Newspaper of Evening Star, February 9, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 9, 1857 Page 3
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evening star. ^ tftHTKMII r? ??OTLD ?? LITT AT Til OrrIC* *T OCCOOB, ?.. mtlWUI TMAT MAT ?OT APT*** frni. run OAT. LOPAL INTELLIGENCE. Smitmsoxias Isstitbtiok ? W Gilmore Simms cf Sooth Carolina. the distinguished poet and cove list, lectured, on Friday night last, on Ante-Columbian History. Mr. Simms looks in capital preservation, notwithstanding the unpleasantnesses of hia late lecturing campaign at the North. He is om of the very few aathori of note whose outward presence is indicative of rare mental gifts?m:^t of the tribe of literary lions being of the singed-cat order, giving no exterior hint of their mental characteristics Commencing with a playful disclaimer of an intention of carrying back American his tory to the days of Noah and Methuselah, as has been done, he want on to indicate the va rious evidences snowing that this continent was discovered by great voyagers at least five hundred years before Columbus landed The Greeks even in their writings, tell ns of lands westward lrom the Pillars of Hercules, and from which they were cut off by the terrors of the voyage. Plato, Homer, and Plutarch al lude to such a country There were modem traditions more specific than these. id relation to the existence of a white race upon th s con tinent as far back as the tenth century. The lecturer described the characteristics of the Northmen or Scandinavians; of light hair, blue eyes. fair skin, of great enterprise and audacious valor They were the Hvper boreans of the Greeks, and the Romans knew them from their fears Invading Italy, peri odically, fire Roman armies were destroyed by them, and the great military genius of Caius Menus was unable to withstand them until his troops had gradually got familiar with the vtraDge aspect and wild cries of their enemies. Britons and Americans are distinguished by similar valor and enterprise; and it was no ticed by the lecturer that as in the case of the dreadful war-cry of the Northmen, it was con fessed by the Mexicans that during the late war nothing struck such terror into their hearts as the appalling shouts raised by our soldiers as they rushed to the combat. Tbese bold, blue-eyed barbarians, (the Scandinavians ) handsome, eomely of face, strong of lungs and limbs, seldom met their maUHi, and never found their master At home upon the water as welt as well upon land, they, under differ ent names, ravaged various seas, carrying terror in all directions Charlemagne is said to have wept for the safety of his dominions when he saw the prows of one of these sea kings enter the waters of his territories. They discovered the Orcsdes, Iceland, Greenland, and there are proofs that in the twelfth century they penetrated Baffins Bey. In ySrt, five hundred years beforo Co lumbus. they discovered a country which they called Vinland, and which, in the opinion of learned men in America and Europe, was the coast of New England. The records of voy ages U> Yiuland were preserved in Iceland, the guiding stars were indicated, and their maps gave a correct outline of the New 1-ng land coast. Columbus in visiting Iceland do doubt bad access to these records, and made use of the knowledge gained. These Icelandic chronicles tell that the discoverers found Vin land in possession of the ferocious copper col ored savage, but beyond Chesapeake Bay in their journeying* southward they came upon a white people superior to themselves in civ ilisation, ^wearing cotton clothing, carrying banners, and who ra'sed terrible wsr-like ?bouts. It was an interesting question who these people were Might they not been a colony of Irish' Traditions favored such a theory Between the sixth end twellth century the Irish were of riving and adventurous habits and extensively engaged in maritime adven tures Ireland was then the Mat of learning In the tenth century voyages from Ireland to Iceland were frequent, and the Irish had tra ditions of a country to the west called Great Ireland It is not improbable that between the sixth and tenth century the Irish made a settlement in America from which came this white race found by the Northmen. The lan* guage of this white race favored suoh a suj poeiuon, and thay, like the Irish, were famous for sheuting and fighting. There were other plausible conjectures This white race may have been Welch. Southey, In his epic of " Madoc ' says that the Irish and Welch are oognate languages ; and George Barrow says that a thorough knowledge of the Irish toogue will enable one to speak Welch It may be that the origin of this people may be traced back to the ancient Phenicians, who, darting out with audacious prows from Sidon. rushing westwardly upon the measureless sea. planting vigorous colo nies in Spain, visiting Ireland, working mines in Britaio. extended tbeir voyages to Afrioa, and even around the Cape of Goed Hope It is not improbable that a people so adventu rous and so fund of planting colonies should have found their way to America and estab lished here a civilisation higher than existed in Europe. There are traces innumerable upon this continent of a race superior to the red men North and South, East and West, the Indians have traditions of having come from the far West and of having overcome a white race who had iron implements and wore cotton garments. in Central and South America there are traces of the worksof this superior race, which will compare favorably with Assyrian and Egyptian art. They afford all the indications of a quiet