Newspaper of Evening Star, February 10, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 10, 1857 Page 1
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THE evening stab I* n tfUSHBD everyArTE&Nuon, (EXCEPT SUXDAY,) at THE STAR BUILDINGS, Ctmi* of P*n*<tlvmia atuvi and 11'* strut, By W. D W A LL A C H, I* served to subscilber* by carrier* at SIX A>D A QUARTER CENT:*. payable weekly ii the Agent*; paper* served In parkage* at 37^ rent* per month To mall aubicrlbers the sub ?rrjptlon pries 1* TH R EK DOLLARS AND FIF rV CEN TS?v?r ?? *fr<mc?,T\VO DOLLARS f>r Mix month*, and ONE DOLLAR for three month*; for leas than three months at the rate of U\ cents a week. UT SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. IX WASHINGTON D. C., TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1857. NO. 1,269 TH1 WEEKLY STAB; This excellent Fairily and Newt J ouraal?ron talnlng a greater variety of Interacting re%dlr? than ran be found la any other?la published on Saturday morning. _. , xma* Single cofy, per annum 91 ?5 ... . TOdriJ. Fire copiea vs an rencoPie? g 0t? Y?op4#a...............,,.,,????13 IKi I[ Cash, (araaiaaiT i? inriMi. .? VZTM,plf* t,n wrapper*) can be procured 1 ' ?***' '??*dhtely after the toeue of tbe Parer I'fke-Tuaat Caars. . fnmmlLUn V? 7*? ** " ***** WlU ^allflN a commission of twuitv THE COLUMBIA INSTITUTE, FOR YOUyn LADIES, 4M El^wnlh Ktreft, bftwp?ri G and H I > It I > F HKURtfK HENRY ?TU KCKKATB . I Principal; Miss ELIZABETH L WIL LIAMS, Vk-e-Principal,?A I.ady eminently quailed to take the charge of the English De partment and the government and dlwtip'ine of the School. The exerclaes of the second term of ibe Insti tute will commence on MONDAY, the 2d day of Febuar* proximo Applcatlons for admission should W made as early as possible A HIGH OCHUUI. FOR VOUN6 GENTLE MEN, under the din*t1oa of Prof Uior.b H hri tciiiTR, a* KiljelNl. to be lojated on F street, between 6:h and 7ta stree's. or !n the vl c.laetv of Trinity Church, will be opened on the tth of Febnary, proximo. Rev D: Cummins will deliver an aldress on t*t* opening of the High School Early application shwld b- made to the Prlncl {al at his resid nre, Columbia Institute, for onng l.adl?, lltn s'reet, between ? and H. Pr?f ftenckra'h Is authorise 1 to refer to Rev. I?r. Cummins, and Prof. Bache, Caast Survey, jaa 12 lm* ' REED'* PATENT STEAM ENGINE. THRSE IMPROVED ENGINES (FOR ? which patents hare been granted an 1 fl'st pr're medals awarded to th? Inventor, both In : he United States and Europe ) continue tojjlvp ?i-h satisfaction, on awint of ?h??lr slmp'.f-lty and economy, that w?bav<? now established ah estenslvc intnnftatfory, a-?d are prepared to de ter at the shortest notice engines from two nnr** power and upwards. I"h<?*e engine* have b?en a.-rurately tested, and have shown an ecoionrjy of twenty percent 1 > f . and abo ? the sam? In oil and repairs. Tnis siving is ?ff **ted by letting: the In and out b"th sld?? of the cylinder through la-ge openings r?> the pesanre from the valve and allow ing nost-am t>ew>e or exhaust from the pas sage* etcept from the cylinder alone ; a'so by re dicing ti?e wr'.ght and friction to about hair that of ?v? ordinary engine* We place the smaller *lia-s upon an lmprcv-d boiler with all the pipe* attache*, and the w'anle imunted with small wh^ls convenient to ship to any part of Hi? country, and to avoid toe necessity of an e*perl r vM -n?lT?er to start theiu, they are all tes'el b-fnre Iea?:ng the factory Rrd s Tat^nt Steam Pamps are also coming in t? x?neral'i o? steamV?at>, In inlacs, and fu *>pplylr.? holler*, wh?re th"y are now giving grvat satisfaction They a*e preferred to any in !?? beca=i?e of taeir compactae** and simplicity. Tiiw eng'.n?* and pua>p' may be seea 'n opera tion, or fartner iaf^oiitlsi had, by calling orad dres?Ing REED A B IIKBECK, Jan ll-Irn 95 Maiden Lare, N _Y VITA3LK CltKlSfM \S AND NEW TEAKS' PRESEN fSi. I OH N H. SMOOI\ No 119 SOUTH SIDU t* Bridge street, Georgetown, D C , ha* received a greit variety of Ji-'fil aid s asmable GOOD t > which he ln?ltes *^ie attention of both ladles and gentlemen wis tn ay wish to make d Christ ina and New Years' Pre>ec*. EMBROIDERIES. Rich worked Cambric Seis (Collars and Sleeves) V > do Muslin do do Da do MoaUa and Cambric Collars A great variety (low priced) do Worked Linen Sets and Llnea do R'.<*a worked Muslin Sieeres BL* c and white Lac 5 Sot.* and Co'lars \Vrrk--l Cambric and Mus'ln Binds Emomld<* el L1a?a CainVlc Handkerchiefs Hcmstltched. taeked aad pi tin do Kuick Chantllia and Fren 'a Lnce V< lis W orkei, lulited aud iaooped Skills. *!,") ? M"'.re Antique, Embroldeied, Satin and other Cloaks I'oubte aal stogie Brocha and other Saawla R'.ch Fan":vand Black Si'k* Fren*a ^l^?rln^M plaid M^rln'^s nali and prl it^l >Xo j* i/d? lnlno? Heft Parts Kll Glail numbers Kid and Back Gauntlets Ladles, gent'a ant children's Warm Gloves Do Hosiery, of every kind Poftmonnales, and ladles' Cabas ?ent? L*. a en, Cambric a ;d Silk Prckel Handkf* B ack ind fancy Silk Cravats. Scarfs and Ties Uenta Saaw.a, Merino and Wooien Scarf? Children ? Knit r tint as a-.d Hoods Ladles, gents and boys' Comforts. Ac. Wtth many oth<?r d-slrable goods, which will b-? sold low toensh or pr>mpt custom*? d^c^- J H 8MOOT ? I n O ? &' I Icapro^^l Sewing Machines. To Tiiieti 7ii granted tbe digheai Award of ths ?*ris ssii'ibitioa, thereby receivicg tt9 World't 7ardict of 3uocrionty. |VdE IMPROVEMENTS IN THiS MA 1 ch'n* iassimpiiaed faem In many respecu, a*.i:"a?v iparl-of exeautlngtwieetbeamoaal !>I w^rk ?.?*?* d'd formerly in any clvea tlrce. ra^yaro witSoat Question taeonly Machines ca pable of sewing :ve.*v variety of goods perfect; a ihlrt Msn[t or heavy trace for harness can be i" jti by any of these machines by ? simple change ?