Newspaper of Evening Star, February 12, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 12, 1857 Page 4
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B-V-tf-N Hf G ST30T. WHY 80 PALE W ky to tale and wan. fbnd lover * PrltiiM* whv no pale ' Will, when looking well can't mow her. Looking 111 prevail ' Pricker wby look so pale * W by to duii and mute, >oung sinner ' Prithee wby 90 mute * Will, when speak':i? well, can't move her ? Saving nothing dot'i ? Prithee whv *? mute 7 Quit, quit for shame, this wli, not move. Tb's cannot take her ; U of herself she will not love Nothing can make her 'Jhedevii rake her' [Sir John Su?blin?t lii,*tt ARRIVALS ATTriF F H LNC ! PAL HOTELS Naii??ta1 tloiel.? CTTT A 3RICG3 Col May, USA ?*? Cox, O H W Derby, Pa C L Derby. do J Duncan, do J K Martin. Va G B Athene, N V J M Jeunln^ llr M Moore, Wast W K Henry, low* J Dougherty Kv H Doa^hertv, d<> U ? Mail Md V B i'penc r, d. \V D Ciarke, da J H .Xtarmm Va k. Gross,do C ISewman, d>> Pronii?" 1 ly, NY G MrMnliea, Md O S maiblnt. do Alaj i?ibley, L ba r, 1U H F Barr, da M Oldwlne, ;v, Vj T H Gary, ly, dy J 8 Latham. t-'f, Me Mr* Howard, dr. V# T Ludlow, fawu Md R W Harper, K I. Parker, do Miss !?Ui*d*ll', do J Shepherd Va W Deiieman, Md J P Kl< Lorson, Va Mr Turner. L Houpt A ly, Pa C F Morton Jt !y do fir \v livln, Pa J Irvln, do *4 \> llrptman, Va I) Le.t-.un, Pa J V McCailam, J C Howe, N J V Brent, Md roi ^oiliion, do ? White, Va 1 A l-inerl:b,Pa J 8 Thomson, III It I* Mwrlrk, do ? TP k M BJt&WI <? W miliary, M l M S PiuiBitt.'r, do ?Irs itlehardson, Ky J n Hoge, Va I* White,4o l> MlUwu, Va Misa Brown, do S M ?ommers. dti J S drjy, ly. Md \V N Bowl*; do Dr Hirdiag, <10 i Mr* Faulhner.IVa K F Gainey, Pa Mrs Barney, tl IV i|lnr?l?* If otrl - J fl .1 n \ WiLLiRJ J C K-uie. Pa MU? Kyle. Co K G Sesame s, V a J J Swee'ity ly, NY A O Pree'ala, Pa G W hdwaru*. DC 8 Lvmjn ly. N v Mrs Carter do J Chue. >l?? L A stllletu. d > J C Lor nt st-rvr, do G Winter, ly. Pel Intrriiitio'H'l W M dtmole, Va W T Md :i, Md F I) Thomson N V J T F?sb, Mo W AuntinKtrn, Mav T M?rrl? n !y. d> J G Marttfi, Cam. \J VV \ Hartvr, V T G McDowell. Pa A MeDsmH, Va W B Me k?r, Ni Hlr ? w?s-' J R Core Pi J Pringle, NV A King, ir, %Tas? R W \Vatalns. > V ?; Wall, d > A T Danberj. %Id 11 L^mford. BCJ T Granger. Va M D .Mason, ly, IS V J P t horn, Va A S Rldgeiy, Md M II G 5*onaerl>, Ma ss :* S Carroll, >>d J K Laiut rd, %*C S G Hartne', Pa. J T Hike, ?y. N V Col Huger, USA ?''enn. avenue. J G Lorinfl-id, NV ?i rCanteii. Md It Hardie. NC J It HaU. NJ ? M H Roberts', d>< G C Wharton, Va W L S llowav, Ten i J 1* Withers, ly, Ky L Brenner, N\ 8 A Danforth, Va J XV J * A B. KiRSWOOD T W Biran. d? J C ao>Haail, Va W W i nstlce, d ? A L P Lak*n, d > T J Mehaffev, do II W Matgre. La fJ*A R M ?* FUR SAL.E?INTENDING 'i'0 cu t:vate n larger farm, ti e ?".bsrrlbrr wilt iieil th* ftrm In A -xandrui county, Virginia, on which be h.* resided for tae past *evf?n vears. It contains 51 acres, r nd is slt'osteil near Balls s< K'jod-). 3^ ml'es from the bav^tr.wn Aqnedaci, and i fnll-? from both VVash'T^ton and Alevan drii There are upon It a comfortable and well arraa^ed d jrelilig hons?, containing six rooms, wlh f*>nt and i? :k covered p 'nl-oi. the farmer JS bv 12 feet; a kite hen ; a comfortab'e house for servaau or rann hands . a targe and ? onvenlent barn, with atabll u !o: sis h ?rs<?3 an l a>j many cowrf,ai?d ut aiupieci*t?*rn cet ached to the barn;) r r*>ot <*el!ar nnder tb^ earn, to L>.d butbels of r.-?ots f r market or stock f eilia^; ice be use; sprlak hous#-; smoke L ; ? orn honv; a etone Bit art root Louse, and a ?toe boas-;. Also, a good daily a-*r the come-.vad doj;. from th? aettt falU.'g spr ;g of whic? watn .a oi.^i ned xot all the rt.iulre aejts of tu* c~:upai There la alaj iv t??- fHise s?:? orchard ot m:r? than a lbou*i&d thrift| t.'te-?of : .d-r n: phiy?M con ?'sti?K c? tn* r: wMSci ct pr?rh,s ip. jj.e , j<e^ra, (iwa / aad ktand^rd.) uberrle? and q i!ne-*? At p?*>*nt fonrteen acre4 ^re s-eded down to wh?*at and rye; six In tlmotby, (voiding on ave age cf at le*it twe tons per acr?*.1 four In a market gaitlea; four in clove'; tw^'.v* ready to be pat la corn and oats In the sprlntr, rod eleven In wo?d, ol wblcb there Is an ample inpply for all th? purpijiiea of the p!ar. I'Lls farm has oeen calt<v*ied with carr and ;s vprv prodnctive. no pala- na^ln^ t-*n sporedto render It remnner atlve and to :ua>" It complete In nil I'm appctnt nfcMjt*. .I"o.- a dairv mail a: d market garden farnue', '* a cant .*,* n:an, >-r : tbe <t,nntrv tt**l denc?? of a p'-r^^n d^lnr: fcnsln?vs !n either j\e!Tb bcrin ' cllf W:K> pref. rs u a?rtady In all r^per'ts bb*b'v Jtu[o>Til '? Is fij??r?f)r to tny <>tb^r .ow i-'f sia t AUj, TH I' BH PEN r AKnl,i"Jafp-; slta au>d W; u.a ?eis Itm r v^uer; r ct ?. nl:eof tte Columbia < .4 1 tur.iplkea, the fvrorr leidlagt - Wa^u'.agton, and tiie i.utcr to Alex audrla. T i'.i place Is In tu t>i.m?dl ite vit lnlty of Baii^y'd a (lu Alexandriac? .:i*v, Va .) ar.d !i at*oa >1: mibn from ou.h cities ;:amed ab)/e. :.. Itanort bur.; o/aboui ^ji caMc# pea j ixet*:, i^ix?t of tUeu ia!ely ?et out, a d'/el l'ag-bu'i>v; th tl c^a b- UMde co a. '.'-dble for a LUiiier'; ?a'^ilyat -,iaali some -lab.lag, and one of :ae springs In all tbl* region of country. 'I'bere la wood er.a t^b upon the tract toi lt+ -< '^s-it e? l here t.? n- uettt'r soli within tLL-ty ? itkstas iku IhaltfOk Bte de.; pi-. ; n-r . u\/ t?ucb p?*. e tLatianb>' r<n d'"? . ? I ' V proper atten tlaa, iLe u bdag t.'i flac t^...ta: :uls time. f <>r t-*r rrs fo' e!ti.. r 01 br.Lli tbfar farms, wblcb w?U l> !.. ?d ?to ?nli rse flm.**, apply to der?f >v 11 .? ALI.ACtf, Star OflUe isrz?.: : a Lov/Er of ^eposites M'J-Vt i :o l.O A V cm STOCK SECURITIES. [ BANKERS. Opnoaite the Treasury TUT l!OU9E OF CHUBB BROTH* R 8, W.i?hicgt<m, is eotrpofed cf CHV4. ?tJ <;hitbb, KIHN D HAH HOW, IliNF V iiOL.MfcS. THE HOUSE OE CHUBb B?0iHE-<. BAEROW L CO , D? ritrt rt, Iow?, is ct c-f Ctlvtf s*tJ CHUBB. Al.ti H H B\KRUW, Jan 17-lf WM II DOUSAk rnn^ffir in Brvnte ? k";rt * ' 0yKuge e ru? Los f Deieytisr ; La Goorfta'.div ; ( e (5 ' r ? toilere. sid ot' e?? * Br Dum'J-r rre ie Cnel ;?Vn I>*1 Ma-?i?e Ptax de; B-raard; Le Cit ttl-.f Marlon: Hls W?lred'as?l?rt, La Mala ur lt/>; i* Ken? and otherb A ad maiv of the \ow .n cc? of Ja cob. Paul F vai Coie'. b't Steudhsl, Bertbet OoMasser, Bomleu, Ci)t?g?, aid otber writers tbl? day opea.i direct fr^u Par^s f?b 5 Mi A N C K 1 a LOR U bAS r XTtliJhS. H MILLbK. JrON ?