said. '? 1 was very small then?younger than you are, Charley 1 was on my way to school one morning when 1 h ad to pass a field in wbiob a rich farmer who owned it was trying to catch a horse. 1 stood looking over the fence, and laughing at the horse's tricks for some time. 44 Boy," said he, 14 if you will catch that horse I'll pay you " So I put my books down and went to work Hound 1 ran, down there, up here, sheok the corn, crept up softly, went behind, then before, chased him into a corner, and the old man and 1 were then sure we bad him ; but away be went over the fence, and I after him. About j a mile from where we started two men caught , him for me, lent me a halter, and 1 rode him home By thie time the morning was gone, ' and I had not been to school 44 Come back," said the farmer, 44 and I'll pay you in the afternoon." i went on to school. The master asked me where I bad playing kookey, and I told him about the horse Then didn't I 44 catch" it' Do you ever 44 catch" it, Charley?" 411 guess I do!" answered Charley ; 44 but Fred don't, often;" Well, I caught it. 41 But never mind," said I to myself, 411 shall have some money to buy a book." I wanted it very much. I lovel books as much as Fred does. So T dried my ! eyes We carried our dinner to sjhool, my i brother and I; but I had no appetite after I I 4' caught ' it j 41 Oh!" said Charley, with such an air, 4* I don't mind it so much as that " The gentleman positively shouted, he was ! so much amused. Well, he continued, wiping his eyes, the , school was out, and we all went our different | paths home. My brother wont with me to the old farmer's; and what do you think be gave me 7 Mind you, I had run all the morning, i till I was almost sick, and had "ought" it , besides, Charley, and he gave me how muob, Fred?" 4' A shilling an hour," answored Fred, in bis business way. ,4 Five dollars," said Charley. 41 Ho ffavemec/ne penny, with a hole in it." " Oh, the mean old scamp ! Didn't you slap it into his face ?" asked Charley. 4> No. indeed ; pennies were not so plentiful in my youthful days as to allow that I took it home and pnt it away carefully How long do you suppose I was getting pennies together , to buy that book ?" 44 About a month," said Charley. 441 could I make two dollars a month if mamma did not ! count so strictly ; but she will have the whole hour." ?4 Certainly," he answered; 14 she is right to keep to her bargain I was just ten years saving up penny after penny before I could Jet my book. But I got it at last, and you on't know how I valued it; much more than : if 1 had exercised less self-denial. Many a time 1 would count my pennies, and say 4 I never shall have enough to buy my book; I might as well spend thi3 now ;' but mv good angel would say 4 No!' and I would withstand the temptation, and so add soon another pen ny What book do you suppose it was?" 44 A Bible," said Fred 41 No. There were always plenty of Bible*, in our house, thank God'" 44 Robinson Crusoe," said Charley. 44 No," he answered; 141 never had a chance of reading Robinson Crusoe till my son and I read it together. Books were very scarce when I was young. It was a Horace. Do you know who Horace waa ?" 44 Yes, air," said Fred, 441 do. He was a poet, protected by Augustus; be bad for friends M?eaenas, Tibullus, Virgil, and others. He was a great man. His Satirea are the best of hi* works " " Well done, my little man !" answered the genUeman. " Pshaw !" said Charley ; u he did not learn that at school. Mamma teaches him all such things. Thit ain't book leaning'" How the gentleman laughed. "Maiam, ' he said, "I congratulate you upon the great probability of Tour pre emi nent soccer In making two good men W by should our man do! be great and good with such mothers 7 Rome could not boast of such women as curs : a few isolated acts do indeed show some bright characters One thing we know when her decline began, the firtt ex hibition of it to the world was in the loaf of dignity in her women But we?we must be a great nation with auch women we have even now in this oar youth. My mother was a great and good woman Continue, madame, and reap your reward." " 1 accept your compliment," said I, "for the rest of my sex ; but for myself. I feel that I can not yet deserve it, for