and luxurious peopls The red men were hunters and warriors only They cannot be said to have lost the arts, for they were in the full flu<h cf blood and courage A people must lose their courage before they can ;oee their arts The red men showed no indica tions of decadence, tbeir boast was of exploits of war and bunting, and they were wholly un able to comprehend or explain the meaning of these monuments and indications of a higher civilisation. When the Spaniards invaded Mexico they tound traces of Welch and Irish words, and the native Mexicans ascribed all their civilisation to a race of white and beard ed foreigners who came to their country in Teasels They had a tradition that this white and bearded people were to return again and conquer the country, and the fieroe tyrant Montejuus, lost all courage upon the ap proach of the bearded Spaniards. Other remarkable traces of such a superior race were noticed by the lecturer?the sculp tured stones f^und in Virginia and Ohio, and the plates of copper in other States A fact of great importance was, that this people had worked mines, in various parts of the conti nent, in a manner that modern art has not made much improvement upon. Ancient gold mines had been discovered in Georgia and Carolina In California, shafts of these an ciently worked mines were found two hundred and ten feet in depth In the Lake Superior copper mines, worked by this race, have been found the tools of the ancient workmen, and deta?hed and partly removed manses of the metal. Who worked these mines? We can only answer with the Mexican, (Jut*n aabt' There i? no go<*i reason to doubt that they were nativea of the aoil, and that the mine workers and mound-builders were the same people The movements of the race was south ward, and they seem to have taken the most permanent stand and arrived at the greatest power in Central America Of whatever na tion waa thia people, whether Pbenioians. Northmen, Welsh or Irish, they have perish ed and their tomb is without an epitaph. The closed with a glowing picture of the field afforded to the artist and the po?t in the history of thia mysterious race. To-night, "Mr. Simms will lecture on the 44 Ante-Colonial Settlements in the South." and a delightful literary treat may be antici pated. Coildx't Tksvel '?Displayed in the city post-office window is to be seen a number of Graham's Magazine, detected by the vigilant post-office officials as containing written and other matter in flagrant violation of the law, to wit: a ttny gtan andiron/' wrapped in jewellers cotton, and inscribed *' For my dear Mia;" and ap<>n a page of the inugaaioe is written, in pencil, " All well, Louise." Louise mus'nt try to come it over Uncle Samuel that way. it won't do Rowdyism ?Saturday evening, a colored uian named David Rowling* went to the guard honae*t>r lodgings. His bead was badly oat and *d neen dressed oy a physician He ae;* that a gang of boys attacked and beat him. but he oould not give the names of any of them, or any information by whieb they might be discovered BftiAKnrt Vporrts Ritm -The Ice in the nver dm for tome days past showed signs of d issolation, and on Saturday ?u so maeh weakened that the Powhatan steamboat was able cot her waj through to Alexandria and back, Baking the round trip in about forty minutes. The thickest ice found waa opposite the Arsenal, yesterday, the rapid thaw had occasioned a great rise in the rirer, and the various points overlooking it were occupied during the day by orowdaof apecta tora, attracted by tha sublime spectacle pre aented Gating at tha aweeping tide of thick float of ica coming down from the upper Poto mac, it naeded little exercise of tha imagi* nation to imagine one'a self in thoae Arctic regions depicted by Dr. Kane The immense power ot this moving body of ioa mada if self felt upon the Long Bridge from its start early in tha morning, and before 3 0 clock p m it had made ita mark by carry ing away a considerable portion of tha old wood work at the Georgetown channel. The portion completed under direction of Commis sioner Blake remains unmoved, though an im mense weight of ice is lodged agaiast it The heaps of ice piled upon the flats protect the remainder of the structure, and it is believed i9n #D0. F damage be done About 120 feet of the bridge on the District side of the Georgetown ohannel iagone, and aa much mora shaken and out of position. The draws ara uninjarad. Lhtll tb* ino,ine4 P1"? tha Little Falls bridge was earned away yester day , also that the ferry boat at Georgetown w!ft8TPi v*? the ri7er The hiSh north ? T prevailed yesterday, and op erated so disadvantageous^ to tha long bridge was doubtless the saving of Georgetown, pro ' j the ,a'in?? "lt ? an I" wind that blows good to nobody." Tailmor the ^chahics'Jnbtitdte ? K he interest whiok this Pair ia axeiting abroad isshown by the following circular of the Kbode island Society for the encouragement of do mestic industry: u- . tl January 2t. 1857. Sir f be Metropolitan Mechanics Institute propose to hold an exhibition at Washington city, commencing on the 2i day of March and ending on the .JOth of the same month Thev have invited the co operation of mechanics all P*rta of the Union in this exhibition. Their invitations in thisState nave not only been to individuals by an agent dispatched for the purpose, but also to this society to use its influence on its members and ethers The standing committee of this Society on the 20lh instant passed the annexed reso lutions : -? That in the opinion of this board, it will be highly advantageous to the manu facturing and mechanical interests