- CO , ALKXAN ? drl- Va . ks?p cnastantlv o;j band a band loifi' th ?* yet CUANUkUK^, PKNDAN TS HK VCXKTS. Ac , from the -?*i*brstM factor/ oi !'.u-? i Miker w .l;:i th^v wiil g.iar-.atee tr ??'.l at t!L? ?3u. pr'.cea ch?r?"? io private pur ? a* tb? ril"5' "?'ns in C best a at "'reet, 1 LU *d*-;pau Ata ? ?>r p ilghu, Cut i?lass and dseorate 1 t*ap?r -siisdfm, rn great Virlety ?"aii ?i;U i-i for foarisivct. d<* 1 A C4>at)M 1. 1 A f.PHRNK, feTH KRIAi 1 *? (Mi, latriips*. Ae Also. Artt-.t*' Ms --r?al*i;nd Brmhr*. ILe traa? suvp.v d at lowest market prlres by tlOWKLL A MURSKLL jsni l \o rxiCst bet ftth and 7th. ]\TfcV% WW ? ^ U?KH Mill Feb.? i.v Cobb's greatest *;id n.o&t d?*-ply Interest!: g ?trry corflsaed Bu v tbe Ledger at Pi:K9USON'? ftb ft 4-nJ Seventh street COAPWl'Hr. GKIDDLES?THK CAKLB ^ van ???* browned handsomely on these OrlddLee Wlthrat grea?e and smoke janr- V FRANCIS, 1*?rtb st U5UZJU) ?1AIJU MAIL ' TEXAS TO CALIFORNIA. P??t l?rnc? DrrARTNiHT, FeK 2, 1H5'. |>KurOS\LS FOU CONVEYING THE MAILS I of the TTnited ? ?N frr in Julj 1? 1K?7, to Jone TO, I Oil, between Saw Axn^m, T?x?s, and SaN Diboo, Caiuuimu, will b? received at the Contract Office of this Department, until 3pm .of tneJln oi March n?*\t, to be decided by the 25th April fol lowin*. r\7.: So *?>?* From San Antonio, Texas, by Frsnklin, (New Mexico.) [Kl Paio.j M?*il!o, Jtie son, (Arizonis,) and Colorado city to Sao Utef ?. Californ.a, 1, 4)0 nulei and back, once a moath. I. ave Han Antonio lit day of each month, at ft a m Arrive at Sai Piego by the Ian day of tame trrnth l.enve s*a Diego 1st day of each month, at 6 n in Arrive at Stn Anlouio by the Ta=t day of same mouth. Proposals may be suliuitted for service by a -;l?eJult* proposed Hv the bidder. Proposals for service once a week are invited. For flu in* of proposal, gunrantee, and certificate; ,V?o i lstrnetionp and requirement* to b? < nilraced m the contract, see auvertisem *nt of this i^ate in the papers, and in pamphlet form. to be had at the department. I AMES CAMFBELL, *?b 4 1 aw-1? X fr*0"1 master Oeneral. I No. 672 } By tha President of the United State*. IN PURSUANCE OF LAW, I, FRANKLIN riF.RIT, Preai'lmt of the United States of Am-*rita, do lurtby deoJnre a id make known that pnl. ?e mle< will Ij ? held at the miderinentl >ued Land Oflies in the Si ate of low a, at the p?nods hereirnftef ile? ignaltd, lo wit: At the La 11 Office at Ojsoe, comment in* on Monday. Me fourth d.ty ot May next. lor the disposal of tha pub ic a id situa'ted wilhin the following Daiu.'d townships, viz: South ?J the base line am! utit of th? fifth principal meridian. \ Townships ninety nine and one handre J, of range ten. IVwn'hipa n*nctv-ei|(ht, ninety nine, and one hundred, or iange eletcu Townhip- nineyeijjht, nine, and one tiiiodred, of inngi- tstlvf. Townships ninety nine and one hundred, of mnge thirteen. Township* ninety nine aid one hundred, of ra.ige fourteen. Township* ninety r.ine a id one huudrvd, ul ra ijje fifUcti. Township one hundred, ??< ranfe secenteeti. Township one hundred, ot range twenty. Township* ninety ei^ht a;id nite Lutitirtd, ot range twenty /.'ii ee Townships ninety four, ni .eiy fiv ?, ninety sit, n-nety seven, ninety eigh?, nineiy-iyne, ana tne hundred, i f ra nje twenty four. At the Land Office a' horn Dooge, ron.meii i.ig on Monday, the fourth day of May nei.t, f,r the di; p-.-al of me public land situated within the foil lur ing nam-.d townships. Via: Sorfh of the hase line and we$t of the fifth principal meridian. Townships ntnety-f <ur, ninety five, ninety-six. ninety seven, nireiyeight, nii<et\ niue, and one hanured. of range ta^nty-five. Townships nineiy-toar, ninety five, ninety rt, ninety ?v n, iineiy-eigtit, ninety-nine, and o?e hundred, of m^e ticenty-iix. Townships mn* ty foui, ninety-nine, and one hnn drml.of range txevly <rcen Township one hniidre.', of lange t? tnhfei^ht. Township one liundre J, ot la ice twenty time. Al the l^??id office at ^n x Cm-, e niiueneiae on M -hi day. the fourth day of Ma>j n?j-C, t.*r the riia po^;?' cf ilic public iands situated wi'.hin ?he follow. iiiK nattifd t??rnsh>ps. v z: Soiith of th* *>ast tinr ii>>4 i/-e?/ of the fifth principal mrrWilC. Tjwnship ninety four, of range thirty four rnwiiilnpi ninety foar and ninety-fiv?, o| ta i{?? thirty fiir. Tovrn*hip niaciy flve, of ranee thirty+ir. Townships nintriy six and niue y-aev -n, of ran;e t\irty-*itht'm Townships ninety-six a d ninny-seven, of ran;e tSirN nine. Township ninety-seven, of ranee forty ToA'Ti-itipo ninety-six and ninety eeven, of ta'tge fo tg on~ T ivriirhip ninety-sis, of ranje farty three Township ninety- ?r, of rang?- forty-four.' Township ninety-six, of range/orfy-*re. Townships ninety five and aiatt)' HJ, rf ranje /?trfy-itr Townships ninety-five aid minety-.dx, r.f tange forty seren. Fractional townships ninety f>mr, ninety five, a id ninetv-r'x, of range forty tight. Laa.1? apprcpha ed by law for the u c of scliojift, i tnilirary and othfr purposeo, togetlur with tlio^e ? *swam;? and overflowed lands male thsrtbv unfit for cultivation," if any, g-amed to th* S'ate ov Uie a.'t entrJei ? \n a t to enable the State of Artaioa^ an t ottter to rec!a m the warn plaids' aiiu in tii ! r limns,'- approved pteinb ;r 23Ui, 1850, | wi bj e.tciu led fr?,m the ?a!es. The r.tfcrinj ot tae abjve lands will bs com in r ed >>n t!io days aproinied. au i will proeee I in ih- o;..W ?n whica they are adv^rtlae?, until the wtmle sf a I 1 avtr b?en "offtred, a id the sales thus closed: b it n ? sales shall b" kept open hnnger trian ;wa week1, a id no pruate entry ot n-.ynf the lan-ts w.ii t?. alinitt<d u itll alter the ctpiiatton of two weeks. <?? veu under my la id, a', the city cf Wuhingt-v, 'i.t? fit'iernth day of li^eemb^r, Anuo ll.