( nsclle ar.d thre-d in such a manner that the si ?snt9cnt!ny cannot detect ? fault. Ma.a lfactnrTs, o! inters and families will Ind ti.em tae only sjfs Machines to purchase, es they a;e built strong aid durable, aad aot likely to gtt oat of order. ,Ve aave -aacb'.aes with gaages attached, fsr b! a lie ; h>u. cap-fror.ts, gaiters, As. ?*iik, far-sd, C^tloa,Needles, Ac.,aeaslaaUy s? hiad, 't tho '.jurt't rates. ??ers l??s1 *3ns -sflsrormatioa regardiag Caw U< "aaahiaes jrlll plesse -rddresa 1 M SINGER A CO., 1*S Jt'tlraorestreet. Baltimore. N B ? "Vcare prepared to eachange these mt sh.aes for old msca'nes of any kind i erms lib* eist. i'jrp^as who'cave i>e*n inducedio purch'.sa s'Tknr oaaca^aes lader the pretext of beiaf au- .p, will lad this a ocnefltladee 1. ta*.r i??ly ITAIfABO >ILVE-i tVAKE. IS'l NOaV M ANUFACVURING PUKESIL ?ref Sp>ons, Fo k<. I.ailes, Butter, Fish, Pie. '-*k? an t io*i C/?ana Knives, Sagar Shovels and r<xag?. Napiln illtgs, Gravy, Mustard ind Ss'? Spoons, A?* , Ae , on my own premise, ?n^ di n'?t palm of "?n the public Northern man ufactured artlc'-s (which cannot always be re .1-1 on a? ^renulne) for my own. but every article m*4; In mv e<tihii?hmeat ca*t and will be war rsnted as above. WATCH KS AXD JEWELRY Of ??.-eTy description, ani in great variety, con (Uatiyoa hand, a id recelflng fre<h arrivals al most eeery dty Flie (1$ k>) G?ld Watches, from SiJ to nM, ard wtrran ett correct ilme ^e?p n. Caral, Cameo, Mosaic and pL In Gold Bracelets, Pin, and Ear-rings, (In sets or by the aln<lf p?e>ce,) Gold V?,:, Foo, Guard, Caatataln and Neck 'halas. Seals, K?ys, I sockets. Charms, anl a genrrai a?s >r: neu*. of gt>od? usually kept in a Jewelry S' ?;<: Fine Watch K?-o !rtn?doie 'oy an experlencfd .'.id c>mpatent w ?rk:r ?n, s^dali wor* warrants to give satUif'-^tlon at Pe:;nsylvinia avenue, dec *4- H o hood BOOK BI1UI.1U. C0r%tr E trt*t ilrisl ail Mar jr.'3*4 amm. sii' Mi SiKitkson:um lnmituiton L'HWAH!) lyce it h ESPECTFOLLY IN Pi fnms the sibscrlb".*! to Biow.n's Bible en4 Shakspeare. nc * j'ist completed, that he Is pre pared tibial thoie wor'a* inasipt-rlor style of e.e?aae3, strea;th end solid'.ty, a .d upoa mu^h mire rea*oaaoi<* urroas than can oe done la Balti more, Philadelphia, or New Yorfc. A letter ad dras^ed to him (per post; wille table him to ex hibit to the sabi^rlber* sptclmeas of t,i( style of Dialing Esery klad of Book Binding neatly ex acu:ed 27-Ana D\ MCNSON, AT.OS PENN'A AVENUE, Is still imk'.aj th"*e beautiTil goatlaaoia GUM TEETH, called A'leu's Fittat. far tae eiceLiency of ' whl<*h over all o'.her stylef of teeth, m-any n^w w-arlng then la this city, wt'.l cUe^rraQv vouch. Th*rt? Is one Dentist In this city who has beea l".rr*.n/!r?g the patent, an I inad-? a bad Imitation of k, against wnom 1 hereby caution the public N. B W a "never a Deatist speaks against Allea's Patent Continuous Gam I'd^th, whee '.]?%? tru::??*, It ii because he is Ignorant of th* pro.-?4?, lncnm^etent to mike th"? work, or s ^n?>illn.g to pay frr the pit-"'. je M-tf iO OOO CEM'd TltKKf. At ten dollars per hu.wdmkd?fo* ?aw at try N irs?-rv. n-*ar Wa.?hingtoB fhc above trees are h!.?; tn? growth, and ?f ?he best ?eloct frmt ?? ? Also, a general assortment of i?RN AM EN l'A L, EVKRGREEN,SHAI?K. and FRW1 t TKKb^S. ?r-tilt JOSHUA PE1RCE Wasfela|tsa Veterinary Infirmary, FOR HORSES, OOUS. *e , a* J D st bet. Ua Aad 1 ,ta *u ? south of Fa. ave , J NO. GRelGSON, PROPRIETOR, Member of the Royal College of Veterinary S iwe>M, Lood^u. LjTHofMiexamined as totoundneas, Ac. Jan 13- lm TO ALL THAT VALUE THEIR SIGHT WVSZS c*ll the attention wau lbal 8I1,fer w,t]1 defective sight. caused by age. sicknew, and particularly from i PKTTynt0 hI* ""Parlor hv f f GLASSE^carefully ground by hlrnae.f to a true spherical accuracy, and trll "jlted i)rPC,??1y and benefl. clally to the wearer according to the concavity or convexity of the eve Very numerous are the Si f5r? c*U3ed 10 precious organ of sight from orlT^Z^T ?'U8,ne Claws In not being EZSSSEW*' U8eo'"n Optomittr; and .,;!P^ #l^. i,many ^nrsen,ble,*llra t0 meas !*?*? ?f the eyPS' nnd ,uch K^ss ?I K * latT'y r<HV,Ired wm h? furnished , F n *td 'attraction. JOHN TOBIAS acknowledges the very libe ral encouragement already obtained, and further solicits the patronage of those that hare not yet availed themselves of his aid Persons that rannot conveniently call, by send ing the glasses in use, and state how many lach es they can read this print with their spectacles, can be supplied with such as will Improve their QfHt. Innumerable testimonials to be seen; and ref erences given to many who have derived the greatest east and comfort from his gla?s?s ?<, tv a Norton, September?, 1-51. J*e Spectacle** you made for me suit very wen, ana ft-em to have Improved my sl?ht more thai any other I have litely tried LITT. W. lAZEWELi I w1 ^?Y,:,lr!M a pair of Spectacles obtained from Tobias, and and them of great assistance to nay sight, and corresponding with his description of the focus. 1 recommend him as a skillful or> Ucla"- HENRY A. WISE. H?*'*51 *?** induced by a friend ;o visltthe es afel.sbment of ..|r Tohlas for the purpose of try D7 bl,!! ^"*s, I was furnished by him with a jw.r slightly colored blue, which ^ave afforded tn,dlba" ?ny I have Ini irli ^ ' ?r'?Ina,ly rerY eood, was ? wr"',n? reading *t night, fr? Tuently to a very late hour; but with the aid of iVrTih ^ !r,n8,"<lyalrn08ta* late a? ?rer, .uJelirf ltii:>alltie.Paltl 1Uave Pre^ousiy mJeied. JOHN WILSON, X l>?.?*m1o^S5'"l0?t'8',', L""!ok? Wr" Tf>blas's Sfeotacles f?r thias r four months, and take great pleasure la sav ing that I am much Pleased wilL them. I have been much beneStied by thrm. May 5th,1?S*. 0EOR. P. SCAKBIRfJ!. .k!?^ra'?ded ~?U }?