Newspaper of Evening Star, February 11, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 11, 1857 Page 4
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EVENING STAR TO MABIOIT. I thl k of thee. when morning bright, The eastern bills bathes !? *?' l?8bt; I think of ib?. when rsrUtght 4jrs?, In k>r*llest tints, the western skies 1 think of tbee, when Fortune smiles, And me of rrerv care beguiles; I tMn* of thee when nil her woe*,, A /Hu tIon on my pathway throws Whatr'er of joy, whate'er or woe Kal.i to mv share while here below ; XV 1th pleasure all sustained shall he, While I im cheered by thoughts of thee Ws'hlngtoa, D. C. m #. AHRJfALS ATTHE P HIXC1PAL HOTELS National Hdel.?apt* brisqs F 6 Hoeehlev, Pa 6H Gould, NC W Ward, N\ 6 J eibney, Md J Prentiss, do G H Glddlngs, Tex 0 W Call, Fla T 8 Ro?ers? ly, J R Bpeer, Pa tt H tfoddsrd, J M Howell, La M Rolla. Md R Martin. Pa Dr W Rolla, Md SBobb, NO T 6 Townshendl d) C P Balnley, O WP Graham, 5 J Hagcs, III M Powers, N EUmaker, P i J M Hartsfleld, J a Centiss, NY B Hunt, FY H Llppy, do VV R Johnson. Va 8 J Emner, Va W A Mirer do R T Mitchell, do L A Masterton, NY W A Sullivan, ,Vd A Keller, Ga D Kerr, Pa S 8 Clarke, NY TB Price,do W Perrlman, Md W Ba etton, MYj W H Pearson, Pa 8 Hopkins do A Nlcol, A P Bentolet, Pa K 8 Harklns, Miss R Smith, Iowa Miss Morris, Pa M Gallagher, Ga Mis* Harper do M Hart & fam, Va W H Finnill, Va Miss Patterson, do SA Danfcrih, do B X TInsley, do J M Danforth, do J R Fisher, do W B Meccker, NJ ? ? W Mullukln. Md A M KUber, do F B Hart, NC Dr Cormlck, J M Hlg-^ns, Md Mian M Jones. Con E 8 SonLl. V* Miss C Jon**.do H T Cor-dell. O W 8 StcneJVa J Kerrigan, De'. A Landls, Pa P Lee, ??a J l> Wiggins, Tex M GaLatln, Ga 6 Gravatt, Va II T Harris, Pa J Depre, NJ Re* G Mouls, do flrawns' lleiel ?T. r 1 * BKOWH L Averill. NY E Keldemmcr, A t J Nuson, Va T K Hall, Tenn K C Grayson, Pa W Stertoe, Va J W Taylor, ? T H Lake, Ala B B Baughman, Md H H Hanis, do N Flt7hugh, Va H 8 Harper, do C R Hodges, Md J C Houston, do I> Crawford, ly, DC II E Wnrdley, Miss M Dn Val J C Manpin, Md J Alien; fam. Va J p Efflnger, Va H J Druminond, 111 A A Brown, NC E 8 Calwell, \-\ B r> Thompson, Ky 8 9 Brooks, III t 8 Hough, Tenn WP Simmons, Ala Mrs R 9niitli, Pa <3 J Keller, La Majo ll?n McCullough T Mel-enc, Wis 'lex ?llsi K Flshar, NY H |] l,ane. Miss Golston. Tenn M'ss Lane L F Buck. d> MU Thow*. }V R R UojJAit, La M \\ arner, Md J C no F M Howie, do W J Beall, do M I#evy, N Y h H Sktiiker, Va \\ F Berry Md wr White. Fa M I. Taylor, do TWIctau Ala A l?f?rv do I) 8 Weaver, Ala 1 H Bird, N Y r,wIlI,i?T,,I*' * o. 4 s. 4 withaau Pr J Dell, lowi MissGerbrr Pa ?!iVyh.,'"!l?r; M15J M1" Boilings, do U o Po and. do R j Lacking, DC Hon P Wbetmore, NY H H Harreli NY 9 R OredlSf, Ct H M 6wln, I'SN ??illd' NY J H Ransom, NY 1 iC^aha,U Md U A 6 Fuller, ly, NS H Teldhisne, Pa O 9rrl-?p Md Vl7-T*ld,8nrle? do G H ' L'SC * it WZ*?' iy, NY A, Mass Mra Bally, do NY 8 Hendry, Va J M Lawrence, Ala ?v i*av T.' f? ? 8 B cl4rk, do n L Noh ly P* J E Smith, Md 2 d0 s F HIsa, do H J Osbsrn, Teun J D Wlas'ow. pd m. ,T' Md XV D Bow:e. &??! His* Clare, do j c Maeon, Iowa R Chandler USA J C Moyer, Md T ?onand, ly, N Y L Gerber, son, Pa ?????e ^ > A H CIBKWOOO ? 1 W Vincent, Pa HM Deams.Pa J Tod NY T fe namy'd,? . J B Cro*s. T B CoUla* lv o MJ Wright, Tenn A D Almond, va j- j ?hf(? JV v? J Wd w f mS i p H c p?d?baw, Va ? ?r^?U*V' d<? u w E A11 bright) fam, P HM M array, ly Pa J Hers man, NY Iur?y' Md E Tamandls. Md ? *}*TT *0 8 Murray, do f i V a vv * a ^y, do J Lewis, Cal C Phillips pa E^ARM3 POR SALE?INTENDING T( !L thi Sm tbe 8ub?rlber wll Ur. w v u n A?*ni"*rta county, Virginia o re'ld8d for P?" seven y?an. I u mKdv.U *Uuated ne*J Bails > t^le* the Georgetown Aqued:ici .. IThJl b Washington and Alexac Up2n . " comfortable and well a i.h0U9?- containing six rooms Dy , re<*? ? kitchen; a comfortab'e house fo bSTilS 8; Vavge aad coavenien oern, with stabling for six horaes and as man ^ ample cistern (attaebedtothebnrn rfrooi?barn- to -'?W" boshel of root* for market or stock feeding: lee hou?? ihl'rsS* ???ke house; corn house; a st.uv ?market root house, and a store house Alst1 i ?~i*ur hom^'-^d door,'fronTl'h! ft?TIn *Prin20' wtirh water Is obtained Iter all th? re*{uiretxy>nts of rhe occupants Tuert }h?*? !in.w^.pla<:* an orebard of more than j thOTisand thrifty trees of different plumbs con ssnfsisi *taxida/'1} cherri? : , ? ' ?B,*ent fr irteen a-res are seeded ?JKii" andCrfcTon ^t?; FT '--i mjrta, Vor ds/ry turner or a nursery -nan. or for the rountnr r?l orr.r* of a ptrson d'<ing bu6ii.#?, in fKMirUk ssa-'Es twto, -risi'ffii a? -Twi -?r . 2 " a mile of the Oriunabla a:u| Leesburg turnptk*-, th" for?. r x^^ln?,:>n'a"d lh? Utt? ?" Alrx PU?*? Is In the IirmedUte vle'.nilv Ll^T Hi* x Kcodi(la AleundrU aimly Va ) "X"* from hoth Mmfd e?*> ..... upty It aiir>rr hard of about.>j<>choi, e . "***? "^ost of t4.em lately s*?t oat a dv?fl !hal ran ^ n'^ toinfortHtie r!r ? ?^e of tht>m?/li? "m*:i Co*<? ?'Bf 'taWing, and ?"oantrv There Is i* ilri"'' fegfon of Ibr lu MaMttta1' rl^J^nOU,;L"poD ,r>ct thirty irjiea or'vi'^.kt no better soil within ?'? i ,,han thit ?f w b'? de,?d reniuncraMTi ?*????? ^ ^ ^ ren" ttos ; the land b?-li^ n a!It Z J y P^P*' ??en For t^rmTfore'^r or ^Tv'-at tbl" will he made to ,-t tne tl^? ^Ml?^rmJ,, WhIcl1 ^?? w!igayn&?... SI.Y Bv Ha\j-%r V . r i, . 7 7 ^ iie^n Pr.nce de la Boheme , and otners - ? By Eugene 8ue-Le? Hept peche* r???? Deleyux, La Uouxniandise , LeluSiSM?;ir; tetlere, and oth?rs ?arquiB ^ Bf D imas?Perre le Cruel: Un itai vt fc??>aid; L? Capluine Marlon h-.' L"uin ^ f ^ """* of,tL? ?