-tn-rn one thousaal u ^hi iim.iii-J .t id fif'y rit. FR AffKI.IN P1I1R F.. P.y the President: Thomas A HcNr.airics. ? 'ommis?io?er n' ; 'Oanerai Lani Office. Ni?ntT. T<) PRF. F.MPTfON OLAIMANTS. l.v ?y p rj.m en:.ilej io the right of pr? -un.iti ta t'? aiy ft the la .ds within the township a id , a-t ot town: tijet al? >V-' en'Jineiao.ed IS rctiuind t'i e* lab'ish the-am: to the u'JsaMinn of the r^gist.r t.3 r^ceiv ?r of the proper land office, unJ tnaf-epay iit nt Ilii-irjOi 11, snif m fn'aitL'at>'e r.fler ieeiu/ tins uOti e. a-| 1 t'->fore lit- -lay Rp^ointea for tile C. Ill - ui ik ? hi i:t ot Uie |iublic%ale of the la ids rmbrac r.i/ the imm claimed ; otherwise su h < la ui will be lorfetel. THOllA^ A. IIHNDKH k-', '' mm s-ioaer ol the Cenerai ?iJice. ilef 3ti* fNo 574.) NOI ITK II Hbl.ATIIM TO THF. R E MOVALOK TIIK LAND OFFICK FROM HKMCIA TO SAN FRANCISCO, IN CAL1 FORN1A In accordance with the proTlaions of the act cf Congress entitled ?' An act authorizing changes la," approved March 1, lrSi, it Is hereby declared and inada known thst the land office for the sale of public land^ at Hesicia, in the State of California, will be re moved to the city of San Francisco, at as tariy a ptritil ?.? -prnrtirnhlt. Furthur notice of the preche time of removal will be issueti by the register and receiver of the Bentcia Land Offi e Given under my hand, at the cltv of Washing ton, this iCth day of January, A D. 1537. By order of the President: THUS. A HF.NDRICKt*, CommiMloner of the General Land Office. Jan 17-law6w JUHM H. BUTHnAKK, hnporter and Dealer in Wioea, Brandies, Ac. Ptm.i nvtntc, south sidi, bet onddth SIS., HAS IN STORE A VERY* CHOICE AS sortrr.ent of Chaiiipac;ue, In quarts and ? pints, of tho most desirable brands. M Also, sparkling St Peray, white and pink; ? Madeila. Sherry, Port, Teneriffle, Sicily,? Rhine Wine*. .Moselle; French Wines, rea and white; Cognac, Scheldam Gin, Jamacla Rum, ScoXL Whiskey. American Whlskev, Curacoa, Ani*fcU?; and of hlx own preparation. Wild Cherry brandy, Blackberry Juice, Stomach Bit ters. Also, xcnulae Absinthe, Klrschwassor. and Havana Ljgarit den Kujt&wlra. [No 573.J VOTH'K .?l Kr.LATIU.K TO THE RE 11 MOVAL or THE LAND OFFICE FROM ?JE.NESEE TO EAST SAGINAW, IN MICH IG AN ?Ta accordance with tho provisions of the act of Ootgre*!, entitled il An act authorizing changes In the locationof land offices," approved March S, 1657, It Is hereby declared and made known that the land office for the sale of public a-ids at (jz.siiEi In the State of Michigan, will be reu, )7e<i to the towu of East Saginaw, In sa'.d Sta'e, at a.% early a ptriod an practicable. Further notice as to the precise time of removal wl t be is* jed by tne register and recelvet of the benes? Land Office. Gl?liig under my hand, at the city of Waahlng -cn, this 14th <Xay 0f January, A D. 18W. Ey order of the President : THOS. A. HENDRICKS, ,.n of the General Land Office, jan lo ltwtVw A ^.?*dAAcV.T4To'n?o'f*Ij: ?or 2 ?5,'-2.wfu^?5?.p. i%:if.?". Sw VJZZSL mission will be charg d on the amount S sS I will also g ve personal attention to the Rent and 0lter P,?Perty?tot "" "n The public may be aasnrfd that all business left In my charge, will be attended to wth promptness and fidelity; and that it is mv lnt*n tlon to in'.k-> my offi*.ea place of great value to all interested in Real Kstate Bu>ir.ess respectfully solicited Office at No 31S ( d stnrv) 7tb street, opposite National Intel ligencer Offiee. JanM-aotoi FOLLARD WEBB CARD. ISAACHERZBERG, LICENSED PAWNBROKER, Will loan 910,(xn In sums to ?ult, on any articles of value No Pennsylvania avenue, between id and IX ftreffs. Jan 7 eo3m* PILKI-PlLll.piLKg, WBi!Aiih-?TT?NTION To ALL WHO thm dreadful complaint to illSSZSSJ"^ Mrt,icatP 'r?m om of our thp father-in-law o( the F"y^i*tor ?f U*? *'Courier dee Etas Unlsand formerly gunmaker in Philadelphia: n. i?- V?**,Ang. 26th, 1868. hav* ?1ear?,r1 hereby certify that I ^r\a,iaJC ed wUh the Pile* for DMrlv nitty y,^?{ 1 hare used eighteen bottles of Barnes' k,!? ' *i)d eTerythtng else I could here of, butall to no effect, for they did me little or no gooa. About two months since. 1 commenced using your remedies for the Plies, a -d have the happiness to say that they have had tho desired e?5ct, having cured me 1 consldei this almost a miracle, for I am eighty year* of age. 1 sincere ly recommend them to all aBlicted with the above complaint p. VALLEE, T3 Franklin at State of New York, ) New York City and County. f I, Joseph C. Lawrence, do hereby certlthat on the day of the date hereof, before ine personal ly came P. Vallee, to ine well known, who, be ing by me duly sworn, did depose and say that the contents of the foregoing certificate signed bv him are true In witness whereof 1 have subscribed my name, as Commissioner of Ueeds and as a Notary Public of the State of New York, and have af fixed my Notarial Seal at my ofltee, In New York, ? thla sMth day of August, ' JOSEPH C. LAWRENCE, Commissioner of Deeds and Notary Public of the State of New York. rt? W all street, New York We challenge the Medical Faculty of the Uni ted States to produce a certificate equal to the above Dr. l)upile's Remedied are the only ef fectual cure for external and Internal Plies Onv 50 cents per hoi Olfiee?7? Nassau street, New York. Will be sent by mall to any part of the United States For sale by FORD t i<KO., corner of 11th street and Pa ave, Washington, 1>. C. oo83 PERUVIAN 8YRUF, For tkt curt #/ Dysptpna, Liwtr Complaint, U* PS*, Neuralgia, Indpitnt Distant of tkt Lung*and Bronchial Pastartt, Biltt, Gtn tral Dtbilitf, {c. ? 