Newspaper of Evening Star, February 11, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 11, 1857 Page 1
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the evening stab n rt BL'SHBD EVERY iFlBKNUUS, (EXCMFT SVyDAY,) ? T THE STAR BUILDINGS, , ..*?? t?f r*nn-jr'mii oni 11'* JtrMl, By W . D WALLACH, sad !? serT*d to sub?'-rihfr? by earlier* a' BIX *NP A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly fo the Agents; paper* served in package* at 37^ r?oU per montn To nUl subscriber* the *ub KilpCon pries Is THREE DOLLARS AND PIP TY CENTS a year nirfrntiJVVO DOLLARS for six montht, and ONE DOLLAR for three month*; for ieaa than three raontha at the rate of 1S?( cents a week. IZT SINGLE COPIES ONR CENT. VOL. IX WASHINGTON WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY II, 1857. NO. 1,270. THI WEEKLY STAB, This excellent Family u4 News J< tain lug a greater variety of llereatiag reading thaa aan be found in any other?is pcbltsbsd em Saturday morning. ?. . TMW Single copy, per annum tl 2i ... to r-Lra*. Hn copies, ?? Ten copies f) oa Twenty copies is eo inr Ca.B, raeaauatT i? a?ra*ca. l^Sla^iecopiea (in wrappeta) ear be proeared at ct?e counter, I npm-d lately ititr the taae of tbe Pdpce. Price?THaas Cksts. Post m a?t r rs who act a? agents wlU be allowed ? mmmlitlftn ?# ? >? Worl THE C O L D M B I A INSTITUTE. FOR VOP.VO LADIES, ?V. Eleventh street. between O and B |>ROF ttKOKGK HENRY 9TUECRRATB, I Principal; Miss ELIZABETH L WIL LIAMS, Vice-Principal,?A Lady eminently <; tallied to take the charge of (be English De partmental the government and discipline of tae School. The exercises of the second term of the Insti tute will commence on MOND W, the Id day of Febuary proximo Applications fir admission should be made as early es possible A H IO *i SCHOOL FOR VOU.N0 GENTLE MEN, under the dlrectSoiof Prof Gioass H PTr?:miTK, as t*rl ml >ai, t.? be located on F street, between G:b and 7to strreta. or In the vi c.lnetv of Trinity Church, wlU be opened on the 4:h of Febuary, proximo. Re* l>r Cummin* will d-liver an aldress on i*ie opening of the High School Ea-'yaopilcatlon should t?? made to tbe Prlncl ?al at bis ra?td ne?. Columbia Institute, for Ladies. 146 llth street, be twee a G and H. Prof #teu-:knr.h Is authorise 1 to ref?*r to Rev r?r. Cummins, aid Prof. Baehs, C?ast Survey jan It Tin* ' RKKO'9 PATENT JTEAM ENGINE. 'I1HK9E IMPROVED ENGINES (FOR ? which pate its ba?e be?n granted and first prU* medals awarded to the invent*, both in tbe United Sta?e? and Eurooe ) continue to give ?n-.h satisfaction. on naoenat of their simplicity and economy, that we have now established an tatenslva m mntactory, asd are prepared to de li w at tbe shortest notice engines from two horse power and upwards. These engine* have been accurately tested, and ha*e shown an economy of twenty per cent in fuel, and about ths same In oil and repairs. Tnls s ivinz Is effected by letting the I'^am In ml ont botb sides uf th?? cylinder ibrouga la ge openings removing the pressure from tbe valre and allow ing no steam to era * or exhaust from the pas sax** except from the cylinder alone ; also by re d icing the weight and friction to about half that of tbe ordinary engines We pla^e the smaller rlzss upon an ImproT.-d boiler wlta all the plpsw attachM, and the whole mounted with ?mall wWi? convenient to ship to any part of the country, and to avoid the n?"??sslty of an experi enced-ngln:??r to start tbe.-ii, tbey are all tested before leasing the f w'.ory 0 Reed's Patent Steam Pumps are alto coming In to g?n<?rala *e os ateamboats, In mli!*s, a id for supplylog boiler*, where thry are now giving great satisfaction Tn^y are pr-ferred to any In use because1 of their romp irtie?< and simplicity. These engines and p urs may be se>?a In opera tion, or further Inform ?tlo 1 bai. by railing or ad dressing REKI) A B RK BECK. Jui1Mb Vi Malien Lane, N. V 3 CITABLE roR CHKtar VI ts AND NEW TEARS' rRESfc> IS. JOHN H SHOOT, No 11* SOUTH SIPE ?J Bri ll's street, O :orgc?ow;l, O. C , has rc> "lvfd a greit variety of n "f tI aid s^son^blr 6UOIM, to wblen he Invites the a'teutlon of both ladi?s a id geit.em-n w\o iniv wish to make a Christ mas an1 New Vears' Present. EM BROIDERIES. Rich worked Cambric Sets (Collars and Sleeves) Do do Mas'la do do Do do Muslin and Cambric Collars A great variety (low pilled) do Worked Linen Sets and Linen do Rich worked M utile Slee?es BLa~k and white Lac? Sets and Collars Worked Camarle and Muslin Bands Embroide'ed Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs Hemstitched, tacked and plain do ?ck Chantllla and French Lace Veils rked. quilted and hooped Skirts. a ls a? Moire Antique, Embroidered, Satin and other Cloaks Double anl slngl* Brocha and other Shawls Rich Fan*y ana Black Silks French Merino*, plaid Merinos Plain and prlntel Mous L'de!a1n?s Best Paris Kid Gloves, all numbers Rid and Buck Gauntlets Ladles, gent's anl children's Warm Gloves Do Hoiirry, of every kind rortmonnale* and ladles' Cabn.* Gent< Linen,Cambric and Silk P^ckft Handkfs H:a:k and fa icy Silk Cravat*. S*arfi and Ties ?eot* Shawls, Merino and Woolen Scarfs Cblfdren's Knit Talmas and doods Ladles, goats and boys' Comforts. 4c. With many other desirable goo<fe, which will be sold low to cash or pro jjpt customers dec *)- J H SVIOOT SI IOIK'1 laiprovsi Sawing MtchinM. To whiefc wm granted the Highest Award of the Perie Bxhihition, thereby receiving the World's Verdict of SuDeriority. 