** Toftla. as a chlfal optician; and as i have eyes of rema'k able peculiarity, I was gratified to find that Mr Tobias seemed to comprehend th*m by inspec tton and some slight mca.urement. ai3 he^s *Uaii'Sea'a 0 Spectecies that suits me ad Julvu.lSW. _ A- *? Mr J t' N-C ' Jan. 27,18M th.f ?>.! ? B.,AS,: Drar Slr-' am ^PPY to ?*T jiatthe Spectacles wi.ich 1 obtiliedfromyoulaM fonirf t ?XL??* of lny CV^' 1 tiavp hereto ro md sTczi dirf ilty in gritinc clas<? ?* of the siTthaThv^klrrj , 1UsTordj ? pleasure to v\ v. ' u d of vour optometer, this dim rn!. r,fvr! w5!? P^'V obvlsted so that t uegia?tse* U ^ m'- *,e decid"dly the best s.-Jj^ted to my eyes of any I have ever vet ns?? * V:ny re*po;tfully. ycirs, R |j L>K\NK Rector of St James'Parish. nirigrsitt of Ifl-riaioK. May7, IBM and 'he eneqaaJ range of nypyes, i have he?n compelled m use gla^vs for WUhout oht^ntn h7e tr-ed dlT"ent optlclcns without obt-lntng glasses perfectly fitted to mv K*T--1 J* K< me' 1 have found to ser. e m perfectly. By the use of his optometer he is enabled to adapt G lasses mlnutelyto theey# I most cheerfully recommend Mr Tobias to ali having occasion to use glasses and bear mv testi mony as to his skill as an optician. 7 HENF V E. BALDWIN, Avt,*t. Sec y to Land Warrants. '*? S-OPERA 8LASSES of grcst varletv MARERCSIP?S * *lcJfOSCOpfiB; WATG& ihi-Ti--.. ,fcJ,Rnd ?aay ether article. i> Jy IB 1 Tery w Pr'ces constantly on haad. THE IMPROVED SETS OF TEETH !)? LOOM IS, THE IN V EN TOR AND r-.EaJ?^t<*.of ' Lo0m"', Mineral I'lale wi . bavln^ "owjessftilly Introduced JLdfll his lmproveme^nt !n vjt1o:JS cities hasr H5 now permiaently established himself in Wash lngion. iirnpTlremrnt for?"t8 of reelh consists t!?'i ^ni 5 a "e! of but ?"e Plece of mate ^ ,u . desifUcl,bie n-J'"?ral No metal .s use<i in their constru'-.tlr.n. and they are there fore freo from galvanic action aad metallc taste or^v^^^'u bocfMnc flli' d ^ moisture C' ' ^n^'hey 3^e P*'* and clean. .Vrrf ^/^r' MronFr' Clumsy, and, in shr.rt the 9tT/ici%on o> Arttfirtil Tettk, not T'lt^v. k ,g c<"ruJn D<?"t!sU Kpeak against tl.em, but rh?y haro rott'ie right to cn.-.k-tEem, do not ^Z?:;n:b"yh'<> and tb^-edonot ,p. "" Pennsylvania avenue, between 11th and l*h streets, two doors below the Klrkwood u dec iM-tf S. DORLODOT REIMS IHAMPAUIIE, ,lTllESOR DE BOV7.Y" AND ifIXL.,} THfKr /hfIU^Si.e^ED 18 SOLK AGENT rL? m v ^ ?f Uo'lod??"? "Tre-or do m a ^hamPa2ne celebrated throughout X . ^"-med by conccis^eurs a>, of ft Jf T KTld<!? nnd unsurpassed by a.nyl has ob?roi!^t0Ki uCbarT1Da"'',e co?ntry, which Prit,on Jl? aristocratic _J?B 3-tf No. :y.7 Pa. avVNop8p 'NaMonal^Hotel. t'DAL KEPT L'llIEK < OVER. Nti.'ilO lb* to tk$ Ton THE BEST QUALITIES of \V bite A?b, Kfd A><h asd LeuWh COAL fromXt fl>firvmd free Also, Hlcko.",- O-ik and Pine WOOD. v, ,v .T 1 4 Nv- M. UALT, N. \\ corner i Jth and C streets, \o i?7 flee ^?i-tf one yquare 80uth of Pa avenue. ? ^WL u ^"LH AID CREAM. F rH?iiJL?raN1) CREAM, BUTTER, TAB! /iff# 't HONE \ , and VEGE f , m on Lii d- In a">' quantities, at " i unh l^, 1 l)*Uy Farni" ln Alarvland J i 1eet' near the ?^e?ue, Lv J ^-l"1 IL is/. AN DK US. hat*: HATS I J ' ON S I A M I, y ON HAND A K M f f ^ suppiv Of UEELiE'H tWLL NEW VOKK STYLES together wl'Ji TA V LOR's' HATS, of BALTI MORE. The beat black dress HATS got up la th-? latest style for S3 50, as good as those usually sold aLi h,nd a???d fashion. able Hat at worth SI; VI a iJ?t ratp Hat, M. emDWs11?8^"^ and thebMl wornnanshlp I. ?S So YUL /rcdnce 8 95 Hat> wh,c??'s sold for ?es hut ?,!? 1CV ba*lneM? meet with no los monev ^eir????" CJ"l?mer full value for bis N h . ^""ts unusually low. 1 low?rs ^ii^I<0rl*on'" 8a,m of a Thousand AN HION Y tST-1" peT Httle 1857 toa*f?d,?A:\ ALM APIAC-BOS edge. The #-th vrL^2rli?Iy ot An?>wl Ulnlngall theimportaut fcUU^^i^ndP iiVi?ni Information of the coun'ry v v!rh ?* Mookuore. near 9 h street. OPERA liLA^SES S^T7^^U "' ~ Bftes, nne Gsod* for t'regents, ac at __ .. H- J *4cLAll611 LIN'S, ja i J0?tf No 2tf, between8th and 0 h ru IMPORTANT TO ttUlTAK ARO f?AH? PERKURHKRS, This week received a large sup ply of new and fashionable MUSIC for Uie I Guitar, Piano, Flute, Ac , at ourgrent Piano Es tab.isfaiuent, JM I'eansyleaaia sve'.ue, be;weeit and loin sueeu JOMN p. ELLIS. tan 90-tf i OFFICIAL. TiiAsrKT Department, Not. 29, 1856. Notiec is hereby given to holders of etnek of the loans of the Unitcii Sta'co, that this department will purchase the sanvt until the 3d of March next, tmless the sum of $1,500 000 shall be previously ob'ainrd, and will pay in addition to the interest accrued from the date of the last semi annual divi dend of interest thereon, together with one tfay's additions' interrst for the money to rt a^h the v?n dor, th** following rates of premium on ?a''d .'locks: For the stock <>f 1W2, a pr. mium ot 10 pf t cent. For the stock of 16i7 and 1H4?J, a premium of )o per c? nt; and for the stock of 18."o, commonly ca'lfd Texas Indemnity S'.nek, a premium ofC per cent. Certificates of stack transmitted to the depart ment, under this notice, tn>i*t be assigned to the Uniled S'at?'s, by th^ pariy duly entitled to receive the proceeds. II sent between da*e hereof and ihe 1st day of Ja inary next, th^ current half y* ar's in terest inusi be aligned by the present stockholder, or it will be payab'c a? heretofore, and a corres ponding deduction b" nia !<? Irom the amount pay ab'e for the sto^tt. Paym %nt for the stock* so aligned and na -smlt ted will b?* mat.: by diafis on the Assis'antTreasu rersat B?etoii,\ew York, or Philadelphia, at the option of the parlies entitled to receive the m >ney, which should b ? ??