'FH1S EXCELLENT MEDICJNE, WHICH m has attained a high reputation and been ex i tenslvely used In iicston and other cities of the East. has been received and is now offered for sale by Z D G1LMAN. special agent, 350 Pena ; sflrania avenne, as also by the general agent, cor I ner of l and 3d streets, Navy Yard. The proof* of Its efiduicy are so numerous, so well authenticated, and of such peculiar charac ter, tiiatfjiferers c*anct reasonably h^ltate to re ceive the proffered aid. The Peruvlsn Syrup doe* not profess to be a fMr*-alt, but its range Is extensive, because many diseases, apparently unlike, are Intimately re lated. aad, proceeding from one cause, may be cured by one remedy. The class of diseases for wnleh the Syrup pro vide* a cure, is precisely that which has so often baflled the highest order of medical skill. The facts are tangible, the witnesses accessible, and |he safety and elfi acy of the Syrup incontrovert 1 have anaiyxed the medical preparatlca ca'Ied the Peruvian Syrup, reference to thf number and kind of active substances contained in it. *:id the durability of the compound as a nharmaceutl cal article rhe metn'Mc compounds of arsenic, antimony, mercury and rlnc are not Dresent, nor is it possible t#detect in it the slightest indica tion of any metallic aud mineral poI?on Its or ganic constituents do not include opium, or any of the drugs yielding poisonous principles The constituents, when separated, are not even acrid to the taste it is a preparation scientifically aid skilfully compounded. posa?*Mng all the durabi!. Ity of a splrltuoi s tincture, without lta objection able qualities and the aniivltyof its leading con stituent Is preserved through tae judicious adap tation of its solvent. The point here attained hap been frequently and unsuccessfully soajrht after by pharmaceutist!. Respectfully, A. A HAYES, M. D. A Mayer to State of Massachusetts No. IB lloyltton street, Uoston.Ud Nov . 1855 nov ti-'im ' DK. DL-rHIE'ft REMEDIES are the only eflectuai cure for External or Interna! Piles, S&itrheunc. Rlng-Wcrm, Ac. They are unrival led for purifying the blood. 50 cents per box Oilioe 7? Nassau street, New York 111 be sent by inaki. For sale by FORI) ? LRO., corner of lith st asd Penn. avenue or. *3 W. G. HFfZKROTT, (SPCCESSOa to UiOHnt IIlLBt;*,) Ag?nt o4 liavsn fc Macon's and William Miller's HC E LEEJiAT ED PIANOS. AS ALWAYS ON HAND THE LARefcsi PIANOS from 8175 up to ?1,000. *rom *-15 t0 t?5). VIOLINS, BRASS 1NSTRU * **?**> FLUTES. HANJOES, accord eons, and SHEET MUSIC, cheaper than in any house south cf New York. Music published u.nd received every dav Pianos for rent PKOJECYfON and indemnity from LOSS uy EIRE ! FIRE, M \RINU, AND INLAND INSURANCE. Avthorited Capital arA Hjtflvu.. .81,363,If 1 13. FABtfEES A an MECHANICS' INSUIi A5CE CO., OF PHILADELPHIA Offlxtuorlhwtil cor hit Pmr^ylvania arenwe and 17/A tiretl, Wathim?.tot\ Ciitf, D. C. DIRECTORS." n?u. Til08. B. Florence, Charles Diraei;, ok'T l\- Annstronj, Thomas Maader?cU, Cbarlcj A Rubicam, lMwarJ R. Helmbold Oeorge Ifelmbold, F. Car.oil Rrewster, Jamej E. Nra!!, Isia? Leech, Jr. THOMAS FLORENCE, Presi ;cac ? DV/ARf) R. HELMiiOLD,Secretary. LOCAL SURVEYORS. ^Charles Waltar, No. 39/ f? street, opjw.itj fhy Jeo. M. Thornt.a,r ni.t; Firit sireeiacd V.i.c?uia avenue, Island. 5 Jamea William-, Ne.3-3 Four-aaJ-a-halfstreet. John Rissles, Nj 5C! Thirteenth, bfllow Pennsyivaint avenue. ' MATIINU SURVSYOF.. 1 (-apt. J. p. L^vy, No. .'JC7 Pennsylvania avenue cppoHiie National Hotel. ' GBIfLSAL SUPBEINTENDRNT. Jofcu i hoiuason. -J.wi tU3i"0?,a of Company will cotnparefa linnVi J.TL'^r ; "??wftJlof similar institu lions in ibe fffiitcd S'3^ <iay 0,,oA>^'l85i-in fivt- nfWHJw. .mil..11. ^luVy' **** P^raiuma received a tbe larK.- sum of one hundred and e.ihi tfcoujaad, oae hundred and fifiy^ne dollars, with ?ort?dly S11 hRnd^^'', an,, "'^'y-s'x dollars lossei XWitii ihoie* of sncceseand good man ^ ?f ?.,wr cf'ir,, f<J, ! in soliciting a re of public patroiag-, 4.?Uevirt? \.h* secu my oflererf i? ample and that all ftir claims will be ealiS ?t,"!Be?or"?gl? than legal technl The company is prepared to i^ua policies against IS?.0' a?*ge by Are on DWMLLINOS, Fl?R\I 2Sm i /' MANUPACTcRTBS, WARE rfOUBKS, all dssenpiions of BUILDINGS, and their oonu ats, or all kinds of MfcRCHANdlflB transported by VK8SKLS. STEAMBOATS f'A? NAL BOATG, RAILtOA/)H, and th., u.ual con veyancea to or from aay portiou of BCROPB an(< AMERICA, and on the hulls of STEAMBOATS ?avigatiag the western waters The rates of premium will be a* low as othei companies, and in fixing them every improvement in construction and arrangement will be taken ii,to consideration. All losses speedily adjusted and promptly paid Omce northwest corner Pennsylvania aveaoe and Beventeenth street, Washinaton city, D. C.

huurante may aim W effected at tie Hov.e Offict, fwrt*ww<c?ri?r Walnut and Second Street*, Phil*. ?***. *nd in other principal cities of the United I* li-lyjaalh0r4tt ofl*c*jr8 'he company, ALA1ANAC?Complete iTH oiudl^rrr-ln.iA%'down 10 in iy to hf met wUk ^ of the above, rara in nsw uaVr^ J U for by (he undemigaod, 1M? ' "Be^ blDdlng Price ?* ' ^ FRANCk TAYLOR, M+dlot?. STOP THAT COUC4M ! fpHE Gil HAT RKMEDY FOR COUOB8, J. coidi.Cmvt ud Wioortiw Com DR. HOSE'S COUOH SYRUP Care* Coughs of the wont kind. It also cure* hotnenesi, sore throat. weakness of the cheat, pain In the breast and lung afftecUons Where frequently cures a consumptive conch, and ferti le* the srstein a^Alnat farther attacks. Irr I n bottles at 50 cents and S1 TO CURE CROUP. The lives of thousand of children have been saved, by uMng Dr. KOBE'S Ofoup Syrup. It elves instant relief 96 cents a bottle. TO CURE PTHOOPINO COUOH 1>T RUSK'S Whooping Cough Syrup Is the only cettaln cure for W hooping Cough, it cures ia a short time, and allays all irritation of the Luxus 34) cents a bottle The above valuable inedlclaes are reeomtuerd ed by Physicians who have tried them In their practice To be bad of all Druggists In Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria. dec lt-4m HOW TO CUKC ALL PAIN. PAIN IS THE FORERUNNER OF MOST diseases?cure the Fain and check the disease DR ROSE'S PAIN-CURER will cure Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Pains in the Limbs, Side's or Hack, Sprains and Bruises, Ear and Tooth Ache. Pain or Cramp In the Stomach or Howels, Sore Throat, Burns, Scalds, Ague or Lumps In the Breast, Chills, Spinal Affections, and i'alns In the IM Indeed, ft cures all l'aln. IP" ?JO, and 64) cents a bottle. If you are BUlous and have a bad Cold, tako I) R KOSF'S RAILROAD OR ANT1 BIL IOUS PILLS. They cany otfaH bile and re move a