'pHE IMPROVEMENTS IN THIS MA 1- chiae hasslmpliaed them In many respects, aad tkev are cap?oirof executing twice the amount at work tbev did formerly la any given time. They are without question theoaly Machines ca pable of sear lag every variety of goods perfect; a shirt bosom or heavy trace for harness can be sewa bvaay of th?se machines by a simple change ?f needle and thread in such a manner that tha tiosestsrratlny cannot detect a fault. Manufacturers, planters and families wtll fad 'hem the only safe Machines to purchase, aa they ?r? bolit stroag aad durable, and aot likely to gtii oat of erder. w? have macklaea with g-iagr* atuahed.fer blading hats,ea?-froats, gaiters. Ao Silk, Thread, cotton,Needles, fce., constantly ? a hand, it the lowest ratea. Persoas leslroas of information regarding Sew lac Machines will please address 1. M SINGER * CO , 104 Baltimore street Baltimore N B ?We are prepared to exonange these ma chines for old machines of any kind Terms lib eral. Persons wbo ha?e -'een Induced to purchase aferlor raaohiee* under the pretext of being aheap, will fad this a oeacflt lidee-1. mar IS?ly STASO VHP StLVKt WARS. I AM NOW MANUFACrtRING PURESIL. ?w Spwns, Fo ki, Ladles, Butter, Fish, Pie, Ok- aad !--e Crenm Knl-res, Sugsr Shekels and fo-gs, Nspktn Rings, Cream Graw, Mastard and Sail Spoons, Ac , Ac , on my ovra p;> ml<ex, and do not palm off on th? public Northern rnan ?ifhr'ured art?clm (which cannot always be re IW *n as groulne) for my own, but everv artlclc mide In my establishment can and will be war ranted ?s aoove, W4TCHKS A\D TBWBLRY e--e?v description aal In gr?a? variety, con *tanily oa kax.d.and receiving fresh arrivals al most rre?7 ***7 Flae (1? ka) Geld Watches, from SA) to a^y?, and warranted correct time ke^?ers Coral, Ctmeo, Mosaic and plain Gold Bracelets, Plus and Ear rings, tin sets or by tbe sin?l? ple-^p.) Gold Vest, Fob, Guard, Cbatalaln and Neik Chains, Seals, Reys, Lockets. Charms, ana a general assortment of goods usually kept 1* a Jewelry Store Fine Watch Repairingdor.eby an experienced aad competent work-nan, aad ait work warranted tn give satisfaction at Yfl Pennsylvania avenue. dec 21- H. O HOOD BOOK BIMDINH. Ctrntr F tvtnth urtti ??{ ^ry.aa-f ??????, sw Mi S sit4>esi?* JsitiisniM r^DW.\RI? LVCETr RESPECTFULLY 1N for^stbe si:b*crlbers to Rrown's Bible and Skskspeare. now Jus: con.,ole??d, that he Is pre pared to b;?d those work* In a superior aiyle of elogance. strength and ?o idi'y.aud upoa much ir,^re ressouable terms than caa he done In C-lti m"?r?, Philadelphia, or N-w York. A Wter ad dressed to him (p~r poat) wllle-iable him t? ex hibit to th* subscribers spreim-ns of his style of binding. Eeery kind of Book Binding neatly ex ecuted s?47~ftia IkR M UN SON, AT SU PENN'A AVENUE^ a* is still making those beautiful continuous GUM TEETH, called Allrn s Patent for the excellency of * which r>t?r alt oth*r styles of teeth, many now w-Mrin* fjem In thla city, will cheerfully vouch. Taere is one Dentist In this city who has been Infringing tae mient, and made a bad Imitation of H against whom 1 hereby caution the pabllc N B Wnenever s Dentist speaks against Alien's Patent Continuous Gum Teeth, when P'wl f eanttrwttii, It Is because he la Ignorant of the process, I icom>rte*t to make the work: or s tawtillag u> pay for the patent. Je 10-tf 19W0 PKH'H TRKEV A T TEN DOLLARS PKR HUNDRED?FOR 'n?atra? my Nursery, near Washlngtoe.f^ Tae above u?*.?a are ali of fine growth, and9lw of the oe?: seloet fruit t ,^l*2 * ijeaeral ansfttn?i: of OR N A M LN tAl Evtj|?niitM,stiAUfc( xretvIb. **"? ? ^ JOSHUA PE1RCE Washiagtea Veterinary Infirmary, FOR HOUSES, VOOS, jc , ?U) D et bet. aad Uta su . south of t*a ave JNO GREGSUN,PROPRIKTOR Meiber at the Royal CoU??e of Veterinary S-xgeoas, London. t^JBor^eeegnmlaedutoaouodaees, Ac. TO ALL Til AT VALUE THEIR SIGHT w ISHES TO CALL TIIE ATTENTION to til that suffer with defective Bight, caused by age. sickness, and particularly from glasses la judiciously selected, to his superior SPECTACLES and G LASSES carefully ground oy himself to a true spherical accuracy, and brll iLuit tianapa-encv, suited precisely and benefi alally to the wearer according to the concavity or convexity of the eye Very numerous are the 111 effects caused to the precious organ of sight from ?he commencement of using glasses In not being precisely suited, by the use of an Optomtttr; and the practice of many years enables him to rocds ?ire the focal disease of the eyes, and such glass es that are absolately required will be furnished with precision and satl&iactlon JOHN TOBIAS acKnowled^es the very llbe ral encouragement aireadv obtained, and further solicits the patronage of those that h-ive not yet availed themselves of his aid Persons that cannot conveniently call, by send ing the glasses in use, and state how many Inch es they can read this print with their spectacles, :an be supplied with such as will Improve their light. Innumerable testimonials to ha ?een ; and ref erences given to many who have derived the greatest ease and comfort from his glasses. Circulars to be h*d gratis, at nls office, No. tltf SEVENTH STREET, tkrtt doors from Odd FiUows' Ha 11, ?r stairs Nob?olk, September", l*M. Sir?The Spectacles you made for me suit very well, and seem to have improved my sight more iLaa any other I have lately tried LITT. W. TAZEWELk. 1 have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained from ^lr. Tobias, and And thein of great assistance to .ay sight, and corresponding with hlsdescrlptlon of the focus. 1 recommend\lm as a skillful op tician. HENRY A. WISE. Having been Induced by a friend to vlsltthe es tablishment of Mr. Tobias for the purpose of try ing hi" glasses, I was furnished ny him with a pair sllg&tly colored blue, which nave afforded me more relief and gratification than any 1 have ?ver tried. My alght, originally very good, was injured by writing and reading at night, fre quently to a very late hour; but with the aid of these glasses 1 can study almost as late as ever, md that too without the pain 1 have previously uffrrei. JOHN WILSON, Late Commissioner Gen'I Land December II, 1**5. 