*pres?f d in the Irttcr? accoinpa nyini; the certiS -at^s. JAMCS GUTIIKI8, Secretary of the Tr< a-uiry. il(4 1 ? dt.'ldMsrchJ bTn~K ! N G HOUSE CHUBB BROTHERS. Deposits ? deposits rkceivkd and Checks paid without charge. Draft' on the northern seaooard cities received on Deposit at par, and fc\~hangeon said Cities furnishedtode positors without charge. Interrst on Deposits ?Intrrcst will be a' lowed on Deposits at su h rates as may be agreed upon. Detositr in Virginia and Uiuurrrnt Mo ney .?Deposits in Virginia and other Uncurrent Money received to be che<"kcd for, payable in name funds, or in specie, we charging the tegu lar Exchange. Discounts ?Notes, Drafts, and Bills of Ex change will be discounted, and Loans made on Stock*, Boxd<, and Securities at the market rate. Letters or Credit.? Letters of Credit will be furnished, negotiable in the different Cities of the United States,on Deposit of Mon?y or Collat erals, and interest allowed If Money lsd-posited, and charged if Collaterals, on such terms as may be agreed upon. Traveling Bills of Exchange ?Travelers will be iurnlfhed with drafts in such sum* as may be desired negotiable in the different Cities of the Union. Bills and Letters or Credit on England, Ireland and Eurotb ?Bllis of Exchange ard Lettersof Crelit on England, Ireland and Eu rope. furnished at the market rate for Exchange, in sums to suit. Bonds, Stocks, Ac.?Bord*. Stocks, and Sr ciirltifs paying from *? f"? 12 V cent , always for sa'e, or bought In the dflVrcat Ciller at a <;oin mlsMon < f a * V ccnt. Where Stocks are bought upon orders, we reserve the right to call for a de posit of 10 V cent, on the cost. Bonds or Stocks will be ordered by telegraph H Alt. roa d, City, a d St ate Bond? ?Hail ed. Clt/, and state Bonds can b? placed In onr hand;, for negotiation either In this country or Europe fiutlro d Iron purchased for cash or with Bonds. Land Warrant* ?Land Warrants bought at the market rates All Warrants soli by us are gKarant'td in every -espect Land Warrants located on commission Land Warrant q lotatlons regularly furnished If requested. Warrants will be forwarded to Western Houses on orders, or sent for sale on commission to re sponsible parties Rial t*tatr and 1n?cra\< is.?Real Estate bought and sold, and Insurance* ett'cted Claim--on the United Statt-, Coi rt op Claims, Co s o R R s r?Claims or the United States, before the Court of Claims or Concress. lntrustel to u?, will be prosecu'ed by able er.d prompt attorneys C11UB3 BROTHRRS, Jan 27 Opposite the Treasury. GREAT GIFT BOOK STORE, UJSDEli D EXT IMS UOTEL An Immense assortment of .lew Rook* tmll hr. opened 'lki * Doy, AND AN ENTIRELY NEW LIST OF PRESENTS wLl be distributed to our patrols hereafter. Members of congress, citizen*. and STRANGERS will Had our gto^k of Books woith their attention. It is the largest and most valuable assortment ever opened In this city, comprising Standard and Mlfc-llaneous Works in all tnc departments of Ancient and Modern Science, Literature, and Art. Also, all the latest Publications, Annnals of the Season, Blhlet, Prayer Bo^ks, New Editions of the Po et*. Ac , Ac , In Turkey Morocco, Antique, Vel vet, and other rich ard superb Bindings, ele gantly Illustrated. A PRESENT, worth from 25 Cents to f 109, wlli oe given (1m mediately after the sale) to every purchaser of a Book for which we receive *1 cr more. ICr.3 per cent of all our net receipts will be placed in the hands of His Honor the Mayor of Washington, to be distributed for the benefit of the Poor of the city. At the old Stand, under Dexter's Hotel, sign of the Red Flag jan 8-tf J PHlLBRiCK. Ag?nt. No. :ib7 Pa ave., apposite National Hotel. JO HAS P. LEVY, 1 M P OR r ? R and DEALER IN ?!S* WINES, BHANDIKS, GROCERIES. AND CIGARS, HAS IN STORE A VERY CHOICE As sortment of Champagne in quarts and pints, IX L; ar.d fresan de Bausey, ana o'ber desirable Brands: Brandy in cask and bottles. Vintage 17" to ldIO; Rums of all kinds; Whiskeys 1810 to lbj8 ; Holland liln of a'l kinds; Claret Wines of all brands Burgundys do do Siturne do do Sherry do do Maderla do do Port do do German do do Hock do do Italian do do Hun^ailan do do English Ale and Porter of all brands Cigars do do Cordials do do Cross A Blaekwell's London Pickles and Preserves cf all kinds Coffee Sugar, Teas, Ac , Ac :j?7 Penn avenue, opposite National Hotel Jan 23-ly JONAS P. LEVY. S. P HOOVER'S IKON HALL HOOT. SHOfc.A TRUNK ESTABLISHMENT. I HAVE ON HAND A LARUE ASSORT ? inent of La dles'. Misses and Chlidrtna' white Satin and Kid, heeled and wlth ou heels, Gaiters and Slippers; La-i dleiblaca,bronzt' and colored cloth buttoa, het.led Gaiters, Morocco Boots, Buckskin, Donble-sole, Water Proof Bait

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Marine Hc?;ital authorized to be erected at St. Ma-ks, Flf>rica according to the plnns and specif! ra i-i!9 prcparrtJ at this department; said pro|tOi.*!s to bs eiih'-r for tlie whole building or sepa'ate lor the different kinds ?'work; bills of parcels miwt in every ease accompany ea -h bid; with the aiuontit ol ?a ii kind 01 work,au.l the total amount carried out: the depart msnt retotvin^ the risht t<> reject ur a cept u*s proposals hereby invitej, or a^j part= thereof, wh?*n it de* mj the interest of th?* l'ntr.>d Sta??*re quires it; the department also reserve? the r ?ht 'o exclnde the b d of any person or persons w ho there i? ju?t < ?u'? to believe will n"ii)ultlifuilypeifo!mtlK contra?l?, or which they Lave attempted to cbtaln by indirection; and ail IjiJs when there shall e j a: ties interested win do nntjoin in the bid*-, as.! a!l hi s tha", up -n inv st!?a ion, are below a fair price for she work. Kids v. II tx.t b? received in gross, and no e mtia %l wil. b ? awarded to a bidder unless details are iu. nished the department of the prices of the dtffi r?