cold. These Pills go ahaed of all other Pills In their good cffects. Boxes liik and V5 cents. Sold by all Druggists in Washington, Georgetown, and Alexandria. decKMm COT70 H 8? COL DS-H0AKSE1IES8 1)K. TILKKH COMPOUND SYRUP OF GUM ARABIC: The most I'ieuiaut, S^fj and Speedy Curo fur Whooping tough, Croup, Asthma, Diseased Lungs, ^ad Consumption Enttrtd according to Act of Congrttt, A U 18J7. IN AGAIN PRESENTING TO THE NOTICE of the public the above remedy, we feel that little apology Is needed. Vast numbers la all sections of <he Union are obliged to have recourse to other sources nf relief tb*n the Immediate pre script on of their family physician, and as each return ot the winter season brings out a host of many decidedly dangerous, it becomes tw . this to be a remedy, combining the greater.! r.d as much a matter of duty as interest, believing professedly new specifics, some good, otherR use less, and m: matter of duty as intere Ji auy other in use', to make it as extensively known as prac- I tlcable. That such Is Its character, Is abundantly proved by the fact, that It has been extensively used the last twenty years with unparalleled suc cess: that its reputation has continued to spread and Its sale Increase, with little aid from adver tlslng or published lists of certificates, (which all know can as easily be bad for a worthless preparation as for a meritorious one,) that bv Its own Intrinsic merit, with the recommendation of persons benefitted by Its use, It has gained Its preient popularity; it Is not trumpeted to the wo?ld an a specific or cure all, but as a valuable and scientific auxiliary in pulmonary cases read;, at hand, and one that has been generally found to afiord relief where most others have been tried without material benefit As snrh,1t Is recog nised by numbers of our lending physicians, who know its composition, and have been eye wit nesses of its superior efflra' V, as well as by thou sands of our most respectable citixens, to most of whom reference Is cheerfully permitted. Sold at 2S cents, or three battles In one. 30 eta , ay NAIRN ft PALMER, and CHAS. STOTT, Washington; CISSEL, Georgetown, and PEEL ft STEVENS, Alexandria. Also, " TYLER'S G UM ARABIC CO U(t H CASDY DROPS." the same composition in a portable form, much patronised by public speak ers, lingers, frequenters of public assemblies, Ac , as they remov? all hwskiness from the throat ana voice, dnd a> t like a charm on a troublesome congh Price 12X and 25cents a box. dec (My jtfKR'S CHERRY PECTORAL, For Use rapid Cur* of COUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, BRONCHITIS,WHOOPING-COUGH, CROUP, ASTHMA, AND CONSUMPTION. Among the numerous discoveries Sciencc has made ia tills generation to facilitate the business of life -increase Its enjoyment, and even prolong theterm of human existence, none can be named of more reel value to mankind than this contribution of Cb'miBt/v to the Healing Art. A vast trial of Its virtues throughout this broad country, has proven beyond a doubt, that no medicine or com bination of medicines yet known, can so surely control and cure the numerous varieties of pulmo nsry disease which have hitherto swept from our midst thousands and thousands every year indeed there is a. w abundant reason to believe a Reme dy has at iengtl. been found which can be relied on, to cur* the most dungerous attentions of the lungs. Our space here will not ns to pub lish any proportion of the cures effected by Its use but we would present the following and refer further enquiry to my American Almanac, which the agent below named, will always be pleased to furnished free, wherein are full particulars, and Indisputable proof cf theae statement*. Uppic* op Transportation, .i Laurens, R. RS C., Aug 4, 1?W l)n J.C.Atsit Dear Slr.--My little son, four years old, has just recovered from a severe attack of magllguant Scarlet Fever, his throat wa? rot ten, and every person that vUltcd him, pronounc ed him a dead child Having used your Chrkrt Pkctohal, in California, in tlie winter of 1830, for a severe attack of Bronchitis, with entire suc cess, 1 was induced to try It on my little boy. 1 gave hlma tea-spoon-full ev%ry three hours, com mencing In the morniru , and by ten o'clock st night, 1 found a deckled chantre for the belter, and after three dayc use, he was able to eat or drink without pain. Its use in the above named disease will save many a child from a premature grtve, and relieve the anxiety of many a fond parent For all af fections of the Throat and Lungs, 1 believe it the best medlcl> e extant. A feeling of the deepest gratitude, prompts me In addressing you these nes,?but for your Important discovery, my little boy would now have been in another world. I am youra with great respect, J. D. POWELL, Supt. Trails., L. R R. Rocky Hilt,, Somewt Co . N. J , > July 21, 1852. C Dr. J. C. Atkr,?Since your medicine has be come known here it has a greater demand than any other oou^h remedy we nave ever sold It is s/HJken of in terms of unmeasured praise by those who have used It, and I know of some cases where the best they can say of It in not too much for the good it has done, I take pleasure in selling it, because I know that 1 am giving my customers the worth of their money, and 1 feel gratified In seeing the benefit It confers. Please fnd me a further supply, and believe me Yours, with respect, JOHN C.WHITLOCK. P. S Almost any number of certificates can be sent If you wish It. Windsor, C W., JuneM. Je42 Dr. J. C. Aykr. Sir,?This may certify that 1 have used your Crr aRT Fsctoral for upwards of one year; and It is my sincere belief that 1 shOHld have been in my g ave ere this time if 1 had not It has cured roe of a dangerous affec tion of the lungs, and 1 do not overstate my eon vlctions when 1 tell you It is a priceless remedy. Yours very respectfully, D. A. McCLURE, Attorney at Law. Wilksbarrr. Pa , September*}, 1950 Da. J. C. At br. My dear Sir ?Your medicine is much approved of ey those who have used it here, and its composition is such as to Insure and maintain its reputation I Invariably recom mend it for pulmonary aT " our