>0VeI? "d Romances of Ja cob. PaaJ Fevai, ColejL De Stendhal, Berthet De Maaaer, Romleu, c/wtiile, ar.d other writers' this day opened, direct from Psris wri?". - FRANCK TAYLOR. AurHonr bichlt, CHDBHTAKBB, "?? Residese? Mo 80S Pna'i avsnnt !?<??. stslo'hit" fall, Jb- "?! he I. atthe shorte*?not 1 ce and ^Tl" c*UQ,ted A large an pphofkV? ks)hL bf*x nuinaer. sfull fA,U'Jf?LE COFFINS slshed on rt,e m<?t reaaS^Ji'e^i WU1 M fQr* ?? Clv# ??SSJ#rdwa ^ 'ORTRalT? AWD~a7T M uic^T*1 U0M ^ MBTZEROTT'8 J&a 30 PROPOSALS tot AEMT SUPPLIES. UTTTr? of Aa*v Clothing a sn EQtrirtGi, ) Fhiladrlthta, P eb 2d, 1857. \ SEALED I'KUPOSALS A RE INVITED, and will be received at l bia oflice until 10 I o'clock a ui , of the loth day ? tf March next, for furnishing by contract the f? ?1 lowing ARMY SUPPLIES AND MATERI ALS. deliverable at the United Stales Clothloe ? ind Equipage De pot. (Schuylkill Amentl) In q lantltlea required, viz ? 3,1)09 ya da 6-1 dark b'ue (1) idlgo wool dyed) r loth, for caps and ban is, wt ighlng about 14 ounces per yard i0,00ii yards 6-4 dark blue (li idlgo wool dyed) twilled cloth, weigh' ag <1 ounces per yard M.UHl yard* 6-1 aky blue (li idlgo woe! dyed) twilled cloth, weigh jig 22 ouaces per vard 16, w? yards \ dark blue (I adtyi ;o dyed) cotton and wool flannel, weighli ig 6\' ounces per yard 6:,oco yards \ white flannal, (cotton. and wool ) to wei^h C)i ounce* fx or yard 10.UC0 yds 33 Inch black alpac a t?l,?:ooyda \ Canton flannel, t< ?weigh 7 or Dr vd 01,000 yds ?? unbleached drllll ng, do 6M c/ or vd 21.000 yds >. do do do ?u oi pr yd 20 too yds inch cotton duck" do 22 ^ ox Dr vd U,5'iO yds 20 Inch do do 15* oz pr vd 63.001 yds*?# incli do do 11k oz pr yd lb 000 yda Inch do do 10 ?7 pr vd 3,500 yda inch do do 11 oz pr yd 3,000 yda 22 inch do do 9 oz pr yd 1*.000 yda 24 inch do do 12* oz pr yd 18,S00 yda 3J Inch do do 9^ cz pr yd 11,7 0 do Russia Sheeting 15.510 army blankets, wooC g*ay, (with the let ters U S. In black, 4 Inches In length, In the centre,) to be 7 .feet long, and 5 feet 6 Inches wide; each blanket to weigh 5 pouedt. I,5i 0 dtz ;n pairs half stockings, 3 sixes, properly made ofgocd sound fla ece wool, and with double and twisted yarn, to weigh 3 pounds per dozen L2,C(K) pompoons for engineers, ordnance,dragoons rifles, artillery, and Infantrv. 23,COO cap bodies 7,2.0 yards glazed silk, for covers 100 N. C.? bra?* scales', palm 640 sergeants' do do ll.40ft corporals and prlvatca'brass scales 4 N. C S bronze do do 5<> sergeants' do do do GiO corpor tls and privates' bronze do do 200 castles, brass 16,7W? letters, do 1" (too numbers, brass II,5 0 eagles and ring* 700 shell and fliire* ;,JJ0 yd* -Inch worsted lace, ) Yellow, scarlet / sky blue,oian* 5,310 yd* X-lncb do S and green. 10,000 do -inch cotton tape 13,40l? do ?4-lnch do do 16/00 sheets cotton wadding 6.700 ya'ds red bunting fi 000 do white do 2,Jfc.o do blue do 155 garri?on flag halyards 35 recru'.lng do 10 color belt1? - 1 0 gross coat buttons 2 500 do vest do ?2,100 do suspender button", While metal 3,11X1 do shirt do do 51,lo? tent buttons, wood, small 17 ro do slip*, do do 5?,<iO? dobdttons, do lar^e 3,10) do slips, do <{t> loo hospital tent - poles, v*t* no wail do do >???? common do do 1 1ID hospital ten-pins, larg< 1,700 do do small S .VI-) wi'l do larg't .;i MMjcommon do *,700 gilvanl/'Ml iron wire rod?, f<?r trnu 1 1 >0 do do do staples do 3,100 mess pans, iron 47J camp kettle* (3 s!/-s) I2,';J0 tin canteens. (3 pint*, weight 11 V vr) -,5M) Collins' or Hunt's ft-lllng ox??- i^enuin'', ] 5,ooo axe handles 1,RX1 pick axes, 2 sizes 3 000 do handles 2,100 camp hatchets 5,coo do handles 1,9"0 spades, 3 tizes 67 hagles, with extra mouth ploc?* 67 do cords and tasaels 75 trumpets ' > do cord# and tassels 30 drums, artillery 17 do infantry **>) do heads, baiter 17?) du do snare 135 da strings ?ilo do cords 270 do snares, sets do sticks, pairs Ij5 do do carriages IS fifes, B 50 do C. h.iv ? MISCELLANEOUS m ????* wbjte, green, and blue, for regi m ntii fl'ga atd guidons; silk twist. e*lne * , threads; bucklea, braaa and Iron- J!x for fi%aW&m??nk ** '0pe' bra"9 lhl?bi?? 'nidoJs ?H,n* rnp**? "Pear? ?nd ferrules for uiMM?rnS!,Crh 11 desirable should be of do 2,1StJl? raa,t confo'n'' r^pecta,jto the standard patterns sealed In this ? e, where they can be examined ./m!?^wiU be ??nt by nail, with anv may ^Sde?Wedmh l0n upo" toe ??bj-ct which clTsr proposals bV viahlng to pe'^ci'a*ot 'be amount of each delivery ni'^ re^ne<1 untH 'he contract shall be ccni State? of1;^ Of... apprcp.i.uon by Jon",.',,"? Sn'SfoMbl. i'*"c; "V" l? u dvstlable; fS" . mojiths from that da e, aiaolnemal Thi !yf rn f,r40n8'w,!l be paid forondcilvery onlteVle*e lSnw*d o/lncreasini by frnn Contracts will b? based upon arr,rt.d vrnnr cum K ?* Wh,Ch tW0 Pr "J" '?? u les propo??d to be f'lrnlsoed. and none will br kr"/? ?r ror,sl-erf<> from any one who is not known as a manufacturer or reVular dealer in ^'"pple*; wblch fact, orth" reverse w. n ?M?i'n.n',ly 8,ited ln tb* bld" ' flw d, as tpna,!r tbe.n,''neR and address of the re.-aons in HnV?iier" "nUluLr" Pfoposala should be en ^ttorLAn^rr/':i feM-eod t'QMar. Un'tsJifSjdf f/. M. Proposals far Coloring nuarto rlat^TTf J-ieoea and 8hsII?. < ?r?,? a Pcblic Prirtih?. ) mm .R'?to.n, t ebru&rv ^ ir.%7 < IIKHPIMAI.!! WILL UB RECt-'IVPli A-r * '"V"? *. ,b' >? "in. ".t a.- v^'rl ytii'^.(i.Hii?. ople. carta, of iwelrciiuarifl Riir* o( ? l ;.h-l.,?d Shra.;.Mi JZVi nh""l Jo' ume of Criumcdorc I'erry'a Cxorditinn ?n"i ? each one hundred copies which innsfbe /'p rlnf? he? of the originals p*w?w,,,cl1 ,n,,5t ** fac s,,ni. The original drawings can be seen >t ?ki. ^A oen trac?wi?Pb*'Mrtered^Into wltlh'and'lw^'^ Proposals must be addressed ini t: u SuperinMdtnl of Fubll- ??bta?