of this State that an extensive and varied exhibition of t&e products of our own industry be made at the approaching exhibition at Washington, under the auspices of the Metropolitan Me chanics' Institute. Kcto/vtd, That the Secretary of this Sooiety inTarr * ??PJ ot the foregoing resolution to such of the manufacturers anJf mechanics, members of this Society and others, as will ?ui 1 !f faTin8 thc indu8trj and skill of this State duly represented in said ex hibition, together with such information as he may obtain relative t<> the transmission of ar ticles to Washington. Resolved, That the several members of Con gress from this State be requested to act aa agents of the manufacturers and mechanics of this Mate who may aend contributions to said takinS ov?"'ght of such arti Atn while there, and relative to the return of th* ?ame to their several owners. Resolved .That the sum of fifty dollars be appropriated to defray the expense which nay be incurred by the Secretary in thismat 1 trust it will require no argument to in duce you to serve ynur own interests, and sub serve those of the State, by forwarding some specimens of your enterprise and skill In a Tilr field the manufacturers and mechanics of Khode Island need fear no competition. The thU a M Institute oan be seen at this office, and will be enolosed you if you de sire it ' J 1 have been informed by the Superintendent V ""k'bition that articles for exhibition can be forwarded by way of Boston free of ex pense Very respectfully, W K Staples, Secretary ? As Intolerable Nuisance ?We are in-1 formed by a citizen of the Fourth Ward that nearly every Sabbath evening the corner of rourth and I streets is occunied by a gather ing of young men. who make that neighbor hood almost impassable by their disorderly conduct Yesterday, three young girls were passing that point, when a young nun (whose natne we withhold, hoping that this notice will deter him and the others congregating there trom a repetition of their conduct,) threw with much force, a stone at the crowd of his companions, missing whom, it glanced from the pavement and struck with much violence one of the yrung girls mentioned above We hope our police force will give thia seotion a little (Lore of their attention We understand that this crowd has been dispersed more than once by the officers having charge of this sec tion. Novel Sight ?Many persons, interested in mechanics, have lately visited the machine shop on the north of the Capitol extension in order to see the novel sight of a large column shaft of Italian m.irble, twenty feet in length, being turned in a lathe By a simple attach ment to the lathe the ordinary gearing of the slide rest and ways ia made to guide the tool, so that the delicate curve of entasis of the shaft is perfectly formed and the huge mass, weighing ten tons when first put into the lathe, is reduced to the form of the gently swelling shafts of tha most admired columns of anti quity. Upon another lathe in the same shop may be seen a block of marble that is beirg turned into a base lor the column. These col umns are for the extension of the Poat Office. ? *H"ATS Assault.?J. Turnbridge and U tf nen were arrested on Saturday by Offi cer King, on the oath of Miss Ann Cunning bam, who charged them with assault, threats 4c. It appeared that the accused were sub tenants under complainant and, becoming ob noxious to her, she, in order to rid herself of them t?ok oecaaion. when they were absent, to put their goods and chattels out of doors. Un n the return of one of them, he found the door locked, and to regain possession he forced it open; hence the suit The case was taken beloie Justice Donn, but was not prosecuted? the accused agreeing to leave the premises. Militart Visitors.?Theseventh regiment of National Guarda of New York city, num bering SOU men. under the command of Col Duryea, will reach this city on the 31 of the :oming month, to be present at the inaugura tion They wilj be accompanied by Dodworth's Band, numbering fifty performers and will be in their full parade uniform, which is a very neat and soldierly one This fine body of men is said to be the best organized, best drilled best accoutred, and best officered regiment of volunteer infantry in the country. Mia* Lux a Starlet a L\itkrtai.i kekt ? Miss Lmma Stanley, a lady whose extraordi nary dramatic versatility has been the theme of the press wherever ahe has appeared, is now on a viait to thia city, and will to-night give her celebrated entertainment, styled 44 The Seveu Agea of Woman;'' in whioh ahe will appear in twenty four different characters The perfection ot her personations and the rapidity of her transformations are said to be little lets than marvelous She also sings de lightfully. dances beautifully, and is all in all a moat astonishing woman. Market Robbery ?Yesterday, aome person or p?r?on* broke open stand No 102 in the lhlCenlr? M*r*?t, where fancy were kept for sale by two young M number of articles of va! , J1?? Sabbath previous, one of the eating houses in the eastern wing was entered, and a large number of turkeys and chickens stolen The officers have obtained information by which ?bey expet to detect the thieves en gaged in the last robbery and recover the goods. These robberies committed in daylight. ? Passage Tbieves ?Saturday eveninc the residence of M >j C S WalUoh, on Indiana avenue, near Four-and-a-half street, waa en tered by thieves, and two brown cloth talmaa stolen. The arrival in thia city of a number of vary suspioious individuals ahould warn housekeepera to keep their doors fastened. >??'"