principal physicians mend it for pulmonary affections, as do many of el physicians am your friend, CHAS. STREATER,M.D. ^Pr^>ared by DR. J C. AYKR, Chemist, Low ^old by Z D. 61LMAN, Washington, and aU respeetable druggists. dec 8-4m VENISON. FEW SADLES VERY HANDBOME VEN ISON just from the mountains. KING * BURCHELL, dec 90 corner Vermont avenue and 15th st. L. J* NIODLITOR, D1ALIB IV 10 1, OJIes erwMMpei?Southwest earner ef F aad Twelfth streets. fab r.? A 11formation for Tranltrt, THE PEW YOKE ABD LIVlRPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL ITi Tht Shift c&mfrisiMg this Lieu art : The ATLANTIC Oapt Oliver Eldrtdge. The BALTIC Cap* Joaeph Cowtoek. The ADRIATIC............Capt James West. VbMf ships having beea built by eon tract ea pressly for 8oveniu?nt sorrloe, every care has been token In their ccnstiuction. u also In their engines, to Insure strength and speed' and their accommodation for passengers are uneqnaliM for etrganre and cemf ?rt. Price of passage (Mm New York to Liverpool, In dr*teabW, SlJO; In second do., S7#; exclusive use of extra size state rooms, *3:5. From L var pool to New York, 30 and 90 guineas An expe rienced Surgeon attached to each atilp. No berths can be socured until paid for The ships of this line have Improved water-tight bulk heads, and I WUlDfl to avoid danger ft om loe will not eross the Banks north of 4$ degree*, until after the 1st of August. PROPOSED DATES OF SAILING rao? saw york. from livirtoou Faturdty, Jtuaary a. lg&: haiuriay, Jaimary IT, 1*67 Saturday, January 11, l?it Wa<luaa4ay, January 7, lit] WaduwMlay, Juaaary SI. 1*?7 VKlMilir, r?hmary?, 1??? Sail r<1ay, Vebruaiy 14, In. 7 WadoMdar, Krbraary IS, la*7 Sxtu'ilay, Marcii 11, lgi7 Wwlnmday, March 4, 1SS7 Saturday, April 11, lis? WVdseaday. April 1, M7 oaturtfcy. May 9. l?i7 Wrdnaaday. April ?. ltt? ' We.tnaaOay, May XT. l??* Wod Mday. J no* IS, lnl WadoMday. Jut m, 1M7 Wadnaa.'.aj , July t, 1UT Haturday, May 23. laiT 8a ?rday, Jti?? ?, i?7 Batu rd?y, J una M. i u7 Saturday, July 4. Iii7 , ? .... ?"*turd?># Jn y 1|( liiT Jnljf !3, If J ' For freight or pass-a e apply to KDW'DK COl l.lN8.No 96 Wall-st , N. Y. BROWN, BHIP1.KY A CO , Liverpool. 8TKPHKN KKNNARD A CO , No. >7 Aas tln Frits, don B O WA1NWRIUHT A CO., Paili. The owners of the?e ships will not be acroun table for gold, silver, bullion, specie, ieweliv, precious stones or metals, unless bills of lading - w ? 3 are signed therefor acd tie value then of express ed therein fchr WASHINGTON BHAHCH KAILKOAU. 'HUA1NS LKAVK WASHINGTON FOR M BALTIMORE at 6 and a. m , and 3 and 4i( p m. On funuav at p.m. Leave BALTIMORE for W ASHINGTON at 4]<and?*a m, and 3 and 5* p.m. On Sundav at 4 if a m. Passengers for Philadelphia and New York will take Trains at??, H*, and 4 K. For Annapolis will take Trains at and 4K For Norfolk will take Trains at 8 u and 3. For the West wll take Trains at 6 and 4X; cou neo'iug at the Washington Junction. iiu 16-tf T. H. PARSONS, Agent. for all parts of the west. Baltimore and ohio mailkoad. New and Tmproiml Arta/rgewuls. Three trains daily from balti more, for Cumberland, Wheeling, and all parts of the West. ^ 1st The ACCOMMODATION TRAIN will leave (except Sunday) at 6 49 a m , connecting with trains from Philadelphia, tirst train from uhlnjiton (at Junction)?will stop at way sta tlons and arrive at Cumberland at 4 o'clock p. m. 'id. Ihe .MAIL TRAIN leave* Camden Sta tion daily (except Sunday) at 8 30 a. m , and rcaches \\ heeling by 4 a. nt , connecting at Ben wood with trains for Columbus, Cincinnati, Dav ton Indianapolis, LoulsvRle, Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, pt Loula, Ctiro, and interme diate points. :Jd. Ihe EXPRESS TRAIN leaves dally at < p. rn.,connecting with express trains for Cin cinnati, ht. LO'ils Cslro, Chicago, and interme diate place* The distance to Cincinnati and other central and southern places in the West, Is nearly UK) miles shorter than by aiv other route The time to these places Is also unequalled. ?!ET Baggace checked through to Coiumbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, a'd ht Lords 117* Passengers and Baggage transferred at all point* free THROUGH TICKETS W1U be sold to all the large towns In the West, at the lowest possible rates, at the Ticket OAce, Camden Station, and at Washington city. 99- A second-class car is attached to the Mai Train. Passengers frcmJBaltimoreor Washington may fiei? the entire road by daylight, by taking Ac commodat'on or Mail Train, and Irlag over at Cumbe'iand cr Oakland. They resume next morning by the Express Train, wblch leaves Cumberland at i50a. m ; and reaches Wheel ing at 2 p. u. Parsei.gers from Washington have ample time for meals at Washington Junction. This is the only route by which Through Tick et* and Baggage Checks can be obtained in Washington FOR WAY PASSENGERS The Accommodation Train at 6 45, will st>p at all stations east of Cumberland, and the Kx'iress at stations between Iledmont, goirg west. wardly the Mall Train leaves Wheeling t*t 7 19 a m , and Accommodation leaves Cumberland at 6 20, reaching Baltimore at 5 45 p m The FREDERICK TRAIN starts at 4 p m , (except Sunday) stopping at way stations Leaves Krederlck at V a in , arriving at Baltimore at 12 30 noon. The ELLICOTT'S MILLS TRAIN leaves Camdeu Suitlon at C a in.anda3?p m. Leaves hillcott's Milia at 7 30 a. m , and 7 30 p m , ej cept Sundays. W S W4IODSIDE, jan ld-tf Master of Transportation. 0BAH6E A ALEZAHDEIA HAILRGAl< areat Southern Mail Line! tr- TWICE U A I 1 Y (fiSNDAT N1UHTS EXCEPTED) Between Washington City anti the South! VIA: ALEXANDRIA. ? ORDONSV1LLE, RICHMOND, DAN VILLE GREENSBOROBOH,N. C. Leave Washington et o clock, A M Leave Washington at 7 " p M Leave Alexandria at ...,7 *? A m! Leave Alexandria at 8 ?? P m! OMNIBUSES and BAGGACE WAGONt Will be at the Washington Railroad Depot tocoa eey PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE, hit* ?