1 hs*eii?e?* Mr Toniss's Spectacle* f?r threi months, and take great Pleamre In *ay ng that | cm mrh pleasM with them. 1 havi oe*m much benefitted by them. MaySth,L?? SEOR. i'. 80 ARB ? R 9 *. 1 was rec-"?nimolded to Mr. Joha Tobias is a sklilfrl optician; and as I have eye* of remark* able peculiarity, 1 was gratified to find that Mr. Tobias seemed to comprehend them by Inspec tion and some slight measurement, and he hat made me a pair of Spectacle* that suit* me ad mirably. A. P. B9TLER. July 11,1654. Wilmington, N. C., Jan. '27, ism Mr J Testa* : Dear Sir?1 am happy to say that the Spectacles w.'ilch I obtalnedfromyoulast week are entirely satisfactory. From an Inequal ity In the visual range of my evee, 1 liave hereto found ereat difficulty In getting glasses of the proper focal distance. It affords me pl???urc to state that, by the aid of your optometer, this diffi culty has been happily obviated so that the glasses you furnished me are dec.dedly the best aa.tpted to my eyes of any I have ever ve? used Very respectfully, yours, K B DRANK, Rector of St James'Parish. Dir*RTMv*T or!nT**ion. May7, lF-vj. From nat'iral defects and the unequal range of my eyes, I have been compelled to use glassesfor several years I have tried different opticians without obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to my eyea. Four months since Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially for me, which I have found to serve me perfectly. By the use of his optometer he Is enabled to adapt Glasses minutely to theeyw. 1 most cheerfully recommend Mr. Tobias to all having occasion to use glasses and bear my testi mony as to hla skill as an optician. HENRY E. BALDWIN, Assist. Sec'y to sign Land Warrants. P 8.?OPERA GLASSES of great variety. TELESCOPES A MICROSCOPES, WATCH MASTER GLASSES, and many other articles la this line at very low prices constantly on hand. )y 18-1? THIS mPKOVKO IGT? OF TEKTH. UK LOOMIS, THE INVENTOR AND patentee of < Loomls' Mineral Plate, Teetn," having successfully Introduced) his Improvement In various cities, has aow peruuneatly established himself In Wash* lngton. This Improvement tor Sets of Tee?h consists chle&y In maklnq a *et of but one piece of mate rial and that Indestructible mineral- No metal is used In their construction, and thev are there fore free from galvanic action and roetallc tas'e. There are no Joints to become llled with moisture or particles of food, hence they are pun and denn. TLey am lighter, stronger, less clumsy, and, In short, the jr??ftriien oy Anijlttal Teeth; not withstanding certa.n Dentists speak against thean, bat they have not '.he right to make tnem, do not know how if they had, and therefore do not ap preciate them Office on Pennsylvania avenue, l>etween lltb and !#th streets, two doors below the Rlrkwood House gee fi4-tf 9. DORLODOT REIMS CHAMPA?NE, *>TRESOn DE BOUZY" AND "1XL.?? THE UNDERSIGNED IS SOLE AGENT for this city of Dorlodot's 44 Tresor de Botizy " a champagne celebrated throughout Europe, aid esteemed by concol?*enrs as ofj the highest grade, and unsurpassed by anyl other product of the champagne country, which has obtained a high position la the aristocratic circles of F.urooe and America Also, a large stock of other Wine*, Liquors ard Cigars. JONAS P. LEW, Jan 5-tf No. J67 Pa. ave . opp National Hotel. coal KE?nr under. cover. 2.-.M0 lbs to l4? Ton NOW ON HAND. THE BEST QUALITIES of White A^h, Red Ash asd Lehtah COAL Warrunttd to gits saasfariton Delivered free from dlit. Also. Hickory. Oak and Pine WOOD. T. J. A W. M SALT, N. W. corner 12th and C streets. No 547, dec 20-tf one square south of Pa. avenue. MILK AND CREAM. FRE-H MILK AND CREAM, BUTTER, CHEESE, EGGS, HONEY, and VEGE TABLES, con-tantly on >ard, In any quantities, from one of the best Dairy Farms in Maryland, at 10th street, near the avenue, by Jan 24 Jm? H N ANDRL'S. HATI1 HATS! CCONSTANTLY O.N HAND A FULL > supply of BEKBE'S NEW YORK STYLES, together with TAYLOR'S HATS, of BALTI MORE. Tne best black I dress HATS got tin In the latest style for 13.50 as good as those usually sold st *5: and a good fashion able Hat at 93, worth 94; and a first-rate Hat, 0- 50. The best materials and the best workmanship 1> employed to produce a 95 Hat, which is sold fo 91 50 We do a cash business, meet with no los ses, but give each customer full value for his money. Pelt Hats unusually low. N.B Azent for Drlscoll'a Balm of a Thousand Flowers. Price ti cents per bottle. ANTHONY, 7th street, near Ta.ayen?e,Aga?l f ?r a New York Hat Compear- se aft?tf 1Q/T7 AMERICAN ALMANAC?BOS lOw ? ton ? aal repository of useful knowl edge. The 2Uth year of Its publication Con taining all the Important Statistical and Political Information of the coun'ry. For sa'e In Wash ington by TAYLOR A MAURY, jan 14 Bookstore, near 9 h street. OPEitA HLA99E9, SNUFF ANII ClOAR Boxes, fine Goods for Presents. Ac , at H. J MCLAUGHLIN'S, jan JO-tf No 20, between 8th and 9 h su. IMPORTANT TO UUITAK AND PIANO PEKFOK 1KRI. rwiHIS WEEK RECEiVEU A LARGE SUP T ply of new snd fisshlonabie MUSIC for ti?e GUI*)?PIPiute, AC , at our great Piano Ea srssra da *>-tf ^ orruiAL. TktAscRT Dipaxtmbnt, Nov. -JU, ltvjti. Nmlue id hereby (iwn to holder* ot stock ol" the ioans ot the United States, tiat thU detriment will purchase the win'; until t hi 3d of March next, unlet* the tuin of |1,300 OM shall be previously . obtained, and will pay ia a Idition to the Interest accrued train the date ot the last semi annual divi- j dend of iuteresi thewon, together with one day's additional interest lor the money to rtarh the ven dor, the following rat<?e of premium on saui stocks: For the stock of 1812, a premium of 10 per cent. F?r the stock of ISi7 and 1848, a premium ol* 16 per cent; anil for the stock of 18.VI, commonly ca'I'd Tejui Indemnity Stock, a pirmlum ol b per cen?. Certificate* of stock transmitted to th?