-tst kinds ot work and ma'erialr, which shall be subject to the r? vision ot the department, so that ?? may adopt the whole or part of the bid. a? the interest cf the United jFfates m.iy re^ii e. Ninety per cm*, ot me amount of work done and materials delivered, acc< rdinz to contract pre?, t^asd amount to be ascertained by til* estimate of an ajent-f li??d?j>fuim-nt anpointrdf r that purpose.) will b;; paid from time to ime, a" the work pro greb es, a id t< n per cent, retained nniil the ccmple tion of the eontiact, and acceptance ot the work, &c., by the agent af re* aid, and be forfeited in the event of iion-fulfilin -nt of co..;>a ;t. On'ract*will be awarded only to master builders and mechanics, and the a >signm> nt thereof, except by consent of the Sccetaiy of the Tnasurv, will be a forfeiture ot the same. Ka-:ii propojai must hp aoccmpa lied by a written Z a* aulee, signed by tw o responsible persons, (ccr tbicd to he s ? by the I'niMd States district judge or attorney <?f tii? *=ai?l district,) in the sum of {," 000 for the wh- le work, or o' a prop rtierate am' for any i art, that the bidder will, when requ;r<d.if his proposal b accepted, enter into a contract and bond, with proper and sufficient securities for Its faithful pert itmance. I'orm of bond H id certificate required will be fur nished on application to the department. PIai-% speciliia'ior.*, a:id working diawin; cai be ha l or. a pl'ca'ion to ths d' parfin?nt. No h;4 trill fr contirferci* vilnt 'I romvlif-. in n'l i'sdclnili tiith the requirements of ihis advert, se inent. The proposals mu?t be ar.nt to this depar'.m'?nt. aidressed to the Sccrc'aiyof the Tri a ur>. aa?l plainly endor??d " Propotah.f rthe Marine Jloifitnl nt at. MnrPm, Ha ,"aniw II b? opened at oneo'cb ck. p. m . ofth- 'ast day narrvd tor rrceivincshe tnme. JAMES GUT Hit IE, dec29 ;]Uwtr. b2;?; Secrcta-yof the Treasury. Proposal! for Erecting the Custom-Houie, Ac , at Flattsburgh, New York THKAStJRY DKPiRTMEST. ) Washington, December 10,1850 5 PROPOSALS WILL K E II E - ceived nt this department until the 18th day <>f February, A. D lc57, at 12 o'clock noon, for the construction of the ctisfom-housc, post office, and court-rooms authorized to be erected at I'lat's burcb. N Y according to the plans and speclfl ca'lon* prepared at this deparment; said ptopo saU to be either for the whole building, or separ ate for the different kinds of work; bills of par cels must In every ease accompany each hid. the amount of each kind of work, ana the totnl amount carried out; the depart ment reserving the right to reject or ;aex cept the proposals hereby Invited, or any Earts thereof, wh^n It decu.* the Interest of tut nlted tHate-' require* It; the department also re serves the right to exclude the bids cf any person or persons whom there IsJ j^t causc to believe will not fiHbf'illy perform the eontra-ts, or which ?hey have a'.tempted to obtain by Indirection; and all bids when there snail be parties in Interest who do not Jola In the bids, and all bids that, upon Investigation, are below a fair price for the worx. ({Ids will not be received In gross, and no con tract will be awarded to a bidder unless details are furnished the department of the prices of the different kinds of work and materials, which shall be subject to the revision of the '?cpartmr nt, so that It may adopt the whole or pa.t of tre bid, as the Interest of the United states may require. Ninety per cent, of the amount of work done and materials delivered, according to contract price (said amount to be ascertained by the esstmate of an agent of the department, appointed for that purpose,) will be paid from time to time, as the work progresses, aad ten per cent regained untli the completion of the contract, and acceptance of the work. *>-, , by the agent aforesaid, and be forfeited In the event ofnon-fulfillment of con tract. Contracts will be awarded only to master build ers and mechanics, and the assignment thereof, except by consent of the Secretary of 'he Treasu ry, will be a forfeiture of the same. Each propose' must be accompanied by a writ ten guarantee signed hy two responsible persons, (certified to be so by the llnl'ed States district judge or attorney of the said district.) in the mm of *5,000, for the whole work, or of a proportionate amount, if f ">r any part that the bidder will, when required, if his proposal be accepted, "nter Into a contract and bond, with proper and sufficient securltle* for Us faithful performance. Form of bond and certificate required will be furnished on application to the department. Plans, sjMvlticatlons, and working drawings will be ready by the 12th of January, wh?-n they can be had on application to the department No bid will be considered unless It ful y com plies in all its details with the requirements of this advertisement The proposals must be sent to this department, addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury, and plainly endorsed " Proposals for the PlattSouTnk Custom-Kovst," and will be opened at one o'clock, p m , of the last day named for recelv lnn the same. JAMES 6UTHR1E, dec 13 3awtlSFeb Secretary of the Treasury. Proposals for Furnishing Marble and Mar ble Wora for the North Front of the Pat ent Ottise Building. lJgPAKTMIKT Of HIE iNTCRIOR \ December It?, 18'?6. j SEALED PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED at the* Department until liic eighteenth day of Februa y next, 12 o'clock al uocn, for furnishing su.h Marble and Ma-b'e Work a- may he required in the erect inn M the north Irontof tlif latent office building. The bid* mtut be iu the form of the following schedule, and cl?a ly specifying the price* for ma - terial, hauiing, dressing, and setting, incltidiiig all ih<- machinery and ot>-- r expenses: Schedule. f'lib-; stone, per superficial foot Beds and bills, do do Extra cube stone, per cubic foot Cornice in two beds, per superficial loot Blocking cwurse, do do Friere toeistaii ature,do do Architrave, do do D .