^' ft-b 4 etuit I A **? SEAMAN, reb 4-eodt I Superintendent. d ivekmois hotelI MK. G. O'IVERxNOIS UEGS To INt'ORM his frlend.1 and the public In general Jjl inai ho has now opwied Lis new flotel on iM Sggy *Tenue. between 17?h andJ?l. lsWn,KfcfbllsbmentI,,newl>'ande1?ft?tlyfurn. with w?i?e uao,'t'noderna,,? Improved principle Bar Is^J, iad ,Private Apart men ta lkie Llq '?i?rss?. *JllVbe ch0'cwt Wines and la aea.on ?*me and other delicaciea ? Jppa^^nd'ditend^d tf 1'tr,le* Promptly Table d'hote at 3?V>, iny pi,t of tbe cUy nov?3-eo3m clock, on Sundaya at i. IH^REal estate office -t. A FULL DESCRIPTION^ nZ ? ** ^ erty left wlth me for ?? wmtf'L PROP my Sales Book, and r?*eW* L 111 ** ?"??d on tlon, ani if a aale la eft 2y per*on,?l atten mission will be charg d on theV^*0""^ cora 1 will also g re personal ??.l?JFoont ot :KfD?!:r?g. ?b? left lo P.o, etoSX,iuUw .i'biS f'1,ln"" BK2SSJ1ass p,'.?4 Interested in Real Ksute R Wt V4jue'?all "elicited Office at N? mZXZiIF "M""1" low an**~^lm POLLARD WEBB. IHERZBER^^,lD, loan HO.oboSf.^mf S an I* ^ aad 4 u Zrmrnm r?UMT1?i*???iue, between * Jan 7-?o%a* Medicine*. PI LB*?PILES?PILES. WE CALL ATTENTION TO ALL WHO are a filleted with this dreadfui complaint to the following sworn certificate from one of our most reaper tM>le citizens, the father-in-law of the proprietor of the ''Courier dea Etas Unls," and f*nmerly gunmakrr In Philadelphia : Nhw York, Aug 'Jfith.l^M. ?'* Dflpat*?Dear Sir:?1 hereby certify that I hare been affllced with the Pllea for " Fiers. that 1 have used eighteen bottles of nirnn lie Lotion, and everything else I could here of, but all to no effect, for they did me little or no ** 1 About two months since, I commenced remedies for the Piles, a*d have the to say tbat they have had the desired cacgi, having cured me 1 consldei this almost a miracle, for I am eighty years of age. I sincere ly recommend them to all afilicted with the above complaint. P. VALLEE, 73 Franklin st State of New York, ) New Tork City and County. I 1, Joseph C. Lawrence, do hereby certify that on the day of the date hereof, before inc personal ly came P. Vallee. to me well known, who, be ing by me duly sworn, did doposeand say thai the content* of the foregoing certificate signed b) him are true. In witness whereof I have subscribed raj name, as Commissioner of Deeds and as a Notan Public of the s?tate of New York, and haveaf fixed my Notarial Seal at my ofi!ce,ln New York this 5*>th day of August. 1356 JOSEPH C. LAWRENCE, Commissioner of Deeds and Notary Public of thi State of New York. 87 Wall street, New York We challenge the Medical Faculty of the On! ted States to produce a certificate equal to thi above. Dr. Duprle's Remedies are tie only ef fectual cure for external and Internal Piles. On!] SO cents per box Offlco?78 Nassau street, New York. Wllltx sent by mall to any part of the United States For sale by FORD A BRO .corner of 11U street and Pa ave. Washington, D. C. oc 23 PERUVIAN strip, F< r ike cure of Dysptpsim, Liver Complntni [)r -j>xy, Neuralgia, /?. ipttnt Diseases of tk Lungs find BroncKial Passage*, Btits, (fin tral Nihility, fe. riiHlS EXCELLENT MEDICINE, WHICI Jl ha* atta'.m-d a high reputation anrt been ei tenslvely used In Boston and other cities of th East, h*s btrn received and is now offrr^d fe salebvZ D UI LM AN. special agent.U.W Penn sylThnla avmue, ar also by the general agent, coi ner . f I, *rd 3d streets. Navy Vard. The prr"?f* cf lf? < ?<-arv are so numerous, s well authentli a'rd, and of such peculiar charac ?er, tiiat ???ffcTers cannot reasonably hesitate to re ?"elve tbe proffered aid. The Peruvian Svrnp dors not profr*? to bo i turo.all, b-it its ran"" I* exteiiM*e, because man disease", nppmeniiy unlike, are intimately rn lated, and. proceeding from one cause, may h cured by one remedy. The clavs of diseases for which the Syrup pro vidf? a cure, Is precisely that which has so oftei baffled the highest order of medical skill. Tli< facts arc tanglole, the witnesses accessible, an< the safety and ctficacy of the Syrup Incontrovert ible. 1 have analyzed the medical preparation caile< the Peruvian Syrup, with reference to thenuinbe and kind of active subsianccacontalned in lUani the durability of the compound as a nharmaceutl cal article. rhe metallic compounds of arsenic antimony, mercury and zinc are not present, no Is It possible to detect in it the slightest lndlea tion of any metallic and mineral poison Its or ganlc constituents do not include opium, or an' of tue drugs yielding poisonous principles Th constituent, when separated, are not even acrl< to the taste It Is a preparation scientifically an< skilfully compounded, possessing all thedurabil lly of a spirituous tincture, without Its objection able qualities and the activity of Its leading con rtltuent Is preserved through tbe judicious adap tat'on of Us solvent. The point here attained ha beer, frequently and unsuccessfully eougut afte by pharmaceutists. Respectfully, A. A HAYES, M. D. Assayer to State of Massachusetts No. 1ft Boy is ton street, Boston, 3d Nov , 185.1 nov ?>-3m DK. OL'PRIE'S REMEDIES are the onl] effectual cure for External or Internal Pile* Saltrheum. Ring-Worm, ate. They are unrlval led for purifying the blood. SO cents per box Office 78 Nassau street, Neu York. Will be sent by mall. For sale by FORD A BRO., eorner of 11th st aad Penn. avenue. oc ?3 W. U. MITZKKOTT, (frrri|??o? TO G'KoRO* lltt'BV",) *K ?ni ?f Harea k itnesn's and W illlam Miller's CELEBRATEP PIANOS. HAS ALWAYS ON HAND THE LAROEB1 of PIANOS from ?175 up to ?l,eH>. MFLODEONS from #4'? to GUITARS, VIOLINS, BRASS I.NSTKU M1XNTS, FLUTES, BANJOES, ACCORD EONS, ard SHEET MUSIC, cheaper than In anv house south of New York. >luslc published and received every day Plaio* for ml nov 4-tr PROTECTION AND INDEMNITY PROM LOSS BY FIRE : riTK, MARINE, AND INLAND INSURANCE. Jtvth&fisrl Capita! ai 4 ?i/rj?