? "port ?t the M.lrfpoliS V^-lLP. ^ f0/ !PtC' "? ?vh,\M work " ThomP?on. Washington, fancy or flight for graTn A1#XandrU' V*-? oouroj H Vte'fr' wheal. 0M# of p,ain dery. ** ' nee<*,e and embroi M? J'fvIL**'f? ' do" do> Mn 7. f ?,#r' do ? n?^'?work. la*Mtl,n??. do , collection of autumn PiC,?ri" ,,b'e a? > 4 ?'"? Hob t Metierott, do., engravings. "on.SjTo " ' Md ? ??<". ?!?? Mim Eisenbrandt, do , needlework. work ^DeS c*et*> Washington, wonted William Miller, .New York, 2 pianos R??rg? Vojgi, Philadelphia, do. Raven, Bacon A Co , N York, do. Elil*^? n' ?<uh,n8to>- qailt. n?a Partello, do., embroidery. m?Mr ?*,hett' d0 ? Moa?t Vernon canes Mrs Beck, do , reticule Jonl wfflu' irrI?ator ?nd whiffle tree. JaooL^v^"1?"' do ' lag". BMW V,",?,,,,. Wa.hiogU.ri ?.rM* Bo.ton. 8 B?ooI5Ho!' ''""on following gentleman Wl" ,,?C""PW of lb, Th^n pmrjr' b'p7; s ?^rn' rig, Col W *i ii J r Jame?. N- p Har &?-?' P'wrti&T? xim Col M. Irazter. Col. Q D Mims D F Hni p?.?"jthc?fBu"" ? ? ??' ? ?: Brot,^prro^?.?,td bj j- h mova win hJ a* ab,? t0 do 80 The re -?bo?tlVdr^2^?vr.,wwibl'' A Family Quarrel ? Prisoilla .md Rata* h?^"" *'S pruner'l / mk pare" re,at'*e to the proper.y, broke his trunk and f..v ?ks? u prosecuted her mi. be sstesf # l-m. B-'g,,., c,i.y.;,ro';.c ;.\v.v.h "f USwlOO l/OLD TPnniiiorl l ? . ,? n ll". '"ft")" of tbe infant uf" '>'^d' {?r ?laired to give security for neace 'r L .Z. ,1: and battery on Catharine Catnpbin iiaJI w a a " "Sl?o..Pnd!L.horn^ of Uid- Fellows Th* ? J ^ ,arge body preach* by He, Ti'riTZ 7C J "t"ou " I"6 "m " paffortned oy a\ir. J I. Clements. Withers' hand r>m oiatod oti the occasion ifarvev of ?(?.?![ street, was the undertaker 7' 6V*Dth RJ" Prksbttibiah Fair iD Hchneider BuildlDg 18 open to nleht with a. ? a of useful and beau iful wUcfes? DaTS7 music and other attractions will ?*,!! evening .pent here a most enjoyable one " Look oct for the grand balls to be siven to ijlght by the Union fire companv No '2 and the Monumental Club. P 7 ' and Bcr it for T0UB Childrk*. ? Vanderveer 3 patent arithmetical tables ?t is one of the most novel as well as useful articles you could purchase for tbem. By this article, in the form of a toy, the youog student is pleased until be has accomplished the most difficult part of his arithmetical studies Full direc tions accompany each table Shillington, book seller and stationer, corner of Four-and-a-half street and Pennsylvania avenue ha^ them for sale Price 25 cents math Watch Rktitr!** ? At the central guard house there is but one name entered on the trial docket since Friday, Wm StreakB, drunk and disorderly ; reprimanded and dismissed. The cells have been oocupiel by persons who have been unable to obtain lodgings elsewhere. ffy The World's Benefactor. ?In all time the trae physician bus bteoknowu an the friend of tinman Ity, and !n our day* mary aianme, bnt few deserve the t:tle. Mr*. M.N. Garduer, however, i? one of the few, for ?h? ha? richly merited It lu th? production of the Balaam ok Livkbwcrt and rOAftHOCSD, which has wrought most mlra.-o!o>i* cure?, and tliially won for it'elf a place among t* e atandard Koiully Medlribea of the day, a? tbe care lor all aHectioua of the Lunga. Mutitrt. Week* k Potter, No. 1M Wa^hlDgVon itreel, Boa ton, General A<eute. For aale by W. H. nilman, Charlea Htott, Nairn A Palmer, Z. D. Oilman, and by Droxciete gen nil j. Mi?lw. U^Briwn i Bronchial Troches.?*?Wo have fooud tbem of great aer vice In allaying Bron. hial Irrita tion, and In tnbdalag Hoarnenee* produced byOolds^and do our clerical brethren a real favor In railing their attention to them."?Zion'e Herald. " We commeud them to the at tention of pnblic speaker*, alugera, nnd other* who are troubled with aU^tlone of the Throat."? Christian Watch man. "K'>r Congb*. Asthma, kn., we cheerfully bear testi mony from peroral kuowledge to their etttfacy."?Halloa's Plciorlal. " They are a simple and elegant form for admin istering, In combination, several medicinal sobstances held In general esteem among Physicians In the treatment of Bronchial affection*."?Dr. 0. P. Blgelow. Containing no opium or deleterious drugs, these Losenge* can be us*d freely by public speakers and vocalists for clearing and giving strength to the voice. Sold by ail Drugglsta. Oct 14-lf JAMRS N. CAM.AN, Agent. 1X7" Important to the Ladles!?Dr. Dn PONCO'8 PKMaLK PILLS.-Tie combination of Ingredi ents in the Pills are perfectly harm'.ee*. Their e&lcacy and merits are baaed npoa an esteusite pi actio of over thirty years; and, where the directions have been strictly fol lowed, they have never filled to correct all Irregularities, rellev* painful and dltBcult menstruation, ? particoUrly, | at tbe change of life. They will care the Wbll^s, and remove ?11 obstructions arising fmm cold, exposure or any ca&see; and m*y be used successfully as a Preventive. Call npwn the agent, and get a Circular for particulars free. Price $1 ger box, with full direction*. Sold wholesale and retail by CHAS. STOTT, Druggist, Pekiiaylvanla avenue, HAMl'PL B. WAlTK, 524 Seventh street, Washington, D. C.; and a. S. T. ClbSKL, Georgetown , to whom ?K orders must be sent, and the Pllla will be sent conQdentlally, by mall, to ladle* who enclose them one dollar. N. B.?See signature on the box; tooosnt?. fslt1t1s for sry. !? S-tf 91AHK1ED At the Church of the Asrerslon, Waahiugton city, D C , on the 5th of February, 1857, by the Rev. Henry Stanley, FREDERICK LOUIS URAMMER to Miss CORNELIA ALiUUSTA REYNOLDS, all of this city (New York Herald, Flunhlng Journal, and Boston Daily Times please copy ) OlID, Of l'neumonla, on Monday morning, the ?:h lnot , at ha^f-pa*t 