/ Charge, to STEAMER GEORGE - ? PAGE, for ALEXANDRIA, a dU-?fiWL aace of six mUes. allowing ample UmMoniells Fare from Washlagton to Richmond t9 90 I) " Danville not) U? J . ' ?reensborough...l2 W Tickets procared oa the boat. Expedition and Comfort are secured by this Route,aaltlaa linbov viest class uilmai ?aoM ALEXANDRIA TO DANVILLE. THRO0GC PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE aarrled without cot t to the Depot of the Petersbura Railroad. JAMES A. EYANB. se 1 Agent, Alexandria, Va. GREAT REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OF B00XI AND BAITERS (HAVE ON COMMISSION, FOA A PHIl^ adelphia masu facturer, c first rate Sewed or Pegged Yflf Calf-Skin BOOT at S3.S2, ftAl as good as those usually sold at S9 or S6; aid a French Calf Patent Leather GAITER at S3 90, as good as any atS9; aftrstrateCalf Gaiter at 92.50, these are the beet goods that is (ore vat were) sold In the District for the price for the _ firoof, come ind see or yourself. Terms positively cash. No extra Sroit charged to obet bad debts. Call at the JEW YORE HAT STORE, SeventhYtreeJ aear Pennsylvania avenue. ANTHONY, Agent. NBW AND BEAUTIFUL 8TYUE. ?uafaetirsd from Slate Sttai, by ths West Cutlrtsa Slate Cempaay, ft. q^flESE MANTELS ARE ENAMELLED IN A imitation of the richest aad most expensive EGYPTIAN, LISBON. VERD ANTWUK PORPHYRY, PYRENEES, BROCATELLA AGATE, SPANISH GALWAY, aad other rare and desirable MARBLES. The Imitations are so perfect that they chalengethe closest serutlnv They are so highly pollthM that they retain ttielr beauty much longer than marble; arenoi injured by smoke, coal gas, or acids, and ean be sold much cheaper thaa any others in market Prlo* ranging from ?129 to S12. Builders and others are Invited to oall and examine samples at No. 912 Seveatk street, 3 doors below Odd Fellows' Hall up "Sfiw, *?" ?AN82Si,. PCR* SILVER WARE. SOLID 8ILTER TEA SETS. SILVER FOUES AND SPOONS, 80LID SILVER WAITERS, PITCHERS, QOBLETS. f CUPB ALSO. FANCY SILVER WARE, suitable for WEDDING PRESENTS. The above are all of our own manufketure, aad WVV GALT it BRO* nov 12-tf 324 Peaa'a aveaue Frtfmtl for Kreetmg lh? r ? *e , At Galena, UHaST^ ^ Tkuitit l)?ritTMrirr, / W*?aiH?Toft, Itferinhff 17, 1**. [ |?R?trOSAL8 WILL UK KKCKtVEM AT TlilB 1 department nntil thr IS.b <t?v of Pebrvarv. A D. lhS7, it 9 o'clock a. m., tm me construction of the Cassoni hoiiTC, Tost Oiff wd iUtmn room thrnsod to be erected at Galena, III met*, aerordui* to the plans and specifications prej a ed at tbte d? parttneat; raid proposa.s 13 be e/ther for the whble building. or separate Ibf diffreat kinds ef ?rnrk btls o< |,arcela miut in svery ca-e ar?y rtsii bid, with ih* amount of eaeii kind 01 work, and the total amount earned out; ilia department rr^ivw. the right to reject or aacept the proposal* hereby in ? t-d, or aay parts thereof, when it de? m. the i.ttr est af the United States requires it; ibe derailment alf? reserves t*e right to eictade the bi4sof any person or persons who than is jaet csas- to bite*, will not faithfully perform the coatsaeta. or which they h?*? attempted to obtain by tadireciiar : sad all bids when there aball be parti** in internet who do not join in llie bids, and all bide that, upon wv** t (?:ion, are below a (air price lor the wwk Bid* will not be received In g'oes, and iki c nt-a-t will be awarfei to a bidder unless deiaile ars fmr nisbed the department of the price* of the dtfler*sit kinds of work and materials, which ehai be cablet to the revision of the department, so that a may adopt the whole or a part cf the bid, as the inleje.u of the United States may require Ninety per rent of the amount of work doas an1 mater ais delivered, acoording to contract price (?atd am ant to he ascertained by the estimate of an agent of ibcdsparrmeni appointed fortha p rpssi.) wiU be paid irom time to urns, as the work pro gresss*; and tea per eent. retained until the com pletion of the ooat aet and acccptance of the work, lie., by the agent aforesaid, and ha forfeited in the event ?f non fulfilment of oontract. Contract. will he awarded only to master buttdws and mechanics, and the assignment thereof, except by consent of the Secretory of the Treasary, will be u fjrft iwre of the same Each proposal mu-i be a eompaaied l<y a wrnt n guuantee, signed by.two responsible peis ns, (cer tified to be so Ly the United States dUiriet Judfe or attorney of the sale district,) in the asm of f ?r the whole work, or of a proportionate amoem f tor a'-y part, that the bidder will, when required, if his propose be accepted, eater into a coatract asd bond, with proper and suftck-at recaii lies, for it* ftittirui performance. Form ol bon ' aad certificate required wil be fur. mall -d on application to the department Plans, specifications, and working drawing* will he reaiy after thirty day*, when th? y can b? La] < n application to the tlej-anment So kid trill 4c coiinderrd unlea* it fa'ty totnplie* m all 1t* detail* ml k Ike requirement* of Iki* o.Jvniw ment. The proposals must be eent to thi* department, addreesed to tlie Secretary of the Trea?nry. a d plainly endorsed "Propoealt for the Gale** (u*tom houtr," and will Ire opened at lOo'do k a in. of ibe Met day aamed for reeeivinc the samr JAME* GUTHRIE, ?'-"retat v of the Treusuiy. dec au?2awil?th Feb: Proposals for Erecting the Post ?4!e? and Court-house at Rutland, Vermont. TaiAsmT DaPABTaanv, 1 WAJHTxarox, December 16, ln5i 1 PROPOSAL8 WIUL BE KELblVMi AT 7 fflrt department until the ICth day <f Februa y, A. I). 1&>7, at 9 o'clo-k, a m., for the conetractiua r>f tbe Toat Offi'e ar.d Court hocse authorited to be ?