* drpart rn^nt, under this notice, must bf assigned to the United S'ates, by tli-r paity duly e&tided to receive the proceed*. It sent between rfate hereoi and the ? 1st day of January neit, the current half y< ar'e in j terest must be assigned by the present stockholder, , or it will b? payable a* heretofore, and a correo ponding deduction be male Irom the amount pay able for the stock. Payment for t!?>: stock* so assigned and tia~.?iuit- I ted will b': male by drafts on the AssistantTrcasu- ! rersst Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, at tb<^ option of the parties entitled to receivc the money, whiah ?hould bo expressed in the letters accompa nying the certifl:aies. JAMES GUTHRIE, Secretary of the Trtasury. dec 1?dtSdNarcht BANKING^ HOUSE CHUBB BROTHERS. DKPOSITS ?DEPOSITS RF.Cl'.IVKD AND Checks paid without charee. Drafts on the northern seaboard clt'cs received on Deposit at par. and E vchangc oa said Cities furnished to de positors without charge. Interest on Uki'ohi? ? Interest will be al lowed on Deposit* at such rates a< may be agreed upon. Deposits in Virginia and Usi urrist Mo >ry.?Deposits in Virginia and other Uncurrent Money received to be chec ked for, payable In same funds, or In specie, we charging tne regu lar Exchange. Discounts ? Notes, Drafts, and Bill* of Ex change will he discounted, and Loans made on (Stocks, Bo.*ds, and Securities at the market rate Lkttbr* of Credit.?Liters of Credit will be furnished, negotiable in the different Cities of the United States, on Deposi? of Money or Collat erals, and interest allowed if Money is<1 posited, and charged if Collateral?, on such terms as may be agreed upon Traveling Bills or Exchange?Travelers will be 'umished with drafts In .such sums as may be desired negotiable In the different Cities of the Union. Dills and LKTUKsor CiiuditonEsound. Iltmiitn anii Emorx?Bills of Eschenge ard Letters of Credit on England, Ireland and Eu rope, furnished at the market rate for Exchange, in sums to suit. Bonds, Sto< rs, Ac.?Bords, Stocks, and Se curities paying from to lUf^ccnt , always for sale, or bought in the different Cities at a com mission of a V V cent. Where Stocksare bought upon orders, we reserve the right to call for a de posit of 10 ccnt on the cost. Bonds or Stocks will be ordered by telegraph Hah. road,Cit>,ad Statk Bonds -Kali road, Cltv, and State Bonds can be placed In our hands for negotiation either in this country or Europe. RAlroad Iron purchased for cash or with Bonds. Land Warrants.?I,and WarranU bought at the market rates All Warrant* sold by us are guaranteed in every respect Land Warrants located on commission Land Warrant quotations regularly furnished if requested Warrants will be forwarded to Western Houses on orders, or sent for sale on commission to re sponsible parties K*al Estate a?d Inscxancxs.?Real Estate bought and sold, and Insurances effected. Claim* on the Unitxd States, Court or Claims, C o n o a k 8 s?Claims on the United States, before the Court of Claims or Congress. Intrusted to us, will be prosecuted by able and prompt attorneys. CHUBB BROTHERS, Jan 27 Opporlte the Treasury. GREAT GIFT BOOK STORE, CXDEK DKXTMTK HOTEL. An Immense assortment of New Hooks wit be opened This Day, AND A.N ENTIRELY NEW LliT OF PRESENTS will be distributed to our patrons hereafter Members of congress, uitizkns, and STRANGERS will Hnd our stock of Books worth their attention 11 Is the largest and most valuable assortment ever opened In this city, comprising standard and Miscellaneous Works in all the departments of Ancient and Modern Science, Literature, and Art. Also, all the latent Publications, Annuals of the Reason, Bible*, Prayer Books, New Editions of the Po ets, Ac., Ac , in Turkey Morocco, Antique, Vel vet, and other rich and superb Bindings, ele gantly Illustrated. A PRESENT, worth from'25 Cents to $100, will be given (!m mediately after the sale) to every purchaser of a Book for which we receive $1 or more. !Cr3 per cent of all our net receipt* will be placed In the hands of Mis Honor the Mayor of Washington, to be distributed for the benefit of the Poor of the city. At the Old Stand, under Dexter's Hotel, sign of the Red Flag. Jan 8-tf J. 1'HILBRICK, Agrnt. No. 307 Pa ave., oppsstte Rational Hotel. JONAS P. LEVY, IMPORTER a?.d dealer IN t INK WIIfES, BRANDIKS, GROCERIES AND C I C A R S , Has in store a very choice as sortment of Champ'gre In quarts and pints, I XL; and Tresan de 11 d -??;y, anu other desirable Brands; Brandy in cask and bottles, Vintage 1777 to 1610; Rums of all kinds; Whiskeys 1810 to 183<S; Holland Gin of a!l kinds; Claxet Wines of all brands Burgundys do do Saturne do do Sherry do do Maderia do do Port do do Get man do do Hock do do Italian do do Hungarian do do English Ale Mid Porter of all brands Cigars do do Cordials do do Cross it Blackweil's London Pickles and Preserves of all kinds Coffee Sugar, Teas, Ac , Ac 367 Penn avenue, opposite National Hotel. JanW-ly JONAS P. LEVY. New BOOKS AT TAYLOR AMADRY'l. Just received? Wordsworth, a biography, by Edwin Paxton Hood. $2 The Colonies of Australia, by Samuel Sidney, profusely Illustrated, SI. A Book about Naughty Boys, hy Champflury, Greece and the Greeks of the Present Day. by Edwin About. 91 Hlstoiy or the Jewish Nation, by Re/. Alfred Edershelm, 91 SO The Plazzi Tales, by Herman M< lville, 91.