11 o'clock, ELVIRA, Infant daughter of Thomas U aud Catharine Barron, aged 3 weeks. The frtends of the family are nqucated to at tend the funeral To-Morrow (Tuesday) After noon. the liuh lnst , at 3 o'clock. * At Georgetown, ou the9thInstant, JEREMIAU W1LLIAM8, In the S3d year cf hi < age The friends arid relatives of the family are re ?ftctfully Invited to attend hl? funeral on Tuef day next, at 3 o'clock p ni., at his late residence, on Dunbarton sueet At Alexandria, on the 'id lnrtant, EL17. A FRANCtS. widow of the late William C. tiard ner, and eldest daughter of the late Amhony Cnarles Ca*enove, E?q At Spring Urove, near Draneovllle, Fairfax county ? a , on Sunday, February 1st, Mr. ED WARD B ATES, In the?4th year of his age On tho 3d lnstaat, HENRY. T. WEIGHT MAN, In the WM year of hi* age. I/ALKNT1NES, WHOLESALE ANii R?. ' tall, tbe largest stock In this city. No. ft), between sth ana ?th streets jan 3U tf H. J. MCLAUGHLIN A CO. For 8a] ? and Rant. pOR R K N T?A THREK-I9TORY BRICK X Honsa on L street north, near I5th at , within ? few minute*' walk of the fn?!<??<?? Iloutt F*' **quire of SAVAGK, N2 ******* loth and llth. feb Mt? For r f. n T?a two.btorv brick Dwalllng Hnnse, on New York aven ue,?< ] l?th and 10th streets, near the Navy and War l)e 1 partments PoutMlon may be had immediately Enquire of CHARLES OiSELDING, No fio7 Seventh street. frb 9 eo3t? For sale-the painted brick House, corner ?th and G streets, island It oontalna six rooma well flnlahed. The corner la ?ow occupied for a atore and la a good stand. I will sell It low. Apply to subscriber, No 35 3d floor Treasury Building, or at the Hotel (formerly U. 8.) between 3d and 4# street*.

feb 8-3t? THU B THRU8TON. FOR REN T?THE TWO TWO-STORY brick building* on Sixth street west, a few door* south of Pennsylvania avenue The build logs would do for mills, warehouses, or worfe shops, one 33 by 100 feet-the other 3-2 bv S5 feet, with a amall dwelllcg t n the rear. Kent mode rate to a good tenant Appiy to J B. WILSON, :?7 Pa avenue; or to Mrs 8. HUGHES, 498 H street fab 9-lt FOR RENT?a FtRNI8HKD HOUSE, situated on Penn avenue, between l*th and 13th streets The advertiser being about to leave the city for several months, la desirous of renting their houae, which 1* comfortably furnished, and suitable for a family. To a good and r< sponsible tenant the rent will be moderate Possession given on the 1st of April next feb 5-3w Furnished rooms for rent ?mrs. G.ANDERSON has for rent three or four Rooms, which aie comfortably furnished, and ran be converted into parlors or chamber*. as may be required Penn avenue, 3d door east of the Kirkwood House. feb 5 2w PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH BOARD, CAN be obtained on the corner of Missouri ave nue and 4^ street, west side, No 45. feb 1-1 w? F*OR RENT ?A PARLOR AND CHAMBER handsomely furnished, In one of the most desirable locations in the city, be!ug in the v - cinity of the National, Browns', and Drxter's Hotel The houae la new, with all the modern Improvement*, water, g?s. Ac. Also,several very pleasant Chambers. Apply at No 46 Louisiana avenue, south aide, near ttth street. feb 3 Restaurant for b a l e ?The Lease and Fixtures of a Restaurant altuated on Pa. avenue, (e. od locality,) will be sold low for cash. Apply at this office. feb5-lw* ' ? For sale or rent.?that desira ble residence on F street, between 30th and 31st, for the last eight years occupied by the late j J M. Chubb, Esq. Possession given Imrr.edl ately. Inquire of RIGGS A CO au 13-eotf f^OR RENT?TWO LARGE AND Neatly Furnished Rooms, with or without Board, in n private family. For further particulars apply on tie premises, No north 8th street, near crmer of I. feb ?-col * A RARE CHANCE IS OFFERED TO ANY person wishing to purchase a comfortable, conveuiett. and well built Brick Dwelling, con taining 8 good sized Room*, situated In a pleasant and improving part of the city, convenient to the Centre Market, the principal Hotels, ud the Capitol, with a good stinplyof excellent Water In the yard Terms: Half <ash, and balance In I or 3 years. Address Box No 31S. city Post Uffli f f?b ti-eo3wa For rent.?.near the new gov eminent Prlntli ^ Office. a convenient Dwel lintj IIo*i<e, containing ?lx Rooms and Kitchen The Houae la situated a\ Pelrcc street, between 1st and North Capitol ytreets To a good tenant the ii>w rent of 810 will be charged. Apply to the undersigned, opposite the premise* or at my stall at the Centre Market. jan CHARLES THOMA. Boarding. BOARDIN6.?.MRS MOFPETT CAN AC c minodate permanent and trai.stent Board era at 505 7th street, opjjosHe Odd le llows' Hali. Also, several Table Boarders. A House servant wanted Also, a Boy 14 or 14 years old. feb B-3t? Board,Ac.?MRb. bates,on thes w corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 0th streei la prepared to accommodate gentlemen with roomi with or without board Every effort wlU be made to render those comfortable who may favor hei with their patronage. Trauaient or table board can be obtained. ap<V-tf ? In Union there la Strength.???The Public Uscdoarealr Aim. GRAND BALL OP THI Union Fire Company, No. 2, AT THE ASSEMBLY KOOMS, ON MONDAY* FtRRlUKI 9th 1?J5T. THE COMPANY PLEDGE THEMSELVES to spare no pains to make this pleaoam and agreeable to all who will favor tbeiu with thtlr patronage. libers' Hand in cit^a^ed for the occasion. Tickets ONE DOLLAR? admitting a gen tit man and ladies; to be hsU of the m~inoers. and at the door on th? evening of the oa 1 Committor of Arrangement*. Sasn'l E Douglass, Win t. Mastin. Jas Reilly, J W .Mooie, JnoBury, Wm B Mlckum feb 