/t/?...Sl,3#?,141 13. FA3MRRS AED MECHANICS' I5SUR AWCE CC , OF PHILADELPHIA. Offl'.e nvrt* ? :il rof'r Ptunn/frnma ni?e?u?? cnnf I7(& tfrc*', T!r<r*Mrtgton Cf'y, D. C. DIRECTORS. Hon. Thus. R. Florence, Charles Dinger, 1 G'-nrgr u. Arnuiron*, Thomas ManderftcM, [ChailcsA Uubiram, Edw-ud R. H^linbolO OenrKe n"lmboM, P. Carroll Brewster, Jdme- E. Neall, l?aae Leech, Jr. THOMAS I', PLORENCE, President. ?DWARD K H B! <MBOLD, Secretary. LOCAL SURVEYORS. Charles Wn!f:r, No. 3*J7 D street, opposite City Ba!I. Jan. M. Thornton,corncr Firststrcctand Virginia av?nue, Irland. James Witliam?, No.22 Four-and-a-half street. John Riegleis, No 501 Thirteenth Btrcet, below Pennsylvania avenue. MARINE SURVEYOR. Capt.J. P. Levy, No. 367 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite National Hotel. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT. John Tiiomaaon. Tiie business of this Company will cornparr fa vorablv with the most successful ot similar institu tions in the United States. Prom the 1st day of August, 1855, in five months, ap t > 1st January, 1P5G, the premiums received amounted to the large sum of one hundred and eight thousand, oue hundred and fifiy-onc dollars, with only fbriysix hundred and sixty six dollais losses eporttd With these evidences of success and good man agemmt, the directors feci justified in soliciting a share of public patronage, believing that the secu rity offered is arr.ile and that ail fair claims will be adjusted more according to equity than legal teebni cal i ties. Tbe coinpary iGrrepared in issue policies agaim-i loss or damby Are on DWELLINGS, FURNI TCRB, MII.L< MANUPAOTtiRIKS, WAKE SOUSES, all descriptions of BUILDINGS, and eircontents, or all kinds of MRRCHANDISE, transported by VfcgSKLH, 8TKAMBOATS, CA NAL BOATS, RAIL&OADS, and the usual cod veyances to or from any portion of EUROPK and AMERICA, and on the hulla of STEAMBOATS navigating the western waters The rales of premium will be aslowasothei companies, and in filiate them every improvement in construction ar.J arrangement will be taken into consideration. All Iomcs speedily adjusted and promptly paid Office northwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and Seventeenth street, Washington citT,DC. Insurance may abo be effoded at the Horn* Office, KortkwMt corner Walnut arui Second Streets, Phila ielpAia, and in other principal cities of the United States by authorised officers of the company. >? n-iy* A MKKICAN ALMANAC?Complete from Its commencement In 1830, down to 1853, In eluding 84 yearsr a single set of the above, rare y to be met with, la for sale by (he underaigaed, innew uniform, fine calf binding. Price M?. FRANCk TAYLOR. Medicine*. STOP THAT COUGH ! THK ?IIhat remedy for coughs, Colds, Caoar and Wnooni??? Con?H PR. ROSE'S COUGH SYRUP Cum Cough* of the worst kind. It also cures hoarseness, sore throat. weakness of the cheat, pain in tkebTca"t and lung affections Where ever there 1? pain mJ x wl?h the Cough Syrup in drop* of Pain Cnret, and yen wltlfind immediate relief Dr. Rose's Cough Syrup relieve* and frequently cures a consumptive cough, and fortl flea the system against further attacks. irr la bottles at SO cents and *1. TO CURE CROUP. The Uvea of thousand of children hare been saved, by using Dr. ROSE'S Group Syrup, it gives instant relief <5 cents a bottle. TO CURE WHOOPING COUGH Dr. HOSE'S Whooping Cough Syrup la the only certain cure for Whooping uough. It cures In a ahort time, and allays all Irritation of the Lungs 50 cents a bottle The above valuable medicines are recommerd ed by Physicians who have tried them In theli practice To be had of all Druggists In Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria. dec 10-4m HOW TO CUKE ALL 1'AIIf. FAIN IS THE FORERUNNER OF MOS1 diseases?cure the Pain and check the disease

DR ROSE'S PAIN-CURER will cure Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Pains In th< Limbs, Sides or Hack, Sprains and Bruises, Eai and Tooth Ache, Pain or Cramp in the Stomact or Bowels, Sore Throat. Burna, Scalds, Ague 01 Lumps In the Breast, Chills, Spinal Affections, and Pains in the feet Indeed, It cures all Pain. 1E7* 12X > *^5, and 50 cents a bottle. If you are Bilious and have a bad Cold, tak< DR ROSF'S RAILROAD OR ANTI-B1L 10 US PILLS. Ttev cany off all bile and re move a ccld. These Pllla go ahaed of all othei Pills In their good effects. UjT Boxes 12k and *5 cents. Sold by all Druggists In Washington, Georgetown, and Alexandria. dec 10-4m eOUGHS-COLDS?HOAB8EHESS UK. TYLBK'I COMPOUND SYRUP OF GUM ARABIC The most Pleasant, Safe and Speedy Cart for Whooping Cough, Croup, Asthma, Diseased Lungs, and Consumption. Enttrtd according to Act ofCongrt*t,A- D. 1637 IN AGAIN PRESENTING TO THE NOTICE of the public the above remedy, we feel tha little apology Is needed. Vast number* in ai sections of the Union are obliged to h-xve reeourst to other sources of relief thsn the Immediate pre script on of their family physician, and as sack return of the winter season brings out a host o] professedly new specifics. some good, others use less, and many decidedly dangerous, It becomei as much a matter of duty as Interest, believing this to be a remedy, combining the greatest ad vantages, with the least objections of any othei In use, to make It as extensively known as p/ac ticable. That such Is Its character, Is abundantly proved by the fact, that It has been extensively used the last twenty years with unparalleled sue cess; that Its reputation has continued to spread and its sale Increase, with little aid from adver