Wild Sports of the Far W est, by Frederick Gerstaecker, > cts The Haunted House, by Fredk. Gerstaecker 23 cents The First Lieutenants Stcry, by Lady Catherine Long. >0 cents. Marguerite de Valols, b/ Alexander Bumas, 30 cents. My Cousin Nicholas, by the Author of the In gotdsby Legends, Scents. Bothweil, or the days of Mary Queen of Scotts, by lames Grant, 50 cents Our Shilling Miscellany, edited by E H Yates, 23 cents Also? The Golden Dagon, or Up and Down the Irt waddy, by an American. California Indoors and Out, or How wo Live, Mine and Farm in the Golden State,by Ell/a W. Faraham, 91- _ ? Oriental Acquaintance, by J W. De Forest, 87 emu, at TAYLOR A M4URY 8 feb 7 Bookstore, neat 9tk ft. MANAGERS OF THE NATIONAL 1NAP MCKATIUN BALL, Judiciary fqitare, march 4, 1947. Hon T J D Fi.ller. Ji- Hon n C Burnett. Kr Hon John Applotoo, Me. N u J M fcliott, K>. Up] Joan H Georje, N. II u.'U J C Jouea. Teuu. si.lner Webater. * H. Hou S A Mnltb. T?nr Hon U A t, Vt. Hou Jea^e D Itrclit 1ml Hou Bttfuj, thoala, M?*a Hou W II fcagliab, Ii.d "on [J * Ku- Hon R A DouyUa. I?! Hon Philip AUM, K. I Hoi, T I. Harris, (II Heu C T Jamea, H. I. Hob J S Green. Mo H"U l.aac Tour.j Conn H. i, J i rheli*, Mo Hon C M Inreraoll Conn. H?n W K Ark Hon John Kelly. N. Y. Hon Albert Bun. Ark H .n John Vr.HUaif, N V. II a Lewi* faas. ?| 1.. Hon Jolin Wheeler, X. V Hon Geo W iv,-k M i I. Hon J K Tbcmaoa. X J h..b > K Mallory, !? la Hon ?eoiSe Vail, X. J iioa A K Ma*w.-ll. K!* Hon Km Bl<le,\ IN. Hon T J Kn*W Tei*? Hon J SUn. y J our*, r?. Hon P H Bell. Tex*? 5?? i.* Joue*. low* Hon U ? H?l. Hou Aujmtns Hull lev.* Hon J A Pearoe, M i. Hon Henry Dodge, W? H n J A Stewart, Mil Hon Daniel Well*. Wla ""a * " "r Hnnter.JI a Hon J B Waller, ('?' lion r J Faulkner. Va H.m J W Denver Cai Hon D 3 Relil, S. O. Hob Jouti Slid.ll,' I .a Hon L O B Braiicli. N. 1. Hon J >1 Sho.J'iI -e I a Moil 4 P Batter. S C Hon G E Pugh, Ohio' ' Hon W Aiken, H C. Hon O I. ValUBdli.jhau., Hon R Uoabs Ga. Hun H M Hire, Minn Hon Howell CoM,, Ga ,Iou J... oreson H*n 2 ?j,iP*,r.'ck? Au " ?' A Otero. New Mex !!"" ? Hei. J |? Anderson, W T /. Uut. K U Brown, MIm Hon J W WhiUJeld, Hon J A Quitman, M;,. Hon It B Chapman, Xel, Hon W L Marry. Hou J C DolMn, Hou .lumen Giltl.i ie, Hon Jaiu?a C*iulil>ell Hon RuImm: M Clel'aul, Hou Caleb CusTiins. Hon ,l?n Davit, Ui.iterf States Ar>ny ?eu Cwit Gibson, Caj.t John Poi.a, "iJ*""!'. Cart M C Mei;?. 2? ? ?Tnrj ? Capt P Callionn. Major A H llontiian, t titled State* iYmy, t:oin Wm B Shti??rick, I.lent M K Manry Com t A K I^va'ette.,it ? o Parroii Oajit Ditnrin N lujrahau), ?nr;cou C D Maxwell Lieut Jnniu* J Boyle, I mud States Marine Corps. <?eu Aivhihahl Hemlei^ou, M aj??r K Li|1?|T ?"pl ? Lyl'r' . Lieui J G: -file. M.ijoi W \\ New Yorl. Hon Jolin Cl< hrane, Hon E B Hart. Hon W K Ma lav. N4xr \ Kowier, Hon Daniel K Hh kle-, Jo|?i H (>.n.t.era Pennsylvania. Hon Wm. WllUna. ?.*?<! ?J Mr Kil.hon Hon Joaiali R^u.lall. He?ry ?. Majra v Hon Ibarle* Brown, K<krHi;e Uni H" i J' tiN It' u tone, Wm || *,,,1, CjlJohu W Forney, ftp,, >ym ? C V ? arrl;an, Dclatea'r HrtO W.u U WillUley, Hog Goo i; R d.ljr, Mary/an I. 1 A AIImi. Hon P F Tl.oin??, r?| Geo P Kau?. Hob Henry Mar, ? oIWmnHowi? Hen Joeb<ia ^ ana^n t n| .1 a B Uwnail Hoo Ke-at Jy Ji.Uaeoo, I i,01aaf E Conuollj (teotgrtoi/n, I). C. 2?SrJ.0a,,V A Gor lon, ^ K W ill,,., P Caperton. pr U Bohrer, I>, r,,." * r i AO- in IMi", ' A If zan^r ta, I's J'.bu S, I I.onlt) Klu/a,. A G Kawton. K8Hou#li Henry Ltaiugei 1?M Ha^ld Fnn*tea. ? Aithur Taylor, Richmond, Vt. Gov Hen'y A Wi-e, j4ra?, | R cer A Piyor, A. 0. Bauka Wn*hi nglon. * "'Swh-njl II Grant. W W St ateU, A B Moaeuton, CSWellarlj. PeU, ror.:?, ?'harlee Abert, Tlioa J Flater. Wm *L.I I*""*' If?1 T H*' W,n V Wallace, ?m SeMen, l; L Jackaon, ja, N Barker. ^.^?rv,>r 8 A ? "at?n, Col J K. P..welt ThLl i a' ?!?*"? "?oC Wblti"*, ChaaWWelah, T , Hmttb, J.col. Gidwjn, J c Mi Uulre, f;:1"1'' Ci.ariea H Winder. Marab?ll Brown, tJeii W ?,i-r J "n?*. t.oo Parker. ahh Wl.iie Hon A in". Ktndall, Hr Tboa M Her, Jil?iaon Helie,., f>Ai w rJ>' J I? Hoover, CB Graham, !.U.W rrt'?nl*t;, Arnrld Han ?, a W Rnti-ll !, w*''*,11, K H WaiKhtmati, S C 8tambai>:fa, I I S a"?.?'1 1 bumaa Green, Edward (lark, r'^tUxv u? l*"' WmTOoje, IJaDiaroin Erai:, Col Wm. Hn-key, I. W Maho:., A R Tott-. Geo * RtK?a, W B B Croea. K J Nertn H-n T H Crawford, l?r W G P?lnier, .lolin F Eu'c la Hon W M Mei ri k, Hadaoa Taylor, R l> t'ntta ' i>!. ^ r tT ."?rne"? Hou T H Ben Lou, Lurlen Peyton, Dr J C Hall, |?r J E Biake, M (f c;u?K,.T n.nlel Batellffr. P P. Key, R J Lackey' 7 , oJ,"SmU' H Lonicliborongb, Wm H Ward, ."i. t uu**on A G Seaman, Bevarly Tnckej, John F Coyle, .'aaWl. ain. "i M ?|a'rL"* ' K n sPr""l*. J V nt/piirlck. i . W D w?"*' Andrew Coyl. Jr.. A U Day! Cliaa T Jouee, 8 H Latuborn, nVoen ferr,,!' i,,fcn A Hannlcnlt, R H Henderson, r\ Henry S DarU, Wn. H Thou-.a*, Thoa J t.alt, ||, aaaa Berry. Henry Queen. A *?tncklnr, K W Mclletiry. j*B5f8 W.tb CHINA, GLASS AJIO Ql'KE.lS VTAHF, BR. H. MILLKK, BON A CO..Mf, Importers direct from Liverpool to JK/ Alexandria, beR leave to call the at tentlon of dealer*, hotel keepers aid others of Washington and Georgetown to tLe'r stork of 6UUUS, which, for extent and variety will compare favorably wltb any establishment In the fcastern cltle* The connexion of their senior partner Willi tl.e manufacturers of Europe and the United i*tat? s for upward* of 30 years, has given him tages in the purchase of good?, equal, If not supe fior, to any Louse In the trade, a a Inspection of goods and prices will satisfy nil parties that pur chafes can be nude of them :ipcn the most favor able terms French China Dinner Sets, gilt and decorated French China Dinner Sets, gold b?nd and plain white French China Vases Pitchers, Toilet