3-#t SECOND ANNUAL BALL MONUMENTAL CLUB, At VERXON HALL, tor Vtk st and La. are., On iV???N 1>AY febmary Oth, 1857. The mbmbersof the monumental Club beg leave to announce to tLeir friends and the public generally, that tbeir Second An nual Bull will take place on MONDAY, Febru. ary ttth, 1957. Esputa's celebrated Cotillon Band has be* n engaged for the occasion Supper ard Refreshments furnished by an ex perienced Caterer. T1 kets ONH DOLLAR?admitting a Gen tleman and l.adtes. Commit ft of Arrangements. Jas O Withers A Hutton, J v\ ard, Wm Barry, V Blstop, C Rupen, B Franklin, C M Li'tie, J Happen. J Donnln, M Stoops, J Tucker C Dismore, J Smith, feb4-5t* REMOVAL OF DKl'O STORE. Messrs. kidwell a Lawrence Take thla method of Informing their custo- n mere that they have :einoved their DRUG 09LA STORK to 15th stieet, near the corner of Pennsylvania avenue, and opposite Treanry ZJsk extension, where they will prepare and dispense Medicines until further notice, as It is there pur pose to arrange an attractive and complete store, feb 5 WOOD AND 4 OIL AT THE OLD PRICES' OAK WOOD DELI VERED AT ?5 per cord Pine do do 85 do COAL of all kinds and the best quality All orders left at P. J STEER':# Store, No. 488 Seventh street, or at our Office, will be promptly mied 3,310 pounds given to the tan JOHN W. MYERS A CO , Office and Yard corner t.f G and J<!d sts , First Ward. feb5-3w CITY OF KEOKUK (IOWA) BONOS. The subscribers, agents * or the 6ale of these Bond', request the attention of persor.s wishing t > make tafe lnvestrrjf nts, to these securities They can be sold so as to psy 10 per cent per annum interest. The Coupons are pay able in New York, and also received in payment of Taxes to the city of Keokuk ; and the Bonds are secured by an equal amount of the stock of the Keokuk and Fort Des Moines Railroad and may be converted Into said stock at the option of the holder. We regard them as one of the very best securities in the market PA1RO A NOURSE, feb5-lm 15th street, oppo T easury Dept. TO OAKDENE&S. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF FRESH GARDEN seeds grown bv Landreth and ?be Miakera, Just received, and for sale wholesale and retail by K S. T CISSKL, Druggist, frb 6-eo3t Georgetown A rAKO. 1TAKE THIS opportunity OF IN forming those of my customers who have not complied with my terms of setillng,on the lirst o" January that a Collector will call on all these who do not call and settle within ten days. N. W. HILBRON. feb 7-3t* Navy Yard. DR. VILLAKO, Dentist, Lais or Chicago, WOULD RESPECT! ULLY INFORM the citizens of the DUtrlct and vicinity, that having located himself, in Washington, h? is now j-reparedto perform all operations, in his profession, in the most approved style Office No 350 Penn avenue, adjoining Gav Mer's Jan 30ly MONET TO LOAN ON GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES, JEWELRY, GUNS, PISTOLS, and all valuables. JOHN ROBINSON, Pawn Broker, fob *-3n? ?4? Pa av , opp. Browns' Hotel. o. meqvilte, Auctioneer mvititkb's rah OF pi<h!?ITtHI i and nmuktld l (ittu.?on thths. DAY murms6, February l*th, at 10 o clock i ih.ll Mil, by virtue of adeU of trustduly r!.' corded among the load records for wsshlbctoii county, the Furniture ard Effect* contained in bouse So. 5. cn north A street, b?*we? a Delaware avenue and First street east, opposite the Capitol park, constating of? Mahogany and Walnut Hair Spring Sofas. Par lor Chairs, and Hock era Marble-top Centre Table, Card Damask and Lace Curtains, shades Mahogany Dining Tables. sideboards Twenty-four Arm Dining Chain ^blna, Gla**, and Crockery Ware Table Cutlery ?od seat Chairs, Lounge t{,ree p'y. and legraln Carpet* tttigci?.UnW "Wo*' ma tin*, Aug. ?EhV i.^!lle,3- F<?Ddan,? * lVure? ?& sr* i;;,; ^7; ? n?,p.mow' SiSredi ^Tt*6"' Sbe9tg> ** Cottage Set, chamber Tabl?^, ? Cooking tnd other Move* T?e"kZf7.g>'mi?!'n' <* ????* credit of tij udV'Sli' f? wStoctJrt'JTn* dorsed noeta, bearing lateral y en" THOS J. FISHER, Truatee **>*?* ja8. C. Mr?u 1ke, Auct By BARNARD * BUCKEV; gsorgatowa I a*?*w?wor itindatobttou l* at Auction.?on TUESDAY evening lOih Instant, and every evening thu week, at f 0 clock, we w>ll veil at our store room, on Bridge street, near coagreas, a large stock of standard and miscellaneous works by the be?t English and American authors, in every variety cf binding Sale poaltive " Books at private sale during the dav ftb9-3t bahnaku a BUCKEY, Aucts. By A. 6REFN, Auctioneer. |jAW^bkokth S!?Al.k.-| SHALL Se l, . ."st* co,ne' Seventh and D streets, next W EDNESDAY MORNING, 10 o elcck February nth 40gold silver, and Slit Watches,' 1.1 Go d, Fob. Vest, and Guard Chal s, Seals, ac Terms casn j he article* will be sold positively without te "*rve- J ROBINSON, . 0, Licensed Pawnbroker. fyb '-A A. GREEN, Auct. -.a. w- botkler, Auctioneer jail of RICH jihteiry ard klk. ri????ds at Auction.-on FRI DAY MORN ing, February ?:h, commencing at c ?^k'.' ":a" ?"?a: m> i.' ' U L- lnvo'ce elegant Jewelry and rich J- l-jincy Goods, oontihting !n part of? M e g^d Eai-iln^s, Bracelets, B east, ins F inger R'ngs, Hair Pins ' \\ itn many other rich articles r.f Jewelry lrjsta Boies, and aiar^ecollection of he.vlly G:li i ancv Goods handsomest vailelv of wwlion w? have cter '(r;r'd ror ',^ka, *?',0<jsiuay ^ examined at anytime pre- i i. vulhi ? arc partlcularl) fakia C. W. BOTliLER, ;?b j d auctioneer. woniivv wui ??? taatiaued an i-j/atviclik '' rch"",tv ?<<***** f, b7v-'t w botei kr, A'tr'r ri>mi *ar?!-*^ Auctioneer 1 v. r ^ b>' vllll,t3 a deed of e*t ? r -ff . ' rhrua-^ w',,8m- ??