my experience is yet young; but a? I advance I shall hope to grow wiser." " Yes" (he seemed as if speaking to him self,) *4 my mother was not highly eduoated, but she had strong excellent sense?she was a good woman " " Looking at you," I answered, " I should think she was something of a Madame Mere!' " You have hit it. And she loved pennies as well as the lady you mention, because she been early taught their value by experience But she cannot boast of a Bonaparte for a son ?except in the love I bear her?as great a? wa3 his for Madame Letitia " " Probably not. But she has a Christian and a good man, I am sure, for a son," said I : " snd that is better than all the glory end renown " " Oh," Maid Cbarloy, " I've been going sev eral times t.o a.-'k your name. " Why, Charley !" exclaimed Fred. " How very rude!" " True," ho answered ; " but very honest My name?my name is?Tom Thumb " " Morn likely,' said Charley, " Jack the Giant Killer. I shall call you Jack " Do," he replied, and laughed most heart ily. " 1 like the name A Jack?it is so inno cent." And thus we chatted away till at last we reached our station John, with the carriage, tvas waiting for us. 1 delivered to him all ! oar numerous parcels, and then turned to our kind gentleman, saying. "You must not allow me to depart without knowing to whom 1 owe so much pleasure for such a very pleasant ride, and such great kindness as you have shown me." 1 then gave him my card. " We reside," I continued, "on the hill above, in a neat, roomy, and comfoi table cottage ; and if at anytime you are passing this way, I need not say f should be so very happy to offer you some little civil ity?all we have in our power?in return for your exceeding kindness to us Fred and Charley, you will thank this kind gentleman, I am sure." " That we will !" they cried. " Thank you, Sir! thank you, Sir!" And Charley stepped up and touched hie rosy lips to his hand. He looked around, and placing it on the boy's head, said : " Heaven bless you, my boy! Love your mother!, Madam, you are very kind I am a better and happier man for this little epi sode in my life It has dona me good Here is my oard ; and if at a future day I can serve you, or either of your boys, call freely upon me. This afternoon s ride will not be forgot ten, I assure yt.u"* He assisted me into the carriage ; the boys were there before me. 1 looked out as we started; he smiled and kissed hia hand. 1 turned up the card, and there X read Daniel Webster I was amated, astounded Had 1 been talking so freely and familiarly with thia great man?one of the master apirita of the age ' 1 cannot understand it now. I trem ble now even at the idea of it I cannot be lieve it And I place the card between these leaves to mark thia "whiteday,' this eventful day in my eventful life, and now to bid. Nearly aix yeara after this there ia another entry : I saw Mr. Webster to-day for a moment, he was busy helping a pcor woman at the comer of Maiden Lane and Broadway. A dray bad knocked over her whole stock in trade, in ap ples, cookies, etc , etc. I saw him place some money in her hand He is a good man ; he deserves to be President. Democrat as I am 1 should like to see hxm at the White House. With women, in such instances, it ia Mtn, and not Measures But he if a good and no ble hearted man ' Lift of Patents.?The following is the list of Patents isaued from the United Statea Pat ent Office for the week ending February 3, 1857?each bearing that date: Elisa Alexander, of New Vork, N Y.?For improved attaohmenLto sewing machines. Jonathan R Anderson, of Chicago, ill ?For improved excavating and dredging machine. Edward H. Anderson, of Milford, Del.?For safety coupling for railroad cars A M Beardsley, cf Constantine, Michigan For.improvement in filing saws. Levi Beemer, of Libertyville, N. J.?For improvement in seed planters. Jacob Boyers, of Grandville, Va.?For im provement in coupling? for wagons J S. Brown, ofWaAiington, D C , assignor to Joseph Kent, of Baltimore, Md ?For im provement in lard lamps Otis Brigham & Seth E Brigham, of Fitch burg, Mass ?For improvement in anvil" Franeis A. Calvert of Lowell, Mass., and | Charles G. Sargent, of We3tford, Mass ?For improvement in machines forcleaniug cotton Alexander M Cochran, of New York, N. Y