Sets, Ac. French China Tea Sets, Cups and Saucers, and other ert'cles of Teaware And Dinner Ware, separate from seta India China Dinner Sets, aod separate articles al ways on band White Granite Ware in ever/ variety. In sets, and separate sets, as may be desired Blue Printed or Liverpool Ware, the same Comraon Kdgcd, White and Rockingham Ware in full cupply. ' Cut, Pressed, Plain and Moulded Glass Ware from the best establishments In the Eastern end Western Stat**, which will be sold bv the pack age or otherwise Experienced packers employed Goods put up by us can be transported by any mode without breakage. Fare by the steamboats from Washington to Alexandria, almost hourly, 1U% cents each wav A quarter of a dollar thua spent may save marfv dollars. dec 1 L'NIVKD STATES MAIL. KENTUCKY. I'n-f ' tl I ICC DaPARTMCXT, li b 0, 1?:?. |>RUPuSM> FOR CARKYINO THE MAILS ? of ilic I'ni el Siatea front lh? Id ol July, l?57, t ? ;iOth June, 18>6, on the following route in KE\ Tt'CKY, and in ihc lime then in Mated, will be e eeived at the Contract Ollice or this Depariment ?intil 3 p m. of the Hist March mxt, to be deojed by th?- 2."?t|i April following: , No. bJO-J. Frant Louisville, K>., by Lacona Salina, Gra-sv Pond, West Toint, Ga'iiettftV.lle," Meadvtlie, Bewhu\tlle, Ila-di2fcbur<, C!o verp>rt, Hawsvi.l. , Yelvington, OweRs boro', McLean's Retreat, H^bbardsv.lle, Henderson's. SmHh'j Mill?. Flewittsvilte, Morjrnnfield and Raleif h, to S lawneetown, III , 198] utiles and back, daily, in four horse ? oaclies Kot k Haven ;tnd brandenhurtr to supplied Irom Gariietu-ville, b/ enle in .il, ?ix limes a week ; W< Inter and Clif mn Mills, from BewleTville, three timvs a wefk ; and Big Spring, frcin Bewievville, fix tun a a week, all in due connection with m tin line. Leave LcuL vjJIe daily at 5 a m Arrive at Uwe^boro' next day by fip m L?6ve Owrn'boro'daily a( 4 a m Arrive at Saawncctown same day byG p ni Leav S iawneetown daily at G a nt Am v at Owensborn' tame day by * p nt Leave Owtnsboro' < a l\ at 5u m Arrtve at Louisville n?-xt c'ay b> f< p m. For forms of proposal, guarantee, a id cirtirkatc, alio instructions and requirem?-nts to be embraced ii the contract, see adv. rtisrimntin pamphlet fotm at the principal post (ilftee*. and also the advertise ni?nt of January 9, 18.11 of route* in Kentucky, Tennefse*, &.s. J AMI S CAMPBELL, feli9-|aw4w fonmaster Geneial ^pHIS IS TO eiVB NOTICE,THAT THE 1 subscriber hath obtained from the Orphan'* Court of Washington county, In th? District of Columbia, lettera testamentary on the personal es tate of Nancy Mattln^ly, late of Washington county, deceased All persons having clatir.s agalntt .the said deceaaed, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 2d day of Deceit ? ber next; they may otherwise bylaw be excluded from all benefit of the said estate. Given under my hand this 7th day of Februarv 1857. LUCY E. MATTINGLY, feb 7-Wiw* Executrix. 3 SECOND-HAND 91ELODEUNS, it* In nse a short time, for sale or rent, very low at our great Piano Store, between ?th and 10th streets J?"? JOHN F. ELL1B. WOOLLEN GOODS AT A SACRIFICE h.j. Mclaughlin a co , 30between 8th and 9 th sts. EVENING STAB. List of Patents.?The following |g the litl j of Patents issued from the United Stated Pat ent Office for the week ending February 10, ' 18^7?each bearing that date : j Jos. Armstrong, of Woburn Center, Mass ? For improvement in stuffing leather J. C. Brings of Woodbury. Conn ?For im provement in melodeons. Francis S Brettell and Joseph B. Friabie, of Alleghany city, Pa ? F->r improvement in Crcorm8. Thecdore Uergucr. of Philadelphia, Pa ? For machine for making envelopes. J M Batchelor, of Foxcroft, Me ?F?t ?m proved mole of attaching thills to sleighs. John Bean, of lludsou. Mich.?For in. provement in extension hoppers for separators, grain mills, Ac. Keubin Comics, of Troy, N. V. ?For im provement in shoes for 'russ frames Elisba B Dodson, of Beading, Pa ?For im proved gun powder. Wra H Elliot, of Pittsburgh, N Y.?For printing stamp Peter iiarnist, of Mariuetown. Ill?For im proved reking attachment for reapers Edw'd K Godfrey, of New York, N. Y.? For improvement in rator strops. Henry Hwvell, of Newark, N. J.?For im provement in the mod? of attaching the eye? to the blades of hoes. Thos B lloughton, of Bloomingtjn, 111.? For improvement in seed planters Addison Hull, of Brooklyn, N Y.?For im provement in guides for tewing machines C&arles Hicks, of Haverstraw. N. Y ?For improved machinc for ramming percussion caps. Alvin Hurd, of Danbury. r.jnn ?F^r im proved method of surfacing felt hat#. Lewi* T. Howard, of buiith Mills. Miss ? For improvement in feathering paddle wheel'. John llildebrand. of Ea?t Berlin, Pa ? F r improvement in seed planters. James llansor, of the Waudsworth Koad, Eng ?For gas miking process. Patented in England April 21, 18i>^. Bcinhold Bocklen, of Jersey city, N. J.? For improvement in so id planters Wn 11 Elliot, of Pittsburgh, N Y.?F??r arrangement of means for controlling the throttle valve of marine engines. Joseph C, Kent, of Cooper Irou Works, N J ?t'jr process of hinelting zinc, irou ore Wm W. Kellogg, of Lyun, Mass.?For im proved sash fastener. Lucius J Knowles, of Warren, Mass.?For improvement in safety indicators for steam boilers Jacob Landcs, of Sulma.. 