-ope to cornice, perineal loot, Triflyphs, each, Caps of pilasters, e*cb, Channels of basemeut, per linea! foot, Marble tiling, per superficial, Window sills, do do. The maible must b;; similar in kind and qtali y ?o that used in the construction of the fast and w< st wings of the building, specimens of which will be required to aceeinpany the bids. Each bid will state in what tim* the work will be completed, aad none will be considered from others than those Known to be of the tiaie and belnved to be iully co mpetent to fulfil iu g:od 'aitli the obliga tions tney piopose to a'stun:; and no assignment >1 bid or contract wili b-; recognised, unless made with the approval of the head of the Department. Ninety per cent, will be paid from time to time, a the work progresses, upon the estimate of the agent of the Department in clia'ge thereof , and ten per cent, reserved until the cemplwlionof the con tract and a -cep'ance of the work by said agent. The Department reserves to itself the righ i to re ject or accept the prf-potals here by invitee4, when it de? ins the interest of the United estates requires it, a* well a- to exclude the bids ot a"V person or per? son< who it las eood r?ason to believe will not, Iroin any cause, faithfully perfonn the ceuuact. Plans, specifications, and working drawings can be examined, and other mfoima' urn olramed, on a,i plication at til'' office of the siiperinfflrdent The proposals, which must bewnt to ibis de tart ment, addressed to the heereta y of the Interior, (endorsed " Proporals for the erection of the north front of the Patent Ofiice building,") will be opened at 1 o'clock, p- ui , of th? last cay rained for re ceiving the iam * R MuCbELLAND, dec IU-2awtie Feb< Secretary of the Interior. SOANTONB ORIDDLES.-THE CAKEH can be brownefi handsomely on tL??e Urlddles without graast tad smoke Jan '-?? O.FRANCIS, 4W 7th St. eveningstah. GOLD ROBB EBS Among the eminent qualities of the " din tingufchfd AnglrvSnxon rsce. none is more frequently boested of then its bold, patient per/ejering proiecution of an enterprise in which it engages. If we are indebted to this noble race for our language, literature. end wonderfnl progress in civiliration, it al-o. regret to confess. produces the boldest burg lirs. the biggest rogues. an I the most patient persevering scoundrels. New fashions in dre^s Come fr?tu Paris; new father* in crime from the greit capital of the Anglo Saxon-. The gay French invent crinoline, the prarticul Knglit-h invent garroting. The Anglo-Saxon /v a great race, and in illustration of one phnso of its' greatness, we copy from a recent number of its chief organ, the London Times the following illustrative tale, which doe.* it as much credit, in a way. us any of the "granJ larceny" operations of the Last Tndia Coin pany ? The bullion robbery on the Southeastern Kail way w;ll certainly take a high rank in the romance of crime The thef: which Agar I'lercc, Burgess, and Tester planned and eruu pleted was no ordinary crime Well might the counsel for the prosecution declare that it was lamenable to see such skill, dexterity, and perseverance employed in the execution of a criminal design. On the night of Muy li, gold to the value of ?12 000 was stolen from the van of a train on the Southeastern Rnilwiy, fce'wecr London and Folkestone The bojes were weighed in London, and again at Boulogne At the second place the weight, as it was rub ?equcnt!y discovered. Jeered from tbe weight in London The weight in Paris corresponded ! Hi.ij the weight in Boulogne : consequently the boxer must have been tampered vrith be tween London and Boulogne, or. as it im possible to touch them while in !he boat, be tween London and Folkestone. When the boxes weroopened. l>a?s of shot were found in the place of gold Of course, the surprise was great, and tho search after the offender" earnest But, whatever m?y be the rkill cf detectives, we know from sad experience that tho criminal world is more than equal to them in craft. For sixteen months the pursuit was in vain, and the robbery was well nigh forgot ten, when an unexpected revelation threw light on the matter. A man named Fdward Agar was convicted in October, 1855, of uttering a forged check ar.d sentenced to be transported for lifo This man some time since 6tated to the authorities that he could give information respecting the great gold robbery of 1^5j. On being ques tionei, ho announced himself as one of the perpetrators, and named as his accomplice? I terce, formerly in tho service of the >outh eastern Company, Burses, a guard; aid Tc.-ter, a c.erk in the traffic depMrtmont Agar is tl years of age. and ha.', by hi? own confes sion, lived by crime, for a term of from It to JO years, lli* evidence is, that Pier-e firs' suggc ted tho scheme, and that he him*e1f thought it impracticable. Piorce said he bo li*vcd he could obtain impressions cf the keys of the Chubb s lcek< by which tee iron safes were secured, and Agar then answered that if that could be done he thought the thing might bo effected. b Now C' roes the execution of the plan Time, ski!i and capital arc all at the di?