tlslng or published lists of certificates, (whicl all know can as easily be had for a worthiest preparation as for a meritorious one,) that by It own Intrinsic merit, with the recommendation o persons benefitted by its use, It has gained It preient popularity; it is not trumpeted to th< wo*ld a* a specific or cure all, but as a valuable and scientific auxiliary in pulmonary cases, read; p.t hand, and one that has been generally fount to afford relief where most others have been trlec without material benefit As such, it Is recog n'*ed by numbers of our leading physicians, wn< know Its composition, and have beeu eye wit ncssrs of its superior efflca'-y, as well as by thou sand* of onr most respectable citizens, to most o whom reference Is cheerfully permitted. Sold at Ik cents, or thw bottles In one, 50 ets. by NAIRN ft PALMER, and CHAB. STOTT Washington; CI8SEL, Georgetown, and PEEI ft STEVENS, Alexandria. Also, " TYLER'S GUM ARABIC COUGI CANDY DROPS.'1 the same composition in i portable form, mucn patronised by public speak ers,slnger8, frequenters of public assemblies, ftc as they remove all husklness from the throat ant voice, and act like a charm on a troublesome cough. Price 12tf and 25 cents a box. decJMy CHERRY PECTORAL, For the rapid Care of COUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, BRONCHITIS,WHOOPING-iOIkH, CROUP, ASTHMA, AND CONSUMPTION. Among the numerous discoveries Science has made in tills generation to facilitate the business of life -Increase Its enjoyment, and even prolong the term of human existence, noneean be named of more real value to mankind than thl* contribution of Chmilstrv to the ileallng Art A vast trial of its virtues throughout this broad country, has oroven beyond a doubt, that r.o medicine or com bination of medicines yet known, can so surely control and cure the numerous varieties of pulino nary disease which have hitherto swept from our midst t honsands and thousands every year 1 nd*-ed there is now abundant rea?on to believe a Reme dy has at length been found which can he relied on, to cur* the most dangerous affections of the lungs. O'lr space here will not permit us to pub lish any proportion of the cures effected by its use but we would present the followingand refei lurthereniulry to my American Almanac, which ta? agent below named, will alwavs be p eased to furnished free, wherein are full particulars, and Indisputable prool cf these statements. Oppici of Transportation, 1 l.aurens,R R.,S C., Aug 4,1832. S Dr J.C.Atk* Dear Sir.?Myllttleson,four ye*\rs old, has Just recovered from a severe attack of magl'gnant Scarlet Fever, hi* throat was rot ten, and every person that visited him, pronounc ed him a dead child Having used your Chbrrt Prctokal, in California, in the winter of lb50, for a severe attack of Bronchitis, with entire suc cess, I was induced to try It on my little boy. 1 gave him a tea-?po?n-full every three hours, com mencing In the moming, ana by ten o'clock at night, f foi'id a decided change for the better, end after three day? use, ho was able to eat or dilnk without pain. Itsnse in ll>e above named disease will save mnny a child from a premature grave, and relieve I be anili ty oi many a fond parent For all af fections of the and Lungs, 1 belle,vo it the bost medlcl' e <xtaut. A fooling; of the deepest Rratltude, pronr.pts >ne In addressing you these nes,?b,:t for your Important discovery, my little boy wo-ild now have been In another world. 1 am yours with great respect, J. D. POWELL, Supt. Traas , L. R. R. Rockt Hill, Somerset Co , n. J . 1 July 21, 18W. I Dr J C. At br,?Since your medicine has be come known here it haa a creater demand than any otter coti^h jemedy we nave ever sold, it is spoken of In terms of unmeasured praise by those who have used it, and 1 know of some cases where the best they can say of It is not too much for the rood it has done. 1 take pleasure In selling It, because 1 know that 1 am giving my customers the worth of their money, and 1 feel gratified in roelng the benefit It confers. Please send me a further supply, and bellevo me Vours, with respect, JOHN C.WHITLOCK. P. S Almost any number of certificates can be sent If you wish It. Windsob, C. W., June'*!. Dr. J. C. Atir. Sir,?This may certify that 1 have used your Chrsrt Pbctoral for upwards of one year; and It is my sincere belief that 1 should have been in my g ave ere this time if 1 had not It has cured me of a dangerous affec tion of tho lungs, and I do not overstate my eon victims when 1 tell you It is a priceless remedy. Vours very respectfully, D. A. McCLU RE, Attorney at Law. Wilksbarrr. Pa , September 89, 1850 Dr J . C Atrr. My dear Sir ?Your medicine is much approved of oy those who have used it here, and Its composition is such as to Insure and maintain its reputation I Invariably recom mend It for pulmonary aflfectlons, as do many of our principal physicians 1 am your friend. CHA8 STREATER,M. D. Prepared by DR. J. C. AYER, Chemist, Low ell, Mass bold by Z D. GILMAN, Washington, and all respectable druggists. dec 8-4 m VENISON. A FEW SADLES VERY HANDSOME VEN ISON Just from the mountains. KING * BURCHELL, dee 10 ooraap Vermont aveaueaadUtk at. L. J* M1DDLKTON, DIALS E I* 10 I. ^OjHsaadBtthwo* aeraer o^ Pjyd Information tor Trtnlin, TEX HEW TORE AND LIVBBPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL ITCAMIHI, Tkt Sk*/>? rumpUti Liri art : The A rLAM TIC Capt Oliver Kldrldg* The BALTIC Capi Joseph Comstock. The ADRIATIC Capt Jamo Wn These ships having been built by contrast e* rreasly foi Government servlcc, every care bat been taken Id their ccnstiuctlon, as alsoln-hel' engines, to Insure strength and apeed: and theli accommodations for passengers are unequalled for ei? gance and cornf >rt. Price of passage from New York to Liverpool In flr?tcabin, Gift, In second do , ?75; exciuslv* use of extra size state rooms, 8J<5- From L m pool to New York, 30 and SO guineas An axpe rienced Surgeon attached toeacnsblp. No bcrthi can be secured until paid for The shlj s of thb line have Improved water-tight bulk heads, and to avoid danger from Ice will not eroaa the Bsnki north of 42 degrees, until after the lat of August. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILINO t ROM NKW YdRK. , FROM LIVRKPOOL. Saturday, January a, Hi* . Jaoaary ?, l*i Saturday, Jtnm.-r x?, VvliMdij, Jinurj tl, 1* Saturdaj. January 31, laS?' W?lo?a.Uy. T>^>r\ity 4. 1*5 Saturday, Fabrnary It, 1I&; *? InfxU', F*broary IS, 1M Saturday, Mar h 14, 141 Wp<tiiu4>r, Htrrh 4, ll>' !*at?rday, Aj.rtl 11, l?iT W<-dr**iav. April 1, 1U Saturday, M.y ?. ItiT W?du*aday. A|>rll IMS Sainrday. May 23. 1?J7 Sa:ur l?T. Juu? ?, lu: Sat-irday, Ju n? ?:?, 1 8aturd-y, Jul/ 4, IMT Stturda.r, Jn'f It, 1*67 W?.ln??d?', Mar ISft' W<xli Hdtr, Jan* IS, ISt * ?daasdar, J?o? s?, isa WalDeada.r, July S, la* WrtD??4ay, Julj Ti, 1M F or freight or paw a e apply to EDW'DK COLLINS, No ?6 Wall-s! ,N. Y BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO , Llvrtp >ol. STEPHEN KENNARD A CO , No X7 Ana tin Frlar*. London B G WAIN WRIGHT A CO , Pail*. The owners of these ahlps will not be accoun tab:e for gold, 'liver, bullion, apec!e, Jewel jy precious stones or metals, unless bit s rf kadlnf are signed theieXor acd tie value their of express ed theie'.n feb 3 WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD Trains leave Washington for BALTIMORE at 0 and a. m , and 3 and 4# p.m. On8unaayat4k p.m. Leave BALTIMORE for WASHINGTON at 4#and9j{a m , and 3 and 5# p. m. On Sunday at 4 jf a m. Passengers for Phlladelphlaand New York will take Trains at fi, and 4 W. For Annapolis will take Trains at 6# and 4tf. For Norfolk will take Trains at 6s aad 3 For the Weft wll take Trains at <> and 4^; con necting at the Washington Junction i*n lo-tf T. H. PARSONS, Agent. FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. BALTinOHE AND OHIO KAILKOAD, Neio and Improved Arrangements. TWBKB TRAINS DAILY FROM BALTI more, for Cumberland, Wheeling, ami al parts of the w^t ls>t. The ACCOMMODATION TRAIN wlli leave, (except Sunday) at 6 IS a m , connecting with trains from Philadelphia, tlrst train fron Washington (at Junction) -will htop at way ata tlous ana arrivr at Cumberland at 4 o'- lock p. m 2d The MAIL TRAIN leaves Camden Sta tion dallv (except Sunday) at 8 30 a. m , am reachcs Wheeling by 4 a m , connecting at Ben wood with trains for Columbus. Cincinnati, Day ton Indianapolis, Louisvttle, Cleveland. Toledo Detroit, Chicago, St Louis, Cairo, and lnterine dlate points. Jd The EXPRESS TRAIN leaves dallv a 7 p. m., connecting with express trains for Cln cianatl, St. Louis, Cslro, Chicago, and lnterme dlate places The distance to Cincinnati am other centra] and southern places In the West, it nearly 100 miles shorter than by anv other route The time to tucse places is also unequalled. JIT- Baggace checked through to Co.umbus Cincinnati, Indianapolis, ard St. Louis IpT Passengers and Baggage transferred at al points free THROUGH TICKETS will be sold to all th, large towns in the \\ est, at the lowest poulbli rates, at the Ticket Olfice. Camden Station, act at Washington city. 49* A second-class car la attached to the Mai Train. Passengers fromJBaltimoreor Washington mat vitw the entire rood by dnyl>gkt, by taxing Ac commodatlon or Mail Train, and lying over a Cumberland or Oakland They resume nex morning by the Express Train, which leave! RJumi<erland at 2 50 a m ; and reaches Wheel' ine at 2 p. m Puseetger* from Washington have ample tim< for meals at Washington Junction. This Is the only rouie by which Through Tick ets and Baggage Checks can be obtained li Washington FOR WAY PASSEXGEES The Accommodation Train at ? 45, will stop al all stations east of Cumberland, and the Expresi at stations between Piedmont, golr.g west East wardly the Mall Train leaves Wheeling at 7 15 a m . and Accommodation leaves Cumberland at 6.24, reaching Baltimore at 6 45 p m. The FREDERICK TRAIN starts at 4 p m , (except Sunday) stopping at way stations Leaves Frederick at 9 a m , arriving at Baltimore at 12 30 noon. The ELLlCOTT'S MILLS TRAIN leaves Camden Station at 6 a m and 3 30 p m Leaves hlllcott's Mills at 7 30 a m, and 730 p m , ex cept Sundays. W S WtfODSlDB, jan 10-tf Master of Transportation. ORANGE A ALEXANDRIA BAILB0AI gr?t Sonthern Mail Lfat I ?*- TWICE DAILY H XS9NDAT NIGHTS EXCEPTED) Between Washington City and th? 8ontfa! VIA: ALEXANDRIA, ?ORDONSVILLE, RICHMOND, l?AN V1LLE GREENSBOROUGH,N. C. Leave Washlngtou zt, o'clock, A M Leave Washington at 7 ?? P.M. L^eave Alexandria at.............7 ?? A.M. Leave Alexandria at 8 p M. OMNIBUSES and BAGGAGE WAGONt will be at the Washington RalDoad Depot to con vey PASSENGERS and BA6GAGE, Fr?? ?