0.?For improve ment in seed planters. G F Mcllroy, of Covington, Ky ?For im proved fcnco, ad aptable to uneven ground. Jeremiah W. Mulley, of Amsterdam, N Y For improvement in reaping and mowing ma chines John F Mascher, of Philadelphia, Pa?For proccss of ornamenting daguerreotype cases, Ac. GuhelmusB Millerd, of Colchester, Conn ? For improvement in preparing India rubber cloth. Julia M Milligar, of New Albany. Ind.? For improved abdominal supporter Limucd Morris, of Burlington. N J ?F.r improvement in chain pumps Mighill Nutting, of Portland, Me ?For im provement in gauges and water regulators for i-team boilers. Samuel Nicolson, of Boston, Mass ?For im provement in rail for street railroads Ezekiel Page, of Platea. Pa.?For improved arrangement of devices for suspending and adjusting sticks in sawing machines Luther M Parsons, of Wauhau, WiB ?For improvement in ventilating stoves Perley A. Ramsay, of Boston, Mass.?For hand stamp. Thos. J. W. Robertson, of New York, N Y. For improvement in sewing machines Silas G Randall, of Kockl'ord, ill.?For im provement in reed planters. Martin Bobbins, of Cincinnati, O.?For im provement in corn planters Cyrus Robert*, of Bellevillo, III ?For im provement in attaching the arms of h'?rie power*. John B Root, of Buffalo, N Y.?For im provement in rotary steam engines Beij n Ross and JohnC. Campbell, ol Syra cuse, N. Y ?For improved metallic roofing Benj'n 1> Sanders, of Hnlliday's Cove. Ya. For improvement in instruments f>r facilita ting the facing of mill stones Eiw\l A Tuttle, of Brooklyn, N Y.? For improved self-adjusting wiud wheel. H Thomason. of Lafayette, Ind ?For im provement in seed pl?ntyr9 Walter A. Wood, of Iloosick Falls, N Y.? For improvement in harvesting machines. Wm. 11 Warden, of Boston, Mass ?For im provement in apparatus for indicating the height of wfter in the holds of vessels Win 11 Watroue, of Brooklyn, N. Y.?For improvement in wool cleaning m>*?hiues. Joel Wisner, of Aurora, N Y ?For im provement in locomotive cow cat< hers for rail roads. Simon P. Winne, of Albany, N. Y.?For improved machine lor ro-sawing lumber. Djrius Babcock, of Homer, N Y., assignor to Thomas llarrop and Darius Bibcock afore said?For improved arrangement of springs for vehicles Lawrence Deacon, of Brooklyn, N Y., as signor to John Wavun, of New York. N Y.? For improvement in fishing rod reels. ElbridgeG. Matthews, ot Clear Water, Min nesota Territory, assignor to Harvey Church, of Troy, N Y ?For improved machine fhr cutting dove tails and their groves Edwin P. Monroe of Albany. N. Y , as signor to Gilbert H. Scribner, of New York, M Y ?For improvement in calendar clocks. Fred k D Newbury, of Albany, N Y , as signor to Richard and Varick De Witt, jr , of same place.?For improved mode of patching lullets. Wm. S Piatt, of Waterbury, Conn., as signor to Wm. S Alfred and Clark M. Flatt. For improvement in making seamless tubes. John R. Wendt, of Boston. Mass , assignor to himself and Augustus Rodgers, of same place ?For improvement in manufacturing metallic beads. Daniel Kelly and Win. Li\ ingston, of Grand Rapids, Mich.?For improved window blinds Eira sprague Holmes, of Lockport, N. Y ? For improvement in machines for husking corn. Designt.?Thos. J. Shepard, of Brooklyn, N. Y ? For design for cooking ranges. James E. Stevenson, of Albany, N. \r.?For design lor cooking stoves Dan'l Wilson, of Nashua, N. H , assignor to the Union Stove Company of same place For design for parlor cooking stoves. Thk Better Man op Two ?"A R. S writing from Fort Desmoines, (where young people are ?' gathered from all parts of the states,'' and where, as we may well judge, there is " a good deal of fun going on,") gives us an amusiDg account of two young men go ing home from a convivial party, late at night, who " cut up" the subjoined 41 shine," which was witnessed by a friend whotollowed them, unobserved, and which we condense: They saw a doctor's horse standing, saddled and saddle-bag'd, before a patient's door. One said to the other, in a slightly paraljxed and " unknownfow^wr" "7je*giion!u "Good! go ahead! There's tteo horse*?' Yougitoit' fust."' They both moanted the same beast, and rode off An angry discussion arose: " I got the beet horse," chuckled the forward rider " No, Sir-r-r! ' said the other: "you f)t a saddle?I havn't?ridin' bare back d. oujust wait, and see trhieh'llfomeoutfust: Go-o-o l-aa ngItii not yet known ?? which beat!"- -?* ? ?- ^m pri i CIll. |y inuring the Harrison campaign, an elo ? quent orator in the western part of Vir ginia vu holding forth to ar immense unb< blage io favor of the hero of Tippecanoe, and Tyler too. Especially the speaker was expa. tic4 up?>n General Harrison a courage, tact, and success as a military commander. While in tbe midst of hi* discourse. e tall, gaunt man. probably a schoolmaster in those parte, aruse from the crowd, end said, in a voice which penetrated the whole assembly : *' Mi'ter?aii*ter, I want to ax you a ?,ue? tion." lfce speaker paused, and begfed him to pro pound 4' We aie told," the man went ou, " fellow citixens. that Gineral Harrison is a mightr great gintral ; but I say be is one of tbe veiy meanest sort >.t ginerale We are told here to uight that he defended himself bravely at Kort Meigs ; but 1 tell ynu that on that ocoa j-ion he was guilty of the Tail ?anti, and 1 challenge the orator here present to deny it." The orator declared his utter ignorance of what the man meant by the *? Small Tail Movement,1' and asked him to explain him self " I 11 tell you " said the man " I've got it here, in black and white. Here is Ohm sha*;\? History of tbe United States"?hold ing up tbe book?4' and I'll read what it says This is it: ' At this critical moment Gtnrrat Harrison rztcuttd a xovel mowwi//.' Doe* the gentleman deny that " No, no?go on " Well, he executed a aovrJ movement. Now, here's Johnson's Dictionary"?taking the book out of his focket and holding it up? "and hero it pays 4 Novel, a smalt tale.' And this was the kind of movement Gineral Harmon was guilty of. Now, I'm no soger, ar.d I d n't know much of milentary tictack?. but this do 1 say : a man who, in the face tf an