< record v\ ui '? ^e land if^ordt of u . sbuvtun county, District of CoiumbU, and at the r- q-e-. cf parties interested. I shill hell ; t f >i?>11?- > ile in front of tte premlst#. at 4 o'cloc k t in , on W hl>nh?DA> , The ?th rf February ill'whi tu i'J'? u ln '^u,re or refeivatloii lir'ir nJ n, llrf'?en;eut-; txing a iwo-st.ry Brick Dwelling. flre prcof; fronting west aw Hall ?fl 30 a: ,n the rrsr ?^th" j?km>n r,i"h ' fhe b,!la!'rc Ft annual pa\m<nts in one, two ard ttrte ytars, with i > tereft, secured by a de-.-d of tr-is* tin? int shaven ASHFORD, Trustee. Jan31-10t A GRFiEN, Auctioacer NOTICE. time is monty. /^LOCKS'-CLOCKS !? CLOCKS ' l?nall r at lh'"T?1 Clotk Emporium, opposite , Browns Hotel, and ste the greatest a-sort mentrf CLOCKS tllsfclde of New York ^rra?l-d for 91 50 Also,all kinds Clcck Materials. Cords, Balls K< v-j weights, Ac The trade supplied at wh'<* pilces. Ca h or Clocks given in exehonpe"for old silver or Uold Watches Also, good Wstche* for sale low. Call and see for vmrseives at t O- . ^ ROBINSON'S. 34# Pa UT janx,-2m opposite Browns'hotel. 8tv,rk ?k ?lbmaimoi coal <-t?*lpant, ka1awh1 <oi NTY VIRGINIA. ? cubscriptions WILL BE RECEIVED Z*tth* "ank,ne House of t'hnbb Brothers for the rrmalnlng stock cf the above company, be .ng three hundred shares The capital stock Is ^ : or which 870 uoo h&s been subscribed I he mines are now prepared f^r active operations, nnd ? per cent lntere?tw'll )*> guiranteed upon the stcrk now offered for^ale tw^ears^ ?'ockholders, for the period\,f ne^tl?inrV1n T^raJ? tbe *tock, and Its pr,* kubb BKOTHess00""0 "p0" ?pp'k ^'o" '? jan *L P P pandrii)qk. AKent. INTEREST ai LOWED ON DEP03ITES MONK Y toLO A yjn STOC K SF.CUR J TIES ? r iiiiiii Opposite the Treaaury the house of CHUBB BiOT hf rs, Waahington, ?? is romp<*ed of CHAd. sjrj CHUBB, JOHN D. BARROW, _ the hous\*sjv h"lmks CHUBB BROTHER, BARLOW & CO davinpcrt, low?. is ccmposed of CH*S stJ CHUBB, i .. A LEX 'R H Bakko ? . ian wm^ h dougal r u r * sitvuk war ?. 80L1J) SILVEK TEA SETS, SJLVEH FOHKS AND SPOONS 80LID SILVER WAITERS, PITCHERS, GOBLETS. * CUPS ? ALSO. FANCY SILVER WA RE. suitable for _. . WEDDING PRESENTS The are all of our own manufacture, .md wtkkisrsj rraa. M. W. GALT A BRO., nov :w4 Pejin'a avemie Potaiok*.-1000 BUSHELS P R i m k while MERCER POTATOES, in store.and ior sale ln lots to suit purchasers _ .? , PETER BERRY, ]an ,<-tf b5 Water street, Georgetown 1 OOO AVALON nails nowon hand and u iil le soid at a small ad vance to rash or punctual customers JOSEPH L SAVAGE, , w , Sign of the Gilt Saw. av ' lutb an<l htli sts. FRESH vek13un. JUST RECEIVED FROM THE WEST, A large lot of superior VENISON Families and others can l?e snppiled\.cx\ f by the saddlet, or quantity to suit purchasers Also received, a fresh supply of superior OYSTERS. Families and others supplied at the lowest price, coraer cf j Penn avenue and 3d street; Union Refectory feb6-lm B. SCHAD rktukn or mr. F\hkonii *. Artist! The public akv respectfully in formed that Mr. fabronius, will in afew d?.ys arrive ln this city, at the request cf numer ous persons wmiing to pr ssess their LIKEN ESS ES IN crayon,executed bvhlm? isg for one month only The number of Pcrtralts will be limited to 15 Persons wishing the saine are requested to make early apdllcatioi. at Mr CASPAhlS'e?, C?pltol Hill, for terms and particulars. feb 6 lw? Murk li?ht.-the sub-cri^r nas now on hand, and wld h-reafter constanly rTf^kvavrnti'r?r ADAMAN ^ ?w LANDLES for sale at tt? lowest prices at the Lamp and Oil Store of fr?re?, .. , . J R. McGREGOR, fcb4*lw 534 7th street. / 1b EAP WOOD.?PINE WOOD FOR Sale at h2 H per cord, over the Long Bridge, at Lieut. Hunter's Upper Firm, above the Toll Gate, ln Alexandria count,*, Va. febl-lw WESLEY CaRLIN, Agent hatthihii OF EVERY D ESC HI PTIO H, Alaaafactarad at the falrvlesv Ateaaa Mill. Alkxa!<natA. Va WE INVITE THE ATTENTION OF THE trade of Washington and vicinity to tke large assortment of MATTRESSES now on hand, comprising Patent-Spring, Hair, and several hundred Musk and Cotton, of various sites, to meet the demand of tlje coming ?fvoa Orders b* ms 11 or otherwise promptly attended to, and goods delivered ?t Baltimore rates. Address fob 7-l*t FIT2PATKICK A BURNS. TELEGRAPff-WKWff raovTWK ASSOCUTH/) MB$s. Tha Ohio Eit?x, 4t ^hbbliko. Feb f ?The weather It 0J?*.r V* w?nu River 1? fee1 m4 ! inebee and river* "v* *' IS ?f '?* fr?" lh* All*k?y *" ~u"#d ti^bI hM *?? -?k * <*p ??rVbJdiTrsr b*io,r wk*-t* * to'al InlT *n,d lt !* "???< Will be ?u Ttiaid h>r^i? port, and insurance of SS OW A 1? ,*hkh th#r* U ** hull 3 the Aro^h^ but the J a mage done Wa, M^2l^? 1 rincelon vac suck At w-.ii ? ?*? ,* poUU, k. r.u.d .m,'* 'i&J&Eii ?"> Urge number of coal, l.mb?r, between P.ttsburg and WhHi<d|, bare bUt carried off ?' T* ?##B, Feb 7-Th. rir.r bn I, with over 10 feet water in the ohannel ^im' ficew is aire nil j active, and a number of coll boats have taken their departure Circixiati, >eb 7 ?There *ai no rain of ooAsequeiioe laat night, but the weather ie etUl uloudy and warm, with high wind Tba river if ruing slowly with 11 faat in the channel The steamer A W Vuarrier, which was sunk by the ice, coat S11,0?0. and waa inaurad for l!r. 4,#? fBnk' WM at mo oou, no insurance Several other boats were suDk, including the Tbomat Shriver, rai ned at fv 000. no ineuranoe, tba Yorktown. va ued at til 000, do insurance , and tbeDut lelth. rained at *15 000, no insuranoa r?iIlV,LA*D' ^eb* * ?The ice gorged in the Cu> ahoga river and mu^h damage waa dona otbe aarehouaea b, being otarfowIT Wheel,!??, 4 ?The Ohio rirer to fall ing here, and we have also tiding* that it to I illtng at Cincinnati and Louiarilla and i. near y