|>ofa! of tbe planners. Pierce and Agar go down to Folk ?tone as casual visitors for tho benefit of ?ca bathir.g They take Icdgings ant empby themselves in observing tbe arrival of the ti dal tcrvice trains, and tbe delivery of the lug gage from the train* to the boa's." This is in Mny, 1S51, twelvo mouths before the actual commission of the robbery?so long a time can modern depredators afford to spend on their preparations. Tbey went down daily to the pier, n* if to enjoy the fresh air, but their con stant observation of tho trains and the Nation ar< u?ed suspicion, aud they left, but not be foro they had discovered " what Chapman, wl:o had the custody of the key of the iron safe, did when the trains arrived and the lug gage wa< removed to tbe boats." By the^e meaLs it was ascertained where tho key was kept, tho impression of which it was desiralle to obtain But to know where the key was kept, and tAobtain j occasion of it were very different flings, and Agar, according to his own story, was much disheartened Notso Piorce Pierce knew a young man named Tester, who was in the office cf the superintendent of traffic, and Tcs'tr could get possession of the keys for them However, time rrll3on, and wo are in August, when Pierce d;:.overs that the locks are o be altered and that the new keys will be in Tester's hands. Tetter was the clerk who corresponded with Mr Chubb on the sub | jet. and by his means the impression of a key which opened one lock of encb box was ob tained. But. as each box had two locks it wjs necessary to obtain th<? impression of another key. nnd the following device was adopted : Agar was in possession of no less a sum than i-'i IM;0. It was arranged that a box of bullion of the value of i.200 should be con veyed iu the iran safe in the usual way. and that it should be delivered to him uaderthe name of Archer. Agar goes for the box. and it is delivered to him by Chapman, who opens the safe with a key which he takes from a ' cunboard. Thus Agar learns where the sec. ond key is kept. Now. how are they to ob taia an impression of the key * Two "months have elapsed since tbey got the impression of No 1 ; this is October, an l they are still with out No. 2 But they are net disheartened. Pierce and Agar go down to Dover aud put up at Dover Castle ; they walk over to Folkes tonp, and arrive just when the train is coming in In the confusion of an arrival the attend ants leave the office for a lew minutes. Pierce goes boldly in, opens the cupboard which contains tho key of the sale, and hands it to A?;ar. who takes an impression and then re p aces it 'Jhtis five months after their recon uoissance at Folkestone they have surmounted the first difficulty which suggested itself to the reflectiiig mind Agar?they have obtained wax impressions of the keys. Kverything else remains to be done. Tho next thing, of course, was to make keys from the Impressions For that purpose lodgings are taken in Lambeth and Kenning ton. Pierce disguises himself in a black wig, and ti e next two months are spent iu filing keys. When the keys are completed to a prob ata similarity with the master pieces of Chubb?no ea*y task, it would seem, for two inexpert operators with common files?it was neoesaary to try them. A^ar went down sev eral times in the ran with Burgess, the guard. They did not fit at first, but they fitted more nearly every time he wcut Atlatt they fitted completely, and the deed was resolved on. Of oourse, after nearly a year's labor, it was not worth their while te fly at any paltry game they would wait until a large sum was to be sent Two chests would hold about ?12 000, aud they heard that ?12 000 was shortly to be sent. They then buy shot tc replace the gold. Agar and Pierce are admitted into the van by Burgess, and on the 15th of Mav, 1H56, twelve months after the deed was planned, th? boxes of Messrr. Spielmann. Bult k Abell are securely rifled Nineteen months after the crime is commit ted, and more than two years and a half after it is planned, justice has overtaken the delin quents. Their crime is chiefly interesting oi account of the ingenuity employed ; but its most alarming feature is that men so deter mined and so skilful should be possessed of tbe means of subsistence for bo long a time. Agar, with his ?6,000; Pierce, with his house at Kilburn, all of them driving about for a year in cabs, and journeying up and down the South Eastern line witu first olass tickets form a picture of criminal prosperity whieh he had hardly looked for With all this, how ever, and even with the Trait* of their success is fall poweeeion, there was among them that element of insecurity on which, wilh such adroit thieves, honest men have principally to depend Agar, pursuing the career of crime which he describes himself m having deliber ately adopted, had been at last detected ; te had invested the proceeds of his many crime# for the benefit of a woman whom he seems to bave loved with all th? fondness of which such a man was capable. Pierce was his trustee, and Pierce, like a true thief, betray el his tru?t The woman was left destitute, and her paramour, the hardened felon whom no scruple* of e-nacicnee would bare moved, denounced the half-forgotten robbery from his cell at Portland None of our readers will fail to sympathise with the manly indignation with which Baron Martin denounced the vil lany of Pierce, or to share his regret that the sentence of the law falls lightest on the basest of the villains hut it is to this very bssenees. to the impossibility, as it would seem, of maibtaiuing perfect complicity in guilt, that the public has most to trust for the detection of such accomplished scoundrel:1 at those who were convicted yesterday. A Bkmuani* Brxkcuorous.?A letter from Washington. in the '? Independance Beige,'* written in the latter part of December, pre sents a not very flattering picture of the na tional capital. We ^ive a portion of it: " Here I 3m in this city, pompously called the capital of the United states It is the Versailles of this country, New York being the Pari?; bu: I reek in vain for a park and a cliatteau. People speak of the cabinet of Versailles: they speak in like manner of the cabinet of Washington. What an illuatrions name for so poor a borough ! To tell the truth there is only one street in this capital of the most vast of republics This is Pennsylvania avenue, longer than it is beautiful, whioh commences at the Capitol, the seat of Con gress, and ends at the White House, the resi dent or the President "Th is grnnd street, which is thronged by the most heterogeneous crowd that can be im agined, reminds me of the great street of Hom bourg, the bathing place, at the season when the waters are most sought. The capital is the Kursaat of Hombourg At both the same god is adored?Piutus. Instead c.f the green carpet. I find here lobbies, which are filled with s licitcrs and intriguers of every age and both sexes, from all quarters of the Union, seeking some a grant, some aoommission, souie an office. 