For improvement in window blinds. Geo Cook and David Cook, of New Haven, Conn ?For improved adjustable seats for car riages. Peter Cook, of Tonawanda, N. Y.?Fori m proved machine for cutting veneers Homer Compton, of Wells Corner, Pa. ?For improvement in fastenings for harness hames. John W. Crannel, of Olivet, Mich ?For im provement in Smith's forge John J. Croy, of Caledonia, Mo.?Fer im proved tool for tenoning spokes John P Derby, of Cavendish, Vt ? For im provement in shirt bosom stu-is. Seth C. Ellis, of Albany, N. Y.?For im proved machine for cutting tenons on blind slats. Daniel P. Farnham of Milton, Wis.?For improved self-operating device for tilting buckets in raising water from wells Wm. Fields and Solomon Gerhard, of Wil mington, Del ?For improved hydrant. Geo. P. Foster, of Bristol, R. I.?For in> provement in fwrging gun-lock springs. Geo W. Gardner, of Troy, K. Y.?For im provement in shaker bars of stove grate* J. G. Gaston, of Reading, 0 ?For improve ment in machines for sowing grain and ferti'* ixers. Oliver C. Green, of Worcester, 111.?For im provement in seed drills. Jacob Green, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For im provement in paddling furnaces Geo. Hall, of Morgantown, Va. For im provement in machines for sewing seed broad cast Washington G. Hagaman, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For improvement in machines for form ing felt bat bats James Hansor, of tho Wandsworth Road, England.?For gas generating apparatua. Patented in England, March 21, 1867. Otla Needham, and Walet Needham, ot New Haven, Conn ?For improvement in boxes for pise-work walla. David Hinman, of Bera. O ?For improve- ' meat in bmIubm tor drawing and p??i.?w*rg ttos?a. Wm. Huay, of Ootamhia, P?._ For i?. provad shingle naebio*. Chaster P Marab. of Woroaatar ooua Mui.?k'ot improved fan blowar. Jiuoaa K Nichols, of Hararhill, Man ? For Improved apparatus f<r containing and ii?pen hb* syrups for toda fountains Jam** F. Orr, of Orrvilla, Ala.?For im proved rotten teed plantar*. Sam I M Parkins, of Fort Hill, 111 ? A'or improvement In corn plantar? Kobt G. Pino of Newark N. J ?For im< proved machine for grinding ilia blanks Norman W. Pomaroy, of Maridea, Conn.?' For improved cultivator Saml F. Pratt, of Koxtonry, Mast?For improvement in saving machines Warren A. bimonds, of Boston, Mass ? Fof improvement in lifepreeervan. Robt Spenoar, of New York, N ? ?For improvement in Is dies riding saddla* James Stimpeon, of Baldwinsville, Mass ? For improved method of joining boxes, ate Ambrose Tower, of New York, nTi.?For improved pump Patented in England, July 13 Wm Webstar, of Morrisanla, N. Y.?For improved mode of hanging window sa*hes Henry Weiesanb<?Tn. of New York, N Y ? For improvement in blast furnace Wm llood, of llartford, Conn?For im provement in brick machines Wm A. Whiting, of St Louis. Mo.?For im proved shingle machine Mary A. Cannon, of Warren, K 1., admin istratrix of Jno. Cannon, deceased, lata of stme place, asrignor to the New York and Brooklyn brass oompany. of New York. N. Y. For improvement in bras* kettle machine. Lewis 8 Chichebler. of New York, N. Y. assignor to Henry G. Kvans, of same placa ? For improvement in cotton gins Jason S. Wool, of Washington Township, N J.?For improved Hump extractor Joshua Oray, of Boston. Mass . assignor to himself and John Gault, of same place.?For improvement in rowing machines Amos Jacobs, dec d, late of Ithaca, N. Y ? l or improvement in washing machines. Are! 8 Lyman, of New York., assignor to the " Accelerating Fire Arms Companyof f>une place.?Fur improvement in accelerating fire arms J. F. Palmer, of Auburn. N. Y., assignor to fcj. W Palmer, of Detroit, Mich.?For im proved joiners plane George II. Reynolds, of Med ford, Mass , as bignur to himself k D B Hinckley, of Ban gor, Me ?For improvement in operating cut off- valves of steam engines. Wm. S. Butler, of Kocky Hill, Conn , aa signorto Butler, buyden A Co., of same place. For improvement in pistols. Thos W H Musely.of Covington, Ky?For improved bridge. Reistne.?Isaac Brown, of Baltimore, Md For improvement in mode of driving recipro cating saws Patented July 19. 