clearly cf ice. The canal at LoJSruS is filled with boats whioh hare aougbt proteo tion from the iee and wind. Thi? nrav*nta b^atf (rom passing down pfT?U Fresh*t in tht Schuylkill Ps(LADnLi'BiA, Feb. b ?There baa baan a very heavy freshet In the Schuylkill rf~r The ftorristown railroad track was foreran s.x feet Tfce occupants of the mills alone the }'"r"e **??ing their goods and machinery from the lower rooms, and much damace is anticipated The ice has mored at Manavunk but it is still tight opposite the city. JBI^ nU.,'i,u' F#b tf -The iee in tba Schuylkill bioke up laat night There are e.even feet of water on Fairmount dam Moat ? the wharves are overflowed, and consider able quantities of coal, wood and lumber hara ? ee:i carried tfl A few canal boats were left on the wharves by tho subwding of tbe wa t~rs and tome were carried cfl down stream 1< e damage is n??t so rericus as waa antici pated ? The Burdeli Murder. Nt-r Yon a. Fab. 9-Mifs Ellen Cunning inoi was again examined on Sunday, and her testimony corroborated her sister's concerning h*r mother 's marriage with Burdeli. Leri II LLatiieM testified to having drawn the papen J<?r Mrs Cunningham against Uardell for breach of promise and slander; that he after rrar^o urea an order for the di^ontinuanee of tue suit; sad that ?ub?enaently about three week? he was informed by Mrs Cunningham # bt < rney that she had in'ima'ed that she w.uld hare a reriral of thoge suits. Silas C Herring tektified to supplyin? a rew key for Burdeli s safe ; also, that the key ivund iu Mr.-. Cunnitigbam s [>o#seasieu was the injrinai luissiug key. The inquest adjourned till this i.Mondar morning. . 7 Arrivnl of the Alps from Havre Kaw York, Feb 7 ?The steamer Alps ar rived here this afternoon with Uarre dates lu 23th. being a day later than the Baltic. The Russians, at the latest accounts, bad occupied several islands in the Caspian Sea The Persians were concentrating their fore*s on the eastern frontier of the Empire. The cabinet at Teheran were preachina a holr wf r against the British. 7 Havrk Mabkct* ?Cotton was dull. Hold ers were willing sellers Market oloeed with a deo.iniLg tendency. Bread.iuffs were steadr ^Lo*no!*, Satnrd ay? Consols for money Wf a "f . ? Freahet in the Delaware hasroM, Pa , Feb 9?The Dataware rirer it!" T\TB.n r*^' And th* iee br?ken np. Ibe uel.ijere bridge is endangered, as the water is five feet abore it in some parts The Lambertville bridge is also endangered * a house in the neighborhood has been washed i,!La^r' the ice is pilad up twenty feet Tbejito.i, N J., Feb 9. -Part of taneleve'. t< iindry has been washed away. The watet covers ;he streets in the lower part of the town The bridgo is safe, unless those above should ccmp down Ihe ice In the Lehigh river has not ret broken up 1 Flood in the buaqueh&nnn. Harrisbcrq, Fob. V.?There is a great ^ood in the Susquehanna The ice is moving here but is gorged four miles below, and is piled on tbe r ml road to the depth of ten or fifteen feet. 1 rains have been suspended both ways It is reported that a couple of bridges over tne Juniata have been swept away, with several piers of the Cumberland Valley rail road bridge. Travel is arrested, and an awful destruction of property is threatened The Hudson's Bay Territory. Toronto, Feb 8 ? This government basap pointed Mr Justice Draper to proceed tu Leg!and, to plead the claim of Canada to tbe Hudson's Bay Territory, before a committee of the House of Committee, which the iinper ial government hate agreed to grant. Suicide. Philadelphia, Feb. 8.?Geo. W. WaUoo the proprietor of Concert Hall, committed sui cide this morning by cutting bis throat with a rat)?. at a barber shop. He has been insac? for more than a vear, and a patient at tbe Pennsylvania Hospital. He bad gone to the barber's shop accompanied by his keeper. Vessel Abandoned. New York, Feb 9.- Bermuda dates of tb? ?0th have been received- A report says that the cr?w of the schooner Sarah A Emelioe from City Po'.ut, bound fjr New York, aban doned, were brought here to-day by the bark Hesper. ?? Baltimore Markets. Bali moRK, Feb 9 ?Flour is dull and droop ing; Howard street and Ohio $6 12$a$6 21 Wheat is quiet at SI S8a$l 43 for reds, and $1.50a$l 58 for whites Com is a shade bet ter, but transactions are very smsll. Whisky 26ia2Sc. Sew York Markets New \grk, Feb. 9 ?Flour is steadv ? ?aies 7.01(0 bbls ; State $6 3ia?6 ^0. \\ beat is quiet. Corn is buoyant; sales o< 2ft l?00 bushels; mixed 09,173". Pork is buoyatit; mess S2I 50. Beef is firm, repacked Chicago S15 iS10.75. Lard is buoy ant ; bbls, 13ic. whisky, Ohio, 28ic # Financial Nnw York, February 9 - Stocks are lower Chicago and Koek Island V83: Cumberland Coal Co , 1 yi; Illinois Central shares 130; do. bocds 99j; Michigan Southern 7Pi; New York Central 911; Hetding 80; Canton Co 23; Vir ginia 6's 92i; Missouri 0 s 84i SPANISH COIN WILL BE TAKBN AT par for HAKUWAKK. Ac , and prlcee will b?* feiiarantie<d aa low a* any bouse In tbla Dl> trlct. JOPKPH L t*AVAQK, t?1gn of the Silt Saw, feb i-0t Fa a* , 10th ai>4 lltb Ktireta. ACAKU.-KAV1MG MADE A CHANUK Iu iUy bunlueeti, It becomes imperative upon me to cleae pre?loua tranaactiona with the utmoet dl?paU.b Therefore, a*l peraona indebted on open account or by note lying onv are reqoeatr* to make Immediate aettl- meat by ca?b or actea tab e paper. feb Tiw N. M. MctiK KSUl. t'UANBBLUK WK HAVE FOR SALE AT A LOW PKICIi a very haudaome 6 lit chandelier, witb ai> branches, and can be lxed to burn an> kind ot Lain pa. Alao, a fne Horae and Buggy far ?ale very low, at aoWKLLiraOBtKLI.W, feb # No. t*i O st., bat.tth i#d 7.b