6ome a pension ; this one working to secure the pa?sage of a bill, that one to can** it to miscarry. I prefer Houibourg to Wash ington. " A very degraded creature is a daughter of joy ; still more degraded, morally speaking, i? a sollritress. Experience having demon strated that a solicitress is worth three solici tors, the most delicate negotiations are con fided to the fair sex Fach session attract* to Washington a cloud of these birds of pas sage, or rather of prey, who come to percn in the hotels the most frequented by members of Congress If the presence of a certain mem ber is aW'lutely necessary for th? passage of a particular bill, one of tbe.?e birds of fine !>luuiage is dispatched to him, and the mem ber arrivos with hit vote It is necessary, on the contrary, to prevent a member from ar rivirg in time to vote, another bird charges herself with retaining him at her lodgings, it costs, well understood,only a smile, or some sweet word?. These fair solicitors are of no certain age ; the youngest do not exert as much power an the most aged ; hut widows occupy the first rank, iiow numerous are the** widows?how seductive. ' It is reserved to the other sex to rough hew affairs and conduct them to the print where their management requites a more dcl icate touch. You find amcx.g these lobby agents, as they are called, editors of influen ? tial journals, constructors of railroads, oon tractors, presidents of companies, and espe cially lawyers "The stranger who issues from the dange rous lobbies of which I have spoken, and en ters the Senate or Chamber of Representatives is not tempted, I assure you. to exclaim, like s certain provincial of antiquity, at the aspect of the Roman legislators, that he believed himself in the pre.^ence of a Senate of Kings. Excepting a bust of Washington, nothing cer tainly inspires respect. Members with theii h.its on. their heads and their legs on the back cf a colleague's chair: fine carpets rtained "with tobacco juice; in fine, to say no more, a negligence entirely too republican." UirBF.Lon Lawyers ?The bachelor ** bar risters" of Cleveland went off and had a sleigh ar.d a supper all by themselves, last Mon day evening. We subjoiif some of the senti ments given at the supper : 1st. The President elect of the United State*?'The first from the illustrious order of b B's. 21 The " Bachelor Barristers ' of the Cleveland Ear?Unterrified by "eyes,'' invin cible to " arms"?we meet to " celebrate " j'h Bachelor Barristers?Whenever they go to klcourt" with tn "attachment suit' on. haLd. may t'neir "pleadings" never be ?? de murred" to, or their suits dismissed with pre judice. 6th. The causo of Single Blessedness t *. Love in the Cottage 7th. True Friendship?Unknown except to men. yth. Our future ?? Father-in-Ltws"?Where are they f loth Domestic Relations ? Another name for the halter 11th The Critic's Ten?Its widest field Woman ... * 12th. Woman's Rights? An alarming fea ture of the day, and we frown upon the move ment. ? , 11th Woman's Helplessness?We "demur to the pleadings " 16th The Press?The true conservator ot our free institutions; the only kind of "press" tolerated for bachelors The following toasts were then volunteered 1st. The Uet-pecked Husband?"Ye who have teais to shed prepare to shed them now." .;J ?* Matches are made in Heaven"?We admit the adage, but deny the authority. 4th. The Married Man?" The victim of false pretences " Olp Actors ?MuthUn.?There is one iace of Fh rley,one lace of Knight, one (but what a one it is!; of Litton; but Munden has none that you can properly pin down, and call hit. When you think he has exhausted his bsttery of looks, in unaccountable warfare with your gravity, suddenly he sprouts out an entirely new set of features, like Hydra. He is not one, but legion ; not so much a comedian as m company. If his name could be multiplied like his countenance, it might fill a play-bill. He, and he alone, literally nuilts ? sp, plied to any other person the phrase is ? ??? Seure. denoting certain modifications of the human countenance. Out ?f wardr Ae ho dips for faces, as his friend bcott ueed or wigs, and fetches them out as easily I should not be surprised to s?? bim some dsv nut out the head of a rirer-boiae, or come forth J pewit or lapwing, some feathered metamo; Phl? h'ave seen this gifted actor in Sir Christo k-, I'nrrv?in Old Dornton?diffuse a glow of Pb<which has made the pulse of a crowded theatre beat like Vfcat of one man; when he has com? in aid of the pulpit doing ffood to tb? moral heart of a people. I have seen some faint approaches to this aort of ex cellence in other players; but in the grand grotesque of farce, Munden stands out as single and unaccompanied as Hogarth. Ho garth, strange to tell, had no followers^ Tha school of Munden began, and must eni, wan himself- ?Elia's Essay*. Novbl Corcsbt?The e^^JSl'toSva salist churches is CinciD?*Ufafhe BOOr \hs a concert for the .benefit of m<td* pries of admission is fixed at-cne rrady ma<t* zanncHi, second hand er