18S3. M<>ses G Uubb*rd, of Penn Yan, N Y, For improved rakiog attachment for reapers Patented Sept em bar 2 ISM 11 abosumly TakesI>?Captain Archibald W eston was a noble specimen of a Una old American gentleman Ha kept the haad*j??t est horses owned tho best estate in the wh?la country, and his heartiness of manner and oordiality of soul, a ide him beloved and hoc. ored by the constituents, who ha had rapaat edly represented in the halls of the Legislature of tbe State But Captain Archibald kad ' like all other men his weak pointa, and s^uxe times he would meet an unserupulous neigh bor who wuuld not hesitata for a moment, if opportunity offered, to turn them to his advan tage. One hot day, &? be was returning homeward from a visit to a distant field, with a heavy new overcoat, which he had takan with bim in anticipation of rain folded acroes his arm, he overtook a sallow faoed young mm, who was walking in the same direction, and accosted him with ? " Here, Jim, you just carry my coat along a little way, until we reach my gate " Much to his astonishment. Jim made not a word of objection, but took theooat and walkad along beside him in silence. Pretty soon, howevtr. Lis pace slackened and he began to Ug a little behind 41 Hollo" said tbe Captain, 44 if you can't walk faster than that, I'll take the coat my self 1 Whv. you' said Jim, apologetic ally, 'I've just come from the fever hospital and 1 ain't very strong yet 1 react on you'd better carry it." 44 Tbe fever hospital* shouted the Captain, who entertained a holy horror of all conta gious disease? "Did you oome Irom the fever fcospi'al?" "To be sure 1 did,1' raid Jim; and hi# eya twinkled mischievously; " I came out this morning Here's your coat, fir." '' Keep off' keep off'" cried Captain Watton hi' fat frame quivering with excitement " it you come near me, I'll knock you down; " The fever hospital! vou rascal; why didn't you tell me before ? bon't you touch me! take that coat away! Burn it, sir! Never come near ma again. Oh, Lord, oh Lord, what if I'ra caught the fever'. Be off, you villain, be off"' Poor Jim took to his heels with theooat, and tbe Captain hurried home to dose himself. The best of the joke, however, was that Jim had not been inside of tbe hospital at all? having only walked there to carry a basket of eggs for the doctor's wife. But the Captain never saw his coat again, aBd he has nevar to this day. heard the last ef " that fever " "Axothkr Fa*hioj?aele AB0JItJ?ATI0!?.M Tbe use of belladonna is now unblushingly advertised to " give brilliancy, vivacity, and the power of fascination to the eye. The announcement is heralded by a puff about it* use by" the ladies of Asia"?in harems and elsewhere, which argument would be as ap* propriate, with a slight geographical alter ation, should any enterprising jeweller seek to introduce tbe wearing cf rings through the nose. The " brilliant eye" being due to the of belladcna in contracting tha iris, and the enlarged pupil forming a greater con trast to the white of the sclerotic, while it al lowed a larger field for the reflection of light from the lens, would necessarily require a strong light for the development of its brf ! liancy and powers of fascination And a strong light, with a paralysed iris and an en larged pupil, is the best conoeivable way to weaKen and destroy the delicately beautiful ac'ion of the organ of sight. The brilliant eye would as surely be followed by dimness ol sight and blindness as tbe sunlight gives place to the nightshade.?Lanctt. Flot'Hativ& Lasoi aoe.?The 2thakemay be perfectly cured without pain by thePrauch specific ?Mercury We wonder if the specific is bard 2 take? if not we will try it 4thwith ?ErcJuinge. If cured it will be a Ider, indeed.? Tra/t? ltfierly gentlemen, 'tis a sore subjeet.? Yes. and requiring 40tude to bear ? Ame< i. can Courier. This is carrying tha matter quite as far as HOquette will bear ?Maii W8 for us, neighbor ; it h*s thll>0 out of a cloudless 7 be4 now ? Exchange We wish it had knocked tbe k$ sj-eciac ?ut oi" existenoe in patting ?Age \ ou are far too cruel, and should ha mora be?.?Amtrieau Ciurtsr. Thoee who are ao 4 2n8 aa to do the above, will find each paragraph to oontaia a slight 11 of humor ?JV. Y (ilob*. 4 4 shame, gentlemen,?6 4 shame. ? tjT" A bill has been Introiucad into Louisaua Legislature to render aid to the Americans now in Nicaragua