/ (TA?rf?,to 8TEAMKR GEORGE PAGE.for ALEXANDRIA, a dls- jCBBL taoe of six miles, aUowlng ample tlnerorHmi. Fare from Washington to Rlcnraond 95 50 P*ro '* " Danville 11 00 I"a?? ?' * " Greensborough...l2 0? Tickets procured on the boat. Expeditlo and Comfort are aecored by this Route, as it Is a Minor nasr class naitme&B vaoM ALEXANDRIA TO DANVILLE. THROGGH PASSENGERS and BAGGAGh tarried wflhcatoost to the Depot of tke Peters bars RalDead. JAMES A. EVANS, 1 A?eat, Alexandria, Va. dHRAT HE1M CTION IH THE FBIC2 OF B00TI AHD OAITIBI I HAVE ON COMMISSION, FOR A TRIfc adelpkla manu faeturer, a first rate Sewed or Pegged Calf Skin BOOT at I'J.fiJ, full as good as those usually sold al 85 or 80; asd a French Calf Pstent Leather GAITER at 8-*? .30, as good as any at 85; a flrst rate Calf Gaiter at 82.50, these are the beat goods that Is (or ever were) sold In the District for the price; for the {?roof, come and see or yourself. Terms positively eaak. No extra Sr?.lck*rg?d to oftet bad debts. Call at the Ih w YORE HAT STORE, Seventh street, near Pennsylvania avenue. ? ?4-tf ANTHONY, Afent. NEW AND BEAUTIFUL STYLE. Mannfactarsd frsna Slnts 8tsns, kv tks West Castletea Slate rsmpany, ft. HHH ESH MANTELS ARE ENAMELLED IN X imitation of the richest and most expensive EGYPTIAN. LISBON, VRRD ANTIQUE, PORPHYRVjPYRENEHS, BROCATELLA, AO ATE, SPANISH GALWAY, and other rare and desirable MARBLES. The Imitations are so perfect that they chalengethe elossst scmtlay They are so highly polished that they retain fesilr beauty much longer than marble; are not Injured by smoke, coal gas, or rcids, and can be sold much cheaper than any others In market. Prloe ranging from 8125 to 812. Architects, Builders asd others are lnrlted to oall and examine samples at No. 512 Seventh ?treet, 3 doors below Odd Fellows' Hall, np stairs. T. M HANSON, se 12-ly PURE SILVER WAR*. 80LID SILVER TeI SETS, SILVER FORES AND SPOONS, SOLID SILVER WAITERS, PITCHERS, OOBLET8, #> CUFB ALSO, FANCY SILVER WARE, citable tot WEDDING PRESENTS. The above are all of ear own mnnnlMMare, sad WAanAjftip reaa. mTw. SALT * BIO* BOT 19-ki ?4 Peaa*a awsnt. Pro* oeAls Ibr Erecting the Poet OAm Cturthouss at Indianapolis, Indiana. Waibimtoh. | PROPOSALS WILL BK RECEIVED AT this department until th? 17th day of F?hm ary, A D 18?T. at II o'clock, noon. for ?he cor struction of ?hc Poet Office and Court-house an thorlied to be erected at Indianapolis, Indiana arrordl ng to the plana and specification* nmj at this department; ?aid proposals to be either for the whole building, or separate for dlfcwt kinds of work; Mils of parcels must In every raae accompany each bid, with the amount of each kind of work, and the total amount oar.led out the department reserving the right to reject or ac cept the proposals hereby Invited, or anv parts thereof, when It deem* the Interest of the Called stats* requires it; th% department also reserves the right to exclude the bids of any person or per. sons who there Is Just cause to beileve will not fkltbfully perform the contracts, or which they have attempted to obtain by Indirection; and all bids when there ahall be parties la Interest who do not Join In the bids, and all bids that, upon Investigation, are below a fh'r price for the work. Bids will not be received ta gross, and no con tract will be awarded tea bidder unless detail* are furnished the departnu nt of the prices of the different kinds of work and materials, which shall be subject to the revision of the depart meat, so that It inay adopt the whole or a part of the bid, aa the interests of the United Htales mar re quire Ninety per cent of the amount of work dooe and materials delivered, according to eoatra<t price, (said amount to be ascertained by the esti mate of an agent of the department appointed for that purpose ) will be paid from Utne to time, as the work progresses, and ten per cent retained until the completion of the contract and accept ance of the work, Ac , by the agent aforesaid, and be forfeited In the event of aon fulfilment of contract Contracts will be awarded only to master bul d ars and mechan'cs, and the assignment thereof, except by concent of the Secretary of the Treasury, will be a forfeiture >4 the aame Kacb proposal must oe accompanied by a w.-lt ten guarantee, signed by two responsible persons {certified to be so by tne United states district judge or attorney of the said district,) In the sum of ?i tkH?, for the whole work, or of a propor ate amoant, if for any part, tbat the bldd-r will, when required, if his proposal be accepted, enter Into a contract and bond, with proper and sul clent securities, for Its faithful performance Form of bond and certificate required will be tarnished on application to the department 1'lans, specifications, and worklag drawings will be ready after thirty days, when the>- caa be had on applicaMon to the department So bia trill he eon*idored unless ti filljr ccu plir.s in all its details witk tkt requirement* V tkit adrertisemrnt The proposals must be sent to this department, addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury, and plainly endorsed " Proposals for the Indianapo lis Post OJftre and Ctsrl-iosii," and will be opened at 10 o'clock a m , of the last day named for receiving the same. JAMES GUTHRIE, Secrctarv of the Treasury. d? lfi-2awt17Feb Proposals for Erecting the Cus'om-Houss *c-, at Galvestcn, Tex At TatAsrkT Bvabtmit, I U'AMiifHTon. December 10. } PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED AT tills Department until the 12th day of Feb-u ary, A D 1557, at 12 o'clock, noon, for the cos structlon of the Custom House, l'ost Ofilce. and Court Rooms,authorized to be erected at Galvct U?n, Texas, according to the plats and specifica tions prepared at this Department, said prop*, sals to be either for the whole building, or sera rate for the difierent kinds of work, bills of parcel, must in every ease acccmpany ra<-b bid, with th^ amount of each hind of work, and the total amount carried out; the department reserving the right to reject or accept the proposal* hereby In vlted, or any parts thereof when It dtrmi the is. terest of the United States requires It, the depait. ment also reserves the right to exclude the bids of any person or persons whom there is just cacse to believe will not faithfully perferm the eon tracts, or which they have attempted to obtain by Indirection; an a all bids when There