enemy, id guilty of a 4 Srnfcll Tail Move ment' is not fit to be President of the United Sta'rs, and Le shan't have my vote." The orator ?f the evening could make no headway against such an argument, and gave j it up in despair. Comparative Elasticitvok Wbought a*p Cast Iko* ?The mean ultimate resistance of wrought iror. to a force cf compression, as use ful in practice, is 12 tons per square inch, while a crushing weight of cast iron is 49 tona por square inch ; but for a considerable range, under equal weights, tbe cast iron is twice as elastic, it compresBe? twice as much as the wrought iron A remarkable illustration of the effect of intone strain on cast iron was witnessed by the author at the works ? Messrs Kanion i Amu. The subject of the experiment was a cast iron cylinder, 10i inches thick, and 144 inches high, tbe external diametor being 18 inches It wad requisite, for a specific purpose, to reduce the internal diameter to 3J inches, and this was effected by tho insertion of a smaller cast iron cylinder into the center of the large ono; and to injure some initial strain, the large cylinder was expanded by beating it, and tho internal cylinder being first turned too large whs thus powerfully compressed. The inner cyhnlcr was partly filled with pewter, and a steel piston being fitted to the Pore, a pressure of 972 tons was put on tho steel pistcn The steel was '? up?et" bv the pressure, and the internal diameter of the '.mail cylinder wv increased by full three sixteenths of an inch?that is, the diameter became 3 11 16 of an inch! A new piston was accordingly adapted to these dimensions, and m this the cylinder continued to be used, and to resist the pressure ; the extercal layer of the inner cylinder was thu? permanently extended 8 1-50 of its length In fact, it can only be regarded as loose packing, giving no additional strength to the cylinder. Under the?e high pressures, when oonfined mechanically, cast iron, as well as other met als. appears, like liquids, to exert an equal pressure in every direction in whieh iis mo tion is opposed?C7f/rX-'j Britannia and Con way and Tubular BriUgrt. i Pkomiaclocs Batmko ix Japax.?Another 1 extrai rdiuary Summer amusement is in tbe j promiscuous public bathing of both sexes of all I ages; they enter a small room barely fifteen ! feet square, and only partially screened from | the ru ius?wi h uncuitained windows open i ir.g on the streets?and close to other inmates of the hou?e. pursuing their mechanical advo cations and in perleot nudeness perform the operations of the bath?wrinkled age and j budding girlhood nlike unbashed, surrounded and pressed on by sensibility, early manhood, anl fro'.icsome childhood. Sel {-possession, quietness and order reigned as paramount as iu the . cilous of the most civilized people, curiosity fled quickly before the sensations such a bCene naturally creates, though it led me to stand outside and watch the persona is suing from and entering the email bathing h">usr; nnd without the fort? of the great Conde. that of detecting tbe condition, the bathers were not confined to the lowest or dissolute classes The police effectually pre vent all intercour?e between Europeans and the fair Japanese, the loss of the head bein? the punishment fulminated against aey one faund converting with a European; and ail the gallantry of our ailies quartered in the temple was unavailing, 1 heard, to achieve a conquest; though, perhaps, ere this a romance from the prolific pen of some great /rench novelist may be issuing in some /unU'ton at Paris, contradicting tbe assertion, and be etill more wondrous that the romantic nmoura of Dr. Yvan, in Malay, or the adventures de scribed in - Vicgts Anneesaux Philippine." Over the Lkkt ?The following good story is told on lien Harney, by oneof the offi cers who was with him at the battle of Aeh Hollow, and aiierwards at Forte Pierre: At the treaty held at the latter place, at which the General had a great talk with the chiefs of all the tribes, he stood a few step* in advance of his staff, and dictating to the in terpreter what to say, in his usual gruff and authoritative manner: "Tell them,'said be, " that their great father at Washington has sent me here to make them respect the trea ties tbey have made with the whites." 44 Tell them t'uat I am furnished with a great number of braves, horses and oannon. and that I shall make war upon them aa long as an Indian can be found on these prairies if they don't." Tell them that they must not kill or rob any more emigrant, trains that are crowing the plains, or steal any thing from the whites in any manner " 44 Ask them if they remember the fight at Ash Hollow." [It will be remembered that a great num ber of the ludians made their escape through a pass in the hills that tbe General knew nothing of until too late ] , _ ?. Tell them that I left a place for them to escape through, then, to prevent my brmves from killing every one of them," and he con tinued, turning his eyes over hu shoulder to his staff,14 it's lucky for them that I didn't know where it was, or I'd have killed every j d redskin in the hollow." fy it is amusing, says the Boston Post, to hear a small politician |wbo owes his whole importance to the iLtluence of the preas, talk contemptuously of newspapers and editors. There is ?:o stronger proof of the "power of tbe press" than the tact that it can raiee sacb timber-heads into high places Luckily a single pull on the same lever can bring them down again to their proper leval?did they not inevitably fall of their own feeblenees. . An exchange paper says that the girls in some parts of Pennsylvania are so hard up for husbands that tbey sometimes take bp printers and lawyers . *