-reet%: at Rutland, Vermont, according to the plan* and a'KMi* prejared at this ds a tmeni, a'rf ;?rof o?a's to be eithe- for the whole building er ?' pa ate for dilferent kuaU of work ; bills 01 pnrcoU m ist in every ca e accompany each bid, with the am tint of each kind or work, and the to a' amount carri-d out; the department removing the right to r? ject ur accept the proposals hereby inv.ed, or ar.y part- thereof, when it deenn tlie interrat of tli? Onited Slates requires it; the depart no nt ainn re senret> the right to exclude the bids of any person or persons who there is jest eau*e to b-litve will eot aithfnlly perform the < on tract-, or which thf y l.arv ?t*?mpted to obtain by indirection; and ail bid* whe-- there rhall be parties in ieterest who do not j hi 11 the hid*, and at! bids tlist, upon ievestita ti n, are b-low a ft" priee fo? the work. B?ds will not be received itt cross, and 01 con tract wiM be awarded Ufa bidder unless details see furnished the deparment of the prices of the differ ent kiads of work and materials, which fhall b? subject 10 tlie revision of the d^partmeat. so that It may ad. pt the whole or part of the bid, a* the inter e-?tof tlie United Statea may reqn re. Nine y per eent of the amount of work done, and material* delivered, aocordinc le oontract price, r aid amount to b' ascertained by the e-uma'e uf an age>?? of the department appointed for that puri o-e,v will be paid frcm time to time at the work pr, - (?'?ee s; ami ten per cent, letatned until the c- m; !r tion of the contran and a eepiaice oftVe wrrk. 'e.. by the agent afore*aH, and b? forfeited in the ev -t-t ot arn-fulfilment of contract. Cont;acta will be a?ard*d on:y tr? maat? r builders an 1 m^cbanica, ami the a*Mgn* ent ttere.-f. eicept l?v conesnt of the Secretary of the Treasury, u .li be a furfcitu-c of th^ same. Each propo-al must be accompanied liy a wr u n ^naiautee, signed by two re^pon-ible per or.?, (cer tified to lit so by the United Sta'?*s district jiois*- >-r attorn*y of the taid district.) in the sum of fS.flUO for the ahoie work, or ol a proportionate aiuoua*, if for any part, tliat the bidder will, when reqmret'. if hw p:opt sal he accepted, enter lnt> a conua 1 aad b nd, with proper and suScient set untie-, for it* faithful pe'fcrmance. form of b-vnd and ecrtifi'ate required, wil* b fur ni'lied on application to the de|artmeat. I'lans, 'pecificafons, and working drawings w II be ready after ihiny ays, when th<%' can 1m tad oa cpldrniioii to the depar. m*nt. ATo tul urill be con id*red unlra it fully compile* in all U, detailt with Ike requiretneiitt uf (&?> ad^erti* ??at. The projfKals inu?t be sent to this de[a'tm?nt, addressed to the Secretary of the Tna?i>y. and plainly endorsed ?' frofouil 1 for Ike Rutland Po*l Office and Court kouie," and will be op red at lo o'clock, a m , of the lan day natn?-d for rectivins the same. JAMES GUTHKIE, Secretas y of the Tr? a?ut y. dec 19-SawtFtblfiJ ' Proposals for Erec ing the C'usto'm-houVe. &c , at Ogdensburgh, New York. Tklasrsv DBTAaTMKKT. > WiiHmoTo*, December 17. It'fifi. | Proposals will be keceived at this derartment until the Ittth cay of Ptbruaiy, a. U. 1857, at 9 o'clock, a. m . for the construction ol" the Custi m-house, Post Othcc, and Court-rocms authonxed to be erected at Ogden>burgh, New York, according to the plans and Fp- eUication* pteja - ti at this department; said proposals to b" either lor t ie whole butldinc or sepa ate for the ?3igereni kinds of work; bills of parcel* must in every ra*e accompany each bid, with the amount of ra-ii lead of work, a<id *!??: total amount carried out; th^ Oe pariment r^se vink the tight to reject or ate u Uc 1 jopoaaU her by invited, or any parts thereof, wben it deems the interest of the Unite* Spates requires U; the department also rest r vet the right to exclude th- bids of any person or persona who there is ju*t cause to believe will aot faithfully perfoim the con tracts, or which thsy have attempted to obtain by indirection ; and all bids when there st a I be |?r tie* in interest who do not joiu in the bid* and all bids that, upon investigation, are below a fair prKe for the work Bids will not b^ received in gross, and no contract will be awarded to a bidder unices details are lur aiahed the department of the prices of the difierent kind* of work and materials, which shall bs tab )ect to the revision of the depart mr-at, so it may adopt the whole or part of the bid, a* the mut est of the United State* may Ninety per cent of the amount of work dene auJ materia's de'ivered. according to contiaci poce. (said amount to be ascerta ned by tfce estimats <1 an acent of the depar meat appointed tor that pur* pose,) wi 1 be paid from time tr time a? the work progresse*; ai d ten per cent retained until the cc.m nletion of the contract and accep ancc ot the work, kc , h#r 'he ascnt afore:aid. and be forfeited in t!.r event of non-fuifi'ment f.f contract. Contracts will be awarded only to master huikVr* and mechanics, and the assignment thereof, except by consent of the Secreta y of the Treasury, aiil h* a forfeiture of the same Each propotal must be accompanied by a wiU eti guarantee, signed by two responsible persone, (cer ifted to be so by the United States dbtric: j?ige or a tomey of the said district,) la the sum of $5 0.0, tor the whole work, or of a proportionate amunt, if for any part, that the bidder will, when required, If his proposal be accepted, enter into a contiaci and bond, with proper and sufficient, a>r us faithful performance. Form of bond and certificate required will b- fur malted on application to the department Plans, specifications, and working diawinc* will be ready after thirty day*, when they can b - tad ><? apalicauon to the department. So bid will be considered unlet? it fully rotnyhet 1 n mil itt detenh vilk Ike reqtaremenit of I kit mdroriue The proposals mnst be sent to this department, addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury, and plainly endorsed 14 Proposal* for tk* Ofderfburg'. Custom home," and will be oneaeo at one o'clock el the last day named for receivinc the same. JAMES GUTHktlB, Secretary of the Treasaiv dec 19-3awtFebli< ? undbh'takb b I hop aad luidisM Ho. 808 Psun'a avsnae, south fida. bstu aan 9th and 10th sis Having provided himsul* whs aa SLEBAMT ? tad all aeeeaaary ooaveaieaees for ?roperly coadoetlnf hit business. woald rospectfully inform the publle that he la fally prepared to all all orders eatruslod to klw, tttheahortest aotiea, and In the beat manner. ? large supply of READY-MADE COKU N9 if all sixes, alaraya oa hand, which wil! be rai tiahed on the moat reasonable terms Aa heretofore,no palas will be spared ts pw atlresatlstaetion oa all oeeaaloaa N. B.?Residing oa tha prealaes, etdar* will m promptly atteaded to at all hoars. ieb 7-Ty