ahall be par ties in IhteTest who do not join in the bids, and all bids that, upon Investigation are below a fair price for the worfc. Bids will not be received In gross, and no con tract will be awarded to a bidder unless details are furnished the department of the prices of the different kind* of work and materials, which shall be subject to the revision of the department, so that It may adopt the whole or part of the bid as the interests of the United States may require Ninety per cent of the amount of work done and materials delivered, according to contract price, [said amount to be ascertained by the est), mate of an agent of the department, appointed for that purpose ] will be paid from time to time, as the work progresses, and ten per cent, retained until the completion of the contract, and accept ance of the work, Ac , by the a^ent sforeoeld, and be forfeited in the event of non fulfilment of contract. Contracts will be awarded only tomsster build ers and mechanics, and the assignment thereof except by consent of the Secretary of the Trea sury, will be a forfeiture of the same Each proposal muat be accompanied by a writ ten guarantee, aigned by two responsible person* (certified to be so by the United 8late? dlstilct Judge or attorney of the said district,) in the awn of 95,000. for the whole work, or a proportionate amount, If for anv part, tbat the bidder will, when required, If his proposal be accepted, enter Into a contract and bond, with paper and seAelsn: securities for Its faitful performance. Form of boad ar.d certiflate iequired will be furnished together with plans, specifications, and work!re drawing^, on application to the depar ment No bid will be conaldered unless It fully com Klee in all its details with the requirements of Is advertisement The proposals must be sent to this departs t.\ addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury, acd plainly endorsed " ProjotaU for tkt Galttsten Cu^tom?koute]', and will be opened at one o Ciock p. m , of the last dav named for rece} vine theaame. JAMKs GUTHRIE, dee l?-3awtl2Feb i*ecretarv of the Treasury Proposals for Erecting the Custom Hons*) Ac., at Dubuque, Iowa. Tkbascet Dar? iitmim, ) WitsissTOH, December 17, 1666. \ Proposals \%ill be received at this department until the 17th day of Feb ruary, A.l? 1857 at ? o'clock, a m .torthecon str.ictlon of the Cu-tom-house, Post Oflce. and Court-room, authorized to be erected at Dubuque, Iowa, according to the plans and specification Erertared at this department; said proposals M e either for the whole building or separate f ^r different kinds of wcrk ; ?Ills of parcels must In every ca-eaccompany each bid, wlih the amount of each klud of work, and the total amount cer rledout; the department reserving the rlgiit to reject or accept the proposals hereby Invited, or any parts thereof, when it deems tbe Interest of the United States requires It; the department also reserves the right to exclude the bids of any per son or persons who there ia lust cauec to belW will not faithfully perform the contract, or which tbey have attempted to ob*.tln by indireetlof , and all bids when there shall be partle?ln Inm ost who do not Join In the bid*, and ail bids thai upon Investigation, are below a fail price for the work. Bids will not be received in gross, and no cor* tract will be awarded to a bidder unles* detail* are furnished the depaitftient of the prices of the dtTerent kinds of work and materials, which shall be subject to the revision of the department, so that it may adopt the whole or a part of the bid, at the Interests of the United States may re quire. Ninety per cent of the amount of work dons and materials delivered, according to contract price, (said amount to be ascertained by the esti mate of an agent of the department appointed for that purpose,) will be paid from time to time a? the work progresses; and ten percent retained until the completion of the contract and accept ance of the work, Ac , by the agent aforesaid, and be forfeited in the event of non-fulfilment of the contract. Contracts will be awarded only to master-bnl'd ers and mechanics, and the assignment thereof, except by consent of tiic Secretary of :he Treasury. Will be a forfeiture of the *ame Each proposal must be accompanied by a writ ten guarantee, signed by two responsible person*, (certified to be so by the L'?lted States district Judge or attorney of the said district.) In the sum of 95.000 for the whole work, or of 4 Proportion ate amount, If for any part, that the bidder will, when required. If his proposal be accepted,enter Into a contract and bond, with proper and su? cleat securities, for Its faithful performance Form of bond and certificate required will be urnlshed on application to the department. Plans, *pe. locations, and working drawing* will be ready after thirty days, wImi tbey can be had on application to the department No bid will be considered unless it fully com plex in all its details witk tkt requirements of tkit advertisement. The proposals muat be seat to this department, addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury, and plainly endorsed 44 PrcposeUs for tke Vubu</M? Custom-konse,"?and will be opened at 10 o'clock, a. m , of the last dav named for receiving tfcf . JAMES GUTHRIE, dec !8-2awtl7Feb Secretaryof the Treasury R OAS P ITDKII. IL,M!.LLKR> 9?N * CO, ALKJLAN -+ drla, Va.. keep conaSantly on hand a hand ?* CHANDKL1KM, PENDANTS, rir .. . ' *c > from the oelebrated factory of 0>rnellus 4 Baker, which they will guarantee so tall at the same prloes chawed to private par tke salerooms on Chestnut stmt, rtll sdatphla Also, Drop-lights, Cut Slaai and fiad egsamtee for youreelvw. dec I